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Kurt Vonnegut

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  1. June 27, 2020 at 2:15 pm

    this was for my cousin- im not done yet but here ya go

    Leader- Birchstar (Creamy brown tom with blue-green eyes)
    Deputy-Smokestrike (Gray she-cat with yellow eyes and white paws)
    Medicine Cat- Nighttail (Black tom with a stumpy tail and an ear missing)

    Softslip (White she-cat with brown stripes) Apprentice, Cheetahpaw
    Palesong (Feathery gray tom)
    Mudpatch (Deep brown and gray tom)- Apprentice, Jaypaw
    Silvertail (Cream she-cat with a long, silver tail)- Temporary apprentice, Eaglepaw
    Bluefoot (Brown tom with blue eyes and bluish-gray paws)
    Shadenose (Calico tom with amber eyes)
    Briarsky (Pretty pale brown she-cat with green-blue eyes)
    Copperwind (Shimmery brown-ginger tom)
    Beechblaze (Ginger and brown she-cat)- Apprentice, Sandypaw
    Mossshadow (Dark ginger she-cat with pine green eyes)

    Jaypaw (Brown tabby she-cat with amber eyes)
    Cheetahpaw (Cream tom with dark gray speckles)
    Eaglepaw (Brown tom with a white face)
    Sandypaw (Pale ginger she-cat)

    Robincloud (Brown and ginger she-cat, mother to Birchstar’s kits: Redkit, a ginger tom-kit, and Sweetkit, a cream and brown she-kit)
    Beepelt (Yellow and black tabby she-cat, expecting Copperwind’s kits)- Apprentice, Eaglepaw

    Fawnwhisper (Light brown she-cat)
    Ravenbreeze (Brown tom with black tips)
    Honeyheart (Blind tabby she-cat)

    Leader- Shadowstar
    Deputy- Ripplefur
    Medicine Cat- Bramblewhisker

    Chapter One
    Cheetahpaw looked at his cousin, Jaypaw. Her warrior assessment was that afternoon, and she was huddled in the corner of camp, chewing nervously on a shrew. He sidled up to her and stole a bite from her prey. Jaypaw glared at him, but sat on her haunches. “Go ahead, eat it. I’m too scared to eat anyways,” she sighed. Cheetahpaw laid his tail comfortingly on her shoulders, but dug into the shrew. Its meaty flavour sang on his tongue. “This is delicious,” the spotted tom mumbled around the juicy flesh. Jaypaw sighed again and rested her chin on her black paws. “I’m so nervous,” she muttered and stood, shaking out her pelt. Cheetahpaw watched his cousin pad away, towards Eaglepaw. He and Sandypaw were talking, and Sandypaw tilted her ears towards Jaypaw as she settled besides the littermates. I wish I had littermates, Cheetahpaw thought sullenly and finished Jaypaw’s shrew. He looked up just in time to see his mentor, Softslip, hurrying towards him. The tabby she-cat’s blue eyes looked apologetic. “Sorry, Cheetahpaw, but while the other apprentices are doing their assessments, you have to do elder’s duties. I’m helping Mudpatch, Silvertail, and Beechblaze with the assessments.” Cheetahpaw scowled and pushed away the remains of his meal. Softslip watched as her apprentice shuffled to the elder’s den, muttering under his breath. “Oh, Cheetahpaw,” she purred in amusement.
    Cheetahpaw listened as Fawnwhisper told an exciting tale from when she was younger. “And then,” she meowed, “I chased the squirrel over three trees! I finally had caught it when I realised, oh no, I was on LeafClan territory! I heard pawsteps below me. It was a patrol! I couldn’t go down now! I had to stay up in the..” Her voice trailed off as a shadow fell over the den entrance. Nighttail peered inside. “Do you need more mouse bile?” he asked Cheetahpaw kindly. The gray-spotted tom shook his head. Nighttail shrugged. “Suit yourself,” the scarred tom said and scooted backwards out of the den, cursing as his fur got tangled in the bracken. Cheetahpaw nudged Fawnwhisper excitedly. “Go on,” he meowed fervently, “I wanna hear the rest!” Fawnwhisper glanced at Ravenbreeze and Honeyheart. “They’re falling asl-” A sudden happy yowling came from the clearing. Cheetahpaw scowled and peeked out of the elder’s den. Jaypaw, Eaglepaw, and Sandypaw were bouncing around in the clearing. “We passed! We passed! We-” Mudpatch slapped his tail over Sandypaw’s mouth. “Shut up, all of you! Redkit and Sweetkit just got to sleep, and I’m sure that the rest of the Clan was too!” the brown and gray tom scolded, but his eyes were gleaming with pride. Jaypaw shuffled her paws apologetically. “Sorry,” she mewed. “I guess we’re a little excited.” Mudpatch placed his tail softly on Lightningpaw’s shoulders and nudged her playfully. “That you should be,” sounded a deep voice from the Rocks. Cheetahpaw’s head snapped away from his friends and saw Birchstar standing on the top of the three large boulders. “I think that we have some ceremonies to conduct,” the older tom grumbled approvingly. “May all cats old enough to catch their own prey gather beneath me for a Clan meeting. Today, three apprentices are ready to become warriors after passing their assessments. Sandypaw, please step forwards.” The pale ginger she-cat took a cautious step forwards, blue eyes glittering. “I, Birchstar, leader of CoveClan, call upon my warrior ancestors to look down on this apprentice. She has learned hard to understand the ways of your noble code and I commend her as a warrior in your turn. Sandypaw, do you promise to uphold the warrior code and defend your Clan, even at the cost of your life?” Sandypaw dipped her head self-consciously. “I do,” she meowed shyly. “Then by the powers of RiverClan, I give you your warrior name. Sandypaw, from this moment on you shall be known as Sandyheart. RiverClan honours your kindness and warmth, and we welcome you as a full warrior of CoveClan. Now Eaglepaw, please step forwards,” Birchstar called as Sandyheart stepped down carefully. The same words were spoken for Eaglepaw. “Eaglepaw, from this moment on you will be known as Eagleclaw. RiverClan honours your skill in battle and your boundless energy, and we welcome you as a full warrior of CoveClan.” Jaypaw bounced forwards as her denmate shuffled back. “Jaypaw, from this moment on you shall be known as Jayheart. RiverClan honours your cleverness and strategy, and we welcome you as a full warrior of CoveClan,” Birchstar finished, exhaustion flooding in the old leader’s ocean coloured eyes. Robincloud peered nervously at her mate from the nursery. “Are you okay?” she called. Birchstar waved her away. “I’m fine, dear,” he wheezed. Robincloud looked meaningfully at Nighttail, who was tending to Redkit, as the small tom had a cough. Nighttail nodded and left the tom-kit. “Birchstar,” he called softly, “can I see you in your den please?” Birchstar nodded and stumbled inside. Cheetahpaw watched as Nighttail, though almost as old as Birchstar, leaped nimbly up the Rocks. On the other side of the clearing, Eagleclaw weaved around Jayheart and Sandyheart. “Isn’t this great!?” he exclaimed. Jayheart snorted. “Yeah! The vigil, especially.” Eagleclaw’s tail drooped. Sandyheart gave her friend a slightly nasty look and nuzzled her brother. “Come,” she meowed in her soft, accented voice. “Let us go eat some. You shall feel much better, brother.” Cheetahpaw swallowed back a purr. She’s so.. Different. He thought. Sandyheart was in no way like her loud, outspoken brother. She was very quiet, shy, and kind. She would also make a good mother. Cheetahpaw shook his head. What was he thinking? Sandyheart wanted to be a warrior since he first knew her. She was the youngest apprentice then…
    Sandypaw glanced at Eaglepaw. “I shall never want to have kittens,” she meowed quietly. “I shall want to be a warrior for all of my life, like Beechblaze, and when I am too old to go on, I shall pass to RiverClan peacefully.” Eaglepaw snorted. “I wanna have so many kits! And they’ll be so great, because I’m gonna be the leader of CoveClan! And I’m gonna have lots and lots of apprentices too. You just wait and see!” Sandypaw looked skeptical. “Whatever you say, brother.” “C’mon, let’s go eat.” Eaglepaw meowed. Sandypaw and her brother padded off to the fresh-kill pile, not knowing that Cheetahkit was watching from the shadows…..
    Cheetahpaw kinked his tail to Jayheart, who looked up blearily. “Hiya! How was your vigil?” he teased. His cousin growled at him and padded sleepily into the warrior’s den. “Grumpy-paws,” Sandyheart mewed as she shuffled over with a vole. “Would you like to share, Cheetahpaw? There is plenty.” Cheetahpaw dipped his head. “Thanks, Sandypa-heart. I like your new name, by the way.” Sandyheart bumped her nose against his ear. “Thank you very much. I like it as well.” Cheetahpaw grinned and took a bite from the fresh-kill. Just then, Eagleclaw strode up and took the biggest piece of fresh-kill from the pile, a huge trout. “Eagleclaw!” Sandyheart scolded, “That was for the elders to share!” Eagleclaw stuck his nose in the air. “I am more important than the elders. All they do is sit around and tell dumb stories. I need to keep up my strength!” Sandyheart looked shocked. Eagleclaw laughed and took away the trout, sat by Mossshadow, and they shared it. Sandyheart sighed. “I always knew he was arrogant, but not like that. I am quite surprised that Mossshadow even decided to sit with him, as she heard our argument.” Cheetahpaw shrugged. “Not my problem,” he mumbled around the vole. She nodded slowly. “You are right,” she agreed. “It is not our problem.” Sandyheart touched noses with Cheetahpaw and made her way to the camp entrance. “I’m going hunting,” she told Palesong, who was guarding the tunnel. The gray tom dipped his head and let her pass. “Good luck,” he mewed and resumed his stony position. I hope she catches something to make up for that trout, Cheetahpaw thought angrily and glared at Eagleclaw. The brown and white tom was tearing at the trout half-heartedly, as if he didn’t want to eat it but was forced to. Mossshadow stared at him approvingly as he gulped down the fish. Every few heartbeats, the ginger she-cat pushed him aside and took a dainty bite, then pulled him towards her fiery pelt. Eagleclaw was glancing at her face with adoring orange eyes. He has a crush on her! It all made sense now. Mossshadow was never a very nice cat, but she was quite pretty. Cheetahpaw was shaken out of his thoughts when Eagleclaw and Mossshadow padded towards him. Eagleclaw had his tail twined with Mossshadow’s and the ginger warrior had a loving look on her face. “Would you like to come sit with us?” Mossshadow asked in her silky voice. She looked cheerful enough, but her eyes were cold and cruel. “N-no thanks,” the apprentice stammered, “Softslip wants me to do elder’s duties as soon as I finish my prey.” The lie slid from his tongue as easily as catching a mouse in green-leaf. “Well, if Softslip doesn’t find out…” Mossshadow raised her eyebrows. “No,” Cheetahpaw answered firmly. Mossshadow scowled. “Fine. You don’t know what you’re missing, though.” Eagleclaw gave Cheetahpaw a steely look and padded off with the older warrior. His loss! Cheetahpaw polished off his water vole and stuck his nose into the warrior’s den. Softslip was sharing tongues with Smokestrike and the two she-cats were talking about Beepelt’s kits, which were due in a quarter moon. “What do you think they’ll look like?” Smokestrike wondered. “I don’t know, maybe they’ll be brown, or ginger, or tabby. Nighttail said that there would be four kits.” “Four?!” Cheetahpaw couldn’t stop himself from exclaiming. “Too many kits!” Softslip looked up and purred. “What do you want, Cheetahpaw?” “Well, you said that we were gonna train today, so..” His voice trailed off. “Oh, right!” the white tabby said. “Smokestrike, I have to go. See you later!” The deputy nodded and curled up in her nest. “‘Bye, Softslip.” Cheetahpaw and his mentor hurried out of camp and to the training clearing. “Sorry, Cheetahpaw,” the spotted tom’s mentor said breathlessly. He shrugged. “I got more time to eat,” he joked comfortingly. Softslip gave him a grateful glance and took her position in front of her apprentice. “Now, today we are going to learn about the leap and roll. We- oh RiverClan, I need some cat to help me demonstrate! Cheetahpaw, would you be a dear and go fetch Bluefoot, Briarsky, and Copperwind?” The younger tom nodded and raced off to get his father and the other warriors. A few heartbeats later the foursome trotted quickly into the clearing. “Here you go, Softslip,” Cheetahpaw meowed cheerfully. Softslip nudged her apprentice gratefully. “Thank you. Now, are you ready? Copperwind is going to help me demonstrate how to correctly do it, then Bluefoot and Briarsky are going to show you how to NOT do it.” Copperwind dropped into a neat crouch and, while Softslip was talking, he leaped onto her shoulders. Cheetahpaw roaored with laughter as the young warrior clung to the she-cat’s shoulders as she tried to shake him off. “Get OFF!” she yelled. “I am a senior warrior and I need help demonstrating a battle move to my apprentice! Great RiverClan, I can’t deal with you. Go get Beechblaze and bring her here; she has experience with an apprentice even if she is younger than you.” When Copperwind stared blankly at her, the tabby snapped, “Well go on then, you furball.” The tom dipped his head nervously and came back a heartbeat later with Beechblaze. The ginger patched she-cat showed Cheetahpaw perfectly, and then his father and Briarsky made a huge mess of the move. He laughed quietly when Briarsky tumbled right between Bluefoot’s legs. Beechblaze looked at him sternly, though, when he couldn’t contain his amusement and fell to the ground as Bluefoot squashed Briarsky flat. “Take that, rogue scum!” his father yowled. Briarsky stood up and shook out her pale brown pelt. “Never, ever, do it like that,” she purred with caring eyes. Suddenly Cheetahpaw remembered that they were kin. My father’s sister, he thought in surprise. I forgot! “Can I try it now?” he asked. Softslip nodded. “I want you to do it with Beechblaze. She’s more your size.” The patched she-cat gave an annoyed sniff and got into the position. “I hope you’re ready to be beaten.”

    Chapter Two
    Cheetahpaw padded painfully back into camp just as the sun was setting. Softslip, in her anger at Copperwind, had made him fish by the stony banks after Beechblaze had bowled him over many times. His cut pads screamed with pain and he slowly trudged towards the medicine den, wanting a poultice of dock and coltsfoot for his paws. Nighttail was sorting herbs and tossing out dried and broken leaves. A burnet leaf smacked the spotted tom in the nose as he waddled in. “Ow,” he muttered, and Nighttail looked up. “Oh, sorry, Cheetahpaw. I’m sorting herbs.” “I can see that,” Cheetahpaw said under his breath. “Well, what do you need?” “A poultice of dock and coltsfoot,” he meowed. “I can get it myself. “ “I’d rather-” “I trained as a medicine cat first, remember? It’ll be alright.” Nighttail sighed and gestured towards the fresh, tangy leaves. “Fine. Be fast, though.” Cheetahpaw stumbled over to the herbs. He inhaled their comforting scent and picked up a few, chewed them, and smeared the poultice onto his scraped, swollen pads. Ahhh, he thought happily as his burning paws cooled. “Thanks!” he meowed to Nighttail. “That feels great!” The other tom waved him off with a tail flick. “Any time, any time.” Cheetahpaw stuck some cobwebs to his pads to keep the poultice from rubbing off and, when the medicine cat wasn’t looking, stole a few more dock leaves. The spotted apprentice snuck into the warriors’ den. “Copperwind?” he asked. A ginger-brown head looked up. “Yes,” he croaked. “I- I brought you some dock leaves for your paws.” Copperwind’s gaze melted. “Thanks,” he meowed gratefully and rubbed his pads onto the leaves. “Hey, do me a favour, would you? Could you go check on Beepelt?” Cheetahpaw nodded and headed for the nursery. “Beepelt, are you there?” he whispered. The yellow she-cat nodded. She was hunched over and looked at him painfully. “Get Nighttail,” she told him hoarsely. Cheetahpaw sprinted to the medicine den, despite the cobwebs on his paws. “Nighttail!” he howled. “Come quick! It’s Beepelt..” The old tom came running. “Beepelt?” “Yes, you deaf badger, Beepelt!” Nighttail hurried to the nursery. Beepelt looked up as Cheetahpaw and Nighttail came inside the nursery. She was panting, and her voice was shaky. “Kits- coming- no- not yet-” Nighttail cut her off. “Shush,” he meowed. “They are slightly early, but they will be fine. Lie down, and Cheetahpaw, go get me some soaked moss and a sturdy stick.” Cheetahpaw nodded and raced outside, grabbing a piece of moss and dabbing it in water. Shadenose, who was guarding the camp, looked at his nephew with mild amusement. “What’s the rush?” he asked. “Beepelt’s kits,” he panted and ran back to the nursery, realised that he forgot the stick, and wheeled around. “Need a stick,” Cheetahpaw gasped to Shadenose, who was following him with amber eyes. “Stick,” the warrior pointed out, “stick, stick, stick, stick.” Shadenose’s tail was touching all the sticks around him. Cheetahpaw sighed. “A good stick,” he meowed. Shadenose touched his dark nose to a thick, strong looking birch twig. “Stick,” he said smugly. Cheetahpaw rolled his eyes and took up the stick in his jaws next to the moss. “Thanks,” he mumbled and hared off to the nursery, spotted pelt flying behind him. Nighttail glanced up with a mumble that sounded like, “took you long enough.” Beepelt lapped at the water gratefully and took the stick between her jaws. “Go get me some herbs. You know what they are.” Cheetahpaw sighed and raced to Nighttail’s den. “Hmm,” he wondered aloud. “Borage for milk, chervil too, ragwort, dandelion, no, not dandelion, raspberry leaf!” He took the large bundle of herbs back to Nighttail and fed a poultice of raspberry leaf, ragwort, and chervil to Beepelt. “Good luck,” he whispered.
    Cheetahpaw woke up to squealing coming from the nursery. It had been a half moon since Beepelt’s four kits were born, and Robincloud’s kits, Sweetkit and Redkit, were now Sweetpaw and Redpaw. Sweetpaw was stretching, having just awoken, and Redpaw was still asleep due to a night patrol. Nighttail had taken Sweetpaw as an apprentice and Redpaw’s mentor, Palesong, was sharing prey with the medicine cat just outside the entrance to the camp. Sweetpaw gave herself a fast grooming and made her way to the nursery, where Applekit, Frostkit, Dawnkit, and Flamingkit were playing. Cheetahpaw yawned and stood up. Wow, it’s late! He thought. Softslip, who was eating with Palesong and Nighttail, stood up when she saw him pad out of his den. “Hi!” She exclaimed. “Are you ready to become a warrior?” Cheetahpaw had forgotten about his ceremony. He had taken the assessment the night before, and by the time he and Softslip had returned, it was nearly moon-high. “Nah,” he said sarcastically, “I think I’ll eat first, thanks.” Softslip purred and pushed a small chub towards him. “Here, I saved it for you,” she said. Cheetahpaw nodded his thanks and tucked into the meaty fish. “May all cats old enough to catch their own prey gather beneath me for a Clan meeting,” yowled a she-cat’s voice from the boulders. Cheetahpaw’s head snapped up. “Smokestrike?” he asked quizzically, his mew full of questions. The deputy nodded at him and called him up. “Cheetahpaw, please step forwards.” The spotted cream tom took a step forward, blue eyes curious. “I, Smokestrike, deputy of CoveClan, call upon my warrior ancestors to look down on this apprentice. He has learned hard to understand the ways of your wonderous code and I commend him as a warrior in your turn. Cheetahpaw, do you promise to uphold the warrior code and defend your Clan, even at the cost of your life?” Cheetahpaw stood tall and ruffled out his pelt. “I do,” he meowed. “Then by the powers of RiverClan, I give you your warrior name. Cheetahpaw, from this moment on you shall be known as Cheetahspots. RiverClan honours your bravery and honour, and we welcome you as a full warrior of CoveClan.” CoveClan was eerily silent as they stared up at Smokestrike, wondering where Birchstar was. Then, Jayheart pounded her paws and waved her tail in the air, lifted her muzzle to the sky, and called, “Cheetahspots! Cheetahspots!” Cheetahspots’ parents joined in, along with Softslip, Briarsky, Shadenose, and the rest of the Clan. The young warrior looked down at his family and friends, grinning ear to ear. He turned to Smokestrike. “Thanks,” he mewed. “But why didn’t Birchstar do it?” Smokestrike’s purr faded. “He’s very sick, Cheetahspots, and if he loses this life then I will be leader of CoveClan.” The young warrior’s eyes grew wide and scared. “Oh no, poor Robincloud..” “She doesn’t know, and I’m trying my best to keep it that way. That she-cat would send the Clan into an uproar.” Cheetahspots shook his head to clear his mind and thanked Smokestrike again. He padded down the rock and touched noses with Bluefoot and Silvertail. “We’re so proud of you!” Silvertail exclaimed. Cheetahspots grinned and rubbed his cheek along Silvertail’s. “Thanks,” he purred and skipped away to the warriors den. Sandyheart and Copperwind padded out of the warriors den and headed to the fresh-kill pile. Cheetahspots waved his tail in greeting and Copperwind waved back. Sandyheart grabbed a trout and the pair strode away to sit beneath the willow tree. Cheetahspots felt light. It seemed as if his paws were walking on air and he decided that he would play with the kits. Beepelt’s litter was tumbling around on the marshy grass. “Hey,” he called, cuffing Frostkit lightly over the ear. The little tom-kit’s yellow and ginger tabby pelt shone in the sunlight. Frostkit jumped. “You scared me!” he squealed and leapt onto the new warrior’s back. This caught Flamingkit’s attention. “Hey Applekit! Dawnkit! C’mere! Frostkit’s getting a badger ride!” Uh oh, Cheetahspots thought before he was nearly drowning under the four kits. He saw a flash of yellow and black tabby fur and Beepelt was there in a heartbeat. “Kits!” she muttered and dragged a small ginger and black tabby shape away from Cheetahspots. “Flamingkit, what happened?” she demanded to her oldest daughter. Flamingkit scuffled her paws. “We just wanted a badger ride,” she whispered and a tear dropped to the ground before her black paws. Cheetahspots stood up and gently placed two yellow and black tabby bundles on the ground. Frostkit was the only kit still on top of the young cat’s shoulders. “It was my fault,” Cheetahspots said cheerfully. “I scared Frostkit and in return I gave him a ride. Then, Flamingkit, Dawnkit, and Applekit saw and wanted one too.” Flamingkit looked up at her warrior friend gratefully. Her gray eyes were puffy from her tears. “Thanks,” she murmured and licked his nose. Cheetahspots grinned and tucked Flamingkit towards him with a soft paw. “Relax, Beepelt. I don’t mind.” Beepelt rolled her eyes, sniffed haughtily, and snatched Frostkit off of Cheetahspots. “Inside, kits,” she growled at Applekit and Dawnkit. Cheetahspots gave Flamingkit an apologetic look and pushed her to her mother. Flamingkit’s tail drooped as she padded in after her mother and disappeared inside.
    Cheetahspots grabbed three minnows off the fresh kill pile and walked over to his parents. They were sitting and blabbing about some sort of elders business. “Hey,” Silvertail said as her son dropped the fish he was holding in front of his mother and father. Bluefoot hooked one of the minnows with his claws and started to chew. Cheetahspots settled near them and began to devour his own prey. “What are you going to do today?” he asked around a big mouthful of fish. Bluefoot shrugged. “We were going to help repair the elders’ den.” Cheetahspots nodded and polished off the minnow. “I heard Smokestrike talking about going on a gathering patrol with Nighttail later. Maybe… we can go together?” Silvertail shook her head. “This was the only free time that we got today. Hunting patrols, building, patrolling the border.. I just don’t think that we can fit it in. Sorry, bud,” she sighed. Silvertail’s pelt was dull, and her eyes had lost their sparkle. Cheetahspots’s heart gave a little pang. His parents were too busy these cold, leaf-bare moons. He hardly had any time to spend with them. Bluefoot sighed and helped his mate up. “We’d better go help Palesong,” he said, angling his ears towards a pale gray shape darting around the elder’s den. Cheetahspots bade goodbye to his kin and shuffled gloomily to the warriors’ den. Softslip and Briarsky were sharing tongues and Jayheart was grooming herself. “Hi Jayheart,” Cheetahspots mumbled to his cousin. Jayheart studied him with sharp amber eyes, her tabby tail raised questioningly. “Why are you so down today, Cheetahspots?” she asked. The spotted tom flopped into his nest. “Silvertail and Bluefoot hardly have time for me anymore,” he muttered angrily. “I’m their son! They should do things with me!” Jayheart soothed him with a stroke of her tail. “Chill!”she exclaimed. “It’s okay. Remember that they’re almost senior warriors. Yes, they should have more time to relax, but repairing stuff and going on patrols and things, well, that’s their job.” Cheetahspots jerked away from Jayheart’s touch. “I’m a warrior and I still have time to stop and take a breath!” he snarled. “You were no help,” he added in an undertone and stalked out of the den, furious that his cousin, his cousin, of all cats was spouting cheesy nonsense. His neck fur bristling a little, her pounded out of camp, not wanting to be near other cats. The willow tree that spanned a wide area was filtering soft light through the leaves. It was soothing, despite Cheetahspots’ anger, and it calmed him down considerably. His fur settled, his gaze softened and closed lazily, and his tail stopped flicking in annoyance. Somewhere in the distance, a bird’s call echoed through the glade peacefully. The sun was rising steadily through the sky, causing light shadows to form. Cheetahspots’ dappled pelt reflected the sun’s rays, gleaming beautifully off of the willow leaves. Then, the smell of blood reached his nose. The cream tom’s eyes wrenched open. “Who’s there!” he yowled and followed the scent. An answering cry rang in his ears, while the stench tingled in his nose. “Downypaw!” a call echoed through the trees. It sounded urgent, but it came from the other side of the border. Cheetahspots flicked away the thought and ran towards the scent of blood. A dark gray she-cat was pressing fat paws to a wide wound in the side of a tiny, paler gray cat. The darker warrior snapped her head up. “Thank ThunderClan!” she cried. “I don’t care if you’re from CoveClan. Please, just help my apprentice!” Cheetahspots waved her away. “Go find some cobwebs and marigold,” he meowed and pressed his paws to the wound in the apprentice’s flank. While the gray she-cat was gathering cobwebs, he could study the apprentice. It was clear that it was another she-cat, and she had light blue eyes. “What’s your name?” he mumbled kindly. “D-downypaw,” she stuttered back, fear in her beautiful gaze. “I’m Cheetahspots,” he replied and added a little more pressure to the scrape. “How did you get this?” Downypaw studied him before whispering, “I got stuck in a Twoleg trap.” “Thank you,” the spotted warrior said gratefully. “Oh, look, here comes your mentor.” The dark gray she-cat gave the cobwebs to Cheetahspots and chewed up the marigold as he instructed her. The LeafClan warrior looked scared, and her fear-scent was strong. “Who’s that,” he asked quietly. Downypaw looked at her mentor. “Her name’s Sproutfall. Are you the medicine cat of CoveClan?” Cheetahspots shook his head and spread the chewed marigold onto the wound. Wrapping the cobwebs around her side, he added, “I trained as a medicine cat first though.” Downypaw shook out her pelt when Cheetahspots stood back. “Thanks!” she whispered in the warrior’s ear and licked his cheek. She limped off next to her mentor. “Now I’ll be ready for my warrior ceremony!” Cheetahspots gave a double-take. “B-but you’re so small!” “I’ve always been small. See you at the Meeting!” Downypaw tripped back to LeafClan camp with Sproutfall helping her. Cheetahspots watched her go, a nagging feeling in his belly. “Bye,” he called, and made his way slowly back to camp.

    Chapter Three
    Cheetahspots strode along the pebbles that lined the Meeting-place. It was the night after he helped Downypaw, and he was looking forward to seeing her again. The small gray she-cat was waiting by a tall birch tree, her blue eyes glittering with anticipation. “Hi!” she exclaimed excitedly. “You’re earlier than I thought you would be, Cheetahspots.” The older cat shrugged. “Me too. Smokestrike decided at sun-high that she would come instead of Birchstar. He’s- he’s really sick, Downypaw.” Downypaw’s tail drooped, then perked back up. “Hey, mouse-brain, I have a warrior name now!” Cheetahspots urged her on with a flick of his tail. “Downyfeather!” she exclaimed happily. “Cool,” Cheetahspots mewed. “I like it. It suits you.” He studied her, blue eyes raking her pelt. Downyfeather shifted and sat down, self-conciously pressing her paws to her still-raw flank wound. Cheetahspots noticed the small, fluffy she-cat shivering and he wrapped his tail around his friend. “Thanks,” she said, fluffing out her pelt against the icy winds. Cheetahspots grinned and leaned against Downyfeather. A yowl interrupted his peace and the spotted tom’s head snapped up to the hollow in a squat, shedding pine tree. Shadowstar and Smokestrike were sitting together, pressing against each other for warmth. “The Meeting has started!” Shadowstar called. He glanced around the assembled cats, noticing that many of the warriors were shivering and cuddling with their kin to stay warm. “We shall keep this one short. For LeafClan’s news, we have a new warrior: Downyfeather!” Cheetahspots yowled his friend’s name loudly with his Clanmates. “Also, we have retracted the war threat on CoveClan, as our previous leader has retired.” Shadowstar’s green eyes burned through the crowd and settled on Hayclaw, the old leader. Hayclaw growled and slunk back. Smokestrike flicked her friend gratefully with a puffy tail. “Then a time of peace has come,” she purred. “We too have a new warrior, and it seems he has been making friends. Don’t get too cozy, Cheetahspots, we’re short on warriors. And.. Well, I usually wouldn’t say this, but Birchstar is very sick and is on his last life.” LeafClan and CoveClan cats alike gasped. Downyfeather shuddered and buried her nose in Cheetahspots’ chest fur. He stroked her gently with his tail and stood up, noticing the sky. “Smokestrike,” he called. “Look at the moon!” Smoketsrike glanced up. “Oh no,” she whispered. The glimmer of the moon was barely visible beneath thunder-gray clouds. Shadowstar’s eyes went wide with alarm and he herded Smokestrike back into the hollow. “We must go,” the LeafClan leader yowled. “LeafClan, to me!” He leapt down from the tree. “Good-bye, Smokestrike. Good luck!” Smokestrike saluted him and led her Clan away as well. Downyfeather bushed out her fur. She nuzzled Cheetahspots and followed Shadowstar. “Bye!”
    Cheetahspots tore into a tough mouse. The river had steadily frozen over two moons ago, but the Clan was able to find a weak spot in the ice. The fish were able to tide them over, but.. Land prey. Cheetahspots swiped his tongue over his mouth and thought of chub. “Just pretend it’s trout or something,” said a voice from behind him. Eagleclaw and Mossshadow were sitting and looking at him meaningfully. “What do you want,” he asked, annoyed. Mossshadow drew her tail along his chin. “Come sit with us,” she meowed silkily. Cheetahspots wrinkled his nose. “No way. Go sit by yourselves.” Eagleclaw looked hurt. “Please?” Cheetahspots shook his head. “N. O.” He picked up his mouse and stalked into the warriors’ den. Mossshadow glared a hole through the back of his head. “How dare you!” she exclaimed. “You could have been part of magnificent plans, you fool!” Cheetahspots pricked his ears and slowly turned around. “I would be part of terrible plans. I don’t trust you, Mossshadow.” Mossshadow’s eyes flared with green fire. “What is there not to trust! I am completely trustworthy. My plans are for the good of the Clan!” Cheetahspots stopped. “Tell me.. What they are first and maybe.. Maybe I will help you.” Mossshadow’s neck fur relaxed. “We are going to kill Birchstar and Smokestrike, and make sure that a worthy cat gets the honor of leader and deputy.” Cheetahspots looked horrified. “No way! Birchstar is fantastic, and Smokestrike would make a great leader! How could you murder a cat like that?” “We wouldn’t actually kill them ourselves, fish-brain. We would set up like, I don’t know, some sort of trap or something.” The ginger she-cat looked down at him. “Won’t you help?” Cheetahspots backed away. “No! Not ever!” Eagleclaw sniffed haughtily. “Your loss. The Clan would be greater without them.” The couple stalked away, matching stride for stride. How could Eagleclaw and Mossshadow do that? I must tell someone! Cheetahspots looked around camp. Someone with power. Birchstar was too sick, Smokestrike was being watched by Eagleclaw, as he could clearly see. A dark shape darted across the camp. It was Nighttail, small and nimble, taking Sweetpaw into the medicine den for training. Of course! Nighttail it is. Cheetahspots grabbed a shrew from the fresh-kill pile. As long as he had something to do, it wouldn’t look suspicious. ‘The spotted cream tom walked into the medicine den and tapped Nighttail on the shoulder. “Hi,” he meowed, “I brought you some food.” Sweetpaw took the shrew and nodded gratefully to the older cat. “Thank you,” she whispered. “Nighttail, may I speak with you in private?” Cheetahspots asked. Nighttail looked puzzled. “Certainly,” he mewed and led his former apprentice to the back of the cave. “What is it?” “Well…. Mossshadow and Eagleclaw are planning something, something terrible. They say it’s for the good of the Clan but it involves killing both Birchstar and Smokestrike.” Nighttail’s eyes lit up with fury. “How could they! The Clan would be stronger with Smokestrike as leader!” “I know,” Cheetahspots murmured wearily. “I need to stop them somehow, but I don’t know-” “Don’t worry about it, I have an idea,” muttered Nighttail and shooed the warrior away. “Go to LeafClan at sundown and talk to Shadowstar about herbs. Ripplefur and Bramblewhisker may be with him. Don’t worry.” Cheetahspots’ mind whirled but he agreed and left the den.
    The sun began to sink behind Cheetahspots as he hurried across the forest to meet Shadowstar. The LeafClan camp was very far away from CoveClan camp, and it was almost nightfall. He reached the heart of the LeafClan forest just as the last rays of light disappeared behind the horizon. “Shadowstar?” the young tom called warily. A pale gray shape barreled him over. Sky-blue eyes glinted in the darkness, boring into his own. “What are you doing here?” Downyfeather whisper-yelled. Cheetahspots nuzzled her. “I must speak with Shadowstar,” he breathed. His friend got off him and her fur lay flat. “Oh,” she meowed dejectedly. “I thought you came to see me.” The CoveClan warrior laughed. “Well, I wouldn’t say no to a little Downyfeather time.” Her ears perked up. “Alright.” Just before Cheetahspots got up, dark shadows fell upon his pelt. “Greetings. I see you have met Downyfeather.” Cheetahspots rose to his paws and Downyfeather glued herself to his side. “Indeed,” she said regally and twined her tail with his. Cheetahspots’ heart leapt. “He saved me.” Shadowstar held back a purr. “You want to talk about herbs, I take it?” “Y-yes,” Cheetahspots stammered and reluctantly left Downyfeather’s side. Downyfeather slowly faded, her pelt fading into darkness, leaving only the glow of her eyes. “I see that you and Downyfeather.. May be more than friends?” Shadowstar meowed cheekily. “No! Cross-Clan relationships aren’t allowed, Shadowstar.” Cheetahspots’ chest was still fluttering. Shadowstar shrugged. “Anyways, Nighttail sent Sweetpaw to tell me that Mossshadow and Eagleclaw are planning to trap and kill your leader and-” Shadowstar’s voice caught- “your deputy.” Cheetahspots dipped his head. “Yes, is there any way that you can help?” Shadowstar looked away. “I don’t want Smokestrike to die,” he whispered, his mew scared. The CoveClan tom gently stroked the leader’s side. Shadowstar suddenly straightened. “I will help you, my friend, but only if you come back to my camp three moons from now for reasons I cannot explain- at this moment.” Cheetahspots was confused but he nodded and left Shadowstar, who fell to the ground with a sob. “And- wait-” Cheetahspots turned around. “Please tell Smokestrike that I-” The spotted tom watched as Shadowstar could say no more and buried his muzzle under his paws. “I understand. Stay bold, Shadowstar.” The brown leader’s answering murmur rang in the warrior’s ears all the way home. Stay bold, stay bold, stay bold.

    Chapter Four
    Downyfeather’s blue eyes were seared in Cheetahspots’ dreams that night. Everywhere, every place he looked, his friend’s eyes burned into him with some strange, unknown emotion that was making his heart flutter. He woke with a start to find another pair of eyes, this time amber, locked onto his own. “Hi,” Jayheart meowed. “Come with us.” “Us?” Cheetahspots asked blearily. Then, his gaze focused on the three cats behind her. Sandyheart, her pelt glowing in the starlight, Softslip, his old mentor bouncing impatiently, and Beechblaze, her own eyes soft for the first time he’d known her. “Let’s go,” Softslip growled and stalked off with Beechblaze. Cheetahspots stumbled over the sleeping warriors and stuck his nose outside. “Hurry!” Sandyheart pressed and guided him to the camp entrance, where Silvertail was snoring gently. Cheetahspots touched his nose to his mother’s ear briefly and hurried after the four she-cats in front of him. They led him to a clearing where two toms were holding mice. Mudpatch tossed one of the rodents to Jayheart, who started eating with ravenous bites. “Thanks,” Cheetahspots and Beechblaze meowed in unison as they each caught a piece of prey from Palesong. Softslip waved her fresh-kill away and stared at Cheetahspots. “We heard your conversation with Mossshadow and her coward of a mate Eagleclaw. We want to help.” Cheetahspots dropped the bite in his mouth. Sandyheart purred and whispered, “What is the plan?”
    Cheetahspots ran back to camp just as the sun began to rise. He had spent all night telling his friends the plan for stopping Eagleclaw and Mossshadow. Once he neared the entrance, though, there was a commotion. Two cats were standing in the clearing, and Cheetahspots nearly choked as he saw who one of them was. “Downyfeather!” he cried and rushed over to her. Downyfeather gasped and hugged him, knocking her friend over. “Hi,” she meowed happily. Cheetahspots’ tail snaked around Downyfeather’s and they hugged harder. The other cat, Grassleap, pulled Downyfeather off of Cheetahspots playfully. “Oy, there’s a serious meeting here!” “Fine,” she grumbled and sat down. Cheetahspots fluffed his fur and sat down next to her, twining his tail with his friend’s. “Hey,” the LeafClan she-cat whispered in his ear and rested her soft gray head on his shoulder. “We see way too much of each other,” Cheetahspots meowed jokingly. “Cheetahspots,” Smokestrike said sternly from the Rocks. His head snapped up. “Don’t get too comfortable, I need you.” The spotted warrior left Downyfeather and slunk to the leader’s den. “Hi,” he mewed, “what do you need?” A frail yet bold voice rang out from the shadows of the den. “What we need is for you to tell us all you know about Mossshadow’s plan,” Birchstar said, his eyes ablaze with courage.
    Cheetahspots walked out of the den near sun-high, his tail drooping with exhaustion. Grassleap padded out after him, with Smokestrike tailing behind a little. “Come, Downyfeather,” Grassleap called and Smokestrike gestured for Cheetahspots to go with him. “Before I go, Smokestrike,” the younger cat murmured in his deputy’s ear, “Shadowstar wanted you to know that he loves you.” Smokestrike’s eyes grew wide. “I’m coming with you. I need to see my-” Grassleap herded her along. “Then you’d better hurry. Our camp is a long ways away.” And don’t I know it, Cheetahspots grumbled internally.
    They reached the LeafClan camp just before the sun set. Shadowstar was waiting for Grassleap’s return, but when he saw Smokestrike, he ran towards her, tears streaming down his face. “Brother,” Smokestrike gasped. “Sister,” Shadowstar choked out. They hugged. “I thought Mossshadow-” “Wait, what?” Cheetahspots yowled. “You’re littermates?” Smokestrike looked at him. “Um, yes? Our parents were the first ever cross-Clan mates. They’re kind of legends,” the deputy meowed quizzically. Downyfeather’s jaw dropped. “Well could’ve you told us that? This is so cool!” Shadowstar smiled kindly. “Now you know why I hinted about you and Cheetahspots,” he purred. Cheetahspots stood next to her indignantly. “We. Are. Just. Friends,” he grumbled. Downyfeather looked at him, hurt in her gaze. “Are we?” He stared back. “Well, okay, maybe not.” “Oooooh,” the LeafClan cats gasped. Downyfeather glared at her Clanmates. “No teasing!” “No cat said we were,” said a ginger tom. “But that’s cute!”

    Chapter Five
    Cheetahspots glanced at Smokestrike. It was three sunrises since Downyfeather had become his mate. “No kits, and that’s final,” she had growled at him just before he had left for his own Clan once more. “Beepelt’s litter is enough for me to take care of, thanks,” he had called back, “and no more of these little trips to each other’s camps!” “Goodbye, Cheetahspots,” she’d yowled, rolling her eyes. Now, Smokestrike was calling an ‘emergency Clan meeting’. “So, my friends, I have good news and bad news for you. The bad news is,” she took a deep breath, “Birchstar has lost his last life.” The whole Clan gasped, but no one made more of a commotion than Robincloud. “No!” she shrieked. Smokestrike glared at her. “The good news is that RiverClan has made a mistake. He was given eight, not nine, lives. That means that he gets one more life.” Robincloud began to speak, but couldn’t and fainted. Nighttail hurried from the crowd and muttered something to Sweetpaw, who nodded and ran into the medicine den. “Wait,” Smokestrike yowled. “I’m afraid I have more bad news, and it is not best for Robincloud to be awake for this. Unfortunately the sickness is too strong and Birchstar has really lost his last life.” A laugh sounded from the back of the clearing. It was Mossshadow, who stopped as soon as Smokestrike’s eyes burned through her. “Uh- um- uh- sorry, I laugh when I’m nervous,” she said. Smokestrike eyed the ginger she-cat skeptically. “Well, I shall go to the River and speak to our ancestors. But first,” she paused and her glare raked the clearing, “I will pick the new deputy.” Mossshadow stood up. “I would be honored,” she called smugly. Smokestrike ignored her. “The new deputy will be Beechblaze.” The patched she-cat’s eyes widened. “You’re joking!” she gasped. “I’m serious,” Smokestrike answered kindly. “Please watch over the Clan while I am gone.” Nighttail poked his head out of the den. “Are you ready to go?” he asked in surprise. “Already?” Smokestrike nodded. “I think Sweetpaw and Cheetahspots can hold down the fort.” Sweetpaw puffed her chest out and sat next to Cheetahspots. “We’ll be okay,” she meowed softly to Nighttail. Cheetahspots nodded. “You go on ahead.” Smokestrike took one last glance at her Clan, then leaped down and marched out of camp. “Smokestrike, wait!” Nighttail yowled nervously, running after her and waving some traveling herbs. “Wait!” Beechblaze looked around in terror. “Uh- well, I’ll see that patrols go out. Mudpatch, take Jayheart, Palesong….” Her voice trailed away as Cheetahspots went into the medicine den. “I’ll teach you all that I know,” he mewed to Sweetpaw. She grinned shyly and began to sort herbs. “H-hey, what’s this one?” she asked after a few heartbeats, pointing to a spiky leaf. Cheetahspots studied it. “Aloe vera, I think,” he grunted and pawed it away. “It treats burns and sometimes skin problems.” Sweetpaw studied it. “Do you remember the fire?” she asked. Cheetahspots looked surprised. “You were so young then. How do you know that?” “I dunno. I just remember heat coming from the Twolegplace, and then some water. Isn’t that how Honeyheart became blind?” Cheetahspots nodded. “You were just born, and I was a new warrior apprentice.” Memories came flooding back to him…
    Licking flames rushed towards the Twoleg den. Many Twolegs in big, heavy looking pelts aimed a long snake that was shooting water towards the den. Honeyheart and Smokestrike were hiding in bushes near the scene, with Cheetahpaw and Softslip hiding a few foxlengths behind them. Smokestrike jumped back just as the flames reached the bramble bush, but Honeyheart was too slow. The fire burned across her front, charring her chest fur and searing her eyes. The tabby she-cat shrieked and fell to the ground in agony. “Cheetahpaw!” Softslip meowed urgently. “Get Nighttail!” He ran to the camp, yowling an alarm. Nighttail and Birchstar came running out of the camp. “Is it Smokestrike?” Birchstar asked worriedly. “No- Honeyheart- burned-” Cheetahpaw cried. Nighttail’s fur spiked in alarm. A patter of footsteps made the three toms jump. Softslip and Smokestrike were carrying Honeyheart, her chest and face burned. “I’ll help you, I promise, I’ll help you forever,” Cheetahpaw whispered to Honeyheart. She let out a choked purr. “You’re a good cat, Cheetahpaw..”
    “There was a Meeting the next night. Shadowstar- he was Shadowstream then, because he was the deputy- was worried about Smokestrike. Now we know why.” Cheetahspots finished his story with a paw to a purple flowered plant. “Hey, what’s that?” Sweetpaw asked. Cheetahspots froze. “That’s foxglove. It’s deadly, Sweetpaw. And it’s right next to the traveling herbs that Nighttail was supposed to give to Smokestrike. T-that means- that somecat has been trying to kill Smokestrike.” Sweetpaw gasped. “And I know exactly who it was.”

    Chapter Six (short chapters,i know, leave me aloneeeeee)
    Smokestrike came back to the camp with sparkling eyes and a definite bounce in her step. “All hail Smokestar!” Ravenbreeze croaked jokingly. Smokestar glanced at him and winked. “May all cats old enough to swim gather beneath me for a Clan meeting!” she yowled happily. “I assume that Beechblaze has been sending out good hunting patrols,” she called with her glance flicking to the full fresh-kill pile. “Even though it is leaf-bare, we will survive this cold season.

    help me catch cat in me bkyd

    • June 28, 2020 at 1:49 am

      Moss-shadow is the name of someone who makes Warriors games on Scratch(a coding site if you didn’t know) XD she also uses the name for a character in her games, who is dark ginger with blue eyes.

      Cake alone will save our blog.

    • Wildpaw
      June 28, 2020 at 3:32 am

      This is cool, and I’m interested. Keep going!

      My chapters are shorter than yours, actually…

    • robinheart
      June 30, 2020 at 3:39 am

      i love it keep going!!! i also like how they are more open about cross-clan realationships

    • robinheart
      June 30, 2020 at 3:51 am

      amazing you did a great job! And I love that cross-clan relationships arent entirely forbbiden

  2. June 27, 2020 at 4:04 pm

    Ok, this is something I wrote because I ship Shadowstar and Quick Water with all of my heart.
    A Warriors fanfic story: Shadowstar’s Secret.
    Shadowstar sat on the Great Rock, observing the cats below. It was the night of the Gathering. The other four leaders sat beside her.
    Thunderstar, ThunderClan’s leader. Windstar, WindClan’s leader. Riverstar, RiverClan’s leader. And Skystar, SkyClan’s leader. And of course, Shadowstar herself was there, leader of ShadowClan.
    The Gathering had ended, and cats of all five Clans were talking among themselves.
    Gray Wing and Turtle Tail of WindClan were talking to Honey Pelt and his mate, Sparrow Fur.
    Pebble Heart was talking to Owl Eyes, his brother.
    Shadowstar hopped off of the Great Rock. Her green eyes scanned the crowd. So many cats were here, but there was one she was looking for.

    Shadowstar saw Drizzle of RiverClan, and gave the young she-cat a nod.

    “Hello there!” mewed Drizzle.

    “Greetings,” meowed Shadowstar.

    Yet her mind wasn’t on the curious young cat. Shadowstar looked around.

    There she was!

    “Oh, hi Shadowstar!” purred Quick Water.
    “H-hey, Quick Water,” mewed Shadowstar shyly.
    “How are you?”asked Quick Water.

    “I’m fine. You know, leading and stuff.” mewed Shadowstar.
    Shadowstar silently cringed at her own words. LEADING AND STUFF. Seriously?
    Shadowstar had the biggest crush on Quick Water, and always managed to make a fool out of herself in front of her. It was so embarrassing!
    “How are you? Is all well in SkyClan?” mewed Shadowstar.
    “Yes! Sparrow Fur’s expecting Honey Pelt’s kits,” purred Quick Water.
    “Great! New kits are always a good omen.” said Shadowstar.
    That was true. Yet something held Shadowstar back from what she REALLY wanted to say to Quick Water.

    Because Quick Water might not feel the same way…
    “Shadowstar?” meowed Quick Water.
    “Yes?” mewed Shadowstar.
    Quick Water paused.
    “May StarClan be with you,” she finally said.
    But Quick Water’s amber eyes showed regret, like she was holding back from what she really wanted- really needed to say.
    “May StarClan be with you.” said Shadowstar.
    Then, she pressed against Quick Water, as close as she dared.
    Quick Water closed her eyes and rested her head on Shadowstar’s shoulder.
    “We need to stop pretending,” Quick Water quietly mewed.
    “Pretending?” asked Shadowstar.
    “I know you have feelings for me. You aren’t exactly subtle,” explained Quick Water.
    “I’m not?” mewed Shadowstar.
    Quick Water purred. “Not at all. But… I need to stop lying to myself.”

    Shadowstar’s heart beat quickly. “Lying about what?” she gasped, even though she was certain of the answer.
    “I need to stop lying to myself about… the way I feel about you.” whispered Quick Water.
    “Then stop,” mewed Shadowstar.
    “I will. I am.” said Quick Water, looking at Shadowstar, her amber eyes shining.

    “I’m done pretending. I love you, and I’m not hiding it from you. Not anymore,” said Quick Water.
    “I love you.” meowed Shadowstar.
    “I know,” said Quick Water.
    That was all Shadowstar had to hear. She purred, and she and Quick Water intertwined their tails- black against gray and white.
    “I think we should keep our love a secret. Skystar wouldn’t approve- we are from two different Clans, after all.” said Quick Water.
    “I think you’re right.” said Shadowstar. “I’d better get going,” she added.

    “Until next Gathering?” purred Quick Water.
    “Yes. Until next Gathering,” said Shadowstar, walking away, the moonlight shining on her coal-black fur.
    What did you guys think? 😀
    MothPool forever

  3. June 27, 2020 at 5:11 pm

    Hey, so I think I’m going to cancel Sparkblossom’s Dynasty. I just didn’t really know how to end it 🤷🏽‍♀️
    But I definitely have other ideas for fanfics!☀️

    • Wildpaw
      June 28, 2020 at 3:34 am


  4. Dustpaw
    June 27, 2020 at 6:34 pm

    ★彡 Poppykit’s Adventure 彡★

    ıllıllı Cats in this chapter ıllıllı
    Redspirit- Dark ginger tom with hazel eyes and a crippled front leg (ForestClan Med Cat)
    Cloudfur- Pale grey tom with white splotches and ice blue eyes (ValleyClan Med Cat)
    Shellspring- Cream tom with green eyes (ValleyClan Med Cat)
    Mallowmoon- Dark grey tabby she-cat with aqua eyes (DragonClan Med Cat)
    Cloverfall- Light brown tabby she-cat with yellow eyes (BearClan Med Cat)

    ıllıllı Prologue Begin ıllıllı

    Redspirit sat at the edge of a hollow waiting for the other medicine cats. It was the half-moon and everyone was curious about what StarClan would say. “Well, look who finally arrived.” Sneered Cloudfur. Redspirit looked over his shoulder to see Cloverfall approaching. “Sorry. Petalpatch was fretting about Doekit.” Cloverfall explained. “Is Doekit sick?” Asked Mallowmoon, concerned. Cloverfall shook his head “Just a stomachache, but Petalpatch believed it was whitecough and was begging for me to stay.” Mallowmoon giggled and flicked her ears towards the Silverpool. “Shall we begin?” Everyone nodded and padded down into the hollow. Redspirit took a seat next to Mallowmoon and intertwined his tail with hers. They untwined their tails and lapped at the pool. He closed his eyes and when he opened them he was in a lush forest with the other medicine cats. The odd thing about it was that there were no StarClan cats. Just when he thought nothing would happen a voice spoke from the emptiness. ” A petaled tree will destroy the sky.” Redspirits eyes snapped open. He glance around the hollow to see the other medicine cats were also uneasy. Shellspring lifted his head. “Thank you, StarClan, for this guidance.” Everyone echoed the phrase. Redspirit got up and mumbled a goodbye to the other medicine cat. He turned around and left, wanting to get back to the safety of his camp.

    ıllıllı Prologue End ıllıllı

  5. Wildpaw
    June 28, 2020 at 5:23 am

    Here is a story about my OC Melody:

    Melody padded into her yard, and saw the same thing again. A few flowers, the wood fence, a single tree, and the forest in the background. Her siblings, Zelda, Thor, and Link, we’re playing by the flower garden that her housefolk worked on.
    Her other sibling, Loki, padded up to her.
    “Hi, Melody!” he meowed.
    “Hey,” she replied wearily.
    Zelda noticed she was awake, and sneered. “Oh no. The rats awake.”
    Melody ignored her, and climbed the tree. Zelda followed, and so did Thor and Link.
    “What do cats do with rats, again, Link?” she meowed.
    Melody slashed her claws along Zelda’s muzzle, leaving her shocked. Melody leapt to the next branch, and settled down. Loki joined her.
    “You are a mouse brain for doing that, you know?” he meowed.
    “So? I may be smaller than her, but that’s where it ends,” she replied.
    “Melody, Loki! Come here!” Spot, their mother, called.
    Melody jumped down to see Zelda faking pain.
    “Did you do this to your sister?” Spot demanded.
    “So what if I did?” Melody retorted.
    She walked off, only for Spot to follow.
    “You are ungrateful!” Spot spat, slicing her sharper, bigger claws.through Melodys flank.
    Melody made a leap.for the fence, and Spot still followed. Loki jumped up beside Melody, growling.
    “You two are the most ungrateful, undesired kittens I’ve ever seen!” Melodys mothers words rang in her head.
    Melody looked down, and jumped off the fence. Towards the forest. Loki followed.
    “Where are you two going?” Spot demanded.
    “If we’re so undesired, why do you care?” Loki shot back, following Melody through the trees, sprinting.
    She soon crashed into another cat. She looked up to see a pale gray she-cat standing above her.
    “Well hello there,” she meowed.
    “Who are you?” Melody asked.
    “Please don’t take us back to her!” Loki begged.
    “I’m Ivypaw. Take you back to who?” the she-cat asked.
    “Our mother. She says we’re ungrateful and undesired, so we ran away,” Melody explained.
    “No kit deserves to be treated that way,” Ivypaw growled. “But what are your names?”
    “My name is Melody. This is Loki,” Melody replied.
    “Why don’t you both follow me. To a place where all kits are loved,” Ivypaw meowed.
    Loki and Melody followed the she-cat hesitantly. She led them through a lot of trees, slowing to their pace,.then through a stone tunnel. The tunnel expanded to a large cave, lit by holes in the top, allowing sunlight in.
    Lots of cats were lounging around, eating or talking, some sharing tongues. Other kits Melody and Loki’s age were playing around, disturbing the older cats. Every cat turned to stare as they entered.
    “Ivypaw, who have you brought into our camp?” a bright white she-cat asked.
    “Wildstar, this is Melody and Loki. I found them in the forest,” Ivypaw replied.
    “Why were they in the forest?” Wildstar asked.
    “Because they ran away from their mother, who called them undesired,” Ivypaw replied.
    “Who was their mother?” Wildstar asked.
    “I don’t know. They didn’t say.”
    “Her name is Spot,” Melody blurred.
    Wildstar studied them. “I guess they can stay. But they will need Clan names.”
    “Clan names?” Loki asked.
    “Names like ours. Such as… Brightkit or Spotkit,” Wildstar replied.
    “But I like my name,” Melody meowed.
    “So do I,” Loki meowed.
    “Well, how about this. We will let you keep your name, as long as you promise never to go back to being a Kittypet, loner, or rogue,” Wildstar meowed.
    “We promise,” Melody and Loki meowed in unison.
    “Good. Now, you are only about three moons old, correct?”
    Melody nodded.
    “Well then, maybe Holly will take care of you,” Wildstar meowed.
    She led them to a den made of ferns and bracken, where a dark gray, almost black, she-cat lay, and a ginger, black, and white she-cat lay next to her.
    “This is Holly and Maplewish. Holly’s kits are not much older than you, so you should fit in,” Wildstar meowed.
    “Maplewish, I got your sparrow,” a pale orange tom meowed through feathers, walking in.
    “Thank you, Sunpaw,” Maplewish meowed. “These kits will need food, if they are to be healthy,” she added, touching her tail to her flank.
    “Are you expecting kittens?” Loki asked.
    “Yes, I’m expecting kits. Kits of Foxblaze,” Maplewish replied.
    A gray tabby tom-kit walked in. “Holly, Smoke got stuck in some thorns,” he complained.
    “Again? Let’s go help him,” Holly meowed. ” Would you two mind grabbing Berryflight? He’s a cream tabby tom, ” he added, flicking her tail at Melody and Loki.
    Melody nodded, and she walked around, looking for the cream tom. She found him in a den made of staked rocks and ferns.
    “Are you Berryflight?” Loki asked.
    “Yes, I am he. Do you need something?” He spoke in this faraway tone that made Melody uncomfortable.
    “Holly says a kit named Smoke is stuck in thorns,” Loki replied.
    “I’ll see too it, ” Berryflight meowed.
    Melody walked away, followed closely by Loki. “Why do I get the feeling something bad is about to happen?” she asked.
    “Because look who just showed up,” Loki replied grimly.
    Melody looked back towards the tunnel, where Spot, Zelda, Thor, and Link were emerging.
    This is about to get fun…

  6. Moonglow
    June 28, 2020 at 5:01 pm

    Leader- Lightstar- Silver tabby tom with gray eyes
    Deputy- Snowclaw- White she-cat with long fur
    Medicine Cat- Nettlefur- Brown tom
    Sunstripe- Calico she-cat with golden stripe down her back
    Tansyblossom- Tortoiseshell she-cat with white spots
    Fawnfleck- Pale brown she-cat with darker brown spots
    Fluttervine- Pale gray she-cat with green eyes
    Cloverheart- Brown she-cat with green eyes
    Berrytail- Cream tom with a ginger tail
    Specklefeather- Cream she-cat with brown spots
    Apprentice- Thistlepaw
    Thundersong- Ginger tom
    Apprentice- Flamepaw
    Robinpelt- Brown tom
    Nectarwing- Golden she-cat (Mate- Berrytail)
    Kits- Mossykit- Brown tabby she-kit with green eyes, Honeykit- Golden she-kit with amber eyes
    Lavendercloud- White she-cat with black spots and yellow eyes
    Kits- Moonkit- A black she-kit with a white patch on her forehead and blue eyes
    Flamepaw- Red she-cat
    Darkpaw- Black tom with amber eyes
    Thistlepaw- Brown tabby tom dusted with white
    Poppyflower- Small red she-cat

    Leader- Minnowstar- Gray she-cat with a big fluffy tail
    Deputy- Stonesplash- White tom with splashes of gray and black
    Medicine Cat- Ripplesight- Silver tabby tom with pale blue eyes
    Troutdapple- White tom with grey splashes
    Squirreltail- Red she-cat with a bushy tail
    Dapplespot- Tortoiseshell she-cat
    Tigerstripe- White tabby she-cat with amber eyes
    Owlflight- Dark tom with huge amber eyes
    Lizardleap- Dark brown tabby tom with green eyes
    Kestrelsong- Pale ginger tom
    Mintcloud- Gray and white she-cat with mint coloured eyes. (Mate- Stonesplash)
    Kits- Mistkit and Silverkit (Misthaze and Sliverstripe.)
    Sunnypaw- Mute tortoiseshell she-cat
    Poolpaw- Gray spotted she-cat
    Quietcloud- White she-cat, grayed with age
    Mudleap- Gray tabby tom with a brown patch

    Leader- Pollenstar- Golden she-cat with white splashes
    Deputy- Spottedbloom- Tortoiseshell she-cat with white spots
    Medicine Cat- Nectarflower- Pale brown tabby she-cat
    Apprentice- Bramblefrost- Dark brown tabby tom with white spots
    Shimmerfur- Silver tabby she-cat with blue eyes
    Flowerstem- Brown tabby she-cat with pale green eyes
    Quailtuft- Mottled brown tom with cream speckles
    Seedsun- Yellow tabby she-cat with
    Apprentice- Leafpaw
    Dandelionclaw- Golden tabby tom with green eyes
    Grassfang- Brown tom with pale brown speckles
    Apprentice- Tawnypaw
    Smokeleaf- Dark gray tom with green eyes
    Heatherpetal- Brown tabby she-cat with blue eyes
    Palewater- White tom with pale blue eyes
    Dawnstripe- Golden tabby she-cat with amber eyes (Mate- Dandelionclaw)
    Kits- Goldenkit- Golden she-kit with green eyes, Juniperkit- Golden tom-kit
    Leafpaw- Brown tabby she-cat with green eyes
    Tawnypaw- Golden tabby she-cat
    Robinpelt- Brown tabby tom with amber eyes
    Shadowcloud- Black and white she-cat with green eyes

    Cats outside Clans
    Peppermint- Gray she-cat with pale green eyes and a pink nose
    Precious- Golden and white she-cat with blue eyes
    Oliver- Plump ginger tom with green eyes
    Sway- Silver tabby tom with green eyes
    Myrtle- Tortoiseshell she cat with amber eyes
    Snow- Tortoisehell she-cat with white ears and blue eyes

    In a dark, almost black cavern, three rigid cats gazed into an icy blue pool that emitted a shining, cold mist that swallowed the cave.
    “The end of the Clans are near,” Murmured a mottled gray she-cat as she gazed at the evil images swirling in the pool, her fur standing on end, “We don’t have much time.” She looked up at her two companions.
    A beautiful, long-furred tortoiseshell with an icy fear lighting up in her big eyes , retorted “No! I can’t let the Clans be destroyed again!” Her fur puffed up to twice it’s usual fluff.
    A sudden, tranquil voice came from the other side of the cave. “We won’t let them.” The third cat looked up, stars glimmering in her fern-green eyes.
    The icy pool swirled into the reflection of a shining full moon, it’s silvery surface lighting up the
    The two others fixed their eyes on the pool.
    “Blood will be spilled under the claws of betrayal. The Clans will be threatened like never before. But amongst this turmoil, the moon will still shine.”
    As she said these ominous words, the pool swirled into pictures of fights and claws and blood, but swirled back into the moon at the end.
    The two others nodded and seemed to fade into the misty air of the cave.
    The third, however, stayed perched at the edge of the pool before getting to her paws and stepping out of the frigid cave.

  7. Wildpaw
    June 28, 2020 at 8:53 pm

    Melody growled as her eyes met with Spots. Zelda, Link, and Thor were with her.
    “Spotpelt?” a tom called.
    The tom looked alarmingly like Loki and Zelda, light brown tabby with a very pale cream underbelly and paws.
    “My name is Spot! Where are my kits?” Spot demanded.
    “No, the clan remembers you. You are Spotpelt,” Wildstar meowed.
    “Wait, Spotpelt?” Melody asked.
    “Melody, is this your mother?” Wildstar asked.
    Melody and Loki nodded.
    “Well, she is… used to be… A StormClan warrior. She left as a queen in the night,” Wildstar meowed.
    “Melody, Loki, you will come home,” Spot insisted.
    “Spotpelt, are these your kits?” the tom asked.
    “Yes we’re her kits!” Zelda yowled.
    Her voice sounded tiny compared to the others. The tom padded up.to.Zelda and examined her.
    “Spotpelt, you told me out kits were dead!” he growled.
    “Those two might as well have been, for.all the good they are, Woodfall,” Spot meowed, flicking her tail at Melody and Loki. “Those things are as small as mice.”
    “You forget the small cats can be the most powerful. Remember the battle with the ancient clans against rogues?” an old car called.
    “Yes, yes. A tiny cat killed a leader in one hit, and took a life from another leader, right before being killed,” Spot groaned.
    “Spotpelt, why did you lie?” Woodfall asked.
    “So you wouldn’t try to steal the kits. Although, if you had left me with these three, I wouldn’t have minded,” she hissed.
    “If what you say is true, why don’t you just leave?” Melody yowled.
    “Because you will not live around this… place!” Spot spat.
    “Melody, Loki, I’m sorry, but our code means we can’t keep you from her,” Wildstar meowed softly.
    “Which means you have to come with me,” Spot growled.
    Melody gulped, and stepped backwards. She recalled the wound in her flank caused by her.
    Spot walked up to her, and grabbed her scruff. She visibly forced Loki to follow. The clan had no choice but to step aside.
    “Wait!” Woodfall yowled. “The code also states that the kits can chose weather to stay with their mother of father!”
    “What do you mean?” Loki asked, avoiding Spots paw that kept forcing him forward.
    “I am your father, which means you can stay in you wish,” Woodfall meowed.
    Melody struggled in her mother’s grasp. “I want to stay here!”
    “Well to bad,” Spot growled.
    She dropped Melody, who was surrounded by Zelda, Thor and Link.
    “The rat returns,” Zelda taunted.
    Melody slipped between them, avenue behind Woodfall. Loki avoided Spot, and followed.
    “Warriors,” Wildstar called, although they all knew what to do.
    “Why can’t I just have my kit?” Spot groaned.
    “Why do you still want us?” Melody asked.
    “Who said i wanted you?” Spot hissed. “I’m just going to throw you in the shed, and lock you in.”
    Melody shuddered. “We’re staying here.”
    “Bristlefur, Briarwood, Needlepelt, show her to the border,” Wildstar called.
    Spot unsheathed her claws, and prepared to fight. “Give me the kits.”
    Maplewish walked up to Spot and hissed. “It would just be better if you left, sister.”
    Spot spat, and left reluctantly. Maplewish walked up to Melody and Loki, and purred.
    “Come to the nursery,” she meowed.
    They followed.
    “Cats love is here,” Loki whispered.
    “I know. It feels nice to be loved,” Melody whispered back.
    “So you think we belong here?” Loki voiced his concern.
    “I think we’ll be fine. After all, our parents were warriors.”

    • robinheart
      June 30, 2020 at 3:48 am

  8. Bitterfrost
    June 28, 2020 at 9:55 pm

    Wind clan
    Leader: Goldstar, A tall sleek gold tom with amber eyes and one white paw.
    Deputy:Ashcloud, A gray She cat with fire red eyes and long shaggy fur.
    Medicine cat: spottedmoon, Brown tortoiseshell she cat with white specks.
    Medicine cat app: Mintpaw, Light dove gray she cat with mint green eyes soft short fur.
    Spottedclover: A white she cat with dove gray spots Mintpaws mother.
    Dingospots: A brown shaggy furred tom with hazel eyes soon to move to the elders den.
    Staghorn: A light sandy brown tom.
    Hawkthorn:A light brown tabby Wolfkits father.
    Fallingfeather: A cream pelted she cat with amber eyes.
    Copperfur: A cinnamon tom with one white paw and a soft personality.
    lillydawn: A downy brown she cat.
    Fawnheart: A fawn pelted she cat with soft brown eyes.
    Tallwind: A black and white tom with gray eyes long legs and tail.
    Rattledpaw:Ginger tom With a snappy attitude. Mentor:Dingospots.
    Whitepaw: White she cat with blue eyes. Mentor:Copperfur.
    Graypaw: Gray tom with a strong body bild. Mentor: Ashcloud.
    Queens and Kits:
    Darkcloud: Black and gray spotted she cat. Kits: Wolfkit,Flamekit.
    Wolfkit: A silver and white tom blind in one eye and a scar over that one eye.
    Flamekit: A ginger tom with silver eyes and shredded ears.
    Silverflower: a silver she cat with a white flower shaped dot on her forehead Carrying Goldstars kits.
    danceingsun:an old ginger she cat with long legs and stubby snout.
    Dogfang:Young tom he was born with no secnt of smell and dusky brown tom.

    Thunder clan
    Leader:Fogstar: gray tom with a silver spot over one eye
    Deputy:LillyLeap: white she cat
    Medicine cat:Deathleaf: black tom with red eyes
    Medicine cat apprentice:Crackpaw: white tom with an interesting shape one his forehead
    Stripedtree. Brown tom with tan stripes
    Wrenstroute. Gray she cat with a black muzzle thats graying from age
    Droughtpaw light brown tom
    Queens and kits:
    NightLeaf:A Black she cat with gray spots.Kits: Larkkit and ravenkit
    Shadow Clan
    Leader:EclipseStar. Black she cat with a white spot on her forehead
    Deputy:SharpBush. He is a savannah cat
    Medicine Cat:HoneyEar a golden honey colored
    Queens and kits:
    Medicine: LilacStream
    Queens and kits:

    Outside the clan

    Bonjour:A gold molted tom with black ginger gold and cinnamon spots over a white pelt loner.
    Scott: gray tom with white collar kittie pet.
    Blackberry: A black she-cat with dark purple eyes.
    Jax:black tom with cream spots and green eyes

    Wolfkit pounced around in the nursery he was six moons old now. He pounced on his father’s tail and nipped at his muzzle.
    “If you want to attack someone go for the throat” His father growled swiping him aside harshly. Wolfkit kit sensed someone on his blind side and pounced on them he rolled around in the dirt with his brother and he pinned him down. His mother padded up to him and licked his pelt clean she gently washed over his scar that ripped down his face that caused him to go blind in one eye.
    “All cats old enough to catch their own prey gather beneath the tall rock for a clan meeting” Goldstar howled from the tall rock.
    “Two kits today are turning six moons old Wolfkit. Step forward” Wolfkit walked forwards his head high.
    “From this day and on by the powers of star clan i hail you the name of Wolfpaw. Tallwind you have gained excellent training from Hawkthorn i hope you can pass on the skill you learned from him to wolfpaw.”Goldstar howled.
    “Flamekit from this day till you are made warrior you will be called flame paw. Staghorn i hope that you can pass on your speed and hunting skills onto this young apprentice”
    “Wolfpaw! Flamepaw!”
    “Wolfpaw! Flamepaw!”

    Wolfpaw padded after Rattledpaw. Rattledpaw took him to the apprentice den. “This is your nest i don’t care where you sleep just not near me. I bet you won’t last a moon in training” He hissed and left Wolfpaw alone in the apprentice den. Wolfpaw curled up in his nest he felt Flamepaw curl up next to him as he came in.

    Tallwind poked his head into the apprentices den.
    “Wolfpaw! Its sunhigh wake up!” Wolfpaw jumped up and ran out of the den.
    “Follow me and try to keep up”Tallwind sprinted out of camp wolfpaws large paws thuntered on the ground as he ran his back arching with every stride. He jumped on a rock and saw tallwind waiting for him by a well worn dirt track.
    Wolfpaw trotted down the hill to him. “Ok time to warm up do two laps around this then we will have you race flamepaw. Go!”
    Wolfpaw took off he sprinted on the track his paws burning. His eyes stinging from the sand blowing in the air. His lungs were burning as he finished the first lap. He saw Rattledpaw running down the hill and started to run on the track gradually catching up to wolfpaw. Wolfpaw pushed harder dust flying behind his paws Rattledpaw raceing next to him as he crossed the line. “Good job Wolfpaw!You are bound to be a good runner now we can patrol the border follow me”Tallwind trotted of wolfpaw followed Rattledpaw glaring at him.

    When they got back to camp wolfpaw’s soft pads were cracked and bleeding. “Go to the medicine den to git your paws checked the you can eat and do whatever you apprentices do”Tallwind padded to the warriors den. Wolfpaw limped to the medicine den and waited for spotted moon. He saw mintpaw padding into the den the beautiful she cat sat down her paws placed neatly and her tail wrapped around them. “What do you need Wolfpaw?” The soft voice echoed in the medicine cave. “My paws are cracked”He mewed. She padded toward him he lifted up his paws one at a time for her to lap dock juice into his paws when he was done he was told to lay in the medicine ned till sun high so he doesnt hurt his paws more before the dock setts in. Mintpaw sat and groomed his pelt wolfpaw purred and sprawled out and stretched out it legs when spottedmoon came in “mintpaw go pick some more dock”spottedmoon mewed harsly. Mintpaw padded out and looked back at wolfpaw then carried on. “Stay away from my apprentice”She hissed. Wolfpaw pushed his back to the wall and got up and ran out of the medicine den.
    He took a raven from the pray pile and sat by the apprentice rock he ate his prey ate the top he dropped the blood from the pray onto the rock when he finished half of the rock was red and sticky he sensed some on his blind side and lashed out but the cat doged and rolled him over on his back he saw his mother ginning. Wolfpaw scrambled back and lashed his tail.
    “What are you doing my little one” Darkbird said.
    “Nothing” Wolfpaw shook the dirt from his pelt and flicked his tail with irritation as he walked away from his mother he saw DingoSpots Tallwinds father. Wolfpaw ran up to him and pounced on his tail he loved the old cat he told lots of fun stories but dogfang was better. He swiped at the old tom’s whiskers and escaped before he was sat on.
    “Nice moves little one. Where did you learn it?” Dingospots raspy purrs sounded.
    “Tallwind showed me this morning”Wolf paw said.
    “I’m glad my son got you as an apprentice I was hoping I would have you as my last apprentice but your father thought outer whise. Soon after Rattled Paw learns some manners and becomes a warrior I will me moving to the elders den.”Dingo Spots said as Goldstar called dingo spots on the night patrol wolfpaw groomed himself and padded to the apprentice den he curled up next to flamepaw and he wrapped his long tail around his brother as he went to sleep.

    Six moons later. Wolfpaw sat under the high right the apprentice had grown to be bigger than tallwind he wasn’t even done with his apprenticeship.
    “All cats old enough to catch their own prey gather beneath the Tall rock.”Goldstars order echoed through the valley. Fore kits ran out of the nursery and rattled paw,Graypaw and whitepaw where finely groomed their mentors looking proudly on them.
    “To day were here for Tree Announcements we will start of happy with Tree new warriors RattledPaw,Graypaw And whitepaw do you promise to uphold the warrior code even at the cost of your life?”
    “We do!”They howled
    “Then by the powers of star clan i give you your warrior names RattledTree,GraySong And Whitefeather.”
    “Rattled Tree!”
    “ Graysong!”
    “Whitefeather!”The clan chaneted.
    “We have for new apprentices to Hanging Paw,lightpaw,Sweetpaw And Hopepaw. Hanging Paw your mentor will be Hawkthorn.LightPaw Fawnheart, Sweetpaw Fallingfeather and Little hopePaw”He looked proudly down on his kits. “Your mentor Will be fawnheart”Goldstar Said proudly. HIs golden eyes shining down on his kits.
    “The last announcement Is a sad one a loyal and strong warrior is leaving his den mates to join the elders den Dingospots your time has come.”Goldstar siad grife in his voice.
    “This gathering is to an end”Golfstar leaped of of the tall rock his sleek pelt shining in the sun wolf paw admied the young leader.

    Wolfpaw tackled flamepaw but flamepaw pinned his shoulders down wolfpaw kicked his opponents belly with his hind paws flipped him off. His ears flicked and he heard Fawnheart yelling “INVASION” Wolfpaw caught the scent of blood and shadow clan wolfpaw ran to the smell of shadow clan he saw Eclipcestar and lunged at the leader sinking his claws into her shoulders his jaw locked around her neck Eclipcestar ripped his fur out with her claws but wolf paw kept griping onto eclipcestars neck until her struggles stoped he heard shadow clan yell. Sharkrippled rammed him off of the dead leader but with one fast slash he cut open sharkripples thought he stood up he saw shadowclan stare at him in terror thay ran leaving the two dead warriors his flame paw stared at him in awe he heard the gasps from his clan mates he turned around and looked at his father. His eyes showed Approval the he saw goldstar he padded down the slope until he stud nose to nose with wolfpaw
    “I have never seen an Apprentice with such power in battle. But you do not need to kill to will its part of the code but what you did saved the lives of your clan mates so flamepaw wolfpaw you must stay and help the medicine cats for a quarter moon after you are healed”Goldstar said stubbornly.
    Wolfpaw flicked his tail and padded over to flamepaw. The raced of to camp leaving thare clan mates behind. They entered into the medicine den spotted moon eyed him angrily.
    Mintpaw guided flamepaw and wolfpaw to their nests. Wolfpaw heard heavy paws drumming on the floor of the medicine den as Dark cloud ran over to them.
    “Are you ok?!”she looked at wolf paws matted fur as Hawkthorn came in his eyes full of pride.
    “You fought well.Both of you”He said looking down at wolf paw.

    Thanks ror reading im working on more i love feed back!

    • Wildpaw
      June 29, 2020 at 3:03 am


      • Bitterfrost
        June 29, 2020 at 4:42 pm

        thank you (:

  9. Wildpaw
    June 30, 2020 at 4:04 am

    Tale of the Apprentice Army, Prologue, chapter one. This will be in multiple apprentices perspectives:

    Fogpaw’s tail lashed behind her as she say back on a rock. A wide field stretched out in front of her as she thought.
    “Apprentices are always mistreated. They always were,” she murmered. “But this is cruel. Exiled me because I grabbed a squirrel off enemy territory.”
    Fogpaw padded into the field, and looked around. A few mountains were in the distance, not far, but far enough. She set off for them, full sprint. Her legs were about to give out when she reached the mountains.
    She shook her pelt out, as rain started sprinkling down. She walked around the mountain until she found what she was looking for. Fogpaw stepped into the cavern, a very large room in the mountains.
    “This will do nicely. Now to find other apprentices for my army.”

    Chapter 1:

    Tinypaw lashed out at Patchpaw, the older apprentice dodging swiftly. She aimed for his legs, but he leaped over her and pinned her to the ground.
    “Your to small to be a warrior,” he hissed in his ear. “Just run off to Cinderflower, and be a Medicine Cat.”
    He stepped off of Tinypaw at Flowerpetals demand. Her mentor walked up to her.
    “What is the matter with you? You should be able to do the move correctly by now,” Flowerpetal scolded.
    “Patchpaw is older, though!” Tinypaw protested.
    “So? Your sister defeated Birchleaf in a battle yesterday,” Flowerpetal retorted.
    Tinypaw hung her head. Morningpaw had always been better than Tinypaw at everything. Hunting, fighting, stalking, so of it. Flowerpetal herself had told Tinypaw she’d rather have Morningpaw as an apprentice.
    Patchpaw, Flowerpetal, and Voleclaw walked away, leaving Tinypaw alone. A soft hiss made her turn around. An apprentice sized light gray and white she-cat was behind her, hiding in the bushes.
    “Intruder!” Tinypaw growled, tensing up.
    “Wait! I don’t want to intrude, but I want to give you a place of belonging. Come join the Apprentice Army!” the she-cat meowed.
    “How can I trust you? You smell like a rogue, and look like a BreezeClan apprentice,” Tinypaw asked.
    “My name is Fogpaw. BreezeClan exiled me after I caught a squirrel on DarkClan territory,” the she-cat meowed.
    “The Apprentice Army?” Tinypaw asked, intrigued.
    “Apprentices are mistreated. I taking those apprentices, and creating an army. When we’re ready, we can chose out own warrior names, and mentor other apprentices,” Fogpaw replied.
    Tinypaw thought for a second. “Let me think about it,” she decided.
    “Meet me by Five Points tomorrow at sunhigh with your answer,” Fogpaw meowed, before disappearing.
    Tinypaw ran back to camp, to see the other apprentices sitting with Morningpaw. Morningpaw gestured to Tinypaw to sit with her, but the other apprentices growled.
    “Stay away from Morningpaw. She’s greater than you’ll ever be,” Larchpaw growled.
    “Larchpaw!” Morningpaw meowed. “Just because it’s true doesn’t mean you should say it like that!”
    Tinypaw tensed her muscles. Her hackles raised a little, but not noticeably.
    “Why not? If the mouse can’t take the truth, why is she even becoming a warrior?” Patchpaw taunted.
    Now they’re just asking for it…
    “Your so small! Morningpaw took down a warrior, and you can’t even take down Patchpaw!” Larchpaw hissed.
    Tinypaw felt her hackles raising, her claws slowly unsheathing. The other apprentices took no notice. Tinypaw narrowed her blue eyes, her black and white patched tail swishing behind her.
    “Patchpaw! Larchpaw! Tinypaw tries her best!” Morningpaw meowed, but Tinypaw saw the satisfaction in her eyes.
    “Her best isn’t enough. She should really just become a Medicine Cat,” Patchpaw growled.
    Tinypaws ears flattened, and she bared her fangs.
    “Ah, what’s the matter? Getting aggravated?” Larchpaw taunted.
    Tinypaw yowled and launched herself at Larchpaw. The white tom struggled beneath her as she shredded his ears. Larchpaw unsheathed his claws, and scraped Tinypaws underbelly.
    Tinypaw leapt back, and Larchpaw got up. Her ear was bleeding badly, ripped and torn. Tinypaw purred in satisfaction. The Two apprentices circled each other, the clan beginning to gather.
    Larchpaw leapt at Tinypaw, who leapt out of the way, then onto Larchpaws back. Larchpaw tried to get up, but it proved to no avail.
    “What is going on here?” Petalstar yowled.
    Tinypaw got off of Larchpaw and faced her leader. “They kept making fun of my size, and I attacked him.”
    “With her claws unsheathed!” Larchpaw yowled.
    “Enough. Just go to the Medicine Cat den, both of you. This will not happen again,” Petalstar growled.
    Tinypaw hissed to herself, and headed towards Cinderflower. While she treated Tinypaw, Tinypaw thought about Fogpaw.
    A place where I belong, she thought. I’ll do it. It’s worth it.

    Tinypaw sat in the middle of Five Points, looking up. It was almost sunhigh. Just as she thought it, Fogpaw walked into the clearing.
    “Have you decided?” she asked.
    “I’m coming. My clan isn’t worth anything, anymore,” Tinypaw decided.
    “Follow me. I’ve got two other apprentices waiting at the DarkClan and MistClan border, so we’ll have to get them, first,” Fogpaw meowed.
    Tinypaw nodded as they headed through BreezeClan territory. Fogpaw led her to the DarkClan border first, where a very small tom was waiting. His pelt was black, barely noticeable through all of the scars and rips and tears.
    “Hi, Reedpaw. Have you made a decision?” Fogpaw asked.
    “I have. Show me the way,” Reedpaw replied. Even his voice sounded small.
    “Then let’s head for the MistClan border, shall we?” Fogpaw asked.
    When they got there, a creamy brown she-cat was waiting for them.
    “Before you ask, yes. I will go with you,” the she-cat meowed.
    “Well Applepaw, follow us,” Fogpaw meowed.
    Fogpaw led the three apprentices towards the mountains. She showed them a small hole, which led into a huge cavern. Only five other cats were there, all of them the size of warriors.
    “These cats are Mistlight.” Fogpaw pointed her tail to a dark gray she-cat with big blue eyes. “Frogleap.” A dark brown tom with Amber eyes. “Wolftail.” A light gray tom with one green eye, and one blind eye. “Hareleap.” A creamy white tom who was asleep “And Timberwood” A light brown tabby tom with icy blue eyes.
    “These cats are warriors, here to help us train,” Fogpaw meowed.
    Mistlight walked up to Tinypaw. Tinypaw noticed she was small too.
    “We both haven’t I deal with the curse, huh?” she meowed. “Well, no worries! The small ones always have to stick together.”
    Oh, yeah, Tinypaw thought. I think I’ll like it here.

    I would like to thank the creators of the Apprentice Armies on BlogClan for giving me this idea!

  10. June 30, 2020 at 5:06 pm

    Eep. I’m so sorry, guys!! I haven’t been writing a lot on the book I had you guys sign up for!! Ok, I’ve come up with deadlines that I think I can work with!! So, there will be a new chapter every week of Falling Voices! 😀

    JULY 3RD 💞💞💞💞

    • Wildpaw
      June 30, 2020 at 5:55 pm

      I would like to edit:

      When cats in the Apprentice Army become warriors, they keep their apprentice name.

      • Wildpaw
        June 30, 2020 at 10:31 pm

        Dang. I ment this for my comment about the Apprentice Army, not yours! Sorry, Crooked!

    • June 30, 2020 at 6:06 pm

      Alrighty, that’s perfectly fine!

      That man is playing Galaga!

  11. Lapisdapple
    June 30, 2020 at 10:06 pm

    Hey guys! So, I had an idea for a BlogFic, and if you are interested in being a part of said BlogFic, please fill out this form! I don’t know when I will get around to it, but I will! Eventually… XD Maybe. XD

    Warrior Name:
    Preferred Nickname(if any):
    Gender & Pronouns:
    Appearance(human and cat):
    Preferred Outfit:
    Greatest Fear:

    ☀️ At Least I See The Light ☀️

    • Lapisdapple
      June 30, 2020 at 10:08 pm


      ☀️ At Least I See The Light ☀️

    • ʟᴇᴀғɪᴇ/ʟᴇᴀғsᴋʏ
      June 30, 2020 at 11:22 pm

      Warrior Name: Leafsky
      Preferred Nickname: Leafie
      Gender & Pronouns: Female; pronouns she/her
      Appearance (Cat): Red white, and black she-cat with a blue and green eye
      Appearance (Human): A tall dark blonde haired girl with hazel eyes
      Preferred Outfit: Casual t-shirt and shorts, or long sleeves and pants
      Greatest Fear: Heights
      Personality: Positive, outgoing, kind, brave

    • July 1, 2020 at 1:11 am

      Warrior Name: Rainingbreeze
      Preferred Nickname(if any): Raining
      Gender & Pronouns: Gender: Female/ Genderqueer Prounouns: (They/them)
      Appearance(human and cat): Human: Pale faced girl with dirty blond hair and green-brown eyes she usually wears a smirk(that is my actual eye color)
      Cat (I’m gonna put in a new form with my new sona): sleek dappled dark gray almost black tabby she-cat with unusually pale, grey spots a white long winding tail, chest, paws, and muzzle and beautiful green eyes. She usually wears a smirk.
      Preferred Outfit: She usually wears a dark green sweat shirt with the word meow on it, and black sweat pants with a white string that you can tie into a bow. She wears a hoodie and the hood is always over her head. The hoodie is either a black VER FUZZY hoodie (She wears in winter and sometimes fall) or a red, green, and orange SILKY hoodie with a white cat on it (she wears this in summer, spring, and sometimes fall). She always wears a hoodie because she wants to melt into the walls. She also wears dark green head phones with black cat ears and listens to music as she does almost everything. She has her phone in her front sweat pant pocket or in a black small cat backpack she puts her headphones, I pad and Chromebook in and a few other precious belongings (Car keys/home keys, credit card, and cash).
      Greatest Fear: Germs (I hate germs)
      Personality: Kind but to only people who she likes, very smart as she is bullied by some people who say she is a nerd, likes to procrastinate, tries to be funny but pretty much always fails, likes to read and write, snappy and sharp-tongued when someone threatens her or a friend, does not trust easily and does not have a lot of friends, she keeps her emotions to herself, cunning, ambitious, sneaky, some people say she is lazy, has a bit of anger issues, likes everything perfect but is very clumsy and sloppy, furious, sad, angry, vengeful, insecure, protective, and some people say she’s slightly insane, mistreated, and escapes to blogclan and all the kind people here make her VERY VERY HAPPY.

    • July 1, 2020 at 5:09 pm

      Did mine on the Tavern 🙂

      Join The Picrew Cult!

    • Moonpelt
      July 1, 2020 at 10:41 pm

      Warrior Name: Moonpelt, but I would prefer to be an apprentice, if that’s fine.
      Preferred Nickname(if any): Okay, I’m gonna get a nickname and it’s gonna be Moonsi
      Gender & Pronouns: Female/She/Her
      Appearance(human and cat):
      Cat: Mottled black and dark gray she cat with white flecks, one white paw and green-blue eyes
      Human: Short dark brown and dark haired girl with deep brown eyes.
      Preferred Outfit: Whatever, but prefers to wear leggings and long sleeve shirts or light sweaters
      Greatest Fear: Shots
      Personality: Very smart, Imaginative, Creative, sometimes has low self esteem, try’s very hard, changes her personality and mood a lot, try’s to understand other people, will sometimes bottle her pain or fears and will say she’s fine, even if she’s not, can feel guilt very easily, Sometimes very nervous and awkward, but can also be sometimes very implosive and friendly, likes to be around other people, but also doesn’t, if she offers wisdom, she will do it in the most unlikely of ways, sometimes will have her head in the clouds, Will be sarcastic, but will never mean to be mean, Very quick witted, not that good at fighting, very impatient, LOVES to read, enjoys being by herself, but isn’t a loner. (This is actually how I am in real life)
      That might be too much for the personality, and if it is, please tell me and I’ll give you a simpler one.

      ❄️If all is lost, all is found❄️

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