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Kurt Vonnegut

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  1. Cloudymoon
    December 6, 2018 at 12:54 pm

    https://www.wattpad.com/story/166383480-dark-echoes-the-new-dawn-book-one here’s my fanfic 🐱🐱

    Silverstream is a bae 😛

    • Littlefang is licking a icy pole
      December 6, 2018 at 2:39 pm

      My school won’t let me access this stuff 🙁

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      • December 7, 2018 at 3:05 pm

        Same. I am on a chromebook.

        Spotsy is coffee-ready!

      • December 7, 2018 at 7:40 pm

        Same. 🙁 What’s the point of blocking Wattpad? It’s educational! Well….kind of…. 😛

        You can never laugh too much

        • Embers on a Fall Dawn (Emberdawn)
          December 8, 2018 at 3:19 am

          Yeah, the school iPads at my school have Wattpad installed…. interestingly enough 😛

          Writer, photographer, mod

    • December 7, 2018 at 8:46 am

      Don’t know how.(I’m bad at spelling, and electric thingies

  2. Lapispaw
    December 6, 2018 at 5:32 pm

    Hey guys, I’m a bit new on Blogclan, been here for about a month, and I love writing fanfiction so this is the first part of the prologue of my fanfiction Charmed. It’s the one of worked hardest on.

    I have allegiances and stuff, but I’ll post it another time.

    Hope you guys like it!
    (Also, I made my own clans, changing the names and territories and stuff a bit. Starclan is Moonclan(so leaders have moon as a suffix, and warriors can have star as a suffix), Thunderclan is Founderclan, Windclan is Eternalclan, Shadowclan is Neverclan, and Riverclan is Everclan)


    Have you ever heard something and felt it inside your bones? Your very will shakes as the sound creates a tremor, storming your whole being and essence. That sound can conjure memories, thoughts, dreams, nightmares, fear… and hope. It becomes a part of you, clinging to you…

    High above the world, in the stars, was a group of cats called Moonclan. They were the cats of the world that had passed on. That had ended their life and been freed to this beautiful place where prey was plentiful and there was always something good to think about.

    Which was why what they all felt was such a shock.


    Ratmoon ran his tongue along his leg carefully, grooming his dark brown fur. He lifted his head slightly and turned his head, looking around with a contented pur. He was laying upon a large, flat rock at the edge of a large clearing. The clearing extended farther than the eye could see, perhaps going on and on forever. He glanced back and saw the trees that swallowed the edge of the clearing, the shadows of leaves casting beautiful designs on the ground.

    The place was filled with Moonclan cats, all grooming themselves. He stretched his back as he stood, arching it as high as possible. He yawned and padded into trees, looking for a light snack. He scented a mouse and crouched down. It was in the bushes just a little to his left. He stood still for a moment and the mouse poked its nose out. Then it scurried into the open, it’s beady eyes wide, and its nose quivering. He leaped, landing with two paws on the mouse and quickly bit it along the spine, killing it instantly. He sat down, licking his lips as his mouth watered in anticipation.

    He bent down to take a bite when he straightened up, his body rigid. His eyes were so wide it appeared they might pop out of his head. He couldn’t move. Pain racked his head. It felt like a scream rattling it’s way around his brain. And then, as soon as it had started, it stopped.

    Ratmoon stood there for a moment, the mouse forgotten. What just happened? Then he turned and ran back into the clearing. He skidded to a stop, blinking in his surprise. Sprouting from the ground in the middle of the clearing, growing bigger by the second, was a large tree. He stared at it and then bolted straight to it. The EchoTree was a special place. It connected them to the world below. It whispered of what was happening. It only came up at times of dire need. There were rumors that it could control life itself. He knew it was the EchoTree that had called them.

    He raced to the tree and touched it softly with a paw, then jerked quickly back. When he touched the tree he could feel something. The tree was feeling pain. Something had happened that shouldn’t have. He turned around. All the cats of Moonclan had gathered around the tree, wondering what was going on. He could hear a kit wailing in confusion. Some nearby cats, their pelts sleek, were whispering, concerned. A few cats had their claws extended, their eyes flitting around nervously.

    Ratmoon pulled his way up the tree, wincing at the scream. He reached a branch and looked out over Moonclan’s hunting grounds. It was said that if someone said something from the EchoTree, it would be heard in the minds of all Moonclan cats.

    “All leaders of all the clans, come to the EchoTree and heed its call!” He yowled with all his strength. He looked down and saw cats shouldering through the throng, large and small, strong and wise. The leaders approaching the tree. The leaders who had led the groups below with qualities envied by all. Strength, wisdom, kindness, knowledge, faith. No, they hadn’t led groups… They’d led clans. Groups of cats, many not connected with blood, but treating each other as kin, the strong helping the young, the old, the weak, the sick… And these cats who had been given nine lives to lose for their clan, after living their ninth life, they found themselves in Moonclan, if they had led righteously.

    Of course, not only leaders came to rest in Moonclan. All those cats who had led good lives.
    The first leader to reach the EchoTree was a black she-cat with blue eyes, who touched the tree without hesitation, then jumped back, her eyes wide. She looked up at Ratmoon, who blinked down at her. He waited until all the leaders had come, then he shouted. “Choose one leader to represent each clan. I shall represent Neverclan.”

    Neverclan. Ah, what a wonderful clan it was. They lived at the edge the large mountain known as Moon’s Claw. They slept in hollows inside the mountain, and hunted the mice and mountain birds that lived at the base of the mountain. They were strong, fearless cats. Never afraid to enter a battle with another clan. And always finding justification for their battle-hungry actions. The best fighters in all the clan’s came from Neverclan.

    The cats whispered together for a moment, before the leaders were chosen. The blue-eyed she-cat with black fur pulled herself up the tree first, visibly wincing as the scream filled her head.

    “Ratmoon!” she said as she reached the branch he was on. “Why have you called us?”

    He sighed as she shivered beside him. “I’ll explain when the other leaders get here, Darkmoon.” He knew why the Darkmoon had been chosen to represent Founderclan. She had led that clan with legendary wisdom and intelligence. She was considered by far the smartest leader there had ever been.

    Founderclan. One of Neverclan’s biggest rivals. Founderclan was the first clan ever formed. The first group to ever be called a clan. They lived in a forest, their territory touching that of Neverclan’s. The trees in the forest were wide and tall, sprouting up to almost touch the sky. The Founderclan cats were smart and cunning, and the most prized hunters in all the clans came from Founderclan.

    Next a golden she-cat with black speckles all along her body approached the EchoTree, touching the tree confidently, only to jump back, her eyes popping out of her head. She sucked her breath in and pulled herself up to the branch beside Darkmoon and Ratmoon.

    “Ratstar,” the golden she hissed. “You know we are only allowed to call meetings at the EchoTree for the most important reasons.” Her gaze bore into him. “I hope you haven’t misused your leadership.”

    “I promise, Spottedmoon, this is for the most important of reasons.”

    The Eternalclan she-cat grunted as if she didn’t believe him, but she turned to look down at the bottom of tree, shifting restlessly. Ratmoon tried to fight the annoyance that Spottedmoon had been chosen. She was the most stubborn leader in the history of the clans. But he understood why she was chosen. She was the fiercest, bravest leader ever as well. All cats of all clans, now and then, respected her.

    Eternalclan was often untrusting. They lived on the other side of Founderclan’s borders. Their territory was consumed by tall, scratchy ferns, and small pools of water. Not a tree to be seen. And not much prey, nor undergrowth. But what the Eternalclan’s lacked in body fat, they made up for in pure muscle and speed. They chased their prey, never giving up. Stubborn, Eternalclan cats, but the fastest, swiftest, most fleet-footed cats in all the clans came from Eternalclan.

    The last leader to approach the EchoTree did so timidly, as if scared it would bite her. The light yellow she-cat with rosy pink eyes leaned against the tree for a moment, closing her eyes, before climbing to Spottedmoon’s branch and leaping onto it.

    “Applemoon,” Ratstar said, dipping his head in respect. The pretty Everclan she-cat blinked at him, her eyes glowing with compassion.

    “Ratmoon.” she smiled at him. He grinned back at her, relaxing. Applemoon was a kind and just leader, known for treating all cats fairly. Everyone relaxed around her.

    Everclan. It’s not a surprise that such a kind leader came from a clan like that. Everclan lives in the territory between Eternalclan and Neverclan. Their territory is criss-crossed by small rivers, streams, and marshlands. The Everclan cats have the most prey of all the clans, for they fish in the waters of their rivers, eating plenty each night. But it is wrong to classify cats of Everclan simply by their prey. For though they have much, they fight well, and rarely stop working hard enough to get jobs done. For if no one worked hard, than they wouldn’t have the plentiful prey they have. The cats of Everclan are also kind and compassionate, though they still have their claws. Many great leaders and peacemakers have been born in Everclan.

    However do not let the loose descriptions of the different clans of cats let you think you know each cat in each clan. There have been peace-loving cats in Neverclan. And brave fools born in Founderclan. There have been battle-hungry cats in Everclan, and slow-daydreamers in Eternalclan. Never let a description of a group let you classify all of that group in one tight box. Cats have souls, and their personalities flow freely, taking amazing, beautiful, and sometimes strange shapes.

    So you have now heard of four of the five clans. The last one is the one of whom cats you have already seen. Moonclan. Moonclan is a clan that lives not down in simple forest plains. It’s territory has no borders. And the type of territory is limited only by what the Moonclan cats want. If a cat has passed from any of the clans, they walk a moonlit path and go to live in Moonclan. So Moonclan is made of all the cats who have gone before. Together they help guide the paws of the cats of now.

    But now I shall stop boring you with unwanted details. Let us bring our thoughts back to the EchoTree, where the four great leaders, Darkmoon, known for wisdom, Spottedmoon, known for bravery, Applemoon, known for kindness, and Ratmoon, known for quick-thinking were gathered.

    Hope you guys like this first part! Tell me if you want to see more!

    I have a black belt in awesome

    • Littlefang is licking a icy pole
      December 6, 2018 at 9:34 pm

      Can’t wait to read it!!! I like this moon thing

      Heir to the hare throne

    • Festive Fallenshadows (Fallen)
      December 6, 2018 at 9:39 pm

      This is really cool, Lapis! 😀 I love your Clan names, especially EverClan, and I think it’s interesting that there’s a MoonClan instead of StarClan. 🙂

      Running for SW!!

      • Lapispaw
        December 7, 2018 at 3:30 am

        Thanks! 😀 I decided to change it last minute to moon as a suffix, which is why there’s an accidental Ratstar in there. 😛 I’m so glad you like it! Next part of Prologue should be coming soon!

        I have a black belt in awesome

  3. Featherstorm is eagerly awaiting her Christmas presents
    December 6, 2018 at 5:36 pm

    same 🙁

    Featherstorm is on a quest

  4. Littlefang is licking a icy pole
    December 6, 2018 at 7:04 pm

    Littlefang Era, chapter 30 Depiction (Fun Fact Five Today)

    Towards moonhigh, Ivy and Littlefang prepared for the battle. True, Littlefang didn’t know all of the cats, he saw Munk in action. Munk was one of the best hunters, despite his injury. Littlefang was impressed by all of the cats. Most were hunters in the rouges mind, but they fought like warriors. Reed had said that Ivy had trained them herself. The plan for the warriors were to wait until Sleekwhisker arrived, if what the rouges said were true, then Sleekwhisker didn’t know of Mouse’s treachery. Littlefang would lead a patrol past the river that runs on the clearing side with his warriors, while Ivy and Reed would lead patrols to attack them from behind in the forest. Sharpwillow had agreed to the plan when Littlefang asked.
    “I think this might be a risky idea.” Appleheart warned.
    “It is, but we have support from these rouges here. These rouges say they don’t like how things are. If we win this battle, we might solve this problem with the leaders.” Littlefang responded.
    The cats were preparing for the battle now, just about to leave, the almost full moon giving plenty of light. Littlefang had prepared his warriors. Stormclaw was nervous to see the cats again, but Sharpwillow had comforted him saying these rouges would pay for Jascus’s and Zar’s deaths. Littlefang was worried of the gray tom. He was quiet most of the time, only talking to Sharpwillow, Appleheart, and Winstrom. Littlefang eyed Stormclaw. He sat with his tailaround his legs, Sharpwillow beside him. I hope he can show rage and valor at the battle, Littlefang thought.
    “Hey Stormclaw!” Littlefang called.
    Stormclaw looked up. “Yes?” He murmured.
    “You ready for this? You can have revenge for what you want.” Littlefang said.
    “Maybe, but I can’t help but think of my friends. Bonnie was lucky to escape.” Stormclaw said.
    Winstrom purred, reaching the group. “Oh Stormclaw, I used to be Zar’s mate. I know how you feel, but surly he would want me to fight for what I believe.” She said.
    “He would, I hear Whiteflower always telling me how nice Jascus was too, its time to take back whats are!” Sunfall yowled.
    Littlefang nodded at the bright ginger she-cat. “I agree. I will support you with my dying breath.” He said.
    Stormclaw looked up, a gleam in his eyes. Littlefang spotted Appleheart and Sharpwillow. the senior warriors had a approving look.
    “We need to heal each other at the end of the battle. I have some chervil, but we need more.” Ivy yowled from the top of the center tree.
    So these cats have a medicine cat. Ivy seemed to be both, a leader and a medicine cat. Littlefang spotted Berry, the white tom padding up to the warriors. “I’m supposed to join you with Munk. Ivy just wants to collect her herbs.” Berry said.
    Appleheart nodded. “Sounds good. How many medicine cats do you have?” She asked.
    “We have a cat named Pine and a cat named Wendy, they know herbs, and Ivy knows all of the herbs in the forest.” Berry responded.
    Littlefang nodded, proud to here of the safety, but he had a strange knot in his stomach about Ivy. She sounded so calm, but there seems something about her.
    “Go now! We’ll meet you there.” Littlefang spotted Reed.
    Littlefang nodded. He then got his patrol, and left. He still felt the gaze of Winstrom and Ivy behind him.

    Littlefang sniffed the air. Rouge scent had grown stronger as he paced through the clearing. Why hasn’t anybody spotted us? The clearing was open, just like the moor, but Ivy had said the camp was next to the clearing by a river. Littlefang thought he saw Stormclaw shivering beside him. Stormclaw seemed nervous to see some of the same cats he knew. Well they did kill his friends. Littlefang stiffened as he heard a voice by the forest.
    “Welcome, we in camp welcome you, Sleekwhisker.” Littlefang froze. That voice was Mouse’s.
    Littlefang flicked his tail, warning the others to be silent as they crept to the sound.
    “It was a long walk from the mountains here.” A she-cat rasped.
    Littlefang swore that must of been Sleekwhisker. By then Littlefang spotted a cliff edge. The camp was in a burrow, sorta like ThunderClan’s old camp. Littlefang spotted Mouse, he was by a ancient yellow she-cat, or Sleekwhisker. Many cats were down there, most had scars along their pelts. They must be the fighters Ivy mentioned. Suddenly nervous, Littlefang eyed the muscles on the cats.
    “Seems like this might be a bad battle.” Sunfall whispered.
    Littlefang nodded, searching the other side of the hollow. He spotted Reed, nodding to Littlefang.
    “I think you cats seemed to be doing worse since the floods. Its a shame Beenose dyed in it.” Littlefang looked back at Sleekwhisker.
    Littlefang spotted the river. It was a small one, just beside the top of the camp. It was smaller than a river, but Littlefang imagined the damage it could do. The damage seemed to be barely repaired, a few dents in the hollow. This camp is had been badly treated.
    “Yes, well… We are recovering very deeply.” Mouse answered Sleekwhisker.
    “Don’t look like it! The camp is littered with damage! Where are your dens? Where’s Carla?” Sleekwhisker hissed.
    Mouse stepped away, a red she-cat taking his place. “Right here.” The newcomer said.
    Sleekwhisker looked unimpressed at the red she-cat. “Why did Mouse choose you for camp leader, why not Winstrom? Yes, my daughter should be camp leader, why this impudent fool?” Sleekwhisker hissed.
    Mouse took a step forward. “As you can see, Winstrom is not here. The hunters have not been active on duty. I chose Carla because she works.” He hissed.
    Sleekwhisker looked at the cats behind Mouse. A cold knot worsened in Littlefang. What is happening?
    “When Winstrom comes back, I want her as leader of this camp. These cats looked starved, some have injuries! What have you done?” Sleekwhisker rasped.
    Mouse gave a cold laugh. “That won’t happen here. This camp is doing well, a old cat like you could see it. We have been attacking the clans you have called horrible. Why aren’t you proud of me? We will have territories from the lakes. I conned a she-cat to tell me how its like. Charlie said its prey filled.” Mouse hissed.
    So Mouse was using Hollypelt! Anger ripped Littlefang. Why can’t they attack now!
    “What have you done! I hate the clans, but they need to live, and we will live. Do you understand, or will I have to remove you myself?” Sleekwhisker hissed.
    “I think it’s time to remove you! You weak old cat!” Mouse hissed.
    “Stop!” A new yowl sounded.
    Littlefang looked at the entrance of the hollow. Ivy stood there, Winstrom by her side. “As you can see, Mouse here is a fool, as I warned you. You let him banish me! Now I will show justice here and now!” Ivy yowled.
    Banished? So that was why Ivy seemed so weird. She tried to warn Sleekwhisker.
    “Look who returned?” Carla sneered.
    “As you can see, Mouse is a traitor to the world.” Ivy ignored the red she-cat’s remark.
    Sleekwhisker looked surprised by Ivy’s appearance. “You…You returned.” Sleekwhisker rasped.
    “Stop with this!” Mouse leaped on Sleekwhisker’s back.
    Mouse had shredded Sleekwhisker. Sleekwhisker yowled, but was cut off as she gagged on her wounds. The cats had not moved, as Sleekwhisker fell to the ground, bleeding too severely to live. Shock pulsed through Littlefang.
    “He killed him!” Stormclaw yowled.
    Mouse shot a look at the warriors, his eye on Littlefang. “I know you! Why are you here? Don’t you have a clan to lead as I have a group to lead!” He hissed.
    Littlefang silently padded to Ivy, his eyes still on Sleekwhisker’s dead body. Littlefang was barely aware of his clanmates following him.
    “You killed your leader!” Littlefang whispered.
    Carla took a step protectively around Mouse.
    “Yes I did, I heard Shrewstar’s not recovering. Are you Littlestar now?” Mouse snarled, pushing past Carla.
    Littlefang caught Mouse’s eye. Mouse looked ruthless in the moonlight, with almost bloodshot eyes. “No, I am still deputy, which is a more honorable thing than a murderous leader.” Littlefang said. (MOUSE JUST GOT ROASTED!!!!)
    The cats behind Mouse started hissing. Tension was heating up.
    “You might as well pay for killing my mother! Today we will take back this camp and follow Sleekwhisker’s last order!” Winstrom hissed.
    Littlefang looked at Winstrom. The tabby she-cat had a shocked and outraged expression. But yet, Littlefang just felt a cold sensation. “There are cats who want the same for you, Mouse! Hollypelt is wishing you didn’t come, Sharpwillow here is outraged with the deaths of his former clanmates, and Stormclaw here said you killed two of his friends.” Littlefang hissed.
    “Oh yeah, we did. I’m sure that you will be next!” Carla hissed.
    “I think you took it the wrong way.” A new voice spoke, as a big black tom pushed into Mouse.
    Cats began to screech as Reed’s patrol jumped in. The battle had begun.

    Fun Fact Five: Some might be wondering what happened to Fishcloud? I gave a little backstory about her before, and they will be answered shortly. Some might be wondering how much FanFics I have? Well…. Littlefang’s Era, Halfcloud’s Rebellion, Flywing’s Secret are main series books. Bonus ones include: Stormclaw’s Terror, Riverpool’s Sanctuary, Graystar’s Vision, Shrewstar’s Hope, Rookstar’s Lost, and maybe Cypressstar’s Rage. Then we move on to my series of six books, I have names for the first set of books, The Reflection of the Moon. Then we have two more book series after that, then maybe a few super editions, like Thistleclaw’s Antics and maybe one like Runningstar’s Faith. You don’t know about that yet, but one book is good for now, so enjoy Littlefang’s Era, my first ever FanFic 🙂

    Heir to the hare throne

    • Littlefang is licking a icy pole
      December 6, 2018 at 7:20 pm

      The first book for Reflection of the Moon is called the Mysterious Sign.

      Heir to the hare throne

    • Festive Fallenshadows (Fallen)
      December 6, 2018 at 9:31 pm

      This is by far my favorite chapter, Littlefang! 🙂 I’m looking forward to see more! 😀

      Running for SW!!

      • Littlefang is licking a icy pole
        December 6, 2018 at 10:04 pm

        It’s one of my favorites too, as a young writer, i’m still learning how to make me details. Thanks, and more will come! This is full of twists and turn, the Shadow story arc, more will come!

        Heir to the hare throne

    • December 8, 2018 at 2:26 am

      Nice job! 😀 Sleekwhisker is canon, btw 🙂

      bramblestar has rabies >:3

  5. December 7, 2018 at 1:05 am

    Hey all – I know a lot of you aren’t into Pokemon. But please, read it. You can understand without being a part of the Pokemon Fandom. Any reviews or comments just make my day 🙂
    I’ve had people who know nothing about Pokemon read it, and they’ve loved it. Please, please, please help me out here, and give me some feedback. Or just read it, and let me know. Because I don’t really know if I’m going to post this if nobody reads it (though I will continue to do so on the Pokemon Fanfic page). Also, if you don’t know much about Pokemon, the paragraphs below may confuse you. In that case, just skip down to the actual story.

    Here’s my Pokémon Fanfiction! I mentioned above what it’s about, but here it is just in case you missed it: It’s about my OC Luna. She’s trainer from the region I created, called the Pabay region (based on California, where I actually live). So far, I’ve just been writing long or short one-shots or just parts of her story. I’ve just finished her visit to Alola, where she meets Gladion. It’s sorta a Lonashipping story, but also a LunaXGladion story, just because I like them. Funny enough, Luna’s friends are Silv(Silvannia) and Ottie (Ottillie), that are obviously based off of Silv and Ottie. It’s my first time writing a Pokemon fanfic, so it’s not great. But I’m pretty proud, considering it’s like 25 pages…

    Here’s Luna’s Pokémon, as requested by Misty. I will post her reference picture when I finish it.
    Fleet (Absol): Male
    Sylph (Sylveon): Female
    Valor (Swellow): Male
    Skye (Shiny Milotic): Female
    Gallant (Gallade): Male
    Kurama (Alolan Ninetales): Female
    Alan (Bisharp): Male
    Aurora (Aurorus): Female
    Reckless (Rapidash): Female
    Nike (Zebstrika): Female
    Jet (Garchomp): Male
    Kirian (Lurantis): Male

    I can also add Ottie’s and Silv’s later if requested. Now, without further ado, here’s the next part!

    Alola, Alola?
    Part 2

    “Guys! Look at this!” Silv came running through the doorway. Luna looked up.

    “Why do you still have the stuff?” Luna asked. Silv looked down sheepishly.

    “I got distracted. But look at this!” She was waving a brochure in her hands, like the kind you picked up from airports in a new place. “That Aether Paradise place the letter mentioned is having some sort of battle tournament – in two days!” She said excitedly. “We should totally go!”

    “Really? That’s interesting,” Luna said in reply. “We could return the letter and disc while we’re at it, which would be convenient,” she suggested.

    “Sure!” Ottie said. “It’s been a while since I’ve gotten to beat you, Luna,” she teased. Luna elbowed her friend in the side, laughing. “And you, Silv. Will you enter?”

    “If you want,” Silv replied. Unconfident in her battling skills, she usually cheered from the sidelines. “It’ll be fun, right?” Ottie and Luna nodded enthusiastically.

    “All right! I can buy us boat tickets after I’ve finished unpacking – put the stuff we found in my traveling bag, okay?” Luna asked her sister.

    “It’s Day One of the Paradise Battle Tournament, held on your very own Aether Paradise battlefield! Built newly for this new annual event, we hope you enjoy!” The announcer bellowed. “Now, let me introduce the prizes! First, we have an exclusive batch of Aether Paradise made malasadas and Poke Beans! Both Pokemon and Trainer are sure to enjoy these treats! And secondly, the winner gets to battle the former Aether Paradise president and founder, Lusamine!” The crowd erupted in cheers as a young-looking blond woman sat in a balcony overlooking the stadium, waving to the crowd. “Now, let all trainers enter the battlefield!” Luna took that as her cue, and walked with her friends proudly onto the new battlefield, it’s grass green and water serene, untouched by vicious attacks. Luna scanned her eyes across the field. The computers in the main building of Aether Paradise would allow them to view all the competitors and their Pokemon so they could prepare for their matches, but Luna knew it was good to see everybody in person. The trainers waved to the crowd, enthusiastic.

    “This is amazing,” Luna whispered to her sister. Silv nodded. “Are you nervous?”

    “Yeah, a bit,” Silv muttered. “There’s a lot of people,” she pointed out. Luna nodded and gave her sister a small hug.

    “We’ll be fine,” Ottie cut in. “Let’s win this!” She pumped her fist in the air and Silv laughed. Off to the side of the battlefield, a pale blond haired boy in a torn black hoodie and ripped black pants stood in the shadows. He was frowning at the competition, while a similarly haired blond girl was trying to pull him towards the rest of the trainers.

    “What’s going on over there? Cold, much?” Luna pointed at the boy, and presumably, his sister. Ottie rolled her eyes.

    “Maybe just a bit,” she said sarcastically, rolling her eyes. “They’re announcing matchups now, by the way,” the brunette informed her friends. Luna and Silv looked simultaneously up at the big screen, where cards were being shuffled. They stopped, and Luna found her portrait next to that of a female trainer with short, bobbed dirty blond hair and a yellow and green sun hat. The name below it called her Soleil, which was ironically meaning sun, just like Luna’s own name represented the moon. Luna tended to notice those random, little things in life, like the blond boy and girl in the shadows, who were now looking at their own matches. “Uh… Luna… that’s Gladion. Just fyi. So you can prepare to talk to him,” Ottie smirked, pointing in the direction of the trainer they had been talking about just a moment before. Luna glared at her playfully.

    “You’ve got to be kidding me. Of all people, it has to be him?” Luna groaned. “At least he’s hot,” she said, rolling her eyes. Ottie laughed.

    “Really, Luna?” Silv replied, amused. “Why am I friends with you?’ She snorted.

    “I’m your sister, jeez, Silv!” Luna giggled. The trainers and crowd began chattering, the suspense and silence gone.

    “Hey, at least I get what you’re saying,” Ottie nudged Luna supportively. “But you still gotta talk to him yourself, though,” she added. Luna rolled her eyes.

    “Darn it. Let’s just go to the computers,” Luna replied. “Or I’ll meet you there, or whatever. I’ll go talk to Gladion now – get it over with.” Silv and Ottie nodded and left Luna alone, and the teen slowly approached the other trainer.

    Cliff hanger? Sorta? Please let me know what you thought. Battles coming soon, I think! Not that they’re that great though 😛

    procrastination is the key 🔑

  6. Littlefang
    December 7, 2018 at 3:20 am

    Littlefang’s Era, chapter 31 The battle of moonhigh

    Littlefang threw himself at a dark tabby tom. Beside Littlefang, Stormclaw and Sunfall battered at more rouges.
    “You can’t win!” The dark tabby tom yowled.
    Littlefang hissed as he pulled himself to the tom’s back, scratching him on way. Unbalanced, the tom fell the ground, screaming when Littlefang clawed at his stomach lightly. The tom struggled and pulled out of Littlefang’s grasp. Littlefang turned himself to a big black and white tom. “How weak, he can’t beat someone as small of you!” The tom hissed.
    Littlefang twitched his whiskers in amusement. “How cowardly! This tom wants to get his worthless pelt ripped off from a small cat!” He hissed.
    The tom hissed, then he reached his claws out towards Littlefang. Littlefang donged the clumsy attack, then swerved to rake his muzzle. Yowling in rage, the tom pushed Littlefang, sending the deputy off balance and falling.
    “You should of stayed in the nursery!” The tom mocked.
    Littlefang stiffened as the tom jumped on Littlefang. Surprised, the tom hesitated. This fool should be in the nursery! Littlefang threw his wheght on the tom’s back. The tom flew to the grass, huffing for breath. Littlefang smirked as Stormclaw landed on the tom, hissing with rage throwing even attacks at the tom. The tom struggled free from Stormclaw and gave a glance at Littlefang. “This cat’s bigger than you!” He hissed, rushing to the exit.
    “I knew that tom, his name is Denver. He would always make fun of the kits and the small.” Stormclaw’s gaze was clouded.
    Littlefang met his look. “That is his greatest weakness.” He declared.
    Stormclaw nodded. The two cats then met more rouges, defeating them and only receiving minor scratches. Littlefang spotted Mouse. The shaggy brown tom was fighting a calico tom. Mouse hissed as he pounced at the tom. Who is that tom? He seems to be quite mad. Littlefang ran towards the new rouge leader.
    “Who do you think you are! Killing my father, my mother, and my friends?” Littlefang hissed as he pounced back at Mouse.
    Surprised, Mouse barely got out of the way. Littlefang turned to the leader, hatred running through his veins.
    “You clans do nothing but trouble! Even Hollypelt admits that. What do you think Thistleheart was doing here?” Mouse narrowed his icy eyes.
    Littlefang froze. Thistleheart was the spy? Littlefang thought back to the first meeting at the moonpool. Thistleheart was only an apprentice! The calico cat hissed. “Who cares who this spy is, just kill this mouse-heart!” The tom hissed.
    Mouse gave a icy laugh. “Oh yes, I understand Mavis. Tell this cat here why you killed Zar.” He snarled.
    The cat froze. “Because I once believed that you were a kind leader, until know.” He hissed.
    Littlefang looked at Zar’s murderer. Mavis looked like a cat that couldn’t harm a mouse. He must deeply hate Mouse to admit that Mouse was wrong.
    “Because I told you he was a traitor! It looks like you will follow in his footsteps!” Mouse hissed.
    “Stop with this! Just kill the coward!” Reed appeared, looking twice his size with fur bristled.
    Mouse looked at the old tabby tom, his eyes narrowing. “Ah, Reed.” He said.
    Reed hissed as he made his way closer. “I don’t know why you thought of killing my mate right next to our daughter, but that will be the last thing you do!” He hissed.
    Mouse gasped, fear in his eyes. Littlefang took the chance and willed Mavis to do the same. Now! Littlefang threw himself at the rouge leader, while Mavis followed suite. With the three cats swipping at the shaggy tom, Littlefang felt claws pulling him away. Dazed, Littlefang threw himself up quickly. The rouges seemed to being a shield for Mouse, as Mavis and Reed were thrown off. A brown and white she-cat pulled Littlefang up and threw him back to the ground.
    “Retreat!” Mouse yowled, as the rouges followed his commands quickly.
    A few more hisses sounded as Littlefang spotted Winstrom chasing towards Littlefang. “Littlefang, don’t you pass out! They’re leaving! We won!” She hissed.
    Littlefang grunted as he sat up. His pelt stung from that last battle with Mouse. What a coward as he is named one! Littlefang looked at Mavis. His eyes were filled with fear, as he rasped for breath.
    “Thank you.” Littlefang rasped.
    Mavis looked at Littlefang. “I was a fool to help him kill Zar.” He said.
    Littlefang felt pity for the calico cat. Mavis wan’t the only one fooled by Mouse. Hollypelt was. “You did the right thing. We broke this camp from his control.” Littlefang said.
    Winstrom purred, brushing her muzzle over Littlefang’s injured one. Littlefang winced at the pain. I repaid Winstrom here, she must be thanking me. “You saved so much. How can I ever repaid you?” Winstrom purred.
    Littlefang slowly got up. Two cats were checking the injured, Ivy rushing to Littlefang with with dock leaves.
    “It seems we have won.” Littlefang said, something heavy pulling at his stomach.
    “Maybe so. But now Mouse is leader of the rouges. Sleekwhisker is dead. And many others in this battle. Your clanmate, Sunfall is dead.” Ivy replied.
    Littlefang gaped in horror. No! She can’t be! I only brought her because I thought she was the spy! Littlefang spotted Appleheart and Stormclaw carrying Sunfall’s body. Blood pulsed through Sunfall’s throat, that death had been a painful one.
    “Littlefang.” Reed murmured.
    Littlefang shook his head. “I can’t believe it. She was my mate’s sister.” Littlefang said, grief choking him. For a moment, Littlefang thought of seeing Riverfang’s body next to Shrewstar. A flash of Breezepelt!
    “She was found in the path Mouse took off with. She said she was there to prove herself to you.” Berry appeared.
    Littlefang exchanged glances with Ivy. The new leader’s expression was unreadable.
    “We are sorry for your loss, but we have also ended am era.” She said.
    Winstrom nodded. “I say that we honer you clanmates before you leave. I want to come with you when you leave. To say goodbye to Sunfall one last time.” She said.
    Reed nodded.
    “I agree with Reed and Winstrom.” Berry said.
    Littlefang nodded at the freed rouges. He then spotted Mavis giving a worried look at Winstrom. “Winstrom…” Mavis began.
    “I know, don’t ask for forgiveness. Mouse fooled us all. I forgive you. Zar was a brave cat.” Winstrom said to the Mavis.
    “He saved our lives.” Reed said.
    Mavis gave a sniff. Littlefang felt a warmth coming from the tom.
    “Sorry to conclude, I wanted to be leader of this camp, but I think Winstrom should be.” Ivy said simply.
    Winstrom gave a cold look at the silvery she-cat. “No, I will act as that deputy, I want you to, Ivy. You led us here, even being kicked out of our group. We should have you named Ivystar, after the clans that saved us.” She responded.
    Ivy blinked, surprised. “I…I will follow your wishes. Littlefang, I will follow your clan till the end of my life. When you face Mouse again, I will be there.” she said.
    Littlefang gave a grateful look at the camp leader. “First, I would like to ask to heal with you for the day, I want to leave the next day with Reed, Winstrom, Berry, Munk, and Mavis. I want them to meet WindClan for their valor. I then would like to speak with Sharpwillow. Mouse told me who the spy was.” Littlefang hissed.
    Ivy blinked. “I understand. From now on, call me Ivystar, for supporting and honoring your clans.” She said.
    Littlefang nodded. He then let Ivystar slap the herbs on Littlefang. Littlefang met Sharpwillow’s eye. “Mouse told me Thistleheart has been spying on us. He is the one that we need to speak to right after we get there, tell Appleheart I will speak to him first. He might of been coned as Mavis was.” Littlefang said, cautious not to mention Hollypelt.
    Sharpwillow nodded. “I will.”
    Littlefang sighed as soon Ivystar finished him. He had survived this battle, but two more camps still needed to be liberated. Littlefang thought of a pang about Lionshade, Halfcloud, Moonshine, even Darkstorm. They would love to see the patrol come back. But the most important one. The kits. Littlefang thought of his kit’s questions. He could just hear Segekit’s comment to Heatherkit.
    “Maybe Birchpaw will be as brave as Littlefang!”

    Heir to the hare throne

    • December 7, 2018 at 8:52 am

      How littlefang? How?#1 THAT’S SO LONG!!!!( Have you had longer?)#2 CHAPTER31!?!?!?! How. How?!

    • Festive Fallenshadows (Fallen)
      December 7, 2018 at 9:43 pm

      Great chapter, Littlefang! 😀 I really like Ivystar, she’s an interesting character. I also like that Littlefang never seems discouraged by his size. 🙂

      Running for SW!!

  7. Frost Nipping at You Nose (Frostedpool)
    December 7, 2018 at 3:30 am

    Hollowstar’s Story
    Chapter 9 (I think 😉 )

    It had been three days since the Gathering, and Batpaw and Hollowpaw were out hunting in the woods. With a few lessons from Dogwhisker, Batpaw was ready to attempt hunting.
    “Ok, since Batpaw isn’t as good as hunting as Hollowpaw, I think that Batpaw should run the prey, and Hollowpaw should make the kill,” Honeyleaf mewed to the two apprentices.
    “Sounds good,” replied Batpaw, and Hollowpaw just nodded.

    The hunt had been successful: Dogwhisker and Honeyleaf had caught two rabbits, and Hollowpaw and Batpaw had managed to catch a finch. As they dropped the kill by the nearby kill pile, Honeyleaf scooped up a vole from the ThunderClan border that had strayed across, and she went off to share tongues with Redleaf. Dogwhisker nodded to them both, then, picking a bird towards the bottom of the pile, he walked away, towards Brightpine, who was waiting for him by the warrior’s den.
    “Let’s take some food to the elders,” suggested Hollowpaw, who was met with an eager nod from Batpaw. They picked out a rabbit and a finch, carrying them to the elder’s den, but not before they heard a yowl from the elder’s den. Two yowls. Dropping the prey, Hollowpaw and Batpaw raced over, followed by Redleaf, Scalestar, and Antlerclaw, who had been standing nearby. The murmuring in the Clan dropped dead silent as it became obvious what had happened. Lightmist was laying over on the ground, blood pooling from ginger fur. Behind her lay Mistlight, gray fur almost indistinguishable from the amount of blood. And there, behind the two of them, sat Poppyheart, who was licking the blood off of her dark silver claws. She smiled cruelly, then mewed
    “This is what you did to me.” That’s when she lunged at Batpaw.

    • Frost Nipping at You Nose (Frostedpool)
      December 7, 2018 at 3:31 am

      I didn’t mean ‘woods’ sorry, it was supposed to say ‘moor’ 🙂

      • Littlefang
        December 7, 2018 at 2:57 pm

        Mistakes happen, it will be forgotten (The mistake). I can’t wait to read more! I’m a bit confused with Poppyheart, but I guess we’ll learn. I think I started reading a bit later.

        Heir to the hare throne

    • Festive Fallenshadows (Fallen)
      December 7, 2018 at 9:38 pm

      Nice chapter! 🙂 I hope Batpaw won’t be killed by the attack! 😮

      Running for SW!!

  8. Littlefang
    December 7, 2018 at 3:36 am

    Allengencies (Can’t spell!!!) of Littlefang’s Era

    Leader: Spiderstar
    Deputy: Lost-eye
    Medicine cats: Harepounce
    Apprentice: Bonnie
    Warriors: Juniperheart
    Queens: Blindtail
    Leader: Shrewstar
    Deputies: Littlefang
    Medicine cats: Moonshine
    Apprentice: Mintfur
    Lionshade (Segekit, Heatherkit, and Breezekit)
    Elders: Rockystorm
    RiverClan (WindClan and ShadowClan)
    Leader: Mintstar
    Deputy: Icefall
    Medicine cat: Shallowstream
    Warriors: Graystorm
    Leader: Redstar
    Deputy: Brokenripple
    Medicine cats: Treefang
    Apprentice: Shrewpaw
    Mouse’s group
    Leader: Mouse
    Deputy: Carla
    Members: Denver
    Ivystar’s group
    Leader: Ivystar
    Deputy: Winstrom
    Medicine cats: Forgot who I named them (Filler characters)
    Members: Reed
    Ancients: Graystar

    Heir to the hare throne

  9. December 7, 2018 at 3:08 pm

    Everyone!!! If you have read my fanfictions about Snowpine, erase it from your mind! I am done with that, pretend it’s never been thought of! Thanks!

    I will create a new series of chapters if you want… THAT ARE BETTER!!! So, do you guys want a new one?

    Spotsy is coffee-ready!

  10. Littlefang
    December 7, 2018 at 7:16 pm

    Littlefang’s Era, chapter 32, Aftermath of the Moonhigh Battle

    Littlefang looked up at the sun, dawn was when Littlefang had planned to leave. Littlefang had said his goodbyes to the now free rouges. Now Littlefang waited for the patrol to come. The rouges had spent the night mourning for the dead, the most with Sunfall, because she died saving cats she didn’t know. Littlefang sighed at the thought of the reddish she-cat. Sunfall should be in the rank of StarClan, watching her sister’s kits. Littlefang was mostly silent the rest of the night, even matching Munk. Littlefang now waited by the edge of camp, the clearing i front of him. Fur brushed Littlefang’s fur, but Littlefang ignored the cat.
    “You still must be grieving for Sunfall.” Appleheart appeared in front of Littlefang.
    Littlefang looked at the other, darker reddish she-cat. Appleheart gave birth to Thistleheart, and she didn’t know about Hollypelt’s secret.
    “I still can’t believe Thistleheart is what he is…” Littlefang noticed she was stuttering. “…He is arrogant just like his father, but I never thought of this level.” She said.
    Littlefang nodded. “He could be in Mouse’s grasp. I’ll speak to him once we get there.” He said.
    Appleheart nodded, then stiffened.
    “The patrol is ready.” Berry’s voice sounded.
    Littlefang looked at the white tom. His fur was shining in the dawn sunlight, a new scar showing. “Did you rest?” Littlefang asked.
    “Did you?” Berry countered.
    Littlefang purred. “Okay, but you do have to walk here again.” He said.
    “We have Sunfall’s body.” Winstrom sounded.
    Littlefang looked towards Winstrom. She, Reed, Munk, and Stormclaw were lifting her up, the former rouges of Mouse, showing their appreciation to the warrior. Littlefang spotted Sharpwillow, he was padding lightly on three paws. “It might take us two days to get there.” He grunted.
    Littlefang nodded. He then padded to Ivystar. “WindClan will thank you as you will to us. We wish you well, but now we’ll return our warrior back.” Littlefang said.
    Ivystar dipped her head. “I understand. Please excuse me, but tell your Shrewstar your worthy of the title: Littlestar. Goodbye, Littlestar.” She said, still in a simple way.
    Littlefang chuckled. “Goodbye, Ivystar.”
    By now the former rouges have carried Sunfall out of camp, Appleheart and Sharpwillow waiting at the entrance, the sun brightly touched the furs of the cats. Sunrise! Is this a sign from StarClan? Littlefang prickled, regretting the prey he ate at the feast they had. Littlefang padded towards the cats. But Ivystar spoke again, barely in hearing range. “One turns to two, but always one. Only fangs can save the clans” She murmured. Littlefang’s heart froze. What did Ivystar mean? Has Ivystar heard of Graystar?

    “I see the territories!” Appleheart yowled up ahead.
    Littlefang’s thoughts still flooded to Ivystar’s words. One to two, but always one. Littlefang looked at the territories, the lake shown, but he could hardly see ShadowClan’s land. Littlefang eyed the former rouges. Reed was somehow the strongest of the cats, holding Sunfall high above his back, Berry was tired, huffing for breath.
    “Here, let us take her.” Littlefang said.
    Winstrom looked like she was about to protest. “I agree. Our warriors need to see us carrying her, we thank you though.” Appleheart said.
    The former rouges dropped the dead she-cat to the ground gently. Only Stormclaw remained by Sunfall, while the others backed away. Littlefang, Sharpwillow, and Appleheart respectfully lifted Sunfall onto their backs, padding with the new weight. This is how it should be, Littlefang thought.
    Littlefang led the cats towards the marshes of RiverClan. The floods seemed to have been dragged to the lake. Feeling the water on his feet, Littlefang thought of the time Winstrom had saved Juniperheart. As if by thought, a patrol gasped. Littlefang recognized Juniperheart leading it, a few RiverClan warriors beside him.
    “What happened?” Juniperheart yowled.
    Juniperheart’s eye sought out Winstrom. He froze when he saw the tabby she-cat.
    “These cats helped us free a rouge camp.” Reed explained.
    Without looking at Reed, Juniperheart asked: “You did what!?”
    Littlefang met Juniperheart’s look. He seemed more shocked than anything to see his savior again. “That’s right. We freed one of Mouse’s camp.” Littlefang said.
    Juniperheart looked at one of the RiverClan warriors. “Go tell Icefall to come here.” He said.
    Why Icefall? Why not a ShadowClan warrior? Did Juniperheart want something?
    “We have to go back to WindClan’s land.” Stormclaw said.
    Littlefang nodded. “I agree.”
    The WindClan cats left while Juniperheart’s gaze still reached out for Winstrom.
    “i’m going to guess that’s the cat you saved?” Reed asked.
    “Yeah.” Winstrom replied a bit slowly.

    Littlefang padded to the clan camp, somehow not meeting any patrols. Most of the clans were sharing tongues. Though most gasped when the cats entered. A wave a questions rammed into the returning cats.
    “What happened?” Speckleheart asked.
    “Why is Sunfall dead?” Birchpaw asked.
    Littlefang ignored the questions, politely putting Sunfall in the center of camp. By then Shrewstar appeared, Moonshine beside him. “Did you succeed?” Shrewstar asked.
    Littlefang grimly nodded. “We met some cats, there behind us, they were forming a coalition against Mouse. Mouse killed the rouge leader, Sleekwhisker, and now he escaped in the battle. Mouse is now the leader of all the rouges.” He explained.
    Shrewstar looked at Sunfall’s body. “I’m guessing she dyed in the battle?” He asked.
    “She dyed right in Mouse’s way. She dyed a brave death.” Berry said from behind.
    Shrewstar looked at the rouges, gratitude in his eyes.
    “I’m Winstrom, the deputy of the new camp. Our new leader, now called Ivystar, wishes thanks to the clans.” Winstrom said.
    “Winstrom? The cat that helped Littlefang save a cat?” Shrewstar asked.
    “Yes.” Reed responded.
    Littlefang looked at the rouges. Only Berry looked uncomfortable with the clans. Littlefang eyed Sharpwillow. Sharpwillow had a demanding look in his eyes. Thistleheart! Littlefang looked for the dark tabby tom. He wasn’t in camp!
    “Where’s Thistleheart!” Littlefang demanded.
    Surprise lit in Shrewstar’s face. “Why?” He asked.
    Littlefang hissed. “He’s the spy we’re looking for! Mouse told me.” He yowled.
    Moonshine met Littlefang calmly. “If what you said was true, Thistleheart said he was going on a patrol, and he hasn’t returned.” He said.
    Littlefang looked around camp. He spotted Lionshade, giving a alarmed look. Why do we have to meet now?
    “We saw Thistleheart by the RiverClan border.” Spiderstar appeared.
    Littlefang looked at the entrance of the camp. Spiderstar padded in, Juniperheart, Lost-eye, and Icefall by her side. What now?

    Have to finish early! Sorry

    Heir to the hare throne

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