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[image description: a black-and-white photo of a kitten sleeping in a cavity of a typewriter]


  • Chapter 5

    Dewpaw’s POV

    Dewpaw and Flowerwillow climbed down the slope to the Moonpool. Dewpaw looked down at the clear water, reflecting countless stars. Flowerwillow leaped onto a rock, and Dewpaw took her place beneath.

    “Ready?” mewed Flowerwillow.

    Dewpaw nodded wordlessly. This is it

    “I, Flowerwillow, medicine cat of StreamClan, call upon my warrior ancestors to look down on this apprentice. She has trained hard to understand the ways of a medicine cat, and with your help she will serve her Clan for many moons.”

    Flowerwillow looked down at Dewpaw.

    “Dewpaw, do you promise to uphold the ways of a medicine cat, to stand apart from Clan rivalry and to protect all cats equally, even at the cost of your life?”

    “I do.” meowed Dewpaw.

    “Then by the powers of StarClan, I give you your full name as a medicine cat. Dewpaw, from this moment you will be known as Dewfeather. StarClan honors your intelligence and compassion, and we welcome you as a full medicine cat of StreamClan.”

    Flowerwillow rested her muzzle on Dewfeather’s head, and Dewfeather licked her mentor’s shoulder. The medicine cats settled beside the Moonpool, and Dewfeather lapped a few drops of the freezing water. She was instantly thrown into blackness and then woke up in the familiar StarClan forest.

    “Dewfeather!” Bramblelily padded toward her, followed by Finchtoe.

    “Congratulations!” purred Finchtoe.

    “We are so proud of you.” added Bramblelily.

    “Come with us.” mewed Finchtoe.

    Dewfeather followed the two StarClan cats through the forest.

    “You and your sister have a great destiny ahead of you.” meowed Bramblelily.

    Dewfeather nodded. “The prophecy still hasn’t been fulfilled, has it?”

    “That’s true.” Finchtoe mewed. “For your sister, it is almost over. She risked her life with Frostpaw to bring vital information about the rouges back to StreamClan.”

    “But you have not fulfilled the prophecy yet. You have barely begun.” meowed Bramblelily.

    “Do you know what I’ll do?” asked Dewfeather.

    Finchtoe shook her head. “StarClan cannot see into the future like that. We did not know what Silverleaf would do, and we do not know what you will do.”

    “Don’t be afraid.” mewed Bramblelily. “Silverleaf will help you, and we walk with you.”

    The two StarClan cats began to fade, then the forest. Right before she woke up, Dewfeather thought she saw Mudpool in the shadows. He dipped his head, then Dewfeather was awake.

    “Dewfeather!” hissed Flowerwillow. “We need to get back to camp. Now!”

    “What happened?” meowed Dewfeather as she scrambled to her paws.

    “No time to explain. Come on!” Flowerwillow pelted out of the Moonpool hollow like a pack of dogs were on her tail.

    Dewfeather ran after her, and the medicine cats reached the camp just as the sun was peeking up over the trees.

    “Flowerwillow!” Fernstrike met them at the camp entrance. “It’s Perchnose! He can’t breathe… his cough is so bad!”

    “All right.” meowed Flowerwillow. “Calm down. Dewfeather, go get all the catmint we have and meet me in the elder’s den.”

    Dewfeather ran as fast as she could to the medicine den. Most of the Clan was still asleep, except for a few warriors and Nettletalon, getting ready for dawn patrol. She took out the last two crumpled leaves of catmint, and gave them to Flowerwillow. It was a few moments before Flowerwillow came back out, looking grave.

    “Perchnose has greencough. I’ve given him the catmint, but we’ll need more. I’m still hopeful, though.” she meowed, not looking hopeful at all.

    “I need to go speak to Copperstar about what we’re going to do. Greencough is highly contagious, and with half the Clan also ill, we need to figure out a way to keep the healthy cats from getting sick as well.” Flowerwillow meowed.

    The rest of the Clan had woken up by now, so Dewfeather went to join her Clanmates at the fresh-kill pile.

    “Dewpaw!” meowed Silverleaf. “How did it go?”

    “I’m Dewfeather now!” she purred.

    “Dewfeather!” mewed Frostpaw.

    The rest of the Clan overheard and yowled Dewfeather’s name like they were greeting a new warrior.

    “Dewfeather! Dewfeather!”

    Silverleaf’s POV

    Flowerwillow had just come out of Copperstar’s den. Copperstar leaped onto the Highrock, and summoned the Clan.

    “Let all cats old enough to catch their own prey gather beneath the Highrock for a Clan meeting!”

    “What’s this all about?” muttered Silverleaf to Dewfeather.

    Dewfeather sighed. “Nothing good, that’s for sure.”

    “Flowerwillow has just told me that Perchnose has greencough.” meowed Copperstar. “And almost half the Clan has whitecough. We have come to a decision that, StarClan willing, will prevent more cats from falling ill.”

    Whispers broke out among the Clan. Greencough! Whitecough was bad enough, but greencough could kill the oldest, youngest, and weakest members of the Clan.

    “You were right. The definitely isn’t good.” murmured Silverleaf.

    “All the sick cats will have to stay in the elder’s den and the hollow tree trunk. Also, no healthy cats except for the medicine cats may be near them This was a difficult decision to make, but I am confident that this will work.” mewed Copperstar.

    “Dewfeather, come help me move the sick cats.” meowed Flowerwillow.

    Silverleaf let her tail-tip rest on Dewfeather’s shoulder for a moment, then whisked it away.

    “Be careful.” she whispered.

    Silverleaf didn’t know what she would do if her sister also got sick. More importantly, what would StreamClan do if their medicine cats were sick as well?

    Silverleaf watch Dewfeather lead the cats with whitecough over to the hollow tree trunk. Perchnose, Deerstep, Shadestrike, Mossberry, Hollowstream, Mossball, Streamshadow, Oakfall, Eaglekit, Palestripe… Who next?

    Silverleaf spotted Shinekit and Briarkit wailing in the entrance of the nursery. Moonstripe, who was Breezepaw’s and Branchpaw’s mother, was trying to comfort them.

    “I want Palestripe!” whimpered Briarkit.

    Silverleaf padded over to the kits. “I can play with them for a bit.” she whispered to Moonstripe.
    Moonstripe blinked at her gratefully. Silverleaf clawed some moss together, and tossed it at the kits, who perked up instantly.

    “I got it!” squealed Shinekit, hooking her tiny claws into the moss.

    “No, I got it!” squeaked Briarkit, knocking her sister over.

    “Now I have it!” purred Silverleaf, gently pushing the kits out of the way.

    Silverleaf tossed the moss back and forth with the kits for a few moments. Hunting patrols were being assembled, so she left the kits to join one.

    “But I want you to keep playing with us!” whined Shinekit, staring up at Silverleaf with huge eyes.

    “I’m sorry, but I have to go hunting.” meowed Silverleaf, gently unhooking Shinekit’s claws from her pelt. “I’ll bring you a big, juicy mouse, okay?”

    “Okay!” mewed Shinekit, racing off with her sister.

    Silverleaf dipped her head to Moonstripe, then hurried to join a patrol. She ended up with Wavesplash and Nettletalon.

    Silverleaf soon found a plump mouse- exactly what she had promised Shinekit. The mouse was nibbling on an acorn, and didn’t even see Silverleaf coming. She pounced, and it was dead in an instant. She buried it beneath a bush, and went on to catch a decently sized starling.

    Silverleaf went to meet the rest of the patrol at the oak tree. Nettletalon had gotten a shrew and a vole, and Wavesplash had a large squirrel and a pigeon.

    “Nice squirrel.” mewed Silverleaf.

    “Thanks.” meowed Wavesplash. “It was gorging itself on all the acorns. Easy catch.”

    The patrol added their catches to the fresh-kill pile. Their catches, as well as what the other patrol had caught, was all there would be on the fresh-kill pile that day. The sun was high in the sky, and most of the cats were gathering around the fresh-kill pile to eat. Flowerwillow and Dewfeather appeared, taking a few pieces each to give to the sick cats.

    Silverleaf took her mouse, and went to the nursery. Shinekit and Briarkit jumped up as soon as they saw her, and squealed when they caught sight of the mouse.

    “You got a mouse!” mewed Briarkit.

    The two kits tore into the mouse eagerly, demolishing it in moments. Silverleaf went to take a shrew, and ate with Dewfeather. The sun was peeking out from behind the clouds for once, so the Clan shared tongues in the warmth.
    I get stuff done fast when I listen to inspirational music while I write. 🙂 I totally forgot to put in Moonstripe when I made the Growing Shadows allegiances, so sorry about that 😛 . And also… Could this be the first fanfiction posted on the new fanfiction page? 😛

  • First Fanfic (I think)!


    By: Shadowpaw (who is typing this on the iPhone)

    Addernose gasped, his breath ragged and forced. A gray she-cat stood over him shrieking his name repeatedly, amber eyes as wide and shining as the moon. A call spread over the crowd.

    “WindClan, retreat!” Yowled Streamstar, the WindClan leader. The scrawny warriors ran over the marsh on their fleet feet and after only a few heartbeats they were back on their moor.

    “Yeah! Go back and cower in your rabbit-holes you mange-pelted mouse-hearts!” Came the call of Addernose’s apprentice, Fernpaw. Then she turned and sat beside the gray cat, her black face slack with mourning.

    Addernose stilled.

    “No…” the gray cat moaned. “You can’t leave me Addernose! Obey your leader! You’ll be breaking the Warrior Code now if you die!”

    He didn’t even twitch.

    “What about our kits!” She yelled desperately. Fernpaw wrapped her tail around the ShadowClan leader’s shoulders.

    “We’ll go through this together Applestar. But the Clan needs to get back to camp. Addernose wouldn’t have wanted you to stand around staring at him. We won! My mentor would’ve wanted us to feast upon prey.”

    Applestar looked into Fernpaw’s eyes and almost purred. “You’re right,” she said before she raised her voice.

    “Warriors of ShadowClan, we may have lost our deputy but we are still strong! Those WindClan mongrels will be sorry they ever set paw upon our territory!”

    The warriors yowled, especially Leaffoot and Morningflight, the two most ambitious warriors in the Clan, and littermates.

    “But first let us feast on our mice and frogs, and let our victory take place,” Applestar turned to Fernpaw. “Thank you,” she mewed.

    • Sorry it’s so short! I had to go to choir practice and I didn’t want to be late (and I still was anyway). Hmmm… would it still count as a one-shot if I added more now? No… it wouldn’t. Oh well. And I’ll have to do with second fanfic. Oh well.

  • Something I must say, Smokefoot MAY be a real character, but one cat who wanted to be in my fanfic, said her best friend was Smokefoot. So sorry Snowfall if it is not who you’re talkin about.
    Rosesong’s prophecy:
    Chapter 13: The attack

    “I told you to be quiet, mousebrain!” Rosekit sneered. “Not my fault!” Thornkit hissed. “IT WAS BOTH YOU’RE FAULTS, AND YOU’RE BOTH MOUSEBRAINS!” Riverkit hissed loudly. Rosekit was startled at the loud hiss, and Thornkit looked surprised too. “Now I am going to find Breezekit and Stormfoot. You’re both welcome to stay here and act like elders arguing over how useful starclan is, but I’m not going to listen.” Riverkit meowed sternly. He turned around and left grumpily. “That cat has a confusing personality. One moment he’s grumpy, then playful, then guilty…” Thornkit pointed out. Rosekit relised how true that actually was. “I agree.” Rosekit meowed. She got up and stepped over Thornkit to the clearing. Riverkit was nowhere to be found through the busy clearing. Patrols were coming in an out, Ivytail, Shadefur, and Waterstorm were going into the medicine cat den with many herbs, queens and elders were digging, Snowfall was trying to keep Goldkit, Darkkit, and Frostkit under control, and Fallenstar was calling out patrols and having all apprentices training with their mentors. Rosekit padded over to Frostkit who was playfighting with Goldkit. “Hi Frostkit!” Rosekit meowed. Rosekit caught her eye and Frostkit bounded over to her. “Hi! Snowfall has volunteered to watch some of the kits for practice when her kits come, she’ll have practice.” Frostkit welcomed. A white cat with light gray paws came over and sat beside Snowfall. “Kits, calm down and don’t be so reckless.” The white cat with gray paws meowed. “See Snowfall? You can’t snap or yell, you must be confident, gentle and loud.” The gray-pawed cat meowed. “I am gonna see if Riverkit found Breezekit yet.” Rosekit meowed. “Ok.” Frostkit meowed. She jumped back over with Goldkit and Darkkit and wrestled again. Rosekit padded around looking for Riverkit, doing her best to dodge working cats. Cloudclaw leaped down the rocks of the entrance and placed down a two rabbits on the fresh-kill pile, Ivytail, Shadefur, and Waterstorm were going to get more herbs, and nursing queens padding out of camp to get some moss. Rosekit caught a glimps of a long thin blue-gray tail disapear behind the elders’ den. “Aha!” Rosekit whispered. She limped over there as fast as she could to catch up with him. Once she got over there, she felt tired. Stormfoot, Riverkit, and Breezekit were there. “Hello, I don’t think I’ll be able to play next time, I think I need to rest for a bit.” Rosekit meowed. “Okay, we understand.” Breezekit meowed. Rosekit nodded and limped into Ivytail’s den. She laid down and took a nap in the soft moss bed. She woke at words being yelled across the clearing. “ALL WARRIORS AND APPRENTICES REPORT TO THE CLEARING, RIVERCLAN IS HERE!” Fallenstar yelled from the top of her lungs. Rosekit leaped up to make her way to the underground hideout. Once she got out, there was already blood every where. She limped quickly into the clearing, crossing as fast as she could. She was going slowly and wished she could hurry up. When she was only a fox-lengths away from it, she felt a claw pin down her tail. She turned around and saw the Silver cat that saved her clawing down her tail. She saw Mosspelt launch himself at her and pin her down. “Go!” He hissed to Rosekit. “But what about-” Rosekit was cut off. “JUST GO!” Mosspelt snapped. Rosekit limped as fast as she could into the tunnel. She licked her bleeding tail once she was safe inside it. Frostflake took a few steps for Rosekit and she could see her coming in the corner of her eye. “Don’t. Even. Try.” Rosekit meowed blandly in between licks. Frostflake’s eyes were full of sorrow and sympathy and she stepped back. Thornkit padded over and sat beside Rosekit.


  • Lionblaze’s End

    He saw the 2016 American Election results.

    And that, my friends, was the end of Lionblaze’s.

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