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Nobody will stop you from creating. Do it tonight. Do it tomorrow. That is the way to make your soul grow – whether there is a market for it or not! The kick of creation is the act of creating, not anything that happens afterward. I would tell all of you watching this screen: Before you go to bed, write a four line poem. Make it as good as you can. Don’t show it to anybody. Put it where nobody will find it. And you will discover that you have your reward.

Kurt Vonnegut

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    March 20, 2019 at 8:15 am

    Come and join my Roleplay, Sophia’s Vengeance !
    The first Test is starting now soon, so now is the best time to join. If you’ve never roleplayed before, it doesn’t matter, everyone can help teach you, and it’s basically writing a story with a lot of other people, but you can only write about a single character. Its a great way to make friends, and even if it seems confusing at first, everyone can help

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    Someplace that’s Green

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    March 20, 2019 at 11:42 pm

    REPOST (Beepaw/Blazepaw/Jaypaw I already have your reply, I just didn’t put them in the allegiances yet)

    Ever has a unique gift, even for a world full of cats with strange abilities. He is immortal: he doesn’t age, and he can’t be affected by any type of illness, mental or physical. He can even go almost two moons without water and nearly twice that without eating before he starts to deteriorate. After travelling the world and seeing so many kits left without parents for so many reasons, he decided to do what he could and take them in. He formed a clan of kits he’d adopted, both with “special” abilities and without.


    EVER’S CLAN (as of the start of the story)– a small group of loners comprised of Ever and his adopted kits that live mostly in the forest outside the city and are friendly with Shade’s gang. They avoid run-ins with Bricker’s gang, but they do occasionally enter the city for training or to hunt.
    Ever~ a sleek skinny white tom with a pale grey tail tip and pale storm-grey eyes. He is immortal. Age: unknown.
    Bluefire~ a sleek-furred blue-grey she-cat with a black right forpaw, black tail tip, and storm-grey eyes. Her ability, if she has one, is unknown. Age: 24 moons.
    Flicker~ a ginger tabby tom with a fluffy white tail and emerald eyes. He can manipulate and cause fire. Age: 8 moons.
    Fringe~ a lean black she-cat with dark jay-blue eyes. She can manipulate and create shadows. Age: 13 moons.
    Jay~ a skinny dark grey tabby tom with dark jay-blue eyes. He’s Fringe’s brother. He doesn’t have an ability. Age: 13 moons.
    Piper~ a small brown she-cat with darker speckles, a white underbelly, and amber eyes. She doesn’t have an ability. Age: 5 moons.
    Wish~ a cloud-white she-cat with a golden sheen to her fur and sky-blue eyes.

    BRICKER’S GANG– a group of rogues who roam the city like the own the place and demand tithe from the cats living there that aren’t in the gang. They are cruel to everyone, and they don’t even offer protection in return for the tithe, but the gang is so big no one can stand against them.
    Bricker~ a huge russet tom with dark amber eyes and sharp claws. He has enhanced strength and speed.
    [please help me create cats for Bricker’s gang, they should have evil-sounding or intimidating names, they can be loner/rogue style, or Ancient or Clan style names]

    SHADE’S GANG– a rival of Bricker’s Gang, they live mostly in the suburbs and outskirts of the city, and patrol the surrounding forests. They ask a small tithe from cats in their territory, in return the cats are protected from Bricker’s gang and other threats. Much nicer than Bricker’s gang but not big enough to mount a full attack against them.
    Shade~ a lean sleek-furred very dark grey she-cat with sharp fire-orange eyes. She can turn herself and up to five others near her invisible.
    [please help me create cats for Shade’s gang, they should have loner, Ancient, or Clan-style names, not evil but pretty close to intimidating. Maybe a few outliers]

    Okay guys I just wanted to put this up because this is an idea I want to elaborate on, but I cannot for the life of me think of names for the many, many cats who will be in Bricker’s and Shade’s gangs. So please, please, please help me out, I will credit you for your names when I start posting actual parts of the story. Bricker and Shade have sizable gangs, there’s gonna be probably 50 cats in Bricker’s gang and at least half that in Shade’s, so please come up with as many names as you want, especially if there aren’t many people posting names. If there still aren’t enough, I’ll probably be able to fill in the blanks myself, if there are too many names I’ll try to take a couple from each person who responds to this.
    If there’s enough cats in Bricker’s and Shade’s gangs, I might create a few smaller gangs that are much smaller and sort of live as sub-gangs that I can put the extra cats in.

    Also, if you’re posting cats in response to this, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make your post as a reply to this comment or I won’t see it. If I start posting the story and your names got overlooked, reply to my story post and I’ll let you know if I can fit more cats into one of the gangs.

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    Iris can't wait for spring
    March 21, 2019 at 3:15 am

    Hello everyone! I have decided to get back in the blogfic biz, and here I am, with a crazy huge idea. 😉 Some of you oldies may remember this idea from way back when (like, last may). Nut unforntunatly, my orginal collabors, Ottie and Lily (discord friendo) have gone inactive and this fell apart ;(. However, I’ve gotten some new friendos together, and we’re reviving! If you’ve been asked to collab with me, plz still fill out the form, it has nescarry info 😛
    The description…..
    There’s a school, that is called “Fandemonium” (yes, that name took a lot of time thank you for noticing :P). So it’s basically a school where the classes are on shipping, fan-fiction writing, drawing fanart, cosplaying, stuf like that 😛 You sit with you fav. fandom at lunch and you get to do all that fun stuff and have a great time being fangirl/boy and ect. ect. But what you don’t know is that the school is also a magic portal to these worlds, where all of the books are real. Now, the fandoms are on the verge of war, because basically all the villians have teamed up and have been gaining power and want to kill everybody. SO some of the teachers knows this, and have been secretly training you in the tactics of your fandoms for war, and one day a couple kids go missing, and some of the students find the portal. Now, these students hop in the portal, trying to save their missing friends, and get lost in all the different fandoms. Now, they have to find their friends, alert people of the oncoming war, and try to convince normal people that they are going to be under attack by a bunch of evil book characters.
    Or possibly the evil people come into the world and a bunch of untrained fangirls end up trying to stop them by throwing books or something funny like that 😛 WHatever happens happens.
    I’m going to be posting this form on wattpad as well, so if they’re some unfamiliar people, that’d be why. Also, I’m doing a collab on this with a couple people, wattpad and blogclan, so they’re be a whole mix of talent! I hope to have a lot of fun with this and be patient with me, I have a lot going on so updates may (and probably will be) slow. If there’s anything I’ve forgotten, I’ll add it later, so be on the lookout.
    Now, the form….
    Blogclan name:
    Name in the book:
    Physical traits/looks:
    2 outfits:
    Fav color:
    Personality traits:
    Character traits: (biting nails? Hums? Daydreamer? ect)
    Fandoms you are in:
    Fav Fandom/which one you want to sit w/ at lunch (or choose multiple, or maybe you just play musical tables 😛 )
    Ideas for classes?:
    Fav class (in this school):
    Least fav class:
    Fighting tactics you use:
    Weapon of choice (for HP fans, wands count):
    Backup weapon:
    Friends on Blogclan: (Yes, I know you’re friends with everyone, but some specifics definitely help ;P )
    Family on BC (doesn’t have to be real, can be other blogclanners):
    Which villain in a book you’ve read do you hate the most:
    Fav. book character(s):
    What book character are you most like?:
    Cool stuff about you:
    An overview on physical abilities (running, hiking, endurance, ect.)
    Fav food:
    Who do you want to bunk with:
    WHo do you want to dorm with:
    Anything else I’ve forgotten or should know:
    (Sorry for the long form, if you don’t want to do stuff like fav food, ect just do the main important stuff. I try to be specific, it really helps when writing!)
    Love all of you, Happy first day of Spring!! <3

    Renegades= Adorable Forks<3 :P

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      Shadey's running for SW
      March 21, 2019 at 1:28 pm

      Hmmm… Maybe put this in Fan Fiction Organization? 🙂


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      Iris can't wait for spring
      March 21, 2019 at 2:12 pm

      Whoops!!! I accidently posted this here instead of the fanfic organization! Ignore, this and fill it out on organization!!

      Renegades= Adorable Forks<3 :P

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      March 21, 2019 at 6:46 pm

      Blogclan name: Maplepaw
      Name in the book: Kristen (h*ck I love that name
      Nickname: Kris
      Gender/pronouns: Female, she / her
      Physical traits/looks: Tall girl with long, bright ginger hair, a lot of freckles, blue glasses with frames that don’t fit amazingly, pale skin and blue eyes
      2 outfits: A checkered shirt, quite a loose one with a three quarter length sleeved top under it and jeans.
      A blue T-shirt with some sort of nature based design on it and trousers as well as a hoodie
      Fav colour : Aqua / blue
      Personality traits: Quite nervous and stressy, but is very smart and practical. She like to make friends and talk to others, but gets quite awkward very easily.
      Character traits: (biting nails? Hums? Daydreamer? ) When nervous, she wrings her hands and wiggles / taps her foot on the floor. Quite often she has to push her glasses up her nose as they’d slightly slip down. She also bites her nails
      Quirks: says rip and Oof quite a lot. Also over uses literally and like when she speaks.
      Fandoms you are in: Warrior cats, wings of fire, maze runner, Star Wars, hunger games, Harry Potter, Divergent , Scythe, throne of glass, contagion, too many to name
      Fav Fandom/which one you want to sit w/ at lunch (or choose multiple, or maybe you just play musical tables 😛 ) : She massively plays musical tables, probably with all the fandoms mentioned above
      Ideas for classes?: ROLEPLAYING fan art drawing, shipping, coding Fandom based computer games
      Fav class (in this school): ROLEPLAYING if added, if not fan art drawing
      Least fav class: cosplaying she’d get embarrassed dressing up
      Hobbies: Reading, writing, drawing, computer coding
      Talents: Drawing, writing and problem solving
      Intro/Extrovert: Kind of in the middle, loves being around people and communicating, but every so often just craves a little bit of private time
      offense/defence : defence
      Fighting tactics you use: Talking my way out of it, archery (I’m actially pretty decent)
      Weapon of choice (for HP fans, wands count): Bow and arrow
      Backup weapon: Harry Potter wand
      Friends on Blogclan: (Yes, I know you’re friends with everyone, but some specifics definitely help ;P ) : You, Potato, Spidey, Cheetah, Jazzy (Oof shes inactive, Lion, Hazy, Beepaw, Wavey, Lapis, Gingie, Wolfie, Frosto, Shivy, Bramb, I could keep listing, Icy, Blu
      Family on BC (doesn’t have to be real, can be other blogclanners) : None Oofity Oof
      Backstory: Idk you can improvise
      Which villain in a book you’ve read do you hate the most: Scythe Goddard from Scythe, I hate him with all my heart
      Fav. book character(s): ill just give you one from each of the fandom’s I have mentioned, to shorten the list
      Tuna, Mightyclaws, Newt, Asoka Tano (from clone wars series), Joanne (I think that’s her name), Luna, *cough cough* Peter*cough cough *, Maybe Scythe Rand idk, Asterin, Callie / Jenna (Oof that confused me so I’ll just say both)
      What book character are you most like?: Alderheart
      Cool stuff about you: idk
      An overview on physical abilities (running, hiking, endurance, ) : Can hike for long distances, but can not run. Can swim quite well.
      Fav food: Pasta or pizza
      Who do you want to bunk with: I don’t really mind, someone from my friends list
      WHo do you want to dorm with: Again, same as before
      Anything else I’ve forgotten or should know: this sounds super cool, if I think of anything else I’ll add it below
      Also I’m prepared for a Peter screaming contest

      Maybe you could add controversial opinions onto the form so you could make funny arguement scenes idek

      Someplace that’s Green

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        Iris can't wait for spring
        March 22, 2019 at 7:34 pm

        H*ck Maple you’ve been making your name Kristin for years 😛 Oof 😛
        Oh a Peter screaming contest is definently happening.
        And btw check your discord immediately! (Idk if you have yet, bc I can’t get on rn, oof, but plz do if you haven’t alreadY!)
        Rip + oof = ROOF!
        roof me 😛

        Renegades= Adorable Forks<3 :P

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          March 23, 2019 at 10:45 am

          I don’t have a discord account ???

          I think I did a while back but I deleted it

          Or maybe I’m getting confused with something else, I asked my parents about getting it and they said no, so I didn’t get it I need the end.
          But yeah, I’m not allowed on discord……

          Someplace that’s Green

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      March 21, 2019 at 7:58 pm

      I remember that blogfic! it was so cool! fair warning, I’ve joined a bunch of new fandoms since then 😛

      Blogclan name: Wavesplash
      Name in the book: human?
      Nickname: Wavey
      Gender/pronouns: she/her, girl
      Physical traits/looks: short, long legs, pale but tanned skin, freckles, green eyes, long dark blonde/light brown wavy hair with the tips dyed purple
      2 outfits:
      – purple shirt with a cat on it, black hoodie, soft skinny jeans, black boots, silver hoop earrings, silver saxophone necklace
      – light blue shirt with puffy sleeves, black leggings, black ankle boots, floaty blue skirt with snowflakes on it, aquamarine stud earrings
      Fav color: purple
      Personality traits: kind, compassionate, ambitious, stubborn, witty, socially awkward, bubbly around people she’s close to, passionate, creative, whimsical, clever
      Character traits: (biting nails? Hums? Daydreamer? ect) hums, daydreams, zones out a lot, plays w/ hair, drums/taps on stuff
      Quirks: ???
      Fandoms you are in: Ducktales (2017), Steven Universe, The Dragon Prince, She-ra (2018), Carmen Sandiego (2019), Voltron, OK KO, Craig of the Creek, Camp Camp, RWBY, Star vs the Forces of Evil, Big City Greens, DC Superhero Girls, Foxcraft, The Young Elite, Riordanverse, Miraculous Ladybug, Lunar Chronicles, Renegades, Harry Potter
      Fav Fandom/which one you want to sit w/ at lunch (or choose multiple, or maybe you just play musical tables 😛 ) I can’t choose 😛
      Ideas for classes?: Fandom etiquette (bc people can get nasty 😛 ), AUs, crossovers, collabs
      Fav class (in this school): Fanfiction writing
      Least fav class: idk, they all sound fun!
      Hobbies: reading, writing, watching TV, drawing, animating, band, colorguard, singing, playing ukulele, playing saxophone
      Talents: ^
      Intro/Extrovert: introvert
      offense/defense: defense
      Fighting tactics you use: idk I don’t like fighting 😛
      Weapon of choice (for HP fans, wands count): dual silver swords
      Backup weapon: bow & arrows
      Friends on Blogclan: (Yes, I know you’re friends with everyone, but some specifics definitely help ;P ) you, Wollow, Wistep, Swany, Peto, Blue, Spidey, Maple, Lion, Icy, Win, Shivy, Ice, Jazzy, Juni, Flo, Frosty, Minty, Moon, Stoatie
      Family on BC (doesn’t have to be real, can be other blogclanners): idk does anyone want to be my family?
      Backstory: idk I suck at backstories
      Which villain in a book you’ve read do you hate the most: Hawk Moth/Gabriel Agreste. and I love Magica de Spell as a character but she’s a horrible person and I’d punch her in the face w/o a second thought. (and these are both from TV shows, so if you need a book character specifically, uhh, Tigerstar)
      Fav. book character(s): dude, there’s no way I can choose. 😛
      What book character are you most like?: again, not a book character, but I’m a lot like Webby from Ducktales. We’re both socially awkward, stubborn, analytical, clever, and go crazy with fangirling and analyzing the stuff we’re interested in 😛 we also have passions that people consider “weird”
      Cool stuff about you: idk I’m not cool 😛
      I got featured in TAS though, does that count?
      An overview on physical abilities (running, hiking, endurance, ect.) I’m clumsy and not that strong, but I also spin a six foot tall metal pole three times a week, so take that into account I guess 😛
      Fav food: french fries
      Who do you want to bunk with: you, Swany, Juni, Wollow, Wistep, Blue, Peto, Stoatie, anyone really
      WHo do you want to dorm with: ^
      Anything else I’ve forgotten or should know: I’m asexual 🙂

      🌊 Queen of Canon Correcting🌊

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      March 21, 2019 at 8:45 pm

      Blogclan name: Bluefire
      Name in the book: Ryoko Havelock
      Nickname: Ryo
      Gender/pronouns: female / she/her
      Physical traits/looks: Caucasian, blue-grey eyes, short dark blonde hair, tall-ish, skinny.
      2 outfits: Dark t-shirt, jeans, belt, boots, black jacket; T-shirt, sweatpants, sneakers, sweatshirt.
      Fav color: Teal or blue
      Personality traits: quiet, curious, intelligent, cunning, cautious, somewhat adventurous
      Character traits: (biting nails? Hums? Daydreamer? ect) daydreamer, often lost in thoughts
      Quirks: wanders around often, paces when thinking
      Fandoms you are in: MCU (movies), Voltron (TV show), KotLC, PJO and related, Warriors, Harry Potter, Shadowhunters, many more.
      Fav Fandom/which one you want to sit w/ at lunch (or choose multiple, or maybe you just play musical tables 😛 ) MCU or PJO and related
      Ideas for classes?: Fanfic writing, effective use of ships, what you can learn from your favorite books, ummm etc
      Fav class (in this school): what you can learn from your fav books
      Least fav class: how to write an effective relationship
      Hobbies: reading, writing (fanfic and nonfanfic), drawing/sketching
      Talents: sketching
      Intro/Extrovert: Introvert
      offense/defense: Defense
      Fighting tactics you use: mostly defensive, doesn’t like fighting tbh
      Weapon of choice (for HP fans, wands count): A pencil that can shapeshift into a wand, dagger, and stele (if not just the wand)
      Backup weapon: (if not the shapeshifting pencil) a stiletto knife
      Friends on Blogclan: (Yes, I know you’re friends with everyone, but some specifics definitely help ;P ) Um I have no idea =P
      Family on BC (doesn’t have to be real, can be other blogclanners): ehhhhhhh no one really
      Which villain in a book you’ve read do you hate the most: Brokenstar (warriors)
      Fav. book character(s): Loki (MCGOA)
      What book character are you most like?: like I’d know that??? I have no idea.
      Cool stuff about you: my brain is the Labyrinth
      An overview on physical abilities (running, hiking, endurance, ect.) no muscles (or barely any), decent stamina
      Fav food: chocolate
      Who do you want to bunk with: nice people
      WHo do you want to dorm with: people with similar intrests
      Anything else I’ve forgotten or should know: don’t put her in a relationship plz

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      March 21, 2019 at 10:55 pm

      Blogclan name: Sunpaw
      Name in the book: Astrid
      Nickname: none
      Gender/pronouns: Female(she/her)
      Physical traits/looks: tall, with long, sleek black hair and brown eyes. She is tan, with glasses. She basically looks like a classic cute, clumsy girl.
      2 outfits: She prefers to dress practical, with jeans, a dark green shirt, and loose-fitted sweatshirt
      Fav color: colors on the darker spectrum, though she prefers dark green
      Personality traits: despite her appearance, she is not cute or clumsy. She is very blunt, speaking what’s on her mind, and doesn’t take crap from anyone. She is serious, and doesn’t like people who joke around, though she can lighten up sometimes. She is known for being practical, down-to-earth, and studious.
      Character traits: (biting nails? Hums? Daydreamer? ect) She tends to hum when no one else is looking
      Quirks: um how about none
      Fandoms you are in: The MCU, Warriors, Wings of Fire, Phineas and Ferb, Harry Potter, Oggy and the Cockroaches, Riordanverse
      Fav Fandom/which one you want to sit w/ at lunch (or choose multiple, or maybe you just play musical tables 😛 ) the MCU
      Ideas for classes?: none
      Fav class (in this school): Shipping
      Least fav class: Fan art
      Hobbies: writing, reading, I guess that’s it
      Talents: computer coding. She is very good at CSS and HTML, and has created several websites from scratch.
      Intro/Extrovert: Ambivert
      offense/defense: defense
      Fighting tactics you use: stabbing people with pencils , her wide variety of facial expressions
      Weapon of choice (for HP fans, wands count): very sharp pencil, knife
      Backup weapon: Harry Potter wand
      Friends on Blogclan: (Yes, I know you’re friends with everyone, but some specifics definitely help ;P ) Maple, Rose, Bracken
      Family on BC (doesn’t have to be real, can be other blogclanners): how about none
      Backstory: just improv
      Which villain in a book you’ve read do you hate the most: Ashfur? Morrowseer? Burn? Loki is very much overrated, but he did redeem himself in the end, so…
      Fav. book character(s):
      What book character are you most like?:
      Cool stuff about you:
      An overview on physical abilities (running, hiking, endurance, ect.) She has compared her strength to that of a mouse.
      Fav food: chocolate
      Who do you want to bunk with: idk
      WHo do you want to dorm with: idk
      Anything else I’ve forgotten or should know: nothing

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      Fox Trot
      March 22, 2019 at 3:03 am

      Blogclan Name : Fox Trot
      Name in Book : Alyssa Mari
      Nickname : Mari
      Gender/Pronouns : Female, Any pronouns but male
      Physical Traits/Looks : A short tan girl with long white hair that ends in silver highlights and hazel eyes, as well as a bridge of freckles across her nose
      2 Outfits : A black baggy hoodie with stained blue jeans and black and white checkered sneakers
      A white shirt with a grey sweater jacket with a black and white checkered skirt, paired with white and black striped socks and black sneakers
      Fav color : Purple
      Personality Traits : Snarky yet quiet, Sarcastic yet kind at times, Cautious most of all though, and has trust issues
      Character Traits : When upset or nervous, She bangs her head on things or hits herself to calm down, resulting in bruises on her arms and face, She also has a habit of biting the inside of her cheeks
      Quirks : She calls people eggs and has an extreme likeliness to have pink or red cheeks when tired or overly excited
      Fandoms you are in : Undertale, Delta Rune, Harry Potter, Warrior Cats, Pokemon, Spongbob
      Fav Fandom/ Which one you want to sit w/ at lunch : Probably a video game fandom table
      Class ideas : Fandom History, Wiki 101, Ship Art drawing
      Fav Class : Cosplaying
      Least fav class : Shipping, she’s not good with love
      Hobbies : A r t
      Talents : N o t h I n g
      Intro or Extrovert : Introvert all the way
      Offensive or Defensive : Defensive
      Fighting Tactics : Fists, Spears
      Weapon of choice : Spear
      Backup Weapon : Bow and Arrow
      Friends on Blogclan : Rose, Maple, Beepaw(Jaypaw)((Blazepaw)), Petalpaw
      Family on BC : Petalpaw
      Backstory : I dunno, I’m tired ((Writing this at 11:00 at night))
      Which Villian do you hate the most : King Card.
      Fav Character from book series : Hermione, Briarlight, Crowfeather, Breezepelt
      What book character do you realate to most : Fallen Leaves
      Cool stuff bout you : Nostril whistling.
      An overview of physical ability : Close to nothing, but good in swimming
      Fav food : Philly Cheese Steak or Lobster rolls
      Who do you wanna bunk with : You can choose
      Who do you wanna dorm with : look above
      Other things : I’m bisexual

      • Avatar
        Fox Trot
        March 23, 2019 at 12:42 am

        Fav Ships :

        Do I wanna be shipped : S u r e

        With Whom? : I dunno, you pick

    • Avatar
      Iris can't wait for spring
      March 22, 2019 at 7:46 pm

      I accidentally wrote “book characters” and “books villains” and stuff, but the fandom doesn’t have to be a book. It can be any fandom. Also, please include or add if you’re reading this your fav ships, and if you mind being shipped and with whom. Thank you!!!!

      Renegades= Adorable Forks<3 :P

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    Shadey's running for SW
    March 21, 2019 at 2:10 pm

    The Destruction

    Chapter One

    The wind can only speak
    as much as the
    glistening morning dew.

    The wind can only speak
    as much as
    the glittering sun in the sky.

    But they bring
    an endless endeavor
    to forever live.

    Until the moon
    comes up
    and the naturous chatter ceases.

    Interrupted by the
    piercing howl of the wolf
    or the silent chirp of a cricket.

    Then the sun
    comes up again
    and the freedom again starts.

    So omnipotent
    so fragile.

    Limited by the sight
    of others in
    a one dimensional world.

    That brings
    only destruction
    to the world.

    And we
    in the
    midst of it

    are forced to

    We cannot live anymore.
    We are

    Gosh sorry this was so bad, I’ll include the characters in the next chapter! That is:

    (If you don’t mind, these will be your names in the fanfic!)


    • Avatar
      Fox Trot
      March 22, 2019 at 3:05 am

      Perhaps Put Trot for me, as there are many other foxes

      • Avatar
        Shadey's running for SW
        March 22, 2019 at 1:20 pm

        Alright! 🙂


      • Avatar
        Spottedpaw/fern (Spotsy)
        March 23, 2019 at 6:31 am

        Fox Trot, get on Warriors Amino! I am Lightshade there. Text me… please?

        I am back!!!

        • Avatar
          Fox Trot
          March 23, 2019 at 12:06 pm

          Mmm, I’ll try Spotsy, My parents are kinda strict on things I can download

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    March 21, 2019 at 4:01 pm

    New York City

    Excuse me, are you Aaron Burr, sir?

    That depends, who’s asking?

    Oh, sure, sir
    I’m Alexander Hamilton, I’m at your service, sir
    I have been looking for you

    I’m getting nervous

    Sir, I heard your name at Princeton
    I was seeking an accelerated course of study
    When I got out of sorts with a buddy of yours
    I may have punched him
    It’s a blur, sir

    You punched the bursar?

    Yes, I wanted to do what you did
    Graduate in two, then join the revolution
    He looked at me like I was stupid
    I’m not stupid

    So how’d you do it, how’d you graduate so fast?

    It was my parents’ dying wish before they passed

    You’re an orphan, of course
    I’m an orphan
    God, I wish there was a war
    Then we could prove we’re worth more than anyone bargained for

    Can I buy you a drink?

    That would be nice

    While we’re talking, let me offer you some free advice
    Talk less


    Smile more


    Don’t let them know what you’re against or what you’re for

    You can’t be serious

    You wanna get ahead?


    Fools who run their mouths off wind up dead

    Yo yo yo yo yo
    What time is it?

    Longtail, Brokenstar, and Darkstripe:

    Like I said…

    Showtime! Showtime!
    Yo, I’m John Laurens in the place to be
    Two pints of Sam Adams, but I’m working on three
    These redcoats don’t want it with me
    ‘Cause I will pop chick-a-pop these cops ‘till I’m free!

    Oui, oui, mon amie, je m’appelle Lafayette
    The Lancelot of the revolutionary set
    I came from afar just to say bonsoir
    Tell the king casse-toi
    Who’s the best, c’est moi

    Brrrah, brraaah I am Hercules Mulligan
    Up in it, loving it, yes I heard ya mother said come again
    Ay, lock up ya daughters and horses, of course
    It’s hard to have [censored] over four sets of corsets

    No more [censored], pour me another brew, son
    Let’s raise a couple more

    Longtail, Brokenstar, and Darkstripe:
    To the revolution!

    Well, if it ain’t the progidy of Princeton College

    Aaron Burr

    Give us a verse, drop some knowledge

    Good luck with that, you’re taking a stand
    You spit, I’mma sit
    We’ll see where we land

    Burr, the revolution’s imminent, what do you stall for?

    If you stand for nothing, Burr, what’ll you fall for?

    Longtail, Brokenstar, Darkstripe:

    Who are you?

    Who are you?

    Who are you?

    Longtail, Broeknstar, Darkstripe:
    Oooh, who is this kid, what’s he gonna do?

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      Hawthorn is the easter bunny
      March 22, 2019 at 2:04 pm


      bunny ears

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    March 22, 2019 at 5:28 am

    Chapter One of the Aliens Novel. PS, all chapter titles are song titles. Chapter One’s song is Immigrant Song by Led Zeppelin.

    Chapter One: Immigrant Song
    Tony Stark
    Houston, Texas
    December 13, 2012

    The room is blanketed in an eerie hush as the clip-clop of boots resounds off of the walls. The man entering scans the room, eyes alert as he silently sizes up all of his employees. One of them trembles in his chair, about to spill his coffee over himself while his companion nudges him and sharply whispers something in his ear. Quiet keyboard taps are the only sound present as a cherry red-haired employee clicks out an email. The vibrant green-haired man next to him stares into nothing and has his arms neatly crossed over his chest.

    “President Stark,” a serious female voice breaks into the eerie silence. She clears her throat. “Any updates on Operation: Kakabāuacha?”

    The man scoffs and pulls her away from his younger employees, out of prying ears. “Miss Potts, it appears as though Miss Flynn was able to reach the planet,” he says, his voice clipped and sarcastic. I don’t have time for this bull.

    “Ahh, good. I’m glad that you believe we can make contact with an alien planet!” she hisses, her words laced with fire.

    He furrows his eyebrows and simultaneously scowls and hisses. “Enough of your religious bullcrap, Miss Potts. This isn’t the time or place,” he retorts, his words equally fiery.

    “Language, President Stark,” she scolds, but her tone is more playful and teasing than it previously was.

    If she wasn’t so freaking religious, I would ask her out, he thinks. He startles ever so slightly, unsure of where the thought came from. Tony waves her comment with the flick of his wrist. Better to just pretend that I didn’t think that . “We should be hearing from Miss Flynn any minute now,” Tony adds before his companion grabs his wrist and begins to drag him away. Hey, I’m the director here! his mind spits in frustrated sarcasm, but he keeps the thought to himself and allows himself to be pulled into the main area.

    Even before he enters the room, the shrill beeping of an incoming video call bounces throughout the room and the young man with the cherry red hair springs up, a hopeful and excited grin illuminating his entire face like a child on Christmas morning.

    “Mister Stark,” the man greets, his grin growing ever wider as Tony shakes his hand.

    As he answers the phone call, however, the frustrated face of an alien with dark, beady rat-like eyes appears. It has half-circled ears on top of its head that are lying flat against its head and the thin, rat-like tail curled around its back flickers in annoyance. “Tony Stark,” he hisses in what sounded like anger, but if one was looking for it, they could detect a minuscule, almost hidden, tremble. Somewhere behind him, he hears Pepper gasp in disbelief and the young man sigh in resignation. The man begins his typing anew.

    Tony creases his brows together and studies the alien’s face. “Doctor Banner, to what do I have the pleasure of speaking to you?” he sneers, a scowl pulling at his lips. Doctor Banner’s fur ripples and Tony mentally notes the way the naturally curled fur is folding onto itself, in a way that suggests the doctor is either suffering from a lack of sleep or is so focused on his work that he is letting his appearance become disheveled. Tony guesses that it is probably both.

    Doctor Banner turns his snout up and sniffs. “I suggest that you exhibit better respect for you superiors, Mister Stark,” he growls and each word stabs a dagger into Tony’s chest.

    Tony crosses his arms over his chest and frowns in a petulant manner. Acting like a child is a great way to impress your superior. “Yes, Doctor Banner,” he concedes, his voice lacking the sarcasm that his thoughts held. I’d better at least try if I want his help. “Why are you calling?” he asks, his voice much more conversational and complying. There ya go Stark, was that so hard?

    “Mister Stark, you promised that your associate would arrive on Kakabāuacha by the third,” Doctor Banner begins and Tony cringes.

    Has it really been a week since I sent Candace to Kakabāuacha? My apologizes, Doctor Banner. I sent Candace out on the date that you told me,” Tony replies and he suddenly feels a compulsion to pout again. I swear on everything you hold sacred that I did as I was told. Now, it’s just up to Mycroft to follow through with his side of the deal. He gestures to the young man with the red hair. “Phineas, can you check the ship’s tracking?”

    The man nods. “Yes, sir,” he complies and he fiddles around with the controls of the computer. A bright dot outlining the ship was flying towards a galaxy-shaped spot. “Mister Stark, it says she is just now reaching the Cigar Galaxy.”

    Tony narrows his eyes and leans forward to study the screen, his heart sinking to his stomach. What the heck? She was supposed to have arrived two days ago. Why is she just now arriving ? “I’m terribly sorry for the inconvenience and for my lack of planning.” I don’t really think it was my problem, but if I’m going to gain favor with him, I may as well try making myself responsible . “But if I’m being honest, I really did send the ship when you asked me to. Maybe it was a malfunction in the ship’s engine or something.” Or it was attacked, he adds as an afterthought. But if we were attacked, by who, and why?

    Doctor Banner scratched his chin, his eyes laced in contemplation. “It’s possible,” he finally says after several minutes of terse silence. “But, I swear to ZaveZylala, Mister Stark, if Mycroft doesn’t tell of Candace’s arrival by midnight, there will be consequences.”

    Tony nods, his throat constricting with sudden anxiety. It’s not like this was exactly something I could’ve helped. “Yes sir, I understand.”

    Doctor Banner flattens his lips into a thin line. “Very well,” is his only response before the video image fades into black.

    Tony sighs, lowering his shoulders. “Alright, Phineas, what the freak is going on with your sister’s ship?” Tony snaps, turning to Phineas.

    He turns around, his face contorted in confusion. “I know about as much as you know. Mister Stark. I am sorry,” he says, dipping his head to his chest in defeat.

    Tony raises the corner of his lip, but says nothing as he walks past his employees into the dank hallways. He leans against the wall, stretching out his tense muscles. ZaveZylala help us all if Candace doesn’t make it to Kakabāuacha tonight. ZaveZylala help me if she doesn’t make it. But, I swear that I will do anything in my power to make sure she makes it .

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    March 22, 2019 at 3:59 pm

    Can someone please explain roleplay and Fan fiction to me?

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    March 22, 2019 at 6:10 pm

    a poem by Thistletooth

    I always knew you never wanted me there
    you truly never have
    you could of told me kindly
    but yet you treat me like a piece of dirt
    you kept my fiery burning with every glare you gave
    you boiled but my hatred and cut me to the quick
    you didn’t just hurt my you betrayed me as well
    I never want to see you but i’ll know i will
    you never cared when i left you boiled my anger more as well
    I’m sitting here fuming at you as you talk as a group
    not caring about the girl you treated as dirt
    Every-time i look at you my anger comes a new
    I’ll never forget what you did to me but i’ll try to let it go
    I wanted you as friends but as i see i know there wasn’t room for me

    Hey guys what did you think of it . Its my feeling for the mousebrains who treated badly in one of my classes . I just wanted to write me feeling in a poem . Comment what you think below . yeah i’m still mad at them but i’ll get over it over time .

    Click my name

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    Shadey's running for SW
    March 23, 2019 at 1:20 pm

    Shademist meets Destinywish (Mine and Bracken’s fanfics combined 😛 )


    He trekked silently along the forest floor, leaving dust trails from his feet, carrying the hatred of his exile.

    The cold wind swept across the rugged terrain. He’d walked like this for a day, without sleep or food. He’d fought the pain. He’d fought the loneliness. But what else could he fight? What could he find inside the forest he’d so long been living in? What could he find in his heart?

    His pelt not only carried sand and dirt, but the grief of all he had lost. Mapledrift. His mother. But no. No. It wasn’t his fault. It wasn’t. And it will never be. It wasn’t his fault. It wasn’t his fault. No. No.


    Could he find a seal, a way to fix everything? Should he fix or rebuild? Could he pick up the shattered remains of his heart, and use the pieces to lead him to something new?

    Then he heard a twig snap. Leaves rustled. There was a cat. A cream colored she-cat appeared from the bushes of the undergrowth, her amber eyes bright.

    Her eyes widened as she saw the cat standing in front of her.

    “I haven’t seen you around! Are you part of the Clans? What’s your name? Are you hungry? Where are you from?”

    His mind swirled with the questions the she-cat asked him.


    He wasn’t sure if he heard her correctly. Nonetheless, she asked too many questions.

    “Um,” he stammered. “What’s your name, and maybe I’ll tell you mine.”

    She seemed unfazed. “I’m Destinywish!1!1!1!1!1!1!1!” She stated brightly, as if it were her biggest pride to have that name.

    “Well,” He started. “That’s an, erm, interesting name. I’m…



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