What is SkyClan’s Destiny???



  • “It’s ok, everyone makes mistakes.” Rainstar reassured Dewfreckle then turned to the group. “Is anyone hurt?”

  • “Ok, let’s head back to camp.” Rainstar led the way back. “Mintwater, Littlebrook” she called. “We’re back.”

  • Swanheart padded out of the nursery, looking around camp, “where is everyone?” She wondered silently, after looking around camp, She layed down in front of the nursery watching the entrance

  • “Swanheart your here!” Rainstar padded up to the queen.

    • “what’s going on?” She asked, confused at Rainstar’s reaction, and noticing not everyone was there

      • “We went out to look for the lost warriors.“ Rainstar explained. “We didn’t find any but we did find a fox and we chased it off our territory.” She turned and announced to the group “Why don’t we all get some sleep, and tomorrow we’ll start rebuilding our clan.”

  • ~Suncliff~
    “Swanheart!” the warrior was overjoyed by the sight of the queen, she padded up to littlebrook, “Sorry I rushed off, do you still need that moss?” she asked the elder.

  • ~Streamhop~
    Streamhop walked over to the warrior den, too tired to do anything else, she laid down in her soft bed, the nest suddenly felt empty, the search mission for the warriors has ended in a fight with a fox and no found warriors, she missed Hailstorm and Streamsong, But she was too tired to think about it more, she closed her eyes and let the claws of sleep claim her.

    • Fallendusk trotted in, he was gone for nearly the entire day for reasons unknown, and he wouldn’t share where he went, looking around at the empty nests, slowly walking, without realizing where he was going, he stopped beside the sleeping cat, he looked down at her, before turning around and goes to leave the den again

      (Hi hope you don’t mind if I place Fallendusk here, if you do I won’t respond with him here, and sorry if it annoys you)

      • ~Streamhop~
        Streamhop felt someone trod on her tail
        “HEY” she growled, then looked up, “FALLENDUSK WERE HAVE YOU BEEN” she meowed

  • ~Streamhop~
    Streamhop woke up she feeled refreshed after her nap, she squeezed out of the warrior’s den and spotted Suncliff dragging bundles of Moss across the hollow,she padded up to her.
    “why are you doing apprentice work when there are plenty of apprentices,” she meowed Suncliff continued going.
    “Let’s go hunting or do some warrior work,” she continued.

    Suncliff dragged the moss all the way to the elders den then went over to Streamhop,
    “Alright, let’s go” she meowed, she spotted Fallendusk at the fresh kill pile, it was obvious streamhop noticed him too because she asked
    “Hey, do you want to invite fallendusk” Suncliff nodded and the sisters walked to Fallendusk
    “Hi, Do you want to come hunting with me and suncliff” asked streamhop.

  • Honeypaw~
    Honeypaw padded into the apprentice den, hanging her head. She sat down, looking for Hawkpaw, she scanned the nests, looking for Hawkpaw’s brown fur