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cat in typewriter[image description: a black-and-white photo of a kitten sleeping in a cavity of a typewriter]

“Nobody will stop you from creating. Do it tonight. Do it tomorrow. That is the way to make your soul grow – whether there is a market for it or not! The kick of creation is the act of creating, not anything that happens afterward. I would tell all of you watching this screen: Before you go to bed, write a four line poem. Make it as good as you can. Don’t show it to anybody. Put it where nobody will find it. And you will discover that you have your reward.” Kurt Vonnegut


  • Hey everyone! It’s Havenfang again! I wanted to show you the next chapter of my fanfiction. Feedback is needed!
    (Sorry it looks so long!!)
    “Let every cat old enough to catch their own prey, come to the Highledge for a clan meeting!” Emberstar’s yowl rung through the hollow. Havenkit poked her head out of the nursery. I become an apprentice today! She thought excitedly. She rushed out of the den, coming to her mother’s side. “Oh for StarClan’s sake! You can’t be apprenticed looking like that!” her mother started licking Havenkit’s fur vigorously.
    “Mother! I can lick my own fur! I’m becoming an apprentice today, remember?!”
    “Of course I remember! That is why I’m grooming you correctly.” Nightpelt had a point. Last time Havenkit tried to groom herself, she ended up looking like a crazed hedgehog. Nightpelt thought she looked so silly she might as well grown wings.
    “Thank you Nightpelt.” She let Nightpelt groom her while everyone gathered around the Highledge.
    “I would like to announce we will have three new apprentices today. Havenkit, Lilykit, and Lizardkit, could you come up here?” Emberstar beckoned them with his tail. Havenkit padded up beside her littermates, seeing pride in their gazes. They leaped upon the Highledge, waiting for Emberstar’s instructions. “Havenkit, please come forward,” Havenkit shivered with excitement as she touched noses with Emberstar. “Havenkit, do you swear to follow the warrior code, and learn the ways of the ThunderClan warrior?”
    “I do” Excitement pulsed through her.
    “Then by the power vested in StarClan, I give you the name Havenpaw. Your mentor will be Juniperheart.” He nodded his head towards Juniperheart.
    “I’m looking forward to training you Havenpaw! I expect the best from you.” Juniperheart whispered cheerfully as they touched noses. Everyone cheered her new name,
    “Havenpaw! Havenpaw! Havenpaw!” Emberstar had made Lilypaw apprenticed to Rockclaw and Lizardpaw apprenticed to Twigleaf.
    “My kits!” their father Oakleaf purred as they leaped down from the Highledge.
    “Oakleaf! Watch me pounce on this leaf!” Lilypaw clumsily leaped on an elm leaf and rolled over, batting it in the air. Oakleaf purred again, this time with amusement.
    “Havenpaw! Lilypaw! Lizardpaw!” Another apprentice, Dewpaw padded up to them cheerfully. Dewpaw was a handsome tom apprenticed to the deputy, Rippleheart. He had left the nursery only a moon ago, so he wouldn’t be moving out of the apprentice’s den any time soon. Havenpaw swallowed back a purr. I’m glad. “How about we show you the apprentices’ den before you go tour the territory? We can even set up your nests if you’d like.” Dewpaw looked shyly at Havenpaw. “Would you want to have a nest next to mine, Havenpaw? I could tell you all the new stuff I’ve learned since the nursery!” Havenpaw looked at him fondly.
    “Of course, Dewpaw! I missed you. Even though you moved to the apprentice den when I was still in the nursery I always thought of you as my friend.” she gave him a swift lick to the ear and started following him to the apprentices’ den.
    They padded up to the opening of the den, seeing Mosspaw, Flowerpaw, and Poppypaw laying in their nests.
    “Congratulations you three!” Poppypaw said cheerfully.
    “Thanks, Poppypaw! Were so glad to be here! I’m so excited to hunt, and battle my enemies- but I’m so sure I’m excited picking out fleas from Owlwhisker. She’s cranky, but she does tell great stories. Reedwhisker is awesome too!” Lilypaw babbled on. Flowerpaw lifted her head from her nest, something not right in her eyes.
    “Hi Havenpaw,” Flowerpaw said warily. “Sorry I couldn’t make it to your ceremony, I don’t feel to we-” her sentence was cut off by a bought of coughing. Oh no! Havenpaw rushed over to her, helping her stay sturdy as she coughed. Poppypaw rushed over too, licking her sister’s ears gently.
    “I’m taking you to Violetheart and Needlepaw. You need to be checked out.” Poppypaw said, worry flashing in her eyes. Flowerpaw drew away quickly.
    “No! My warrior’s assessment is today! I can’t miss it! I’ll finally be the best warrior in the forest.” She puffed out her chest proudly, until another bought of coughing came, her chest heaving every time she coughed.
    “Come on Flowerpaw. I’ll wait to take my warrior’s assessment until you get better. After all, you are my sister. We will get through this together.” Flowerpaw gave an uneasy nod and padded out of the den, Havenpaw’s gaze hanging after her. The den was filled with silence, and nervousness gripped them all. That can’t be a good sign. Havenpaw thought nervously. It is leafbare, what if she has greencough?
    “How about we get you guys’ nests set up?” Mosspaw broke the silence and Havenpaw’s train of thought.
    “That’s a good idea, Mosspaw. My nest is right here Havenpaw.” Dewpaw flicked his tail towards a nest in the back of the den. They started building their nests when Needlepaw burst into the den, panic in his eyes, and Havenpaw’s worst fear came true.
    “Everyone! Evacuate the den! Flowerpaw has greencough!”
    Thanks for reading!
    –Havenfang ~~♡~~♥~~

  • Shadowstream sat silently by her mate. “It would be so easy just to fall off this cliff and go to starclan.” Her last words ringed in her mind. “I never wished this to happen.” Sigh Tallear, her mate. Shadowstream just ignored him. “Neither me.” She whispered sadly

  • Prologe: A large brown tabby she-cat stood in front of a small white tom. “What have I told you, Icepaw?” she growled. Icepaw tried to back away, but backed into a tree. “I told you never to tell my secrets,” she continued. ” Pineflower, I wasn’t going to tell any cats! ” Icepaw begged. “You know I have to punish you,” Pineflower growled. She pinned Icepaw down. She raised a paw, claws unsheathed. “Pineflower, I swear I —” Icepaw never finished his sentence. His eyes were frozen in a fearful look. “Evry time I get an apprentice,” Pineflower growled. Leaving Icepaws body, she walked back through the woods. She entered the BreezeClan camp. A small gray and white she-cat approached her. “Did you find Icepaw?” she asked. ” I’m sorry, Ivyleaf, but Icepaw was killed by a fox, ” Pineflower lied. “We will sit vigal for him tonight. Thank you for looking for him Pineflower.” When Ivyleaf turned away, Pineflower purred. Sorry Ivyleaf, she thought. But if you want a warrior son, don’t apprentice him to me.

  • this takes place during tigerclaw’s fury- heyy this is a story about my oc petal who befriends tigerclaw and soon becomes his mate. yes i know he was mates with sasha but this is why it’s called fanfiction, isn’t it?

    chapter 1: tigerclaw’s pov

    tigerclaw woke up to see blackfoot, clawface, mowgli, snag, stumpytail and tangleburr curled around each other, sleeping. “wake up you lazy bunch!” he growled, prodding them. they woke, their eyes weary, and stood up. blackfoot stood up tall and mewed “should we check our territory? we don’t want any clans to come at us,” he explained. tigerclaw nodded. “tangleburr and snag- check the shadowclan border, stumpytail, go check the thunderclan border- clawface, you stay with mowgli since he’s injured.” tigerclaw issued. they nodded and did as they were told. “blackfoot come with me” tigerclaw ordered.

    as the two toms prowled around the alley, they heard faint voices. “is this where scourge lives?” blackfoot asked. “i think so- if we find any other cats we could ask them” tigerclaw mewed, then he felt weak as the voice in his head whispered *asking cats for help? thats something weaklings do!*. tigerclaw ignored the whispering as he heard two voices. they seemed to be playing. “-i will straight out, yank out your weave crimson!” the first voice yowled. tigerclaw and blackfoot exchanged glances. “i dont have a weave!” another voice argued. suddenly at the start of the alley, two she-cats were walking in- a pale tortoiseshell she-cat with a pink collar and blue eyes and a white she-cat with green eyes, dark ginger legs and tail and ear tips. the white she-cat, however, had no collar. she curled her tail in amusement. “hey look crimson! it’s the alley cats!” she mewed. tigerclaw signalled for blackfoot to follow him as they padded up to the she-cats. “come on petal- lets get out of here” mewed crimson, the tortoiseshell. they backed away. “we’re looking for directions” mewed blackfoot. “we cant ask kittypets!” tigerclaw hissed “you fool!” he added. blackfoot flattened his ears. the she-cats stared curiously. “allow us to introduce ourselves” tigerclaw mewed. “i am tigerclaw and this is blackfoot” he poked blackfoot. the more enthusiastic she cat took over. “im petal and this is my sister crimson,” the white she cat mewed. tigerclaw nodded. “are you kittypets?” he growled. “well- crimson is- i left my house folk a moon ago and it was great!” mewed petal. he tipped his head to one side. surely they’d be great additions to his group? well maybe not crimson. petal seemed brave and eager, both great qualities. “err… well, we’re just gonna go” crimson interrupted his thoughts. “no- i have a preposition for you” he called. they turned while blackfoot stared, utterly confused. “how would you like to join my rouge group?” he asked. “oh no- i have house-folk! no way!” crimson squeaked. *just what i thought* tigerclaw thought. “wow! an actual group? sign me up!” petal mewed excitedly. crimson pulled her to a side. “no way! look at them!-” she cut off and tactfully nodded at their muscled shoulders. “see, they only want strong strapping toms!” crimson begged. “your not my mother! ill visit you and all that-” petal mewed pushing her sister away. crimson sniffed and walked out of the alley. “you made a good choice” tigerclaw purred. blackfoot raised his eyebrows. “she probably hasn’t got any claws!” he sniffed. petal unsheathed her claws- they were white and long, with delicate curves- “i sharpen them every day” she mewed proudly. “well- we’ll train you yet” tigerclaw sighed.

    chapter 2 coming tomorrow! do you guys like it? please comment!

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