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Nobody will stop you from creating. Do it tonight. Do it tomorrow. That is the way to make your soul grow – whether there is a market for it or not! The kick of creation is the act of creating, not anything that happens afterward. I would tell all of you watching this screen: Before you go to bed, write a four line poem. Make it as good as you can. Don’t show it to anybody. Put it where nobody will find it. And you will discover that you have your reward.

Kurt Vonnegut

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  1. Monkeyfur
    August 24, 2019 at 3:43 pm


    Stemleaf shared prey with Spotfur, they had finally decided to be mates. Stemleaf was so excited, he wanted this life with his mate. He would do anything to stop it, even to eliminate everyone who dared steal her away from him. Spotfur looked at him affectionately, Stemleaf looked back. “I can’t wait for our kits,” Spotfur said with excitement, her eyes sparkled under the windy sunset. It was a good time to be with Spotfur, even though they both had to go on an evening patrol later.

    “I can’t wait as well,” Stemleaf replied as Spotfur placed her head on his shoulder. Thornclaw padded by, Stemleaf’s father gave him a nod. Stemleaf felt embarrassed, he never thought he would fall in love. Thornclaw was just about to speak, but Stemleaf noticed that his tail was missing. Thornclaw continued to comment and try to get his attention, but his father’s hindlegs were gone. “Dad,” Stemleaf screamed as Thornclaw had disappeared completely. Next, to Stemleaf, Spotfur was surprised, she sat up straight and stared at Stemleaf. Stemleaf looked back, but his mate was going too…

    Bristlefrost leaped onto a squirrel that lay in front of her. The squirrel had no time to escape. It was a clean kill. Bristlefrost was proud of herself, even if the squirrel was scrawny and weak. Mousewhisker, his apprentice, Baypaw, Thriftear, and Sparkpelt waited for her. “Good job Bristlefrost,” Sparkpelt panted, “It’s hard to find prey since it’s still pretty cold.” The weather had changed immensely, from the freezing, killing winter to a chilly breeze that had relieved every cat.

    “Baypaw,” Mousewhisker whispered, just loud enough for Bristlefrost to hear, “There’s a mouse over there, go and catch it.” Baypaw ducked into a hunter’s crouch and leaped into the air. The mouse couldn’t get away, it watched Baypaw dive for it. Bristlefrost was proud of her friend. All of a sudden, Baypaw landed on the mouse, but he couldn’t pick it up. The apprentice looked back at his mentor. Bristlefrost glanced at Mousewhisker. Mousewhisker’s expression was horrifying to watch. Bristlefrost turned around to glance at Baypaw, but a scream erupted beside her, it was Thriftear and she was slowly turning into dust…

    Bristlefrost huddled beside her, “Thriftear, what are you doing, what is happening to you?” Thriftear struggled to reply as Bristlefrost could see her choking and her face turning red. But, in no time, Thriftear was gone. All that was left of her littermate was dust. It was just like she had been snapped out of existence.

    Baypaw wanted to get back to his mentor, he leaped over the brambles using his hind legs. Only, Baypaw had disappeared into thin air. Bristlefrost watched Sparkpelt try to pick up the remains of her sister. Mousewhisker picked up his apprentices. But nothing like this has happened before. What was happening? Why were they gone?

    The answer to Bristlefrost’s questions was simple. Those cats had been snapped out of existence…

    Hope you liked it!!!!
    Please comment below!!!

    • August 25, 2019 at 5:14 am

      This is awesome! Please continue!

    • Icepaw(stream)
      August 25, 2019 at 5:45 am

      I was so confused before I realized it’s the Thanos Warriors crossover 😛

      How do you make good siggies

      • Monkeyfur
        August 25, 2019 at 6:09 am

        Thank you!

  2. August 24, 2019 at 9:48 pm

    Wings of Stars CHAPTER EIGHTEEN:

    Celeste flew wide winged next to Maple, her eyes glistening in the sunset’s glowing lights. Mount Shadow was in sight, a hundred dragon lengths away.

    Celeste twirled in the sky as a cloud appeared in front of them, taking a deep breath. Maple seemed uncomfortable in the high sky, her dark green eyes glittering. The EtherWing glanced back at the two males, they were trying to catch up with Celeste.
    With a halt, Celeste slowed down so the three could catch up with her, the wind howling in her ears.
    “Sorry.” She sighed as they reached her side.

    “It’s alright.” Serge shrugged.
    “Are we almost there? My wings are sore!” Blaze complained with bristling scales. Maple stared ahead with narrowed eyes and a frown. “Don’t worry Blaze, we’re close. About five miles.”
    Blaze scowled as they continued flying, the cool air up in the clouds making them all shiver.

    Celeste dove down as she saw the entrance to Mount Shadow big and wide, like a dragon’s jaws stretched wide. Lowering down in the sky, she waved her wings as she dropped to the ground.
    The dragonets landed beside her, dust flying up on the air.
    Celeste shook her wings and looked at the mountains around them.
    They were big and wide, but not as big and wide as Mount Shadow.

    The dark entrance to the mountain loomed over them, the wind howling through with a haunting wail. “This is…” Celeste swallowed hard, trying to hide her fear at what secrets they’d find in the mountain.
    Maple bounded to her side. “Scary?” She added.
    “Yes.” Celeste sighed in relief that the others felt the same way.
    “At least it’ll be a nice hideout from the tribes.” Blaze stretched towards the shadows, his talons flexing.

    Serge frowned sourly. “Unless the EtherWings come patrolling here.” He retorted, his gray green scales rippling. “Even if they do, they don’t go inside. So we’d be safe anyway.” Celeste pointed out with a brief shrug.
    Taking a deep breath, she led the way. Inside, the mountain was dark and silent. The only sound heard was the wind, and the birds in the sky.

    A shiver went up the dragonet’s spine as she gazed around at the shadows. “It’s…dark in here.” Maple muttered under her breath.
    “Stick?” Blaze asked.
    “What? Oh, yeah.” Serge picked a thick stick from the soil, holding it out to the FireWing hesitantly. The young dragon’s scales rippled as he flexed his neck, looking like he was about to swallow, when his neck rippled and he opened his jaws, letting out a breath of fire onto the stick.

    The flames glowed light from the stick, crackling embers into the dark.
    Celeste sneezed as dust flew up in the air, echoing among the high walls.
    “This is a weird entry. Where does it go?” Maple murmured, walking forward.
    “MAPLE! WATCH OUT!” Blaze suddenly shrieked, pushing her aside as a big spike thrust out of the ground.

    The EarthWing rolled across the soil, her eyes wide with alarm. Celeste froze. “What is that?” Serge breathed.
    Blaze stared at it intently. “A trap….”
    “For what?” Maple shook her wings and rose to her talons.
    Blaze gazed around the dark mountain. “For trespassers….”

    Celeste shivered. “So that means there’s probably more.”
    Maple shifted her wings. “Thanks by the way.” She said. Blaze dipped his head with a whisk of his tail.
    Serge sniffed the ground. “Look.”
    On the patch where the spike thrust out, the soil was darker.
    Patches of the dark soil were all pattered across the soil.

    ‘The spikes.’ “Can’t we just fly across it?” Celeste blurted. Maple’s scales were bristling. “There might be traps up there. The IthynonWings seemed prepared.” Suddenly, a crack sounded from under Celeste’s talons and she looked down. “AAH!” Jumping back with a Yelp, the EtherWing saw the crashed skull of a dragon at her talons.
    “Tresspasser.” Blaze mumbled, kicking the skull aside.

    Serge swallowed hard. “I’ll lead the way.” Holding the torch high, the LakeWing stared at his talons as he avoided the dark patches of soil. Celeste clenched her jaws as she watched. ‘Please don’t die.’
    Blaze was next, then Maple, and Celeste.
    The white dragonet shivered as she struggled to walk, waving her wings awkwardly.
    Maple helped her with a flick of her wide tail, as the four stepped onto the solid dusty ground.

    Shaking their scales, they looked on ward.
    “I’m sure there’s more.” Blaze barked, as they continued walking. “That’s probably how it took so long for the tribes to defeat them. They couldn’t step one talon in here without getting their brains blowed up.” Maple wrinkled up Her snout.
    “Ew.” Celeste shook her wings in disgust, gazing around.

    She halted as a little laugh came from the shadows.
    ‘Or was it my imagination?’ Celeste thought, lashing her tail and catching up with the other three. Serge waved the torch around at every sound, his golden eyes narrowed slits of pure gold.
    “How far do you think?” Maple asked.
    “Another hundred dragon lengths?” Serge guessed wildly with a shrug.

    Celeste frowned. “I hope soon.”
    “Me too. This place gives me the creeps.” Blaze hissed out.
    “I guess that’s what they were going for.” Maple commented.
    Serge stopped as the sound of a stream trickled from ahead.

    “WATER? What is it, poisonous?” Blaze mocked with a snort. Serge slapped him in the snout with his tail. “Wait…” he stared at the water’s edge, then saw blood trickle along with the blue waters.
    Celeste flinched, as skulls and bones of dragons ran down with them.
    The four stepped back cautiously.

    Celeste took a deep breath and flew over the stream, the others landing beside her. “That was creepy.” She breathed, her wide wings trembling.
    Serge nodded in agreement with a mutter.
    Then a crash echoed and a wail.
    Celeste’s eyes stretched wide as big steel spikes started coming from the walls, crashing against the walls.

    Maple let out a shriek. “They’re cornering in!” Blaze bristled as the spiked started narrowing into them.
    Celeste looked around desperately for an escape, her talons shaking. Serge dodged swiftly as one spike thrust out towards his face.
    ‘This is the final trial….’ Celeste realized, her body fully freezing. ‘I can’t believe I’m going to die like this. Gone from my family, and friends…and Prince Sky.’ She stopped and closed her eyes.

    Suddenly, she felt nothing stab into her.
    Opening her eyes slowly, she glanced behind her and gasped. The spikes behind her stopped, their shiny metal shining.
    “Guys!” She called to the others.
    They turned their heads with rippling scales.
    “Listen! You have to stop moving and stop talking!” Celeste told them.
    Maple glanced at the others. “But they’re too close! How will we escape?” She wailed.

    Celeste’s blue green eyes flashed. “Trust me!”
    Blaze froze his wings, taking a deep breath and holding it. Maple dug her talons into the soil and froze, not even blinking. Serge covered his face with his talons and stayed silent.
    Celeste froze with the others, watching the spikes silently.
    With a roar, they stopped.

    Staying still, one by one, the spikes slowly drew back into the darkness. Taking a deep breath, Celeste saw a door way ahead with a small gasp. She looked with shimmering eyes at the three dragonets. “Slowly move towards the doorway.” She whispered briskly to them, nodding to the doorway quickly.
    They blinked and one step at a time, moved their talons gently across the ground.

    Celeste led the way with flicking ears. ‘There must be hidden pressure plates to pressure on the ground. Or tripwires.’ She wondered with narrowed eyes.
    Maple held her breath as she lightly placed her talons on the ground. Celeste’s heart pounded in her ear as she bounded to the doorway.

    She released her breath, Blaze and Maple flying to her side. The EtherWing saw Serge spread his wings and glided to the other three with wide eyes. “Good call.” He said with a deep sigh.
    Celeste nodded. “We’ll have to be careful on the way back. There must have been tripwires or hidden pressure plates.”

    Maple murmured agreement, “Probably. Let’s hipe there’s another way back.”
    “ARE we going back?” Blaze countered. Celeste stayed silent.

    The white dragonet walked towards the doorway, slowly opening the door. She braced herself for sharp darts sinking into her face, or spikes and tripwires. Serge crouched beside her, his golden eyes wide and glowing. Celeste opened the door widely, gazing at what was ahead.
    She let out a gasp.
    ‘The Old IthynonWing Kingdom…’

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