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  • Some of my OCS is having kits soooo… yeah… just tell me what you think their names/Appearence/The number of kits should be
    (You don’t have to do all the litters or all the questions!)

    (Mother)Crowfang: Black she-cat with shiny black fur. Green eyes.
    Crow’s mother: Unknown
    Crow’s father: Unknown
    Crow’s siblings: Unknown

    (Father)Stonebrook/star – Gray tom with darker gray stripes, and a white belly that circles out on his face, and goes down his legs. Blue eyes
    Stone’s mother: NameName, a dark gray she-cat.
    Stone’s father: Unknown
    Stone’s siblings: Unknown

    (i) NEXT LITTER (i/)

    Gingertuft- Ginger, VERY fluffy tabby she-cat with a white belly. Orange eyes.

    Goldenheart – Golden tabby striped tom with a darker brown belly. Orange eyes.

    (i) FINAL LITTER (i/)
    Applelily – Riverclan ginger she-cat with amber eyes. She has a very fluffy neck but the rest of her is smooth.

    Surfstory/star – White tom with brown ears and tail tip and socks. Green eyes.

    • This might be better for the Warriors Names page 🙂
      Right Hand Man

  • *Repost for new pae*
    Hey so I’m writing a story with an unknown title. So there are these people in the story called Howlers, people who can shapeshift between humans and wolves. They can also control elements depending on their hair color.
    White – Air
    Red – Fire
    Blue – Water
    Brown – Earth
    Blonde – Lighting
    Black – No element
    When they transform their fur is the same color as their hair. Howlers with black hair are looked down on and often teased at school for not having an element(but they can still transform). Names can be human names such as Jake or traits such as Ambitious. Also there are no last names.
    Here is the form:
    Age(in years):
    Appearance(the only eye color is black):

  • Repost for new page! Remember that the Clans are: ThunderClan, ShadowClan, WindClan, RiverClan, and StormClan. And a big thank you to Florie, who submitted the character Thunderflight, which helped me come up with the name of the fanfiction: Thunderflight’s Strength. All ranks are open except for leaders, and you are allowed to fill out a form for a kittypet or loner.

    Age(in moons):
    Other things:

    • Lilykit / Lilydawn (Call me Lilykit, Lilydawn, Dawn, Lil' Chill Pill- that will never stick- says:

      Name: Dappledpaw/Dappledsun
      Age(in moons): 8 moons
      Gender: she-cat
      Rank: apprentice (soon to be a warrior)
      Clan: ThunderClan
      Appearance: white she cat with golden flecked-points and bright amber eyes
      Personality: bubbly, upbeat, funny, kinda like Greystripe 😛
      Parents: Lakecloud (white she-cat with blue eyes) Cloudblaze (dark grey and white tom with amber eyes)
      Siblings: Smokepaw/Smokefeather (black tom with blue eyes) Dandelionpaw/Dandelionroar (golden tabby she-cat with white paws, tail tip, chest and muzzle and blue eyes)
      Mate: Foxnose (dark ginger tom with a white chest and underbelly, paw tips, ear tips and tail tip and he has amber eyes)
      Kits: Lightkit/Lightwhisker (ginger and white she-cat) Patchkit/Patchheart (a white she-cat with golden patches) Burrowkit/Burrowcloud (dark ginger tom)
      Likes: New-leaf, water, flowers, friends & family, Foxnose, the S U N
      Dislikes: Twolegs, unecessary bloodshed, squirrels
      Friends: n o – o n e
      JK Tuftwind (light grey she-cat with one green eye, one light blue eye) Scoopfur (brown tabby tom wif amber eyes)
      Enemies: Mosslight (tortoiseshell she-cat) from STORMCLAN MUAHAHAHA
      Other things: . .. .. ..
      Thanks! <3

    • Name: Silentwisp
      Age: 19 moons
      Gender: Girlflux, with He/Him and They/Them
      Rank: Deputy if possible, if not, warrior
      Appearance: Light silver mackerel tabby with specks of black under very pale red/violet eyes, and white paws, underbelly, and undertail
      Personality: Cover: Chill, happy Real: Gloomy boi
      Parents: Unknown, has had ThunderClan and ShadowClan scent from when they were taken in.
      Siblings: None have been identified
      Mate: Sure, any She-cat could be Silent’s mate, but no kits, Silent is Omniromantic, and would NOT want kits
      Kits: Nope, never, not once, not ever
      Likes: Rushing water, water, rain, snow, anything water
      Dislikes: Hot weather, being with more than 4 cats, leaves
      Friends: They’re kinda scared of losing another friend after losing 3 friends
      Enemies: Anyone that teases him for not having parents
      Other things: Yes, they were super close to 12 moons, and why not?

      • Can Silentwisp please either be male or female because the other genders are just way too confusing for me? And also – what Clan? Could you have Silent’s Clan be Wind or ShadowClan since we don’t have many of those cats?

        • Hi I can help explain this to you !!!
          Girlflux means that Silentwisp’s gender shifts between being fully a girl and not being a girl at all, and can rest anywhere in between
          So one day he might be 100% a girl, another 50% and then another 1%
          If you want explanations for other genders feel free to come and talk to me !!!!

            • Ok !! What bit doesn’t make sense ?
              Basically gender is a spectrum lots of people don’t fit into the binary of either male or female
              And some people’s genders may change over time, gender is seperate from the biological features that you have
              So a girlflux person has a gender that changes. However that gender never changes to anything outside of being a girl, partially a girl, or having no gender at all.
              Gender is complex and I can do a bit more of an explanation of other genders if you like 😀

              • So, what doesn’t make sense is, um, what’s the character? Oh yes, Silentwisp. So, how can Silentwisp be different genders at different times?

    • Name: Finn
      Age (in moons): 25 Moons Old
      Gender: Male
      Rank: N/A (Kittypet)
      Clan: N/A (Kittypet)
      Appearance: Black-and-white Tom with yellowish-green eyes
      Personality: Adventurous, Curious, Independent, Fascinated by birds, flowers and other things in nature, Outgoing, Loyal, Cooperative, Smart, Observant, Carefree, Inquisitive
      Parents: Ivory (Mother, Kittypet) & Jett (Father, Kittypet)
      Siblings: Snowflake (Sister, Kittypet) & Paddy (Brother, Kittypet)
      Mate: N/A
      Kits: N/A
      Likes: Watching birds and people outside from windows, Nature, Flowers, Trees & other Plants, Insects, Friendly Cats, Exploring Outside, Learning about new things, Solving puzzles & riddles
      Dislikes: Unfriendly or Violent Cats, Not being able to go out or explore, Vicious animals, Boredom & not being able to solve puzzles or think freely
      Friends: Any cat who is friendly, such as most neighbours’ cats
      Enemies: Unfriendly and/or violent cats
      Other things: Thanks! Hope you enjoy writing about my character! 🙂

    • 𝕆𝕨𝕝 𝕥𝕙𝕒𝕥 𝕊𝕨𝕠𝕠𝕡𝕤 𝕟𝕖𝕒𝕣 𝕊𝕦𝕟 (𝕆𝕨𝕝) says:

      Name: Daypaw/stone.

      Age(in moons): 9 moons.

      Gender: she-cat, but can be non-binary, whatever suits you.

      Rank: apprentice.

      Clan: ShadowClan.

      Appearance: a pitch black cat with glowing, lamplike yellow eyes.

      Personality: an angry, aggressive she-cat who doesn’t talk about her emotions to anyone, so sometimes a flood of emotions causes her to snap.

      Parents: Softcloud: a gentle, forgiving black she-cat with blue eyes (dead), Bramblenose: a white tom with ginger paws and yellow eyes (dying of greencough).

      Sibling/s: Nightpaw/clouds: white tom with ginger paws and blue eyes, Sootpaw/mist, a dark gray tom with blue eyes (dead).

      Mate: Rosepaw/nose (yes, I know it rhymes, shush): a white and brown splotched she-cat with blue eyes.

      Kits: Wrenkit/mist: a gray and brown tom with yellow eyes, Cypresskit/flight: black and white she-cat with blue eyes.

      Likes: Rosenose, her kits, hunting, fighting, hanging out with her brother, dusk, exploring.

      Dislikes: snow, wind, dawn, lizards, frogs, greenleaf.

      Friends: Rosenose, Splashtail, Gullsight, Nightpaw/clouds.

      Enemies: Foxmoon, Patchsun.

      Other things: Daypaw/stone is bisexual, and she only has one eye after a border skirmish.

      Her brother Sootmist died straight after they became warriors, she had kits with rosenose AFTER she became a warrior, and her parents died after she became an apprentice. Just letting you know!

      Also, is it okay if I make applications for the other cats I’ve mentioned, like Gullsight, Nightclouds and Rosenose? I’ll just do it anyway, and if it’s not okay, just let me know! 🙂

      • Thanks! And it’s okay to make more applications! I want to know more about the other cats! 🙂 And also: thank you for making the Clan ShadowClan – we don’t have many of those cats.

    • Name: Acornstrike

      Age(in moons): 20

      Gender: Demi-boy (partially male) they/he/xe pronouns (if you want me to explain this more I can !!!)

      Rank: Warrior
      Clan: StormClan

      Appearance: Xe is a tall, brown tabby demi-tom with white patches. He has blue eyes

      Personality: Acornstrike is a fiery and fierce warrior, they are quick to anger and impulsive. However xe is also pretty insecure about xer abilities as a warrior

      Parents: make someone up !!

      Siblings: None !!

      Mate: None, although Acornstrike is demisexual omniromantic (I can explain this if you need)

      Kits: None and never wants any

      Likes: Training, running water, bugs, cloudy days

      Dislikes: Flowers, sunny days, competition, patrolling

      Friends: Not many, but feel free to make some up

      Enemies: Hollybark

      Other things: if you want to do enemies to lovers with hollybark and acornstrike feel free !! They were close before Hollybark became a better warrior than Acornstrike

      Name: Hollybark

      Age(in moons): 21 moons

      Gender: Genderfluid (hir/hir/hirs/hirself and they/them pronouns)

      Rank: Warrior

      Clan: StormClan

      Appearance: A black and brown dappled cat with yellow eyes and a nicked ear

      Personality: Competitive and an incredibly skilled warrior, Hollybark is excitable and often shows off, but doesn’t realise that hir is doing it. They are very stubborn

      Parents: Make someone up !

      Siblings: Younger sister is Applepaw

      Mate: None !! Hir is bisexual

      Kits: None, never wants them

      Likes: Cloudy days, bugs, talking to others, hunting

      Dislikes: Storms, rabbits, kittens (except for applepaw)

      Friends: Lots of cats !! Hir is very chatty

      Enemies: Acornstrike, although hir feels bad about the bad relationship between the two

      Other things: Again, feel free to do enemies to lovers with Acornstrike and Hollybark

      Having to make applepaw in another form

    • Name: Applepaw
      Age(in moons): 6
      Gender: Trans girl (she/her)
      Rank: Apprentice
      Clan: StormClan
      Appearance: A little black and white tuxedo she-cat with yellow eyes. She has very big ears
      Personality: Bouncy and fun loving, she really loves everyone. However she is often too excitable and gets into lots of trouble. She isn’t the best apprentice but she tries

      Parents: Same as Hollybark

      Siblings: Hollybark is her older sibling

      Mate: None, she’s a lesbian tho

      Kits: None

      Likes: Birds, sunny days, climbing, running

      Dislikes: Boring cloudy days, rabbits, the dark, silence

      Friends: Everyone !!! Especially Acornstrike, she doesn’t leave him alone, even though xe doesn’t like her

      Enemies: No one !!

      Other things:

      I will likely make more cats later !! if anything on my form confuses you just ask 😀

  • I have a few under developed characters in my story so if you could fill out this personality chart that would be awesome!

    Yewtail(former rogue)(M)

    Shellpaw(med app)(F)

    Shiningfeather(moonclan deputy)(F)

    Hail talon(M) melodybird(F) stoneripple (M)and riverflow(M)all moonclan elders)

    Ripplecall(gender-fluid moon clan warrior)


    Role you prefer them to play(opt):

    • Name: Rippleclaw
      Personality: Bold and brash warrior, they are very loud and chatty, however incredibly kind at heart. They really want to help others however often don’t know how to
      Role you prefer them to play(opt): I don’t know !

    • Name: Yewtail
      Personality: Adventurous, brave, bold, stubborn
      Role you prefer them to play(opt): warrior

    • Name: Melodybird
      Personality: Calm, wise, and gentle, but is a very good fighter and will do anything for her Clan.
      Role you prefer them to play: medicine cat? If there’s already one then she can be a warrior. 🙂



    Lives in the fields with low ground unlike the moor. At the edge is a twoleg farm and beyond is a twoleg town. The farm grows plants and the nearest to the border is strawberrys and the wind Carries the scent into the hearts of those cats

    Leader-sweetstar(played by someone else)(3rd) (6/9)

    Deputy-harespire(tom played by me)

    Medicine cat-windclaw(tom
    Med app-mousepaw (she cat) (played by me)


    -flowersway(she cat)
    Apprentice: daffodilpaw
    -strawberrybreeze(daughter of sweetstar, she cat)
    -poppysong(she cat)
    Apprentice: geckopaw


    -daffodilpaw(she cat)


    Grapepetal(expecting harespires kits)

    Dandelioncloud(permant cause wants to)


    (These kits are the one expecting by grapepetal)

    Briarkit(she kit) (me)


    Raspberryripple(she cat)(me)(tulipfeather and poppy songs mother mate is in starclan)


    Dewears(she cat)

    • • • •

    More on reply(don’t want to do more then 400 characters)


      Live in a snowy pine forest farther walk from the other clans territory but connected. Have a frozen pond in the middle of territory that melts the ice in newleaf for fishing otherwise mice are great. They cover their pelts with snow to blend in because they have many predators like wolfs moose and fox

      The snow doesn’t melt but does a little bit in green leaf

      LEADER: Firstar (3rd) (9/9)

      Deputy-tundraflash(she cat, older than firstar)

      Medicine cat:pinefoot(tom)


      -needlestripe(she cat)
      -snowcrest(she cat)

      -mistpaw(she cat)
      -fuzzypaw(flake) (tom)


      Rockdive(has one kit that’s 2 moons and their father is puddlepaws)

      Blizzardtrout(has 3 5 moons kits and their father is freezingfox)


      Shatterdkit(rockdives and is blind)(tom)

      Fishkit(blizzards) (tom)
      Hollykit(she cat) (blizzards)


      Fog eyes(can’t see out of left eye, TOM)

      • • • •
      More in reply

  • I found this that someone wrote.
    Name: Duskpaw/echo
    Age(in moons): nine moons, almost a warrior
    Gender: female
    Rank: apprentice
    Clan: StormClan?
    Appearance: dark ginger fur, amber eyes
    Personality: ambitious; wants to be leader
    Parents: I don’t know any StormClan cats so let’s be creative. Robinflught and Stoneclaw
    Siblings: um… let’s say Redkit died at birth.
    Mate: none
    Kits: never ever
    Likes: fish, quiet, fighting
    Dislikes: loud noise, other apprentices
    Friends: who’s Clan leader? Her mentor… Frostfang?
    Enemies: any cat who wants go get in her way of becoming Duskstar
    Other things: nearly poisoned another apprentice with water hemlock when they were kits but didn’t. That apprentice’s name is Cliffpaw/song.
    That’s all I have, and I hope I have donated something useful to your story.

    I don’t actually normally ask this, but… I be a part of this thing? It sounds amazing so far, Shimmerkit, and I want to help.
    I’m not usually so nice, so make your decision wisely.

    • Did you write this? If so, please remember to reply to my comment 🙂 ! I am sort of…. well, confused….. I’m not exactly sure what you mean. But, um, yes…?


    Please fill out a form for the Bird’s Fall!
    Keep in mind that your character might or might not appear, since I sometimes lose track of what I’m writing and have no time to squish them in.
    RiverClan is the protagonist’s Clan and will get the most spotlight. ThunderClan and SkyClan probably won’t get much attention, since ShadowClan and WindClan border RiverClan. Since ShadowClan’s got too much cats, I’d appreciate it if you didn’t submit characters of ShadowClan.

    You need to include full names, and only senior warriors, warriors, apprentices, kits, elders, and queens are open. If you have a specific OC in mind for a character’s mate or kits, include that.

    Brief personality:

    I’m only accepting she-cats or toms, because other genders and pronouns are just so confusing for me.

    • Name: Leafheart
      Age: 14 moons (young warrior)
      Gender: Tom
      Appearance: A fluffy, brown-and-white warrior with light amber eyes.
      Brief personality: Happy and energetic, friendly, and protective.
      Clan: WindClan

    • Name: Marigoldheart
      Rank: warrior
      Age: 13 moons
      Gender: she-cat
      Appearance: white she-cat with aqua eyes
      Brief personality: Bossy, annoying, emotional (means she cries a lot or something)
      Clan: WindClan

      Name: Chivefang
      Rank: warrior
      Age: 13 moons
      Gender: tom
      Appearance: apricot tom with emerald green eyes
      Brief personality: Optimistic, easy-going
      Clan: WindClan

      Name: Fernsnow
      Rank: warrior
      Age: 13 moons
      Gender: she-cat
      Appearance: ginger she-cat with orange eyes and white tail-tip
      Brief personality: Shy, honest, hard-working
      Clan: WindClan

      Do you mind making them littermates? Thanks if yes <3

    • Name: Featherpaw
      Age: 8 moons
      Gender: she-cat
      Appearance: silver tabby she-cat with a plumy tail and blue eyes
      Brief personality: friendly, happy, helpful
      Clan: RiverClan

      Name: Stonepaw (Featherpaw’s brother?)
      Age: 8 moons
      Gender: tom
      Appearance: gray tom with amber eyes
      Brief personality: friendly, stubborn
      Clan: RiverClan

      Name: Breezystep
      Age: 14 moons
      Gender: tom
      Appearance: black tom with amber eyes
      Brief personality: energetic, quick-thinking
      Clan: WindClan

    • Hey Briarpaw !! I’m here to help other genders and pronouns make sense a bit

      So basically genders can be seperated into 2 main categories : Binary and Nonbinary

      The binary genders are obviously male and female, and you can be transgender or cisgender male/female

      Someone is transgender if their gender isn’t the same as what they were assigned at birth. Cisgender means you identify as the gender you were assigned at birth

      Nonbinary genders are anything outside of this male or female, so I’m going to include some examples below

      Demigirl/boy – Partially identifies as female / male
      Genderfluid – When your gender identity changes relatively often
      Nonbinary – Can be used as an umbrella term or an identity in itself, a gender that is neither male nor female
      Agender – When someone doesn’t have a gender
      Bigender – Having 2 genders
      Pangender – Being every gender
      Genderflux – The intensity of the gender you are changes (so a girlflux person may be 10% a girl one day and 90% a girl the next)
      Genderqueer – similar meaning to nonbinary

      And with pronouns, anyone can use any pronouns.
      Pronouns don’t always equal gender
      The main ones are she/he/they

      They/them would work like this :
      He walks –> They walk
      That’s his jumper –> That’s their jumper
      I like him –> I like them

      And then neopronouns are other alternative pronouns people can use
      To work out how to use these, get the full set (for example xe/xem/xer/xers/xemself) and compare it to the full set of he/him/his/his/himself
      then you know what to replace with what !!!
      He walks with his dog besides him
      Xe walks with xer dog besides xem

      Other neopronouns are things like

      Anyone of any gender can use any pronouns so a girl could use he/him, a boy could use they/xe and a nonbinary person could use she/her !! Some people use it/its pronouns as well

      I hope this helped at least a bit, if you have any other questions feel free to ask me !!!

  • Hey there BlogClan. So I’ve got this side project that’s got fanClans of mine (AdderClan, BoaClan, CobraClan, ViperClan, and GarterClan). And basically I’m struggling with a plot line that I have going.

    The background info that’s needed I guess is that Adderstar, the current leader of AdderClan, was in love with a she-cat named Codswimmer when they were both apprentices. Codswimmer was the only cat who didn’t pick on Adderstar (he was born a loner and has a very dark backstory because of it). Anyway, Codswimmer ended up becoming mates with a tom named Crabclaw, and Adderstar thought that his chances with her were over.

    The part I’m struggling with is that I kind of want Adderstar and Codswimmer to actually end up together, but I’m not sure what to do about Crabclaw. Any ideas?

    • Some possible ideas for you! <3
      – There was a flood, forest fire, typhoon, or something, and Crabclaw died during it. Codswimmer was sad and Adderstar is supporting and encouraging her, makes her feel happy so they eventually became mates.
      – Crabclaw turned out to be a traitor to his Clan, and Adderstar exiled him. Codswimmer was shocked to be betrayed, and Adderstar offered a chance for her to start her life again – be mates with the Clan leader.

    • Hmmm uh crabclaw had a different mqte in another clan and was cheating on codswimmer or turned out to be abusing and adderstar found him abusing codswimmer and punished him. Crabclaw was killed by a secret murderer in the clan and codswimmer is devastating

    • Crabclaw was using Codswimmer, and it turned out that he loved another cat. Codswimmer- Mapleshade
      Crabclaw- Appledusk

  • (for NightClan I can only ask for 1 med cat, warriors, apprentices, kits, queens, elders, and I really need cats for WillowClan. The taken allegiances are NightClan deputy, BreezeClan deputy, BreezeClan med cat, NightClan med cat, StreamClan med cat. Thanks!)
    What they look like:
    Clan(NightClan, BreezeClan, WillowClan, StreamClan):
    Family(if has):
    Other: (example u put is in dark forest or they have an accessory or their scars)

    • Name: Ashstorm
      Gender: Female
      Rank: Warrior
      Personality: Outspoken, sarcastic, kind
      What they look like: light grey she-cat with dark grey flecks and sapphire blue eyes
      Clan(NightClan, BreezeClan, WillowClan, StreamClan): WillowClan
      Family(if has): none known
      Other: (example u put is in dark forest or they have an accessory or their scars) none

    • Lilykit / Lilydawn (Call me Lilykit, Lilydawn, Dawn, Lil' Chill Pill- that will never stick-) says:

      Name: Cedarlake
      Gender: she-cat
      Rank: Med cat
      Personality: shy, gentle, quite, secluded, feels pressured a lot
      What they look like: Dark grey she-cat with darker grey arounder her eyes, paws and tail tip. She has amber eyes
      Clan(NightClan, BreezeClan, WillowClan, StreamClan): WillowClan
      Rank: Med cat
      Family(if has): Brother: Shadewhisker (black tom with green eyes)
      Other: (example u put is in dark forest or they have an accessory or their scars) She has a scar on her nose from trying to fight in a battle. She’ll be in StarClan when she dies.


    • Name: Gorseleaf
      Gender: she-cat
      Rank: med cat
      Personality: gentle, calm, wise
      What they look like: ginger-and-brown she-cat with light green eyes and white ear-tips
      Clan(NightClan, BreezeClan, WillowClan, StreamClan): WillowClan
      Family(if has): your choice
      Other: nothing

      Name: Frostfeather
      Gender: she-cat
      Rank: deputy
      Personality: honest, hard-working, but quiet
      What they look like: dark gray tom with blue eyes and a scar across his left eye (so one eye blind)
      Clan(NightClan, BreezeClan, WillowClan, StreamClan): StreamClan
      Family(if has): your choice
      Other: she got her scar when she was an apprentice, fighting a lot of badgers that invaded their camp.

      Name: Silverfang
      Gender: tom
      Rank: warrior
      Personality: harsh, ambitious
      What they look like: dark brown tabby tom with amber eyes and light brown tail
      Clan(NightClan, BreezeClan, WillowClan, StreamClan): WillowClan
      Family(if has): he has a mate (mate your choice) and they had a tom-kit Streamkit
      Other: none

    • "...prancing across the meadow, like a gazelle hunting for an antelope" (Moonpaw/pelt) says:

      Name: Echopaw (Echobounce)
      Gender: non-gendered, they/them
      Rank: older warrior apprentice
      Personality: Echopaw is kind, loud and outgoing. They barely think about their choices, and throws themselves into mostly everything without a second glance. They are very kind and considerate, but they can be oblivious and a bit thick-headed, though they are a good cat at heart
      What they look like: Large, thick and long-furred white cat. They have large, black splotches and spots, wide, mint-green eyes, a slightly darker chest and three black paws
      Clan(NightClan, BreezeClan, WillowClan, StreamClan): WillowClan
      Rank: older warrior apprentice
      Family(if has):
      Mother: Sageberry
      Father: Ashdance
      Littermates: Duskpaw/heart and Berrypaw/haze
      Other: (example u put is in dark forest or they have an accessory or their scars) thanks!

    • Name: Drizzledawn
      Gender: female
      Rank: WillowClan medicine cat
      Personality: Kind, gentle and caring. Is very sympathetic to those who are injured or hurt.
      A sleek, soft, thick-furred snowy white she-cat with light silver-gray patches, a bushy tail and pale crystal-blue eyes.
      Clan: WillowClan
      Mother- Snowfern(A white she-cat)
      Father- Stormbreeze(A dark gray tom)
      Littermates- Breezeclaw(A dark gray tom)
      Darkshine(A pale gray tom)
      Other: I will be in StarClan when I die! I allow you to get me *killed*, but it has to be honorable in the story. Like ‘I died saving a queen and kits in a fire’ something like that.

    • Name: Hopestep
      Gender: Pangender (any pronouns)
      Rank: Warrior
      Personality: Quiet and reserved, Hopestep is a mysterious cat, who is strangely keen to fight. On first impressions she looks sweet, but you would not want to cross him as they are very dangerous
      What they look like: Xe is a pale grey cat with long fur and blue eyes
      Clan(NightClan, BreezeClan, WillowClan, StreamClan): WillowClan
      Rank: WArrior
      Family(if has): YOu can make some up !!!
      Other: i love mim

  • hi its ghostsong make sure to check out my YT itz raining cookies but i might change it to itz cookie these are all great you guys are so awsome with big hearts

  • Lilykit / Lilydawn (Call me Lilykit, Lilydawn, Dawn, Lil' Chill Pill- that will never stick-) says:

    Hiiii! I’m opening spots for rogues in my fanfic! I have one named Sprite, a just need at least two others to kinda be with Sprite! She is evil at first, but through out le story she calms down a bit. (BTW she isn’t named after the soda, just the evil tiny fairy for what I believe is European mythology) Fill out the form if you’re interested!

    Blog Name:
    The rogue’s name (it could be your rogue name if you want it to be):
    Evil or Good:
    Kin (if any):

    Tyyyyy! <3

    • Blog Name: Shimmerkit

      Rouge name: Shimmer
      Purrsona: A silver tabby with bright blue eyes and gray stripes
      Evil or Good: Good
      Backstory: She was born as a kittypet, but when she found out she was going to get taken away, she escaped with her brother, Golden. They came to a field were they met a rogue named Mouse. They became friends with Mouse, and Shimmer became a rogue. They did everything together, and lived out in the wilderness for a very long time. Soon, Shimmer became mates with Mouse, and they had one kit named Moon.
      Kin: Golden (brother), Mouse (mate), and Moon (daughter).

      Name: Golden
      Purrsona: A golden tabby with green eyes
      Evil or Good: Good
      Backstory: He was born alongside his sisters and brothers, but the housefolk were going to take them away. Golden and one of his sisters, Shimmer, ran away from their house out into the wilderness where they met Mouse, another rogue. Golden became best friends with Mouse, and his sister Shimmer became his mate. He loved being out in the wild, and soon his family grew when Shimmer gave birth to Moon. He never wants to leave this life, and so he stayed free for as long as he could remember.
      Kin: Shimmer (sister), Mouse (brother-in-law), and Moon (niece).

      Name: Mouse
      Purrsona: A light brown tabby tom with bright amber eyes
      Evil or Good: Good
      Backstory: He was born as a rogue, but his parents were killed by badgers when he was only 4 moons old. He befriended a kittypet named Roxy, but he had a dream that he had to go to a field. He didn’t want to leave his friend, but the dream was important. He left one day, searching, and finally found the one he was looking for. He met two kittens that were about a moon younger than him. Their names were Shimmer and Golden, and they became friends. For a very long time, Shimmer was nothing more than a friend to him. But soon, they became mates, and had a daughter. Mouse was happy he had a family.
      Kin: Shimmer (mate), Golden (brother-in-law), and Moon (daughter).

      • Lilykit / Lilydawn (Call me Lilykit, Lilydawn, Dawn, Lil' Chill Pill- that will never stick-) says:

        All added! :3