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[image description: a black-and-white photo of a kitten sleeping in a cavity of a typewriter]


  • Scourge on BlogClan
    By Wolfkit
    Inspired By Warrior Cats Trolling by Rosesong

    Scourge was surfing the web when he saw BlogClan. He clicked on thinking this was the purrfect place to insult people. (He was wrong.) The black cat clicked on an article and started insulting people under the name Murderfoot.
    He scrolled up and saw a poll. It was who was best villain?
    “Oh it’s obviously me!” He mewed
    He clicked on himself. The result showed Tigerstar, 99.999999 and Scourge 0.000001
    2 seconds later…
    The computer dust and Scourge was at a BlogTeam meeting.
    “I demand a recount!” he rounded up on Kate Cary. “For I am best villian!”
    20 seconds later…
    He was at the gathering with Tigerstar, Firestar, Tallstar, Lepoardstar, and the Warriors that came.
    ”Hey, did you see the results? I can say that I obviously won,” Tigerstar mewed.
    Scourge killed Tigerstar.

  • Morning Clouds

    Chapter 18

    Three sunrises had passed since Bright Feather and Maple Pool had begun their quest to find Snowy Skies. They had been mainly uneventful, crossing out of the territory the first day. Since then, the two kits managed to clumsily bring down a couple of small mice that were too slow to escape their pounding pawsteps and clumsy blows. Bright Feather knew they were in danger because neither of them had been properly trained. If any threat came along, they were fresh-kill.

    But they were faring. They had managed to stay alive and mainly well, except for a small scratch on Maple Pool’s shoulder from when she brushed a sharp branch. And they were managing to feed themselves, which Bright Feather took as a huge accomplishment, seeing as neither of them barely knew anything about what they were doing except Hazel Burrow and Morning Fire showing them the hunter’s crouch once.

    “Hey, Bright Feather!”

    Maple Pool was peeking out of a small hole in a tree. “Come in here!”

    Bright Feather bounded up to the tree and clumsily scampered up into the hole, glancing around. “This is so cool!”

    Maple Pool yawned. “Let’s sleep here,” she declared, curling up with her tail over her nose as the sky darkened.

    Bright Feather did the same, her tortoiseshell pelt slowly rising and falling as her breathing deepened and she fell asleep.

    However nifty and safe the shelter seemed, it didn’t provide them privacy. Any cat padding by could see them.

    And that’s just what the cat who just happened to be quietly padding by did.

    And as Bright Feather and Maple Pool slept, blue eyes stared unblinkingly at them as their owner thought.

    And quiet teeth fastened in their scruffs as the cat picked them up and quietly carried them away.


    Echo’s eyes widened in shock. So it wasn’t cotton or sheep fur or white feathers like she thought! It was a cat!

    She gaped at it, but not for long. Scraping of twigs and pawsteps told her that Ember was leaving, hopefully going back to camp. And since she didn’t know the way back, she’d have to follow him.

    Waving her tail apologetically to the cat, Echo crept after Ember as he padded back the way she and Splinter had come, slipping back in camp the way she and Splinter had left through.

    Sitting on the floor of the camp clearing, Echo frowned. The things that she had seen and heard were still swirling around in her head, and she didn’t understand most of them. Like why would there be a cat in a willow tree? And why were Splinter and Ember fighting? And why was this such a secret anyway? Maybe if it wasn’t, she would understand.

    I wish I did understand.

    Are you sure? The question swirled around in her head, and she wasn’t sure if she’d thought it or if she’d heard it.


    So be it.

    Her answer was final.

    And there was no going back.


    Prickle’s POV

    Prickle screamed as Splash dropped to the ground beside him. Is she dead? Worry plagued him. He had no idea how to help her or fight off these terrible cats.

    But he had to try. That’s what he’d been doing this whole time, right?

    But there wasn’t time to ponder his choice. With Splash out of the way, the black-and-brown tom could easily take care of him. And win the battle? What are they fighting for anyway? What is the point of this? Prickle wondered absently.

    The tom lunged at him, claws outstretched, sneering. He lashed out, catching Prickle’s shoulder and tearing open a wide gash, making him flinch. In response, he aimed a clumsy blow, trying to replicate what Splash had done as well as what he’d trained in and seen in training back at camp. But it wasn’t as graceful as Lake’s or as precise as Snow’s or as strong as Ash’s or-

    Prickle shook his head sharply. He had to stop spacing out! The tom was laughing at him, his lip curling in contempt. “Is that seriously the best you’ve got?”

    Prickle growled, his half-dull claws curling into the ground at the insult. He hated bullies, but it stung even more because it was true. This tom was more than three times his strength and skill – not that it was saying anything.

    Instead of answering, he flattened his ears and showed his teeth just like Dawn did in training, when she wanted to look scary. He fluffed out out all his fur

    And struck, as best he could.

    But would it be enough?

    He already knew the answer.

    It wouldn’t. It never was. He would never be good enough.

    “Retreat!” yowled Dark, grabbing Splash and hauling her onto her back. Prickle raced to help, but Dark hurried away. Does she blame me?

    That chilling thought, along with his worries for Splash’s safety and his humiliation as their opponents yowled triumphantly and quite rudely after them, following Prickle home.


    Rising Sun froze, staring at the two unfamiliar cats. One tom, one she-cat. An orange tabby and a black-and-white patched. Not ShadowClan, not from any of the Clans as far as she could tell.

    “Hi!” called the she-cat, waving her tail. “Want to share?” she asked, flicking her tail at a freshly-killed mouse. “There’s enough for all of us.”

    “I’m sorry,” Rising Sun called. “But it’s ShadowClan territory. Cats that aren’t in ShadowClan can’t hunt here, and I’m in ShadowClan, so I can’t eat your prey. Thank you, though!”

    The tom wrinkled his nose. “That’s kind of weird. But it’s cool that you don’t take all this territory for yourself and then hunt outside it too.”

    Rising Sun felt a grin spread across her face. “Yeah, it’s pretty cool. And if you were here by accident, we’d let you keep it. We’re not savages.”

    The she-cat smiled. “That’s good to know.” She tipped her head, studying Rising Sun for a few moments. “I’m Ginger, by the way.”

    “And I’m Patch,” added the tom.

    “Nice to meet you,” Rising Sun meowed with a friendly smile. “I’m Rising Sun.”

    Ginger’s eyes widened. “Whoa, that’s a cool name.”

    Rising Sun smiled proudly. “Yeah, pretty much all of the Clan cats have two-word names like mine. I used to be a loner named Sun, but when I joined ShadowClan with my best friend Storm, we became Rising Sun and Storm Flight.”

    “Wow.” Ginger’s eyes were really wide now. “You changed your name for them?”

    “Well, not that much,” meowed Rising Sun with a shrug. “And there are some cats, like Blossom of SkyClan, that kept their names. Storm Flight and I just chose not to.”

    “Wait.” Patch blinked at her in confusion. “There are other Clans?”

    Rising Sun nodded. “There’s ShadowClan, SkyClan, ThunderClan, RiverClan, and WindClan. We all have separate territories, but meet together at a place called Fourtrees every full moon to share news.”

    “That’s really cool,” Ginger meowed, eyes wide. “I’d love to know more sometime.”

    Rising Sun felt her spirits fall. “Are you leaving?”

    Patch looked at the sun, high in the sky. “We promised we’d meet our friend soon. I didn’t realize how much time has passed.”

    “Bye!” Ginger called, waving her tail as they turned to leave. “Maybe we could meet up sometime? Share news and we could learn about the Clans?”

    “Sure,” Rising Sun meowed with a smile. “Does two nights from now work for you?”

    “That’s great,” Patch replied. “See you then!”

    “See you!” Rising Sun called in farewell, a little happy tingle in her paws. She hadn’t gotten to meet up with friends like this in moons, since she lived with most of her friends, and her friends from other Clans she saw at Gatherings and on patrols. Not like this.

    That felt good.

    But good things don’t really last, do they?


    Yay! Done! I can’t believe I didn’t finish anything for about a month and then I publish two chapters in two days (the other one is the prologue for my new book Civil War, which would be awesome if you would check out! Plus I need a cover. Double advertisement. XD). Three-day weekends are excellent for writing! Hopefully I’ll be able to get the next chapter out soon, but I can’t guarantee anything. The next few months are pretty busy for me.

    Questions of the Day:

    1) Who do you think took Bright Feather and Maple Pool, and what will happen to them?
    2) Is Splash dead? Does Dark actually blame Prickle, or is he just interpreting her worry for Splash’s life wrong?
    3) Who are Ginger and Patch, and is Rising Sun right to trust them?
    4) Should Rising Sun tell her Clanmates about Ginger and Patch or should she keep it to herself? What will she actually do?
    5) I asked this last chapter, but any more thoughts on Echo, Ember, Splinter, and the mysterious cat in the tree?

    Thanks for reading! Feedback is always welcome 🙂

    • Nice! 😀

      1) I think it’s some cat in Slash’s group, and that they’re going to be held as prisoners as well.

      2) I doubt it, and I think it’s likely misinterpretation, but then again, if
      she did, it would make for a more interesting plot…

      3) I bet that they’re somehow linked to Slash’s group. I’m a bit skeptic about them.

      4) She should tell the Clan, but I bet she won’t.

      5) The cat in the tree is definitely Snowy Skies, I bet so 😛

      • Thank you! I can tell you one easy thing – you’re right about Rising Sun 😛 but that’s just cat (human) nature. XD

  • The Rise Of BloodClan
    Part IX or X?: Broken Bone

    *Warning: some triggering topics ahead*

    (Author’s Note: So it’s been a long time since I updated TROB and I can’t find my last chapter so bear with me please and if some stuff in the story doesn’t match up with the current plot, please tell me.)

    I swirled my claw in the dirt, making little circles.

    Another day without ɦɛʀ.

    Nothing helped me forget of it. Nothing. Not the pleasure I get from seeing my fellow cats get injured, not the rush I feel when Itke something’s life away.

    Not anymore.

    I miss her, I will admit. She is my waking thought, and dying breath. She is also dead.

    And guess who is just completely ɛċstatɨċ
    about her departure?


    “Come on out, Scourge, she didn’t matter all that much to ya anyway, considerin’ you did claw her face,” the white and black spotted repluse of cat tells me.

    “Shut up Bone before I treat you the same.”

    “Listen buddy, I’m only trying to help. You know me, I’m always the shoulder to cry on.”

    “… I’m not crying.”

    Well, that was a lie. It was a strange mix of anger and sadness. The kind were you feel the need to destory your surroundings but also the kind were you just wanna curl up and die.

    … It was agony.

    “Hm, and I’m not deputy of BloodClan.”

    “If you keep pestering me you won’t be.”

    Realizing the threat, he stalks off.

    I buried my head in my moss. The best and only thing I can do right now is try to sleep.

    The only thought that goes though my head is

    Tommorrow is a another day.

    That day couldn’t come soon enough.


    Of course, my nightmares are filled with thoughts of her.

    She sits next to me, and smiles.

    “Hey, Scourge? Wanna train?”

    “… You’re not real.”

    “… Scourge?”

    “… You are not real.”

    “Scourge, what’s wrong?”


    She looks in horror at my outburst. But I stay true to what I scream. SHE. IS. NOT. REAL.

    “This is all fake, you’re not real. This. Is. A. Dream. No, it’s a nightmare.”

    “Scourge! What’s wrong? You were fine one second then you…”

    “LEAVE. ME. ALONE. YOU. ARE. NOT. REAL! Why can’t you understand that?! You are nothing more than a figment of my imagination that’s torturing me reminding me of you!”

    “Scoruge, I’m, I’m, real…”

    That’s when it gets to me.

    I turn around and find a cliff, right behind me, and without any thought, I lauch myself down.

    Being weightless is not as fun as everybody thinks.

    I dread but also want the moment when I smack and hit the rock below.

    And I do.

    I’m alive.

    And when I open my eyes, back where I was before.

    She is right next to me.

    “Hey Scourge! Wanna train?”

    I scream at the top of my lungs.



    I look back at her.

    She is sinking in the ground.

    “Scourge… Scourge….”

    She repeats with the same blank look on her face.

    “Scourge… Help…”

    I claw to reach her. She is not slipping though my claws again. Not again. Never again.

    “Hang on, I’m, I’m going to get you out.”

    “Not you’re not…”

    “Yes! Yes I am! You’re going to die because me! You’re not!”

    “I love you… Scourge.”

    “I love you too.”

    Tears overwhem me at this point. The ground become a salty sea as her paws are buried beneath the dirt.

    She is gone.

    All goes to black.


    “Yօʊ ҡռօա, sċօʊʀɢɛ, I ɦօքɛ աɛ ɢօ sօʍɛաɦɛʀɛ աaʀʍ aռɖ քɛaċɛʄʊʟ աɦɛռ աɛ ɖɨɛ.”

    I hear them. Whispers of long forgotten talks.

    That doesn’t sound so bad now.

    “Woah, Scourge, ya almost got me there!”

    Heh. She was a good fighter.

    “Scourge… I-I love you.”

    I love you too.


    I awaken.

    She is not next to me.

    Water has formed in pools around and in my den. I stare at my reflection in them. The rough, sadistic BloodClan leader had been softened by the touch of her. My features seemed less meancing and less rough around the edges. A reminder of days passed, days with my mother. Days of hope. That gave me hope. But hope is a fleeting thing, but she had reinstalled it in me. And it didn’t leave until she did.

    She made me question, “Am I really a monster?”

    And the answer…

    Still yes.

    “Am I worthy of her?”

    The answer…

    Still no.

    When would the answers change?

    When I did.


    I can still feel those violet eyes.

    In those eyes lie stars.

    Stars that shone brighter than twoleg made light.

    Because these stars,

    Shone like she did.

    I get up.

    A major feat for beaten down, old me. I feel a thousand years weighing down on me. Years that I didn’t live but they passed anyway.

    I walk.

    The world outside of my den is a new one. But still the same.

    I hear the rushing water. I feel the sun. I see the world.

    It feels the same.

    It’s all in black and white.

    But in death,

    Only then would I see the colors again.

    Mindlessly, I ran to the river. It’s rushing and ready to kill. And I’m ready to die.

    Soon, I come upon the saving grace.

    I walk to edge.

    I have to do this right, if there’s even a right way to die.

    We gotta die.

    Today’s my time.

    “Scourge! What are you doing!”


    I snap around.

    “Does it matter? Why do you even care?”

    “What are you, trying to, kill yourself?!”

    “Why do care?!”

    “Well than, I don’t! That only means I become leader, right? Of course I care!”

    “That’s a straight up lie.”

    “No, it’s not! Scourge, you have to get over her you have a Clan to run!”

    I can bearly hear him over the rushing water.

    “The Clan will survive.”

    “Not without you!”

    “Leave me alone!”

    Without any pre-thought, I knock him over, and he falls in the river.

    “Bone!” I reach to catch him, he slips.

    The river drags him under.


    “Bone, I’ll get you out, don’t worry!”

    I run to try to keep up with him, but it’s no use.

    “Let me go, you’ll just die, if you get in here!”
    He calls.

    “Scourge… You were the best friend I ever had.”

    With that he is whisked away with the river.


    (Well that was dark,I honestly think that’s the darkest I’ve ever written, have some cake to brighten the mood 🍰🍰🍰🍰🍰🍰🍰)

  • Warrior cats trolling (I need a better name for this series x3) #2 (inspired by Moonkitti)
    Sandstorm vs. Spottedleaf

    Fireheart: Uh, Cinderpelt? I have a problem, Spottedleaf says the clan will die.
    Cinderpelt: Fireheart, I think you should get a real girlfriend instead of having dream dates with Spottedleaf.
    Fireheart: Oh boy! But who?
    Cinderpelt: Sandstorm SO obviously likes you.
    Fireheart: WHAT?! SHE DOES?!
    Cinderpelt: Mousebrain. :I
    *Sandstorm jumps through window of medicine cat den*
    Fireheart: Who’s Jayfeather, and whats a palm?
    Sandstorm: OH NO I’M SO SORRY!
    *Cinderpelt falls on ground and spazzes out*
    Fireheart: NUUUU NOT MY SISTER!
    Firefart I mean heart: But still tho, WHO IN STARCLAN IS JAYFEATHER AND WHATS A PALM!?
    Sandstorm: Our future grandson, and a palm is a part of a twoleg hand.
    Fireheart: Wait, what?? We aren’t even mates. And how did you know about a palm?
    Sandstorm: I kidnap you and put you in my basment until you become my mate! and I just know things Fireheart! 😀
    *Fireheart flies through window*
    *Fireheart flies back*
    Fireheart: Sorry went on another dream date.
    *Cinderpelt gets so shocked she stands up*
    Cinderpelt: With who?
    Fireheart: Umm…. Er- Blueeessssttaaaaa- Spotteeeedddddd- no Sandddddd….. You already know don’t you?
    Sandstorm: HOW DARE YOU!
    *Sandstorm flies through window up to starclan*
    Up in starclan…
    Spottedleaf: Why hello Daahhling, did you already die? Wow your a mousebrain, you just became a warrior last night.
    *Sandstorm le slaps Spottedleaf*
    Spottedleaf: One second, Fireheart is now leader and I gotta give him the power of love.
    Sandstorm: BU-
    *Spottedleaf disapears then reapears*
    Spottedleaf: Congrats! Firestar has the power of love now!
    Sandstorm: HOW DARE YOU!!
    Spottedleaf: For you.
    Sandstorm: REALLY?!
    Spottedleaf: No, that’s why you don’t slap your aunt. 😀
    Sandstorm: I HATE YOUUUUUUU!
    Spottedleaf: One second, gotta bring Tigerstar back to life. 🙂
    Spottedleaf: Oh well, Tigerstar is pretty chill. 😀
    *Spottedleaf disapears*
    Sandstorm: I hate her, I feel so sorry for my dad that he had to grow up with this monster.
    *Spottedleaf reapears*
    Spottedleaf: WHAT WAS THAT SUNNY!?
    *Sandstorm le slaps Spottedleaf again*
    Spottedleaf: Oh, and I forgot to tell you something… When I brought Tigerstar back, I crushed Firestar with a tree…
    Spottedleaf: I hate you too dear :). Also, apparently your dead now too. That’s why you don’t slap your aunt.
    Sandstorm: Wait wha-?
    *Sandstorm falls over and dies*
    *Spottedleaf walks away with troll face*
    Spottedleaf: TROLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLLOLOLOLO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Don’t ask why I made Spottedleaf sound like a stereotypical aunt XD

  • Spottedleaf on BlogClan
    By Wolfkit

    Spottedleaf finished her business on the Firestar stalking machine, kissing the shrine, and telling everyone on social media that Firestar was her mate. She just had one more site to post on, BlogClan.
    She clicked on the website to come across the blog. The very first post was My Least Favorite Characters in Warriors. She clicked on it, intrigued.
    She scrolled down, seeing a couple names she recognized and her name, was at the bottom, number one.
    It was the longest paragraph, saying how purrfect she was. And how she was totally was obsessed with Firestar even she like twice as old as he was when they met.
    She banged her head on the keyboard like three or four times, and accidentally wrote and published a comment. This is what she wrote:

    ssaddawsdwSp ott edleaf isama rysuesdg cvfgf
    2 days later….
    Everyone on BlogClan replied with yes including its newest member Firestar. But Spottedleaf was too busy kissing her shrine and watching the Firestar-stalker-4000

  • Warrior cats trolling #3
    Tigerstar’s favorite joke:
    Tigerstar: Hey Graystripe. *snickers*
    Tigerstar; Knock Knock. *snickers louder*
    Graystripe: *sighs* Who’s there?
    Tigerstar: NOT YOUR FAMILY! *Tigerstar falls on ground laughing*
    *Firestar whips his head around*
    Firestar; WHAT DID YOU SAY M8?!
    Tigerstar: Uh,,, nothing?
    *Tackles Tigerstar*
    Graystripe: Go Firestar!
    Sandstorm, Silverstream, Morningflower, and Sasha: Toms, never know when to stop fighting…
    *crowd gathers around the fight*
    The crowd: FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT!
    Gray: Ok pls stop now.
    Tigerstar; AHHHHH! CAN’T BREATH!!!!!!
    *Firestar ends Tigerstar*
    Tigerstar: This is starclan, you can;t kill me.
    Crookedstar: He is in deed correct, Firestar!
    Crookedstar: Oh, okay Firefart. ;’)
    Firestar: WHAT!? WHO IS FIREFART!?
    Crookedstar: Jimmy,
    Firestar: Oh okay.
    Tigerstar: You can’t kill me x3

  • Morning Clouds

    Chapter 19

    Hail Breeze began to shake. Oh no, no, no! Panic flooded him.

    Sun Song’s scent flooded his nose, even though she was nowhere nearby. The hole was drenched in it – she must have been using it often.

    But why?

    She’d been sneaking out of camp?!

    Hail Breeze’s head swirled with panic. That’s why she was never there! Is it our fault? Is she avoiding us? Is she hurt? Is she-

    “Wh-why would she do that?!” Rising Moon whispered, her eyes huge.

    Golden Streaks blinked her shocked, large eyes. “I… I don’t know.”

    He shook his head. “Why?” His voice, meant to come out as simply shocked, emerged as a desperate, terrified whisper.

    Dark Stream pressed her shoulder comfortingly against his, but he hardly felt it. “Don’t worry,” she murmured, swishing her tail quietly. “We’ll wait here until she comes back and figure it out. She’ll be fine. We’ll help her.”

    Hail Breeze nodded numbly, wishing he could believe her.

    This… I just… I don’t know. Why?


    Jade trekked through the forest, relaxed, but kept her ears pricked warily. She let her thick tail swish comfortably on the forest floor, a small, polite smile gracing her face. She twitched her ears slightly as a bird chirped over her head, but made no move to catch it, just went on her way.

    The silver bell on her dark green collar rung joyfully and Jade winced slightly. But a gray tabby head poked out of a gap between the gnarled roots of a seasons-old willow tree, and Jade forgot her anxiety, bounding over to the cat. “Small Bird! Where are the kits?” she purred, slightly breathless.

    To her surprise, Small Bird’s ears flicked warily and her eyes flashed with panic before answering. “They’re inside.”

    Jade tipped her head to the side. “Are you okay?”

    Small Bird bobbed her head and her tail could be heard swishing against the ground in the den.

    Jade frowned. “O-okay. Are you ready for me to take them?”

    Small Bird nodded quickly again, ducking into the den and nudging out two small kits. Jade’s sense of worry and doubt was lifted off her shoulders at the sight of them. “Cloud! Lemon!”

    “Jade!” The white she-kit purred, leaping forward and stumbling at Jade’s much-larger gray forepaws.

    The tom-kit padded forward more slowly, but his eyes shone with the same delight as the white kit’s. “Hi, Jade!”

    “Hello,” Jade purred, nuzzling each of them in turn.

    “Can we see your den today?” Cloud asked eagerly.

    Jade shook her head. “No, not yet. Let’s go to the Moss Tree.”

    “But we’ve been there tons of times before!” Cloud complained, dragging her paws. “I want to see Twolegplace!”

    Lemon nodded, though his eyes carried a touch of uncertainty.

    Jade swished her tail, briskly turning away in the direction of the Moss Tree. “Another time. Come on, let’s go.”

    “You always say that!” Cloud complained, but she and her brother followed.

    As they walked, Jade wondered if she should be taking them to see Twolegplace. After all, they were almost three moons old. And with a kittypet taking care of them, they should see where she lived and what kind of life she led.

    But she didn’t want them to see Twolegplace. She didn’t want them to see the tough, bloodthirsty strays who lived on the streets, or the way they bullied weaker strays and kittypets like her. Small Bird had been wise in picking a secluded spot to raise them, where hardly any cats passed by. Jade fully trusted Small Bird to raise them well. She came from a faraway place of cold and hunger, and had endured a hard journey here to start a new life, even though she had left her kin. After a couple seasons of the rough life on the streets, Small Bird had found an area in the forest where she could raise her kits, which were of another stray who had died.

    But Jade could never logically comprehend why no cat came near her home. Sure, Small Bird was dangerous, but so were all strays and forest cats! And there had been no massacre of “intruders” or anything.

    It was just a small clearing near some willows…


    It was nighttime when Splashing Creek left the medicine den. For the past couple days she had felt like her ears were on fire. Dappled Pelt had been ignoring her and Feathery Clouds had been acting weird as well. A part of her wondered if it was some kind of disease. But why, of all cats, would it affect her sister and mentor? No, it couldn’t be that. It was something else. But were they connected?

    At least there were some good things that had happened. Summer Breeze had become a full member of RiverClan. Splashing Creek missed her friend in the den, but it was worth it to see her as a full member. And there were new denmates. Night and Riverstar’s kits, Ember Dawn and Flower Stream, and had been apprenticed, to Summer Breeze and Moss Tail. Even with the Clans so young, she knew it was odd for new apprentices to have their mentors be a very new member of the Clan and her mentor to be their mentors, but RiverClan was short on cats. Not many wanted to swim and fish.

    She knew they were lucky. In the last few moons, prey had been plentiful, three new litters of kits had been born, and Gecko’s Chirp had joined as a young pregnant queen who didn’t mind getting her paws wet and needed a home. And neither would Storm’s Wind and Rain Splash.

    They were also lucky to have her and her sister. She had heard the story many times, how they were found abandoned by the creek at about a moon old, no names and no other cats in sight. Night, who had milk from her then-unborn kits, had nursed them and the Clan had raised them, naming them after the splashing creek they were found by and the feathery clouds in the air. They had grown up in RiverClan and learned to swim and fish, and Splashing Creek, who was always ready for a challenge and eager to learn new things, had been apprenticed to Dappled Pelt, one of the two medicine cats who had been full-grown when they left the mountains, all those moons ago. And Feathery Clouds was a strong fighter and fisher and excelled in land hunting too, should they ever need it. She would make a fabulous member of the Clan.

    They were lucky to have RiverClan. And RiverClan was lucky to have them.

    But it seemed like RiverClan wasn’t being very appreciative of Splashing Creek lately. At least not Dappled Pelt and Feathery Clouds.

    Maybe it was because Splashing Creek was a medicine cat. She had heard stories of SkyClan’s first medicine cat, who had come from a farm. He was a good medicine cat, but some of his Clanmates never fully accepted him, and he had already fallen in love with Moth Flight, WindClan’s medicine cat who had found him and the Moonstone. He died falling from a tree trying to get sap for an elderly, sick WindClan cat against his leader’s orders. Moth Flight had his kits after he died and sent them to different Clans. One of them was Spider Paw.

    Splashing Creek shook her doubts off with a growl. They can’t think that! Feathery Clouds and I were less than a moon old when we were found! We’ve spent our whole lives here!

    But Splashing Creek couldn’t wipe her memory clean, and once she had the thought, she could never get rid of it.

    She shook her head as if to clear it and padded outside. The camp was bathed in moonlight, a beautiful sight, but most cats were in their nests instead of out here to see it. There were a few cats out, though. Night was sitting at the edge of the clearing, washing her ears. Dappled Pelt and Riverstar lay next to each other, talking in small, low tones. And Spider Paw crouched outside the apprentices’ den, slowly nibbling on a small trout.

    Night gave her a friendly nod as she passed, and Riverstar flicked an ear in acknowledgment, but Dappled Pelt ignored her and Spider Paw muttered under his breath and averted his gaze. Oh yeah, and Spider Paw hates me too. One more cat in RiverClan against me.

    She stuck her nose high in the air and pranced past them, out of camp, before sitting down by the river. She swung her paw in like Shattered Ice had taught her and Feathery Clouds when they were little. Her claws came up with only swiftly draining water, though, and she let out an angry, frustrated yell. I could do this as a kit! Why can’t I do it now?!

    “Allow me,” Spider Paw meowed from behind her, and Splashing Creek jumped, surprised. What’s he doing here?

    Something flashed in the tom’s eyes as their gazes met and he quickly looked away, swinging his paw into the water and coming up a couple heartbeats later with a large carp. Splashing Creek growled in frustration, her ears burning with embarrassment.

    Spider Paw set the fish on the bank between them, watching the water drain from its body and roll back into the river. “Your yell woke up half the camp,” he meowed quietly. “You should be quieter next time. I bet it scared some of the fish away, too.”

    Splashing Creek’s ears burned even more. She hated being told off, especially by Spider Paw. “You’re not my mentor,” she growled, but the words left a shock of pain. Dappled Pelt. Why?

    Spider Paw tossed his head, sneering, but pain flashed in his eyes. “Good luck, then.” He flattened his ears, sadness and pain flashing in his eyes, and ran off, leaving a stunned she-cat and one large, forgotten carp.


    Yessss, three chapters in a row! Let’s go! Hopefully I can keep this up (no I won’t). XD

    Questions of the Day:

    1) Why is Sun Song sneaking out, and is the other kits’ uninclusion to blame?
    2) What is Small Bird hiding?
    3) Should Jade show Cloud and Lemon Twolegplace, or is she being wise by keeping it from them?
    4) Why do you think no one goes near Small Bird’s home?
    5) What do you think of Spider Paw’s behavior?

    This chapter featured the fursonas of Streampaw, Goldenpaw, Emberdawn, Flowerstream, Geckoflower, and Breezey (Dark Stream, Golden Streaks, Ember Dawn, Flower Stream, Gecko’s Chirp, and Summer Breeze).

    Thanks for reading! Feedback is always welcome 🙂

  • Rivers
    Chapter 3. Picturesque

    Today, Pikestar assigned me on a patrol with Rosepool, Tarponfin, and Waterlily to ask WindClan for a few lungworts as herbs for the sick elders. A few caught some yellowcough, and are now locked safely in an elderbush which every cat besides Junipertail -the medicine cat- may go in.

    We have crossed the moory border and it is not long before we scent a patrol. “Wait silently,” Tarponfin hissed. “and look as calm as you can.” I nod silently, gazing at my former crush’s peaceful, yet determined expression as two WindClan cats stepped out into the clearing, reminding me of why I had fallen in love with him in the first place. But Dapplefoot had won his heart first.

    “So,” One tom with black and white patched fur, similar to Tarponfin’s pelt says. “What do we have here? Why does RiverClan suddenly assume they may cross any border as they prefer?” There is a note of challenge in his deep meow.

    “By no means,” Rosepool lifts her chin. “We only want to speak with your medicine cat.”

    “What do you want with Addernose?” The apprentice’s fluffy black tail bristled. “I don’t see your medicine cat with you.”

    “My apprentice is right,” the mentor says. “So we need to take you to Gorsestar at once.”

    “Will your medicine cat be at camp?” Waterlily questions and the apprentice shoots her another glare. “Yes,” She answers anyway.


    This is actually quite vivid. I always stereotyped WindClan territory as a pile of weeds, twigs, and dirt that those cats rolled in (my bad), but this is actually quite stunning. Not as picturesque as RiverClan marshes and reeds but the tall, broad hills, sun-kissed are actually splendid. I smell the fresh heather-filled air and I feel a sudden excitement in my tendons, urging me to run. Is this how WindClan members feel?

    I force myself calm and wait for Addernose. Gorsestar has allowed us to wait outside the leader’s den until he came. Oh! Here he is.

    “Welcome back, Addernose,” Stormflight, the warrior who brought us here with his apprentice Thrushpaw nods to us. “you have got visitors.”

    Addernose’s smile is friendly. His mottled brown and black pelt is smooth and he shoots us a sunny smile. “Meet me in my den.” Two warrior escorts arrive but he dismisses them with a flick of his tail. We walk inside the den and he stares at us. “State your request.”

    I begin explaining how 5 elders caught yellow-cough, our plans to keep the illness from spreading, and our need of lungwort.

    “Hmm,” The mottled medicine cat considers thoughtfully. “Sorry, I do not have it in my stock.” Our shoulders droop but he continues. “However, I spotted some at the ThunderClan border. We can go now.”

    Addernose quickly consults Gorsestar and we leave with the escorts this time. Ugh.


    We’ve gone to the edge of the border. Tarponfin stiffens. “Do I…smell ThunderClan?” Oh dear.

    Addernose stiffens too, and Waterlily and I stop picking lungwort to gaze up in fear. The escorts, Dawnfall and Silverbird are anxious too, especially Dawnfall though I don’t know why. Rosepool peeks through the bushes and turns back, whispering: “It’s a tom.”

    More or less, we head straight for it. This may not be my territory, yet I still feel an urge to defend it. As we approach the ThunderClan cat, our lips curled, my sneer immediately vanishes the moment my gaze fixes on the intruder. And my heart settles on one emotion: Recognition.

  • Piece of advice: Never rely on Shadowpaw (me) to be consistent with her fanfics.
    Well here is another one.

    By: Shadowpaw


    Hollyleaf banged her head into the pure white walls of her prison for about the thousandth time. A small camera tracked her every movement. She turned her head and glared at it.

    “You’ll pay for this!” She said in an attempt to growl. But of course ever since she had become a twoleg she hadn’t been able to do the things she could once do easily as a cat.

    Of course there was no reply. Just mind-numbing boredom, staring at blank walls. Even the shock of changing species didn’t add any excitement.

    Neither did the gnawing hunger.

    Or the dry thirst.

    Or the void where her memories had once been…

    Only fleeting thoughts returned from her past. Hollyleaf knew that when she first woke wherever she was right now every memory was as clear as they’d been the day before when she had still been a cat.

    But now only a few things clung.

    1. My name is Hollyleaf.

    2. I am, well I used to be, dead.

    3. My love is looking for me.

    4. I used to think I was part of something larger than life, but I’m not.

    5. I did something very wrong against one of the very things I value most.

    With a sigh she sank to the ground and wept.

    After what seemed like years she felt the floor drop beneath her. She glanced upward and barely acknowledged her stomach in her throat. What now? She thought.

    When she landed she was in a new room. This hand a plain white bed, almost impossible to see due to the icy walls. And there was also a cup filled to the brim with something dark and steaming. Without a thought Hollyleaf snarled it down.

    She almost gagged then in their. It tasted of fox-dung, mud, maggots, crow-food, and traveling herbs all in one. But it filled her belly and she refused to have leaf-bare come to her hunger so soon. It burned her mouth too but she didn’t care.

    When she finished she glanced upward and saw a shiny black screen inside the wall. As if it knew she was looking at it it flickered with light.

    A man appeared upon it.

    “Hello,” he said. “I see you have drank the R34-Beta9. You are ready.”

    Hollyleaf fainted.

  • Growing Shadows
    Chapter 7

    Dewfeather’s POV

    Dewfeather put the feverfew beside Copperstar turned to leave, dipping her head respectfully to her sick leader. Copperstar had gotten much worse over the past few days, and now had greencough, along with half her Clan. The whole Clan was terrified to see their leader so ill, and Nettletalon had taken over all of her duties. There was some good news, though: Flowerwillow wasn’t coughing anymore.

    Dewfeather hurried back to the medicine den, where Flowerwillow was trying to find more herbs that would help the sick cats.

    “Did you give Copperstar the feverfew?” meowed Flowerwillow.

    Dewfeather nodded. “She seems really sick.”

    “She is.” mewed Flowerwillow. “I don’t know what would happen if…”

    Dewfeather felt a jolt of alarm. “She still has lives left, right?”

    “She’s on her last.” Flowerwillow meowed softly. “But don’t tell the rest of the Clan. They would panic.”

    Dewfeather nodded. “What should I do next?”

    “You can chew up this borage” meowed Flowerwillow. “We need to bring it to the cats in the hollow tree trunk.”

    Dewfeather chewed up the herbs, wincing as the bitter taste seeped into her tongue. When she had a good amount of the borage pulp, she wrapped a leaf around it and went to the hollow tree. The area reeked of sickness. Dewfeather set the pulp in front of the sick cats, alarmed to see how still some of them were laying. Poor Eaglekit looked like nothing more than skin and bones.

    “Eaglekit?” whispered Dewfeather. “Can you eat some of these herbs?”

    Eaglekit moaned, but rolled over and lapped up some of the borage. Satisfied, Dewfeather left.

    “I need to sit with Copperstar.” meowed Flowerwillow as soon as Dewfeather got back. “You’ll have to handle things in here on your own today, and then tonight you can take a turn sitting with her.”

    Flowerwillow picked up a leaf wrap of feverfew and poppy seeds, then hurried to Copperstar’s den. Dewfeather sat down and counted poppy seeds, another one of the many herbs they were low on.

    “Hey, Dewfeather.” mewed Brightmoon.

    “Hi, Brightmoon. What can I do for you?” meowed Dewfeather.

    “I think I’ve got a thorn stuck in my pad.” she meowed, holding out her paw.

    Sure enough, the top of a thorn was poking up between Brightmoon’s toes. Dewfeather grasped the thorn in her teeth, and pulled. She spat the long, bloody thorn out, and took a look at Brightmoon’s pad. A few drops of blood had welled up in the wound, but nothing bad. At least we have plenty of herbs to treat wounds.

    Dewfeather chewed up some goldenrod, and licked it into Brightmoon’s paw. Thanking her, Brightmoon left. Dewfeather finished counting poppy seeds and went through the herb store again, discarding all the rotten ones. At dusk, Flowerwillow came back and Dewfeather went to Copperstar’s den.

    Copperstar looked small in her nest, and struggled for breath. Dewfeather sat down next to her and began what would be a long night. Shadowleaf came with some wet moss, which Copperstar drank from feebly. Dewfeather chewed some feverfew leaves and mixed in some poppy seeds, but Copperstar was too weak to eat them.

    Dewfeather spent most of the night with her gaze fixed on Copperstar, watching the rise and fall of her flank. She fought the urge to close her eyes and sleep, keeping herself awake by standing and stretching.

    Suddenly, she saw that Copperstar wasn’t breathing. Panicking, she completely forgot what to do, and ran to the medicine den to get Flowerwillow.

    “Flowerwillow!” she yowled, shaking her with a paw.

    Flowerwillow was instantly awake and on her paws. “What happened?”

    “Copperstar- I don’t think she’s breathing- I don’t know what to do!” she wailed.

    “Calm down, Dewfeather.” meowed Flowerwillow. “Get some juniper berries. And hurry!”

    Dewfeather raced as fast as she could to the back of the den and grabbed some juniper berries. She ran to meet Flowerwillow in Copperstar’s den.

    “Good.” meowed Flowerwillow. “Chew those up and give them to Copperstar.”

    Dewfeather chewed as fast as she could, spitting out the crushed berries. Copperstar seemed to be somewhat awake, and was able to lap up the berries. Her breathing seemed to ease, and Flowerwillow pressed her ear up against Copperstar’s flank, then straightened up.

    “I’ll leave these juniper berries with you, in case Copperstar’s breathing gets worse.” she mewed. “Come get me if you have a problem.”

    Dewfeather resumed her long vigil beside Copperstar, keeping a close eye on her breathing. Shadowleaf came with more moss, and Dewfeather tried to persuade her to drink.

    “Can’t… breathe…” gasped Copperstar suddenly.

    This time, Dewfeather didn’t panic. She pushed the crushed juniper berries under Copperstar’s muzzle.

    “These will help you breathing.” she murmured.

    Copperstar’s breathing eased again, and she slipped into unconsciousness. Dewfeather shifted into a more comfortable position, continuing her long night.

    Silverleaf’s POV

    “Silverleaf! Dawn patrol!”

    Silverleaf groaned and pushed off the paw.

    “It’s still dark!” she muttered.

    “That’s why it’s called dawn patrol.” came Wavesplash’s voice, now impatient. “Now get up!”

    Silverleaf stood up and arched her back in a long stretch. “I’m coming.”

    Silverleaf followed Wavesplash outside to where Nettletalon was organizing patrols.

    “Littleclaw, Silverleaf, and Breezepaw can be on the first patrol.” meowed Nettletalon. “Wavesplash, Stormwillow, and Branchpaw can be on the second. It’s all we can spare for dawn patrol right now.”

    Littleclaw collected his patrol together with a flick of his tail.

    “We should check the Twolegplace border.” he meowed. “Make sure that kittypet hasn’t been back.”

    The patrol padded along the Twolegplace border, carefully looking for any sign of the kittypet.

    “If we find that kittypet, I’ll rip him to shreds.” meowed Breezepaw, flexing her claws.

    “Only if he doesn’t rip you to shreds first.” mewed Silverleaf, flicking her tail-tip under Breezepaw’s nose. “He got my tail, and I’m a warrior.”

    The apprentice’s eyes widened. “I didn’t know kittypets could be so fierce.”

    Littleclaw glanced back at them. “Most aren’t.” he assured Breezepaw. “Some are just stupid enough to think they can take on a whole patrol of Clan cats.”

    “Oh. So Silverleaf just can’t fight.” meowed Breezepaw cheekily, glancing at Silverleaf.

    Silverleaf lightly cuffed Breezepaw over her ears. “Show some respect!” she snapped.

    “Shh!” hissed Littleclaw. “I see a kittypet!”

    A fluffy white kit with a red collar was charging noisily through the trees.

    “Hard not to see that thing.” muttered Breezepaw.

    Littleclaw and Breezepaw were tense and ready to leap.

    “Stop!” whispered Silverleaf. “It’s only a kit!”

    Silverleaf padded forward, cutting off the kittypet.

    “Where are your Twolegs?”

    The kit stared up at her with round, blue eyes. “What’s a Twoleg?”

    “You know, the large, pink creatures you kittypets live with?” mewed Silverleaf, exasperated.

    “I snuck away from my housefolk!” mewed the kittypet proudly, puffing out its chest.

    Littleclaw shouldered his way to the front. “Run along now, you’re on our territory.” he growled.

    “Okay. My mother will be worried anyway.” the kit squeaked, scampering away.

    Littleclaw watched the kit go, his eyes full of resentment. “These kittypets are getting out of control.” he spat.

    “We’ve only ever had two stray into our territory.” meowed Silverleaf. “We’ve had far worse problems with rouges.”

    The sun was risen by the time Littleclaw, Silverleaf, and Breezepaw got back to camp. Most of the healthy cats were awake and gulping down prey at the fresh-kill pile. Flowerwillow had just disappeared into Copperstar’s den, while Dewfeather hung back, holding some herbs in her jaws.

    Silverleaf’s belly was growling, as she had not been able to eat before patrol. She took a small, tough looking shrew, and ate it quickly. Stormwillow and Fernstrike were murmuring to each other, and Silverleaf was able to pick up some of their conversation.

    “Copperstar’s really ill.” Stormwillow was mewing. “The medicine cats were with her all night.”

    “She’ll get better.” comforted Fernstrike. “She’s our leader, she has to.”
    Only the kits seemed unaware that anything bad was happening. Shinekit and Briarkit were playing with a feather, squealing happily. Moonstripe, who was caring for the kits while their mother was sick, sat nearby, sharing a vole with Lightningstrike. Nettletalon was sitting by the entrance to Copperstar’s den, making sure no cat got too close.

    Flowerwillow padded out of Copperstar’s den, with Dewfeather following. Dewfeather was shaking, and both medicine cats looked miserable. Flowerwillow paused to say something to Nettletalon, who blinked at her in disbelief.

    By now every cat was turned toward Flowerwillow and Nettletalon. Even the kits knew that something was very wrong, as they had stopped their game. Dewfeather had padded silently over to Silverleaf, her eyes full of fear and grief.

    “Dewfeather, what happened?” meowed Silverleaf.

    Dewfeather stared at Silverleaf. “Oh, Silverleaf.” she whispered. “Copperstar’s dead.”
    Yep. I killed Copperstar. I’ve been planning this since before I even started writing. For some reason I enjoyed it 😛 Hoped you liked it! 😀

  • Civil War #1: Stream Falling

    Chapter 1

    “Let the Gathering begin!”

    Crystalsong watched Applestar, the leader of RiverClan, make the call that silenced the chatting Clan cats as they shared news. She personally didn’t like befriending cats from other Clans, even at the Gatherings. She never knew when she might have to fight them later.

    She smiled at her friend Rainfrost as she sat down beside her with a WindClan she-cat named Owlshade, and nodded politely before turning her attention back to the leaders.

    “RiverClan is doing well,” Applestar reported. “We have three kits born to Mothfall and Troutfrost: Wolfkit, Splashkit, and Mistykit. They are all healthy and doing well.”

    The other Clans murmured congratulations and Crystalsong saw the father, Troutfrost, sit up proudly, beaming. Mothfall was a nursing queen and obviously wouldn’t have come to the Gathering, but Troutfrost came to represent his family. She found that sweet, but if she was in his place, she would want to stay at home with her mate and kits. Well, I’d be the queen, so I wouldn’t really have a choice.

    “We also have two new warriors: Rainmist and Ravenshade,” Applestar announced.

    Crystalsong joined in with calling out the new warriors’ names. She remembered this happening to her, two moons ago. It had been embarrassing and amazing at the same time, and she was proud to be a warrior and best serve ShadowClan.

    Applestar dipped her head, signifying the end of her news, and stepped back for Ivystar, the leader of WindClan, who reported the apprenticeship of Stormpaw, Aspenpaw, Cloudpaw, and Fernpaw, as well as Quickbreeze’s retirement. Then Swiftstar of ThunderClan reported the apprenticeship of Berrypaw, Shadepaw, and Tawnypaw, Berrypaw being their new medicine cat apprentice.

    Then Stormstar, her own leader, stepped forward. Crystalsong felt a little thrill of pride at seeing her leader, so strong and proud, announcing ShadowClan’s good news from the past moon to the other Clans. “We have one new apprentice, Pebblepaw, who has been apprenticed to Crowblaze,” he announced.

    “Pebblepaw! Pebblepaw!”

    The shy apprentice ducked his head in embarrassment as cats of all the Clans stared at him and cheered his new name.

    “And I am saddened to report that badgers attacked the Clan, killing Pineberry, Emberpaw, and our deputy, Mistlefall,” Stormstar continued, bowing his head. Sad, sympathetic murmurs spread through the gathered cats, and Crystalsong bowed her head in memory of her lost Clanmates. “Kestrelsong and Ivyfrost were badly injured, and we wish them a speedy recovery,” Stormstar meowed. “Aside from Birchflower and Streamsong, I would like to acknowledge Flowerleaf’s and Oakstorm’s knowledge of herbs, which has saved our medicine cats much time and effort and helped us treat and heal our wounded faster.”

    “Flowerleaf! Oakstorm!” the cats called out.

    “Icedapple is our new deputy. That is all,” Stormstar finished, stepping back.

    “Icedapple! Icedapple!” Crystalsong raised her voice in support of her deputy and friend. Icedapple was a level-headed, strong cat who would balance out Stormstar’s peace-filled and sometimes cowardly approach to things and a wonderful choice for deputy.

    Many cats had supported her sister, Silvermist, because Icedapple had trained only one apprentice, while Silvermist had trained two. But Crystalsong personally agreed with Stormstar’s decision and thought Silvermist was, while strong, a little too hostile with ThunderClan, and very fiery. She would never forgive them for supposedly killing Shadebreeze, the deputy before Mistlefall, as well as being Silvermist’s mentor, in cold blood one leaf-bare night.

    Crystalsong didn’t think ThunderClan killed Shadebreeze. From what she had heard of her, she was a powerful cat and not very easy to overcome, plus ThunderClan had never done anything like that again, except for small skirmishes that were natural for any Clan. Besides, Silvermist was the only cat who still really hated ThunderClan, and it was useless. Stormstar was smart enough not to attack.

    Brightflame, the deputy of RiverClan, after congratulating Icedapple with the other deputies, stood up. “What about ThunderClan?” she yowled. “Shadebreeze died at their claws. What if Mistlefall’s death was their doing, too?”

    Shocked murmurs spread through the Clans. Applestar and Swiftstar glared down at Brightflame, and Crystalsong sat straight up as if she had been struck with a lightning bolt, shock running through her. The new ThunderClan medicine cat apprentice ducked behind her mentor, Hollyheart. But Silvermist stood straight up, no doubt flared by Brightflame’s words.

    “See, Stormstar?” she yowled. “The deputy of another Clan agrees with me! We must do something!”

    Stormstar shuffled his paws, obviously badly wanting to be anywhere but there. “I told you, Silvermist. The time has passed. We have no evidence. ThunderClan has not been hostile. Innocent until proven guilty.”

    Silvermist growled. “We’ll see.” She would have said more, but Birdstorm dragged her back down and started whispering in her ear, hopefully calming her down.

    Crystalsong returned her attention to the Great Oak as the leaders leaped down and started heading to their Clans. Stormstar looked frightened. Icedapple looked surprised and angry. Birchflower’s gaze was filled with furiousness, and Streamsong looked like he wanted the ground to swallow him up.

    Swiftstar, the leader of ThunderClan, glared at Silvermist as if he were daring her to try something against his Clan. She glared right back and didn’t drop her gaze until Swiftstar did, leaping down to talk to his deputy, Darkbird.

    Crystalsong stood up, stretching, next to Rainfrost. They chatted with Waterlily of RiverClan and Oakwing of ThunderClan for a little bit, before Stormstar called ShadowClan together to leave, and they fell in beside Hollyfall as ShadowClan filed out of the Gathering island and back into their territory.

    “Some Gathering, huh?” Hollyfall meowed.

    Crystalsong nodded. “It’s sad how Shadebreeze died, but I’m surprised Silvermist is still pursuing vengeance. It’s been so long.”

    Rainfrost nodded in agreement. “It won’t get her anywhere. Just because she has Brightflame’s support won’t do her any good. We shouldn’t worry.”

    Crystalsong and Hollyfall nodded, murmuring agreement and changing the subject to more positive subjects – how Rosekit had jumped on a mouse that Flarestorm and Tawnyfeather had chased into camp the other day, Pebblepaw’s apprenticeship, and the rumored romance between Ivyfrost and Dustbreeze. Their quiet laughter and friendly smiles faded into the night as ShadowClan left the Gathering as a whole.

    But if Rainfrost and Hollyfall had noticed Silvermist talking to Flamesky, who talked to Robinsong, who talked to Mistbreeze, like an apprenticeship game of pass-it-on, they either didn’t notice or didn’t care. But it sent shivers down Crystalsong’s spine.

    Something was coming – something that would shake ShadowClan long and hard, and it would be a very long time before things were right again.


    Wow, that wasn’t too long! I’m impressed with myself 😀 So here we have a little more background information on what’s going on with the Clans right now, which is always nice. And we got a nice kick-off for the rest of the book! Yay! I’m super happy right now because I got it done and I still have computer time left, which means I can go start Chapter 2 😀

    I was surprised that I got it done this fast, but I was really excited to get started and I got a lot done last night when I had network problems doing homework and Google Docs kind of worked, which means I spent about half my time writing. That was great.

    If you don’t know, I like to do these things on my fan fictions called “Questions of the Day” about the chapter, and I’d love to see your answers. You can answer all, or some, or none, but I’d love it if you would answer all. I got my idea from someone named Inkblot.leaf on, she is seriously awesome and you should go check her out.

    So, now on to Questions of the Day:

    1: Why do you think Brightflame stood up and re-ignited an old scandal?
    2: What is Silvermist telling Flamesky that he told to Robinsong and she told to Mistbreeze?
    3: What do you think of the reactions to Silvermist and Brightflame that ShadowClan’s high positions had?
    4: Should ShadowClan have attacked ThunderClan in the first place?
    (I usually do five questions, but because this is in the beginning there isn’t a lot of action yet, so only four today. Key word: yet)

    Thanks for reading! Feedback is always welcome 🙂

    • 1. I honestly have no idea what so ever.
      2. Probably something to do with attacking ThunderClan.
      3. They where probably surprised that they would bring it up after such a long time.
      4. I don’t think so.

      Can’t wait for the next chapter!

      • Thank you! For #3 I asked what you thought of the reactions, not what you thought the reactions would be (they were in the chapter >.<)

    • Yayyyyy amazing chapter Wavey!
      Let’s see:
      1) Hmmm…could Brightflame and Silvermist be working together somehow to destroy ThunderClan? Or maybe something happened between RiverClan and ThunderClan to make them hold a severe grudge against each other.
      2) I bet it’s something to do with attacking/framing ThunderClan…but there’s also that small chance of it just being Gathering gossip. I dunno. 😛
      3) I honestly don’t know. Apart from Stormstar looking uncomfortable, everything else seemed to me like say, the reactions of the cats in Midnight (I think?) when someone spoke out (I’m supposed to be doing my homework right now so I can’t exactly read it to clarify 😛) Just have to wait and see, I guess.
      4) Nope! That wouldn’t have been the correct thing to do, and although Shadebreeze was a well-respected warrior/deputy, I have a small feeling that Silvermist or someone murdered her instead of ThunderClan that Silver claimed…but maybe that’s just me XD
      Ahhhhhhh I need the next chapter!

      • It’s totally Gathering gossip 😛

        Thank you! I vaguely remember that scene but I don’t remember what book it was from 😛 I think you’re right though. I’ll try my best to get the next chapter out soon!

    • This is amazing! Though I’m not the biggest fan of the prefix Crystal- because cats don’t know what it is this chapter totally made up for it! I don’t know if they should’ve attacked…

      • Thank you! I know cats don’t know what crystals themselves are, but I’ve seen the term “crystal-clear” used in Warriors, plus they know about ice/frost crystals, and crystals are things in nature, so oh well. Plus Crystal- can have some really cool names (If you remember, at first I was really torn between Crystalsong and Crystalheart)

    • Love it! 😀

      1) Maybe since she’s of a foreign Clan, she thinks that if she stirs up trouble in ShadowClan/ThunderClan that RiverClan will get some sort of benefit out of it? (*coughsunningsrocks*cough*) Or maybe she’s the murderer and she’s trying to redirect any suspicion away from herself. But it’s not an argument because if she did do it, her motive isn’t very clear…

      2) Maybe she’s trying to befriend them so that she’ll have more allies to back up her theory about Shadebreeze and ThunderClan?

      3) Don’t know what to make of it 😛

      4) Dunno.

      Also, was the Emberpaw that died based on me? 😛 If so, thanks for including me, but R. I. P. Emberpaw ;'(

  • Well, time for a serious one!

    Lucky: The Story of a Kittypet

    Chapter 1
    “My housefolk are so nice, how can I ever repay them,” Lucky was eating his food contently.
    He walked into his garden, it was a sunny day in Twolegplace. The garden starlings were singing, and the flowers were brighter than ever. The day could not get better.
    He watched a stray cat go up to some housefolk, wailing for some food. He also saw a ginger stray up in a tree watching him.
    Lucky was an observer. He watched things all day on his garden perch. He watched cats go by, he watched the birds fly up on to the wooden poles with wire on them, he watched Twolegs get in their monsters to go places he never saw.
    One nest over, Natalie hopped up on her fence and swished her tail in greeting.
    “Hey, Lucky have you seen the black cat with fangs on his collar?” she asked.
    Lucky nodded.
    “Smoke, a stray around here, told me last night his name is Scourge, and lately he’s been recruiting kittypets like us into his group of savage cats called BloodClan.”
    Lucky’s eyes widened. “You mean he could take us in?”
    “He said if you refuse, he kills you, he saw it with his own eyes!” Natalie replied. “His mate Ginger died when she refused. He says he takes ‘Loners’ and ‘Rouges’ into BloodClan too. I thinks Smoke means strays when he says that.”
    “Do you think he will take us in?” Lucky asked.
    Natalie shook her head. “Whatever happens, if Scourge finds you, I’ll help you stay with your housefolk. Because I love you. Well, I think it’s about time I get some food, see you!”
    Natalie hopped down from her fence and trotted through the door.
    Lucky did not want to leave though. He wanted to keep observing the busy Thunderpath and what surrounded it.
    A small black cat with a white paw and a collar with dog teeth on it sprinted around. He stopped right infront of Lucky’s garden.
    “I think you’ll do,” he said.

    For all you emotional ones reading this, I think the next one will make you cry.

  • Lucky: The Story of a Kittypet
    By Wolfkit

    Chapter 2

    Lucky flattened his ears. “What do you want?”
    “To take you to BloodClan of course,” the cat hissed. “My name is Scourge by the way.”
    Natalie apeared from her nest and pounced on Scourge. Lucky leaped too.
    “You won’t take either one of us!” Natalie scratched his face lightly.
    “Soft!” Scourge shook them off. “You should learn to fight. And you had the chance by joining me but now you are facing me. He joined because of you so I shall spare him. But you, it is time for you to die!”
    He pounced on Natalie with his overly sharp claws.
    “Don’t do it!” Natalie rasped.
    Scourge lifted a paw and smashed it on Natalie’s throat. She breathed heavilyfor a second and her eyes lost sight. She was dead.
    “Come with me.”
    “Yes sir,” Lucky sniffed.
    His best friend and soon to be mate was dead, gone, what would he do without her? What would he do without her in a place called BloodClan?

    I love doing this fanfic so much, that I’m doing Graystripe on BlogClan tomarrow!

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