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Kurt Vonnegut

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  1. Hawthorn's out for summer! (HawthornPAW)
    June 16, 2019 at 12:31 am

    Hawkeye’s Dreams
    Chapter 1 repost!
    That’s the only yell I here.
    I look for her.
    Where are you?
    I hear a shriek.
    No. It’s too late. She’s gone. I couldn’t save her.
    “Hawkeye! Hawkeye!”
    I wake up to see Sunsky on top of me.
    “Sunsky? But you’re… Oh I’m awake.” Sunsky stares at me. “I’m what? Are you ok? You’ve been meowing all night!”
    “I have?”
    “Yes. I’m what?”
    “Nothing. Never mind.”
    “Ok. Let’s go get some fresh kill.”
    We head over to the fresh kill pile. I’m still used to being an apprentice, since I’ve only been a warrior for 2 days. But being a warrior is much better. We eat our fresh kill and talk. Sunsky is much nicer to me than Ravenflight and Lakesong, my other sisters, or my brother Midnightrush. They’ve always made fun of me, laughing when I wake up from dreams at night.
    I dream a lot. And the wierd thing is, most of the time, my dreams come true. I’ve dreamed that I would fall into the freezing water in the winter a few moons ago, and I did. I dreamed a fire would spread throughout my clan, LightningClan, and it did. I dreamed a dog would kill my father, Greengrove, and it happened. I’ scared that my dream about Sunsky will come true.
    “May all cats old enough to catch their own prey, join here beneath the Lightning Rock for a clan meeting.” Hurricanestar calls. Sunsky runs for it. I do too. Hurricanestar told us that today we would become mentors. All of my siblings are going to!
    Hurricanestar gives Sunsky Gingerpaw, Midnightrush Hopepaw, Lakesong Lovepaw, and Ravenflight Squirrelpaw. My apprentice is Riverpaw. Once the ceromony is over, Hurricanestar tells us that a clan meeting is tonight. She says me, all my siblings, Silverpaw, Cloudnose, and Brackenheart can all go.
    I smile and get ready to meet my apprentice.

    Hawkeye’s Dreams
    Chapter 2
    “Aren’t you the weird one with all those crazy dreams?”
    I sigh.
    “For the fifth time, yes, but I’m not weird!”
    Riverpaw smiles. “I heard that all your dreams come true or something.”
    “Let’s just stop talking about this, ok?”
    “No.” Riverpaw says, “I ALWAYS get what I want. Right now I want to talk about your weird dreams. And you’re not going to stop that.”
    What is wrong with this brat? Of course I was put with this one. I always get the bad things in life.
    “You listen to me right now, you are not talking about my dreams anymore, you’re not always getting what you want, you’re not telling me what to do, and I am teaching you what you need to become a warrior. You want to become a warrior, right?”
    “Yeah, I’m not gonna be some dumb medicine cat.”
    “If you want to be a warrior, stop acting like such a jerk! Respect medicine cats, they do just as much as warriors do. Respect me, or you’ll be an apprentice your whole life.”
    “That’s not true.”
    “Trust me, I’ll make it true.”
    “Today I’ve decided to show you around the territory.”

    Hurricanestar gathers us together for the gathering. Our medicine cat, Cloudnose, walks over to me.
    “So you’ve had a rough first day as a mentor, haven’t you?”
    “Definitely. My apprentice is a jerk.”
    “You’ll straighten him out. Hollypaw used to be like that. I straightened her out.” He looks at me. “I know you can do it. You always find a way.”
    “Yeah, hopefully I will this time.”
    Cloudnose was my best friend when we were kits. We loved playing together, him, me, and Sunsky, while my other siblings and his brother, Brackenheart, our clan deputy now, played. Cloudnose and I are still friends.
    “How are you doing, Hawkeye, it’s been a while.” Cloudnose asks.
    “Oh I’m just my same old self. Just a warrior now, with an apprentice and everything.” I tell him, “How are you?”
    “I’m great. The medicine den isn’t very busy these days, and Hollypaw and I have been doing amazing lately.” he says, smiling.
    I smile. “Good.”
    We talk a while longer, about siblings, parents, when we were kits, our lives as warriors and medicine cats, and so much more. When we get there, I sit next to Sunsky.
    Sunsky stares at me. “So you’ve been talking to Cloudnose? How is he?” She says something to herself, but I can’t here her.
    “He’s good.” I say, “How was your first day of apprentice training?”
    She smiles. “It was great.” she says, “Gingerpaw’s the best apprentice I could ask for. She’s sweet, smart, and funny. How was your day?”
    “Terrible. Riverpaw’s The worst. He’s a jerk, thinks he can have and do whatever he wants, and talks back.” I say
    “I’m really sorry.” Sunsky says.
    “It’s ok.” I say, “It’s not your fault.”
    Everyone is quiet as the leaders go on the Stone of Good Deeds. The gathering begins.

    Scoops Troop, do you copy?

    • Pineblossom loves the rain ☔️
      June 19, 2019 at 4:43 am

      that’s really good so far hawthorn! i want to see how riverpaw changes 🙂

      No mourners no funerals

  2. Moonkit028
    June 16, 2019 at 2:49 am

    Prologue for Robin’s Scar- the new book I am starting to write.

    Finny pushed and wailed to the night sky. Lightning crackled high above the cave. A thunder strike threatened to deafen her. A bloody kit lay on the crackly nest underneath her. How she wished her father was here. He would be more than happy to see a new cat to add to his pack. She licked the dark red blood off of her daughter. It didn’t come off. She licked hard, and tried as hard as she could. She realised that the kit was scarred. It was a dark red kit. A she-cat by the smell of it. The kit was scarred for life. The kit mewed and thunder stroke as a light flashed outside. This kit was special. This kit would be Scar. She felt her body shudder. Dark waves threatened to engulf her. Stars flashed in her vision. At last, her pain was over. Scar would have to raise herself. Scar would be the new Scourge, just like her father.

    Do you like it?

    • Winterwhisper, Excited for July
      June 19, 2019 at 3:43 am

      I do like it! 🙂

      🧡 Winter For Deputy 2K19! 🧡

  3. Mapledrift
    June 16, 2019 at 6:54 am

    Repost !
    Criticism is very, very, very welcome and I would love any critique you have

    I have finally done it !!!
    Misfits Chapter 1 is done !!!!!

    Chapter 1

    In the gloom of the tunnels, a loud growling made a few creatures lift their heads in confusion, unsure what was the source of the noise. Little did they know that it came from a sleeping fox, curled up in tight and hidden corner of the sewers, snoring as he tossed and turned in his sleep, twitching his tail uncomfortably. Stirring, the old fox yawned, stretching open his long muzzle to reveal old yellowish teeth. Grimacing as the smell of rot hit his nose, the fox rolled his eyes and rose to his feet, shaking out his matted dark ginger fur briefly to try and remove any spiders that might have crawled onto him whilst he rested. The horrible tangy smell came again, and he wrinkled his greying muzzle with a sigh. Some stupid rat had probably left out a piece of scrap meat for too long again, if he found the culprit, they would be sure never to risk being so careless again. Twisting nimbly through the small passageway he currently called home, the fox padded out into one of the more major sewers and glanced around, squinting for any sign of vaguely fresh water or food. Suddenly, something barrelled into him, making the elderly fox stumble. Growling, he spun around to see a young bumbling raccoon with very pale fur besides him. Fresh blood splattered the criss cross scar on his ear, this one must be a newbie.
    “I.. I’m awfully sorry Mister…. “
    Definitely new to the Misfits, the fox thought, swishing his tail with aggravation
    “The name’s Sabre, newbie. Ya sound like a man brained posho. Now budge, I ain’t going to hang around all day listening to a snivelling sewer fresh kid. Scram mintie.”
    Mumbling something under his breath, the pale raccoon stormed past Sabre, hitting the fox’s dark brown legs with his tail. Cutting the creature a very unimpressed hazel glare, he turned the other direction, and began to stroll down the brick sewer again. It wasn’t long before his ears perked up to the sound of gently trickling water in the distance. That sounded fresh. Slightly picking up his pace, Sabre chewed a bit of tangy scraps still stuck in his mouth from his last meal. Swallowing it as he approached, to his frustration, Sabre spotted another animal right by the water. Claws clicking on the hard stone, Sabre coughed to announce his presence to whatever stupid creature was taking the fresh water he had discovered.
    As the dog lifted her head, Sabre relaxed a little, recognising the squished muzzle and fiery expression as one of the older dogs, Rough. Still, his hackles remained raised, and he kept his eyes fixed on Rough as much as possible, carefully listening out for any of her friends. If they turned up alongside the tan and black dog he would definitely have to turn away.
    “Mornin’ Rough, ain’t it too early for yer to be this far out ‘ere”
    Keeping a good distance, and trying to stop himself from glancing at the slowly dripping water, Sabre tried to keep his brown eyes focused on Rough. She was a tricky dog, but had been here long enough to take the hint he was giving and either move away from the water or make this whole situation a lot more tense. Making eye contact with his, and sending a poisonous green glare his way, Rough took a few steps back from the water, and Sabre couldn’t contain himself from rushing forward. Pressing his muzzle against the cold wall, he let the water dribble in gently, swallowing desperately to help quench his thirst. This section of sewer had become disused long ago, which did give the advantage of dryer sleeping spots, but left your throat parched and dry everytime you awoke.
    “Heya Sabre, I could say the same about yer. It ain’t like ya to head this side of yer spot so soon after wakin’ up.”
    Moving away from the wall, but still standing in front of the water so that Rough would finally get the message and leave, Sabre formulated a plan in his mind to avoid giving Rough too many details. She was smart, even knowing what the newbie he had wanted to avoid could get her started planning to kick him out of his home. It was no secret Rough was after a dryer sleeping space, and Sabre was the oldest in his district, making him the obvious target to her schemes.
    “Ah, ya know, stupid mintie came to me old spot, takin’ a drink ain’t so fun when there’s blood on the floor.”
    Rough snorted, it wasn’t unusual for Sabre to hurt a sewer fresh, he had been in a surprisingly good mood this morning not to leave the raccoon with some nasty wounds to remember him by. A little show of strength could never hurt, and as long as Rough didn’t manage to find the newbie, it would keep her convinced he wasn’t too old to stand up for himself for a while. The smaller dog began to move towards the water again, but Sabre stepped forwards, pulling back his muzzle in a snarl, and Rough took a step back, rolling her eyes at him, before sauntering off.
    “See ya at centre tunnel.”
    Perking up his ears, Sabre tried to make his fur lay flat. Why was there a meeting at centre tunnel ?
    “What’cha goin’ on about ?”
    Turning her head with a small, rather evil looking smile, Rough tilted her head to the water that was slowly trickling behind Sabre. Growling quietly, he stepped back, scraping his claws along the hard floor, making a rather horrible screeching noise whilst Rough took an excessively long time to drink from his water. He’d go looking for scraps in her area later, he told himself, even though he wasn’t hungry, he’d make sure to take loads of food just to annoy her. Finally, the dog finished slurping up the water, and turned back to Sabre
    “There’s a meeting at centre tunnel later. Ya better be there, I heard there’s gonna be a trial or some’ing”
    Hitting his paw against the ground in annoyance, Sabre growled and turned away from Rough. He hated that dog, hated how she always forced him to give things up just because he wasn’t in the loop like all the other animals. Weaving through a complex pattern of hidden tunnels, he constantly peered behind him to check that no one was following him. The more time he could get alone the better for his sanity. All the misfits these days were incredibly aggravating and simply tiring to be around for anymore than one minute. Especially the rats. The tiny devils were everywhere, and larger animals were forbidden from killing them for food. Although, from how smug about this they seemed, Sabre knew most of the rats had no idea how many of their kind were killed and eaten in secret. He had done it once, but hadn’t been too keen on how much effort you have to put into cleaning up the mess and then checking there were no witnesses. After a long while of walking, taking the long route so that most animals would reach the tunnel before him, Sabre walked out into the large chamber that had a spider web of other passages and sewers stretching out off of it. Still on days with lots of rain, the basin began to fill with water, but as every bit of the stone seemed bone dry, Sabre decided it must not have rained for days. Perhaps that was why he was finding less water. Time was strange underground, it could the mid summer or the start of a freezing winter for all he knew. Flicking his dark ginger tail, he settled down at the very edge of the chamber, and waiting to see what on earth this ridiculous meeting was about.
    “Ayy it’s me pal Sabre. How ya doin’ ?”
    A squirrel sidled up to Sabre and nudged him playfully, but the fox kept facing forwards, baring his teeth at the small creature besides him, who’s short stump of a pale grey tail twitched impatiently. Her hazel eyes glinted, challenging, daring the old fox to ignore her.
    “Scram Bright. Unless ya want to lose the rest of yer stump.”
    Sabre growled, but the squirrel looked unphased, snorting as he spoke, and making little chattering noises, making a mocking imitation of the dark ginger fox. In the gloom of the vast tunnel, she reached up and gave her ear a scratch as more animals flooded in around them.
    “Yer know the last creature who took me tail got dead don’t ya. You really wanna try me ?”
    Ready to bite back a retort that it would definitely be worth it to see Bright scream in pain, Sabre had just opened his mouth when he was interrupted by someone tapping a paw on his shoulder. Spinning around and raising his hackles, Sabre forced his fur to lay flat when he saw a small fluffy ginger and white cat nervously smiling at him. It was just Excalibur, or Ex as most called him. The little cat was so innocent and kind no one could really bear to hurt him, which was incredibly rare in the Misfits, when almost every animal wore the scars of their disagreements as badges of honour or marks of shame.
    “Ex. Ya good buddy ? How’s yer sis, Darcy ain’t it ?”
    Nodding, the white and ginger cat smiled, fiddling with the checkered bandana he always wore loosely around his neck. Apparently it was a gift from Ex’s old partner before they broke up with him, but Sabre believed it was much more likely a simple gift from Excalibur’s pale-skins before he ran away.
    “Yeh, Darcy ain’t comin’ today though. She got into a fight an’ hurt real bad. The other girl looked worse she said though.”
    Bright looked like she was about to intervene, probably saying some unsavoury things about Ex’s sister, the two had never gotten along, but Sabre was saved from another petty disagreement by the entrance of the commander of the watchers, the one who kept the misfits alive and safe. Commander Pipit sat back on his hind legs, his dark grey fur matted as always and his long fluffy tail curled up his back. The squirrel’s face was pulled awkwardly by a rough scar. Behind him sat a brown tabby cat, who regarded everyone within the tunnel carefully, occasionally whispering something to Pipit who nodded quickly.
    Keen not to have a running commentary of everything that was happening, Sabre rose to his feet and moved away from Bright, and tucking himself into a corner where he could still just about make out what was happening below him. The commander spoke for a while, and Sabre yawned widely, if only he had stayed in a little longer, although he wasn’t on the brink of death, his older bones hated rising early, and he could have definitely coped without some confrontation with Rough.
    It wasn’t long before something of interest began to happen, and Sabre, who had been drifting off to sleep leaning against a cold hard stone wall, perked his ears up and wrinkled his greying muzzle in thought.
    Dragged into the centre of the tunnel were two animals, one a black fox with silver flecks through her pelt which was torn by scars. For a second her icy blue gaze met Sabre’s and she shook her head. It only took a second for Sabre to match her face to a name. It was Thicket. The two had once lived right beside each other, and had once given Rough and her friends a good beating. That was in their youth, and Sabre had broken off with Thicket after a massive fight between them, yet he knew what was coming and a twinge of worry went through him, Thicket wasn’t a bad fox, yes she was mean, yes she was incredibly rash, but not bad.
    Next to her a small twitchy squirrel fidgeted with their tiny silvery grey paws, and had to be shoved every so often by the watchers to keep them moving.
    Once the two creatures were in the centre, Commander Pipit coughed, and any conversations and speculations that had floated through the air were silenced at once. Clearing his throat, the commander whispered something to his second in command Sparrow, and the tabby cat nodded before walking away.
    “We have brought you all here today to witness the trial of these two piece of rotfood scum. Thicket, who murdered a rat who was a member of the Misfits just like her.”
    A little cry came from just in front of Sabre, and he cast his gaze downwards and saw two small rats crying into each other’s fur. Rolling his eyes, he hit one of them with his paw and narrowed his eyes at them. Very swiftly the sobbing stopped and Sabre couldn’t help but think how foolish Thicket must have been to risk doing something like that.
    “And Scruff, an outsider who has been responsible for the theft of our hard earned food for months.”
    Cries of rage came from all the animals, and this time Sabre joined the shouting. How could the watchers not have caught such a greedy thief for so long ! He could have starved !
    “Enough !”
    The screams dwindled as Commander Pipit raised his voice, and conversations lowered to discontented whispers.
    “Both of these creatures are guilty, and shall fight till one emerges victorious after the life of the other is taken. The winner will live, but work for the watchers until they perish.”
    “Blood bath ! Blood bath ! Blood bath !”
    Ecstatic yells came from all the animals, and every creature tapped their paw on the ground in unison. Sighing, Sabre slowly tapped his paw, adding to the drumming. He found it incredibly frustrating. It wasn’t that he would pass up the chance to watch a good fight, it was mildly entertaining to see the fur fly, and he had his fair share of bloodlust. SImply, he didn’t share the same enthusiasm anymore, most of these fights were the same and very predictable. Even Excalibur’s eyes were filled with glee as he watched the two animals pace around the stone ground, circling each other in a deadly dance.
    Thicket’s blue eyes narrowed and as Commander Pipit let out a shout for the fight to begin, she leapt for the squirrel, fangs spread wide. Oohs and ahhs erupted from the crowd as her teeth dug into Scruff’s fur, pulling out a tuft, sending blood spraying towards the cats who were sat in the front row. Desperately pulling away, the squirrel screeched in agony as Thicket dug her teeth deep into the skin of their paw. A sickening crunch of snapping bone echoed around the whole arena, and Sabre smiled, glad to see Thicket had the obvious advantage of size and strength against a common thief.
    In a flash, the silver squirrel’s front paw flew up at Thicket’s dark furred face, catching onto her cross shaped ear scar and tugging, tearing right through the skin of her ear with their needle sharp claws. Enraged, Thicket let go of Scruff’s foot, lashed a paw out at their face, which they ducked under with ease. Sabre held his breath as Thicket stood there blood running down her face, seemingly stumped at what to do. Instead of being shocked that such a good fighter looked confused, Sabre grinned, he had seen that face before, it was time for Thicket to get serious.
    As Scruff took advantage of her weakened posture, and leapt towards her face, Thicket snapped back into focus, and leapt out of the way, catching the squirrel’s tail in her jaws and tossing them away. Scruff went barrelling into the crowd who let out whoops of excitement as they shoved the blood covered squirrel with a mangled back paw right back into the ring against their furious competitor. Sabre turned away his head as Scruff stumbled towards Thicket, and he began walking back to the tunnel that lead him home. What a boring match. Sure it was decent that Thicket wasn’t going to perish, and it was surprisingly relieving, but Sabre had seen it all before.
    A bloodcurdling scream cut off his train of thought, and Sabre swung around to see Scruff latched onto Thicket’s throat, their strong front teeth deeply imbedded in the fox’s neck. Slumping to the ground, Thicket’s eyes met Sabre’s for a second, her gaze begging him to do something. Slowly, he shook his head. There was nothing he could do, even if he actually wanted to. Thicket hadn’t cleaned up her mess, and now she was paying for that mistake. Letting out an ugly gurgling noise, Thicket closed her eyes, spluttering up a bit of blood. Cautiously, Scruff released their grip on her throat, and took a step back. The black and silver fox’s chest fell, but didn’t rise again as blood dripped out of her throat.
    That was unexpected, Sabre thought to himself, twitching his dark tail and licking his muzzle to clean the bits of dust that had settled on it, probably kicked up by the paw drumming earlier. As animals began to file out, conversations dwindled and leisurely everyone returned to whatever secluded corner they came from. Fortunately, Sabre managed to miss Bright on his way out, but did bump into Excalibur again, who gave a bubbly farewell before heading off to take care of his sister. After he wasn’t surrounded by crowds anymore, Sabre could finally relax. Yet around the corner, he could just about make out a scratching noise around the corner.
    Quietly continuing, he changed his route slightly to see who it was. If it was that mintie from earlier, he would give them a few good scars to remember that this was his area. Poking his greying muzzle around the corner, Sabre heard the nearly inaudible whispers of two animals having a conversation. Great. Yet another idiot to deal with. Springing around the corner with his pelt prickling and eyes narrowed, Sabre got into a battle stance, only to be greeted by the shocked faces of two rodents.
    One was a little rat with wide set ears on his mottled brown and white head and the other was, to Sabre’s surprise and disbelief, the twitchy squirrel Scruff from the arena. Growling, he swished his tail
    “Look what have ‘ere, a kid playin’ hero and an escaped convict. What am I gonna do with ya both ?”

    So here we have it , finally !!! We are introduced with one of the main characters, Sabre, a grumpy old fox. Also some of my other faves of these characters, that sadly get barely any feature, Excalibur, Thicket and Rough
    I can’t stress enough how hard it was for me to kill off Thicket, I have been planning this for a while and these characters are all my children. We haven’t met the other two who are my faves as well yet, but oh well.
    Tell me what you think in the comments, I would love absolutely any feedback, and critique would be awesome as well
    It’d be cool to know who everyone’s fave character so far is as well
    (totally not far any reason in particular no, no way is there any reason in particular that I want to know this, totally nothing to do with possibly writing a spin off story about someone no way)

    • Cheetahspark
      June 17, 2019 at 4:22 am

      sabre’s just a done old man

      this was really good! 😀


      • Mapledrift
        June 17, 2019 at 6:44 am

        Thank youuuuu Cheetah
        Sabre is literally done with everyone and everything

        So you have any like critiques, I don’t care if they are mean I just really want to know everyone’s 100% honest opinion onhow does the writing and story flow ?

        • Cheetahspark
          June 17, 2019 at 1:14 pm

          My advice is to listen to Viper’s advice because it was very good 😛 I thought your story was really good! Though I did get a little bored near the beginning, I think I can blame that on my short attention span and not your writing style.


    • Pineblossom loves the rain ☔️
      June 17, 2019 at 1:51 pm

      It’s super good so far Maple! Can’t wait to read more! 🙂

      No mourners no funerals

      • Mapledrift
        June 17, 2019 at 5:56 pm

        Thanks pine !

    • June 19, 2019 at 5:58 pm

      This was amazing! I know you want criticism, so here it is. Try using a large variety of sentence lengths – I noticed yours was mostly long/medium – long sentences, which can make it bumpy when reading, if that makes sense. A short sentence sprinkled throughout can really help the writing style feel more interesting 🙂 But I thought this was exceptionally written, Maple!

      Don't Lose Ur Head 🗡💚

      • June 19, 2019 at 6:22 pm

        Thanks for the advice Moon ! It was super helpful 🙂 I’m really happy you like it !

        Somewhere that’s Green

  4. June 16, 2019 at 11:30 am

    Alternative warrior endings: mapleshade vengance
    Author note: in this i ships mapleshade and frecklewish, as well as mapleshade and birchface. This is loosely based off an M.A.P for Billie eilishes “bellyache”

    Frecklewish burst into the nursery, her speckled golden fur fluffed up and her eyes sparkling. “Beetail told me your news!” She purred “I’m so happy for you!”
    Mapleshade sat up and curled her thick white tail over her paws. “Thank you.”
    Frecklewish stood besides mapleshade’s Nest looking uncharacteristically shy. “Beetail also said you would be raising these kits alone,” She mewed.
    Mapleshade tensed. She had not anticipated questions about the kits’ father so soon.
    Frecklewish looked down at the floor of the den. “Is… is that because the father is dead?” She lifted her gaze, and mapleshade almost winced at the blaze of hope in her eyes. “Are These birchface’s Kits?” Frecklewish whispered. “Is my brother going to live on through you?”
    Mapleshade looked at the den floor, an able to meet frecklewish’s gaze.
    “I’m… I’m sorry to say, but no.” Mapleshade only just met her gaze.
    “Then who is the father?” Frecklewish shrugged.
    “A loner. Even without a father present for the kits, I will raise them on my own.” Mapleshade lied.
    “Then I will help you.” Frecklewish vowed.


    “Come here mapleshade,” oakstar commanded.
    On legs that seemed to be made of stone, mapleshade walked forward until she was standing in the center of the clearing. “What is it, oakstar?”
    The dark brown Tom twitched the tip of his tail. “Who is the father of your kits?” He asked. “Tell the truth!”
    Before mapleshade could speak, there was a flurry of ginger fur beside her. Frecklewish pushed past a cluster of warriors and joined mapleshade below highrock. “We know it’s birchface!” She called up to oakstar. “Why are you asking this?”
    “I want mapleshade to tell us herself,” oakstar mewed, his voice soft with menace. “She let me believe that a loner was their father. I cannot imagine one of my warriors would dare tell such a lie.”
    Mapleshade shifted her weight onto her hind paws so she could hold the leaders gaze. “Any clan would be proud to have these kits grow up and serve them,” she declared.
    “Even if they knew the kits were half-clan?” Ravenwing meowed. “We deserve to know the truth, mapleshade. Appledusk is their father, isn’t he?”


    Frecklewish saw the kits, along with mapleshade plunge into the river. “Mapleshade!” She gasped. She jumped in after them, trying to save at least one kit. She grabbed the scruff of patchkit and eventually got to the thunderclan side of the river. She then saw a patrol of riverclan warriors save mapleshade, petalkit and larchkit. She jumped over the stepping stones, carefully, as to not fall in the river, and dropped patchkit down near mapleshade.
    When mapleshade awoke, she saw Frecklewish, appledusk and some other riverclan cats. “My kits…save my kits…”

    Mapleshade stood over the body’s of her dead kits. Frecklewish padded up besides her.
    “I’m sorry mapleshade. About both your kits, and your banishment from thunderclan.” She meowed softly.
    “It’s alright.” Mapleshade replyed.


    As mapleshade and Frecklewish left riverclan camp, mapleshade said; “I’m sorry for lying to you. Now, more than anything, I wish the kits where birchfaces.”
    Frecklewish licked her ear. “So do I. You could have probably been leader after oakstar if appledusk wasn’t their father.”

    From there, everything that happened in mapleshades vengeance happened, except for mapleshade killing Frecklewish. Instead she took a life from both darkstar and oakstar.
    Frecklewish helped her with her murders, as she saw the kits as well, and defended her from pikepaw. They lived happily together in the barn with myler. She later died to rat bites, and Frecklewish from old age.


  5. Winterwhisper, BlogTeam Edition
    June 16, 2019 at 11:51 pm

    It happened during a Gathering. It was a brief flash in history, a bump among time. We were together for moons before that, but our crescendo transpired that night. There, under the trees, on ShadowClan’s side of the border. The marsh-water was wet underfoot, and in the blackness of night, nobody would notice the blood.

    🧡 Winter For Deputy 2K19! 🧡

  6. Fox Trot
    June 17, 2019 at 9:27 pm

    Dawn’s Flame – A Collab Fic between Fox Trot and Cinnamonpaw

    Dawn opened her eyes, having been woken up by squawking seagulls. She could feel the sun on her back, and wondered if she should just go back to sleep. Closing her eyes, she managed to ignore the noise until something stepped on her tail.

    “Whoops! Sorry Dawn!” Mango squeaked, trotting over to the fresh-kill pile by the cliffs.

    “Blergh.” Dawn grumbled, sitting up and yawning. Pearl glanced down at her kit, flicking her long, fluffy tail.

    “You’re going to have to wake up much earlier than this for your power finding ceremony tomorrow. The cave is all the way in the forest, past the cliffs.” She mewed.

    “Doesn’t that mean I should just sleep all day? To…get energy for tomorrow.” Dawn invented.

    Pearl chuckled. “No, Dawn. Go play with your littermates, Sandy and Mango are already over by the fresh-kill pile.”

    Dawn sighed, before standing up and padding out of the small shady area by the cliffs the tribe used as a nursery.

    When she reached the fresh-kill pile, her siblings were already settled down nearby it, sharing a large fish.

    “Hey.” Sandy greeted Dawn, nodding his head.

    “Hi.” Dawn mumbled, laying down next to Mango.

    “Do you want some fish?” Mango asked in between mouthfuls.
    “Yeah, that’d be nice.” Dawn mewed, cutting off a piece of the fish.

    “Are you guys excited about tomorrow?” Asked Mango. “I am!” She mewed, smiling.

    “So am I” Sandy mewed. “What powers do you think we’ll get?” He wondered, finishing up his part of the fish.

    “I want weather powers!” Mango mewed. “Then I never have to get rained on again!” She grinned, finishing her piece of the fish. “Well, water powers would also work for that as well I guess.” She added.

    “I want weather powers, like Topaz.” Sandy decided, his eyes shining. “Maybe then he’ll be proud of me. What about you, Dawn?” He asked.

    Dawn shrugged. “I don’t know, I’m good with anything.” She mewed, finishing her fresh-kill.

    “Well, now that we’ve all finished eating, let’s go swimming!” Mango mewed, bouncing on her paws. “The waves aren’t too high and as long as a full grown cat is watching we’ll be fine!”

    Sandy smiled. “That sounds fun!” He mewed, standing up as well.

    “Sure.” Dawn decided, standing up. “Jace is already sitting by the ocean, I’m sure he wouldn’t mind watching us.” She mewed, beginning to pad over to him.

    “Oh hurry up you sea-snail!” Mango yowled, breaking into a run.
    “Mango! Wait!” Sandy called, running after her with Dawn trailing behind him.

    After Sandy and Dawn finally caught up to Mango, Jace had already agreed to watch over them and Mango was trotting into the water.

    “Mango! Wait for us next time!” Dawn yowled, running over to her.

    “You guys are slow.” Mango muttered, sticking out her tongue.

    “No we aren’t!” Sandy exclaimed. “Well, I’m not. I don’t know about Dawn.”

    “Wow, thanks.” Dawn mewed, rolling her eyes and giving Sandy a shove.

    “Ack!” Sandy spluttered, stumbling a bit. “You’ll pay for that!” He yowled, chasing Dawn into the waves. “Mango, help me catch her!” He ordered.

    “You’ll never take me alive!” Dawn fake growled, beginning to swim.

    A few minutes after the kits started to play, raindrops began to fall and the waves grew larger.

    “Sandy, Dawn, Mango, come back. It’s getting dangerous out there.” Jace called.

    “Aw.” Mango sighed, paddling back to camp with Sandy and Dawn right behind her.

    Once they got back to shore, Topaz padded up to them, completely dry.

    “Your mother wants you back in the nursery.” He called. “It’s too dangerous for kits to be close to the ocean right now.”

    Dawn, Mango and Sandy trotted over to him, and suddenly stopped getting hit by raindrops.

    “Did you do that?” Sandy asked.

    Topaz nodded. “It’s one of the first things weather powered cats learn how to do.”

    “I bet I’m going to turn out to have weather powers too!” Sandy mewed, bouncing around. “Then I can be just like you!”

    Topaz gave a small smile, before stopping at the nursery.

    “I’ll see you three tomorrow, after your power finding ceremony.” He mewed, trotting away.

    End of chapter uno.

    it’s also here

    • Iceeeeeeeeeee (Icy)
      June 17, 2019 at 9:33 pm

      Interesting. I like it. 🙂

      ᴇᴠᴇʀʏ ᴛᴜᴅᴏʀ ʀᴏꜱᴇ ʜᴀꜱ ᴛʜᴏʀɴꜱ 🌹

  7. June 18, 2019 at 1:50 am


    The nightmares started when I was about to become an apprentice.
    All I could see were his eyes.
    The same eyes I had seen in every single dream. I could explain them in extreme detail, from the way they were there, taunting me, grabbing my desire and mixing it with my fear to create a strong new emotion that made me want to get closer to him for my own saftey.
    He was evil, I know that for sure. His eyes might have been a welcoming shade of amber with little splashes of brown in them, eyes that would be kind and elegant if angled correctly, but these eyes… StarClan were they scary.
    I saw his eyes every night until last. When I saw him.
    He was big and muscular, with shiny silver fur and long, menacing claws. He was so sleek I knew he was a RiverClan cat, if he was a clan cat.
    His voice was slow, as if to make sure I understood every little thing he said, and it was deep. The type of voice that made ice crawl up your spine and into your brain, making you shiver until he stopped.
    The words he spoke were so normal, but his tone of voice was so different.
    “I will become leader one day.”
    Every kit wishes to become a leader, every single one. It was a line I had heard so many times in the nursery that I had gotten used to it.
    But he spoke them as if he was vowing, as if he wasn’t just saying it, but he was promising it.
    I didn’t think he was real. I only ever saw him in my dreams. You’d think so too, wouldn’t you?
    I didn’t think he was real until I saw him.
    When I first saw him, it was almost like a dream. I was a bit over the age of a warrior, but still in my apprenticeship due to being a medicine cat. He was just six moons old, you could tell, he was so new to the gathering.
    I was right, he arrived with RiverClan.
    Dripstar introduced him and his sister as Nightpaw and Larkpaw, the two newest apprentices.
    There were many gatherings where I would look at my mentor and tell her that he was evil. Honeydawn always told me that I was going crazy, but I knew I wasn’t.
    One night, I brought up the courage to talk to him before the gathering started. I had just gotten my warrior name, so I knew I wouldn’t seem weak to him.
    “Hello, Nightpaw, is it?” I asked.
    “Somehow.” He joked, flicking his tail. “I dont know what gave my mother the idea of night with my pelt. What’s your name?”
    “Nice to meet you Evershine. I hope we will become great friends.”
    I wasnt about to fall for that. He was trying to manipulate me, trying to get me to play his game. I wasn’t going to comply.
    So I tried to get away from him as soon as I could, greeting other Clans and making small chat with some ShadowClan cat.
    The next night, his eyes were gone. As if they had just ceased to exist.
    And the night after that, I was looking into my eyes. As if I was him. As if I was haunting myself just as much as he was.
    The nights for a whole moon cycle were filled with me looking into his eyes, but with some sence of superiority, as if I had beaten him.
    All the nights but one.
    As if every dream was another way I could get him to lose, as if every night was another ending to this horrible cat, he was on the top. Standing above so many pairs of eyes, I knew what this meant.
    If i didnt do this right, he was going to be leader.
    Blood would spill under him, he would be tre cause of so many deaths.
    And only I could stop him.

    Imma tiger,,

    • Winterwhisper, Excited for July
      June 18, 2019 at 5:53 am

      Oooooh this is so gooood

      🧡 Winter For Deputy 2K19! 🧡

    • Cheetahspark
      June 19, 2019 at 7:16 pm

      Ugh I love this


  8. Monkeyfur
    June 18, 2019 at 9:30 am

    “ThunderClan is torturing these innocent cats! All of you know, Yellowpelt and Tallpaw have died just now with the battle with ShadowClan because Finchstar thought that they were stealing our prey when they clearly didn’t. Together LightClan will fight for everyone’s rights!” Marshpelt cried, “I will lead you to victory, to safety!” Gingertail could not believe it, Marshpelt made his own clan! Gingertail’s littermates, Minnowheart and Monkeyfur shared uneasy looks. “I am in!” ThunderClan’s current deputy Woodtail stepped forward and leaped onto one of the branches close by.

    “What about Thistlekit,” Petalpelt hissed, “You’re going to leave him alone with me?” The cream she-cat Woodtail glared at his mate, but before he could say anything, Petalpelt continued, “You’re going to join some mouse-brained rouge group that another normal warrior made up? Thistlekit will never learn your name.” Woodtail kept a calm expression, “Petalpelt, I know your worries, but if Finchstar did something, then Cherrykit and Hootkit would still be alive. Marshpelt is fighting for justice, for all of us. I don’t want myself to end up dead like our kits.”

    “You can’t just leave her,” Gingertail retorted, “She loves you; what kind of cat are you?” Anger crept its way into Gingertail’s brain and heart. “Woodtail wants a better life, so he is choosing to follow me.” Marshpelt interrupted, “If you want to follow me and live in peace, leap onto the branches of any tree.” Oakspots was the first, his sister Flowerbird had recently passed away from a fire created by the nearby Twolegs, Russetshine followed, “Beeleap aren’t you coming to?” she asked, her littermate froze for a second and leaped onto a branch nearby. “You can’t just force your littermate to follow you,” Beeleap’s mate, a huge brown tom named Swiftstone called, “Beeleap, you can’t possibly follow her. How about me? You can’t just leave me, what about the idea of having kits?”

    “I have no more family left except for Russetshine, Bluepelt and Snaptooth died just over a moon ago…I’m sorry Swiftstone, I have to go, but I’ll never forget you.” Beeleap’s response made tears stream down Swiftstone’s brown face. “Traitor!” He yelled as he scrambled back to camp.


    • Winterwhisper, Excited for July
      June 18, 2019 at 11:40 pm

      Woah! This is so intense and entertaining, Monkey. 🙂

      🧡 Winter For Deputy 2K19! 🧡

      • Monkeyfur
        June 19, 2019 at 10:04 am

        Thanks, Winterwhisper! Your’s us also excellent!


        • Winterwhisper, Excited for July
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  9. Winterwhisper, Excited for July
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    It wasn’t planned that way, but fate unraveled without our control. I believe in fate, now. I didn’t before.

    There was tension that Newleaf, between WindClan and ThunderClan, my home. Nothing special; prey debates and the stress of a world being reborn. Everything was in full bloom, including our jealousies. We hated each other, but by next Newleaf, it would be a different pair of Clans feuding. I realized this from the start, but a blindly loyal Warrior fares better than a smart one.

    He was a ShadowClan cat, through and through. Even his name reeked of pine needles and bravado. Strikewillow. Rolls right off the tongue like poison.

    Our relationship was forbidden and cursed, of course, but I don’t like to talk about that. It’s nothing special when you examine the history of the Clans. The rules have always been stone-solid, which makes us only want to break them more. Illegal things are the most tempting.

    He was never particularly charming, and I was never wounded and desperate. I don’t know what it was. Maybe something in the air; maybe it was that wretched fate. I was young, but he was younger. We clicked. Fast. Hard. Everything peaked in an instant, but toppled even quicker. There is so much more to it, the lies and the drama and the sneaking around, but you could probably guess it all. Looking back, it was all so predictable.

    Our beginning was generic, but our ending was something nobody saw coming.

    🧡 Winter For Deputy 2K19! 🧡

    • Monkeyfur
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      Winterwhisper, this is great! I can’t wait to read your next post!


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        Thanks, it’s just experimental 😛

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    • June 19, 2019 at 6:24 pm


      this is a masterpiece Wint.

      it is incredible

      I love it

      Somewhere that’s Green

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        Thanks Maple! 😛 I was just writing a snippet, but thank you. 🙂 So kind

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          You could always check out my other works! Linked on my wiki page. 😉

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  10. June 19, 2019 at 1:15 pm

    Hello there!
    I decided to host a contest.
    Let me explain how it will work.
    I’m going to give you a scentence, and as weird as it’ll be, you need to build a story around that scentence.
    You have till July 1st to enter!
    I will judge the enteries, and the winner will get a headshot of their choice and a full body!
    To submit your entry, post it here: https://blogclan.katecary.co.uk/2018/12/23/cadvent-day-23-3/Drawing-by-CLoudymoon

    The scentence for this contest is: “well, actually, will be doing it on the chairs.”

    Good luck!

    I ain't scared no more

    • Raven logged out
      June 19, 2019 at 2:53 pm

      Does it have to be warriors related?

      • Cloudy has a a competition in two days!
        June 19, 2019 at 3:18 pm


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