Warriors Articles

by Emberdawn and Birchfoot

If you want to write about anything in the Warriors universe, here’s the place to be! A Warriors article (also called a fan article) is a post on the blog that can be about anything related to Warriors, whether that’s your review of a certain book or an analysis of a certain character.

A very important distinction about articles is that they aren’t comments. Once you’ve written something you might want to send in as an article, ask yourself this: “is what I’ve written an article or a comment?” If your article is just a list of questions you’ve asked yourself about Warriors, you’ve written a comment and not an article.

So, what are the requirements for an article to be published?

  1. It must be AT LEAST 350 words long. This is for regular articles, song articles, and picture articles (aka all types of articles). Song article length will be judged based on the article length WITHOUT the song lyrics included.
  2. It CANNOT be fanfiction. This includes clear storytelling of events/characters that do not exist in the Warriors canon, skits (dialogue between characters that did not occur in the books), and descriptions of “What if?”. If the article editors think that an article resembles fanfiction, it will not be published.
  3. It must be engaging content for the blog. Because we want to encourage articles that are well-thought and well-researched (to elevate them beyond a regular comment), the article editors will only publish articles they think will be engaging for readers of the blog.
  4. It must be suitable for all ages, including children. While we want to be as flexible as we can on what we allow to be published, there are some topics that we’d like to avoid as much as possible, just to make sure that BlogClan remains safe and respectful on all fronts. For example, a topic that would not be published is defending/encouraging the relationship between Thistleclaw and Spottedleaf in the latter’s novella. If the article editors feel that an article is not suitable for the blog, it will not be published.


You may be wondering what a song article or a picture article is, and here’s the answer! Click on the boxes below to read the descriptions and find some examples of each type of article. If an article doesn’t fit either of these categories, then it’s a general fan article.

Song articles

A song article, as the name suggests, is an article that focuses on one or more songs. Typically, they relate a song’s lyrics to characters, scenes, or events in the Warriors series.

Song articles will only be accepted as valid content if they are transformative from the original song (i.e., the lyrics are noticeably changed (more than one or two lines are changed to better suit the theme/vision of the article writer)) OR if the article writer analyses why the song suits the theme(s)/character(s) mentioned by the article writer (more than one or two sentences). In addition, the word content outside of the lyrics must be 350 words or more.

A song article could also be sharing different songs, animations, or multi-animator projects (MAPs), and links to them. These songs must be child-friendly, and the word minimum applies as well.

Here’s an example of a song article that wouldn’t be published (16 words long, lyrics copied word-for-word, no analysis):

This song is by Marianas Trench and describes Crowfeather after he and Leafpool stopped being mates!

It’s the third of October
You should come over
Best laid plans are not sober
Maybe not the way we thought we’d planned
But both of us will take this hand
For a couple of days
Then we’ll disappear
We don’t have to talk
Of where we go from here
Oh, my dearly departed
My dearly departed

One final shoulder
Here before we’re none
And then there were none
This last call could be all we can do for each other
Embrace for a dear old friend
Bring wine to bed
We’ll toast what could have been
My dearly departed
To my dearly departed

I don’t know how to mend it
But this chapter ended
When all of my plans have depended on you
But at least tonight we still pretend
Hold each other close like it’s not the end
And you can send me balloons
And we can laugh at the doom
We both thought of that
Doesn’t it say something too
Oh, my dearly departed
My dearly departed

One final shoulder
Here before we’re none
Until all are none
This last call could be all we can do for each other
Embrace for a dear old friend
Bring wine to bed
We’ll toast what could have been
My dearly departed
To my dearly departed

Every masterpiece I’d write again
You’ll always be my porcelain
I crossed my heart
But I stuttered too
So truth or dare
Was I good to you
Haven’t had enough of you all to myself
Still right beside you
In sickness and health
For ever after
You will be my home
And there’s no place like home

We never sent the cards
They’re all still on the table
Wanna throw them out
But I’m just not able
My dearly departed
My dearly departed

Toast what could, what could have been
Toast what could, what could have been
Dear old friend
Toast what could, what could have been
Dear old friend
Toast what could, what could have been
My dearly departed
My dearly departed
My dearly departed
What could have been
My dearly departed
My dear old friend

Picture articles

Picture articles are articles primarily focusing around pictures/images that are inserted into the article. They make direct references to the pictures, either to demonstrate cat appearances or to show off art that the author has done. Some examples are Briarpaw’s “Comparing and Contrasting Different Depictions of Warrior Cats (part 2) and Shadowfate’s Complete Firestar Family.


If you’re not so confident about your spelling and would like someone to read it over and make some minor edits, you can do so by putting “Request Edit” (request edit / REQUEST EDIT are also acceptable) in the title. For example, “How Tigerstar Changed the Clans (Request edit)” and “How Tigerstar Changed the Clans – REQUEST EDIT” are both valid titles that will make sure that the article editors edit your article.

Please note: the article editors will only correct GRAMMATICAL errors and will not change your article drastically, such as changing sentence structure or formatting.


This page has a comment section where you can ask the article editors (Emberdawn and Birchfoot) questions relating to articles. Before you scroll down, though, please open the box below and see if your question is one of our frequently asked questions!


When will my article be posted?
Short answer: we don’t know.
Long answer: Because we get a lot of articles, it’s hard to estimate when exactly articles will come out and our estimates are by no means accurate. Unless your article has already been scheduled for an exact day or does not meet our requirements, we will not give you a concrete answer as to when your article will come out.

Did you get my article?
Chances are, yes. There’s no harm in asking this below, since it is fairly common for articles to get lost between the (attempted) submission and our pending articles folder, but please include the TITLE of your article, just so we can easily find whether or not it was submitted properly.

How do I put an image in my article?
Post the image link (URL) at the end of your article! This line will be deleted when your article is scheduled and does not count towards your final word count.

I forgot an image link when I submitted my article. How do I send it in?
Post a comment below with the link to the image you’d like to be used in the article. We will keep it in moderation (aka it will not be modded) until we get to scheduling your article, just so we remember!

If I don’t put an image link, what happens?
We, the article moderators, will choose an image for you.

How do I put bold/italic/underline/block quote in my article?
As far as we can tell, you just have to write the code in like you would in a normal comment! If it doesn’t work, we will manually put it in wherever your code appears.

How many articles have I written/submitted?
Short answer: we don’t know.
Long answer: There is no reliable way for us to search through articles by author, especially because the name box in the submission section records and logs the author by their current nickname if they are signed in. Thus, we can’t give an accurate number.

Can I co-write an article with someone?
Of course! This is the only exception to the “no skits” rule since some authors would like to distinguish who is writing what, but it does walk a fine line.

How many articles can I submit?
In general, you can submit as many as you like! For scheduling purposes, though, we would greatly prefer if you only submit 2 articles per week. This is to help us make sure that there aren’t days where only your articles are coming out 😛



STOP! Is your article 350 words long? If you’re unsure, here’s a handy-dandy word counter to make sure. Click here. A reminder that your article WILL NOT be published if it is under 350 words.

If there is an image you'd like to be posted along with your article, please paste a link to it at the bottom of your post. e.g "http://www.example.com/catpic.jpg"
Please complete the required fields.



  • Hello! Sorry to add onto the veritable avalanche of questions, but I submitted an article named “Because Everyone LOVES Comment Ranting!” where I defend unlikeable characters and attack likable ones. Was it submitted correctly?

    Also, I commented a week or so ago about adding another line to the end of the article. It was previously in moderation, but now it has disappeared. If it got eaten by the spam monster, don’t feel pressured to actually add that line if it’s too much work. On the other hand, if you’ve already moderated the comment and edited the article, then that’s good too!

    Thank you for your hard work!

      • They are called My Top 20 Favorite and Least Favorite Warrior Cats, and Songs that Relate to Warriors. Thanks again!

        • these articles seem to have been cut off after the first sentence – it’s a glitch that’s been happening more frequently. did you want to submit them again? apologies for the inconvenience; the articles seem to be having technical troubles more often now

            • unfortunately, they’re still cut off. I’ve raised the issue with the other mods, but in the meantime, why don’t you put the contents of your articles into comments and I’ll make them into a proper article for you? just please label which comments should go with which article. apologies for the inconvenience <3

        • it’s on the previous page – I deleted the duplicate comments you sent which is why you can’t see those anymore; my comment reads as follows:
          “hi! thanks for rewriting your favourite warriors article, it looks good 🙂 the other two are both under the word limit as well, I’m afraid, but you’re more than welcome to rewrite those to be 350 words or longer 🙂

          as for the song article, I loved the idea of you writing your own songs! it’s very creative! at this time, we only publish song articles if they go into depth about why the specific song was chosen (or written) to fit the characters, much like the explanations you used in your “my favorite warriors” article 😀 if you’d rather just share the lyrics with the blog, you can paste them in a comment on the tavern page, or you can add in some more explanations on a new article”

  • Have You guys gotten my ” Relating Warrior Cats to Rappers ” Article yet? srry I know y’all busy.

  • Hi! I was wondering if you got my article “why dovewing is a great character” (or something like that)!

    • We have
      – “Analyzing Hated Warriors Characters” – received, but cut off and is under the word minimum. Will not be published.
      – “Mapleshade’s Vengeance and the Importance of Perspective” – received and meets word minimum, but seems like it’s cut off. It only talks about Mapleshade and ends after her paragraph is finished.
      – “How to Write a Good Warriors Fanfiction” – received, meets word count, article editors are iffy on whether it treads the line between fanfic and article or leans towards one side. Tentatively approved for publishing, but this may change in the future.
      – “How to Make a Compelling Warriors Character Design” – received, approved for publishing.

  • Umm,sorry if I seem rude,but did you delete my article ‘My opinions on warrior names’?Cuz I posted it but it didn’t show up in articles.I don’t mind if it got deleted but I want to know if it did.Thank you and sorry if I seem rude

  • Hi so I wrote a article a bit back called rating my warrior cat ships and I forgot to tell you but I would like to edit it so if you could delete or something maybe?

  • Hello, sorry to bother you, but, I was just wondering if the following articles are going to get published. 1. Why Mapleshade Deserves the Dark Forest 2. Most Annoying Characters (In My Opinion) 3. Rating All Main Series Leaders (ItW-TPoNS) 4. Rating All SE & Novella Leaders (Field Guides Not Included) 5. Rating Medicine Cats 6. Rating Warriors’ Villains.

    I know I’ve commented on this subject before, but that comment wasn’t published, sorry if i’m being a pest, I just want to know if they will get published as I published them 2-4 months ago, and all are more than 350 words. Thanks!

  • hey did my article get submitted? It’s called “What happens to main characters when they are no longer needed?”

  • Uhm I wanted to know if my article had a release date, it’s under the name of WolfPaw and it’s called How did TigerClaw become leader . I made it a while ago like 3 months and it’s still not out