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Nobody will stop you from creating. Do it tonight. Do it tomorrow. That is the way to make your soul grow – whether there is a market for it or not! The kick of creation is the act of creating, not anything that happens afterward. I would tell all of you watching this screen: Before you go to bed, write a four line poem. Make it as good as you can. Don’t show it to anybody. Put it where nobody will find it. And you will discover that you have your reward.

Kurt Vonnegut

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Something that does something (Moonpelt/paw)
Something that does something (Moonpelt/paw)
September 21, 2020 12:30 am

Chapter One of Words of Wisdom

We’ve been waiting for you…”
Most of the times, those words would probably make you feel all happy and hopeful and bubbly inside. To know that you’re important enough to be waited for and hoped for is something that would make most quests feel worthwhile.
But those words didn’t make me happy and bubbly. Instead, they brought on a fresh new wave of despair, dread and guilt, which made the dark, slimy and shadow-y forest feel even more dark, slimy and shadow-y.
I was standing in a clearing circled by intertwining brambles covered in thorns. The dirt underneath my paws felt moist and wet, mud covering in tips of my claws. If you looked up, you could see nothing but the color black, as if fifty thousand beetles decided to fly up to the sky and cover it with their sleek, star-less pelts. In front of me, three cats stood, each with the same dark brown tabby fur and the same amber eyes.
We’ve been waiting for you…” The cats said again, this time with a trace of impatience and disappointment.
“I know that.” I snapped, glaring. The three amber eyes peering at me glowed brighter with anger, and they all lashed their mud-colored tails.
“Has it been done?”
“Yes.” I answered, wincing.
I can’t pretend anymore.
The thought pierced my heart and I dipped my head to the three tabby cats before me, holding onto the memories.
Images of the past moon flashed inside my head, spinning faster and faster until it was a whirlwind of of colors, foliage and scents.
One moon ago, my little sister was born. My mother, Sky, let out a yowl that echoed across the camp, slicing through the eerie song that the blackbirds created in the early morning. I had gone into the mother-cat’s den and there laid three kits on the soft fern and pine-needle floor, one alive and breathing and the other two completely still…
“Good. Your sister is a crucial part in our plan.” The three cat’s gentle mew turned into a savage growl, and I instinctively took a few paw-steps, knowing what would happen whenever the identical cats became angry.
But knowing didn’t make it any less scarier.
Lightning flashed against the crow-black sky, striking a nearby large, leafless branch and setting it on fire. The smoke drenched the bare, stricken forest and the three cats in front of me glared.
We have a new mission for you. Track down you dead sibling’s souls. We’ll be waiting.”
“Yes, master.” I mewed, dipping my head.
A silvery, moon-like mist drifted into the clearing, damp and frosty. The cat’s amber eyes gleamed with orange fire, fading and flickering in and out until they disappeared completely. I laid down onto the slimy and bad-smelling grass, beside myself with guilt and deep, dark sadness. Even though I had a new task, all that I could think was six words.
Oh, little sister, I’m so sorry.

❄️If all is lost, all is found❄️

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🍁Pine Among Striped Autumn Leaves🍂 (Pinestripe)
🍁Pine Among Striped Autumn Leaves🍂 (Pinestripe)
September 24, 2020 10:57 pm

It’s so good! The emotion in this is amazing! 😀

Honeyfern lover

The Masked Tterror (Shatteredmask)
The Masked Tterror (Shatteredmask)
September 21, 2020 6:26 am

Here’s Chapter 1 of Our Demons!

“I don’t get it.” I stare into Dappletail’s eyes.
“I don’t understand.”
“You don’t understand what?” Dappletail’s tail swishes back and forth impatiently.
“Fighting,” I answer shamefully. 
Dappletail sighs. “Still? I don’t know how else to help you, Goldenpaw.” She glances over at Bluefur, one of the newest warriors. “Can you help her?”
I’m not sure what’s changed. We were apprentices together at one point, but now she’s so… elegant.
I nudge my brother, Lionpaw. “She’s going to be leader one day.”
Lionpaw looks confused and slightly angry all at once. “How do you know?”
“I just do.”


“Goldenflower, could you check in on the elders?”
I get out of my nest, and pad out of the warriors’ den, yawning. “Yes, Sunfall.”
I walk through ThunderClan camp, stretching. Eventually I get to the elders’ den, and I duck inside.
Larksong is in there, and so is Weedwhisker. Mumblefoot must be out hunting.
“Hello, my dear,” Larksong croaks. “Is everything okay?”
“Where’s Mumblefoot?” I ask.
“Hunting.” Weedwhisker shakes his head disapprovingly. “One day he will die out there and no one will know.”
“Um-okay.” I try to change the subject. “Do you need anything…”
“I have a tick on my back,” rasps Larksong. ” can’t quite reach it.”
I nod, backing out of the den. “I’ll get an someone on it right now.”

As I turn round and into the middle of camp, I spot Bluefur and before I can stop myself, I’m calling out her name. 
She spins around, and sees me. “Hi!”
“Hello!” I say to the older warrior. “How are you?” She starts telling me a story of how she nearly died chasing a squirrel. I can’t help but stare into her rich blue eyes. She is so kind and understanding, and I can’t even think of a reason for any cat to dislike her. When I was an apprentice, she helped me learn.I She was always there for me, through thick and thin. I don’t know how to repay her, and I doubt I ever will. 
“Goldenflower?” I look up. Bluefur is staring at me, her blue eyes concerned. “Are you okay?” 
I blush. “You have no idea.” 
“If anyone asks, I’m hunting.” 
Bluefur narrows her eyes suspiciously, then pads away. 
I sit alone in the middle of camp, sighing. I picture Bluefur and I lying together on Sunningrocks, our tails intertwining. The warm feeling of sun on our pelts, and the cloudy sky above us. 
I can feel cats staring at me. But I don’t care. 

All I can think about is the elegant cat. 

armed with a newspaper

September 21, 2020 9:30 am

hello guys! its petalberry (turtlelight) and im starting a new fanfic but dont worry, ill finish sunkit’s prophecy! this is told from brambleclaw’s POV but i might switch it up a bit! and btw its neko
(they are humans with cat ears and tails)

chapter one:

i woke up as i remembered what day it was.
my birthday.
i expected another surprise, as usual. Firestar, and his family, would always call up most of Thunderclan to surprise me. i wonder why, he thought drily. i walked into the kitchen and saw my mother, Goldenflower, coating waffles with honey and berries. “that looks good” i told her, sitting on a stool. she smiles, “happy birthday, brambleclaw” and she pushes a plate towards me gently across the marble counter. i chew it slowly, thinking “Goldenflower, do you think Firestar’s going to make me another birthday surprise?” i sigh. “of course! he was your mentor- and the leader of the thunderclan police station, he made you deputy cheif” she added proudly. “pfft” i sigh, depressed. “thats not the worst part! he brings squirrelflight and cloudtail- they mess up the house” i sigh once again. Goldenflower grins cheekily, beating dough, ready for cookies. “but i thought you liked squirrelflight? you certainly seemed to like her enough to take her on the journey, you teenagers went on” goldenflower said, now aggressively punching the dough. “smh.” i say, feeling myself go hot. i shake my head and get up, walking to the fridge and grabbing a cold coke bottle. i sit back down and goldenflower says “you should be grateful cats come to your parties, remember you and tawnypelt’s first birthday?” Goldenflower frowned a bit. oh i remember it alright. the only people there were Goldenflower’s friends, he thought bitterly. i hear the doorbell and open the door, funnily enough i see firestar, five pizza boxes in his hands and he was wearing sunglases like a boss. sandstorm walks in, snapping to someone on her phone. leafpool rushes up to give Goldenflower a hug, while squirrelflight and cloudtail smile mischievously. “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!” squirrelflight yells, and flip-flops on the sofa. “hey thats my seat!” cloudtail argues, throwing his sandal at her. she pretends to fall off the sofa and bang her head on the coffee table, then she groans and pretends to faint. Cloudtail, as foolish as he is, shouts “SQUIRRELFLIGHT! IM SORRY- DONT DIE ON ME,” he shouts as he crouches beside her, she wakes up and runs away from the living room, dragging a poor leafpool with her. i hear their footsteps upstairs and growl angrily. Goldenflower shoots me a warning look. i rush up after them. they’re looking at a family portrait. me and tawnypelt are toddles there, while im in tigerstar’s arms and goldenflower picks up tawnypelt. i growl. they stare at it curiously and i remember they never saw tigerstar. lucky them. then squirrelflight touches tawnypelt, and giggles gently. “her hair was so fluffy” she says touching the portrait. leafpool’s amber eyes still watch the portrait, studying the family. “why are you two up here?” i ask them. squirrelflight shrugs. “we needed somewhere to hide your gifts” she grins. i nod. “well you could have left it in the living room.” i tell them. suddenly i hear more people come in and run to my bedroom, bolting the door, locked. suddenly i turn and see mousepaw, berrypaw and hazelpaw dancing. “when did you guys get here?” i yell. they shrug. “it was all a heist, you were too busy flirting with squirrelflight to see us come through” berrypaw says cheekily. “i. dont. flirt. with. squirrelflight.” i spit out angrily. hazelpaw shrugs “well, we know what flirting looks like and i smell a ship…. oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh” she jokes. i raise my hand to give them the slapping they deserve but they all bolt out quickly. huh, i guess daisy gives them slappings too. i think, smiling.

chapter two:

i smile and slide down the banisters, then i gasp. there’s at least twenty people in the living room, and five kids running riot. firestar seems me and gives me a hand-shake. Goldenflower turns on the TV and the worst thing EVER comes on: a photo of toddler me playing with toy bricks. im lucky its not a bath photo, i think angrily. “aww he was so cute!” brightheart, holding her daughter, whitepaw’s hand giggles. “smh. beat my toddler photos” squirrelflight tells them. i roll my eyes and sit on the floor, cross-legged. daisy’s new twins, rosekit and toadkit, crawl towards me, gurgling and cooing. “hello” i say. then i see a seabird on the windowsill. i talk to it “do you know when all these people are gonna leave my house?” i ask it. “a-are you talking to the bird?!” sandstorm asks, eyebrows raised. “uh no” i said hurriedly. but its too late, squirrelflight is already wheezing on the sofa, while cloudtail laughs loudly. brightheart sighs, embarressed by her husband’s behaviour. Goldenflower, followed by mousefur, sit on the sofa. “im Surprised firestar turned out to be the one to start planning parties for tigerstar’s kin” mousefur snorts. i sit down, concentrating on my orange juice. “hey mousefur that’s not fair, isn’t Goldenflower your cousin? why would you insult your own family, oh the shame” squirrelflight says. she sips her orange juice and gets up to open the door as they hear the doorbell. “WHOOP! ITS THE PIZZA!” she shouts. firestar looks embarressed as he gets up and sees the poor delivery guy looking terrified of squirrelflight’s loud voice. firestar pays the dude and brings the pizza inside. squirrelflight ferrets around “HEYYY. DIDNT WE ORDER GARLIC BREAD?” she asks. “ew garlic bread? what are you, a vampire?” daisy squeals. “FYI vampires dont like garlic” squirrelflight retorts and opens the window “PIZZA GUY! YOU FORGOT THE GARLIC BREADDDDDDDDDDDDD!” she shouts. leafpool sighs. as squirrelflight opens the door, more people appear, birchpaw and his mentor, ashfur. Ashfur comes in and drags birchpaw with him. half the crowd goes to the window to see squirrelflight argue. “…he ordered garlic bread and he WANTS garlic bread” squirrelflight was saying, “i-im sorry ma’am… ill return in around a half-hour for your garlic bread” he told her and zoomed off, ignoring her rage. firestar sits, looking depressed. Goldenflower sits down and cuts the pizza into slices. squirrelflight barges in and sits on a bean bag, “the cheek of it! calling me ma’am like im some old lady” she snorts rebelliously. As brambleclaw opens his mouth to retort, she snaps “close your mouth brambleclaw, its not attractive.”. berrypaw and mousepaw burst out laughing. “MUM! ROSEKIT AND TOADKIT ARE MISSING!” hazelpaw shreiks, her brown braids flying. the whole crowd gets up. “toadkit! rosekit! come on babies- its momma!” daisy coos looking around. he hears glass break upstairs, he catches ashfur and squirrelflight eyes. they all race up the stairs, physically shoving each other, i guess i have to be glad my father is tigerstar, im stronger and bigger than firestar! i think. i push my way up and grab toadkit and rosekit gently. i put them on my shoulders and run down and give them to daisy. i remember ashfur and squirrelflight are stilll upstairs and rush up to them both. they’re in my bedroom and i frown to see them stuffing gift bags under my bed. “BERRYPAW WE NEED YOU ASAP!” squirrelflight yells. and berrypaw comes up, dragging brambleclaw down. he pats his hand. “dont worry- you can flirt later” he soothes. brambleclaw picks berrypaw up, and throws him to the sofa. “BRAMBLECLAW!” daisy shouts. she picks up her son, and gives him a kiss on his cheek gently “are you okay honey?” she asked her son. “yep” he said. “whatever possesed you to throw a 10 year-old boy across a room?!” daisy squawks. “smh- its cause i told him he could flirt squirrelflight later” berrypaw sniffed. sandstorm, who was sitting beside Goldenflower, turned back. “we’d never think tigerstar and firestar’s kin would ever learn to like each other” she smiled. “im glad my daughter makes that possible” she added cheekily. brambleclaw wanted to sit in an alley and sob. he felt a hand pat his shoulder, “trust me- you dont want a devil as your mate” firestar jokes. “SHES NOT MEH DANG MATE” brambleclaw shouts angrily.

did you guys like it? i may upload every 1-2 days!!

Growl Of Leafeon In The Frosty Autumn Night (Leafpaw/growl)
Growl Of Leafeon In The Frosty Autumn Night (Leafpaw/growl)
September 22, 2020 2:19 am
Reply to  Petalberry13

It’s amazing, Petalberry!
Also, Happy B-day!

Hamilton Fan Forever!

Last edited 29 days ago by Growl Of Leafeon In The Frosty Autumn Night (Leafpaw/growl)
September 22, 2020 8:44 am

Thank you!!!!! <3 look out for the next chapter

September 22, 2020 1:42 pm
Reply to  Petalberry13

I love it!

🍁Pine Among Striped Autumn Leaves🍂 (Pinestripe)
🍁Pine Among Striped Autumn Leaves🍂 (Pinestripe)
September 23, 2020 3:03 am
Reply to  Petalberry13

I’ve always liked Warrior stories that take place in a world similar to the real world so I’m really enjoying this! 😀 It’s coming out amazing!

I can’t wait for the next chapter!

Honeyfern lover

September 23, 2020 9:13 am

thank you so much!! its getting released today! 🙂

September 23, 2020 11:19 pm
Reply to  Petalberry13

Hey I can’t seem to find the next chapter,am I just overlooking it?

September 24, 2020 8:41 am
Reply to  Poppypaw

oh i just posted it today! im so sorry 😅

Frostcrystal and friends
Frostcrystal and friends
September 26, 2020 1:15 pm
Reply to  Petalberry13

Oh mah gawd AMAZING!!!!

September 21, 2020 1:09 pm

I think I might try to write a dark forest fanfic that tries to explain where they come from and what they do. might throw a mapleshade rewrite in.

Dove that flies over graveyard (Dovepaw)
Dove that flies over graveyard (Dovepaw)
September 21, 2020 3:11 pm

 CHAPTER 2!!! of Dark blazes!!! Hope yall like it <3 Reposting bc this is a new page. Tell me what you all think…
Sunrise creeped over the trees as Dovestar awoke, feeling the dappling sunlight brush her fur. She tasted the air, tasting the morning breeze. Willowfrost was just outside, giving orders to Mapledrift and Bramblefire. The two cats nodded, and disappeared out of the camp entrance. Willowfrost greeted her kindly. “Just giving orders to the cats of this clan. By the way, how was your sleep?” Dovestar shook her head. Her mind was clearly still fuzzy from sleep. Willowfrost must have sensed this, because she purred and said. “You know, If you need to go back to sleep, I have everything covered.” Dovestar thought about it for a moment. If she went back to sleep, everything would be good because Willowfrost was here. But, what if another clan landed a surprise attack? Dovestar sighed, looking back down at her deputy. “Naw, I’m good. Anyways, who’s leading the morning patrol?” Willowfrost narrowed her eyes in thought, but before she could speak, a cats voice rose up among the cats in the clearing. “Me! Can I lead morning patrol?”It was Asterstorm, the blue gray she-cat looking around, probably for her apprentice, Violetpaw. “Er-sure, Asterstorm. Take Violetpaw, Leafsky, and Cloudpaw with you.” Asterstorm nodded, then raced towards the apprentice den. 
Sunhigh was approaching by the time the Morning patrol returned. Willowfrost was waiting next to Dovestar, a feeling of unease passing through her fur. Dovestar was worried. Why would the morning patrol take until sunhigh to come back? Dovestar got up, curious, and padded towards the patrol. All of them had dirty fur, and Cloudpaw’s tail was bristling. “What happened?” she asked, looking from Asterstorm to Violetpaw and back. “And where is Leafsky?” She heard a saddened whimper from Cloudpaw as he sunk down into a lying down position when Dovestar said his mentor’s name. Dovestar didnt quite understand. Cloudpaw was usually very upbeat when it came to hearing his mentor’s name. But now, seeing the little white tom cower as if he had been through something horrible, Dovestar was sure
This was not the Cloudpaw she knew.
Chapter 3 comin soon!

Im not average, im savage

September 22, 2020 5:37 am

This is fantastic and I’m so excited for your next installment! Keep up the good work and thank you again for including me in it. 🙂

Dove that flies over graveyard (Dovepaw)
Dove that flies over graveyard (Dovepaw)
September 22, 2020 4:52 pm
Reply to  Bramblefire

Ah, Thank you Bramb!!!! And your welcome!
Chapter 3 hoppefully will come out by next week ^^
Again, thank you, mentorr

Im not average, im savage

Dove that flies over graveyard (Dovepaw)
Dove that flies over graveyard (Dovepaw)
September 22, 2020 12:48 pm

Aww no one likes my stories………
Ah well, i can always go back to the drawing board… 😛

Im not average, im savage

Willow that wears a mask aka willowpaw
Willow that wears a mask aka willowpaw
September 23, 2020 1:41 pm

This is great!
Also that is exactly what I would do😛

September 23, 2020 10:59 pm

Hehe lol, and thank you, Wolli <33

The Plague Dark-ter (Darkwing)
The Plague Dark-ter (Darkwing)
September 21, 2020 5:45 pm


Dawn seemed a long way off. The sky was still dark, the moon refused to set just yet, and the thousands of glittering stars still hung in the air. Thin, pale wisps of cloud drifted overhead. A frosty breeze rushed over the tundra, sifting through the thick sedges and bearberry bushes scattered sparsely over the rolling hills. Dark needles drifted from the towering cedars and firs with the wind, settling on the soft, mossy ground. Another chilly gust swept past, stronger this time, and a single brittle pinecone broke free from its grasp on a branch, plummeting down to land right on Morwen’s unsuspecting head.

“Aah!” Morwen cried out, surprised, as the pinecone bopped them on the skull. It rolled off and landed in the squishy reddish moss with a muffled plop.

The three other sentries whirled around to stare at them. Morwen’s dark gray pelt prickled with embarrassment and they quickened their pace. Out of their peripheral vision, they noticed Jack and Blackberry exchange glances and shrug, while Tycho made no effort to hide the fact that he was still staring at Morwen. “It was a pinecone,” they mumbled, and Tycho finally looked away.

Morwen noticed that Queen Celeste, trekking ahead of her four sentries with her slender head held high, had pointedly ignored them, and they sighed inwardly. The regal caribou had appointed them head sentry, but they sure were doing a terrible job at it. None of the other sentries their age seemed to respect them very much. Their teeth clenched. She must be awfully disappointed in me. I can barely get the others to listen to me.

Jack, a burly brown moose with coarse fur, halted briefly, his blue antlers, hooves, and eyes giving off a soft glow in the early morning darkness. Morwen turned to see what he was doing. He rushed toward a luxuriant bearberry bush nearby and munched down a few of the round red berries before hurrying to catch up. Morwen rolled their eyes. That was typical of Jack; he couldn’t go for more than ten minutes without a snack.

Queen Celeste continued to pay no heed to the four of them. Her fiery magenta gaze was fixed on something up ahead. Morwen furrowed their brow and shifted their eyes down towards their front paws. They knew they were heading toward the Mountain Realmーthey’d gone to patrol this border countless times, mostly because they avoided the Taiga border as often as they couldーbut the queen of the Tundra Realm hadn’t explained why exactly they were going there. “Morwen, fetch Tycho, Jack, and Blackberry,” she’d told them just after arousing them from sleep very early in the morning. “I am to meet Queen Kundra at dusk.”

They’d obliged, of course, and gone to wake the others up. Jack had already been awake, but he’d hardly been listening as he munched on a carrot that seemed particularly interesting to him. Blackberry, a lazy grapefruit of a creature, had initially fallen right back to sleep after they’d painstakingly prodded her awake. Tycho, a dark pink horse, wasn’t as much of a jerk as the other two in Morwen’s opinion, but he’d kept on asking questions (“Isn’t it a little early? Are you sure she said that? Are you sure she mentioned me? Where are we going? Why?”) and not absorbing the answers they gave him. They’d finally had to kick him in the ankle with a hoof to assert their authority and get him to shut up and follow them.

“Hey, look,” Blackberry giggled, her voice lowered. Morwen didn’t bother looking, as they knew that the statement wasn’t meant for them. Jack and Tycho turned, though. “Over by that fir tree, near the river. See it? That’s where I fought that Pine Forest chasseur the other day. Y’know, the purple heron. She was fishing too far up the river, in our territory, so I gave her a good beating. She had the claws and teeth of a cougar, and yet she did not triumph against me!” The striped black-and-blue Guinea pig brid grinned, showing her wickedly sharp and curved lion fangs. “She’s lucky I spared her. I could have killed her on the spot!”

Morwen hunched their shoulders, their large ears lowering as they tried to block out Blackberry’s slightly annoying voice. They knew for a fact that Blackberry was exaggerating her story; she had returned from her post early that day with a nasty bite on her foreleg. Jack and Tycho nodded and laughed with her, however, as if neither of them knew otherwise.

“Queen Celeste?” they called, trotting more quickly to catch up with her. The ground grew wetter the nearer they came to the river, and their paws and hooves made soft squelching sounds in the moss.

The Tundra queen turned to look at them, the little beads and yellow flowers strung across her vast black antlers swaying with the movement. “Hm?”

Morwen’s gaze drifted down to their white paws. “Are you… um… going to do something about them? They’re being immature,” they muttered. “Andー”

“It seems to me that the real question is, are you going to do something about them?” A hint of a smile touched Celeste’s typically guarded and neutral expression, and the tip of her pale blue snow leopard tail twitched in amusement. Morwen’s pelt went hot. “You are the highest ranking sentry that is not my sister or her mate. You do it.”

The dark gray-and-white dhole swallowed and glanced back at the other three sentries. Now Blackberry was droning about how she once startled a Mountain chasseur so badly that he choked on the fish he had just caught and nearly died, which Morwen was also certain wasn’t completely true. “Hey,” they barked. All three looked up, but only Tycho held their gaze longer than a few seconds. “Keep it down, we’re almost there.”

They might have been just convincing enough to shut Blackberry up for the rest of the journey, if only the river hadn’t appeared right in front of their paws. The squishy moss and wet soil suddenly gave way to deep water, and the front half of Morwen’s body dropped like a stone into it. Jack let out a deep, gravelly laugh, and was soon joined by Blackberry. Dripping wet and ticked off, Morwen backed out of the river and shook out their thick pelt. Tycho bounded effortlessly across it and gave them a sideways glance as if to explain to them that this was how one correctly crossed a river. Morwen glared at him and leapt over it after him.

“Shut your bloody mouths,” Celeste snarled as Jack and Blackberry howled with laughter. They stiffened and quieted instantly.

The next few minutes were extremely awkward. Queen Celeste took her place at the front of the group again, Morwen a little bit behind her, and Tycho, Jack, and Blackberry held up the back. None of them spoke. Morwen smirked to themself; Blackberry was probably too scared of the queen to brag about more falsified victories of hers. They didn’t blame her. Queen Celeste was pretty scary when she wanted to be.

As they trekked on, they came upon a wide expanse of small, rough boulders scattered across the ground. Morwen recognized this as the result of a rockslide that had occurred several years ago, the same year they turned five and became a full sentry. They’d been lucky enough to be far away when it’d happened, unlike a sentry named Yukina, who’d been patrolling this very part of the Mountain Realm border. She’d been the mother of one of the Tundra medics, Neva. Morwen wondered for a moment whether her body was still crushed beneath one of these rocks and immediately decided to think about something else.

The shadow of another animal slipped over a larger rock a couple yards in front of them, and Celeste stopped in her tracks. Tycho nearly ran into her from behind before realizing she wasn’t moving.

Morwen narrowed their dark blue eyes, their hackles bristling instinctively. They’d been jumped by sentries in the Taiga Realm enough to learn never to get caught off guard while patrolling. The animal they’d seen was short but hugeーa badgerーwith long, spiraling kudu horns atop her head. Her thick brown-and-white fur was highlighted by the pale light cast by the gradually brightening sky. She climbed over the rock and hopped gracefully onto the mossy ground, her yellow eyes flashing.

“Greetings, Queen Celeste,” she called, dipping her head. As she spoke, three more figures emerged from behind the boulders. The first was an elegant green peacock with shimmering amber streaks on his wings, the second was a brawny black-and-white capra ibex with a dog-like face and paws, and the third was an orange snow leopard brid with patches of snake scales scattered over her muscular body.

“Princess Vegas,” Celeste replied calmly, and Morwen let their neck fur smooth back down. “Is your sister here?”

Surprise flickered over Vegas’s striped face. “Oh. We thought you were meeting her halfway, at Backbone. I just came to lead the way.”

The caribou brid’s respectful smile tightened and Morwen noticed her glinting purple hooves dig into the spongy moss. “All right, then,” she murmured, glancing at Morwen and then back at Princess Vegas. “I suppose we might as well get moving. It is a long way, correct? The sun is beginning to rise.”

Vegas nodded and turned back around, flicking her short tail at the three Mountain sentries. Queen Celeste eyed Morwen and the others, then trudged after the badger. She guided them through a particularly rugged patch of rubble and rock, then to the base of a massive peak. Morwen tilted their head all the way back to see the very top of it, eyes wide in awe. A pale orange-pink glow from the sun, peeking over the mist-shrouded ridge in the distance, glittered on the snow tipping the jagged gray summit. Their gaze shifted toward the crests of the rest of the mountains beside it, spiking up abruptly from the surrounding earth. It was so beautiful. A faint smile pulled at Morwen’s mouth.

“Move it,” the black-and-white ibex growled, suddenly behind them. Morwen whipped around to glare at him before trotting faster. The claws on their front paws gripped the ground tightly as it changed from springy moss to cold, dense rock and soil, while the hooves on their hind legs scrabbled for a firm grip. They craned their neck to see around Queen Celeste; Princess Vegas was guiding them up a narrow, winding path through the jagged rock. Thin orange-tinted brush poked up through the layer of soil dusting the trail, tickling Morwen’s legs.

They passed by a lush chokecherry bush that was nestled in a small rocky fissure. Morwen smirked. They knew from experience that chokecherries tasted awful. Just behind the capra ibex, they heard Jack rip a cluster of berries away from the plant and chew them. Seconds later, he gagged quietly, and Morwen had to stifle a chuckle.

Their ears twitched involuntarily, and they made out the sounds of Vegas’s and Celeste’s hushed voices as they spoke. Morwen shoved their ears forward, straining to pick up some of their conversation.

“…and then, finally, after two months, they bloomed!” That was Princess Vegas. Celeste nodded with a bored expression on her face. “They were so beautiful and vibrant and orange! Obviously they were orange, because they were marigolds, and marigolds are always orange, but orange is most certainly the finest color. I was so proud of them. They came just in time, too. Aegean, my lovely mate, needed some fresh marigold for Chaunceyーthe peacock just behind youーbecause he knocked down a beehive and was stung all over. He was rather revolting to look at. But you won’t believe this: Aegean was only able to retrieve a couple of flowers before someoneーBlaze’s son Glacier, in fact,” Vegas added fiercely, throwing a glare back at the orange snow leopard brid, who Morwen assumed was Blaze, “trampled them completely into the dust! And he didn’t even apologize! Can you believe the nerve of that tomato-brained lump of fur? I simply cannot.”

Morwen fought to keep a straight face as they hiked up the mountain. Queen Celeste looked bored out of her mind and didn’t bother trying to hide it. Princess Vegas excitedly droned on about another time this apparently horrible son of Blaze’s destroyed her precious flowers with his reckless behavior. The Mountain sentries behind them were as silent as if they were part of the stone itself, but Morwen could clearly hear Jack, Tycho, and Blackberry whispering loudly to each other and stumbling constantly over the rough terrain.

They sighed. This would be a long trip.

Eons seemed to pass before Vegas finally announced that they were nearly there. Morwen’s paw pads were sore from the solid, pebbly surface of the mountains, and their muscles felt tight from walking so far and constantly gripping the stone underfoot to keep from sliding off. They lightly brushed their left side against the sheer cliff face to keep from accidentally taking a step off the path, then twisted their head back to observe the territory the group had already crossed. They’d come a long way; the first several peaks were shrouded in red-tinted mist far in the distance, and the Tundra Realm was unable to be seen from this far away. The sun was suspended over the hazy horizon, streaks of red and pink and orange mushrooming across the pale blue sky. Turning back around, Morwen took in a long, deep breath and let it out again. The cold, crisp air of the Mountain Realm chilled their lungs and escaped from their parted jaws in a soft, cloudy wisp. I wish it could ever be this peaceful back home.

A flash of cream-colored fur darted into sight from somewhere in the sky, drawing the attention of everyone in the small group. Princess Vegas trailed off from what she was telling Queen Celeste about her account of the dangers of aggravating a fructuous papaya tree with a weak branch above your head and looked up. A thick-furred harp seal with the wings and feet of an eagle hovered in the air beside Vegas and leaned down to whisper something into her ear. She nodded, whispered something back, and quickened her pace. The seal ducked her head in a brief show of respect to Celeste, then flapped her wings and dashed away.

“Kunーer, Queen Kundra just arrived at Backbone. We’ve got one more peak to go and we’ll be there, too,” the dark brown badger called over her shoulder, her voice raised so everyone could hear her. Morwen gave a hushed sigh of relief. Phew. No more walking for the rest of the day.

Oh, wait. They frowned and glared down at their white paws. That means walking for the entire night with Blackberry and Tycho and Jack yammering the entire time. Lovely.

Morwen gritted their teeth, lips tightening around their protruding canine fangs, and continued to follow Queen Celeste’s bushy blue tail as it dragged through the dust. They were in the shade of the peak now; the pinkish glow of the setting sun was hiding behind the mountain they were on. Risking a glance down, they realized that they must have been hundreds of feet up. A misstep could be deadly. They wondered how the brids of the Mountain Realm managed to travel this path so often to forage, hunt, and patrol without falling. Then again, they thought, they were all born and raised here, for the most part. They probably know the terrain like they know the pads of their feet. If they have feet.

The pebbly trail steadily sloped downward, and Morwen had to dig the heels of their paws and hooves into the soil to keep from sliding into Celeste. Lifting their dark blue gaze, they caught sight of a flicker of orange light coming from a cliff up ahead, wispy tendrils of dark gray smoke curling into the air above it. That must be Backbone.

As if reading their mind, Vegas announced, “That’s it up there.” Her pace quickened as the path curved back up, and Morwen’s tired legs were forced to break into a trot to keep up. A chilly breeze whistled past, sifting through their thick, hot gray pelt and cooling them down considerably. The dhole brid inhaled deeply, relishing the feel of the cold wind in their lungs and their fur.

By the time the nine of them had reached the cliff, the sun was almost completely gone from sight. Morwen shot a quick glance back at it, in the direction of their home in Brumal, before looking forward again. Two figures were sitting on either side of Backbone’s entrance; Morwen had to stand on their tiptoes to see them over Queen Celeste. One was a mottled beige baboon whose green eyes were startlingly bright, and the other was a huge black-and-brown bison with a massive beaver tail. Their countenances were impenetrable and emotionless as they reverently dipped their heads toward Princess Vegas and Queen Celeste. As Morwen trotted up behind the two, the guards lifted their heads to glower threateningly at the sentries from the Tundra Realm. Morwen glared back and rushed to catch up with Celeste.

“Wait here,” Princess Vegas told Celeste, hurrying into a gaping cave at the base of the cliff. Celeste trudged slowly forward, coming to a halt beside a sizable fire pit, which Morwen realized had been the source of the orange glow they’d seen earlier. She flicked her tail, and Morwen quickly assumed their place beside her. Tycho followed suit, with Jack on his heels. Blackberry was perched atop Jack’s blue antlers, which glowed a little more strongly now that it was getting dark. Chauncey, Blaze, and the black-and-white capra ibex whose name Morwen hadn’t caught trotted away, heading for the same cave Vegas had just gone into.

Moments later, Vegas returned with another badger at her side. She was massive for a badger, taller than her sister, with spiraling violet-tinted kudu horns between her ears. Muscles rippled beneath Queen Kundra’s sleek charcoal-gray pelt as she prowled toward the Tundra queen and her sentries. The flames licking at the sky reflected clearly in her amber eyes. Her white-striped face was marred by three thin parallel scars scored across her right eye, which only added to her powerful demeanor. But to Morwen’s surprise, she looked rather nervous as she stepped up to Queen Celeste.

“Hello,” she called out, trying obviously to hide the tremor in her voice. Celeste’s stiff expression softened and she visibly slackened her shoulders, a silent invitation for Kundra to relax as well. Morwen noticed as Vegas subtly brushed her shoulder against her older sister’s. Queen Kundra swallowed and continued. “You wanted to see me?”

Celeste nodded. “May we go somewhere private?” She glanced at Blackberry, who was still sitting on Jack’s antlers, then at Jack and Tycho. “The three of you may stay where you are.”

“Er, yes, of course. Follow me,” Kundra replied, turning around and hopping off the side of the cliff.

The breath caught in Morwen’s throat, and they, along with Celeste and their fellow sentries, stiffened. Vegas noticed and let out a strained chuckle. “Don’t worry,” she explained quickly, padding toward the spot Queen Kundra had just leaped from. “There’s a ledge here. It’s a short drop.” She jumped down after her sister. Celeste’s brow raised slightly, but she walked over and followed them. Morwen padded hesitantly after her, pointedly ignoring Blackberry’s glare, and stopped by the edge, looking down. They had to leap down a good three, maybe four feet down to reach the ledge, but it was clearly an easy enough jump if the two queens and the princess had done it unharmed. Bunching their legs beneath them, they sprang forward. A jolt went up through their limbs as they slammed onto the rocky ledge, but it went away in seconds. Squeezing between the trunk of a flourishing laurel tree and the rough stone of the mountain, they rounded the corner and found themself on a second cliff, smaller than the previous one.

A soft layer of dirt coated the rock here, a nice break for Morwen’s sore paw pads. There was a shallow depression in the side of the mountain, creating a small cliff where they were standing. Just in front of them, another laurel was growing and in full bloom, its pale pink and white flowers emitting a sweet fragrance. Morwen took a couple steps to the side and noticed a small cave entrance hidden behind the tree.

As they padded into the spacious cave, they were veiled in a gentle, flickering orange glow. Looking around, they saw that Celeste, Kundra, and Vegas were settling down onto a spongy blanket of moss that covered the floor. Placed evenly around the perimeter of the cave were six or seven glass jars, each containing a good number of firefliesーthe source of the light they’d seen. It was rather beautiful. Then they noticed Queen Celeste’s magenta eyes as they stared hard at them, and Morwen took the hint, hurrying to sit down.

Kundra was beaming, though her expression seemed strangely downcast. “What do you think?” she asked, referring to the cave.

“It is lovely,” Celeste replied. “The fireflies are a very nice touch.”

Vegas reached a paw out and brushed her claws against one jar. “I helped her decorate it. I tried to make it look a little bit like her den back in Bravado, since she’s got fireflies there, too. The juveniles love catching them. And they get to do it a lot, since she likes to release them every night before going to sleep so they don’t die. They aren’t as pretty when they’re dead.”

Morwen smiled softly, amused; they figured that Queen Celeste would scold them if they chuckled out loud. Their eyes drifted toward the jar closest to them, counting eight little bugs twinkling brightly inside. Fascinated, they sank down into a crouch to get a closer look at the fireflies.

They sat back up as they heard Queen Kundra speak. “Vegas, would you mind getting us some tea? I imagine that the two of them would be rather thirsty after such a long walk.” She glanced at Morwen, then at Celeste. “I’ll have cinnamon. You two?”

Celeste’s ears twitched impatiently. “I have never had tea.”

“Neither have I,” Morwen agreed. The Tea Springs were shared by three Realms far to the east, and tea was practically nonexistent in the other five.

Kundra shrugged nonchalantly, but a subtle movement caught Morwen’s eye. Their gaze flicked down toward her long black claws as she fidgeted with them. Why does she seem so nervous? “Perhaps blueberry?” she suggested. “Most seem to like blueberry tea. It’s quite a popular choice. You two will probably like it as well.”

“All right,” Queen Celeste said shortly, obviously impatient to get to the point of the meeting. Vegas nodded and padded swiftly toward the exit of the cave.

As the princess slipped from view, Kundra’s sharp amber eyes followed her, staring intently past Morwen. The dhole brid bit their lip. The Mountain queen was clearly making sure her sister was gone before saying anything. They didn’t have to wonder why for very long, as she began to speak about five seconds later.

The badger let out a low, throaty huff, slumping back against the wall between two firefly jars. Morwen blinked, glancing at Celeste. “I’m so sorry. We’re both a mess, Vegas and me. She feels better when she has something to do or talk about. I imagine she was talking up a storm about Aegean or her flowers or something stupid she did or something stupid someone else did,” she added, looking up to meet Celeste’s gaze. “I’m… I’m just not used to this. Being in charge of everyone in my Realm. Myー” her voice choked up, but she swallowed and continued “ーmy parents were only in power for a week and they never met up with sovereigns from the other Realms, so I have no idea if I’m doing this rightー”

Celeste snapped her tail upward, a sudden action to cut Kundra off. “You are doing fine,” she murmured, and her tail fell back onto the moss. “Just relax. I simply have a thought that I would like to propose to you when Princess Vegas returns.” She hesitated. “I was planning to put this forth earlier, but I thought it would be best to wait a little while.”

…for you to settle into your new role as queen, Morwen thought, finishing the rest of the sentence that the Tundra queen had left unspoken. Their pelt bristled, ashamed; they hadn’t even considered the fact that Kundra’s and Vegas’s parents, King Harley and Queen Tatum, had just died little more than a week ago. To top that off, they’d also heard that neither of the medics at Bravado had had any idea of what caused their untimely deaths so soon after taking the throne. The two sisters must have been devastated. “I’m sorry,” they said gently, dipping their head.

Queen Kundra inhaled deeply, closing her eyes. Morwen tipped their head up to look at Celeste, a silent question in their dark blue gaze. She was seldom openly sympathetic toward animals that she wasn’t close to. Queen Celeste blatantly ignored them, so Morwen settled back into a comfortable position and faced the Mountain queen.

“Thank you,” she breathed, meeting Celeste’s eyes, then Morwen’s. Celeste gave her a solemn nod in response, while Morwen flashed her a warm smile.

A rustling sound emitted from behind the three of them and Morwen whipped around, their fur standing on end. They quickly forced their pelt to lie flat again as Princess Vegas plodded carefully through the leaves and flowers of the laurel tree, emerging into the cave with half a coconut shell clenched tightly between her jaws. Dark liquid sloshed around inside the shell as she set it down in front of Queen Celeste, wisps of steam curling into the air. A rich, fruity scent rose up from it, causing Morwen’s mouth to water.

“Blueberry tea for you,” she murmured under her breath as she removed her teeth from the shell. She shuffled back to the entrance of the cave again. Morwen turned to watch as another brid poked her head into the cave to pass a second tea-filled coconut shell to Vegas before disappearing again. Vegas padded over to them and placed it onto the moss before them. “Blueberry tea for you,” she repeated before hurrying away again. She took a third to Queen Kundraー“And cinnamon tea for you”ーthen carried a fourth to her own spot in the cave and sat down.

Kundra lay down and tucked her paws beneath her, leaning down to drink from her coconut shell. Morwen’s gaze flicked down to their own shell and inhaled the delicious scent of blueberry for a moment before dipping their muzzle into the tea. The steamy drink warmed their tongue and throat as they hungrily swallowed it down, quenching their fierce thirst and filling their belly comfortably.

They glanced sideways to see Queen Celeste’s reaction. She was blinking and licking her teeth in what looked to Morwen like utter amazement. “Suns and stars,” she exclaimed, looking up to stare at Kundra and Vegas. “This is by far the single best thing I have ever tasted.”

“See? You can never go wrong with blueberry tea,” Queen Kundra agreed, her tone sounding a little more relaxed than before. Vegas grinned.

Celeste took in a deep breath and let it slowly back out. “I take it that the Taiga Realm has been bothering you day and night as well, hm?” she broached, settling her intense magenta gaze on Kundra. Morwen’s brow quirked in confusion at their queen’s words, but they fought to keep a neutral expression. She still hadn’t told them why exactly she wanted to meet with the Mountain queen. Where is she going with this?

 “Oh,” Kundra mumbled, her amber eyes darkening. “Yes, it has.”

She said nothing more, so Vegas added, “They’re targeting animals from Backbone, mostly, since it’s closer to the Taiga Realm. They’ve started countless uncalled-for skirmishes with us. Just last week, they murdered four foragers from here and threw their bodies into the gorge for our sentries to find later.”

“It’s gotten worse in the past few months, hasn’t it?” Morwen blurted out without meaning to, their tongue seeming to move of its own accord. They stopped, pelt burning with embarrassment as they glanced up at Queen Celeste. But to their relief, she nodded at them, inviting them to elaborate. They swallowed, regaining their composure, and turned back to the badgers. “I mean, they’ve been hostile before, but never this bad.”

Kundra stared down at her long claws as she fiddled with them. “I agree. It’s kind of an unspoken rule that murder is generally not something you should do, but they’ve been disregarding that fact a lot more than is necessary lately.” She and Vegas exchanged an unreadable glance before tilting her head back up to face Celeste. “Er, why do you ask?”

The caribou’s long tail whisked around her body to curl over her hind hooves where they stuck out from beneath her. “I find it unnerving that King Hamza has only been initiating these savage attacks for a mere three months, and yet he has inflicted more damage upon our Realms than his father had in eighteen years.”

“Yeah,” Queen Kundra said quietly, her claws ripping into the squishy moss on the floor. Her brow furrowed, causing the scars on her face to scrunch up. “And I don’t think he’s going to stop soon.” She rolled her shoulders, the dark gray fur on her back beginning to spike up. “He thinks my Realm is weak because I’m so new at this whole queen thing.”

Celeste nodded slowly, the beads and flowers dangling from her antlers swinging back and forth. “Exactly. That is where he is wrong.”

“What, am I not new?” Kundra deadpanned, mouth tightening.

Morwen’s rather large ears lowered. They still had no idea where Queen Celeste was going with this, but they hoped that she had it under control. We’d be in trouble if things were to go sour, since we’re in the middle of a Mountain Realm camp and all…

“You may be new, but you and your Realm are not weak,” Queen Celeste corrected her, offering her a small smile. Morwen watched silently as her gaze flicked from Queen Kundra to Princess Vegas and back again. “King Hamza and Queen Anika are blind to this fact. They want a war, and since neither of us have given one to them, they think that we are weak. And they will keep provoking us because of their ill-founded assumptions.”

“I wouldn’t have guessed anything differently,” the dark gray badger murmured, gently tapping the glass of one nearby firefly jar with a claw. Her expression was deeply troubled. Swallowing, Morwen sat up. If they were to guess, they’d say that Kundra was thinking about the lives that her Realm had lost in the attacks. About the lives that would soon be lost in future attacks. Morwen knew that look. They’d seen it from Queen Celeste countless times before.

Princess Vegas leaned down to sip some of her tea, the movement drawing Morwen’s eye. She hadn’t said too much in the past couple of minutes. I wonder what she’s thinking about all this, they thought as they took another gulp of their own tea.

Celeste’s magenta gaze flitted toward the jar Kundra was tapping, then back down at the badger. Even kneeling, she towered over the Mountain queen. “There is one thing that I feel will deter King Hamza and his myrmidons from attacking our Realms, and that is a force stronger than his,” she said. Morwen’s head jolted up and the royal sisters exchanged equally bewildered glances at her words. She ignored them, continuing. “He relishes power and attention. Our failure to retaliate his attacks thus far feeds his ego and secures his power over us, little by little. But he is afraid to lose it.”

Vegas piped up, “But where could we find a force stronger than his? None of the other sovereigns would bother helping us because it’s not their problem.” Kundra nodded.

“That is why we are here,” Queen Celeste answered. The sisters’ amber and yellow gazes lasered in on the caribou brid’s face in such perfect unison that Morwen almost wanted to laugh. They didn’t, though. They were just as shocked as the two of them were. “Our Realms alone are each smaller than his. Unified, however, we can face him.”

Queen Kundra stared back at her for a long moment with an unmoving expression of disbelief. Finally, she spoke again. “An alliance?” She paused, waiting for the Tundra queen’s reply. Celeste dipped her head in a nod. The thick black fur around the badger’s throat and neck shifted as she swallowed. “What do you have to gain from an alliance? You must want something in return, right?”

Celeste shook her head. “Both of our Realms would gain for the same reason. We would both have each other to rely on for support.” Her tone dropped ominously. “We would be able to take on the Taiga Realm together, if worse comes to worst.”

The cave was silent after those words. A shiver racked Morwen’s body, and their fur began to bristle. It wasn’t from the cold. If worse comes to worst. If King Hamza and Queen Anika declared war. Patrolling the Taiga border was already an exceptionally daunting task; they couldn’t imagine waging war with the bloodthirsty animals there.

They looked down at their tea. Its warmth had long leached away.

Queen Kundra cleared her throat, drawing Morwen’s attention back, and after exchanging a meaningful glance with Vegas, she met Queen Celeste’s gaze. A faint but bold smile spread across her face; combined with the vicious scars on her face, Morwen couldn’t help but feel a little intimidated by her. Although, they had to admit, she intimidated them anyway.

“All right,” Kundra breathed, and Morwen pricked their ears, alert. “An alliance it is.”

“Marvelous,” Celeste replied, beaming. “Thank you very much for allowing us to visit and providing us with such hospitality.” She began to stand.

Princess Vegas jumped to her paws, nearly knocking her coconut shell over in the process. “Wait! You aren’t leaving now, are you?”

Kundra nodded quickly, standing up a little more carefully. “Yeah. It’s quite dark outside, and the five of you must be very hungry and tired.” She glanced at Morwen, then back at Celeste. “Please, stay the night. We have plenty of extra food and dens.”

Queen Celeste also glanced at Morwen, making them feel self-conscious. Beside them, Celeste dipped her head gratefully. “If you insist,” she said. “Thank you, again.” Hearing this, Morwen leaned down to swiftly drink up the rest of their blueberry tea before they left. That tea was good.

A crisp night breeze drifted past as Morwen and Celeste were ushered out of the den, chilling the dhole to the bone. Kundra led them back up the edge of the cliff, past the two laurel trees, where they rejoined Blackberry, Jack, and Tycho. They looked immensely bored, and Morwen fought down a grin. Jack and Blackberry stared hard at Morwen with intense gazes as they approached them, while Tycho’s expression was rather blank and unreadable. Perhaps the three other sentries were jealous that they hadn’t gotten to join the queens and the princess for the conversation they’d traveled so many hours for their queen to engage in. That made Morwen want to smirk as well.

Their thoughts shifted back to the new alliance. To Queen Celeste’s words. It was strange to think about now, after so many border skirmishes and unnecessary deaths, that something would change. That the Taiga Realm would stop.

A smile crossed Morwen’s face. Their home would finally be safe.


aaand it’s here!!
okay real quick, one thing I figured I should clarify is that “brid” is just short for “hybrid” and it’s a general term everyone uses to refer to each other! rather than “people,” as they are not people 😛
so yeah! I really hope you guys like it and that it’s interesting enough so far!!! and feedback is greatly appreciated as well!!

Aquila of Skaro (the Daleks' planet)
Aquila of Skaro (the Daleks' planet)
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It’s awesome, Darkie!!! 😀
I love all the description because I can imagine it all really well!

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Look at them, being awful <3
I can’t wait to have someone beat them up 😛
I love your writing!!

That's the piping hot tea~~✨

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The Plague Dark-ter (Darkwing)
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that made me laugh so hardddd haha 😛
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September 22, 2020 1:07 am

Whoa, this is so good?? I adore all the detail, it really pulls you in, and the characters’ personalities work well with one another and are unique – and I like how the queen talks – it feels like royalty. I don’t know how to describe it, but I feel like I just had a journey – keep it up! 😀
Oh, and I like how the POV is from a non-binary character! 🙂

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The Plague Dark-ter (Darkwing)
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September 21, 2020 6:26 pm

It was odd, really. When Feathertail died, Crowfeather had felt shattered and angry-at Sharptooth, at the Tribe, at himself. He would have thought he would feel the same way when Leafpool died. He did, but he also felt empty, hollow, as though one of his legs had been cut off.
It was odd, because he and Leafpool had barely spoken to each other in moons-seasons! And when they had, it had been strictly of Clan matters, one Clan’s deputy to another Clan’s medicine cat, each avoiding the other’s eyes. The average cat would think that her death wouldn’t spark anything close to the turmoil of feelings raging within Crowfeather.
The average cat would be wrong.
Why had he ever thought it was a good idea to attack the Sisters?
It had made sense at the time. The Sisters were on territory the Clans needed for SkyClan. Once the Sisters were off that territory, SkyClan could move onto that territory, and each Clan could reclaim their hunting grounds, and the borders could go back to normal.
And so, shortly before dawn on that terrible day-but he didn’t know how terrible it would be, not yet-Crowfeather, Harestar, and a patrol of WindClan’s strongest warriors met up with the leaders and deputies from ThunderClan, ShadowClan, and RiverClan-except Squirrelflight, for some reason-along with a few warriors from each of those Clans. They gathered on SkyClan territory. The plan was to show the Sisters the combined strength of the Clans, in the hope that they would leave, preferably without a fight. At dawn, they walked into the Sisters’ camp.
Squirrelflight was already there.
Some confusion followed-they tried to figure out what she was doing there, she tried to tell them that they had made their point and could leave.
This led to some arguing among the Clans(but when did anything not lead to arguing among the Clans?). Tigerstar accused Squirrelflight of being a traitor. Bramblestar replied that Squirrelflight’s actions were up to her. Breezepelt agreed that Squirrelflight was disloyal, and then, of course, had to go on to say, “And it’s not the first time. You raised your sister’s half-Clan kits and told your Clanmates and Bramblestar they were your own! You’re a liar.”
Crowfeather glared at him. Did he really have to bring this up again? They’d been through this! Numerous times!
Bramblestar apparently felt similarly, because he told Breezepelt, “We came here to talk to the Sisters, not rake up old bones.”
“We didn’t expect to find your deputy here, mixing with the enemy!” Breezepelt snapped. “Squirrelflight’s disloyal. She’s been disloyal before. She can’t be trusted.”
Crowfeather sighed. Surely Squirrelflight had a reason for her actions? She always had a reason for what she did, whether it was tagging along on the quest to the sun-drown-place or pretending that her sister’s kits were hers. Did they really have to have this argument now? Couldn’t they have it somewhere else, preferably not in front of three other Clans and a group of rogues?
Squirrelflight hissed at Breezepelt. “You don’t get to lecture me on loyalty! Who did you fight for in the battle with the Dark Forest?”
Anger pulsed beneath Crowfeather’s pelt. Breezepelt had changed since then! Was he the only cat who saw that?
He had to do something to stop this, before Nightcloud or Lionblaze got involved. Thank StarClan Jayfeather wasn’t here, at least.
He stepped forward. “We can listen to Squirrelflight’s explanation later. Move out of the way,” he told her. “We’ve come to move the Sisters.” Technically, they’d only come to warn the Sisters, but perhaps it was better to just get this over with, before any more- the euphemism Ashfoot had used to use was family history– was brought up.
The Sisters, Clans, and Squirrelflight exchanged threats and pleas. Then one of the Sisters, a yellow she-cat, attacked Harestar. The battle began.
At some point, the Sisters retreated. Crowfeather was chasing them along with most of the rest of the Clan cats when he overheard Squirrelflight urgently telling Bramblestar that she and Leafpool had come to help Moonlight, the leader of the Sisters, give birth.
“Where is she?” Bramblestar asked.
“Leafpool and the others have taken her and the kits somewhere safe.” Squirrelflight replied.
“A cave. I’ve never seen it before, but it can’t be far.”
“Do you think that’s where the others have fled?” Bramblestar asked her.
“They might think they can defend it from the Clans,” Squirrelflight meowed slowly.
Wait, so Leafpool was-
“Did you say Leafpool was in a cave?” Crowfeather demanded.
“They’ll be trapped,” Bramblestar growled. “Tigerstar and the others will have them cornered.”
Crowfeather turned and ran, following the yowls and screeches. What had Leafpool been thinking? Her insistence on helping every cat she met had gotten her trapped on the wrong side of a battle! Did she have to help every cat she came across?
Yes, a small part of him acknowledged, or else she wouldn’t be Leafpool.
He had no idea what he would do when he reached the cave. He was a WindClan cat, and had to fight with them. He couldn’t very well stop the battle because Leafpool was with the Sisters. Maybe he could try to convince the Sisters to leave peacefully. Or maybe Leafpool would come up with something. She was a smart, resourceful cat. Or maybe Squirrelflight and Bramblestar-
He reached the other warriors, who were standing at the edge of a clearing. At the base of a cliff, boulders and rubble formed a cave. Two of the Sisters stood inside it, facing the Warriors.
And Leafpool was somewhere in there….
This was ridiculous. Why couldn’t the Sisters have left when the Clans told them to? Then they wouldn’t be having this battle and SkyClan could go onto this new territory(and Leafpool wouldn’t be trapped in a cave with the Sisters)!
“Are you ready to leave yet?” Tigerstar demanded.
“We stay,” Moonlight snarled from beside her campmates. She looked exhausted.
Well, of course she looks exhausted, Crowfeather thought, if her kits were just born.
“But you’re outnumbered,” Harestar told her.
“We can defend this cave for as long as we have to,” she replied.
“Then we’ll flush you out,” Tigerstar told her. He nodded to a warrior named Scorchfur and ShadowClan’s deputy, Cloverfoot. “Climb on top of the cave and start digging.”
“Be careful!” Squirrelflight called.
As Cloverfoot and Scorchfur dug through the soil and rocks on top of the cave, dirt began to fall over the entrance.
Bramblestar began speaking quietly to Tigerstar, sounding concerned.
Because his medicine cat is in there….
Moonlight suddenly cried, “Attack!”
The Sisters all ran forward, launching themselves upon the Clan cats. The battle began again.
Crowfeather was struggling to get out from under a gray she-cat-why did the Sisters have to be so big?-when she suddenly stiffened, staring at something out of Crowfeather’s line of sight. Then she leapt off him and ran. Crowfeather scrambled to his paws in time to see her racing after Squirrelflight, who was running into the cave, which was collapsing.
Around him, as the noise of the collapsing cave grew louder and louder, more and more cats stopped fighting as they realized what was going on.
The Sisters began streaming toward the cave, just as the gray she-cat ran out. She dropped a tiny squirming bundle of fur in front of the yellow she-cat.
“Hawk!” a white she-cat cried. “Where-”
“In the back,” she panted. “They’re getting them.” She raced back into the cave. Several of the Sisters tried to follow her, but they couldn’t get past the falling diet and stones.
Another of the Sisters brought the kit over to Moonlight, who was lying on the ground, covered in blood, looking half dead.
They gray she-cat-Hawk-reappeared, thrust another kit at the yellow she-cat, and disappeared into the cave again.
The sound of collapsing rocks grew louder and louder. The air around the cave was so full of dust and dirt that Crowfeather could hardly see into it. Why weren’t Leafpool and Squirrelflight coming out? Crowfeather could barely hear himself think.
Hawk came racing out of the cave with a tiny, muddy kit swinging from her jaws just as, with a sound like Twoleg monsters, with a sound to rival Sharptooth’s roar, with a sound like the end of the world, the cave completely fell in, the worst of the rocks just missing Hawk’s tail.
For a moment, there was nothing but an utter, deathly silence.
Then pandemonium erupted, as every cat realized who had not made it out of the cave.
Crowfeather forced himself to remain calm, taking deep breaths, trying to slow his racing heartbeat, even though he felt like running around and screeching in panic with everyone else. He was the WindClan deputy. He couldn’t afford to lose control, not if he wanted any chance of rescuing Leafpool.
It was Bramblestar who yowled for order, Bramblestar who suggested that the Sisters go to SkyClan, Bramblestar who asked Hawk approximately where in the cave Leafpool and Squirrelflight had been, and Bramblestar who ordered cats to begin digging through the rocks, right around where Leafpool and Squirrelflight had last been seen. All the cats there dug, even Tigerstar, Cloverfoot, and Scorchfur, all three of whom looked shell-shocked.
As Breezepelt moved to take his spot, his pelt brushed against Crowfeather’s. Crowfeather blinked at him in surprise, then began digging frantically through the rubble, right alongside Bramblestar, who was digging with the same desperate light in his eyes the Crowfeather was sure was in his. 
Crowfeather dug through the rocks until his pads were scraped and bleeding, and three of his claws were nearly torn out, but he didn’t care. He would have dug forever if he’d had to.
They found Squirrelflight first. She was so covered in dirt that her ginger pelt was almost unrecognizable. Her head was stained with blood.
They lifted her out gingerly, trying to keep her as still as possible. They laid her gently on the ground, and cleared the soil away from her nose and mouth so she would breathe easier. Thank StarClan, she was breathing!
They found Leafpool shortly and an interminably long time afterwards. She was lying still, so still, covered in dirt and rocks.
As each she-cat was lifted onto the backs of two ThunderClan cats, Bramblestar suddenly, quietly, began speaking to Crowfeather.
“If there’s any-” his voice cracked- “news- we’ll let you know.” His eyes were fixed on Squirrelflight.
Crowfeather nodded once.
Then Bramblestar rushed over to assist the cats carrying Squirrelflight, and Crowfeather, after one last glance toward the departing ThunderClan cats, returned to the moor with his Clan.
He was full of nervous energy. Kestrelflight had told him that because of his loose claws and scraped pads, he shouldn’t hunt today, and yet he couldn’t stay still, so he kept pacing around and around the camp, despite the pain in his paws.
Finally Heathertail threatened to get Smokehaze and Brindlewing to sit on him while Kestrelflight treated his paws. So he sat down long enough for Kestrelflight to apply a poultice, and then immediately got up and began pacing again, despite the poultice on his paws and ignoring Nightcloud’s “Kestrelflight told you to rest, Crowfeather, for StarClan’s sake!” 
Later, what he would remember as almost the worst part of that day would be not the battle, not the rockfall, but the interminably, endless waiting.
It was the longest day of Crowfeather’s life.
As the sun set, the dusk patrol came back from patrolling the ThunderClan border with the news that Squirrelflight had regained consciousness, but Leafpool was dead.
It was a small mercy that night was falling, so there were no more patrols to send out. He wouldn’t have had the head for it. As it was, he barely managed to nod the patrol toward Harestar’s den to tell him the news.
He didn’t remember doing it, but later, the earth where he had been standing was churned nearly to dust, the grass ripped to shreds.
He didn’t sleep that night. He couldn’t have, even if he’d wanted to. He waited until all the other cats were asleep, then quietly crept out and sat at the edge of camp, gazing silently up at the stars, sitting his own quiet vigil. Why? he asked wordlessly, staring up at the cold light of the stars. Why?
But there was no answer.
Over the next few days, a few cats noticed that Crowfeather seemed distracted. He would call cats by the wrong names, or put them on different patrols than they’d previously been assigned to. He did his best not to lose focus, though. He concentrated very hard on whatever he was doing, because if he would lose focus for a moment, his emotions would overwhelm him.
That first Gathering after her death was terrible. As deputy and medicine cat, each of them had almost always attended Gatherings. Leafpool sat with the medicine cats; Crowfeather sat with the deputies. They rarely spoke to each other.
And yet, each of them, when the other’s Clan entered the clearing, automatically looked for the other, sometimes not even realizing they were doing it, as if making sure the other was safe and whole. This automatic check-in lasted for barely more than a heartbeat, and then they would go back to whatever they had been doing.
Crowfeather, sitting beside the Great Oak with the other deputies when ThunderClan entered the clearing, couldn’t help himself from doing so again, searching for the cat who was not there.
First came Bramblestar and Squirrelflight, the latter leaning on the former as though he was supporting her, although that could have been because she still limped. Her eyes were hollow.
Behind them were Jayfeather and Alderheart, the remaining medicine cats, walking close enough for their fur to brush each other.
And there, beside Jayfeather, an empty space where no cat was walking.
That empty space hit Crowfeather like a physical blow. He staggered, taking a step back.
Nearby, Reedwhisker broke off his conversation with Hawkwing and glanced over at him. “Are you all right?”
Crowfeather nodded, not trusting himself to speak.
He barely registered the rest of the Gathering. He did remember, at one point, glaring at Tigerstar and wondering what it would be like to shred his ears, never mind that he was ShadowClan’s leader and Tawnypelt’s son(not to mention that he had pretty much rebuilt ShadowClan and had been the only one strong and stable enough to do so, so if anything happened to him, ShadowClan, and possibly the other four Clans, would most likely be plunged back into the post-Darktail chaos, a small part of Crowfeather’s mind insisted on reminding him).
And then, at the end of the Gathering, all the cats there cried out Leafpool’s name to the stars, honoring her. Crowfeather liked that. She deserved to be honored. But he didn’t join in. He knew that if he opened his mouth, his self-control would shatter and all his tangled emotions would come pouring out. And so while all the cats around him honored Leafpool by calling her name to the stars, Crowfeather stared blankly ahead at nothing.
That night, he lay curled up in his nest until all the other warriors were asleep. Then he crept out of his nest, out of camp, and ran as fast as he could, like a true WindClan cat, until he was alone on the moor for as far as the eye could see. He halted and looked at the sky. He wasn’t sure what he was looking for-a ghost, a sign, anything. But there was nothing except for the silver full moon, gazing down at him like a silver eye, and the stars, glimmering coldly at him like they had for a hundred other nights.
He listed his head and yowled at the stars, a strangled, wordless cry of anger and grief and love breaking the silence of the night.
He couldn’t sleep that night, nor the next. Kestrelflight noticed that Crowfeather was having trouble sleeping (although if he knew why Crowfeather was having trouble sleeping he didn’t say anything) and gave him a poppy seed. it gave him sleep, but it was an uneasy sleep, full of nightmares. First he dreamed he was with Leafpool in the cave as it was collapsing. She was cowering away from the falling rocks, her amber eyes wide. Then an onslaught of falling stones and earth landed on her, blocking her from Crowfeather’s view.
“Leafpool!” he shouted.
Then the ground disappeared, and Leafpool was falling, falling through the air, falling forever, until suddenly she hit the stone floor. with a sickening thud and lay here, limbs askew. Crowfeather tried to run to her, but his paws were frozen in place, and he couldn’t move, and her fur wasn’t brown anymore, it was silver.
He woke up, gasping.
He waited until his heart rate had returned to normal, then stumbled out of his nest into the hollow and nearly sent the first three cats he saw there on dawn patrol before realizing that one of them was Kestrelflight, so he went and woke up Slightfoot or Hootwhisker or whatever his name was and sent him with the other two.
In an attempt to keep busy, he went hunting. After missing two of what should have been the easiest catches all moon, he managed to catch a bluebird. It was already in flight, flying low over the heath, but he managed to catch it by jumping high like he’d learned in the mountains(don’t think about the mountains), sinking his claws into its wing, and dragging it down with him to the ground, where he managed to kill it.
On his way back to camp he met Breezepelt. They nodded at each other.
“So, uh,” Breezepelt meowed, looking awkward. “How are you?”
“Fine,” Crowfeather mumbled through a mouthful of bloody bluebird feathers.
Breezepelt looked as though he wanted to say something more, but didn’t.
Communication had never been one of Breezepelt’s strong points, Crowfeather mused to himself. Then again, it had never been one of Crowfeather’s, either. They had that in common.
Breezepelt walked with Crowfeather all the way back to the camp, where Crowfeather deposited his somewhat-mangled bluebird on the fresh-kill pile and wandered away without taking anything. He wasn’t hungry.
He was on dusk patrol by the ThunderClan border. It was during the latter part of twilight, when it was closer to night than day. It was hard to see. A cat could be right on the other side of the border and they would barely see it.
Oatclaw-who was still slightly miffed at Crowfeather for calling him Hootwhisker the other day-stiffened suddenly. “I smell ThunderClan cats,” he announced.
Crowfeather squinted over the border. He couldn’t see any cats, although there were some moving shadows that might have been a patrol, and there, a pair of amber eyes.
Crowfeather inhaled sharply. Those eyes. The shape, the color.
Bushes rustled, and the moving shadows, which did turn out to be a ThunderClan patrol, reached the border. The cat at the head of the patrol, Thornclaw, nodded to the WindClan cats. At the back of the patrol, Lionblaze materialized through the gloom, looking downcast. He nodded at Crowfeather, his amber eyes glinting in the half-light. Crowfeather barely managed to nod back. 
After the patrol had passed, he dug his claws into the earth, hating himself for allowing himself to feel that one moment of exquisite, terrible hope. Then he continued on. 
It was Nightcloud who noticed he wasn’t eating.
“I am eating,” he objected when she confronted him. “I had a sparrow this morning. You saw me eat it.”
She snorted. “Yes, I saw you eat it. You had two and a half bites of it before you gave the rest to Featherpelt. A sparrow is barely enough to fill a full-grown cat, let alone two and a half bites of one.”
“I’m fine,” he insisted. “I’m just not hungry.”
NIghtcloud sighed. “And you haven’t been hungry since the battle with the Sisters, is that it? Starving yourself isn’t going to bring her back, you know.”
Crowfeather flinched. He unsheathed his claws.
“Don’t get me wrong,” Nightcloud continued. “I didn’t like Leafpool. I still don’t. But I care about you, and you can’t be a strong deputy for the Clan, or a good father to Breezepelt, or good kin to Smokehaze and Brindlewing and Heathertail’s new kits if you aren’t eating and you’re not focused on anything. You need to eat something.”
She glared at Crowfeather.
Crowfeather glared right back.
Nightcloud stalked over to the fresh-kill pile, sunk her teeth in to a crow(the irony did not escape him),and dragged it over to Crowfeather.
“Here,” she said, just like she had when Breezepelt was a kit and she was trying to coax him to eat his fresh-kill. “Eat.”
He ate.
When Harestar pulled him aside to talk to him, Crowfeather fully expected to be reprimanded, and rightfully so. He’d been distracted recently, lost in his grief, and his sleep troubles weren’t helping.
“So,” Harestar began, “how are you?”
“Fine,” Crowfeather replied.
“I wanted to tell you,” the WindClan leader continued, “that I’m impressed with you.”
Crowfeather was stunned. “What did you say?”
“I’m impressed with you,” Harestar repeated. “Not many cats could have lost a cat dear to them-yes, even a former, forbidden mate-and hold themselves together the way you’ve done.
“And for what it’s worth,” Harestar continued, “I realize that yours was an unusual, complicated situation, but…I’m sorry for your loss.”
Crowfeather blinked. NO cat had said that to him, although he must have felt her death as keenly as Squirrelflight.
“However,” Harestar went on, “you aren’t performing at your best. You’ve been distracted, you called three cats by the wrong name in the past two days, your hunting skills aren’t as good as they were before, and Kestrelflight tells me you’ve been having trouble sleeping.”
Crowfeather nodded once.
Harestar’s voice softened slightly. “You’re the deputy, Crowfeather. The Clan needs you.”
Crowfeather waited to see where Harestar was going with this.
“I want you to take the rest of the day off,” Harestar told him. “Go for a walk, get some fresh air, calm yourself, make your peace. Tomorrow morning I want you back, clearheaded and focused, like you used to be.”
He waved his tail at Crowfeather and turned to go. Just before he was out of earshot, Crowfeather managed to rasp, “Thank you.”
Crowfeather wandered the moor alone, sometimes walking, sometimes running, sometimes jumping like a kit. It felt nice to just be able to be alone and do his own thing without the pressure of having to control himself around other cats or of having to get back to camp. He hadn’t even known he”d needed this.
As dusk fell, he debated whether or not to return to camp. He decided not to. The solitude was nice, and he wanted to enjoy it for as long as he could. Besides, Harestar had said tomorrow morning, after all.
The stars began to come out, but he didn’t look at them.
Soon after the stars came out, he found himself near the ThunderClan border. Near it, not over it, as he planned on telling any ThunderClan cat who challenged him. He didn’t know why his paws had brought him here. It wasn’t as if he was hoping to see her. That moon was long since over, and besides-his claws clenched-she no longer walked this earth. Even so, he did not make his way back into WindClan territory.
A twig snapping brought him out of his reverie.
“Who’s that?” he called.
“Who are you?” a voice shot back at him.
Crowfeather recognized that voice. “Squirrelflight?” 
“Yes.” A shape moved forward, green eyes glowing in the darkness. “Crowfeather?”
“What are you doing so close to the WindClan border?” he challenged.
“What are you doing so close to the ThunderClan border?” Squirrelflight retorted.
“I was taking a walk,” Crowfeather defended himself.
“So was I.” Squirrelflight paused. “How are you?”
“Fine,” Crowfeather meowed, his fur bristling in annoyance-why did cats keep asking him how he was?
Be polite, he heard Ashfoot’s voice tell him in the back of his mind, in time for him to remember to ask, “And you?” without there being too long of a pause in the conversation.
“I’m fine,” Squirrelflight informed him.
Crowfeather and Squirrelflight regarded each other for a moment.
“We’re not fine, are we?” Squirrelflight finally asked.
“No,” Crowfeather admitted. 
He wouldn’t have said that to any other cat living-at least, not without a lot of coaxing and arguing. But this was Squirrelflight, the cat he had journeyed with to the sun-drown-place and back, Feathertail’s friend, Leafpool’s sister, who had risked everything to raise Leafpool’s kits as her own. His kits.
“How are, uh…”
“Lionblaze and Jayfeather?” Squirrelflight finished for him. “They’re fine. Well, they’re not fine. But they’ll be fine. I hope.”
She sighed.
“I miss her,” she whispered. “I keep turning around to ask her something, or going into the medicine den to talk to her, and she isn’t there…”
Crowfeather nodded, remembering the Gathering. He imagined it must be even worse in the ThunderClan camp, where Leafpool’s scent and memory were everywhere.
“I mean,” Squirrelflight continued, “I know she’s happy and safe and well in StarClan, but it’s just…”
Her voice trailed off, and she took a deep breath.
“How can you know that for sure?” Crowfeather asked.
Squirrelflight gave him a surprised look. “You heard me at the Gathering. I was there.”
Now that she mentioned it, that did sound vaguely familiar.
“But…you were in StarClan? You saw them, spoke to them?”
“As clearly as I’m speaking to you now,” she told him.
Crowfeather didn’t particularly care for that comparison.
“Both Leafpool and I were badly injured and near death,” Squirrelflight explained. “Close enough to death to allow us to walk in StarClan’s hunting grounds, as though we were part of them. My body healed enough to allow my spirit to return, but Leafpool’s…didn’t.
Both cats bowed their heads for a moment.
“But she’s happy there,” Squirrelflight continued. “I saw her. She’s with Firestar and Sandstorm and Hollyleaf and Cinderpelt. She isn’t in any pain. She’s at peace.”
At peace.
That was what the medicine cats always said, and yet they’d been wrong before-hadn’t Ashfoot visited him in dreams several times before going on to StarClan? But Squirrelflight had actually been in StarClan, even more so than whatever it was the medicine cats normally did.
“Would you like to visit her?” Squirrelflight asked suddenly.
Crowfeather blinked. “What?”
“Her grave,” Squirrelflight clarified. “Where we buried her. Do you want to visit her?”
Crowfeather blinked again. He did want to. But…
“I can’t get caught on ThunderClan territory.”
“So we won’t get caught,” Squirrelflight decided. “Besides, I’m the ThunderClan deputy, so if you’re with me, you’ll be fine.”
“And I’m the WindClan deputy,” Crowfeather countered. “I’ll be in a lot of trouble if I”m found on another Clan’s territory.”
“For StarClan’s sake, Crowfeather.” Squirrelflight rolled her eyes, suddenly looking and sounding like the younger Squirrelflight she had once been, before Feathertail died, before Hollyleaf and Lionblaze and Jayfeather and Sparkpelt and Alderheart were born, before Hollyleaf died…before Leafpool died. “Like you’ve never broken a rule before in your life.”
She took a step backward, beckoning him with her tail. “Come on.”
Crowfeather did want to visit Leafpool’s grave. But he was the deputy. He had a responsibility. He couldn’t just go on to another Clan’s territory, even with that Clan’s deputy’s permission, because the deputy’s permission wasn’t the leader’s permission, now was it? Logically, Crowfeather knew that the right thing to do would be to thank Squirrelflight, decline her offer, and leave before he broke the warrior code by trespassing on another Clan’s territory. 
The heart very rarely listens to logic (as Crowfeather well knew). He followed her.
Squirrelflight brought him to a clearing in the middle of the forest, heavy with the scent of thyme. There was a mound of earth near one side, with no grass or growth on it. They stopped beside it.
“Leafpool liked to collect herbs here,” Squirrelflight told him. “She said it was peaceful.”
“It is,” Crowfeather agreed, looking up at the moon.
Both cats bowed their heads, each of them lost in their own thoughts and memories. Crowfeather didn’t know what Squirrelflight was thinking. He hardly knew what he himself was thinking.
Leafpool was dead.
He had known that for a while already, of course. But here, staring at the mound of earth beneath which Leafpool’s body lay, the permanence of the fact seemed to hit him in his heart.
But she lives on in StarClan, Crowfeather tried to tell himself. Squirrelflight saw her. She’s happy there.
Some comfort that was. Crowfeather wasn’t in StarClan, was he? And dead was dead.
But both Ashfoot and Feathertail had visited him, hadn’t they? And they were happy too. He had managed, somehow, without them.
But after Feathertail he had had Leafpool! What would he do now?
A breeze stirred his fur. I am all right, it seemed to whisper.
Crowfeather froze. He looked wildly around the clearing, but there was no cat there except himself and Squirrelflight, who was gazing at the stars.
The breeze rustled. I am all right, it whispered again. A familiar scent wafted around Crowfeather. I am safe. I am happy. It will be hard, but both of you must go on without me.
“But-” Crowfeather whispered. He wasn’t sure if Squirrelflight was hearing this or not.
You have to, the breeze whispered. Your Clan needs you, and will need you more than you know, in the coming moons. You must live without me.
“I can’t,” Crowfeather whispered. “I-we were apart before, and that-but-you’re dead. You’re gone.”
Dead isn’t gone, the breeze rustled, sounding faintly amused. I will always be watching over each of you. And you have what to live for, Crowfeather. Your Clan. Your kin.
“Leafpool,” Crowfeather breathed. It was the first time he had spoken her name since her death, if one didn’t count the nightmares.
I will always be watching over you, Crowfeather, her voice promised.
Then the breeze blew past him, toward Squirrelflight.
Crowfeather breathed in the last wisps of Leafpool’s scent. She was right. She was dead, and dead wasn’t gone, and he had what to live for. He had Breezepelt and Heathertail and Smokehaze and Brindlewing and the new kits and Nightcloud, in a way, and even Lionblaze and-well, probably not Jayfeather.
He had his Clan. And he had his kin. And Leafpool was safe and happy. She had said so herself, and if he couldn’t believe her, who could he believe?
He took a deep breath and looked up at the stars. The stars twinkled warmly back.
He felt finally, somewhat, at peace.
“Why did you do it?” Squirrelflight asked.
It was late at night. The full moon was high in the sky. The two of them were sitting at the edge of the ShadowClan camp,which was empty, as everyone else was sleeping. Earlier that night, at the Gathering, Bramblestar-or, according to Squirrelflight, the spirit possessing Bramblestar’s body, which actually made a lot of sense after she had explained it and given the way Bramblestar had been acting lately-had convinced Mistystar and Harestar to exile Mothwing and Crowfeather, the only named codebreakers in their respective Clans. Crowfeather, however, had left before Harestar could officially exile him. Then that young ThunderClan warrior, Stemleaf, had told him and Mothwing that ShadowClan was sheltering the exiled cats. So here he was, and it was late, and he wanted to go to sleep, like all other sensible cats were at this time of night, but Squirrelflight insisted on asking him questions like the one she was asking now, which was, “Why did you exile yourself?”
“I did what I had to,” Crowfeather meowed tiredly.
Squirrelflight shifted. “You didn’t have to. Harestar would have stood up to the false Bramblestar.”
“Really?” Crowfeather asked rhetorically.
“Well, Breezepelt and Nightcloud, then,” Squirrelflight snapped. “Which they did! And a lot more cats from your Clan-and other Clans-would have too, if you hadn’t left before they could!”
“Not all of them,” Crowfeather pointed out.
“It’s never all of them,” the ginger she-cat informed him. “If there’s one thing I’ve learned about being deputy, it’s that whatever you do, there’s always going to be at least one cat who’s upset at you for some reason or other.”
“True,” Crowfeather admitted.
“Why did you leave?” she asked him, calmer now.
“You don’t give up, do you?” he asked her.
Her ears twitched. “Never.”
“If I’d stayed,” Crowfeather began, “some cats would have stood up for me, like you said. But some cats wouldn’t have. And they would have been fighting-if I’m really a codebreaker, if I should leave or not. Because of me.”
Squirrelflight opened her mouth to say something, but he raised his tail to forestall her. 
“I’ve already caused enough conflict for my Clan,” he went on. Squirrelflight didn’t need to ask what he meant-she had been entangled in that conflict almost as much as he had. “I can’t cause any more. It wouldn’t be right. So I left.”
Squirrelflight nodded. For a moment, neither cat spoke.
Squirrelflight touched his shoulder with her tail-tip. “Leafpool would be proud of you,” she admitted quietly.
“You think so?” he asked.
She nodded. “I know so.” 

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I love it!!!!! Is there a part 2?

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Mapleshade’s revenge-Prologue-The cat was lying on the rotten forest floor when he heard a voice. “Wake.” As he groggily stumbled to his feet, the voice sounded again. “You had a chance, and you failed.” Rage overcame him as he recognized the voice. He growled, “I did more than you ever did, Mapleshade!” “I didn’t die!” Mapleshade jumped down from a tree. “Now you will rot here forever, like me!” The other cat stared at her in horror. “Can’t you do something, anything to get me back? I need to destroy the clans!” Mapleshade let out a purr “I will bring you back if you do something for me.” “Anything!”, the cat pleaded. A faded image appeared on the ground. “Kill him,” she said “and I will help you”

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I’ve started writing a fanfiction, and IDK what to name it!!! I want it to be ____’s _____. The 2 main characters are Starblossom and Mistflower. And yes, I know if Starblossom became leader she will be Starstar. I already have that figured out…  😛  But suggestions please! I’m thinking maybe Starblossom’s Discovery/Mistflower’s Discovery, but you guys can say your ideas too.  😀

Firestar, thank you.

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September 22, 2020 3:00 pm

What about Starmist’s discovery since the prefix’s of both cats or starflower’s discovery or mistblossom’s discovery?

sʜᴏᴡᴇᴅ ᴜᴘ ᴀᴛ ʏᴏᴜʀ ᴘᴀʀᴛʏ

Warm Slice of Apple Pie Lightly Drizzled with Maple Syrup(Maplekit/Apple)
Warm Slice of Apple Pie Lightly Drizzled with Maple Syrup(Maplekit/Apple)
September 22, 2020 7:15 pm

It’s Starblossom and Mistflower, (not to be That Person) but that could be a cool idea! I think I’ll get further into writing it before I decide. And the thing is, Mistflower already knows the secret and is struggling with whether she should tell it, whereas Starblossom is still figuring it out. So IDK…

Firestar, thank you.

Flamey of Somewhere
Flamey of Somewhere
September 23, 2020 2:21 pm

It could be Starblossom’s Discorvery, Mistflower’s Secret. Im not reall good at coming up with titles…….

Normal people scare me.

Warm Slice of Apple Pie Lightly Drizzled with Maple Syrup(Maplekit/Apple)
Warm Slice of Apple Pie Lightly Drizzled with Maple Syrup(Maplekit/Apple)
September 23, 2020 7:02 pm

that’s okay! I think, since the situation’s different for the different characters, I won’t have a ____’s ____. Instead… maybe something along the lines of “The Secret” or “The Burden” … or maybe I’ll do A Secret Discovered or something, or A Secret Told. IDK!!!!!!! :c

Firestar, thank you.

🎡🔮🎠 Lavender longs for a carnival 🎡🔮🎠
🎡🔮🎠 Lavender longs for a carnival 🎡🔮🎠
September 22, 2020 12:48 am

Time for me to post chapter one of my Mothwing x Leafpool fan fiction! I hope you like it. Mothwing x Leafpool is my favorite ship 😛

Chapter 1. Leafpool 
Leafpool for some reason was thinking of Mothwing so much it was driving her mad. “This is supposed to be Starclan, I thought that I wasn’t supposed to be tormented by memories from when I lived..” She grumbled quite uncharacteristically. She shook out her pelt, and walked outside. Cats looked scared, which was unusual for Starclan cats. The Moonpool had frozen over entirely, and even Starclan was unsure about why. A sense of unease had spread over Starclan, because everything was going oh so wrong for the clans. “I wonder how Mothwing is doing..” The thought slipped into her mind, and surprised her “Stop thinking of Mothwing, Leafpool!” She scolded herself. Her father Firestar walked up to her “I see that you’re up now Leafpool. Something on your mind? You look bothered” Firestar’s whiskers twitched. “I uh no” Leafpool stuttered “Yes there is something wrong” Leafpool thought inwardly. “Okay then Leafpool, but just so you know if you need to talk I will listen” Firestar’s eyes twinkled with amusement. “How is he amused right now..” She muttered, and looked down at the grass. Firestar’s ginger pelt was shining brightly in the sunlight, and his eyes showed sadness “Firestar, do you regret how you died..?” Leafpool felt awkward asking this question to her father “No not one bit. It was my time, and I lived a full life” Firestar meowed firmly. “Oh and I guess I will tell you what’s on my mind.. I’m worried about the clans. We can’t even see them, and coincidentally Ashfur’s gone from Starclan! It’s stressing me out, and I’m incredibly worried for Thunderclan!” Leafpool gushed, and then realized how much she had said “And Mothwing..” that thought surprised her, she had recently been thinking things she didn’t mean to think. “How cute, you’re worried about Mothwing” a voice in her head purred amused. Firestar licked Leafpool affectionately, “Everyone is nervous Leafpool, I’m sure it’ll get better soon” He purred. Leafpool wanted to be alone, and run away from her problems “Just not with Crowfeather” She thought. “Hey Firestar, I think I need some time alone to think” Leafpool meowed, her tail flicking side by side. Firestar looked awkward, and left her. Leafpool had a small idea, to maybe try and see Thunderclan again. It’d be hard, but she might actually be able to pull it off

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Growl Of Leafeon In The Frosty Autumn Night (Leafpaw/growl)
Growl Of Leafeon In The Frosty Autumn Night (Leafpaw/growl)
September 22, 2020 3:00 pm

This is great! And I can’t wait to see what happens.

Hamilton Fan Forever!

September 23, 2020 12:02 am

This is Warrior cats as humans. In this one, Jayfeather can see, and Leafpool and Crowfeather are their legal parents. So don’t comment about those..

Jayfeather groaned as his alarm blasted in his face. He stood up and stretched, and then walked over to his closet. He heard footsteps behind him. “Mornin’ Lazyfeather. Leafpool made waffles, so hurry up and get dressed!” Jayfeather threw on a white hoodie and black pants. He pushed his gray hair(he dyed it) out of his face and raced downstairs. Lionblaze and Hollyleaf were already at the table waiting for him. “Good that you decided to join us Jayfeather.” His mother, Leafpool, spoke to him from the kitchen. “Sorry Leafpool. I set my alarm wrong.” Hollyleaf waved him over to the table, to sit down and eat. Jayfeather sat down next to Lionblaze. In front of him, there were waffles topped with strawberries and whipped cream, syrup drizzled over the top. “Looks good Leafpool. Thanks!” Leafpool sighed. “Hurry up and eat, all of you, or you’ll be late for school.” Jayfeather gulped down his waffles and put on his backpack, and waited by the front door for his brother and sister. “ Oh yeah, Leafpool. Where’s Crowfeather?” Leafpool looked up from cleaning the table. “Oh, he had to go to work early.” Jayfeather shrugged and was about to walk out the door when Leafpool called them back. “Oh and, Nightcloud and Breezepelt are staying for dinner, so Breezepelt is going to walk home with you guys.” Jayfeather heard Lionblaze grunt. The two didn’t get along so well, even if they were half brothers. “Sure thing Leafpool. I’ll text him to meet us at the front gate.” Jayfeather, Lionblaze, and Hollyleaf, all headed out the door and walked the long mile to school. “Hey, Hollyleaf! Over here!” Jayfeather turned to see Cinderheart calling to Hollyleaf. He also saw Lionblaze look at Cinderheart, and look away quickly, blushing. “Chicken.” Lionblaze looked up and pushed Jayfeather inside, angrily. “Invite her to dinner, with us. Or ask Hollyleaf to.” Lionblaze stopped. “ I know what I can do! I can get Hollyleaf to invite her to dinner with us tonight.” Jayfeather rolled his eyes. “Good idea, Lionblaze..” Jayfeather heard Hollyleaf and Cinderheart talking quietly behind them. He noticed that Cinderheart’s face was very red. I wonder if she‘s ok. He thought to himself. “ Hey, Cinderheart! You alright?” Cinderheart looked at him with confusion, and then seemed to realise her face was bright red. She ran away from the three and into the bathroom farther down the hall. “Is she alright, Hollyleaf?” Hollyleaf nodded and quickly glanced at Lionblaze and back at Jayfeather. Jayfeather understood this as a gesture to quietly say Hollyleaf and Cinderheart were talking about Lionblaze. Jayfeather looked at Lionblaze and noticed him staring after Cinderheart. “Hollyleaf, can you ask Cinderheart to join us for dinner tonight?” Lionblaze had finally come back to the present. Hollyleaf nodded. “Hey guys.” Lionblaze whipped around angrily. Jayfeather slapped his hand over Lionblaze’s mouth. “Hey Breezepelt. Did you get my text?” Breezepelt nodded. “Oh, there’s the bell. We better get going.” Jayfeather walked with Breezepelt to their homeroom.

Jayfeather saw Lionblaze talking with Cinderheart farther down the hall. Both of their faces looked very nervous. “Hey lovebirds. Stop gossiping and let’s-“ Jayfeather paused mid sentence. A girl with white-blonde hair passed by them. “Who’s she?” He said, dazed. Lionblaze looked at him, amused. “That’s Half-Moon. She’s the same age as us.” Jayfeather stared after her. He started walking over to her. “Jayfeather! Hey, where are you going?” He heard Lionblaze yelling after him but didn’t turn around. He needed to befriend her. “Hey! Uhm, excuse me!” Half-Moon turned around and spotted Jayfeather. “Oh hello! Your name is Jayfeather, right?” Jayfeather nodded nervously. “Do you want to be friends?” Half-Moon smiled at him and nodded. She pulled her phone out and gave it to Jayfeather. “Give me your number.” She blushed. Jayfeather typed in his number and named the contact ‘Jay’. He gave the phone back to her. He saw her put something else beside his name. What did she-? As she was walking away, he glanced at her phone. It was still on and in Jayfeather’s contact name. She put…a heart next to my name. Jayfeather walked back to Lionblaze and Cinderheart, now joined by Hollyleaf and Breezepelt. “Who was that Jay?” Breezepelt asked with a smirk. “Someone.” Jayfeather replied, embarassed. “Ooo. Jayfeather’s in love.” Hollyleaf mused. “Shut up!” He snapped and started heading towards the front entrance.

I don’t have anymore time, so I guess it has to stop here :(. I had fun doing this,

Flamey of Somewhere
Flamey of Somewhere
September 23, 2020 5:15 pm
Reply to  Whitethorn

JayXHalf! JayXHalf!

Normal people scare me.

Frostcrystal and friends
Frostcrystal and friends
September 26, 2020 1:32 pm
Reply to  Whitethorn

aww that was cute, though i ship briar x jay

Turtle 🐢🐢🐢is a Dovewing AND Ivypool defender|
Turtle 🐢🐢🐢is a Dovewing AND Ivypool defender|
September 23, 2020 1:45 pm

Chapter six of Poisoned Honey!

Chapter six:
Honeyfern woke up the next morning, feeling happy as she noticed Lionblaze in the nest next to hers.
But then memories of the day before came rushing back to her, and she raged with fury.
If Lionblaze liked Poppyfrost so much, he could go spend time with her, for all Honeyfern cared.
Her blue eyes narrowed as she saw that Poppyfrost’s tortoiseshell tail and Lionblaze’s yellow tail were intertwined, even in sleep.
Honeyfern felt a pang of jealousy.
Why couldn’t Lionblaze love her? And why did he seem to be falling in love with Poppyfrost?
Was there anything Honeyfern could do to stop it?
After an entire half-moon of thinking about it, Honeyfern decided she had avoided Lionblaze enough.
It was time to find out the truth- even if the answer wasn’t the one Honeyfern wanted.
So she took a deep breath, and walked over to the prey pile, where Lionblaze sat- thankfully, not with Poppyfrost!

“Lionblaze,” Honeyfern mewed, “I need to tell you something.”
“I actually need to tell you something as well.” Lionblaze said.
Honeyfern’s heart beat faster. Could this be? Could Lionblaze love her too?

“You can go first.” Lionblaze added.

So this was it. The moment Honeyfern confessed her love, the moment she found out if Lionblaze loved her back.

“Lionblaze,” she said, “I have feelings for you. I’ve been in love with you since I was an apprentice, and I want to be mates.”
She shuffled her paws, waiting for the tom’s reply.
Lionblaze said, “Honeyfern…you’re my friend. A really, really good friend. But I don’t have any romantic feelings for you.
“The thing is, my news was…I’m mates with Poppyfrost. We just became mates yesterday, but I wanted you to be the first to know.
“I’m sorry if I’ve ignored you lately, it’s only because I was dealing with my feelings.” Lionblaze finished.
Honeyfern snapped, “I need to go.”

Heartbreak overwhelmed her. Her blue eyes blazed with anger and sadness.

“Honeyfern… we can still be friends.” Lionblaze meowed.
Honeyfern shook her head. “I don’t think our friendship will ever be the same,” she mewed, trying to talk without her voice shaking.

Lionblaze said, “I’m sorry.”

Honeyfern snarled, “Stop apologizing! Go and share tongues with your precious Poppyfrost! You know you want to!”
Lionblaze angrily said, “That’s enough! I can’t believe you. I thought you’d be more mature than this!”
Honeyfern snapped, “Clearly, you thought wrong!”
Both cats stalked off, anger swirling in both of their minds.

Flamey of Somewhere
Flamey of Somewhere
September 23, 2020 2:25 pm

This is so good! I was hooked the moment i read the first word.

Normal people scare me.

🎡🔮🎠 Lavender longs for a carnival 🎡🔮🎠
🎡🔮🎠 Lavender longs for a carnival 🎡🔮🎠
September 23, 2020 5:55 pm

Chapter two is here! I know Riverclan doesn’t have greencough buuut I made Riverclan have greencough even if it doesn’t match the time :P. All of these cats are in Riverclan, I checked the allegiances in the most recently published book. Also, if your wondering why Mothwing thinks about Starclan, is because in one of the books she did state she believes Starclan (after the dark forest battle)

Chapter two. Mothwing 
Mothwing awoke to coughing. Willowshine was sick, and Mothwing was a mess “Leafpool, if you can hear me in Starclan please help me!” Mothwing silently prayed. The Moonpool had frozen over entirely, and the medicine cats had no idea why including her. It felt like everything was going wrong, and her next step would result in her plummeting down a never ending cliff. Mothwing sighed, her fluffy golden fur a mess. Riverclan was currently a mess, greencough, Mistystar’s bad judgement, and practically everything was going horribly wrong. Poor Frostkit had greencough, so did Breezeheart, and Willowshine. Curlfeather was anxious and upset over Frostkit, constantly meowing in worry in Mothwing’s ear, driving her mad. “Mothwing, if Frostkit any better? Did you get catmint? Did you?” Curlfeather looked as if she just woke up, busting into the medicine den. “Great Starclan! Curlfeather, I just woke up! With Willowshine sick, I have to work on my own so I won’t get things as done as quick! I’m not Starclan!” Mothwing snapped, and Curlfeather backed off in shock. Mothwing instantly felt guilty “She’s just worried about Frostkit.. She’s just a concerned mother Mothwing! Stop being so harsh, Frostkit may die any second!” Mothwing scolded herself. Mothwing let out a gusty sigh “Curlfeather, I assure you that Frostkit will be fine. I will not let her die in my paws ever. Can you please let me be so I can help her get better” Mothwing was trying not to show how frustrated she was with Curlfeather. Curlfeather nodded her head, and walked out. Mothwing looked nervously over at the sick cats, and Willowshine was trying to stand “Mothwing, I want to help! If I’m sick, then I should help the other cats that are too! If you try you’ll also catch it, but if I help, I won’t get the germs because I’m already sick!” Willowshine’s eyes were glazed with fever, and Mothwing could feel heat coming from her pelt “Absolutely not! You have a fever, and if I let you touch the herbs then you’ll get germs on them!” Mothwing meowed. Mothwing checked her herb supplies “Mouse-dung! I don’t have chickweed, or catmint! I need to see if Leaf- I mean Jayfeather and Alderheart have any” Mothwing meowed “And I have to see if Mistystar will give me permission, and her judgement seems clouded, and on top of that Frostkit is so sick that she might die if I’m away! Maybe if I asked if a warrior could go..” Mothwing’s thoughts were racing faster than she could count herbs. Mothwing’s ears flattened with frustration, and she barged out of the stuffy medicine den to get some fresh air. She took a deep breath of fresh air, and walked over to Mistystar’s den “Mistystar?” Mothwing poked her head in the den. Mistystar was in her den “What is it Mothwing?” Mistystar looked confused, “I’m out of herbs.. and with greencough in camp I really need herbs. I can’t leave, because Frostkit might die if I leave her-” Mothwing was cut off “And you’re wondering if we could send a warrior to Windclan, Thunderclan, Shadowclan, or Skyclan right?” Mistystar finished her sentence, and Mothwing nodded her head. Mothwing hoped that Mistystar would say yes, but there was a big chance she would say no. “Fine, maybe Podlight can go..” Mistystar meowed, and Mothwing felt a rush of relief “Let’s ask Windclan or Shadowclan maybe..? Just not Thunderclan because Bramblestar would say no probably.. And Windclan is closer” Mistystar looked thoughtful. Then she stretched, and walked out her den to let Podlight know that he would have to get herbs. Mothwing followed more slowly, to be confronted by Curlfeather “YOU SAID THAT FROSTKIT WOULDN’T DIE WHEN I HEARD YOU TELL MISTYSTAR THAT FROSTKIT MIGHT DIE IF YOUR AWAY!” Curlfeather yowled in Mothwing’s face. Then Curlfeather started pushing Mothwing into the medicine den “Save my baby!” She glared.

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Flamey of Somewhere
Flamey of Somewhere
September 23, 2020 8:50 pm

Poor Mothwing! I feel so bad for her.

Normal people scare me.

September 24, 2020 12:32 am

I love it lavender!! It seems exactly how mothwing thinks, it’s great

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