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Nobody will stop you from creating. Do it tonight. Do it tomorrow. That is the way to make your soul grow – whether there is a market for it or not! The kick of creation is the act of creating, not anything that happens afterward. I would tell all of you watching this screen: Before you go to bed, write a four line poem. Make it as good as you can. Don’t show it to anybody. Put it where nobody will find it. And you will discover that you have your reward.

Kurt Vonnegut

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September 24, 2020 12:11 am

Sorry I’ve been inactive lately🙃


𝐂𝐚𝐭𝐬 𝐭𝐮𝐫𝐧𝐞𝐝 𝐭𝐡𝐞𝐢𝐫 𝐡𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐬 curiously as Forestpaw padded into camp with his Clanmates. The small she kit had a shook look in her eyes as she paused next to Pebblewhisper. “Forestpaw, can you take her to Duskstream?” Ashclaw whispered to his apprentice.

Forestpaw dipped his head, leading the kit towards the medicine cat’s den. Her green eyes were as wide as moons and her pelt was fluffed out twice her size. “You saw it too, didn’t you?” Petalkit suddenly mewed. Forestpaw’s tongue went dry; taken aback. “Y-Yes…I did.” He mumbled.
Petalkit’s tortoiseshell fur glowed in the moonlight. “We need to track down that creature.” She boldly meowed.

Forestpaw’s ear tips twitched. “I don’t know if you should; you’re a kit.” He countered. Petalkit’s gaze sharpened. “I should because I’m the reason. I’m the one who led it out.” She murmured with a bristle in her neck fur.
“How do you know that for sure?” The brown tabby tom narrowed his eyes. “Because, I approached Evermist when I walked out of camp a couple of days ago.” Petalkit insisted, “He must have followed me.”

“But-“ Forestpaw was interrupted by the rustling of the medicine den. “Hello.” Duskstream’s blue eyes traveled towards the two young cats, “I got the thyme ready.” He held an herb in his jaws, placing it in front of Petalkit.

The she kit cautiously bent down and ate it. Licking her jaws sourly, she flicked her tail. “Can I go home?” She demanded. “Mothstar wants you to stay overnight for your safety,” Ashclaw padded inside the den with glowing eyes, “The creature is loose and we can’t risk any lives.”

“I’m fine. I can take care of myself.” Petalkit puffed her chest. “𝐎𝐮𝐫 lives included,” Ashclaw pointed out with a wry tone, “At dawn, we will escort you.” The bold she kit was silent, her eyes beginning to droop. “You Can sleep in the nursery.” Ashclaw added with a softer tone.

Petalkit nodded. As Forestpaw padded beside the kit, she suddenly spoke again. “Listen, I think it’s strange how Runningmoon was killed by Evermist, when every warrior steers clear from it.” Petalkit hissed in a hushed tone. “Surprisingly, it happens a lot.” Forestpaw grimly muttered. “But if you think that the creature was loose before Runningmoon was killed, then how could you also think you led it out?” He added.

“Fine, maybe it wasn’t me. But I have a feeling someone did.” Petalkit stared at him with big green eyes, her whiskers quivering.
Silence fell as a cold feeling crept up Forestpaw’s spine.

𝐈𝐟 𝐬𝗼𝗺𝐞𝗼𝐧𝐞 𝐥𝐞𝐝 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐜𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐭𝐮𝐫𝐞 𝗼𝐮𝐭 𝗼𝐟 𝐄𝐯𝐞𝐫𝗺𝐢𝐬𝐭 𝐛𝐞𝐟𝗼𝐫𝐞 𝐑𝐮𝐧𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠𝗺𝗼𝗼𝐧 𝐝𝐢𝐞𝐝, 𝐭𝐡𝐞𝐧 𝐭𝐡𝐚𝐭 𝗺𝐞𝐚𝐧𝐬 𝐭𝐡𝐚𝐭 𝐜𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐭𝐮𝐫𝐞’𝐬 𝐛𝐞𝐞𝐧 𝐫𝗼𝐚𝗺𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐰𝗼𝗼𝐝𝐬 𝐟𝗼𝐫 𝐚 𝐰𝐡𝐢𝐥𝐞, Forestpaw’s mind spun, 𝐀𝐧𝐝 𝐡𝐞’𝐬 𝐩𝗼𝐬𝐬𝐢𝐛𝐥𝐲 𝐛𝐫𝗼𝐮𝐠𝐡𝐭 𝗺𝗼𝐫𝐞 𝐰𝐢𝐭𝐡 𝐡𝐢𝗺.

Kestrelfeather (kestry or feathers)
Kestrelfeather (kestry or feathers)
September 24, 2020 1:21 am

I’m going to make a fan fic about hmmmm Ashfur and his love for squirrelflight accept it works out and Brambleclaw is evil 😈 so hope you enjoy


Chapter 1
Dawn broke in the sky and bird song rang in his ears, it was a new day, a better day, he thought as he lay’ed on a rock near the entrance watching the camp. Then he saw Brambleclaw, that sly tom that he hated so much with his cunning grin and how he talks to squirrelflight, gross. Ashfur was about to go back into the warriors den when squirrelflight came up to Brambleclaw nuzzling his muzzle. He growled under his breath jealousy whirling in his head. He stepped between them, “hey squirrelflight want to go hunting?” She looked up at him startled then the shock faded and she meowed “sure!”. He saw Brambleclaws smile turn into a frown and glared at him menacingly. He looked away in satisfaction as he and squirrelflight walked out of camp side by side.

Hope you like it tell me if you have any ideas I’m have some crazy thoughts on how this could turn out also whoops forgot a prologue, welp ok no prologue

Leafeon that can't wait to get out of quarantine (Leafpaw/growl)
Leafeon that can't wait to get out of quarantine (Leafpaw/growl)
September 24, 2020 3:28 am

This is great, Kestrel! I like how Brambleclaw is evil and Ashfur is good.

Last edited 1 day ago by Leafeon that can't wait to get out of quarantine (Leafpaw/growl)
September 24, 2020 1:33 am

I wrote (and I am writing) several books on Wattpad. Please check them out. Thanks!

Title: Darkstorm’s Code
Chapters: 39
Parts: 51
Votes: 189
Reads: 1276 (at the moment)
Description: ShadowClan needs help.
Twolegs are ruining the lake. They’re scaring the prey away and coming closer and closer to ShadowClan’s camp. SkyClan, RiverClan, ThunderClan and WindClan soon realize that all the clans are in trouble, not just ShadowClan.
StarClan is mad at them and the clans need their ancestor’s help. But StarClan will only talk to medicine cats, and even then, barely.
Darkkit wants to help. She wants to save the clans. But she can’t even find out who her mother is- how will she take the responsibility? StarClan seems to have an interest in her, but there’s not so much they can do, except what they’ve always done.
The clans need a prophecy, and that’s what StarClan gives them, along with help. The clans have to leave the lake.
But there’s something else Darkkit has to do.
She has to change the code.
She has to lead them to a better home.
She has to save the clans.
Status: Completed

Title: Fernstar’s Path
Chapters: Three
Parts: 6
Votes: 6
Reads: 29 (at the moment)
Description: In my previous book, Darkstorm’s Code, Fernstar seemed to be cruel and evil. But there’s a past behind her glare, a past behind her cruel decisions.
There’s one question.
WARNING: Contains spoilers for Darkstorm’s Code
Status: Work-in-progress

Title: Warriors Novellas- Times of the Clans
Chapters: Three
Parts: 5
Reads: 27 (at the moment)
Description: What happened to mysterious Spiresight before we, the readers, came in? What happened to ambitious Mapleshade after the Great Battle? And what happened to the one and only Needletail in StarClan after her death?

Times of the Clansincludes three novellas: Spiresight’s Before, Mapleshade’s Now, and Needletail’s End. All three of these characters have their stories to tell.
Status: Work-in-progress

September 24, 2020 5:07 am
Reply to  Needletail

I’m reading it! It’s really good so far.

September 24, 2020 9:46 am

What if Hollyleaf was exposed

The scent of death hung heavy around the camp. Leafpool scanned the sharp edges of Ashfur’s unsheathed claws. Sometimes, scraps of a cat’s fur got caught of them. Than, Leafpool found what she was looking for, a shred of colour that didn’t match with Ashfur’s smokey grey pelt.

Instinctively, she called over to her father, “I’ve found something!”. Firestar was quickly on his paws and making his way over. Meanwhile, Leafpool looked more closely at the fur scrap, her eyes finally adjusting to see it properly. However, when she did, it felt as if her heart stopped for a moment. Her decision to call Firestar instantly regretted. That unmistakable black, it was Hollyleaf’s…

That impossible. She refused to believe it. But Leafpool had to believe it if it meant protecting her daughter. She began to stretch out her front paw, to grab it before anyone else could see it but she was stopped dead in her tracks. “What did you find? Does it tell it to tell us who the murderer is?”, Firestar asked, standing over her. Leafpool tried to talk but all that comes out was a quiet moaning noise. Though, Leafpool didn’t need to say anything, he was already following her outstretched paw and his eyes quickly fell upon Ashfur’s claws.

He stared at it for a good long heartbeat before his eyes widened. “Is that? That fur couldn’t be Hol-“, Firestar was cut off, almost as speechless as Leafpool. She gave out of long-lasting sigh in defeat.
Firestar paused and looked at Leafpool with serious eyes, “But how do we know this has anything to do with the murder? Hollyleaf is Ashfur’s clanmates after all. Couldn’t her fur gotten caught in his claws some other way? An accident maybe?”.

Leafpool shook her head, “Fur doesn’t just get caught on claws by accident. It can only happen when the cat scratches another for whatever reason. Which only happens when they’re attacking or defending themselves.”, disappointed that she couldn’t get herself to lie at that heartbeat. She had her head hang low, it was over. Hollyleaf’s secret was out and now the whole truth about Leafpool and Squirrelflight was at risk as well.

“I can’t believe it,” Firestar muttered to himself, struggling to accept, that his kin would murder someone of their own clan. “I don’t understand. Wh-Why would she do this?”, Leafpool mewed in a low voice.

Surprisingly, Firestar heard her, “Well, We’ll just have to find out.”, slight anger in his tone. In a single bound, Firestar launched himself up onto Highledge and uttered the famous words, “May all cats old enough to catch their own prey, gather round the Highledge for a Clan meeting.”. His voice echoed throughout the camp, loud and clear. Leafpool took her slim chance, to speak with Hollyleaf or Squirrelflight while the Clan was still gathering. She rushed over the Warriors’ den and tried to find her way inside.
Warriors piled out of the den like a fast-flowing river, an endless stream of multi-coloured pelts. It caused Leafpool to be dragged to the opposite way she wanted. With no choice, Leafpool began to rudely barge her way through. She got a few angry hisses or puzzled looks along the way. It must have been a strange sight, to see the kind medicine cat forcing her way through the crowd. At last, she managed to get under the fallen branches of the beech tree.

It was dark inside and Leafpool had to look around quickly. Then, she saw a familiar ginger pelt and white paw, “Squirrelflight, wait!”, Leafpool called after her sister. Squirrelflight looked back, surprised. She stayed behind while the last of the Warriors left. Going to Leafpool’s side, wearily. “Leafpool? Is something wrong?”, she whispered.
“We haven’t got much time. Where’s Hollyleaf?”, Leafpool asked, slightly gibbering. Squirrelflight blinked, “She’s just gone into the clearing with the others. Why?”.
Leafpool clawed the patchy moss under her paws, “Oh, mousedung!”, she exclaimed. But she quickly stopped herself when she realized she was ruining someone’s bedding. Squirrelflight met her gaze, “Leafpool.”, the ginger she-cat mewed, “What’s going on?”.
With a sigh, she explained, “We found her fur- Hollyleaf’s. Her fur was found on Ashfur’s claws and now Firestar thinks she’s the murderer.”. Squirrelflight staggered back, “No, No.”, she stuttered. “This wasn’t supposed to happen… But what can we do about it?”, she questioned.

“What else can we do? We have to tell them about the fire, it’s the only way to justify her actions to the rest of the Clan.”, Leafpool spoke. Squirrelflight’s neck fur stood on end by the mention of Leafpool’s plan, “Are you mad? Then everyone will know about you and Crowfeather.”. Leafpool tried to defend her suggestion, “It’s the only way!”.
“No, I won’t let you that to my kits! It’s unfair on Lionblaze and Jayfeather. Too many cats have already suffered enough. By you telling everyone, you’re just doing what Ashfur wants!”, Squirrelflight snapped. Leafpool began to become desperate, time quickly slipping from her paws, “But if we don’t, Firestar will ex-“
“Cats of Thunderclan-“, Firestar’s voice boomed around the camp. The Clan meeting had begun.

Wasting no more time, Leafpool followed Squirrelflight, slipping out of the Warriors’ den, quickly yet silently. They settled down at the edge of the crowd, watching nervously. No reason was needed on why the Clan was summoned, all of them knew. Leafpool noticed Hollyleaf near the Medicine cat’s den, next to Jayfeather. She stared vacantly at the stone floor, her ears flattened. Leafpool felt a sudden stab of guilt in her chest if only she could’ve of talked to Hollyleaf beforehand.

Firestar continued to address his clanmates, “As you all know, Ashfur’s body was found in a stream on the Windclan border before the Gathering tonight. Finding a cat’s bite to his neck, we now know it was a murder. And just now, Leafpool has found the killer’s fur on him!”, he announced.

As soon as Firestar had stopped speaking, many cats jumped to their paws. Outcry filled the air, many yowls and cries of demand. Thornclaw’s shouts being the loudest, “It was Windclan, doesn’t it?!”. Then as soon as Thornclaw’s echoed question died out, another took its place, one of the Elders, Mousefur’s voice boomed, “Then tell us who it is already!”. Firestar lifted his tail tip, ordering silence.

However few followed their leader’s command, some continued to rage for the respected warrior’s death. Leafpool half expected a riot to begin. Firestar puffed up his chest and let out a mighty roar, “Silence!”. Finally, he managed to take control of them.

Another moment silence. “Hollyleaf, step forward.”, Firestar mewed harshly. All heads shot round to stare at the black she-cat. Hollyleaf slowly lifted her head to show her face, looking around. Her expression blanks as if she didn’t fully understand what was happening yet. Leafpool felt like a large stone was rising at the back of her throat. Hollyleaf edged forward so low to the ground, it looked like she was in a hunting crouch, stalking helpless prey.

Cats awkwardly stepped aside for the young warrior. Soon she was directly below Highledge, under the mercy of the Flame pelted giant. “It was your fur found on Ashfur’s body. Can you explain this?”, Firestar mewed.

Hollyleaf locked eyes with Firestar. But neither of them flinched as Firestar waited for her answer. Before she could answer, a large brown tabby stood in front of her, guarding his kit. “Just hold on, Firestar.” Brambleclaw challenged, “We can’t jump to confusions. Her fur was found on Ashfur. So what? How do we know it has anything to do with his murder?”.

Squirrelflight and Leafpool exchanged hopeful glances. If anyone could defend Hollyleaf, without them being forced to tell the truth, it was Brambleclaw. “It was on Ashfur’s claws. Leafpool told me; fur can only get caught on a cat’s claws when they only are unsheltered. When the cat is attacking another or defending themselves.”, Firestar explained. Cats turned to each other and began to mutter among themselves.

“It wasn’t me.”, Hollyleaf simply said. She was lying. Then Cinderheart came rushing through the crowd, coming to her friend’s side, “She’s right, Firestar. I’ve known Hollyleaf all my life and she would never harm any of her clanmates.”.

Firestar shook his head, “I’m sorry Cinderheart but we need facts to decide if she’s innocent or not.”.

Though Cinderheart wasn’t done, “But you said it yourself, when the cat is ‘when defending themselves’. How do we know it wasn’t Ashfur attacking Hollyleaf first?”, she shouted. A small smile came over Leafpool’s face, seeing her old mentor inside the young she-cat.

“What motive would Ashfur possibly have for attacking Hollyleaf?”, Firestar questioned, now standing. Brambleclaw turned to the rest of Thunderclan as he started to make his announcement, “When Squirrelflight was only an apprentice; me, her and Ashfur were all close friends. However Ashfur mistook Squirrelflight’s friendship for love, so when we become mates, Ashfur grew extremely jealous of us. And just imagine how bad this would have become when she had; Lionblaze, Jayfeather and Hollyleaf.”

He continued, “Ashfur did have the necessary motive. He wanted to hurt Squirrelflight. And what better way of hurting a mother, then killing one of her kits?”. This sent another wave of discussion throughout the whole of ThunderClan. Leafpool took the chance to check on Jayfeather. Unsurprisingly, Lionblaze had slipped in, next to the Medicine cat’s den, with his brother. They had their heads lowered, whispering to each other. What were they saying? Firestar stared up into space, thinking of the new possibilities brought up. Until finally speaking, “Hollyleaf, you need to speak for yourself now, is what Brambleclaw says, true? Who attacked first? And tell us the truth.”.

Leafpool held her breath, anticipating if Hollyleaf could pull off a convincing enough story. “Yes. Ashfur attacked me first.”, Hollyleaf began, “I decided to head to the Gathering early, ahead of everyone else-“. An immature voice interrupted her, “Why?”, Berrynose blurted. Many eyes were rolled. “Hush.”, Firestar scolded.
Hollyleaf continued, “I um- I was in a funny mood. I didn’t feel right. So I went out to be by myself for a while, to think. And that’s when Ashfur showed up.”. She paused. The Clan listened in silence. “Did he say anything to you?”, Firestar asked. Hollyleaf shook her head, “No, I didn’t see him coming. He pounced on me, taking me by surprise. He tried using the killing bite multiple times before I was forced to defend myself.”

“And then you killed him?”, Firestar mewed. “I didn’t have a choice!”, Hollyleaf growled, “It was either me or him.”.

Squirrelflight leaned over to Leafpool and whispered, “This might work.”, she spoke with slight excitement. Leafpool didn’t say anything. She wanted to be hopeful but it was just too early to call If Hollyleaf was safe or not. The story, Hollyleaf had presented, had drought up more questions than answers. And it hadn’t seemed to sway everyone, there were still some sceptical faces around. Firestar got to his paws.

He leapt down from Highledge, landing in the middle of the stone hollow with a thump, “I want to see; Leafpool, Jayfeather, Brambleclaw and Hollyleaf, all in my den. I need to speak with you all personally. Everyone else, you may return to your dens for now. The meeting will resume as soon as I’m finished speaking with them.”.

Jayfeather? Why would Firestar want to see him? As far as Firestar knew, Jayfeather had little to do with any of this. Before Leafpool was forced to leave her sister side, Squirreflight whispered to her, “Please, whatever you do, don’t tell them about you and Crowfeather. Just go along with Hollyleaf’s and Brambleclaw’s stories.”, she begged. Leafpool looked down at the floor, “I’ll try.”.

The Clan quickly broke up into smaller groups, each having their own heated debate. As Leafpool made her way over the Leader’s den, she couldn’t help but overhear her clanmates’ angry ramblings. Mousefur shook her head, ranting to Longtail, “If we’re already at the stage of accusing our clanmates, why Hollyleaf of all cats? She wasn’t close to Ashfur. I can think of a dozen cats with stronger motives.”

As Leafpool became relieved some cats were at Hollyleaf’s defence, another voice shattered that hope. Spiderleg growled to a gathered group, “I swear to you, that Hollyleaf is lying! Her story is too vauge for my liking. She left early because she was in a ‘funny mood’. Are you kidding me?.”.

Brightheart did her best to calm the grumpy tom, “If what she says is true, then it makes sense she told it vaguely. It’s hard to talk about traumatizing events. Especially with cats like you watching.”. Spiderleg’s tail began beating down on the floor, “As you would know.”, he hissed.
“That’s enough, Spiderleg. Leave her alone.”, Ferncloud snapped at her son, as if he was still a young kit.

Leafpool quickened her pace, not in the mood to hear the rest of the conversion. As she padded towards the entrance of the Leader’s den, Hollyleaf, Firestar and Brambleclaw were already there, quickly joined by Jayfeather.

“Can I see you two first?”, Firestar asked, flicking his tail over her and Jayfeather. He turned to his deputy and muttered in a low voice, “Make sure Hollyleaf doesn’t eavesdrop on our conversion.”. Brambleclaw stared at the ginger tom until nodding, “Yes Firestar.”.

Firestar leads the way through the brambles, covering the entrance, before coming into the poorly lit cave. The grey stone was hard under Leafpool paw pads. He settled down on his usual moss nest, tucking his paws under. Leafpool and Jayfeather took their place near the far wall. This was when Leafpool truly had the time, to notice how tired and old her father looked, his eyes were clouding over with sorrow. Though with a deep breath, his eyes cleared and got down to business, “Do you think what Hollyleaf says is true?”.

Leafpool was about to respond but Jayfeather beat her to it, “You think Hollyleaf is lying about it?”, grittiness to his voice. Firestar’s head turned to the grey tabby, “I want her story to be real just as much as you, believe me. But as Leader, I can’t afford to be biased towards kin. There are few things in her story that just don’t add up.”.

Jayfeather’s ear twitched before narrowing his eyes, “And how is dragging us in here supposed to help you?”.

“Because-“, Firestar began, groaning slightly from his grandson’s impatience, “-I need to know, when Hollyleaf came from the gathering, did she have any wounds on her? Not even a scratch?”. Leafpool was taken off guard by this question. What should she say? Leafpool hurriedly softened through all her recent memories; Had Hollyleaf gone to the Medicine den? No. Had she shown any sign of weakness? No. Excessive grooming to hide any possible wounds? No. Was there any scent of blood on her?…

While still in her deep storm of thoughts, Leafpool didn’t notice Jayfeather and Firestar quietly waiting for an answer. “Well.”, Leafpool’s ears pricked as Firestar interrupted her thoughts, “Did Hollyleaf have any injuries?”. Leafpool’s eyes nervously flickered between the two toms, “I’m just trying to think about it.”, trying to buy more time. How would she answer effect Hollyleaf’s story? If she said yes, Jayfeather might say otherwise. And if she said no, then that would arouse even more suspicion on Hollyleaf’s story.

Leafpool decided to try and tell Firestar what he already knew, “Well, we know that Ashfur had to harm Hollyleaf in some way, for him to get that fur scrap in his claws. But that doesn’t necessarily mean he was able to draw blood.”.

Firestar’s tail twitched, trying to make sense of the new information. He began to try brainstorm through it all, “According to Hollyleaf; Ashfur had the first move by leaping on top of her when she wasn’t expecting it. And only after he had tried using multiple killing bites, was she forced to ‘defend’ herself. So according to her, Ashfur had the advantage for the majority of the fight.”

Firestar carried on, “So how would Hollyleaf possibly get through that entire fight without shielding a single drop of blood? I know she’s a good fighter but that’s ridiculous.”. Leafpool felt a rush of panic, go through her body. As Hollyleaf’s story was slowly being unravelled. But the worst was yet to come as Firestar continued, “And another thing I don’t get is; if one of your Clanmates suddenly tried to murder you and you had to kill them in self-defence- Surely you’d want to get help. So Why didn’t Hollyleaf?”.
Jayfeather claws scraped across the stone floor, “Are you mousebrained? She was probably too scared to get help after what happened.”. Though this didn’t seem to influence Firestar in the slightest, like a stubborn boulder fighting against a river’s current. “But what would Hollyleaf have to be scared of? If it’s in self-defence like she claims, she would be innocent. She should know we wouldn’t punish an innocent cat and so she should have nothing to hide!”.

Leafpool quickly to tried to come in with a counter-argument, “But what about Ashfur himself? He still had the necessary motive to attack Hollyleaf first, while there’s no motive for the opposite way. Or are you just going to completely ignore that now?”. Firestar arose from his nest, beginning to sit up. “Of confuse not.”, Firestar mewed, shaking his head, “I ambit it’s suspicious. But We can’t ignore these problems in Hollyleaf’s story either.”.

He began to make walk toward the den’s entrance, “I need to get more information about Ashfur’s ‘jealousy’ for now. So I think we’ve done here.”, he muttered so quietly, it was little more than a whisper. The two cats crawled out from under the brambles into the open air, with Hollyleaf and Brambleclaw still waiting outside. Jayfeather, seemly having enough of the situation, walked away as soon as he was out of the den.

Firestar didn’t bother crawling out the whole way out of the entrance. Brambleclaw stared at Firestar as he neared, clearly some tension between them. Firestar called out to the dark tabby tom, “Brambleclaw, I’ll see you next.”, before slipping inside again. Brambleclaw nodded, disappearing behind the wall of dim green leaves.

- Mellowix

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Lavender is logged out
September 24, 2020 8:47 pm
Reply to  mellowix

This is really good!

September 24, 2020 9:13 pm
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This is really good!

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September 24, 2020 9:46 am

Hollyleaf reminded leaning on a nearby rock, staring up at the beautiful mixed pinks and oranges of the setting sun. Nothing seemed to bother the black she-cat, with the same blank frown she had on at the start of the meeting. What could be going through her head? Leafpool glanced into the clearing, a dozen or so, cats were still scattered around but no one seemed to be paying attention to them. So she took a step towards Hollyleaf, ready to start speaking before something stopped her.

Jayfeather had returned, with the familiar golden-brown pelt of his brother at his side. Hollyleaf arose from her slumped over the position as her brothers neared. “Come on, we need to talk.”, Lionblaze proclaimed. Leafpool didn’t want to stop them but she didn’t want to see Firestar’s reaction if he found Hollyleaf had wondered off either. “Firestar, doesn’t want Hollyleaf away from High ledge.” , she reminded the three cats. “That’s just fine.”, Jayfeather mewed, gilding Lionblaze and Hollyleaf to the other end of the large rock. They crammed themselves into a tight tacked-away corner, on the far side of the piles of boulders, away from prying eyes.

Leafpool sat there at Den entrance, between the two conversions, both too muffled to make out any proper words. For the first time ever, she felt alone. This wasn’t going well, Firestar had managed to see the cracks and was beginning to unravel Hollyleaf’s story bit by bit. She also had to be careful with every move she made now. Though the three knew that Squirrelflight wasn’t their mother anymore, they still didn’t know that it was Leafpool. If she tried getting too involved, then Jayfeather, Hollyleaf and Lionblaze might start to suspect something. She could claim that she was doing all this to protect her “niece” and former apprentice but would it be enough? Was that realistic? Would she go through all this effort, if that was all Hollyleaf truly was to her?

She needed to talk to someone. She needed Squirrelflight. Scanning the hollow and seeing that cats seemed to be minding their own business, Leafpool drifted away from High-ledge, hoping to get to the Warriors den without too much trouble. Yet something stopped her, she noticed Ferncloud sitting with Ashfur’s body, her muzzle pressed into his smokey fur. Her breathing heavy with grief and she made quiet whimpering noises. For the first time, Leafpool felt guilty for Ashfur’s death, not for Ashfur himself but for Ferncloud. They had been close as littermates and to go through the pain of losing one, must’ve been awful. Leafpool couldn’t imagine what her life would be like if anything happened to Squirrelflight. Her Medicine cat’s nature seemed to take over. Even with all the personal things, Leafpool herself was going through, it was still her duty as a Medicine cat to heal her clanmates, physically and mentally.
She calmly padded over to the grieving cat, “Ferncloud.”, Leafpool asked softly, “Are you alright?”. Ferncloud slowly raised her head, until she met the gaze of Leafpool’s. She shook her head viciously, “No, I’m not!”, she hissed slightly, “No matter which story turns out to be true, it will something horrible! Either it turns out Ashfur attempted murder to someone or he had a brutal death from his own clanmate.”.

Leafpool gave an understanding nod, trying to comfort her, “He walks with Starclan now. He’ll be happy there, he’ll be with your mother again.”, giving off a smile. Though Leafpool had to admit, she wasn’t entirely sure he was even in Starclan. After all the terrible things he had done to her family; Luring Firestar into the Foxtrap, helping Hawkfrost and almost burning three littermates alive.

It wouldn’t have been surprising if he was wandering that starless forest alone instead. She bitterly hoped he was. Because if her family was in the same place he was, they would never be safe, even in death. She shuddered at the possibilities he could do to enact his revenge in the afterlife; chasing one of them into the Dark Forest or even causing one to fade away forever.

It was deeply confusing about how to feel about Ashfur’s death. Neither did Leafpool feel a sick joy that the dangerous tom was out of her or sadness that he was murdered so abruptly. Leafpool could never say Hollyleaf’s crime was right but she couldn’t blame her either. Wondering if any of their other kin would be willing to do the same. Knowing deep down, maybe those like Lionblaze and Squirrelflight might have the potential. However, Leafpool could never take anyone’s life, even if it meant the end of the Clans. If it was cowardice or goodness, she didn’t know.

Ferncloud had calmed slightly, “You’re right. I shouldn’t worry, he’s with Starclan now.”, she lay her head onto Leafpool’s shoulder, “Thank you.”. This lightens Leafpool’s mood. Looking up into the dimming night sky, the first speck of light peeking through the darkness. Leafpool told herself to be more hopeful. It was in Starclan’s paws now.

Leafpool’s nose twitched as she realized the sense of death still hang in the air, like a bad smell. It creeped her out, how Ashfur still looked almost alive, even with his dying breath long past. His eyes were still open, his face twisted with a mix of fear and anger and his paws outstretched to show needle-like claws. Like he was about to fight for his life. “I’ll get some lavender.”, she suggested, “Prepare him for brutal.”. Ferncloud simply nodded, returning back to resting her muzzle in her brother’s dead fur.

Leafpool entered her den, no injured cats occupying the empty moss nests. She squished herself into the large crack in the back cave, that served as the herb store. Small neatly placed piles of plants lined the small space. She scanned the line of herbs for the small flower; Burnet, Chervil, Comfrey Root, Feverfew- Lavender! The purple plants lay against the stone wall, unorganized like scattered leaves on the woodland floor. She scowled. Lots of piles of herbs were scattered around the place randomly. Jayfeather hadn’t put much effort into organizing those. Deciding to ignore it, for now, she carefully grasped the lavender in between her teeth and turned back, returning to Ferncloud and Ashfur’s body. However, she almost ended up choking on the lavender when saw Squirrelflight blocking the entrance.

As her sister approached, she placed the herbs at her paws. “Well-“, Squirrelflight mewed slightly impatiently, her tail swinging from side to side with tension, “What’s happening with Firestar?”. Leafpool swallowed, “It’s not looking good. He’s managed to pick out some of the issues with Hollyleaf’s story. Like; how she’s uninjured and why she didn’t get help. I and Jayfeather managed a few counter-arguments but it’s hard to say which side Firestar is believing. We need something strong if we want to convince him, Hollyleaf is innocent.”.

Squirrelflight’s ear twitch and eyes narrowed, “So if you’re out here, what’s he doing now?”, she asked beginning to walk with Leafpool as they exited the small cave. Leafpool had to awkwardly use her tongue to pull the lavender to one side of her mouth to talk, “He’s speaking with Brambleclaw. Trying to learn more about you and Ashfur’s relationship.”, mewing with a muffled voice. It sounded like she was chewing.
Squirrelflight glanced over to the Leader’s den, “He’s doing this now?”, surprisingly annoyed. Leafpool nodded. “He wants to find out Ashfur’s motivation and doesn’t even think to ask the cat he wanted to hurt the most?”, Squirrelflight exclaimed, stunned. Her best guess was that since only Firestar’s kin was only really involved, her father wanted to be careful who he questioned. Or her clanmates might become judgemental or even accuse him of favouritism.

Leafpool shrugged, flicking her tail toward the high ledge, “Well, if you have something say to him, say it.”, Leafpool paused, “If it’s the only thing that saves Hollyleaf.”. Squirrelflight gave an understanding yet determined look, “I will actually.”, marching over to the leader den. Leafpool took the time to place the lavender next to the crouched down Ferncloud, before chasing after Squirrelflight. Just then, brown and ginger shapes appeared from under the bramble covered entrance. As Firestar stood up, his head twisted and turned as he looked around the camp, “Where is everybody?”, he yelled, confused and annoyed.

Squirrelflight halted in front of Firestar, “Father, if this is about Ashfur, you should ask me as well. I know more about him than anyone.”, she declared. Firestar seemed to be frustrated trying to multi-task of looking for the disappearing cats and dealing with Squirrelflight. Then he spotted her, “Leafpool, where’s Jayfeather and Hollyleaf?”, he called out. Black, grey and golden heads popped out from the tacked away counter of the High ledge. “We’re here.”, Jayfeather replied. The three cats climbed out the narrow space and stepped beside Brambleclaw. The Brown deputy’s ears flatten as his son, Lionblaze anxiously sat next to him.

Firestar groaned as the missing cats gathered around him again, “I’m dealing with a murder case here. At least, I thought I could rely on my warriors not to act like kits and wander off!”, scolding them all. They all reminded quite.

“Now.”, Firestar mewed, turning to Squirrelflight. “I’ve satisfied with what Brambleclaw has told me. I really need to move onto Hollyleaf now, so unless you know something Brambleclaw doesn’t and it’s initial, we have moved on now.”. Squirrelflight turned to look at Leafpool. She shook. Should they tell him? However, her father’s need for speeding things up, made sense. Just a short distance away, her clanmates that lined the rims of the clearing were becoming restless. Icepaw and Foxpaw fidgeted, unable to settle. While Whitewing constantly paced round in a circle, anger and stress burning into her fur.

Squirrelflight swallowed quietly, “Nevermind then. It’s not that important.”. Their father nodded, leading the way back into the den filled with darkness. His tail hooked at the tip, signalling for someone to follow, “Hollyleaf, Jayfeather and Leafpool, I’ll see you three.”, he mewed in a hushed tone. Again? However, Firestar abruptly sat to the side, letting Hollyleaf creep inside first, like a slithering adder about to strike. There was a flash of darkening green eyes, as her eyes clouded over with suspicion. It was only when, Jayfeather’s misty grey pelt was lost to the gloom of the cave as well, did Firestar make his move. He quickly leaned over until his jaw was up against Leafpool’s ear, “Make sure I and Hollyleaf stay calm.”, he whispered harshly.

The Medicine cat licked her lips nervously, to have Firestar asking someone else to take reasonability for him. The usually humble and calm leader, his bravery rivalling Lionclan itself. But seeing his muscles tense and neck fur struggling not to prick, Leafpool knew a fight could break out . This was his Granddaughter he was putting on trial after all.

They both entered. Hollyleaf’s solid black fur, made her nothing but a thin shadow in the thick storm of darkness inside the cave. Her eyes brightly glowing like blazing green stars in the endless void of the night sky. Reluctantly, Leafpool took her place next to her former apprentice. Firestar appeared liked a fading forest fire, long past it’s prime as rain battered down onto it, as Firestar lay there in the corner.

It was a long pause before anyone dared to uttered something. But surprisingly, it was Hollyleaf who spoke first. She sighed and bowed her head respectfully to her leader, “When I was granted my warrior name, I promised to uphold the warrior code and loyalty to my Clan with my life. And I can’t live with myself knowing I betray that promise everyday.”. The others in the den stared at her in shook. She wasn’t admitting it, was she? Even her brother’s jaw hung open with horror. Hollyleaf hadn’t even told her cherished littermates.

Firestar sat up from his dim green moss nest, puffing his chest, preparing himself mentally for whatever came next. Their eyes met, an initial shade of green, a powerful unknown force between them, “If you have something to say, say it.”, Firestar ordered, with a calm yet serious frown on his face. Being risky, Jayfeather muttered almost silent words to his sister, Leafpool barely heard, “You don’t have to do this.”. However, Hollyleaf didn’t even look at Jayfeather, shooing him away with a flick of her squirrel-like black tail, like an elder and kit.

She bowed her head again, “I can’t lie or remain silent anymore.”, she mewed with a surprisingly steady and clear voice. No, she couldn’t. Leafpool’s heart turned to stone in her chest and her blood ran cold like a river of ice. “It wasn’t self-defence. I purposefully stalked Ashfur while he was hunting with the full intent to kill him.”, Hollyleaf announced.

Firestar was instantly on his paws, aggressively spitting into her face with the anger of a battle-crazed warrior, “Ashfur was a loyal and brave warrior. How could you kill your own clanmate?!”, he demanded. Out of fear, Jayfeather pressed himself against the cold stone wall. Leafpool moved in, laying her tail over her father’s shoulder, “Calm down.”, she objected. Narrowing her eyes, Hollyleaf mumbled her response, “I don’t need to justify my actions. All I will say is- Ashfur was never the cat you thought he was.”.

Firestar drew back, panting, quickly trying to calm himself now. His fur patchy and sticky, due to rage he felt. Leafpool could almost see the wave of shame that rippled through his fur. “So all that, of you going to stream to think and Ashfur attacking you- That was all a lie?”, he wanted to confirmed.

Hollyleaf nodded, “Yes.”. Heartbeats painfully bragged on, everyone just remained rooted to the floor, finding it hard to take it all in. Finally, Firestar spoke in a quiet voice, “I see. At least you have the honour to admit it. I’ve heard enough.”, he mewed, quickly disappearing through the entrance.

With Firestar gone, Leafpool span on her paw to directly face the black she-cat, her stomach coiling from the panic. “Don’t do this, Hollyleaf!”, she begged, “Tell him what happened in the fire. Prove that it was justified!”. Though, Hollyleaf just gave a cold hollow stare. Suddenly, she darted forward, yanking Leafpool off her paws by her scruff. Before she could counter-attack, Hollyleaf slammed her against the back wall, pinning her in place. Despite his blindness, Jayfeather quickly picked up the sounds of violence and dashed to their side, “Easy!”, he warned.

Hollyleaf’s long white fangs were gritted together as she struggled to hold her anger. “How much do you know?”, she whispered, so hushed, it was if the wind itself was trying to speak. Leafpool fought to control her breathing, “Only what Squirrelflight told me.”, she lied.

Hollyleaf leaned over to Leafpool until they were touching noses, “Whatever Squirrelflight told you, it doesn’t matter anymore. Not you or any other cat is getting involved. The truth is never getting out. And if I have to get exiled or even die to protect it- so be it.”, she hissed, “I won’t let myself disgrace my kin or the warrior code anymore.”. Leafpool looked at her daughter, speechless. She wanted to just let the words slip out, ‘Your my kit’ but she wouldn’t. With the amount of pain Hollyleaf was in already, it would be unfair. Not when she was about to meet her fate. Her separation from the cats she loved and the code she lived for.

Hollyleaf drew her claws away from Leafpool’s white chest, causing her collapse to the ground with no support. The Soon-to-be-rouge padded away without another word, Jayfeather at her heels, leaving Leafpool behind in the dust. The medicine cat lay there, her body viscously shaking and her throat rumbling as she whined. She’d failed. This was all her fault! Ashfur had won. He’d had destroyed Squirrelflight’s family.

It was only when she heard her father’s voice she was forced to move, “Brambleclaw, escort Hollyleaf to the centre of the clearing.”, he ordered. Leafpool stood up, shaking the scraps of earth from her brown tabby pelt, scattering them like snowflakes. As she left, the chilled night air hit her tongue. When she poked her head through the sheet of brambles, Hollyleaf and Brambleclaw trotted to the centre of the clearing. The deputy was desperately trying to get answers out of Hollyleaf, however, no words come from her. Jayfeather stood to the side, his short white claws scraping against the grey floor in frustration. Hollyleaf now sat at the centre, head hung low, awaiting her fate. Firestar bounded up the boulders until he stood at the top, raising his head to the sky, like a sun against the night, “All cats gather around the Highledge once more, to resume the Clan meeting.”.

As the words rang out, cats from all around, insanity responded, dashing out of their dens like streams of rushing ants. They excitedly and angrily chattered among themselves, eager to find out about more lies. Filling in the clearing, her clanmates gave Hollyleaf cold glares and whispered behind her back. Brambleclaw, Cinderheart, Squirrelflight and Lionblaze were scattered around the crowd, their eyes filled with concern and worry. Leafpool crept to the entrance of the Medicine den, the only place she felt safe. Jayfeather shifted away from her.

Firestar took the time to look at each individual face that made up Thunderclan before beginning, “I’ve spoken each cat involved with this case and I’ve managed to finally discover the truth!”. Waves of yowls and shouts spread throughout the clan, slowly dying down to allow for Firestar to carry on, “Hollyleaf has admitted her guilt and confirmed that’s her original story is indeed false. She attacked Ashfur first, with intent to kill.”.

A storm of sound comes from the large crowd of cats as each cat had their own reaction; there were yowls of anger, whales of horror, stunned with shock, hisses of aggression towards the traitor and silence by those who had already predicted what would happen.

“How could you!?”, Whitewing cried out.
“Murderer!”, Hazeltail growled.

“I told you.”, Spiderleg muttered to an unsettled Brackenfur standing next to him. Leafpool felt a stab of disgust at Spiderleg’s insensitive comment.

Firestar raised his voice above the racket, “Hollyleaf, earlier you refused to justify your actions to me in private. So I’ll give you a second and last chance to explain yourself in front of the Clan, they deserve to know. Why did you kill Ashfur?”, Firestar patiently questioned. The Clan waited with their breath held, for Hollyleaf to reveal the truth. However, like Leafpool expected, she just repeated what she’d said back in the leader’s den, “Like I said before, I don’t need to tell you anything. And I refuse to.”, she proclaimed.

Leafpool’s clanmates looked at each other in confusion and disappointment. Firestar narrowed his eyes to slits, “If you refuse to explain it, do you at least have anything to say in your defence?”. Leafpool’s ears pricked as she picked a slight growl rising in Jayfeather’s grey throat.

No answer. With nothing left to say or do, Firestar finally passed judgment, to the dismay of Leafpool, “If you have nothing more say- For the murder of Ashfur, I exile you from Thunderclan. You’ll have until next sunhigh to leave and if you’re found in our territory after that, you’ll be driven out.”, Firestar addressed, “Now leave us.”, having to force out each word. “No!”, Squirrelflight and Brambleclaw almost said in unison. Every passing heartbeat the guilt grew inside Leafpool, like a growing patch of sharp thorns. Why did this have to happen? If Ashfur had just gotten over his pretty need for revenge, none of this would have happened!

Quietly, Leafpool looked up into the clear night sky, not a cloud in sight. The moon, as round as a giant owl’s eye, remaining uncovered. Was that an Omen? Was this Starclan’s will? While Leafpool fussed over the views, Hollyleaf slowly rose to her paws, padding even slower to the entrance of the stone hollow. This place was no longer her home. Her tail hung low, being dragged across the floor. The warriors around shifted as she passed, growling and giving unforgiving looks.

They didn’t consider her clanmate anymore. Were they happy to see her go? Brambleclaw amber eyes wouldn’t leave Firestar, anger burning into him. Cinderheart kept on desperately shaking her head from side to side as if she expected to wake up from a nightmare. Leafpool spotted the ginger pelt of her sister, ducking in between warriors as tried to make her way over to Leafpool.

Before Hollyleaf’s black pelt could disappear into the shadows of the thorn bush entrance, Lionblaze came charging through the crowd, “Don’t let her go yet! I have got something to say!”, he yelled. Leafpool’s ear twitched to the side, uncertain of what he planning. Jayfeather watched his brother with equal intrigue. Firestar was reluctant at first but called after the exiled cat, “Hollyleaf, halt!”, he commanded, turning to Lionblaze again, “Say what you need to.”.

Lionblaze dashed over to his littermate, touching noses as they recruited. Then their heads lowered as their muttered to each other in hushed voices. Then the Golden tom raised his head up proud at his clanmates, “If Hollyleaf’s goes into exile, then so do I! Thunderclan can no longer be my home if my sister isn’t here to stand by my side.”, he declared like a leader. Immediately, Leafpool leapt to the paws, like several other cats around her. Uproar spread throughout the cats, quicker than greencough in leafbare. What was he doing? She couldn’t lose two kits in one night. She then looked to Jayfeather. His pale blind eyes widened to the size of moons and his thin fur ruffed up to the size of a nettle bush. Now possibly three.

Firestar tried to calm the situation, “I’m sorry that I have to exile you’re sister. But she murdered her own Clanmate. She can’t go unpunished. You, however, are innocent and still deserve your place in Thunderclan. Lionblaze, you still have a duty to your clanmates. You don’t need to go with her.”.

Lionblaze spoke his head, “But I also have a duty to my kin. I’m going with Hollyleaf.”.

“Do you understand what will happen if you go with her? You’d choose loyalty to Hollyleaf over your Clan, you’d be in exile alongside her. You’d become rouge. Where you won’t be able to return.”, Firestar explained. However, Hollyleaf spoke up, annoyed at her former leader treating Lionblaze like a kit, “My brother is fully aware of the consequences, Firestar.”.

The leader accepted the young warrior decision, letting off a sad sigh, “Then I respect your decision and wish you luck on your new life.”. Suddenly all attention was drawn to the medicine den entrance. Leafpool stiffened up like a stone until she realized all eyes were on Jayfeather. He could sense everyone staring at him, “What?”, he rudely blurted.

The nearest cat to them, the grey and white warrior, Mousewhisker blinked at the medicine cat apprentice, “Aren’t you going with them?”, he asked.

Leafpool waited in terror for his answer, “Think carefully about this.”, she warned. The tabby tom angrily snapped at her, “You’re not my mother! I can make my own decisions.”. If only he knew. He trotted over to the pair of littermates at the entrance and the three had brief conservation. Everyone watched awkwardly.

Luckily, he pulled away from Lionblaze and Hollyleaf shaking his head, face blank with numbness. They had something planned. “No.”, he muttered, “I can’t abandon Thunderclan. It needs me.”. From above, Firestar gave a pleasing dip of the head, grateful not to lose three useful cats in one night, “Very well.”.

With a flick of the tail, Firestar sent the two former Thunderclan cats away into exile, “You two should get going.”, he mumbled. With one final sad glance back, the two littermates broke into a run, off into entrance, their outlines quickly being lost to the darkness and forest. Serval cats jerked back in shock as Brambleclaw let off a horrible ear-piercing yowl of dismay in the back. “You’re all dismissed.”, Firestar mewed sadly, stumbling down from the Highledge and ducking straight into his den. Her mother, Sandstorm hurried after him, grief in her eyes. While Brambleclaw headed for the entrance, probably to let off steam or clear his head.

The crowd slowly drifted apart, some retreating back into their dens while others huddled into smaller groups, trying to process what just happened. The worse affected, Jayfeather, stormed off to his nest, slumping down, making moaning noises to himself. A storm cloud over his head.

Leafpool was left standing there, alone. She could only feel her heartbeat, echoing in her skull. Everything around her turning blurred, as fog came over her senses. What was she going to do? She’d hurt so many cats, just to keep herself safe. Luckily, Squirrelflight slowly wandered over, ears flat against her head. Leafpool crumbled into her, whimpering into her sister’s thick ginger fur, “I never shade had lied…”

- Mellowix

Kestrelfeather (kestry or feathers)
Kestrelfeather (kestry or feathers)
September 24, 2020 1:56 pm


Chapter 2
All he could think of is Brambleclaw as they walked out of camp. That little flea pelt he thought I don’t know why squirrelflight tries at it with him! Ug. as they got farther from the camp there was a rustle in the bushes, he pricked his ears standing in front of squirrelflight. “Hey i want to see!” Said squirrelflight shoving him out of her way. Then out came a fox a huge creature with a deep scar running across his face. Ashfur plunges at the dreadful creature clawing at its hind legs. It snapped at his shoulder and he fell backward, he was just about to get back up when brown flashed through the bushes attacking the fox from its side and kicked it square in the belly. It ran of screeching across the border.
What were you thinking “Ashfur you could have got hurt” Brambleclaw meowed with laughter and steered squirrelflight back to camp. Rage raised up in his throat, he wanted to scream and claw that laughter off of the lugs face but all he could do was stare after squirrelflight as she walked farther and farther away from his heart. He got up barely feeling the pain in his shoulder, it just isn’t fair starclan why? Then he got an idea that’s it I’ll go to the moonpool and talk to them they must know somethings wrong with Brambleclaw. So, he set off towards the hill we’re it slopped up to the moonpool. There must be a way to stop this I don’t know what it is but I have a feeling brambleclaw is trouble.

Kestrelfeather (kestry or feathers)
Kestrelfeather (kestry or feathers)
September 24, 2020 4:04 pm


Chapter 3
The moon started to float above the sky, while he waited for it to rise earlier he had caught some fresh kill for the clan for him to bring back tommorow. He started up the cliff climbing over hitting stones. At last he mad it to the top he saw the stream that runner through the place but there was no starlight shining on it. That’s strange he thought thinking the stars just weren’t night enough he walked a lot the trail sinking his paws into the ancient prints from long ago. As he approached he walked into the dip at least he thought he did. We’re the moonpool? Then he stared in horror were the moonpool once stood was now a speck of water were it used to be. Oh no no no no! He ran back to camp forgetting everything and barged into the entrance. The moonpool it’s gone!

Kestrelfeather (kestry or feathers)
Kestrelfeather (kestry or feathers)
September 24, 2020 5:37 pm

Jutting stones darn autocorrect

Kestrelfeather (kestry or feathers)
Kestrelfeather (kestry or feathers)
September 24, 2020 5:38 pm

Sorry I can see a few typos I was in a hurry

September 24, 2020 10:36 pm

I would paste my fanfiction here, but as of right now, I have four chapters published. But, you can find it on Wattpad. Here is the link:
If you decide to read it, I hope you like it! I started writing it in July (?), and currently Chapter 5 is in the process of developing.


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