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Kurt Vonnegut

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  1. Wildspirit
    May 28, 2020 at 4:30 am

    This is a story all my own. No it’s not a fanfic, but I want to see how people like my storys, since I want to be an author😛 *slight blood warning*:

    I ran through the woods as fast as I could go. Micah wasn’t far behind. The cops weren’t far behind us, either, so we had to hurry.
    “Harley, we aren’t gonna make it!” Micah yelled.
    ” Yes we will! It’s not far, ” I insisted.
    I kept running, Micah slowing down a bit. I slowed too, just so we wouldn’t lose each other.
    The bark of dogs grew louder, along with the help of police men.
    “Hurry!” I said. ” I can see that old car! ”
    Micah squinted up ahead.
    “Jump inside,” he told me.
    I opened the rusted door, and his under the seat. Micah did the same. He pulled his finger to his lips, a sign that they were here.
    I faintly heard the pawstep of dogs, and the stomp of police boots. I hate the foster system.
    “What’s this cat doin’ in the middle of the woods?” I heard a cop ask.
    ” I dunno. But check it out. It like from the seventies, ” another replied.
    I heard the door freak open. Micah eyes widened as a cop stepped inside. A hound followed. It barked.
    “What is it girl?” The cops tone took a serious turn.
    The dog barked again, and I could hear it sniffing above us. Micah nearly leapt up as it jumped into the floor.
    “Is something wrong?” the other cop asked.
    ” B.B. smells something, ” the first cop replied.
    The dog kept sniffing the floorboards. It’s eyes finally met ours. It barked in alarm.
    “She found something!” the cop yelped.
    I backed away from the dog, trying to reach the back seats. Micah did the same. The cop looked under the seats.
    “We found em!” he yelled.
    I pushed myself to the back seat, and opened the car door. Micah and I jumped through it. We ran through the woods again, though we both knew it was hopeless. The cops had found us, and we had to go back to the wretched foster system.
    I slowed to a walk, and Micah did to. The cops were on us in seconds, handcuffs and all.
    “You two again?” I recognized both of the cops.
    ” Yes us two again, ” I retorted.
    “Just get in the car,” one of them said.
    Reluctantly, I stepped into the police car. Micah entered from the other side.
    “You know, the foster home says you pulled the last straw,” the driver told us.
    ” Hush, Johnny! We ain’t supposed to tell them that! ” the other said.
    “What do you mean, that last straw?” I asked.
    ” That said you ran away one to many times. They’s planning to-”
    “Shut up, Johnny!” the other one said, almost yelling. “They ain’t supposed to know yet!”
    ” As I was saying, they were planning to separate you two, ” Johnny continued.
    My eyes met Micahs. They wouldn’t really separate twins, would they?
    They pulled up to the foster system, Micah and me both horrified.
    “You got lucky they ain’t pressing charges, ya know,” Johnny said.
    ” Really? They aren’t? It sure feels like they are, though, doesn’t it! ” Micah retorted.
    The cops shrugged, and shoved us inside. They took off the handcuffs, and Ms. Rosemore barely looked up.
    “Mr. and Mrs. Evergreen are waiting for you,” she said.
    ” You can go ahead and tell them to go home, because we aren’t going with them, ” I growled.
    “You are quite right. You both aren’t going with them,” Ms. Rosemore said.
    Reluctantly, I followed Micah into the back room. It was designed to look peaceful and elegant, but it never was to me. I’d bet to many people in this room to think that.
    “Ah, there you are!” Mrs. Evergreen said as we walked in.
    The cops behind us walked out of the room.
    “Drop the act. We fell.for it once, but we won’t again,” I said.
    “Alright, fine. Now we decide,” Mrs. Evergreen replied.
    ” We aren’t going with you, ” I said.
    “But one of is, darling,” Mrs. Evergreen replied.
    ” No we aren’t! ” I was to the point of yelling.
    “You can’t stop it, Harley. One of you is coming with us, and it most certainly won’t be you,” Mrs. Evergreen said.
    I almost stumbled backwards. Micah caught me just in time. They really were going to separate us. I thought this was just to scare us, by saying we can and will doing needed. I didn’t think they’d actually do it.
    “Well, that all we have to do here. Micah, come with us,” Mrs. Evergreen said.
    ” No. ” I stared at my twin brother.
    “Micah, come with us,” Mrs. Evergreen said, more sternly.
    “No,” Micah repeated.
    Mrs. Evergreen grabbed Micah by the arm.
    “I said come with us,” she hissed.
    ” And I said no! ” Micah.said, trying and failing to rip his arm away from her.
    I pulled Micah towards me. Mrs. Evergreen let go.
    “I can call the cops in here, you know,” she threatened.
    “Fine. Do that. I still won’t go with you,” Micah said.
    Mr. Evergreen opened the door and called for the cops. They walked inside.
    “Is something wrong?” Johnny asked.
    ” The boy refuses to come, ” Mrs. Evergreen replied.
    “I’m sorry, Mrs. Evergreen, but we can’t force him to come with you,” the other replied.
    ” Yes you can. Otherwise, how’d you get them here? ” Mrs. Evergreen asked.
    “We got them here because they realized that we’d catch them,” Johnny replied.
    “Just shove the boy in cuffs, and let’s go,” Mr. Evergreen said.
    ” Yes, why don’t you do that? ” Mrs. Evergreen asked.
    “They have a good point, Johnny,” the other officer said.
    Micah and I took a small step towards the open window.
    ” Don’t even think about, twins, ” Johnny said. “I’m sorry, Mrs. Evergreen, but I just simply will not do this .”
    I looked at Micah. He was running his arm were Mrs. Evergreen had grabbed him. I noticed blood seeping through his hand.
    “Um, Micah will not be going with you, Mrs. Evergreen,” I said.
    Everyone turned to me in surprise.
    “And why is that?” she asked.
    ” Because you have caused him physical abuse. ” I pulled Micahs hand away from his arm.
    Blood was flowing out of his arm at an alarming rate.
    Johnny looked towards Mrs. Evergreen.
    “I’m sorry, but neither of these children will be permitted to go with you,” the other cop said.
    ” I’m sorry, but how do you know I did that? ” Mrs. Evergreen asked.
    “Look at your hand,” Johnny replied.
    I looked at her hand, and it had blood all over it.
    “Leave, now,” Johnny ordered.
    Mrs. Evergreen huffed in remark, but left the room, followed by her husband.
    “Do you need any help, Micah?” Johnny asked.
    ” No. I’ll just find a first aid kit somewhere, ” he replied.
    “Alright then. Come on, Derrick. Let’s get back to the station,” Johnny replied.
    With that, the two cops left as well, leaving Micah and me alone.
    “You sure your okay? Your bleeding fast,” I asked.
    ” I don’t know. It hurts. But I’ll just drink water, and wait for it to stop, ” Micah replied.
    We both walked out of the room, and back to our bedroom. Same floor, same ceiling, same walls, same beds. Nice of them to leave it in peace.
    I lay down, not realizing how tired I was. Running through the woods at ten miles an hour did that to you.
    Before I knew it, I was asleep.

    This was just the first chapter, I hope you liked it! Plz give me your true opinion!

    • Sheedystar
      May 28, 2020 at 12:36 pm

      I loved it, a little scary but it was a good story! 🙂

    • Ravenshard is on her last week of school (Ravenpaw)
      May 28, 2020 at 3:47 pm

      This is really cool!!!!

      Nightshade Furbottom O'Chanter

    • Fennelpaw
      May 28, 2020 at 4:01 pm


      • Wildspirit
        May 28, 2020 at 6:53 pm

        I plan to. Thank you! This is a real boost of confidence. I thought everyone was going to hate it…

  2. May 28, 2020 at 6:51 pm

    Here is the first bit of my fanfic about Scourge, it was written on my website, in my fanfic organization. Click my name and go to Claws and Scars page to sign up to write a chapter.
    Claws and Scars

    Prologue, by Tigerstar2008
    Scourge jumped backward, snarling at at his opponent. Tigerpaw, now Tigerstar, still made a tough match for him. Scourge felt a jolt of energy, and jumped upward, slashing at his flank. Tigerstar yowled and bit Scourge’s tail.

    “So you did remember, eh?” Tigerstar hissed under his breath.

    “I always will, and I will view the memory of this day with pride and triumph, and will never-”

    He was cut off short by Tigerstar’s teeth, sinking into his ear. Scourge snarled, rolled under Tigerstar and clawed at his belly. Tigerstar bellowed, and kicked Scourge, knocking him off balance. Tigerstar took his opportunity and jumped on Scourge, and bit his forepaw.

    “Scourge!” “Scourge!” He could heat the voice of Bone, coming from the other side of the clearing. While Scourge wasn’t paying attention, Tigerstar slammed him into the Great Rock, making Scourge fell dizzy” I’m gonna lose, Scourge thought miserably. Scourge was surprised when he felt a sudden jolt of energy, he took the risk, but slammed into Tigerstar and and sunk his reinforced claws deep into Tigerstar’s neck.

    Whether it was one day or three moons, he could not tell, but he sat for a while on the belly of Tigerstar, who’s body was going through weird spasms. Always has been peculiar, that cat Scourge thought triumphantly. He heaved upward to return to BloodClan’s temporary camp, when a strange thought, nothing like any of his own entered his head, Why always claws and scars, Scourge? Was my path to power, worth it’s price?

    Chapter 1: The Threat, by Tigerstar2008

    Tiny thumped to the ground, hitting his small head and the soft carpet. “Be gentle, darlings” his mother, Quince, mewed calmly. “Be careful ’round your brother, just because he is small, does not mean he’s an outsider.”

    “But Mama, it’s no fun playing games with him, he always messes us up.”

    “Be kind Ruby, he’s your brother, your must-”

    “No. We will not have anything to do with that… that………puny scrap.” His other sister, socks mewed defiantly. “He is weak and stupid.”

    Tiny listened miserably, felling nauseous listening to this conversation. “I will play what I want.” Tiny mewed, bushing up his fur indignantly. “I am smarter than you carpet weasels” Tiny snuck up behind Socks, and bit her tail.

    Socks yelped, turned around and growled at Tiny. “Oh, just the mouse of the house.” Socks taunted. Tiny glared at her, and tripped as Socks stuck out her forepaw. Socks mewled with laughter, then poked Tiny and he let out a high pitch yelp.

    Quince yawned, got out of her bed, and swished Tiny and his sister together.

    “Ew, I don’t like being so close to the mouse of the house.” Socks complained, though her complaint was directed toward Tiny, as an insult.

    “Be careful, Socks, or else you will lose privileges to play string mouse for a week!” Quince meowed, no longer in a gentle tone, for she had long ago gotten frustrated with Tiny being teased daily, and with that, Socks shut her mouth, for a little at least.

    “Come on, little ones, let’s go outside for the first time!”

    “Only Tiny is little, not us.” Ruby mewed.

    “You and and Socks, better watch yourselves, or you guys will be named Scourge and Sword!”

    Wish I had one of those names Tiny thought earnestly.

    Tiny was enjoying himself outside, the twoleg game had given them each a strip of soft material with a shiny object attached at the front. Tiny felt amused when he got the strap that his sisters wanted, and was glad to have something to tease them about when they taunted him. He was mostly playing alone, stalking round objects that fell from the trees, and chasing them. Tiny spotted a hole in the fence surrounding the twoleg nest, and decided to slowly strut through it.

    On the other side, the plants were denser, offering more shelter. He saw a small furry animal, that if the stories were true, was a squirrel. Tiny heard a screech come from the sky, and looked up to see a great bird.

    A shudder of anxiety ran through Tiny’s body, and he scampered as fast as he could to the gap in the fence. He was very intrigued when he saw what Socks and Ruby were playing. They were swatting at a a string, held by a twoleg, and chasing it around. Tiny walked forward. “Can I play?”, he asked, full of interest.

    “Sure, I guess.” Ruby muttered in a rather unfriendly tone. Tiny grabbed the string with his his claws, and tore it to shreds. The twoleg yelped something inaudible to Tiny, and hit Tiny’s flank.

    Back in the house, Tiny rested while Socks and Ruby were doing who knows what upstairs, but Tiny did not rest for long, for he was awakened when a band of twoleg kits came running inside. They mewed with excitement when they saw Tiny, and began to touch him all over. Tiny squealed and ran into a corner, and the twoleg kits began playing with Ruby and Socks.

    After a while, the twolegs left the house, and Tiny was sleeping, this time undisturbed, at least until his sister woke him up.

    “Hey, scrappy mouse.” Ruby growled. “We have news.”

    “Do you know why the twolegs were here? If not they were here to play with us, so we can go live with them, and you won’t go home with any.”

    Great, that makes me happy Tiny thought.

    “But do you know what happens to kits who don’t get taken home? They get thrown in the river.”

    Chapter 2: The Assault, by Echomist

    Tiny squeezed under the fence, tears streaming down his cheeks. He wasn’t going to let them throw him in the river. He ran through the trees, ignoring the warnings of the cats nearby. He let out a deep breath. It’s okay, Tiny thought. I’m safe. I will just live here now. A voice made the small black tom spin around.

    “What do you think you are doing here, on ThunderClan territory?” A muscular grey and white tabby tom with broad-shoulders and cold amber eyes filled with hostility loomed over him. Beside him was long-furred blue-grey she-cat with dark blue eyes. There was something peaceful about her. On the other side of him was a smaller, broad-shouldered dark brown tabby with the same unforgiving amber eyes as the larger tom. Tiny saw how long his front claws were, and winced. The blue-grey she-cat rolled her eyes at the tom.

    “He’s only a kit, Thistleclaw. It’s not as if he poses a threat to us.” Tistleclaw whipped round to face the grey she-cat, his eyes full of rage.

    “An intruder’s an intruder, Bluefur. You’re just saying that because he’s a kittypet! You’ve always been too soft on them.” Tiny felt himself getting smaller and smaller, his icy-blue eyes wide with terror. What do I do? he thought. What should I do? He felt Thistleclaw’s taunting gaze back on him. “Why don’t we put it to my apprentice?” He turned to the dark tabby. “Tigerpaw? What should we do about this kittypet?” He spat the word. Tigerpaw stalked slowly towards Tiny.

    “I think the kittypet should be taught a lesson. One he will remember.”

    “So be it then.” Thistleclaw stared at Tiny coldly. Tiny froze. No, please, no, Tiny thought. Tiny glanced hopefully at the she-cat, who jumped in front of Tigerpaw. “Hold on, hold on. There’s no need for this-”

    “Silence!” Tigerpaw shoved Bluefur to the side and leapt onto Tiny. He crashed into Tiny, knocking him off his paws. Tiny let out a howl of pain. Tigerpaw dug his teeth firmly into Tiny’s tail and flung him to one side. Tiny slammed into a tree trunk, and felt himself go numb. Everything was blurry. He blinked, and everything became clear again. Tigerpaw was stalking toward him again. Tiny started panicking.

    “I’ve learned my lesson! I won’t come back here again! Please, please stop!”

    “Oh, no, I’ve hardly begun.” Tigerpaw raised his paw and slashed Tiny’s ear. Tiny dug his claws into the soft earth in agony. Bluefur let out a squeak of sympathy, but Thistleclaw stopped her from interfering. Tigerpaw pinned down Tiny, and his eyes flashed with triumph. “Say goodbye, kittypet!” Tigerpaw thrust his head toward the black kit’s throat, and Tiny closed his eyes. This is it, Tiny thought, his whiskers quivering. The end.

    “Stop, Tigerpaw!” Bluefur pulled the brown tabby tom off of Tiny. “That’s enough! Warriors do not need to kill to win battles, remember?” “I was just defending our territory.” Tigerpaw curled his lip at Tiny.

    “And you’ve done that. The kit has learned his lesson.”

    “Yeah.” Tigerpaw glared at Tiny jeeringly. “You’ll never forget me.” The three forest cats turned around and padded away, and Tiny walked away. He slumped to the ground. “I will never forget you, Tigerpaw.”

    ɪ ᴀᴍ ᴛʜᴇ ᴍᴏᴄᴋɪɴɢᴊᴀʏ

  3. May 28, 2020 at 8:16 pm

    Here’s chapter two of HazelBlossom!

    HazelBlossom. Chapter two.
    “Hello,” said Blossomfall in a gentle voice. She could tell the kits were scared.

    “Please don’t hurt us!” mewed an orange and white tom kit, scooting closer to his three sisters: a ginger she-kit, a black and ginger she-kit, and a tortoiseshell she-kit.

    “We won’t hurt you,” meowed Hazeltail. “Where is your mother? She must be terribly worried about you.”
    “She told us to run,” mewed the ginger she-kit, covering her face with her paws.

    “Run from who?” asked Blossomfall. She was quite afraid for these kits. They could be in danger!
    “She told us to run from Darkness and Scorch,” meowed the tortoiseshell she-kit, trembling as if the very names terrified her.
    End of chapter two.

    A cliffhanger, I know. But chapter three will come very soon!
    Spotty is a bean.

  4. May 28, 2020 at 8:34 pm

    Okay, so far, I’ve said that I would write 2 fanfictions: one about Warriors and one about Pokemon. Sadly, I can’t think of any good ideas for the beginning. So I might take a break from writing those and continue with the book that I’m writing. I have two things to say:

    1. I will be posting chapters of my book on this page.

    2. The fanfics that I’m writing will get done! I will write them when I am able to think of better ideas and they will get posted here. I am not giving up, I’m just taking a break.

    I hope you understand and you’re not mad at me.

    Team Keefoster for the win!!!

    • May 28, 2020 at 8:49 pm

      Spotty is a bean.

    • Purple Dusk🌸
      May 28, 2020 at 9:21 pm

      Go on ahead!

      This is Blogclan after all, not a published book.
      We are here to help you learn and grow.
      If we have to wait, we will only demand to know if you have forgotten your fic.

  5. May 28, 2020 at 8:42 pm

    Here is my fanfic.

    ɪ ᴀᴍ ᴛʜᴇ ᴍᴏᴄᴋɪɴɢᴊᴀʏ

  6. Moonpelt
    May 29, 2020 at 12:15 am

    Chapter 11 of Howling in the Night:
    Patch’s paws laid in front of him, with dark gray fur covering him. His captor was a tiny, dark gray she cat with white paws and huge amber eyes that glared down at him, making Patch feel as small as a ant.
    “ You’re gonna pay, tom!” The small she cat mewed.
    Patch felt a sharp wave of confusion, mingling with fear of the tiny dark gray cat.
    Who does she think she is? Patch thought.
    The she cat flicked her tail and said,” The name’s Flicker. Come on and follow me, Fox-heart.”
    Patch didn’t have anywhere else to go, and his mind and paws were fuzzy.
    He followed Flicker into an moonlit oak forest, thinking about to prophecy his mother had given him:
    Give back the Flame of the Fire
    Seek out the Eye of the Storm
    Petals of light will show you the way
    To revive the Heart of The Hollow.
    What does it mean? Patch wondered, and how did Flicker know that I was wondering about her name?
    Flicker looked at him with guarded emotions in her eyes.
    Patch tilted his head once Flicker stopped at a waterfall, the water rushing and moving and filling his head with noise.
    Flicker glanced at him, and his pelt felt like it was burning on fire.
    “ I promised not to show the entrance,” She whispered softly, talking to herself,” But, the queen will want to see him.”
    Startled, Patch met Flicker’s eyes with his own, and she walked right into the waterfall.
    Hope you love it, and sorry it’s short! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • ❄️🐍 Viper That Strikes On Frosty Night (Viperfrost) 🐍❄️
      May 29, 2020 at 12:23 am

      the suspense is killing me now 😉 great job!

      bow to "earthling" overlords

      • Wildspirit
        May 29, 2020 at 2:20 am

        Plz make more! I am addicted, and must have more!

        • Moonpelt
          May 29, 2020 at 3:32 am

          Thank you! Wildspirit and Viperfrost!
          ( This fan fiction has survived for longer than the other two )

    • May 29, 2020 at 8:27 pm

      Cool chapter!
      Spotty is a bean.

    • May 30, 2020 at 4:40 am

      Ooh… suspenseful! Great job, Moonpelt!

      That man is playing Galaga!

  7. Wildspirit
    May 29, 2020 at 1:52 am

    Heylo. This is Chapter 2 of the book yet to be named. Hope you like it! *slight violence and blood warning*:

    I opened my eyes to a dim light seeping into the room. The door was creaking slowly closed. I looked over, and saw that Micah was still asleep. A nurse walked through the room, and sat beside him. She shook him awake.
    Micah shot up, and yelled, “Stop!”
    ” Is everything okay, Micah? ” the nurse asked.
    “Yeah. Strange nightmare,” Micah replied.
    I decided to stay quiet.
    “May I see your arm?” the nurse asked.
    ” Yeah, why? ” Micah asked, holding out his injuries arm.
    “The janitor found blood on the floor, and told me to check on you,” the nurse replied.
    The nurse began to treat Micah, while he just lay back down, looking dizzy.
    “Micah, are you okay?” I asked.
    ” Hm? Oh, yeah. I’m fine, ” Micah replied.
    His appearance said otherwise. He was pale, sweating, and his eyes were wide and bugging out.
    “How much blood did you lose?” I asked.
    ” Not much. I-It stopped bleeding about five minutes after you fell.asleep, ” Micah replied.
    “Actually, it didn’t. You’re still bleeding a bit now,” the nurse said.
    Micah sighed. He looked tired, and beat up.
    “You’ll be fine, though,” the nurse said.
    The nurse wrapped his arm, then left.
    “Are you sure your okay?” I asked.
    ” I’m fine, Harley, ” Micah replied.
    “You don’t look fine. You’re pale, sweating, and beat up. What’s wrong?” I asked.
    ” Harley, I swear I’m fine. Now come on, era go outside to practice, ” Micah said.
    “I’m unclear on why we didn’t use our… unusual talents when we ran away,” I said.
    “Mainly because the cops would have seen us,” Micah replied , standing up.
    I walked out the door, and we almost got outside when Ms. Rosemore stopped us.
    “Where do you two think you’re going?” she asked.
    “Outside,” I replied.
    “I’m sorry, but you two are not permitted to leave this building. No matter the cause,” she replied.
    “Oh, you’ve got to be kidding me!” I sighed.
    “I’m afraid not. Now, go back to your room, or something. Just don’t. Leave. The building,” Ms. Rosemore said.
    Micah and I exchanged a glance. He followed me back to our room.
    “Harley, come over here,” he called from a corner.
    I watched as he removed floorboards, revealing a ladder.
    “Go down it. It’s completely safe,” Micah reassured.
    Cautiously, I climbed down the ladder. Micah followed, pausing to place the floorboards back.
    “What is this?” I asked.
    it looked like a huge cavern, but it was filled with random supplies, such as tents, or old food. Really old food.
    “I don’t know. I just sat in the corner one day after we came back, and some floorboards shifted. I climbed down the ladder, and voila. There’s even a tunnel leading to Los Angeles.” Micah replied. ” And we’re going to take it.”
    “Why haven’t you told me about this before?” I asked.
    “It was kinda like my quiet place. But now that we aren’t even aloud outside the building, we might as well take a tunnel nobody in the foster home knows about,” Micah replied.
    “Alright then. What are we waiting for. I’m ready for Los Angeles,” I said.
    We walked down the tunnel, it being barely lit by only a few torches.
    “Should we light out own fire?” I asked.
    “No. This cavern has gas puddles down here. The air isn’t hazardous, but any fire other than the lanterns I’ll set This place aflame,” Micah replied.
    I jumped as a low growl came from down the tunnel. I cast a worried look at Micah, who put his finger to his lips. We his against the wall as something hideous walked past us.
    It was a bulky skeleton, with a lizards tail, and skeletal wings. It had one, big yellow eye.
    Once it was gone, I whispered, “That’s another good reason not the light a fire.”
    Micah nodded, and we continued down the corridor. More monsters past us, but we hid from them, and they never noticed us.
    It was a while before we reached another cavern.
    “Finally,” Micah sighed.
    I was about to say something, when I noticed something in the middle of the cavern. It was a snake, with wings, and it was about the size of a bulldozer. It was coiled up, hopefully asleep.
    “Do you think we can sneak around it?” I asked.
    “No. It’s right beside the only ladder,” Micah replied.
    “Let me try something,” I said.
    I placed my hands on the earth. I felt energy pour out of me, and into the earth. Large vines began to grow around the snake, encasing it in a dime of vines.
    “Hurry!” I whispered.
    We were halfway to the ladder, when the snake burst out of the dome. It coiled up, staring at us.
    “Run!” Micah yelped.
    We made a run for the ladder. But the snake jumped in front of us, blocking our path. We tried to back away, but we’re backed against the wall.
    “Air!” Micah said.
    It took me a second to realize what he was talking about. I lifted my hand, and a strong gust of wind blew the snake sideways, but not far enough. I jumped backwards as it lunged for me, but hit the wall as its fangs cut into my leg.
    I helped as searing hot pain shot through my leg. Luckily, it wasn’t a full bite, as all it did was cut the skin. Micah helped me stand back up. The snake was just staring at us.
    I waved my hand across the air, and a wave of water came down on the snake. It was pushed backward, just for enough for us to reach the ladder. I stomped my foot and the ground, and more vines grew around it.
    I climbed the ladder as fast as I could, the pain slowing me a bit. We reached a hard suface, and a pushed it upward. I emerged in a small alleyway. Micah right behind me.
    “Los Angeles,” he said.
    “Here we come,” I finished.

    Hope you liked it! Plz, plz, plz give me your true opinion! I can take criticism. Just let me know how to improve!

    • Ravenshard is on her last week of school (Ravenpaw)
      May 29, 2020 at 3:11 pm

      This is really good! I like it.

      Nightshade Furbottom O'Chanter

    • Moonpelt
      May 29, 2020 at 3:18 pm

      I love it!

      • Wildspirit
        May 29, 2020 at 6:23 pm

        Thank you! For some reason I keep thinking people are going to hate, but I’m glad you don’t!

    • May 29, 2020 at 8:29 pm

      Spotty is a bean.

  8. Leafsky
    May 29, 2020 at 2:15 am

    Here is the seventh chapter of Shyspirit’s Plea! This was a very fast moving chapter, but I want the story to move along. Here’s a quick question- who should be Pineblossom’s deputy? (Yes, Pineblossom requested to be MorningClan’s deputy, and I’m making her leader). The choices are; Sapphireblaze, Perchfoot, Plumeflake, Brightspark, and Meadowleaf. Anyways, I hope you enjoy!

    “Wake up. Shyspirit, wake up.” Springpaw’s familiar voice echoed in her ears. She opened her eyes, finding herself in the medicine cat den. She saw Smokestrike looking at her, surprised.
    “I didn’t expect you to wake up that quick.” He padded over to her. “How do you feel?” He asked.
    “Like I’ve been thrown off a cliff,” Shyspirit muttered. “Because that’s what happened.” Smokestrike snorted.
    “You haven’t lost your sense of humor, that’s for sure. But I’m serious.” Shyspirit glanced at her wounds on her pelt. She winced.
    “It hurts, of course.” Smokestrike nodded quietly.
    “I know. I’ll just get some air.” He padded outside the den, and Shyspirit rested her head on her paws. Cliffstar, that fox-heart… She closed her eyes and fell asleep once more.

    Shyspirit opened her eyes. After what had seemed like moons, she was in a starry landscape. I’m in StarClan again! She thought, heart pounding. She scrambled to her paws. Springpaw was sitting on the other side of the clearing she had woken in, his back turned on her. He turned around, his clear sky-blue eyes glittering with countless stars.
    “A cat will step forth, rising to dispel the darkness that lies ahead.” Shyspirit narrowed her eyes against a brilliant flash of light in front of her. She opened her eyes and found herself in her nest in the medicine cat den. A prophecy? She felt stronger, so she got her paws. She swayed, and regained her balance. She padded easily out of the den. Poolfur’s eyes lit up as he saw her.
    “You okay?” He asked. She nodded. His eyes glittered teasingly.
    “You’ve been in there twice now for a long time.”
    “Do you want to be in there?” Shyspirit growled. “I dare you to say that again.” Poolfur shook his head, eyes widening in mock fear.
    “No! Please, don’t!” Shyspirit swiped at his ear, and he ducked.
    “Too slow,” he teased. “But you just got out of the medicine cat den, so I don’t blame you.” Shyspirit let out a long sigh. Here wounds still throbbed. This would be a long, long leaf-bare.

    Four moons later…

    Shyspirit relished the early new-leaf sun. It felt warm on her pelt. She remembered the prophecy all of a sudden. I’d rather not think about it… She glanced briefly at Sapphireblaze, who was MorningClan’s newest warrior, and glanced briefly once more at the four MorningClan apprentices, Pearpaw, Eaglepaw, Swiftpaw, and Mistypaw, who was training to become MorningClan’s medicine cat. Shyspirit heard the birds singing their usual song, and her spirits lifted. The fresh-kill pile had some decent prey, so she took a mouse and ate it with quick, neat bites.
    “Shyspirit! You can lead a hunting patrol with Sapphireblaze, Appleflight, and Fallenfeather.” Shyspirit nodded, and she gathered the cats for her patrol.
    “Where do we hunt?” Appleflight asked.
    “Dark Rocks,” Shyspirit said. “It’s probably flooded with prey over leaf-bare.” She led the patrol through the forest, emerging into the huge clearing where the large, dark grey rocks stood, dappled by the sun and prey scents everywhere. Shyspirit tasted the air for a prey scent trail out of the tangled scents she could follow, and picked out a vole trail. She crouched down and followed it, and unexpectedly a shrew darted out from the shelter of the cracks in the rocks towards the forest. Shyspirit lunged, scooping the shrew into the air and giving it a killing bite to the neck.
    “Nice catch!” Appleflight called softly. Shyspirit acknowledged her praise with a nod, then laid down her shrew. She tasted the air once more, and scented her vole. She felt a flash of triumph, and saw the bushes rustle that were around the dark grey rocks. There it is, Shyspirit thought. She leapt into the bushes, pinning the vole down and giving it a killing bite to the neck when she was out of the bushes. She looked around to see that her patrol had caught a decent haul of prey; two blackbirds and a squirrel. This is going to make a huge difference, she thought, the thought of eating fresh, juicy prey making her mouth water.
    “Come on, let’s get back to camp,” Shyspirit said after a moment. The hunting patrol gathered their prey and headed towards the camp. Shyspirit pushed herself through the entrance, dropping her prey on the pile and heading towards Leafydapple and Creekspring. They had done a border patrol, and were sunning themselves.
    “Hey,” Shyspirit greeted them. She lay down beside them and closed her eyes.

    Shyspirit opened her eyes to find herself in a pine forest. It looked unfamiliar. She then scented other cats. Confusion flooded through her, and then saw two cats lay in makeshift nests. One was a golden-furred she-cat with white splotches, and the other was a long-furred grey, brown, and white tabby she-cat she-cat. The golden she-cat sat up. Her amber eyes widened as she saw Shyspirit.
    “Who are you?” The she-cat whispered.
    “I’m just as confused as you,” Shyspirit admitted. The golden she-cat’s neck fur bristled.
    “Who are you?” She demanded.
    “Shyspirit of TreeClan,” Shyspirit said, wrapping her tail around her paws. “And you are?”
    “Honeydust, former medicine cat of MorningClan, former apprentice of Cherryheart,” Honeydust said. “When the dogs came and killed everyone, we had no choice but to live as loners. The cat beside me is Plumeflake. She’s a warrior. We’re the only ones left of MorningClan.” Shyspirit was surprised.
    “You’re not. Alderstar and some warriors along with a queen were found. They live with TreeClan. There are three other clans.” Honeydust’s fur bushed.
    “There’s more clans? Wait, what about Cherryheart? And a medicine cat?”
    “Mistypaw is training to be a medicine cat right now by one of TreeClan’s,” Shyspirit answered. “She’s one of Meadowleaf’s litter. Cherryheart died on the journey.” Honeydust’s eyes clouded with sorrow, then brightened with interest.
    “How is the rest of her litter? And how’s Sapphirepaw, if she’s alive…?”
    “Pearpaw, Eaglepaw, and Swiftpaw are doing good. Sapphirepaw is now Sapphireblaze.” Shyspirit and Honeydust exchanged news for a while. Shyspirit suddenly felt herself fade.
    “I have to go,” Shyspirit murmured. “I hope the clans can find you.” Honeydust nodded solemnly, and Shyspirit jolted awake. She scrambled to her paws as she detected FlameClan, and smoothed down her fur as four cats entered. Eelstar’s thick mottled pelt was lifted, his silver eyes glittering with anger. Three other warriors accompanied him. Willowstar faced the leader, her eyes narrowed and her pelt bristling.
    “Why are you in my camp?” Willowstar asked, clearly trying to keep calm.
    “Because of your lies. Why have you kept MorningClan from us?” Eelstar growled. Willowstar looked annoyed.
    “Why have you been spying?” Eelstar stepped forward, his lip curled back into a snarl.
    “Stop avoiding the truth! FlameClan knows.”
    “I want you off our territory,” Willowstar snapped. Her patience had run out. “It’s none of your business what happens in TreeClan. Scorchstorm, Archblaze, Gorseflower, escort them to the border. Now.” The FlameClan patrol left the camp, and tension made the air thick. She could hardly believe what she’d just heard. Willowstar turned towards the gathered MorningClan cats.
    “I apologize for Eelstar’s actions,” Willowstar said, breaking the uncomfortable silence. Her eyes flashed as she realized something.
    “Where’s Alder?” She asked suddenly. Cats exchanged glances, and shrugged. Horror flooded Shyspirit as she heard a distant screech. Alder, she thought, dismayed. No cat had heard, which angered her. She rushed out of camp, cats calling after her in shock. She burst into a clearing where she saw the biggest dog she’d ever seen. Alder’s fur was bushed, claws unsheathed.
    “You destroyed my clan!” Alder snarled. The dog’s eyes were full of menace, and the dog seemed to recognize Alder. “You took my eighth life! I will make you pay.” He raced towards the dog, but the dog’s gaze was fixed on something else. Willowstar leapt on the dog as it turned around, ripping tufts of fur from its pelt. The dog snarled and bucked, sending Willowstar flying. The dog lunged towards Alder, grasping Alder by the neck and biting down, shaking Alder savagely. Alder’s eyes became hollow as a snap echoed through the forest. The snap of bone. The dog flung Alder to one side, Alder not responding as he hit a tree. It turned towards Shyspirit, its amber eyes gleaming as it saw new prey. Shyspirit froze. The dog shot towards her, barking and showing its thorn-sharp teeth. As it was about to bite down on her neck, Willowstar darted in front of her, and the dog bit down on her instead. The horrifying snap of bone echoed through the forest once again. Willowstar slumped to the ground, eyes glazed. Shyspirit faced the dog.
    “You monster,” she croaked, knowing the dog couldn’t understand her. But it seemed to sense her anger and sadness. She unsheathed her claws, even though she knew it was a hopeless fight. It grasped her by the neck, biting down. Shyspirit kicked out with her hind legs, pain sparking through her from the wound in her neck the dog had caused. Luckily, the dog hadn’t gotten far, and it wasn’t severe. Her claws caught the dog’s eyes, and clearly it hadn’t expected her to attack like that, and was unable to do anything as she succeeded in her desperate move. The dog howled in pain, letting go of Shyspirit, its eyes closed and gushing blood as it glanced around desperately. It fled, somehow not crashing into anything. Willowstar lay limp. Shyspirit raced to her leader’s side.
    “Willowstar?” She asked quietly. Willowstar’s neck was twisted strangely, and Shyspirit knew she was dead. She waited, desperately hoping Willowstar would wake up. But she didn’t stir, and Shyspirit let out a cry of sorrow, burying her muzzle into Willowstar’s fur. She glanced at Alder, and saw he had suffered the same fate as Willowstar. A patrol raced towards Shyspirit and both of the leader’s bodies, and Shyspirit was too shocked to even respond to the questions that Spiritsong asked. Her vision was blurred, and everything seemed to happen so fast. Suddenly, she blinked away the darkness. Oakwing leaned over her, thyme at his paws, his eyes full of concern. Her neck wound throbbed, but then she remembered Alder and Willowstar. She got to her paws, and steadied herself.
    “Is Willowstar really… and Alder…?” Oakwing nodded.
    “Smokestrike and Spiritsong just left camp.” Shyspirit felt shook. Everything had happened all at once, and her head spun.
    “Go and get some rest,” Oakwing ordered. “I’ll check on you later.” Shyspirit went to her nest and curled up, closing her eyes. Great StarClan, Willowstar and Alder are dead… what will happen next?

    I'm a mentor and I'm proud

    • Wildspirit
      May 29, 2020 at 2:58 am

      Make the deputy Brightspark! Also, this is amazing!

      • Leafsky
        May 29, 2020 at 4:19 am

        Thank you!

        I'm a mentor and I'm proud

    • May 29, 2020 at 8:31 pm

      Great work! (I think Plumeflake should be deputy BTW.)
      Spotty is a bean.

  9. Wildspirit
    May 29, 2020 at 2:24 am

    How about the name: The Sickness :for this story?

  10. HollyleafTheGreat
    May 29, 2020 at 5:24 am

    Side Projects

    Okay you guys, I need someone to comment this time. Chapter 4 is going through a little bit of a rough patch, and I really want to write a story on the side. So I need a vote. Voting will be held for the rest of May and one week into June.
    Option 1: Plagued Forest
    Many seasons ago, OakClan, StoneClan, SnakeClan, and FlowerClan were at war. FlowerClan’s leader, Meadowstar, stopped the war and saved the Clans from destruction, and were gifted with magical powers, being renamed to RainbowClan. Now RainbowClan, under Rainbowstar, has become a plague on the forest. Now it’s up to the three other Clans to save their territories-and their existence- before they’re lost forever
    Option 2: Leafdapple’s Exile
    After the events of my fanfic, Leafdapple gets rid of Ashfur forever. StarClan doesn’t see it as justifies, and exiles her into the Dark Forest. Hollyleaf tries to reach out to her daughter, but Leafdapple doesn’t even care. She doesn’t want to live in StarClan. She gets a few Clan followers, and builds an army with the intent of stopping cats with great destinies and doing no effort for it, by advising them oppositely or turning others against their future leaders.
    Option 3: Ginger’s Quest
    An abandoned kittypet named Ginger wants desperately to join ShadowClan, but they hate kittypets, so Ginger has to find a way to prove herself to her new Clan. But when three kits go missing, what might Ginger have to face?

    • ❄️🐍 Viper That Strikes On Frosty Night (Viperfrost) 🐍❄️
      May 29, 2020 at 10:20 am

      I really like Plagued Forest. I don’t see fanfics that often about magical powers being given exclusively to certain cats backfiring.

      bow to "earthling" overlords

    • Wildspirit
      May 29, 2020 at 1:58 pm

      I like Gingers Quest and Plagued Forest

    • Ravenshard is on her last week of school (Ravenpaw)
      May 29, 2020 at 3:15 pm

      Ahhh! All of them sound good!!! But, I’ll go with option 2!
      (tbh I would enjoy any of them, so do what you want!)

      Nightshade Furbottom O'Chanter

    • Purple Dusk
      May 29, 2020 at 7:33 pm

      I like option 1 and 3

      Three because cuteness.
      One because we need our flowers.

    • May 29, 2020 at 8:34 pm

      They all sound awesome!
      Spotty is a bean.

    • HollyleafTheGreat
      May 31, 2020 at 10:32 pm

      I can’t choose just yet, but as of now, the results are coming to:
      Plagued Forest: 4
      Ginger’s Quest: 2
      Leafdapple’s Exile: 1.

      I’ll come back again in a few days to update the results for those who don’t want to count votes.

  11. May 29, 2020 at 6:18 am

    Hello! I hope to get you I treated in my book, by posting the alliances and the prolouge.
    *note: it was originally a google doc, I just copypasted it.

    Moonstar’s Hope

    Leader – Icestar – white tom

    Deputy – Longwhisker – tan and silver tom
    Apprentice: Rapidpaw
    Medicine cat – Pineleaf – Rich brown and ginger She-cat with green eyes
    Apprentice: Stormpaw
    Leafblossom – tortoiseshell She-cat with green eyes, formerly a kittypet

    Bouldersnout – old gray tom

    Autumnleaf – young tortoiseshell with amber eyes, She-cat

    Windripple – pale gray She-cat with violet eyes
    Apprentice: Ravenpaw
    Barkfang – brown and gray tom

    Goldenwhisper – beautiful golden She-cat
    Apprentice: Hawkpaw
    Silvertail – gray tom with a silver tail

    Eagletalon – brown tom, green eyes

    Willowfang – cream white She-cat with scattered brown flecks
    Apprentice: Moonpaw
    Rapidpaw – dark gray She-cat

    Stormpaw – dark brown tabby She-cat

    Hawkpaw – rich brown tabby tom

    Moonpaw – Black She-cat with deep blue eyes and a silver chest

    Ravenpaw – brown tabby tom

    Arcticpaw – pure white She-cat with violet eyes and a pale silver chest and hombre tail

    Leopardpelt- golden She-cat with black spots

    Blackheart – pure black She-cat


    Leader – Glacierstar – gray and white tom
    Apprentice: Beakpaw
    Deputy – Scarletpelt – She-cat with amber eyes and a scarlet pelt
    Apprentice: Starpaw
    Medicine cat – Snowshine – pale gray She-cat, frost blue eyes


    Brightpelt – yellow-brown She-cat
    Apprentice: Shiningpaw
    Foxear – fox-colored Maine coon She-cat with large ears
    Apprentice: Ryepaw
    Cleareye – dark gray tom with white eyes, due to blindness

    Blacktail – white tom with a black tail

    Snowfeather – white she-cat with blue eyes


    Beakpaw – tom with a rusted-looking pelt and a large mouth

    Starpaw – black She-cat with silver and white flecks

    Ryepaw – blue gray She-cat

    Shiningpaw – pale tabby tom with shiny claws

    Emeraldstreak – tawny tabby with a ginger streak down her back and emerald eyes


    Leader – Tornstar- old ginger tom with a shaggy, drooping, pelt

    Deputy – Coldstone – dark gray She-cat with a cold pelt

    Medicine cat – Brightfern – cream and white She-cat with fern colored eyes

    Lionfang – Lion-looking tom with sharp fangs
    Apprentice: Scarpaw
    Quietwhisker – dark gray she-cat, can be quiet, like her mother

    Charredfur – silver tabby She-cat with sky-blue eyes

    Sneakingpelt – pale gray tom

    Rocktalon – dark gray shorthair tom.

    Grassstripe – orange tabby tom

    Silentfoot – pale gray She-cat with dark gray paws, can be silent
    Apprentice: Emberpaw
    Scarpaw – black tom with many scars

    Emberpaw – silver tabby She-cat

    Falconpaw – brown and gray shorthair

    Snowflower – pale gray She-cat with white markings that look like snow fallen on her back


    Leader – Snowstar – fluffy white tom

    Deputy – Softfur – very pale silver She-cat with a fluffy and soft pelt

    Medicine cat – Caringheart – gray She-cat that is very old
    Apprentice: Killingpaw
    Lavafur – ginger tom

    Blackstorm – black tabby tom with green eyes, formerly a kittypet

    Gingerspot – light gray tabby she-cat with ginger splotches on her pelt
    Apprentice: Mistypaw
    Tabbyfur – old tabby tom, with yellow eyes

    Whitefoot – a young black tom with white paws

    Blackspot – white long-haired tom with black spots and yellow eyes

    Mistypaw – tortoiseshell She-cat with a white chest

    Killingpaw – fluffy ragdoll She-cat with long claws

    Smoothpelt – dark gray tabby She-cat with smooth fur

    Largepelt – black and white Maine coon with a large,puffed out pelt

    Cats outside the Clans

    Olive – gray cat with clouded green eyes, no known gender

    Whitewhisker – white kittypet with long whiskers, former mate with Leafblossom

    Boba – she-cat munchkin kittypet with a light brown pelt and amber eyes

    [Mod edit: This fanfic includes the deaths of kits. Please read at your discretion.]


    Leopardpelt lay in the nursery, asleep. Longwhisker was curled up beside her, also asleep. Leopardpelt was going to have kits.
    The next morning, Leopardpelt had her kits. One was a silver and black kit, the second was a calico, the third was a gray kit with a tinge of dark brown, and the fourth was a Siamese. The nursery was chaotic, kits tumbling and rolling everywhere. The queens tried to calm them down, but they were too energetic.
    The silver and black kit, Moonkit, somersaulted in front of a black queen, and asked why it was so noisy in the nursery. “Because kits are energetic,” Blackheart replied. “Just wait till you see the apprentice den.”
    “What’s an apprentice?” asked Moonkit, who didn’t know what the word “apprentice” meant. As Blackheart described what an apprentice was, three warriors entered the den, each carrying a piece of fresh-kill, which they dropped in front of one of the queens. Curious, Moonkit asked “what’s that?” and Blackheart had to tell Moonkit what fresh-kill was. When she had finished the definition, she picked up the kit and carried her by the scruff of her neck to Leopardpelt . “This ones gonna be a handful,” she warned. But Leopardpelt’s response was “I don’t care, I would love her the same if she was deaf or blind, I’m just happy she’s alive”. Blackheart went back to her nest, still grumbling about Moonkit.
    As Blackheart was grumbling about Moonkit, she tried to take a bite of Leopardpelt’s fresh-kill. “No Moonkit, Longwhisker told her. If you’re hungry, you should go start suckling. As Moonkit was walking over to her mother, a strange gray warrior ran into the nursery, and grabbed Brightkit, Moonkit’s siamese sister. Brightkit squealed as if a hawk had grabbed her. The warrior shook Brightkit around, as she thrashed wildly.
    “Brightkit! No!” Called Longwhisker, but it was too late. The DarkClan warrior threw Brightkit on the ground, and Brightkit swirmed over to Leopardpelt, but before she could grab Brightkit, The warrior bit into Brightkit’s shoulders, and tossed her onto the ground, harder than the first time. This time, Brightkit started squirming over to Blackheart, who was the closest queen. But the DarkClan cat hooked a claw into her scruff, and dragged Brightkit over to himself, and clawed and bit the kit, until he picked up Brightkit and threw her onto the nursery floor, her body scarred and bleeding. “Brightkit! No!” Leopardpelt cried. Staring at Brightkit’s unconscious body, her pale ginger and cocoa brown pelt stained with blood. But killing one kit wasn’t enough for this particular warrior. He grabbed Dappledkit and clawed and bit her, finishing Dappledkit off with his grab-and-toss move, then grabbed Moonkit’s brother, Falconkit and charged out of the nursery. “No! Falconkit! Get back here with my kit, you mouse-brain!. Leopardpelt hissed. But it was too late. The DarkClan warriors had taken Falconkit, leaving the bodies of Brightkit and Dappledkit. Then, Longwhisker charged after him, trying to get back Falconkit, but the other warrior was ahead, and Longwhisker couldn’t keep up.
    Soon after, Leopardpelt saw that the warriors of DarkClan had attacked the entire camp. Whoever’s idea it was to attack the MountainClan camp was a mouse-brain.
    Moonkit was very confident in her Clan’s warriors and her leader that the camp would never be destroyed. Moonkit heard pawsteps behind her, and turned around to see Willowpaw, who was sent to take Dappledkit’s and Brightkit’s bodies to their burial place, where, at moonhigh, they would be buried. “Hi,” squeaked Moonkit to Willowpaw. “Hi.” “When I’m an apprentice, can you be my mentor?” Moonkit asked. “Um…”Willowpaw replied. “I… don’t pick that”.

    “Oh. Why not?”

    “Because…that’s…Icestar’s job, I guess.”

    “Why can you ask him?”



    Willowpaw stomped towards her den.

    “Bye, Willowpaw!” Moonkit called.
    Willowpaw let out a sigh.
    “Moonkit, Icestar himself told me to take Dappledkit and Brightkit to their burial place.”

    “Okay! Asked Icestar to mentor me when you get back!” Moonkit was cheerful as ever.
    Willowpaw let out a snort.
    “No, Moonkit, no!”

    “Bye again, Willowpaw! Can I come with you, after all their my siblings, not yours!”
    Moonkit ran towards the cream tabby apprentice. “Please?”

    “No! Moonkit, go back to the nursery!”


    “Leopardpelt is probably very worried about you!”

    Moonkit let out a sigh. She’s probably right. Moonkit turned and headed into the nursery as Willowpaw took her siblings out of camp.

    “Mother, Willowpaw is being mean again!” Whined Moonkit.
    “No, she’s a nice apprentice. You’re just bored,” Leopardpelt mewed coolly.
    “She said she couldn’t ask Icestar to mentor me!”

    She’s an apprentice. She can ask once she’s a warrior!”

    “But I can’t wait that long! What if someone asks before me!”
    Leopardpelt sighed at her stubborn kit.
    “Unlikely, Moonkit. very unlikely.”

    “Why? Why is it unlikely?

    “Most cats… most cats think you’re annoying.”

    “I’m not annoying!”

    “Well, they think you are!”

    “But I’m not!”

    “To them, you are!”


    “I don’t know, Moonkit!”

    “Hmph. You’re the least helpful mother ever!”
    Moonkit stomped away to play outside with her best friend, Arctickit.
    She was disappointed.
    Why wouldn’t her own mother know why all of her Clan hated her?
    Moonkit was pretty sure she knew why. “Because I’m mother’s only kit.
    Dappledkit and Brightkit are dead, and who knows what’s happening to Falconkit?”

    My name is clickable.

  12. Swiftspark
    May 29, 2020 at 6:50 am

    Chapter 3
    Sunset was ready to leap into the fight when teeth snagged her scruff. Tangle pulled her back, his teeth digging into her scruff. “Ow!” Tangle turned to look at her as he let go. “We have to wait for the perfect moment.” He said, digging his claws into the ground. “Well it better be soon. Our friends are hurt!” Then she realized something. “Um, why are we just gonna stand while we see Violet getting attacked!” Tangle snarled. “Trust me, it’s the wrong decision to just go into battle without a plan.” Sunset snorted. “Plan? Who needs them?” Tangle took a deep breath. “Us. Right now we need one.” Sunset couldn’t argue with that. “Fine.” She grumbled unhappily. “Okay, Prickle…..do a sneak attack but only when I say so.” Sunset was gettin* impatient already. “Hurry up you piece of crow-food!” Tangle hissed. “I am. Sunset, you go with him. Help Storm and Violet.” Sunset looked back at Tangle as she hurried off to hide with Prickle. ‘He’s going to do something brave. Something dangerous. I can feel it, bu5 as packmates we have to make sure he’s not hurt.’ And with that thought, she was rushed away with Prickle.
    DO NOT SHIP TANGLE AND SUSNET THEY ARE FRIENDS……..Can cats even be JUST friends? Eh I don’t care. (But most likely that’s not possible anymore!)

    • Purple Dusk
      May 29, 2020 at 7:38 pm

      It is possible for characters to be just friends.
      Even when the shipping culture screams at us to change it.

    • May 29, 2020 at 8:39 pm

      Cats can be just friends ❤️
      Also, this rocks.
      Spotty is a bean.

  13. Leafsky
    May 29, 2020 at 6:42 pm

    For those who want to know, I’m going to list which clans are similar in my fanfic to the canon ones. I don’t mean to completely copy them, and this took me a while to think of.

    Bold, confident cats who are very comfortable with tree-climbing and hunting, along with attacking. They usually have more empathy for cats or clans in trouble than the others.
    Similar to: ThunderClan and SkyClan.

    Sly cats who like to hide in the shadows and attack head-on, brute force in battles. It’s very difficult to gain a HighClan cat’s trust if you’re not a HighClan cat.
    Similar to: ShadowClan and ThunderClan

    Cats who are comfortable with swimming, and are known for sneak attacks by their river border along both HighClan and TreeClan. They use strength to their advantage, and the familiarity of their surroundings to trick enemies.
    Similar to: RiverClan.

    Lithe, long-legged cats who are good at running in open spaces, and like to attack with quick, nimble blows to confuse their enemies in a battle. They also can swim if desperately needed, better than TreeClan, HighClan, and MorningClan, but not as good as FlameClan.
    Similar to: WindClan and RiverClan.

    These cats are usually very strong, can navigate through tree-climbing, along with hunting and fighting in the trees very quickly, just like TreeClan, can also run as fast as LightClan cats, swim like FlameClan cats, and can attack brute-force like HighClan. They also can adapt to their environment very quickly, and observe other cat’s skills to use against them.
    Similar to: SkyClan, WindClan, RiverClan, ThunderClan, and ShadowClan. (Every clan, to be briefer).

    Also, if you’d like to be in one of these clans and have a role in my fanfic, just ask! All I need is the rank of your cat and which clan they’ll be in, along with their name. Ranks: Kit, apprentice, warrior, senior warrior, queen, elder, deputy, medicine cat. I can also generate a random purrsona if you want, and you can just list a selected purrsona for that cat if you want. And for those who wanted to be in my fanfic, I’ve got your cats and purrsonas, along with ranks.

    I'm a mentor and I'm proud

    • May 29, 2020 at 8:42 pm

      Can I be in it?
      Name: Turtlepaw
      Rank: Apprentice
      Pronouns: They/them
      Purrsona: Orange cat with green eyes, a gray chest, white paws, and a white tail tip.
      Personality: Quiet, kind, creative, introverted, polite.
      Clan: TreeClan
      Spotty is a bean.

    • Riverpond
      May 29, 2020 at 11:26 pm

      I’d like to be in too!
      Name- Riverpond
      Clan- FlameClan
      Rank- Medicine cat
      Personality- hostile to other clans and outsiders, but is soffthearted to her own clan.

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