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Kurt Vonnegut

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  1. April 17, 2019 at 11:07 pm

    Needleheart’s Wonder CHAPTER TWENTY NINE:

    Needleheart looked out of the warriors’ den wistfully. The clouds had covered the sky & light rain started to pour down.
    A Storm was coming.

    Once Needleheart has recovered, she asked Hawkstar for one more day as a warrior before living in the nursery. This was her last day.
    Needleheart stroked her belly, taking a deep breath in the crisp dawn air.
    Hawkstar had chosen Harrybrook as the deputy, he was Leafstar’s son.
    Harrybrook was a good warrior, he deserved it.
    He would make a great leader.

    Needleheart rested her head on her paws, looking around. No cat was doing anything today because of the storm. “Needleheart!” Bellaleaf’s voice called as she entered the den. “Hi Bellaleaf.” Needleheart greeted the she cat.

    “How are you feeling? How are the kits?” Bellaleaf asked, her voice gentle & kind. “They’re great. I’m feeling better.” Needleheart answered with a nod.
    “That’s good. I’m so relieved you & the kits are okay. I had no idea you & Shadowsight were expecting! They’ll be beautiful.” A soft purr rumbled in the warrior’s Throat.

    “Thank you Bellaleaf.” Needleheart smiled at her denmate. Behind her, Heathersky & Violetshine walked up. Violetshine carried a mouse in her jaws, her amber eyes twinkling.
    ‘I hope cats won’t start smothering me now.’ Needleheart growled silently.
    Bellaleaf said bye & padded away, Needleheart’s sister & mother settling next to her.
    “Here’s a mouse. You must be hungry.” Violetshine licked her kit’s ear.
    “Thanks.” Needleheart bent down & started eating the mouse gratefully.
    “Now that you’re eating for- Wait, how many?- I mean, how many kits? Do you know?” Heathersky babbled. Needleheart shook her head. “No, I don’t know.” She answered with a shrug.

    “Oh, well then.” Heathersky mumbled.
    “Why didn’t you tell us?” Violetshine whispered, turning to look into her daughter’s eyes.
    “I didn’t want to be a burden. I wanted to be deputy & help as long as I could.” She glanced at her belly, “But now, I guess I’m gaining the weight so I might as well go to the nursery.” She saw her belly had grown the past Moon.
    “I understand.” Violetshine nodded.

    Needleheart smiled at her mother.
    “Did Frecklewish know when they are due?” Heathersky’s amber and blue eyes glimmered.
    “No. Maybe in a moon,” Needleheart said.
    Needleheart narrowed her eyes. “Where’s Fireshadow? He never came back to the medicine den.” She asked.
    Heathersky shrugged. “I don’t know. I haven’t seen him since too.” She meowed. Violetshine nodded. “Me either. He’s probably hunting.”

    “For this long? He better have a good reason.” Heathersky grumbled, rising to her paws. “Well, I better help Fidgetflake sort herbs. Since there aren’t any patrols out, I better do something.” She stretched out of the den, saying goodbye & bounding towards the medicine den.
    Violetshine rubbed her nose against her muzzle. “I should go too. You should get some rest, you look tired.” She mewed.
    “I’m fine, I just slept.” Needleheart reassured her mother.

    Violetshine nodded slowly. “Okay. Well, I’m going to go & try to find a way to keep the fresh kill pile dry.” She sighed, walking away & waving her tail goodbye.
    Needleheart meowed ‘goodbye’ & finished her mouse, burying the remains.

    Suddenly, the rain started pouring down harder & thunder crackled in the sky. Needleheart gasped, hearing gasps & murmurs from cats around her.
    Shadowsight ducked inside the den, shaking his wet pelt. “We better head deeper into the den. Tonight is going to be stormy & cold.” He advised.
    Needleheart nodded. “Alright.” She padded deeper into the den, trying to balance herself with the weight of her belly.

    Thunder roared in the sky more & more, the wind making the rain lift & swerve sideways. Needleheart bristled in fear, pressing against Shadowsight. Cats huddled in their dens with wild eyes.
    “This is the worst storm this season.” Tree whispered hoarsely. “Fireshadow! He’s out there! We got to get out there & help him!” Violetshine suddenly gasped, bounding forward.

    Dewspring stopped her. “No! You can’t. You’ll get hurt. Fireshadow is a strong warrior, he’ll be okay.” He assured her.
    “He’s my SON. Let me through!” Violetshine hissed at him. “No.” Dewspring blocked her path. “Violetshine, calm down. Fireshadow will be okay.” Tree mewed in her ear.

    “I can go look for him. I’ve dealt with worst storms than this.” Riverclaw offered. “No Riverclaw, you’ll get lost or hurt.” Shadowsight meowed. Riverclaw glanced at him. “I can do it. I’ll be fine.”
    Suddenly, lightning shot down from the sky in the middle of the clearing, making all cats shriek in terror.

    “EVACUATE!” Hawkstar’s voice filled the air as fire spread across the ground. Needleheart’s amber green eyes went wide, fire reflecting in her eyes.
    ‘StarClan, help us!’ She prayed silently, fear pounding through her heart.
    Cats ran out into the clearing, warriors pushing queens, kits & elders out of the camp.

    “Needleheart, go ahead of me.” Shadowsight pushed her ahead of him, his black pelt soaked in the rain. Needleheart walked in the crowd with pants. She felt her kits squirm in terror in her belly.
    She touched her belly with her tail.
    ‘Everything will be okay.’ She whispered to them silently.

    “GO! GO! GO!” Sparrowpelt yowled, pushing cats ahead of him. Fire rose in the air as the wind carried embers into the air.
    Wrenpaw squealed in horror, ducking towards her mother & father.

    “Wait, where’s Heathersky?” Violetshine gasped out. “I’m fine! Go!” Heathersky called from the crowd to her mother.
    Cats got out of the camp with pants & yowls & shrieks.
    Suddenly, Needleheart gasped as she turned around.
    Shadowsight wasn’t there.

    “Shadowsight! Shadowsight!” She screeched.
    “Where is he?” Riverclaw was next to her with round fearful eyes. “SHADOWSIGHT!” Needleheart yowled for him at the top of her lungs. Shadowsight lifted his head from the back of the crowd. “Go!” He yowled.

    Riverclaw pushed Needleheart forward as the crowd merged. Suddenly, another lightning struck in the clearing again, cats screeching & crying in fear.
    “We can’t get out of camp!” Bellaleaf wailed.
    “We will. The elders are out. Queens, kits, apprentices, go to the front of the crowd & get out.” Hawkstar ordered.

    Needleheart padded to the front of the crowd, looking behind her. Shadowsight has disappeared.
    “Go on.” Violetshine mewed to her.
    “No, I have to find Shadowsight!” Needleheart pushed past her mother, searching the crowd for her mate.
    “Needleheart!” She heard her mother call, but it faded away as cats padded out of camp.

    “Shadowsight!” Needleheart gasped as she spotted the black tom. The warrior spotted her, but suddenly, lightning struck next to him, fire lighting the camp.
    Cats rushed in panic, leaving Shadowsight next to the lightning in terror. “Shadowsight!” Needleheart bent down next to him, pulling him towards the leader’s den. It was a cave & it was nearest.

    She put him in the den, checking his pelt for burns. “Needleheart….?” Shadowsight hoarsely mewed.
    “I’m here.” Needleheart whispered.
    “Get out, its not safe.” Shadowsight shook his head, his back wet but burns scorched it.

    “No, I’m not leaving you. We’ll stay here, we’ll be safe.” Needleheart meowed to him.
    “But we’ll be missing. They’ll think we’re dead.” Shadowsight’s yellow eyes were glazed.
    “But we’re not. And when they come back, we’ll be okay.” Needleheart reassured him.

    Suddenly, a voice broke through the sounds of the fire. “Needleheart!”
    Needleheart whipped her head around to see Fireshadow. Her brother ducked into the den, his fiery amber eyes wide.

    “Fireshadow! Are you okay?” Needleheart breathed. “I’m fine.” He mewed, glancing at Shadowsight. “Is he burned?”
    “Yes. I need help, he needs herbs. But the medicine den is too far.” Needleheart sighed.

    “I can get them.” Fireshadow meowed.
    “It can be too dangerous. Why don’t you stay here.” Needleheart objected.
    “No, I’ll get the herbs. I’ll be safe.” He touched his nose to her ear, bounding away into the flames.
    Needleheart held her breath, her eyes wild with fear & panic. Shadowsight slowly rose to his paws, stumbling. “Be careful.” Needleheart whispered.
    “I-I’m Fine.” Shadowsight bristled.

    “Do your burns hurt?” Needleheart asked.
    “Burns?” Shadowsight looked confused, his yellow eyes clouded. “Then What are….?” Needleheart broke off.
    “Those are scars.” Shadowsight told her.
    “Then- oh no! Fireshadow!” Needleheart cried out. “I have to go after him!” She yowled.

    “No! You’re carrying kits, you can’t!” Shadowsight objected. “I have to. He’s my brother.” protested Needleheart. “Don’t do this. I’ll get him.” Shadowsight told her, his eyes narrowed.
    Needleheart’s heart felt torn into pieces. “But- I might lose you.”

    “Better than lose our kits.” Shadowsight mewed. Before she could reply, Shadowsight raced out of the den in a flash.
    “Shadowsight!” Needleheart gasped, tears filling her eyes.
    Panic churned in her belly as she waited.
    The flames rose & roared, filling her ears, making her want to yowl.

    After awhile, Needleheart heard no one. ‘I have to check.’ She thought, stepping cautiously towards the entrance of the den. She looked around the camp, scanning the clearing for Shadowsight & Fireshadow.
    Finally, she spotted a flash of golden & black wrestling onto the ground.

    “Shadowsight! Fireshadow!” Needleheart shrieked, leaping down into the flames. She ran towards them, pushing them off each other.
    “Needleheart…” Fireshadow’s eyes glinted with something Needleheart didn’t recognize in her brother’s eyes.

    “Fireshadow, What are you doing?” Needleheart breathed. “Protecting you.” Fireshadow answered, his amber eyes flashing.
    “From What?” Needleheart flicked her ears.
    “Him.” Fireshadow glared at Shadowsight, who looked shocked.
    “What do you mean? Shadowsight….?” Needleheart stared at her mate.

    “Don’t listen to him.” Shadowsight shook his head, spitting blood. “He’s a rogue Needleheart. He will always be. Why Needleheart? Don’t you know you made a mistake? I’m protecting you from him!” Fireshadow stared at her with hysteric eyes.

    Needleheart stepped back. “Fireshadow, I don’t know what you’re talking about. I love Shadowsight, I made no mistake.” She panted.
    Fireshadow drew back a snarl. “Yes you did. And you made a huge one.” He glanced at her belly, suddenly launching himself onto her.

    Needleheart shrieked & struggled under her brother’s weight. Shadowsight knocked him over with a screech of fury, holding him down.
    Fireshadow snarled with rage glowing in his fire-lit eyes.

    Needleheart stumbled to her paws, the world spinning around her. “DON’T TOUCH HER AGAIN!” Shadowsight spat at him.
    “They must die! And so should you! You are a rogue & you will always be! One day you will hurt Needleheart & the kits, I NEED TO PROTECT HER!” Fireshadow snarled & hissed.

    “That is not true. None of it is.” Shadowsight hissed at him. Needleheart stared at the two with flickering eyes. “I WILL PROTECT MY SISTER!” Fireshadow yowled, pushing Shadowsight off & hurling himself towards Needleheart.

    Needleheart dodged & skidded across the ground, her amber green eyes burning.
    Fireshadow snarled in anger & lunged toward the two.
    Shadowsight stood in front of Needleheart, his yellow eyes turning into yellow fire.

    “Don’t you see? His father killed us, Needleheart! Our mother’s father Hawkstar, his father was killed by Darktail! And who’s father is that? Him.” Fireshadow spat blood, his fiery eyes sparkling.

    “You’re not right Fireshadow. You never were. Shadowsight is not his father & he never will be. Look at you, this isn’t you Fireshadow. We can go back from this, you can change. I know you & I don’t recognize the cat in front of me. Don’t do this.” Tears streamed down Needleheart’s face as she spoke.

    “YOU HAVE CHANGED! Once you met him. You always went to him. It was always HIM!” Fireshadow yowled.
    “You’re wrong.” snarled Shadowsight.
    “I AM RIGHT.” Fireshadow arched his back, his blood soaked golden fur bristling.

    Needleheart gasped. “Fireshadow, no-“
    Fireshadow charged towards them, but Shadowsight pushed Needleheart out of the way & leaped out of the way.
    Fireshadow let out a shriek of terror as he skidded into the flames, screeching in pain as the flames engulfed him.

    Needleheart cried out. “FIRESHADOW!” Shadowsight immediately grabbed the tom & threw him out of the fire, fire scorching the tom’s fur.
    “Fireshadow, Fireshadow, can you hear me?” Needleheart crouched down beside her brother, her eyes glistening with pain.
    Her brother didn’t answer.
    “Fireshadow! I forgive you! Wake up! Please wake up! You’re still my brother! Please!” Needleheart cried out.

    ‘Needletail! Please let him be alive! I need my brother, he’s mad, this isn’t him!’ Needleheart called for the she cat silently.
    ‘I’m sorry Needleheart….’ A voice answered.
    Needleheart wailed in pain, falling to the ground.
    Shadowsight pressed against her as she wailed.

    “He’s dead….” Needleheart whimpered.
    “I’m sorry, I couldn’t save him.” Shadowsight mewed. “It wasn’t you.” Needleheart closed her eyes, imagining her brother walking in StarClan, his eyes bright, his mind clear, his pelt not scorched with fire or burns.
    ‘Will he walk in StarClan?’ She thought.

    Shadowsight looked up and around them, rain started pouring down from the sky.
    Needleheart looked up with a gasp.
    The flames lowered & dimmed until they disappeared. The rain poured harder, the roads of the flames and thunder disappearing & fading away.
    Shadowsight led her into the warriors’ den, dragging Fireshadow’s body inside.

    “What will we tell them?” Needleheart looked at the tall tom. “I’m not sure. I don’t want to tell them the truth.” Shadowsight shook his head, guilt shining in his eyes.
    “It wasn’t your fault you know.” Needleheart whispered. “No, it was. I’m not sure if I can live with that, but I will.” Shadowsight’s black fur rippled.
    Needleheart lowered her head.

    The cats came back with wide eyes.
    “Needleheart! Shadowsight!” Heathersky called with Violetshine & Tree.
    Riverclaw looked around with Hawkstar & the rest of the cats. “Needleheart! Shadowsight!”

    “Search the camp.” Hawkstar ordered.
    “I hope they’re okay.” Violetshine whimpered, her amber eyes dark. Heathersky pressed against them. “I’m sure they are.”

    Needleheart padded out of the warriors’ den with Shadowsight, her fur wet & bristling. “Needleheart!” Violetshine cried out, throwing herself onto her kit with tears.
    “I’m fine.” Needleheart whispered. ‘But Fireshadow isn’t.’ She thought with grief.

    “Shadowsight!” Riverclaw rubbed her nose against her brother’s shoulder. “I thought I lost you.”
    “You never will.” Shadowsight murmured to his sister.

    “Have you found Fireshadow?” Tree asked, his amber eyes bright & hopeful.
    Needleheart felt her heart stop for a moment. “I-I-Yes, we did. But…” Her amber green eyes darkened.
    “Fireshadow?” Heathersky tilted her head at the tom’s Figure in the den.

    She padded up & nudged him.
    “He….” Needleheart broke off.
    “He’s dead.” She gasped out.
    Violetshine looked at her with grief flashing in her eyes. “What? No! No! He can’t!” Tears burst from her mother’s eyes.
    Heathersky buried her face in her brother’s fur. “No, no, no….”
    Tree pressed against Violetshine, touching his nose against her ear. “How?” He whispered, his voice hoarse.

    “He-He, Shadowsight was burned & Fireshadow was trying to get herbs….” Needleheart’s voice choked as she spoke, stopping & pressing against her family.
    “He will be remembered. He died in dignity.” Violetshine breathed out.
    Needleheart’s heart broke. ‘I wish he did. And I will remember him for the good, not the bad.’ She thought.

    Shadowsight watched her with glistening yellow eyes. Needleheart looked at him with a grieving gaze. “We will hold vigil for him tonight.” Hawkstar dipped his head.

    Needleheart pressed against Shadowsight, closing her eyes. “Are you going to name one of the kits after him?” Heathersky asked quietly.
    Needleheart glanced at Shadowsight, who met her gaze.

  2. Ivie | Ivypaw
    April 18, 2019 at 2:03 pm

    Hey guys, I’m continuing the Medicine Cat Holiday 😛
    Chapter 2

    When they got to the airport, Jayfeather thought he might actually possibly maybe enjoy this. Maybe.
    Then Leafpool ruined everything as usual. “jayfeather i invited the whOLe FAmiLy!!1!111!!!!1!11!!!!1!!!1!11!!1!1!!”
    Jayfeather explodeded 17 times then screamed for 18 minutes, 53 seconds and 9 nano-seconds. “WHY DIDN’T YOU TELL ME.??.1?11!11!1!11??1?1?1” he said exploding again
    “because if i did then i wouldnt be leafpool she doesn’t tell people stuff Leafpool said
    Jayfeather hugged three of his six wives and cried for an hour.
    “oh and they all brought a plus one “
    Jayfeather screamed some more
    Lionblaze brought Purpleeyestail!!1!111!!1!1!!!11!1!11!!!11!1!111
    Crowfeather brought wifecloud!!1!111!!1!1!!!11!1!11!!!11!1!111
    Squirrelflight brought tigerbrambleclawstar!!1!111!!1!1!!!11!1!11!!!11!1!111
    And murdererleaf brought Fallen Leaves’ ghost!!1!111!!1!1!!!11!1!11!!!11!1!111
    “Sup” murdererleaf said she was wearing shades on a flying carpet with her new boyfriend Fallen Leaves’ ghost.
    “the Sky” said waifu 1 willowshine
    Jayfeather, while screaming, noticed that his second wife was crying “What is wring with you do we need to fix you with my stick” he said
    “No Flametail said “fallen leaves’ Ghost is here now I will be forgotten about we are both sm0l innocent cinnamon roll ginger children who drowned I think the Erins forgot about one of us and just wrote another one”
    “Don’t worry” Jayfeather said “I am a cooler husbando than murdererleaf”
    “Yes” said Flametail “thank you my only husbando”
    On the flight there was only one other person:
    It was Clear Sky’s ghost!!1!111!!1!1!!!11!1!11!!!11!1!111!!1!111!!1!1!!!11!1!11!!!11!1!111
    He was sitting and reading ‘The Evil Cat Times’
    “YES MAPLE HE IS EVIL” screamed Mothwing and Sm0lcloud and waifu 3 who are the only ones who haven’t made an appearance yet
    The whole 2 and a half hour flight Jayfeather slurped through a straw to annoy everyone, Fluffyblaze sang SUPER loudly in a really annoying voice, murdererleaf flirted with Fallen Leaves’ ghost, The three waifus were reading about poofclan the cat god, purpleeyestail put loads of eyeliner on, everyone else did stuff and it was boring.
    Then suddenly Cinderheart and Feathertail’s ghost burst in!!!!!1!1!111!1!!!11!!11!
    “GIVE US BACK OUR HUSBANDOS!!1!1!111!1!!!11!!11!

    Google Translate Version
    Chapter 2

    When they reached the airport, Jayfire thought he might actually enjoy that. Perhaps.
    Then Leafpool ruined everything as usual. “Jayfeather I invited all FAmiLy !! 1! 111 !!!! 1! 11 !!!! 1 !!! 1! 11 !! 1! 1 !!”
    Jayfeather exploded 17 times, then screamed for 18 minutes, 53 seconds and 9 nano-seconds. “Why did not you tell me?”? ”
    “Because if I did, then I would not be a leaf, she did not tell people what Leafpool said.”
    Jayfield embraced three of his six wives and wept for an hour.
    “Oh, and they all brought you a plus”
    Jayfer screamed a little longer
    Lionblaze brought Purpleeyestail !! 1! 111 !! 1! 1 !!! 11! 1! 11 !!! 11! 1! 111
    1! 111 !! 1! 1 !!! 11! 1! 11 !!! 11! 1! 111
    Squirrelflight brought tigerbrambleclawstar !! 1! 111 !! 1! 1 !!! 11! 1! 11 !!! 11! 1! 111
    And the killer brought the specter of fallen leaves! 1! 111 !! 1! 1 !!! 11! 1! 11 !!! 11! 1!
    The Susa killer said he was wearing shades of a flying carpet with the specter of his new friend, Fallen Leaves.
    “Heaven,” said Vifeu 1, glowing
    As he screamed, Jayfer noticed that his second wife was crying, “What makes you shrink, we have to fix you with your stick,” he said.
    “No Flametail said” fallen leaves “The spirit is here now we will forget that we are both innocent cinnamon rolls ginger children who drown I think Erines forgot about one of us and just wrote another
    “Do not worry,” said Jayfield, “I’m a cooler husband than a killer”
    “Yes,” said Flametelay, “thank you my only wife
    There was only one other person during the flight:
    It was the Clean Sky ghost! 1! 111 !! 1! 1 !!! 11! 1! 11 !!! 11! 1! 111 !! 1! 111 !! 1! 1 !!! 11! 1! 11! !! 11! 1! 111
    He sat and read “The Evil Cat Times”
    “MAPLE IS NOT EVIL”, Mouting and Smilklud and Viefou 3, who are the only ones who have not yet appeared.
    For the entire 2 and a half hour Jepire flight spit through straw to irritate everyone, Fluffyblaze sang SUPER strongly with a really tedious voice, the killer flirting with the Fallen Leaves ghost. eyes, everyone else was busy and it was boring.
    Then suddenly the spirit of the Wand and the Fairytale ghost exploded! 1! 1! 111! 1 !!! 11 !! 11!
    “Give us back to our HUSBANDOS !! 1! 1! 111! 1 !!! 11 !! 11!

    • April 20, 2019 at 4:26 am

      “What makes you shrink, we have to fix you with your stick.”
      -Jayfer 2019

      ♡ 🐱 ♡

  3. April 18, 2019 at 10:28 pm

    Needleheart’s Wonder CHAPTER THIRTY:(Oh crap😱!)

    Needleheart saw flashes of lightning, roaring winds & rising flames. Her brother’s voice echoed, “I MUST PROTECT YOU!”
    She flinched, bristling along her spine.

    “Needleheart! Needleheart!” Heathersky’s voice called, waking her up with a shake. “What?” Needleheart’s eyes jolted open. “You were having a nightmare again.” Heathersky explained, her amber and blue eyes round with worry.
    “Oh…” Needleheart lowered her gaze, “I just- I can’t get him out of my head…” She sighed.
    “I know. Me either…he was our brother, Needleheart. It’s hard for those things to go away Heathersky frowned.

    Needleheart was about to tell the truth that she saw in her nightmares, but shut her jaws. SkyClan still thought Fireshadow died trying to grab herbs for Shadowsight.
    He died just for the opposite.
    But Needleheart wanted it to stay that way.
    Her brother should be remembered for his good, not his bad.

    Needleheart dropped into her nest with a sigh.
    Heathersky was staying in the nursery with her so she wouldn’t be lonely, but still continued her warrior duties.
    Needleheart stretched out of her nest. “I’m getting some prey.” She almost tumbled over, the weight of her belly shifting.

    Frecklewish said she was going to be due this Moon. “Alright. I’ll join a patrol.” Heathersky mewed. Needleheart bounded towards the fresh kill pile, sniffing the shrew on top.
    Flashes of the rich forest with plenty prey filled her vision, making her miss the forest with all her heart.

    ‘Soon, in 7 moons.’ She promised to herself.
    She grabbed the shrew, walking towards the fern clump. Bellaleaf sat there, sharing tongues with Tinycloud & eating a finch.
    “Hey!” The pale orange she cat greeted her with bright green eyes.
    “Hi.” Needleheart mewed, settling down next to them.

    “How are you feeling?” Tinycloud asked her, stretching in the sunlight. “Good. You?” Needleheart replied with a gentle relaxed feeling. She hadn’t felt this relaxed in forever, it felt.
    “Great.” Tinycloud answered.
    Bellaleaf looked around camp with narrowed eyes. “Have you seen Wrenpaw?” She asked the two she cats, her tail flicking nervously.
    “No, why?” Needleheart meowed, taking a bite out of her shrew.

    “I haven’t seen her all day. Did you give her permission to go hunting or on a patrol by herself?” Bellaleaf turned to her mentor, Tinycloud.
    Tinycloud shook her head. “No. Did you check her den?”
    “Yes. She’s not there.” Bellaleaf’s breath came quick, her eyes wild with fear.

    “I’m sure she’s fine. Wrenpaw’s older & smart & strong. Wherever she is, I’m sure she’s fine.” Needleheart reassured the she cat.
    “If She was fine, she would have let me know where she is!” Bellaleaf snapped.
    She rose to her paws, stalking across camp, “I’m talking to Harrybrook.”
    Needleheart sighed. “Maybe he can send out a search patrol.” She called.

    “I’m going to go & look for her. I’m sure Bellaleaf didn’t check the elders’ den. She’s probably changing out their nests or pulling out ticks.” Tinycloud suggested, padding away.
    Needleheart rose to her paws & scanned the camp. ‘No apprentice would do that freely.’ She added silently.

    ‘What if she went out of camp to gather moss?’ She thought, walking towards the camp entrance. ‘I’ll take a cat with me.’ She looked around camp for Blossomheart, her eyes narrowed.
    “Who are you looking for?” Plumwillow asked, her eyes round with curiosity.
    “Blossomheart. I thought she could help me search the forest for Wrenpaw.” Needleheart told the senior warrior.

    “She’s our hunting. I can help.” Plumwillow’s dark gray fur fluffed out against the wind.
    “Thanks. Can someone else come too?” Needleheart asked.
    “Sure. I’ll find Macgyver.” Plumwillow nodded & padded away.

    Needleheart waited & eventually, Plumwillow arrived with the black & white tom. “Let’s go.” She mewed. The three cats walked out into the forest, tasting the air for the apprentice’s scent.
    “Wrenpaw!” Needleheart called, but no one answered.
    “Wrenpaw!” Plumwillow called when they walked farther.

    Macgyver sniffed the ground, tasting the air with intent eyes. “I’m picking up nothing.” He meowed.
    “Do you think she sneaked our & disguised her scent?” Plumwillow wondered, her amber eyes alight with worry.
    “Wrenpaw isn’t like that.” Needleheart shook her head, twitching her whiskers.

    Macgyver let out a gasp a few fox-lengths away.
    “What is it? Did you find her?” Plumwillow breathed.
    Macgyver’s eyes went dark. “Badger.”

  4. Pebbleglow (paw)
    April 19, 2019 at 3:13 pm

    Heyyyyyo! I’m finally going to start my very own fan fic story and finally DO something with all my OCs laying around… 😛 werp

    I’m calling it.. Beyond the Fandom…


    Four friends, one fandom, unlimited adventures.

    Pebbleglow, a young girl, wakes up to find she is in a strange world where everyone she knows, including her, are cats!

    (That’s all I have for now) 😛

    Let the ideas flow!!!! 😀

    Kinda similar to Trailing Stars! 🙂

    • April 19, 2019 at 7:17 pm


    • Bluefire/Blu is a Divergent (Erudite, Amity, Candor) Gryffindor
      April 19, 2019 at 11:06 pm

      Can I have a character???

      • Pebbleglow (paw)
        April 20, 2019 at 1:43 am

        Hehe, thanks guys!

        U can have a character if u want, I’m only just starting the prologue 😛

        • Pebbleglow (paw)
          April 20, 2019 at 2:01 am

          Here is the list of my OC characters I have so far for the story:

          Pebbleglow (duh)
          My Family as OCs (Duststorm, cloudshade, amberlight, silvermoon)
          Oneclaw (evil)

          New OCs in the making:
          Fernshade (Oneclaw’s mate & follower)
          Darkheart (Oneclaw’s follower)
          Finchfeather (another Oneclaw follower)

          That’s all I have for now.

        • April 20, 2019 at 6:52 am

          Can I have a character in it too??

          • Pebbleglow (paw)
            April 20, 2019 at 11:05 am

            Of course you can! 😀

            If anyone wants to be in my fanfic, just tell me:

            – what your character looks like (fursona) I’m too lazy to search the allegiances 😛
            – Your purrsonality
            – what u want to do in the story

            (anyone who I put in will be part of Blogclan and nothing else, eg. rogues, loners kittypets)

            Thanks guys 4 ur cooperation

            Lol idk why I’m being too proper 😛

            • April 20, 2019 at 11:59 pm

              Errrr, um, can I be just someone Pebbleglow meets? Duh doe.

              Skyspirit- a lithe Silver she cat with darker flecks & blue green eyes.
              Bright, fun, talented at climbing, caring, kind, fast

              • Pebbleglow (paw)
                April 21, 2019 at 2:07 am

                ok. You could be the first cat Pebbleglow meets when she wakes up in the Fandom!!!!

                U want to be called Skyspirit, not Blossomfire, right? Just making sure.

                Is it ok that u say ur part of Blogclan?

                • April 21, 2019 at 6:54 pm

                  Yeah! I’ll be Skyspirit in there. I mean that’s one of my OCs.

  5. April 19, 2019 at 7:38 pm

    Needleheart’s Wonder CHAPTER THIRTY ONE:

    Needleheart bristled. “What?”
    “A badger. Right here. I can scent it!” Macgyver’s eyed went wild with shock.

    “We got to find Wrenpaw. Wrenpaw!” Plumwillow called, her amber eyes flashing with fear.
    Needleheart found the badger’s scent & followed it, it’s stench filling up her nose.
    Finally, Needleheart stopped.
    “Shush. Be quiet. I think I hear something.” She whispered to the two warriors.

    The two shut their jaws, pricking their ears.
    Needleheart heard a yelp & commotion up ahead.
    “It’s past those hawthorn bushes!” Needleheart gasped, diving into the bushes.
    The two followed.
    “Wren-!” Needleheart was cut off by a badger snarling in front of the apprentice, his heady black eyes flickering.

    Wrenpaw stood frozen with fear, her ginger and brown pelt bristling. “Wrenpaw!” Needleheart called, trying to distract the badger.
    Thankfully, the badger lashed around to see her & launched himself at Needleheart.

    Needleheart snarled & dodged, whipping around to meet the badger’s eye. “Wrenpaw, get out of here! Get help!” She yowled to the apprentice, who hesitated before racing away. Plumwillow leaped onto the badger’s back, hissing & biting its shoulders.

    The badger roared at her, slashing the ground with its paws. Macgyver hurled himself at its paws, thrashing & screeching at it.
    Needleheart spotted a twig at the edge of the clearing & grabbed it.
    “What are you doing?” Plumwillow spat as she raked the badger’s shoulders.

    “Making it easier!” Needleheart told her through the twig in her mouth. Aiming it up, she stuck it in the badger’s eye.
    It yowled in pain & stumbled, making Plumwillow & Macgyver jump off of it.

    Moments later, Wrenpaw arrived with a patrol.
    Tinycloud fluffed out her white fur, drawing back a snarl at the badger. She was leading the patrol. “We got it down. ATTACK!”
    Needleheart launched herself towards the badger, but Tinycloud stopped her.
    “What?” Needleheart stared at the senior warriors

    “You’re pregnant. Go back to the nursery.” Tinycloud told her with round eyes.
    “No! I helped get this badger down! My kits are fine!” Needleheart hissed.

    “If you keep pushing yourself, the kits won’t & neither will you.” Tinycloud meowed.
    Needleheart hesitated.
    “Go.” The White she cat flicked her tail.
    Needleheart glanced at the badger before racing off back to camp.

    Worry prickled her pelt as she waited in the nursery. ‘I shouldn’t have left them…’ She thought, ‘But I needed to. For the safety of me & my kits.’

    Finally, after awhile, the patrol arrived back to camp.
    “Tinycloud!” Needleheart called, bounding out of the den. “Needleheart, we’re all okay. Everyone is fine & the badger ran off.” She reported with a relieved sigh.

    “We’re going to report to Hawkstar. We should.” Plumwillow meowed, padding off to the leader’s den. Needleheart turned her gaze to a Wrenpaw. The small apprentice had a couple of injuries on her pelt, but she looked fine. “Are you okay? Why were you alone in the forest?” Needleheart asked gently.

    “I was just gathering moss. I didn’t think I needed Tinycloud’d permission. I wanted it to be a surprise.” The she cat sighed, scuffling her paws.
    Tinycloud glanced at her apprentice. “Well, I’m glad you’re okay, but you’ll be pulling ticks for a moon or two.” She huffed.

    Wrenpaw nodded glumly & padded away to the medicine den. “Needleheart, I’m glad you listened to me. The safety of you & your kits should be your number 1 priority, not ours.” Tinycloud mewed to her.
    “I just- I forgot.” Needleheart shuffled her paws.
    “You have to remember you’re a queen now, temporarily, but you’ll be a warrior soon.” Tinycloud’s blue green eyes glimmered.

    “Alright, I understand.” Needleheart turned got the nursery & walked inside.
    She stopped, trying to draw in a deep breath.
    Her head went light & she felt the world spin around her.
    Then, everything went black.

  6. Sunpaw
    April 19, 2019 at 10:19 pm

    The Glitch
    A short story by Sunpaw
    Based off of Navy’s prompt, “Blogclan meets up irl and we’re all actually cats”

    He waited. And waited. His silver tail curled delicately around large white paws, as they always had and always would. His amber eyes, shining with knowledge and wisdom, were unblinking.

    Then it happened.

    The vast cavern was filled with cats, mostly young ones. Voices rang in the air, and conversations were plentiful. Some cats were playing, others walking around, some just watching. But they were all happy. Their movements, their voices all had a merry tone to them, and they walked with a bounce in their step.

    Then they disappeared, as quickly as they came.

    The tom had become used to this. For years and years, it had been happening. Some cats came and went, replaced by new ones, but all of them failed to notice him. They didn’t seem to notice that they appeared and disappeared every so often.

    He’d come to know some of their names. The oldest one, a reddish-brown she-cat, was Cakestar, the leader, while her second-in-command was Jayfrost, a gray-brown she-cat with strange tabby markings. Cakestar’s son, Hazelburrow, and her trusted associates, Flowerstream, Emberdawn, Dawnmist, Iceflower, Sundance, and Rosefur. And some others as well. He knew many other names, and what they looked like.

    In the vast cavern, the silver tom sat, as he always had been and always would, waiting for the next arrival.

  7. April 19, 2019 at 10:21 pm

    What made me do this again?

    Hollyleaf ran into the middle of the forest with Lionblaze and Jayfeather again because this seems to be a recurring theme in Power of Three.

    “We have to find out who our father is now that we know that Leafpool is our mother!” She cried, gazing agonisedly at her brothers for the 39th time in the duration of five minutes.

    “I don’t know who it could be” Lionblaze scratched his head while back flipping constantly off of Jayfeather. “Leafpool is a medicine cat so…”

    “Hang on” Jayfeather looked as if he had had an idea for a moment, but all he has paused to do was shove some deathberries into Lionblaze’s mouth.

    Calmly ignoring the choking noise that the large fluffy golden tom was making, he turned back to Hollyleaf and seeing her her agonised face. “What, he was gonna slow down the group anyway!”

    “Oh don’t worry” Hollyleaf replied. “I always look like this. And anyway, all I’m worried about is how we can hide the evidence. Maybe we can frame it on Purdy…”

    “Has he even come back to the clans yet? I don’t even know which book this is parodying.” Jayfeather asked as Lionblaze stopped breathing. “I don’t know, the author’s too lazy to check!” Hollyleaf hissed, thinking of how much the warrior code meant to her for the 127336474944737848348724913£983£189£8918929th time this book.

    “What if Crowfeather is our father?” Jayfeather contemplated, trying to haul Lionblaze’s massive fluffiness into a ditch that had conveniently sprouted on Thunderclan territory. “Everyone knows that LeafxCrow was Spottedleaf’s OTP until Sorreltail and Brackenfur had Stealyoursister’sboyfriendkit, Unimportantkit, Starclan’spuppetkit and I’mthesisterwho’sboyfriendgotstolenkit.”

    “Maybe…” Hollyleaf said, wondering if anything interesting was going to happen after she’d killed Ashfur.

    SUDDENLY YELLOWFAGN FLOATED DOWN FROM SATRCALN!!!1!1!1!11!1!!1!1!!1!1!1!!1!1!1!!!11111!!!

    “You fools!” Yeloowfagn screeched. “Crowfeather has nothing to do with you! Can’t you see that Mothwing is your father!”

    “What?” Jayfeather and Hollyleaf said, their acting skills worse than even the actors in the warrior cats movie!

    “Leafpool called her pretty like 5 times, that’s how kittens work!” Yloofagn yowled, before disappearing in a puff of purple smoke.

    Then they went to Mothwing to tell her.

    “Oh ok.” Mothwing said. “I’ve probably got illegal children everywhere from my kitten smuggling business. Willowshine’s my daughter too.”


    Ok part 3 is here (will probs contain some Moonkitti jokes)
    Hollyleaf swore.
    Here is the exact unfiltered words that Hollyleaf swore in:

    “Meowmeow motherstarclanmeow” said Hollyleaf.
    “We were going to get together she screamed in pain. “Willowshine and I were going to have 500 cherry red kittypet babies and become Soptteef’s OTP!!!1!1!1!1!1!”
    Mothwing stares at her for another 500 pages just to make the book a bit longer and then she shrugs. “Do whatever you want kiddo, I’ll even take you to Chuck E Cheese my 37th probable daughter”
    Hollyleaf basks in the light of big, beautiful Mothwing.
    “About that” Jayfeather adds. “We just murdered your fluffiest son.”
    Nobody takes any notice apart from Mothwing for only one second. “Oh sweet”
    Hollyleaf is still basking in the light of big, beautiful Mothwing. Scientists say it’s the Leafpool genes.
    “But fathre” Hollyleaf cries. “Won’t mom sue you and take child custody1!1!1?!1?1!?1?22??2??1?2??1?1?
    “Nah, as soon as she sees that I have dental she’ll move right back in” says Mothwing in Moonkitti’s most monotone voice.
    And that’s when Mothpool became Spottedleaf’s OTP and Mothwing ran away with all her known children and continued the family business of an illegal underground kitten fighting ring with no more Lionblaze chapters.
    Hollyleaf to this day is still basking in the light of big, beautiful Mothwing (even my autocorrect knows it now). The last living scientists still maintain that it’s the Leafpool genes.

    Ok part 3 for real (spot the blogclan cameos)
    Suddenly, they were at the seaside where Wollowshine became a mermaid.
    “I’m proud of you fish daughter” said Mouthwing, sipping some iced coffee and instantly dying of ambition and strong coffee. Hollyleaf died of being in love with both Mouthwing and Wollowshine.
    She then saw a huge pineapple rise out of the sea to reveal Spongebob and a cat called Bluebell who gave them Spongebob memes. Jayfeather then fell into the fandom and decided to join the tests 2.
    Then Lionblaze’s ghost came to haunt them while eating cookies. Everyone collectively groaned. He had gotten himself a new girlfriend who was both a flying and a sparking Cheetah.
    He then screamed something about speeeeeeeeeeeeeeedy mods and disappeared.
    “Hey guys, was that me but genderbent” Mouthwing asked.
    “Nah, I don’t know who that was said Jayfeather.
    Then they went to a fancy seaside restaurant but iT WAS ACTAULLY THE BLOGCLAN IRL MEETUP IN DIGUIS1!1!1!1!1!!-!11!!-!1!1!1!1!1!1!!1!-!-
    “Wow, I can’t believe that everyone’s ACTAULLY cats Hollyleaf screamed
    “Quick, let’s get ourselves mentors before they’re all gone Jayfeather said
    “I want Clifford but Cat version said Mouthwing
    “Nah, she’s my mentor said someone who was in a boat that gave the people reading this a cLUE ABOUT HER NAME
    “Ok then said Mouthwing
    “This is my wedding now screamed Jayfeather “I’m marrying both HALF MOON, KESTRELFLIGHT, FLAMETAIL, PUDDLESHINE AND BERRYNOSE!!!!!!!!!!1!1!1!1!1!1!1!1!1!1!1!-!-!–!-!—-!-111!1!1?11!1?1!1!1!1!1!1!!!!21111!!?!!11111!1!1!-!-!-!-!-!-!-!
    And they all had way too much catmint after Jaybae married his 16 wives…
    but suddenly…
    IT WAS LEAFPOOL AND STICK1!1!1!1!!1!!1!1!1!1!1!!1!1*gasp*11?1!1!1!1!!-!1!!-!-!-?-??1?1!1!!1!1?1!1!!1!1!1!1!1!!1!1!1!1!1!1!!1!1!1!1!1!1!1!11111!1!!1!1!!111!11!!!1!1!1!1!!1!?
    “yOUR ONLY MARRYING ONE INANIMATE OBJECT SON she screamed and pointed threateningly with the stick. “ILL SUE YOU MOUTHWING1,1?1!1!-!-!!-!1!1!1!1!1!1!1!1!1!1!!1!1!111111!!1!!!!1!111!!1!1!!1!!!111!!!!!11!!!!!!1!1!!?
    To be continue.?.?.?.?.?.?.?.?.?.?.?…?.?.?.?????….?.?.?.

    Repost to ask what I should do next. Suggestions please!

    Bold of you to assume I'm Navy

  8. Lilymoon310
    April 20, 2019 at 1:47 am

    Chapter 1 of Ivytuft’s Promise…

    Ivytuft slid silently through the snowy forest. the rabbit was strait ahead, hopping peacefully through the undergrowth. One more step and it would be hers. She crouched low, rocked back and forth on her hunches for momentum and leaped. She soared through the air and landed on the unsuspecting animal, killing it almost instantly. She sat up, satisfied, and padded happily back to camp, taking a small detour to retrieve her previous prey: two mice.

    IceClan’s camp was based in a small crater in the mountainous forest. the tall sides were dotted with ledges and it was honeycombed with small caves. The cave nearest the bottom belonged to the queens and kits. the one next to int was the elders’ den. further up was the warriors den and slightly higher was the largest cave, Highcave, belonging to the clan leader, Froststar. Small boulder patches dotted the clearing at the base of the crater and a small shallow cave marked the fresh-kill pile.

    Ivytuft placed her catch on the pile and padded over to where Tangleberry was sunbathing on the sandstone boulders.

    “Hi Ivytuft,” he said. “Catch anything?”

    “A rabbit and a few mice,” she replied. “How long have you been lazing around on these rocks?” she asked with a cheeky smile.

    “Hey you!” he purred. “watch what you say!”

    Ivytuft yawned. “Its cold,” she murmured groggily.

    “Its leaf-bare what do you expect?” meowed Tangleberry.

    “Humph,” grunted Ivytuft. “That’s so helpful, Tanglebberry,” she mewed sarcastically.

    Tangleberry decided to change the subject. “Go to sleep,” he meowed, “you’ve had a long day.” It was true. Ivytuft had been hunting all day and her paws felt numb. The forest was covered in a thick blanket of snow and it had seeped deep into her fur, robbing her paws of all feeling. She curled into a tight ball beside Tangleberry and closed her eyes. She felt Tangleberry’s rasping tongue lapping at her ear as she slipped into the sanctuary of sleep.

    Ivytuft awoke in a rocky forest. Huh? How did I get here? She thought. Tall trees towered overhead small bushes dotted the landscape. To the right of Ivytuft the ground gave way to form a tall sheer cliff. Ivytuft stepped carefully mindful of the sheer drop to her right.

    “Hello Ivytuft.”

    Ivytuft wheeled around to face the speaker. It was a light grey she-cat with a darker grey patch on the tip of her ears and tail. Her pelt and blue eyes sparkled like the sandstone boulders when the sunlight reached them back home.

    “Who are you?” asked Ivytuft suspiciously. She didn’t know this cat, nor did she know her intentions.

    “My name is Greyheart,” replied the she-cat calmly. “I need to show you something.”

    Suddenly, the scene around Ivytuft changed. She was back at camp. the full moon shone high above and as Ivytuft padded into the warriors’ den she saw everyone sleeping peacefully.

    Suddenly a growl rumbled throughout the camp. Ivytuft pelted outside. A yowl of shock and fright split the air. Two cats pelted through the gorse barrier. One was a dark brown she-cat with green eyes, and the other a black-pelted tom with a white patch of fur on his left forepaw. It was Hollybranch and Nightspots.

    They must have been on watch, thought Ivytuft curiously. But that’s odd., I thought Dovetail and Fangheart were on watch tonight. But she had no time to puzzle over who was on watch; a dark figure was creeping silently through the camp.
    “Hollybranch, Nightspots, behind you!” she yowled but they made no move to turn. “Hollybranch! Nightspots!” sh yowled again but they didn’t seem to hear either of her warnings.
    The figure was moving closer to the warriors den.
    “No!” Yowled Ivytuft. She lunged at the animal trying to rake her claws down the creatures flank but her paws simply went through the figure causing her to land awkwardly on her side.
    I’m helpless here, she realized. I can’t be seen or heard, and I can’t harm anyone either.
    Suddenly a low voice echoed throughout the forest. “Darkness will rise and Ice will fall.” Ivytuft wanted to scream but no sound came. She wanted to run but she couldn’t move. Shrieks of terrified dying cats split the air and yowls of loss and sorrow broke the throats of those remaining.
    Ivytuft couldn’t take it anymore. “Please, sombody, WAKE ME UP!”
    As if in answer to her prayers a gentle paw nudged her awake.
    “Are you alright?” Meowed Tangleberry worryingly. “You were muttering in your sleep.”
    “Nightmare,” replied Ivytuft distractedly. Darkness will rise and Ice will fall? She repeted the prophecy over and over in her head but could make no sense of it.
    “Go back to sleep,” meowed Tangleberry. “It’s still dark outside.”
    Ivytuft obeyed silently. She was exhausted but she could not get back to sleep. Her only thought was: “what does this prophecy mean and what will happen if it comes true.”

    Did you like it? it took me a while to make. is it good? plz tell me what you think.

    • April 20, 2019 at 4:47 am

      That’s awesome! This sounds like the start of an awesome story. Can’t wait for the next chapter. :3

      ♡ 🐱 ♡

  9. April 20, 2019 at 4:51 am

    Warriors: The Darkest Hour but Scourge Won.

    Scourge bit down on Firestar’s neck. The tom smiled cruelly. He won! He had killed their leader!

    “Now for those other two.” Scourge grabbed Leopardstar’s head and slammed it down on the ground before slashing her pelt, tearing up the golden-yellow fur. Then, he nimbly spun around and slashed Tallstar’s throat.

    The Clan cats looked horrified, but he picked up something interesting: “They have nine lives, right? They don’t have bad wounds as Tigerstar did, so they’ll come back, right???” His ear twitched curiously.

    So, Tigerstar had a bad enough wound that even nine lives couldn’t save him? Then he’d have to give those leaders a bad enough wound! The first to awaken was Firestar. Immediately, Scourge darted forward and inflicted the same wound he did to Tigerstar on the flame-pelted tom. His green eyes widened with shock before he crumpled to the ground, his limbs twitching.

    Leopardstar ended up being blinded so badly she oofed, while Tallstar got yeeted into the river with all the little fishies. Once the black and white leader had fallen, Scourge turned towards his cats. “Now,” Scourge snarled, “die, Clan cats! BloodClan, attack!” The BloodClan cats surged forward, clearly outnumbering the Clan cats. Even if there were more Clan cats, they were nothing without their leaders!

    Within moments, the clearing was littered with the bodies of cats. The “Great Rock” was stained red along with the grass and surrounding trees. He leaped up onto the reddened rock. “BloodClan, the forest is ours!” The cats roared. He grinned. They had gotten what they wanted.

    One of the cats let out a yowl. “What’s happening?!” His gaze was averted towards the sky.

    All the cats followed his gaze, and Scourge saw why he was so shocked. The stars, one by one, were fading away. They had managed to rid them of their ancestors as well, huh? So their StarClan was real, he thought, but they are no longer here. This was truly a victory to be remembered…

    …until the monsters came in and destroyed the forest, forcing them all back into the city.

    THE END!
    Hope you enjoyed my short story. I’ve always wondered this for a while, so I wrote about it. It was quickly made, so there might be something wrong with it that I notice the instant the comment is modded and posted.

    ♡ 🐱 ♡

    • Lilymoon310
      April 20, 2019 at 8:44 am

      cool!! ive always wondered that too so thanks for showing me!

  10. Lilymoon310
    April 20, 2019 at 8:08 am

    thkz im writing it soon.

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