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Kurt Vonnegut

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  1. Seafoam
    June 9, 2019 at 6:36 pm

    « Wings of Warriors » Okay… chapter 3! Sorry it’s been awhile, school…. uh anywho. A lot of y’all said Winter… so let’s see Winter’s reaction to meeting… SKYCLAN! Btw major spoilers ahead!


    Winter fumed under his breath.

    He had woken a few moments ago, and only a few seconds ago had he figured out he was actually a cat, and this wasn’t some dream. Winter’s snow-white pelt bristled as he padded through the pine-and-oak forest. His tail lashed, and his dark navy eyes glimmered with annoyance. “Three moons, why am I a cat?! This must have something to do with Darkstalker — eh, Peacemaker.” He flattened his ears against his narrow head.

    “I smell something!”

    Winter froze, fur prickling. Voices. Or, meows? He heard three sets of paws thrumming against the floor. He was taken by surprise when a cat flew through the air and landed on him. Winter let out an “oof,” and snarled.

    “A rogue!” gasped the cat on top of him. Winter hissed and thrashed, and he threw the cat off him.

    “Nectarpaw!” cried another voice. Winter whipped around to face his attackers. Three cats, one brown, one tan, and one gray-and-white, faced him. The cat known as Nectarpaw was splayed out of the ground but her head was raised definitely. “Get off our territory, rogue!” snapped Nectarpaw fiercely. “Yeah!” growled the tan cat.

    Winter snorted. The three cats were smaller than he, and they were threatening him! “Please! You three couldn’t take on ME! IM a prince, and it would be TREASON if you attacked me.” mewed Winter sourly.

    “Prince?” questioned the gray-and-white cat. “SHUT UP, FRINGEPAW!” whispered the tan cat loudly. “YOU shut up, GRAVELPAW!” snapped Fringepaw crossly. Gravelpaw grunted in annoyance. Winter tossed his head. “Of course YOU don’t know what a prince is,” he meowed. “cats wouldn’t know what a ICEWING PRINCE is, and know how to RESPECT a ICEWING PRINCE.”

    Nectarpaw jumped up. “Look, rogues aren’t allowed to tell clancats who to respect. You crow-food-eating rogues need to RESPECT us.”

    Winter snarled and raked one of his white claws across the she-cats muzzle. Nectarpaw yelped and jumped away.

    “Nectarpaw, Gravelpaw! Keep this filthy rogue busy. I’m going to go get the others.” muttered Fringepaw out of Winter’s ear-shot. The two cats nodded and Fringepaw shot away.

    ‘Pathetic, that Fringe-cat is a abandoning these two.’

    Gravelpaw and Nectarpaw shared a glance and then lunged at Winter from both sides. Winter yowled as they claws his sides and pinned him down, Nectarpaw’s paws pressed against his neck while Gravelpaw’s paws pressed against Winter’s hunches. After half-an-hour, Fringepaw returned with three other cats.

    ‘Great,’ thought Winter crossly. ‘More cats.’

    “Are you two alright?” asked a dark brown tabby, rushing forward to take Nectarpaw’s place. “We’re fine, Sparrowpelt.” awnsered Nectarpaw honestly. Sparrowpelt snorted. “Yeah, a sliced muzzle means okay.” He glanced at Nectarpaw’s bleeding nose before gesturing to the two other cats. He allowed Winter up and gathered the other apprentices behind him.

    Winter growled as he sat up, two cats flanking him. He hissed as a pale gray tom got too close. The gray tom hissed back and landed a blow on Winter’s shoulder. He yelped in pain.

    “Sagenose,” Sparrowpelt said sternly. Sagenose sniffed. “He hissed.” he said simply. Gravelpaw smirked, laughter bubbling up in him.

    “Who are you?” questioned Sparrowpelt. Winter glared at him with his cold eyes. “Why should I tell you?” he asked bitterly, but told him anyway. “I’m Winter.”

    Sparrowpelt nodded. “I’m Sparrowpelt, and this is Nectarpaw, Gravelpaw, Fringepaw, Sagenose and Harrybrook.” he gestured to each cat each time he said their name. “Now.” He stared Winter dead in the eye.

    “We are taking you to Leafstar.”
    Well! There you have it, folks. I’ll see when I can start chapter four… next is Kinkajou! Hope you enjoyed.
    G’day ‘mate.

  2. Lightningpaw(Lightingheart)
    June 9, 2019 at 10:41 pm

    Flowermoon got ready for the gathering.

    Forestpaw tried to go with her, but she refused. Cherryfire had told Forestpaw that she wasn’t his mother, and Thunderpaw had stayed with him ever since. Flowermoon was happy that they weren’t kin, because she saw a spark between the two.

    Sundawn was happy to go to the gathering with Flowermoon, and they soon set off.

    When they got to the island, ShadowClan had not yet arrived. Flightstorm went over to Songbreeze, and the RiverClan queen looked happily at Flightstorms round belly.

    Cloudfern sat beside Flightstorm, and Flightstorm looked happily at the WindClan tom. But something was wrong with the way they looked at each other. Flowermoon nudged Sundawn.

    “What’s going on over there? Do you think?” Flowermoon said, looking at Sundawn.

    “Maybe.” He muttered, padding up to them.

    “What’s going on?” Sundawn growled at Cloudfern.

    Flightstorm and Cloudfern looked at each other with worried looks. “Look. These kits aren’t Lizardshadows. They are Cloudferns.”

    Sundawn blinked at her in surprise. “Cloudfern is coming to ThunderClan tonight. Or at least is going to try.”

    “What about Lizardshadow?” Flowermoon asked.

    “He helped me keep it a secret.”

    Sundawn suddenly growled. He shoved his muzzle into Flightstorms face and growled, “I will never be happy. I will never congratulate your kits into the world.” And with that, Sundawn stormed off into the mixed pelts of all 4 clans.

    • Shadowcloud (Clo)
      June 9, 2019 at 11:49 pm

      Oooo twister, Sundawn is really upset…
      😀Is Thundepaw a she-cat?

      • Lightningpaw(Lightingheart)
        June 10, 2019 at 1:10 pm


        • Clo who has a mentor :)
          June 10, 2019 at 6:37 pm

          Yes ForestxThunder 😛

          Thank me for ur fried chicken

  3. Clo who needs winter back :(
    June 10, 2019 at 4:47 am

    Chapter Three
    A couple days had passed, and Poppysong was in the nursery, her belly was as if it was going to burst. Applebreeze had done his share of hunting, as well as helping Hopepaw, he assumed it would be his job until Poppysong’s kits were born and ready to become apprentices.
    The partly covered sun was halfway across the sky when Dandystar had called a meeting. The clan was gathered around he was about to start. Applebreeze noticed Quailsong standing beside the big rock and Twinkleheart, the medicine cat, was eyeing her worriedly. Applebreeze remembered his weird encounter with Quailsong a few nights ago, and wondered if that was what this meeting was about.
    Dandystar cleared his throat, “I have some troubling…news,” he struggled for the right word, “Quailsong has had some visions that Twinkleheart think are very important, and are urgent messages from Starclan-” the clan stayed silent as Quailsong stepped forward timidly, “I… I’ve had visions recently, of one stream splitting into two, they were one then they suddenly split and went different directions. Then I had another one, there was a flower with two blossoms, one of the first blossoms petals flew off into the wind, and then this blossom flourished. The second ones petals stayed on, and this flower shriveled.My last and most recent one, were whispers, they said If you do not listen… Quailsong started to tremble, If you do not listen, the sun will set.
    Applebreeze narrowed his eyes, “What do they mean?” Poppysong whined with worried eyes. Dandystar looked at every cat in turn, until Mintfang lifted her chin and whacked her tail thoughtfully, “Maybe,…Maybe it means we need to take different paths to flourish, or else we will not survive.” Applebreeze shivered at her last words.
    Dustynose raised his eyebrow, “Different paths? What is that supposed to mean?” her question was left unanswered as the clan rested their weary gaze on Dandystar, Quailsong, and Twinkleheart…
    There ya go,Chapter Three will be continued sometime tomorrow i’m guessing, maybe not though. I love writing it’s so much fun.😛

    Thank me for ur fried chicken

    • Clo who has a mentor :)
      June 10, 2019 at 8:43 am

      And I had to continue, because I left myself on a cliffhanger😜

      Chapter 3 Continued
      More days had passed, except this time all of the clan was rambling about what the visions and prophecies from Quailsong . Applebreeze had given it a thought or two, but he’d decided to let the other cats figure it out.The whole clan was gathered in the clearing, even though no meeting had been called. They argued about the ‘Different Path’
      The arguing started to get louder, and louder, and louder, until cats were growling at each other. Hopepaw raised her voice, “What If!…”she yelled across the clearing, Dandystar stepped out of his den with Twinkleheart by his side, Hopepaw looked up at him, “What if, the visions and prophecies, mean we need to seperate-” the winds blew hard as soon as the words left Hopepaw’s mouth, the trees shook, as if nodding their heads.
      Applebreeze gasped, “That is what Starclan wants.” he murmured. Dandystar had a confused glow in his eyes for a couple seconds as he looked up at the stars. Then he shook out his fur, and nodded to Hopepaw, tiny gasps rippled through the clan, “We will discuss this more tomorrow, get some rest, and I don’t wanna hear another word about it until tomorrow.”
      With that the clan crawled to their nests silently, and slept. Applebreeze, however, sheathed and unsheathed his claws, What will happen tomorrow? he worried, if Dandystar decided to split them up, he may never see his friends again.
      Applebreeze must have drifted off, because when he woke his bones ached and he stretched carelessly. Suddenly he realized he was the only one in the den, so he hurried out and noticed almost every cat in the clearing was pacing.The meeting must be soon
      Applebreeze happened to sit beside Poppysong, and beside her, Reedstep, Applebreeze flicked his tail to Poppysong’s bulging stomach, “Congrats!” he whispered, for a moment there was so much joy and pride in Reedstep’s eyes, that Applebreeze felt a prick of jealousy, that had been nagging him for a while. But all the happy feelings in Reedstep’s eyes were washed with a blocking fog. Applebreeze tilted his head slightly, so only Reedstep could see his questioning, Reedstep pretended to not notice the silent question and nodded, “Thanks.” he forced a small fake purr.
      Find out what happens at the meeting, and what’s up with Reedstep in Chapter 4 likely coming out Tuesday.

      Thank me for ur fried chicken

    • Lightningpaw(Lightingheart)
      June 10, 2019 at 1:12 pm

      Your writing is the best thing that has entered the earth

      • Clo who has a mentor :)
        June 10, 2019 at 6:39 pm

        Aw thanks, but Your writing is the best thing that has entered the earth, so mine couldn’t be😃😛

        Thank me for ur fried chicken

        • Lightningpaw(Lightingheart)
          June 10, 2019 at 6:50 pm

          I don’t think so☺

          • Clo who has a mentor :)
            June 10, 2019 at 7:16 pm

            😊😉I think so

            Thank me for ur fried chicken

    • June 10, 2019 at 6:52 pm

      I love it!!! Great vision. Gave me the chills!

      • Clo who has a mentor :)
        June 10, 2019 at 7:15 pm


        Thank me for ur fried chicken

  4. June 10, 2019 at 7:35 am

    This story is a huge thank you to the warriors series.
    To the hope it brought me.
    To the friends I made through it.
    This is a thank you to the authors, too.
    Thank you for bringing us this beauty.
    This story is my personal story and yet it’s every warriors’ fan’s.
    Thank you, Warriors.

    Should be left for Kate’s modding

    ‘Exactly one year and a half since she’s missing’.
    That’s the first thought that manages to break through my wall of sleep.
    I open my eyes, only half awake, and as always I check the date, even though I don’t need it.
    One year and a half since she’s missing, July 14th.
    I straighten.
    It’s also my 13 birthday.
    I push the blanket away from me, and check the clock.
    I listen carefully, and wish that I had cats’ ears.
    No one’s awake yet.
    I leap to the floor, forgetting that I’m still dizzy, and my leg crash against the table with a loud noise. I swear silently, and as quiet as I can I walk out of the room.
    I walk into the bathroom, wash my face and gaze at the mirror. My honey coloured eyes return me a tired look. The hair that I coloured in pink is starting to return to it’s natural dark brown colour, and I remind to myself to re-colour it as soon as I can.
    I put my contacts in, and sigh. I hate them. But they’re better than glasses, I suppose. I broke three pairs of glasses before my parents realized that I’m too energetic for that. That was before she had gone missing, of course.
    Still dizzy, I switch my clothes. A sad smile appears on my face as I wear my favorite jeans, which has a scratch marks from the time she – Almond – tried to use it to sharpen her claws.
    The unique song of a bird makes me jump, and I walk outside the bathroom, to the living room. I allow myself to fall on the sofa, and I grab a book. I check the clock again – 7:25.
    I smile as I look at the cover of the book. A gray cat gazing upwards, with eyes that look sightless. Or perhaps they are meant to reflect the stars. I have a strong feeling that this is the first option, because the title of the book is The Sight.
    I smile. Warrior cats have given me confort, because it makes me feel like Almond is not completely gone.
    I manage to read a couple of chapters before my big sister Jessica walks into the room. “Hi, Ellie, happy birthday,” she says, and I give her my nod of I’m-reading-right-now-please-don’t-disturb-me.
    She allows me to continue reading for a couple of minutes, and just when Jaykit falls off the gorge she loses her patient. “Come on, Ellie! Listen, I thought of that cool hairstyle we can do, with two Dutch braids that will connect, and…”
    I nod. It’s some sort of an agreement between us, she’ll allow me to read while she’s doing me hairstyles and I’ll let her do to me hairstyles. Like you can see, I’m the one that gains the most from it.
    She shoves me to the table and starts combing my hair when I hear a noise from outside. “What’s that?” I ask, just to push myself from Jaykit being grumpy.
    “I guess it’s Bumble,” Jessica replies. Bumble is a stray cat who I’ve named after Bumble from Dawn Of The Clans.
    I listen carefully for a couple of moments, and shook my head, which makes Jessica growl because my hair is messy now again.
    “It’s not Bumble,” I say. I feel oddly excited. I walk to the door, and glance outside. At first I don’t see anything. Then a tiny “meow” sounds, and I found myself gazing at a small kitten.
    “Great StarClan Jessica, look at that piece of cuteness!” I call, forgetting that it’s 7 in the morning, and that I should stop saying StarClan because it makes me look weird.
    Jessica rush to my side, still holding a comb in her hand. I don’t take any notice when she starts to comb my hair again. All that I do is to gaze at the kitten.
    The kitten has the same tabby markings Almond had, only in gray and not brown-ginger. I have an odd feeling when I pick up the kitten. I gasp when I see a white splash on the kitten’s belly, shaped like an almond.
    “It’s just like the marking Almond has!” I call. I never talk about Almond in past tense. It makes me feel so empty.
    Jessica is gazing at the kitten, like me.
    “I think that we should call her Fern,” I suggest, and nudge Fern into our house.
    “Ellie, I’m not sure that…” Jessica begins, but I don’t take any notice.
    “What do you think?” I murmur to the kitten. “A birthday gift from Almond?”
    The odd feeling fills me again, and I have a feeling that this birthday is going to be far better than the other ones.

    (If anyone is wondering, yes, I did post something really similar a month ago or something. Thus is thw finalized version)

    Silverstream is a bae 😛

  5. June 10, 2019 at 12:00 pm

    Torn Paths
    Chapter Three

    Breezedream sat grooming himself in the sun. It had been two days since his conversation with Eaglestar. His head turned to where the leader’s den was. I hope he’s okay. Maybe he was wrong. Maybe he won’t get sick again. Please StarClan, don’t let him die.
    His thought were interrupted by Quailsong, his former apprentice and Dawnleaf’s mate, as he sat beside him, dropping a vole. Breezedream sighed and turned to him.
    “You look worried,” Quailsong meowed. “What is it?”
    Breezedream took a bite and shook his head. He swallowed and said “it’s nothing. It’s just – I shouldn’t talk about it. Eaglestar won’t want me to.”
    Quailsong dipped his head politely. At the same time, a hacking cough broke from the medicine cat den. Breezedream stiffened in surprise, but relaxed as he realized it was just Dawnleaf. Quailsong, however, seemed even more worried. “It’s only getting worse.”
    Breezedream saw the worry in his former apprentice’s eyes. Dawnleaf and Quailsong really cared about each other. As there was another cough, the tom stood up and padded into the medicine cat den, leaving Breezedream to eat the vole alone.

    He finished eating, smacking his lips in pleasure. Deciding to hunt, Breezedream trotted out of camp.
    Near a beech, a squirrel was sitting there, focusing on a nut. Dropping into a hunter’s crouch, Breezedream started stalking towards it. The wind was blowing from his prey to him. Then, he leaped.
    The squirrel let out a terrified squeal, which was cut off as Breezedream gave it the killing bite to the neck. Flicking his tail in satisfaction, he put some dirt over the fresh-kill to come back later.
    His ears pricked as he heard a twig crack. There was a quiet hiss. Some leaves rustled. There were paw steps. Lots of paw steps. A cat yowled. Right above him. And then something fell on him.
    Ambush! StormClan!Breezedream yelled, but he couldn’t from the paws closing his mouth. Claws scratched his ear and along his back. Another cat was biting his tail. Someone lashed out at his face, so Breezedream had to close his eyes. How many StormClanners were there?
    And yet even more attacked. At least four cats were on top of him. A few sets of paws were slashing at his face. A few cats dragged out his legs, leaving his splayed on the ground. Somebody started pulling his legs, probably trying to dislocate them. And yet it was still all so quiet.
    Finally, the attacks stopped, yet Breezedream still couldn’t escape or call for help. “You are coming with us,” a voice hissed in his ear. He recognised it at once as Hailstar’s. “And don’t make a sound. No cat can stop us from biting or slashing your neck.”
    Breezedream nodded. It was all he could manage. He would absolutely die if he didn’t cooperate.
    “Then let’s go.” Warriors shoved him up onto his paws. Breezedream looked down at the huge pool of blood. He didn’t know why they did this or what they would do, but he knew one thing for sure: he was StormClan’s prisoner.
    I had something completely different planned out for this chapter but I really wanted someone to suffer 😛

    • June 10, 2019 at 12:18 pm

      Rip editing didn’t work 😛
      I was trying to add some stuff to the end but fished with like 10 seconds of editing time left
      Edit: wait now it worked. What the heck 😛

  6. June 10, 2019 at 4:47 pm

    Little preview of my Blogfic, which is called Uma Go!Pretty Cure (uma is Japanese for horse or something like that I kinda forget 😛 )

    (Also I was too lazy to insert italic coding, since this was typed in Google Docs 🙂 )
    3, 2, 1, Luna felt a rush of exhilaration as she crouched forward, reaching her hands farther up Fleet’s neck. She flew over the jump easily and sat up straight when they landed. Squeezing harder with her calves, she pushed Fleet to keep a fast canter as they began to round the next turn. Extra pressure from her left leg and a soft tightening of the right rein turned her stallion to the right, and Luna turned her head to glance at the center of the green oxer coming up.

    Suddenly, she spotted something shining on the ground. Look where you want to go – if you look down, you go down, Luna thought. She had lost track of how many times her trainer had spoken those words to her, but she ignored them. It was a glittering dark blue, which matched her saddle pad and top of the day. What was it? Luna decided to check it out after they jumped the green oxer, and turned her attention back to the jump. Come on Fleet, little longer… she thought, letting her Thoroughbred extend his stride a little longer to meet the 11 strides in between the vertical from earlier and the upcoming oxer. The jump began to grow closer as Fleet gobbled up the arena footing. 3, 2, 1, the teenager was counting her strides right before the takeoff. She leaned forward, extending her arms once again – and almost toppled over her stallion’s neck when he drew to a sudden halt. Fudgesticks! Luna snapped in her head. What was that? The distance was fine, and Fleet had jumped that fence so many times. She didn’t understand. But for now, she needed a break. After sitting back up and taking a few deep breaths, Luna asked Fleet to walk into the center of the arena. Her stallion didn’t seem to understand what was wrong, but he did as she asked. Luna quickly dropped her stirrups and dismounted, in a somewhat hurried matter. She stepped to Fleet’s side and rolled up her left stirrup, pushing the metal up the leather strap to secure it before doing the same to the other side. Swinging the reins back over Fleet’s head, Luna reminded herself to check out the shining object on the ground. Her brown eyes scanned the sand arena for it’s location, and saw it glittering the sun.

    As she pulled Fleet closer, she began to see its shape. It was a browband with glittering navy blue gems, and clearly much nicer than the one she currently had Fleet using. Luna had never seen it before – it was definitely super pretty. The teen liked it, and bent down to pick it up. She grasped it in her left hand and turned it around, running her left thumb over the gems. Luna blew some of the sand off, and the gems shone brighter. And then brighter. And then still brighter. What? Is it… glowing? Her mind stuttered. Suddenly, all Luna saw was a bright flash of light before the arena she knew was gone.

    Yeah okay it kinda sucks 😛 But I hope you like it!

    procrastination is the key 🔑

  7. Lightningpaw(Lightingheart)
    June 10, 2019 at 6:48 pm

    Flowermoon was laying beside Sundawn in the warrior den. Cloudfern was accepted into the clan, but once Flightstorm had her kits, they had to hunt for all the elders and queens as their punishment.

    Flightstorm was close to kitting. Cloudfern had asked to sleep by the nursery, because he was sure the clan wouldn’t accept him for a while.

    Flowermoon got a sharp pain in her stomach. She dug her claws into the ground to keep from squealing.

    She got up and went to the medicine cat den. She poked Shinefern. He looked up at her and blinked in surprise.

    “What is it?” He grumbled, sitting up.

    “I have a sharp pain in my stomach. Can you give me something for it?”

    “What else have you been feeling?”

    “I have been tired, hungry, a lot of stuff.”

    Shinefern purred, and put a paw on her stomach.

    “You are expecting kits, Flowermoon. Now, get out of my den, you need no herbs. Move into the nursery in the morning.”

    Flowermoon almost yowled in delight. Kits! She couldn’t wait to tell Sundawn. She crept out of the den, to find Sundawn sneaking out. ‘What is he doing?’ Flowermoon thought.

    She followed him till he stopped at the Sky Oak. Flowermoon caught the smell of a SkyClan cat. A she-cat came out of the bushes, and Sundawn purred as she touched her muzzle to his. Flowermoon yowled and jumped out of her hiding spot. The SkyClan cat was Moonheart, a new warrior.

    “Listen, Flowermoon. This isn’t what it looks like.”

    “I know what it looks like! You are with her! You don’t love me!”

    Flowermoon turned and ran. Sundawn murmured a few words to Moonheart, then ran after her. Sundawn tackled Flowermoon. Flowermoon snarled at him, end bit his shoulder.

    “To think, I am going to have your kits! Once they are born, I will give them to Moonheart to raise, and we will never be mates again!”

    Flowermoon growled at him once more, then ran back to the camp, and dived into the warriors den, and cried softly to herself.

    • Clo who has a mentor :)
      June 10, 2019 at 11:16 pm

      Whaaaattt??? Hmmm, I’m guessing… Sundawn’s long lost sister😋

      Thank me for ur fried chicken

      • Lightningpaw(Lightingheart)
        June 11, 2019 at 1:00 am


  8. June 10, 2019 at 7:21 pm

    Til StarClan do they Part💫 CHAPTER THIRTEEN:
    (Sorry about the wait😅)

    I stared at Yarrowpaw. “What do you mean?”
    ‘She must have just not seen her!’ I thought, my pelt starting to bristle. Yarrowpaw’s eyes flashed as she spoke. “I can speak for everyone that there was no cat that came up, no cat that helped you up, it was just…you.” She mewed.

    I flattened my ears. “B-But that’s not possible! There was a cat there! Her name was Storm, & she lived there for moons & she helped me up & hunter for me &…” I broke off.
    ‘Is Yarrowpaw telling the truth?’ I questioned silently to myself,
    “I’m telling the truth, Dovepaw…” Yarrowpaw gently whispered, as if she read my thoughts.

    I frowned, rising to my paws.
    “I need to go for a walk.” I told her with a deep breath, padding out of camp. “Wait! Remember what happened last time you…” Yarrowpaw’s voice faded away as I stalked through the forest.
    ‘Then What was Storm? I was…was I imagining her the whole time?’ The thought gave me shivers down my spine.

    Suddenly, a voice called behind me. “Dovepaw!” It was Goldensky. I turned to look at my sister. Her violet eyes glowered with worry. “Are you okay?” She asked as she padded up to me. I didn’t meet her gaze. “Is it true Storm was never there?” I whispered shakily.
    “Storm…?” Goldensky twitched her ear tips.

    I whipped my head up to scowl at her. “Storm! The cat who I stayed with! Who talked to me, who hunted for me, lived there for moons & helped me up & out of that ravine!” I snapped in a furious snarl.
    “I don’t know who she is…i never saw any cat with you.” Goldensky murmured, “You must have been hallucinating darling…that happens when you’re by yourself for awhile.” She sympathized.

    ‘I don’t need sympathy.’ I thought, my heart pounding in my ears. “Why don’t you see Ravenpool? He could help.” Goldensky suggested. I shook my head. “No, I just need to walk.”I sighed.

    “Would you like me to come with you?” Goldensky offered, her golden pelt twitching patiently. I shook my head again. “No thanks, I’m fine. There’s no boulders falling today.” Walking away, I ran through the forest so fast that I couldn’t catch my breath.
    I finally collapsed onto a log with a yowl, falling over & on the grass.
    With a hiss, I rose to my paws awkwardly, shaking my fur.

    “I’m sure that’ll make your leg hurt more.” A sly voice appeared from the shadows. I rose my head quickly. “Rowanstrike?” I growled at him, as he emerged from the undergrowth.
    “Don’t you agree?” Rowanstrike’s golden gaze glinted. “About what?” I narrowed my eyes at him.

    “Your leg.” Rowanstrike flicked his tail.
    I ignored his question. “Why are you here, Rowanstrike? Where’s your patrol?” I glared, watching him walk around me.
    “Patrol?” Rowanstrike pricked his ears, “I’m just going on a walk.”

    “With who? Fox?” I challenged, bristling.
    Suddenly, Rowanstrike’s eyes burned rage as he bristled & unsheathed his claws, leaning forward at my face. “What do you know about Fox?” He snarled.
    “That you’ve been meeting with him, & Ice too.” I stood my ground, my legs trembling.

    Rowanstrike’s voice slithered like a venomous snake. “Have you been following me?”
    “I’ve been watching you.” I straightened myself up. “Is it for your poor little sister Goldensky?” Rowanstrike mocked with a pouty frown.
    “I’m watching you cause I know what you’re doing!” I scowled at him, arching my back.

    “Well, if you do, then…why don’t you try & stop me?” Rowanstrike challenged with a excited glow in his eyes, “But then, you’d end up like your poor friend Violetleaf…SHE wanted to stop me, but…look where she is now.”
    A burst of rage surged through me as I raked his nose with a yowl, blood dropping from the multiple scratches across his nose.

    My blue green eyes burned like blue fire as I stepped back.
    “Nice work, REALLY a warrior.” Rowanstrike coolly hissed. I watched him.
    The dark ginger deputy licked his paw & wiped his nose. “I won’t tell anyone.”

    I shook my fur. “I’m not worried about it you do or don’t.”
    “I’m sure you would. Cause I could RUIN cats’ lives if I wanted to.” Rowanstrike spat.
    “I think you shouldn’t speak for Vixenstar.” I snapped quickly.

    Rowanstrike fell silent.
    “I think you should go. Fox is waiting, isn’t he?” I mocked. Rowanstrike let out a low growl, but disappeared into the undergrowth.
    As he went, I realized my mistake in the conversation. ‘I gave away me & Ravenpool watching him!’ I gasped, racing away & back to camp.

    As I bounded into camp, I looked around for Ravenpool & found him in his den. Taking a deep breath, I slyly padded into the den when no one was watching.
    Ravenpool looked up with glimmering eyes, “Hi Dovepaw,” He smiled at me, “You’re back.”

    I hesitated. “Um…Ravenpool…” I mewed quietly. Ravenpool lifted his head from sorting his herbs. “What?”
    “I think we should keep a distance, stop talking about Rowanstrike. I made a mistake.” I stammered. “What do you mean?” Ravenpool twitched his whiskers as he met my gaze.

    “I-I saw Rowanstrike in the forest,” I whispered, “I accidentally slipped that I’ve been watching him, so now he might look for other cats watching him…like you. And I don’t want to endanger you so I don’t want Rowanstrike seeing us talk about him & both watch him. We need to keep distance & rarely talk &- don’t watch Rowanstrike. Cause he’s aware now.” I explained in a whisper.

    Ravenpool stared at me. “You saw him in the forest?”
    “Yes, I was going for a walk & he started talking to me- it doesn’t matter! What matters is your safety & mine.” I meowed.
    “So he’s aware now…” mumbled the medicine cat.

    “Y-Yes.” The thought gave me shivers up my spine, making me fluff out my fur.
    “I guess you’re right.” Ravenpool frowned grimly.
    I frowned too. Since talking about Rowanstrike, the two of us have become so close…
    And I still felt those feelings for him, how I’ve felt for awhile…

    “I just wanted to warn you.” I sighed.
    “But don’t we want to stop Rowanstrike?” He questioned. “At what cost? Violetleaf tried too & look what happened to her!” I quietly whispered.
    Ravenpool fell silent.
    “Goodbye Ravenpool.” I mewed, walking out of the den & looking around, before padding away from the medicine den.

    I heard Ravenpool faintly mew back.

  9. Lightningpaw(Lightingheart)
    June 11, 2019 at 1:10 am

    This is especially for me and Clo! I put us into the new book about Flowermoon, and we are apprentices together! Hope you enjoy.
    “Lightning? Lightningpaw!”

    A paw was jabbing Lightningpaw in the side. ‘Its not even dawn yet. Is it?’

    Lightningpaw looked up to see Shadowpaw looking down at her. “Come on, slow poke. All the prey is gonna be gone while your sleeping!”

    Lightningpaw got out of her nest, careful not to step on Forestpaw. There mentors Juniperdew and Snowpuff( I think? I can’t remember😂) were waiting for them outside.

    “Thank StarClan!” Juniperdew muttered. “We should rename you Sleepaw!”

    Lightningpaw looked at her laws in embarrassment. Shadowpaw nudged her. “Race you!” Lightningpaw ran to her growling playfully. Shadowpaw squeaked and his behind Snowpuff. Snowpuff purred and pushed her away. Lightningpaw barreled over her into the clearing. The two apprentices wrestled until the deputy, Shiningfur, walked in between them, purring.

    “Alright, break it up. Save you skills for fighting other clans!”

    After that, Lightningpaw and Shadowpaw raced out of the camp, play fighting, and catching prey. The two friends would live on forever.

    • Clo who has a mentor :)
      June 11, 2019 at 1:33 am

      YES I LOVE THIS!!! Thank you so much Lightning <3

      Thank me for ur fried chicken

  10. June 11, 2019 at 2:49 am

    Til StarClan do they Part💫 CHAPTER FOURTEEN:

    The past few days had gone by so slowly without seeing Ravenpool. Especially since Sandspring was sick with green cough. I couldn’t visit him at all, or talk to Ravenpool, so I kept my distance.

    The first snow drifted down from the sky onto my paws as I sat outside the apprentices’ den entrance. Yarrowpaw was out hunting with her mentor.
    I gazed across camp, seeing that Rowanstrike was gone. But I stopped myself from following him.
    It would endanger me…& everyone.

    Eventually, I heard yowling & Vixenstar called a Clan meeting. It was the ceremony of Dappleflower & Duskstorm’s kits, Beetlekit, Beekit & Spottedkit. I watched as the three kits became apprentices happily & smiled warmly, chanting their new names proudly.
    After the ceremony, Yarrowpaw strutted up to me with glowing eyes. “I’m so proud of my kin!” She purred.

    I smiled. “I’m sure you are.”
    Duskstorm was Yarrowpaw’s older brother, making Beetlekit, Beekit & Spottedkit her kin. “I wish I was a warrior so I could be one of their mentors.” Yarrowpaw frowned glumly. I nodded slowly.
    “You will soon.” Poppystep mewed from behind her, padding up & resting her tail on her apprentice’s shoulder.
    “What about me?” I piped in, my tail waving hopefully. “I’m sorry honey, I can’t speak for Sandspring.” Poppystep frowned at her.

    I nodded.
    “Want to share a vole?” Yarrowpaw offered obliviously. I nodded briskly & the two of us grabbed one from the fresh kill pile, sitting down & starting to eat.
    “So…how was training?” I asked.
    “Good.” Yarrowpaw chewed fast, “Though…Poppystep told me why her & Sandspring aren’t mates.” Her green eyes gleamed.

    I hesitated. “I-I don’t know if I want to hear. It’s their private business.” I murmured under my breath. “No! She said I could tell you! She’s fine with it!” Yarrowpaw meowed to me openly.
    My ears flicked. “Really? She’s fine about it?”
    “Yep.” The yellow she cat mewed, “Poppystep just told me that they both weren’t the right match. Things weren’t working out. And- it wasn’t because of us, it was because they just…didn’t work out.” She shrugged.

    I nodded slowly, swallowing, “Wow…”
    “I know.” Yarrowpaw said.
    Suddenly, a yowl came from the Highstone as Vixenstar bellowed, “All cats old enough to catch their own prey, gather around the Highstone for a Clan meeting!”
    Murmurs cast across the formed crowd as the cats bustled together for the meeting.

    Vixenstar’s Golden gaze flashed as she spoke, “I have decided to stop the search for Violetleaf!”

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