The Rotation

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Hello! I’m Viperfrost, and welcome to the Rotation!

The Rotation is a rotation of different game types to participate in, tournament-style! Every Monday, a game will be posted for you to play. At the end of the week, I will judge the results and choose the winners. After twenty rounds, that rotation will be concluded, a winner announced, and a new one begun!

Current Games in Rotation: (suggest a new one anytime!)

Name That Tribe Cat

Clan Builder

Name That Purrsona

Poem Producers

Name That Warrior


Purrsona That Name

Prophecy Cat

Name That Initial

Hall of Flame:

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    Fernfur: a dark gray she-cat with light gray patches and dark blue eyes – Turtlepaw/dapple
    Snakefoot: brown tabby tom with a white muzzle and chest, amber eyes, and a long tail – Slatepaw
    Nightsnow: a relatively fluffy black and white tortie with silvery blue-grey eyes – Creekkit

    Backstory – A kit-name is given; give them a warrior name, a description, and how they got their suffix! Your kit is:

    3 pt. – Flowerpaw/mistle, Turtlepaw/dapple
    2 pt. – Willowcloud, Minktail, Creekkit
    1 pt. – Maplekit/apple, Shimmerpaw/mist, Rainy/Rainsong, Redblaze, Duskblaze, Starpaw/mist, Brightspark, Briarpaw/rose, Mapledrift, Moonpaw/pelt, Eaglepaw/flight, Waffleheart, Falconstorm, Rabbitflame, Riverfrost, Spot, Dovepaw/stream, Flamepaw/flower, Flamecloud, Brightshine, Ravenpaw/thorn, Hollyfrost, Cinderpaw/whisker, Monkeypaw, Crookedmoon, Meadowpaw/dawn, Strawberrykit, Slatepaw

    Looks like there is a challenger to the lead! C:

    • Warrior name: Thornfang
      description: brown tom with black dapples and bright yellow eyes, a torn ear and sharp fangs
      How they got their suffix: when Thornfang was an apprentice, his family all were killed by a badger in a fight with it, and furious, Thornpaw had launched himself at the badger and tore it’s throat open with his sharp fangs. He’s brave and usually acts before thinking, but he’s only vicious when threatened or in a fight. He also got his ear torn during the fight with the badger.

    • Thornraven (definitely not ravenathornepaw’s opposite…)– white tom with short, spikey fur, porble-ish undertones, and black stripes
      He got mair suffix because, during leaf-bare, his clan was starving, so mae went outside the territory on a trip to find enough food for mair clan to last the cold season. He caught several ravens, enough to keep the clan strong, and his clan later expanded the border, now that mae had shown them there was more prey outside of their territory. Thornpaw was named Thornraven for saving his clan and catching them a raven feast.

    • Thornshard- small, light ginger tom with sleek fur and slightly darker points. His eyes are a very pale amber, and he has a long, jagged scar across his forehead.

      [spoiler title=”backstory”] Thornpaw was always weaker than the other Windclan apprentices. He was born small, and stayed small, and no matter how hard he tried he just couldn’t quite keep up with the others. So, he was a natural target for the dark forest. Following the usual strategies, they preyed on his insecurities and promised to make him into a cat no one would ever look down upon again. However, Thornpaw quickly caught on that these weren’t cats he should want to be associated with, and once he started beating his peers in training he asked to leave.
      The dark forest said he was welcome leave when he liked, on one condition. He had to prove himself ready to stand on his own, by killing his leader. Thornpaw was horrified, but the Dark Forest cats threatened to kill him or worse if he didn’t obey. So, Thornpaw took the deputy out on patrol alone, and shoved them into the path of a speeding monster. Unfortunately for him, one of his clanmates saw the whole thing and told the deputy.
      The debate over what to do with him was fierce. About half the clan wanted to exile him, or, even better, kill him. The other half, mostly Thornpaw’s friends and family, said to forgive him because he was only an apprentice and easy prey for the dark forest. Hatred was lighted and fights broke out, until Windclan practically had a civil war going. In the end, the cats who wanted Thornpaw to be killed were either dead themselves or had surrendered. The deputy received her nine lives, and Windclan life turned mostly back to normal. But it would take longer for the cats to forget, let alone forgive, what had happened, and the tensions didn’t settle for many seasons.
      When Thornpaw passed his assessment to become a warrior, the deputy named him Thornshard, as a reminder of how he had shattered their clan into sharp bits and pieces that left wounds that never quite healed. [/spoiler]

    • Thornberry – A dark gray tabby tom with cream patches and violet eyes.

      Backstory: Thornkit was born under a patch of thorn bushes, giving him his name, to Heatherwing and Rabbitjump of Featherclan. He had one sibling, Berrykit. As an apprentice, Thornpaw’s mentor was the harsh deputy, Shimmerwillow. His sister, Berrypaw, got the more lenient Ibisfern. Thornpaw got increasing tired and angry at his mentor. Shimmerwillow was very strict, and if he broke even the most minor of rules, Thornpaw would be punished. Like one time, Thornpaw forgot to thank Starclan for his prey, so Shimmerwillow made him spend an entire day praying to Starclan to forgive him for his crimes! Berrypaw, however, got to go on border and hunting patrols whenever she asked, and almost never got punished, even if she deserved it! Thornpaw was being driven to the brink of insanity by his mentor and sister. As their warrior ceremony drew closer, Featherclan and Wingclan went to war over a border dispute. During one battle, Thornpaw and Berrypaw were chosen for a raiding party on the other clan. Thornpaw saw his chance and took it. In the heat of battle, Thornpaw snuck up behind Berrypaw, and leaped. Thorpaw pinned his sister down, and she looked up at him in surprise. She asked him to get off her, confused. He looked down at her, and told her of his pain. By now, the battle had stopped, and every cat was staring at the two, but neither noticed the many eyes staring at them. After he finished speaking, Thornpaw raised a paw, claws unsheathed, and brought it down on his sister’s throat before anycat could stop him. Berrypaw’s last words were, “Starclan curse your petty jealousy, for I am better than you. I won’t be haunted with thoughts of regret.” After being escorted back to camp, a naming ceremony was called. Thornpaw was given the name Thornberry as a reminder of the sister he killed, and banished from the clans. If they caught him setting one whisker over the border, he would be killed. But he stuck around, killing Shimmerwillow and Ibisfern after he caught them both alone on a border patrol. He later died of the wounds he received from that fight, and was sent to the Dark Forest, where he has spent the rest of his days cooking up a diabolical revenge on the clan that forsook him…

    • Name: Thornfrost
      Description: Bright ginger tom with Heterochromia iridum eyes, one grass green and one sky blue. He has one black paw and a tail tip. He has a black speckled pelt and his tail is fluffy.
      Suffix: He was always a bright kid kit until his sister died from a infection. He became all cold and frOsty. He didn’t want to eat or drink until the clan leader ordered him to. He loved the cold weather for some reason.

      I’m sorry this it horrible-

    • Warrior name: Thornrose

      Description: Pretty tortoiseshell-and-white she-cat with sharp amber eyes and a willowy build.

      How they got their suffix: Thornrose was never very good at hunting, and at the time when she was a kit and an apprentice, the forest was peaceful and there was scarcely any fighting, if any, so her fighting training was never taken quite as seriously as her hunting.
      She was often underestimated because of her poor hunting skills, though no cat paid attention to the fact that she was excellent at the meager amount of battle training she received. She was also underestimated because of the fact that for one reason or another, it was assumed that good-looking female cats weren’t as great at hunting and/or fighting.
      However, when a battle broke out with a neighbouring clan, Thornpaw, as an apprentice, leapt into battle without thinking. The cats told her to go back, but Thornpaw managed to use the scarce battle training she learned to defeat an enemy warrior without fatally wounding him. Her clan won that battle eventually. Thornpaw’s leg was injured, and it never completely healed. However, she determinedly trained to fight even though one of her legs was no longer usable. She received her warrior name to show that every rose has its thorns.

    • thornstrike
      appearance: sleek cream colored tom with blazing firey eyes
      how he got the suffix: he got strike for being quick to fight back in a fight, and a very skilled hunter and fighter

    • Thornspeed. They were an app and they raced back to camp to warn them that an enemy clan was coming and if it were not for them a lot of cats would have died. They have a pale gingery yellow brown fur wich is very short and makes them usually cold. They have light golden eyes.

      • They have one sister, Glowleaf and a mate called Softfall. A lot of cays think that they will be the next deputy, as they are loyal and brave.

    • Warrior Name: Thornflare, a pale brown tom with a white chest, tail tip and paws. He has pale green eyes, is relatively fluffy and lithe.
      Thornkit was born the only kit in his during a very dark period in his Clan. Leafbare had lasted longer than ever before, his Clan was starving and StarClan had cut off contact. By the time Thornpaw was an apprentice, things were worse but there was nothing his leader could do about it. Thornpaw took matters into his own paws and journeyed far and wide, searching for something to help. He eventually made contact with a group of cats from outside his Clan who had an idea. Thornpaw had to linger on the precipice between life and death to make contact with StarClan. After 3 days and 3 nights of thought and questioning his decision, they did it. The plan was successful and his contact with the spirits broke the barrier and things began to defrost on both sides. When Thornpaw arrived back at the Clan’s, StarClan had made contact with his leader and told them of his courageous acts. Thornpaw received the name Thornflare in honor of the bright burst of light he brought in the Dark Times through his courage.

    • Thornstorm

      Description: Light golden tom with yellow eyes and a black ridge along spine

      How they got their suffix: Thornstorm was born on a raging storm in the middle of the winter. Prey was scarce and the clan was slowly falling apart. While Thornkit was playing, he found a small sheltered patch of land for his clan to hunt and live on until the storm was over. Thornstorm is a hero to his clan because without him, they may not have survived.

    • Warrior name: Thornheart
      Desc: A gray tabby tom with cyan eyes and White paws

      Thornkit was a normal kit who loved to play. Soon his littermates died and was left alone. His parents died soon after. He was aboned on the ShadowClan border. He proved loyal to his clan and did everything they needed. He loves his clan but some bitterness still lurks in his heart.

    • Thornbramble
      Tan tabby she-cat with dark brown stripes, a couple long scars, and green eyes.
      Very sharp-tongued, does not like to be questioned, all apprentices turn out as prodigies.

      Thornkit was an adventurous one. She loved to explore, and liked to sneak out of camp when her mother wasn’t looking.

      But one day, she got into trouble. She tripped on a rock while exploring part of the forest and tumbled into a bramble patch. No one knew she had snuck out. But a young rogue, at least two moons older than her, named Bramble, found her. He helped her out and hissed at her, telling her to get off his territory.

      Thornkit sprinted all the way home. Her wounds were treated by the medicine cat, but a moon later, when she got her apprenticeship, they had turned into scars. Strangely, while she was earning her name, she felt someone watching her. When she turned around, she saw a brown tabby pelt slipping through the trees.

      Moons passed. When Thornpaw was in the middle of her apprenticeship, she ran into Bramble again. After running into him a few times more, they developed a strong friendship, and soon, Thornpaw had been sneaking out to meet him every night. As their friendship bloomed, it grew into something more than just friends.

      Soon, Thornpaw had completely slipped away from camp. She now lived with Bramble, but her clan was frantic. They searched for her everywhere.

      Moons later, someone tipped ForestClan off that Thornpaw was with Bramble. ForestClan rushed into their little home, killed Bramble, and took Thornpaw back.

      Thornpaw was distraught. But she learned that she was going to have kits. After hearing this, her leader decided to make her a warrior right away, so that her mentor wouldn’t be slowed by them. Thornpaw requested her name to be Thornbramble, after the once rude rogue who became her lover.

    • Thornscar
      Black tom with white tuxedo markings and ghost stripes
      He got his name because after a fight with his sister, brother and mom against several foxes, one of the foxes left a long scar, trailing from below his eye to across his muzzle to his left shoulder. This makes him look very intimidating, despite being a very kind and tolerant clan member.

    • Warrior name: Thornshard

      Description: Small, dark reddish tom with ice-blue eyes, white paws, and a white-tipped tail.

      No extraordinary cat, Thornpaw was a mediocre apprentice. He couldn’t excel in anything, and while his talented sister Thistlepaw, always overshadowing anything he succeeded to do (but oblivious to the fact), passed her assessment to become Thistlesnow, Thornpaw failed his assessment.
      Deeply chagrined, he worked harder, now that his sister wasn’t there to compete. It didn’t go unnoticed, and it had real effects. He passed his next warrior assessment with flying colors.
      Not particularly clear to Thornshard was why his suffix was -shard. He wasn’t a sharp cat. He wasn’t very smart. He had failed his first assessment.
      The reasons his leader cited for his suffix explained it. He had been struggling to prove himself. Failing the assessment had brought out the skill in him, and the will to improve, like a shard emerging from the frost that had blocked and held him back.

    • Thornfall
      a dark gray tom with a lighter gray chest and muzzle with navy eyes
      Thornfall got his name in honor of his mother Nightfall. He also got his name because, very much like Feathertail, he saved the tribe from another sharptooth, except this time he survived the fall and lived to be a warrior.

    • Thorndew
      Golden she-cat with sky-blue eyes
      Thornkit always knew, her path was that of a medicine cat. As an apprentice, Thornpaw trained hard, to learn all the herbs. During a harsh leafbare, the Clan was sick and the herbs had frozen and withered. Then Thornpaw found a patch of herbs growing by the stream, covered in dew. The clan thanked her, and she earned her full medicine cat name, Thorndew.

    • Thornstep – a light brown tabby tom with green eyes

      He got his suffix when he left his clan to become mates with a pretty rogue leader. After a while, he started to feel homesick, so he left his pregnant mate to go back to his birth clan. They accepted him quickly, without knowing he left his mate, but with some suspicions because he was quite popular in the clan before he left. Two moons later, the clan had still not seen or heard the rogues, so he thought he was off the hook for leaving the rogues. He was wrong. He was there when the rogues attacked the camp. It was a devastating battle. Screams roared in his ears and the scent of blood blocked out everything else. He attacked in all directions, forepaws flying, jumping away from claws. he spun around and was met face-to-face with his past mate he hesitated, remembering the happy memories they shared together. She did not. She flew at him, unsheathing her claws. He could not fight the cat he once loved. He dodged her attacks until she backed him up into a flat space where thorns were shaken onto the ground because of the movement of battle. He kept dodging onto the thorns, he was hurt, but he was more damaged on the inside than the outside. How could she hurt him when she once loved him? He started to get angry, hatred bubbling up inside him until he started attacking. He struck her neck and she fell to the ground. It wasn’t until too late he realized that her belly was still round, she had not given birth to his kits yet. His clan and the rogues heard his grieving scream. Once the rouges had seen her lying motionless they immediately retreated, not knowing what to do now that their leader was dead. His leader named him Thornstep, showing that he would walk on thorns for his clan. But none of his clan knew the terrible truth: he had killed his own unborn kits.

      (Now I want to write a fanfiction)
      (also, I just realized how long this is… sorry, but I’m not going to re-write it so that it’s shorter.)

    • Warrior Name| Thorn’Sprout

      Description| A long furred Red Somali with a small scar going across his left cheek.

      Thorn’Sprout was originally brought to EchoClan by a patrol who stole him from twolegplace. The clan was low on cats from ongoing battles with a rival clan, and began to steal kittens from the nearby shelter.

      Thorn’Kit was raised unaware on what happened those moons ago, and was confused when his litter-mates would seem to only target him for their teasing.

      He later was able to form a close bond with the medicine cat apprentice, Whisker’Paw, an elegant and soft white furred tom with charming yellow eyes.
      WhiskerPaw seemed to be the only cat who treated him like a real clanmate, and the two soon became inseparable friends.

      Thorn’Paw and Whisker’Paw gained their warrior names at about the same time, and Thorn’Paw requested to be named a similar suffix as his friend WhiskerPaw to show their close bond.
      The current leader agreed and at the ceremony the two cats were named Thorn’Sprout and Whisker’Spring.

      A few moons later Thorn’Sprout learned of how he came to the clans and decided that he didn’t belong in the clan and had to leave. Though Whisker’Spring would miss him he respected his choice to leave.

      (This is my first time playing one of these games, hope there’s no spelling errors I overlooked)

    • Thornblaze – A golden she-cat with green eyes. She has darker markings like sharp thorns on her tail and hind legs.

      When Thornblaze was born, her strange thorn-like markings immediately stood out to her parents, so they named her Thornkit after them. After she opened her eyes, she was told that the elders in her Clan, SkyClan, told awesome stories and that she should go visit them. So she went with her two siblings, Songkit and Driftkit, to go find out if this was true.

      Songkit and Driftkit entered first and after Thornkit heard the appraising comments that the elders gave her littermates, she trotted in as well. Upon seeing her, Frostyberry, the former medicine cat, cried out that, “It’s an omen from StarClan! This cat’s claws will pierce the clan like the thorns she is named for!”

      This was not true at all, just Frostyberry’s misguided opinions. Frostyberry had never been very good at reading omens because she tended to see them everywhere. This frightened Thornkit, of course, and she ran away trembling to hide in the nursery. The “news” quickly spread to the rest of the Clan and the cats believed Frostyberry’s nonsense. It became normal for cats to ignore Thornkit or even glare at her.

      Thornkit was never bothered by this. She still cared about her Clan, even if they didn’t care about her in the slightest.

      When Thornkit was apprenticed, she was given Brightdawn as her mentor. Brightdawn was Frostyberry’s niece and fiercely loyal to the Clan. From the moment she had heard what her aunt had said, she hated Thornpaw, fearing that the young cat would truly be the downfall of the Clan.

      Brightdawn trained Thornpaw relentlessly. She was strict, and she often overreacted to anything Thornpaw did wrong. For instance, when Songpaw and Driftpaw had been teasing her, Thornpaw had snapped back at them. Brightdawn had told her to be nice to her littermates and had made her clean out the elders’ den for her “misbehavior”.

      This was particularly unfair, as Thornpaw was nice to them most of the time. Also, Frostyberry tended to moan on and on about fake omens when Thornpaw was around.

      One day, a fire sparked in their territory. At the time, Thornpaw had been training with her littermates. The cats fled from the fire, meeting the rest of the Clan on the sandy beach by the lake. Songpaw and Dirftpaw snuck off that night, even though the fire was clearly still blazing.

      Thornpaw had been sitting by the lake, wondering if the forest would ever be the same after the fire when she heard her siblings’ yowls of fear. Thornpaw sprang up at once, dashing off to find them.

      She found them in a small clearing that was ringed with flames. Songpaw and Driftpaw saw her and begged her to help them. She worked out a path through the flames and helped them out. The flames closed in over her escape route just as her siblings had run through it. As the fire raged around her, Thornpaw made a humongous leap over the flames, just like the ones that the warriors of SkyClan were known for.

      When the apprentices returned to camp, Songpaw and Driftpaw were told that they would be confined to the camp when the Clan returned to it. Thornpaw, however, was given her warrior name early because of her courageous behavior.

      When SkyClan returned to their camp, she was named Thornblaze, for the fire that she had saved her siblings from. Songpaw and Drifpaw were jealous, of course, but Thornblaze told them that they could eat their tails for all she cared and that she was done trying to be nice to them.

      The Clan finally accepted her and Thornblaze’s story was told, even long after her death.

      Wow, that was a lot of writing… If you don’t read it all, I’m perfectly fine with that!

      • Just to be clear, Frostberry didn’t mean to make up an omen, she just isn’t good at reading omens!


      A spiky-furred black and ginger tom with green eyes, a white tail, and a white patch on chest.

      Thornkit was a nice and playful and polite as a kit, even if his name suggested otherwise. He had a cheerful personality and his parents adored him, as he was the only kit in his litter. He soon became an apprentice and was shown to be curious, willing to learn, and obedient. As an apprentice, Thornpaw became friends with Rosepaw, an older apprentice. Leaf-bare arrived, and the clan started to starve. Thornpaw set off with Rosepaw one chilly morning, determined to catch something substantial for his clan. He was especially worried for his mother, who had gotten greencough and would die soon if she didn’t get anything to eat. He chased a squirrel up a tree, but then lost his balance and fell. He needed to stay in the medicine cat den for a moon for his leg to heal, and in that time, Rosepaw had become a warrior with the name of Roseshine. Both of Thornpaw’s parents died soon after from the unrelentless leaf-bare. Thornpaw blamed himself for not catching that squirrel. The one comfort in his life was Roseshine, who visited Thornpaw daily and stayed close friends with him. The two cats grew closer, and when Thornpaw’s leg healed, he often came to Roseshine for extra lessons. He started to dream of a future with her, but one day, something terrible happened that crushed his hopes and dreams. Thornpaw was out hunting and he saw a squirrel. The squirrel seemed to sense him before he was close enough to pounce however, and it fled. Thornpaw bounded after it and saw the squirrel heading toward the Thunderpath. The loss of the squirrel last time flooded through Thornpaw’s mind, and he was determined to catch this one. With one cursory glance at either side of the Thunderpath, and not slowing down, he pelted after the squirrel. Then, he heard a screech behind him and a ball of fluff slammed into him, and sent him flying. He landed on the other side of the Thunderpath with the squirrel nowhere to be seen. Thornpaw looked to see who had pushed him, and with horror he saw Roseshine lying unmoving on the Thunderpath with blood all around her. Making sure no monsters were coming, Thornpaw crept up to her. He saw the mess Roseshine has become and knew that no herbs were going to save her. Thornpaw dragged Roseshine to the side of the Thunderpath, and wept over her dead body, until a patrol found them and took them back to camp. For the remaining moon of his training, his heart wasn’t into it, and he was distant and not at all like the cat he used to be. His heart had shattered with grief. He was given the name of Thornheart, for the thorn that still resides in it. For the grief that’s always lurking. And for the part of him, that will never forget his first and only love.

    • Oops.
      [spoiler title=”Long Backstory”]Thorndrift – tall dark cream-and-brown dappled she-cat with black and pale gray furtips. Golden-brown flecks around legs, white paws, and blue eyes.
      She was always the runt of the litter. Despite being bigger and taller compared to her littermates, she was weak, and her brothers teased her for it. She was happy to move out of the nursery and out of her mother’s coddling grasp. (On a side note, Rooklily accepted this, but never really stopped coddling her daughter. ) As an apprentice, she worked twice as hard as any other to earn her warrior name. Her mentor, Fawnspring, taught her skills unlike any other and shared personal memories with her that relate to said skills. She participated in her first battle a moon before her warrior ceremony, in a skirmish between border patrols, and one of the new warriors of FlameClan, Finchstrike, nearly choked her to death when she defended her brother Fogpaw, who had accidentally trespassed while marking the border when he tried to run away from a badger. (Yes, over one trespassing apprentice. ) Although she narrowly escaped, she still resents mention of Finchstrike and FlameClan. She finally earned her warrior name for her courage in standing up to the older warrior. Shortly after this, Fogfeather, who had just become a warrior, died when FlameClan attacked their Clan, and she refused to come out of her nest until she heard from her best friend Lilyberry that their leader Aspenstar might lead an attack on FlameClan. She and her remaining brother, Brackendew, ambushed FlameClan’s leader, Dawnstar, and their deputy, Sunbird. They succeeded, but they were accused by Aspenstar of breaking the warrior code, and they were driven out of the Clan. Ten moons later, she comes back. Brackendew is dead, but she has come to warn her former Clanmates of a coming attack by FeatherClan. She was let in by Foxstar. Although cats like Lilyberry and Fawnspring worked dutifully to avoid her, she became a legend.
      (Bonus: She is now an elder, but her story is still whispered among the Clans. )[/spoiler]

    • Thornflame- a golden-and-orange tom with dark blue eyes
      How he got his warrior name:
      Thornpaw was always a weak apprentice. In fact, he failed his warrior assessment three times, and no one thought he would ever become a warrior. His mentor gave up on teaching him, but Thornpaw did not give up on himself. One day, he met a loner named Flame, who taught him to hunt and fight. Flame had a backstory with the Clans, and when Thornpaw offered to introduce Flame to the Clans, he refused, because the Clans hated him. Thornpaw was curious about why, so he made it his mission to find out why Flame didn’t want to meet his Clan. He asked one of the elders about if they knew about a cat named Flame, and the elder told Thornpaw that Flame was battle training with another apprentice, and he severely injured him, leading to the apprentice’s death. Flame was exiled, and no one ever heard from him again. As soon as Thornpaw heard of the elder’s story, he hunted with Flame for a bit, then confronted him, and Flame told him that a rogue had killed the apprentice, not him. Thornpaw urged Flame to tell the Clan the truth, and after much arguing, Flame agreed. Foxstar, Thornpaw’s leader, recognized Flame and asked him if he had hurt another one of their apprentices, because he saw the blood on Thornpaw when he was hunting. Thornpaw quickly denied it, and told Foxstar the truth about Flame and the apprentice. Foxstar didn’t trust Flame completely, so he kept a close eye on Flame, but allowed him to be an apprentice again.
      A few moons later, badgers attacked the camp, and Flamepaw gave his life to protect the Clan. Foxstar gave him his warrior name- Flameheart. He also gave Thornpaw his warrior name, which was Thornflame, because he had discovered Flameheart and proved his innocence, and Flameheart turned out to be the cat who saved the Clan.

    • Thornflower
      Thornflower is a white she-cat with medium brown patches.
      Thornflower is the daughter of Shadowpoint and Tangledbreeze of Windclan. She had a sister, Birdkit, and a brother, Thistlekit. Thornkit was very shy, and let her siblings talk to pretty much everyone, hiding behind them. Then, the camp was attacked. ThunderClan warriors came into the camp and fought the warriors. Thornkit hid in the nursery, but Birdkit and Thistlekit, five moons old by this point, left the safety of the nursery to fight. When the battle was over, Thistlekit had vanished and was presumed dead. Birdkit became bitter toward her sister, saying that if Thornkit wasn’t always hiding, Thistlekit might still be there. A moon later, Thornkit and Birdkit became Thornpaw and Birdpaw, apprenticed to Cricketsong and Doespririt. Cricketsong was the best mentor Thornpaw could have wanted, and she helped Thornpaw open up to the world. And then it was time for Thornpaw’s first gathering. The amount of cats overwhelmed Thornpaw, and she raced out of the clearing and into the bushes. She literally collided with a young ThunderClan apprentice, Sagepaw. Sagepaw was hiding from his mentor Mosswhisker, who was yelling at Sagepaw about being lazy and slow, because he was chatting with his friend Thistlepaw on the way to the gathering. When Thornpaw heard the name Thistlepaw, she couldn’t help herself, she thought that maybe her brother wasn’t dead after all. Sagepaw said Thistlepaw was a skinny gray tabby with green eyes, which matched the description of Thistlekit exactly. Thornpaw raced out into the clearing to tell her sister her discovery. The gathering had started and the RiverClan leader Fogstar was giving her report. Driven by the thrill of her discovery, Thornpaw raced through the gathering looking for her sister to share the news. She searched and searched, but she couldn’t find Birdpaw. Or Cricketsong. Or anyone she knew. Thornpaw panicked. She yowled for her mentor, forgetting for a second that she was in the middle of a gathering. Everyone in the gathering turned to look at her. She shrank back. Then, Cricketsong appeared, pressing against Thornpaw side. Thornpaw stammered that she had something important to say, but she didn’t know how to do it. Cricketsong whispered that she believed in Thornpaw. So Thornpaw gathered her courage and mewed that she thought her brother Thistlepaw was alive, and had been stolen by ThunderClan. When the WindClan leader, Pigeonstar, saw Thistlepaw in the crowd, he demanded that ThunderClan return the apprentice. The ThunderClan leader, Lightstar, refused. Then Sagepaw stepped forward, and told everyone that Lightstar was a horrible leader who had been treating cats in his clan badly. Other ThunderClan cats agreed, including Mosswhisker. Lightstar, cornered, raced out of the gathering yowling that he would have revenge. Sweettail, Sagepaw’s older sister from another litter, was chosen to be the new leader of ThunderClan. Sagepaw and Thistlepaw chose to go live with WindClan, and Birdpaw and Thornpaw apologized to each other. When it was time for her warrior ceremony, Thornpaw was named Thornflower in honor of how she used to be a small thorn, but she had bloomed like a flower, and it was because of her courage that Thistlepaw was home again. Thistlepaw was named Thistletuft and Birdpaw was named Birdcall. Many moons passed and Cricketsong became Cricketstar, the leader of WindClan. Sagepaw, now named Sagefoot, became Thornflower’s mate, and they had 3 kits, Heatherkit, Rustlekit, and Songkit, in honor of Cricketsong. Birdcall also had kits, one of whom, Darkkit, became Thornflower’s apprentice. Sweetstar led ThunderClan to a peaceful and prosperous era, and all was well in the clans.

      Sorry I had to include that epilogue thing, I just …. Had to.😉

    • Thornhawk- a golden brown tabby tom with scars on his flanks and blue eyes. He got his suffix because he killed a hawk in his later apprentice days.

    • Thornkit. Hmm….
      A kit, who, in my mind, is a dark brown mackerel tabby with darker stripes, and yellow eyes, like Tigerstar.
      When Thornkit was apprenticed, he was very, very nervous. He was given a cruel mentor, Harehop, who practically slaved the poor cat. He pleaded to his leader, Brightstar, for a new mentor, but she said that a strong JadeClan cat didn’t judge a cat by his claws. So Thornpaw learned to like Harehop, who was really just as skittish as he was. But one day, Thornpaw was out hunting with his siblings, Pikepaw and Gorgepaw, when they heard screams. They rushed to the camp, and a bear was attacking. It flung cats around as it hurtled towards the fresh-kill pile, which housed many fish, birds, and voles, and a deer, a fine catch. Thornpaw leapt onto the bear’s neck, but it shook him off. He pounced on it’s leg, wounding the bear. It fell, and Thornpaw attacked the face. The huge beast fell, thumping as smashed onto the dirt. Thornpaw slashed it’s neck, and the bear lay limp. The leader declared a feast, and after the fine meal, she named the apprentices: Pikefur, Gorgetail, and Thornbear. Thornbear winced at the name, remembering the fight, but he liked it. He sat two vigils at once; one because he was a warrior, and one to mourn for Harehop, who died in the bear attack. And when he had kits, he named them Grizzlykit, Harekit, and Brightkit. Although he’s an elder now, he still tells the tale of the bear attack. The younger warriors, who hadn’t witnessed the event, claimed him loony, but to the kits he told, “When I was a lad, young, like you, I battled a bear. It all began when I was an apprentice…”
      Please like this, it’s my first time playing. Will “Name that Tribe Cat!” be next? I’ll be good at that…

    • Thornfading
      A Dark Brown tabby with lime eyes
      Their sister died in a dreadful Leaf-bare right before his father died. A dark-forest cat came to him after and threatened to kill his leader, mother, and love. He resisted and attacked the cat. Returning every night to fade the dark forest away more. Because they were planning to attack. He defeated enough of the dark forest and earned the name Thornfading. He left the dark forest. The dark forest rebuilt and attacked when he is older. They kill his leader, mother, and mate. He becomes the leader and dies defeating the entire dark forest.

    • Thornfire, a light brown tom with dark amber eyes. When Thornfire was a ShadowClan apprentice, he had a brother named Firepaw. Firepaw was better than him at everything, and constantly bullied and tormented him. Thornpaw was never taken seriously, and he hated it. One day, it was just him and Firepaw in the forest alone, and Firepaw started taunting Thornpaw about how he would never win a battle. Thornpaw snapped, and attacked and killed Firepaw. When a patrol found them, Thornpaw claimed that a WindClan patrol had attacked them, and he fought them off. But not before they killed his brother. Thornpaw returned to camp a hero, and was given the name of Thornfire, in honor of his brother who died while “he defended him.” War raged between ShadowClan and WindClan for Thornfire’s lies, and he eventually went mad from the developers consequences of his accusations, and the ghost of Firepaw forever would haunt him from their shared name.

    • Thornripple a golden tabby with sand under belly muzzle and paws and red eyes and a scruffy tuft on top of his head hanging down. Got his name for his unstable personality and his unpredictability

    • Thornstream – brown she-cat with darker ragged markings and blue eyes.

      Thornpaw was a cheerful and enthusiastic apprentice of RiverClan, with a loving brother, Eaglepaw, always supporting her and never letting her down. She was very strong and brave, and good at fighting, which let her gain her Clanmates’ respects. But, just before the day she and her brother earn their warrior name, she found Eaglepaw sneaking suspiciously out of camp; curious, she followed him, and found his trail leading right into ThunderClan territory. Even more confused and puzzled now, she didn’t realize a ThunderClan patrol was walking straight towards her until it was too late. After the confrontation with the furious patrol, she was sent back to the RiverClan camp, and was punished by delaying her warrior ceremony. Thornpaw was very crushed, and angry at her brother, half because of his trail leading her to enemy territory, and the other half because he had earned his warrior name before her – he is now Eaglefeather. As revenge, Thornpaw decided to keep watch over Eaglefeather, and find out what he was up to. After a long time’s observation, she discovered that he is meeting with a ThunderClan she-cat. Just as she was about to step out and snap at her brother, a rain storm came and washed the she-cat into a nearby flooding river. Eaglefeather jumped in after her while Thornpaw was frozen to the ground; after a while, she found the she-cat safe on the shore beside her, and her brother was no where to be seen; he had drowned! She ran back to camp and reported this shocking news to the Clan, which made every cat angry and they plotted an attack on ThunderClan. During the battle, Thornpaw found the she-cat that Eaglefeather had saved with his life; due to hatred and self-blame that she hadn’t rush out to help during the flood, she clawed viciously at the she-cat and accidentally killed her. Her death made Thornpaw even more sorry about herself, because Eaglefeather’s death is now for nothing. As a result of her scary imaginations about what might happen to her when her Clanmates find out, she ran away from the battle and jumped into the same river Eaglefeather had died, and drowned afterwards. After understanding the truth, her Clan leader felt sorry for her and gave her her warrior name, Thornstream, in honor of the stream that has caused the death of her brother and herself.

      Wow it’s super long 😛
      And it’s related to Pantherstorm! PANTHERSTORM!

      • Gosh Florie chill! I KNOW PANTHERSTORM OKAY? 😛

    • Lemme see I have problems creating a backstory for cats gosh… 😛

      Warrior Name: Thronkit – Thornpaw – Thornfire

      [spoiler title=”Thornfire”]
      Thornkit was the son of the leader Sloestar of ShadowClan, with a sister named Sourkit. Thornkit was the most energetic and strongest out of all the kits in the nursery. He later on began running all over camp, and even tried to go out of camp for an adventure with Sourkit. During the adventure, a badger caught them running, and because Sourkit is slower, she got killed by the badger, while Thornkit ran safely back to camp. Thornkit was then chastised by Sloestar, and given a punishment of not going out of the nursery for 5 days. When Thornkit finally realised that Sourkit is no longer with him, he cried in the nursery wanting to get Sourkit back, but his mother Tawnyseed told Thornkit that Sourkit was killed by the badger, so she will never come back again, but she will be in StarClan watching you. A few days later, Thornkit was made an apprentice, Thornpaw, with his mentor called Blackripple. Blackripple is a gentle she-cat that is very good at fighting battles. Thornpaw was always eager to go training with Blackripple, learning how to hunt, fight, defend, and all sorts of stuff. He even got to battle older apprentices in ShadowClan, those apprentices that are older and stronger than him, but in the practice battle, he won and then he became prouder and prouder until he’s got the thought that he is the strongest cat of them all. With this feeling, Thornpaw even tried to challenge his father also known as his leader Sloestar. Sloestar was furious on his own son’s behaviour, so he punished Thornpaw to do all apprentice tasks including changing the bedding and sorts of stuff like that, and this makes Thornpaw extra angry and ambitious, but although he is ambitious, he still has a kind heart. He decided not to talk to Sloestar for a really longtime. Just before Sloestar is about to announce his warrior name, a the forest was on fire, and Thornpaw was fast, he saved all the queens, kits, and elders. Because of this incident, Sloestar decided to name Thornpaw Thornfire, in honour for his action of saving the cats in the fire.  [/spoiler]

    • Thornkit was a brown tabby tom with amber eyes. Today Thornkit was being made an Apprentice. Once he was an Apprentice (his mentor was Firefrost a big she-cat with green eyes) he and his mentor set out for Thornpaws first stroll round the clans territory (the clan was called Sunnyclan) Thornpaw was very excited as he came to the huge cliff that over hung the clans camp, “isn’t the cliff going to fall into the camp?” asked Thornpaw as he looked over the camp from the top of the cliff “No” answered Firefrost joining him at once “anyway you could fall yourself” she added “HELP!” squeaked Thornpaw and leapt away from the cliff edge, eventually the two cats came across the old, abandoned Twoleg cottage, “can I go in?” asked Thornpaw “yes” answered Firefrost, so Thornpaw ventured in, it was dark and smelly, and the air was thick making Thornpaw want to run out, but his curiosity got the better of him, he came across a huge wall that had a hole in it, creeping through, he found a a stair case that winded round and up and up and round, he followed them, eventually he came to a small opening in another huge wall. He crept through it and went up “I wonder were this will lea-” he was cut off when he heard a yowl that split the air “YYYYRRRRAAAWWW” it screeched. Thornpaw jumped, and raced down the staircase, then through the small hole in the huge wall and out of the house.
      When he got to the place that the noise had come from, he saw Firefrost standing over a small animal that was bleating in terror, “What is that?” asked Thornpaw coming up to stand beside Firefrost, “this is a deer kit” answered Firefrost “we have to save it, it’s alone and motherless” Thornpaw stared at it, it really was a weird creature, “come” commanded Firefrost getting up and leading the way through a small path that cut into two paths, one leading towards a river and the other leading towards the mountains.
      When the two cats arrived back at camp with the fawn, the clan crowded round it to see what it was ” call Sunnystar” whispered Firefrost into Thornpaw’s ear. Thornpaw hurried away feeling a bit embarrassed at the though of speaking to the clan leader, when he arrived at Sunnystars den Thornpaw stepped into the den and called Sunnystar, she came at once “what is the matter” she asked stepping up to stand beside Thornpaw, “err, Firefrost and me found a deer kit in the forest, it was motherless and alone, so we decided to save it” “were is this deer kit” asked Sunnystar ” over here” answered Thornpaw. ” Well well well’ said Sunnystar looking at the fawn “you certainly did the right thing, the poor little kit will live here until it is old enough to survive alone.
      After two days (the fawn lived in Sunnystars den) Thornpaw (who was just learning how to hunt) was just about waking up when Sunnystar called a clan meeting “LET ALL CATS OLD ENOUGH TO CATCH THEIR OWN PREY, JOIN HERE BENEATH THE TALLROCK!” Thornpaw yawned and got out of his nest the rest of the clan were getting up as well, making the whole camp seem to vibrate with the commotion, once all the cats were gathered up, Sunnystar turned to Thornpaw and said “do you swear that you will never brake the warrior code, and to never betray your clan?” “i do” answered Thornpaw “then by the words of our ancestors I make this young apprentice into a warrior, he will now be known as Thornleap named after the fawn that he saved with his mentor Firefrost” the clan began to chant Thornleaps name “Thornleap!” “Thonrleap!” “Thornleap!” Thornleap leapt down from the tallrock and raced up to his mentor, they stood together muzzles touching for a few heartbeats then Thornleap went out with a few other warriors hunting, Thornleap caught too mise three birds and one squirrel.

      The end!

    • Thornplummet, a dark grey tabby tom with piercing amber eyes.
      From the day Thornkit had been born, he had aspired to become deputy,and then lead his clan (JaguarClan) but the leader (Flamestar) was young and strong so it would be a long time before Thornkit would be able to become leader, but he still believed he would be leader.The next day he became an apprentice and was given a mentor (Jaguardapple) but Thornpaw was disappointed that he would have to wait until tomorrow to patrol his territory, so that night he crept out anyway and decided to hunt. That, would show his leader that it was time he was made a warrior, As he slunk out of camp he herd a queer noise… like leaves crackling, but he took no notice,stubbornly refusing to be scared,Thornpaw realised he was starting to feel nervous, shadows seemed to be moving menacingly towards him, Thornpaw was suddenly very scared but there was no were to go,an owl hooted nearby, cold terror flooded through him, he spun round and fled! Paws thrumming the ground, heart pounding like thunder, after racing through the trees for a while, Thornpaw stopped exausted,but he had the horrible realization that he was terribly lost.
      Dawn was making the sky a rich golden pink, but Thornpaw was still lost and utterly hungry, he didn’t no how to hunt, so got very hungry. A mist was turning the forest a shadowy, ghostly white (which scared Thornpaw). Thornpaw hid and stayed all day under a gorse bush, eventually a jackal came sniffing around for prey…and smelt Thornpaw! Terrified, Thornpaw huddled deeper into the bush, but he knew that it wasn’t going to save him.
      The jackal was preparing to pounce, Thornpaw knew he wasn’t going to get another chance he hurtled out of the bush and landed neatly on a tree, scrambling up as fast as he could, Thornpaw reached the top, and looked down at the jackal, it was staring up at him, shock glinting in its brown eyes. triumphant (but scared to go down) Thornpaw stayed in the tree all day, until dusk. Thornpaw at last was starting to venture down when…a loud hoot made him jump, slip of the branch, and fall! He hit the ground with a thump, sending leaves flying, but the owl hadn’t given up, it came at him again, talons outstretched, The owl gripped him with tremendous strength, almost squeezing Thornpaw to death! The owl was swooping up, when Thornpaw managed to wiggle around, and bite the owl, the owl loosened it’s grip, enough for Thornpaw to escape! Thornpaw realised that he was high up in the air, and was plummeting down to earth.
      When Thornpaw landed (with a huge thump) everything went black.
      By the time Thornpaw woke up he felt battered and bruised, but there was a cat standing over him, “who are you?” Thornpaw asked cunfused, “I am Sunnypool, the medicine cat of Jaguarclan, you are back home” she answered.Once Thornpaw had recovered, Flamestar gave Thornpaw the warrior name Thornplummet! And he one day became leader of Jaguarclan!

    • THORNFLOWER – a pretty black she-cat with light gray patches and dark gray stripes, white paws and green eyes

      Thornkit got her suffix because she is as pretty as a flower, but her personality is as prickly as a thorn.

    • Thornscar! Se is a bracken colored cat with dark blue eyes.
      Se got seir name because when se was young, a badger attacked hem, leaving a permanent scar on seir face.
      I’d normally do a slightly longer backstory, but I’m lazy right now and have Insane Writing Inspiration, so yeah 😛
      🎵Why do you write like you’re running out of time?🎵

    • Oh dang it, Thornscar is taken! I’ll redo mine.

      Thornwater! Se is a bracken colored cat with dark blue eyes.
      Se got seir name because se is a wonderful swimmer!
      🎵Why do you write like you’re running out of time?🎵

    • Thornwish- A small, spiky furred cream tom with sharp darkish green eyes, gray stripes dappling his back and a bushy tail

      [spoiler title=”Backstory”] When Thornwish was only a small kit himself, he stumbled across a lone newborn kit while he was sneaking out. Now, the Clan was in a state of hardship at the time, and the medicine cat recently got a prophecy of a white cat with a missing front paw that would save the clan. The kit matched the description perfectly, so he went to camp right away, telling everyone the news. There was also a she-cat around that time who wished so badly for her to have a kit but was unable to have one, due to health problems, so she volunteered to raise the kit, which she named Wishkit. When Wishkit became an apprentice, she did save the Clan as predicted and Thornwish was also called a hero alongside her as he was the one who brought her in. The Clan leader then named him Thornwish in honor of bringing Wishkit to the Clan when he was finally a warrior. [/spoiler]

    • thornkit’s mother’s name was rosefur. she named her kits thornkit and petalkit, after her favorite part of the rose (petal) and her least favorite part of the rose (thorn). this is because she didn’t like thornkit and wah wah sad backstory xx

    • i don’t think i have enough creativity to write another novella so uhhh
      Thornspring – Broad-shouldered, neat-furred, golden brown tabby with swirling white stripes, long, silky, fur, large paws, strong shoulders, a finely shaped head, milky amber eyes, and a light pink nose.
      [spoiler title=”something really uncreative”] Thornpaw was named Thornspring because of his ability to jump really high. yeah. that’s it. [/spoiler]

    • Warrior name: Thornwhisper
      He is a black tom with one white stripe and amber eyes.
      He got his warrior name due to his clever ways. During a battle, Thornpaw sneaked his way across the entire camp into the opposite Clan to ambush them perfectly. Due to this, his warrior name was Thornwhisper, as he was able to sneak quietly into camp like how a whisper flows in the air.

    • Avatar 🐅🌟Tigerpaw/shine (Tiger Dashing Under Shining Sun/Tiger Shine/Tiger) (mae/mim/mair/mairself, rav/rae/raven/ravenself, she/her/her/herself)🐅🌟 says:


      [spoiler title=”Backstory. I spent hours on this”] “Thornpaw! Thornpaw! Thornpaw!”
      Thornpaw thrust out his fluffy chest proudly. An apprentice already! Looking back on it now, it seemed like it had happened in the blink of an eye though it had felt like seasons had gone by while it happened. He smiled, and the Clan cheered louder. He was proud to be a FuryClan warrior!
      Vixendawn sat a fox-length away, cheering louder than anyone. His heart filled with joy. His mom had always been motherly to him, even if he was adopted.
      He remembered the ground jolting slightly- he later figured out those were pawsteps- and the warm, wet spot around his neck- he was being carried by his real mother’s jaws- slowly turned cold. He was on a flat rock, and there was a rushing feeling- the stirring wind caused by the river- beneath him. But his mother hadn’t simply abandoned him. She had wanted him to die.
      The warriors had told him many stories of the patrol when they found him. It was a regular nighttime border patrol, by the BoneClan line, and they saw a tiny shape on the rock. It was Thornkit. But that rock wasn’t any old rock. It was the Drowning Rock.
      Nearby it grew a special plant with sticky, fast-drying sap. It was called the Stickysap plant for a reason, because it was so sticky that if you put it on a rock and stood on top for too long, you would be stuck forever, unless you had Milkweed sap, which would loosen it enough to get you off (but not enough to save all of your fur and paw pads). Nothing else could free you. Milkweed didn’t grow here, though. It grew on the moor, which was eight minutes to the east. You had to have someone to run there and back to get some to free yourself. And every sunset, the second the sun disappeared, a strange phenomina would occur. The water would swirl and bubble, then two minutes later, it would start to flood. In five minutes, tops, the rock would be wet. In the next two, the water would rise to another inchworm up. By the time the first star showed, you would be long dead. This rock had been used for all sorts of nefarious purposes, from secretive murders, to unfair executions. (FuryClan, BoneClan, DeathClan and BloodClan were known far and wide for being cruel.) It was, when it was not nighttime, however, a well-known sunbasking spot. You just had to be careful of what time it was.
      You can probably guess what happened next.
      His mother used the sap to pin Thornkit to the rock. As far as the patrol knew, his mother had been a rogue, and it was common practice in some groups to drown the runts of your litters. Many of the cats in the Clans were former rogue kits due to this. Not because the ruthless Clans pitied them, but because of getting more allies. Even a couple runts was better than nothing. In any case, the warriors who saw him managed to save him and take him back to FuryClan.
      Vixendawn was the only one who was really kind. She let Thornkit suckle until he was old enough to be weaned, as she had had kits recently and there was more than enough milk. She taught him the importance of kindness. She was who he strived to be. He loved her gentle ways and polite attitude even when no one else was. She taught him to be himself. And she valued him and her other kits over anything else. He loved her for that.
      He promised himself, in his head, that he was going to be just like her.

      “Thornpaw, you fought well in the battle with the foxes yesterday.” Tendrilfang told him, smiling. “I’ve talked with Snarlstar, and I think it’s time for your warrior ceremony.” Thornpaw beamed. A warrior at long last! Vixendawn would be proud to hear it. Even if she was in the medicine den, struggling to breathe with a heavy case of Greencough. Burnstripe had tried every herb she knew. Catmint had helped… for a little while. Now she was giving her poppy seeds. So she can die in peace.
      It was hard to think about. But he knew she would be in a better place soon. He just hoped she could live until she heard his warrior name. He was going to get it just for her.
      “May I choose my suffix?” He asked Tendrilfang.
      “I’ll request it. What do you want it to be?” Tendrilfang replied.
      Thornpaw quietly whispered it into Tendrilfang’s ear.
      “All right then. I’ll be off.” Tendrilfang nodded and walked away.

      Vixendawn stirred as she heard the cheers.
      “Thornfox! Thornfox! Thornfox!”
      Some cats thought it was because of Thornfox’s chestnut pelt. Some thought it to be the battle with the foxes. Some thought it was because it had a ring to it.
      Only she knew the real reason.
      He was commemarating her.
      She closed her eyes and smiled as the world drifted away. [/spoiler]

      Oof that was actually kind of sad. Point is, Thornfox because Vixendawn is nice. Tiger out!