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Kurt Vonnegut

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  1. DrizzlyOcean
    July 26, 2020 at 11:21 pm

    Helo this is prologue of my fanfic lol what do you think?
    Have 15 chapter done so far there are more on my Wattpad

    P R O L O G U E

    Coniferpaw sniffed the air again. Something was definitely off.
    The smell had been there for quite some days now, getting stronger day by day. At first, he didn’t care and thought it was probably a dead rotten mouse or something, but he never seemed to be able to find out where it came from. He had looked under all the moss beds in the medicine cat den, and though they were changed frequently, the smell never went away. Everything was as clean as the big, smooth, gray boulder sitting at the back of the den. Though he didn’t live here, the work he did inside this den is getting more unbearable.
    He couldn’t help but wonder how Hydrowhisker could live with it. But the medicine cat had been away to SeaClan for almost half a moon now.
    He looked again and checked behind all the herb storage and sniffed carefully. Nothing.
    But when he retreated from the storage cave, the smell came back. He walked around the whole den. Everything seemed to be stained with the rotten smell, so he couldn’t determine, anymore, where it actually came from.
    He hated himself for not doing that days ago while the scent could still be picked up.
    No one, really, had visited the medicine cat den in days, except for Coniferpaw, who was in charge of the herb storage and delivery. Since pretty much all cats in ValleyClan have some knowledge of herbs, all they did was to ask Coniferpaw and he would carry the herbs out to where they needed them.
    He had looked everywhere. But nothing has been discovered. Footsteps echoed in the cave as he wandered back and forth on the rocky ground covered dirt. His nose had become numb to the scent.
    Suddenly, he stopped. And padded again. And then stopped again near the big boulder near the back of the den.
    It sounded… different. He scratched the ground. Instead of rocky sandstone, the floor demonstrated something softer — something soft as soil, almost.
    Wait. The boulder.
    His nose refused to function anymore, but his mind was still clear.
    Maybe I can lift it up…
    He sprinted outside and snatched a random thick pine branch lying on the ground with his teeth. Using it as a lever, the boulder lifted slightly.
    As he applied more force, the stick broke.
    And the boulder elevated and rolled off to the side, forcing Coniferpaw to dodge aside.
    Then he froze at what he was seeing.
    And it all made sense.

  2. Moonpelt
    July 27, 2020 at 12:11 am

    Me and my friend, Flickercloud, have been making a fan Fiction called Seeking out The stars (Sorry, Falcon, I just don’t have enough motivation to do the fan fiction about Starburst, but I might do it one day…), and this is the first chapter! Hope you like it!!!:
    Chapter One
    Flickerpaw padded though oak trees, the comforting scent whirling around her white and silver tabby pelt. She closed her eyes, peaceful for a moment, then opped them again, shaking her head rapidly. She glanced at the rest of the patrol, hidden in the brambles, and could tell that at least one of them was Ambershade, the old she-cat warrior who wasn’t far away from becoming an elder. She looked at her tail, grateful that she was a long way from retiring, as she wasn’t even a warrior yet.
    A brown flicker caught on the edge of her unique gaze. A mouse nibbled at an almond, behind a light ivy screen. Instinctively, she slowed her pawsteps, crouching down, and crawling towards it.
    Don’t mess this up, Flickerpaw. She told herself.
    Building up her energy, she leaped, pouncing on the tiny creature, and killing it quickly.
    Thank you, StarClan, She thought, purring as her clanmates snifted the mouse eagerly.
    She picked up the mouse, pushing down the urge to eat it, and walked back to camp, also graving the thrush that she caught earlier. Walking into the stone hollow, she looked for her sister, Moonpaw, as she went towards the Fresh-Kill pile. A mottled she-cat stood up suddenly, and Flickerpaw’s gaze lit up, thinking it was Moonpaw. The cat tipped their head, confused, and she realized that it wasn’t Moonpaw, it was Finchpaw, though she looked similar, with a gray mottled pelt, and white paws.
    “Hey, Flickerpaw!” A dark colored cat at the edge of camp stood up, and walked over towards her, and Shadowclaw recognized it as Moonpaw. The mottled she-cat padded over to the fresh-kill pile, and picked out a mouse, asking,”Do you wanna share this with me?”her blue-green eyes dark with tiredness.
    Flickerpaw had never seen her sister be tired. She was always energetic, and fast, her cyan eyes shining with excitement. Seeing her tail dropped and her gaze flicker towards the entrance and exit of the sent ice-cold shivers down Flickerpaw’s spine.
    “Attactly, I was going to…go to the Great Oak Tree.” Moonpaw’s voice trembled.
    Flickerpaw was sure Moonpaw was lying, though she didn’t know why. Moonpaw walked towards the exit and disappeared, not looking back.
    The tabby sighed, and took a bit of the mouse her sister had brought over, the taste of it not helping her.
    Another cat ran out of the exit, his old blue eyes wild, and scared.
    Honeystar met him and whispered in his ear, most likely asking him what he was doing, and why he ran back to camp so fearfully. Twistedbranch shook his head, and Honeystar pointed at the High-Tree with her honey-dappled tail.
    The grumpy old tom walked stiffly to the tall tree and stood on top of one of the large stumps.
    Twistedtail took a deep breath and yowled, his voice tainted with fear,”A pack of foxes are heading straight towards camp!”

    ❄️If all is lost, all is found❄️

    • Bloompaw’s Ghost
      July 27, 2020 at 1:09 am

      Hmmmmmmmm Moonpaw being suspicious


  3. July 27, 2020 at 2:20 am

    Chapter Ten, from Mousewhisker’s point of view!
    Who would dare try to drown a queen expecting kits? This is really worrying me, because that queen happened to be my mate, and I had to save her. Mallownose could of saved her, Mousewhisker thought, he noticed right when I did that Minnowtail was gone! The stupid furball. Mousewhisker shivered as he padded back to camp. He had been warmed up, but he was still a little wet. Bramblestar had put Flamepaw and Finchpaw and the duty of warming him up. “Thanks, Flamepaw, Finchpaw,” Mousewhisker meowed. “No problem,” Flamepaw yawned. Finchpaw seemed to have tried to answer, but instead she yawned. “U should go get some sleep,” Mousewhisker meowed. “Okay,” Finchpaw meowed. Flamepaw padded into the apprentices den, Finchpaw following him. Mousewhisker padded into the Warriors den and fell asleep. He dreamed that he was racing threw the forest with a black and white tom. The tom pulled ahead. “Hey! Wait up!” Mousewhisker called in his dream. “U can’t catch me, u old bagder!” the tom called back. The tom looked at Mousewhisker, and Mousewhisker gasped. Those were Minnowtail’s eyes! Those beutifal, blue eyes. Mousewhisker sighed in his sleep as he dreamt of her. “Race u to the lake!” the tom called. “Hey! U know you’re faster than me!” Mousewhisker saw that the tom was just as swift as Minnowtail. Could this be one of our kits? Mousewhisker thought, Am I dreaming about our kits? “Mousewhisker! Wake up!” a voice shattered into Mousewhisker’s dream. It was Eaglewing’s. He opened his eyes. “What is it?” Mousewhisker asked, “I was having the best dream!” “Well, we’re going to switch apprentices, remember?” Eaglewing meowed. “Right,” Mousewhisker meowed, “just for today.” Mousewhisker got up and padded out with Eaglewing. They padded into the apprentices den. Daisy padded in. “Eaglewing, can I talk to Mousewhisker for a minute?” she meowed. “Sure,” Eaglewing meowed. Mousewhisker followed Daisy out. “Mousewhisker, how can u be so mouse-brained?” Daisy meowed. “What? What am I doing that is mouse-brained?” Mousewhisker asked. “It’s obvios Eaglewing likes u!” Daisy sighed. “What?” Mousewhisker meowed. But she’s a young Warrior! Mousewhisker thought, I’m a senior Warrior! And I already love Minnowtail! “C’mon, Mousewhisker, try to give her some slack. She likes u, okay? Why don’t u realize that?” Daisy meowed. “Okay, okay,” Mousewhisker meowed. He shook his head. Mousewhisker padded into the apprentices den and Daisy went and sat down in front of the nursery. “I was waiting for u so I could wake up Myrtlepaw,” Eaglewing meowed. “Okay,” Mousewhisker meowed. Lilyheart and Cinderheart padded in and woke up Flamepaw and Finchpaw. “Wake up, Baypaw,” Mousewhisker meowed. “Wake up, Myrtlepaw,” Eaglewing meowed. “Why? We got home so late last night!” Baypaw meowed. “Well, if u want to become a Warrior, u need to train!” Mousewhisker meowed, “Eaglewing and I are going to switch apprentices just for the day, so u be good for Eaglewing, u got that, Baypaw?” Baypaw nodded. “Oh, I can’t wait to train with Mousewhisker!” Myrtlepaw meowed. Baypaw padded to Eaglewing’s side and Myrtlepaw padded to Mousewhisker’s side. “What are we going to do today, Mousewhisker?” Myrtlepaw asked. “Well, what did u do yesterday, Myrtlepaw?” Mousewhisker asked. “Eaglewing and I did fighting practice yesterday,” Myrtlepaw meowed. “Okay, then we’re gonna go hunting,” Mousewhisker meowed. “Okay!” Myrtlepaw meowed. Mousewhisker padded out of camp, Myrtlepaw following him. Mousewhisker scented the air. Prey scent. Mousewhisker turned to Myrtlepaw. “What do u smell?” he asked. Myrtlepaw scented the air. “Mouse!” she hissed. “Can u catch it?” Mousewhisker asked. “Yes!” Myrtlepaw meowed. Myrtlepaw dropped into a hunter’s crouch and stalked the mouse. She caught it! She padded back to Mousewhisker with it. She set it down and meowed, “Thank u, StarClan, for this prey,” Myrtlepaw meowed.
    When they returned to camp, Myrtlepaw was dragging a rabbit almost as big as she was that Mousewhisker had caught(and thanked StarClan for) and Mousewhisker was carrying the mouse Myrtlepaw had caught. They set them down on the fresh-kill pile. Bramblestar padded down from the rock tumble. “Go do your apprentice chores. I’ll tell u if he picked your mouse or not,” Mousewhisker meowed to Myrtlepaw. Myrtlepaw nodded and dashed into the Elders den to help Baypaw. Bramblestar picked up the plump rabbit Mousewhisker had caught. “Who caught this?” Bramblestar called. “I-it was me, Bramblestar,” Mousewhisker meowed. “Then u get the honor of catching my meal for now,” Bramblestar took the rabbit and ate it under the Highledge. Baypaw and Flamepaw got prey for the Elders from the fresh-kill pile, while Myrtlepaw and Finchpaw took some to Daisy. Mousewhisker ate the mouse Myrtlepaw caught next to Eaglewing. “Mousewhisker,” Eaglewing meowed. “Yes, Eaglewing?” Mousewhisker meowed. “Will u be my mate? I love u,” Eaglewing meowed. “Oh, Eaglewing,” Mousewhisker meowed, “I only see u as the third littermate I never had. I’m sorry.” A picture of Hazeltail came into Mousewhisker’s mind. I’m going to tell Minnowtail that we should name one of our ktis Hazelkit, he thought. Eaglewing looked crush. Her eyes looked duller. “Okay,” Eaglewing meowed, “I was just hoping that I could have a kind and caring cat be my mate, because Stemleaf is getting closer and closer with Spotfur.” “I’m sorry,” Mousewhisker meowed. Eaglewing sighed and got up. She padded over to Shellfur and Plumstone, her littermates. I really am sorry, Mousewhisker thought, I love another cat, but I can’t tell u that.
    Hey, that rymed.

    • The amazing Briarkit!!!
      July 27, 2020 at 4:49 pm

      Sorry to leave u hanging from chapter twelve, I just had to get offline.
      Chapter Thirteen
      Minnowtail slept restlessly. She had lied down on her belly, but a strong kick had made her move to her side. Curlfeather was curled up around her kits sleeping, but her ears were pricked just in case Minnowtail started kitting. A ripple passed threw Minnowtail. They’re coming, she thought. “Curlfeather!” she hissed in pain. “Why do I have to get up? I was catching a mouse!” Curlfeather complained. Another ripple passed threw Minnowtail. “My kits are coming!” Minnowtail hissed in pain. “Oh dear!” Curlfeather meowed, fully awake now. Curlfeather got up quickly. Frostkit, Mistkit, and Graykit woke up. “Where are u going, Curlfeather?” Frostkit asked. “And what’s happening to Minnowtail?” Mistkit asked. “Yeah, what they said,” Graykit mewed. Curlfeather dashed out. After a minute, she re-entered with Willowshine. Mallownose was pacing outside. Willowshine had cobwebs, borage, and a stick. She set them down. “Minnowtail, this is a quick pause in the pain, and then the pain will come back as the kits start coming out, so when the pain comes, bite down on the stick,” Willowshine meowed. “Thanks, sister,” Minnowtail meowed. A ripple passed threw Minnowtail and the pain came again. Minnowtail yowled and bit down hard. “Push, Minnowtail,” Willowshine meowed, “u can do it!” The first kit slipped out, and it was a black she-kit. She pushed out the second kit, a black and white tom-kit. Minnowtail bit down on the stick so hard it snapped in half. She pushed the final kit out, a gray and white she-kit. Willowshine nudged them to Minnowtail. “Here,” Willowshine meowed, “some borage, to keep your milk up.” “Thanks, Willowshine,” Minnowtail meowed. Willowshine padded out. Minnowtail let her kits suckle. Mallownose padded in. He gasped. “Our kits are beutifal!” Mallownose pointed to the black and white tom-kit, “this one looks like a-” “I already have names. I just came up with them,” Minnowtail meowed. “Okay,” Mallownose meowed. “The black she-kit, our oldest, will be Dawnkit,” Minnowtail meowed, remembering her mother, “the black and white tom-kit will be Thunderkit, and the gray and white she-kit will be Hazelkit.” Minnowtail licked her kits. “Dawnkit. Thunderkit. Hazelkit,” Mallownose meowed, “welcome to the world.”

      • The amazing Briarkit!!!
        July 27, 2020 at 7:12 pm

        Chapter Fifteen
        Minnowtail purred at Dawnkit, Thunderkit, and Hazelkit. They were suckling in the nest, eyes closed and ears folded. She looked at Frostkit, Mistkit, and Graykit. They had been obsessed with Minnowtail’s new kits. They had asked where they’re eyes were and why they were so small and where they’d come from. Right now, they were sleeping, so Minnowtail could be left alone with Mallownose and her kits. Thunderkit acidentaly pushed Hazelkit away from the milk, and Hazelkit mewled and blindly squirmed. Minnowtail nudged Hazelkit back, and Hazelkit started suckling once again. Dawnkit stopped suckling and opened her eyes. Minnowtail purred. “Dawnkit opened her eyes!” Minnowtail meowed. There was a rule of one at a time in the nursery unless if u are a queen or kit. Mistystar, Reedwhisker, Mosspelt, and Mallownose visited a lot, Mallownose the most. Dawnkit started unfolding her ears. Thunderkit’s paws started neading Minnowtail’s belly. Minnowtail purred. Dawnkit squeaked. Mallownose smiled. Thunderkit opened his eyes. He then unfolded his ears. “Thunderkit opened his eyes!” Minnowtail meowed. Hazelkit stopped suckling and opened her eyes a tiny bit, but then quickly shut them as though it was too bright. She unfolded her ears. Then, Hazelkit opened her eyes. “M-i-n-n-o-w. M-a-l-l-ow,” Dawnkit mewed, “Minnowt-a-i-l. Mallown-o-s-e.” “M-i-n-n-o-w. M-a-l-l-o-w,” Thunderkit mewed, “Minnowt-a-i-l. Mallown-o-s-e.” “M-i-n-n-o-w. M-a-l-l-o-w,” Hazelkit mewed, “Minnowt-a-i-l. Mallown-o-s-e.” “Great job, kits!” Minnowtail meowed. Mallownose purred. “Th-u-n-d-e-r. H-a-z-e-l,” Dawnkit mewed, “Thunderk-i-t. Hazelk-i-t.” “D-a-w-n. H-a-z-e-l,” Thunderkit mewed, “Dawnk-i-t. Hazelk-i-t.” “D-a-w-n. Th-u-n-d-e-r,” Hazelkit mewed, “Dawnk-i-t. Thunderk-i-t.” “Good job, kits!” Mallownose purred. Minnowtail purred. I have the beutifalest kits in the world, she thought, and they have the best father. Mousewhisker.

        • The amazing Briarkit!!!
          July 27, 2020 at 7:50 pm

          Chapter Sixteen
          Dawnkit was suckling with her littermates, Thunderkit and Hazelkit. I wonder what these are, she thought, looking at her paws. She stopped suckling. Her mother, Minnowtail, licked her head. Dawnkit squeaked. “Mama, stop it!” She took a step. Thunderkit noticed her doing that and did the same. Hazelkit followed. Hazelkit was the runt of the litter. She was a gray and white she-kit. Dawnkit was a black she-kit. She took more steps. What is this I’m doing? Dawnkit wondered, I’ve seen all the big cats do it, but I don’t know what it’s called. A big, gray she-cat with one misty colored paw and blue eyes padded in. Mistystar, the name flashed threw Dawnkit’s head. Dawnkit was still learning the names of her Clanmates, and so far she knew: Minnowtail, Mallownose, Thunderkit, Hazelkit, Curlfeather, Frostkit, Mistkit, Graykit, Mistystar, Reedwhisker, and Mosspelt. And for a kit her age, that was a lot to remember. She took a few more steps, and then she tumbled out of the nest. “It’s cold here! Get me back in the nest!” Dawnkit cried. Thunderkit giggled. “Oh, what are u looking at?” Dawnkit asked. “Nothing,” Thunderkit meowed slyly. Dawnkit leaped on him in a playfight. Hazelkit dashed to Dawnkit’s side. “Let’s show Thunderkit that she-cats rule!” Hazelkit mewed. “Yeah!” Dawnkit mewed. “The kits seem to be growing well,” Mistystar meowed. “Oh, yes. Dawnkit is the lively one for sure, it’s like she’s looking for ways to playfight Thunderkit!” Minnowtail purred. Mistystar purred back. “In fact, I am,” Dawnkit mewed. “Not a surprise,” Thunderkit grumbled. Hazelkit snuck up on Thunderkit and pounced on him. “Hey! No fair! Mama! Mama! Dawnkit and Hazelkit cheated!” Thunderkit mewed. “It’s not cheating. It’s winning,” Dawnkit mewed, “tattletail.” Hazelkit giggled and stuck her tounge out at Thunderkit. “I am not a tattletail!” Thunderkit mewed.
          “Are too.”
          “Are not.”
          “Are too!”
          “Are not!”
          “Calm down, calm down, kits. U need to settle down,” Minnowtail meowed, “if u want to go to the clearing.” “I was being good, right, Mama?” Hazelkit mewed. Minnowtail ignored that. “Sit in a row, kits,” Minnowtail meowed. Dawnkit sat down, Thunderkit sat down next to her, and Hazelkit on the other side of Thunderkit. Minnowtail groomed her kits. “All right, stay right there, I’ll carry u out,” Minnowtail picked up Dawnkit and padded out. Once in the clearing, Minnowtail set down Dawnkit. “Wow! Everything looks so big!” Dawnkit mewed. Mallownose padded over to her and purred. Dawnkit started playing with her father’s tail. Minnowtail padded back out of the nursery with Thunderkit and set him down, and then she padded back into the nursery to get Hazelkit. Minnowtail padded out of the nursery with Hazelkit. A white she-cat with blue eyes padded over. “First steps out of the nursery, I see,” the she-cat meowed. “Yes,” Minnowtail pointed to each of her kits with her tail, “This is Dawnkit, this is Thunderkit, and this is Hazelkit.” “And who are u?” Dawnkit asked. “I’m Icewing,” the she-cat responded. Dawnkit and Thunderkit circled and studied Icewing, while Hazelkit hid behind Minnowtail’s paws. “Icewing is your Clanmate,” Minnowtail meowed. Hazelkit causiosly crept out and over to her littermates. “Scaredy-kit,” Dawnkit mewed. Thunderkit giggled. “I am not a scaredy-kit!” Hazelkit mewed. A light brown tom, a gray and white she-cat, a gray she-cat, and a brown tabby tom padded threw the reeds. The gray and white she-cat nudged the brown tabby tom. “Hey look! Minnowtail’s kits are out of the nursery!” “Oh yeah, let’s go meet them!” the brown tabby tom meowed. “Go ahead,” the light brown tom and the gray she-cat courused. The gray and white she-cat and the brown tabby tom padded over. “Hello! U must be Dawnkit, Thunderkit, and Hazelkit. I’m Fogpaw!” the gray and white she-cat meowed. “And I’m Splashpaw,” the brown tabby tom meowed. “Hi, Fogpaw!” Dawnkit mewed, “Hi, Splashpaw! I’m Dawnkit.” “I’m Thunderkit,” Thunderkit mewed. “And I’m Hazelkit!” Hazelkit mewed. A brown tabby tom with amber eyes padded in, with a cream colored tom and a gray and white tom following. That’s so strange, Dawnkit thought, those cats smell bad, but one looks like Hazelkit and has Hazelkit’s eyes. And my eyes. The gray and white tom looked at Minnowtail and said something that Dawnkit couldn’t hear. Minnowtail nodded. The tom padded over. “I have to make dirt,” Mallownose meowed, and he padded away. “Mousewhisker!” Minnowtail purred. “Minnowtail!” the tom purred, “U kitted! Are these our kits?” Minnowtail nodded. “Mama, what is this strange cat talking about?” Thunderkit asked, “Mallownose is our father!” “Kits, this is Mousewhisker,” Minnowtail meowed, “don’t ever talk about him to anybody but me, and we have to be alone, okay? I love him, not Mallownose. He’s your father.” “Oh,” Dawnkit mewed, “I’m Dawnkit!” Dawnkit bounced around her father’s paws. “I’m Thunderkit!” Thunderkit followed her. “And I’m Hazelkit,” Hazelkit mewed. “Thank u, Minnowtail,” Mousewhisker meowed, “for keeping your promise. I love our kits.” “Of course I would!” Minnowtail purred. “What promise?” Dawnkit asked. “Mousewhisker asked me to name one of u after his sister Hazeltail, who’s in StarClan,” Minnowtail meowed. “Oh,” Dawnkit mewed. “I named Dawnkit after my mother, Dawnflower,” Minnowtail meowed, “she’s in StarClan too.” “I don’t think we know any cats with the prefix “Thunder”,” Mousewhisker meowed. “I don’t. I just named him after your Clan,” Minnowtail meowed. “Okay,” Mousewhisker meowed. This is my real father, Dawnkit thought, Mallownose is just a fake.

          • The amazing Briarkit!!!
            July 27, 2020 at 11:59 pm

            Chapter Seventeen
            Thunderkit bounced around his father’s paws with Dawnkit. “You’re the best father any cat could have!” Dawnkit mewed. I know this is our father, because Minnowtail would never lie to us, Thunderkit thought, but what if this cat wants to kitnap us, and take us to ThunderClan? I don’t wanna be so far away from Minnowtail! And Dawnkit and Hazelkit would be very scared. And I would be too. Snap out of it, Thunderkit! This cat is good! If he weren’t good, I wouldn’t be here thinking this because Minnowtail wouldn’t be Mousewhisker’s mate! “Look out! Mallownose is coming back!” Minnowtail meowed, and she rapped her tail around her kits, and pertended to be politely talking to Mousewhisker, but not being hostile, because even if her kits didn’t know it, he had saved her and her kits twice. Before the kits were even born. Mallownose padded over and sat next to Minnowtail. “These are our kits,” Mallownose meowed, “ThunderClan brat.” “No one calls our father a brat and gets away with it!” Dawnkit whispered. “Yeah!” Thunderkit whispered back. “Uh-oh. I smell trouble brewing,” Hazelkit whispered, “so I’m not gonna get involved and stay here!” “Actually, u are going to get involved,” Dawnkit whispered. “Why?” Hazelkit whispered. “You’re gong to keep cover for us,” Thunderkit whispered. “Okay!” Hazelkit joyfully whispered about her role in the plan. Dawnkit crawled out from Minnowtail’s tail wrap, and Thunderkit followed. They hadn’t been listening to the older cats, but now they were forced to hear because they were being silent. “I’m not a brat!” Mousewhisker meowed. “Yes u are,” Mallownose meowed, “u and the rest of ThunderClan are brats!” Mousewhisker hissed. Dawnkit went to Mallownose’s tail and bit it. Then Thunderkit bit it in a different spot. Then, the kits dashed back into Minnowtail’s tail wrap without being noticed. “Ow! Ow!” Mallownose was screeching, “OOOOOOOOW! OWWWWWWWWWWWW!” “Serves him right,” Dawnkit mewed. “Yeah, for sure,” Thunderkit mewed. Hazelkit giggled. They’re conversation couldn’t be heard by any other cat because of the loud screeching. Thunderkit could hardly hear himself think. That cat won’t leave us alone, and he’s not even our father!

            • The amazing Briarkit!!!
              July 28, 2020 at 1:46 pm

              Chapter Eighteen
              Hazelkit giggled with Dawnkit and Thunderkit. Serves Mallownose right to call our father a brat! she thought. The smallest kit was shy, but feirce if needed. She was gray and white, just like her father, and had her father’s eyes. Dawnkit had Mousewhisker’s eyes too. Hazelkit looked at the Medicine den entrance. I wonder what’s in there? Hazelkit wondered. “Hey, Dawnkit, Thunderkit,” Hazelkit mewed. “What?” Dawnkit mewed. “I wonder what’s in there?” Hazelkit mewed. “Let’s go check it out!” Thunderkit mewed. “Kits, we need to go to the Medicine den to get some herbs for Mallownose’s bites,” Minnowtail meowed, and padded into the Medicine den. Her kits followed her. “Ew! It stinks in here!” Dawnkit shrieked. “This smells!” Thunderkit mewled. Hazelkit took a sniff. “I think it smells great!” Hazelkit mewed. Everyone looked at her as though she was crazy. “What?” Hazelkit mewed, “I think it smells good, that’s all.” “Hazelkit,” a gray tabby she-cat meowed. “Kits, this is my sister, Willowshine,” Minnowtail guestered to the she-cat, “she’s the Medicine cat, so she works with herbs and heals cats.” Hazelkit’s whiskers twitched. “Hazelkit,” Willowshine repeated. “Yes, Willowshine?” Hazelkit asked. “Do u want to help me heal Mallownose?” Willowshine asked. “Okay,” Hazelkit mewed, “I’ll give it a try.” “We need cobwebs to stop the bleeding,” Willowshine sniffed Mallownose’s bites, “and oak leaves to prevent infection.” Hazelkit nodded. “Come with me, Hazelkit,” Willowshine meowed. Willowshine padded to the herb stores. Hazelkit followed her. This is so much fun! she thought. “These are cobwebs,” Willowshine showed Hazelkit some sticky white things. “Cool!” Hazelkit mewed. Cobwebs, Hazelkit thought of the sticky white things. “These are oak leaves,” Willowshine showed Hazelkit some leaves. “Okay!” Hazelkit mewed. Oak leaves, Hazelkit thought of the leaves. “Now, we’ll put them on Mallownose’s tail,” Willowshine meowed. “Okay,” Hazelkit mewed. “Hazelkit, here are the oak leaves, do u want to put them on Mallownose’s bites?” Willowshine asked. “Yes!” Hazelkit gladly took the oak leaves. Then, she put them on Mallownose’s tail. “Perfect!” Willowshine put the cobwebs on top of the oak leaves. “Great job, Hazelkit!” Minnowtail meowed. Hazelkit blushed. “Hazelkit,” Willowshine meowed. “Yes, Willowshine?” Hazelkit asked. “Do u want to be a Medicine cat?” Willowshine asked. “Yes!” Hazelkit mewed. “Yay Hazelkit!” Dawnkit scampered up to her. “You’re going to be a Medicine cat!” Thunderkit followed Dawnkit. “Do u want to come back tomorrow?” Willowshine asked. “Yes!” Hazelkit mewed. I’m gonna be a Medicine cat, Hazelkit thought, and no one’s gonna stop me.

  4. Wildpaw
    July 27, 2020 at 3:26 am

    Chapter four(I think) because I’m bored with nothing else to do:

    Minnow looked up in shock at her mother. Sadness created a pit in her stomach.
    “Aster said she saw you carried away by a hawk!” Mina screeched.
    “B-but I wasn’t,” Minnow replied.
    “You are not my kit!” Mina hissed.
    “Mina, wait!” Nash meowed. “This cat looks exactly like Minnow, and her name is Minnow. That can’t be coincident!”
    “She could be lying!” Mina protested.
    “She knows who Aster is, though. And she knew our names!” Fern meowed.
    Mina studied Minnow. “She hasn’t even spoken yet.”
    “Mina, you are my mother!” Minnow finally spoke. “Surely you recognize my voice!”
    Mina seemed to calm down.
    “It is vaguely familiar,” she admitted.
    “Mina, this is our sister,” Nash meowed. “And we all need a place to stay.”
    “I would say you could stay here, but it isn’t safe anymore,” Mina meowed. “Maybe stay with the old tom, Smudge, a ways down.”
    “Smudge?” Nash replied.
    “Yes, Smudge,” Mina retorted. “He knows this entire town like the back of his claw. He’ll know where you can stay.”
    Nash nodded.
    “Is this really Minnow?” Mina asked.
    “I really am. Aster kitnapped me, and made me love in the woods,” Minnow replied.
    “I’ll have to have a word with her,” Mina replied. “Oh, Nash and Fern, take her by your father’s while your at it.”
    They both nodded, practically shoving Minnow out the door.
    “Come on, Minnow! His house isn’t far!” Nash meowed.
    Minnow followed them, only slightly enthusiastic. Eventually, they reached a dark yard, covered in shadows. The Twoleg Nest was abandoned, the wood practically falling off.
    “What happened here?” Minnow asked.
    “We don’t know. They old Kittypet named Sam used to tell us it was where the ghosts of cats used to stay,” Nash replied.
    “Who’s there?” The voice sounded as old as Mina’s.
    “Beetle?” Nash called.
    “Is that you, Nash?” the tom called.
    A sleek, dark brown tom slid from the shadows. His muzzle was silver with age.
    “Yes, Beetle. and you’ll never guess who we found,” Nash replied.
    Minnow followed them down into the yard, where Beetles gaze rested on her.
    Minnow nodded. “It’s me, Minnow.”
    Beetle looked astounded. “By great spirits, it is you!”
    He ran up to her, and nuzzled her. Minnow felt relieved that he hasn’t reacted the same way as Mina. Minnow felt a burning gaze bore into her pelt. She looked around, but saw nothing.
    “Mina said you were dead,” Beetle meowed.
    “It was Aster,” Minnow replied. “She took me.”
    Beetle shook his head. “It would make sense. But none of you can stay here if she really took you!”
    Minnow looked confused.
    “She’ll kill you! All of you!” he answered, seeing her confusion.
    “We were in our way to Smudges,” Nash meowed.
    Minnow felt the burn of eyes again as they started talking. She turned towards it and saw the glint of amber eyes. Minnow backed away, startled.
    “We need to leave!” she meowed.
    “Why?” Fern asked.
    “I think Atlas followed us!” Minnow replied.
    More eyes appeared in the darkness. Some yellow, others Amber. Only a few green and blue. Minnow backed into Beetle.
    “Minnow, who is Atlas?” Nash asked.
    “He’s the tom who took both of you,” Minnow replied.
    Suddenly, a large body appeared from the shadows. Atlas looked angry.
    “Well, well, well,” he meowed. “We have you cornered.”
    Minnow looked at him defiantly. “We will never go with you!”
    “I’m not so sure. The old fleebag looks like he can hardly fight, and your a queen,” he growled.
    Minnow looked around her. Dozens of eyes looked down upon her.
    “I refuse!” she yowled, thinking of her kits.
    “I’m not surprised,” he replied.
    With a flick of his tail, the cats began to surge forwards. Minnow tried to see a way out of this, when Beetle tapped his tail on her shoulder.
    He, Nash, and Fern were beside a hole in the ground. Minnow nodded, understanding.
    Atlas gave a single signal, and the other cats prepared to attack. The second they leaped, Minnow jumped down the hole.
    The others followed, Atlas and his group being a bit more cautious. The ground here was hard and slick, which made walking a bit difficult.
    “Follow me,” Beetle meowed.
    Minnow looked towards him, and saw he was walking down a tunnel. Minnow could tell this wasn’t his first time.
    She sped off after him, struggling to keep up the pace. Eventually, he stopped. Beetle was looking at a slope that led upwards.
    He began to head up it, Nash and Fern following him with trust. Minnow reluctantly followed too. When she emerged, she was in an unfamiliar place.
    “Princess?” Beetle called.
    “Beetle?” a sweet voice replied.
    Beetle padded towards a wall, and looked around side it. Minnow followed. A pretty, old, light brown tabby she-cat was there.
    “Ah, Beetle. How are you?” the she-cat meowed.
    “I am fine, for now,” he replied. “But will you take these three for a while? They’re my kits.”
    The she-cat studied them. “Well, they certainly look like you. All of them have your sleek pelt. So, of course I’ll take them with me. If only for a bit.”
    “Only a while,” Beetle replied. “I came to you because Minnow here is expecting kits.”
    “Ah, that’s it. I will gladly take them home,” the she-cat meowed.
    Beetle nodded in thanks. “I’m afraid this is where I have to leave.”
    Without even saying goodbye, he pelted off into the night black shadows.
    “Well, I suppose we should get going,” she meowed. “By the way, I’m Princess.”
    Nash and Fern followed, with Minnow a few tail-lengths behind. They weight of her kits was beginning to show, not only to herself, but to everyone else.
    “Minnow?” Nash called. “Are you alright?”
    Minnow nodded, forcing a look of calmness onto her face. Her thoughts had drifted back off towards Hawkfrost.
    “I miss you,” she whispered. “But at least I have my kits.”

    • The amazing Briarkit!!!
      July 27, 2020 at 11:55 am

      You’re story is so good. Also, it is chapter four. Minnow is awesome.

    • robinheart
      July 28, 2020 at 2:51 am

      did i miss something? chapter 3 ended like this “Minnow nodded, and walked back to her tree. The rogues were gone, so Minnow settled down in her nest. Her stomach growled and grumbled. She hadn’t eaten in two whole days.
      ‘I’ll live,’ she thought.
      A shadow suddenly darkened the moonlight. Minnow looked up to see none other than Atlas.”
      (Srry 2 bother u)

      • Wildpaw
        July 28, 2020 at 7:46 pm

        well maybe it is chapter five, after all. I’m completely lost by now.

  5. Riverpond
    July 27, 2020 at 3:39 am

    This is the rough draft of my spooky story Plated Gold’s prologue.

    Xanadu nestled into the branches of the tall oak. Or rather, what was left of it. The tall girl had been sitting in this endless fire for days.

    Of course, there was no physical fire. Within Fire. Within Fire held the secrets of night, and Xanadu was tangled up in secrets.

    Tall midnight stretched wellhigh above the trees. Wellhigh was the only height of the Skymoon.

    And Skymoon released Xanadu’s Within Fire. . .

  6. July 27, 2020 at 12:08 pm

    Chapter Eleven… from Minnowtail’s veiw!
    Minnowtail lay in her nest, grooming her belly. Curlfeather was curled around her kits, who were sleeping. “Minnowtail,” she meowed. “Yes, Curlfeather?” Minnowtail asked. “Could u tell my kits a story? I think it could be good practice for u to become a mother,” Curlfeather meowed. “Okay,” Minnowtail meowed.
    Curlfeather’s kits woke up, so Minnowtail had to tell them a story. “What’s it about?” Frostkit asked. “A dreadful drought, when I was just made a senior Warrior,” Minnowtail meowed. “Wow,” Mistkit gasped. “That sounds very interesting. Let’s listen!” Graykit mewed. “So, I was just a senior Warrior, and a dreadful drought happened. There was no water, we had to eat crow-food fish, and the mice and water vole’s had gone underground,” Minnowtail meowed, “and the Clan was starving. Leapordstar lost two lives of sickness, and many Elders died. Blackclaw was Mistystar’s mate, and he died. And Dawnflower, my mother, died too.” Tears formed in Minnowtail’s eyes. She brushed them away. “I didn’t know that you’re mother died,” Curlfeather meowed, “I’m so sorry.” “This all happened long ago, before your mother was even born,” Minnowtail meowed, “and Leopardstar lost her last life.” I wish Dawnflower were here, Minnowtail thought, so badly.

    • The amazing Briarkit!!!
      July 27, 2020 at 3:43 pm

      This chapter is going to take place half a moon after when Minnowtail told Curlfeather, Frostkit, Mistkit, and Graykit about the drought.
      Chapter Twelve
      Mousewhisker paced in front of the Warriors den. He’d finished Baypaw’s Warrior assesment, and he was waiting for Bramblestar to come and give Baypaw and Myrtlepaw they’re Warrior names. Bramblestar padded out of his den. “Let all those old enough to hunt for themselves gather beneath the Highledge for a Clan meeting!” he called. Mousewhisker, Eaglewing, Baypaw, and Myrtlepaw went under the Highledge. “I, Bramblestar, leader of ThunderClan, call upon my Warrior ancestors to look down on these apprentices. They have trained hard to learn the ways of your noble code, and in turn I ask u to make them Warriors. Baypaw, Myrtlepaw, do u promise to uphold the Warrior code, even at the cost of your life?” Bramblestar made a look that said, “You’d better.”
      “I do.”
      “I do.”
      “Then I give u your Warrior names. Baypaw, unless if u become a leader, u will now be known as Baywhisker. StarClan honors your sencitivity and loyalty. Myrtlepaw, unless if u become a leader, u will now be known as Myrtlewing. StarClan honors your kindness and loyalty,” Bramblestar meowed.
      “Baywhisker! Myrtlewing!” Sorrelstripe and Dewnose padded to their kits, looking very proud of them. Suddenly, Mousewhisker had an idea. He slipped out of camp. There was a way he and Minnowtail had made up to communicate. It was called the pelt flash. The pelt flash is where one of them would flash their pelt when they needed to talk to the other really badly and they can’t wait. Mousewhisker padded to the RiverClan camp and did just that. Minnowtail was lying in a patch of sunlight. Yes! Mousewhisker thought, Mallownose isn’t here! Minnowtail noticed and padded over to him. She was quite big now. “U look well,” Mousewhisker purred. “Yes, I’m fine. The kits are do anyday now!” Minnowtail meowed excitedly. “Oh, that’s great!” Mousewhisker meowed. “Why are u here?” Minnowtail asked, “I mean, not to be rude, but why? I’m not allowed out of camp, so if Mallownose, Willowshine, Mothwing or anyone else catches me, and with u, I would be ushered back into the nursery, or worse, we’d be reported to Bramblestar, and exciled!” Minnowtail’s eyes widened with fear. Mousewhisker licked her soothingly. “It’ll be okay,” he meowed. “Right,” Minnowtail leaned on Mousewhisker, the weight of they’re kits clearly showing. “I just came to ask u,” Mousewhisker meowed, “Will u name one of them Hazelkit? My sister, Hazeltail, died, and I miss her very much, so can u please name one Hazelkit?” “Of course I will!” Minnowtail meowed. “Thank u,” Mousewhisker meowed, “Now I’d better be getting back to ThunderClan. My apprentice just became a Warrior. His new name is Baywhisker.” “That’s great!” Minnowtail meowed. “His sister is now named Myrtlewing,” Mousewhisker meowed, “now I really gotta go. Good-bye, my love.” “Good-bye,” Minnowtail meowed as she padded back into the camp. Mousewhisker padded back to ThunderClan.
      Mousewhisker padded into the Warriors den. Minnowtail’s word echoed threw his head. “‘Our kits are due anyday now!'” Mousewhisker curled up in his nest, purring. Eaglewing padded in with Plumstone and Shellfur, and they all shot Mousewhisker a glare. They fell asleep in their nests. Stemleaf padded in after with Spotfur. Mousewhisker braced himself for a glare, but none came. Stemleaf curled up in his nest, with Spotfur right next to him. Mousewhisker sighed. “Phew.” Mousewhisker rolled over. He couldn’t stop thinking of Minnowtail and his dream of that cat he met. Could that have been one of our kits? Mousewhisker thought, I wonder how long it’s gonna be until I’m a father.
      Though Mousewhisker did not know it, he was just about to be one…

      • The amazing Briarkit!!!
        July 27, 2020 at 5:27 pm

        Um, just so u know, Chapter Thirteen is replied to Chapter Ten.
        Chapter Fourteen
        Mousewhisker woke up. Well, now I don’t have to train Baywhisker! He felt the feeling that something had gone on, a good thing, and he didn’t even know. His thoughts drifted to Minnowtail, the beutifalest she-cat ever, expecting his kits. Mousewhisker sighed. Our kits will be the most beutifal in the world. Though Mousewhisker did not know that he was already a father. Mousewhisker padded into the Medicine den, where Alderheart was getting ready for his pointless trip to the Moonpool. Alderheart jumped when Mousewhisker stepped on a leaf. “Oh! It’s just u, Mousewhisker,” Alderheart meowed. “What’s up?” Mousewhisker asked. “I’m worried about tonight’s half moon meeting. I mean, I’ve always been at one with Jayfeather, but now that he’s exiled… it’s hard being the only Medicine cat,” Alderheart meowed, “I wonder if he’s changed his name to Jay because he’s a rouge now.” Mousewhisker laughed. “Do u think Jayfeather of all the cats would change his name just because he’s exiled? No!” “Good point,” Alderheart meowed, “but I’m still worried. I wonder if I should sit next to Willowshine or not. Mothwing was exiled to, so this could be the first time she’s going to the Moonpool without Mothwing. And perhaps Mothwing’s changed her name to Moth! Oh dear.” Mousewhisker sighed. “I have to say, u are the cat with the most worries I’ve ever met.” “I guess I am,” Alderheart meowed. Mousewhisker padded out. Eaglewing was with Shellfur and Plumstone, and they glared at him as he padded past. Mousewhisker sighed. I wish that everycat would be a little nicer to me, Mousewhisker thought, because I have a hard life.

  7. July 27, 2020 at 1:05 pm

    I’m posting this again, because it got buried.
    Ok, so my character in Maple’s role play The Tests: One More Chance, is named Spotty. This is xyr level up. I already posted it on the proper secret page, but I kinda want to post it here too.

    Spotty’s level up, level two to three.
    Spotty paced around in xyr room. Was xe ready for this?
    After months of questioning xyr gender, of trying out different gender labels, different pronouns, Spotty finally knew the gender xe felt most comfortable with!
    Xe was non-binary, and xe was so happy xe had at last found a gender xe was happy with.
    Spotty knew this was who xe was… but would xyr parents be accepting?
    Xe had actually known xe was non-binary for a few weeks now, but now xe really felt xe was ready to come out.

    Spotty took a deep breath, and walked out of xyr room.
    Xyr parents were in the living room. Their names were Kink and Scarred, but Spotty just called them Mom and Dad.
    “Mom? Dad? I have something I’d really like to share with you. It might be a little surprising, but whatever happens, I know you’ll accept me.” Spotty mewed.

    “Of course, son. Whatever you need to say, we’ll listen.” meowed Kink.

    “Go on,” urged Scarred.
    Spotty cringed at being called son.
    Xe wasn’t a tom! But xyr parents would know that very, very soon.

    Spotty mewed, “I’ve never really felt totally comfortable with the gender label male. It’s always made me a little uncomfortable, in fact.
    “So I realized recently- within the last couple of months- that I WASN’T a tom. So I started trying out new gender roles, figuring out what made me comfortable, and what didn’t.
    “I realized a few weeks ago that I am non-binary! That simply means I don’t identify as male or female. I’d really, REALLY, appreciate it if you used xe and xem pronouns for me from now on!
    “That’s all. Thanks for listening.” finished Spotty.
    Spotty waited to see what xyr parents would say.
    Kink shook her head. “No. You can’t just change your gender like that! You were born a tom, you ARE a tom!”
    Scarred said, “I’m disappointed in you, Spotty. Until you accept that you aren’t this non-binary nonsense, you won’t leave the house!”
    Spotty blinked. “But… this is who I am. Also, I’m pretty sure I know my gender better than you do!”
    Fast as lightning, Scarred clawed Spotty’s ear.
    “That… that hurt!” meowed Spotty, who was now actually feeling pretty scared.
    Kink snarled, “And there’ll be a lot more coming if you don’t just accept you’re a tom!”
    Spotty shakily mewed, “I don’t know you two anymore.”
    Xe ran to xyr room before Kink or Scarred could stop xem.
    How could coming out turn out so wrong?
    One thing was for sure, though: Spotty was NOT a tom. Even if xyr parents wouldn’t accept xem, at least xe accepted xemself.
    Ok, that was 443 words, I only needed 100 to make this count. 😛
    Follow the Yellow Brick Road

  8. DrizzlyOcean
    July 27, 2020 at 11:53 pm

    I guess I’ll post a couple more chapters here since two people read my last one, haha.
    C H A P T E R 1

    The rain splashed heavily onto the sandstone ground, fat raindrops were almost invisible under the dark cloudy sky. The disturbed puddles reflected broken shadows.
    It never rained much near the coast. As if the sky pitied ValleyClan, it fell harder than it ever did, onto the trembling pine trees and cats with their heads dipped.
    Hydropaw lifted up her head at the gloomy sky. A big drop of rain landed in her eyes with precision. She blinked twice and turned back down.
    Her mentor lay silent on the cold, wet rock, without any movement. She couldn’t tell if she was crying, though she thought she felt something warm drip down her cheeks. Nobody could tell when a cat was crying in this rain.
    Mixed with the raindrops creating ripples, Hydropaw wasn’t the only one shedding tears.
    She couldn’t believe Fernleaf was dead. Lying there, soundless, never coming back.
    Fernleaf is dead.
    She pricked her ear slightly and gazed almost numbly at the patch of tortoiseshell fur, with the white standing out in the dark and the brown and black spots blending perfectly in. Her furry tail, soaked in the rain, seemed like a pinch of drained and shrunken dog’s tail grass.
    Though everyone saw it coming from the way Fernleaf got tortured by green cough and fever, it was a great loss for ValleyClan. She traveled all the way out here, on top of the canyons, just to avoid any other cats from catching the disease, and that was only a few days ago. Before she left ValleyClan camp, she spent a few days teaching everyone, from apprentices to elders, the basics of herbs and how to treat common coughs and infections. Her conditions weren’t even that bad then.
    Hydropaw swallowed hard, refusing to believe she’s now a medicine cat apprentice without a teacher.
    Slowly, along with the other cats, she sank down. Her belly made contact with the ice-cold ground and shivered slightly. As a tradition, ValleyClan warriors and apprentices, or other cats that are able to make the trip, sleep around where their clanmate had died the night they passed away, to pay respect. But in this case, not too close, because the greencough could still infect some cats if not careful enough, though the heavy rain likely had washed it all away from Fernleaf.
    With grief, Hydropaw gulped at the tears. She felt the tabby apprentice next to her, Gorgepaw, peeked at her sympathetically, however she only sank her face deeper into her paws. She blinked the water out, then closed her eyes, listening to the sounds of the rain, the sound of some birds’ faintest chirp in the distance, the sounds as trees got dragged along with the wind…
    She squeezed her eyes shut tighter. Her mind drifted back to the days she spent with her mentor…
    No cat talked. There weren’t even the smallest voices of whispers. Eventually, Gorgepaw started to give a slight snore, which was almost completely buried in the rain. Hydropaw sensed no movements from cats, as she realized maybe it’s been quite some time that she spent listening to the sounds, and allowing her mind to wander, anesthetized.
    It was probably after midnight that she finally fell asleep, with her ears still upright at the rain, not realizing it had lightened very much.
    Now she is on her own… without a mentor.
    She drifted into a sleepless dream, thinking, at least Fernleaf is free of suffering…

    C H A P T E R 2

    A drop of morning dew rolled playfully off the leaf onto Hydropaw’s whisker. Hydropaw tried to look at it, but no matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t.
    “Hydropaw?” A voice called from ahead on the sand beach. It was Rippledrop, the medicine cat of SeaClan.
    “Hurry,” the silver tabby medicine apprentice, Swashpaw, turned back towards Hydropaw, shouting jokingly, “don’t blame us if we ditch you!”
    “Coming!” Hydropaw shook off the water drop from her whisker and sprinted across the soft sand, but her paw sank with every step, slowing her down.
    During the last gathering, Hollowatar and Deltastar, the leaders of ValleyClan and SeaClan, decided to have Hydropaw train with Rippledrop and Swashpaw and complete the rest of her medicine studies. Since Hydropaw only had five moons of training and Fernleaf had recently passed away… it was necessary for Hydropaw to learn more, in order to take care of the whole ValleyClan. She met with the SeaClan cats twice a moon, and this was her third course. Swashpaw, a moon younger than her, had already become her good friend, as they have a lot in common as in personality and interests.
    “How’s ValleyClan?” Rippledrop mewed as Hydropaw caught up with them.
    “Great,” Hydropaw replied as her paws struggled to walk on the sand, panting slightly, “every cat is healthy. How about SeaClan?”
    Swashpaw walked in between the two. “We’re fine. Just a kit tried to swim without permission and caught a cold.” Her fluffy pelt brushed against Hydropaw as she walked. “But I heard SaplingClan has a mildly sick warrior.”
    Hydropaw thought about SaplingClan. Their medicine cat, Greentwig, was the type of smart cat that always stays calm and knows what to do. “I’m pretty sure they’ll be fine,” Hydropaw shrugged, “they have Greentwig. Shouldn’t you be worried about ValleyClan, though, since all we have is an inexperienced apprentice?”
    “Oh, Hydropaw, stop, we know you’re smart.” Swashpaw nudged her. “Stop flexing on your intelligence.”
    They both giggled. Rippledrop grinned and winked at them. “Okay, kits, the herb garden is up ahead, anyone of you want to tell me what nit-grass is for?”
    “Treating fever?” Hydropaw meowed one step before Swashpaw and smiled as Rippledrop grinned with approval.
    “I told you you’re smart.”

    By the end of the day, Hydropaw and Swashpaw had gladly learned and memorized a few new herbs with their uses. Hydropaw still wasn’t used to walking on the sand like SeaClan cats, and their food was not all that appetizing either.
    The three medicine cats walked up the hill from the beach, near where pine trees, bushes, and rocks separated the three Clans’ territories.
    A clash of noises, involving cat voices, branches cracking and heavy footsteps lured their attention over.
    Hydropaw heard Rippledrop’s sigh. “A day we were away from camp and they’d fight.”
    Hydropaw glanced at the SeaClan cats sympathetically. She was told that SeaClan and SaplingClan had been fighting for half a moon now, but when she asked, Swashpaw would look at her mentor, and Rippledrop would shake her head and look away, so she never figured it out, and she didn’t bother anyways.
    The group was silent for a while. “Why do cats even fight?” Swashpaw asked suddenly.
    Rippledrop closed her eyes for a short moment and slowed down her pace. “Sometimes we just can’t figure out a way to solve problems by communicating.”
    The two apprentices, slowing down with Rippledrop, glanced at each other and didn’t speak.
    “We get impatient and hate one another… sometimes we win, sometimes we lose. But in the end… hopefully, we’ll realize that we’re all in the same boat.”
    “Boat?” Hydropaw squeaked, confused, “what’s that?”
    Swashpaw shushed her quickly.
    “ I really don’t believe violence is the solution to the roots of the problems. It only makes them worse. This is why I chose to be a medicine cat, where I don’t have to fight for things that I don’t believe in.”
    “But isn’t that what most warriors are trained for?” Swashpaw said quietly.
    Rippledrop fell silent for a few heartbeats. Her voice hesitated. “Yes… but no. I wish leaders like Deltastar had listened to me more…”
    Swashpaw slashed her tail slightly. Hydropaw wondered why they were even having this conversation. Clans had been fighting since… probably since hundreds of moons ago, and they are still here, settled by the ocean, perfectly fine. The occasional conflicts never seemed like some big disaster of doom to her.
    “Anyways,” Rippledrop rose her voice again, “that’s too heavy and boring of a conversation to have with young cats.”
    “Aren’t we going to try to stop the battle then?” Swashpaw asked, as Hydropaw found her eyes staring at a butterfly on a boulder.
    “I tried.” Rippledrop sighed again, “trust me, I tried.”
    The two apprentices didn’t know what to say, until the orange and black butterfly lifted into the air and flew right past their eyes. “Whoa!” Swashpaw exclaimed.
    “Look at how pretty it is!” Hydropaw commented, amused by the patterns on its wings. “The stripes look like nit-grass.” She found her friend staring at her. “A little bit.”
    Swashpaw widened her eyes, arguing, “not one bit! You see that part —” she lifted her front paw and pointed upwards at the butterfly’s right wing, “it kind of looks like a squirrel.”
    “No it doesn’t!” Hydropaw disagreed, laughing.
    And they kept going, even long after the butterfly had disappeared. As the sun slowly sunk toward the horizon, their pelts glowed like gold. Their shadows grew longer as they walked through valleys and hopped from rock to rock.
    Their laughter echoed all the way to ValleyClan camp, louder than the howling wind, louder than the chatty birds. And at one point, louder than all the clashes and rumbles in the world.

    • ❄️🐍 Viper That Is NOT On Craiglist >:C (Viperfrostpaw) 🐍❄️
      July 28, 2020 at 8:56 am

      oh wow i really like the characterization here! 😀

      bow to "earthling" overlords

      • DrizzlyOcean
        July 29, 2020 at 4:01 am

        Thank you : D I just posted a new chapter <3

        • ❄️🐍 Viper That Is NOT On Craiglist >:C (Viperfrostpaw) 🐍❄️
          July 29, 2020 at 12:34 pm


          bow to "earthling" overlords

  9. Wildpaw
    July 28, 2020 at 3:06 am

    Chapter five, this takes place two to three moons after the last chapter:

    Minnow lay lazily in a path of sunny grass. Princesses Twolegs had let her and her siblings be, and hardly ever bothered them.
    “Minnow, aren’t you going to eat?” Nash called.
    “I think I’ll wait for a lazy bird to land,” Minnow replied.
    “Can you catch it?” Nash asked.
    “Of course I can! the kits have been born, and there asleep right now,” Minnow snapped.
    “Oh right! Eagle and Sun are awake,” Nash meowed.
    Minnow sighed. She stood and walked back inside, towards the room with her kits. Eagle and Sun were play fighting, and Hawk stood off to the side. Named after his father, he d none of Hawkfrost’s personality.
    Instead of brave and ambitious, he was shy and timid. Eagle and Sun were more like Hawkfrost instead. Sun was a golden tabby like Mothwing, and Eagle was a tan she-cat with a white face.
    “Minnow!” Eagle meowed.
    The tiny kit ran up to her, followed by Sun. Hawk padded up carefully.
    “Hello, kits,” Minnow meowed.
    “Minnow, watch me!” Eagle squealed!
    She bunched up and pounced on Sun. Sun squeaked and fought back. Hawk watched, his dark, soft blue eyes wide.
    “Go on, Hawk. It’s alright,” Minnow encouraged.
    “But I don’t want to fight,” he replied softly.
    “That’s fine too,” Minnow meowed.
    “Scaredy mouse! Scaredy mouse!” Eagle taunted.
    “I am not scared!” Hawk protested.
    Minnow looked up just in time to see Nash, Fern, and Princess entering the room. Nash looked at the squabbling kits, and purred with amusement.
    “Eagle, Sun, why don’t you leave Hawk alone for now?” he suggested.
    Hawk cast a grateful look at him.
    “But we’re just having fun!” Sun complained.
    “By picking on him?” Fern interjected.
    “No,” Eagle meowed. “We were just messing with him!”
    Nash sighed. “These kits are a pawful.”
    “Believe me, I know,” Minnow replied.
    She watched as Eagle tried to sneak up on Hawk. The tiny tom squealed in fright as she leaped on him.
    “Hey!” he mewled.
    “Eagle!” Sun called.
    Eagle looked towards her brother. Sun was the more ambitious of the three, always coming up with crazy ideas that always ended up in injuries.
    Sun and Eagle managed to get outside, Minnow, Hawk, Nash, and Fern not far behind. Hawk ran over to join his littermates, who were investigating the fence.
    Minnow turned towards Nash and Fern, who were watching the kits with interest.
    “Well, how have you two been?” she finally asked.
    Three or more moons and she still hasn’t asked.
    “Well, I left Mina’s place when I was about six moons old, and became a loner,” Nash started. “Then I met Puddle, my mate. She and I had kits, named Pool and Hestia.”
    “You’ve already had kits?” Minnow asked.
    “They’re both only about two moons older than yours. That’s where I go when I leave for a bit,” Nash replied. “Then I found Fern outside the woods, beside a barn. We were exploring when that brute of a tom took us. Nothing much happened since then until we found you.”
    “But then there’s what I did before you found me, Nash. I also left around the same time Nash did. Except, I went to stay with two cats named Squirrel and Hopper,” Fern meowed.
    “Squirrel and Hopper are my best friends!” Minnow meowed.
    “Well, I only stayed with them a day, the day right before we were kidnapped by Atlas. Fox and Holly were adorable,” Fern continued.
    “Is that all that’s been happening?” Minnow asked.
    Fern and Nash nodded.
    “Well nothing has happened to me either. I just loved in that tree, chased around by Atlas, Aster, and RiverClan,” Minnow meowed.
    A squeal caught her attention. She whirled around to see Eagle, Sun, but not Hawk.
    “Where is Hawk!” Minnow demanded.
    She ran over to them, to see a hole covered up by a rock.
    “We were going to explore a little, but as soon as Hawk went through, the rock fell over the hole!” Eagle meowed.
    “Fell over?! And why is Hawk going first?”
    “Hawk wanted to prove he wasn’t a scaredy mouse, so he went through,” Sun explained.
    Minnow jumped on top of the fence, and then looked around. She couldn’t see Hawk anywhere. She jumped down, but couldn’t find a scent trail. She
    “Hawk!” she called.
    “M-Minnow! Help me!” The tiny voice sounded very faint. As if covered up.
    An ideas sprang into her head.
    “Nash! Start digging around the hole!” she called.
    “Why?” he asked.
    “Just trust me!” Minnow looked around the fence, pressing her war against it.
    She faintly heard Nash’s digging, marking the spot where the hole was. She started digging herself, flinging dirt everywhere.
    Finally, some of the dirt caved through to reveal a small tunnel. A startled yelp rang in her ears. She dug a bit deeper, and finally caught sight of some fur. It was so dark, so almost missed it.
    The tom-kit turned his dark blue eyes towards her. He crawled slowly towards her, to a point where Minnow could get him out herself. She hooked his scruff with her claw, and pulled him out.
    “Minnow! Eagle and Sun forced me inside! They pushed the rock in front of it and I couldn’t get out!” Hawk wailed.
    Minnow growled under her breath.
    “Your fine now, Hawk,” Minnow meowed.
    She grabbed his scruff in her mouth, and leaped back over the fence. Nash was still digging.
    “It’s okay Nash, I found him,” Minnow meowed, setting the tom down. “Eagle! Sun! Hawk tells me you forced him down there!”
    Eagle shot Hawk a glare that said, “I’ll get you for this!”
    Sun looked down, but Minnow knew he wasn’t sulking. He always did stuff like this to Hawk.
    “Well, Sun suggested that we check out the fence, and when Hawk was looking around, he explained the plan to me. We showed Hawk the small hole we found, and Sun shoved him in.
    “Before Hawk could figure anything out, we pushed the rock in front of the entrance, thinking that there was a way out on the other side,” Eagle explained.
    Minnow sighed. “And you did this why?”
    “Because we wanted Hawk to get braver! So he’d play with us!” Sun meowed.
    “Your exactly like Tigerstar!” Minnow growled.
    Over there many meetings, Hawkfrost had told Minnow about the leader of ShadowClan. He attempted to rule all of the clans, and killed a queen. He led a dog pack into another clans territory to get what he wanted.
    Princess gasped behind her. “How could this innocent kit be like try at evil retch?”
    “Because Hawkfrost is Tigerstar’s son!” Minnow sighed. “And I don’t mean evil, I mean ambitious!”
    Sun stared at Minnow, furious. “Why do you hate me and Eagle so much! You only pay attention to Hawk!”
    Without warning, he took of through the small hole.

    Yay, plot twist. Also, I am very angry at myself for the next chapter.

    • The amazing Briarkit!!!
      July 29, 2020 at 7:03 pm

      I love your story! 😀

  10. Wildpaw
    July 28, 2020 at 4:02 am

    Also, chapter four!:


  11. July 28, 2020 at 4:57 pm

    Should I continue my AU? Also, random fanfic:

    Oceanpaw blinked rain from her blue eyes. Her eyes were blurry, but she knew what was coming next. The disappointment of her Clanmates.
    She had failed.
    Watching helplessly as another cat was lost to those deadly flames, swallowed up in fire.
    She had promised to save the next cat, and then failed. Again.
    A shiver went through her, even though she was hotter than that flame. A white-hot lightning bolt swam across her vision, and before she knew it, her mother stood in front of her, claws unsheathed.
    “Go.” she hissed. “Just go. You failed again; we won’t give you another chance. We’ve given you enough chances. Go, now.”
    Terrible memories stormed through Oceanpaw’s mind. Numbly she pelted away. Towards the fire. Hot enough to destroy a stone. Then, she leapt into it.
    With a shriek as the flames consumed her, devoured her, she faded away. Just before every cat forgot about her, she whispered, “Goodbye….”
    Then, she was gone. No memory of her remained. Except for one piece of a memory that would soon destroy the forest………….

    – – – –
    What did you think?

    Biggest Ivypool Hater Alive

  12. Bloompaw’s Ghost
    July 28, 2020 at 8:28 pm

    Welp, here’s the next chapter!

    “Dapplekit, Branchkit, Flickerkit, and Dirtkit, you have all reached the age of six moons, and it is time for you to become apprentices!” Pigeonstar called. Dapplekit couldn’t believe it. She had waited so long to become an apprentice, and now that it was finally time, she was terrified. She imagined everyone in the clan staring at her, and suddenly she felt very small. She felt Dirtkit nudge her, and when she looked at him, he gave her a reassuring smile. “Dapplekit!” Pidgeonstar continued. “From this day on until you receive your warrior name, you will be known as Dapplepaw!” Dapplepaw. She couldn’t believe it. For moons she had imagined having that name. “Your mentor will be Owlblaze. I hope he will pass down all he has learned to you.”
    “I won’t let you down.” Owlblaze meowed, as he walked forward to touch noses with Dapplepaw. Dapplepaw couldn’t stop herself from shaking with excitement. Owlblaze was one of the best, if not the best, fighters in ShadowClan. Owlblaze saw her shaking and smiled, so Dapplepaw tried again and succeeded in stopping, feeling embarrassment flow through her. She leaned forward to touch noses with her new mentor. My mentor. The thought made Dapplepaw nearly start shaking again.
    “You are a strong and loyal warrior Owlblaze, I know you won’t.” Pidgeonstar meowed, a fondness in his voice. Soon, Owlblaze was back in the crowd of warriors and Pidgeonstar was announcing the mentors of her siblings. All of it went in a blurr, and Dapplepaw hardly noticed when Flickerpaw was apprenticed to Shreadface, and Dirtpaw was apprenticed to Burnclaw, though she was surprised when Branchkit got his mentor.
    “Branchkit has chosen a slightly different path then his siblings.” Pidgeonstar meowed, much to Dapplepaw’s surprise. Since when? Dapplepaw thought. “Brindlepelt, step forward.” Dapplepaw was confused for a moment, until she remembered that Brindlepelt was the medicine cat.
    “Me and Branchkit had talked about this before, and I would be honored to have him as my apprentice.” Brindlepelt called to Pidgeonstar as she walked forward.
    “Then Branchkit, you will be apprenticed to Brindlepelt. I trust that she will pass on all her knowledge to you. From this moment on, until you receive your warrior name, you will be known as Branchpaw.” Brindlepelt then came up to Branchpaw and touched noses with him. Before she knew it, the camp erupted into cries from all of the cats in the clan.
    “DAPPLEPAW! FLICKERPAW! DIRTPAW! BRANCHPAW!” The other cats cried, causing Dapplepaw to almost fall over with shock. She knew it was going to happen, but the moment was even better then she had ever imagined it. And again before she knew, it, the cats were leaving, going back to organizing patrols, eating fresh-kill, and talking to each other as if nothing had happened.
    “I can’t believe that we’re apprentices!” Dirtpaw meowed, his eyes lit with happiness.
    “I can’t either!” Dapplepaw responded. She dashed over to Owlblaze, who was walking towards the new apprentices.
    “Can we go out now? Can we practice fighting?” Dapplepaw begged her mentor. She was eager to learn from her mentor. She hadn’t been able to practice fighting since Shreadface had interrupted their training session.
    “Someone’s enthusiastic.” Owlblaze purred. “But I think it would be better if we saw the territory first.”
    “I guess this is where we part ways.” Flickerpaw meowed, dipping her head with fake respect. “I will await the day we meet again.” With that Flickerpaw walked over to where Shreadface was waiting, who was scowling as usual.
    “Can I come with you two!” Dirtpaw asked, making Dapplepaw jump.
    “If Burnclaw agrees.” Owlblaze purred.
    “I do.” Burnclaw meowed, entering into the conversation. “It’ll be nice to let them stay together for the first day.”
    “Can we go now?” Dapplepaw asked enthusiastically.
    “Why not!” Owlblaze meowed, leading the group into the forest. Finally! Dapplepaw thought. Now, she was truly an apprentice. Now she was a true ShadowClan cat.


  13. DrizzlyOcean
    July 29, 2020 at 4:00 am

    LoL here’s more I guess
    btw the book is currently/temporarily titled Hydrowhisker’s Friend
    C H A P T E R 3

    The moon was almost full high up in the night sky, which was illustrated with glittering stars. The sky was clear without any traces of cloud in view.
    The SeaClan camp settled on the dry side of the beach, with some gradual hills and a few clusters of short bushes. Hydropaw had gotten here before sunset as planned, and she would train with Swashpaw and Rippledrop until the gathering tomorrow, on the night of full moon.
    After dinner, Swashpaw invited Hydropaw to sleep in the medicine cat den with them, which was a neatly dug hole extending gradually into a hill, supported by tree branches on the wall. Deeper inside the hole bends slightly underground, and was covered with sand from the beach, which made the beds SeaClan cats use instead of sleeping on soft dirt in ValleyClan.
    “Have fun sleeping,” Swashpaw told Hydropaw, “our clan is great. Even our sand beds are the best.”
    “Hey, that’s not fair.” Hydropaw slashed her tail, “You should try warm dirt grounds with me next time.” She teased, even though inside, she had to admit sand beds are better, though sand was definitely going to get stuck under her pelt when she woke up the next morning, they are way more comfortable.
    In the corner of her eye, Hydropaw saw Rippledrop resting her jaw on her arm, with her emerald eyes glowing in the dark as she grinned at the apprentices.
    Hydropaw smiled back, and turned back to Swashpaw. “But SaplingClan has moss beds! Aren’t those the best? I mean, no sand stuck in your fur, soft, and everything. And in ValleyClan, only sick cats or elders get to use those since we don’t have much moss.”
    Swashpaw widened her eyes unbelievably. “How dare you side with the other Clan?”
    And her acting almost got Hydropaw for a moment. “You’re joking.” Hydropaw’s standing fur softened as she relaxed, laughing.
    “Why, of course I am!” Her friend patted her lightly on her back, giggling. “I would love to steal their beds, too.”
    A short moment of silence laid between them, but long enough for the three cats in the den to know that a cat who wasn’t supposed to be at SeaClan had appeared.
    “Intruder!” They heard Surftail, the night guard, shouted outside.
    Hydropaw couldn’t help but tense up. Also alerted, Rippledrop also got up immediately, ears upright.
    “Both of you stay in here,” she climbed out of the sand bed with sand falling out from her pelt and padded quickly towards the exit, “I should go check what’s going on.”
    Swashpaw shifted closer to Hydropaw, nodding quietly.
    “Be careful. ” Hydropaw meowed, at same time wondering if she felt Swashpaw shaking.
    The medicine cat stopped near the entrance, sniffed the air and peeked outside. Her eyes seemed to brighten at the sight. “It’s Greentwig!”
    “Why is Greentwig here?” Swashpaw mumbled, easing up quite a bit.
    “In the middle of the night?” Hydropaw added.
    “She probably wants to talk to me,” Rippledrop replied. As if being called upon, she stepped outside the den. “I’ll be back.”
    “I’m so glad it’s not some SaplingClan troop attacking our camp, or their warriors trying to claim our territory again.” Crouching down, Swashpaw groaned.
    Hydropaw huddled next to silver tabby apprentice. “The war must be very tiring… right?” She said, trying to understand, then opened her mouth hesitantly. “Also… is that why your clan is at war with SaplingClan? For land?”
    Swashpaw froze, realizing what she had said, but softened again. “I don’t know, really. All they’ve ever told me was that they want the eastern part of our territory. And nothing’s really there, except for some grass, bushes and a pool of rainwater.”
    “Then why can’t you give it away then? Or why does SaplingClan even want it?”
    “Well… since most water we have is salty, that pool is about one-third of our drinkable water source, and without it, we will have to chew even more succulents and grass for hydration than we already do.”
    Hydropaw wrinkled her nose. “Those don’t taste very good.” She commented.
    “Another reason,” Swashpaw continued, “could be that Deltastar is afraid he will look bad if we just give something up for another clan. That’s what Rippledrop always tells me.”
    Hydropaw nodded, however still confused. So much fighting to avoid chewing plants did not sound worthy to her, unless Deltstar really does care about making himself and his clan “look good”, which she found unlikely, because any dutiful leader would want the best for their clan, right?
    “Why does SaplingClan want it? No cat knows but themselves.” Swashpaw began again, dropping her voice. “And, oh, Hydropaw, I get so scared sometimes. I hate that feeling of not knowing when the next attack is going to be. There are times when I just wish I can get out of here forever, not having to deal with such battles and terror.”
    Hydropaw rested her chin down, not understanding. “But you are a medicine cat. You don’t have to — you are not supposed to fight. Other cats are not supposed to hurt you either.”
    “I know.” Swashpaw turned away, looking down. “But I can’t stand watching things get destroyed,” she paused, “that time, the second battle we had with SaplingClan, they attacked our camp, and… trust me, it was like the world came to an end. You won’t want to know what happened to the dens and prey.”
    “But–” Hydropaw hugged her friend, “it’ll be okay. No cat is going to hurt you. That’s against the code.” She watched Swashpaw turn around to look at her with the ocean blue eyes and looked right into it with hers. “everything will be fine. If anyone dares to harm you, I’ll protect you with my life.”
    Exhaling, Swashpaw closed her eyes. “I still wish I can get away sometimes.”
    “Don’t,” Hydropaw found herself saying, “I need you. So does SeaClan.”
    “Thank you.” Swashpaw squeezed Hydropaw’s wrist tight, grinning vaguely. Hydropaw squeezed back.
    For a while, neither of them talked. They simply listened to the chatters outside the medicine cat den.
    It wasn’t long until they took notice of footsteps approaching them.
    Without a surprise, it was Rippledrop, but with Greentwig close behind. As if she knew she was not supposed to be here, the black and white SaplingClan medicine cat waved with awkwardness.
    “Do you want to tell them?” Rippledrop asked Greentwig.
    “Actually, you can do it,” Greentwig mewed, “after all, they are your apprentices.”
    Rippledrop rolled her eyes, but that did put a smile on her face. “Okay then,” she began, “Barkleg, a senior warrior at SaplingClan, has a severe lung disease. I will have to leave for a few days to help him regain his health with Greentwig.”
    Swashpaw groaned, but only loud enough for Hydropaw to hear.
    “Hopefully.” Greentwig added.
    Rippledrop looked at her sideways. “Of course we will.”
    “But how long will you be gone for?” Swashpaw got onto her feet, worry was written over her face.
    “For a few days, at least. Though it can get up to a few weeks.”
    “What about SeaClan?” The two apprentices said at the same time.
    Rippledrop and Greentwig gazed at one another again.
    “… is it okay if I leave it up to you two?”
    The apprentices hesitated and stared at each other, not knowing what to say.
    Instead of accepting the challenge, another idea popped into Hydropaw’s head. “W-what about –” she started, but had to reconsider if it was really a good idea.
    “Go on.” Rippledrop encouraged.
    Hydropaw swallowed. “Can we – maybe Swashpaw and I can go instead of you?” She pushed the words out, nervously waiting for others’ response.
    The four cats exchanged glances.
    It was Swashpaw who broke the silence. “Sounds like a great idea to me,” she uttered, “that way, Rippledrop, an actual medicine cat, can be here taking care of SeaClan, while SaplingClan will also have an experienced medicine cat. Besides, Hydropaw and I get to learn something new!”
    “That… doesn’t sound bad, actually,” Greentwig tilted her head, agreeing.
    Rippledrop scanned around the den and shrugged. “If you all say so, then sure.”
    Hydropaw couldn’t help but smile as if a dream just came true, with her tail tip trembling with excitement.
    “Sounds reasonable, so I’ll approve it,” Rippledrop went on, “but you have to leave now. Barkleg can be in great danger. Are you sure you are ready to go a full night without any rest?”
    Greentwig nodded seriously. “I left him to a warrior with previous medicine training, but we still need to get there quickly. It will be a sleepless night spent traveling.”
    “Of course,” Hydropaw answered, excited, ignoring the fact that they might get exhausted by the long walk, “we’re ready, right, Swashpaw?”
    Swashpaw sat up straight and nodded rapidly. With every moment sitting, it had become more unbearable compared to the exciting journey up ahead.
    “So there you go.”Rippledrop said to Greentwig, “two apprentices at service.” She then turned to Hydropaw and Swashpaw. “Now you two, go drink some extra water, grab another bite or two, don’t forget to take some freesia and daisy. Remember what those are for?”
    “Keeping strength!” Hydropaw shouted.
    “Prevent hunger!” Swashpaw yelled at the same time. “Same thing!” She added afterwards, laughing again.
    “That was a little loud… but you’re both right, now go prepare. There’s a life waiting for you to save.”


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