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Nobody will stop you from creating. Do it tonight. Do it tomorrow. That is the way to make your soul grow – whether there is a market for it or not! The kick of creation is the act of creating, not anything that happens afterward. I would tell all of you watching this screen: Before you go to bed, write a four line poem. Make it as good as you can. Don’t show it to anybody. Put it where nobody will find it. And you will discover that you have your reward.

Kurt Vonnegut

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  1. Moonmist has changed her name to Echomist
    March 24, 2020 at 6:07 pm

    Here is a story that I have written.

    Chapter one

    Echo sniffed the mouse warily. It had been eleven days since she had a piece of fresh-kill. But the mouse was not fresh-kill. It was crowfood.
    A low growl rumbled in Echo’s throat and her grey fur bristled. Who would ever waste prey like that?
    Then she noticed two cats wandering along the moor. One was a short-haired cream she-cat with a brown face, brown chest, brown tail tip and amber eyes. Echo had heard some other cats say she was ‘siamese’, whatever that was. She was wearing a diamond- encrusted light blue collar. The other cat was a fluffy pure white she-cat with a pink collar that had a golden bell on it and clear blue eyes. Echo rolled her green eyes. Probably them.
    “Coco,” the white she-cat mewed, turning to face the cream and brown cat, “did you hear the dog barking last night?”
    Coco shook her head. “No, I’m afraid not. Because I’m only seven moons old, my housefolk think I need to be kept inside at all times. But I come out anyway. Did the dog disturb your sleep, Queen?”
    “Yes.” Queen gave a disdainful sniff. “The brute! But it was the strangest thing! In the morning, the dog was nowhere to be seen! Yesterday, he attacked me. He pushed me off the fence! ”
    Echo suppressed a scoff. That’s not an attack.
    “How terrible!” agreed Coco. “You know, recently I-” She saw Echo. The kittypet nudged Queen. “Look- it’s Halfhead.”
    Queen turned around and saw Echo. Echo shuffled further into the bush, her pelt pricking with unease. Queen’s eyes were sneering. “Halfhead, come out. We want to see your face!”
    Echo quickly ran towards the barn, covering her face with her paw. Queen and Coco were still calling after her mockingly. “Halfhead! Halfhead! Halfhead!”
    Echo ran into the barn. She climbed to the roof and leapt down behind the barn. She bolted away. Why do they keep calling me that?
    She skidded to a halt by the river, nearly falling in. Another cat was there. He was a lithe grey tabby tom with clear green eyes. He looked at Echo and then stared back into the water. “The answers that you seek are hidden in the water.”
    Echo crept closer. She peered down at her reflection.
    Half of her face was jet black.

  2. Moonshine
    March 24, 2020 at 8:42 pm

    Me: black she-cat with white paws, chest, muzzle and amber eyes

    Proud Hufflepuff
    Go Puffs!!!

    • -Spirit Has Given Up-
      March 25, 2020 at 5:05 am

      * motions tail towards blue reply button*
      Make sure to click it! 😁

      - mistaken for a shadow

  3. Sunpaw or Sunni adores Goosefeather and thinks that he deserves a Super Edition even though he already has a Novella
    March 25, 2020 at 5:47 am

    Just a reminder that I’m writing a collab fanfic. If you want to help, click here:


    If you want a character, click here:



  4. Moonmist has changed her name to Echomist
    March 25, 2020 at 7:49 am

    Here is chapter two of that story about Echo.
    “No! I can’t look like this!” Echo’s wail rose high. “I am only seven moons old!”
    The river cat placed a paw on her shoulder. “I think it’s beautiful.”
    Echo shrugged him off, whipping round. “I don’t care what you think! You’re just some creepy old cat that appeared out of nowhere!”
    Echo left the tom on his own, growling in annoyance. She padded back to the barn. Another kittypet was in there. He was a copper-coloured tom with a thick pelt and a red collar. He looked her up and down.
    “Oh,” his bored mew sounded. “So you’re this Halfhead I’ve been hearing so much about.”
    Echo growled. “Get out. You aren’t welcome here.” She nosed him out of the red Twoleg nest.
    The kittypet didn’t seem bothered. “I’m Tom, by the way. What’s your name?”
    Echo didn’t look up. “Echo.”
    “Echo?” Tom went on coolly. “I thought your name was Halfhead.”
    Echo bared her teeth and curled her lip. “Get out now.”
    Tom ignored her. “I can’t believe you are a rogue. Staying outside in the cold, eating fur and bones, ugh!” He shuddered. Then he noticed how thin Echo was. “Come with me to my Twoleg,” he invited. “You will never go hungry again!”
    Echo gave him a hard shove out of the barn. “Get out, and stay out.”
    Tom shrugged. “Suit yourself.”
    He padded away just as Coco and Queen stalked towards her. Echo rolled her eyes. Did she really have to deal with this now?
    “That was Tom,” Coco started. “He’s a real show-off someti-”
    “Get on with it,” snarled Echo.
    “Fine then,” Queen let out a sigh. “Although the plan was to indimitate you first…”
    They grabbed hold of Echo and began to drag her down the slope of the moor.
    Echo tried to fight them off, but they were three moons older than her and they were much heavier. Their claws stung as Echo flailed her paws, struggling to get free.
    Eventually they got to the river. The strange grey cat was still there, his eyes fixed on the water.
    Echo hung her head in shame. She didn’t want anyone seeing that she was being beaten by kittypets, especially not him.
    “Now you’ll wish you’d accepted Tom’s suggestion!” hissed Coco.
    Coco and Queen flung her into the river.
    Icy water surrounded her, flooding her from every side. She thrashed about helplessly, kicking blindly around. She could hear the two she-cats laughing at their deed.
    She struck a paw against a rock and it started bleeding. But the calm river soothed the cut and she felt at home in the stream. Is that wrong?
    Suddenly something grabbed the scruff of her neck. It hauled her out of the water.
    Echo landed with a thump on the ground. Her grey fur was soaked and dark. She looked up. The grey tabby tom was sitting beside her, smoothing his ruffled fur. “It was you?”
    The tom looked up. “Oh, what a surprise, the cat that likes swimming saved a drowning cat.” He glared at Echo. “Would never have guessed.”
    Echo stared at her drenched paws. “Look, I know we got off to a bad start and I said some things that I shouldn’t have, but-”
    “Don’t worry, it’s fine!” The cat started drying Echo. “Forgive and forget, that’s my motto.”
    “My name is Echo,” the grey she-cat with the half black face told him. “What’s yours?”
    “River Ripple,” replied the tom. “Echo is a nice name.”
    “I think River Ripple is a nicer one!”
    The two talked until moonhigh when River Ripple started yawning. “I’ll see you another day.”
    “See you.” Echo padded through the bushes, then stopped. “Oh, um, I just want to say again that I’m really sorry.”
    River Ripple opened one eye. “All is forgiven,” he croaked sleepily.
    Echo smiled to herself as she went away. At least one cat seemed to understand her.

    • Turtlepaw/ dapple 🐢🐢🐢
      March 25, 2020 at 1:33 pm


      • Moonmist has changed her name to Echomist
        March 25, 2020 at 6:02 pm

        I ❤️ River ripple too! The story is about *spoiler alert for DotC* when Clear Sky randomly takes a prisoner

    • Pinestripe
      March 26, 2020 at 4:45 am

      Great chapter!
      I like how they become friends so quickly even though they got off to a bad start at first.

    • M0nkEyfUr 2020
      March 26, 2020 at 9:58 am

      This is written so well! I love the plot! Maybe you can add a little more description though? I don’t know but I love your writing!

      A wild Moky has appeared 😈

  5. A Coat of Gold, A Coat of Red, A Sunbreeze Still Has Claws(Sunbreeze)
    March 25, 2020 at 2:09 pm

    This is just a little thing I came up with, and I have absolutely no thoughts about continuing it.
    In the darkness of the room, Daniel sat on the bed, watching his human host.

    Even in the dark, he knew that Violet was there. The other Spirit he’d befriended had always stayed by his side, and she was always available to help him, even in the daylight hours where she would normally be in her human’s body. She had insisted that they stay here for a while, just for some quiet time together.

    Daniel tried to focus on his human. He was sleeping peacefully, a far cry from the whimpering and thrashing that Daniel had experienced most nights. He could only hope that his host was having pleasant dreams.

    “Is he always like this?” Violet’s soft voice came from behind Daniel.

    Daniel came to sit next to her. He shook his head. “My human usually has nightmares. I don’t know why or what they’re about. I try to comfort him when he falls asleep, but I’m never around for most of the night.” He sighed. “I worry for him.”

    “It’s in a Spirit’s nature to care for their human host,” Violet replied, her fingers intertwining with Daniel’s. “It’s normal. When my human fell into a coma, I was so worried. I wondered what would happen to her, and whether she would survive. I spent those months without her alone and beside her in the hospital, at least until you came.” She stared into Daniel’s eyes. “Thank you for that.”

    “But I can’t ever return to my human’s body. What would I be without that?”

    “You’re still you, Daniel. You’re still as determined and brave and caring as you were when I first met you. And we’ll get through this.” Daniel couldn’t tell, but he was almost certain that Violet smiled. “I believe in you.”

    As he sat in the darkness, holding hands with Violet, Daniel could only hope that she was right.

    You know nothing, Jon Snow.

    • Turtlepaw/ dapple 🐢🐢🐢
      March 26, 2020 at 1:41 pm

      This is SO GOOD.

  6. Spottedpaw/fern (Spotsy)
    March 25, 2020 at 3:58 pm

    Hello peeps! How’re ya’ll? I WILL BE MORE ACTIVE NOW! YAY! Most of you newer folks won’t know me, but the older members will! It’s been a few months since I was last on, but I found a way to get back to you all! I’ve missed BlogClan too much!

    Pop! Fizzle! Sizzle! Slap! Ah!

    • -Spirit Has Given Up-
      March 25, 2020 at 5:05 pm

      Welcome back

      - mistaken for a shadow

    • Turtlepaw/ dapple 🐢🐢🐢
      March 26, 2020 at 1:41 pm

      I don’t know who you are, but hi!

    • March 26, 2020 at 3:38 pm

      hey spotsy!! welcome back 😀 i’m pine!

      ✧ a rose is a rose is a rose ✧

  7. Spotted Paw Reaching Into The Easter Basket {Spottedpaw/fern} (Spotsy)
    March 25, 2020 at 4:54 pm

    Minnowkit padded a few paces around camp, her tail twitching. She was planning to ambush the medicine cat, Featherfall, when she appeared from her den. I will soon take my revenge.
    “Minnowkit! What are you doing?” A gentle, friendly voice purred softly, amused, behind Minnowkit. It was Nettlefang, a newly named warrior.
    “Please be quiet.” Minnowkit meowed, flicking her tail in motion for Nettlefang to come into the bush where Minnowkit had just crept into. “I am taking my revenge on Featherfall. Right now.”
    “Huh. What can I do to help?” The young warrior’s eyes gleamed with amusement.
    “Fetch her from the den.” Minnowkit wiggled her rump, anticipation flaring through her body. “Do not tell her why. Please.” Minnowkit ordered.
    “Sure.” Nettlefang padded away, his pelt spiked. A few heartbeats after he disappeared from view into the den, he emerged, a brown tabby next to him. Featherfall, you will pay!
    “What is it, Nettlefang?” Featherfall looked irritable.
    “Just follow me!” The tom meowed seriously, betraying nothing. He led the she-cat towards the bush. Minnowkit tensed, ready to leap from the bush.
    “Get off of our territory, filthy mange-pelt!” Minnowkit squeaked and flung herself from the bush. Featherfall reared in surprise. The kit rammed into the medicine cat’s side, pushing her over. Minnowkit leaped away and, before Featherfall could rise, pounced again. Minnowkit pummeled Featherfall’s soft underbelly, her claws sheathed.
    Yes! She fell for it! Minnowkit thought, finally falling off of her victim. “That was hilarious!” Nettlefang yowled. He was purring in amusement. Minnowkit was laughing, rolling on the ground
    Featherfall had leaped up, her pelt bristling, claws unsheathed. Featherfall looked terrified and Minnowkit instantly felt bad.
    “I’m sorry!” Minnowkit apologized, her eyes rounded innocently. Amusement instantly bubbled over again and Minnowkit began another laughing fit. Featherfall was furious.
    “Minnowkit! That was uncalled for!” A powerful voice sounded behind the three cats.
    “Stonestar.” Minnowkit groaned, rolling her eyes. Her father was Clan leader and didn’t appreciate her acting as a two moon old kit. But I was just playing, so it’s okay! Minnowkit defended herself feebly.
    “What do you have to say for yourself?” The Clan leader demanded.
    “Sorry.” Minnowkit mumbled.
    “What?” Stonestar’s tone grew sharper and disapproval glittered in his gaze.
    “Sorry, Featherfall. I shouldn’t have ambushed you. Even if it was the best ambush thought of.” Minnowkit cast a sly glance at her father who growled quietly.
    “It’s okay, Stonestar. Leave her be. That was, I admit, a good ambush.” Featherfall’s gaze changed from terror to warm sympathy.
    “Even so, my kit should know better. You will stay with your mother for the next quarter moon, no outside time.” Stonestar turned away coldly and went to his den. Before he stopped, he turned around and added, “Meet me in my den. Now.”
    Minnowkit stood rigid. Loathing for her father scorched through her fur. He was always harder on her because he expected more from her than any father in the Clan. He strove to maintain his pride within the Clan and having a misbehaving kit counteracted that.
    “Fine. Featherfall,” Minnowkit finally said, “I am sorry, but you didn’t let me help in the medicine den today and I was just playing.” Minnowkit mewed sadly.
    “I only didn’t let you help because I was removing deathberries from my den. After Flowerkit’s death, I won’t ever have them in my den again.” Featherfall choked out. A young kit wandered into the medicine den and ate a deathberry which, in the end, had sent her to StarClan. Featherfall had blamed herself, and it happened a while before Minnowkit was born. Flowerkit was Nettlefang’s sister. The tom managed to stay cheerful in spite of what happened.
    “I knew that, but I wanted to play and Mintkit is always busy with her family.” Minnowkit said, her heart pricking. Mintkit was her best friend that was always doing something in camp with her littermates and parents. Today they were practicing fighting moves. Minnowkit knew she shouldn’t feel like she did.
    I’m jealous. I shouldn’t be but Stonestar is really mean and Pebblecloud is so kind, but she’s always too busy with deputy things . . .
    “Mintkit!” Stonestar’s commanding yowl sounded from behind the lichen that covered his den.
    “I’m coming!” Mintkit yowled back, her fur bristling. “Impatient furball.” She hissed crossly in Featherfall’s direction. The she-cat’s whiskers twitched in amusement. Minnowkit padded towards her father’s den, her tail twitching.
    “I am very disappointed.” His voice instantly sounded in Minnowkit’s ears as she entered the den.
    “You always are!” Minnowkit’s fury suddenly bubbled over. “You hate me!” Her fur bristled and she growled, and she felt pressure tightening her chest. She’d only gotten this upset once before, and that was when Pebblecloud went hunting and left Minnowkit in the nursery with Mintkit’s mother.
    Stonestar looked taken aback. He was speechless at first, and Minnowkit thought she saw a glint of regret in his eyes before his gaze hardened again. “I don’t hate you. I just don’t like it when you act like you’re two moons old!” Stonestar growled.
    “I don’t act two moons old. I act like a kit. Which I am. You expect me to act like I am a senior warrior.” Minnowkit retorted her fur lying flat. Sadness threatened to overcome her.
    I wish my parents were more like Silverfin and Rowanbush, Mintkit’s parents. They make sure she and her littermates know they’re loved.
    “True. You are a kit, but you are my kit. I expect more because you are more.” Stonestar rose to his paws and, for the first time since Minnowkit was born, looked upon his kit with gentle love. “I love you. Just please, be more considerate. Come here.” Stonestar licked his kit’s head and padded out of the den. He led Minnowkit up the tall rock where he made his den.
    “Let all cats old enough to catch their own prey gather beneath Skystone for a Clan meeting!” Stonestar yowled, Minnowkit beside him. When all cats assembled, he continued. “It seems four kits are long overdue to get their apprentice names. . .” Stonestar meowed, pride lingering in his voice. Mintkit and her three littermates, Thistlekit, Blossomkit, and Flamekit, perked up, knowing that the Clan leader meant them.
    Minnowkit’s chest swelled with pride. Her best friend was about to get her apprentice name! I’m next! She thought.
    Stonestar continued after Silverfin, Mintkit’s mother, got done licking the embarrassed kit vigorously. “Mintkit, Thistlekit, Blossomkit, and Flamekit, you have all reached the age of six moons, and it is time for you to be apprenticed. From this day on, until you receive your warrior names, you will be known as Mintpaw, Thistlepaw, Blossompaw, and Flamepaw. I ask StarClan to watch over you and guide you as you train to become a great warrior for your Clan.”
    “Mintpaw! Thistlepaw! Blossompaw! Flamepaw!” The crowd of cats erupted into happy cheering. Minnowkit yowled as loud as she could. Mintkit caught her eye and nodded happily. When the crowd dispersed, Minnowkit padded over to Mintpaw. Mintpaw got Nettlefang, Thistlepaw got Amberfoot, Blossompaw got Dustcloud, and Flamepaw got Lightflower.
    “Thanks! I was shocked when he said our names! What if I don’t catch enough prey? What if I fail battle training? What if—” Minnowkit cut her anxious friend off.
    “You’ll be great. Don’t worry. I believe in you. Nettlefang will be a great mentor!” Minnowkit soothed. Both cats purred and touched noses. Nothing will ever take her from me! She’s mine. My friend . . .

    Pop! Fizzle! Sizzle! Slap! Ah!

    • Swiftnose
      March 27, 2020 at 4:50 pm

      Nice story!

      I am Iron Cat.

  8. Spotted Paw Reaching Into The Easter Basket {Spottedpaw/fern} (Spotsy)
    March 25, 2020 at 5:55 pm

    Thanks! My three ultimate friends on here are Mapledrift, Shadowmoon, Ranie, and Aster! I hope they see my comments!

    Pop! Fizzle! Sizzle! Slap! Ah!

    • March 26, 2020 at 3:04 pm



    • Cottenpaw who is very sorry she was inactive for so long
      March 27, 2020 at 12:46 am

      But what about meeeeee? 😉

      I am Doctor

  9. Swiftnose
    March 26, 2020 at 12:02 am

    Hey, if there are Iron Man fans in the Clan, Chapter 2 of Ironpelt’s Ingenuity is being written! I ditched the prologue, though, and the story has changed to be more realistic. The name has changed, too, to Iron Cat: Ingenuity. It will be the first in the AvengerClan: Origin series. Here’s the summary at the back of the book.

    When Tony, spokescat of Stark Industries, ends up in the middle of enemy territory, a life-changing event forces Tony to rethink his life. Now, Tony must face a choice that endangers the company and himself: allow an evil group to terrorize people’s lives with his products, or suit up for greater danger than he’s ever faced?

    I am Iron Cat.

  10. Purple Dusk
    March 26, 2020 at 1:55 am

    I made a poem and felt like sharing.
    This is tribute to Power Rangers LightSpeed Rescue.
    Armor of Power

    The Signal is flashing, blaring in your way.
    Our planet is crumbling, buildings falling with people needing aid.
    Danger is certain, its tests will push you.

    Will you run forward or run away?
    Choices must be made.
    For the world needs a Lightspeed Rescue!

    Demons’ claws and fangs rise to devour.
    They fly and spread their self-centered night.
    To fight them and win, you must summon your colored armor.

    Put on your Red Badge of Courage!
    Others run away, you run forward despite the flames.
    Let your leadership and self-sacrifice inspire them!

    Wear your Pink Heart of Kindness with pride!
    The demons and cowards think only selfishly.
    Shine your heart to counter them!

    Unfold your Green Wings of Responsibility!
    They say doing your duty will ground you.
    Yet you know by fulfilling it, you will soar higher than the stars!

    Strengthen your Blue Lungs of Magnanimity!
    You will be in the deep, under constant pressure.
    Breathe! Uniting your mind, body, and soul, to do great things!

    Shine those Yellow Skates of Perseverance!
    The race is long and the climb exhausting.
    But the prize is worth winning, the people worth saving!

    Fasten that Titanium Armor of Purity!
    The serpent will coil around you, to drag you back the land of night.
    Keep yourself pure to always fight for what’s right!

    The world needs a Rescue!
    To give it LightSpeed, you need your colored armor.
    Wearing it all, you will always have the conquering Power of Virtue.

    If you have any advice or questions, please share them.
    This is my third poem, so I am not that good yet. Plus, I believe LightSpeed Rescue season ran in the year 2000. So you are not going to see it often.

    Thanks to all for reading,
    Purple Dusk

  11. Loneheart 🌠
    March 26, 2020 at 2:58 am

    The story of a proud Loner
    I am human, a wind-tossed leaf, a fallen heart whose battled night
    In hopes to rise, but only to find, that shadows loomed within…

    They cannot see the scars that smite my soul,
    No one ever loves a loner, seeking humanity
    Nor do they clean the dust across her heart
    Or understand the tears she cries alone
    And all are blind to the battles she fights
    You have left me to shadows, haunted by monsters inside
    But still I lift my head, and bear these beautiful scars in pride
    No one ever loves to fall but perhaps that’s the only way to rise.

    Slytherin That I Am

    • Turtlepaw/ dapple 🐢🐢🐢
      March 26, 2020 at 1:43 pm

      This is very nice, Loneheart.

  12. A Coat of Gold, A Coat of Red, A Sunbreeze Still Has Claws(Sunbreeze)
    March 26, 2020 at 3:39 pm

    Doing another Daniel and Violet one-shot, since you guys seem to like them so much.
    – – – –
    “They say you’ll be able to go back to your human’s body soon.”

    The white lights above Daniel flickered, as if they were reacting to what Violet had just said. The room here was smooth and polished, but at the same time, it felt lacking of any warmth or emotion that had made Daniel’s journey so special.

    “I guess this is where we part,” he murmured, staring into Violet’s eyes. Those eyes-had they always been so full of joy and optimism? This might be the last time he would ever get to see those eyes ever again. That’s silly, the rational part of his mind said. Spirits can go to wherever they please.

    “Hey,” Violet reassured, as she had done so many times. “You’ll see me again. I’ll always be there for you.” She paused. “We’ve gone through so much together. This will not be our last meeting.”

    Daniel held Violet’s hand, and time seemed to stop. Nothing else mattered to him. It was her and only her. He had never felt so loved in his life before.

    “The bridge over the river,” he said softly. “Where we first met. Promise me we’ll meet there again.”

    “I promise,” she said. “Every night, I’ll wait there for you. We will never be apart, I promise you that. You’re the best friend I ever had. I can’t ever forgive you for all that you’ve done for me.”

    And as they stood there together, Daniel knew he’d never let her go.

    You know nothing, Jon Snow.

    • Turtlepaw/ dapple 🐢🐢🐢
      March 26, 2020 at 9:22 pm

      *thunderous applause*

  13. Spotted Paw Reaching Into The Easter Basket {Spottedpaw/fern} (Spotsy)
    March 26, 2020 at 4:35 pm

    I posted a Fan Fiction. Where’d it go? 🙁

    Pop! Fizzle! Sizzle! Slap! Ah!

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