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  • Hello! I am giving you wonderful peoples the blurb for Knowing Claws, my Fanfic! Please keep in mind I am a beginner when it comes to writing! This based on the text on the back of the actual Warriors books, with the prophecy and all that.

    Fear the Knowing Claws driven by grief. (That’s the prophecy, if you couldn’t tell)
    Acornfrost, a normal warrior of ThunderClan, is overcome by guilt after a serious battle between clans. A friend turns to an enemy and Acornfrost is left stunned. Will Acornfrost be able to clear tensions before things take an uncontrollable turn? Or is it already too late?

    That sounds really cringey, but I tried… I am uploading this on the first of march, and I am working on Chapter One. (I am naming the chapters, to sort of make up for the fact that my fanfic is shorter than the Warriors books. Chapter One is called Sunglow.) I made some changes to the terms to make it more unique too. Sunglow means dawn, and sunset is Sunfall. As well as Moonglow and Moonfall. I made it match. Anyway, Greencough is called Snowcough, Whitecough is called Coldcough. Redcough is the same. Herbs are now called medicine occasionally. (Medicine cat is officially a term that makes sense.) And Fresh-kill can be called food. That’s all. (Sunglow will be released sometime in the next week or two) – Juniper out!

    • Great job on the blurb! If you were looking for constructive criticism, try using darker or mysterious descriptive words, like this:

      Acornfrost is a normal warrior of ThunderClan, but he/she is overcome by guilt after a battle takes a disasterous turn. Betrayal comes from the most unexpected places, and Acornfrost doesn’t know who he/she can trust. Can he/she clear the rising tensions before it becomes uncontrollable? Or is it too late to stop the rising storm?

  • AYYYYYYY so i’m putting the next unwanted elemental chapter thing in the fanfic page. Still working on next whitestar chapter

  • Hello! I’m Ember, and I have secretly been working on a Warriors story. I can’t wait to show it to all of you, but of course It’s not quite done yet! I planning to post it on April or May 1st. I’ll give you the scoop though 🙂

    Name; Rise of Glow

    Main Cat: Lilydip (AKA, DiV)

    Idea of the story: DiV is a sleek grey she cat training to be the best warrior she can be after her bloody-rouge history. But what DiV doesn’t know is that a secret group of her old friends is planning a attack. Viper, her former crush, wants her to join. Will DiV take a warrior name? Can DiV save her clan and be the hero of it all? Or is it all too late?

    Hope you like! I have been working really hard. I still have 7 chapters left so I am taking anyone who wants to add a cat! If you want to, add a all the details! Use whatever form you want but just add these details,

    (I’m going to fill this out for Lilydip, my OC)

    Name: Lilydip (AKA, DiV)

    Purrsona: sleek, small, light grey she cat with pale yellow eyes. White paws with white speckles right above the paws.

    Gender: Girl/Female

    Pronouns: She/Her

    Personality: Kind, cute, fierce, pretty

    (Any other details you find that you want): Really fast and small, crush on Viper, (sexualtiy, relastionships…etc…

    • Name: Flint

      Purrsona: small, quick and agile. Tom, dark green eyes, head, front legs and upper torso are jet black. Tail, lower torso and back legs are steel gray.

      Gender: Boy/Male

      Pronouns: he/him

      Personality: Controlling & protective, but a lovable ball of fluff

      Other: Brother: Steel

      Name: Steel

      Purrsona: exact opposite pelt colour of Flint (steel gray tom, black bottom). Muscular, strong and quick

      Gender: Boy/Male

      Pronouns: he/him

      Personality: Aggressive but kind to those he knows; fiercely protective of Flint

      Other: Brother: Flint

    • Can I make two characters? If not, just accept whoever you like more lol

      Name: Thrushclaw

      Purrsona: Fluffy, blue-gray tom with black around his eyes and paws with yellow eyes.

      Gender: Tom

      Pronouns: He/him

      Personality: Stubborn but level-headed, fatherly, good leader

      (Any other details you find that you want): He’s mates with Beetlefoot!

      Name: Beetlefoot

      Purrsona: Dark gray she-cat with faint white spots and green eyes.

      Gender: She-cat

      Pronouns: She/Her

      Personality: Motherly, very sweet, has lots of friends in other clans, if you don’t have a mom too bad Beetlefoot’s your mom now

      (Any other details you find that you want): She’s mates with Thrushclaw!

      If these two are both allowed, they’re that sickeningly sweet couple lol 😛 They’re the dorks who everyone thought were dating before they actually were 😛

    • Name: Sneezekit! (By far the cutest name EVER)
      Personality: Shy, inquisitive, adorable.
      Appearance: Light gray with white patches/ freckles on face. green eyes (When she grows up) one white paw. Super fluffy.
      Gender: She-kit
      Pronouns: She/ her – They/ them.
      Other: Sneezed instead of cried when she was born, warrior name will be Sneezefreckle. As an apprentice, she has all the toms, but she’s a lesbian. (Remember she is cute, and shy, and fluffy) Mom: Petalshine. (Gray, white patches) Dad: Cloudfang. (White, long teeth)
      Omg so cute.

    • Name: Boulderpaw

      Purrsona: large,short-furred dark grey tom with pale gold eyes

      Gender: male

      Pronouns: he/him

      Personality: shy,awkward,caring

      (Any other details you find that you want): He is gay and hates hot weather

      Name: Swallowcloud

      Purrsona: average sized,thick-furred light brown tabby she-cat with a white underbelly, white tail tip,and blue eyes

      Gender: female

      Pronouns: she/her

      Personality: cooperative,respectful,reliable

      (Any other details you find that you want): She is straight

  • Heyyyyyy wanna have a character show up in a mini oneshot I may or may not write in the near future? (i’m sorry i’m really busy this week but the urge to write overrides common sense 😛)

    Anyway, I’m working on a story and I want some more practice writing my characters before I dive in! The story is kind of weird to explain, but it’s pretty much about (my universe’s) Gods! 

    [spoiler title=”The Form!”]


    God of- 

    Gender + pronouns-

    Eye color-

    Skin color-

    Hair color, length, + texture-

    Description of God (basically anything I might have missed! Like freckles, moles, scars, etc)- 





    (Optional) Other form-



    [spoiler title=”Important Notes About The Form!”]

    Call it cliche, but the names for the Gods are words just popped into a Greek translator 😛 If you pick a non-Greek name, I will change it to something similar (but I’ll tell you!!)

    Gods can be Gods of basically anything!! Except (since these are already taken) Day, Light, Sun, Night, Darkness, Moon, Sky, Afterlife, Stars, Wisdom, Time, Love, Luck, Death, Life, Nature, Magic, and Chaos! Which sounds like a lot, but subsets of these (or completely different things!) are perfectly fine! (Ex: A God of Sunset!)

    Also, only pick one thing to be a God of!

    Clothing description can be brief, as I will likely be adjusting it to fit “the vibe” 😛

    Don’t be afraid to write paragraphs about your character’s personality!! That would be so fun!!! (and way easier for me to write lol)

    The “other form” means any other forms your character takes! For example, one of my Gods, Merapa, chooses to appear as a ball of light! Another one appears as a wolf! Have fun with this!

    Other is important because I probably forgot something important lol


    [spoiler title=”Example Form!”]

    Name- Nuxtan

    God of- Night/Darkness/Moon

    Gender + pronouns- Nonbinary (they/them)

    Eye color- Heterochromatic (Left eye is white, right eye is black)

    Skin color- Dark purple and blue (like space-ish)

    Hair color, length, + texture- Very light lavender and curly hair done up in a bun.

    Description of God (basically anything I might have missed! Like freckles, moles, scars, etc)- 5’11”, lean. Occasionally has star freckles.

    Accessories- None

    Clothing- Long black robe that trails slightly behind them.

    Personality- Flirty, funny, charismatic, doesn’t take things seriously, very much “go with the flow”, jokingly arrogant 

    Sexuality- Pansexual

    (Optional) Other form- Appears as any variety of animal, though they make them look magical and not at all natural

    Other- None???


    Ummmmmmm I think that might be it??? I probably messed this up lol

    • Name- Aurora
      God of-  Peace
      Gender + pronouns- Female, she/her and they/them
      Eye color- They shift between green, blue and purple (Like the Northern Lights)
      Skin color- Super-duper pale
      Hair color, length, + texture- Long, wavy dark hair with silver highlights
      Description of God (basically anything I might have missed! Like freckles, moles, scars, etc)- Petite with freckles across her nose that tend to sparkle (kind of like stars)
      Accessories- Ear-rings and the occasional ring, she also carries a staff with a glowing orb in it.
      Clothing- She usually wears a very flowy dress that shifts like her eyes.
      Personality- Peace-maker, can be kind of flirty, hates arguing (kind of like a mix of Aphrodite and Hestia)
      Sexuality- Bi
      (Optional) Other form- She can transform into any animal that roams in the cold.
      Other- She created the Northern Lights many eons ago on the eve of the winter solstice. Light and dark battled and the darkness won. She created the Northern Lights to symbolize that there would always be light in the darkness.

      • OOoOh she’s cool! I think they’d get along with Sofos, so I’ll work on that! (Though it might be kind of late cause this week is a pain)

    • Name – Okeanoí

      God of – the ocean

      Gender + pronouns – female + she/her

      Eye color – blue

      Skin color – pale

      Hair color, length, + texture – Deep blue hair that gets lighter as it goes down, wavey

      Description of God – tall, pale blue lips, white teeth, kind smile

      Accessories – seashell crown

      Clothing – long and flowy blue dress with seafoam trimming

      Personality – realistic, calm, relaxed, smart

      Sexuality – straight

      Other – this sounds really interesting and if you need a beta reader/editor, I’d be happy to help

      • Ahhh thank you so much, but as of now, we’re in the very very early stages of planning 😛

        Okeanoí is super cool, I think she’ll do good with Merapa!

    • Name: Moon(star, if in Warrior Cats universe)
      God of: Stars
      Gender + pronouns: Female, she/her
      Eye color: Black in visable eye, cyan in covered eye
      Skin: Very pale, almost a white
      Hair: Black but fades to red, straight hair,very long and strong, almost like rope.
      Desc: She hides wings and most of her tails, but has ears of a cat, and a tail of a wolf, a scar she hides under scarf
      Accessories: Wings(if possible)
      Clothing: A white hoodie, lined with light cyan. Her pants are a light blue, pair of jeans, and a scarf
      Personality: Serious, bipolar, Stubborn
      Sexuality: Lesbian
      (Other): Can shape-shift, and she will claw your face off if you take or destroy her scarf.
      Other: Has Bipolar disorder

      • Ahh actually I have already a star god! She could be galaxy goddess or something! (And would it be okay if I changed her name to Selene?)

        She sounds really cool!

    • Name: Silas (Uses the name Valerie as her english name when communicating with mortals) [means of the wood] [greek/latin]
      God of: cookies (especially loves porble cookies) [note: it’s not purple, it’s porble]
      Gender/Pronouns: female (she/her) but also referred as (xe/xem/xry)
      Eye Colour: one electric blue and one emeraldish sea green
      Skin Colour: very pale (ghostly)
      Hair: Wavy darkish medium brown hair tied into a ponytail
      Extra: (full description): A ghostly pale kinda small slender and muscled goddess with (above) hair and (above) eyes.
      Accessories: A skull ring and a blue/green pendent. Has a tiny brown magic pouch full of magic daggers, a sword hanging from her side and also owns a magic bow that shoots magical cookies. Also has a cookie pin on her head (or a black bandana when she’s wearing her parka) and a cookie bracelet.
      Clothing: (please, do not change this if possible. I don’t mind if she has a second outfit that matches the vibe but I would like it if she keeps this one. also, no dresses/skirts/etc if possible): A plain (colour varies) hoodie (or a plain white t-shirt when wearing parka) with black trackpants (like those ones from the army but its black) Often wears a thin white cookie patterned parka. Wears black hiking boots.
      Personality: Mysterious, calm, clever, fast and quiet. But also very dark, scary when angry and never follows the rules. Is very kind though so she never kills anyone (except for special circumstances) but never afraid to fight evil.
      Sexuality: Bisexual (used to be straight then changed to lesbain for a while but now bisexual. is more attracted to females but sometimes finds herself attracted to the opposite gender)
      Other: Appears as a 11 year old girl

      • Okay, the outfit’s alright!

        A God of Cookies is one I didn’t consider hah! I think her and Thana-zol would be an interesting one-shot!

    • Name- Ria (meaning river)
      God of- Water
      Gender + pronouns- Female she/her
      Eye color- ocedan blue
      Skin color- soft tan
      Hair color, length, + texture- long brown hair w/teal highlights like wearing her hair in different hairstyles (her hair can be done in braids, buns, etc. Have fun with it!)
      Description of God (basically anything I might have missed! Like freckles, moles, scars, etc)- N/A
      Accessories- Navy blue dangle earrings and a navy blue necklace to match with the earrings
      Clothing-Ombre blue princess cut shirt with navy blue leggings
      Personality- Kind, usually calm, anger issues, humble
      Sexuality- Bisexual

      • OOooooh I’ve got two Gods I think she would get along with, cool!

      • Oh i forgot to put this but she has small, light, sand like freckels across her nose

      • attracted mostly to females and but some males
        her hair is longer than waist length

      • her mortal name is Rio and appears as a short 13 year old girl with brown hair blue eyes and a love for reading

    • Name- Atlas

      God of- Sky and Weather

      Gender + pronouns- female she/her

      Eye color- Changes as the sky changes where she currently is at. Sometimes blue or gray with white flecks, sometimes pink or orange during sunsets, sometimes black like during the night.

      Skin color- A light silvery gray or a pale peach color if in mortal form.

      Hair color, length, + texture- Silver waves usually in a long messy braid. Waist length when loose. Streaks of pale blue and pink. Glows in god form.

      Description of God (basically anything I might have missed! Like freckles, moles, scars, etc)- Freckles on her cheeks that glow when the stars are out. Lines connect them into different constellations depending on which constellation can be seen from where she currently is. She also has small angel wings on her back.

      Accessories- Silver rings on her fingers. They have different engravings based on different weather. For example, a sun engraving or moon engraving. One engraving is shaped like a rain drop. She also has a long silver ribbon she puts in her hair. Moon earring in one ear and sun in the other. Piercings going up her ears.
      Clothing- in god form, a flowy, white, one shoulder chiton with one side ankle length and the other only to the lower thigh. In mortal form, a white off the shoulder blouse, over sized gray cardigan, short black skirt, galaxy knee socks and leather loafers.

      Personality- Overdramatic and sensitive. Always grumpy and arguing about everything. Gets embarrassed easily and changes moods quite fast (like how the weather changes). Can be naive at times.

      Sexuality- Pansexual

      (Optional) Other form- appears in either god or mortal form. Most often 14 year old mortal. Can also change into a winged silver fox.
      Other- has a habit of tying and untying her silver ribbon. Sometimes she changes the weather constantly in a short amount of time just for fun.

    • Name – Trelos (Meaning crazy in greek.)
      God of – Madness
      Gender + pronouns- Female, she/her
      Eye color – Constantly shifting
      Skin color – Tan olive toned
      Hair color, length, + texture – Very long, crazy deep red hair that sticks out in spikes.
      Description of God (basically anything I might have missed! Like freckles, moles, scars, etc) – Tall, scar above her right eye, a small amount of freckles under her eyes and sprinkled on her nose.
      Accessories – A snake bracelet that winds up her left arm to her elbow.
      Clothing – Always looks pieced together while Trelos closes her eyes. (Like a yellow top, pink pants, and orange shoes.)

      Personality – Crazy, eccentric, self-centered, and actually really smart, but rarely lets this be known. Trelos is easily angered, and hates being the but of a joke. She does have a sense of humor, though most of it is making fun of the wrong people. Trelos is known for being very outlandish, does not have many friends, and usually says the wrong thing at the wrong time. Surprisingly, she is a very good diplomat and wins most debates she takes a part in.

      Sexuality – Bisexual
      (Optional) Other form – Tiger, wolf, or fox depending on mood.
      Other – None

    • Name- Lilica
      God of- Water life ( fresh and salt water animals and plants, not the water it’s self tho)
      Gender + pronouns- female she/her
      Eye color- blue
      Skin color- soft tan or light olive tone
      Hair color, length, + texture- long brown usually done up in a braid or two because it gets tangled and dirty easily, if not in a braid its down and slightly wavy
      Description of God (basically anything I might have missed! Like freckles, moles, scars, etc)- freckles on the nose and random spots around the body, 5′ 8″
      Accessories- A silver necklace with a seahorse charm, silver gem earrings, black or brown wide leather headband
      Clothing- on a medium warm day leggings (black) with a t-shirt (usually bright colors); on a cold day same thing but with long-sleeves and sometimes jeans; on a medium-hot day same thing as medium warm but with mid thigh length jean shorts; brown or silver boots or tennis shoes; she likes to be matching but never has the tops and bottoms the same shade of color; jackets and hoodies are plain and whatever color matches her current outfit, if she is with other gods than a white dress with pink flowers on it and a gold headband with dolphins weaved in it
      Personality- Sweet, but can be ruthless when crossed, knows when to hold her tongue, hates having people see her upset (unless really really close to her), can’t take too much social interaction, loyal, will bear through pain/ being uncomfortable, sarcastic, loves debates in topics that she is knowledgeable about, gets embarrassed easily, (basically will kindly/ politely put up with you but really hates you unless your really special)
      Sexuality- lesbian
      (Optional) Other form- Any sea animal but in a unnaturally lighter shade of color but always has purple eyes during

      sorry for it being so long

    • Name- you can pick idk greek names 😂

      God of- relationships (family, friendship, etc)

      Gender + pronouns- female and she/her is preferred but any except he/his and it/its

      Eye color- she can change them at will, but she likes green the best

      Skin color- she can change it at will, but she mostly uses the tan that you’re half-satisfied with when you go on vacation

      Hair color, length, + texture- she can change it at will, so she changes it almost every day

      Description of God (basically anything I might have missed! Like freckles, moles, scars, etc)- she usually has freckles across her cheeks, and no definite birthmarks/freckles/moles/scars because she can change her appearance at will

      Accessories- she wears a ring with an emerald and a silver band every day.

      Clothing- ima do 2 casual and 2 formal. edgy but happy casual- cropped purple hoodie with blue jean shorts. she wears purple converse and a black choker (usually with this outfit she has purple hair tied up in space buns [two buns]). sweet and flirty casual- light pink graphic tee with black shorts. she wears black and pink tennis shoes. (usually with this outfit she has waist length dark brown hair). dress to impress formal- striking, long, flowy bright red dress with orange swirls. she usually has sandy blonde hair flowing down her back with ringlets with fire earrings. she has red heels to match. edgy formal- tight black dress with black heels. she has black hair pulled into a bun and a black onyx ring.

      Personality- she’s usually happy, sweet, and flirty, but she has unexpected mood swings sometimes. 8/10 times she’s her usual happy self but sometimes she can be edgy, or peppy, or dull. it depends on how she feels that day or if someone says something rude or mean to her.

      Sexuality- straight (she thinks she doesn’t need a man, but she’s straight)

      (Optional) Other form- nope!

      Other- thank you! c:

  • Hey! I’m just trying to challenge myself in writing, so if you guys could reply to this with the names of two-four characters and a plot line. I’ll try to make up a Fanfic using those cats/plot, and post it on here (with character credit). Thanks!

    • name: silver
      pronouns: she/her
      gender: female
      personality: sharp, harsh, only listens to her sister
      purrsona: sleek silver tabby with black paws and blue eyes
      sister: smoke
      rank: rouge
      age: app age

      name: smoke
      pronouns: she/her
      gender: female
      personality: fierce, caring, kind, forgiving
      purrsona: dark brown she-cat with black paws and light, light, light eyes that shine light pink in sunlight
      sister: silver
      rank: rouge
      age: app age
      (if she and her sister ever become warriors, their warrior names would be silverwing and smokeflower)
      tysm 😀

    • oop- scratch eye color for smoke on the other comment. her eyes are very very very light amber.

      name: jetpaw (you can chose the warrior name, if she becomes a warrior)
      pronouns: she/her
      gender: female
      personality: stuck up, proud, sorta-sweet
      purrsona: jet black she cat with yellow eyes and white paws
      brother: phonixpaw
      rank: app
      age: app age

      name: anaconda
      pronouns: she/her
      gender: female
      personality: shy, sweet, loves blindly, but surprisingly fierce
      purrsona: brown tabby she cat with green eyes and a white tail tip
      parents: mom: echo, (stuck up as heck) dad: wolf (mean. just mean)
      rank: rouge
      age: older app age

      ty 🙂


    • How about for the plot:
      The warrior joins the rogues after the camp is flooded and their family dies?

    • [spoiler title=the cats and plotline]
      name: willowstream
      gender: female
      pronouns: she/her
      personality: sweet, forgiving, chatty
      purrsona: pale gray tabby she-cat with white paws and white chest

      name: falconclaw
      gender: male
      pronouns: he/him
      personality: kind, great with kits, honest
      purrsona: chestnut brown tom with amber eyes

      name: birdfeather
      gender: female
      pronouns: she/her, they/them
      personality: snappy, rude
      purrsona: brown tabby she-cat with white paws and white flecks

      plot type: love triangle
      basically, birdfeather loves falconclaw. she confesses her love, but he loves willowstream. falconclaw and willowstream become mates. birdfeather tries to kill willowstream, but falconclaw saves her and defeats birdfeather and lightstar exiles her. they have kits and birdfeather kills one of them. falconclaw and willowstream finally defeat her once and for all in a battle.

      hope you like it! c: [/spoiler]

  • Hey! Me and Bloompaw (who I wish would listen to me and stop being inactive on Blogclan) are writing a fanfic called Dawn of Darkness. Its about a she-cat named Blossomrose (yessir her name is Blossomrose because she is very much based on me. I know, i suck, but i was too lazy to make another OC) who is part of a prophecy. (Before the darkness can follow the dawn a rose will emerge to bring the light). as an apprentice she gets into all sort of shenanigans with her friends Splashpaw(she-cat) and Shellpaw(tom) involving Thunderclan (they’re Shadowclan) she meets her soon-to-be best friend/mate Alderpaw(she-cat) and her sister Shadepaw and their friend Sedgepaw(tom) at a gathering. Sedgepaw has a broother named Dewpaw but he doesn’t do anything of importance until like chapter 20 (its going to have around 40 chapters). So Splashpaw becomes Splashdawn and Shellpaw becomes Shellcry, Alderwish Sedgeblaze are warriors at this time as well. (This takes place in the forest territories where the apprentice turning warriors go to the moonstone.) Blossomrose gets the prophecy and asks the med cat Turtlewing about and lots of stuff happens including two kits being found the thunderpath Skunkkit(later Skunkpaw) and Badgerkit(Badgerpaw, Badgerpath) Badgerpaw is apprenticed to Shellcry and Skunkpaw to Blossomrose. Shadefire is deputy of Thunderclan and later Blossomrose is Shadowclan deputy, Alderwish and Blossomrose become mates etc.

  • gonna,,,,gonna make a feathertailxferncloud shipfic like the lesbian trash gremlin like I am,,,,,,

    • What. On. Earth. Do they even know the other exists? Like, why? How about Mothwingxleafpool or even Squirrelpawxfeathertail if you’re desperate… Or BlossomfallxIvypool?

      • Ships don’t always have to make “canon” sense 🙂 Sometimes there’s a more interesting story hidden in fanfic!

      • Hey, this comment could actually come across as a little rude ^^ please remember to always be kind C: People can ship whatever they want to!
        MothPool Shipper

      • Hi, in the Feathertail manga, Ferncloud and Feathertail do meet, and please don’t be rude about what people ship.

      • ????? what??? I do know about those ships??? it’s not like preferring this one is problematic or anything, plus they’ve had canon interactions in Feathertail’s manga??? hshdshd?????

    • Oooh, that’s a really interesting ship! I have never heard of it, but it sounds so cool! C:
      MothPool Shipper

    • YES OMG i’m a lesbian trash gremlin myself and i fully support this fanfic
      I haven’t read the feathertail manga but I’ve heard fern x feather is cute
      also is your profile pic the genderfae flag ? I feel like I’ve asked this before aksdjhfjksd

  • HI 0w0 so some may hate me for this some may not… BUTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT I’m cancelling Comet’s Destiny, I’m SORRY If you want to see what i did so far for it. A song is on page 529 of fanfiction I think.. If it is not on page 529 then look at page 530 or 528. The summary for the book was on page 520. Yeah Not much progress…. I want to be an author when I grow up But eh idk about that right now. I probably want to be a marine biologist right now.. BUT BUT I am working on Warrior cat fanfiction.. Also an among us fanfiction. YEET So qwq idk why I’m posting this. Oh right I remember now….
    I am working on a fanfiction for my oc Ivywhisper. So yeah. I might need a few characters to add to her story. So I will only accept 3 or 5 forms. Also the clans are Featherclan, Dewclan, Morningclan, and Lightclan

    Name of character:
    Backstory (optional):

    • Name: Hawkwhisker
      Gender: Demi Girl
      Desc: A dusty brown tabby with a creamy-white underbelly and Bright hazel eyes, they have a mutation giving them two tails
      Personality: Little nosy, Kawaii when they are trying to hide something
      Clan; FeatherClan
      Backstory: They were once a rouge, but were scarred after Leafy’s death. They left themself near the border.
      Other: Uses They/Them pronouns. Deputy if Possible.

    • Name of character: Finchpaw (Finchstorm)
      Gender: Male
      Description: Very dark brown (Almost black) tabby tom with golden-amber eyes and spiky fur that sticks straight up and never comes down.
      Personality: Silly, Smart-mouthed, quick-witted, very unworried and likes to make others laugh, even if he’s being kind of embarrassing.
      Clan: LightClan
      Backstory (optional): Was born two unknown loners. He and his siblings (Their forms are down below) were all dropped off at three different clan’s borders and he became an warrior apprentice.
      Other: Littermates are Stormpaw and Sparrowpaw

      Name of character: Stormpaw (Stormgaze)
      Gender: Male
      Description: Black tom with one white ear and a white tail tip, brilliant blue eyes
      Personality: Shy, Quiet, very loner-like, smart, but doesn’t say much, sharp, very close to his brother, Finchpaw and kind on the inside
      Clan: MorningClan
      Backstory (optional): Same as Finchpaw’s
      Other: None

      Name of character: Sparrowpaw (Sparrowleaf)
      Gender: Female
      Description: Dark brown she-cat with faintly lighter tabby marks, white paws and chest, forest-green eyes
      Personality: Bounce-y, has more energy then she knows what to do with, talks too much, but very enthusiastic about everything
      Clan: DewClan
      Backstory (optional): Same as Stormpaw’s and Finchpaw’s
      Other: Nope! Thanks!

  • Hi! I am wanting to make various (short) one shots to help improve my writing but I need some ideas. Here is the form to suggest some:

    Character Ideas for Personalities (Just character personalities):
    Ideas for Scenes or Events (what do you want to see happen):
    Ideas for Magic to Write About (elements, powers, etc.):
    Ideas for places or things to write about (Northern Lights, Desert, Paris, etc.)
    Ideas for seasons or weather to write about (Cold, Warm, Super hot, Summer, winter, etc.):

    I really appreciate all of these!

    • Personality Ideas (I got many of them from my own OCs):

      • Can seem unfriendly but in reality is just shy. Sweet once you get to know them.
      • A character who seems very tough and fearless. They are actually afraid to show their emotions.
      • Positive, excited about everything, and never stops talking.
      • Super affectionate towards their friends and loves giving and receiving support.
      • Bold, protective, and sarcastic.
      • Self-assured and often makes sarcastic remarks.
      • A really smart, sensible character who can sometimes joke around.
      • Agreeable and likes pleasing others.
      • Cautious, anxious, and smart.

      As for what happens, I love writing character interactions. Especially those where one character comforts the other.
      Or there could be a journey or quest!

      For weather, maybe a rainy day. I find those enjoyable to write about.

      I hope this helps! I love writing short one-shots! 🙂

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