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If you’re organising a group fan fiction project, this is where you can discuss your projects with other writers, or scout for new writers for your project. This is also where you should start new group projects as well, including stories that feature BlogClanners. Happy writing!

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Scorchie loves Jayfeather and had too much coffee (Mae/mim))
Scorchie loves Jayfeather and had too much coffee (Mae/mim))
March 5, 2021 3:48 pm

Hey, this got buried but here’s my list of Alternate groups. wanna know more about alternates? go to page 131. Anyway, here are The Alternate groups

1. Rednuht Group, based off thunderclan.

2. Revir Group, you can guess.

3. Wodahs Group, based off Shadowclan.

4. Dniw Group, based off windclan.

5. Eugor Group, based off the rogues.

6. Grand Alternates Group, the main leaders of the alternates. Queen of ALL the alternates is Queen Repiv. Even though none of the groups are based off blogclan, Repiv still came and took over. Some of Repiv’s friends include Dawnember, Frostjay, and Sparkcheetah. Repiv is very evil though. She’s basically a tigerstar (first).

Lilly that Blows in Breeze (Lillypaw/Lil)
Lilly that Blows in Breeze (Lillypaw/Lil)
March 5, 2021 6:46 pm

Hi 🙂 I am wanting to make various (short) one shots to help improve my writing but I need some ideas. Here is the form to suggest some:
Character Ideas for Personalities (Just character personalities):
Ideas for Scenes or Events (what do you want to see happen):
Ideas for Magic to Write About (elements, powers, etc.):
Ideas for places or things to write about (Northern Lights, Desert, Paris, etc.)
Ideas for seasons or weather to write about (Cold, Warm, Super hot, Summer, winter, etc.):
I really appreciate all of these!

"Of course it will work, when has it not worked?" (Raven | Raventhornpaw)
"Of course it will work, when has it not worked?" (Raven | Raventhornpaw)
March 6, 2021 1:46 am

not asking for RBCs at the moment
I have a question
Should I kill Sapphire Sight?
Just for context, Sapphire Sight is Frosted Stream’s mate, and the time this thing takes place is during a time where the threat of civil war is hovering the air and the provinces either need to side with the king or against the king. Two provinces are already sided against the king, and one province already sided with the king. Frosted Stream, the leader of one of the provinces, decided to side with the king to try to prevent war from breaking out because if she sided her province against the king it would be 3 to 1 and the king’s side would be outnumbered and the other rebel provinces would immediately attack. Sapphire Sight disagrees with Frosted Stream, thinking that they should’ve sided against the king and with the rebels, but unfortunately before Frosted Stream could change her mind she is immediately yoinked by the king to be locked up in the palace (which is what happened to the leader of the province that sided with the king) so of course Sapphire Sight would try to rescue her or conspire with the rebel provinces to save Frosted Stream and oust the king, but then realistically the sentinels or the king himself would immediately kill her, and bonus points for giving Frosted Stream (who is going to be the main character, I believe) some angst.
However, considering the fact that every confirmed romance in the universe ended up badly (it’s almost like the case of ‘Bury your Gays’, except instead of gays it’s allos), and Lase x Fang and Snowy x Riv (MY OC, NOT THE BLOGCLANNER) are in canon purgatory, I need to have at least one explicit romance that doesn’t end horribly.

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