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Kurt Vonnegut

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  1. Leafsky
    June 5, 2020 at 1:48 am

    I decided to start a new fanfic. If you’ve all read Spiritstar’s Desire and Shyspirit’s Plea so far, you know who Snowpaw, Ashcloud, and Sweetleaf are, right? The new fanfic I’m starting is called Snowpaw’s Secret. It revolves around the life of this apprentice and her time in StarClan, watching over her littermates. Here’s the first chapter!

    Snowkit glanced at her brother, Ashkit, who was asleep, purring softly. He was lying beside their mother, Cloudfur, and she watched Sweetpaw, her eyes shining. Both her and Ashkit were five and a half moons old. Their father, Pikestripe, was playing with Sweetpaw. Sweetpaw knocked the moss-ball towards him. Pikestripe leapt up in the air and batted it back towards her. Sweetpaw’s paw reached for the moss-ball, but she missed, tumbling to the ground as the moss-ball bounced out of reach.
    “Darn it,” Sweetpaw muttered, getting to her paws.
    “Let’s do it again! I’ll win this time!” Sweetpaw declared. Pikestripe’s eyes glittered with amusement.
    “Ah. Competitive, much?” Sweetpaw glared at Pikestripe.
    “It’s not fair! You keep winning.”
    “Sweetpaw,” Blackspring called. “Training.” Sweetpaw cast the moss-ball a long look before padding towards her mentor.
    “I’ll beat you next time!” Sweetpaw promised. Snowkit padded over to Pikestripe.
    “Can I play?” Snowkit squeaked. Pikestripe looked down at Snowkit, a soft purr rumbling in his throat.
    “Of course.” He knocked the moss-ball towards her. Concentrating, she leapt as high as she could and batted it out of the air.
    “Great job!” Pikestripe praised. He knocked it higher, and she glanced around quickly for something she could use as leverage to catch it. Her eyes brightened as she saw a tree stump. She leapt up on it, catching the moss-ball. Pikestripe looked impressed.
    “Smart thinking.” She rolled it back towards him.
    “Once more?” She pleaded.
    “Pikestripe! Can you go hunting?” A tortoiseshell she-cat called. It was TreeClan’s deputy, Sorrelfern.
    “Alright,” Pikestripe called. He nuzzled Snowkit.
    “I’ll play with you when I come back, okay?” Snowkit nodded, yet she had a strange feeling. Pikestripe looked a little distant.
    “Is it okay if I can hunt by myself?” Pikestripe asked. Sorrelfern nodded, and Pikestripe hurried out of camp. Yellowstar leapt down from his den. The clan leader was on his last life, Snowkit had heard. Suddenly Snowkit got an idea. I can follow Pikestripe through the dirtplace! She padded to the dirtplace, slipped through the tunnel when no cat was looking, and hurried into the forest. A bunch of scents overwhelmed her. She detected Pikestripe’s scent. She followed it through a bunch of oak trees and around a glittering pool, wildflowers sprouting around it. She scrambled over warm, dark-grey rocks, and saw Pikestripe talking to a smoky grey she-cat. She didn’t have TreeClan’s scent; Snowkit froze as she realized it was HighClan. What is Pikestripe doing? She thought, horrified. She crept closer, pricking her ears to hear their conversation.
    “What about our kits?” The smoky grey she-cat asked. Pikestripe nuzzled her.
    “It’ll be alright, Smokefall,” he murmured. “I can join your clan, or you can join mine. I only love you.” Snowkit gaped with horror. She was carrying her father’s kits? Thorns seemed to pierce her heart. I thought you loved me, Cloudfur, Ashkit, and Sweetpaw… I guess not.
    “Can you join HighClan?” Smokefall pleaded. “We can raise our kits together.” Pikestripe’s gaze darkened.
    “I can’t.” You have to continue being fake to your own kin and mate, Snowkit thought angrily. Smokefall looked confused, and tipped her head.
    “I can’t leave my kin,” he whispered. “But if it’s for you…” Smokefall’s gaze brightened.
    “Thank you, Pikestripe.” He wreathed around her, purring. Snowkit felt a rush of fury. She had to confront them, and stop them once and for all. Her own father was breaking the code. She slid closer, and as they both sat in contended silence, she spoke up.
    “I thought you were loyal.” Pikestripe whipped around, pelt brsitling with surprise as he saw his own daughter. Smokefall looked at her, eyes wide with fright.
    “What are you doing here?” Pikestripe asked, trying to hide his anxiousness.
    “Watching you break the warrior code,” Snowkit snarled. She squared up to her father.
    “I shouldn’t even call you my father!” Snowkit hissed. “You’re a fox-heart! A liar! A traitor!” Pikestripe’s anxiousness faded, replaced by fury.
    “Follow me,” he snapped. Warily, she followed him. He unsheathed his claws.
    “Don’t you even think about telling anyone, or else I’ll send you to StarClan. I don’t care about you, Ashkit, Sweetpaw, or Cloudfur!” Snowkit felt a lump in her throat as she thought about what she had to do. She unsheathed her claws and lashed at his eyes. Pikestripe let out a startled screech, and his eyes gushed blood. Snowkit backed away, Pikestripe collapsing.
    “You’ll… pay…” Pikestripe rasped. Smokefall rushed to his side.
    “No!” Smokefall wailed. She looked at Snowkit. Her eyes were full of sorrow instead of anger.
    “I’m so, so, sorry,” Smokefall whispered. “I couldn’t…” Snowkit felt her heart ache with sympathy for the HighClan queen. Then Smokefall let out a long sigh.
    “This is probably the price for breaking the code…” Snowkit looked at Smokefall with wide eyes.
    “Smokefall,” Snowkit murmured. “Please go back to HighClan. I-I won’t tell Sorrelfern or Yellowstar. Please, go.” Smokefall was dismayed.
    “But I broke the code! And was with your father…”
    “He’s the only fox-heart here,” she snarled. After a moment’s pause, she spoke again. “Go,” she pleaded. Smokefall dipped her head and bounded away, crossing the border. She looked at her father’s cold body, then towards the direction of the camp. She felt sick. She raced for the camp, bursting in through the entrance. Cats turned her direction.
    “Snowkit! What were you doing in the forest?” Cloudfur snapped.
    “It’s Pikestripe!” Snowkit puffed. “I heard him screech.”
    “Shadowfeather, Cloudfur, Yarrowsong, come with me!” Sorrelfern ordered. The deputy raced out of the camp, and the three other cats followed. Snowkit bounded towards the nursery, and Ashkit stared at her.
    “What were you doing?” He asked. His pelt rippled nervously. “Did something happen to Pikestripe?”
    “He’s a traitor,” Snowkit snapped. Ashkit’s eyes widened.
    “I went out into the forest, following him because I wanted to watch him hunt,” Snowkit started. “I followed his scent. I saw him beside the HighClan border with Smokefall, a HighClan she-cat. Curious, I eavesdropped. Smokefall was going to have his kits. I confronted him, and he threatened to kill me.” She shivered. Ashkit was silent.
    “So you’re saying-”
    “I lashed out at him,” Snowkit admitted, “Out of fury. I slashed his eyes. I let Smokefall go, since it wasn’t her fault. Then I came here.” Ashkit’s fur bristled, and Sweetpaw slid into the nursery. Her eyes were bright with fear.
    “I heard something happened to Pikestripe.” Ashkit growled.
    “He’s a traitor.” Sweetpaw’s ears pricked, and she looked shocked.
    “What?” As Snowkit explained everything, Sweetpaw snarled.
    “He’s such a fox-heart.” Sweetpaw gathered her littermates close, and Snowkit gratefully pressed against her sister’s flank, shivering. Will anything ever be the same again?

    I have two secret pages ahahaha

    • Emberheart
      June 5, 2020 at 11:32 pm


      Foxclaw’s Fight:

      Foxkit crawled out of her mother’s nest, the warm, milky scents of the nursery flooding her nostrils. Emberkit slept nearby with his littermates, Frostkit, Twigkit, and Darkkit snoring loudly around him. Emberkit was younger than Foxkit and she was determined to wake before him at dawn only for the satisfaction of his stumbling when she awoke him to go out and play. She scrambled over her sister, Briarkit, who their mother Mistclaw, had named for the odd darker patterns on her rosey red tail. Briarkit let out a squeal of shock as Foxkit used thorn-sharp claws to grip her tail.
      “What are you doing?” She mewed. “You should be sleeping!”
      “Shhhhh!” Frustration pricked at Foxkit’s pelt. “You’ll wake everyone.”
      “Where are you going?” Briarkit’s eyes were round and pleading. She began to need her mother’s nest with her forepaws, tossing up scraps of moss and bramble from the bedding and into Mistclaw’s fur. Luckily, she didn’t stirr and her breathing remained steady, her muffled snores echoing around the nursery. With so many kits in Newleaf, the bramble bush was crowded and there was no point in even trying to sleep in.
      “Just… er…” Foxkit stuttered as a sparrow let out a call from a tree in the clearing, jerking her mind back into her sister’s conversation. I’m too young to say I’m going to make dirt, and getting something from the fresh-kill pile at this time would sound crazy. “I was only going out to drink from the Sandpuddle.” Her fur grew hot, hoping she had sounded more certain than she thought. Emberkit had spoken to the elders about a puddle in the sandy clearing that supposedly never dried up, and Rainburr and Dovesplash had decided to name it the Sandpuddle. Foxkit let out a sigh of relief as Briarkit curled her little tail over her nose and closed her eyes. Foxkit stalked over the other kits and queens, until she reached the tiny scrap of brown fur -and the runt of the litter- Emberpaw. He was deep in sleep.
      “Psst,” Foxkit whispered, dangling her fluffy red tail in front of Emberkit’s nose. “Emberkit!” After a few heartbeats, Emberkit let out a tiny sneeze and wearily lifted his head to face Foxkit, his green and yellow eyes glazed with sleep.
      “What is it?” For a moment, he stared ignorantly into Foxkit’s eyes, apprehension clouding his.

      Kits are so stupid.

      “Oh!” Emberkit exclaimed after what felt like seasons. “Sandpuddle or Stoneleaf’s den?” Foxkit hadn’t thought about where they were going to go.

      I am stupid, aren’t I?

      She had told Briarkit she would go to the Sandpuddle for a drink. “Both!” She mewed triumphantly. Foxkit wasn’t very good at making decisions and she knew it. “Sandpuddle first.” Emberkit rose warily to his paws and Foxkit leaned closer to him to smooth a rogue tuft of fur from the top of his head. She could barely remember when she was younger than two moons old, but there were blurry images of Emberkit and his littermates being born. Foxkit had made a vow to StarClan that she would protect the weakest of Oakfur’s kits. He didn’t grow like Frostkit, Twigkit, or Darkkit. Darkkit was such an arrogant furrball. Once he had stolen a clump of moss from the elder’s den and lied to poor Twigkit and Briarkit that it was a shrew he had caught. Twigkit was born blind, it seemed to be that way for every birth -That one kit would be born blind- but there was no explanation to why it happened. Foxkit was lucky she wasn’t stuck with a sister who couldn’t even see her own paws. Emberkit nudged her.
      “Come on,” He mewed. “Twigkit is waking up!” So what? Foxkit thought bitterly, It’s not like she’ll see us. It would be mouse-brained to mention the blind she-kit to her superior brother. Foxkit would be soaked to the roots of her fur in water from Sandpuddle if she meowed her thoughts about Twigkit’s unseeing ignorance.
      When they had reached Sandpuddle, Foxkit’s paws ached from the long walk across the camp. Her legs were still short and her body stumpy as every other kit in the nursery. The sand around the little puddle was damp, and the musty water rippled as Foxkit’s whiskers skimmed over it. While her face was less than a mouse-length away from the trembling puddle, Emberkit slammed his clumsy paws into it, splashing Foxkit’s face. As she turned to face him, wanting to cuff him over the ears, she saw the young tom’s face completely soaked along with hers, so instead she just peered into her reflection while he twitched his whiskers in amusement.
      “Stupid furrball.” She muttered, staring into her own gaze -which stared back at her- in the puddle. Foxkit looked just like her mother and somewhat like her sister. She had longer fur than Briarkit, though. Her long red fur was flowy and ran past her flank and stretched into belly fur that could nearly touch the sandy earth. She had light tannish white patches on her pelt above her muzzle, on her belly, and at the tip of her tail. Her tail was bushy, like a squirrel’s, her back paws spattered with what looked rosey, almost like her sister’s pelt. The splotches and patterns of her hind paws were also like the ones along her ears. Foxkit leaned further over the puddle, glancing at her bright green eyes, glad that Mistclaw was her mother. Mistclaw was a beautiful she-cat with reddish fur and a rosey belly with a long, bushy tail.
      “Let all cats old enough to catch their own prey gather beneath the Highledge for a clan meeting!” Lionstar’s familiar call rang around the clearing, sound bouncing like a hare off the rock walls of the hollow.
      “Let’s go!” Foxkit called over her shoulder to Emberkit, who began shifting his paws.
      “But he said only cats old enough to catch their own prey.” Emberkit pointed out. “We’re not even allowed to leave the camp until we’re apprentices.” Foxkit rolled her eyes. Why did he always need to follow the rules? Mistclaw padded up to the two kits.
      “Foxkit,” She expected Mistclaw to give her a lecture about leaving the nursery so early, but instead, she looked up to the milky gray sky, the warriors of Silverpelt disappearing behind the horizon, and went on more firmly. “It is time.” There was a hint of sadness in her mother’s tone. “Let me groom your pelt.”

      Foxkit knew what was going to happen now. They were going to be apprenticed.

      “Come on Emberkit!” She shouted as her mother lapped at the sandy water hanging off her ear fur. “We’re going to be apprentices!” Foxkit had waited so long for her to be assigned a mentor. She was one step closer to being a warrior!
      “Oh, my dear,” Mistclaw soothed. “You’re older than Emberkit by nearly two moons! He has a while to wait yet.” Emberkit’s tail drooped and he bowed his head. When her mother finally moved her paw, Foxkit scurried over to the foot of the highledge, feeling as if the sun shone brighter because of the fire that surged inside of her. Briarkit was trembling. What’s she so afraid of? Foxkit wondered. This is the best day ever!
      “Foxkit,” Lionstar meowed. He didn’t bother to beckon her forward because she had already raced in front of her sister. Foxkit couldn’t help it, she was going to be a ‘paw at last! “You have reached the age of six moons, and it is time for you to be apprenticed. From this moment, until you earn your warrior name, you will be known as-” Briarkit shifted her paws. She clearly wanted to go first, but instead of calling out, she stepped up to her sister so their pelts brushed. “Foxpaw. Your mentor will be Ravengaze. Briarkit, you have also reached your time to be apprenticed, and from this moment you will be known as Briarpaw. Your mentor will be Dawnberry.”

      Ravengaze?! Why does Briarpaw get Dawnberry and I get Ravengaze? He’s so grumpy!

      “Foxpaw! Briarpaw! Foxpaw! Briarpaw!” Mistclaw yowled loudly and the rest of the clan joined in, but Foxpaw could tell Emberkit had meowed her name first.
      The newly named apprentices went to touch noses with their mentors as the clan cheered their new names. Ravengaze’s eyes were filled with warmth. Surprised to find joy in the senior warrior, Foxpaw happily touched noses with him and rushed off to meet Emberpaw, while Briarpaw went to see their mother.
      “Emberkit!” Foxpaw called, running so fast she nearly barreled into him. “Isn’t this great? When you’re an apprentice, I’ll cheer so loud StarClan will need to cover their ears!”
      Emberkit frowned. “I want you and Briar- Briarpaw back in the nursery!” He wailed. Foxpaw needed to think fast. She had never seen Emberkit so upset… He was just a kit afterall. So am I, Foxpaw thought. I haven’t even been an apprentice for a day and I’m already acting like I’m better than Emberkit!
      “Don’t worry Emberkit.” Foxpaw mewed, shuffling her paws in the sand. “You’ll be an apprentice soon enough, and then we can sleep in the same den again!”
      “Really?” Emberkit’s gaze softened, and he wiped his face with a feeble paw.
      “Really.” Foxpaw let out an exasperated sigh. “I need to go speak with my mother.” As she padded away, she could feel Emberkit’s stare burning into her coat until she reached Mistclaw. Briarpaw was meowing on about their father, Rockfoot again.
      “We’re apprentices now! Can we see Rockfoot?” Briarpaw’s tail curled up and her eyes widened pleadingly. Foxpaw hated when she questioned their mother. Especially when she changed her face to look like the most desperate kit in the forest. She could wrap almost any cat in the clan around her tail.
      “StarClan willing,” Mistclaw sighed. “You’re far too young to see your father.”

      “But we’re apprentices!” Foxpaw muttered. How were they still too young? Then it hit her- Rockfoot must be dead. Mistclaw always said that they wouldn’t be able to see their father or that they were too young. Too young to see him in StarClan. Foxpaw exchanged a glance with her sister, who was still sitting there, unphased, unknowing about the dead tom. Deliberately, she changed the subject. “Will you come with us, Mistclaw? We’re going to see the forest, aren’t we?”
      “Of course!” A deep meow came from behind her. Foxpaw spun around to see Ravengaze, his sleek black fur well-groomed and his eyes shining. Before Foxpaw could think, she flinched away. If he had noticed, he showed no sign of it. Instead, he flicked his tail towards the thorn barrier.
      “Where will we go first?” The new understanding warmth in Ravengaze’s eyes made a surge of pride shoot through Foxpaw. She was glad she got such an experienced warrior as a mentor.
      “We’ll be touring the territory.” Ravengaze announced, dipping his head so that his eyes met Foxpaw’s.
      “Mind if me and Briarpaw tag along?” The voice of Dawnberry made Foxpaw spin around in surprise. Briarpaw had her ears pricked now, her tail fluffed out.
      “Sure.” Ravengaze’s level mew made Foxpaw keep herself calm instead of bursting with excitement like she wanted to.
      Briarpaw turned to Foxpaw, her eyes wide. “We’re going to leave camp together! For the first time!” Foxpaw’s excitement faded. Her sister was too eager. She would be pulling her tail and meowing on the whole time.
      “Are we both going the same way?” Foxpaw asked carefully, trying not to offend her littermate. “I mean, surely all of us going the same way will scare the prey back into their holes.”
      “We aren’t hunting prey!” Ravengaze mewed. Turning to Mistclaw he added with a twitch of his whiskers. “I remember when I was this excited for being an apprentice…” His voice trailed off, looking at memories play out before him.
      “Do you now?” Dawnberry purred. “I doubt you know your way around the territory you old cat!” Ravengaze let out a rasping purr and gestured for the apprentices to follow them to the thorn barrier. Foxpaw’s disappointment was washed away by a flood of joy. I’m an apprentice. She thought happily. I’m going to leave camp… I’ll be the best warrior ever!
      “I’ll make you a nest while you’re out.” Came a peppy distracted mew. Why did everyone want to talk to Briarpaw and not Foxpaw. “If- if that’s okay with you.” Foxpaw turned to see Brightpaw, not talking to Briarpaw, but to her.
      “Er, yeah, thanks.” Foxpaw scurried out of camp to get away from any more questions and padded alongside her mentor through the forest.
      “Can we hunt?” Briarpaw had been nagging just as Foxpaw had expected.
      “Not today.” Ravengaze would reply. Dawnberry would just pad on, tasting the air every few steps, as if she didn’t even have an apprentice.
      “Can you smell that?” Dawnberry mewed. It had been so long since she’d spoken, Foxpaw had forgotten what her meow sounded like.
      “Prey?” Briarpaw whispered. Ravengaze frowned.
      “So no?” He meowed. “This is ShadowClan territory.”
      “It’s fine,” Ravengaze mewed. “Just remember the scent. Foul isn’t it?”
      “ShadowClan smells yucky!” Foxpaw hissed.
      “I’m sure they don’t like our scent either.” Dawnberry tasted the air again. This time Foxpaw smelled it too…. Mouse! Foxpaw instinctively dropped into hunter’s crouch. She knew it by heart from when Poppyspots had taught her and Emberkit. She shuffled her paws, moving forward as lightly and silently as she could, keeping her tail still and her ears pricked. She was only a couple of tail-lengths away when… Snap! A twig had crackled under her weight, and the mouse was back into its burrow.
      “That crouch was perfect!” Ravengaze purred. “I’ll make a warrior out of you yet.”
      “But she didn’t catch it!” Dawnberry protested. “If it were perfect, she would have a mouse in her jaws.” She snorted and padded off.
      “There was nothing wrong with your crouch.” Ravengaze turned to Foxpaw, dipping his head. “Tempers are short in leaf-bare, and I think she wishes her apprentice had tried to catch it.” Foxpaw’s spirits lifted. I’ll catch you next time! She vowed. The trees soon thinned out, leaving a giant stretch of grassy hills of coarse dirt and springy grass.
      “Is this WindClan?” Briarpaw mewed, her eyes wide with astonishment. “Where do they sleep if they don’t have any trees or brambles?”
      “StarClan knows!” Dawnberry rolled her eyes. “Those rabbit chasers probably live in badger sets.”
      “We sleep under our warrior ancestors.” A deep voice rasped on the other side of Dawnberry.
      Ravengaze swung his head around. “What are you doing?” He demanded, turning his head to protect his apprentice. Foxpaw peeked around his dark gray fur. A slender brown tom stood behind him, his ears twitching and his expression unreadable.
      “Defending my territory.” The tom replied coolly. “You have, after all, crossed our border.” Foxpaw searched where her patrol had put their paws. When she looked down at her own, she saw them in the middle of the ice that had frozen the stream.
      “Actually, we haven’t.” Foxpaw ventured, fluffing out her tail indignantly. “My paws aren’t anywhere near the other side of the stream.” She looked back down at her paws. Was that true? Did WindClan have a claim over the stream?
      “Brave little one.” The tom stepped forward on the ice so he was nose to nose with Foxpaw. His breath was rank on her muzzle but she tried not to flinch away. “First time out, eh?”
      “Leave my apprentice alone and get back to that heather klump you call a nest.” Ravengaze stepped between the tom and his apprentice, digging his claws into the ice. The WindClan tom backed away, his fur bristling.
      “You step one paw over the border and I’ll shred you.” He turned tail and pelted across the moor. Foxpaw stepped away from the stream, her mind whirling. Why were the clans so mean to each other? Wouldn’t it be better if they could all share territory in leaf-bare so they could all have enough prey?
      “Let’s get back to camp.” Dawnberry drew in a deep breath. “Maybe we can catch some prey on the way back.”
      “I’m going to get that mouse!” Foxpaw yowled, turning back to the forest.
      “Not if I catch it first!” Briarpaw leaped in front of her and padded away toward a bramble bush. “What’s that smell?”
      “I know it!” Foxpaw was sure she had scented this on the fresh-kill pile. “Thrush!” She paused, glancing back at her mentor. “How do we catch a thrush?”

  2. Shadowstorm
    June 5, 2020 at 2:48 am

    Hello, I am writing a fan-fiction story on this secret page-


    Go check it out!


    • Emberheart and Foxclaw
      June 6, 2020 at 6:25 pm

      How do you make a secret page?

      • June 6, 2020 at 8:58 pm

        you can’t make one (only the mods can), but you can find them! I’m sure lots of people have secret pages they can give to ya 😀


        • Emberheart and Foxclaw
          June 6, 2020 at 9:09 pm

          Really? Thank you so much Rainie! 😉

          • June 6, 2020 at 9:29 pm

            I know Pine has a lot, and so does one of the Moons, though I can’t remember which one (sorry there’s just too many of them,, 😛 ), and a bunch of people also have lots,, honestly idek, hopefully someone will offer you some 😛


            • 🏳️‍🌈 Moons 🏳️‍🌈
              June 6, 2020 at 9:36 pm

              “i can’t remember which one”
              i feel betrayed


              • June 7, 2020 at 12:07 am

                lol sorry bro, there’s just,, a lot of you 😛


                • 🏳️‍🌈 Moons 🏳️‍🌈
                  June 7, 2020 at 12:11 am

                  but i thought i was unique from the other moons now i’m having doubt :(((((((


                  • June 7, 2020 at 12:22 am

                    thou art unique anyway
                    did you change ur gravatar or your name?


                    • 🏳️‍🌈 Moons 🏳️‍🌈
                      June 7, 2020 at 12:25 am

                      what do you mean? 😛 i drew myself a new pfp recently but that’s it? 😛


                    • June 8, 2020 at 3:25 am

                      i recognize people by their pfps and i thought it was you, the moon with an s, who was a secret page queen, but i couldn’t recognize you so i decided to play it safe 😛


  3. Wildpaw
    June 5, 2020 at 4:16 am

    Hopepaw blinded down towards fourtrees. She waited for the tom to get here, who was late, as always. She climbed the tree and looked out over towards ThunderClan territory. She noticed a figure running down from their territory.
    Redpaw leapt up on the tree with her.
    “Sorry I’m late, again. It’s getting harder to sneak away. I think Spottedpaw suspects something,” Redpaw meowed.
    “How can I be mad at you?” Hopepaw asked.
    She leapt down from the tree, and climbed the Great Rock. Redpaw followed.
    “Every cat in the clan would kill us if they knew what we did,” Redpaw meowed.
    “Then we’ll meet again in StarClan,” Hopepaw purred.
    Her cream and gray tail swished from side to side. She looked down on the small clearing as a patrol of full grown warriors padded down from ShadowClan territory. Hopepaw recognized Raggedpelt, Scorchwind, Hollyflower, and Nightpelt and Brokenpaw.
    “Hide!” Hopepaw hissed.
    Redpaw and Hopepaw hid in the shadows, as the patrol stopped.
    “Can you smell her?” Raggedpelt asked.
    “Yes, Raggedpelt. She was here recently,” Hollyflower meowed.
    “Where did Hopepaw go?” Raggedpelt asked.
    Redpaw crouched closer to Hopepaw.
    “We need to leave!” he hissed softly.
    Hopepaw nodded, and stepped quietly down from the Great Rock. She ran up the slope behind it, strait to RiverClan territory.
    “We shouldn’t be here,” Redpaw meowed.
    “Come on. We’ll just circle around,” Hopepaw meowed.
    Redpaw followed her on the edge of RiverClan territory, just until they reached ThunderClan territory.
    “We’ll wait here until they leave,” Hopepaw meowed.
    Raggedpelt and his patrol kept searching. Hopepaw didn’t remember falling asleep, but she awoke to a growl beside her.
    She looked up to see Thrushpelt, and the rest of a ThunderClan patrol. Redpaw stood beside them, making it look like he’d found her out here.
    “What are you doing on ThunderClan territory?” Thrushpelt asked.
    “I was hiding from a ShadowClan patrol, and I accidentally fell asleep. I didn’t want the patrol to catch me at Fourtrees,” Hopepaw explained.
    “Just leave now,” Thrushpelt growled.
    Hopepaw sprang to her paws, and ran towards ShadowClan territory. She raced through the trees, noticing it was sunhigh.
    Archeye is going to kill me! she thought.
    She decided to catch a mouse, but ended up catching a lizard, a squirrel, and a vole. She’s padded into camp with them in her jaws, as Archeye padded up to her.
    “Where were you?” he demanded.
    “Hunting,” Hopepaw replied through fur and scales.
    “All night?”
    “I accidentally fell asleep,” Hopepaw meowed.
    “At least you caught fresh-kill,” Archeye sighed.
    Wishpaw padded up to Hopepaw, and nudged her aside. Here eyes looked worried.
    “Is something wrong?” Hopepaw asked.
    “Yes, horribly wrong. It’s Brokenpaw. He’s vicious,” Wishpaw whispered in a horrified tone.
    Hopepaw tilted her head to the side, confused.
    “Brokenpaw is evil, Hopepaw! I had a dream, and Brokenpaw was just watching as warriors killed kits. He was killing the kits,” Wishpaw explained.
    Hopepaw glared at where her brother sat, arguing with Nightpelt. She knew not to ignore the dreams of a Medicine Cat.
    Cedarstar padded up to the High Rock, unexpectedly. He called a meeting for the clan.
    Tanglepaw and Deerpaw stepped forwards, and Hopepaw rolled her eyes.
    Raggedpelt stepped up to the High Rock, unexpectedly. He called a clan meeting.
    “I’m sad to say this, but Cedarstar has lost his last life,” he announced.
    The whole clan gasped.
    “I will travel to the Moonstone with Yellowfang tomorrow,” he added, although a bit reluctant.
    He cast a flare where Yellowfang sat, and Yellowfang met it head on. The two seemed to have a love-hate relationship, but Yellowfang was a Medicine Cat.
    “Although, as my first act of leader, I would like to make two new warriors today,” Raggedpelt continued.
    The elders began to talk among themselves in worried tones, while Tanglepaw and Deerpaw glanced at each other excitedly. Hopepaw guessed they thought they would be made warriors today.
    “Brokenpaw, Hopepaw, step forward,” Raggedpelt announced.
    The entire clan gasped, and Hopepaw stepped forward, confused.
    “You have both proven yourselves worthy of warrior names, so today, you shall receive them. Brokenpaw, from now on, you shall be known as Brokentail. Hopepaw, you shall be known as Hopewhisker. StarClan honors your bravery and courage,” Raggedpelt announced
    “Brokentail! Hopewhisker!” the clan cheered.
    The elders talked among themselves still, all of them worried. Featherstorm snapped at them, though Hopewhisker was to far away to hear. Brokentail shot a triumphant look at Tanglepaw and Deerpaw, while Raggedpelt continued.
    “Sagewhisker, how is Wishpaws training coming along?” he asked.
    “Fine. It is not complete, but she is doing well. I say she should be made a Medicine Cat in a moon or two,” Sagewhisker meowed.
    Wishpaws eyes lit up with excitement. Hopewhisker purred for her sister, but slowly stalled over towards the camp entrance. She began running through the woods as she thought about Raggedpelt and Yellowfang.
    She thought about Wishpaws flat face, and Brokentails eyes. Something strange is going on, Hopewhisker decided. She ran past WindClan territory, and headed for highstones.
    She needed to figure this out, if it ment sharing with StarClan. After a while the sun began to set, she passed through the familiar cave.
    What will StarClan have to share with me?

    • Moonpelt
      June 6, 2020 at 2:16 pm

      This is really interesting and great!!!! Amazing Job, Wildpaw/spirit!!!!!!!

  4. Wildpaw
    June 5, 2020 at 6:16 am

    Here is the poll for the next fanfic I should write. I’ll go ahead and write all the blurbs, so you can decide which one you like best.

    Poll: https://www.strawpoll.me/20252837


    For Crosspaths:

    As a shadow leans over all of the clans, two apprentices from BreezeClan and MistClan continued their secret meetings. But when their relationship could mean saving all of the clans, these two apprentices must out their relationship to the test to see if they can destroy the shadow, without destroying the clans in the process.

    For Little Stars:

    Born as a small and fragile kit, Lightkit has always been overprotected. As an apprentice, her mother mowing stop fretting over her. Determined to show her she’s as strong as all the other apprentices, she works hard and frankly earns her warrior name. But when something odd happens to the rest of her clanmates, being smaller than the rest might be a gift in disguise…

    For Poisoned:

    Having always been weaker than his littermates, Birchpaw is given a warning by the StormClan Medicine Cat. Determined to find out what it means, he travels all the way to Tallpeaks to find out. But when he finds out his blood is poisoned, he has to travel far from home to find a cure, but Birchpaw isn’t sure he has the strength to make it alive.

    For Rewritten Destiny:

    When the DarkClan Medicine Cat receives an omen saying to beware of Wolfpaw, Wolfpaw is avoided by his clanmates. They think he is evil, and that he’ll try to rise to power. But Wolfpaw doesn’t want it this way. StarClan might see him as evil, but Wolfpaw knows he is anything but…

    For Thorn and Claw:

    Littlewing has never been the violent type of cat. She loves to be peaceful. But when a new leader rises to power, peace is not an option. Littlewing has to learn how to fight tooth and claw to save her life. But when she finds a kit hidden in thorns, and another hidden in an unusual like of broken claws, Littlewing has to teach them to fight, because these might be the only cats who can save the clans

    Alright, plz vote and tell me which one you like. I will write to top two with the most votes.

    • ❄️🐍 Viper That Strikes On Frosty Night (Viperfrost) 🐍❄️
      June 5, 2020 at 8:32 am

      I vote Thorn and Claw 🙂

      bow to "earthling" overlords

    • June 5, 2020 at 9:23 am

      They are all so good!!!!!

      That man is playing Galaga!

    • M0nkEyfUr 2020
      June 5, 2020 at 11:58 am

      these are all strong storylines! I love the idea of Thorn and Claw though! i think rewritten destiny would be a close second!

      i see moky

  5. June 5, 2020 at 2:10 pm

    Here’s a link to one of my fanfictions- A Tale of Battle!
    Here’s the blurb
    Battle affects everyone.
    Poppypaw is only a SkyClan apprentice and this is her first battle.
    But, soon, she discovers it could quite easily be her last.
    Firesong is expecting kits. But, that isn’t going to stop her from fighting. RiverClan must triumph or all is lost.

    Whovian Alert

    • Wildpaw
      June 6, 2020 at 4:23 am

      I read this and this is awesome! I loved it!

  6. Streampaw
    June 5, 2020 at 4:48 pm

    Hello everyone! This is the last chapter of my fan-fiction Dark Shadows! Once again, THE STORY WON’T MAKE SENSE UNLESS YOU HAVE READ THE PAST CHAPTERS! If you haven’t read them, go back and read it! Let’s start!
    Chapter 5.
    Goldenpaw whirled around. He looked around the forest. It was dark and creepy. He was lost in the Dark Forest. But he had figured it out! He didn’t belong here! It wasn’t his fault that Leafpaw died. The Dark Forest possessed him and made him kill her. Still, Starclan must have overlooked that when he died. He kept on running. Then, Goldenpaw smelled a sweet smell. It was different from the stinky, slimy smell of the Dark Forest. It smelled like water and flowers. He followed it, hope rising in him. “Hello little one.” mewed a voice. Goldenpaw turned around. There stood a sleek she-cat. She was white with brown and orange spots. She had one green eyes and one blue. “I’m Jadesight. I won’t hurt you.” Goldenpaw stood his ground. She didn’t look like the Dark Forest she-cats. Skyfall and Bramblesky had scars and mangled fur. Jadesight purred. “I am from Starclan.” “Starclan!” mewed Goldenpaw, surprised. “Starclan has moved on though!” Jadesight scanned him, her gaze soft. “A wrong must be put right. You don’t need to be here.” Goldenpaw stepped back in disbelief. “But I-I killed…” “Starclan knows what happened, young one. Come, your family is waiting.” she said softly. She turned and padded into the trees. Goldenpaw followed her. They kept walking in silence for a while. Finally, Goldenpaw saw a glowing white line. “The border..” Goldenpaw breathed. “Jadesight nodded. “Starclan is there.” Goldenpaw stopped. “I-I don’t deserve to be there.” he whispered. Jadesight padded close enough that Goldenpaw could feel her breath on his muzzle. “Many cats don’t deserve it. You saw them. They kill for sport and revenge. You are not like that. Starclan forgives you. Now you must forgive yourself.” Goldenpaw nodded and crossed the border. He felt his wounds heal, his tiredness fade. He opened his eyes. What he saw took his breath away. It looked like his home when he was living. But, better. There was no smell of danger, herbs and prey were everywhere, and there was cats. They all looked healthy and happy. Jadesight nudged him. “Come. Your family is waiting.” Goldenpaw then saw them. His mother, Mothflower, his father, Beartooth, and….Leafpaw. Her gaze held no hate or anger. Goldenpaw broke into a run. He rubbed his muzzle against her mother’s and twined his tail with his father. Mothflower’s voice sounded in his ear. “We knew it had to be a mistake.” Leafpaw padded up. Goldenpaw broke away from his parents and faced her, embarrassment flooded his pelt. “Leafpaw I-” he started. Leafpaw whisked her tail over his mouth. “I understand.” she purred. He looked at his family and Leafpaw and thought his heart would burst with happiness. “One more thing.” purred Jadesight. She was behind him. He moved away and Treestar showed. The huge brown tom mewed. “From this day on, your name will not be Goldenpaw, but Goldenheart.” Goldenheart heart rose. He looked at the Starclan cats. Clawpaw’s body rose to his mind but he pushed it down. He would always be haunted by those memories. But they didn’t matter. He was home.

    Ok I hope you enjoyed that fan-fiction. that’s it for this Fan Fiction. I posted something on the polls page. Go check it out! Tell me if you liked this story!

    • M0nkEyfUr 2020
      June 6, 2020 at 9:51 am

      hi streampaw this is great but remember to make a new paragraph when a new person speaks!

      i see moky

      • Streampaw
        June 7, 2020 at 12:10 am

        Oh yeah! I forgot 😛

  7. Sagekit
    June 5, 2020 at 4:49 pm

    Can we post links to our stories here?

    Aspiring Medicine Cat.

    • Streampaw
      June 6, 2020 at 1:55 am

      Yes 🙂

  8. Wildpaw
    June 5, 2020 at 4:53 pm

    Is it bad that I’m going to make Redtail and Hopewhisker secret mates?

  9. SilverShell of RiverClan
    June 5, 2020 at 6:52 pm

    ~`*Cold Blooded*`~ -*Prolog*-

    A grey tabby tom lay motionless on the ground at fourtrees. “Father no” a white she cat whimpered. The grey tops of the apprentices ears glowed in the moonlight. Footsteps grew louder and louder. “Freestone NO” yelped a white she cat bounding as fast as she could due to her soaking fur. “Silverpaw what happened” mewed the white she cat. “Dogs attacked he leaped infant of the dog’s bound to save my life” mewed Silverpaw. “My second litter will coe soon we might have a glimmer of hope for our clan” mewed the white she cat. The two cats ran across the stepping stones at sunning rocks wearing the terrible news. “Freestone is dead Cloverstar” mewed the white she cat.

    A moon later…

    “Silverpaw this is Larchkit Spottedkit Acornkit and Dreamkit” mewed the white she cat queen. “Whitesong those are beautiful kits” mewed a flame colored queen from across the nursery. “The grey one with a white tail is Dreamkit the all grey one is Acornkit and the white kit is Larchkit and Spottedkit is the kit with grey spots.

    three moons later…

    “SilverPaw do you promise to uphold the warrior code and protect you clan with your life” asked Cloverstar “yes” mewed silverpaw
    “then your warrior name shall be Silvershell” mewed Cloverstar

    • Wildpaw
      June 5, 2020 at 10:33 pm

      I’m sorry, but Cold Blooded is a short story I have already created. I like this, but please change the name.

      • SilverShell
        June 6, 2020 at 4:00 am

        Sorry Wildpaw i did not know

        • Wildpaw
          June 6, 2020 at 11:08 pm

          It’s fine. It’s a few pages back so… Yeah.

  10. June 6, 2020 at 1:34 am

    Blurb For Claws Of Night:
    When night falls…claws will scar you, deeper than your own claws………..
    Fernpaw knows she is destined for something great. She, Glasspaw, Amberpaw, and the other apprentices set off on a journey to find a single claw, hidden in the shadows, made of the dead of night. Fernpaw was a normal apprentice until The Broken Claw struck. Everything was broken and scarred for life. Fernpaw alone survived. Now she must journey alone… but four apprentices join her as she is in despair and everything changes. Fernpaw’s mother’s ghost haunts Fernpaw wherever she goes..but will the only survivors make it through a perilous journey to find the mixed sides between light and dark as the last cats in the Clans—and possibly the whole world?

    i like me some cookies

  11. Wildpaw
    June 6, 2020 at 3:23 am

    Forbidden Love, chapter 4:

    Wishpaw glanced at Sagewhisker as she, Raggedpelt, Yellowfang, and Runningpaw all headed to the Moonstone. Sagewhisker had decided to come with Yellowfang and Raggedpelt, as she apparently knew about their relationship.
    Yellowfang looked sad, and Raggedpelt looked angry. Sagewhisker looked worried, while Runningpaw looked confused. They approached Hightstones and headed into the familiar dark cave. It was close to moonhigh when they entered the Moonstone cave.
    It was lit with a bright light, to which Wishpaw hardly first flinched at. Sagewhisker and Yellowfang brought their apprentices forward. Yellowfang went first.
    “Runningpaw, you have proven yourself as a worthy Medicine Cat. Before StarClan, I ask you, will you dedicate yourself to serving StarClan, and never taking part in a battle unless forced to. And to never take a mate of kits,” Yellowfang added, glaring at Raggedpelt, who glared right back.
    Runningpaw nodded solemnly.
    “Then by the power of StarClan, your Medicine Cat name will be Runningnose. As a reminder that a Medicine Cat can’t cure everything,” Yellowfang announced.
    The Moonstone seemed to flow a bit brighter at the announcement. Sagewhisker stepped forward next.
    “Wishpaw, so you promise to serve your clan, serve StarClan to the best of your abilities, and never take a mate?” she asked Wishpaw.
    Wishpaw nodded excitedly.
    “Then from now on, you shall be known as Wishnose. Serve your clan well,” Sagewhisker meowed.
    The Moonstone shone brightest of all.
    “Raggedpelt, now we will share dreams with StarClan,” Yellowfang meowed.
    Wishnose touched her nose to the Moonstone, and was transported away, but not to a starry field like before. She appeared in a dark and gloomy forest. A tortoiseshell and white she-cat stood before her, her Amber eyes glinting.
    “W-who are you?” Wishnose asked.
    “Why, my name is Mapleshade. I was a ThunderClan warrior,” the she-cat replied.
    “Why are you visiting me?” Wishnose asked.
    “To tell you that your potential is wasted on being a Medicine Cat. You and your mother both share a remarkable gift, that can be used to fight your enemies. You can feel the pain of others, and you can use that to make cats suffer. Use it to win battles for ShadowClan,” Mapleshade urged.
    “I would never use my gift to harm someone!” Wishnose protested.
    Mapleshade unsheathed her claws.
    “You are unworthy of life. A clan cats path is a Warrior!” Mapleshade screeched before lunging at Wishnose.
    She landed on top of her.
    “You can thank your sisters mate for this. And Medicine Cats for this. If it weren’t for a ThunderClan Medicine Cat, I wouldn’t be like this,” Mapleshade hissed in her ear.
    A soft whirl of wind appeared beside both Mapleshade and Wishnose.
    “Let go of her!” a voice yowled. It seemed to echo through the forest.
    Wishnose turned to see a black tom. He seemed to know Mapleshade, but hated her.
    “Ravenwing!” Mapleshade spat, getting off of Wishnose. “Its your fault my kits are dead!”
    Ravenwing made a leap towards Wishnose.
    “It isn’t my fault. I didn’t exile you,” he meowed before touching Wishnose with his tail, and transporting her away.
    Wishnose opened her eyes to see Raggedpelt standing in a circle of nine cats. Yellowfang, Sagewhisker, and Runningnose watched from the side. A she-cat stepped away from Raggedpelt. Cedarstar stepped forward.
    “Raggedpelt, StarClan gives you the name Raggedstar!” he announced.
    StarClan chanted his new name. As the cats gradually disappeared, the starry meadow faded.
    Wishnose awoke beside the Moonstone, which had grown dull. Raggedstar stood, and he seemed to stand taller, stand prouder. Pride was never a good thing. Wishnose thought about what Mapleshade had told her.
    What had she ment by her sisters mate? Hopewhisker didn’t have a mate. Especially not one from ThunderClan. Did she?

  12. FreeStones of StarClan
    June 6, 2020 at 4:03 am

    this is a new story witch will be in a few parts called goodbye and this is the blurb








    • Wildpaw
      June 6, 2020 at 6:54 pm

      Now I’m intrigued…

  13. Wildpaw
    June 6, 2020 at 5:10 am

    Hopewhisker glared at Wishnose and Brokentail. Somehow, they had found out about her meetings with Redtail.
    “Hopewhisker, just admit it! A StarClan cat told me about you and him!” Wishnose hissed.
    “I told you, I don’t know what your talking about. I don’t have a mate, and it’s not as if I’m expecting kits!” Hopewhisker lied.
    “Admit it! You have been meeting at night with a ThunderClan fox-heart!” Brokentail snarled.
    By now, the entire clan had gathered to watch.
    “My loyalty is to ShadowClan! I have not got a mate in ThunderClan, or any other clan!” Hopewhisker growled.
    “Hopewhisker, Wishnose, Brokentail, what is going on?” Raggedstar asked.
    “Wishnose and Brokentail have accused me of meeting with a ThunderClan mouse-heart!” Hopewhisker explained. She felt bad calling Redtails clan mouse-hearted.
    “Have you, though?” Raggedstar asked.
    “No! I would never!” Hopewhisker yowled.
    “Yes you would! A StarClan cat told me!” Wishnose hissed.
    “What was the name of your so-called StarClan cat?” Hopewhisker challenged.
    A gasp erupted from the clan. Hopewhisker looked around, confused.
    “Do not dare speak of that evil cat here!” Stonetooth, the elder, growled.
    “Why?” Wishnose asked.
    “She was a terror to RiverClan and ThunderClan. She killed Ravenwing, a ThunderClan Medicine Cat, and killed Frecklewish, a ThunderClan warrior, and the clan leaders daughter, and she killed Appledusk, a RiverClan warrior who was soon to be a father,” Stonetooth explained.
    Wishnose’s eyes widened with horror. She looked at her paws, ashamed she’d accused Hopewhisker. Hopewhisker felt guilt prickled her pelt. She tried her best to look angry as she stormed out of camp.
    “Wishnose and Brokentail need to stay out of my business,” Hopewhisker whispered as she approached the Kittypet border.
    Rose sat on the fence.
    “What are you doing here?” she asked.
    “I want to explore. Don’t tell Nightpelt or anyone else, please,” Hopewhisker begged.
    “You have my word. I only tell the clan about Kittypet or Rogue uprisings,” Rise meowed.
    Hopewhisker leapt into the fence, and then down in the other side. Hopewhisker’s curious side had always wondered about Twolegplace. It was strange, but oddly comforting. She didn’t belong here, but she knew she could relax here if she needed a break. She lay, sprawled on the sun. She had fallen asleep when Rose woke her
    “Your clan is looking for you,” she meowed.
    Hopewhisker shot up, and leapt the fence completely. A ShadowClan patrol sat on the other side. Thankfully, Rose looked at Hopewhisker angrily. Hopewhisker caught the act, and glared right back.
    “Don’t ever throw me into your Kittypet home again!” she growled, fur raising.
    Brokentail glared at Hopewhisker. Rose hissed and leapt down from the fence.
    “What was that about?” Nightpelt asked.
    Hopewhisker had a feeling that he knew it was an act.
    “The Kittypet was threatening me. I tried to attack it, but I landed badly in the fence. Then she shoved me over the edge,” Hopewhisker lied.
    “You’ve been gone since sunhigh, and it’s sunset,” Brokentail hissed.
    “I hit my head on a rock,” Hopewhisker meowed.
    Hopewhisker didn’t trust her brother. Nor did she trust Raggedstar.
    Hopewhisker bit back a ride comment, and ran back into the woods. She wondered why she was so tired all of a sudden. It didn’t matter. Hopewhisker ran to Fourtrees. Even if Redtail wasn’t there, she could relax a bit.
    Hopewhisker had to stop before she reached the border. Something felt…off. She riding know what, but she was tired, and sluggish. Laying down, she recovered her breath.
    She took off to Fourtrees again, and didn’t stop till she reached the border.
    Redtail was thankfully waiting for her. Hopewhisker heard a twig snap behind her, but she didn’t turn around. Instead, Hopewhisker let out a snarl.
    “What are you doing here?” Hopewhisker meowed, hoping Redtail caught the act.
    He seemed to, as no real hurt shone in his eyes.
    “I was just relaxing a bit. It’s not like I’m on your territory, or anything,” Redtail meowed.
    Hopewhisker could be sworn she heard a relieved breath as she turned around. Wishnose was standing behind her.
    “I knew it!” Hopewhisker growled.
    “Hopewhisker I-”
    “My own sister won’t trust me!” Hopewhisker hissed. “I told you! I don’t have a mate in ThunderClan! the only mate I want is Cloudpelt!”
    Wishnose stared at Hopewhisker, regret shining in her eyes.
    “Hopewhisker, it’s just that your expecting kits, and I-”
    “I’m not expecting kits,” Hopewhisker meowed.
    “But you are. I just got suspicious. I’m sorry,” Wishnose meowed.
    “Wishnose, there is not way I’m expecting kits,” Hopewhisker meowed.
    “Hopewhisker, you are. Ask Sagewhisker. Ask Yellowfang. Ask Runningnose,” Wishnose meowed.
    Hopewhisker noticed that Redtail had either left of hidden. Hopefully the latter.
    “Wishnose, just leave me alone,” Hopewhisker meowed.
    Wishnose nodded, and passed into the pine forest. Hopewhisker didn’t pad down to Fourtrees until she was sure she was gone.
    It wasn’t possible. Hopewhisker was not expecting kits. At least, I hope I’m not?

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