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  • Ok! My OC contest has ended!

    Now, contestants, remember: just because you didn’t win DOES NOT MEAN you are bad at art. Everyone is good at art. If you can do it wrong, IT IS NOT ART.

    Ok. The winner is…


    Ambixie, you win a secret page! Run a game on it, write a fanfic, do whatever you want! It’s all yours!


    I will probably have another contest soon. Keep an eye out for it!

  • I’m gonna have another contest because I like having contests!
    (Yeet, that’s quick. My other contest literally ended yesterday😛)

    This contest is a writing contest! Write a poem about anything Warriors related- a ship, a death scene, your favorite cat- it just needs to be Warriors related!

    Important warning: do not write about something that happens in Veil of Shadows, as I haven’t read it yet. Also if your poem is about a death, put a spoiler warning please! Thank you.

    The contest will end on July 5th.

    The winner receives a secret page and a purrsona drawing.

    That’s all.

    • Ah, Gray Wing,
      Shall you fly? I think not
      Leave that to Squirrelflight
      But don’t end up in a Twoleg stew pot
      That will not happen, do not fear
      And of this poem, the end is near

    • We came here
      with all our strength
      When it came near
      We all cheered
      Because we had
      found our home
      after all that tragedy
      it was like a miracle
      that we would be safe
      At last

    • Can we do multiple entries? I have written like 7 gazillion poems and I cant choose which one is the best. (Spoiler alert, they’re all depressing.)

        • Ok. Can I enter four? Here it goes!
          Bluestar: One Breath
          (Warning, The Prophecies Begin, and Bluestar’s Prophecy spoilers)

          One breath
          It is all that I hope for
          It is all that I wish for
          But it will not come

          One breath
          Water fills my senses
          I struggle for air
          But there is none

          One breath
          My life flashes before my eyes
          Moonflower, Snowfur
          A life full of pain

          One breath
          I see more that I wish for
          Oakheart, Mosskit
          I will see them soon

          One breath
          I see ghosts of my past
          Redtail, Lionheart
          My loyal deputies

          One breath
          I remember him
          The fire

          One breath
          I think of when he came
          A stranger
          In a strange land

          One breath
          I watched him grow
          Strong, brave
          He will be a fine leader

          One breath
          I think of the night
          His teeth
          At my throat

          One breath
          I remember the traitor
          How he scarred me

          One breath
          I think of the blackness
          All alone
          I could trust no one

          One breath
          What happened with WindClan
          I thought they had no loyalty
          I was wrong

          One breath
          I think of the dogs
          Of the bravery
          Of the cats who risked their lives today

          One breath
          I think of sunningrocks
          The weak and strong
          All helping each other

          One breath
          I look at Fireheart, struggling to save me
          I feel peace
          My clan is loyal

          One breath
          I feel bodies pulling me towards the surface
          Mistyfoot, Stonefur
          My kits beside me

          One breath
          I lay on the shore
          That is all I need

          One breath
          He pleads for them to forgive me
          Don’t, I think
          It shouldn’t be forced from their mouths

          One breath
          They forgive me
          I close my eyes
          My clan will be fine

          One breath
          I see them
          They will welcome me

          One breath
          I think of my life
          And I let go
          Of that one breath

          Gray wing: Goodbye
          Warning, Dawn of the Clans spoilers
          (This is probably my worst)

          Black ear
          White tail
          Silver stripe

          Pebble heart
          Sparrow fur
          Owl eyes

          Jagged peak
          Clear sky
          Moth Flight
          Dust muzzle

          Tall shadow
          River ripple
          Wind runner
          All leaders

          Reed tail
          Swift minnow
          Gorse fur
          Fern leaf


          I see them now
          Jackdaw’s cry
          Falling feather
          Shaded moss
          Moon shadow
          Bright stream
          Her kits
          Her kits
          Quiet rain
          Fluttering Bird

          Turtle tail!

          I will find peace with them
          But now I must say goodbye

          Ivypool: I Stay
          (Omen of the Stars spoilers)

          Pain, jealousy
          That is what brought me here
          Bravery, strength
          That is what will pull me out

          Always so special
          Always living in her shadow
          It drove me away

          Now I am here
          With Tigerstar
          With Hawkfrost
          With Brokenstar

          They do not know
          That I am no longer loyal
          To the dark forest
          That I am here to spy

          I tell them
          That I am ready to kill
          Every lake cat that I meet
          I feel Applefur cringe beside me

          I want to tell her I am lying
          But I can’t
          Not in front of them
          Just after what they did to Beetlewhisker

          Every night
          When I am here
          I want to leave
          The pain is so hard to bear

          I tell myself I am doing it for dovewing
          Ironic isn’t it?
          She is the one who brought me here
          And now she is the reason I am pulling myself out

          I think of all I have done
          All the pain I have caused
          Flametail, Antpelt
          I have done horrible things

          We start to train
          Claws unsheathed
          I watch Birchfall
          He is fighting Blossomfall

          Why am I doing this?
          Why am I teaching my clanmates these things?
          I want to run
          I want to hide

          But no I stay
          Through a torrent of pain and anguish
          Through horrors that I never wish to see again
          I stay

          Needletail and Violetpaw: Brave
          AVOS spoilers

          • Sorry, I got cut off editing! Here is the rest.

            I got her into this
            And now she is stuck here
            Under him

            Yet she worked
            She found a way out
            She survived

            I will not

            I am stuck here
            A prisoner
            Slowly starving

            Violetpaw comes to me
            She brings us food
            I am proud of her

            I am not proud of myself

            I do not know why I ever followed him
            I do not know what I ever saw in him
            I caused so much pain

            I have noticed the kits
            The queens, the elders
            How they are missing

            I do not think I could have ever helped

            I know Violetpaw is involved
            She told me
            She said she would get us out too

            I wish I had her courage
            But I never did
            I never could do the right thing

            I do not think I was ever right

            She came to me
            She told us we are leaving soon
            I am glad
            I wonder how Berryheart is
            And Sparrowtail
            I wonder if I will see them again

            I wish I had had the courage to go with them

            I see Darktail coming
            Violetpaw is with him
            This is not good

            He tells me
            How she betrayed him
            How she put poppy seeds in his fresh kill

            I could not have had the courage to do that

            We got to the lake
            He says he will drown me
            He holds me down

            Violetpaw pleads that he stop
            He agrees
            He told me that I deserve a second chance

            I think what is coming will need me to be strong

            He tells me to kill Violetpaw
            That is something I will not do
            No matter how much loyalty I will prove

            I lunge at Darktail
            He and his rouges fight hard
            I know I am going to die

            But maybe today I can be as brave a Violetpaw


            She got me into this
            And now I am stuck here
            Under him

            Yet I worked
            I found my way out
            I survived

            If Needletail could join me she would have done the same

            She is stuck here
            A prisoner
            Slowly starving

            I come to them
            I bring them food
            Needletail is proud of me

            I do not think she should be

            I do not know why we ever followed him
            I do not know what we ever saw in him
            We have caused so much pain

            I have helped the kits
            The queens, the elders
            Helped them get away

            Needletail would have done more than I did

            Needletail knows I’m involved
            I told her
            I said I would get her out too

            I wish I had her courage
            But I never did
            I always hid behind her

            I do not think I can be brave now

            I went to her
            I told her we are leaving soon
            She was glad

            I wonder how Twigpaw is
            And Alderheart
            I wonder if I will see them again

            I wish I had the courage to go to them

            Darktail finds me
            He takes Needletail with me
            This is not good

            He tells her
            How I betrayed him
            How I put poppy seeds in his fresh kill

            I did not think I was brave enough to do that

            We go to the lake
            He says he will drown her
            He holds her down

            I plead that he stop
            He agrees
            He told her that she deserves a second chance

            I think what is coming will need me to be strong

            He tells her to kill me
            That is something I would let her do
            She has so much loyalty she must prove

            She lunges at Darktail
            Thanks to her
            I will live another day

            Maybe someday I can be as brave as Needletail


    • Here is my poem; it’s about the times of the Dark Forest. It was quick, so I don’t really expect much attention from it. I really hope I win, but I know I won’t. 🙂

      Darkest Times
      The end grows near,
      The lines between life and death,
      Love and hate,
      The emotions,
      Linger like a raincloud.
      The lines between
      Become blurred.
      The chance, the hope,
      The desire,
      Fades away.
      Oh, my precious clan…
      What we have pride for,
      Has come to an end.

      Oh, the hopes,
      The pleas,
      And all that is said,
      Fades away.
      I think as the world goes on,
      What have I done?
      My life is gone to waste.
      The fury,
      The anger and pain,
      Why am I so betrayed?
      I put aside my broken world,
      For all is left
      Are dying hopes.

      The rage,
      The heartbreak,
      And the pain rushes in.
      It finds a way in
      Through the strongest barriers,
      Finding the ways to manipulate
      The ones who we once loved.
      Oh, my precious clan…
      The desire is done,
      And the only thing left
      Are dying hopes.

      The day comes at last,
      The acceptance,
      The truth,
      The only thing I hated.
      It lashes at me,
      Knowing I’m gone,
      Yet I still fight,
      Ignoring the dying hopes.
      Why in the world
      Am I still going?
      Yet as they fall down,
      The time has come.
      The world finally fades,
      And I say goodbye.

      I'm a mentor and I'm proud

    • I came

      To the clans

      I was…


      I walked

      The worn out path

      Carve with


      I was

      In awe.

      The legacy

      That I would leave

      Was unknown.

      I was just

      A housecat.

      A kittypet.

      But I made an impact.

      An impact…

      Like fire.

    • RThe Battle of The Last Hope:
      Spoilers for OotS
      Fighting, everywhere
      Death, following me
      Fear lingers
      In the air
      Vicious cats
      Trained to kill
      Teeth snapping,
      Claw scraping,
      Bones crunching
      Oh why
      Did they train with them
      Horrors everywhere
      Two cats,
      Tiger and Fire
      Each other,
      Fighting to the death
      To win
      It’s life or death
      A storm is brewing
      I can feel it
      The ground shakes
      As lightning hits the trees
      And crack
      It falls
      As the cats lunge
      At each other
      This is not
      How life should be
      And I hear
      A blood chilling cry
      And look
      To see
      Next to a body,
      The body of Firestar
      “No!” Shrieks his kin
      They rush up,
      And we knew,
      All of us,
      That the Clans had won,
      But paid a great price
      Rest in peace Firestar, rest in peace

    • You don’t make them. You find them. I guess moddos make them? Or idk 😛

  • Russetfur: A Lifetime of Pain

    I remember.
    She was kind to me, to me, a rogue. She was a rogue too, but then my world turned upside down.
    Everything changed, thanks to Yellowfang. I left her, with Boulder. Boulder insisted.
    Why did I go? I’m as good as dead now, in the battlefield fighting with ThunderClan’s leader.
    Why did she let me? Why did you let me, Jay?
    ShadowClan, they took us in. Now I wish they hadn’t.
    Look at me, old and lame.
    Cedarstar, Raggedstar, they both died.
    Why didn’t I miss them more? Why did I do nothing?
    Brokentail became leader after.
    Why did I follow him? Why did I run away with him?
    He died too. Nighstar died soon after.
    Why did I come into this world of death and agony?
    But then it got worse. Tigerstar became leader. And I followed him too.
    Why was I so stupid? Why would I do that?
    He was killed by Scourge, and I was sad.
    Why did I mourn? Why did I care?
    Blackstar became leader. He was fine, and he made me deputy.
    Why did I accept it? Why did I want to be deputy?
    Here I am, freezing to death in the clearing. Battling with ThunderClan over a piece of territory we don’t need.
    Why should I care? Why do I need to live?
    I manage to beat Firestar, and take one of his lives. But then Lionblaze comes along, and I brace myself.
    Then stop.
    Why do I want to live? Why do I enjoy life?
    I let him knock me to the ground, and as I die, I think about my life.
    I remember.

  • The Stick:
    The Stick so bright
    The Stick at night
    Shines like a diamond
    Rough as coal
    Forever in my soul

    Stares everywhere
    Pushed out of comfort
    Pulled in from rejection
    Pushed out by dawn
    And it goes on and on

    Crookedstar: Run away from rejection
    I’m a run-away by midnight
    I’m a train with no tracks
    I’m a mountain so hard to climb
    Yet so easy to push
    The night goes cold
    Searching for warmth
    Searching for something that will never exist for me
    Rejection comes at daylight
    Or at dawn
    Comfort never visits
    Leaves me alone
    I call for it
    It’s never called me back
    Just like my mother
    Pushing me far
    Rejection so hard
    I run afar
    Meet some nice people
    Warmth I meet
    For the first time
    I am not cold in the feet
    They greet me with kindness
    Treat me with comfort
    Something I have never seen
    Yet something I have always been
    Teach me how to be
    Teach me how to eat
    Teach me there is a glow
    Teach me I’m a feat
    Time comes to say good-bye
    But you can always say hello
    I’m a run-away by midnight
    But I have a path to follow
    A destiny to seek
    There they await
    Seeing me for the first time
    Not my outer presence
    But the inside
    It fills me with warmth
    Something I no longer need
    I’m a run-away by midnight
    Yet I never leave home

    I hope you liked them! I’ll probably come up with some more to pass the time.

    • I’m not sure tbh. Just looks like a random person and a cat.
      KananXHera forever ❤️

  • Fallen Leaves: Stay
    There she is broken
    There she is glass
    I tend to her with kindness
    With comfort
    With care
    She tells me her stories
    I never tell mine
    They aren’t something that I would put in a shrine
    I can see inside her
    Tell what she’s feeling
    I can tell that she’s longing
    For home
    For comfort
    For kindness
    I thought
    That I gave her a home
    Turns out that I am wrong
    These windy tunnels are home for me
    For her, they are not
    I keep her company
    I keep her warm
    Just for free
    I take care of her
    Yet I still see her looking out
    I nudge her towards the direction
    She thanks me for the care
    She begs me to forgive
    When I am not there
    At night I shall disappear
    Yet her longing eyes follow me
    I turn around and feel as if I’m free

  • Half Moon: With no question
    He leaves without an answer
    He comes without a question
    Tells me he has to leave
    I beg him to stay
    Tells me to change my name
    Tells me I must take charge
    Tells me that he must go
    I turn away
    At least he said good-bye
    Maybe we’ll meet again some day
    Maybe we’ll meet in the sky
    I look to the stars that have no answer
    I look to the sun that have no question
    The night goes dark and suddenly I’m commander
    All of the sudden I have all the attention
    I try to see him through the night
    I see him walk away for the last time
    I now watch him from the stars
    Knowing that when his time is up we’ll meet again
    I don’t wish him to die
    I don’t wish him to live forever either
    I watch him as he realizes who he is
    I protect him as he realizes what he is
    I watch him from the stars to wait for the day
    That we.

  • The contest has ended! Late.

    The winner is Shatteredmask, with her Russetfur poem!
    Tetra, you WERE going to win a secret page. Buuuuuuuuuut I lost it. I can’t find it ANYWHERE.
    So instead, your prize is a drawing from me. I will draw any Warriors cat you want, then post it on the art page addressed to you.
    Have a nice day!

    • ALSO: this secret page? The one the contest was on?
      I don’t want it anymore!
      Anyone can have this page!
      Seriously take it if you want it!
      Turtle 🐢