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“Nobody will stop you from creating. Do it tonight. Do it tomorrow. That is the way to make your soul grow – whether there is a market for it or not! The kick of creation is the act of creating, not anything that happens afterward. I would tell all of you watching this screen: Before you go to bed, write a four line poem. Make it as good as you can. Don’t show it to anybody. Put it where nobody will find it. And you will discover that you have your reward.” Kurt Vonnegut

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November 5, 2016 4:50 pm

Chapter 2 Creekfeather’s Path

Creekfeather and his small band continued moving quietly along the trail that heads back to camp.

“So how many are in your group?” Coal asked him being in the middle while Creekfeather took the lead and Clover was at the rear.

“Just me,Clover and a queen expecting kits” Creekfeather said as he looked around for any signs of Darktail.

“All you need to know is follow Creekfeather’s rules and you’ll be fine” Clover meowed to the black tom.

The trio of toms had finally made it only for Creekfeather to get pounced by a light brown bundle of fur.

“Creekfeather! I’m so happy your back!” yowled Nettle as she licked his ears with affection before speeding over to her brother

“Clover,how was the hunting trip you were gone for a day” Nettle said as she sniffed him for any injuries.

“I’m perfectly fine Nettle but our new campmate,I don’t know” Clover moved over so she could see the new small black figure that was carrying a vole.

“Oh it’s a kit!” Nettle bounded over to him before picking him up by the scruff and taking him near the lake leaving the two toms at the camp

“Well might as well share the vole” Clover said breaking the silence,Creekfeather briefly nodding his head before taking the vole and sitting down beside the black and white cat.
Coal’s POV
As Moonhigh approached everyone in the camp was asleep except Coal who stood atop the boulder that helped guard the camp.

“I’m so glad they gave me a chance” thought Coal as he surveyed the surrounding area

“I want Creekfeather to be proud me,Nettle treats me like I’m hers” he continued as he stood a little higher his eyes beaming awake

“I must prove myself to him,I will be the best hunter and catch the most prey!” Coal meowed as his eyes began to close him slowly drifting off to a peaceful sleep under the Moon’s light waves of silver.
I will mostly use POV’s when I do things such as make the cat hunt alone or as I did with Coal have him standing watch.
Anyways Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed it!
This one is a little short due to it being a returning chapter the next will be longer

🎷Wavesplash 🎷
🎷Wavesplash 🎷
November 6, 2016 10:16 pm
Reply to  Blackclaw

Great chapter! I’m excited to see how Coal will fit into the group 🙂

🌊 Queen of Canon Correcting🌊

November 6, 2016 12:59 am

Chapter 3
Creekfeather tosses and turns in his nest,he shakes and quivers to the size of a little kit,he begins silently wailing to himself as his eyes open,he looks around too see battling cats.

Sharpclaw holding off two unknown rogues,while Leafstar was battling Darktail.The sounds of the skirmish echoing all around him.

He watched as an elder was killed by the rogue he encounter eariler Feral the others called him.

You! Creekfeather yowled as he sprung at the grey tom him slashing at him only for his blows to be dodged and countered.A rogue was sneaking up on him but Creekfeather heard him due to his loud growls and yowls,and quickly hooked his claws into him and throwing him at Feral knocking them both into the water.

“Creekfeather!” said Smokepaw as he looked his older sibling,Creekfeather was blinded for a second as Feral lashed out at him sending he sprawling over but quickly regaining himself when his ears perked at his leaders call.

“Skyclan!,this battle is over,” Leafstar said her pelt covered in wounds,her eyes shown with defeat at she looked at her injured clanmates.

“There is no use spilling our blood over this,I think it’s time we leave” the she-cat spoke as she looked up at Darktail his gaze shone with trimuph.

“About time you learned your place Leaf” with that Creekfeather leaped at him his silver pelt almost flying as he clawed at Darktail.

Darktail slashes his muzzle and blood covers his eyes but he keeps his fury and goes for Darktail’s throat,only to be countered and clawed in the belly

Blood pours out of his belly he resists the urge to go down,he tries to leap at Darktail only to fall to his paws his eyes still showing the same anger and fury he had
during the battle.Just as Darktail was about to send a deathblow to his head,Smokepaw jumped infront of him.

“Wait,please don’t hurt my brother please!”said the young Light grey tom his white paws standing firm infront of the bigger cat.

“Aww would you look at that,big bad warrior has a brother” Darktail sneared as he had Roach and Feral to bring him over to his group.

“We’ll be taking him and sending the rest of you off” he said calming holding a warm glowing gaze as he looked at the pride stricken Skyclan.

“No!”,”You Can’t!,”You Fox-heart!” went through the fallen clan as they were forced off their border.

“N-n-no” cried Creekfeather as he crawled slowly,blood draining from his wounds as he stood slid forward trying to stop them from taking his brother before he blacked out,tears streaming through his eyes “S-s-s-s SMOKEPAW!” Yowled the silver tom before the world went dark.
Everyone like that little flashback of Skyclan’s Exile? I enjoyed writing it since I’ve always wondered what happened so I decided to write one.
I have now shown you all Smokepaw Creekfeather’s younger brother.Pretty sad right,well it makes Creekfeather extremely unstable it makes more sense why he wants to hunt down Darktail and Feral now right? Anyways thanks for reading I will post another one either tonight or tommorow BYEE!

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🎷Wavesplash 🎷
November 6, 2016 10:20 pm
Reply to  Blackclaw

Nice chapter. I guess you haven’t read Hawkwing’s Journey because that’s not exactly how it goes down and I’m pretty sure Smokepaw doesn’t exist XD. But it was very well-written and I can see Darktail doing that, though I think he would’ve killed Creekfeather too.

🌊 Queen of Canon Correcting🌊

November 7, 2016 3:49 am

Yeah I’ll be sure to get it later and yes Smokepaw’s not a real character I just needed to give Creekfeather a Stronger motive to find/kill Darktail

November 7, 2016 3:57 am

Also my verison of Skyclan’s battle is also suppose to give way to another part later in the fanfic and Darktail thought he pretty much killed him and that just to insult him would take his brother too.

November 6, 2016 3:55 am

Okay. Okay. I will… Sort of… Not really… Tell myself this will be the last fanfic I will start before I finish and/or abandon my already active ones. Okay. It’s typed out. Are you ready for my new fanfic? (Right now I’m only posting the Allegiances but more will come soon!)

By: Shadowpaw


Crowstar- Tom tiger.
Spikefire- She-cat tiger.
Apprentice: Blackpaw
Medicine Cat
Smokewing- She-cat tiger.
Deadcloud- Tom tiger.
Nightnose- Tom tiger.
Apprentice: Darkpaw
Ashstream- She-cat tiger.
Ravenspots- She-cat tiger.
Apprentice: Sharppaw
Brownclaw- Tom tiger.
Redfrost- She-cat tiger.
Icefern- Tom tiger.
Apprentice: Marshpaw
Snakewhisker- Tom tiger.
Ratfur- She-cat tiger.
Mudfoot- Tom tiger.
Toadheart- Tom tiger.
Rockpelt- She-cat tiger.
Houndfang- She-cat tiger.
Kits: Stonekit and Shadowkit.
Blackpaw- She-cat tiger.
Darkpaw- Tom tiger.
Sharppaw- Tom tiger.
Marshpaw- She-cat tiger.
Stonekit- Tom-kit tiger.
Shadowkit- She-kit tiger.
Thorntooth- Tom tiger.
Antsnout- Tom tiger.

Swiftstar- Tom leopard.
Fleetfoot- She-cat leopard.
Medicine Cat
Hareleap- Tom leopard.
Apprentice: Slippaw
Jumptail- She-cat leopard.
Apprentice: Runningpaw
Streamsplash- She-cat leopard.
Windshadow- Tom leopard.
Apprentice: Flashpaw
Rabbitrunner- Tom leopard.
Horsewhisker- She-cat leopard.
Spottedwind- Tom leopard.
Apprentice: Dapplepaw
Leapclaw- She-cat leopard.
Birdpelt- Tom leopard.
Willowflight- She-cat leopard.
Featherfur- Tom leopard.
Flightheart- Tom leopard.
Dustfoot- She-cat leopard.
Kits: Wingkit, Deerkit, and Stormkit.
Skyface- She-cat leopard.
Kits: Dashkit and Fallenkit.
Slippaw- She-cat leopard.
Runningpaw- She-cat leopard.
Flashpaw- She-cat leopard.
Dapplepaw- Tom leopard.
Wingkit- Tom-kit leopard.
Deerkit- Tom-kit leopard.
Stormkit- She-kit leopard.
Dashkit- She-kit leopard.
Fallenkit- Tom-kit leopard.
Streakfish- She-cat leopard.

Goldenstar- Tom lion.
Petallight- She-cat lioness.
Medicine Cat
Shinetail- She-cat lioness.
Apprentice: Silverfeather
Sunpelt- Tom lion.
Apprentice: Amberpaw
Berryleap- Tom lion.
Brightflame- She-cat lioness.
Firedapple- She-cat lioness.
Apprentice: Flowerpaw
Lightstorm- Tom lion.
Yellowleaf- She-cat lioness.
Apprentice: Sparkpaw
Honeyclaw- She-cat lioness.
Meadowfur- Tom lion.
Rosestream- She-cat lioness.
Apprentice: Shiningpaw
Blazeberry- Tom lion.
Dawnwish- She-cat lioness.
Apprentice: Copperpaw
Bloomfang- She-cat lioness.
Kits: Moonkit and Dewkit.
Emberheart- She-cat lioness.
Silverfeather- She-cat lioness.
Amberpaw- Tom lion.
Flowerpaw- She-cat lioness.
Sparkpaw- Tom lion.
Shiningpaw- Tom lion.
Copperpaw- She-cat lioness.
Moonkit- She-kit lioness.
Dewkit- She-kit lioness.
Daisyfoot- She-cat lioness.
Dandelionstem- She-cat lioness.
Cricketnose- Tom lion.
Lightningbee- Tom lion.
Sunnyface- Tom lion.

Can’t wait to show you the Prologue and Chapter 1!

🎷Wavesplash 🎷
🎷Wavesplash 🎷
November 6, 2016 10:22 pm
Reply to  Shadowpie

Ooh, this seems pretty cool! I love the touches from the stories from Secrets of the Clans(?)!

🌊 Queen of Canon Correcting🌊

Fern Shadows in Pumpkin Lanterns (Fernfall)
Fern Shadows in Pumpkin Lanterns (Fernfall)
November 6, 2016 10:33 pm

The Hidden Army
Chapter 3: Sunstrike
By Fernfall
Edited by Winterpaw

My story started the day Breezepaw forced me, alone, into a rabbit burrow and told me that if I screamed for my family he’d tear my ears off with his teeth.

I was four moons younger than him, and absolutely terrified.

I remember the press of the earth on my haunches, my tail crushed into the soil and the weight of the moor on my back. I remember Breezepaw’s amber eyes glowing with malice in the dark. I remember the gleam of light from the burrow’s entrance behind him circling his head, glowing, a mocking halo.

He was the first dark thing to enter my life, and definitely not the last.

We had been on a hunting assignment the day before, with the others. He had caught the most prey out of all of us, and yet when he took his catch to his father he had been met with cold criticism. Watching from a distance, I had laughed nervously. It was involuntary, uncomfortable. I was not sure if I was happy or not. I hadn’t decided, like every other choice in my life.

Breezepaw had been nothing but cruel to me, but I felt what was almost a pang of sympathy when I saw Crowfeather snub him.

I had grown up without a father, too. In that moment I forgot that Breezepaw had always been at the forefront of the whispering crowds. I saw Crowfeather’s disappointment through his eyes. I saw the clench in his tense jaws.

“I think his father hates him,” I had murmured to Heatherpaw. I was to pay for it.

She had made no reply.


Then that day passed and I was backed into a hole, a hurt and brutal apprentice glaring above me.

“You don’t know anything about my father. You don’t know anything about fathers at all,” Breezepelt growled, there in the burrow, black nose inches from mine. I could feel his breath on my whiskers. I could feel his hate hitting my heart.

“What makes you think you know what he’s like? You have no idea! You know nothing!”

I cringed back, shaking my head as best and as frantically I could without hitting the walls of the burrow. Earth clung to my fur. I shook. I cracked. “I- I didn’t mean-”

“You meant every word. Did you think I wouldn’t hear? Did you think Heatherpaw wasn’t going to come and tell me if I hadn’t? Are you that stupid?”

My throat felt as dry as the crumbling burrow. I couldn’t reply, there was nowhere to look but his eyes, endless and dark. Burrow, burrow, walls, eyes.

Something glinted more in his eyes’ depths. He took a step back, and I thought for a second he would turn and leave, but then he lashed out with his paw, striking me across the muzzle. The side of my face hit the muddy wall, and I had nowhere to reel to. Soil showered around my ears. I sinned farther down, choking, smothered.

Detached, I wondered how it would feel if someone was to rub the cuts blooming on my face into the dirt. A sting behind measure. More than wound; a nightmare.

“That was a warning,” said Breezepelt. “Next time I really will tear your ears off.”

I didn’t let him have a next time.


Heatherpaw and I stayed friends, and I somehow trusted her.

With her being the closest she-cat to my age, and me being slightly vacuous, as young she-cats often are, there was little chance of the alternative. I was undecided, naivë, and young.

We fought with each other, gossiped and giggled together, mooned, and didn’t mention Breezepaw.

We weren’t at all alike, but it didn’t matter at that age.


I avoided Breezepaw as much as I was able for the rest of his apprentice moons, but he and Heatherpaw, by virtue of their age, were destined to become warriors before I was. Perfection in shadowy bodies.

I was left an apprentice, and a lonely one.

Swallowpaw, Sedgepaw and Thistlepaw, younger than me, were the closest sisters I ever knew, and though I pretended that I fit in, and they pretended the same, it was never right.

I just want meant to be with them. I was my own cat, and while that wasn’t a problem, it also was.

Breezepelt found great pleasure in using his new position to torment me, ordering me about, exhausting me, regularly beating me up in training sessions. I could see what his father said to him many moons ago in the memories behind the walls of his eyes. I could see the lasting scars.

Again, the pang of empathy.

I thought, at the time, that’s all he was and would be: a cruel and hurt tom who used to bully, and now was just a grumpy warrior. Someone who I would be in a competition, a game with, someone to always beat.

That’s all he was going to be, I didn’t think far beyond into shaded forests and training.

I should have.


The first respite came in my last quarter-moon before my Warrior ceremony.
Furzepaw was Heathertail’s apprentice; sweet, sparky, naivë, just the right amount of shallow and vicious that we clicked immediately.

She cheered the loudest when I was given my new name.

“I wish you weren’t so old, Sunstrike,” she said to me one evening, as we watched the sun go down over the moors. “It’s no fun training without you, and I’m all alone in the den, my brothers are stupid.”

I laughed. It felt true, though as usual, I couldn’t decide. “You have me during the day.”

Furzepaw looked at me then, conviction in her green eyes. “I don’t care what Heathertail says about you,” she said. “You’re the best cat in all the Clans, and she’s stupid to listen to Breezepelt.”

“I hate Breezepelt,” I told her.

“I know,” she replied. “You’ve told me that twice today…”


Even when I decided to train harder to get the upper hand over Breezepelt, nothing worked. He seemed to improve faster than anyone I’d ever met. This game turned in his favour, and I a,ready saw it began to turn into more.

He woke up each morning like he’d been training all night, head full of new techniques. I couldn’t keep up. Something was just inexplainable.

He woke up each morning with his eyes full of shadows, pelt criss-crossed with fine claw marks.

Naïve as I was, I thought nothing of it.


Every time he beat me, he would pin me down and fasten his teeth around my ear, to remind me of the threat he’d made moons ago, a step closer.

For moons and moons I would give in, all through my apprenticeship, well into warriorhood.

“Stop giving in, Sunstrike,” Furzepaw told me one day, nursing my wounds. “It’s what he wants you to do.”

At first I stared away, embarassed. Naivë, moody, competitive, indecisive, empathetic, I was so mixed up that I didn’t want to be told what to do.

The next day after Furzepaw gave me that advice, Nreezepelt killed I rabbit I had been casing for almost five minutes, and smeared the blood on my chest, ears.

“Seriously,” Furzepaw stomped. “Stop giving in.”

I stopped.


He’d knock me into the dust, still.

The difference was that I would rise finally.

“Rematch,” I’d say, each time.

His lips would curl. “You’re no match for me,” he’d sneer, and stalk away. Who was left standing now?


“What’s your secret?” I asked him once, exasperated, as I lay on the moor grass, muscles aching. My haunches stung with wounds. My ears felt tingly, waiting to be threatened.

It was more time of back and forth, debating, fighting, competition. I turned different, more harsh and set in my ways. More decisive, which seemed impossible.

He had been walking away. He paused. “My secret? I don’t think you want to know.”

I hadn’t meant it as a serious enquiry, but now I was intrigued. “I want to beat you.”

He turned around, very slowly. His black silhouette stood dark against the grey-white sky. “I train every night.”

I sat up, a little, rolling my eyes. “You’ve told me. I already know.”

“I don’t think you do.”

I thought he was about to leave, but he surprised me by saying one more thing:

“It might be interesting to have a real opponent in you for a change,” he murmured. “I hope you slept well last night, Sunstrike. You’ll never have another chance.”


That night I met the brown and white demon, the monster with ice-blue eyes, the tormentor with darkly striped fur.


He told me he could teach me to be better than Breezepelt. He told me I deserved it. I was special, Breezepelt was not. I was the better cat. I was stronger, and I could WIN the game.

I believed him. I guess I was still naïve, because I should have known to never believe a cat like him.


It was easy, at first, when it was just me and Hawkfrost. I was learning already.

“Do you want to meet my friends?” he asked, in a saccharine way that I should have seen was so wrong. So insincere.

They scared me, and soon, so did he, but I was better than I’d ever been, stronger and faster than I thought I would ever be.

I couldn’t stop.

It was wonderful. The other trainees and I were in on a secret, the terror made it exhilarating.

My class was delusional, and Breezepelt the dark star pupil.


Furzepaw noticed, of course, like she always would. I had not intended to keep the Dark Forest a secret from her, but somehow it felt like something dark and shameful; something I shared with Breezepelt, and that’s how she knew. She would always know.

She cornered me near the RiverClan border on a patrol one day, looking furious and betrayed. “Are you in love with Breezepelt?”

I didn’t know how to respond. I stared at her. “Wh- what in StarClan’s name makes you think that?! Are you out of your mind, Furzepaw?!”

She looked unabashed. “You two are both exhausted every morning, like you’ve been out all night, you look at him now like the two of you know something we all don’t, and don’t you think I’ve noticed how your fighting style has changed? He’s the only cat in WindClan who fights like you do now.”

I felt strangely enraged. “You have no idea what you’re talking about,” I said, stiffly. I defended myself.

“Yes I do, and you’re proving it. I never thought that you of all cats-”

“I don’t love Breezepelt.”

She snarled at me. “Don’t lie to me, Sunstrike! I know you. Look what you’re becoming! Is he making you into this? Is this what you want?”

I snapped, breaking instantly. “What am I becoming? A better warrior than you? So what if he has something to do with it? You have no idea what you’re on about!”

She reeled. “Do you have thistledown for brains?”

I laughed. “You’ll never understand. They haven’t chosen you to train!”

Furzepaw’s face crinkled with disgust. She walked away.

I ran up behind her and pinned her down into the dirt, holding her until she could only see four walls of soil, and my everlasting eyes.


In the end, I came to her in a dream. I took her to the Dark Forest, to explain what she’d been missing. I apologized, but she never looked at me the same.

I said I was sorry for the misunderstanding, and hurting her, and everything.

She never apologised for accusing me; Furzepaw became one of the best trainees.


Eventually, I remembered that moment, what she had said.

I found her by the foul river and stared at her. I could see it in her eyes, the memories of looking into mine as I shoved her into the ground.

“I don’t love Breezepelt,” I meowed.

I had finally decided something.

“I just don’t hate him.”


I was under a spell in that place, blind to its evils even as my friends were made to shred each others’ pelts.

The forest was a little gross, but I was willing to put that aside. Furzepaw, cleverer than I, made her own conclusions. She stayed anyway.

I adored Hawkfrost and Thistleclaw, which disgusted me indefinitely later on. Tigerstar intimidated me. Mapleshade was fox-hearted, though I might have been jealous. Brokenstar was ugly and strange, Sparrowfeather unsettling. The other ones were just lingering ghosts with muscles.

Only Darkstripe I truly found terrifying.

He would corner me often, by the river or behind some rocks, call me “pretty thing”, and get far too close, putting his paws on my fur.

I feared for my life near him, and I would soon know why.


Breezepelt pinned me down in a training session, fastened his teeth in my ear.
I waited for him to let go.

“I don’t hate you,” I whispered, struggling.

Breezepelt lightened up.

“What are you waiting for?” barked Mapleshade.

Breezepelt jerked away from me at the command, teeth tearing through my flesh, ripping a V into my ear. I gasped, surprised, confused, horrifically bloody.

I shrieked, and my fur ran warm and red. Breezepelt watched me impassively.

I heard Darkstripe’s voice in my ear as it pooled with blood, telling me it was a shame to damage something so lovely.

A few nights later I gave Breezepelt a rip in his ear to match mine.

And after he lay on the ground, bleeding, snarling, I whispered for the third time to someone:

“I don’t hate you, Breezepelt.”

He stopped snarling.


I learned to shred a cat’s fur to ribbons for praise, divulged WindClan’s secrets to the Dark Forest with enthusiasm, fought to kill, and still I did not realise why I was in the Dark Forest at all.

I remember searching for Furzepelt in the crowd at the Dark Forest’s final meeting. That was the last I ever saw of her, I never found her in the battle that ensued, and never found out what happened to her in the living world.

Most of the trainees turned on the Dark Forest. Perhaps Furzepelt would have realized that they were using us to gain information on our Clans. Any additional loyalty or willingness to fight for them was a bonus.

I figured it out, and found where I stood. I decided. I rebelled, matured and in control.

I stood for WindClan.

We were hopelessly outnumbered against the Dark Forest cats, but they had taught me well, and I could match them blow for blow. At least, I could at first. They had been in the Dark Forest for seasons upon seasons, while I had been there for mere moons. As the battle wore on it began to show, and I began to tire.

Perhaps I should have gone out in a blaze of glory, true to my name, felling Dark Forest warriors left and right as I sank to the ground, but I did not. Life does not work that way, and nor does death.

It was quick and loud.

Even with my wounds streaming, claws aching, teeth stained red and mouth thick with the tang of blood, I could have fought on. I could have, and I was in the what of a war, but I didn’t:

Then there was a weight on my back, sharp pains on my dully aching shoulders as twisted claws sank in. I tried to throw off my attacker, but I was too weak.

I swung and looked into his eyes, soulless and ebony.

“Hello, pretty thing,” Darkstripe murmured. “Are you ready to die?”

I was destined, then, to die in the bloody haze of battle, my name only another name on a long list of the fallen, another pawn in the paws of the Dark Forest, another life wasted in pursuit of a goal that they never reached.

He reared on me, putting his laws in disturbing areas, claws out.

I looked over, screaming, and saw Breezepelt’s eyes.

He turned away.

My story ended with my blood pouring onto Darkstripe’s sinking claws, and with my undecided friend turning his back on my dying body.

Emberpaw (Emberfang)
Emberpaw (Emberfang)
November 7, 2016 3:35 am

Man, I hate Breezepelt 😛 Awesome chapter! 😀

🎷Wavesplash 🎷
🎷Wavesplash 🎷
November 7, 2016 7:04 am

That was wonderful! Wow, Breezepelt really… sucks 😛

🌊 Queen of Canon Correcting🌊

Asterpaw Who Is Too Lazy to Get a Thanksgiving Name
Asterpaw Who Is Too Lazy to Get a Thanksgiving Name
November 7, 2016 1:31 pm

Ugh I really hate Breezepelt…but still somehow love him (I dunno what the Dark Forest I’m doing with myself) XD maybe it was that MAP that I watched…

November 8, 2016 3:07 am


Butterflypaw (Butterflyflower)
Butterflypaw (Butterflyflower)
November 7, 2016 2:44 am

Song of Spirits

Chapter 4

Toklo was sharing a salmon with Aiyanna and his daughter Oka.

“I’m going to go find Lusa, Kallik and Yakone now.” He said.

“I’ll come with you.” Aiyanna said.

“And me!” Oka bounced up.

It wasn’t long before they saw a flash of black fur.

“Lusa?” Toklo called.

“Toklo!” Lusa ran toward him. “We have to find Kallik and Yakone!” She gasped.

“Okay!” Toklo said.

They ran to the white bears side of the lake.

“Toklo? Lusa? Is that you?” They heard a familiar voice as Kallik approached.

“Yes, it’s us.” Toklo said.

“Where’s Yakone?” Lusa asked.

“He’s over there, wading in the lake.” Kallik told them. “I’ll go get him.”

She returned a few seconds later with Yakone.

“Ujurak came to me and told me that darkness was coming” Lusa told them.

“Lusa!” She heard Miki call her name as he and their cubs appeared.

“Miki! I’m glad you’re here!” Lusa exclaimed.

Kallik and Yakone’s cubs appeared.

“Now that you’re all here, I will tell you what you must do.” Ujurak appeared. “You must go across an ocean.” He said, and faded away.

“Wait!” Toklo shouted. “Which ocean!?”

November 7, 2016 5:08 am

Chapter 4
As Creekfeather awoke,still terrifed the events of his past he saw the prey pile was empty he didn’t want to have to show is face like this infront of his campmates.

So he left and did what he always did to support his group without them knowing.Headed to the Barrows.As he crossed the thunderpath and entered the Twolegplace,he caught sight of Jinx and Comet two of his “companions” who went over to him with haste.

“You’re here Creekfeather” meowed Jinx as he licked his red fur while making sure to keep his ears low infront of the silver furred warrior.

“Of course he is you mouse-brained fool” spoke Comet as she bowed her head infront of what she would call her Leader.

“Anyways,the others are waiting for you Creekfeather” Comet said as he bounded over to the entrance that was covered with a small blanket.

Creekfeather padded into the small entrance that opens up to a monster nest (Abandoned Parking lot) too see a medium size group of kittypets,loners and rogues with four cats standing guard infront of a large flat rock.

The silver tom jumped on top of the rock and let out a low growl which silenced the crowd of cats gathered in the monster nest.

“Listen up you mangy pelts,give me a report on what’s been going on round the Barrows” yowled Creekfeather as he slammed his paw down onto the rock causing a few cats to jump a little.

“Well the kittypets at the farm haven’t turned in their moon’s share of food” said Jinx as he sat stood in the mass of pelts

“And the Rogue group at halfbridge have grown bigger and said they aren’t giving us anymore of their prey” A guard spoke as she looked up at Creekfeather quickly before putting her head down.

“Those rogues have always been a pain in my tail,I’ll turn them into Crow-food get a battle patrol ready Jinx” Creekfeather growled as he gaze hardened and he leaped off the rock and left the monster nest.
As Sunhigh was on the horizon Creekfeather had gathered a patrol and was walking down the Barrows headed towards the halfbridge when he spotted a white pelt
scavenging through the trash looking for something decent when Creekfeather looked back at Comet and Jerked his head forward and just like that she bursted forward much to the white she-cat’s surprise.

She reeled backward in an attempt to flee but was pounced on and dragged right back to the location of the patrol.

“If it isn’t Petal” said Jinx as he cackled before being quickly silenced by Creekfeather’s paw scoring his head.

“You really think I’d just up and leave didn’t you Petal?” growled Creekfeather as he looked the white-she cat in the eyes.

“Creekfeather,i-i-i i’m sorry please don’t hurt me It wasn’t my choice, Ember made us do it” Petal meowed quivering under the larger tom.

“Fine,I am a cat of mercy so I will let you go but not until I finish taking care of the problem” said Creekfeather as he signaled for two cats in the patrol to grab her

“Take her back to the camp and don’t let her out of your sight” He spoke as he looked straight down the alley way, before sending himself and the patrol down towards the halfbridge.
Liking Creekfeather’s other life? Really shocked what a Warrior brought up by the Warrior Code could do huh?

Creekfeather secretly runs a medium sized group of cats that he keeps far away from his group so that he can provide them with prey when the forest can’t.He had to kill their previous leader in order to gain his spot which made the other cats fear him,he gained territory with his training and harsh law with the cats of the barrows.

Lets all pray to Starclan that Creekfeather will get better Lol.

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🎷Wavesplash 🎷
November 7, 2016 7:06 am
Reply to  Blackclaw

Whoa, dark Creekfeather! XD

🌊 Queen of Canon Correcting🌊

Asterpaw Who Is Too Lazy to Get a Thanksgiving Name
Asterpaw Who Is Too Lazy to Get a Thanksgiving Name
November 7, 2016 1:34 pm
Reply to  Blackclaw

This is kinda sorta cracking me up to be honest
“Listen up, up you mangy pelts!”
And then they’re all like AHHHHHHH WE NEED HALP
But great chapter! 😀

November 7, 2016 5:18 pm

I know it’s been a while! It just took me a while to write down everyone, cause I’m lazy and I have the memory of a goldfish. So ye, sorry.
Rosesong’s prophecy:
Chapter 12: Hide and seek

Rosekit was having so much fun playing with Stormfoot, she forgot all about her paw being broken. She put it down then lifted it back up again when it stung. “Ouch!” Rosekit squealed. She laid down and started licking it. “Are you okay?” Thornkit asked. “Yea, I just put my paw down, it’s fine.” She answered. “I just think I can’t play in the next battle.” Rosekit added. She sat closer to the medicine cat den and licked her broken paw. Stormfoot gently swatted at Thornkit and he ducked under it and dodged all of his swats. Breezekit leaped on his tail and swatted at it. Stormfoot pulled his tail up and gently flicked her with it. Thornkit stepped back and launched himself at Stormfoot. Stormfoot stepped to the side but left his tail and Thornkit tripped over his tail which sent him tumbling away. “Would you like to try again?” Stormfoot purred. “Sure! But this time…” Thornkit padded over to Rosekit. “Rosekit plays.” Thornkit finished. “I guess I can play now.” Rosekit answered. “Breezekit, you and Riverkit should be on a team, Stormfoot.” Thornkit meowed. “Okay.” Stormfoot replied. “Ready, set…” Thornkit started. “GO!” Rosekit yowled. She swatted at Stormfoot and leaped on his back. Stormfoot shook her off with ease. “If you’re ever in a real battle, try sinking your claws in their back!” Stormfoot advised. Rosekit nodded and jumped at Breezekit. She pinned her down, but Riverkit pushed her off. Thornkit swatted and Stormfoot, but he was jumping around so he couldn’t hit him. Stormfoot swatted at him but Thornkit jumped back. Breezekit swatted at Rosekit but she dug her claws in the dirt so she didn’t fall. She almost sunk her claws on her broken paw in the dirt, but then remembered it was broke and kept it up. Riverkit slid under her and bumped her up. Rosekit fell down and landed on her stomach. “Being smallest isn’t ALWAYS too bad!” Riverkit meowed. Rosekit got up and pulled her paw back up. “Well done, but when your small, you can’t escape this!” Rosekit meowed, leaping on him and pinning him down. Breezekit swatted her off and Rosekit fell. “All four of you will be great warriors, and Thornkit, you’ll be a good leader.” Stormfoot purred. “Yep! Frostflake says we are natural warriors.” Thornkit meowed. “I don’t NEED fancy fighting moves like you Thornkit, bet you couldn’t use your wits to fight.” Riverkit teased. “All I need is my fighting moves.” Thornkit meowed. “There is more to being a warrior than killing, attacking, and being the best.” Stormfoot told them. “Which neither of you know!” Breezekit retorted. “Haven’t killed you yet!” Thornkit hissed. Stormfoot shook his head and sighed. “Don’t you three know how to break it up?” Rosekit sighed. “Cause I will if you don’t.” She added. Thornkit hissed and stepped back. “Smart choice.” Rosekit meowed. “I’m bored, who wants to play hide and seek?” Riverkit meowed. “Sure!” Thornkit meowed. “Okay, who will count?” Stormfoot asked. “I will!” Riverkit meowed. He put his paws over his eyes and started counting. Rosekit limped away and looked around. She slid in a tiny open space behind the highrock, and Thornkit soon joined her. “Get your own spot!” Rosekit hissed. “There are no more spo-!” Thornkit started, then he got cut off by Rosekit covering his mouth with his tail. “Shh, he’s coming.” Rosekit silenced him. She held her breath as Riverkit walked by. “You’re white fur doesn’t help much!” Thornkit hissed. “Not my fault!” Rosekit replied. “Found you! Mousebrains, you’re so loud!” Riverkit meowed, sticking his head to the crack.


Note: Anything childish, or any warriors being nice, that is because they are kits and have no idea what they’re doing.


November 7, 2016 11:12 pm
Reply to  Rosesong

Awesome chapter! I wonder how Rosekit’s paw will affect her…
Riverkit’s pretty clever, can’t wait to see him as a mentor!

November 7, 2016 11:13 pm
Reply to  Shadowpawmkin

Oops! Sorry for the duplicate!

Thornpelt (Rosesong's brother)
Thornpelt (Rosesong's brother)
November 8, 2016 4:32 pm
Reply to  Shadowpawmkin

Thanks! I am trying to design Riverkit to use his wits to fight instead of his claws and teeth since he is weakest.

November 8, 2016 4:35 pm
Reply to  Shadowpawmkin

Sorry about my name changing! My brother logged on my account yesterday to bug me, as you can see Thornpelt is his OC that I added in my fanfic. (Way to spoil warrior names Rosesong)

November 7, 2016 11:12 pm
Reply to  Rosesong

Awesome chapter! I wonder how Rosekit’s paw will affect her…
Riverkit’s pretty clever, can’t wait to see him as a mentor!

🎷Wavesplash 🎷
🎷Wavesplash 🎷
November 8, 2016 12:35 am
Reply to  Rosesong

Well I don’t see why the warriors wouldn’t be nice to them, but great chapter!

🌊 Queen of Canon Correcting🌊

Thornpelt (Rosesong's brother)
Thornpelt (Rosesong's brother)
November 8, 2016 4:33 pm

Thanks Wavepaw!

🎷Wavesplash 🎷
🎷Wavesplash 🎷
November 9, 2016 12:25 am

Oh hey, Thornpelt! Your sister writes really well! Welcome to BlogClan 🙂

🌊 Queen of Canon Correcting🌊

November 8, 2016 3:26 am

Growing Shadows
Chapter 4

Dewpaw’s POV

Dewpaw led Silverleaf behind the nursery and sat down.

“I had another dream.” she mewed.

“About the-” Silverleaf’s voice dropped to a whisper. “Prophecy?”

Dewpaw nodded. “Mudpool came to me. I only saw him for a moment, though. He said to not forget the prophecy.”

“But why would he tell you that?” asked Silverleaf.

Dewpaw shrugged, not knowing the answer, either. “No clue.”

“Well, let’s keep thinking about it. Don’t worry.” mewed Silverleaf, getting up. “I’d better go, Nettletalon will probably want for patrol.”

Dewpaw hurried back to the medicine den, hoping Flowerwillow hadn’t noticed she had gone. Flowerwillow wasn’t in the den, so Dewpaw assumed she was checking on the sick cats. She sorted through some moss she had recently collected, and changed the moss in the medicine cats’ nests.

“Flowerwillow! Flowerwillow!” Sorrelwhisker yowled as she ran into the medicine den.

“Flowerwillow’s taking care of the sick cats.” meowed Dewpaw, jumping to her paws. “What’s going on?”

“Branchpaw fell out of a tree. I think he broke one of his legs.” Sorrelwhisker gasped.

“All right.” Dewpaw mewed. “Wait there for a moment.”

Dewpaw ran to the herb store. Comfrey root, poppy seeds, cobwebs… Dewpaw wrapped her herbs up in a leaf, and followed Sorrelwhisker to Branchpaw.

Branchpaw was lying on the ground, one of his forelegs twisted at a strange angle. Stormwillow sat next to him, trying to keep him still.

“Where’s Flowerwillow?” Stormwillow meowed.

“She’s busy.” Dewpaw mewed, setting down the herbs.

Dewpaw ran her paws over Branchpaw’s leg, feeling for the jagged lump signaling a break. She felt nothing, but at the top of the leg, near the joint, found it was dislocated.

Dewpaw sat back on her haunches. “It’s not broken, just dislocated.” she mewed.

“Can you fix it?” asked Stormwillow.

“Yes.” meowed Dewpaw. “A dislocated joint isn’t as bad as a break. I’ll have to put it back in place, though, and it will be painful.”

Dewpaw thought back to early in her apprenticeship, when she had watched Flowerwillow put Sparrowtalon’s leg back in place.

I’ll need to numb the pain with a poppy seed, then put the leg back in place. Dewpaw thought.

“Branchpaw, eat this poppy seed.” mewed Dewpaw, placing one of the tiny black seeds in front of him.

Branchpaw whimpered and licked up the poppy seed. Dewpaw waited for Branchpaw to grow sleepy, then began.

“Sorrelwhisker, Stormwillow, I’ll need you to hold Branchpaw down, in case he kicks out when I put back his leg.”

Sorrelwhisker and Stormwillow placed their paws over Branchpaw’s other three legs.

“All right.” Dewpaw murmered. “It’ll be over in just a moment, Branchpaw.”

Dewpaw took a deep breath and placed a paw on Branchpaw’s shoulder. She took his leg in her teeth. Please, StarClan, let this work!

Dewpaw pulled sharply, and heard a sharp click. Branchpaw yowled, and Stormwillow gasped.

“Okay.” meowed Dewpaw slowly. “Stormwillow, Sorrelwhisker, let him go. Branchpaw, how does your leg feel?”

Branchpaw stood up shakily. Dewpaw was pleased to see that Branchpaw was able to put quite a bit of weight on the leg, and Stormwillow supported him as they went back to camp.
Stormwillow went with Branchpaw to find Flowerwillow once they got back to camp. Dewpaw put away the herbs and finished fixing her nest.

Flowerwillow was back after a while, looking pleased.

“Stormwillow told me you put Branchpaw’s leg back in place.” mewed Flowerwillow.

“Yes. Is Branchpaw all right?” meowed Dewpaw.

“He’s fine.” purred Flowerwillow. “You did well, considering this was your first time treating this sort of injury.”

Dewpaw dipped her head, relieved that Branchpaw’s leg was okay.

“I think it’s time I do something.” continued Flowerwillow.

“Do what?” Dewpaw asked, thoroughly confused.

“It’s time you got your full medicine cat name.” announced Flowerwillow.

It took Dewpaw a moment to fully comprehend her words. She stared up at Flowerwillow in amazement.

“Tomorrow is the half-moon, so we’ll have the ceremony then.” meowed Flowerwillow.

A full medicine cat! Dewpaw thought, astonished. I can’t believe it!

Silverleaf’s POV

“There’s definitely a scent here.” meowed Aspencloud, sniffing a log along the Twolegplace border.

“We could see if there’s any scent on those Twoleg fences.” suggested Lightningstrike. “It could have been a kittypet straying into our territory.”

Silverleaf followed Lightningstrike and Aspencloud as they padded cautiously up to a Twoleg den. The scent was stronger now, and identifiable as kittypet scent. Suddenly, there was a yowl from up on the fence.

A rather plump brown tabby kittypet was sitting on the top of the fence, flexing his claws menacingly.

“You’re on my territory.” he growled.

Lightningstrike rolled his eyes. “You were on our territory, you pathetic kittypet.”

“What did you just call me?” hissed the kittypet.

Silverleaf fluffed out her fur to make herself look bigger.

“Why don’t you go run back to your Twolegs?” she taunted.

With a yowl the kittypet hurled himself off the fence. Silverleaf jumped out of the way to avoid him. This kittypet was fierce, but not a good fighter at all. Aspencloud gave the kittypet a few warning scratches, and Silverleaf gave him a cuff around the ears. Thinking it would leave, she drew back. Then, the kittypet turned and latched his teeth in the end of Silverleaf’s tail.

“Get off!” Silverleaf spat, shaking the kittypet off easily.

The kittypet gave the Clan cats one more loathing look, then hopped over the fence and disappeared.

“And good riddance!” yowled Lightningstrike at his retreating back.

“Well, I suppose he wasn’t your usual soft kittypet.” meowed Aspencloud.

“He got Silverleaf pretty good!” purred Lightningstrike.

Silverleaf licked her bleeding tail-tip. “Well, I suppose that’s why you don’t turn your back on your enemy.” she muttered.

Aspencloud nodded. “Exactly.”

The patrol checked the rest of their scent markers, then headed back to camp. Silverleaf sat down next to Dewpaw, who was eating a thrush and looking very happy.

“I’m going to get my full medicine cat name!” mewed Dewpaw.

“Dewpaw, that’s so great!” purred Silverleaf. “You’ll be a great medicine cat.”

“Thanks.” Dewpaw meowed. “And-uh-what happened to your tail?”

“We had a bit of a run-in with a particularly fierce kittypet.” meowed Silverleaf. “And I made the mistake of turning my back on him.”

“Some kittypet.” Dewpaw mewed.

“Stupid thing went running back to his Twolegs after we gave it a few scratches.” meowed Silverleaf.

“Yeah, but only after it got your tail!” teased Dewpaw, purring.

“Oh, I’ll get you!” exclaimed Silverleaf, jumping on Dewpaw.

Silverleaf hit Dewpaw with soft paws. Her sister rolled and swiped at Silverleaf, purring. Silverleaf kicked up a puddle, splashing Dewpaw’s pelt with the muddy water.

“Honestly, are you two kits?” meowed Brightmoon, clearly trying to disguise her amusement.

“Oh… Sorry, Brightmoon!” meowed Silverleaf sheepishly.

Brightmoon rolled her eyes. “Let’s just act our age, shall we?”

“Sorry.” mewed Dewpaw, cleaning the muddy water off her pelt. “Er- I should go.”

Silverleaf cleaned off her own pelt, embarrassed but still trying to suppress a purr.
I had too much fun writing that kittypet attack 😛 And Dewpaw will be receiving her full medicine cat name. I’m excited to write that, so hopefully that chapter will be done quite soon 🙂 Maybe even tomorrow, since I don’t have school because of Election Day. Hope you liked Chapter 4! 😀

Shadow of Shiny Purple IPhone That's Taking a Picture of a Turkey
Shadow of Shiny Purple IPhone That's Taking a Picture of a Turkey
November 8, 2016 2:01 pm
Reply to  Dewpaw

Yas! That kittypet attack was amazing! Such… fierce moves kittypet.

Owl at Thanksgiving Feast(Owlheart)
Owl at Thanksgiving Feast(Owlheart)
November 8, 2016 8:03 pm
Reply to  Dewpaw

Such a fierce kittypet!😀

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🎷Wavesplash 🎷
November 9, 2016 12:27 am
Reply to  Dewpaw

Ooh, Dewpaw’s full name, yay! Fierce kittypet 😛 super funny!

🌊 Queen of Canon Correcting🌊

November 8, 2016 5:10 am

Chapter 5
The patrol walked towards the halfbridge at the abandoned Twoleg nest that was near was now a lit with growls and yowls.As a ginger jumped out of a shatter window with rogues pouring out behind him.

“Ember” said Creekfeather his teeth bared and his claws unsheathed,his patrol doing the same.

“We told you,we’re not giving our prey to you anymore,it’s best you leave” the ginger tom said defiantly as he lifted his head up high.

“Have you not learned from Fleet?” Comet hissed.

“Anyone who defies me ends up dead,that’s how it’s always been” Creekfeather said pure hatred in his voice.

“Fleet was a fair leader,your nothing but a tyrant pushing us all around for your so called protection,sure he was a little cruel but he treated us all the same” Ember spat at Creekfeather.
Play now

“And if you want a battle,you’ll have one” said Ember as rallied his cats.

“ATTACK!” yowled Creekfeather and Ember in unison as the cats began charging at each other,a large crashed hit both sides as the halfbridge was sparked with the flames of battle.

Jinx was viciously clawing at a small brown tom sending him fleeing bleeding heavily.

Comet was dealing damage to tow equal sized she-cats hitting both with blows left to right.

The halfbridge stunk with the rank smell of blood and flesh.

Cats from both sides retreated as the battle continuted claws raking pelts,teeth entering flesh and cats yowling for one anothers blood.

Creekfeather launched himself towards Ember only to be blocked off by Petal who had managed to escape the guards.

“I won’t let you hurt another one of my leaders Creekfeather” the she-cat said flinging herself on the silver tom.

Creekfeather swiftly dogded the white cat and slammed his paw into the side of her belly making a ripping sound as blood poured from the wound.She tried to escape only to be knocked onto her back

“You should have stayed with guards” said Creekfeather as he tore her throat infront of a shocked Ember.

“You killed her!” said Ember as he readied himself

“You’ll pay for this defiance” growled Creekfeather as he leaped at Ember and hooked him under his claws only for Ember to shake himself out and rake his claws against Creekfeather’s flank.

“Oh you sneaky fox” said Creekfeather as he ran towards the orange cat sliding under his belly before lashing out a paw dazing Ember sending him flying a short distance smashing into the house.

Ember quickly regained himself, and sprung at Creekfeather slicing at his chest.Creekfeather was knocked back slightly but quickly lashed out a paralyzing blow to one of Ember’s legs before pouncing on the the ginger tom and was ready to rip his throat out.

When suddenly,the sun was starting to lower Creekfeather called out “Barrow Cats pull back,we have already won this battle!” Creekfeather let the ginger cat go for them all to start pulling back closer to their abandoned two-leg nest.

Creekfeather pulled back from the attack him and his cats leaving the area forgetting about the destruction they caused.

“I have to get back before they wake” thought Creekfeather as he rushed further beyond the twolegplace with haste crawling under the fence that led to the wild light wounds marking his pelt.
End Music
“I heard Creekfeather came back a day ago,he seemed pretty anger at Ember” said a random Kittypet as he looked along the fence of the farm for any signs of the silver warriors rogues.

“Yeah,I heard he ripped Petal throat out,poor she-cat” Another spoke as the cat hopped on the fence as well.

They are suddenly surprise when a calico tom with a black collar came up to both of them.

“If he is back we might as well alert,Eel” said the Calico coldy as he took the spot of both of them and they lept down and started headed toward the main garden.

“Yes right away Gorse” said the two cats as they bounded towards the garden fear scent hanging on their pelts like moss to a tree in the marsh.

“If you are back we will be waiting,we won’t go down so easy” Gorse said as cat started weaving small little brambles around the bottom of the fence to prevent any cat from coming from under.

“We’ll be ready” the Calico tom spoke once more before looking over the fence once more and jumping off for another cat to take his place.
Creekfeather you dirty dirty tom. Some of that weakness is coming out,his fear of losing control and not being to feed his small group killed Petal and a couple of others in the process and boy was Ember lucky the sun was going down. Gorse is like a second leader,leading one side of the large farm,while Eel leads the other side.Lets see what will happen in this chapter of Cats gone Tigerstar lol.

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🎷Wavesplash 🎷
November 9, 2016 12:30 am
Reply to  Blackclaw

Yikes. Just stay away and be peaceful Creekfeather. Don’t be a Darktail XD

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Owl at Thanksgiving Feast(Owlheart)
Owl at Thanksgiving Feast(Owlheart)
November 9, 2016 5:36 am

Here’s a one-shot. It might be bad so feel free to tell me.

One day at a Gathering the leaders are giving their reports when all of a sudden Tigerstar appears and kills Dovewing. Nobody’s upset, but everyone is a little disturbed that Tigerstar just showed up. A few days later Mapleshade shows up in WindClan and kills Breezepelt. Everybody’s happy that he’s gone, but why did Mapleshade show up? When the medicine cats go to the Moonpool StarClan comes to them and gives them a Prophecy ” the cat you least expect will save you all from being killed, and restore peace to the Clans.” So the medicine cats tell their leaders and of course they try to find out who the cat is, but they can’t find this mysterious cat. At the Gathering the death of more annoying cats are reported.(Berrynose being one of them) Everyone is loosing hope when some cat that was so lame and inenportent that nobody knows the name of shows up, and saves everyone with his magic waffles, and the annoying cats stay dead.

🎷Wavesplash 🎷
🎷Wavesplash 🎷
November 9, 2016 7:34 pm

Um.. wow. That was chock-full of information! I don’t see why they wouldn’t be upset about the deaths, plus it went really fast and was very short. And what POV was it from? Nice idea though 🙂

🌊 Queen of Canon Correcting🌊

November 14, 2016 5:41 am

Chapter 6
Creekfeather made it back to camp to see a new figure along with Clover sitting there guarding the camp.

“Your finally back,at least you brought prey” said Clover as he pawed the ground at looked at the Silver tom.

“Who’s the Orange she-cat?” Creekfeather said as he looked at the figure who moved forward to stand infront of the warrior.

“My name is Sun” said the she-cat as she moves her tail along his flank purring loudly.

Clover gives a quick look before looking down his pelt burning in confusion at the she-cats flirting.

“Your kits are here if you didn’t know Creekfeather” said the black and white tom as Coal walked out holding leaves and a half cracked stick along with poppy seeds.

“Creekfeather! Your back!” shouted the black tom as he practically slammed himself into the tom.

“Nettle wants to see you” Coal meowed as he padded past him and looked at the new half filled prey pile and picks up a thresh.

“Sun,your allowed to stay but don’t you think your not going do anything” said Creekfeather as he stood in the entrance of the den.

“Whatever you say Handsome” she meowed before grabbing a mouse and sat beside Coal.

As Creekfeather entered the den he heard faint mewing as he looked foward into the nest and saw three small shapes nuzzled up against their light brown mother.

“Creekfeather I’m so glad your back,I’ve been worried about you” said Nettle as Creekfeather placed his head atop of hers.

“I’m sorry my hunting trip took longer then I thought it would” The tom mewed before looking down at his kit’s

“I’ve been waiting up all night for you to come back,so we can finally name the kits” The light brown she cat spoke as she licked the three heads of the kits who were to busy suckling to notice the silver tom.

“We’ll can I name the first one?” Creekfeather said his eyes brightly lit with love and warmth.Nettle nods her head before nudging her head towards the silver she-cat with white paws and a giant spot above one of her eyes.

“I’ll name this one Heatherkit” Spoke the warrior as he gave Heatherkit’s head a quick touch with his paw.

“And I think this one should be named Brackenkit” Nettle mewed quietly as she looked at the light brown tom whose pelt was had large white spots dotting it as well as the tip of his tail coated white.

Creekfeather looked down at the last one who had a fully white pelt with brown spots around his eyes,Creekfeather looked down for a second before stepping outside and looking up to the Stars.

He sighed before walking back into the den and looking back at the last kit he had yet too name.
“And I’ll call you Smokekit” said the Warrior gently as he gave the kit a long and loving lick.Before settling down beside Nettle and drifting off to a peaceful slumber.

“I’ll do anything to protect you” The tom thought as he replayed the images of his kits through his mind and imagined what they would grow into.
I’ll give you all a clue to who Sun is background wise we just met someone who was at a certain area in the Barrows before Creekfeather left.She left the Barrows to look for a better life out in the forest filled with adventure leaving the safety of a certain group of cats.And her mother’s friend died but dosen’t she know it yet.

It should be pretty easy to know who’s daughter she is.Btw her mothers a former kittypet who lives with a certain someone.

See Ya!

November 27, 2016 4:21 am

Creekfeather awoke to a field of green,prey run rampant in abundance the troubles he’d seen almost seemed forgotten in this paradise but he was just in his nest with his kits and mate but now here.

The silver warrior rose to his paws and began sniffing and padding around the place trying to catch a whiff of anything when he was suddenly knocked off his paws by a starry pelted tom that put the sun to shame.

“What do you think you were doing down there mouse-brain?” meowed the tom as he looked at a daze and confused Creekfeather.The tom swiped a paw over his head again when he tried to get up.”Wait a second,am I dead?” said Creekfeather as he looked at the Starry tom once more “You will be unless you tell me why you were doing that!” he yowled as Creekfeather gazed downward towards what he thinks is his world
It shows brief flashbacks of all the wrong he’s done from killing Petal and Fleet and taking prey from others as well as teaching the Barrow Cats how to fight without mercy instead of hunting.”Remember who you are Creekfeather.” said the tom as he licked his chest his gaze burning through the silver tom’s pelt like fire through a forest.”I-i-i just wanted to feed my family” Creekfeather mewled as he shrunk under the starry tom’s gaze “That is not the way Creekfeather!” said the tom as he padded around Creekfeather “You’re a Warrior brought up by the warrior code,think of all you’ve done”meowed the strange star pelted warrior. Creekfeather looked down towards the world again to see more flashbacks

“I am going to be the best hunter ever,no one will starve!” yowled Creekpaw as he padded through the forest with his mentor Hawkfoot.”I am sure you will young one” said the calico she-cat as she took the lead”
“You’re not allowed to go outside of camp until everything is clear” spoke Leafstar as she looked at the silver furred apprentice.”But I can help,I’ll find out where the dog is if you let me!” said the Older Apperentice as he looked his leader dissapointment in his eyes.”Go get some rest Creekpaw” she said as she curled into her nest while Sharpclaw consulted her.

“I’ll show her,I’ll find the dog”Creekpaw said as he rushed towards the edge of the gorge only to be stopped by Smokekit [Brother] and Redpaw. “Where do you think you’re going” meowed the red she-cat as she glared at him obviously furious he was leaving.”I am going to find the dogs Redpaw,please move” spoke the apperentice as he tried to get past Redpaw only to be blocked again.”Last time you went out,you didn’t come back for 6 days you’re not leaving again” concern in her voice as she padded closer “I have to,no one else is doing anything! You have to understand” said Creekpaw pain in his throat as he thought he might have to hurt the she-cat he loved to serve his clan.With a heavy sigh she spoke again “Fine,it’s obvious you’re not letting this go but I’m coming with you” Redpaw meowed as she gave him a loving lick on the neck before falling in beside him “Stay here Smokekit” said Creekpaw as they both padded out of towards the border,the kit quickly following their scent trail and paw steps.

“I’m telling you we’re not going to find it” Redpaw meowed as she sniffed a nearby bush for any scent.As the wind hit his nose Smokekit yowled in terror as he bursted through the bushes the dog right behind him,it was large black furred and it’s eyes glowed with a blood lust no cat could describe.”Redpaw go back to the gorge and get help quick! Smokekit stay behind me” Creekpaw growled as he faced the dog claws unsheathed his eyes in slits as he stared it down. “I’m not leaving you again,we are in this together” Redpaw said only to be yowled at again by the tom “I said go!” and with that Redpaw sprinted as if all of Starclan was beside her at that very moment. “The only way you’re getting to Smokekit is by sending me to Silverpelt” howled Creekfeather as he smashed himself into the dog claws slashing and teeth bitting as he desperately fought to save his younger brother.
The Dog knocked him back sending him flying into the tree his vision fading want him to retreat into the cold slumber of unconciousness he looked around to see the dog prowling closer towards Smokekit the kit’s eyes lit with terror as he backed away slowly.
Thoughts ran through Creekpaw’s mind as he looked on “Redpaw,Smokekit,Hareleap,Hawkfur and Tallclaw” thought Creekpaw as he slowly stood limping over towards the dog as his teeth were closer into Smokekit’s face “I have to live for Smokekit,I have to live for Redpaw” he mumbled as his claw unsheathed again, a new found energy returning to them “I have to live for the clan!” he yowled as he charged over barreling into the dog as a patrol poured into the area quickly seizing on the dog as well.

It let out a yelp of terror as it was surrounded by warriors and a furious Creekpaw corned it forcing it to pelt out towards the twoleg place never to be seen in the forest for many moons.”Creekpaw!” yowled Redpaw and Hawkfoot as the silver tom collapsed with Echosong padded over as well shouting for cob webs to stop the bleeding as his world went silent.


Creekpaw and Redpaw stood with Leafstar as she meowed the words that would change their lives for the better.”I, Leafstar, leader of Skyvlan, call upom my warrior ancestors to look down on these apprentices.They have trained effortlessly to understand the ways of your honored code, and I commend them to you as warriors in their turn” she gazed at both of them her eyes shown with pride as she spoke again.

“Creekpaw,Redpaw do you promise to uphold the warrior code and to protect and defend the Clan,even at the cost of your own life?” Creekpaw and Redpaw speak in unison happyness glowing in their eyes “I do!”
“Then by the powers of Starlcan, I give you you’re warrior name. Creekpaw from this moment you will be known as Creekfeather,The clan honors you’re courage and determination.
“And Redpaw from this moment you will be known as Redflower, The clan honors you’re kindness and loyalty.
“Creekfeather!,Redflower!” yowled their clanmates as the two newly made warriors brushed up against each other their pelts burning in embarssament as the two cats padded off the rock and towards a spot for them to sit vigil while the clan slept.

The two layed down near each other as they gazed upon the stars,they stared into each others eyes saying more words then any of the could have came up with if they spoke.Their tails intertwined as they looked off into the night Redflower’s head against Creekfeather’s shoulder the two calming listening into to the sound of the river as Redflower drifted to sleep.

After that was lost and hardship for Creekfeather replayed the memories of Redflower dying during her kitting and his kit’s Whitepaw and Fernpaw were swept away during a flood aswell the lost of his clan and his brother at the hands of Darktail and Feral.
His mind a complete fill of sadness and despair as he looked at the starry tom his eyes flowing tears as he looked at the cat.”Do you understand hardship really is and that control is not always the answer? ” meowed the tom as he comforted Creekfeather.
“I do Nightmask” said Creekfeather as he began to fade “Then go back and change Creekfeather” meowed Redflower lovingly as she padded over next to Nightmask her comforting gaze feeling like he was on a nest of clouds.

“Sun!” yelled a voice as he came back from his visit to Starclan only to walk out of the den and see none only then Ember and three cats behind him as Sun looked across the camp to see her father glaring at her angrily.Ember sharply turns around only to see Creekfeather.
“And you!” he growled as his green eyes narrowed and giving out a low hiss,his claws unsheathed before leaping at the tom.
Well how did I do for this one? I wanted to use another love for Creekfeather since I shipped it so hard in my other thought out series I might make about Creekkit all the way to Creekfeather and post it to
Vote on the Poll if you want to see it after the last chapters of this are done.
BTW We didn’t see Whitepaw or Fernpaw Redflower and Creekfeather’s kits in Starclan will you’re Writer Blackclaw Play with you’re feels again? or will he give you atleast some part of Creekfeather’s family back?

January 25, 2019 7:19 pm
Reply to  Blackclaw

there is so many grammar mistakes! Alot of people won’t like it.

Rose who sings christmas SONGS (Rosesong)
Rose who sings christmas SONGS (Rosesong)
December 8, 2016 6:43 pm

I had almost an entire page of fanfiction ready, and I just needed to make Rosekit tell Thornkit about something that happened, but then my mom closed out of it. :I (This is why it takes me so long to get fanfic out)

Thorn who clings to snow covered bush (Thornpelt)
Thorn who clings to snow covered bush (Thornpelt)
December 9, 2016 3:44 am

Did she really!?

Rose who sings christmas SONGS (Rosesong)
Rose who sings christmas SONGS (Rosesong)
December 9, 2016 2:32 pm

No, I completely lied. (sarcasm) :I

Thorn who clings to snow covered bush (Thornpelt)
Thorn who clings to snow covered bush (Thornpelt)
December 9, 2016 7:43 pm


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