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  • Claimed for my contest!


    1. Blueflower
    2. Dovepaw
    3. Ttrea
    4. Moonbreeze
    5. Brightspark
    6. Loneheart
    7. Bell
    8. Flamey
    9. Goldenbee
    10. Brightshine.

    I already outlined the rules in my post, but here is a refresher. You have one month to complete a short story following a given prompt. Sometimes a prompt will be something like write a story about a girl with magical powers, and sometimes it will be a sentence that starts the story, and I want you to build on it. If everyone turns in their stories before the end of the time limit, I will look at it early. After each round, one person is eliminated. If you do not turn in a story by the end of the month, you are out.

    Write a story starting with this sentence:
    The first thing I felt was cold.

    You have until December 5th. Good luck!

  • Wait- oh gosh i’m stupid sometimes- I can;t do this contest and agh! I really need to stopp sayimg ill do stuff without thinking it through ahh i feel so bad

  • Hopefully we’re just supposed to post these here!
    The first thing Aurora felt was cold. Freezing ice cold, like running through a tundra after dipping into a pool. The kind of cold that makes your body spasm with shivers and forces you to curl into a tight ball.

    Then it was hot. Burning hot from the depths of the underworld, like blue flames licking your very soul. The kind of hot that makes you scream and rip your hands away from the stove.

    She came to screeching, her body feeling like it was being torn apart and thrown back together haphazardly. And then it stopped.

    It took a few minutes for Aurora’s vision to return, and several more minutes for her brain to process anything other than pain. As her body still shook with the aftershocks of anguish, she finally realized where she was.

    Rea’al. Aurora sat up quickly, the pain melting away as she took in the galaxy around her. 

    Thousands upon thousands of stars filled the dark mauve sky. They weren’t normal stars though, there were far too many, not even the darkest galaxy could hold this many. And they didn’t all glow white like normal, they were red, blue, pink, some even changed. 

    She sat there for a long time, completely in awe of the vastness above her. However, a rough cough drew her from her thoughts.

    “So you finally made it.” Alastor’s voice rumbled from behind her. She turned around and glared at him, pursing her lips.

    “You’re actually here. That’s a first.” Aurora snapped, getting up from the ground. It was an inky black void. Pretty strange to walk on. 

    Alastor winced at her jab. “Look, I get you’d prefer Caim, but that’s not how the rules work.” She stomped past, pointedly ignoring him. A small, white light pulsed in the distance. That was their destination. 

    Her stomp turned into a walk, a jog, then an all out sprint. 

    “Why isn’t it getting bigger?!” Aurora cried out, panting and tugging her hair back. 

    “You have to fly.” Alastor chuckled, his large black wings lowering him onto the ground. Stupid harpy god.

    “I can’t fly.” 

    “I know. I can carry you.” 

    Aurora folded her arms in indignation. “No way! I’m not getting carried by you.” Alastor flinched and glared down at the void-ground.

    “Look kid, I know I wasn’t a great dad-”

    “A ‘great dad’?!” She snarled, taking a step towards him, “You weren’t a dad at all! I didn’t know you existed until three months ago and I’m 19!”

    “Hey, I watched over you-”

    “And Caim actually took care of me! Why can’t he be the one here?”

    “The rules state that gods and their biological children are the only ones who can come here. Caim’s not your biolo-”

    Shut your mouth.” Aurora growled in a voice that was not her own. What-

    Alastor’s face dropped as he was flung back several feet. A bright red light pulsed in front of chest as he sat back up. 

    “Oh my god, Alastor, are you alright?!” 

    Alastor nodded, running a hand through his hair. “Look at the light.”

    Aurora looked over her shoulder, towards where the light was. 

    “Where’d it go?

    “Right there.” Alastor’s voice held a hint of teasing. Aurora looked down and gasped. 

    The white light was now swirling around her chest. Thin tendrils of ethereal magic floated around her body, giving her goosebumps whenever they brushed against her skin.

    “What is it?” She breathed, completely amazed.

    “That’s your magic.” Alastor answered, “When you come to Rea’al, you either fly to it or, if needed,” He shrugged, “it comes to you.”

    Aurora cupped her hands around the magic, enjoying the tingling buzz. “Wait, so when you were thrown back…”

    “I deserved it.” He shrugged again. Offering a hand to her, Alastor smiled softly. “Shall we go?”

    Aurora gave him a small smile in return.

    Hope this works!!!

  • Heere’s my kinda short story 😛
    The first thing i felt was cold
                Like Ice flitting through my body.
    Violet thought this as she trudged through the snow. Flakes were now heavily downpouring and it was all a blur in the blizzard. Cold touched her from her ears to her tail tip. A shiver engulfed her senses as she looked ahead. She was on a journey, to find her sister, before it was too late, and she would fall into the clutches of her father’s evil cat paws. Giving a shiver, Violet almost collapsed to the icy ground. She thought to herself, “I’ll never find her in this!” Starting to give up hope, she caught a glimpse of her sister. “Is this my imagination?” she mewled aloud as her eyes started to slowly close. Letting the cold wash over her, she thought of how much longer she had left.
    Violet woke, feeling much warmer. She could catch a whiff of her sister’s scent. “Cynthia!” she yowled, looking around. There was no one. “Why are you doing this? Come out!” she mewled as quietly as her shaking voice could. Violet then realized; She was in a house, and there was no one here. Shaking the frost from her fur, she climbed up on a windowsill. She had to squint to see out the dirty glass. It was still a blizzard outside. Sighing, she slunk back down. Who had brought her here? And why? She pondered this for a while longer before getting up and slinking toward the door. There was a cat flap.
    Violet slid out the cat flap. She sniffed, getting snow up her nose. As she sneezed, she felt sad. She knew she never had run through the snow with a goal she had to achieve. To find her sister. “Cynthia?!” she kept shouting for her sister, even as the blizzard raged into her sense of smell. She hoped that, even through the wind, her sister could hear her cries.
    Violet kept trudging, looking for signs or even scents of her tabby sister. She could see pawprints, but as she turned around, she realized they were her own. Sighing, she slid across the white blanket of frost. She hoped that, even through the dark winds of the evening blizzard, there was still hope in every sense out there.

  • Ok, the results for round one are in!

    So before I put who one I just want to say how hard this decision was. All of these were amazing, and thank you everyone for participating.

    I have done a quick change in the eliminaition system, so I am eliminating half the contestants every round, not just one. So here, two people are moving on to the finals.

    So, the people who are going onto the finals are:
    Moonbreeze and Blueflower!

    Congrats to both of you, you both deserved it.

    Now I just want to say outright, Dove and Ttrea, you did great. Dove, yours was interesting and exciting, and Ttrea, yours was dramatic and intense. The problems I had were that Dovepaw, yours was pretty short, and therefore didnt really have a solid beginning, middle, and ending. It ended up being exposition, followed with a dramatic ending, which just dosent really work to well. And Ttrea, something about your story made me draw a bunch of parallels to the hunger games, to the point where it almost seemed like a rip-off, so I felt like it just didnt really qualify for the finals.

    Now, Moon and Blueflower, this next round works the same way, but with a couple of extra factors
    -You know are also being judged on how well the prompt is incoparacted. You cannot do something like:

    The first thing I felt was cold. Like an icy chill running through my body.
    I remember feeling this way

    Instead something along the lines of:

    The first thing I felt was cold. I recognize the icy chill imediatly. Death. Is my new life over before it has even begun?

    -You now have a minimum word count of 800 words. Last time I was pretty vauge about word count, but I wanted to give a more solid basis. If this was a normal round it would be 500 words, but I thought this should be harder

    And now, the prompt!
    Write a story starting with the sentence:
    As night became day my terror grew, until I was so full of fear, I could not think about anything else.

    You can adopt it to write in the third person.

    Good luck!

  • Okay, this was really fun!!
    As night became day, his terror grew, until he was so full of fear, he could not think about anything else. 

    Run. Run. I need to leave, I need to go, I need to-

    Tyrion cursed himself as he tripped and fell into the overgrowth. He landed in a thorn bush, immediately tearing new patterns into his skin. He bit back the shout that wanted to escape him. 

    His pain was overwhelmed by his survival instinct. He needed to leave.

    Tyrion scrambled onto his feet, sprinting further into the woods. 

    He’d never gone this far; no one had ever been able to leave the village. Children were warned to stay away because of some boogeyman or monster, and if that didn’t work, the knife-like thorn bushes were sure to do the job.

    And on top of that, there had never been a need to leave. Why leave your nice, loving home for the unknown? Sure, it wasn’t perfect, but every village has its quirks. 

    Mine just happens to be human sacrifice. 

    Tyrion propelled himself forward, ignoring his screaming legs and burning lungs. If he’s caught now, he’ll be… 

    What will happen? To his knowledge, no one’s ever done this. 

    People are chosen to be sent to the tunnels, and while they obviously don’t like it, they numbly accept their fate. 

    I don’t think anyone’s ever ran. 

    What will happen? Will he be dragged back to town, kicking and screaming? Will he have to look his mother in the eyes as she cries, helpless? Will he be thrown in the tunnels, locked in with beasts of unimaginable horrors? Or will they make an example of him?

    And if he escapes, what then? Regardless of whatever’s outside the boundaries of town, if there’s even anything there, what will everyone think of him? 

    Will his family be ostracized, for the son who ran? Will his sister have to listen to people slander his name, unable to do anything? Will anyone even think of him? 

    Tyrion faltered for a split second. 

    Will anyone even remember me?

    Fresh tears pricked his eyes as he continued, his footsteps shattering the quiet of the forest. He couldn’t be distracted with possibilities; he needed to leave. 

    He pricked his ears, straining to hear any sound of guards over his crushing of the leaves. 

    Raw fear nearly turned his legs to jelly when he heard a shout. A snippet of a sentence but a sentence nonetheless. 

    Tyrion actually stopped when he came across a river. Could he jump it? Maybe under normal circumstances but now… 

    His mind racing with panic, he finally noticed a burrow by the water’s edge. It looked big enough for him. 

    With hardly a thought, he dove, scrambling into the hole. He dragged loose foliage to cover the entrance, thankful that it was already partially hidden. 

    A low growl made the hair on the back of his sweaty neck stand up.

    Why does everything happen to me?

    Slowly, Tyrion turned towards the back of the burrow. Nest, he groaned in his head, it’s a nest.

    It looked mostly like a wolf. Obviously canine, black fur, muscles rippling under its coat. Though, its nose was just a touch too wide, its ears slightly too small. It was thicker than he thought most wolves should be, too. 

    It reminded Tyrion of stories of dire wolves. 

    The wolf stepped further into the low light, revealing four piercing red eyes. It let out another growl, lashing what Tyrion could now see were six tails.

    What did I find?

    He fell onto his backside, raising his hands in a gesture of goodwill. As if that would do something. 

    “H-hey,” He whispered, “R-relax.” 

    The wolf snarled, flashing its fangs. Tyrion flinched and cowered against the dirt. He covered his head with his arms. If he had to be mauled to death, he’d rather not have his face shredded. 

    It’s kind of funny. I ran from terrifying monsters in caves. And now I’m here, about to be killed by a terrifying monster in a cave!

    He tensed as the wolf took steps towards him, preparing for the first bite.

    It was still growling, only now it was a lower than Tyrion thought was possible. Like a rumbling that shook the burrow, raining dirt onto his body.

    Somehow, even more fear filled him when he heard voices again.

    “-eck over there!”

    They’re pointing at the burrow. I know it, I know, they’re going to find me and if I’m not killed by this thing, I’ll be killed by-

    There was a rustle as the soldier made his way into the burrow.

    A force akin to gravity began pressing down on Tyrion’s chest.



    It was like a “pop”.

    And then a shockwave.

    The force traveled across his skin, prickling and fizzing. Every nerve lit alight as the wave of power rushed across his body. He jolted in his position against the floor, absentmindedly noticing his new bloody nose.

    There was an inhuman roar, then a piercing scream that was quickly cut off. The ground shook like an earthquake as something exited the burrow.

    “-OH MY GO-”

    Another cut off shriek. Tyrion heard several more, despite trying to cover his bleeding ears. 

    What was that thing?!

    His muscles locked up as the wolf reentered the den. He felt its presence behind him, he knew those four eyes were staring straight into his soul.

    Just do it, just kill me already, please just do it.

    A dark growl broke the tense silence.

    “Leave this place, human.” 


    Tyrion remained in a tight ball, staring into the dirt.

    The wolf growled again. “Get out, human. I gave you a chance.”

    “W-what?” Tyrion breathed shakily, his heart pounding.

    “Do not gaze upon me, get up and leave. Do not look back.” The wolf’s presence moved to the back of the burrow, into the shadows. 

    Despite his instincts screaming for him to curl into a somehow tinier ball, Tyrion slowly untucked his limbs. With a stumble, he crawled out of the den.

    Vision blurring, he barely noticed that there were no bodies outside. Instead, he took to his feet.

    I need to run.