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Kurt Vonnegut

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  1. October 4, 2019 at 7:00 pm

    Horizon of Fire CHAPTER SEVEN:

    There was something sinister about the shadows that left Maple feeling cold as she padded inside the cave. Her teeth gritted on the grass straw as she looked around, bristling at every sound. Eclipse looked intent, his black scales glowing as a peak of light flashed down on them.

    Suddenly, a entrance opened up to a cavern; a peak of sunlight illuminating a part of it from the roof of the cave. Maple’s jaws gaped, almost letting go of the straw. Hundreds of IthynonWings of black to cinder flew and fought, shrieks echoing in the highest tunnels.
    “Wow.” She breathed.
    Eclipse glanced back at the others as he led a way into a tunnel, his yellow eyes glowing in the dark.

    “How long have you lived here?” Celeste muttered.
    “Thousands of years. Now quiet- I don’t want to look like a crazy dragon.” Eclipse snapped briskly, whisking his tail and glaring at every dragon who walked by. It seemed at every alleyway, dragon’s were fighting.
    Possessions were stolen from dragons.
    Maple wanted to shrink into her white coat, but took a deep breath. ‘They can’t see me.’

    Blaze scowled. “Why are we here anyway?” He whispered. “Eclipse is showing us the Kingdom! Isn’t that enough? We can find the queen!” Maple twitched with excitement and anticipation.
    Blaze sighed and shrugged. “Okay.”
    Suddenly, a dragon swooped down from the sky and hurled himself into Eclipse.
    Eclipse shrieked and fought him off, but the IthynonWing raked his face with his glinting claws.

    Maple gasped. “Eclipse!”
    Her blood froze as she saw all the IthynonWings staring at her. They saw her.
    Eclipse lost his focus!
    Serge let out a battle cry as two IthynonWings hurled towards him, pushing him down to the ground. Spitfire grabbed a barrel with her talons and hit one of them in the head, whirling around to spread her fiery wings.

    Celeste ducked down as a IthynonWing dragon pushed her to the side, hissing like a snake. Maple pounded on the dragon, launching herself onto her and pressing her face into the cave floor. Blaze bristled and let out a plume of Fire as three came near, his amber eyes burning madness.
    Eclipse got out from the dragon’s reach, his scales rippling as he did the unexpected.

    His throat bristled as the IthynonWing let out the loudest screech Maple had ever heard; she felt the earth tremor, every loose rock fall, every house crumble in the land. The young EarthWing presses herself to the ground, covering her ears with her wings as she watched all the IthynonWings do the same, falling down to the ground.

    Eclipse’s yellow eyes were as bright as the moons, a fierce power surging from him. Celeste covered her eyes with her wings beside Maple, her small body quivering. It seemed a thousand years before Eclipse stopped, silence falling.
    Maple gasped out, panting as she lifted herself from the ground.

    Eclipse nodded to the grass straws they dropped. “Get those back in your mouth, NOW.” He ordered in a deep growl. Maple snatched the straw up in her mouth, looking around. The IthynonWings kept walking, not even noticing them. Maple’s stomach twisted. “H-How-“
    “I crashed the memory of all of you in their minds, but it took a lot of my energy,” Eclipse faltered where he stood, taking deep breaths, “They won’t remember you. KEEP the straws in.”

    “What about their wounds?” Serge narrowed shimmies golden eyes at a slash across a dragonet’s side. “They won’t notice them for awhile.” Eclipse shrugged nonchalantly, “Come on.”
    As they followed the IthynonWing down the dark streets, Maple couldn’t get the haunting screech out of her head.
    Blaze was still bristling, his body trembling as he flexed his talons into the soil.

    “We’re here.” Eclipse slipped into a shadowy tunnel, beckoning his tail. The others followed, shivering as a cold breeze pierced the air.
    A small home with a pile of rags for a bed, a table, stove and window appeared at the end of the tunnel.
    Eclipse’s eyes glimmered. “My home. Stay here.”

    “Why did you bring us here?” Spitfire asked, settling down next to the table. The IthynonWing swallowed hard. “We’re going to find my father.”

  2. Shiningpool
    October 4, 2019 at 10:48 pm

    So, I saw that there was a Fan Fiction page, and thought that maybe it would be a good idea to post the Chapters of my story, Cindercall’s Fear here? It’s a “Different Clans” story. (If you want to read all of it instead of waiting for me to post each chapter, it’s on Fanfiction.net under the same name).
    So, here’s the Allegiances, as well as the Prologue! (Since they’re both short-ish chapters! :))

    Leader: Jaggedstar— Dark brown tabby tom with thick black stripes and yellow eyes.

    Deputy: Longspring— White tom with silver tips and grey eyes.

    Medicine cat(s): Quietsong— Tan she-cat with green eyes and white paws.

    Apprentice, Mumblepaw

    Warrior (Toms and she-cats 12 Moons or older): Eelmask— Small black tom with yellow eyes.

    Highstep— Grey tom with brown eyes, and a completely white tail.

    Apprentice, Hollypaw

    Milkthroat— Brown tabby tom with light brown stripes and green eyes.

    Greysong— Grey she-cat with blue eyes.

    Deadcreek— Tan tabby tom with light brown stripes and green eyes.

    Apprentice, Fuzzypaw

    Kestrelfrost— White she-cat with brown patches and copper eyes.

    Ashwater— White tom with black patches and green eyes.

    Moonbreeze— Silver tom with long ears, blue eyes, and white tips and underbelly.

    Yelloweye— Solid white cat with yellow eyes and two cream dots underneath them.

    Addermask— Cream cat with brown along his spine and over his golden eyes.

    Rapidwhisper— Large white cat with storm grey eyes.

    Dewheart— Sleek silver cat with a white patch over her chest and blue eyes.

    Timbermask— Large brown tom with fading tan tips and yellow eyes.

    Puddledapple— Sleek white she-cat with russet patches and green eyes.

    Queens (she-cat expecting or with kits): Heatherheart— Light brown and white she-cat with pretty markings and amber eyes. (Mother to Nettlekit and Volekit)

    Shiningdawn— Silver tabby with dark colored swirls and white underbelly, with green eyes. (Mother of Vinekit, Pearkit, and Sweetkit)

    Skyfleet— Silver white tabby with long ears, stubby tails, and copper eyes. (Mother of Oddkit, Lightkit, and Eaglekit)

    Larchsplash— Large grey she-cat with white socks, ears, and white eyebrows over her blue eyes. (Mother of Cinderkit and Aspenkit)

    Elders (Toms and she-cats that have retired): Bouldernose— Dark grey tom with yellow eyes.

    Weaselhawk— Black she-cat with blue eyes.

    Spidercry— Dark brown she-cat with copper eyes


    Leader: Brownstar— All brown tom with yellow eyes and big tan feet.

    Deputy: Cedarberry— White tom with yellow eyes and a brown streak down his back with darker stripes.

    Medicine cat: Coldwind— Blue-grey tom with icy eyes and a dark overcoat.

    Apprentice, Thunderpaw

    Warriors: Silverstep— Pretty silvery tabby with white underbelly and green eyes.

    Apprentice, Whitepaw

    Specklebrook— White cat with grey patches on her back and blue eyes.

    Twigbreeze— Grey tom with a stumpy tail and green eyes.

    Apprentice, Frostpaw

    Mouseflame— Dark grey tom with yellow eyes and white tips.

    Apprentice, Olivepaw

    Willowwind— Pretty white she-cat with green eyes.

    Copperthroat— Dark colored tom with a white tail tip and throat, as well as amber eyes.

    Apprentice, Dapplepaw

    Plumhare— Silver tom with dark grey overcoat, with markings on his shoulders and green eyes.

    Gorsepuddle— White tom with dark grey paws and blue eyes.

    Lionfoot— Golden tom with green eyes and abnormally large feet.

    Tansyfeather— Orange tabby she-cat with amber eyes and a white underbelly.

    Weaselberry— Brown tom with white under belly and green eyes.

    Queens: Ebonygaze— Brown tabby she-cat with green eyes. (Pregnant with Mouseflame’s kits)

    Palestep— Black she-cat with white socks and chest, as well as amber eyes. (Mother of Nightkit, Beetlekit, and Nutkit)

    Elders: Wolfear— White tom with very large, furry brown ears and yellow eyes.


    Leader: Brackenstar— A light brown tom with darker brown paws and copper eyes.

    Deputy: Tanglepelt— Dark grey she-cat with curly fur and yellow eyes.

    Medicine cat: Troutbelly— Dark blue-grey tom with a white under belly and green eyes.

    Warriors: Tallbelly— Dark grey tom with long legs and blue eyes.

    Apprentice, Hawkpaw

    Tinyblaze— Small silver tom with white paws and yellow eyes.

    Apprentice, Sagepaw

    Fishwater— Brown tabby tom with a white under belly and yellow eyes.

    Apprentice, Fernpaw

    Sweetfern— Small white and tan she cat with green eyes.

    Apprentice, Skypaw

    Goldenwhisper— Brown tabby tom with copper eyes and white paws.

    Apprentice, Volepaw

    Brushwish— Black she-cat with white socks and blue eyes.

    Jayear— Light grey tom with amber eyes and white tips.

    Apprentice, Fawnpaw

    Branchfur— Golden tom with white paws and golden eyes.

    Smalltail— Black she-cat with green eyes and an abnormally small, white tail.

    Apprentice, Nightpaw

    Finchsong— Blue-grey she-cat with blue eyes, a stubby tail, and a white underbelly.

    Bounceleg— Grey tom with copper eyes and long white legs.

    Heavyjaw— All black tom with white jaw and grey eyes.

    Firesong— Gold tabby she-cat with a single white paw and yellow eyes.

    Blackstripe— Brown and tan tom with a black streak down his back and yellow eyes.

    Moonstreak— White cat with silver overcoat and blue eyes.

    Silentbreeze— Golden tom with green eyes and white paws.

    Quietpool— Blue-grey she-cat with a white underbelly, white tips, blue eyes, and a long thin tail.

    Quietwhisker— Solid grey tom with a long fluffy tail and green eyes.

    Queens: Twilightpool— Brown she-cat with dark spots going from her copper eyes to her tail tip. (Pregnant with Fishwater’s kits)

    Goldflower— Tortoiseshell she-cat with amber eyes and white tips. (Mother of Halfkit Softkit, and Flowerkit)

    Silversong— Pretty white and silver she-cat with blue eyes and a stubby tail. (Mother to Troutkit and Littlekit)

    Elders: Minnownose— Silver she-cat with white paws and blue eyes.

    Blackwater— Dark grey tom with yellow eyes and curly fur.


    Leader: Hollowstar— Dark brown cat with tan tips and a tan underbelly, as well as yellow eyes.

    Deputy: Runningheart— White tom with green eyes and a russet patch on his shoulder and tail.

    Apprentice, Archpaw

    Medicine cat: Softwing— White she-cat with blue eyes and a silver tail tip.

    Warriors: Sneezebelly— White tom with green eyes and a russet overcoat.

    Apprentice, Dawnpaw

    Applespeck— White she-cat with silver tips and blue eyes.

    Apprentice, Seedpaw

    Bravefang— Russet tom with white tips, green eyes, and a white patch on his shoulder and tail.

    Apprentice, Shellpaw

    Sorrelfoot— Pretty tortoiseshell cat with green eyes and white paws.

    Ryeheart— Tan tom with a white underbelly and tips with golden eyes.

    Shadowspark— Grey tom with a black overcoat and blue eyes.

    Lightshade— Golden tabby tom with white tips and amber eyes.

    Ivydapple— Pretty sleek she-cat with a silver overcoat and a white underbelly and blue eyes.

    Burrpelt— Sleek russet tom with a white underbelly and green eyes.

    Eelpelt— Large tan tom with big black stripes and a white underbelly.

    Copperwhisker— White tom with blue eyes and a tan muzzle.

    Lynxrun— Tan tom with a white underbelly and green eyes and pointed ears.

    Shadehawk— Solid black tom with amber eyes and yellow teeth.

    Queens: Wolflight— Small black she-cat with grey markings along her fur and blue eyes. (Mother to Frogkit and Twilightkit)

    Cherrystorm— A pretty russet she-cat with green eyes and oddly shaped ears. (Pregnant with Lightshade’s kits)

    Maplebreeze— A pretty white she-cat with pale cream marks along her body and dark green eyes. (Mother of Lichenkit, Jaggedkit, and Clawkit)

    Coalshade— All black she-cat with pretty grey eyes. (Pregnant with Copperwhisker’s kits)

    Snakeshine— Orange and black tabby she-cat with amber eyes and white paws. (Mother of Pinekit, Foxkit, and Eaglekit)

    Jumppool— Small fluffy grey she-cat with a white belly and yellow eyes. (Mother of Stonekit and Mothkit)

    Elders: Rumblethroat— Red-brown tom with a white throat and yellow eyes.

    A white she-cat with fluffy fur and small paws sat at the edge of the lake, studying the surface of the water. She was quiet, her tail still, as she leaned closer to the surface of the lake.


    The voice made her jump, and the she-cat whipped around. There, standing behind her, was a lithe she-cat with tan fur and orange patches.

    “Tulipsky, you scared me.” Moonstar breathed, settling back down.

    “I apologize,” the soft she-cat mewed. “But Rainstar wanted me to check up on you. You’ve been sitting by the water for a long time.”

    Moonstar glanced back at the lake, sighing.

    “I’m worried, Tulipsky.” The she-cat mewed. “I saw something, in the water. Something about my Clan… I’m worried…” Tulipsky stepped closer, her amber eyes glowing with worry as she closed the distance between herself and Moonstar.

    “What was it that you saw?” She asked calmly, settling down beside the pretty she-cat.

    “I saw our forest—our home—blanketed with soot and ash.” Moonstar murmured. “I was immediately afraid, but then I saw cats moving through this soot and ash as though it were leaves and grass. They were used to it. They thrived in it… So then I thought, maybe they were okay. However, I see that many cats from our Clan are gone. They have disappeared, and I know not to where.” She shook her head.

    “The Clans will thrive under ash and soot, but death will come with the fire.” Moonstar turned to Tulipsky as the ginger and tan she-cat spoke, her voice echoing. She watched the water that Moonstar had been so keen on earlier, her eyes now glowing like the burning sun.

    “Tulipsky?” Her voice shook the ginger she-cat out of it, and Tulipsky looked at Moonstar.

    “It’s a prophecy,” the cat breathed, amazed. “The first Prophecy of our Clan…” Moonstar gazed at the cat in awe, her blue eyes shining. The two continued to watch the water, not noticing that they were being watched.

    A tan she-cat with white paws watched, ears flat at what she had just heard. Fear squeezed in her chest, despite the calm look on the two cats watching the lake. A fire? Ash and soot?

    How could any cat thrive under that?

    Before she could bring herself to speak, before she could even move a paw, she opened her eyes in the stony den of the medicine cat den, feeling a large paw shaking her awake. She blinked, sitting up.

    “Quietsong,” the large cat before her murmured. “We must go quickly, Larchsplash is kitting.” Quietsong lept to her feet, fur bristling. She needed to tell the leader, Jaggedstar, about the prophecy she had heard, but she needed to help Larchsplash, since her apprentice had not aided her in a kitting yet. The prophecy would have to wait.

    “Mumblepaw, we’ll need raspberry leaves, a stick, and some borage leaves. Quickly.”

    “Yes, Quietsong,” the large tom replied, hurrying off to fetch the items. While he did so, Quietsong made her way to the nursery, ducking inside. There, a grey she-cat with white socks was moaning in pain, a white and black tom beside her.

    “Ashwater, I’ll need you to step back,” the she-cat mewed softly to the white and black tom. He nodded, quickly moving out of the way. The other cats in the den moved themselves out of the way, knowing the medicine cat would need plenty of room.

    “What’s going on, Heatherheart?” A small kit asked a pretty light brown and white she-cat, his fur puffed out in worry.

    “Hush, Nettlekit. Settle back down with your brother. Quietsong is helping Larchsplash.” Heatherheart replied, silencing him. Quietsong pressed her paws on Larchsplash’s belly.

    “I’m going to help, but you need to push.” The cat mewed quickly, beginning to gently knead the queen’s large belly. Just as she did so, Mumblepaw entered with a bundle of herbs. Quietsong beckoned him to her, showing him how to gently knead the queen’s stomach—hard enough to help her, but gentle enough to not damage the kits or herself. While he did that, Quietsong grabbed the small stick that Mumblepaw had brought, giving it to Larchsplash.

    “Bite down on this when you need to,” the medicine cat mewed. “And if the pain gets to be too much, tell me.” Larchsplash nodded, unable to speak a word.

    “We have a kit!” Mumblepaw exclaimed, just as the grey queen nearly splintered the stick. Quietsong showed him how to nip at the protective sack so that the kit could breath, and nudged the small tom to his mother’s chest.

    “Keep going, Larchsplash,” Quietsong encouraged, as the queen cried in pain. “You only have one more.” She heard the splintering wood again, and turned to see another kit sliding out. Mumblepaw nipped at the sack like Quietsong showed him, and nudged the kit to her mother’s belly. Larchsplash dropped the stick, panting with exhaustion.

    “A she-kit and a tom.” Quietsong mewed to the tired queen. “You have two beautiful kits, Larchsplash, congratulations.” Larchsplash lifted her head, her eyes slightly dazed but still proud as she looked down at the kits suckling at her belly. Quietsong followed her gaze, before stopping when she spotted the small she-kit.

    Grey fur, the color of ash and soot.

    For some reason, Quietsong felt chills roll down her spine. Ashwater suddenly charged in, eyes wide.

    “Is it over? Where are the kits?” He gasped, fur fluffed out. Quietsong was shaken out of her daze, before she turned and faced him.

    “Calm, Ashwater,” she mewed. “They’re with your mate.” She turned to Larchsplash, giving her some borage leaves. “Eat these. They might taste foul but they will help your milk flow.” Larchsplash nodded, eating the leaves, not saying a word yet. Quietsong led her apprentice out of the den, as Ashwater and Larchsplash fawned over their kits. She heard their voices as she picked up the unused herbs outside.

    “The tom, what will we name him?”

    “I think he should be named Aspenkit.”

    “And the she-kit?”

    “Why not… Cinderkit?” Quietsong stopped again, the herbs in her jaw the only thing keeping her from gasping out loud.


    A name perfect for a kit the color of ash and soot.

    Quietsong turned and padded back to the medicine cat den, her fur bristling.

    There was no time to prepare for this prophecy.

    For it had already begun.
    Anyway, thanks for taking your time for at least getting to here! I love constructive criticism, and I'm always looking to improve my writing 🙂

    Stay Shiny!

    • October 4, 2019 at 11:31 pm

      I like this a lot! (Whoof, the alligiances were hard to get through 😛 )


      • Shiningpool
        October 5, 2019 at 12:22 am

        Yeah, sorry about that! I just wanted to list all of them ;w;

        Stay Shiny!

  3. Brightpaw (pool)
    October 5, 2019 at 12:23 am

    My story which I still haven’t come up with a title for… this chapter isn’t super smooth prose, but I guess you can get through it. (Also, can ya’ll tell me if the characters are hard to remember? I’ll be happy to post the allegiances. Just a reminder 🙂 )

    Chapter Four
    Quailtalon shivered as she sat near ShadeClan border. A thin layer of early leaf-bare snow coated the ground, dirt-stained in patches.

    ShadeClan patrols sure take their dear sweet time, she thought, wrinkling her nose at ShadeClan’s earthy, fox-like stench. I’ll freeze before I ask anything!

    As if on cue, Quailtalon the crunch of snow under paws. Four cats padded toward the border. Quailtalon recognized a long-furred dark tabby—she was Ashpaw, an apprentice who Quailtalon knew from Gatherings.

    “Quailpaw? What are you doing here?” Ashpaw asked, pushing to the front.

    “It’s Quailtalon now. And I must speak to your leader.” Quailtalon said. She tried to ignore the other warriors’ claws, which weaved in and out of the dark soil.

    “You became a warrior! I did too—my name’s Ashfeather now.” Ashfeather puffed out her chest.

    “Stop talking,” the head of the patrol growled. He was a brown tabby with amber eyes that made Quailtalon’s pelt prickle.

    “Sorry, Stagfrost.” Ashfeather muttered.

    “You said you want to speak to our leader?” Stagfrost said to Quailtalon. “Why should I let you?”

    “I have an urgent message for him,” Quailtalon said.

    “Say it to me. If I think it’s important, I’ll pass it on.”

    “I have to tell him myself.”


    “That’s for him to know!”

    Stagfrost eyed her, suspicion glinting in his gaze. “Why should I assume you’re not a spy?”

    Ashfeather piped up again. “Quailtalon is a good cat, Stagfrost! She wouldn’t spy… at least I don’t think so. Well, maybe…”

    “I told you to stop talking!” Stagfrost snapped at the young warrior. “Did your leader approve of this visit?” he addressed Quailtalon again.

    Her mind raced. Should I tell the truth? As Stagfrost’s expectant gaze burned through her, she hurried to a decision. “The urgent message concerns my leader. He can’t know about this, or…” Quailtalon swallowed. “Or I’ll most likely be killed.”

    Stagfrost narrowed his eyes, and his tail lashed from side to side. “Hm…” he paused. “All right, fine. You can talk to Shadestar.”

    Quailtalon dipped her head and crossed the border, two warriors flanking her. Ashfeather seemed bubbly, bounding ahead with Stagfrost and checking over her shoulder from time to time. Stagfrost’s pelt bristled with irritation.

    When they pushed into the camp, it fell silent. Heads turned and lips curled into snarls. Quailtalon noticed how feeble the prey pile was, and the warriors’ ribs were painfully visible. With Adderstar’s new code, will RiseClan be even worse off?

    Shadestar emerged from his den, and the patrol stopped in the middle of the clearing to meet their leader.

    “This RiseClan cat says she has an urgent message for you.” Stagfrost reported. Shadestar turned to Quailtalon and narrowed his eyes.

    “Risestar recently passed away,” Quailtalon said. “And StarClan chose Adderstar to be our new leader.”

    “Yes, I know.” Shadestar flicked his tail impatiently.

    “Well, I believe there’s a problem with that. Adderstar has completely replaced the warrior code with a new set of rules that makes our warriors live in fear of him. Adderstar will probably be responsible for the deaths of many warriors. I want to stop him, and I need someone’s help.”

    “StarClan appointed Adderstar, and StarClan is never wrong,” Shadestar pointed out.

    Frustration wormed inside Quailtalon. She’d already visited the other Clans, and they all gave her the same mantra: A harsh leaf-bare is no time for battle. What was she going to do if ShadeClan said no as well?

    “Well, I have very good reason to believe StarClan is wrong. Adderstar killed my mentor and exiled our elder. This is a wound he gave me.” Quailtalon winced, and shifted to let Shadestar see her stomach wound.

    “How do I know you’re not making this up? You’re barely more than a ‘paw.” Shadestar said. “StarClan would never choose the kind of cat you’re describing.”

    Outrage flared through Quailtalon. “I’m telling the truth! Why would any cat make this up? So they can get rid of the pesky cat from their apprenticeship who happened to become leader? Nobody would do that!”

    Shadestar looked over her doubtfully. “I don’t want to risk going against StarClan,” he said. “I can’t do what you ask.”

    Quailtalon took a breath, flames twisting in her chest as her mind battled against them. Stay calm. Stay calm. But no matter how hard she tried, a sharp, threatening tone edged her voice. “If you would just listen to me —”

    “Get out of my camp,” Shadestar said, a glimmer of menace in his gaze.

    Quailtalon stood slowly, a growl in the back of her throat. She whipped around and stalked off, muscles tensed.

    “Wait, Quailtalon! We have to escort you!” Ashfeather called, running to Quailtalon’s side.

    “I can find my way out,” Quailtalon snarled. Hurt glimmered in Ashfeather’s eyes, but Quailtalon didn’t have time to be sorry.

    Quailtalon broke into a jog, hurrying toward home. The bright orange sun was dipping below the trees, and Mousekit would be wondering where her big sister had gone.

    • • •

    As the newest warrior, Quailtalon had been given the nest in the middle of the warriors’ den. It was supposed to be the warmest place, but icy weariness shoved its way through.

    Hoplelessness cackled in her ear every time she fell half-asleep. Its lingering taunts echoed in the darkness, telling her that she was foolish, that Adderstar was too powerful. It whispered that she was trodding down a path of death. Everyone else was smart enough to avoid it.

    She rubbed her temple with a forepaw. That’s not true! There must be someone! Her thoughts shouted.

    A name scrambled to the top of her chaotic mind, shoving its way through in a desperate attempt. Bramblethorn. He seemed detached, but he wasn’t afraid like everyone else. I haven’t ever really spoken to him, so who knows? He might agree with me.

    She scanned the den for her father. There was one empty nest, and it just happened to be his. Quailtalon stood and shook the moss out of her fur, stepping over the sleeping warriors. She emerged from the den and looked toward the entrance of camp. He was on guard duty.

    She padded toward him, and came to sit beside him, looking up at the stars for a moment. Humidity clung to her spiked pelt.

    “Quailtalon, why are you not asleep?” Bramblethorn said in a low voice.

    “I want to talk to you about Adderstar.” Quailtalon said.

    “What about him?”

    “He’s… you know… evil!”

    Bramblethorn was silent.

    “He’ll destroy the Clan. I feel responsible for stopping him, but I can’t do it on my own. I thought you might feel the same.”

    She eyed Bramblethorn. He was still and blank, and her hope started waning. It was like her father was made of wood!

    Then, after a long pause, he spoke. “Mousekit is nearly four moons old—apprentice age, according to Adderstar.”

    Quailtalon tilted her head to one side.

    “And Dustkit’s still missing. So is Mosspaw. Rainleap and Coppershade, too.”

    She hadn’t noticed the last two warriors were missing.

    “They disappeared immediately after Smokepelt’s death, while you were still unconscious.” Bramblethorn added, as if he could read Quailtalon’s thoughts. “However, the most important thing is that Mousekit will soon be an apprentice, and Dustkit is missing. That is all.”

    Quailtalon narrowed her eyes. “What does that have to do with… ?”

    Bramblethorn had already turned away, ignoring her again.

    She scoffed, and started padding away.

    “Oh, and by the way, Quailtalon… wait until Mousekit’s survival assessment.”

    She stopped and looked over her shoulder, puzzled. But she guessed… maybe Bramblethorn knew something she didn’t.

    All she could do was trust him.

    • October 5, 2019 at 3:44 am

      Great job 😁 your style sounds just like the books! 😀

      • Brightpaw (pool)
        October 6, 2019 at 7:19 pm

        Well, Warriors is my favorite series! 😛

    • Monkeyfur
      October 5, 2019 at 9:33 am

      Please post the alleignes! This is so good!

  4. October 5, 2019 at 7:48 am

    The first time it happened, lines began to crumble. The world was divided, every cat had to choose a side or face the wrath of both. Things began to break down.
    The second time it happened, chaos erupted. You thought you had seen disaster, but this was a whole new level. Everything, every single good thing was destroyed.

    And now you have one last chance.

    One last chance to be free

    One last chance to fix the mistakes of the past

    Somewhere that’s Green

    • Monkeyfur
      October 5, 2019 at 3:38 pm

      OOOOO this is soo good maple!!!!!

    • October 6, 2019 at 2:54 am

      *tries not to connect to The Tests 1 and 2 and fails*

      But seriously though I’m either looking too far into your recent posts or this is the signal for The Tests 3 or something like that

      Daffiolet tho

  5. Monkeyfur
    October 5, 2019 at 2:10 pm

    CHAPTER 5!!!!

    I return to camp and Viperfrost tells me to go with him so I do, I spot Owlwater, Cheetahspark, Doeleap, Darkwing, Fallenshadows and Fawnspots already there. We all had animal prefixes, did this mean something? “Monkeypaw, you failed us,” Cheetahspark snarled, “You were meant to kill Bluebellpaw! Now that chance is gone,” Confusion hit me like a rock. My thoughts became tied into knots. Killing Bluebellpaw? Killing her friend? “Are you with us animals anymore?”

    Darkwing eyed me, and I felt frightened. Shivers scrambled down my spine making me shake. “Monkeypaw, you don’t get it,” Doeleap explained, “We are all in the prophecy, the whole BlogClan. But we must make our own clan, CatClan. We can’t survive under the rule of Cakestar and Emberdawn. We need to make our own clan. That is what StarClan has told us all. Did StarClan not tell you?”

    StarClan? CatClan? That was the most stupid and dumb thing that I heard in my entire life. I laughed and laughed wickedly. I spotted Owlwater glance at Darkwing, a sly look was on Owlwater’s face. “Yes, Monkeypaw is ready,” Viperfrost snarled, “The final battle will be a victorious one,”

    I stopped laughing, Viperfrost’s words rang and rang in my head over and over again. I couldn’t help but think, “The final battle will be a victorious one,” Then I knew why Viperfrost was talking about. I was one of the dark animals, I would be the one to destroy BlogClan…

    • Icepaw is ready for Halloween, Inktober, and my birthday
      October 5, 2019 at 4:10 pm

      Hmmm… No, I still can’t tell if I’ll destroy the Clan or save it 😛

      How do you make good siggies

    • October 5, 2019 at 8:12 pm



    • 🍂 Pineblossom 🍁
      October 10, 2019 at 4:49 pm

      Viper is a she!

      ✧ running for sw! ✧

  6. Shiningpool
    October 5, 2019 at 4:24 pm

    Chapter 1 Of Cindercall’s Fear (Allegiances/Prologue Posted a little while ago :))

    Cinderkit opened her eyes to a white underbelly and a rough tongue grooming over her fur. She gave a small squeak, backing out from under the tongue, looking up to see a surprised looking she-cat with blue eyes.

    “Cinderkit, you’ve opened your eyes!” She gasped, a purr lifting in her voice. “Heatherheart, come look! She has such beautiful eyes.” A pretty light brown cat peered over the head of the grey she-cat, gasping.

    “She has your eyes, Larchsplash.” The she-cat mewed. “Hello, little Cinderkit. I am Heatherheart.”

    “Hi Heatherheart,” squeaked the small kit, as she watched the pretty she-cat curiously. “I’m Cinderkit.” Heatherheart purred with amusement, knowing better than to tell the kit she already knew that. Larchsplash nuzzled Cinderkit, licking at her fur again.

    “Stop, Larchsplash!” Cinderkit whined.

    “But your fur is all messy from where you were squirming,” the queen gently protested. “I’ve got to make sure you’re clean, little one.” She resumed her grooming, holding the kit in place. A brown furred tom came in then, his fur fluffed out as he was followed by another tom that looked similar.

    “Nettlekit, Volekit, look at you two!” Heatherheart gasped. “You’re both a mess!”

    “It’s not my fault!” Volekit, the second tom that had entered, whined. “Nettlekit pushed me into the mud!”

    “I didn’t mean it.” Nettlekit murmured quietly, flattening his fur. “Oddkit just told me to.”

    “And if Oddkit told you to jump in the river, would you?” Heatherheart asked. Nettlekit paused, before lowering his head.

    “I guess not…” Cinderkit watched the exchange quietly, ears perked. She was curious as to what they were talking about. Were these kits? They looked far too large for that. And who was Oddkit?

    She squirmed out of Larchsplash’s grasp, struggling to her paws. She wasn’t used to walking, so it was hard at first to keep her balance. When she found it, however, she was able to keep upright. She stepped closer to where Heatherheart was sitting, grooming Volekit while Nettlekit waited his turn. The two didn’t protest like Cinderkit had, and she felt a little guilty at that.

    “Hi.” She squeaked. Nettlekit jumped in surprise, not expecting the voice to sound from behind him. He whipped around, fur fluffed out.

    “Hey! Warn a cat next time!” He squeaked.

    “Sorry.” Cinderkit sat down, watching him with a cocked head. “Are you really a kit?” She asked. “You look too big to be a kit.” Nettlekit rolled his eyes, sitting back down to face her.

    “Of course I’m a kit, I’m only three moons old!” He replied. “But in three moons, I’m going to be an apprentice!”

    “What’s an apprentice?” Nettlekit looked at her incredulously, eyes wide, before turning to give Heatherheart a questioning look.

    “Nettlekit,” Heatherheart mewed, pausing in Volekit’s grooming. “That is Cinderkit, remember?” He paused, before turning to look at her.

    “Oh right, you haven’t opened your eyes yet till now.” He mewed. He looked at Larchsplash. “Can I show her outside? Please?” Larchsplash shook her head.

    “No, I’m waiting till Aspenkit opens his eyes.” Cinderkit turned at the sound of her brother’s name, padding back to Larchsplash’s side, forgetting her earlier question. There, suckling at Larchsplash’s teat, was a small white kit with black patches. His eyes were still closed, his paws pressing into Larchsplash’s belly. Cinderkit watched him for a moment, before looking at Larchsplash.

    “When will he open his eyes?” She asked.

    “We have a curious one, don’t we?” Larchsplash purred. “I don’t know, little one. Hopefully soon.” Cinderkit laid down beside Larchsplash, feeling hunger bite at her stomach. The outside could wait until Aspenkit opened his eyes. For now, she was hungry.

    Cinderkit watched the camp from the entrance of the nursery. Larchsplash had allowed her to watch, but because Aspenkit hadn’t opened his eyes yet, she wasn’t allowed to leave. Nettlekit and Volekit were playing with five other kits. Oddkit, the small silver kit that Cinderkit had heard of when she first opened her eyes, was parading around, pretending to be Oddstar. They approached a large, brown and white Siamese tom that had just exited from one of the dens.

    “Fuzzyyowl!” Oddkit mewed in the most commanding voice he could. “We need to set up a border patrol! Go check on the MountainClan border! Make sure they aren’t trespassing!” The Siamese tom purred with amusement, puffing out his short fur.

    “Are you sure, Oddstar?” He gasped, mocking surprise. “You’re choosing me?! I’m so honored! I’ll protect our Clan, don’t worry!” He bowed dramatically to the small kit, who beamed with pride. Nettlekit pounced forward.

    “Can I go too, Oddstar?!” He begged.

    “Of course, Nettlebird!” Oddkit mewed. Cinderkit frowned, wishing she could join them in the game. She wanted to play Warrior, but couldn’t yet.

    “Fuzzypaw!” A voice yowled. The kits stopped as a tan tabby tom approached. Fuzzypaw, the Siamese cat, crouched down.

    “H-hi, Deadcreek!” He squeaked.

    “Stop playing around and come on. We’ve got training to do.” Deadcreek looked at the kits for a moment, as they crouched down. He sighed, rolling his eyes. “With your, uh, permission of course, Oddstar.” He mumbled.

    “Of course, Deadcreek! We were only testing Fuzzypaw!” Oddkit squeaked, his voice shaking a little. Deadcreek padded off, dragging Fuzzypaw with him. The other five kits scurried back to the nursery, nearly crashing into Cinderkit.

    “Hey, be careful!” An all white kit, Sweetkit if Cinderkit remembered correctly, grumbled.

    “Sorry, I was just watching…” Cinderkit mewed, crouching down. Another kit, white with silver stockings, rolled his eyes.

    “Look, if you’re not allowed to come outside, then don’t sit in the entrance.” He grumbled. “You’re in the way.”

    “Oh, leave her alone.” Nettlekit muttered. “She’s just curious. It’s not her fault that that Larchsplash won’t let her outside.”

    “Nettlekit’s right.” Pearkit, the brother of Sweetkit and the other white and silver kit, mewed. “Vinekit, you don’t have to be so rude. We weren’t paying attention.” He mumbled to his brother. “You should apologize, or I’ll get Shiningdawn.” He looked at Oddkit. “And Skyfleet.” The five other kits squeaked in surprise.

    “No, don’t do that!” Lightkit, Oddkit’s sister, gasped. “We’ll all get in trouble!”

    “Yeah, Skyfleet will get upset because we didn’t say anything!” Eaglekit whined.

    “It’s okay,” Cinderkit mewed. “I was in the way, I should’ve moved when I saw you coming.” She backed up when she heard Larchsplash calling her name. “There’s no need to tell on anyone! I swear!” She trotted back to her mother, who was cleaning the fur of Aspenkit.

    “Cinderkit, there you are!” Larchsplash mewed. “Aspenkit has opened his eyes!” Cinderkit perked up at that, trotting over to where their mother was grooming Aspenkit. The small black and white tom squirmed under Larchsplash’s tongue, giving out a loud squeak of indignation.

    “It’s okay Aspenkit. If you stop struggling it’ll be over quicker.” Cinderkit mewed encouragingly. Sure enough, her brother stopped squirming, and Larchsplash finished cleaning him. The small kit puffed out his fur, turning to look at Cinderkit. He had pretty green eyes.

    “Cinderkit?” He squeaked.

    “Yep, hi Aspenkit!” Cinderkit mewed, jumping over Larchsplash’s tail to greet him. The small kit stared at her with curiosity, and Cinderkit poked him with a paw, before looking at Larchsplash.

    “Can we go outside now?!” She begged. “Please, Larchsplash?” Larchsplash sighed, looking at Cinderkit and Aspenkit, before nodding.

    “But only if you’re with the older kits.” She mewed. “I want to make sure you’re safe when you’re out there.” Cinderkit jumped up, excited.

    “Come on, Aspenkit, I’ll show you the other kits. They’d love to meet you!” She nudged her brother out of the nest, before letting him get to his feet. It took him a moment, and he was wobbly like she had been just a couple of days ago. She gently guided him to the edge of the nursery, where the other kits had resumed playing a game of Warrior. This time, it was Sweetkit who was the leader.

    Volekit paused in the game when he saw Cinderkit and Aspenkit, and he perked up.

    “Hey, guys, look!” He squeaked. “Aspenkit’s awake! They can come play now!” Aspenkit blinked, looking at Cinderkit, a little confused.

    “They’re playing Warrior,” Cinderkit explained. “Don’t worry, once you play you’ll get why it’s fun. C’mon!” Aspenkit paused, a little hesitant and confused. He knew Cinderkit—she was often by his side when hadn’t opened his eyes, murmuring encouragement. But these other kits, he didn’t know, and they looked ready to squash him. He looked at Cinderkit, who was talking to the all white she-kit that seemed to be in charge.

    “What’s wrong, Aspenkit?” Aspenkit turned around, facing one of the brown toms with black stripes that had spoken to him.

    “Um… I just… I…” He wasn’t sure how to put it into words, and the tom leaned down to him.

    “I’m Nettlekit,” the tom mewed. “And you can join in if you want. You’re going to be a great Warrior. Just like Cinderkit.”

    For whatever reason, despite Aspenkit not knowing this tom whatsoever, his comforting words made Aspenkit puff up.

    “Okay…” He squeaked. “What do we do?” Nettlekit looked at the other brown and black tom, who Aspenkit could only assume was his brother.

    “You both have to get your Warrior names.”

    Stay Shiny!

  7. Icepaw is ready for Halloween, Inktober, and my birthday
    October 5, 2019 at 4:29 pm

    Jayfrost is very patient with us. She lets us climb on her, and she promises to tell us a story soon. I can’t wait! “But first,” she tells us. “You should get to know the warriors. They are the ones that you’ll fight with and train with afterall.”
    I pout. I want to hear the story. Monkeykit and Pebblekit pout too. But Moonkit and Bluebellkit nudge us out of the den. I sigh. “Let’s go,” I tell them.
    Moonkit takes us to the warrior den. There’s a few cats in there now. There’s Mapledrift, and Ivystone, and Owlwater, and Juniperpool. Mapledrift and Ivystone are quietly chatting while Juniperpool and Owlwater sleep. I see Ivystone look over at us and they purr. “Looks like you’ve finally left the nursery, huh?” they ask to me and the other very young kits. We all nod.
    Moonkit sits next to us. “I’m watching them. They’re so small.” I glare up at her. I don’t need to be protected! You’re more likely to step on us! I call up to her, “Silverheart said that you should come with us, and she didn’t say you were in charge! Neither did Viperfrost or Wavesplash! Don’t act like the boss!”
    She’s quiet and I whisper, “Sorry.”
    Mapledrift walks over and purrs. “Well, it’s nice to see that we’ll have a strong apprentice in six moons.”
    I look up in shock. “Six moons? I can’t wait that long to be a warrior!”
    Owlwater starts to stir. So does Juniperpool. Ivystone humors us and purrs, “Oh no, it takes much longer to be a warrior. Six moons is just to be an apprentice.”
    Monkeykit looks up at them. “How much longer? Seven moons? Eight moons?”
    Owlwater calls, “Usually twelve moons.”
    I gasp, as well as Pebblekit. “But I want to be a warrior now!” she whines. I can’t help but purr. I’ve only known her for a few days, but she’s my best friend. Bluebellkit is a good friend too though.
    Owlwater shrugs. “If you do something big, then you may get your warrior names early, but you have to be very lucky to have that chance.”
    I silently hope that something does.
    (Hey Monkey, who’s kit was Lionkit?)

    How do you make good siggies

    • Monkeyfur
      October 6, 2019 at 7:57 am

      There was no Lionkit…
      But this is cool!

      • Icepaw is ready for Halloween, Inktober, and my birthday
        October 6, 2019 at 2:25 pm

        You said that Lionkit had died during leafbare in the first chapter, so I wanted to know who’s kit Lionkit was

        How do you make good siggies

        • Monkeyfur
          October 7, 2019 at 3:43 am

          Lionkit was Pineblossom’s kit.

          • 🍂 Pineblossom 🍁
            October 10, 2019 at 4:42 pm

            oh my dear kit

            ✧ running for sw! ✧

  8. Plipplop (Snowpuff)
    October 5, 2019 at 6:11 pm

    This is my submission of the October Competition. This story is just called “Possessed”. Here are what the characters look like. Keep in mind that Ripplestar is an actual character in the Warriors books. I do not take credit for his character.
    Peonykit – A mottled gray tabby she-kit with gentle leaf-green eyes.
    Crowwing – A very old, battle-scarred, black she-cat whiting at the muzzle with empty pale blue eyes.
    Ripplestar – A ghastly, black and orange tom, with glowing yellow eyes that show no life, and a wretched spine from his fall.

    And, here is the story.
    A leaf-fall night in Shadowclan, multicolored leaves of yellow, red, orange, and brown drifting slowly to the ground. Peonykit rushes through the darkness, playing with the leaves that drift to the ground, her giggling sweetly each catch. The thrill of the night lit up the kit. However, the sound of rushing through leaves is fairly loud, loud enough to alert the lone elder in the clan, Crowwing. She pads out of her den and forcibly picks up the young she-kit and drags her back into it. She plops the kit down and snaps.
    “What are you doing at this time of night, you mouse-brain?!” Crowwing stared at the kit, anger rising in her eyes.
    “I was… just playing!” The kit was terrified by the elder’s glance.
    Crowwing lied down near the kit, seemingly calming down immedietly.
    “Let me tell you a story…” She sounded ominous. “A previous clan leader… a very old one”
    She continued on, Peonykit curiously lying closer.
    “There was a leader named Ripplestar, who stood proudly over his clan. However, it wasn’t a good kind of proudness. The greed he led his clan into having overtook everybody. Everybody was miserable under his rule, but nobody could complain, otherwise unspeakable horrors would happen to them. One night, while the full moon was happening, he commanded his warriors to strike the other clans when they were most vulnerable. Proud and afraid what might happen, tons of blood was shed and many lives were lost. Ripplestar pinned down the Thunderclan leader, but then Starclan, who he thought was on his side, sent a thunderbolt down at him. The force of the lightning sent him over the edge of the Great Rock, his body falling limp, spine shattered at his fall. He woke up in the Dark Forest, but he did not want to be there. He resides in the living world now, trying to find somebody, anybody in the leaf-fall night. Trying to find a physical host. I would be careful next time, wouldn’t you?” She looked at Peonykit, her gray fur shaking. “Head along to the nursery now, I don’t want a kit disturbing my peace.”
    Peonykit, scared but curious, headed out of camp, wanting to see if it was true. Trembling wildly, worried for what could happen if she was caught, she went anyways, and seemed almost relieved nothing came at her. At this point, she thought that the scarred elder was lying. At her realization, she walked prouder, prideful at how brave she was.
    While walking for a good while, she heard rustling and something made a yowling noise. It did not sound like a living being. Out, he popped. Ripplestar’s eyes were bare, no pupil in sight. His back wretched in an unnatural angle, similar to the way he fell.
    “Y…you…” Ripplestar moaned and shrieked at Peonykit.
    “GET AWAY FROM ME!” Peonykit cried out, but nobody came.
    The figure rushed towards her. Peonykit sprinted into the woods as fast as she could. Panting, she finally realised she escaped the threat. She wandered near the entrance to her camp, but then…
    The ghostly howl of Ripplestar was the last thing she heard, her neck slit open. Her limp body was taken over, and Ripplestar, in control, went back into his former clan’s territory. The next morning, her former clanmates scrambled back into camp, when they all caught a glimpse of the kit, her eyes glowing, and throat still gushing out blood. Crowwing spotted her, and knew what happened. Staring coldly, she padded up to the kit, her shook up clanmates yowling not to come near the kit.
    “Ripplestar…” Crowwing’s voice echoed through the clan, amplified. “The stars of Starclan know your sins. Everybody does. They killed you, and you still expect Starclan to take you now?”
    The spirit, angered, tried to attack Crowwing, but she just smiled. Then, on that very moment, a tree branch sent by Starclan crushed the spirit, both dead bodies laying next to each other. Ripplestar’s body faded into thin air. Crowwing stoically lifted up the dead kit’s body and took it near the other warriors for burial.
    As she padded back to her den, she muttered under her breath.
    “I warned her…”

    Snowpuff for senior warrior!

  9. Lightningpaw(Lightingshadow)
    October 5, 2019 at 10:44 pm

    Um, I hope that I get this right, but this is my entry for the October Contest. Its called “Come back.” I hope you like it, and good luck to anyone else🙂
    The moon glowed over the tree tops.

    The young cats of all the clans snuck out to meet up on this one scary night every few years.

    Rosewing was busy sneaking out with two other cats of her clan, Jaycloud and Birchflip.

    “Come on, you two! We’re gonna be late!”

    Jaycloud leaned into Birchflip. “What if She gets us?”

    Rosewing stopped and turned around. “The wandering willow? She is an old nursery tale. Now, come on. I want to see Stormfire.”

    Rosewing spotted a small group of 4 cats, and heard voices call out.

    “Come……. Follow me…….”

    “Did you guys hear that?”

    “Hear what?”

    Rosewing jumped and hit a tree. Stormfire gasped and helped her back up.

    “Aw look. The little RiverClan cat is scared.”

    “Shut up, Quietwind!”

    The tom hissed and licked a pale she-cat’s ear.

    Stormfire looked at her. Pure love was the only thing in his gaze.

    “Come on.”
    The group arrived later than they were meaning to.


    The whisper came soft in her ear. She flinch away from Stormfire.

    “You okay?” Stormfire asked.

    “Yeah… I’ll be back.”

    Rosewing wandered away from the group till she heard no voices. The wind blew softly.

    ‘Must’ve been nothing.’

    She turned to go back to Stormfire, when she heard giggling. She turned to see Stormfire’s pelt flash in the moonlight. But a beautiful gray she-cat was with him.


    Stormfire looked down at the cats belly. “Shatteredsun, you are expecting kits!”

    The cat nodded. “And they are yours.” She purred.

    Rosewing gasped. ‘How? Why?’ Her mind cried.

    “Revenge…… Kill him…..”

    Rosewing slid her claws out. She shook the bushs. Stormfire narrowed his eyes.

    “Go back. I’ll check it out.”

    Shatteredsun nodded then padded off.

    “Whoever’s there, cut it out!” Stormfire yowled.

    “Oh, but my love. Why would I do that?”

    Stormfire gasped. “Rosewing!”

    Rosewing slid out of the shadows. “You know what? How about I kill her, so you wouldn’t have any kits? Or, I should kill you, for what you did.” She hissed.

    “Please no.”

    Rosewing slashed at his eyes. He fell to the ground, screaming in pain. She placed a paw on his throat. “I’ll let her live, and the kits, but I will kill them, one by one.”

    She pushed her paw down, cutting open his throat. He gurgled something. “They aren’t my kits… She was giving me kits cause you couldn’t have any. I love you….” Then, nothing.

    Rosewing stared in horror.

    “No…. No!!!” She yowled. She started to shred at his pelt.

    “I hate you! Why!?! Come back!!!!!!!!”

    Rosewing slashed at her eyes. She couldn’t see anything. She started running. She ran until she hit water. She fell under.

    Her paws tried to get to the surface, but one was stuck.

    Her air slowly ran out…..
    The screams of young cats fed the shadows. A sleek black cat stood at the edge of the clearing, watching the chaos. She smiled horribly, and became one of the shadows herself.

  10. Shiningpool
    October 5, 2019 at 11:05 pm

    Chapter 2 Of Cindercall’s Fear!

    Cinderkit puffed out her fur.

    “Your name is now Cinderscratch!” Sweetkit yowled as loud as she could. “Welcome to MoonClan!” Cinderkit beamed with pride as Sweetkit jumped down from the small rock she had used to give Cinderkit her name, and bumped noses with her. “Now, you and Aspenfoot will stand vigil!” She squeaked. “Make sure you guys keep the camp safe!”

    Aspenkit looked at his sister, as the grey she-kit sat beside her.

    “This is so much fun,” he whispered. “We get to be Warriors!”

    “Sh! Remember, it’s a silent vigil!” Cinderkit breathed back, before nudging him gently in the shoulder.

    They sat for a moment in quiet, Aspenkit fidgeting as he glanced around. Cinderkit was just as antsy, when she realized that the older kits had disappeared. Just a few days ago, Larchsplash had allowed them to be outside alone, but not having the big kits around anymore was weird for her, and she puffed out her fur.

    “SunClan, attack!” The yowl came from behind them, and before Cinderkit could think, she was whipped around, crouched down, fur puffed out.

    “MoonClan, wake up!” Aspenkit squeaked loudly, turning around with his sister. “SunClan’s invading!” Nettlekit and Volekit were crouched in front of them, fur fluffed out, eyes narrowed.

    “You MoonClan cats are just kits.” Oddkit came out from behind the two large kits, fur fluffed out. “You’ll be easy to take down!”

    “Not so fast, Oddstar!” Sweetkit snapped, jumping out from behind the nursery, followed by Vinekit and Pearkit. “We’ll chase you out of here!”

    “You think this is all we brought?” Oddkit crooned, purring with laughter. “Nope! Come on out, Lightface, Eagleleg!” His sisters joined, looking bored but still willing to play. Cinderkit felt her fur tingle with excitement. Sure, it was just a game, but she still was super excited.

    “MoonClan, attack!” Sweetkit yowled. Cinderkit and Aspenkit charged first, excited to even just play fight. Cinderkit took on Volekit, who squeaked in surprise when he realized that the battle was starting. Even though he was bigger than her, Volekit was a little jumpy, and almost bolted. Knowing the others would make fun of him for it, Cinderkit quickly tapped his neck, yowling triumphantly.

    “Volefur is down!” She yowled, as Volekit understood what she did and dropped to the ground. Nettlekit turned on her, gently batting Pearkit away.

    “Volefur no!” He yowled, leaping for his brother and tumbling off to the side with Cinderkit. “I’ll avenge you!” They tussled back and forth, Cinderkit squeaking in surprise when Nettlekit had her pinned down.

    “Haha, I win!” He crooned, raising his paw to tap her gently on the neck, signaling she was out. But then there was a flash of white and Nettlekit tumbled backwards, Aspenkit tapping his neck quickly.

    “Wow, thanks Aspenkit!” Cinderkit squeaked, jumping up. “You saved me!”

    “Aw, I was supposed to avenge Volekit!” Nettlekit whined. “No fair.” Oddkit frowned, as Lightkit and Eaglekit played dead after being tapped out by Vinekit.

    “Yeah, this is no fair.” He looked at Sweetkit. “Cinderkit and Aspenkit are too small and quick to be on your side at the same time.” Sweetkit puffed out her fur.

    “You decided the game, Oddkit,” she pointed out. “You can’t say it’s not fair when you chose it.” Oddkit huffed, shrugging.

    “I guess.” He mumbled.

    “Oddkit, Lightkit, Eaglekit!” A voice purred. The ten kits whipped around, despite the fact that only three names were called out. Skyfleet, Oddkit’s mother, padded towards them with a squirrel dangling from her jaws. Cinderkit and Aspenkit looked at each other, eyes wide.

    “Food!” Oddkit and his sisters squeaked, tumbling forward excitedly. Nettlekit and Volekit padded forward as well, excitement flowing off of their scent. Since the five kits were almost four moons old now, they were able to have fresh-kill. Sweetkit, Cinderkit, and Aspenkit looked on in jealousy, while Pearkit and Vinekit trotted to the nursery for a meal.

    “I want squirrel,” Cinderkit whispered. “It looks so tasty!” Aspenkit nodded in agreement. Skyfleet looked at them, a purr rising in her throat.

    “You’ll get to try some one day,” she mewed. “But for now you can’t.” She looked down as the other kits devoured the fresh-kill.

    “Like we have to wait until we can explore camp?” Aspenkit asked.

    “Yep.” Cinderkit agreed. “Larchsplash says it’s cuz we trip a lot.”

    “Yeah, and you do!” Sweetkit prodded, rolling her eyes. “But don’t worry, I’ll show you around once you’re old enough.” She trotted in after her siblings, and Aspenkit looked at Cinderkit.

    “I’m kinda hungry.” He commented.

    “Yeah, me too.” Cinderkit replied, watching Nettlekit lick his paws after finishing the squirrel. “I wish we could eat fresh-kill though. Let’s go eat.” Aspenkit nodded, padding after her sister.

    “Hey Cinderkit?” He asked, looking at her.


    “What do you think our Warrior names will be?” Cinderkit stopped, thinking.

    “Well, obviously they’ll be awesome. I’m sure I’ll be something cool, like Cinderfire or something!” She squeaked excitedly. She turned and looked at Aspenkit. “And yours… Yours will be Aspenfang, I’m sure of it! You saved me from Nettlekit, and only strong cats do that. And only strong cats get cool names like Aspenfang!” Aspenkit beamed with pride, and nudged his gratitude to Cinderkit.

    “I like that name.” He mewed. “I hope I get to be Aspenfang.” Cinderkit smiled, purring in agreement.

    “I think Cinderfire’s a little weird sounding.” She commented. “But I bet I’ll come up with a great Warrior name for myself!”

    “Yeah!” Aspenkit squeaked in agreement. Larchsplash looked at them when they entered the den.

    “You two are awfully excited. Come on, why don’t you both eat?” The two kits tumbled forward, settling beside each other as they lied down to eat.


    Cinderkit padded to Sweetkit, paws itching.

    “Sweetkit, can I ask you something?” She asked.

    “You just did.” The white she-kit mewed.

    “Not what I meant!”

    “Okay, then ask me something.”

    “Do you think Aspenfang is a good warrior name for Aspenkit?” She asked. Sweetkit paused, before nodding.

    “Yeah, it sounds really cool!” She squeaked. “I’ll have to use it when we play next!” Cinderkit jumped with excitement.

    “Yeah! I just need to think of a cool name for me.” She mewed proudly.

    “Well, for now you’re gonna be Cinderfoot.” Sweetkit said. “Cause I think it’s cool and I’m Sweetstar so you can’t say no.”

    “Okay…” Cinderkit watched Sweetkit trot off, fur puffed out as she went to talk to her brothers. Cinderkit turned, ready to go find Aspenkit, when she came face to face with Nettlekit. “Oh, hi Nettlekit!” She squeaked.

    “Hi Cinderkit.” He mewed, watching her. “I really like the name Cinderpool.” Cinderkit perked up.

    “Ooh, that’s pretty!” She gasped. “I’ll try and ask Sweetkit about it!”

    “If you join Oddkit’s group, he’ll name you that.” Nettlekit mewed.

    “But then Aspenkit and I won’t be on the same group.” Cinderkit squeaked. “Plus, you guys are way bigger and I might get squished.”

    “Okay… If you ever change your mind though, let me know.” Nettlekit replied. Cinderkit watched him leave, humming as she thought about his suggestion. She liked the name Cinderpool. Maybe Sweetkit will make it her Warrior name every time they play. She turned and padded off, trying her best not to trip over her paws, as she headed into the nursery to find Aspenkit.

    The small tom was lying beside a sleeping Larchsplash, playing with the bedding that their mother lied on.

    “Oh, I thought you’d be eating,” Cinderkit commented, making the tom turn around in surprise.

    “I just finished eating, actually.” He mewed. “Sorry. I was gonna go out and play…” He paused, looking at Cinderkit. “Why aren’t you outside?”

    “Cuz I came to find you, duh.” Cinderkit nudged him with her nose. “Hey, Nettlekit gave me a great idea for my warrior name!” She mewed excitedly.

    “Oh? What is it?” Aspenkit gasped excitedly, his green eyes focusing on his sister.

    “Cinderpool!” She mewed. The small grey kit looked at her brother expectantly. Aspenkit’s eyes shone with awe.

    “That’s such a cool name…” He whispered. “That’s even better than Aspenfang!”

    “Is not!”

    “Is too!”

    “Hush you two.” Larchsplash’s voice made the kits shut their mouths, and their mother turned to look at them, her gaze soft despite the slight irritation that shone in them. “Some cats are trying to sleep.” She purred sweetly, nudging them.

    “Sorry Larchsplash.” Aspenkit mewed, nudging Cinderkit. “We’ll go outside and play.” The two climbed out of the nest, nearly tripping over their clumsy paws as they ran outside.

    “Hey Aspenkit,” Cinderkit mewed, nudging him. “When we’re Warriors, do you think Larchsplash will be able to tell us what to do?” Aspenkit let out a small squeak of laughter.

    “Maybe! But probably not. You’ve seen how Weaselhawk treats Larchsplash and Eelmask, right?” He mewed. “She still acts as though they’re kits, and they’re grown Warriors!”

    “That’s true.” Cinderkit mewed. “But then at least we can go outside the camp and explore if we feel like it! I bet she can’t make us stay in camp!”

    “Yeah, that’s true!” Aspenkit bounded forward, puffing out his fur. “Aspenfang and Cinderpool, the best hunting team in all of the Clans!” He yowled. “That’s what we’ll be!”

    “And we’ll be the best fighters too!” Cinderkit gasped, fur fluffed out. “We’ll always have each other’s backs! Right, Aspenkit?” She looked at her brother, who nodded excitedly.

    “Aspenfang and Cinderpool, Aspenfang and Cinderpool!” The two chanted excitedly.

    “What’s the celebration for, little warriors?” The two stopped when they looked up and saw the black and white tom before them.

    “Ashwater!” The two gasped, eyes wide. Their father, Ashwater, had been out on an expansion expedition for the Clan, and hadn’t been around since they were young. But Larchsplash had told the two of many stories.

    “Hello, my little ones.” Ashwater purred, leaning down to greet them. “I’m sorry I’ve been gone for so long.”

    “You’re back though! And you have stories to tell!” Cinderkit squeaked excitedly. “Tell us about the expedition!”

    “You’ll hear all about it in a little while,” Ashwater mewed. “I was… Er… Volunteered by some of the other cats that went on the expedition to tell the stories to the kits.” He looked over at three other cats that watched him in amusement; a grey she-cat, a brown tabby with a white chest, and a white she-cat with brown patches.

    “I’ll go get Sweetkit, Pearkit, and Vinekit!” Aspenkit dashed off to find the three before Ashwater could speak, and Cinderkit turned to run off as well.

    “Not so fast, Cinderkit,” Ashwater mewed, making her stop in her tracks. “I wanted to tell you something.” She turned back to her dad, cocking her head.

    “What did you want to say? Can I tell Aspenkit too?”

    “You can tell any kit, but I want to tell you first. I wanted to tell Aspenkit too, but… Well… He got a little excited.” He purred in amusement when he saw the small tom racing around to find the other kits that had disappeared. Aspenkit nearly fell on his face several times, but in his excitement, he kept getting up. Cinderkit admired it.

    “What was it?” Cinderkit mewed.

    “Her name,” Ashwater leaned down to nudge his kit. “Was Nemora.” Cinderkit’s eyes widened. “She was bigger than Jaggedstar and Timbermask combined!” He mewed. “And her pelt was black and sleek.” Her father’s eyes glowed with excitement, and Cinderkit’s jaw dropped.

    “Bigger than Jaggedstar and Timbermask?” She breathed.

    “Well of course,” Ashwater mewed. “She is a panther. She said she had escaped from Twolegs, and had found refuge in our forest.” Cinderkit sat down in shock, staring at the tom before her.

    “A panther?”

    “Aw, Ashwater, I thought you were gonna wait!” Aspenkit whined. Ashwater turned, a little surprised that he was back already.

    “I was going to tell you too but you ran off to find the others.” He nudged the small tom, who had found the other kits of the nursery. Nettlekit stepped forward, eyes wide.

    “You met a panther?”

    “I did,” Ashwater mewed. And then he began to retell the story, the kits watching him in awe.

    Larchsplash watched from the nursery, as her mate told the stories of the towering trees and the panther that had taken refuge further in the forest, far from the Clans and the Twolegs alike.

    Days like this, she mused, are the best ones to exist.

    Stay Shiny!

  11. October 6, 2019 at 1:33 am

    I know nobody will read this, but I’d sincerely appreciate if you did – I’ve been working for so long on this. This story is something I wrote almost a year ago, and even if it was cringy to reread, I fell in love with the characters all over again. So I went through and edited it all. It’s 9 chapters, and around 35-40 pages. I love this story so much – even if you don’t understand Pokemon, it’s still worth a read, and I’d really appreciate it. Anyways, here’s the first chapter!

    Chapter 1

    The skies were blue – possibly more blue then they were at home, even. Alola was another region known to be sunny and warm, much like the Pabay one. Of course, Luna could only see through the window two seats over – she never sat in the window seat, because she got air sick. But Ottie was there, her earbuds in and her iPad showing some sort of TV show. Next to Luna, Silvannia laughed.

    “Okay, Luna, your turn!” She said. She pushed a lined paper with scribbles in both of the sisters’ handwritings towards Luna, with a pencil on top. The two were playing a favorite game – where they wrote one sentence of a story before passing it on to the other person. They usually ended up pretty silly. As Luna looked at the story so far, she smiled to herself. She didn’t hesitate to write the next line. “She stared at his emerald eyes, her heart fluttering in her chest, as beside them, his own Eevee tumbled and played with her own.” The story hadn’t started out sappy, but it had turned into one. She pushed it back to Silv as the flight attendant walked down passed her in aisle, collecting trash before the plane landed.

    Luna’s eyes drifted around the airport. This was it. The three friends were on Akala Island, one of the four Alolan Islands. It was the largest of the four islands, and the most popular for tourists. As the group made their way to the baggage claim, she took in all the sights. The airport was bustling – after waking up at 7 AM, they had arrived in the Alola Region at approximately 2:30 PM, and many people sped from gate to gate with rolly bags and children in tow. She spotted a young trainer with an Alolan Ninetales by her side, with baggage on it’s back. The trainer had black hair and a blue t-shirt, while the Ninetales had snowy white fur, just like Luna’s own Ninetales. This is where Kurama came from, Luna thought, in awe. The Pokémon she had raised from a Vulpix egg had come from this tropical, bright region. Luna wondered how Kurama would feel in the new place. As the gang arrived at the baggage claim and took off with their luggage, Luna spotted more trainers, and even pointed them out to her friends. They saw an Alolan Raichu, floating alongside a dark green haired boy with malasadas in it’s grip. There was a black haired boy with a blue striped t-shirt running with a brown haired trainer, each with a Decidueye following.

    The group didn’t walk far until they reached a motel, the one they were staying at. It had a bunk bed, as well as a regular twin one, on the floor beside it. Luna accurately remembered requesting that extra twin bed, for Ottie. It seemed slightly older, the wood slightly faded, but it was a welcoming sight for Ottie nonetheless, as she dropped her stuff next to it and flopped onto the red and yellow striped bed sheets with a sigh. Luna smiled and climbed the ladder to the top bunk, and Silv sat on the bottom.

    “Well, we’re officially in Alola now, right?” Ottie commented, staring at the ceiling fan, still on her bed. Silv laughed.

    “We have been since the plane landed, you know,” she said, playfully rolling her eyes. Her long black hair had a small braid on the side, her key stone on the end. She fiddled with the band holding it together. Luna nodded.

    “Yeah, I guess,” Ottie said, fake pouting. “Did you guys see all the Pokémon in the airport? They would never let people do that at home,” she commented.

    “I know, right! The “no large Pokémon” rule at home is soooo annoying,” Luna said. Silv laughed at her sister, amused. Ottie unzipped her bag and began placing her things carefully in drawers. So did Luna, and she rolled her rollybag into the closet and placed it on the rack.

    “What… is this?” Ottie asked, picking up something from the nightstand drawer. Luna and Silv crowded around to see – it was a chipped, silver disc, and a note written in sprawling cursive.

    It was nice meeting you. I hope I’ll see you again. I’ll be at Aether Paradise.

    “Um…” Luna read the letter quickly. “Not sure that’s for our eyes – looks like the last person here left something behind. But maybe we should return this?” She picked up the silver disc cautiously.

    “It’s not our business,” Ottie shrugged. “If you really want to return it, I’ll ask the people that work here. We don’t know who this “Gladion” person is, they could be anybody. So could this “Moon,”” she pointed out. Silv nodded.

    “Good point,” Silv replied. “I’ll take it,” she offered.

    “Thanks, Silv,” Luna said. “I guess I’ll resume unpacking, then,” she added. Ottie nodded and returned to emptying her suitcase. Luna handed the disc to Silv, who left their room and headed to the front desk.

    “Guys! Look at this!” Silv came running through the doorway. Luna looked up.

    “Why do you still have the stuff?” Luna asked. Silv looked down sheepishly.

    “I got distracted,” she admitted. “But look at this!” She was waving a brochure in her hands, like the kind you picked up from airports in a new place. “That Aether Paradise place the letter mentioned is having some sort of battle tournament – in two days!” She said excitedly. “We should totally go!”

    “Really? That’s interesting,” Luna said in reply. “We could return the letter and disc while we’re at it, which would be convenient,” she suggested.

    “Sure!” Ottie said. “It’s been a while since I’ve gotten to beat you, Luna,” she teased. Luna elbowed her friend in the side, laughing. “And you, Silv. Will you enter?”

    “If you want,” Silv replied hesitantly, after a moment of silence. Unconfident in her battling skills, she usually cheered from the sidelines. “It’ll be fun, right?” Ottie and Luna nodded enthusiastically.

    “All right! I can buy us boat tickets after I’ve finished unpacking – put the stuff we found in my traveling bag, okay?” Luna asked her sister.

    “It’s Day One of the Paradise Battle Tournament, held on your very own Aether Paradise battlefield! Built newly for this new annual event, we hope you enjoy!” The announcer bellowed. “Now, let me introduce the prizes! First, we have an exclusive batch of Aether Paradise made malasadas and Poke Beans! Both Pokemon and Trainer are sure to enjoy these treats! And secondly, the winner gets to battle the former Aether Paradise president and founder, Lusamine!” The crowd erupted in cheers as a young-looking blond woman sat in a glass windowed room overlooking the stadium, waving to the crowd. “Now, let all trainers enter the battlefield!” Luna took that as her cue, and walked with her friends proudly onto the new battlefield, it’s grass green and water serene, untouched by vicious attacks. Luna scanned her eyes across the field. The computers in the main building of Aether Paradise would allow them to view all the competitors and their Pokemon so they could prepare for their matches, but Luna knew it was good to see everybody in person. The trainers waved to the crowd, enthusiastic.

    “This is amazing,” Luna whispered to her sister. Silv nodded. “Are you nervous?”

    “Yeah, a bit,” Silv muttered. “There’s a lot of people,” she pointed out. Luna nodded and gave her sister a small hug.

    “We’ll be fine,” Ottie cut in. “Let’s win this!” She pumped her fist in the air and Silv laughed. Off to the side of the battlefield, a pale blond haired boy in a torn black hoodie and ripped black pants stood in the shadows. He was frowning at the competition, while a similarly haired blond girl was trying to pull him towards the rest of the trainers.

    “What’s going on over there? Cold, much?” Luna pointed at the boy, and presumably, his sister. Ottie rolled her eyes.

    “Maybe just a bit,” she said sarcastically, rolling her eyes. “They’re announcing matchups now, by the way,” the brunette informed her friends. Luna and Silv looked simultaneously up at the big screen, where cards were being shuffled. They stopped, and Luna found her portrait next to that of a female trainer with short, bobbed dirty blond hair and a yellow and green sun hat. The name below it called her Soleil, which was ironically meaning sun, just like Luna’s own name represented the moon. Luna tended to notice those random, little things in life, like the blond boy and girl in the shadows, who were now looking at their own matches. “Uh… Luna… that’s Gladion. Just fyi. So you can prepare to talk to him,” Ottie smirked, pointing in the direction of the trainer they had been talking about just a moment before. Luna glared at her playfully.

    “You’ve got to be kidding me. Of all people, it has to be him?” Luna groaned. “At least he’s hot,” she said, rolling her eyes. Ottie laughed.

    “Really, Luna?” Silv replied, amused. “Why am I friends with you?’ She snorted.

    “I’m your sister, jeez, Silv!” Luna giggled. The trainers and crowd began chattering, the suspense and silence gone.

    “Hey, at least I get what you’re saying,” Ottie nudged Luna supportively. “But you still gotta talk to him yourself, though,” she added. Luna rolled her eyes.

    “Darn it. Let’s just go to the computers,” Luna replied, sighing. “Or I’ll meet you there, or whatever. I’ll go talk to Gladion now – get it over with.” Silv and Ottie nodded and left Luna alone, and the teen slowly approached the other trainer.

    “Leave me alone, Lillie. I’m done here,” he snapped at the blond girl next to him. It was the same girl who had been pulling him towards the other trainers, and she stepped back, hurt. Gladion turned and stalked towards the exit. Well, it’s now or never, Luna thought to herself.

    “Hey, uh, excuse me…” Luna blurted, running towards Gladion with her shoulder bag thumping at her side. Gladion whipped around, his piercing emerald eyes somehow fiery. “You’re Gladion, right?” She asked.

    “Go away,” he snapped. “I don’t know who you are, so you can leave now.” Luna froze. He was cold. Sure, Luna was upset. But she was also angry.

    “Hey. I’m trying to help you, so give me a chance,” Luna retorted, frustrated. “My name is Luna,” she added. Something flashed over his face briefly, but he continued to glare.

    “Fine. What do you want?” He replied coldly. “I’ve got things to do, you know,” he continued, irritated.

    “I found this in my hotel room,” Luna said, rummaging in her bag for the note and disc. “Here. It was in a drawer in the motel on Akala Island. The note said you’d be at Aether Paradise, and I figured whatever this was is also yours,” she explained, holding out the folded note and silver disc. Gladion froze.

    “I’ll take that, thanks,” he snatched it, clutching the items to his chest. “I appreciate it, I’ve been searching for this for awhile,” he added, gazing at the chipped silver disc.

    “No problem,” Luna smiled back at him. She seemed to be earning his respect, slowly. “But before you go,” she started, as he turned to leave, “who’s Moon?” She asked. Gladion’s turned around, his eyes betraying a sense of hurt.

    “None of your business,” he snapped back. Luna bit her lip. Had she said something wrong? This guy was very on edge, it seemed. “I don’t know why I’m even talking to you. See you around,” he said blunty. Luna could only watch helplessly as Gladion stalked away, watching the movement of his black hoodie as he left.

    Luna clicked on Soleil’s trainer profile, with a picture and list of her Pokemon, along with facts such as region of origin and age. She smirked at the advantage she’d have in this battle. With the Pabay region native Pokemon Delcetean, Alolan Soleil would have no idea what hit her. She scribbled in a notebook in her backpack, with her choice of two Pokemon, since this was a two on two battle. Soleil had a Roserade, Emolga, Mudsdale, Alolan Marowak, and Wishiwashi. Making her choice based off of type coverage, she quickly balled her fists knowing Roserade was a direct counter to Delcetean. Would she risk it? She glanced across the lab at Gladion, who sat beside his sister, Lillie. He smiled at his sister, who was pointing at something on her computer, and Luna felt her mind drift towards their conversation earlier. Why had he been so rude? Suddenly, Luna had a thought. The winner of the tournament would face Lusamine, and of course Luna was planning on winning. If she saved Delcetean until the end… Lusamine would get a nasty surprise. And if Delcetean stayed in the PC boxes, she wouldn’t show up under her trainer profile. Absolute genius. Luna saw Soleil enter the room and she sat three chairs down from her. Grateful for the distraction, the trainer tried to push Gladion out of her mind. Something about him really irritated her. Sighing, Luna resumed to making a strategy. She went over it with Ottie, and they eventually found something that should set her up for a win.

    So that was the first chapter – probably the worst, because I skipped the first page or so when it comes to editing, since I’m lazy and there was nothing major to change 😛 So please believe me when I say the writing quality will increase – I’d love if you’d stick through the whole thing! Especially since it’s practically done, so it’s guarenteed to be completed – all I have left is rewriting the last scene! Hope you enjoyed <3 maybe even a prize if you stick through the whole thing 😛

    🖤 Fall Into The Darkside 🖤

  12. Monkeyfur
    October 6, 2019 at 8:02 am

    Hi guys, I have decided to create a place where people who cant write for Trailing Stars can write for this story! Your stories don’t have to be connected at all! But it must have some kind of journey to it! You can use cats in BlogClan! But please make your chapters around 1000 words!

    This is the page where you can sign up to write!


  13. Sunni is now Seti! (Sunsetpaw/stream)
    October 6, 2019 at 6:36 pm

    Fanfic with no name


    BlogClan was thriving after they let the badger go. Suddenly, there was so much life in the nearby forests. A patrol consisting of Jayfrost, Mapledrift, and Silverpaw came back with 5 squirrels. Now Cakestar was sending more patrols, and everyone was well fed.

    Sunsetpaw, whom she found where BlogClan was when the badger was causing problems, was happy about her new home thriving. Off in the distance, she saw a sparkle. She ran off towards the sparkle, and cats with stars in their pelts were there.

    “StarClan?” She said in disbelief.

    To her surprise, they replied, “Yes, dear. Tell all of BlogClan to come here” said a cat she didn’t recognize.

    “BlogClan! Come here!” she yelled, and a stampede of cats ran towards her. “I think StarClan is here!”

    All of BlogClan was over near her.

    “Good job, BlogClan.” another StarClan cat said.

    Then another cat came over, still unrecogizable.

    “You completed our first task. But more is to come….”

    I'm changing my warrior name!

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