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[image description: a black-and-white photo of a kitten sleeping in a cavity of a typewriter]


  • Can somebody please tell me where I left off in The Rise of BloodClan? I’d appreciate it! Anyways, I’m currently working on and finding a song for DMOF!

  • Rivers

    A Fanfiction by Foxpaw.

    Enjoy and comment!


    I pick my way through the fern fronds that brush through my pelt softly as I look up to the sky. The stars twinkle brightly towards me and my dark cream-brown pelt shines bright as light pours over my pelt.

    I shouldn’t be here.

    My clanmates will wonder where I am. Have they noticed my absence already? I highly doubt it, it’s midnight; they’ll be snoring away in bliss. I can’t help but feel a sense of adventure. Perhaps I’ll catch a fish or two…the kits and elders are asleep so they cannot possibly be hungry.

    I manage to tear past Mackereltail who has fallen asleep. Silly Mackereltail. After I get a good distance away from the entrance, I began running and running, faster and faster. Away from the Warrior code that restricts my life, forcing me to live a life with my eyes closed.

    I. Am. Free.

    I stop at a large expanse of water- Wishwillow Pond. I release an imperceptible sigh. Then I jump in and swim, swim to my delight, to my glee; I may have scared all the salmon but this water – this silver, moon-touched water surrounding my paws – Oh StarClan! I feel like a dove soaring high away from it’s flock’s reach.

    After a while of wading and splashing, I pull myself out, shoving the tendrils of temptation mixed with disappointment away. I begin licking my pelt the opposite way to dry.

    After my fur is mostly dry, I see the moon ever so slightly sinking down; I must go back to RiverClan. I hear a slightly faint echo and look up, squinting my eyes to see a dark ginger tom on the other side. Who is he? His dark ginger fur is cleaned so fancy and his sparkling emerald eyes add a handsome touch….then they meet my amber ones. For one second, I believe my heart stops. Then I turn, and pad away hesitantly.

    And once I leave the Wishwillow pond, I began running. Faster than coming here.

  • Hey, I’ve finally gotten around to finalizing the Civil War allegiances, and I have two things:

    I’m going to post them along with the half-finished prologue in a couple days, so this is your LAST CHANCE to be featured.
    Mossball, I never got your fursona, so I went to the allegiances. The thing is, there are two Mossballs. Your fursonas are pretty similar, so I’m not that worried, but if you could tell me which one is yours that would be awesome. I am currently using the fluffy gray-and-white cat with blue eyes one, but if it’s the other one I’ll change it. Thank you! 🙂

  • The Great Chocolate War
    (inspired by the Muffin War)

    One day, Squirrelflight was assisigning patrols, when suddenly, a Hershey’s chocolate bar fell from the sky.

    “What’s this?” She whispered to herself, tucking the chocolate next to her tail.

    When she finished assigning patrols, she brought the chocolate to the leaders den, hoping no one would be there.

    “What’s that?” Bramblestar asked.

    Squirrelflight didn’t know how to reply.

    “Um… I… Don’t know…”

    “Do you think it’s poisonous?” Bramblestar asked.

    “Maybe I should try it!” Squirrelflight exclaimed.

    “No! Don’t!” Bramblestar shouted.

    But it was too late. Squirrelflight had already taken a bite of the chocolate.

    “Mmmmmmmm! This is really good!” She exclaimed, and ran around.

    “I guess I’ll try it then…” Bramblestar said, and took a bite.
    “Amazing!” He exclaimed.

    Pretty soon, the rest of the Clan heard the comosion, and ran into the leaders den.

    “What is it?” Jayfeather asked.

    “I don’t believe it!” Graystripe exclaimed. “It’s chocolate!” He ate the rest of it and got all sugard up.

    “What’s chocolate?” Cherryfall asked.

    “It’s a kind of twoleg food! When I was with twolegs, there was a treat they ate called chocolate! I was able to get some once, and believe me! Once you try it, you won’t ever forget it!” Graystripe exclaimed, running around.

    “We must get more of this ‘chocolate’!” Squirrelflight exclaimed.

    “Yes!” Bramblestar agreed. “Graystripe! Do you know where the twolegs get it!?” He asked.

    “No, I don’t know.” Graystripe sighed. “I never had the chance to find that out.”

    “I know!” Mille exclaimed. “My house-folk always came home with some! I was curious where they had gotten it, so one day I followed them!”

    “Show us the way!” Bramblestar said.

    “Well… I don’t know exactly where it is, but I know there’s more places with it too!” Mille led the way.

    Meanwhile, up in StarClan.

    “Cats of StarClan.” Bluestar began. “What should we do about this?”

    “I say we help them get the chocolate!” Firestar exclaimed. “I love chocolate so much! We should get some too!”

    “I would love to taste some of this ‘chocolate’ too!” Sandstorm said.

    “Very well then. We’ll help them get it.” Bluestar said.

    But Thistleclaw-who was of the Dark Forest, was spying on them.

    “Cats of the Dark Forest.” He began. “We need this ‘chocolate’.”

    “Yes! It makes them craaaazyyy!” Mapleshade exclaimed. “I’ll go round up some void cats to help us.”

    So Mapleshade went to the void and got Tigerstar, Hawkfrost, Brokenstar and Scourge.

    Back on earth, the cats were trying to find their way around twoleg place.

    “Where. Is. The chocolate!?” Jayfeather was getting impatient.

    “Just use your nose.” Mille told him. “If you smell something sweet, it’s chocolate.”

    “You’re blind anyway! It’s not like you’re gonna see it when we DO find it!” Alderheart exclaimed.

    “Well what do you know?” Mille sounded surprised.

    “What is it?” Bramblestar asked.

    “There’s a chocolate place right here called ‘Star’s Chocolate Place’!” Mille exclaimed.

    “How do you know?” Squirrelflight questioned.

    “I used to be a ‘kittypet’. I can read.” Mille said.

    “Whatever…” Jayfeather said, sounding sort of bored.

    “Lets get chocolate!” Graystripe exclaimed, and started running to the place.

    Suddenly, Darktail jumped in front of them.

    “I want chocolate!” He hissed.

    “No! I want it!” Onestar yowled.

    “It belongs to RiverClan!” Mistystar growled.

    “How did you know about the chocolate?” Bramblestar asked.

    “StarClan told us.” Mistystar meowed.

    “We followed them.” Onestar said.

    “And we followed them.” Darktail said. “Only WE were actually smart enough to see where they were going first so that we could get ahead of them and get here first!” He added.

    “The chocolate is ours!” Squirrelflight yowled, and flung herself at Darktail.

    Twoleg-place exploded into battle.

    Suddenly, Hawkfrost fell from the sky.

    “Ooowwwwwww!” He yowled. “The chocolate is ours!”

    “Dark forest cats!? You’ve gotta be kidding me!” Bramblestar shouted.

    “Sup!” Scourge said with shades on.

    Then Butterflyflower of SparkleClan appeared randomly.

    “Scourge, you’re not TobyMac.” She said.

    “Who’s TobyMac?” Scourge asked.

    “Nevermind.” Butterflyflower said, and walked away.

    “Well that was weird.” Tigerstar said.

    “Yep.” Brokenstar agreed.

    “Wait! Why is Scourge here!?” Graystripe was so shocked.

    Scourge sighed. “Just give us the chocolate already!”

    “Never!” Squirrelflight yowled, and Twoleg-place exploded into battle again.

    Up in StarClan, the cats were talking.

    “We need to give them more chocolate!” Firestar exclaimed.

    “We could just make it rain chocolate.” Yellowfang pointed out.

    “But then Thistleclaw would get some!” Bluestar protested.

    Everyone glared at her.

    “Alright alright.” Bluestar gave in.

    Back on earth, lots of different kinds of chocolate fell from the sky.

    “Even Reases Peanut Butter Cups!?” Butterflyflower asked wide-eyed.

    “Yes, Butterflyflower, even Reases Peanut Butter Cups.”

    “Yay!” Butterflyflower went back over to the other cats-who were now happily sharing the chocolate-and joined them.

    “Can we join them too?” Firestar asked.

    “I don’t see why not.” Leopardstar meowed, thoughtfully.

    So all the StarClan cats joined them and shared the chocolate too.

    Then they all went on sugar high, and started running around like crazy maniacks.

    Then they passed out.


  • EmojiClan
    A One-shot by Shadowpaw

    😍star flicked his tail back and forth.

    “😝face! Come forward! 😝face bounded towards the large iPhone 😍star sat on. Her spiky fur protruding from her body like twigs on the ground.

    “Do you believe that your apprentice, 🤑paw, has agreed to the Terms and Uses laid out for the Clans by the great AppStoreClan?”

    “Yes 😍star. He has agreed and read them too.” 😍star nodded though all of EmojiClan knew this was a lie. No one ever read the Terms and Uses, they just said yes to them.

    “🤑paw! The time has come for you to receive your warrior name!” 🤑paw scampered forward, greed showing in his strange eyes.

    “I, 😍star leader of EmojiClan, call upon my warrior ancestors in AppStoreClan-” Mudclaw’s phone turned off.

    “Mouse-dung,” he messed. “It shut down.”

  • New Troll warrior cats series! So I want to do something different, so I had a funny idea to do for fanfic while I work on Rosesong’s Propecy. I will call it Warrior cats trolling. What I do, is I take real scenes from the book, and make it a joke. I did one of these as a joke in “Firestar’s top 3 mates” article by Golden. That one was about what happens when Firestar goes on Dream dates with Spottedleaf. So yea, enjoy the second one!
    *Cloudpaw comes into camp after curfew*
    Fireheart: Cloudpaw where have you been!
    Cloudpaw: I was at Philip’s house, geez man.
    Fireheart: It’s 3 hours after curfew :I
    Cloudpaw: You’re not my dad, you’re just my uncle!
    Fireheart; Cloudpaw just go to bed.
    Cloudpaw; No.
    *Fireheart kicks Cloudpaw into the sun*
    Fireheart: Yea, that’ll teach him :3
    The next day…
    *Fireheart sees Cloudpaw jump Donald Trump’s fence that seperates kittypets and clan cats*
    Fireheart: Uh, maybe he is visiting his mom?
    *Cloudpaw walks so far he passed Riverclan*
    Fireheart: Heh heh, maybe he is catching birds?
    *Cloudpaw enters McDonalds*
    Fireheart; Umm, maybe he is fetching Princess some food?
    *Cloudpaw eats 10 McDonalds cheeseburgers*
    Fireheart: Uh, maybe he IS eating twoleg food…
    *Cloudpaw exits McDonalds*
    Cloudpaw; K.
    *Cloudpaw goes on his phone and texts Fireheart saying “K.” *
    Fireheart; WELL HOW ABOUT I KILL YOU?!
    Cloudpaw: K.
    Cloudpaw; K
    Fireheart; Kill everyone you love and like?
    Cloudpaw: K.
    Fireheart: *sigh* Take your McDonalds?
    Fireheart: o.o
    *Cloudpaw falls on the ground and begs for mercy*
    *Fireheart kicks Cloudpaw into the sun and kills him*

    • You know what my favorite part of that was? Donald Trump fence part of course! It make me crack up so much!

      You deserve a turkey. Oops wolf already ate it. How about a Pumkin pie? Here *Hands Pumkin pie* *Relizes wolf ate it* Okay, a donut. 🍩

  • A Raven Among The Stars
    Allegiances Reveal
    Leader: Rainstar- Silver tabby she-cat with blue eyes
    Deputy: Berrytail- Brown tom with amber eyes
    Med. Cat: Cloudspirit- White tom with blue eyes
    Warriors: (toms, and she-cats without kits)
    Dewstream- Brownish grey tom with amber eyes
    Poolfeather- Grey tom with amber eyes
    Mintfur- Cream tabby she-cat with green eyes
    Daisytail- Cream she-cat with amber eyes
    Foxtail- Red tom with green eyes and a white tail tip
    Bumbleheart- Golden tabby with green eyes
    Nettlemoon- White she-cat with green eyes
    Mousear- Light brown tom with amber eyes
    Apprentices:(Kits more than 6 moons old in training to be warriors)
    Skypaw- White long furred tom with blue eyes
    Moonpaw- Himalayan she-cat with blue eyes
    Crystalpaw- White tom with odd teal eyes
    Queens:(she-cats expecting or nursing kits)
    Snowtail- White she-cat with amber eyes (Mother to Ravenkit and Starkit)
    Flowerheart- Ginger she-cat with green eyes and a white flower-shaped patch on chest
    Kits: Kits less that 6 moons old
    Ravenkit- Black she-kit with blue eyes
    Starkit- Ginger tabby she-kit with green eyes
    Elders:(former warriors and queens, now retired)
    Violetdusk- Cream she-cat with amber eyes
    Hawkmoon- Golden tom with green eyes
    Rookfoot- Brown tom with amber eyes

    Prologue coming soon!

    • Hype!

      Mintfur, Daisytail, and Mouseear (Mouse Ear) are canon, but Daisytail is pretty minor so you don’t have to change that. I love the names Poolfeather and Dewstream! Is Rainstar your fursona? 🙂

  • Growing Shadows
    Chapter 6

    Dewfeather’s POV

    “My belly thinks my throat’s been clawed out!” Dewfeather complained to Silverleaf the following morning.

    “Are you sure you’re getting enough to eat?” mewed Silverleaf worriedly. “We can’t have you getting sick as well.”

    Dewfeather felt a prickle of irritation. “I’m fine.” she snapped. “I’ll just grab some fresh-kill and get back to work. And you’re one to talk, don’t think I don’t know you’ve been on almost every hunting and border patrol the last few days.”

    Dewfeather saw a flicker of hurt in Silverleaf’s eyes.

    “I’m just worried about you, Dew.” meowed her sister.

    Dewfeather sighed. “I’m sorry.” she mewed.

    “I know.” meowed Silverleaf. “Just take care of yourself.”

    “I will.” mewed Dewfeather.

    Dewfeather took a vole and bolted it down in a few famished bites. Now she would have to go and check on all the sick cats.

    “Dewfeather, come here.” meowed Flowerwillow.

    Dewfeather instantly got up and went to her mentor’s side.

    “I don’t want you having any more contact with the ill cats. Mossberry had greencough now as well.” mewed Flowerwillow.

    “But how will you do it all by yourself? I have to help you!” protested Dewfeather.

    Flowerwillow opened her jaws as if she was going to say something, but was abruptly cut off by a bout of coughing. Dewfeather froze, terrified.

    “Flowerwillow, you’re coughing, too!” she meowed.

    “I’ll be fine.” snapped Flowerwillow.

    Dewfeather hated arguing with her mentor, but knew StreamClan couldn’t have an ill medicine cat.

    “Flowerwillow, you need to rest. Trust me, I can take care of everyone for a bit.” Dewfeather meowed sharply.

    “I suppose you’re right.” agreed Flowerwillow reluctantly. “But just for a bit. My cough isn’t bad at all.”

    Dewfeather dipped her head to her mentor, and went into the fallen tree trunk. The air smelled strongly of sickness. The two cats with greencough were in the elder’s den, but the rest were still very sick.

    “My throat hurts.” mewled Eaglekit from where he lay beside his mother.

    Dewfeather’s heart twisted. Sickness was an enemy that didn’t care who it took. She unwrapped the honey Flowerwillow had given to her, and soaked some moss in it. Eaglekit lapped at it, purring as it soothed his throat. Dewfeather took out a few tiny leaves of tansy Brightmoon had found the previous day, and split it evenly among the cats. Most of the coughing dies down as the herbs began to work, and Dewfeather sent a quick prayer of thanks to StarClan.

    She left to see to the cats in the elder’s den, glad she would have some good news to report to Flowerwillow. Dewfeather had saved one of the tansy leaves to give to Flowerwillow, in the hopes it would quickly clear up her cough. She knew her mentor wouldn’t be pleased at all to eat it, but both medicine cats knew they must be healthy.

    Her hope was quickly squashed as soon as she entered the elder’s den. Perchnose looked barely conscious, and Mossberry was coughing horribly, his eyes and nose streaming. She took the last two crumpled, dusty leaves of catmint, and laid it in front of them. Dewfeather stayed to make sure they ate it, then hurried back to the medicine den.

    “How is everyone?” murmured Flowerwillow.

    “Most of them are fine right now. But the cats with greencough…” Dewfeather’s voice trailed off.

    “We need catmint badly.” mewed Flowerwillow thoughtfully.
    “I saved a bit of the tansy for you.” meowed Dewfeather.

    Flowerwillow glared at her. “You should have given it to the others. They need it much more than I do.”

    “But you’re our medicine cat!” meowed Dewfeather. “What will we do if you get whitecough?”

    Flowerwillow lapped up the tansy, still looking furious. “But only because the Clan needs us.” she declared.

    “Flowerwillow?” mewed Nettletalon, coming into the den just after Flowerwillow had fallen asleep.

    He stopped, then looked at Dewfeather. “What happened?”

    “She just just a bit of a cough.” meowed Dewfeather. “She’ll be fine.”

    Nettletalon closed his eyes and sat down.

    “It’s Copperstar.” he mewed. “She’s sick.”

    Silverleaf’s POV

    “Silverleaf! Get up!” Frostpaw’s paw prodded Silverleaf’s shoulder.

    “Wha… “ Silverleaf opened one eye blearily.

    “Patrol! You fell asleep!”

    Silverleaf jumped up. “Why didn’t you wake me?”

    Frostpaw stared at her. “But I just did-”’

    But Silverleaf had already ran out of the den. She skidded to a halt in front of Nettletalon.

    “I’m so sorry- I fell asleep- it won’t happen again!” she gasped.

    “Silverleaf, relax.” meowed Nettletalon, looking concerned. “The patrol already left. You’ve been doing too much lately. I want you to go straight back to your nest and rest for the day.”


    “That’s an order.” meowed Nettletalon, cutting her off firmly.
    Silverleaf bit her tongue to keep herself from saying anything else and padded stiffly back to her den. She layed down, and tried to fall asleep.

    Silverleaf was in the forest, stalking prey. The air was warm, and sunshine shone through the trees. The scent of squirrel flooded her senses, and she instinctively dropped into a crouch.

    She located the squirrel a few mouse-lengths away, shielded by the thick covering of ferns and grasses. She inched forward as slowly as she possible could, careful not to disturb a leaf or twig. Silverleaf was almost right next to the squirrel. She leaped and landed squarely on the plump body. Before it could wriggle its way out of her grasp, she leaned down and killed it with one quick bite.

    Silverleaf drank in the wonderful scent of the squirrel. She leaned down to bite into it, but her teeth didn’t meet in anything. She tried again, but the same thing happened. The Silverleaf’s jaws closed on the moss in her nest. She jerked awake, back in the warriors’ den.

    “Mouse-dung!” she growled, furious to be woken up from such a perfect dream.

    Silverleaf stretched and left her den. She met Dewfeather, who was just about to go in.

    Oh, hey, Silverleaf.” she mewed. “I was just going to wake you up.”

    “What for?” meowed Silverleaf.

    “Flowerwillow wants me to get out of the camp for a bit.” Dewfeather meowed, looking annoyed. “She thinks I need to get my mind off things. I was wondering if you wanted to go hunting.”

    “Sure.” mewed Silverleaf.

    The sisters padded into the forest. Dewfeather had already dropped into the hunter’s crouch, and Silverleaf noticed she was leaning a bit too much to one side.

    “Straighten yourself out, Dewfeather.” she whispered.

    Dewfeather shifted her weight, and began creeping forward. Silverleaf quickly scented the mouse she was tracking. Dewfeather moved forward on light paws, but pounced too soon. She missed, and the mouse scampered off.

    “When was the last time you hunted?” meowed Silverleaf.

    “StarClan knows.” shrugged Dewfeather.

    “Come on.” mewed Silverleaf. “I’ll give you some pointers.”
    Dewfeather dropped into the hunter’s crouch. Silverleaf padded around her, making sure all her weight was distributed evenly.

    “Good. Now move forward as if you were stalking something.” she meowed.

    Dewfeather slid forward, clearly making an effort to put her paws down lightly.

    “Good. Just remember to take small steps.” meowed Silverleaf.

    “Like this?” mewed Dewfeather, inching forward.

    “Exactly.” purred Silverleaf.

    Silverleaf hooked a leaf on one claw and set it in a patch of mud.

    “Pretend it’s a mouse and pounce.” she mewed.

    Dewfeather leaped, but missed the leaf by a mouse-length.

    “Did I get it?” she mewed hopefully.

    Silverleaf shook her head. “If that’d been a real mouse, it would have been long gone by now. Next time, don’t wave your tail as much and keep an eye on your prey.”

    Silverleaf straightened out the leaf and Dewfeather tried again. This time she managed to land on the leaf. She straightened up, purring.

    “Got it!” she meowed.

    “Great!” exclaimed Silverleaf. “Now let’s go and catch some real prey before it rains again.”

    Dewfeather was the first to spot prey.

    “Over there.” she whispered, pointing with her tail.

    A squirrel was scampering up a birch tree. Dewfeather immediately crouched, moving swiftly toward it. She chased the squirrel toward Silverleaf, who pounced and quickly killed it.

    “That was brilliant!” meowed Silverleaf, flicking a raindrop from her ear. “Now let’s get back to camp before we’re soaked.”

    Silverleaf picked up the squirrel and the two cats ran back to camp.

    “This reminds me of the time we snuck out of camp when we were kits.” puffed Dewfeather. “Remember? You had the idea to hunt.”

    “We did that?” mewed Silverleaf, trying to sound innocent.

    Dewfeather rolled her eyes. “We were barely three moons old. I thought Nettletalon was going to claw our ears off when we got back.”

    Of course Silverleaf remembered that little expedition, but she wisely choose to change the subject.

    “Let’s hurry up.” she meowed hastily.

    Back at the camp, Silverleaf dropped their catch on the fresh-kill pile, which had shrunken considerably since they left.

    “Looks like you had better luck than I did.” commented Lightningstrike.

    “You didn’t catch anything?” mewed Silverleaf.

    “Not a tail, not a whisker.” Lightningstrike informed her. “Hunting’s getting difficult. Patrols are so small, and the prey has been hiding from the rain.”

    Silverleaf nodded, agreeing. Hunting problems, on top of everything else?…
    Something hopefully exciting will be happening in the next chapter or maybe the one after 🙂 And a bald eagle just flew by my window a few seconds ago while I was writing this, so that was cool 🙂 Hope you liked chapter 6! 😀

  • Stream Falling #1: Civil War


    Night hunting was hard. Cold. Difficult. Tiring.

    But the cat knew she had to do it.

    Biting her lip to keep from growling in frustration, she stalked silently through the pines that darkened her world even in daytime. Her dark green eyes, barely visible, were fixed on a tiny mouse, barely big enough to feed a kit, scuffling at some nuts. She could see where the pines gradually turned into towering oaks and birches, and smell the sharply marked borderline between ShadowClan and ThunderClan. She was dangerously close to the border, but things had been peaceful between their Clans recently and she was only night hunting, nothing suspicious. She was alone. Besides, she could hear, see, and smell no cats near the border. No life, except for this mouse.

    Was everything sleeping? Why couldn’t a cat get in a little night hunting in?

    Stormstar wouldn’t let her hunt extra. But she had to. ShadowClan depended on it.

    Nightberry’s kits, Copperkit and Flamekit, were so thin. The apprentices were hunting as much as the warriors.

    The warrior rolled her shoulders, wincing. She was sore from all the extra hunting and lack of sleep, but she had to. She had to. She had to.

    For her Clan.

    But she was slowly working herself to death. She couldn’t live.

    StarClan chose a quick death for this certain cat.

    The fox came out of nowhere, dark russet pelt and black patches concealing it in the night forest. It came up from behind, fighting in the dirty way foxes do – they’re called sneaky for a reason. And this particular cat was out of luck.

    Shadebreeze, the deputy of ShadowClan, died that night during the terrible leaf-bare. She was a fair and strong cat, and would have made a wonderful leader.

    From that moment on, there would be no peace for ShadowClan, or all of the Clans, for a loooooooong time.




    “Steal their territory and prey and kits!”

    “No, we don’t want their filthy kits!”

    Stormstar of ShadowClan stared down at his Clan, shaking his head. “We can’t.”

    “What?!” screamed Silverpaw, Shadebreeze’s apprentice. “You have to! They killed our deputy!”

    Silverpaw’s sister Icepaw jumped up beside her. “ThunderClan murdered her in cold blood in the middle of a harsh leaf-bare when we need her most! You have to make them pay!”

    Stormstar sighed, shaking his head. “I’m sorry. But we’re not in shape to attack ThunderClan, and I don’t want a war. Maybe it was an accident.”

    “No it wasn’t,” growled Mouseclaw. “They wanted her dead.”

    “ThunderClan wants a war!” yowled Robinpaw.

    “Stop!” Stormstar meowed commandingly, and the Clan fell silent, except for a few indignant murmurs. “I have a few duties to perform. Silverpaw, Icepaw, come forward.”

    “You’re kidding,” Silverpaw seethed, but she followed her sister to the middle of the gathered cats, right below the branch that Stormstar and every ShadowClan leader that had lived at the lake before him announced from and made their den under.

    Stormstar raised his head to the glimmering warriors of StarClan, Shadebreeze among them tonight. “I, Stormstar, leader of ShadowClan, call upon StarClan to look down upon these two apprentices.” He paused for a moment. Silverpaw and Icepaw were so similar – they were both fiery, determined, and loyal, unafraid to defend their Clanmates against anything and speak their minds.

    “Sadly, Shadebreeze isn’t here, but she spoke so highly of you, Silverpaw. She was a strong teacher and I trusted her judgement. I know from her words that you are ready to become a warrior tonight.”

    Stormstar jumped down from the Branch of Announcements and stood in front of Silverpaw. “From this moment on you shall be known as Silvermist. StarClan honors you for your bravery and your loyalty, and we welcome you as a full warrior of ShadowClan.” He touched his nose to Silvermist’s head and she grudgingly licked his shoulder.

    “Silvermist! Silvermist!” the Clan cheered, Icepaw among them. Silvermist gave her sister a glare, a clear message in her eyes. You shouldn’t be cheering for me! You of all cats should understand that we should be avenging Shadebreeze right now, not cheering!

    “Icepaw,” Stormstar meowed once the cheers had died down. He stepped in front of Silvermist’s sister. “Birdstorm, has your apprentice Icepaw learned the ways of a ShadowClan warrior?”

    “Yes she has, Stormstar,” called Birdstorm, Icepaw’s young mentor, from her place next to Leafshade.

    “Good.” Stormstar gave her a quick nod. “Then from this moment on you shall be known as Icedapple, in honor of your dappled coat. StarClan honors your ambition and your protectiveness, and we welcome you as a full warrior of ShadowClan. He completed Icedapple’s ceremony and the Clan cheered, the new warrior puffing out her chest proudly and grinning sadly.


    Silvermist and Icedapple survived their vigil and the vigil for Shadebreeze. They became proud and strong warriors of ShadowClan, extremely hostile with ThunderClan at every patrol and Gathering. They were both given apprentices to train – Rainpaw for Icedapple and Rowanpaw for Silvermist – and watched them grow into strong warriors, Rainfrost and Rowanfall. The new deputy, Mistlefall, a quietly strong tom, was a good deputy for a while, but not as good as Shadebreeze had been. Even moons later, legends were told about her, and the feud between ThunderClan and ShadowClan was kept alive, but just barely. Most cats either forgot (this was mostly the younger generation) or thought that it was just an accident, another terrible tragedy, but a fact of life. Even Icedapple moved on. At one point, it was only Silvermist who still hated ThunderClan.

    Then everything changed.

    Mistlefall died in a fierce battle with badgers along with Pineberry and Emberpaw, and the Clan mourned them. But a new deputy had to be decided.

    Everyone thought it would be either Silvermist or Icedapple. They were both strong and loyal warriors, who had trained at least one apprentice each, had been a warrior for a while. Icedapple was just barely expecting kits, and still prefectly capable of doing her duties. But Silvermist had trained two apprentices, Rowanfall and Oakstorm, while Icedapple had only trained one.

    But Icedapple was made deputy.

    And that was the last spark to ignite the bonfire to come.


    I have seriously gone on a writing spree in the past couple days. I finished this yesterday and I’m a couple paragraphs into Chapter 1 already, plus I worked on Morning Clouds a bit, editing Chapter 17, and that’s almost done. The allegiances for this are pretty much finalized, but I’m waiting on Willow because I need a different name from her and her fursona, and all the people who signed up recently but Rain and Aster, because I need to know if just your prefix (which is what you’re featured by at the moment) is okay or not. And Shadow, I used Night and Cloud but not Shadow and Dark because there’s already a Shadow and a Dark. Soooo yeah! I’m hoping to get chapters out on a regular schedule, but I can’t promise that until Winter Break because that’s when I know I’ll actually have time. And I have no idea what January’s going to look like except that I have sleepaway camp on Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday weekend, and I can’t bring electronic devices there, so I probably won’t be able to write. And I have band stuff. But oh well, I guess I’m pretty much almost always busy.
    On another note, I looked at the allegiances of The Cure, if anyone remembers that. It’s on hold right now, but I’m thinking about redoing it at some point in the future. What do you guys think?

    Feedback is always welcome 🙂

    • Oh StarClan… Wavey what are you going to do to my favorite Clan? Still, great prologue! What did you mean about Shadow?

      • ShadowClan has a whole lot in store for them, but they’ll be the main focus of at least this book. The other Clans won’t get much screen time! XD

        Thank you! I meant the other Shadowpaw. You’re good 🙂

    • OMSC this was sooooooo amaaaaaazzziiiiinnngggggg I’m so scared for ShadowClan, and really? Icedapple? What was the leader thinking?
      And sparks…will there be a fire or something? Aahhhhhhh why can’t time fly faster
      The next chapter is undeniably vital to the survival of Asterpawkind.

      • Thank you! I’ve already started working on it 😀

        Icedapple has very pale, barely visible gray spotting, which is why she was given her suffix. Tbh I just like the name and the suffix -dapple in general and fit her description to it 😛

        • No problemo!
          What I meant by Icedapple was the deputyship- I was wondering why the leader would have chosen her and what this is going to do in ShadowClan. Sorry for the miscommunication!
          Icedapple is a fabulous name, no doubt about that 😀

  • No. One. Is. Writing. ANYTHING!
    This is driving me crazy!
    To fill in the void I guess I’ll just write something.

    Believe in Miracles
    A One-Shot by: Shadowpaw

    Why does my paw hurt? Why does my paw have to hurt? That’s the only thought running through my mind while Sandclaw hurriedly carries me through the moor. His amber eyes blaze with worry. Why? It’s not like I’ve lost an eye! I try to tell him I’m fine but my jaw is stuck, flies are buzzing about my tongue. Go away flies!

    “Don’t worry Cloudkit, you’re going to be fine,” Sandclaw said as he set me down by a patch of heather to catch his breath. Quickly he grabbed my scruff again and bounded off.

    Why wouldn’t I be okay? I just have a cut in my paw! I thought. Sandclaw’s too overprotective!

    Soon we were in WindClan camp. My littermate, Dustkit, scampered toward me. “Is she okay?” He meowed. Our mother Cloverslip pulled him away by his white tail.

    All my other Clanmates stared at me, even Redkit and Grasskit, who never seemed to like me and teased me about being rabbitbrained. Stop looking at me!

    Sandclaw gently sets me down in the medicine cat den. Splashfrost is not here and her apprentice Fishpaw is. That’s fine. Fishpaw can treat a cut.

    Sandclaw doesn’t seem to think it’s fine. He asks where Splashfrost is and Fishpaw said that she is collecting herbs. He turns to me and presses his paw to my stomach. What are you doing mousebrain! Only my paw is hurt!

    He faces Sandclaw and says something I can’t hear. Sandclaw walks out of the den stiffly. Fishpaw turns to me once again. Are his eyes glistening?

    He reaches out a paw and closes my eyelids. Hey! And how did I not notice they were open? Then I realize that I’m tired. I guess I’ll sleep.


    Ow. Ow. Owwwwwwwwwww!

    The pain in my paw is unbearable. And what is that flowery smell? My eyes crack open and through a slit of vision I see Cloverslip, Her usually bright blue eyes are hollow and watery. By her brown paws sits Dustkit. His usually beautiful snowy fur is a mess. Small muddy puddles lay around his feet.

    I look down. Purple flower petals surround me. Even further down. My left forepaw, the one that had a cut.

    It’s gone.

    My gaze travels around. There’s Sandclaw. His head is bowed. His kits Stonepaw, Pearpaw, and Sunpaw are here also. I swallow. I remember being so sad when they moved to the apprentice den. They had been Dustkit and I’s best friends. They promised they’d be the first to call out our names at all our ceremonies.

    I look up. Its almost dawn. Everyone has bloodshot eyes. Oh StarClan.

    I notice finally that my whole body hurts.

    Then I remember. A hawk.

    A hawk had snatched me while I was playing hide-and-seek. It was trying to kill me when Sandclaw came and chased it away.

    They think I’m dead.

    They’re sitting my vigil.

    But I’m not dead! I hurt everywhere but I’m alive!

    I lift my head and rasp Dustkit’s name. He doesn’t notice. No one does.

    “Dustkit!” I try again, my mew nothing more than a hoarse whisper. “I’m alive you rabbitbrained featherhead!”

    Dustkit looked at me. Before he looked away again I did the first thing I could think of. I stuck out my tongue.

    “You’re alive!” He shrieked. He ran at me and started to bury his head into my fur. It stung but I didn’t stop him. Somehow it felt good too. “Cloudkit, you’re alive!”

    Sandclaw looked up. “Dustkit, look I’m sorry,” his voice cracked. Oh poor Sandclaw! “You’re sister is dead. No amount of wishing-” I waved my tail at him.

    “Oh thank StarClan!” He yowled. “Cloudkit’s alive!” He started to lick my fur while Dustkit said, “I told you so!” Soon the rest of the cats who were at her vigil joined in. Many tears of joy were shed.

    Blazestar stepped out of his den and took one look at the scene before him.
    “Cloudkit’s come back!” Came his joyful meow.


    ” From this moment on you will be known as Cloudflame. StarClan honors your persistence and your selflessness. We welcome you as the medicine cat of WindClan!” Cloudflame’s old mentor Fishfern mewed, his face illuminated by the Moonstone.

    “Cloudflame, Cloudflame, Cloudflame!” The other medicine cats called while Cloudflame purred. She remembered how the moment Fishfern received his full name she’d requested to train as a medicine cat. She wanted to make sure not a single other cat would have to rely on chance to know if they would live or die. When they were in her paws she’d try her hardest to save them, no matter what.

    She believed in miracles, and why shouldn’t she? One came to her.

    As she touched her nose to the Moonstone she whispered, “Thank you StarClan for the miracle of life.”

    • Oh shoot! Sorry for switching from first person to third person! I was thinking about something else and forgot it was first person and my default is third person. Sorry again! And sorry for the switching of tenses!

      • And sorry for the switching of tenses! Why did I make all these mistakes?!

    • This was beautiful Shadow! Cloudflame is so touchingly, hilariously innocent at first and then their drive to be a medicine cat is so moving

      I’m writing, it just takes time 🙂

      • Thanks so much Wavey! I know everyone is trying to write but when I started this is was during that day where no one wrote anything for the bulk of it.

  • Rosesong’s Prophecy:
    Chapter 14: The game

    Thornkit padded over and sat beside Rosekit. “Hello.” He meowed. “Hi, do- Do you think they will find us?” Rosekit asked. “I-I don’t know… All we can do is hope.” Thornkit replied. Rosekit carefully got up, trying not to let her paw touch the ground, and she leaped over to the entrance of the tunnel. She looked through and saw the clearing stained with blood, and cats battling fiercely. No cats had died yet, but they could at any moment. “Ugh, the dirt smells terrible, Why did you dig it HERE?!” Breezekit hissed. “It disgiuses out scent.” Frostflake answered. “Well it smells like fox dung!” Breezekit retorted. “Probably because it IS dung mousebrain.” Riverkit hissed. Breezekit jumped at him and rolled around and they fought. “YOU’RE GOING TO DRAW ATTENTION, DON’T START A BATTLE IN HERE TOO!” Thornkit snapped. Breezekit let out a low growl and turned away from Riverkit. Thornkit’s face lit up and he jumped in the middle of the den. “All warriors come! We will have a new attack lesson today!” Thornkit meowed cheerfully. Rosekit limped over to him and sat down beside Riverkit and Breezekit. Darkit, who was playing with Frostkit and Goldkit, ran over and sat beside Thornkit. Frostkit and Goldkit soon joined Riverkit, Breezekit and Rosekit. “Now, this is not a group one. When an enemy approaches you, spin around in a circle. Your tail should hit your emenys face, Then they will have to clean the fur out of their eyes, or dirt, this is why it is better to do this when your tail is dirty.” Thornkit meowed. “Go ahead, try it! I want to see you fight each other to see how well you are at fighting.” Thornkit prompted. “Breezekit with Rosekit, and Riverkit with Goldkit.” Darkkit added. “And I will go with you, Darkkit!” Thornkit replied. “You go first as the good guy.” Rosekit meowed, turning to Breezekit. “Okay!” Breezekit replied. She stepped back and got her tail-tip a bit dirty, Rosekit stepped back and ran at Breezekit. Breezekit stood up and spun in a circle, throwing dirt in her face. Rosekit stopped and tried putting the dirt out of her face, and she felt something drop on her back. She got a glimps of ginger fur and knew it was Breezekit. She rolled on her back, crushing Breezekit and got back up. Breezekit rolled to her paws and playfully hissed. “Okay, my turn.” Rosekit reminded. She stepped back and got her tail a bit dirty and waited for Breezekit. Breezekit charged forward and she spun, flinging it everywhere. Breezekit tried to clear her eyes, and Rosekit rammed her side causing her to fall over. Breezekit got up and swatted at Rosekit, then jumped on her and pinned her down. “Not bad… Now get off me you big lump!” Rosekit meowed. Breezekit purred with satifaction and leaped off. “Not bad everyone, especially you Riverkit. Any suggestions on things we could learn?”‘ Thornkit meowed. “Well, I think being a medicine cat would be fun, though I don’t want to train as one because I want kits and a mate when I’m older. I know a few herbs…” Goldkit suggested. “Great idea! Go ahead!” Thornkit meowed cheerfully. Goldkit jumped to the front and looked around. “Umm… Frostkit! You can be my helper!” Goldkit meowed. Frostkit padded forward and sat down. “Now, we will learn about deathberries.” Goldkit meowed. Frostkit glanced at Breezekit very quickly. “Deathberries are red, NEVER eat red deathberries or you’ll die.” Goldkit told them. “I heard you’ll die if you even touch them!” Goldkit hissed. “THAT’S NOT TRUE!” Breezekit shouted. Goldkit flinched at the loud call. “And how would you know?” Frostkit meowed. “Umm, I- uh… I just know!” Breezekit hissed.

  • Rivers

    2. Prospect

    “ThunderClan, surround for patrols!,” Firebird yowls. I pad next to Stoneleap, my brother and we gather around Firebird for patrols. She finally gets to us. “Stoneleap, you may lead a patrol. Take Spottedwing, Emberflame, and Mousetail with you to the RiverClan border.”

    Mousetail and Spottedwing join us, prodding each other playfully giggling in that irritating, she-cattish way that drives me nuts. “Come on.” Stoneleap orders.

    I cannot help but think of that she-cat I saw last night at the RiverClan border at the pond. I remember her staring at me, and my breath caught. She had a smooth silver pelt spotted with pale mottles and endless emerald eyes.

    I have not met her. Ever.

    Will I see her again?

    “Emberflame!,” Stoneleap cuffs me over the ear. “You gotta pay attention if you ever wanna become deputy one day.”


    My brother rolls his eyes. “I said how about we split up; you’ll be hunting near the WindClan border.”

    “Okay,” I head off quickly to the border, my head swirling with thoughts. What if I caught a WindClan patrol? What if…my mother was there? Long ago, Dawnfall, mother to Stoneleap and I, decided ThunderClan life was not fit for her, so she left to WindClan. Left us. And my father, Ripplepelt was devastated to find out she had taken a new mate, Breezeclaw. I was devastated to find out she had new kits some time ago, now Beetlepaw and Thrushpaw. I made sure to never encounter them.

    I might today.

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