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  • Hi my name is Amberpond and I want to write a fan fiction, but I want some peeps to help me! Sooooo if you want to write some of the chapters please tell me soon!!

    So I’m writing a Warriors FanFiction so if you want your character to be in it then answer the following questions. If you already submitted a character you don’t have to submit it again, HOWEVER, if you haven’t already, you may submit a second character if you want. I’M ONLY TAKING TWO FOR NOW, I might take more later on.

    Available High Ranks (medicine cat apprentices are optional, not all medicine cats will have an apprentice):
    Leaders and Medicine Cat Apprentices of SmartClan and BraveClan.
    Leader, Deputy, and Medicine Cat of LoyalClan.
    Leader, Deputy, Medicine Cat and Medicine Cat Apprentice of PrideClan.

    Note: Even though the medicine cats of LoyalClan and PrideClan are available, only one medicine cat is needed because there’s another medicine cat that isn’t in a Clan yet, I will add that one in once the other spots are filled. Same with the deputies, there’s only 1 open deputy position despite the deputy spots of LoyalClan and PrideClan being both open.

    Other Needed Ranks:
    Queens are needed for 2 motherless kits (not siblings but can be) that haven’t been assigned a Clan yet, so you can choose the Clan and they’ll be in that Clan too.
    Warriors, Apprentices, and Elders are needed for all the Clans.

    Full positions:
    Deputy and medicine cat of SmartClan
    Medicine cat apprentice of LoyalClan
    Deputy, medicine cat, queens and kits of BraveClan

    Here’s the form:

    1. What’s your cat’s WARRIOR name?
    2. What gender is your cat? 
    3. Which of the following Clans would you prefer to be in? You MAY NOT get your preferred Clan if I think I have enough cats in that clan or if the particular rank that you chose (e.g. leader, deputy) is already occupied by another person in the same clan. The clan options are: LoyalClan, SmartClan, BraveClan, PrideClan (don’t judge) If you’re not in any clan then state so.
    4. What’s the CURRENT rank of your cat and what rank(s) will it be in the future? You can choose any rank except if I get too many of one rank (e.g. leader), I might say that a particular rank is now closed. You may also choose to be a loner or rogue but preferably be a Clan cat. If you choose to not be a Clan cat, your name doesn’t have to be a Warrior name either, unless you plan on joining the Clan later, then provide two different names.
    5. What’s your cat’s appearance? Please use as much detail as possible, including fur colours and patterns, eye colour, and any distinctive markings or features.
    6. If your cat were to die, what rank does it die and how does it die?
    7. If you want your character to be introduced later on in the story, how is it introduced? (e.g. born as a kit, was a loner/rogue wandering through Clan territory)
    8. Any other info/background story about your character you may want to add. This is totally optional however.

    I may change some aspects of your character to suit the story better.
    I may ask you to elaborate on parts if I think you didn’t give enough detail.

    Thanks to everyone who submits a character!

      1. Blizzardmask
      2. Female
      3. LoyalClan
      4. Deputy, I don’t care what rank she becomes. She could also star out as a warrior, I don’t care.
      5. A tall, lithe she-cat with a white pelt. Her front two paws are ginger, and one of her back paws is a cream color. Her face is completely black (except for her ears, they are white), giving her her name. She is a bit fluffy around her neck, but her pelt is mostly sleek. She has one blue eye and one green eye. You can see her muscles when she moves.
      6. Deputy, defending her clan/her sister/ herself/ something
      7. Maybe she starts out as a warrior? Idk….
      8. She is very headstrong and doesn’t always follow orders, even when they’re from her clan leader. I don’t mind if she has a crush or a mate, but please no kits. She is a strong, loyal and indecent warrior whose very last thought is kits. (Seriously, it’s her last thought. She thinks about what she’s going to eat in 20 moons before even beginning to think about kits.) She loves kits, and she lets them chase her tail and teaches them battle moves, but she never wants any of her own.

      thank you!

    • Name: Shiningpond
      Gender: She-cat
      Clan: BraveClan
      Rank: Medicine cat
      Appearance: Silver cat with shining green eyes and a scar on her foot
      Death: She was trying to help a cat get its kits out of a battle ground, but a cat jumped on her, not knowing she was a medicine cat, i don’t care when she dies, as long as its somewhere near the end of the fan fiction.
      Introduction: She is just throughout the book
      Any other info: She has a favorite clan member but you can choose who

      • Ah sorry! The medicine cat for BraveClan is already taken. Do you want to be a medicine cat apprentice in BraveClan, or do you want to change Clans? The Clans that don’t have a medicine cat yet are LoyalClan and PrideClan.

      1. Glistenglare
      2. Agender (They/them)
      3. Any Clan
      4. Warrior or whatever rank needed
      5. sleek silver cat with long white legs, a very fluffy tail, and shorter fur. Darker splotches of black and tawny paint their pelt and they have one blacker patch over an eye. Their eyes are a rich gold, almost the color of the sun
      6. Warrior perhaps? Whatever rank they are and they die from disease or doing something of value such as helping kits or fighting
      7. Anything could work. Go with whatever you need to fit but perhaps appearing as an apprentice
      8. Nothing really but they are bisexual with an interest in nonbinary cats and she-cats.
      1. Chasingwatch/star
      2. Demi-tom (he/him, xe/xem/ key/kem)
      3. Leader of Any Clan
      4. Could start out leader or leader later on
      5. black cat with white flashes on xer chest, paws, and tail tip, crystalline green-blue eyes and large and long pointed ears. Key are a lithe and agile looking cat with long limbs. Fur spikes toward his back.
      6. Possibly death as a leader and natural disaster or helping the Clan in some way
      7. Anything works I’m not too particular but could be interesting if born as a rogue and brought into the Clan
      8. If the rogue story is accurate, key trains hard to get noticed and is a bit of a suckup because of it. He is eager to please other cats and might not think too well on ker own. However, when faced with something that could be unjust or cats who threaten outsiders, xe is fiercely defensive.
    • Name: Poolfrost
      Gender: male (he/him)
      Clan: PrideClan
      Rank: medicine cat
      Appearance: patched gray-and-white tom with a couple black spots along his spine, a bushy tail, big paws, and ice-blue eyes
      Death: bravely in battle defending his apprentice (if there ever is a battle that takes place in PrideClan camp)
      Introduced: giving someone a poultice for a wound, maybe?? or sorting herbs with his apprentice
      Other: he started off as a warrior apprentice despite desperately wanting to become a medicine cat (the medicine cat already had an apprentice, Pinepaw, whom Poolfrost had been good friends with). But about two moons into his training, Pinepaw was killed by an infected wound. Poolpaw was devastated, as the two had been close, but was allowed to become a medicine cat apprentice in his place. He vowed to make Pinepaw proud by being the best medicine cat he could.

      Name: Sneezestar (warrior name was Sneezeflower)
      Gender: male (he/him, they/them)
      Clan: BraveClan
      Rank: leader
      Appearance: dark red-brown tabby tom with white blotches all over, white legs, a long thin tail, and bright amber eyes
      Death: drowning, perhaps??
      Introduced: chatting with the deputy about the border patrol that had just returned and what they saw (or something like that)
      Other: he has severe pollen allergies that last nearly all year, probably to multiple different plants. Although their name isn’t super tough- or cool-sounding, they still think it’s funny 😛

      Name: Oatsong
      Gender: female (she/her)
      Clan: SmartClan
      Rank: elder
      Appearance: pale cream tabby she-cat with long, shaggy fur, small white paws, a pink nose, and pale blue eyes
      Death: if there’s ever gonna be a fire of some sort, smoke inhalation, but if not, disease
      Introduced: telling stories to the kits!!
      Other: she’s really happy and sweet and loves kits and telling stories! maybe she can be the mom of either the medicine cat, deputy, or leader of SmartClan?? that way she can embarrass them on occasion by telling kithood stories about them 😛

      • Ah sorry Darkwing, I think you already submitted a character last time I did a repost and I’m only taking two for now and you gave three this time. I don’t need any medicine cats anymore so unfortunately I’m taking Poolfrost off. I’ll keep the other cats though.

        • oh, sorry!! you can make Poolfrost a warrior instead who only wishes he’d been a medicine cat, if that’s easier, but if not, you can boot him haha

    • If you still have motherless kits, this cat can help:
      Name: Roseprick
      Gender: Female
      Clan: Wherever the little motherlesss kits live
      Rank: queen
      Appearance: short ginger she-cat with lovely amber eyes
      Death: If she has to die, it will be because she is protecting kits in the nursery during a battle, when she is a warrior, after her kits become apprentices or whatever.
      Introduction: just comes in at the beggining, saying she is kitting or something
      Any other info: She has a mate but you can choose who

    • 1) Willowwish
      2) Female
      3) LoyalClan
      4) Normal Warrior
      5) Light gray, with a white muzzle, tail tip, and front paws. Also, her ear tips, tail tip and back paws are grayish-black, so it looks like she has different colored gloves on her front and back paws.
      6) Elder – dies of old age
      7) Born as a kit please
      8) She loves family and wants to have lots of it. She is very protective of her kin, especially her littermates. She has lots of friends, but is attached to specifically one. She loves being a warrior and is very daring, and often breaks the rules with her best friend in search of adventure.


    • (I was wondering if I could do a second character so I don’t mind if this character isn’t included)

      1) Crowfern
      2) Male
      3) LoyalClan
      4) Warrior
      5) Pure black, with a white tail tip and ears.
      6) Elder – dies of old age
      7) Born as a kit
      8) He is very shy, not as bold as his best friend, Willowwish. (If possible, could they be friends turned mates?) Has only a few friends, but is pulled into mischief with them. Has always had a small crush on Willowwish.


      • Yes, of course you can do a second character! Took be honest, I’m not very picky if people do more than that but I said that I’m only taking two each for now so I don’t get flooded with characters and that other people have a chance to submit a character.

      • For both the characters you submitted, you said they start as a kit, but you said they were a warrior, you can only choose one, what rank they are at the beginning of the book.

  • *Repost!*
    Howdy y’all! I’m working on a fanfiction, and I figured I should open up forms so that your characters can make cameos- and maybe even play a major role- in the story! All genders/sexualities welcome! Clans are the main four. The family section of the form is entirely optional! No limit on warriors, queens, and elders in every Clan :3

    If you have your cat’s siblings or parents listed in your form, please include a short physical description for them!

    Accepted characters thus far…
    Icestar (Iceflame), ShadowClan leader
    Fogsun, ShadowClan deputy
    Fernface, ShadowClan queen
    Vinepaw & Lilypaw, ShadowClan apprentices
    Thunderflash and Echoheart, ThunderClan warriors
    Deerleap, ThunderClan medicine cat
    Lightningtwitch, WindClan deputy
    Sunnystar, RiverClan leader
    Silverfin, RiverClan deputy (Aspenfeather will take over after Silverfin’s death)
    Silkfern, RiverClan medicine cat
    Infinite, a loner

    High ranks I need…
    WindClan leader
    RiverClan, WindClan, and ShadowClan medicine cats

    Other ranks I need more of…
    WindClan cats in general
    Queens, kits, and elders

    The Form:






    Thanks in advance for your submissions!

    • Name: Feathersplash
      Age: about 4 years
      Gender: Female
      Sexuality: Straight
      Appearance: gray and black she cat with blue eyes
      Clan: RiverClan
      Rank: Medicine Cat
      Personality: Kind, funny, sweet
      Strengths: great with herbs
      Flaws: can be too nice sometimes
      Background: she always wanted to be a medicine cat, she became it young because the previous medicine cat died when she was only eight moons old. She was helped by the other medicine cats though.
      Mother: Birdwhisper
      Father: Ravenhiss
      Sister(s): Rosesong
      Brother(s): Leafclaw, Mousewind
      Kits: None
      Extra: She has a best friend that you can choose

      • She’s awesome! However, do you have another prefix that you could use for her name? One of the main characters in the story has a name very similar to hers- Featherstep- and I don’t want it to get super confusing ‘^^

    • Mousewind: Small black tom with green eyes and scars all over, RiverClan warrior, nice, brave, smart, about four years old.
      Leafclaw: Gray tom with brown-black spots and amber eyes, WindClan warrior, smart, loyal, about four years old.
      Rosesong: Brown and black she-cat with amber eyes, WindClan queen, kind, calm, generous, about four years old.
      Birdwhisper: gray and black she-cat with amber eyes, RiverClan warrior, smart, brave, loyal, kind.
      Ravenhiss/star: black and brown tom with green eyes, leader of WindClan, kind, brave, loyal.

    • Name: Cinderfrost
      Age: 25 moons
      Gender: female
      Sexuality: straight
      Appearance: fluffy smoky grey she-cat with lighter chest and belly with stream-blue eyes
      Clan: RiverClan
      Rank: med cat

      Personality: fun, caring. kind
      Strengths: herbs, has a “touch” (if u get what im talking about lol)
      Flaws: hurting someone she loves, messing up

      Background: uh idk

      Mother: Vixenleap
      Father: Skyshadow
      Brother(s): Jaygaze, Stormstrike


    • [link redacted]

      Allegiances! Feel free to leave a comment with suggestions/changes to your submitted cat(s)!

    • Name: Quailbreeze
      Age: 28 moons
      Gender: trans female (she/her)
      Sexuality: bisexual
      Appearance: light brown tabby she-cat with gray and white flecks all over, a long white-tipped tail, dark brown paws, and pine-green eyes
      Clan: WindClan
      Rank: warrior
      Personality: quiet, short-tempered, very loyal, a little apathetic, honest and trustworthy
      Strengths: fast runner, flexible
      Flaws: not really physically strong and can get taken out in battle fairly easily
      Background: nothing extraordinarily interesting, hunts a lotttttt and is really good at it
      Mother: Elkhop
      Father: Squirreldust
      Brothers: Swallowsong, Newtcrouch
      Extra: nope!

    • (Sorry if I’ve submitted a lot)

      Name: Palelight
      Age: 5 years
      Gender: female
      Sexuality: pansexual
      Appearance: dilute calico she-cat with green eyes
      Clan: Windclan
      Rank: queen
      Personality: gentle,caring,protective
      Strengths: calming,keeps kits safe,fast
      Flaws: not good at saying no,ears always twitching
      Background: had a bad bought of greencough when she was a new warrior and almost didn’t make it so she freaks out when the kits catch whitecough
      Family: you choose

    • Name: Ferretsong
      Age: 16 moons
      Gender: Genderfluid (She/her, he/him, they/them)
      Sexuality: Asexual, panromantic
      Appearance: Dark brown tabby tom with rust-colored markings and green eyes.
      Clan: WindClan
      Rank: Warrior

      Personality: Really shy, quiet, funny when you get to know them, anxious, perfectionist.
      Strengths: A very good hunter, she’s known for finding unusual solutions to problems, good at making peace between cats, and he’s a very caring cat in general.
      Flaws: They get anxious a lot, and tend to worry about situations, generally making them worse. He’s a perfectionist, and gets somewhat upset when things don’t go her way.

      Background: Ferretsong’s mentor wasn’t a very good warrior, and, as a result, some of their skills aren’t as good as they should be. He always liked to go out and practice hunting rabbits on the moor whenever she was stressed, and so that’s the only skill she’s very proficient in. Other things such as fighting and identifying scents are weaker, and they’re horrible at matching tracks on the ground with their corresponding animal, and finding out how old they are.

      Mother: Seedfern (A brown tabby she-cat with green eyes.)
      Father: Breezefrost (A russet-brown tom with blue eyes.)
      Brother(s): None
      Sister(s): Lilyshade (Small light brown she-cat, green eyes.)
      Kit(s): None

      Extra: None

    • Can I submit another?
      Name: Swiftfeather
      Age: 34 moons
      Sexuality: Straight
      Appearance: A white she-cat with pale gray spots and a fluffy pelt
      Clan: WindClan
      Rank: Queen

      Personality: Gentle, kind, caring, motherly
      Strengths: Fast runner, excellent eyesight, good hearing
      Flaws: hates fighting, not very strong, has a horrible phobia of water

      Background: As an apprentice she nearly drowned when another apprentice dared her to swim in the lake, and has hated water ever since

      Mother: Whatever works
      Father: Whatever works
      Brother(s): Mossfrost
      Sister(s): Moondapple
      Kit(s):Firekit (ginger tom) and Cloverkit (Black and white she-cat)

      Extra: nope

    • Name: Snowmask
      Age: 4ish years
      Gender: Female
      Sexuality: Asexual
      Appearance: Tall, strong, lithe white she-cat with a black tail tip, face and underbelly. Her two front paws are black, and one of her back ones is brown. She has a black stripe running down her spine, and piercing blue eyes. She has a long scar across her shoulder.
      Clan: WindClan
      Rank: med cat

      Personality: Smart, caring, but very fierce and daring. Stubborn and headstrong, she explicitly requested she be trained as a warrior before beginning her med cat duties. She has a caring side, but it doesn’t show a whole lot.
      Strengths: Fighting and negotiating, her tongue is almost as sharp as her claws. Healing, though she is more apart of the healing when it’s a broken bone or there’s a LOT of blood.
      Flaws: not always the most compassionate, as she works as both a med cat and a warrior, and she knows when cats are faking pain. She sometimes prefers to be out in the open moors, racing after a rabbit then tending to her clanmates’ coughs. She also doesn’t always follow the orders her leader gives her telling her to stay out of the main part of the battle.

      Background: she wanted to be the fiercest warrior ever, but then she saw the med cat helping a warrior with a very serious injury, and she thought it would be cool to fight in battles and then help her clanmates afterwards. Her father was a very large supporting figure in his life.

      Mother: Sandyfire, tan tabby she cat
      Father: Gustleap, gray spotted tom
      Brother(s): none
      Sister(s): Berryspark
      Kit(s): none

      Extra: she was originally Snowstar, the leader of ShadowClan, but I saw that that option wasn’t available. Berryspark is also a med cat, but she more cares for scrapes and coughs while Snowmask cares for broken bones of wounds gushing blood. She is a complete med cat, whereas in a bout of greencough, Snowmask is more likely to hunt for her clanmates then care for them in the med cat den. She often sleeps in the warriors den.

      Name: Berryspark
      Age: 4ish years
      Gender: Female
      Sexuality: Pansexual
      Appearance: Small brown and cream tabby she-cat with ginger paws and strange purplish eyes.
      Clan: WindClan
      Rank: Med cat

      Personality: very gentle sweet and kind, with a fierce side few cats have ever seen. So, basically, the polar opposite of her brash, headstrong sister.
      Strengths: healing, comforting. She can easily defend herself with her words, but most of the time she just got along with the flow
      Flaws: Depend herself physically, and staying strong when something terrible happens to a cat she has a close connection too.

      Background: she always wanted to be a healer rather than a fighter, and was overjoyed when she got to teach her sister the med cat skills.

      Family: see above for all

      Extra: She cares for the smaller thing is the medicine den, but also helps put on the bigger things. Thank you!

    • Name: Ocean
      Age: 3-4 years old
      Gender: She-cat
      Sexuality: Straight
      Appearance: blue-gray she-cat with green-amber eyes.
      Clan: rouges/loners
      Rank: loner
      Personality: kind, good with herbs, shy
      Strengths: good with herbs, and good at hunting
      Flaws: doesn’t trust many cats
      Background: She was born in a barn near wherever your story takes place. She left with her brother when a twoleg took away their parents when they were only seven or eight moons old. Ocean met another loner named Jack, and they fell in love and had kits. They traveled with Ocean’s brother, Stone, all the way until they met a clan…(If you can, can you make her kits into like warriors or something because they would be warrior age by the time the Clans meet them and they have been trained to hut and fight their whole lives.
      Mother: Sandy
      Father: Grain
      Brother(s): Stone
      Sister(s): Wind (died as a kit)
      Kit(s): Cedar and Juniper
      Extra: Her mate’s name is Jack and Cedar is a boy and Juniper is a girl.

    • Name: Violetfrost
      Age: 11 moons (apprentice/new warrior)
      Gender: Female
      Sexuality: Straight
      Appearance: Very pretty calico she-cat with white muzzle and ringlets on tail. Has deep purple eyes.
      Clan: ThunderClan
      Rank: Warrior!

      Personality: Friendly to cats of all Clans, but if you are say anything about her family, you’ll have to answer to her! Has lots of friends.
      Strengths: Loves to climb trees and runs quite fast. She’s also a sweet talker, and can make cats listen to her. Is a great public speaker/is very convincing. She is very loyal.
      Flaws: Is super protective, and when she gets mad, cats know to stay away from her!

      Mother: Lilywind – Pretty calico she-cat with blue eyes
      Father: Reednose – Brown tabby tom with dark brown eyes
      Sister: Berryleaf – Rosey-cream colored tabby with blue eyes
      Brother: Rooksong – Dark tortoiseshell tom

      Kits: Sunnykit(song) – Cream tabby she-cat
      Lapiskit(heart) – Blue-gray she-cat with a white stripe on her back
      Lightkit(moon) – Calico she-cat with a black tail
      Foxkit(nose) – Reddish brown tom
      Owlkit(splash) – Brown tom with cream tail tip and left ear.

      Extra: Her mate’s name is Rabbitgorse, a brown tabby tom. She loves him a lot and spends a lot of her free time with him and their kits. She has known Rabbitgorse since kithood and grew close to him while they were apprentices.

    • [spoiler title=”Allegiances So Far”]


      Burrstar – lithe, very muscular, primarily dark gray tortoiseshell she-cat with piercing, bright amber eyes 

      Yellowbird – narrow, muscular, long-legged golden tabby tom with white chest fur and sharp green eyes 

      Medicine Cat
      Deerleap – tall, dense-furred brown she-cat with white dapples and green eyes
      Apprentice, Driftpaw

      Hickorytail – stocky, well-muscled dusky brown tabby tom with white chest fur, one white paw, and yellow-green eyes 
      Apprentice, Frostpaw
      Thunderflash – bulky, large-pawed fluffy golden tom with a bushy, white-tipped tail, white paws, and a white chest with flaming amber eyes 
      Stoneshadow – long-legged, bony dilute tortoiseshell cat with white paws, white chest fur, and a white underbelly and piercing blue eyes
      Apprentice, Featherpaw
      Brindlebriar – long-furred, muscular, red-and-white patched tabby she-cat with sharp yellow-amber eyes 
      Lynxbelly – short, narrow-shouldered light brown tabby tom with white patches, darker flecks, and hazel eyes  
      Icevine – 
      Echoheart – long-legged, muscular pure black she-cat with fiery amber eyes
      Breezetail – 
      Crowscar – 

      Frostpaw – small, thickset cream-and-white tabby she-cat with abnormally long claws and pale hazel eyes 
      Driftpaw – average-built, narrow-shouldered brown tabby tom with some white spots and gray-green eyes
      Featherpaw – tall, slightly curly-furred silver she-cat with white paws, ear-tips, chest fur, underbelly, and tail-tip with ice blue eyes 

      Cinderblossom – long-furred, thickset dark cream tabby she-cat with darker flecks, white paws, chest fur, and a white underbelly with green eyes  

      Skyjump- frail, ragged-furred black-and-white patched tom with white freckles and blue-green eyes
      Beetleflight- large, broad-shouldered red-and-white tabby tom with darker flecks and amber eyes

      Pouncekit – large, heavyset brown-and-cream tabby tom with three white paws, a white tail-tip, and green eyes 
      Applekit – average-built, broad-shouldered light brown tabby she-cat with white chest fur, muzzle, and two white paws with hazel-green eyes 


      Icestar- thin, muscular, short-furred pure white she-cat with ice-blue eyes; blind in one eye 

      Fogsun – elegant, long-legged pale gray cat with a black tail-tip, white forelegs and freckles, and bright orange eyes 
      Apprentice, Fallenpaw

      Medicine Cat
      Silkfern – Long-furred, silky, pinkish-gray she-cat with warm pinkish-red eyes and small, neat ears 

      Olivewhisker – stocky, sleek, thick-furred pale brown she-cat with darker patches and amber-yellow eyes 
      Apprentice, Vinepaw
      Hawkdawn – tall, wiry russet-colored  tom with black tabby stripes, two white forepaws, and orange-amber eyes 
      Apprentice, Lilypaw
      Tigerstem – narrow-shouldered, silky black ghost tabby she-cat with white flecks, white paws, and sharp amber eyes

      Fallenpaw – tall, well-muscled, medium-furred dark gray-and-white patched she-cat with lighter, silvery flecks and green eyes 
      Vinepaw – average-built, short-furred ginger tabby  tom with cream patches and grayish eyes flecked with white 
      Lilypaw – short, shiny-furred, light brown tabby she-cat with pale green eyes 





      Ravenstar – well-muscled, narrow-shouldered mottled black and brown tom with emerald green eyes

      Lightningtwitch – tall, lanky, jet-black tom with white, skunk-like stripes and a brown muzzle with sky-blue eyes 

      Medicine Cats
      Berryspark – Small, lithe brown-and-cream tabby she-cat with ginger paws and strange purplish eyes
      Snowmask – Tall, strong, lithe white she-cat with two black paws, a black tail-tip, face and underbelly, and one brown paw with piercing blue eyes

      Breezefrost – dense-furred, narrow-shouldered russet-brown tom with blue eyes
      Seedfern – short-legged, long-furred brown tabby she-cat with green eyes
      Ferretsong – short-legged, narrow-shouldered dark brown tabby cat with rust-colored markings and green eyes
      Leafclaw – lithe, narrow-shouldered gray tom with brown-black spots and amber eyes
      Gustleap – gray spotted tom
      Sandyfire – tan tabby she cat
      Mossfrost – dense-furred, lithe white-and-gray mottled tabby she-cat with green eyes
      Moondapple – long-furred, long-legged silver-and-white dappled she-cat with green-gray eyes
      Lilyshade – Narrow-shouldered, long-legged light brown tabby she-cat with green eyes


      Rosesong – silky, long-legged brown and black mottled she-cat with amber eyes
      Swiftfeather – soft, long-furred snow white she-cat with pale gray spots and hazel eyes


      Firekit – narrow-shouldered, long-legged bright ginger tom with hazel eyes
      Cloverkit – long-furred, long-legged black-and-white patched she-cat with hazel-green eyes


      Sunnystar – Long-furred, sleek, snow-white  she-cat with golden spots and sparkling orange-amber eyes 

      Silverfin – long-furred, muscular silver tabby she-cat with black patches and ice blue eyes

      Medicine Cat
      Pebblesplash – narrow-shouldered, gray and black mottled she-cat with blue eyes
      Apprentice, Plumpaw

      Snowfang – tall, long-furred, dark cream and white tom with a long tail and piercing bright green eyes 
      Apprentice, Smokepaw
      Berrydusk – strong, nimble, dense-furred dark gray tabby she-cat with fierce, bright green eyes and three white paws 
      Apprentice, Dawnpaw
      Foxdew – long-legged, medium-furred brownish-ginger tom with white chest fur, a white underbelly, and a white tail-tip with vibrant yellow eyes 
      Sedgewillow – sleek, shiny-furred pale golden  she-cat with darker flecks, some white patches, and dark amber eyes 
      Shadowheart – tall, long-furred snow-white tom with dark golden tabby patches and piercing orange-amber eyes 
      Inkwasp – 
      Ivystrike – 
      Turtleroar – 
      Aspenfeather – 
      Birdwhisper – long-legged, lithe gray and black she-cat with flaming amber eyes
      Apprentice, Yellowpaw
      Mousewind – small, heavily scarred jet black tom with brown paws and emerald green eyes

      Plumpaw – small, long-furred, thickset mottled gray and silver  tom with dark gray ear-tips, one white paw, and pale green eyes 
      Smokepaw – small, sleek, dense-furred dark gray tabby tom with bright yellow-green eyes 
      Yellowpaw – long-furred, stocky golden-yellow tabby tom with white chest fur and leaf-green eyes 
      Dawnpaw – small, lithe cream-and-golden patched tabby tom with a white underbelly, white paws, and yellow-green eyes 

      Redsnap – strong, thickset, dark golden-ginger tabby she-cat with a white underbelly, white ear-tips, and gray-green eyes  




      Crowbounce – small, long-furred dark gray -and white patched tom with a very bright pink nose and pale green eyes 
      Shiver – tall, thin, long-furred silver tabby she-cat with darker, ash-colored flecks and piercing ice-blue eyes 
      Smoke – muscular, long-furred, tall dark gray tabby she-cat with white paws, white ear-tips, and a white tail-tip with dark blue eyes 
      Infinite – agile, average-built dark red tabby tom with a white belly and amber-orange eyes
      Starstruck – small, narrow-shouldered red-and-white patched tabby she-cat with bright yellow eyes[/spoiler]

      [spoiler title=”Accepted Character List”] Icestar (Iceflame), ShadowClan leader
      Fogsun, ShadowClan deputy
      Silkfern, ShadowClan medicine cat
      Vinepaw & Lilypaw, ShadowClan apprentices
      Thunderflash & Echoheart, ThunderClan warriors
      Deerleap, ThunderClan medicine cat
      Ravenstar, WindClan leader
      Berryspark & Snowmask, WindClan medicine cats
      Lightningtwitch, WindClan deputy
      Leafclaw, Quailbreeze, & Ferretsong, WindClan warriors
      Swiftfeather, Rosesong, & Palelight, WindClan queens
      Cloverkit & Firekit, WindClan kits
      Sunnystar, RiverClan leader
      Silverfin, RiverClan deputy (Aspenfeather will take over after Silverfin’s death)
      Pebblesplash, RiverClan medicine cat
      Birdwhisper, Aspenfeather, & Mousewind, RiverClan warriors
      Infinite, Starstruck, & Smoke, loners [/spoiler]

      Ranks I need more of…
      ShadowClan medicine cat apprentice
      Elders & kits in every Clan
      ShadowClan warriors, queens, kits, & apprentices
      WindClan apprentices

      Unavailable ranks…
      RiverClan apprentices
      ThunderClan, RiverClan, and WindClan warriors
      All medicine cats, leaders, & deputies
      Non-Clan cats
      WindClan & RiverClan medicine cat apprentices

      • ThunderClan is officially closed for all ranks!

        Final list of accepted ThunderClan cats…
        Thunderflash, Lilywind, Reednose, Echoheart, Violetfrost, Berryleaf, Deerleap, Rabbitgorse, Lightkit, Foxkit, and Owlkit

    • Name: Stonestar (Stonedapple)
      Age: 9 moons
      Gender: Male
      Sexuality: Straight
      Appearance: Stocky gray and brown tom with scarred muzzle, huge paws and green eyes
      Clan: WindClan
      Rank: Leader

      Personality: Strong, clever, hot-headed at times
      Strengths: Great hunter and fighter, fair, knows how to mediate
      Flaws: Can lose his temper

      Background: You choose

      You choose family and stuff

  • Silverfin, this is for your fan-fic!

    Name: Gwendolyn
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: straight
    Type: Ice-child
    Appearance: very, very, blond hair (not quite albino), ice-blue eyes, and very fair, light peach skin tone
    Everyday outfit: white cotton dress, short sleeve, a sash with never-melting ice, lace at the bottom, and a little bit of ruffles. white capris and long,high white lace-up booties
    Personality: caring, kind, always up to an adventure
    Preferred weapon: staff
    Brief overview of backstory (optional):
    Crush (optional): None yet
    Theme Songs: Baby its cold outside: kelly clarkson

  • Reposto

    Now I need random background character for my Hunger Games/Warrior Cats thing 😛
    (StarClan is now basically just a prison, and the DF is the dictatorship 🙂 )

    Gender and Pronouns:

    Everything is the same apart from there is no specific medicine cat, but there will be at least 1 cat who knows how to heal.

    I need a leader for SkyClan and deputies for every Clan!

    • Name: Cinderstar
      Gender and Pronouns: female – she/her
      Appearance: smoky grey she-cat with lighter chest and belly with stream-blue eyes
      Rank: leader
      Personality: kind, caring, fun, but tough
      Clan: RiverClan
      Skills: hunting, swimming, stealthy
      Weaknesses: hurting someone she loves
      Other: nope!

    • Name: Plumblaze
      Gender and Pronouns: female (she/her)
      Appearance: bright ginger tabby with a couple black splotches, spiky fur, white paws, and one blue, one orange eye
      Rank: deputy
      Personality: spunky, cheerful, friendly, short-tempered, pushes herself too hard a lot, very aggressive and will challenge anyone
      Clan: ShadowClan
      Skills: fighting, quick reflexes
      Weaknesses: hunting (is kinda bad at keeping her pawsteps quiet), terrified of failure
      Other: nope!

    • Name: Scarletsoul
      Gender and pronouns: Female, she/her, though they/them is fine
      Appearance: pure black she cat with ginger paws and white ears. Her eyes are blood red.
      Rank: Deputy
      Personality: fierce, bold, brave, stubborn, headstrong, but has a small caring side, but very tough and smart
      Clan: WindClan
      Skills: fighting and running, sneak attacks (ex: she runs ahead of her opponents until they can’t fully see her, then doubles back to meet them head on.)
      Weaknesses: knowing when to back down from a fight, killing someone she loves
      Other: nope!

  • Repost from last page (edited out Burned stuf, so go check that out)
    So. Yet another story has been started.
    I’m calling it Un-Sink, first in the series, and it’s about a group of kids who are going to bring back Atlantis. I need help with a couple things for it, and I also need some characters. So. Yeah.
    This is the prophecy I have:
    Broken hearts and broken souls
    Sing of midnight’s final toll:
    One whose control is wavering fast
    One whose strengths lie in the future’s past
    One who raises the dead from their graves
    To unsink the lost beneath the waves…
    So what do you guys think? I need to know what these mean, since all of the prophecy characters are having a magical power from the prophecy. So.
    The Wavering-Control Character is Zak, who’s mine. So what should his power be?
    The Future’s-Past Character is Skylar, also mine. What should her power be?
    The Raising-Dead Character, Graylin, also mine, has the power of necromancy. So there’s that. But other than her, what should the powers be?
    Here’s the form and an example:

    Name: Skylar Elizabeth Maison
    Owner: Silver’s, duh
    Gender: Female
    Age: 13
    Sexuality: Bi
    Appearance: golden-brown hair with dark blue streaks, wavy, down to shoulders; dark grey eyes with golden flecks; tan, freckled, lean
    Everyday outfit: black hoodie, cream skirt with gold stars that fade in from scattered to a lot at the bottom that goes down to just above her knees, cream leggings that cut off mid-calf, black cargo boots
    Personality: cool, bold, brave, LOYAL TO THE END, stubborn, spit-fiery, temper can rise easily but somehow doesn’t with *one of y’all’s OCs*; loves swimming and singing, but won’t let anyone hear her, and sketching; is really depressed a lot
    Brief backstory: not needed, Silver, since she’s YOUR CHARACTER
    Crush: *one of yall’s ocs*
    Theme Song(s): Can’t Be Erased by J.T. Machinima, Happy Pills by Weathers
    Ideas for the powers: Um, I literally have none. XD
    Anything else: has insomnia

    So. Yeah. Please give me powers for Skylar and Zak. And characters. Please. Needs dem all.
    If you submitted one on the last page, I got it, don’t worry. Still in the process of copying it down though. 😀 Hope to see y’all’s characters soon!

    • Not totally sure I understand the plot yet, but I’ll submit a character!
      Name: Summer (nickname is Sunny)
      Owner: Brightshine
      Gender: Female
      Age: 12
      Sexuality: Straight
      Appearance: Long, dirty-blonde hair that she typically wears in two braids, wears glasses, bright green eyes, pale skin
      Everyday outfit: A silver dress that goes down to her knees, a sky blue sweater, rainbow leggings, and a cat-ear headband
      Personality: Optimistic, loyal, brave, easily excitable
      Brief backstory: ??? Whatever works
      Crush: None
      Theme Song(s): Unknown
      Ideas for the powers: Hyperkinesis (for Sunny) Also maybe Skylar could have time travel?
      Anything else: Loooooves animals, but especially cats