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Kurt Vonnegut

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  1. February 19, 2020 at 5:30 pm

    The next chapter of SD will come tomorrow


    • Purple Dusk
      February 20, 2020 at 3:47 am


  2. February 19, 2020 at 11:37 pm

    The Secret Murderer Chapter 2: Mintfang

    Shadowkit woke up, slightly surprised to see Leafpelt’s ghost standing in front of her. Birdflight, who was heavily licking Dustkit to soothe him, didn’t notice either. She could barely see Dustkit under Birdflight’s powerful strokes of her tongue. None of them seemed to notice, and that was a good thing.

    “Now, you ain’t the only one who wants Mintfang dead,” she whispered quietly, even though she knew that no one, not even Birdflight or Dustkit, will her anyways, “Come on, little one. You can speak to me using your thoughts. It would totally suck if anyone caught you talking to a ghost of a cat every MountainClan cat hates.” Who are you anyways, Leafpelt? Why do you want Mintfang dead?Shadowkit thought, hoping Leafpelt would hear.

    “You see,” Leafpelt continued, “She was Brackenbush’s littermate. You know Brackenbush? She’s the MountainClan medicine cat. You see, I have really hate any MountainClan medicine cat. Causing an already skittish cat like Brackenbush grief is my desire.” Shadowkit sat down, interested in her story, but nothing came. Leafpelt silently gestured Shadowkit over with a flick of her tail without a word.

    Finally, Leafpelt spoke again, “Don’t go out just yet. I need to make sure that Brackenbush is out collecting herbs, and I’ll tell Sniperpaw to recommend Birdflight and your father, Silverpool, to take a fresh walk in the forest.” Wait, you’re teaching Sniperpaw to be a murderer too?! thought Shadowkit, jealous. Leafpelt let out ghostly mrrow of amusement.

    “No, I’m just teaching Sniperpaw some handy battle moves since Sunbird is being no use, but since he’s my little monster apprentice, I would like to use him to help you succeed on your dark path,” replied Leafpelt, amusement still in her eyes. Before she knew it, Leafpelt had dissappeared. Shadowkit quietly grunted, low enough so no one would hear. Instead, when she looked back at the nursery entrance, Sniperpaw was gesturing Birdflight with a flick of his tail, telling her to take a walk with Silverpool. The plan is working! Leafpelt hasn’t abandoned me after all! she thought. After Sniperpaw and Birdflight disappeared out of the nursery entrance, Leafpelt returned.

    “Brackenbush is out collecting herbs. Now you may come into the medicine den with me,” ordered Leafpelt calmly. Shadowkit followed Leafpelt out of the nursery, but the warriors weren’t concerned about what she would be doing. Leafpelt led Shadowkit into the medicine den and to an are tightly packed together with brambles.

    “Into the brambles,” commanded Leafpelt. Shadowkit was small and nimble enough for the brambles to not snag her fur. A storage of succulent red berries awaited her, and she wanted to eat one.

    “No,” ordered Leafpelt, “They’re deadly, and the only cat I want to eat those is Mintfang, and you should want that too.” Shadowkit stepped away from the berries, as Leafpelt continued, “The flesh of these berries, called deathberries, are safe to carry. Only the seed can kill. Three should be enough.”

    As Shadowkit picked up three berries, she thought, how am I supposed to use these? Surely everyone would notice the shiny coating of these berries. Leafpelt seemed to be know everything. “I will get Sniperpaw again,” she replied.

    Sniperpaw appeared at the medicine den entrance, a plump rabbit in his jaws. Mintfang likes rabbit? Leafpelt must have known, thought Shadowkit. Leafpelt beckoned Sniperpaw, ordering him to take the rabbit to the brambles. Sniperpaw shot a confused look for a moment, before reluctantly leaving the rabbit there. “Now, insert the berries. The bite in its neck is a good spot,” ordered Leafpelt again. Leafpelt had seemed to make her way into her thoughts again, telling her how to insert the berries in without creating any suspicious marks.

    Soon, Sniperpaw returned and grabbed the rabbit carefully by the scruff. Leafpelt beckoned Shadowkit over with a flick of her fluffy tail to return to the nursery. When she returned, Dustkit was fast asleep and Birdflight had not yet returned. Sniperpaw was already gone, as Mintfang hungrily wolfed down the rabbit, with Shellkit and Blossomkit taking a few tiny bites. Shadowkit felt a rush of sanctification when she started chewing on the neck, where she hid the deathberries. Leafpelt had told her that the flesh of the deathberries are sweet but no strong flavor to block out prey-tastes, so Mintfang shouldn’t notice anything. After she had finished eating the neck part, Mintfang collapsed to the ground and convulsed, tossing her head around and causing Boragekit and Shellkit to flee the nursery. Dustkit quickly jerked out of sleep, frightened to see Mintfang dying while Blossomkit wailed painfully. Soon, Brackenbush and Viperfang, the deputy, came bursting into the nursery, as Mintfang abruptly stopped breathing. Viperfang nudged Blossomkit out of the nursery with her other littermates, Shellkit and Boragekit, as Brackenbush pressed a paw against Mintfang’s flank.

    Shadowkit looked behind, seeing Leafpelt with a smile plastered on her face. “You’re finally free of her, young one,” snickered Leafpelt. Shadowkit grinned, everyone was too deep in grief to notice.


    Shadowkit took a seat beside the grief-stricken Birdflight as soon as Sandstar called a meeting. “First, Petalkit, and now, Mintfang! Whoever is responsible for their deaths will feel my wrath!” muttered Birdflight under her breath. She was glad that she was Birdflight’s kit. In that way, she would never suspect her. No one would suspect her of her littermate’s murder, even the most wary.

    Leafpelt didn’t seem disappointed at all when Sunbird dragged Sniperpaw over in front of Sandstar and Viperfang. “Sniperpaw seems like a strong suspect. He was the one who took the rabbit to Mintfang, anyways,” accused Sunbird, staring at his apprentice. Sniperpaw protested, but Sandstar ordered, “Snagfur, Wishblossom, take him outside of camp. Honeysong, go with them.”

    Shadowkit turned, only to find Leafpelt had disappeared once again. Shadowkit grunted, so Leafpelt appeared again right in front of her. What were you doing? she thought angrily. “I was witnessing Sniperpaw’s execution. It was a horrible sight,” she replied, muttering tart comments about Sunbird, Sniperpaw’s former mentor.

    It took a while to realize that Sandstar continued speaking, “Now that Mintfang is dead, someone has to foster her kits. Birdflight, are you willing to nurse Shellkit, Blossomkit, and Boragekit?” Oh no! Not another littermate to kill! she thought, wishing she was born a single kit. But on the other paw, she’d have plenty of kits to murder if she had many littermates. Birdflight hesitated, perhaps wondering if she has enough time to nurse five kits.

    “Birdflight, your kits, Shadowkit and Dustkit, had reached the age of six moons. They would have their apprentice ceremony tomorrow. Will you be willing to nurse five kits, just for one day?” offered Sandstar, clearly wanting a mother to the helpless, grief-stricken kits. However, it would be exciting to become an apprentice tomorrow. She would be old enough to learn battle moves with her new mentor, perhaps kill him, and especially learning battle moves with Leafpelt.

    “Yes,” Birdflight meowed reluctantly, staring at her paws, exposing grief for her friend and denmate, “These kits are a memory of her.”

    “Your decision has been made”, declared Sandstar, “You will mother your former friend’s kits.”


    Shadowkit woke up in the same gloomy forest as last time, but Leafpelt hadn’t come here alone, Sniperpaw was with her. “What is he doing here?” she interrupted the eerie silence of the forest. “He has trained with me in life, now he shall walk with me in death,” replied Leafpelt, emotionless.

    “I have someone to murder, and I hope he’s your mentor,” offered Sniperpaw, not showing any anger, as she was responsible for his death, “Sunbird.”

    Shadowkit woke up to the sound of her naming ceremony. She would finally be an apprentice, old enough to learn battle moves. As she peered out of the nursery, a crowd awaited her and Dustkit. Petalkit isn’t here to ruin this day, thought Shadowkit, proud of her first murder.


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