Trailing Stars: The BlogClan Fan Fiction Project

Cover by Jayfrost

Trailing Stars is the collaborative fan fiction written by members of the Blog. It’s been in progress for a… large… number of years, but the finish line is in sight, and we’re moving towards it slowly but surely.

You’ll find some information below about the project, as we move into its final phase. Make sure to check out the published chapters through the menu bar at the top of the blog!

In Trailing Stars, the members of BlogClan find themselves in the forest, and transformed into cats. The story follows the Clan as they find each other in this strange new world and come together to fight for survival, friendship, and the hope to return to their old lives.

Remaining Chapter Synopses

There are currently only two remaining chapters in the fic!

Chapter 27: StarClan appear to every member of BlogClan and congratulate them. The key people in the story are addressed by StarClan, and applauded. Finally, everybody falls asleep.

Chapter 28: First person. The author wakes up in the real world and checks the blog to find that there is a new blog post about the dream.

Attention, chapter writers! Please submit your chapter using the link on the articles page (attach your document to the email which opens when you click on the link, or just paste it into the body of the email. BlogTeam will make sure it’s received by the editor.)

Job Listings

Note that the second name on each entry is the chapter’s editor. Chapters that are crossed out have been written.

Cover: Jayfrost and Moonbreeze

Chapter Art: Jayfrost

Promotional Poster: Silverwind

Chapter 1: Sun-For-Two, Cinnamonswirl

Chapter 2: Wolfpaw, Sun-For-Two

Chapter 3: Hawksky, Copperclaw

Chapter 4: Brightshadow, Jayfrost

Chapter 5: Leafpaw, Embersky

Chapter 6: Copperclaw, Dawnfrost

Chapter 7: Dawnfrost, Cinnamonswirl

Chapter 8: Cinnamonswirl, Sun-for-Two

Chapter 9: Shiveringrose, Copperclaw

Chapter 10: Swiftfire, Jayfrost

Chapter 11: Jayfrost, Embersky

Chapter 12: Lightningpaw, Shiveringrose

Chapter 13. Owlsong, Cinnamonswirl

Chapter 14: Jaypaw, Kat

Chapter 15: Flowerstream, Snakepaw

Chapter 16: Kat, Olivepaw

Chapter 17: Meadowpaw, Shimmerfrost

Chapter 18: Jayfrost, Mistpaw

Chapter 19: Geckopaw, Dawnkit

Chapter 20: Willowlight, Cindertail

Chapter 21: Jayfrost, Hazelburrow

Chapter 22: Darkpaw, Lionfire

Chapter 23: Winterwhisper, Sorrelstream

Chapter 24: Cheetahspark, Spottedpaw

Chapter 25: Lionfire, Gingerpaw

Chapter 26: Kat, Monkeyfur

Chapter 27:

Chapter 28:

Art by Silverwind

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I write a chapter/edit a chapter?

Whenever any roles for the fic open up, we’ll be sure to let everyone know, as we consult the much-famed Jar. (see below)

What is The Jar?

The Jar is the blessed jar which sits on Kate’s desk, holding the names of potential writers and editors for the chapters. You can ask Kate to be put in The Jar if you’d like to have the chance to write a chapter, but do please wait until you’ve been on BlogClan for at least two months to request to be put in the Jar.

The Jar is often called Jerry.  

Want to be in the Jar?

When do chapters come out?

Chapters come out when the writers finish them. Most of us involved in the project are students ourselves, so progress tends to be sporadic and slow. But we’re almost at the end now!

Can I be in the book?

We get this question a lot. Please hear me out. If we could fit everyone in, we would. Let’s say that a member who only came on once wants a major role in a chapter. They get put in, get a big role, then the person disappears. BlogClan is a united, helpful, happy community, and it’s really unfortunate when it seems as if the loyal members aren’t included when others who hardly ever come on are, simply because they asked. Look at the Personality Page — we have pages and pages of people that applied, and hardly any of them are on anymore, or posted another comment. Please, if you’d like to be in the book, contribute positively to the community and loyally — that makes a writer remember you and your personality, and the book runs smoothly.

Will Copperclaw, Dawnmist, and Silverwind (old members of BlogClan, now moved on) keep their ranks in the book?

Yes! For the sake of continuity and to save us of confusion, these members will keep their ranks. However, if we were to create another project after this one is finished, the ranking will be “passed on” to the next deputy, medicine cat, and medicine cat apprentice.