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  • Hi everyone! So as you (might) know, I’m making a fanfic called Shinestar’s Legacy, and i am taking in characters from BlogClan.
    Here are the criteria to insert a character:

    • Must have name. The cat will be born as a kit, then as they get promoted to warrior, I will use the warrior name you provided.
    • Must have description, which includes:
    • The cat is male or female
    • The cat’s physical appearance
    • Optional: Cat’s personality

    Anyways if you enter a character, thanks 😀

    • Ripplewhisker
      female-to-male transitioning cat
      Black-striped silver tabby tom with mint-green eyes
      A cheerful and bold cat, Ripplewhisker is always eager to hunt for his clan.

    • Flameheart
      Flame-colored tabby
      Playful, kind, Calm

      Dark brown
      Smart, quiet, shy

    • Thanks to everyone for submitting! I will add all these characters! And StormClan will have as many cats as Bramblestar-era ThunderClan. (Pre-TBC, of course XD)

    • Pondkit/paw/whisker
      Description- White she-cat with brown tabby stripes and leaf-green eyes
      Personality- Sweet, loyal, fights when necessary.

    • Name: Bumbledusk
      Gender/Pronouns: female, she/her
      Description: dark ginger tabby she-cat with darker stripes, white paws and chest, long bushy fur, short legs, and blue-green eyes
      Personality: bubbly, cheerful, is terrified of literally everything, daydreams a lot, jumpy, she’s really hard to rile up but has a nasty temper if you succeed

    • Yes your little apprentice is growing up! 😛

      Flamestreak (yes i would like to be part of your fanfic)
      Ginger with leafy green eyes and white mark on her chest
      Charismatic, energetic and bubbly, loves to work and train, constantly worrying about the future, sarcastic sense of humour.

    • Blueshine
      White cat with golden patches on her fur and leg, she has a little scar on her pelt when she’s older. She has blue eyes.
      She can be strict and grumpy sometimes but most of the time, she’s playful and nice

    • Littlebreeze
      brown and black tom with long fur and a scarred muzzle and amber eyes
      he can be bossy and grumpy but when he’s in a good mood he is really nice. He is always nice to his sister, Fernstream, even if he is in a bad mood

      light brown she-cat with green eyes
      Nice, friendly, is always ready to cheer some cat up, especially Littlebreeze.

    • Okay ppl please NO MORE SUMBISSIONS!!! im literally getting overloaded rn, but thanks for the people who did, however with this number of submissions some cats will have to be born really late… and they’ll all be bunched together as littermates lol
      ALSOOOOO I am on Chapter 10, and I am going to release Chapter 2 like right after i write this lol ok bye
      PS im getting really stressed about school lol

  • Okay, I already have enough death course characters to continue writing, but that’ll only last till Round 10, when season 1 of the death course ends, and Season 2 begins.
    And Moonwing is making Season 2 a little bit different than Season 1. Basically, there will be at least 12 contestants, and each of them will be appointed to their supervisor. And no, the supervisor does not swoop in to take the lethal blow to save their contestant, they just call out their contestant for being an idiot for accidentally eating poison or something like that :P.
    There can be more than 12 contestants, as long as its a multiple of 12 (is this turning into hunger games?), and if it’s not a multiple of 12, then the excess would be killed off in the trials, so preferably more than a multiple of 12.
    And yeah, the supervisors are Moonwing’s groupmates + 1 or 2 guests, so no applying your character for that.
    This is basically the hunger games, except it’s not, and every chapter at least someone is dying, and it’s going to be random chance on who dies so don’t get mad if you expected your character to make it to Day 10 and then they die in the trials.

    (The character below will NOT be the winner to Death course Season 2, nor will she be Moonwing’s contestant. The supervisors and contestants will be sorted out in the trials)
    Example form:
    Name: Ikri
    Gender: Female (she/her)
    Species (absolutely no humans, I don’t draw humans and my writing skills followed accordingly, and if it’s a hybrid then just say blablabla hybrid, no going into great detail): Hawk-cat griffon
    Powers (being invincible to everything is not allowed, your character has to be able to die in some way. If your character has flying wings don’t put “flight” because that is already obvious): None really 😛 
    Description: Has the head and wings of a hawk and the body and tail of a cat. Her head is dark brown with white and ginger splotches, and her body is tortoiseshell patterning, except instead of black its a very dark shade of brown, and she has a white chest and paws. She has a very floofy tail. She is wearing a bracelet made out of vines on her left paw, and a white flower on her right ear.
    Personality (like the death courses, nice people won’t fare too well. but make a nice character if you want.): How I write her as, but you put actual personality traits unless you want me to give them a personality myself.
    Why did you choose to enter them in the first place: Created solely to kill off.
    Other: nah

    I’m not going to start immediately, just collecting characters.

    • Name: Siren
      Gender: Female (she/her)
      Species: Fish-cat hybrid
      Powers: She can manipulate water, and she can turn invisible for small lengths of time, which usually tires her afterwards.
      Description: Silver furred she-cat with darker rings and dark purple eyes. She has a fish tail, long fangs, and small horns.
      Personality: Sly, paranoid, honest, ambitious, elegant, and graceful.
      Why did you choose to enter them in the first place: idk this seemed cool 😛

    • Name: Mince
      Gender: Male (he/him)
      Species: Racoon-cat hybrid
      Powers: really good at sneaking around, nimble, ( these probably don’t look powers, they are just heightened abilities for stealth and agility)
      Description: like a cat racoon mix, but dark red with black eyes, and small paws
      Personality: Cunning, sneaky, not ambitious, careless but does well anyways
      Why did you choose to enter them in the first place: to do well but not win

    • Name: Citrus
      Gender: female (she/her)
      Species: wolverine/lynx hybrid
      Powers: electrokinesis!
      Description: bright golden wolverine with big paws, a stumpy tail, big tufted ears, a cat-like face, dark golden and black speckles along her head and spine, and pale green eyes
      Personality: nasty, a big jerk, impossible to trust (lies all the time just to get a laugh), independent, has a great memory
      Why did you choose to enter them in the first place: to annoy the supervisor people with her ridiculous lies and die a brutal death 😛
      Other: nahh

  • Reposty

    this is about a cat named surfstory

    Closed leaders; Thunderclan, Riverclan, Shadowclan, Breezeclan
    Closed medicine cats; shadowclan
    Closed deputies; windclan, shadowclan
    Needed medicine cats; Thunderclan, Windclan
    Needed leaders; Windclan
    Needed deputies; Breezeclan, Thunderclan, Riverclan,
    Here is the form
    Name (keep the prefix in less than 3 syllables) ;
    Gender (sorry, but not accepting non-binary, what they were born as <No neopronouns or intersex tho>) ;
    Sexualtiy (all allowed pronouns, He/him, She/her, They/them);
    They appear as (rank) when Surfstory is a (rank);
    Description (with eye colour, and any scars they might have) ;
    death if you want it; 
    Want to be mentor?; yes, no

    here is the wattpad https

    clans are all the 4 orignal clans (not skyclan) plus Stoneclan and Breezeclan. The protag is in stoneclan, but the other main character is in riverclan. (if you say you can be Dampaw’s mentor. Dampaw is Surfstory’s brother)

    • Name (keep the prefix in less than 3 syllables) : Dappledpaw(water)
      Gender: Female(she/her)
      Sexuality: Demisexual
      Rank: med cat apprentice
      They appear as apprentice when Surfstory is a apprentice;
      Description (with eye colour, and any scars they might have) ; Pale ginger she-cat with darker patches and sharp yellow eyes.
      Personality; Loyal, kind, over-thinker, quiet, intense, usually follows the rules (and rarely breaks them)
      Kin: Quietstorm-(Golden brown she-cat with yellow eyes, mother)
      Tawnypatch-(Ginger tom with lighter patches and green eyes, father)
      Silverpaw(talon)- Gray tom with lighter streaks and blue eyes, brother)
      death if you want it; nah
      Want to be mentor?; no

    • Name (keep the prefix in less than 3 syllables): Sicklethorn
      Gender (sorry, but not accepting non-binary, what they were born as <No neopronouns or intersex tho>): Male
      Sexuality: (all allowed pronouns, He/him, She/her, They/them); Ace
      Clan; BreezeClan
      Rank: Deputy
      They appear as (rank) when Surfstory is a (rank); Deputy when Surfstory is baby
      Description (with eye colour, and any scars they might have): Tough, lithe, jet black tom with haunting amber eyes and white striped paws, ears, face, and tail. He has a scar across his right shoulder and a thin scar over his right eye.
      Personality: Cunning, cold, sly, untrustworthy (why is he even deputy in the first place), uncouth, ambitious, determined, talks in a sharp, cutting voice, but can also talk unsettlingly smooth and silkily. He is quick-witted and intelligent.
      Kin; You choose
      Extra; Nah fam
      death if you want it; you choose if he dies or not
      Want to be mentor?; you choose

    • Name Featherbreeze
      Gender She- cat
      Sexualtiy She/her
      Rank;Deputy?? If not Senior warrior
      They appear as (deputy/warrior) when Surfstory is a (apprentice);
      Description (Pale tan tabby with a fluffy tail and blue eyes) ;
      Personality;Snappish, sarcastic, brave, and loyal
      Kin; Whatever works
      Extra;Excellent fighter
      death if you want it; sh can die, but i would rather it be in a battle, later in story
      Want to be mentor?;yes

    • Name: Littlekit/paw/storm
      Gender: Female(she/her/hers)
      Sexuality: Straight
      Clan: StoneClan
      Rank: warrior
      They appear as a kit when Surfstory is a kit (if he ever is) otherwise she appears when Surfstory is an apprentice.
      Description: small gray-brown she-cat with a scar running down her flank, and she has amber eyes
      Personality: kind, but sometimes rude when she’s in a bad mood.
      Kin: she has two brothers but you can pair her with any other cats to be her brothers
      Extra: she kinda-maybe has a crush on Dampaw.
      Death: yes, if it’s in battle when she’s a warrior
      Mentor: when she’s a warrior

  • *Repost!*
    Howdy y’all! I’m working on a fanfiction, and I figured I should open up forms so that your characters can make cameos- and maybe even play a major role- in the story! All genders and sexualities welcome! Clans include ThunderClan, WindClan, RiverClan, and ShadowClan. The family section of the form is entirely optional! No limit on kits, apprentices, warriors, queens, and elders in every Clan :3

    Accepted characters thus far…

    • Iceflame, ShadowClan deputy (Will be Fallenpaw’s mentor!)
    • Fernface, ShadowClan queen
    • Thunderflash, ThunderClan warrior
    • Lightningtwitch, WindClan deputy

    High ranks I need…

    • WindClan & RiverClan leaders
    • RiverClan & ThunderClan medicine cats
    • RiverClan deputy

    Other ranks I need more of…

    • Apprentices, especially RiverClan, ThunderClan, and ShadowClan
    • Warriors, all Clans

    The Form:






    Thanks in advance for your submissions! I’ll share the link to the allegiances once I have ’em set up on a Paw in Each World!

    • Name: Silkfern
      Age: Adult
      Gender: Female
      Sexuality: Demi les
      Appearance: Long-furred, silky, pinkish gray she-cat with warm pinkish-red eyes and small, neat, ears.
      Clan: RiverClan
      Rank: Medicine cat

      Personality: Warm, compassionate, caring, motherly, cares about the entire clan, happy, optimistic
      Strengths: good at herbing, persistent, and smart.
      Flaws: literally terrible at fighting, not very good at hunting either

      Background: you choose

      Mother: you choose for all

      Extra: nah fam

    • Name: Smokepaw
      Age: 8 moon old
      Gender: Male (he/him pronouns)
      Sexuality: Gay
      Appearance: dark gray tabby tom with yellow-green eyes.
      Clan: RiverClan
      Rank: apprentice

      Personality: sweet, loving, caring, friendly.
      Strengths: he is very good at problem solving
      Flaws: he’s easily distracted

      Background: Smokepaw was born to Berrydusk and Foxdew. He was very sickly as a kit, and wasn’t expected to survive.
      A loner named Smoke stayed with RiverClan for a while, and helped Berrydusk and Foxdew take care of their kit.
      The kit got better, and was named Smokekit in honor of Smoke.

      Occasionally, Smokepaw, Berrydusk, and Foxdew visit Smoke on her barn.

      Mother: Berrydusk
      Father: Foxdew
      Brother(s): none
      Sister(s): none
      Kit(s): none

      Extra: he has a crush on Yellowpaw.

      Name: Yellowpaw
      Age: 9 moons old
      Gender: male (he/him pronouns)
      Sexuality: Bisexual
      Appearance: yellow tabby tom with green eyes and a white chest
      Clan: RiverClan
      Rank: Apprentice

      Personality: calm, wise, serious, kind
      Strengths: he is a good fighter
      Flaws: he isn’t very good at hunting

      Background: you choose!

      Mother: Redsnap
      Father: Snowfang
      Brother(s): Dawnpaw
      Sister(s): Birdpaw
      Kit(s): none

      Extra: he has a crush on Smokepaw

      Walk Without The Stars

    • Name: Vinepaw
      Age: 7
      Appearance:Orange with cream spots, gray eyes with white flecks around them

      Personality: Despises rules, but doesn’t show it. Collected, cares for smart cats.
      Strengths:Stealth, front paw fighting, hunting.
      Flaws:Hates loud nosises.

      Background: Was found outside camp as a kit, raised here.


    • Name: Lilypaw (warrior name Lilystripe)
      Age: 9 moons
      Gender: female
      Sexuality: bi
      Appearance: brown tabby she-cat with pale green eyes
      Clan: Shadowclan
      Rank: apprentice
      Personality: energetic,confident,loyal
      Strengths: fast runner,good climber,good at talking
      Flaws: tries to please everyone,easily distracted,claws are always dull
      Background: when she was a kit she got out of camp and wandered onto Thunderlcan territory,causing a fight. (you can choose everything else)

    • Name: Sunnystar
      Age: 40 moons?
      Sexuality:Female/ She/her
      Appearance:A white cat with gold spots
      Rank:Leader? if not then queen, name Sunnyheart

      Personality: Cheerful, energetic, happy
      Strengths: Swimming, Has lots of freinds, everone likes her, good hunter
      Flaws: Overly trusting, hates cats complaining/stress, kinda annoying

      Background:She was born a kittypet with her brother Shadow, but her freinds Amber, Coral, and Jinx left to join the clans and she went with them, leaving her brother behind.

      Mother: Lavender
      Father: Frog
      Brother(s): Shadow
      Sister(s): None
      Kit(s): Sedgepaw and Shadowpaw

      Extra: none

      • Hi! I love Sunnystar! However, can I add Sedgepaw and Shadowpaw in as newly-appointed warriors instead of apprentices? I have five RiverClan apprentices at the moment, and I’m afraid I can’t fit any more ‘^^

      • Updated- Sunnystar, Lilypaw, and Silkfern added! Updated descriptions for Foxdew, Snowfang, and Redsnap. Mentors assigned to Featherpaw, Birdpaw, Smokepaw, Yellowpaw, and Dawnpaw.

        Open ranks…
        ShadowClan and WindClan leaders; ShadowClan, WindClan, and ThunderClan medicine cats; ShadowClan, WindClan, and RiverClan deputies; warriors, queens, kits, and elders in all Clans; apprentices in ThunderClan, ShadowClan, and WindClan

        Closed ranks…
        Apprentices in RiverClan


    • Name: Fogsun
      Age: 28 moons
      Gender: non-binary (they/them)
      Sexuality: asexual
      Appearance: elegant pale gray cat with a black tail-tip, white forelegs and freckles, and bright orange eyes
      Clan: ShadowClan
      Rank: Deputy
      Personality: cold, distrustful (and won’t believe anything you tell them unless they’ve got solid reasons to believe you), incredibly brave and selfless, a hard worker
      Strengths: good talker, good leader, fantastic hunter
      Flaws: it’s almost impossible for them to trust others, can let personal grudges get in the way of their duties (like, they’ll make cats they hate go on dawn patrol all the time, etc)
      Background: after their sister was slain in battle a mere moon after the two became apprentices, their parents promised them that they’d always be there for them. And then their parents left the Clan to become kittypets, not even bothering to say why. Fogsun hates them for this and has been led to believe that since nobody is technically required to keep promises or tell the truth, nobody’s ever likely to do either of those things, so they don’t trust anyone easily.
      Mother: Firsap
      Father: Roachwhistle
      Sister: Cloverpaw, a dark gray-and-white she-cat with orange eyes (dead)
      Mate/Kits: none
      Extra: nope!

    • Name: Infinite
      Age: 12
      Gender: Male
      Sexuality: Heteroflexible
      Appearance: Dark red with white belly
      Clan: Loner
      Rank: Loner

      Personality: Cold, hot headed, brave
      Strengths: Sneaking, eyesight
      Flaws: He hates being around a crown

      Background: Raised as a rouge, a group attacked and killed his parents, lives with his sister Starstruck

      Mother: Numerical(Dead)
      Father: Driver(Dead)
      Sister(s): Starstruck
      Kit(s): Open


    • Name: Silverfin (a.k.a. Fin)
      Age: 18 moons (so roughly 1 1/2 years 😛 )
      Gender: Female
      Sexuality: Pan
      Appearance: muscular silver tabby she-cat with black patches and ice-blue eyes
      Clan: RiverClan
      Rank: Deputy
      Personality: cool, mean when she has to be, bold, brave, stubborn, kind when people earn it, loyal to the end (hopefully will die for crush and said crush will be very sad)
      Strengths: fighting, working out solutions (when she actually does), making plans, being stealthy,
      Flaws: doesn’t usually think things through, sometimes can be too mean, says what she thinks all. the. time. can be a little too stubborn and will get on people’s nerves bc of that, is a little too bold
      Background: you can make it up
      Mother: Quietsong
      Father: Emberstone
      Brothers: Inkwasp, Turtleroar, Ivystrike
      No sisters or kits
      Extra: please please PLEASE have her crush be a major oc or a kind of major oc

    • Name: Echoheart
      Age: 3 years
      Gender: She-cat
      Sexuality: Straight
      Appearance: Black she-cat with amber eyes
      Clan: Thunder
      Rank: Warrior
      Personality: Usually kind, can be mean if she is in a bad mood, or in battle
      Strengths: good fighter
      Flaws: can’t hold her temper sometimes
      Background: Her father died dramatically when she was three moons old, and then her brother died when they had just been made apprentices, she wants a mate but doesn’t know if she’ll ever have one because of her short temper
      Mother: Littlebrook
      Father: Crowscar
      Sister(s): Breezetail
      Brother(s): Lionpaw, Icevine
      Kit(s): None

    • Name: Aspenfeather
      Age: 27 moons
      Gender: Demi-girl (She/her)
      Sexuality: Lesbian
      Appearance: Silvery-gray demi she-cat with white paws and ear tips, and pale blue eyes.
      Clan: RiverClan
      Rank: Deputy

      Personality: Strong-willed, loyal, mistrustful, bubbly, slightly arrogant.
      Strengths: A smooth-talker, and very devoted to her Clan. A good fighter and negotiator, keeps cats in her Clan tied to reality.
      Flaws: Tends to see the bad in cats, arrogant enough to let it cloud her judgement, gets carried away a lot.

      Background: Highly ambitious from when she was a kit, Aspenfeather worked relentlessly to prove herself to her Clanmates. She suffered an injury when she was an apprentice, causing her warrior ceremony to be delayed. Worried that this would hinder her ability in the eyes of her Clan, she worked harder than before, and eventually, she was made deputy. Unfortunately, the pride she felt at accomplishing her goal, and the power given to her, went to her head.

      Mother: Quietstream (deceased)
      Father: Raindrift (deceased)
      Brother(s): None
      Sister(s): None
      Kit(s): None

    • Name: Deerleap
      Age: Adult (can she start as Duskpaw and then become Dusksong?)
      Gender: Female
      Sexuality: Straight
      Appearance: brown cat with white spots on her back and green eyes
      Clan: ThunderClan
      Rank: Medicine cat

      Personality: Optimistic, clear-minded, always thinks ahead, caring, wise, sarcastic at times.
      Strengths: Calm under pressure, great tracking skills, persistent and hard working, focused, good at talking, pretty good at hunting.
      Flaws: Not so good at fighting, sometimes she can get a bit too sarcastic, doubts her leader sometimes.

      Deerleap was born to Thrushwing and Bushfur in ThunderClan. She started visiting the medicine den at a young age and then got apprenticed to the ThunderClan medicine cat.

      Mother: Thrushwing
      Father: Bushfur
      Sisters: none
      Brothers: none

    • Name: Snowstar
      Age: 5ish years
      Gender: Female
      Sexuality: Asexual
      Appearance: large white she-cat with a black spine stripe, a black stripe down her muzzle, three black paws, and a black tail tip
      Clan: ShadowClan
      Rank: leader

      Personality: Encouraging, yet brave and fierce, a bit stubborn, but very loyal and smart
      Strengths: fighting and training, along with keeping cats in line
      Flaws: sometimes is clouded over by ambition, not the best at negotiating, prefers to jump into a fight then talk

      Background: She lost two of her littermates when she was a kit, and her father was never a huge part of her life, but her mother always encouraged her, and when she became a warrior (Snowmask), her father was always ready to offer advice.

      Mother: Softgleam
      Father: Bravesoul
      Brother(s): Highkit, Jumpkit
      Sister(s): Berryeye
      Kit(s): none

      Extra: Berryeye and Snowstar are constantly getting in competitions, even as the leader and a senior warrior.

  • Reposto

    Now I need random background character for my Hunger Games/Warrior Cats thing  😛
    (StarClan is now basically just a prison, and the DF is the dictatorship  🙂  )

    Gender and Pronouns:

    Everything is the same apart from there is no specific medicine cat, but there will be at least 1 cat who knows how to heal.

    I need leaders for every Clan except Thunder!

    • Name: Floofstar
      Gender and Pronouns: She-cat, they/them or xe/xem
      Appearance: A small, very fluffy white she-cat with bright, compelling blue eyes and a very fluffy tail. Xe has small paws and very large eyes.
      Rank: Leader
      Personality: Cute, charismatic, determined, compassionate, understanding, mature, knows xer clanmates’ interests well, charming
      Clan: River
      Skills: High charisma, excellent at swimming and fishing
      Weaknesses: Bad at stealthing because xe is too floofy so xe stands out, not very great at hunting anything except fish
      Other: nah

    • Name: Cedarstar
      Gender and Pronouns: non-binary, they/them pronouns.
      Appearance: light brown cat with olive green eyes, and a white tail tip.
      Rank: leader
      Personality: cruel, mean, rude, snappy.
      Clan: RiverClan
      Skills: running very fast, swimming, doesn’t let other cats bother them.
      Weaknesses: they aren’t very good at fighting, and try to avoid it.
      Other: \_[••]_/
      Walk Without The Stars

      • Oops you already have a RiverClan leader 😬 Cedarstar can be ThunderClan’s leader.
        Walk Without The Stars

    • Name: Pikeflip
      Gender and Pronouns: trans tom (he/him)
      Appearance: dappled brown-and-ginger tom with cream undersides, white paws, a long tail, big ears, and blue eyes
      Rank: warrior
      Personality: intelligent, witty, sarcastic, kind of a jerk, incredibly loyal to those he’s close to, does not have much of a sense of humor other than sarcasm
      Clan: WindClan
      Skills: he’s got a strong bite and he is scarily good at slaying with words
      Weaknesses: kind of a weak fighter, as he’s not super strong (apart from his jaw)
      Other: he’s not known for being particularly kind, but he’s good at heart!

    • Name: Littlestar
      Gender: Male
      Pronouns: He/him/his
      Rank: Leader
      Personality: Kind, powerful, brave
      Clan: Wind
      Skills: good hunter and fighter
      Weaknesses: Can be to powerful for his own good
      Other: I want him to be in love with a cat but I don’t care who

  • Okay, I have reached a certain point where I can’t add any more characters… so no more character adding 🙁
    Anyways all the submitted characters will be placed throughout the book.
    (And I might do another character submission thing, if all the other ones are born)
    But anyways I have another vote on Streampaw, who is Shinepaw’s brother. These are the names you can vote for:

    • Streamheart
    • Streamripple
    • Streamsky