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  1. ʟᴇᴀғɪᴇ/ʟᴇᴀғsᴋʏ
    July 2, 2020 at 12:11 am

    Winners of the contest!

    1st Place- Brightspark
    I really loved the way you wrote your story! It’s very dramatic and I love these types of stories. I’d love to see more of your writing! 😀
    2nd Place- Streampaw/splash
    It’s a great concept, and I enjoyed reading it, even if it was short. 😀
    3rd Place- Ttera
    It’s a great short poem/story describing Ravenpaw when Tigerclaw was after him. I enjoyed reading it. 😀
    Expect your guy’s short stories soon! Just send me your purrsonas.

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