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Nobody will stop you from creating. Do it tonight. Do it tomorrow. That is the way to make your soul grow – whether there is a market for it or not! The kick of creation is the act of creating, not anything that happens afterward. I would tell all of you watching this screen: Before you go to bed, write a four line poem. Make it as good as you can. Don’t show it to anybody. Put it where nobody will find it. And you will discover that you have your reward.

Kurt Vonnegut

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  1. June 24, 2020 at 9:27 am

    I wrote a poem about Whispering Rerurns for no reason 😛

    Don’t come here.
    There’s nothing left.
    Except pain and flames,
    Do not fall into their trap.
    Leave me alone.
    It’s me or you.

    Do not come here.
    You cannot survive.
    It’s me or you,
    Or everyone.
    Just pass by.
    Leave me alone
    We can still win
    If you keep going.

    Don’t turn back.
    Run, run away.
    Somewhere far.

    From here.

    Click my name!

  2. ʟᴇᴀғɪᴇ/ʟᴇᴀғsᴋʏ
    June 24, 2020 at 11:43 pm

    I have a question. Does anyone have any warrior cat name/clan names? I need four clan names and clan cats for a new fanfiction of mine, Death & Destiny. Form for Clans:
    Clan Name:

    Form for OC’s:

    Physical Appearance:

    And that’s all! <3

    • ѕℓαтєραω (who needs a mentor)
      June 25, 2020 at 2:19 am

      Clan Ideas: CloudClan, LeafClan, MoonClan, SunClan

      I don’t know if you want a leader, so I’ll do a leader, a deputy, a medicine cat, and a normal warrior.

      Name: Foxstar
      Age: Oof, pretty old. At least 4 times as old as Mistleaf, he’s on his 5th life.
      Physical Appearance: Fox-colored, obviously. Reddish-yellow pelt, amber eyes, ginger tail tipped with red.
      Personality: He has a clear mind and knows what he’s doing, although a little frail (he was pretty old when he became leader). He is an excellent leader and is thoughtful and open to other ideas. Picked Mistleaf for deputy because he appreciates her smarts.
      Rank: Leader
      Other: He had a mate, but she died early due to a fox attack (ironically). Nothing else to note.

      Name: Mistleaf
      Age: Prime of life! approximately 3 human years. 36 moons, I guess.
      Physical Appearance: Light gray she-cat sparsely dappled with leaf-shaped black spots, with a long tail, white paws, tufted ears, and pale blue eyes.
      Personality: Mistleaf is shy but pretty and smart. She comes up with the best ideas, and even though she’s shy, she is stubborn and is usually the correct one in arguments.
      Rank: Deputy
      Other: No mate, but has a “boyfriend” (they don’t have those, but similar things) named Kestrelspeck.

      Name: Kestrelspeck
      Age: Slightly younger than Mistleaf, around 2-and-a-half human years. 30 moons, I guess.
      Physical Appearance: Dark brown tom, with green eyes that shine turquoise in the early morning and dusk, when the lighting is just right. He has a slightly bent tail, but that tail is surprisingly flexible. White tufted ears and his back paws are an even darker brown.
      Personality: Kestrelspeck is kind of like Crowfeather from the original series. He is snappy if you don’t know him, but incredibly loyal to the Clan and his closest friends. He’s okay but can seem to be crankier than an elder.
      Rank: Warrior
      Other: Nothing else except that he’s Mistleaf’s boyfriend and is the only surviving kit of his litter.

      Name: Springspark
      Age: Young. 2 human years, 24 moons or so.
      Physical Appearance: Black she-cat who seems silver under moonlight. Gray paws and gray-tipped tail, long whiskers, and icy blueish-purple eyes.
      Personality: Springspark is young and energetic and cares greatly for her Clanmates. She loves new friends, but disapproves of fighting and thinks cats should always be careful during walks to avoid unnecessary thorns for her to pick out.
      Rank: Medicine cat
      Other: She used to love this loner named Log, but decided that her medicine-cat career was more important. Log understood and left immediately to lessen her sadness.


      Hope you liked it 🙂

      тнє вєαη ηєє∂ѕ α мєηтσя!

      • ʟᴇᴀғɪᴇ/ʟᴇᴀғsᴋʏ
        June 26, 2020 at 8:48 pm

        I chose your clan names for the clans! And I’ll be sure to add the cats <3

    • June 26, 2020 at 5:53 pm


      Click my name!

      • ʟᴇᴀғɪᴇ/ʟᴇᴀғsᴋʏ
        June 26, 2020 at 8:47 pm

        Sorry, but the clan names were already chosen <3

    • Cinderpaw who is not signed in
      June 26, 2020 at 6:00 pm

      name: ivytwine
      Age: 15 moons (a little over a year)
      appearance: tabby she cat with green eyes, large ears, and a short tail
      Personality: aloof, arrogant, and rude
      rank: warrior

      • ʟᴇᴀғɪᴇ/ʟᴇᴀғsᴋʏ
        June 26, 2020 at 8:47 pm

        Thank you! I’ll add you <3

      • June 26, 2020 at 10:16 pm

        Age: 25 moons?
        Physical Appearance: Tiny brown tabby tom with gray-blue eyes
        Other: He’s based on a actual cat

    • June 28, 2020 at 12:09 am

      Name: Cinderpaw
      Age: 7 moons old
      Physical Appearance: A light-gray gray tabby she-cat spotted everywhere with dark gray. Shes mostly dark gray. Her eyes are dark blue.
      Personality: Skilled, Disrespectful, SaSsY, Arrogant
      Rank: appie
      Other: She thinks she’s better than the leader and deputy combined. (Dang, Cinderpaw.)

      Cake alone will save our blog.

  3. ʟᴇᴀғɪᴇ/ʟᴇᴀғsᴋʏ
    June 24, 2020 at 11:48 pm

    Here’s Chapter One of Light in the Shadows (Or LitS)

    Chapter One
    The wind ruffled the she-cat’s silky fur slightly. The she-cat gazed longingly at the distant cove. The scent of her mother wreathed around her. The shallow waters of the cove shone with countless stars. She leaned forward, peering closer. As she concentrated, a group of star-tinged cats leapt on the stones, and one began staring back at her. The surveying she-cat let out a small gasp of surprise. Mother, the she-cat thought. The familiar spirit beckoned her. The encouraging whispers echoed gently in her ears. I will join you, mother. The she-cat bounded closer to the cove. The waves splashed lazily against the rocks. The spirit of her long-lost loved one watched, gaze unreadable as mother and daughter locked gazes.
    “Auriapaw!” A growl sounded. She whipped around to see her father, Eaglestar, hurrying towards her. “You know you are not allowed in the cove,” the dark tom said sternly.
    “The cove, the whispers, they’re calling me,” Auriapaw breathed. She stared at the moon-dappled rocks. Her gaze flooded with love for her mother. Her joy and her pride, her beliefs; her everything.
    “You’re forbidden to tell me what I should be able to do,” Auriapaw responded, still in a trance. Her heart swelled. “The cove is calling. I have a purpose here. I’m wanted.”
    “You’re wanted in StreamClan,” Eaglestar murmured. “Cloudyblossom died here. I don’t want to lose you too.” Auriapaw turned back to the beautiful, shining waters of the cove and watched the sea spray the rocks with another wave of beautiful, clear water. Eaglestar prodded Auriapaw.
    “Auriapaw, please, come back to camp.” Auriapaw shrugged him off and stalked away. Of course I’m not allowed to do what I want. When can I make my own decisions? Emberpaw hurried towards her. His eyes were full of longing.
    “Did you go to the cove again?” Auriapaw nodded, and Emberpaw sighed.
    “How it’d feel like to play in its waters…” Auriapaw nudged her brindle denmate.
    “Come on. Let’s go hunt, and then go to the cove.” She felt trapped in the camp at this point; her father forbidding her to adventure to other places. Emberpaw’s eyes brightened, and before they padded away, Lilacpaw bounced towards them.
    “Can I join you?” The lilac tabby pleaded.
    “I’m sorry, Lilacpaw. We’re going on a small mission from our mentors,” Auriapaw said. “You can’t interrupt.” Lilacpaw nodded with understanding.
    “Good luck!” She called as they hurried out of the camp. They padded one of their most common hunting areas, a river where lots of fish were always in it. She crouched down, tensing and getting a paw ready. She saw its shadow. She narrowed her eyes and concentrated, and scooped up a huge, glittering fish and killed it quickly. Emberpaw’s eyes widened.
    “I’ll bring this back to camp. Wait for me here, and we’ll go to the cove,” Auriapaw said, dragging the fish back to camp and laying it on the others before racing back to her friend.
    “Ready?” Emberpaw asked. Auriapaw nodded, and they bounded towards the cove. The waves splashed lazily against the rocks. Emberpaw waded in, turning around.
    “Cone on in,” Emberpaw purred. “It’s so nice!” Auriapaw waded in, and before she knew it, Emberpaw disappeared. Her eyes widened as she glanced around frantically.
    “Emberpaw?” She gasped. Her heart seemed to stop. Father was right! The cove is dangerous! It took Emberpaw… oh, StarClan, save me now… suddenly a snap sounded, and a huge splash drenched Auriapaw even more. Emberpaw crouched on the shore, eyes glittering with mischief.
    “Got you!” He lifted up a half of a broken twig. Auriapaw wanted to hiss at him, but the cove and her affection for him calmed her. Emberpaw leapt at her, and they purred with amusement as they wrestled in the shallows of the cove. As Auriapaw glanced at the sun, it was rising.
    “Time passed quickly!” She gasped. “We need to get back to camp.” They bounded towards the camp, dodging trees and emerging, panting. They both hurried to their nests, and as Auriapaw let sleep engulf her, she felt peace, and her longing soothed. All will be well.

    Auriapaw woke up, her muscles aching.
    “Auriapaw,” Willowleap called. “I have a mission for you.” Auriapaw forced herself to her paws, annoyed. Of course, another boring day of training. Suddenly, she got an idea. Maybe I should find the Crystal Pool… the elders always talked about it. She padded out of the den to see Emberpaw.
    “You’ll be training together. You’ll have a hunting assessment. Me and Darkwhisker will wait and see how much prey you can catch before mid-day.” Auriapaw’s eyes widened.
    “Yep!” Willowleap confirmed. “Now, are you going to go?”
    “O-Of course!” Auriapaw stammered. Emberpaw was waiting for her outside the camp.
    “Where should we hunt first?” He asked.
    “The stream,” Auriapaw said. “And then I have a mission that we should do.” It was barely dawn. They had plenty of time. They slipped through the undergrowth and reached the shimmering river. They protected it, of course; it was their best defense against foxes and badgers. Whenever a fox or a badger came and chased one of them, they led it to the river and waded through it, and as the predator chased them, they’d get swept away, a sudden current washing them over a distant waterfall. Auriapaw peered into the water, and saw a glittering trout. Concentrating, she waited for it to come closer. And then she scooped it out, giving it a killing bite to the neck. It was a very big one, too; and Emberpaw had also gotten a carp. After a while, they caught a pile of fish, so Auriapaw turned to Emberpaw.
    “Let’s try to find the Crystal Pool.”
    “The one the elders talked about?” Emberpaw’s eyes widened. “But that couldn’t even exist!”
    “I’ll still try,” Auriapaw said stubbornly. “But first, let’s carry our haul to the fresh-kill pile, then venture.” They put the fishes on the fresh-kill pile after a few trips, then headed towards the huge, rocky hills. It was dawn now. She began climbing the rocks, gasping as she slipped and Emberpaw steadied her. Soon they reached a cave.
    “Is this it?” Emberpaw asked.
    “The elders said it was in Sharp Fang Cave,” Auriapaw muttered. “The restricted cave, due to possible foxes and badgers.” As they stepped in, though, a shiver ran down her spine. It was… cold. And silent. She continued, and suddenly, a light was faint but close. She picked up her pace and saw a glowing pool. Her heart thumped in her chest. This is it.
    “The elders said when you touch it, you will be sent immediately to StarClan if you have an important purpose, to talk. Not to stay there forever,” she explained. Emberpaw locked gazes with her.
    “Ready?” He asked. They touched their noses to it, and Auriapaw collapsed to the rocky ground, Emberpaw doing the same. She woke up, meeting the multicolored gaze of her mother. Her eyes stretched wide with disbelief. Emberpaw was staring at her mother too.
    “Cloudyblossom…” she whispered. Her mother’s gaze was hard.
    “You shouldn’t have ventured this far, Auriapaw. Not now. Not this soon.” Auriapaw tipped her head.
    “You’re just an apprentice,” Cloudyblossom whispered, touching Auriapaw’s ear with her nose. “You are not brave, nor strong enough yet to cope with the truth.”
    “Why? Mother, tell me why!” Auriapaw demanded. Cloudyblossom’s eyes shone with love, the earlier hardness gone.
    “You will understand later, my dear. As for you, Emberpaw…” Cloudyblossom turned to the brindle tom. “Take care of my daughter. That is my only wish.” Emberpaw nodded, his gaze full of wonder. Cloudyblossom whipped around as she heard pawsteps. Her fur prickled nervously.
    “Go!” Cloudyblossom urged, and darkness swept over her.

  4. ʟᴇᴀғɪᴇ/ʟᴇᴀғsᴋʏ
    June 25, 2020 at 1:21 am

    I hope this isn’t spam, since I posted two other comments on the same page in a row, but I wanted to share this story. 😀
    I don’t know what to call it, so I’ve decided Fierceness of the Flames was good (because the major event is a fire). Hope you enjoy!
    Word count~ 1,302
    Character Count~ 8,402

    Echobranch stepped out of her nest, stretched, and shook the moss out of her pelt. She tried to wash herself but her tongue was dry. Oh rain, where are you? This heat is terrible. The others were already awake, but Echobranch didn’t spot Roseleaf, Ryesplash, and Ripplefire.
    “Where’s Roseleaf?” She asked Maplebright. “And Ryesplash and Ripplefire?”
    “Roseleaf’s hunting,” Maplebright responded. “And Ripplefire and Ryesplash are just checking for rogues. They insisted they wanted to go early.” Suddenly Echobranch’s belly rumbled.
    “Fresh prey…”
    “Relax!” Ashflame sighed. “Just hunt for yourself.”
    “No way! It’s like the forest floor is on fire out there!” Echobranch yelped. She shivered as she imagined her paws being scorched. Pawsteps distracted her and she turned around to see Roseleaf padding into the camp.
    “How’s the hunting?” Echobranch called. Roseleaf nodded at her mouse.
    “It’s been so dry and hot recently,” Brindlestream complained. “I can’t even wash my own fur properly.” Echobranch cast Brindlestream a sympathetic glance.
    “The heat will pass. It’s just drier because there’s no rain. At least the river is still flowing strongly.”
    “That’s one good thing,” Ashflame conceded. “But what if there’s a fire?”
    “I’m sure that won’t happen,” Briargorse reassured him. “There hasn’t been one, as far as I can remember.”
    “And there won’t be one,” Brindlestream added. Suddenly Ripplefire and Ryesplash burst into the camp they had made.
    “Fire!” Ryesplash screeched. “It’s heading straight for the camp!”
    “Instant karma,” Maplebright muttered to Ashflame before straightening up.
    “Really? I haven’t scented anything. We would’ve known-” The wind surprisingly shifted and blew the heavy scent of smoke towards them. The eight of them began coughing. In a few moments the fire began surrounding the cats.
    “Run!” Echobranch screeched. The cats ran opposite directions. Suddenly Echobranch was backed up against a tall boulder. She tried to scramble up, but she skidded back down. There were no chinks or dips in the boulder she could grab on to. It was too smooth. She glanced behind her. The flames were closing in on her.
    “Maplebright! Roseleaf! Brindlestream! Where are you?” Echobranch cried. “Briargorse? Ripplefire? Ashflame? Ryesplash? Please! Answer!” The roaring flames surrounded Echobranch. She pressed herself against the boulder, trembling.
    “No, no, no,” Echobranch moaned. “Not like this… please, StarClan, help me..” Suddenly the flames died down. Roseleaf’s eyes were bright with terror.
    “Roseleaf!” Echobranch leaped over the flames and stood panting beside her friend.
    “Where are the rest?” Echobranch demanded when she had caught her breath.
    “I don’t know,” Roseleaf said, distraught. “They ran in different directions when the flames started.” The flames began becoming bigger.
    “What’d you do to clear a path?” Echobranch asked, backing away from the flames.
    “I kicked dust over the fire,” Roseleaf admitted. “Come on, we need to find the rest.” Roseleaf bounded away, calling their names. Echobranch followed and did the same. Soon, a weak cry of response sounded.
    “Ryesplash!” Echobranch gasped. Ryesplash was in a corner, flames surrounding her. Ryesplash let out a wail as a bush caught flame in front of her. Echobranch leaped over the flames and grasped Ryesplash’s scruff. Ryesplash fell limp, coughing and her breathing shallow. Echobranch backed away and leaped, her belly fur scorched by the fire. She screeched with surprise and pain and dropped Ryesplash, lapping at her singed fur.
    “There’s no time to waste!” Roseleaf hissed. “Pull yourself together!” Suddenly Echobranch had an idea.
    “Split up! Find the others and meet by the river!”
    “Are you insane?” Roseleaf snarled. “We’ll be killed!”
    “Just trust me,” Echobranch pleaded. “It’s going to work.”
    “Fine,” Roseleaf muttered. “But when we go to StarClan, remember that you were the one who killed us.” Echobranch nudged Ryesplash to her paws.
    “Can you go to the river?” Echobranch asked gently. Ryesplash nodded, her gaze hardening with determination. “Good. We’ll be there soon,” Echobranch called over her shoulder, bounding away. She kept calling her friend’s names.
    “Maplebright! Brindlestream! Briargorse! Ripplefire! Are you there? Ashflame?”
    “Over here, Echobranch!” Maplebright called. Her voice trembled. Echobranch pricked her ears and faintly detected Maplebright’s scent. She followed it, coughing at the smoke, and finally spotted a dark tabby pelt. Maplebright crouched beside Ashflame, blue eyes hollow with grief.
    “What happened?” Echobranch demanded.
    “She fell into a ravine,” Maplebright explained, her voice trembling. “She tried to warn me to stop, but I stopped too late and she fell in. I got her out but it was already too late.” Ashflame’s fur was ragged, scorched, and bloody; her neck twisted strangely and her eyes dull.
    “Let’s get you both out of here,” Echobranch said, letting Maplebright lean against her and hauling Ashflame on her back.
    “I can walk,” Maplebright insisted. Soon the two of them were by the river. Ryesplash was lapping water eagerly from it. She turned around as she saw Maplebright, Echobranch, and Ashflame’s limp body.
    “She’s dead, right?” Ryesplash murmured mournfully. Echobranch nodded stiffly. She let Ashflame’s body slide off her back and Maplebright lay down on the riverbank.
    “I’ll go find the others,” Echobranch promised.
    “But what if you-”
    “I won’t,” Echobranch reassured Ryesplash. Suddenly Roseleaf burst out of the scorched bushes, Brindlestream and Ripplefire following.
    “That means Briargorse is still out there…” Maplebright murmured.
    “All of you, rest,” Echobranch ordered. “I’ll get her.” Echobranch launched herself into the flames.
    “Where are you…” Echobranch muttered under her breath.
    “Briargorse! Briargorse! Where are you?” She called. No reply. “Briargorse?” She called again. This time a reply sounded. It was faint.
    “Keep replying!” Echobranch called out to the scorched terrain around her. Flames were still working away at the untouched trees and undergrowth. Another weak call for help sounded. It was closer. She bounded towards it. The reply became louder until Echobranch leaped over some dying flames and saw Briargorse. The she-cat’s tail was trapped in an untouched bramble bush.
    “Echobranch! Thank StarClan you’re here!” Briargorse breathed. The she-cat yelped as the fire devoured a near cluster of ferns. “Please help me out! I was going to go to the river when I got stuck.” Echobranch began shifting the brambles. The fire began nearing the two she-cats.
    “Hurry!” Briargorse pleaded. Finally she got the last line of bramble thorns untangled and they shot out of the little place where Briargorse had been trapped. Moments after, the fire engulfed the area where they had been.
    “That was close!” Briargorse gasped.
    “We’re not in the clear yet,” Echobranch growled. “Run!” The fire seemed to chase them as they headed for the river. A deafening crack sounded above. Echobranch glanced up to see a huge branch falling towards them.
    “Keep going!” Echobranch shrieked. Echobranch shoved Briargorse forward and the branch finally landed on her, crushing her. She heard Briargorse’s faint cries of disbelief and sorrow before falling into a painful slumber. Memories flashed before her eyes. She and Roseleaf faced each other, hackles lifted, neck fur bristling. Then the memory switched to when the flood where she met the others was happening.
    Run!” She remembered herself screeching. The water roared after them as they desperately ran from it. Soon she found herself before the branch had fallen on her, telling Roseleaf to meet by the river.
    Fine,” Roseleaf had muttered. “But when we go to StarClan, remember that you were the one who killed us.” As she felt her life slipping away, and she took her final breath, she thought, When I go to StarClan, remember that I was me that killed myself. Not you. Warmth spread through her and her heart ached as she padded towards the shimmering figures in front of her, separating from her body and turning around one last time and surveying the forest she had once lived in. You will always be in my heart, Echobranch promised silently. And then the forest she’d lived in was gone. And what awaited her was a new territory. StarClan.

  5. warrior born in a meadow of cows Milkblossom
    June 25, 2020 at 5:19 pm

    hello i need some kit OCs for my retack on power of three as now mine Power of Four… So i do have queens but i try to pick one from each litter so here is da form…

    Queens to choose from
    Milkfur- a white tabby she with black ears. (kits may be jet black white or light brown) Her mate is Lightsquirrel

    Cinderdusk- a light grey cat with black feet and tail. (kits may be light grey dark grey or ginger) mate Gingertail

    Brightflower- a light yellow she with blue eyes. (kits must have BLUE eyes colors can be white light yellow or tiger looking) Mate Tigerstorm

    Whiteblossom- A light brown she with white spots. (kits may be light brown dark brown or blue grey) Mate Stormcloud

    Cherrystorm- a pinkish brown she ( kits can be turtleshell pinkish brown or DARK ginger) Mate Darktail (a turtleshell tom with black underfur instead of white)

    please help i will choose da best one this is the form

    Power Of Four

    Warrior name:
    Eye color:
    Pelt color: (add any markings below this)
    Future role: (med dep or warrior)

    • Warrior born in a meadow of cows Milkblossom
      June 25, 2020 at 5:26 pm

      oof i forgot one of da queens OoO

      Silverpelt- a silver she cat (kits can be silver or white) Mate stormtail

    • Moonpelt
      June 25, 2020 at 8:23 pm

      Name: Ebonykit
      Warrior name: Ebonyflight
      Mother: Cherrystorm
      Eye color: Blue eyes
      Pelt color: (add any markings below this) Dark Ginger
      Markings: White Tortoiseshell markings
      Personality: Clumsy, Energetic, Caring, Kind-hearted, Impatient, Can have her head in the clouds sometimes.
      Future role: (med dep or warrior) Deputy, or Warrior, whatever you prefer.
      Apprentice: Perchpaw

      ❄️If all is lost, all is found❄️

    • ʟᴇᴀғɪᴇ/ʟᴇᴀғsᴋʏ
      June 26, 2020 at 8:50 pm

      Not related but hi <3

  6. June 25, 2020 at 7:41 pm

    I am writing a long fan-fic! I put up a poll on the poll page and the tavern and you guys chose Fading Memories and I am super excited to do it! Here are the allegiances and the first chapter!
    Riverclan (main clan in the story)
    Leader: Mossystar: dark gray she-cat
    Deputy: Webcloud: light gray and white Tom
    Med Cat: Speckcloud: ginger she-cat
    Spottedberry: black she-cat
    Liondash: tortoiseshell tom
    Spurcewing: dark brown tom with broad shoulders and green eyes
    Shadestream: pretty gray she-cat with blue eyes
    Mossblaze: golden brown tom with scars on his left shoulder
    Briarpad: light brown she-cat with white paws
    Duckdust: brown tom with white spots
    Grasslegs: brown she-cat with gray legs
    Ferretpaw: tan and cream tom
    Leopardpaw: cream she-cat with golden spots and amber eyes
    Owlpaw: gray tom with amber eyes
    Skyberry: white she-cat (had Spurcewing’s kits)
    Berrykit: white she-cat Treekit: brown tom
    Blizzardsky: old light gray tom

    Chapter 1:
    Speckcloud’s advice ringed in Mossblaze’s ears. How could he forget?
    Don’t Run.
    Mossblaze panted as he raced through the willows.
    How could he forgive those fox-hearted Windclan warriors? His claws slid out. Mossblaze stopped, his sides heaving. He looked around. He was by the trout pond. He tasted the air. His fellow clanmates were here recently.
    Mossblaze sighed and padded back to camp. The camp guard, Duckdust nodded and avoided his eyes. Mossblaze walked through the thorn barrier and into the Riverclan camp. As soon as he entered, the chatter stopped.
    Spottedberry turned and watched him, pity in her eyes. Mossblaze padded to the fresh-kill pile. He picked up a water vole. His clanmates chattered away like normal. How could they be so happy? It only happened 1 moon ago!
    Mossblaze took a bite of the vole. He tasted blood. Darkness flooded his vision and he remembered the screeches, the blood, and the dead bodies. Mossblaze opened his eyes.
    He remembered Speckcloud’s advice. Don’t go into the past. The thorn barrier rustled.
    Owlpaw and Shadestream padded in, fish dangling from their jaws. Shadestream trotted up to him. “Hello!” she mewed.
    Mossblaze turned his head away. How could they act normal. He saw Shadestream’s eyes fill with hurt and she padded over to Liondash and sat by his side.
    I don’t care if Liondash is her pick of a mate, thought Mossblaze. He finished eating his vole and walked over to the medicine cat den. He needed someone to talk to.
    “Come in!” mewed the medicine cat. Mossblaze slid in. Speckcloud pricked her ears up in surprise. Ferretpaw was nowhere to be seen.
    Mossblaze glanced at her. “I wanted to talk to someone.” he mewed.
    Speckcloud narrowed her eyes. “You have clanmates to talk to.”
    Mossblaze shook his head. “I am not ready to talk to them yet.” he murmured.
    Speckcloud growled. “Mossblaze, you need to stop grieving. Riverclan needs you.” Mossblaze glared at her. “Riverclan never needed me!” he hissed.
    Speckcloud turned on him. “You need to stop blaming them!” she snapped. “It is not their fault Leopardpaw died!”
    Mossblaze froze. “Don’t say that name.” he groaned. Speckcloud stood over him. “You need to live in the present Mossblaze. Your clan needs you!”
    He hissed. “Leopardpaw needed me!” Speckcloud froze. Mossblaze continued. “It’s my fault she died!” he snapped.
    Speckcloud’s voice became calmer. She whispered in his ear. “Don’t blame.”

    That’s the end of Chapter 1! Tell me if you liked it! Ask any questions about it if you are confused.

    • Wildpaw
      June 25, 2020 at 8:44 pm


  7. June 25, 2020 at 11:27 pm

    Chapter 3 of Spirit Guiders: Fire Calling: (Sorry if it’s confusing)
    “Skystream! Skystream!” One of Mistpool’s kits, Leapkit, called, bouncing up and down,
    “I wanna be a Star-Speaker!” She squeaked, “And share dreams with StarClan! And read omens and make prophecies!”
    Skystream chuckled.
    “Being a Star-Speaker takes more than reading omens, and we don’t make prophecies.” She paused, taking a breath, “And we have to know how to heal, and we have to learn how to read omens.” She answered, smiling to herself.
    Restless young kits!
    “Leapkit, do you promise to uphold the Star-Speaker code and care for everyone in the Clan like they were your own, and not take a mate or kits, to insure you care for everyone?”
    Skystream tensed.
    Leapkit nodded, happiness glowing in her eyes.
    Windstar continued, “Then by the ways of StarClan, I give you your apprentice name. From this day forward, until you receive your full name, you will be Leappaw, and your mentor will be Skystream.” Leappaw skipped with delight.
    Skystream’s memories raced back in time.
    (Italic)“Skykit, do you Promise to uphold the Star-Speaker code, to care for everyone like they were your own, to not take a mate or have kits?” Morningstar asked.
    I nodded, glancing at Berrywing, who gave an approving nod.
    “Then from today on, ‘till you receive your full name, you will be known as Skypaw. Berrywing will mentor you, and I hope she passes on her skill and quick-wittedness, as well as her fierceness to fight for what’s right.” He finished.
    (Italic) I bowed my head.
    “Berrywing was a brilliant mentor, and taught me and loved me like her own kin. I just wish I could’ve…” My voice cracked, “I just wish I could’ve known her longer, to have shared more sorrows and triumphs with her. She will be missed greatly. May StarClan light your path, and may you find good hunting, swift running, and shelter where you sleep.” I finished, wiping away a tear. Berrywing’s old mentor, now an elder, Fjordjump, sighed. (End italic)
    Skystream jolted back to the present, stepping forward and touching heads with Leappaw, who then went to stand next to her siblings Bouncepaw and Briarpaw.
    They were all smiling.
    Bouncepaw had gotten Hawksight, and Briarpaw had gotten Birdtalon, and they had gotten Sand Kit, now Sand Paw, and Gorse Paw as their spirit guiders. Leappaw got Fidget Paw, and the two were racing each other around camp now, with Gorse Paw and Briarpaw watching, and Bouncepaw and Sand Paw also racing.
    She couldn’t suppress a smile.
    “Leappaw! We’re going for a tour of the territory, and I’m going to show you some basic herbs!” Skystream called.
    Leappaw turned, and, Fidget Paw at her heels, ran towards her.

    Why did she die?

  8. Wildpaw
    June 26, 2020 at 3:49 am

    Here is how I envision Graystripe choosing between Silverstream and Mille:

    Graystripe padded through the forest, old scents filling his nose and mouth. This was the old forest, now Twoleg territory. He walked up to Sunningrocks, and waited.
    He knew what would happen next. A moment later, Silverstream walked into the clearing from the old RiverClan territory.
    Graystripe leaped down to meet her, feeling like an apprentice again. “How are you and Feathertail?” he asked.
    “We are fine, StarClan is great,” Silverstream meowed. “But I have to ask you something important.”
    Graystripe sat down. “Is something wrong?”
    “Not at all. But Millie made her way to StarClan.”
    Graystripe’s heart dropped like a stone. He’d imagined this conversation a lot, but always thought since Millie was a Kittypet, she’d never get to StarClan.
    Remember Firestar.
    “Graystripe, you must choose. Me, Feathertail, and Stormfur, or Millie, Briarlight, Bumblestripe, and Blossomfall,” Silverstream meowed.
    “Why must I choose?” Graystripe asked.
    “Because it is impossible to give a heart twice over,” she answered.
    “I will always choose you, Silverstream, but I cannot choose our of my kits,” Graystripe meowed.
    Silverstream purred. “Lets go to StarClan.”

    Graystripe tried to avoid Millies gaze as she glared. “I thought you loved me!”
    “I thought I did,” Graystripe mumbled.
    “No you didn’t! Don’t you think I realize how similar Silverstream and I look?” Millie growled.
    “Millie, your being unreasonable. You saw what happened with-”
    “Hush, Briarlight!” Millie growled.
    Briarlight backed away, but Silverstream stepped forward. “You do not have a right to do this!”
    Graystripe padded away from his mates, and towards his kits, Briarlight and Feathertail.
    “Don’t worry. They’ll solve everything,” Feathertail reassured.
    “I just wish that were true. I can’t choose,” Graystripe hissed.
    “Graystripe, Millie has always been that way. She’ll get over it,” Briarlight meowed.
    “I hope your right.”

  9. June 26, 2020 at 7:37 pm

    Howdy there! This is just a short little thing that I came up with a while back and wanted to pose somewhere. Hope you enjoy!

    Sunspeckle loved the forest.

    It was outside of HillClan’s territory, with thick-trunked trees that towered far above the she-cat’s head. Leaves crunched under her paws, and birds sung in the trees. Nearby, a stream flowed, the water cool and refreshing. It was a great place for her to be alone, to get away from Ashflicker and the rest of Clan life for a while.

    Suddenly, Sunspeckle’s ears flicked. She could faintly hear a rustling sound, too heavy to be prey, and with each passing second it got louder. She backed up nervously, not sure what it was. Maybe it was a dog? No, it couldn’t be; there wasn’t a Twoleg settlement near the forest or HillClan territory, at least not one that she knew of.

    Suddenly, a brown tom appeared in the clearing, his bright amber eyes wide with fear, panting wildly and smelling strongly of blood. He stopped as soon as he saw Sunspeckle. “Help me,” he said, his voice barely loud enough for her to hear. “Please, help me.”

    And then, he collapsed onto the forest floor with a thud, nearly landing on Sunspeckle’s pelt.

    At first, she was confused. The last time HillClan had seen an outsider had been long before Sunspeckle was born, many, many seasons before. What was this cat doing, so close to the Clan’s territory? Her confusion quickly turned to horror as she realized how badly wounded he was–his pelt was covered in scars and cuts, including a large gash on his stomach. There was as much blood on him as there was fur. At this state, he looked like he was dead, if not for the very faint rise and fall of his chest.

    Cloverfeather and Shinepaw can help; they’re medicine cats. But how would the Clan react to an Sunspeckle bringing back an outsider, especially one in such dire condition? The Clan’s words, which had been drilled into Sunspeckle’s head ever since she’d opened her eyes, repeated in her mind: Everyone who isn’t us is an enemy. She looked back at the unconscious tom’s body, shaking her head. She wasn’t going to let a cat die over a stupid saying. She’d bring him to camp, beg for Honeystar to let him stay, and accept whatever punishment her leader deemed fit. Anything to try to save another cat’s life.

    So, with that decision, she gently carried the tom’s scruff into her mouth, and hauled his body to HillClan’s camp.

    The Rancher's Daughter

  10. Wolfdawn (still can't find the energy to log in...)
    June 26, 2020 at 9:44 pm

    So… this is a snippet from my newest book’s first chapter. I would be really happy if I could get some advice, or opinions on how it is…

    Dim light from outside lit the small room, giving the girl sitting near the window just enough light to see her surroundings. Just eighteen years old, she sat riggedly, soon holding the weight of her country on her shoulders. Her blonde hair fell over her shoulder, creating a beautiful shower of gold locks around her, and her cheeks were rosy from sitting near the window. She looked out of the window, gazing over the hills, fields and valleys that she would inherit one day. A slight breeze came in through the open window, carrying the rich smell of baked goods, from the market below. One or two shouts could be heard, from even this high up, the bellows of merchants trying to sell their goods to the shoppers.
    The creaking of the giant door made her look back. In stepped the nurse, a woman who she could call her mother when her mother wasn’t there for her. Like always, the nurse’s dark brown hair was tied up, and the petite woman carried herself proudly, knowing what role she played in the princess’s life. But something was off. Springing up from the cushioned chair the girl had been sitting in she hurried in front of the nurse.
    -Rozaline, what have I told you about running?- the nurse asked, but even then, when she was supposed to be strict her eyes had a glint of mischief in them.
    -Do tell me, what news did you bring?- Rozaline asked, sitting down once again, before sweeping her hair over her shoulder with one swift movement.
    -I am afraid, your highness won’t be happy about the news I was asked to bring.- Rozaline bit her lips, already fearing the answer.
    -Well, what is it?- she asked, mustering all the royalness she could that her mother had taught her over the years. She sat with a straight back, watching the woman who would deliver news that could drastically change her life in the span of a few minutes.
    -The marriage will be held.- the nurse said and Rozaline’s first reaction was to frown. Standing up abruptly she walked over to the window, leaning out a bit as if to clear her head with the fresh air. Unfortunately, she didn’t find the smell of the market comforting anymore, instead, it filled her with a feeling of dread. However, she turned back with absolutely no expression on her face, her brows weren’t furrowed anymore and once again, an air of confidence surrounded her.
    -If that’s what my father wants me to do I shall obey.- she stated, earning a look of disbelief from Alexia, the nurse. As if it pained her more then Rozaline, the brown haired woman stepped forward.
    -Is that what I should tell him?- she asked, dropping formalness. At that moment two women stood in the room, one who had lost her youth a long time ago and one who would soon leave behind childish dreams, ready to fulfill the King’s wishes. Rozaline stepped forward at the same time as Alexia, who pulled the fragile girl to herself, maybe for the last time. A familiar feeling of safety surrounded Rozaline as she hugged the older woman, and when they pulled away from each other it seemed like there was a new Rozaline, in place of the old Rozaline. A flash of uncertainty flashed in her sky blue eyes, but they quickly disappeared when a knock sounded on the door. With one more glance at Alexia Rozaline ran her hands across her dress, soothing out the wrinkles before calling out to the person behind the door.
    -Yes?- she called, and the door opened once again. The creaking filled the room, and instead of facing her father’s most trusted man straight away Rozaline looked out at the valleys.
    Not far away, in the other room of the castle stood the Queen, so strikingly like her daughter that if anyone saw them, they might have mistaken the two for one another. As if age didn’t have a grip on her, the 37 year old woman still held resemblance to the young girl who had come to the royal court 30 years ago, to meet and befriend her future husband.
    -Did we make the right choice?- she cocked her head to the side as she watched her husband. While Rozaline inherited the looks of her mother, she didn’t share a lot of similarities with her father. He was a thin man, who, at the age of 18, when his father died had been forced to step in front of the country. At the time he had been a powerful, mighty ruler and a handsome young man, but 30 years of ruling accompanied by a ruthless sickness took it all away. His gray hair glowed in the light coming from the window, a few brown strands could be still seen. Graying skin and a sunk face, the King of Carbal was a perfect example of how even the world’s greatest falls sometimes.
    -I believe so, yes.- he nodded, stepping into the light. An unanswered question hung in the air, could they give the throne to their eldest daughter? Without a son, but with plenty of daughters the ruling pair hadn’t given up hope, that one day they might welcome a boy into this world. But by now, they both sensed how that would stay a dream, wishful thinking.
    -Will this bring the two countries closer?- Katherine asked, watching the King questioningly.
    -I can’t tell, but it will give our daughter a place and safety, and it will give our country a future king.- he recited an answer that even he himself was unsure about.
    -I hope so…- Katherine looked out the window, her blue eyes icy and a feeling of dread washing over her. A knock sounded on the door, before Benjamin, the King’s right hand, stepped in. The wide shouldered, gray haired man nodded at the Queen, then looked at his ruler.
    -Sir, your daughter is here.- he said after bowing his head.

    • Lavenderbreeze
      June 28, 2020 at 9:21 pm

      I really like it so far! Your attention to detail is wonderful, I can clearly picture the scene in my head. The opening paragraph was especially well done. There are a few changes I would make to give it more flow and cohesion (mainly with comma placement) but overall this is an excellent first draft. I really like the parallels between Rozaline and Alexia. I can’t wait to read more! Keep up the amazing work : ) you’ve done great so far!

      Rereading: Sunrise

      • Wolfdawn tired to log in from her phone
        June 29, 2020 at 6:05 pm

        Thank you so much for reading it!

  11. June 26, 2020 at 11:04 pm

    Planet skit anyone???

    I drew it as a comic in real life, but I won’t take a picture because you wouldn’t be able to read it anyway. Too many speech bubbles.

    In case your wondering, this was an activity my science book had that I decided to do.

    So here. 😛
    But to be fair:

    *possible cringe warning*

    *You’ve been warned*


    Venus: Ugh. I’m not even the closest to the sun, and I’m the hottest.
    Neptune: *hollers from back of Solar System* Want to trade places, Venus????
    Cold enough back here.
    Venus: *hollers back* What??? I can’t hear you!
    Neptune: I SAID—–
    Jupiter: Sshh! Asteroid coming—need to focus!*
    Earth: Get it, Jupiter!
    Moon: ! Not another crater…
    Sun: Venus, I suggest losing some gas.
    Venus: What!?
    Moon: *snicker*
    Sun: To cool off.
    Venus: I can’t!
    Mars: Give me some! Everyone thinks I’m hot because I’m red but I’m actually cold. Bonus if I can even out my summer temperatures.
    Venus: I said I can’t!
    Saturn: Stop complaining! We’re like this for a reason.
    Neptune: Really? What’s your theory for why I’m way back here, Fancy Rings?
    Saturn: *shrugs rings*
    Uranus: I wonder why I’m sideways…
    Mercury: This solar system is loud..
    Mars: Earth, any chance you can give me some life?
    Earth: *gasp* No!
    Mars: 🙁
    Sun: Can we please shush? Like Jupiter asked?
    Neptune: Venus complained first!
    Sun: I know she did. But shush!
    Jupiter: Listen to the Queen, y’all. We orbit her for a reason.
    Saturn: sigh
    Mars: Venus, in case you’re curious, Neptune asked if you wanted to switch places.
    Venus: I don’t want his place at the back of the UNIVERSE!
    Neptune: Back of the SOLAR SYSTEM!!
    Sun: Quiet!
    Neptune: *grumble*
    Pluto: . . .
    Neptune: !!

    *the end*

    * if you saw my comment about Jupiter eating asteroids for Earth, this is a reference to that. (It’s true, by the way.) 😛

    This was fun. It’s kinda like Neptune’s star character in here, with his complaining about being “Back of the solar system” 😛
    Until Pluto came along

    Hope it wasn’t too cringy. 😛


  12. warrior born in a meadow of cows Milkblossom
    June 27, 2020 at 2:52 am

    (the is not completely warriors i made the community)

    THE REDEMPTION ~ Allegainces

    Mountain Tribe

    Leader: Sky
    Deputy: Flower
    Healers: Morning, Silver, and Blossom
    Guards: Daisy, Crow, Dew, and Mountain
    Fighters: Dusk, Cinder, River, Cobble, Rose, Lightning, Ash, and Meadow
    Elders: Grey, Midnight, Moon
    Apprentices (with the suffix of Foot)
    Lionfoot: MENTOR: Tawny
    Kitfoot: MENTOR:Morning
    Hope and Wish: kits too Flower and Grey
    Sunset and Sunrise: kits too Cobble and Rose

  13. Purple Dusk
    June 27, 2020 at 7:05 am

    Have you ever seen a snowstorm, when the snowflakes dance? Not in angry when storm pushes and roars nor when the flakes fall lazily to the ground. No, have you seen them dance? Have you seen them twirl and spin, going this way and that? Have you seen them when the wind makes swirls, where waves form curls? Did you notice how the ground was blanketed with white, tucked in for sleep? Did you note, how the snowflakes still retained their power and wonder, even then?

    Oh, what a beautiful display! That sweet snowstorm. What a lucky treat is was to observe those snowflakes. It was a most gorgeous dance, like watching a ballet. Even better, for you did not have to pay. How can one feel worthy, watching such a scenic play? You did nothing to earn this, yet here you are, before this stunning sight.

    Oh, how easy it is to think, of how the poor snowflakes fall. They form, they freeze, they fall, they melt, gone forever more.

    Open up your eyes, lift up your head! The storm is not over yet. Yes, it is cold and fills you with dread. But relax your arms, lift up your head! Or else you’ll miss it. Every second is a gift. Let go of fear, lift up your head! Then you will see it all. The beauty, the calm, the wonder…

    For snowflakes don’t just fall and melt: they Dance.

    Shall I or shall I not write a fanfic where Snowfur lives through the car accident?
    One where Thistleclaw does not go full evil and Bluefur is not consumed by grief?
    And maybe, a tiny kittypet joins Thunderclan?

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