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Kurt Vonnegut

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  1. January 9, 2019 at 8:13 am

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    Somewhere that’s Green

  2. Cat Dreaming Under the White Clouds(Dreamcloud/Dream)
    January 9, 2019 at 12:52 pm

    Dreamcloud’s Path
    Chapter 4
    Willow looked at Dream, Dream can see relief in her eyes, her warm green eyes were like leaves of the holly bushes. Dream lifted her head up to look at Willow. I’ll never leave you, she promised silently as she stared into Willow’s green eyes. The bright sunlight brightened the camp, passed through the crevice of the pine needles.
    It was Willow who broke the silence:” Dream, are you sure you don’t want to help me fulfill Curly’s dream?”
    Dream purred, then she answered; “No.” You don’t want me to leave you. Her heart was swelled with happiness. She picked up the unfinished rabbit, then took a bite of the rabbit. The sweet prey scent made Dream felt warm in the shadow of the pine trees, making the sunlight feeling more warmer and brighter. It’s going to be a great day, Dream thought.
    Dream heard paw steps outside camp, it must be Flipper and Cherry. She turned to look at Willow, she didn’t seem to notice. Did I hear wrong? Dream slowly flicked her ears she’s sure there were paw steps. She heard a growl, who is it? Dream suddenly became alert, it might just be Flipper playing with Cherry. She relaxed herself, there’s nothing to worry, it’s a great day. She narrowed her eyes, taking another bite of the rabbit.
    The bushes in front of the entrance rustled, Flipper and Cherry came in. Dream let out a loud purr as she saw her brother. Dream dragged the mouse they caught earlier, then put it in front of Flipper: “Have some fresh prey, we caught is in the morning.”
    “Thanks. Sometimes it’s good to have some fresh prey after you eat too much cat food, but I just have to say living with a housefolk feels great!” Flipper replied as he picked up the mouse, he took a mouthful of the fresh-kill.
    Dream watched Flipper eat, Cherry was whispering with something with Willow as the two she-cats groomed each other’s fur. Dream padded towards Flipper, leaving the rabbit for Willow to finish it. Something distract Dream’s mind, paw steps. Who is it? Dream looked a Willow, she heard that, too. Dream looked around with alert. Something popped in her mind, Foxes. She opened her mouth, a strong, disgusting scent flood into her mouth. It is the foxes! Her pelt prickled with unease, she can see Willow scented it too.
    “What is it?” Flipper’s voice broke Dream’s thought, the ginger tom’s eyes were wide with worry and maybe even a bit scared.
    Dream was about to answer Flipper’s question, but Willow answered it first: “Fox.” Dream can see Flipper starting to look scared. She remembered their last fight with the foxes, the one Blow died in. Now Dream can see russet fur moving in the shadows of the pine trees, which she would never want to dream of. She turned at Willow, her mother was calm, ready to get in the battle at any time. She remembered her promise, I’ll never leave you and let us finish this battle. Cherry and Flipper were already hiding in the cave, kittypets can’t be brave enough to fight in battles.
    The russet fur was closer, Dream can see the clear shape of the two foxes. Her fur bristled with anger, angry for the death the two foxes caused. They must already know where is our camp. Maybe we should move somewhere else. The two foxes swiftly leaped from the two sides, attacking both Dream and Willow at the same time, which Dream didn’t expect to happen. The dog-fox throws him at Dream, Dream hissed angrily then leaped at the fox.
    Dream slashed her claws at the russet creature’s nose. The fox smashed his claws at Dream, she aimed at the russet paw of the dog-fox, then sank her teeth into it. The fox screeched with anger, Dream can see blood dipping out of the thick, russet fur. The fox strikes his other claw at Dream, the silver tabby loosened the fox’s paw then tucked under the russet creature’s belly. I’m just making it angry, I have to do something thing more useful, Dream thought. Looked around, an idea suddenly popped into her mind, I’ll make it limp on two paws. She sank her teeth into the russet creature’s hind leg, the fox wailed with anger and pain. She ripped the pelt of the dog-fox down, she can see the vixen coming this way for her mate.
    The vixen growls angrily at Dream. The dog-fox limped away, disappearing in the shadows of the pine trees. The vixen stared at Dream angrily, Dream crouched down, ready to pounce at any moment. She met Willow’s gaze, Willow was on the side of the vixen. Suddenly, Dream understood Willow’s plan. She pounced, she sank her tooth into the vixen’s flank as she clings on the russet creature. At the same time, attacked the vixen’s flank on the other side. The vixen roared loudly with anger. She turned to bite Dream, then Willow sank her teeth into the fox’s flank. The vixen jumped angrily, Dream jumped down with Willow. The vixen shots one last look at the two she-cats, then ran into the pine forest.
    Flipper shoot out, wailing happily for their victory: “The most exciting battle I’ve ever seen in my whole life! And we won! And we won!……”
    Dream rolled her eyes then meowed to Flipper: “Don’t get too excited, you should always be aware in the forest.” Even though Dream said don’t be too excited, but she still let out a loud purr. The first battle I won in my life! Even though I was still scared but after all, we still won.
    Cherry came out of the cave, she went to share her happiness with Willow. Flipper was bouncing happily in the space. In all this sound of happiness, something suspicious make Dream became alert. There is a sound of the bush rustling, not in the breeze but it’s made by a creature passing by. What is it? Dream looked around, she squinted her eyes suspicious-ly.
    A voice in her mind whispered, Don’t too suspicious, maybe it’s just a squirrel or some animals. But another voice argued, The foxes are coming back! Stay alert. Dream shook her head, clearing out all the thoughts in her mind, try to join the celebration.
    She bounced to join Flipper’s “bouncing party” in the clearing, playing happily with her brother. It’s just like old times, we will always celebrate after Willow or Blow caught our favorite prey.
    Just a moment back, something more suspicious broke the game Dream was playing with Flipper. A disgusting scent. The foxes are really back! Dream looked at her mother, then shout out to warn Willow: “There are fox scent mom!”
    Willow stopped then looked at Dream, opening her mouth to scent the different scent of the forest. Alert flashed into her eyes. Before Dream can act, the vixen jumped into the clearing, growling wild and angrily. Uh oh, this is not good. The vixen was here for Dream, she leaped towards Dream, screeching with anger. The vixen was fast, but Dream was faster. Before the vixen can get her, her jumped away. Seeing Flipper and Cherry are already in the cave, she began the battle with the vixen.
    Dream screeched to get the vixen’s attention. The vixen slashed her claws wildly at Dream. The silver tabby she-cat blew at the vixen’s muzzle, distracting her attention. Not waiting for the fox to touch her, Dream pounced, aiming for the wound Willow left on the vixen’s flank in the last attack. She ripped the wound bigger, the vixen tried to get her, but she was too fast, like a lightning. But the vixen isn’t that foolish, she hit Dream with her russet paw with sharp claws under it.
    Dream wailed with pain, she can feel blood dripping from her hind leg. She struggled with pain. But the vixen doesn’t want to stop attacking this little filly who ruined her attack, she slashed her claws at Dream once more. Dream crawled to the nearest bush, hiding from the vixen as she slashed her claws. Dream was urgent for help, she can’t hold the attack of the fox for long. She saw silver furs flashing around the vixen, Willow! Hope glittered in her chest. She saw Willow trying to make the wound on the fox’s flank bigger, moving swiftly around the fox. Dream can see Willow looking for a chance to dig her claws into the vixen’s flank, avoiding away from all blows the vixen smashed at her.
    Willow was fast and swift but the vixen was too big for her, it’s claws left a deep wound on her shoulder. Dream leaped out of her hiding place, teasing the vixen. The vixen turned to look at her, then came for her right away. Dream was scared for a moment, then quickly calmed down. She hissed at the vixen, trying to ignore the pain from her hind leg. You must go, I would always fight you if you’re here. She never wanted the fox to be here, now even more unwanted. She ignored the pain coming from her hind leg, leaping as far as she can onto the vixen’s back. She hissed again, getting the vixen’s attention while Willow look for a way to attack the fox on its wound. She scratched the vixen’s ear as she noticed Willow giving her a slight nod, now all she needs to do is to attract the vixen’s attention. Willow was close enough to attack the vixen now. Dream jumped of the fox when Willow rip the vixen’s wound. Dream can see the vixen was trying to get her for a second, but then it wailed with pain and ran into the pine forest, not even looking back.
    The two she-cats watched the vixen ran away. Then Flipper poked his head out of the cave, asking: “Are you two sure the fox is gone now?”
    Dream answered her littermate: “We’re pretty sure now. The wound we left was really pretty big!” Half joking. She shrugged, then meowed anxiously: “But me and mom also got wounds to take care of.”
    “Need some herbs?” Cherry offered to the silver tabbies.
    “Sure. But you two shouldn’t go out now, the foxes are still out there.” Willow reminded her friend, but Cherry just shrugged.
    “I remembered that cob…… thing was to help inflection, right?” Flipper looked around for approve but Dream just rolled her eyes for Flipper’s answer. Flipper saw no cat approves his words, then asked: “What?”
    Dream purred loudly, she answered her brother’s answer: “It’s cobweb that stops bleeding, marigold stops inflection.” Willow purred too as Flipper’s eyes went opened wide.
    Flipper looked from Dream to Willow, then meowed: “So just find some of that mari-thing and cobweb for you two, okay? Cherry know a lot of herbs.” Cherry shrugged, but she didn’t move. Flipper blinked his eyes: “Cherry, let’s go looking for herbs!”
    “Not now. The vixen can be close waiting to attack us, we’re totally unprepared. Maybe you can look for some moss not far from the camp.” Cherry meowed softly to the ginger tom.
    “Great!” Flipper’s raced out from camp as fast as he can while the she-cats watched him.
    Cherry looked at Willow and Dream, then reassured them: “Don’t be worried sick about Flipper, everything is going to be fine. I really think he is way too energetic to be caught by foxes.”
    Dream hates to get wounded, it really hurts a lot. I really hope Flipper can be back quick, because if not, he might be in big trouble. Just after Dream finished wondering, she heard a screaming sound: “Help! I fell in a ditch!” She recognized Flipper’s voice immediately, oh great, that Flipper thing fell inside a ditch again and now we need to pull him out, again.
    “Flipper fell into a ditch, I’m pretty sure of that. I don’t want to pull him out again he fell in the ditch like about……twenty times already.” Dream complained, Flipper is much heavier than her, pulling him out of ditches is driving her crazy.
    “Maybe me and Cherry can go this time. As for you, you could keep watch in the camp.” Willow gave Dream a stern look after that. Great, no more rescuing “missions” to go on, just staying on camp, Dream thought. She watched Willow and Cherry set of to rescue Flipper, guilty suddenly surrounded her.
    Dream turned to licked her wound carefully, but she just can’t reach it. There is still blood on her wound, which made it look very nasty. Dream stood up to look in the cave for some cobwebs they collected last time. She tried not to put much weight on her wounded leg, but it still hurt. She felt very uncomfortable, not just because of the pain her wound was making, but something else……something bad is going to happen, she sensed it, but what is it? She padded in the cave, she curled up on the ground then fallen into sleep.

    Dream woke up in a sudden, finding herself in an endless meadow. What? Where am I? How did I get here? What- Dream calmed herself down quickly, she remembered Willow told her about having dreams, that’s how Dream got her name. She nervously glanced around, afraid of every movement on this unfamiliar land.
    “Hello! Any cat here?” Dream shouted to the air. For a moment nothing happened, then she saw a ginger tom walking closer and closer to her. Her neck bristled as the shape of the ginger tom came closer. She opened her mouth to taste the tom’s scent, yet, something in the scent made her feel familiar. “Blow!” Dream purred loudly as Blow padded closer, she missed her father so much.
    Blow gave Dream’s ear a quick lick, then turned to look at her: “I’m happy to see you, too. But I’m afraid that I am not here to play with you, Dream.”
    “But I miss you so much. Now that Flipper’s gone to be a kittypet, I felt so lonely.” Dream leaned on Blow and cried. Blow always know the best place to look for prey or the best games you can play in every season which means he can bring fun to her and Flipper every season.
    Blow carefully groomed Dream’s fur, then reassured her: “It’s going to be alright, Willow knows the best games, too. When we are little kits like you, we played with each other every day. She has been quieter since……you don’t need to know more, just remember that playing with Willow can also be very fun, okay?” Dream looked at Blow with curious when he mentioned Willow became quiet, she can’t imagine her mom being energetic, Willow always have been a quiet cat.
    “So, where are we? I certainly never been to this place, the scent……they’re like something called wheat, I guess?” Dream looked at the golden plants around her, they were flowing like golden waves when then breeze passed by. In the distance, she can hear sounds of the things called monsters as they ran on the Thunderpath.
    “This is where I was born, me, Breeze and Waspwhisker hide me and Minnow in that farm when we are small.” Blow flicked his tail toward a farm in the distance, then continued: “Twolegs will force us to be kittypets if they found us. When I was four moons old, we traveled far to look for SkyClan, even though we didn’t found SkyClan, but we found Willow, her mom and her dad. Waspwhisker had seen Curly and Parsley before, so me and Willow played with each other every day.
    “The Twolegs kept Willow as their pet, then send all her littermates away. Curly always wants someone to help her find her clan, so she sent Willow to look for them. Willow was about eleven moons when she started the journey, I was already a year old, so I went with Willow. On our journey, Willow found out that she is expecting kits, so we settle in the forest and lived there ever since. Finding SkyClan is what Curly wished for all her life and to make Curly happy is what Willow want, I just hope that you can help Curly fulfill her dream, Willow will be happy in that way, too.” Blow looked at Dream, waiting for her to decide.
    Not this again. I already told Willow that I want to stay with her, so why is this mouse-brained Blow trying to do now! Dream thought angrily as she saw plead in the ginger tom’s eyes, that’s what she hates most about him. Oh, dad, stop looking at me like that! She wants to shout that out to Blow, but the words were stuck in her throat. Calm down, calm down, she told herself, just tell him why you want to stay. Dream looked back at Blow with steady gaze, then meowed: “If I go on this journey to find SkyClan, the fox will sure rip Willow to pieces. I will stay with her as long as she’s alive.” Have you thought about her? Why even you put Curly’s wish in front of Willow. Dream added in silence, she didn’t dare to say those words aloud.
    Blow sighed, Dream don’t know it’s because his relief or because he’s disappointed in her. Blow just meowed: “Just remember what I told you. I really hope you can decide again.” Dream can’t hear relief in her dad’s sound, but she just can’t believe Blow is disappointed, too, he sure loves Willow very much. Then she heard Blow murmur: “Dream’s just a little fur ball, don’t be angry with her, she just doesn’t understand.” What? You said I don’t understand? But…what I’m I missing?
    Dream flicked her tail annoyingly, she hates when older cats do this, always hiding something. I’m going to find out the answer, she thought. Dream asked Blow: “Why do you ask me about this again? I’ve already told Willow my answer.” She tried to make it sound polite, maybe in that way Blow will tell her.
    Blow stared at Dream for a moment, then meowed: “I’m one of the sprit cats now, I can see the future. There a cat, who needs your lead.”
    “What? What’s that supposed to mean?” Not waiting for Dream to finish, the visions began to blur, then it disappeared at once.

    Dream woke up immediately, she’s still curled up on the cold stone floor. She can remember the dream she had before, she can still recognize Blow’s warm scent left around her. She’s not sure if she should tell Willow about her dream, she wants to keep it herself. Dream slowly stood up, she poked her head outside of the cave. She can’t see Willow in the clearing, that made her felt worried, Willow should be back at now.
    Dream slowly padded on to the clearing as she flicked her ear to look for sounds of Willow coming back. The sun was setting above the horizon. The shadows of the pine trees are long and dark. She shivered as she saw the dark shadows, they made her felt uncomfortable. She had a feeling that Willow is not going to come back today. Willow might stay in Cherry’s housefolk’s garden, she did that once.
    Maybe I can do some night hunting, since I’ve slept, Dream thought. She stalked through the clearing, but a sudden pain stopped her. Oh great, now I have to go herb hunting instead. Her wound still hurts when she walks. I really should find some comfrey or marigold, or my wound will make me stay in camp for moons. Dream carefully walked into the pine forest. She saw a shape emerged in the shadows. At first she thought it was Blow’s sprit coming to talk to her again, as the shape moved closer, she can see clearly who he is, it’s Flipper!
    What’s Flipper doing here, I thought he was already sleeping with his Twoleg. Flipper already arrived in front of Dream, Dream waited for him to catch up his breath. She asked: “What is it, Flipper?”
    “It’s Willow, she fainted!”

    I can’t remember did I post Chapter 4 Part 1 of my story, so I’m goging to post all of Chapter 4 now.


    • Fallenshadows (Fallen)
      January 10, 2019 at 2:01 pm

      Nice chapter, Dream! 🙂 I hope Willow is okay!

      Running for SW!!

    • Littlefang
      January 10, 2019 at 7:23 pm

      I think i’ve been too busy with Littlestar. I don’t remember.

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  3. Littlefang
    January 9, 2019 at 7:13 pm

    Littlestar’s Era, chapter 51

    “Do you really think we can trust them!” Reedclaw yowled.
    Littlestar tensed. He shouldn’t trust Thistleheart, but the look on his amber eyes showed something…hidden. The cats behind him had their heads down low. Littlestar looked at his group.
    “Why do you want to help us again?” Shrewfang asked up ahead.
    “Darkstorm’s changed. He wants us to kill any intruder on our territory. My sister lived on the edge, expecting kits. She was found out and killed.” A pale tabby tom said behind Thistleheart.
    What if the’re lying? Faced with a problem, Littlestar remembered his mission. He was about to walk into the camp and demand an exchange. He only had the injured rouges they caught. They were left alone, so they could do anything.
    “I was about to demand an exchange…But if what you said is true, he doesn’t care. I don’t trust you, Thistleheart. But I will follow with you for now. Harepaw, get the other patrol!” Littlestar ordered.
    The RiverClan cats looked surprised to follow the rouge. But as Littlestar waited for the group to come. He made another plan with Thistleheart.

    “I can’t believe we’re following this tyrant!” Juniperheart hissed.
    Littlestar couldn’t believe it either. Littlestar and Juniperheart were at the front of the combined patrols, the pale tabby tom leading. He had named himself as Tiger, and his stripes was what he was named after. His stripes matched a tiger.
    “Might I ask what we do after this?” Birdwing asked.
    “Just wait for the signal. I have already planned what Thistleheart has to say.” Littlestar said.
    “This might be our first battle!” Tigerpaw yowled.
    “Silent!” Tiger’s voice was sharp, but his whiskers twitched in amusement.
    Littlestar remained fearful of his surroundings. He shivered at both, the cold, and the thought of losing his mate.
    “Now remember, when Thistleheart gives the signal, you all run with the hostages.” Tiger said.
    “What signal?” Halfcloud asked.
    “You’ll know when you SEE it.” Littlestar responded.
    The great patrol looked confused, even Juniperheart. The only ones who knew the plan was Tiger, Thistleheart, and Littlestar himself. Littlestar feared the outcome of this one. The plan would be risky, but it will result with less battle. Or if Thistleheart is lying, then we are dead. Littlestar didn’t want to tell the plan for they needed to look confused, not ready to do something.
    “Just up ahead.” Tiger said as he marched confidently into a hollow.
    Littlestar padded just behind Tiger as they marched in the hollow. It was on the peak of the mountain, but still was sheltered by the wind by a hill. Beyond the view, Littlestar saw a huge twolegplace (Same one as Tigerstar’s Shadow). In the camp itself, lay many areas for dens. One in the hill made a small cave, likely the leader’s den. and by the edge of the mountain, the fresh-kill pile lay. Littlestar scanned the hollow for the hostages. He spotted Mouse laying miserably by the fresh-kill pile by his rouges, but Fishcloud was nowhere to be seen.
    “Darkstorm, we have visitors.” Tiger yowled.
    Littlestar realized how many rouges were here. They were outnumbered 1 to 4. Darkstorm padded out of the hollow, his huge sleek black fur rippling white in the cold frost. His eyes narrowed after he saw Littlestar. Littlestar felt hollow as Darkstorm had two rouges escorting a bunch thin, olden cats. Lionshade was with them, her eyes dull, not even brightening when she saw Littlestar.
    “Lionshade!” Segespot and Breezenose yowled.
    “What do we have here?” Darkstorm growled as he padded closer to the cats.
    Mouse looked up, his evil eyes locked right on Littlestar. Littlestar ignored the glare of the former rouge, full eyes on the scornful Darkstorm.
    “These cats came to us asking for to come here to discus with you, Thistleheart wanted to check their location to find more of them. I’m sure we’ll find more with what you say of Littlestar.” Tiger dipped his head towards the new leader.
    Darkstorm blinked. “Why come here? Is it for Lionshade? Or the RiverClan cats?” He snarled.
    “Both!” Littlestar said.
    Darkstorm smiled. “I see. Well, tough luck. I expected you to come here. You fools followed the warrior code like birds! I don’t follow your demands. Look at Mouse, he killed your mother, and made Shrewstar crippled. You let him live when you faced him, you would’ve not lost your idiot father if you did.”
    “You are responsible with the planning. Why did you not get along with Shrewstar?” Littlestar hissed.
    “He was a fool, becoming deputy with no reason of Harestar. As a warrior, he criticized everyone he knew, sneaking to his love at ThunderClan. We’re lucky Lillystar caught him. At least you have more sense than him.” Darkstorm growled.
    Littlestar nodded, pretending to know what he was talking about.
    “When he was caught, Lillystar joined Cypressstar because she thought he was a spy. He is responsible for killing my mother!” Darkstorm screeched.
    “I understand.” Littlestar said blankly.
    Darkstorm opened his mouth, but was cut off by Willowtail. “Why did you keep these cats hostage?” Willowtail demanded.
    “Silly RiverClan toms. I can’t let Icestar bond with WindClan.” Darkstorm sneered.
    “But why? Why the elders? You know Icestar had nothing with you. Mintstar acted on his own. He felt like ShadowClan was undermining him.” Willowtail said.
    “It was also a distraction! I sent Fishcloud, my new deputy, to invade StormClan.” Darkstorm hissed.
    Mouse padded up to his new leader. “Stop this! Just kill them already.” He hissed.
    Darkstorm turned to the former leader. “Your right. Give me Lionshade.” Darkstorm hissed.
    The two vigils pushed Lionshade towards Darkstorm. Lionshade looked at Littlestar, fear now showing in her eyes.
    “Littlestar. You will feel my pain with everything I have…” He lifted his huge claw in the air. “Say goodbye!”
    “NOW!” Thistleheart appeared out of nowhere, his three cats behind him.

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      Nice chapter! I hope Littlestar doesn’t get hurt!

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    Allow me to say welcome back Spottedfern, I was wondering when you would be back. Do you have any work thought up? Savvyheart was nice as well. Tell your sister I said thanks. As you can see, I got much done with Littlestar’s Era. 51 Chapters!

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      Yes, I have an idea…you’ll see below!

      I will do one, like yours, chapters, but different.

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    Just suffered like a mini asthma attack. Due to that, chapter 52 will likely be longer to take. I’ll still check, but my lungs hurt right now and I need to rest.

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      Littlefang! Thanks for welcoming me back, but I hope you get better! I am so sorry! 🙁

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      Aww, that sucks. 🙁 Hope you feel better soon 🙁

  6. January 9, 2019 at 11:37 pm

    Embere; The Sight
    Chapter 2; Mousepaw’s POV

    Sighing, I padded back into camp with my mentor, Spiderleg. He had sent me hunting for a thrush today, and I’d…well, failed. Spiderleg had a scowl plastered onto his face, most likely because of me. If only I’d caught that thrush. Then he wouldn’t be so angry with me…. Does he even like my technique at all? It did< look horrible. Maybe Spiderleg will make me clean the elder’s pelts for ticks because of it! Lifting my head up, I saw Berrypaw running up to me, a fearful expression on his face. Oh no, what happened?!

    “Mousepaw! Mousepaw!” He yowled, pouncing on top of me. With a grunt, I pushed him off of me with a lot of struggle. The cream tom tumbled off of me, his stubby tail lashing. Or at least, it was trying to. Oh fox-dung. Did I do something wrong? Again? Berrypaw’s neck fur was bristling, and from what I could tell, this wasn’t going to blow off easy. Rather hesitantly, I nudged his shoulder and flicked my tail towards a quiet, secluded spot in the camp. Berrypaw nodded in agreement, taking the lead there. I followed, sitting back on my haunches once reaching it.

    Glancing back up at Berrypaw, I whispered, “What happened?” Berrypaw inhaled a shuddering breath.

    Berrypaw murmured, “Hazelpaw got hurt by something or someone in the forest nearby the lake. No one knows what happened, but it must’ve been really bad if Hazelpaw was found unconscious by the lake.” She was found unconscious and hurt? A shiver ran down my spine, making my fur bristle. What even attacked Hazelpaw? Leaning in closer, I held my breath in unintentionally.

    “W-What attacked her? I-Is Hazelpaw okay?” I whimpered, my paws tingling as the uncomfortable silence between us stretched at an alarming pace. Berrypaw looked down at his paws. Oh no. That can’t be good, right? “W-What happened when she was found?”

    He mewed, “No one knows what attacked her, but Dustpelt, Thornclaw, and Poppypaw brought her into camp. I’m guessing they must’ve been doing a hunting assessment or something like that. She had deep wounds and they were bad. But Hazelpaw was still breathing from what I could see, and since she’s awake in the medicine den.”

    I looked down at my paws, a rock seemingly lodged in my throat. Oh StarClan. I think I’m going to be sick… What could’ve attacked her? And why? Maybe it was a fox or a badger? No, it can’t be a fox or a badger; ThunderClan chased out the badgers from the hollow when the Clans moved to the lake. And as for foxes, nobody reported one or more on ThunderClan territory… Did ShadowClan cat hurt her? It isn’t too far fetched… But then again, she was nearby the lake so it could’ve been a WindClan cat too… Glancing back up at Berrypaw, I soon became aware that he was fidgeting with the small clump of grass growing within the ThunderClan hollow. His amber eyes were fraught with distress as he continued messing with the greenery.

    “C-Can we go see her?” I asked, my voice as soft as a butterfly flapping through the air. Berrypaw snapped his head up, confusion spread across his face. Was he even paying attention to me? Obviously not. “Can we go see Hazelpaw?”

    Berrypaw nodded, flicking his ears towards the medicine den. “Just a little warning, but Leafpool doesn’t think Hazelpaw remembers anything. Hazelpaw didn’t seem to recognize me when I came in.” She doesn’t remember anything?! Oh StarClan, please tell me Leafpool’s wrong! Hazelpaw couldn’t have lost her memory…she couldn’t… Despite the heavy boulder stuck in my chest, I padded alongside Berrypaw towards the medicine den. Please let Leafpool be wrong, please let Leafpool be wrong…

    As we drew closer to the medicine den, I caught sight of Leafpool exiting the den. Is she leaving Hazelpaw alone? She can’t! What if Hazelpaw’s wounds start acting up again? What if Hazelpaw gets lonely being all by herself? What if Leafpool was right about Hazelpaw losing her memory, and she’s lost and scared? Berrypaw nudged my shoulder, most likely as a signal to keep walking. Leafpool seemed to notice us as we kept heading in our separate ways, her expression filled with worry. Is something wrong? Is an emergency going on? Pushing the thoughts away, I sternly growled to myself. Stop thinking like that, you mouse-brain! It can’t be an emergency; Leafpool would be headed towards Firestar’s den in that case.

    She rapidly meowed, “Oh, are you two going to see Hazelpaw?” Berrypaw nodded in response. “I need to go find some more poppy seeds. I used the last few on Hazelpaw to help calm her down. Could you watch her while I’m gone? She’s asleep, but I’m worried that something might happen while I’m gone.”

    I gave Leafpool a short, curt nod. “Of course, Leafpool.” The light brown tabby sighed in relief and bounded for the camp’s exit. Hopefully the poppy seeds are still in effect…I’m not sure how I’d be able to handle talking to Hazelpaw if she can’t remember me anymore. I don’t think I’d be able take the pain… Following Berrypaw into the medicine den, I turned to see Hazelpaw curled up in a nest, her deafening snores echoing within the dark walls of the medicine den. Was Hazelpaw ever such a heavy sleeper? Or is it because I never noticed? From my left, my ears pricked up to hear Berrypaw sigh. Glancing at him, I gently laid my tail tip on his shoulder. Is he okay?

    “What’s wrong?” I murmured, careful as to make sure I didn’t wake Hazelpaw up. Berrypaw only blinked, his eyes glazed with a sapped air about them. StarClan, does he look tired…is this business with Hazelpaw making him worry a lot too?

    “Just upset about Hazelpaw,” replied Berrypaw, his meow fraught with sorrow. “She might never recognize us again. We’ve stuck together our entire lives. I don’t want us to all drift apart because of this, Mousepaw…” Neither do I… I wanted to choke out. The words seemed to be lodged in my throat, maneuvering an escape every time I tried to speak. An unnerving chill crawled up my spine as I pondered the idea some more. Hazelpaw might never recognize ThunderClan again…she might be lost and scared for the rest of her life. We could try to help her out, but she might be hostile towards us because she doesn’t remember the cats who took us in. The mother who raised and feed us. The very littermates she grew up with. She might never be close to Berrypaw and I ever again…she might never want to grow close to ThunderClan at all after this. Would Hazelpaw leave? Oh StarClan, I hope not!

    Sighing to myself, I uttered, “I don’t want us to drift apart either…” A small groan disturbed the peace as Berrypaw and I stood in silence. What was that? From the corner of my eye, I saw Hazelpaw slowly waking up, her eyes half open.

    “Shut up and let me sleep,” She growled softly, her prolonged breathing fading into a slur. Hazelpaw shut her eyes once more, her flank rising in sync with her breathing. When did Hazelpaw get so surly? She must be grumpy because we accidentally woke her up, right? Well, it’s mainly wishful thinking, but…it’s better than the alternative of Hazelpaw snapping at us because she doesn’t know who we are anymore because she lost her memory and- Taking a deep breath, I slowly exhaled in an attempt to numb the prick of anxiety that was gripping at my chest. Don’t think like that, Mousepaw. Just. Don’t.

    I cast Berrypaw a glance filled with fret. Leaning closer to him, I asked softly, “Do you think Leafpool’s right about her losing her memory? She’s never that grumpy.”

    Hazelpaw growled again, but this time slightly louder. “Silence,” She hissed, briefly opening her eyes to glare at us. Unlike the first time, Hazelpaw stayed up, her hazel eyes half open while staring Berrypaw and I down. My tail tip twitched irritably. I swear to StarClan, she wasn’t this grumpy before…in fact, she was a really optimistic and perky she-cat and never usually snapped at anyone. Unless they insulted our kittypet roots, that is. “Thanks for waking me up. I really appreciate it.”

    “H-Hazelpaw, do you remember us? Leafpool said you might’ve lost your memory. I really hope not,” I asked her, hoping she wouldn’t claw my ears off for bothering her right after accidentally waking her up. Hazelpaw opened her jaws to speak, inhaling a shallow breath. I gulped. She’s going to snap at me, isn’t she? Once I heard her exhale, I flinched. This was it. I’m going to die.

    She shrugged her shoulders, grimacing in pain due to her wounds. “I guess you can put it like that,” She meowed, flinging some of the moss in her nest forwards. Wait, what does she mean by that and why did she not yell at me for that stupid question?

    uSE thY lIMBs tO uNMotIOn

    • Fallenshadows (Fallen)
      January 11, 2019 at 2:34 pm

      Nice chapter! I hope Hazelpaw gets her memory back!

      Running for SW!!

      • Hazelsong
        January 11, 2019 at 11:09 pm

        Actually, my OC Hazel is in Hazelpaw’s body because (SPOILERS THAT I WON’T REVEAL 😛 )

    • 🌸Cheetahflight/Cheeetahpaw ( Flighty!)⚡⚡
      January 11, 2019 at 3:45 pm

      OMG! I just realized that you write in archive of our own! I’m Dawnfire there!

      ~ SquirrelXBramble4life ~

      • Hazelsong
        January 11, 2019 at 11:10 pm

        You are? I didn’t know that! XD

  7. January 10, 2019 at 1:38 am

    Here’s all the links to my fanfictions if anyone wants them!


    Crystalshine Snowball

    Embere secret page
    Embere on Archive of our Own (AO3)
    Embere on WRCP fanfiction section
    Embere on Fanfiction.net (FFN)
    Embere cover

    Flames of Fury

    Misty Moors Cathy Baxter

    Flames of Fury secret page
    Flames of Fury New Skies on FFN (Book 1)
    Flames of Fury New Skies on Wattpad (Book 1)
    Flames of Fury New Skies on AO3 (Book 1)
    Flames of Fury The Jade Destroyer on FFN (Book 2)
    Flames of Fury The Jade Destroyer on Wattpad (Book 2)
    Flames of Fury The Jade Destroyer on AO3 (Book 2)
    Flames of Fury fanart
    It was somewhere on WCRP but I don’t feel like looking for it. 😛


    Misty Moors

    Violetsbane secret page
    Violetsbane on FFN
    Violetsbane on Wattpad
    Violetsbane on AO3
    Violetsbane Wiki (I’m still in the process of updating it shhh) The bad artwork is still on most of the main character pages because I can’t edit it without being signed out on my chromebook
    I just realized I don’t have a single straight main POV in my Violetsbane series after browsing through my wiki. 3 are bi, 2 are demi, 2 are poly, 3 are pan, 2 are gay, and 1 is ace. 1 of them is also trans.

    uSE thY lIMBs tO uNMotIOn

  8. Littlefang
    January 10, 2019 at 6:07 pm

    Littlestar’s Era, chapter 52

    Thistleheart appeared out of nowhere, his three cats behind him. He raced to the rouges, blocking them from their leader. Darkstorm froze, shock in his eyes. Littlestar raced for the huge black tom. The two vigils turned to him, but both were taken down from Segespot and Breezenose. Littlestar knocked Darkstorm towards his cave.
    “Come on!” Littlestar ordered his cats.
    The RiverClan cats fled, the elders carrying kits with the mothers. Despite the olden limbs and thin fur, the elders were quite fast, fleeing towards the entrance. Littlestar ushered Lionshade to them, but to his surprise, she found a kit and ran with it to the other hostages.
    “You’ll pay for that!” Darkstorm growled.
    Littlestar turned to the huge enraged tom. He was twice the size of Littlestar, but he had slashed one of his torn ears off.
    “You’ll pay for Lionshade you piece of mouse-dung!” Breezenose snarled.
    Littlestar nodded to his sons. How proud they looked to their father. Three will match Darkstorm! Roaring, Littlestar lunged for the rouge leader’s leg. Darkstorm whipped to the side, but was pushed to the side from Segespot. Littlestar reared up with his son and swiped furiously at Darkstorm. Darkstorm counter attacked, smashing his huge paw into Segespot. Segespot grunted as he fell to the ground. Worried, Littlestar dodged another blow from Darkstorm. Breezenose appeared out of nowhere, lunging at Darkstorm’s back. He was holding on as Darkstorm struggled to fight him off. Breezenose reminded Littlestar of his youth, saving Rockystorm and Lionclaw. Breezenose shared more with me, Littlestar thought. Littlestar swiped his claws at Darkstorm. Darkstorm was still struggling, his anger spilling at anything he touched. Suddenly Littlestar was thrown back as Darkstorm broke free.
    “You fools!” Darkstorm spat.
    Littlestar nodded to his sons. “If we’re fools, than i’m the biggest. My sons didn’t like how you took their mother. Heatherheart now faces her grief you caused with Birchpaw’s and Snowshrew’s death. You took their mother.” Littlestar snarled.
    Darkstorm gave a laugh. “Take them! Leave our camp!”
    Littlestar nodded. “Retreat!” He yowled.
    As the clan cats retreated, Littlestar held his ground, facing Darkstorm.
    “Thistleheart helped us here tonight. I want his clan back into my clan.” Littlestar said.
    “Let them. Thistleheart means nothing to me!” Darkstorm growled.
    Littlestar nodded. “We’ll meet again.” Then he turned to follow his clan.

    “We must thank you, Thistleheart. Without you, we would still be fighting up there.” Juniperheart said.
    The clan cats had made there way down the mountain. Thistleheart had helped with all he could with the RiverClan cats. His rouges had followed him. Littlestar and his sons had followed Lionshade around like a bunch of lost birds.
    “You all are acting like i’m a new piece of fresh kill.” Lionshade purred.
    “Did Darkstorm hurt you?” Segespot asked, his left eye closed from the strike Darkstorm gave him.
    “I told you, no. He didn’t feed us. He kept us for a distraction. I heard him sending Fishcloud to take over StormClan.” Lionshade said.
    Littlestar shuddered at the thought of what lay ahead. “I’m just glad your back. The clan misses you.” Littlestar told his mate.
    “How is Heatherpaw?” Lionshade asked.
    “Heatherheart now, they were made warriors.” Littlestar answered.
    Lionshade purred. Littlestar missed her purr. Even with a thin pelt, her purr was the same, soft mew. “Is she mates with Birchpaw yet? I’m sure he has a warrior name.” Lionshade asked.
    Littlestar sighed. “Snowshrew and Birchpaw were killed in that battle. I made Appleheart deputy. Flamebracken wants to retire to the elders den. I can’t blame him. His sons dead, his mate dead, and his best friend a traitor.” He said.
    Lionshade bowed her head. “What terrible news. Snowshrew was such a nice queen. When Snowkit died, I felt her pain as well. Now Birchpaw can’t be with Heatherheart.” She said.
    “Littlestar!” A yowl came form the head of the group.
    Littlestar said his farewell as he padded to the front. He wondered what this was. He spotted Shrewfang, Sharpwillow, Harepaw, and Juniperheart at the front.
    “What do you want to do with Thistleheart’s companions?” Juniperheart asked.
    Oh. This. Littlestar wondered what he could to. Thistleheart faked love with Stormheart. He betrayed the clan, resulting the deaths of Riverfang, Breezepelt, and Shrewstar. Would he be welcomed in the clans?
    “I think we could try to explain Thistleheart to WindClan. He will face problems, but what of the other rouges?” Littlestar asked.
    Juniperheart had a serious expression. But Sharpwillow bowed his head at the ShadowClan warrior. “Maybe Ivystar will welcome them?” Sharpwillow asked.
    “Who is Ivystar?” Both Juniperheart and Harepaw asked.
    “Winstrom’s leader.” Littlestar replied.
    Juniperheart brightened his eyes. “Maybe” he said, a bit too excitedly.
    Sharpwillow gave a raspy purr. “We should ask them.” He said.
    Littlestar nodded. “I see the lake. We’re home.” He said.
    Littlestar could see the lake. They were at the edge of WindClan territory. Hills were getting half of the lake visible. A flash of excitement hit the leader’s heart hard.

    At the WindClan camp, few cats were there. Littlestar padded in first, Harepaw checking Lionshade behind him.
    “Littlestar!” Shadowstorm’s raspy voice yowled.
    Shadowstorm came running from the elder’s den, Flamebracken and Speckleheart behind her.
    “I’m so glad we’re here.” Littlestar purred.
    Shadowstorm sniffed the air. “I smell RiverClan, ShadowClan, and… rouge?”
    Littlestar twitched his ears, uneasy. “Yes, Thistleheart helped us.” He said.
    “Thistleheart?” Speckleheart’s eyes narrowed.
    Littlestar sighed. Thistleheart had a big step to make. “What happened here? Where is Appleheart?” He asked.
    Flamebracken gave a serious expression. “Spiderstar is sick. Darkstorm’s rouges have taken StormClan. Brokenripple was spotted dead at the Moonpool. She didn’t have a deputy. ThunderClan wanted Rooktail to become leader again, and SkyClan wanted to vote. So far we heard Fishcloud led the patrol to convince them. We don’t know how they turned.” He said.
    Littlestar froze. Why? For every victory they have, the rouges take something bigger!

    Heir to the hare throne

    • Littlefang
      January 10, 2019 at 6:13 pm

      Oh Cristie! Lionshade got her life back, your happy, I can tell with that virtual….Uh, happy gravater!

      Heir to the hare throne

      • January 11, 2019 at 4:52 am

        Yay!!! Lionshade is back!! And Heatherheart, I like her cuz I missed the parts when Segespots appeared 😛
        And Gravatar, when are you gonna have one? 😉

      • January 11, 2019 at 2:12 pm

        Sorry for replying to you, but I need the characters to be above the actual story…

        My new Fan Fiction allegiances are here! My own characters! Sorry if I stole any! These are what I thought of on my own. No Clans yet, when I start the story…

        Main leader: Grey
        Second leader: Thrush
        Medicine giver: Poppy
        Fighters and hunters: Honey, Dawn, Dusk, Apple, Fire, Squirrel, Tiger, Bumble, Bramble, Rowan, Snow, and Running.
        Stiffs: Rye and Dapple.
        Nursers: Brook and Heather.
        Trainers: Blue, Flame, Rain, Blossom, Fox, Cherry, and Tawny.

        These are before the Clans came to be in my mind! They’ll have warrior, leader, and apprentice names before long! I will start the story immediately! So…EXITED!!! I will do three short stories from each one cat in each Clan!

        Spotsy is coffee-ready!

        • Littlefang
          January 12, 2019 at 12:11 am

          Must be good

          Heir to the hare throne

    • Fallenshadows (Fallen)
      January 11, 2019 at 2:37 pm

      This is awesome! 🙂

      Running for SW!!

  9. January 11, 2019 at 2:10 pm

    Chapter 1: The Discovery!

    All of the cats were grouped together. They had traveled long and far. Some kittypets, loners, and rogues joined four woodland cats when they decided to build a group of cats. They were hungry, thirsty, and exhausted.

    “All cats! Gather around for a…meeting!” Grey, the leader called.

    When all cats were assembled, he started, “I know how hard this is, but we need to stay strong and believe things will get better!” He yowled encouragement.

    The rest of the cats seemed to have gathered strength from it, for they jumped and bounced while screeching things like, “Yes!” or “We can do it!”

    “L-look! I see something!” Honey, a golden she-cat yowled, staring into the distance.

    “It’s a…a-a stream.” A large dark brown tabby tom came up and brushed pelts with her.

    “We love swimming, fishing, and we need a home. It is perfect!” Two more cats came up, Honey’s mother and father. The were the stiffs, or the older cats of the group, unable to hunt or fight for themselves. The rest of the cats took care of them.

    “It is, Dapple.” Honey’s mother’s mate, a black tom beside her responded.

    “Mother…it is perfect! Father, I know that if you disagree with her, she’ll claw your ears off, but you don’t have to swim if you don’t want to.” Honey told them both.

    “All cats! We have found a first home for some swimming cats!” The large dark brown tabby tom rose and announced. He was the Second leader, helping Grey with all of these cats.

    “Yeah!” Honey jumped with joy.

    “Let’s go explore!” Grey led the way.

    All cats were dashing towards the stream, unaware that anything could already be living there.

    “Wait! Stop!” The dark brown tabby tom screeched and stopped.

    “Yes, stop. We need to send at least three cats to see it and check for danger, first.” Honey turned on them and lashed her tail.

    “Honey, Thrush, and…” Grey began to issue the three who were to explore while sitting politely.

    “We need a strong cat in case of an emergency!” Honey told him as the leader hesitated.

    “Tiger! He can go!” Grey jumped up. He was a large golden tabby tom, very sure of himself.

    Honey groaned inwardly. He and Thrush, the large dark brown tabby tom, are not a good mix!

    “Hello, Honey.” Tiger nuzzled her cheek as they leaped over the river and headed for the moss growing on tall trees, shadowing the area in the middle.

    “Uh, yeah, hey, Tiger.” She stepped away. I don’t like him like that! Now Thrush… She loved him. A lot. Tiger and him were always growling at each other, even when Honey wasn’t near!

    “I see a large tree!” Thrush exclaimed, already through the moss barrier.

    “Wow!” Honey’s eyes widened as she saw a large oak tree in the middle of the moss surrounding all of the middle.

    “This would make a great camp for mischievous kits!” Thrush looked meaningful as he gazed at Honey with warm amber eyes.

    Tiger growled, understanding his words. Then an awkward silence hit after his growling. Honey broke it irritably.

    “Can we go back to report, there’s nothing here.” She spat, turning quickly and storming away. Can’t he accept that I don’t want him? Honey emerged and shared the news while the two toms glared at each other.

    “It’s wonderful! Moss surrounds an open, soft grass with a large oak tree in the middle! I love it, and there wasn’t any sign of other animals!” Honey finished.

    “Well, I guess that we have found a home for some of our cats!” Grey leaped onto a tree stump and announced proudly. We have done it! We have found a first home, but not all of these cats can fit in this one…no, not area, let’s call it a camp! Honey thought, proud of herself for seeing the stream that raps around under the moss. A new home for my kin, that is all that I can ask for…

    Spotsy is coffee-ready!

    • Littlefang
      January 12, 2019 at 12:14 am

      I like it so far, so creative

      Heir to the hare throne

    • Fallenshadows (Fallen)
      January 12, 2019 at 12:52 am

      This is interesting, nice chapter! 🙂

      Running for SW!!

  10. January 11, 2019 at 2:14 pm

    Take a glimpse at what the cats look like!

    Honey- She is the last cat on the top row, closest to the right on the top row. On the rock! https://www.google.com/search?rlz=1CAQZUX_enUS831&biw=1366&bih=671&tbm=isch&sa=1&ei=dX83XLbKO-aH_Qan4bOQDw&q=golden+furred+cat&oq=golden+furred+cat&gs_l=img.3…100754.214848..215225…5.0..2.226.2655.0j14j3……6….1..gws-wiz-img…..0..0i67j0j0i8i30j0i24.cd2Unc0OUtg&safe=active&ssui=on#imgrc=2qHhU2pL1OKEWM:

    Thrush- He is the third cat, but first. Go down three, he is the farthest to the left. In the forest! https://www.google.com/search?rlz=1CAQZUX_enUS831&biw=1366&bih=671&tbm=isch&sa=1&ei=ToA3XP_BMqq1ggeIz46wBA&q=dark+brown+tabby+tomcat&oq=dark+brown+tabby+tomcat&gs_l=img.3…124472.131383..131681…0.0..1.161.3209.0j23……2….1..gws-wiz-img…..0..0j0i67.TuvBoL5Vf-w&safe=active&ssui=on

    Tiger- He is the second photo, three down. So, top row, second picture and go three down, it’s him. https://www.google.com/search?rlz=1CAQZUX_enUS831&biw=1366&bih=671&tbm=isch&sa=1&ei=j4w3XLimHe-zgge6pKK4DQ&q=light+golden+tabby+cat&oq=light+golden+tabby+cat&gs_l=img.3…2717.5711..6008…0.0..0.375.1626.0j6j1j1……1….1..gws-wiz-img…….0j0i67j0i8i30j0i24.9gsdsUWS3FY&safe=active&ssui=on

    Grey- He is the fourth cat on the top row. https://www.google.com/search?rlz=1CAQZUX_enUS831&biw=1366&bih=671&tbm=isch&sa=1&ei=e403XMD-N6Xv_Qbiz4-oCw&q=dark+gray+tabby+cat+fluffy&oq=dark+gray+tabby+cat+fluffy&gs_l=img.3…0.0..46485…0.0..0.0.0…….1……gws-wiz-img.6-idTNDHkSk&safe=active&ssui=on

    Dapple- She is the second cat down, so, she is the second cat below the first picture you see. https://www.google.com/search?rlz=1CAQZUX_enUS831&biw=1366&bih=671&tbm=isch&sa=1&ei=_o03XNn0LqGs_Qam5K7YBw&q=calico+cat+orange+and+white&oq=calico+cat+orange&gs_l=img.1.1.0l2j0i8i30l3.5658.8184..9989…0.0..0.200.1504.0j9j1……1….1..gws-wiz-img…….0i67.jm8DgpYXqZ8&safe=active&ssui=on

    Rye-He is Dapples’ mate, I may not have mentioned him in the story, but he’s in the allegiances. He is the very first picture you see. https://www.google.com/search?rlz=1CAQZUX_enUS831&biw=1366&bih=671&tbm=isch&sa=1&ei=Co43XI60CemD_QbBmIqACw&q=black+cat&oq=black+&gs_l=img.1.1.0i67l10.237109.238533..241005…0.0..0.167.835.0j6……1….1..gws-wiz-img…..0..0.Ae39roSbZiw&safe=active&ssui=on

    There, pictures and directions to see what each cat looks like. I know that I may have messed up genetics, but just know that I know and I’m not stupid! *Let’s out a mrrow of amusement.*

    Spotsy is coffee-ready!

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