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Kurt Vonnegut

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  1. September 22, 2019 at 3:37 am

    Horizon of Fire CHAPTER TWO:

    The bang of the door startled all three dragonets as Celeste entered the room, white plates of food held by her talons. Her blue green eyes were bright as she settled the plates at their feet.
    Serge let out a yawn, “Woah…what food is this?” He sniffed it curiously with a ripple of his scales.

    Celeste sighed, “It’s deer and mashed potatoes.” She told them as she returned to scavenge through her chest. Blaze licked his lips. “I love mashed potatoes!” He exclaimed, scarfing up the food hungrily. “FireWings eat mashed potatoes?” Maple watched him with arched eyebrows, a questioning look across her face.

    “Yeah?” Blaze burped, making Serge cough out his food. “Manners!” The LakeWing hissed.
    Blaze ignored him with a puff of smoke from his nostrils. A groan of annoyance came from Celeste as she slammed her chest shut, her wings bristling.

    Maple flinched, dropping her deer meat. “What’s wrong?” Celeste frowned. “I have no white rags…,” she paused, “Maybe Spitfire does?”
    “Spitfire?” Serge was surprised at the bold name.
    “Yes, my friend. Come on- let’s go through the window!” Celeste hurried them to the window, her scales shifting anxiously.

    Serge sourly frowned as he jumped out of the window, staring after the EtherWing. ‘I’ll have to ask her what’s going on later…’ he decided, twitching his wings and lifting into the sky.
    Celeste led the way confidently, narrowing her eyes and scanning the land below.

    “Shouldn’t we be down on the ground? Y’know, INCOGNITO?” Maple whispered through the air currents, her dark green eyes glimmering in the night sky. Serge snorted.
    Celeste didn’t reply as she halted and gasped, dropping down to a small house beside the EtherWing Kingdom.

    ‘Her friend must be a servant.’ Serge realized, stretching into the moonlight once they landed. Celeste looked around warily before slipping into the cottage, clearing her throat, “Spitfire?” She called.
    Serge stumbled as his foot stepped into a bucket of water, water splashing out. Blaze stifled laughter, pulling the bucket away.

    Serge lifted his wet foot and shook it, his wings spreading awkwardly. Celeste’s ears flicked. “She must be asleep,” she murmured, “Stay here, I’ll go get her.” Flying off into the loft, the white EtherWing glowed like a white lake fish.
    Serge looked around the room curiously.
    There was a small stove and cabinets at the corner of the room, under the small loft above.

    It was more messy and cluttered than normal houses to Serge; buckets, mops, rags and carts covered the whole room. Something caught the LakeWing’s eyes as he saw a candlelit desk at the other side of the small room.
    Walking forward, he noticed books and crooks at the desk, a ink and feather dripping onto the wood clumsily.

    Serge looked through the scrolls and books with narrowed eyes. They all were about galaxies, poetry, legends, art, and AetherWings. ‘AetherWings!’ Serge Let out a gasp out loud, startling himself. He flipped through the pages with round golden eyes, excitement tickling his belly.

    “Excuse me? Who is the dragon that is looking at my books?” A sardonic voice made Serge jump as he saw a fiery orange dragon standing at the top of the loft with Celeste.
    She was gorgeous, with fiery orange scales, white speckles and wide spread wings. The dragonet had narrow green eyes, with hints of golden and amber.

    Serge caught his breath, “Er- um, I’m sorry, I was just-“ Celeste cut him off with a dismissive flick of her thin tail, “Oh Spitfire, that’s Serge! Don’t be so uptight!”
    “I’m not being uptight,” protested Spitfire, “He is a stranger.”

    Serge shifted his wings in embarrassment and flew over to the others. “Guys, this is Spitfire.” Celeste took a deep breath, her bright eyes glowing in the dark. “Hi.” Serge swallowed hard, astonished by her intriguing eyes.
    “Hello.” Maple dipped her head politely, slapping Blaze’s wing with her tail slyly.
    Blaze hissed and snapped out of his thoughts. “Oh-hi. Do you have white rags?” He asked.

    Celeste turned to her friend who looked confused. “We need rags to keep them undercover.” She explained quietly. Spitfire raised her eyebrows as Celeste went on. “Wow, okay. I do, actually.” Serge sighed in relief at her reply, “You see- the royals have white cloaks, BEAUTIFUL white cloaks to wear, and I wash their cloaks and clothes so you can have some.”

    Serge hesitated. “But they’re cloaks. We need clothes.” He said. Spitfire looked at him intently. “Trust me, you can cover yourself with a cloak.”
    The dragonets nodded as she hurried away, returning with shimmering cloaks in her talons.

    “These ARE beautiful.” Maple breathed, her brown dappled wings flashing in the moonlight.
    Spitfire grinned. “Take them. Let me see how you look.”
    Serge was surprised she wasn’t suspicious of them. Did Celeste tell her the whole situation?
    ‘She must have…’ the prince thought as he flew away and slipped on the cloak.

    Maple looked like a graceful EtherWing, almost a princess. Her dark green eyes contrasted to the white cloak’s brightness, making her wings glow.
    Blaze looked like a interesting EtherWing when Serge saw him.
    His amber eyes stood out as he blinked at Maple, the white cloak as bright as snow against his fiery orange and red scales.

    He shifted his cloak a little and his original scales vanished. ‘Oh no, what do I look like?’ Serge reflected, swallowing hard as he walked over to the dusty mirror. Surprisingly, Serge saw himself to look pretty normal for a LakeWing in disguise.

    “You look good.” Spitfire told him, her eyes gleaming in the shadows. Serge smiled. “Thanks.”
    Celeste barked a happy laugh, “You all look great!”

    “Where are you all going?” Spitfire asked the dragonets, her scales spiking. Blaze glanced at the others. “We’re staying here for now, but we need a disguise to stay.” He explained.
    “I heard the battle drums. We all have…I’m so sorry about the battle.” Spitfire breathed.

    “I hope everyone will be okay.” Maple murmured anxiously, her expression turning dark in the gloomy house. Silence fell for a couple of moments before Spitfire spoke again, “Can I Come with you?”
    “Where?” Celeste queried.
    “I mean- sorry, sometimes I ask the question before I actually say my SUGGESTION!,” Spitfire went off subject, “You all are ‘criminals’ according to the Kingdoms, correct? And they are all looking for you? And there’s a battle? Well- What if we sneak into the castle and see what the royals think of all of this in the scrolls- or the messages and letters they’ve received recently?! That can help us-“

    “Wait! Wait! Wait!” Celeste cut her off with a lash of her wings, “I already heard what the royals were saying!” She confessed.
    Serge bristled. “What? You have?!”
    Celeste huffed. “Well, Yes. Kind of. They were talking about you three to the EtherWing royals. That’s all I heard.” She mumbled under her breath.

    “I mean, what if they have plans to find you guys and punish you? Or they have a assassin?” Spitfire blurted, pacing in the sky. Serge frowned. “She’s probably right, we could do that.”
    “Tonight though?” Celeste’s hazy gaze flickered to both of them anxiously.

    “YES! The royals are asleep at this time, trust me, I know!” Spitfire prompted, her talons twitching.
    “That sounded creepy!” Blaze snorted out loud.
    “Oh shut up, I’m a servant! I do the dishes after they eat dinner!” Spitfire rolled her eyes at the impulsive dragonet.
    “Then let’s go!” Celeste opened the door and walked out, her wings spread to lift into the sky.

    “We have to be quick though,” Spitfire whispered, “And quiet.” She glanced at Blaze, amusement glimmering in her eyes.
    Blaze muttered, “Trust me, I think you’re reminding yourself.”

    Serge stifled laughter as he spread into the sky with the others, flying off towards the palace past the Kingdom gardens. The moonlight glowed in Serge’s gray green scales, giving him a cool feeling down his spine. He relished the feeling as a cold breeze brushed the dragonets’ scales.
    “So why were you looking at my books?” Spitfire bluntly asked from beside him.

    Serge turned his gaze to the dragonet, a flooding feeling of embarrassment washing over his face. “Oh, um, I was just curious. I- we, uh, we’ve found a book that speak of the AetherWings and the I- how did you find books that spoke of that?” He stammered awkwardly.
    Spitfire let out a bark of laughter. “First, you stammer to much. And, well…my mother passed the books down onto me after she passed away, she said ‘these books are a gift from our family. History is the key to our future., we are who we are from who our ancestors were. We must learn from their mistakes to prevent ours…’,” she paused, “Are they banned?”

    “I think so. We are the only ones who know of them, i believe. We only found that book in the abandoned LakeWing library. The Kingdoms must have wiped the AetherWings from history after the Bloody Battle because of how terrible it was. That’s probably why they also wiped the-“

    “IthynonWings from history!” Spitfire cut him off, her yellow green eyes bright like the stars.
    Serge nodded. “I may stammer, but YOU interrupt.” He smiled. Spitfire laughed. “You’re right, I’m sorry. I thought I was the only one who knew about that tribe too.”
    Serge glanced at his talons.

    “Spitfire.” Celeste’s voice called from behind as the EtherWing glided to the two dragonets, “Where do we enter?”
    “Over at the side door. The front gates would be too obvious…there is a side door through the gardens into the kitchen near the dining table. There are no guards there because that is where the servants go through.” Spitfire ordered, dropping down to a small wooden door against the castle’s side.

    Serge narrowed his eyes intently as Spitfire pushed in a key, twisting it and slowly opening the door.
    The Kingdom gloomed darkly as the dragonets entered.
    The LakeWing prince looked around curiously. ‘I feel like more secrets lay in here than we want to find…’

  2. Monkeyfur
    September 22, 2019 at 9:54 am

    CHAPTER 2!! This part is super exciting! Please read! I tried to include every character as best as I could!

    I run. I dodge countless fights. Pebblepaw and Icepaw work together side to side, slicing out fur. Blueheart bits into another fox’s scruff. Cosmickit, Pastelkit, Sandkit, and Minktail tackled foxes that held Cakefrost down. But things weren’t that great, Fallenshadow’s muzzle was drenched in blood, Emberdawn and Willowstep tried their best to help her, but there were just too many foxes. But I knew I had to save Hawthornkit. A spotted Blogstar and Viperfrost running towards the kit as well. Suddenly, a fox jumped towards the kit. Its claws were unleashed, and it aimed straight for Hawthornkit.

    Nothing stopped me, I rammed into foxes pushing them out of the way. Nothing could push me out of the way, I had my target and I had to get to it, no matter what. The fox was terribly close. But I was getting closer and closer, I could make it, but there would be no time to fight it. I would have to jump and intercept the blow. Just like Hollyleaf did for Ivypool all those moons ago. I knew this would be the end of me. But I would die for the good. I can watch Hawthornkit and my other clanmates from StarClan, I could join Silverheart. A tear scroll down my cheeks I knew this would be the end.

    I jump just in front of Hawthornkit. The fox sticks out its tongue and makes a circle around it’s pointed mouth. Hawthornkit screams. Pineblossom spots Hawthornkit. Blogstar gets closer. Viperfrost gets closer. Hawthornkit stares at me as I am in the air. I smile at the kit with tears streaming down my eyes. Icepaw spots me and sheds a tear. She tries to reach out to e but she is too far. Then her figure hides behind a fox. I swing my head to look at the fox. At the corner of my eyes, Mapledrift yells. I can only hear her voice though. Rainshine and Iceflower turn and gasp towards me. Maybe making this sacrifice wouldn’t be that bad. Finally, I feel it, I fall onto the ground and the world went black.

  3. Icepaw(stream)
    September 22, 2019 at 3:54 pm

    My PoV for Monkey’s BlogClan story :3
    “Icepaw, go get the elder’s ticks. Cedarpaw, you go join her.”
    I nodded at Nightriver, also cringing a bit. I liked the elders, and I didn’t mind the mouse bile even, but it was a bit of a pain when it came to the elders if I made a mistake. I told Cedarpaw, “I’ll go get the mouse bile, Ok?” Before she could respond, I went off. As I walked in, I nodded hello to Iceflower and asked, “Can I have some mouse bile?” She nodded and as she went back to get some, I quickly went over to Pebblepaw. She was sick, but she was also my best friend. If I lost her to greencough, I’d only have Monkeypaw left. Our mother was dead, and I wasn’t sure what I’d do if I lost someone else that was so important to me.
    “Hey,” I whispered. Pebblepaw smiled at me. I heard Iceflower coming back with the mouse bile and ran back, waving goodbye with my tail.
    As we worked on the elders’ ticks, Monkeypaw and Briarpaw came in. Winterwhisper wouldn’t move, and I giggled at Monkeypaw. He glared at me, but I didn’t look. And I’d only done it because he was all I had right now. I also saw Cedarpaw leave a mark on Moonbreeze’s pelt. She’d better hope that Moonbreeze doesn’t notice it.
    I finished with the elders’ ticks and left to eat. Briarpaw came out and we shared the starling.

    How do you make good siggies

    • September 23, 2019 at 12:19 am

      Aww!! Ice, I love this <33 You are such a good writer!! Are you helping Monkey write it? 😀

      EDIT: Wait, I saw your comment a page back asking if you could make a PoV. What’s that? 😀

      Remember this 'Dor forever

      • September 23, 2019 at 12:42 am

        PoV stands for Point of View. So like, in warriors Firestar was the PoV for the first arc, but then the other books have different PoVs


  4. September 22, 2019 at 8:28 pm

    Horizon of Fire CHAPTER THREE:

    Celeste stared at the castle’s brilliant white walls, her blue green eyes narrowed as they flew up the servants’ stairs. “Are you sure we won’t be caught?” She whispered to Spitfire, who led the way confidently. “I’m sure.” Spitfire reassured her, her tail lashing across the carpet.

    Blaze flinched as a big sound suddenly rang., echoing across the palace. Spitfire kept on walking, “Oh, that’s the clock. It’s midnight.”
    “Already?” Serge wondered.
    Celeste frowned as they walked down the halls, keeping their eyes peeled for guards. “So where is the room where….”
    “They receive letters? That would be the library, right up here.” Spitfire happily smiled, twisting the key into a door and opening it to reveal a candlelit room.

    The room was dark, moonlight shining through the crimson curtains. Dark wood covered the walls, markings of legends on the white ceiling. Big book shelves filled with wide shiny books covered the walls, a desk at the side of the room with piles of letters.

    “There it is.” Celeste pointed her tail.
    “They could have written the plan out in a scroll to the EarthWings…” Maple chimed in, opening scrolls with round eyes. “Or the FireWings.” Blaze whispered in the dark.
    “We need more light. I’ll go get another candle.” Spitfire said, slipping out of the room silently.
    Celeste looked after her friend, her scales bristling at every sound.

    Maple narrowed her eyes as she read a scroll in a murmur. “I think this is it…” her voice sounded ghastly, haunted. “It is?” Celeste hurried over and read the scroll.
    ‘Dear Queen Gardenia,
    Speaking with Queen Minnow, you must have heard of the criminals they withheld in their prison. The criminals have escaped with a mysterious LakeWing and the LakeWings, along with us, are keeping our eyes open and our Spears sharp for those criminals.

    They seem to be trouble, involved with the prophecy. We must inform you of their identities and where they last were.’

    Beside the writings, separate papers slipped out. Celeste opened one up to gasp. Big letters saying ‘WANTED’ marked in black ink were on the paper, a accurate painting of Celeste’s LakeWing disguise below.
    ‘They must have been a guard,’ it said below her painting.

    “Oh no…” Serge whispered beside the others, his face pale. “Burn these.” Maple threw Blaze the papers, her dark green eyes wide. “Not here. I can burn the whole place up.” Blaze objected, “Outside.”
    “Let’s find Queen Ember’s letter!” Celeste scavenged the pile of scrolls desperately, her heart pounding in her ear.
    The other dragonets watched eagerly, gripping onto their papers.

    “Well?” Maple twitched.
    Celeste sourly scowled as she went over the scrolls again. “There’s no letter to her….”
    Blaze let out a puff of smoke, “Either they already sent it or they haven’t written it yet. A double edged sword.” He hissed under his breath.
    Serge closed his eyes and took a deep breath. “We’re doomed.”
    “Unless we find the messenger’s quarters?” Celeste suggested suddenly.

    “NO! I’m tired!” Blaze burst, “There’s no way we’re going to find anything! Serge is right, WE’RE DOOMED!”
    Maple flinched as he lashed his tail and knocked over a bottle of ink.
    The black liquid tipped and fell onto the floor, splashing across Blaze’s cloak and dripping onto the carpet.

    Silence fell.
    “The cloak!” A gasp broke the silence as Spitfire walked into the room, holding a candle. Blaze’s amber eyes stretched wide as he stayed silent.
    “Nice.” Maple groaned, picking up the ink bottle and placing it on the desk.
    Suddenly, voices outside in the hall startled the dragons as a white and silver spotted dragon walked down the hall.

    ‘Prince Sky,’ Celeste recognized, dropping down to the floor. Spitfire blew out the candle and the dragonets dropped down into the darkness.
    “Hello?” Prince Sky whispered as he sneaked into the library, the door squeaking.
    Celeste bit her tongue and closed her eyes, shielding her face with her wings.

    The prince walked around the room, his deep blue eyes narrowed. Celeste frowned as he stared out the window, his wings shifting. “Go.” She heard Spitfire whisper, beckoning them out of the doorway. Celeste nodded and followed the four, slipping away.
    She saw the EtherWing whip around, but the darkness shielded their figures.

    “Is someone there?” He called again.
    Celeste stared at him, her blue green eyes shimmering like rivers. But he didn’t see her. Walking out into the hallway, the four dragons walked back to the kitchen, opening the back door and sliding out.
    “Did you find Queen Ember’s letter?” Spitfire asked, breathing in the fresh air.
    Celeste shook her head. “I think they sent it.”

    “So we’re doomed.” Spitfire sighed.
    “Yes…” Serge frowned, stretching out his wings.
    “It’s good that Queen Gardenia won’t know.” Maple lifted her talons up to reveal the letter.
    “You got the letter!” Celeste smiled, her wings glittering giddily.
    “I couldn’t forget it.” Maple tossed it to Blaze, “Let’s Burn it outside of the Kingdom.”

    The dragons nodded and flew off into the night sky, landing in a valley next to the mountains.
    “Do you think this is far enough?” Blaze asked, dropping the letters and paintings of them in a pile.
    “Sure.” Serge looked around with bright eyes, his lake colored scales rippling as a cold breeze sweeper through the airs.

    “Alright.” Blaze took a deep breath, his throat rippling as a big plume of fire erupted from his mouth, burning the pile of scrolls immediately.
    Spitfire flinched at the force of power, her yellow green eyes as wide as the moons.
    “Good.” Celeste smiled as the scrolls burned, embers flying up into the sky.

    Blaze looked troubled as he watched the embers fly to the stars. “…Now my family will know I’m a criminal…” He murmured, his scales flashing.
    Celeste flashed him a look of sympathy.
    “You’re not a criminal,” Maple brushed her wing against his, “None of us are.”
    Serge dipped his head.

    “We should sleep.” Spitfire yawned, curling up in front of the fire. “Won’t this be obvious we did this?” Maple queried.
    “No. The EtherWings don’t patrol here.” Celeste stretched and settled down, her wings covering her eyes.

    As the dragonets settled down, Celeste slowly fell asleep, the soothing crackles of the fire reminding her of home.

    The crisp morning dew filled the air as Celeste opened her eyes, the beautiful sunrise illuminating the land. Her friends were all asleep, their chests slowly rising and falling.
    Rising to her feet, Celeste shifted her wings and stretched into the sunlight.
    The fire was out, all was left of the scrolls was burnt markings and piles of ash.

    ‘We’ll have to clean this up later…’ Celeste decided with a wide yawn. Her blue green eyes flickered to the side as she noticed Maple open her eyes. “Good morning.” The EarthWing shook her dusty wings, her white cloak rippling. “Good morning.” Celeste let out a sigh as she stared at the clouds that drifted across the sky.
    Maple frowned at Blaze as she rose. The FireWing had his wings spread to slap her tail every time he twitched. She lashed her tail and walked up to the EtherWing.

    “How did you sleep?” Maple asked kindly.
    “Good, you?”
    “Good…,” Maple paused for a moment, “Celeste, I’ve noticed that ever since we’ve came here from Mount Shadow, you have been acting weird. Is something bothering you?”
    Celeste shuffled her talons and stared at the grass, silent. Then she spoke, “When I was hunting, I was about to get a bird when a dragon caught it. He was big, dark cinder scales and white speckled with yellow eyes. He looked like…a IthynonWing.” She shuddered.

    Maple narrowed her eyes at her intently. “A IthynonWing? When you were hunting? Why didn’t you tell us sooner?” She whispered as Serge shifted in his sleep.
    “I’m sorry, I was stunned. But he looks powerful, I would have never confronted him.” Celeste exhaled with a relieved sigh, “I guess I forgot once we were on our way.”

    Maple rested her wing on her shoulder. “Do you think-“
    Suddenly, rustling in the valley grass startled the two as a flash of dark scales slithered through the brush.
    “What is that….?” Celeste bristled, arching her back.

    Before Maple could reply, it all came clear as the dark cinder and white speckled dragon emerged from the undergrowth, his yellow eyes glowing malice.

  5. Icepaw(stream)
    September 22, 2019 at 8:45 pm

    I’m just skipping ahead to the fox attack in Monkey’s story 😛 Also, I’ll just make it present tense because Monkey’s is present tense too
    Also, I’m sorry if I get your gender wrong Monkey 😛
    I fight vigorously with Pebblepaw to drive off a fox, just like everyone else. We work very well as a team, and working together is what works best for us. We successfully drive the fox off, but we’re doing better than most others. I look to see if my littermate needs help.
    As I turn around, I see Monkeypaw jumping in front of a fox, protecting Hawthornkit. A tear comes out of my eye, followed by a whole shower as I run to try and help. “Monkeypaw!” I cry, but a fox gets in my way, I maneuver around it, but by the time I get to Monkeypaw, the fox has already striked. “No,” I whisper, sinking down. “You and Pebblepaw are all I have left.”
    I take a breath. If Monkeypaw is dead, then it’s too late. I bury my muzzle in his fur, praying that he’ll be ok. “If you are gone,” I whisper. “Say hello to our mother for me. She’d want to know I’m ok.”
    I know I should get up, but I feel so broken. Monkeypaw was almost all I had left, and now I only have Pebblepaw.

    How do you make good siggies

  6. Brightpaw (pool)
    September 22, 2019 at 10:00 pm

    This is Chapter Two of a story I have on the previous page 🙂

    Chapter Two

    “The apprentices have returned!”

    Across camp, a cheer rose at the seinor warrior Gorseleaf’s words. Every cat was gathered near the entrance, awaiting the five apprentices returning from the Unexplored Lands and their survival assessment. Adderstar was at the front, still and silent. Leopardstrike, his new deputy, sat next to him.

    But the roar of the Clan quieted when only two cats—Quailpaw and Frostpaw—padded through the tunnel.
    Adderstar crammed down his shock. The survival assessment has served its purpose. Weeding out the weak is essential if RiseClan is to survive, he thought.

    Gorseleaf approached Adderstar, his steps quick and quiet. Nervous. Why?

    Gorseleaf cleared his throat, and spoke in a low voice. “Something strange happened out there,” he said. “One day, I was overseeing Mosspaw, Thrushpaw and Wolfpaw, like normal. They were fine. Then the next day, they disappeared. Just… vanished.”

    Adderstar narrowed his eyes. “No trace at all?”

    “Well, I tracked them. They were all together, with an unfamiliar scent mixed in. Then, after a bit the trail was lost.”

    There was a pause as Adderstar wondered what to make of this. “Assume they’re dead, Gorseleaf. Let the midnight assessments begin.”

    Gorseleaf hesitated. “We should wait for that. At least let the missing three’s family mourn. Hold a vigil.”

    Adderstar curled his lips into a snarl. “They’re dead and gone, Gorseleaf. Let the assessments begin.”

    Gorseleaf dipped his head, though he still looked uneasy. He turned to the crowd and relayed what he had told Adderstar.

    Adderstar walked away, beckoning for his deputy to follow.

    Leopardstrike hurried to his side. “What happened to the other three apprentices?”

    “Missing. Most likely dead by now.” Adderstar said with a shrug. “Take your place.” He angled his muzzle at two large piles of moss, where they would sit and watch the apprentices fight their mentors.

    They sat as the Clan gathered, leaving a circular space in the middle of the clearing for a fight area. It was silent except for the chirping of faraway crickets, oblivious to the violence of this night. Adderstar opened his jaws and smelled coming rain. Indeed, humidity settled on his fur, and a few droplets splashed onto his muzzle.

    “Quailpaw and Smokepelt shall go first.” Adderstar’s voice rung through the camp.

    A gray tom stepped out from the crowd, followed by a brown tabby she-cat marked with white. They stood in the middle of the circle and stiffened, preparing to lunge forward or away if needed. Quailpaw’s features were fierce— anrgy at the rules of the assessment, or anticipating the battle? Adderstar mused.

    A hearbeat passed as Quailpaw and Smokepelt positioned themselves. Adderstar took a deep breath, a nervous twinge in his chest.

    “These are the rules of the midnight assessments: you are required to draw blood, but you cannot kill. I will tell you when the fight is over, and discuss with my deputy who has won. If the apprentice wins, they become a warrior. If the apprentice does not win, they get one last chance. They will take the survival assessment once more, but if they fail their midnight assessment a second time…” Adderstar wasn’t sure how the Clan would react to the last rule, but he thought it was necessary. “They will be killed.”

    “Killed?” Smokepelt’s voice was wary, and he stood very still.

    “Apprentices that make incapable warriors are exactly what we don’t need,” Adderstar snarled. “Those are the rules. Are you going to accept them?”

    Smokepelt was silent.

    Adderstar’s fur prickled. “Do you wish to fight me, Smokepelt?”

    Smokepelt paused, taken aback. “What’s gotten into you?”

    “I’ve realized we live in a broken world!” Adderstar snapped. “The weakest cats are a disease to the Clans, something to eliminate, and too many cats are blind to the issue!”

    “I would rather die than live under a leader who thinks like that,” Smokepelt narrowed his eyes. “I will go against you.”

    That was not what Adderstar had anticipated. A pang hit his chest; Smokepelt was a warrior to look up to, who used to give him the best advice on how to fight or hunt. He was the type of cat apprentices wanted to be like. Adderstar looked down and saw his paws shaking a bit, and swallowed whatever it was he felt.

    Adderstar walked to Smokepelt, stopping when they were whisker-to-whisker, and glared into the seinor warrior’s defiant amber gaze. “You’re making a mistake.” Adderstar growled.

    “I don’t think I am.” Smokepelt said. He set his jaw, his gaze calm.

    Adderstar felt anger rising. Smokepelt was too foolish to understand, too blinded and brainwashed by the warrior code. The Clan was better off without troublemakers like him.

    Adderstar crouched, unsheathing his claws. Uneasy murmurs rippled through the crowd, louder and louder, filling his mind with unease and rage.

    Smokepelt lunged, gripping Adderstar’s back. Adderstar shook and threw off Smokepelt, raking his opponent’s stomach. Smokepelt rolled away and aimed a lash at Adderstar’s mouth, hitting his mark. The metallic taste of blood fueled the flame of his rage, awakened his senses. He ducked to avoid another blow, and slid underneath Smokepelt to flip over the tom. Smokepelt tried to do a twisting maneuver but wasn’t a young cat anymore; he instead fell hard against the earth. Adderstar seized his chance, pinning Smokepelt down and raising his paw for a death blow. He could have laughed. He was going to win, win against Smokepelt, long thought to be the greatest fighter in the Clan!

    But instead he was pulled roughly aside.

    Adderstar whipped around, crimson flinging from his mouth. “Leopardstrike, what are you doing? I had him!” Adderstar roared. “Are you are blind piece of fox dung? I was about to kill him!”

    “That’s what I’m trying to prevent you from doing!” Leopardstrike hissed.

    Adderstar’s paws urged him to lash out at the stupid she-cat, but he stopped himself.

    “You didn’t seem so opposed to the rule of weeding out weak apprentices,” Adderstar said, forcing his pelt to smooth.

    “That was different! Saying you’ll kill someone is different from watching you do it!”

    “Smokepelt is dangerous! You can see that for yourself!”

    Leopardstrike said nothing, but her glare kept Adderstar in place.

    “Look, I’m keeping you safe. Smokepelt hates me, which means he hates you, too. He’ll destroy this Clan.” Adderstar said.

    Leopardstrike looked away.

    Adderstar turned tail and headed straight for Smokepelt. The gray tom was on the ground, his apprentice Quailpaw beside him.

    “Don’t lay a claw on him!” she yelled, anger glinting in her eyes. She stood, but Adderstar ignored her.

    Adderstar didn’t pause to look at Smokepelt’s terrified eyes or contemplate Quailpaw’s feelings. He just did it. He brought his paw down and slashed the throat of the cat who once like a second mentor, to him, to everyone.

    Adderstar stared at what he’d done. When he blocked everything, when all the sounds and feelings floating around him diluted themselves to droplets of rain pattering in the background, it wasn’t so bad.

    Quailpaw broke his trance. She lunged at him, ducking underneath to claw his stomach. Adderstar dropped to smash her, but she darted to the side, attempting to topple him by curling her paws over his neck and pulling. Adderstar was too heavy, though. The apprentice faltered.

    Adderstar clenched the scruff of her neck, flinging her to the ground. He plunged his claws into her belly, and that was it.

    She put up a good and valiant fight; he figured he’d make her a warrior.

    He glanced at Smokepelt’s body once more, feeling stunned. The gray tom was raked with scars and the bones jutted from his pelt. Adderstar shook himself.

    I did what I had to do.

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