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If you’re organising a group fan fiction project, this is where you can discuss your projects with other writers, or scout for new writers for your project. This is also where you should start new group projects as well, including stories that feature BlogClanners. Happy writing!

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Cinders Drifting by Moonlit Pool - Cindie (Cinderpaw/pool)
Cinders Drifting by Moonlit Pool - Cindie (Cinderpaw/pool)
January 7, 2021 7:07 pm

I’m going to write a story about the four parts of the Blog (ApprenticeClan, ModClan, BreadClan, and CheckerClan) as if they were actual clans in an actual forest! If you want to be in the story, fill out this form!

Gender and pronouns:
Clan (note: you don’t have to actually be a part of what clan you want to be in. for example, you can be in ModClan in the fanfic without ever being a mod, or BreadClan without ever commenting on the Rotation, etc.):
Other things I should know:

Also, I haven’t thought of a name for the fanfic yet. If you have any ideas, put them in the comments! 🙂

Flamepaw/flower ~Flamey~ (she/her)
Flamepaw/flower ~Flamey~ (she/her)
January 7, 2021 8:20 pm

Hello all! So, I really need some RBCs (Random Background Characters) for a warriors fan fiction I’m working on. Warning: they will all be dead, as the living cats have already been figured out. Here’s the form:


Thank you to everyone in advance!

Shimmer-Who-Has-A-Canon (Who is also Shimmerpaw/mist)
Shimmer-Who-Has-A-Canon (Who is also Shimmerpaw/mist)
January 7, 2021 10:58 pm


So, I’ve started writing a story about a pack of wolves, and the threat of other packs encroaching on their territory. These packs are the Loner Pack, with only a few wolves in it, and the Rogue Pack, where there are more wolves and are more aggressive and power hungry. I need some help making some background characters for the packs. (I will fit them into different packs based on what they are like, how many wolves I already have in a pack, and which pack you think they would fit best in. 🙂 ) Fill out the form below if you want your character to be included.

The Form

*Optional* Pack you would like them to be included in:

Cinderpaw ~ Cindy! [Cinderpoppy]
Cinderpaw ~ Cindy
January 8, 2021 1:27 pm


I’m making a fanfic! It’s called Berrypaw’s Guilt, and it’s about an apprentice (Berrypaw) who trains in the Shaded Woods, and she’s asked to kill one of the members of her Clan, and she does it, and the Clan is wondering who it is! The Clans are DarkClan, LightClan, CloudClan, and ClearClan. Forms attached below.

Open Ranks:
CloudClan: Everyone
ClearClan: Everyone
LightClan: queens, elders
DarkClan: apprentices, queens, elders

Gender & Pronouns: (all allowed; I might need someone to explain them ^^)

For example, Berrypaw’s:
Name: Berrypaw/tuft
Purrsona: fluffy black she-cat with cream-splashed legs, tail-tip, belly, and face with one blue eye and one green eye
Rank: apprentice
Clan: LightClan
Gender & Pronouns: (all allowed; I might need someone to explain them ^^) she/her
Personality: kind, sweet, caring, enthusiastic
Other: N/A

Thank you!!

January 8, 2021 6:36 pm

Hey, I am working on a story, not really a fan-ficition, and I was wondering if anyone wanted to help. The plot is as follows

My story
So, the basic premise of the story is that their are 7 masters, that work simillar to gods, but they can die. When they die, their powers are passed down to someone else. This is called a legacy. Anyway, the Masters have become corrupt, and at the begninng of the story, you find one girl dead. She is dead because she fell in love even though she is a Master and Masters arent allowed to love. Then, you are introduced to the other main charecter, who is a new master who has not learned to control her powers. She learns of the Master’s ways, and learns they are corrupt. That is all I really can talk about without getting into spoiler territory.

If you want to participate, you have to have discord, as it will be our primary method of communicating.
The only role still open is writer, someone who writes the base story before sending it to the editors for them to expand upon.
Thank you!

Lilyfoot/paw_hey (She/Her)
Lilyfoot/paw_hey (She/Her)
January 9, 2021 10:03 pm

Hey I need help. I have a story that need a prophecy and tittle, but I don’t know one…

The Story
It goes like this…Misty, an ex-kittypet needs to find her way around an post-apocalyptic world and put together the clans. her companion socks comes with her. Salt takes Misty to Marble who has been having this prophecy dream every bight as long as she can remember.
key details-
Socks and Salt are not main characters
There are no humans, all humans died of a deadly gas
The clans broke apart after Starclan left them
Stories are told about the clans from mother to eldest daughter in each litter

January 10, 2021 9:38 pm

So im making a fanfiction called, Burning Magic. It’s about people with either magic or they’re a human-animal hybrid. The main characters are gonna be Cole (Colin), Ash (Ashton), Blossom, and Blaze (Jake). If you want to enter yourself or an oc in, heres the form!!

Hybrid or Magic or both:
If hybrid, what’s you’re other animal gonna be (also please tell me what stands out, like wings if its a bird or wolf ears if its a wolf):
Other description (besides the other animal if it’s a hybrid):
Do you want to make me be your character close to the main characters? If so, please tell me who you want them to be close with:

Starla | Starpaw/mist
Starla | Starpaw/mist
January 11, 2021 5:14 pm

I’m writing a Warriors FanFiction, and I’m nearing the end of taking in cats. If you’ve already submitted multiple characters, try not to submit too many more so others have a chance. Be aware that if I get notice that I have enough cats for a certain Clan, then any cats you submit, MAY not make an appearance in the story until later and they will be born as a kit. 

Open Ranks
Warriors in all Clans and future-kits to be born to Rosesong (SmartClan), Lightfeather (LoyalClan), Willowwish (LoyalClan), Silverpelt (LoyalClan), Lillydawn (PrideClan), and Poppyfern (PrideClan). 
Note: I don’t need the warriors of LoyalClan as much as the other three Clans.
Closed Ranks
All leaders
All deputies
All medicine cats
All apprentices (including med cat apps)
All queens
All kits (but not future kits)
All elders
The Form
Here’s the form: 
Gender and pronouns
Clan (SmartClan, LoyalClan, BraveClan, and PrideClan)
Current and future ranks
Physical description
Other info

WARNING: I may change your character (just slightly most likely) to suit the story

Accepted Cats
Leader – Thistlestar
Deputy – Rainspirit
Med cats – Lightwish, Rivershine
Warriors – Driftingspots, Crowstrike, Sparrowleap, Rosesong, Cherryleap, Sleekfeather, Hawkstrike, Shellfur, Darkdeer, Littlethroat, Shellsnake, Stonefleck, Graymist, Darkelm
Warrior apprentices – Palepaw, Earthpaw, Sunnypaw, Sparkpaw, Littlepaw
Queens – Froststream, Lilyheart, Roseprick
Kits – Sapphirekit, Polarkit, Gingerkit, Strikekit, Featherkit, Spiderkit
Elders – Quietfall, Oatsong, Wingrattle

Leader – Oakstar
Deputy – Blizzardmask
Med cat and apprentice – Shiningpond, Mistypaw
Warriors – Mosswing, Windburr, Willowwish, Crowfern, Smallscar, Tumbleheart, Blacknight, Swiftsand, Iceflower, Firerose, Blacktail, Beetlesnow, Silverpelt, Snakecloud, Redhoney, Oceanheart, Snowheart, Bumbletail
Warrior apprentices – Lilypaw, Littlepaw, Skypaw
Queens – Stormblaze, Swiftfern, Lightfeather
Kits – Tanglekit, Shalekit, Onyxkit, Pebblekit, Streamkit, Toadkit
Elders – Heatherfall, Flameskip, Spotfur, Pepperwater

Leader – Sneezestar
Deputy – Tumblefluff
Med cat and apprentice – Willowmist, Applepaw
Warriors – Newtflame, Swiftfall, Goldeneye, Mossyjoy, Lightlion, Flowerface, Wildbrook, Creekfrost, Pigeonflight, Cloudwing, Snakefoot, Fernfluff, Lilysnow, Thornpelt
Warrior apprentices – Silverpaw, Sparkpaw, Cherrypaw
Queens – Cinderfrost, Eelsnap, Ravenfrost
Kits – Havenkit, Barkkit, Blazekit, Graykit, Sparrowkit, Mistkit
Elders – Frogcroak, Snailswirl, Shyshower

Leader – Chasingstar
Deputy – Chestnutclaw
Med cat and apprentice – Lightbreeze, Bladepaw
Warriors – Dandelionwing, Barkbristle, Poolfrost, Whorlspin, Thornstep, Quailsniff, Rainblaze, Farsong, Poppyfern, Heathertuft, Ashstick, Boulderheart, Pondfoot, Thicketbush, Lillydawn
Warrior apprentices – Kestrelpaw, Moonpaw, Eaglepaw, Smallpaw, Shadepaw
Queens – Frostsky, Bloomberry
Kits – Petalkit, Silverkit, Hootkit, Sparkkit, Bouncekit
Elders – Juniperbreeze, Yellowtooth, Crystaldragonfly

Loners – Sunni, Flower

Kits that are born later on
SmartClan: Nettlekit, Bluekit, Mistkit, Ironkit 
PrideClan: Sunkit

Cats who haven’t been assigned a Clan yet (don’t care which clan) 
Warrior – Bumblehop
Warrior – Glistenglare
(SmartClan or BraveClan) Warrior – Creamfern
Warrior – Sootstorm
Apprentice or warrior – Hollypool

NEW!! Storyline + possible change to character submissions
Kits are born into the Clan that their parents are in. Once they are 6 moons old, they are eligible to participate in the Sorting Ceremony, where they are chosen to be in the Clan that they will spend in for the rest of their lives. Each Clan is unique in their own way. Once a cat has been chosen into their new Clan, they will gain an apprentice name ending in the suffix -paw and obtain a mentor. Their apprenticeship generally lasts for 6 moons, sometimes shorter or longer depending on the circumstances. When they have completed their training, they will become a warrior and gain a warrior name. They are then officially a member of their Clan. Most of the time, a cat will be chosen into their birth Clan, but sometimes, they will switch Clans.

If you submitted any kits and/or future kits, and would like them to start in a different Clan and/or go to a different Clan, reply to this comment with which character you submitted and the new Clan.

If you want a chapter to be written in your character’s point of view OR you DON’T WANT any parts of the story, then reply to this comment letting me know. For the characters that aren’t specified, then the remaining characters will be put onto a wheel and randomly chosen to as whether or not the story will be written in their POV.

January 11, 2021 7:55 pm

Here I am, soon to present the first arc in the four stories I’m going to make starring a few characters in each story- and the names of these stories and their orders are.

Shadows of the Past (All Four Tales)

1. Blind Faith
    This story mainly focuses on Lostgleam, a SpringClan warrior; her littermate, Soulflame, and finally, Lostgleam’s kit, Rosepaw. This story will start off (kinda like in Bluestar’s prophecy) with how she… meets her demise, I guess. There will be no characters from you guys since this story will be with all my original characters and I’m already pretty far ahead. This features the problems of the Flower Pool and how it can lead to many, many buried secrets and the issues and tales of the past…

2. Golden Dawn
    This story will feature Snowflair, and here’s the catch- two spots are open for the taking. So in total this will have three main characters, all having a chance to shine, don’t worry; and one of your characters could be in this! All you have to do is fill out the form at the bottom of the stories.

3. Fallen Ashes
    This will feature Mintdrop and Sweetkit; and the fire that rages through the forest; stirring so much of the unknown… this has only two main characters, yet you could still have a character in the clan. Keep in mind, I will keep your info in the writing program I use so I don’t forget; I tend to, especially since this will be a big project.

4. Whispering Stars
    The final one and the wrap up of these four- Whispering Stars. This one features the cats of StarClan and how their communications with SpringClan seem to be ignored as the remembrance and respect for the cats in StarClan fades, only sticking with the leaders, medicine cats, and the precious few who still believe. Will SpringClan’s belief of StarClan be strengthened once more? Or will StarClan collapse altogether? You can also have a character in this one, considering I have no idea whatsoever what the main characters/characters should be since this story is far ahead. Perhaps when I’ve finished Fallen Ashes I’ll have some ideas.

The Form

Here’s the form you can use to make characters; just keep in mind to add what story you’d like to be in, (list by numbers- Blind Faith as #1, Golden Dawn as #2, Fallen Ashes as #3, and Whispering stars as #4); what rank, and what role they’ll play- keep in mind, the only clan here is SpringClan.









Alright! This will take me a long time, and is probably one of my biggest projects, so wish me luck! Also, I will be writing this alone. Thank you and have a great day/night!

January 14, 2021 12:55 pm

hiya, anyone wanna write a fanfic

I’M FRENCH TOAST (Silverfeather/Silvy)
I’M FRENCH TOAST (Silverfeather/Silvy)
January 15, 2021 12:38 pm

I’ve decided to write another story.

Summary: (plz note, I might change the story a little bit bc I just thought of this like five seconds ago)
It’s about this little girl, named Lauren who gets seperated by her family and gets lost in the unknown and has to find her way home.
This is basically like a choose your own story thing, and you get to make her choices.
I think I’ll do about 10 chapters then end the story, when she finally reaches her home or dies.

So, I’ll need some characters for this thing.
(Please note your character may end up being a villian or a family member or a main character that travels with Lauren or anything for a matter of fact so if you don’t want that I advise you not to submit a character.)

Here’s the form:
(You can submit as many characters as you want and also, please try to include some male characters as well, because I’ve noticed most of the characters submitted are female and I and both)
(Also, I may change the clothes or how they look and also, I’ll choose the background, personality and stuff)

(Important: I’m writing a story about humans, if anyone got confused)

Description: (appearance/what they look like):

🦦 ♥ 𝙼𝚒𝚗𝚔𝚝𝚊𝚒𝚕 𝚒𝚜 𝚁𝚞𝚗𝚗𝚒𝚗𝚐 𝚏𝚘𝚛 𝚂𝚆! ♥🦦
🦦 ♥ 𝙼𝚒𝚗𝚔𝚝𝚊𝚒𝚕 𝚒𝚜 𝚁𝚞𝚗𝚗𝚒𝚗𝚐 𝚏𝚘𝚛 𝚂𝚆! ♥🦦
January 15, 2021 10:34 pm

Hi everyone! I’m rebooting a fanfiction that I started a while ago that is kinda similar to the New Prophecy but with new characters and a bit of a different twist :3 I figured I’d open up some forms. Every single rank is open apart from WindClan leader and RiverClan medicine cat.
I need cats from all five Clans (ThunderClan, RiverClan, ShadowClan, WindClan, and SkyClan) as well as from the Tribe!
Any pronouns/gender/sexuality are allowed :3

The Form:

Backstory (optional):

JAY X POPPY 💜 (Silverfeather/Silvy)
JAY X POPPY 💜 (Silverfeather/Silvy)
January 19, 2021 1:30 pm

This is basically a story about a girl called Lauren that gets lost in the unknown.
It’s a choose your own adventure story and I need some friends that help Lauren along the way.



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