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  • okay, so i’m planning this big rewrite of the first three arcs (Prophecies Begin, New Prophecy, and Power Of Three), big ol spoilers if you haven’t read those, I apologize.

    I’m a little stuck on a certain plot point. So, my main thinking is that my rewrite’s equivalent of Squirrelflight is a she-cat named Budblossom, and she was in love with Shrewpaw as an apprentice. Now, Shrewpaw is hit by a monster in canon, and dies. Budblossom is devestated, but ultimately settles down with Brackenfur, and has a litter of six. The Power of Six, instead of Three.

    I want Shrew to survive his incident, and sort of become vengeful to the Clan that left him for dead, and when he discovers that his crush moved on without even checking up on him, he is the one who causes the fire scene. And then there’s a plot twist reveal about some of Budblossom’s kits, just like Squirrelflight’s reveal.

    Does any of that make sense/seem to fit well in such a story??

  • (repost)
    Leaders HazeClan, RainClan, FogClan, and StreamClan are taken, med cat app and deputy of HazeClan is taken. Med cat of FogClan is taken.

    CLAN(what i forgot last time):
    Would you be fine with my little *ahem* daydream shenanigans:
    Anything I missed:

    Territory Descriptions:
    RainClan: sorta like a rain forest… but not a rain forest
    FogClan: foggy woods
    HazeClan: a foggy moor
    StreamClan: a stormy island

    • Name: Faithleap
      Gender: female, she/her
      Personality: sassy but sweet, playful, witty, talks casually even with cats she doesn’t know
      Clan: RainClan
      Family: former rouge
      Rank: med cat app/med cat
      Would you be fine with my little *ahem* daydream shenanigans: yup
      Anything I missed: Best friend is Goldflame

      Also have you considered making RainClan live in a montane forest (also called a cloud forest)

    • Name: Goldflame
      Gender: I haven’t decided
      Appearance: golden with black points, amber eyes
      Personality: kind but quiet, has lots of mischievous thoughts but doesn’t share them
      Clan: RainClan
      Family: idk
      Rank: warrior
      Quotes: none
      Would you be fine with my little *ahem* daydream shenanigans: yup
      Anything I missed: Best friend is Faithleap

        • Also Faithleap is a small warm brown she-cat with dark brown tabby stripes, ears, paws, and tail-tip. Her eyes are heather-blue, but they sometimes look lavender under the right lighting. She gets mocked a lot for her small size, especially by the kits- “but Faithleap is barely bigger than so-and-so, so why can’t I be an apprentice! I’m big enough if she is!”

          Goldflame is medium sized and a really good fighter. He makes up a lot of stories in his head, mostly about dreams he has. He’s the one who makes friends with Faithkit even though she’s a rouge.

    • Name: Briarleaf
      Gender/pronouns: female she/her
      Appearance: lithe ginger she-cat with sleek fur and a fluffy tail. She has leaf-green eyes and a white tail-tip.
      Personality: adventurous, playful, outgoing, a bit bossy
      CLAN(what i forgot last time): RainClan
      Family(op): her father is Snowtalon
      Rank: warrior
      Would you be fine with my little *ahem* daydream shenanigans: yep
      Anything I missed: none
      Other(op): She was quite pressured by her father’s expectations on her

      Name: Snowtalon
      Gender/pronouns: male he/him
      Appearance: broad white tom with many scars on his pelt, ice-blue eyes. Flat face that makes him look grumpy (like Yellowfang 😛 ).
      Personality: serious, poker face, doesn’t show emotions
      CLAN(what i forgot last time): RainClan
      Family(op): his daughter is Briarleaf
      Rank: deputy
      Quotes(op): “Even if you’re the deputy’s kit, you still have to behave. In fact, you should be the raw model to the other warriors. I am disappointed in you, Briarleaf.”
      Would you be fine with my little *ahem* daydream shenanigans: yep
      Anything I missed: none
      Other(op): He cares about his daughter, but doesn’t know how to show it.

    • Name: Cookiepaw

      Gender and Pronouns: Female, She/ Her

      Appearance: A light brown she cat with dark brown spots, a white muzzle and Amber eyes.

      Personality : Caring, Nurturing, Helpful and a busy bee. Worryingly.

      Clan: Streamclan

      Family: You decide

      Rank: Medicine cat apprentice

      Quotes: “Faithleap stop wriggling your going to damage your shoulder more.” “Hello Daydream you look skinny you should eat.” “Hazeclan smell horrid.”

      She’d not be fine with your shenanigans since she’d be worried.

      Other: She is in a forbidden romance you decide who the tom is.

      • my daydream isn’t in the fanfic, that’s just my name ^_^
        i think you might also have to change her name, unless Cookiepaw was once a kittypet named cookie. I have some ideas
        thanks! I also came up with a response from one of your quotes
        “I AM skinny! I’m not even hungry!”- Appleheart
        also, one more question, how could Cookiepaw be tending to Faithleap if Faithleap is in RainClan and Cookiepaw is in StreamClan?

    • Nom : Lakerunner
      Genre\pronoms : elle chat
      Aspect : chat bleu à longues pattes avec une fourrure argentée sur le dos/le bout de la queue.
      Personnalité : agressive, protectrice, un peu ennuyeuse à côtoyer
      CLAN (ce que j’ai oublié la dernière fois) : voyou, anciennement du clan tempête
      Famille(op) : aucune
      Rang : aucun
      Citations (op): comme une bavure dans ma peau.
      Seriez-vous d’accord avec mes petites manigances de rêverie *ahem* : YEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAS
      Tout ce que j’ai raté : pas vraiment
      Autre(op) : aucun

      • im sorry, but really the only thing i understood was their name, and the fact that you want daydremo shenanigans. I’m so sorry if this sounds rude. If any moddo knows what language this is, tell me! Then i might be able to translate

      • désolé pour l’autre commentaire ! Je suis un gros cerveau et google traduit m’a aidé! Lakerunner sera accepté, mais j’ai peur que Fiery Shadows soit anglais ? Ne vous inquiétez pas si vous en avez besoin, je ferai une promesse de version française !! aussi, ravi de vous rencontrer, je m’appelle rêve éveillé et je suis ici depuis le 23 février 2021 (je pense, moddos? aide?) merci d’avoir écouté ce paragraphe 😛 … ok bye now

      • Cheetahheart!, (Warrior name) Cheetah heart, (Ancients) Cheetah that runs through valley, (Tribe of rushing water) Cheetah (Sisters) Cheers (Kittypet) Claw (rogue/loner) tell me if i missed any names! says:

        Bonjour, Lake! Comment aimez-vous Blogclan?

    • Name: Tigertalon
      Gender\pronouns: Agender (xe/they pronouns)
      Appearance: Xe is a large, dappled tortoiseshell cat with a stumpy tail, large ears and sharp amber eyes. They have large front teeth which stick out a little
      Personality: Tigertalon is a loud and arrogant presence in StreamClan, always aiming to be the centre of attention. However for all of this loud nature xe is relatively insecure, and will often aim to help out those in times of need (as long as the rest of the clan doesnt notice xer moment of weakness)
      CLAN(what i forgot last time): StreamClan
      Family(op): Sibling Lilactangle, brother Bumblespark
      Rank: Deputy
      Quotes(op): N/A
      Would you be fine with my little *ahem* daydream shenanigans: yep !!
      Anything I missed: Xer sexuality is bisexual

      Name: Lilactangle
      Gender\pronouns: Genderfluid (she/he/they)
      Appearance: A white and black spotted cat with bright yellow eyes
      Personality: Lilactangle is a brooding and intimidating cat, she is hard to approach but incredibly skilled. They take a long time to trust othrers
      CLAN(what i forgot last time): StreamClan
      Family(op): Sibling Tigertalon, brother Bumblespark
      Rank: Medicine cat
      Quotes(op): N/A
      Would you be fine with my little *ahem* daydream shenanigans: yep !
      Anything I missed: His sexuality is asexual aromantic and this contributed to his choice to become a medicine cat.

    • Name: Bumblespark
      Gender\pronouns: Transgender male (he/him)
      Appearance: Black tom with a ginger stripe over his muzzle. He has dark amber eyes which seem nearly brown. His ears are nicked at the top and he has a few scars
      Personality: Bumblespark is a kind and gentle cat, not as chaotic and loud and his sibling Tigertalon but still appreciated in the clan. He prefers to stick to smaller groups of friends, and is a big peacekeeper, preferring to hunt instead of get involved with border patrols
      CLAN(what i forgot last time): StreamClan
      Family(op): Lilactangle (sibling), Tigertalon (sibling)
      Rank: Warrior
      Quotes(op): N/A
      Would you be fine with my little *ahem* daydream shenanigans: yep !!
      Anything I missed: He’s gay !

      • can you teach me how to use the xe\xyr pronouns? i could also use a quick run down on they\them too? thanks mapl (can i call u that?)

        • Apologies for the slow reply I’ve just started college !!! But yes I can teach you how to use xe/xem pronouns

          The full set is xe/xem/xer/xemself and you can compare it To he/him/his/himself you can kinda see how it might work !

          He walks -> xe walks
          That’s his jumper -> that’s xer jumper
          I love him -> I love xem

          And then for they\them the full set is they/them/their/themselves and instead of saying they is, you’d say they are

          He is tall -> they are tall
          That’s his jumper -> that’s their jumper
          I love him -> I love them

          I really hope this helps if you have any more questions just ask !!

          • oki test
            he loves nachos- xe loves nachos
            sweet potatoes aren’t for him- sweet potatoes aren’t for xem
            his dog is a chocolate lab- xer dog is a chocolate lab
            he is proud of himself- xe is proud of xemself
            he is bisexual- xe is bisexual
            he loves nachos- they love nachos
            sweet potatoes aren’t for him- sweet potatoes aren’t for them
            his dog is a chocolate lab- their dog is a chocolate lab
            he is proud of himself- they are proud of themselves
            he is bisexual- they are bisexual

            also good luck with college mapl!!

          • Turtlepaw🐢🐢🐢(They/Them, Xe/Xem, Tey/Tem, Ae/Aem, Ot/Ots, Mae/Mim, Sae/Sear, Je/Jem, He/Him, Se/Hem, Ke/Kem, Re/Rem, Bun/Buns) says:

            Huh. I always thought it was ‘themself’ not ‘themselves.’ Or is it something that can go either way? (Like how some people use ‘xyr’ and others use ‘xer.’)
            Cabinet Battle 1

    • Name: Wildleap
      Gender\pronouns: male, any pronouns (he/she/they)
      Appearance: lanky gray tabby cat with rounded ears, left one is slightly torn, and bright amber eyes
      Personality: Wildleap is open-minded and talkative, and likes practical work. But they are perfectionistic, and get annoyed when they don’t succeed quickly.
      CLAN(what i forgot last time): FogClan
      Family(op): You can decide!
      Rank: Warrior
      Quotes(op): You can decide!
      Would you be fine with my little *ahem* daydream shenanigans: Sure!
      Anything I missed: Wildleap is pansexual! Attracted to anyone regardless of gender or sex.
      Other(op): Can he have an apprentice?

    • Snowlight
      Female, she/her
      A white she-cat with pale green eyes and a black tail tip
      Gentle, shy, doesn’t do anything unless there is an actual reason to do so.
      Her sister, Flintflight.
      “Hey, is everything good here?”, “That isn’t a reason, Flintflight.”, “Oh, yeah, name. Um..Snowlight.”
      Can she have an apprentice?

      Female, she/her
      Gray and white she-cat with a torn ear and emerald green eyes
      Reckless, normally in trouble, will do anything for the sake of adventure.
      Her sister, Snowlight
      “Come on, Snowlight! It’ll be fun!”, “Get off our territory, or else.”, “Rawr! I’m a scary bagder! I’m coming to eat you! GRRRR!”

    • Name: Spirithaven
      Gender/pronouns: She-cat, she her
      Appearance: Silver she-cat with golden paws and golden-amber eyes
      Personality: Very calm but also, well, free-spirited.
      Clan: Hazelclan
      Family: Father: Cardinalwing, Mother: Mountainrose, sister: Souldream
      Rank: Medicine cat
      Quotes: “You can run, you can leave, but I promise, you will always comeback!”
      Other: Spirithaven’s best friend leaves the clan saying she’ll nevr come back, but she does. Spirithaven has a dream that her friend, Wishpool, is in danger and Spirithaven leaves the clan to find her.

      • if everything goes to my plotline, Spirithaven will eventually have to die 🙁 I’m sorry, Frecklepaw’s mentor is supposed to die if my plan works. We’ll see Spirithaven for a while though!

    • Name: Ivypaw
      Gender\pronouns: She-cat, female, she/her
      Appearance: Dark grey she-cat with white patches and dark green eyes(I used up all my creativity last month)
      Personality: Aggressive, sharp-tounged, hot-headed, lonely, sometimes sweet, really shy and easy to embarrass in front of her crush
      CLAN(what i forgot last time): Rainclan
      Family(op): Mother, Flowertuft(Grey she-cat), and younger brother, Kestralpaw(a real cinnamon roll, grey and white tabby tom)
      Rank: Apprentice
      Quotes(op): “Oh yeah? At least I didn’t fall flat on my face during my apprentice ceremony!”, “WHAT DID YOU SAY ABOUT ME? YOU WILL DIE!”, “Hey! If you so much as look at my baby brother the wrong way again I will rip your face off!” “I’m fine Flowertuft! Just let me go check on Kestralpaw and stop bugging me for a change!” “Oh, um, sorry about that. It’s my fault! You’re too hansome, I mean nice to do that. You know? I should um, I should check in on Kestralpaw)
      Would you be fine with my little *ahem* daydream shenanigans: YES! I would love to see what you do with her!
      Anything I missed: Nope!
      Other(op): She wants to be leader, but we’ll just have to see how that plays out, also, I would love for her to be a main side character!

  • We’ve all been there.

    You’re creating a Clan, pouring out names like rain from a storm, and then the creativity dries up. What do you do?
    You could go to the Fan Fiction Organization or Warriors Names page, but you’d get maybe 15, 20 names at max. 20 is barely enough to fill out one Clan, let alone five!

    Well, I have the answer for you.
    The Ultimate Warrior Cat Generator!

    It has 223 prefixes, 117 suffixes, 11 eye colors, 12 fur colors, 7 patterns, 3 fur types, 3 tail types, and 7 sizes.

    “But wait!” you say. “What if I want to make a sun-themed Clan, or I like pretty names like Feathertail and I only want to see those? What if I want to make a rewrite of the first arc and I only want names that fit that time period? Will I have to sift through 26, 091 different name possibilities?”

    I gotchu.

    You can filter names! So you can shrink the number of names down to a more manageable number, and crank out those names and appearances easily.

    You’ll thank me later.

  • So I’m writing a fic that primarily takes place in RiverClan, about two pure bred Maine Coon sibs who join the Clan. There is eventually a prophecy and a war and all that jazz but right now I need Clanmates.
    (Keep in mind that I will mess around with these characters and weave their stories a bit, so if there is anything that you don’t fully explain it will probably be changed a fair bit)

    Family (opt):
    Sexuality (opt):
    Quotes (opt):
    Anything else:

    Thanks! 🙂

    • Name: Suncreek
      Pronouns: she/her
      Appearance: sandy gold tabby with white stripes and dark blue eyes
      Rank: warrior
      Personality: whatever fits the story best, but she’s calm and unshakeable, and performs well under pressure. She has an excellent sense of spacial awareness and speed and can usually calculate the exact time it would take to say, run from one tree to another, or for a boulder to roll down a hill, or for an enemy patrol to reach the camp. Because of this, she’s rarely late. However, she doesn’t have a life-of-the party energy and can be a little boring. Also, she rarely has or shows emotions stronger than proud/moderately happy, mildly irritated/annoyed, or slightly concerned.
      Anything else: her mentor is Clan leader (if that fits) and she’s around 25 moons.

    • Name: Redmeadow
      Pronouns: He/him
      Appearance: A dark ginger tom with bright green eyes
      Rank: Medicine Cat, if not, warrior
      Personality: Very capable, loves having systems and staying on track, a bit bossy
      Family (opt): Up to you!
      Sexuality (opt): Bisexual
      Quotes (opt): “Right Hollowpaw. I need comfrey and marigold. You hear me? Comfrey and marigold. Last time you went out, you came back with burdock, like how? You hear me? Comfrey and marigold. Now go.”
      Anything else: Hollowpaw (below) is his apprentice

      Name: Hollowpaw
      Pronouns: She/her
      Appearance: A small, slender brown tabby she-cat with green eyes
      Rank: Medicine Cat apprentice (if not, just a regular apprentice)
      Personality: Very organised, takes her position as medicine cat very seriously, but still very kind
      Family (opt): You decide!
      Sexuality (opt): Asexual panromantic
      Quotes (opt): “Redmeadow, these bees are pollinating some coltsfoot, so more next season, which is great!”
      Anything else: Nup 😛

    • Name: Flamepetal
      Pronouns: she/her
      Appearance: flame-colored she-cat with golden eyes and white tabby stripes
      Rank: warrior apprentice
      Personality: positive, optimistic, playful, adventurous, loyal
      Family (opt): your choice
      Sexuality (opt): straight
      Quotes (opt): “Let’s sneak off together! No cat would notice. Or are you too scared to follow?” “Ah, I hate being an apprentice. I want to be a warrior now and help defend my Clan!”
      Anything else: she gets into trouble a lot

    • Turtlepaw🐢🐢🐢(They/Them, Xe/Xem, Tey/Tem, Ae/Aem, Ot/Ots, Mae/Mim, Sae/Sear, Je/Jem, He/Him, Se/Hem, Ke/Kem, Re/Rem, Bun/Buns) says:

      Name: Otterleap
      Pronouns: Ot is a Demi boy, and she uses ot/ot/ots/otself and she/her/her/herself pronouns!
      Appearance: Dark brown tabby with one green eye and one amber eye.
      Rank: Deputy, but if that rank isn’t available, you can make ot a warrior.
      Personality: Funny, affectionate, kind, loyal, brave.
      Family (opt): Rivertalon (mate) Firesky (daughter)
      Sexuality (opt): She is bisexual.
      Quotes (opt): “Didn’t you literally just say- oh, never mind.” “I know. I love you too, Rivertalon.”
      Anything else: She has always dreamed of becoming leader one day! Otterstar is a lovely name, after all.

      Name: Rivertalon
      Pronouns: Je is gender fluid, and it uses je/jem/jer/jemself and it/it/its/itself pronouns!
      Appearance: Blue-gray cat with amber eyes.
      Rank: warrior
      Personality: Creative, intelligent, caring, bold, sweet.
      Family (opt): Otterleap (mate) Firesky (daughter)
      Sexuality (opt): It is lesbian.
      Quotes (opt): “Take a moment and relax, Firesky! Don’t get your tail in a twist.”
      Anything else: That’s everything!

      (I’m gonna submit more characters, but in a separate comment, because you know, character limit 😛 )

      What’d I Miss

    • Turtlepaw🐢🐢🐢(They/Them, Xe/Xem, Tey/Tem, Ae/Aem, Ot/Ots, Mae/Mim, Sae/Sear, Je/Jem, He/Him, Se/Hem, Ke/Kem, Re/Rem, Bun/Buns) says:

      Name: Firesky
      Pronouns: He is female, and he uses he/him/his/himself and they/them/their/themself pronouns.
      Appearance: Ginger she-cat with blue eyes and white paws
      Rank: warrior
      Personality: brave, bold, smart, sassy, friendly.
      Family (opt): Rivertalon (parent) Otterleap (parent)
      Sexuality (opt): He is questioning his sexuality, but thinks they might be bisexual.
      Quotes (opt): “Wait- what? I don’t have a crush on Birdswoop!”
      Anything else: he has a crush on Birdswoop.

      Name: Birdswoop
      Pronouns: Bun is male, and uses bun/bun/buns/bunself pronouns.
      Appearance: gray tabby tom with amber eyes
      Rank: warrior
      Personality: playful, nice, charming, loving, brave.
      Family (opt): n/a
      Sexuality (opt): bun is queer.
      Quotes (opt): “Hi, Firesky! Want to go hunting together?”
      Anything else: bun has a crush on Firesky, and bun is his best friend. If you want to, FireskyXBirdswoop can become a thing!
      What’d I Miss

    • Turtlepaw🐢🐢🐢(They/Them, Xe/Xem, Tey/Tem, Ae/Aem, Ot/Ots, Mae/Mim, Sae/Sear, Je/Jem, He/Him, Se/Hem, Ke/Kem, Re/Rem, Bun/Buns) says:

      Gonna submit more characters 😛 it’s fun! 😀

      Name: Cinnamon
      Pronouns: Ae is female, and ae uses ae/aem/aer/aemself pronouns! Ae doesn’t mind she/her/her/herself pronouns, but ae/aem/aer/aemself is definitely aer preferred!
      Appearance: Light brown tabby with blue eyes and cream paws.
      Rank: warrior
      Personality: Adventurous, loyal, brave, bold, smart.
      Family (opt): Larkshine (sister) Willowdust (mate)
      Sexuality (opt): Ae is lesbian
      Quotes (opt): “Honestly! You’re a warrior, I think you can handle this.”
      Anything else: Cinnamon used to be a kitty pet, and ae decided to keep aer name when ae joined the Clan.
      Cinnamon and Willowdust asked a close friend, Fallowtuft, to be a surrogate father for them, and he happily agreed. Cinnamon and Willowdust’s kits are Lightpaw, Berrypaw, and Honeypaw.

      Name: Larkshine
      Pronouns: Mae is female, and uses mae/mim/mair/mimself pronouns.
      Appearance: Ginger she-cat with brown patches and green eyes.
      Rank: warrior
      Personality: funny, loving, caring, happy, bouncy.
      Family (opt): Cinnamon (sister) Honeypaw, Lightpaw, and Berrypaw (nieces/nephew)
      Sexuality (opt): Mae is asexual and aromantic
      Quotes (opt): “I’m so happy! My sister is gonna have kits!”
      Anything else: That’s everything!

      (I’ll continue in a second comment- word limit and all.)

      What’d I Miss

    • Turtlepaw🐢🐢🐢(They/Them, Xe/Xem, Tey/Tem, Ae/Aem, Ot/Ots, Mae/Mim, Sae/Sear, Je/Jem, He/Him, Se/Hem, Ke/Kem, Re/Rem, Bun/Buns) says:

      Name: Willowdust
      Pronouns: Xe is female, and she uses xe/xem/xyr/xemself pronouns and she/her/her/herself pronouns!
      Appearance: Dark gray she-cat with pine-green eyes.
      Rank: warrior
      Personality: a little sarcastic at times, sassy, loyal, a natural leader, bold.
      Family (opt): Cinnamon (mate) Honeypaw, Lightpaw, and Berrypaw (kits)
      Sexuality (opt): Xe is pansexual.
      Quotes (opt): “Honeypaw, dear, please don’t be so rough!”
      Anything else: that’s all!

      Name: Fallowtuft
      Pronouns: Se is male, and he uses se/hem/seir/hemself and he/him/his/himself pronouns.
      Appearance: bracken-colored tom with green eyes.
      Rank: warrior
      Personality: kind, shy, good hearted, kind, quiet.
      Family (opt): Applemist (mother, dead) Swoopclaw (dead) he can mention them occasionally if you like.
      Sexuality (opt): Se isn’t sure yet.
      Quotes (opt): “Yeah, I think your father’s right about that.”
      Anything else: Se is very happy for Cinnamon and Willowdust’s family.

      Name: Honeypaw (its warrior name can be Honeydusk)
      Pronouns: It is female, and bee uses it/it/its/itself and bee/bee/bees/beeself pronouns.
      Appearance: Golden she-cat with amber eyes.
      Rank: apprentice
      Personality: smart, creative, loyal, eager, bold.
      Family (opt): Lightpaw (sister) Berrypaw (brother) Cinnamon (mother) Willowdust (mother)
      Sexuality (opt): it is lesbian.
      Quotes (opt): “I’m gonna be the best warrior ever!”
      Anything else: You can choose bees mentor.
      What’d I Miss

    • Turtlepaw🐢🐢🐢(They/Them, Xe/Xem, Tey/Tem, Ae/Aem, Ot/Ots, Mae/Mim, Sae/Sear, Je/Jem, He/Him, Se/Hem, Ke/Kem, Re/Rem, Bun/Buns) says:

      Name: Lightpaw (bugs warrior name can be Lightbird.)
      Pronouns: Re is female, and re uses re/rem/rer/remself and bug/bug/bugs/bugself pronouns.
      Appearance: white she-cat with green eyes.
      Rank: apprentice
      Personality: extroverted, chatty, eager, a little too honest at times, playful.
      Family (opt): Berrypaw (brother)
      Honeypaw (sister) Cinnamon (mother) Willowdust (mother)
      Sexuality (opt): bug is omnisexual
      Quotes (opt): “It’s probably not my fault. Probably.”
      Anything else: you can choose rer mentor.

      Name: Berrypaw (sear warrior name can be Berryflight!)
      Pronouns: Sae is male, and uses sae/sae/sear/saerself pronouns.
      Appearance: black-and-white tom with amber eyes.
      Rank: apprentice
      Personality: shy, worrisome, polite, honest, a bit skittish.
      Family (opt): same family as Lightpaw.
      Sexuality (opt): sae is polysexual
      Quotes (opt): “I’m not scared! At least, I don’t think I am… Wait, am I?”
      Anything else: you can choose who sear mentor is!

      What’d I Miss

    • Turtlepaw🐢🐢🐢(They/Them, Xe/Xem, Tey/Tem, Ae/Aem, Ot/Ots, Mae/Mim, Sae/Sear, Je/Jem, He/Him, Se/Hem, Ke/Kem, Re/Rem, Bun/Buns) says:

      BTW I forgot something on Larkshine’s form! When mae was a kitty pet with Cinnamon, mair name was Lulu.
      What’d I Miss

    • Name: Petaldream
      Pronouns: she/her
      Appearance: Petaldream is a pale yellow spotted tabby with green eyes and an unusually bright pink nose
      Rank: Just a warrior
      Personality: Stern, but also kind and forgiving. She has a habit of disciplining kits harder than she should sometimes because her own mother and father didn’t discipline her sister, Fernpaw, which led to her death. She is also very loyal to Riverclan, perhaps too much sometimes, and doesn’t like traitors.
      Family: Deceased sister, Fernpaw. Mother, Quietripple. Father, Blackleaf.

      Name: Quietripple
      Pronouns: she/her
      Appearance: Quietripple is a light gray she-cat with a white tail-tip and chin
      Rank: Senior warrior
      Personality: Shy, and well, quiet. She is known as the “silent warrior” to the other clans. Truthfully, she feels guilty because some cat keeps sending her on assassin missions, threatening to kill her kit if she disobeys(If that works. Otherwise, just make her ignorant). She ignores her kit to try and make the cat think she doesn’t care about her.
      Family (opt): Deceased sibling, Fishscale, Deceased sibling, Honeydrip, Deceased mother, Purplesky. Elder Father, Spottyfur
      Anything else: She and her mate are cat-divorced

      Name: Blackleaf
      Pronouns: him/them
      Appearance: Blackleaf is a black tom with a white chest and paws
      Rank: Senior warrior
      Personality: Generally grumpy and self-absorbed. He always thinks he’s doing the right thing, no matter what it is. He doesn’t care much for kits, so he broke up with Quietripple after they were born.
      Family (opt): Deceased father, Slatewhisker, deceased brother, Frogtoe, deceased mother, Autumnleaf.

      I know it’s a lot but I just really like designing and making characters

    • Name: Featherpaw
      Pronouns: she/her
      Appearance: white she-cat with silky fur and black stripes, pretty amberish-blue eyes
      Rank: apprentice
      Personality: shy, sweet, not afraid to brag, helpful, open to new things, too smart for her own good, curious, arrogant, nosy
      Family (opt): Her mother, Lilywing(grey and white she-cat), her father, Brackentail(white tom), and two sisters, Cloudpaw and Turtlepaw(black and white she-cat, gray and brown she-cat)
      Sexuality (opt): Straight
      Quotes (opt): “Bet you can’t do that!”, “If you think that you are better than me at ANYTHING, you’re wrong!” “It’s a strange cat running through the forest with a bunch of herbs and you expect me not to check that out?” “Look, if you don’t do anything then you’re not living the life you dream of. I wish I had known that a long time ago.”
      Anything else: I would like her to be best friends with one of the main characters or even mates, but if you don’t like that I’m fine with her just being another cat in the clan

  • Okay so, I’m planning a hugs fanfic project, but i dont own any secret pages. Could someone please give me one that
    1.has NOT been claimed yet
    2.no one has commented on it
    3.no one owns it

    Or you could just tell me how to find one, thx!😉

  • Hi! I’m thinking of writing a fanfic collab (thanks Ospreymist for the inspiration, I promise I won’t copy your story)

    Here’s the blurb:
    Mothpaw of ThunderClan is an expert at following orders. She cleans the elders’ den, takes off ticks, hunts for the queens and kits in the nursery and does it all without complaint. She doesn’t even speak up when her peers, Amberpaw, Brightpaw, and Shellpaw, are showered with affection from their Clanmates while she is shunned for her half-Clan parentage.
    It’s just the way it is.
    When a mysterious secret movement threatens to destroy the Clans, Mothpaw finds herself right at the heart of the conflict. And after secrets are revealed that thrust ThunderClan into even greater peril, Mothpaw is left wondering what loyalty and trust really mean. If they mean anything at all.

    If this sounds interesting, please comment and I’ll post the link to the secret page.

  • Hello! I need characters for my fanfic!

    Rank (only queens, kits, elders, apps, warriors):

    Territory desc:
    Grassclan- Deciduous forest
    Ivyclan- plains
    Mistclan-Foggy marshlands

    If you wanna see the fanfic here’s the link (this is NOT finished at all): https://docs.google.com/document/d/17Z3gJr-ePIJn8yCZF9KGgmjfbPTO_U-Cnb8JqGLwN5s/edit?usp=sharing

    That’s all byeee

    • Name: Poppypaw
      Gender/pronouns: Trans female (they/she)
      Rank (only queens, kits, elders, apps, warriors): Apprentice
      Clan: IvyClan
      Appearance: A slender ginger and white spotted she-cat, they have a big white patch on their face and green eyes. Their ears are tufted
      Personality: Poppypaw is quite shy, but incredibly sweet and hard-working. She doesn’t make many friends her own age, her only friend is Chestnutspot, a GrassClan warrior who moved clans. They are very kind, but struggle with being nervous
      Sexuality : Aromantic and asexual

      Name: Chestnutspot
      Gender/pronouns: Agender (thon/thon/thons/thonself)
      Rank (only queens, kits, elders, apps, warriors): Young warrior
      Clan: GrassClan (moved from IvyClan, after finding out thons brother was in GrassClan)
      Appearance: A brown spotted cat with darker legs and tail, thon has green eyes and one crooked tooth
      Personality: Chestnutspot is very distant from a lot of cats, often seeming intimidating and determined. There were multiple rumours in the clan that thon was envious of the deputy, which caused thon to move clans. Thon can seem relatively emotionless
      Sexuality : Bisexual

      Name: Tanglepansy
      Gender/pronouns: Male (he/him)
      Rank (only queens, kits, elders, apps, warriors): Warrior
      Clan: GrassClan
      Appearance: Dark brown tabby cat with a few scars and bright amber eyes.
      Personality: Tanglepansy is ambitious and vocal about his ambitions, but is generally very loyal to his clan. He is Chestnutspot’s brother
      Sexuality : Gay

      Name: Darkfleck
      Gender/pronouns: Bigender (male and nonbinary) (he/they/se)
      Rank (only queens, kits, elders, apps, warriors): Warrior
      Clan: GrassClan
      Appearance: Pure black cat with a white tail tip and deep blue eyes
      Personality: Darkfleck is a happy-go-lcuky sort of cat, and can seem quite naive and innocent. however se is very vry skilled
      Sexuality : Pansexual, is in a relationship with Tanglepansy

    • Name: Hopnose
      Gender/pronouns: Female, any pronouns
      Rank (only queens, kits, elders, apps, warriors): Warrior
      Clan: IvyClan
      Appearance: A golden brown she-cat with blue eyes
      Personality: Very bubbly and sweet, a bit shy, and very childish

    • Turtlepaw🐢🐢🐢(They/Them, Xe/Xem, Tey/Tem, Ae/Aem, Ot/Ots, Mae/Mim, Sae/Sear, Je/Jem, He/Him, Se/Hem, Ke/Kem, Re/Rem, Bun/Buns) says:

      Name: Lynxshine
      Gender/pronouns: Gender fluid, sae/sae/sear/saerself pronouns.
      Rank (only queens, kits, elders, apps, warriors): Elder
      Clan: IvyClan
      Appearance: Gray cat with white paws, a cream chest, and blue eyes.
      Personality: Sae can be shy around cats sae doesn’t know well, but around sear friends, sae is very friendly! Sear first mate, Featherdust, was abusive to sae, so for a while sae felt like sae wasn’t good enough. Sear friend Echofoot encouraged sae to break up with Featherdust. Lynxshine did, and now sae is much happier! Sae is mates with Echofoot, and they’ve been together for years.

      Name: Echofoot
      Gender/pronouns: Demi girl, re/rem/rer/remself pronouns.
      Rank (only queens, kits, elders, apps, warriors): Elder
      Clan: IvyClan
      Appearance: Orange Demi she-cat with amber eyes.
      Personality: Re is extremely talkative, and while re knows re talks too much, re really can’t stop remself! Re loves telling stories, and apprentices loving hearing rem tell stories- even if not all of rer stories are true. Re loves Lynxshine very much.

      (Gonna continue in a second comment- word limit and all!)

      What’d I Miss

    • Turtlepaw🐢🐢🐢(They/Them, Xe/Xem, Tey/Tem, Ae/Aem, Ot/Ots, Mae/Mim, Sae/Sear, Je/Jem, He/Him, Se/Hem, Ke/Kem, Re/Rem, Bun/Buns) says:

      Name: Snowsun
      Gender/pronouns: Demi boy, ke/kem/ker/kemself pronouns.
      Rank (only queens, kits, elders, apps, warriors): Warrior
      Clan: IvyClan
      Appearance: Cream cat with green eyes.
      Personality: Ke is sweet and loyal. Ker adoptive parents are Echofoot and Lynxshine. Ke was a rouge named Snow when ke was a kit, but foxes killed ker family, so IvyClan took kem in. Snowsun is mates with Foxpetal. Ke loves bug very much.

      Name: Foxpetal
      Gender/pronouns: Agender, bug/bug/bugs/bugself.
      Rank (only queens, kits, elders, apps, warriors): Warrior
      Clan: IvyClan
      Appearance: Black-and-orange cat with blue eyes.
      Personality: Bug is helpful and smart, and everyone knows that they can count on bug. Bugs creative personality has come useful in battle. Bug is mates with Snowsun, and bug loves kem very much.

      What’d I Miss

    • Name: Larkkit
      Gender/pronouns: Female, she/her
      Rank (only queens, kits, elders, apps, warriors): kit
      Clan: Mistclan
      Appearance: Brown she-cat with dark brown spots and blue eyes
      Personality: curious, sassy, often looks up to apprentices rather than warriors

  • I’m doing a fanfic called Gotta Break Free
    I need character names, and I can’t think of any.
    The clans are:
    Mapleclan, who lives in a forest of maple trees
    Fogclan, who lives by a very foggy river
    Gladeclan, who lives on a windy moor high up in hidden hills
    Cloudclan, who lives high up in the mountians



    • Name: Wrenripple
      Pronouns: She/her
      Clan: MapleClan
      Rank: Warrior
      Family : Ripple (mother), Whitelilac (mate)
      Backstory: Wrenripple was a rogue called Wren who joined the clans after warning them that her mother was planning to steal prey. Wrenripple is ambitious and hopes to become deputy one day but she doesn’t let it on
      Personality: Wrenripple is a helpful and independent cat who works well on her own but will happily help out others. She’s very friendly and chatty, but is secretly quite manipulative in getting others to like her
      Sexuality : Lesbian

      Name: Whitelilac
      Pronouns: She/her
      Clan: MapleClan
      Rank: Warrior
      Family: Wrenripple (mate)
      Backstory: Whitelilac was very suspicious of Wrenripple when she first joined the clan, so got close to her in an attempt to find out if she was trying to do anything. However overtime she fell in love with the former rogue
      Personality: Whitelilac is a naturally suspicious cat, but she is polite to the cats she meets, not easily forming genuine connections from trust issues
      Sexuality : Lesbian

      Name: Foxstone
      Pronouns: Ae/aem/aer/aemself
      Clan: GladeClan
      Rank: Warrior
      Family: None
      Backstory: Foxstone has had a relatively normal life, except from one time when ae had to face down a fox attack, taking on the fox on aer own, ae changed aer name to honour the victory. Ae has many scars from this event and has earned a general amount of respect across the clans
      Personality: Foxstone is a talented fighteer and is relatively secluded, preferring to practice on aer own. However ae will happily tell any young cats the story of aer battle with the fox
      Sexuality : Omnisexual