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Nobody will stop you from creating. Do it tonight. Do it tomorrow. That is the way to make your soul grow – whether there is a market for it or not! The kick of creation is the act of creating, not anything that happens afterward. I would tell all of you watching this screen: Before you go to bed, write a four line poem. Make it as good as you can. Don’t show it to anybody. Put it where nobody will find it. And you will discover that you have your reward.

Kurt Vonnegut

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Stripes of the Cedar's Shadow (Cedarstripe)
Stripes of the Cedar's Shadow (Cedarstripe)
October 14, 2020 6:10 pm

Chapters 2 and 3 of Blazestar’s Fury:

Chapter 3

Blazekit nuzzled into Flamerunner’s belly, relishing the warmth. The next night, he would be in the apprentices’ den with his friends. I’d better savor the warmth while I can.
Flamerunner purred and curled herself around her kit. Although it was nearing the end of newleaf, the mother still wrapped herself around Blazekit every night to shelter him from cold breezes. Wavekit, Ravenkit, and Eaglekit had their own nests, but Blazekit preferred to sleep with his mother.
“Goodnight, Babykit.” Ravenkit teased. 
“Goodnight, Crowfood.” Blazekit teased back. Then the nursery fell silent.
Blazekit felt wide awake. He couldn’t stop thinking about what it would be like to be an apprentice. Blazepaw. The word felt good on his tongue.
He decided to go for a walk around camp. He slid out of the nursery, careful not to disturb the sleeping queens, then prowled the clearing calmly. He stopped when he heard two voices.
“Ripplewater, do you think that is wise? Duskstar clearly wants Flamerunner and Blazekit to stay.” 
Blazekit peered around the nursery wall and saw Ripplewater and another cat named Appleslip standing together. 
“We must get Flamerunner and Blazekit out of the camp.” Ripplewater flexed his claws. “They are a danger to us all.”
“I don’t see how a little kit could cause that much commotion.” Blazekit detected a note of amusement in Appleslip’s voice.
“This isn’t funny.” Ripplewater hissed. “That Flamerunner is very sneaky. I’ve got to know what she’s hiding.”
“What if she’s not hiding anything?” Appleslip laid his tail on his friend’s shoulders. “Stop worrying. Nothing’s going to happen to RiverClan.”
“Why won’t you listen to me?” The silver tom began to pace the clearing. “I’m telling you, they can’t be trusted!”
“Get a hold of yourself!” Appleslip hissed. “I don’t know what’s gotten into you, but I’m staying out of it.” The tabby tom turned and padded back to the warriors’ den. “Goodnight.”
Ripplewater stared after him, his paws trembling. Then he opened his jaws, and an ear-piercing yowl rang around the clearing.
Blazekit backed away, his fur bristling. He watched as Ripplewater continued yowling, and Duskstar thundered out of his den, Firestone at his heels. 
“Ripplewater!” Duskstar screeched to be heard over the racket. “What’s happening?”
Ripplewater paused and glared at his leader. “Intruders!” He yowled. “Imposters in the camp!”
Appleslip shoved in front of him. “It’s nothing, Duskstar. Ripplewater is having a bad day, that’s all. I’ll calm him down. You should go back to sleep.”
Duskstar grunted and flicked his tail. “There’s more to that, but I’ll hear about it in the morning.” He turned and disappeared into his den. 
Blazekit fell limp with relief as Appleslip drew his tail over his friend’s mouth and guided him back to the warriors’ den. He watched Ripplewater’s tail slowly disappear as he nosed his way into the den.
Blazekit continued to circle the clearing, watching the moon make its upward climb. When the moon shone directly above him, he stopped and bathed in it’s light, even rearing on his hind legs to try to touch it. But as close as the moon seemed, it was many, many tail-lengths away.
“Trying to catch the moon?” A purr sounded in his ear.
Blazekit whipped around. Flamerunner sat behind him, staring cooly at her kit.
“Er…uh…no.” Blazekit stammered.
Flamerunner wove around him, whiskers twitching. “We all do it sometimes.” She told him. “But the moon is just a paw-length away if you try.”
“What?” Blazekit twitched his ears.
“Not literally. I want you to aim high. Be the best apprentice, then the best warrior you can be. I want to see you leap and touch the moon.”
Blazekit understood. “Don’t worry.” He promised. “I will.”
Flamerunner and Blazekit sat there, watching the moon sink back into the horizon. As the first ray of dawn began to show, Flamerunner licked her kit’s ear. 
“Come on back to the nursery.” She pressed against him. “You’ll need your sleep.”

. . .

“Blazekit, you have reached the age of six moons, and it is time for you to be apprenticed.” Duskstar announced when the whole Clan gathered beneath him. “Come here.”
Blazekit stepped forward, the blood roaring in his ears.
“From this day on, until you receive your warrior name, you shall be known as Blazepaw. Cedarshine, you will be Blazepaw’s mentor. You have shown yourself to be brave and thoughtful, and I expect you to pass on these skills to your apprentice.”
Blazepaw padded to Cedarshine’s side and touched noses with her. Splashpaw, Ravenpaw, and Eaglepaw sat off to the side with their new mentors, Birchdawn, Appleslip, and Mistfall.
The whole Clan exploded into cheers. “Blazepaw! Blazepaw! Blazepaw!” 
Blazepaw had become very popular with the Clan. He enjoyed their company, and he tried to be kind to Ripplewater, who seemed to have calmed down and regained his senses.
The Clan drifted apart, and Flamerunner bounded up to Blazepaw. “Amazing job!” She purred, licking his cheek. “You were just like a warrior.”
“Awww, get off of me!” Blazepaw pushed her away gently. She gave him one last lick and padded over to Foxtail.
Blazepaw bounced up to his mentor. “What now?”
Cedarshine purred. “I wish I could be an apprentice with you. You’re going to love it! Come on, I’ll take you on a tour of the territory.”
“Can Splashpaw come?” Blazepaw asked. 
“Let’s see what Birchdawn is planning for him.” Cedarshine answered, and padded over to the brown tom. They conferred quietly, then she looked up.
“Splashpaw and Birchdawn are coming with us!” She purred to Blazepaw.
“Awesome!” Blazepaw ran over to Splashpaw, who was pacing the clearing excitedly. 
“We’re going to go on the tour of the territory together!” He told his friend.
Splashpaw looked up. “That’s amazing!” He rubbed his cheek against Blazepaw’s jaw. “I can’t wait to do all of our training together.”
“Neither can I.” Blazepaw answered, flicking Splashpaw’s ear with his tail. Then he raced away. “Come on, slow slug! Can’t catch me!”
“Oh yes I can!” Splashpaw pounced after Blazepaw, only to be cut short by Birchdawn. Blazepaw circled to see the commotion.
“You had your entire kithood to play chase.” He growled. “Now it’s time to train.”
Splashpaw’s shoulders sagged. “Sorry, Birchdawn.”
He flicked his tail. “Now come on. It’s important for you to learn about the territory.” He padded away, following Cedarshine’s tail as they marched across camp and through the entrance.
Blazepaw caught up to his friend. “Birchdawn must recite the warrior code in his sleep!” He teased. “I’m lucky I don’t have him.”
Splashpaw looked torn down and mumbled something inaudible.
“Oh, buck up!” Blazepaw cuffed him over the ears. “You can’t spend all your time moping. And besides, I was only joking. He might be strict, but he’s one of the best warriors in the Clan.”
Splashpaw’s ears pricked. “That’s true.” He nuzzled Blazepaw cheerfully and trotted up to his mentor. 
Blazepaw caught up to Cedarshine. “Where are we going first?”
“The river.” Birchdawn responded. “We can use the stepping-stones from there.”
Cedarshine and Birchdawn stopped at a fast rushing river. Blazepaw and Splashpaw dabbed at it curiously.
“This is the river where we catch most of our prey.” Cedarshine explained. “It flows down into the gorge. We’ll show you that later.”
She padded next to the river until she spotted a row of stepping-stones. “These are the stepping-stones.” She told the apprentices, pointing with her tail. “If other cats want to visit us, they use the stepping-stones. But they are very tricky to cross. Birchdawn, why don’t you demonstrate how to use them.”
Birchdawn padded forward, head and tail high, and leaped confidently onto the first gray stone. He squared his shoulders and leaped again, using his tail to balance his paws. Blazepaw watched as he repeated the move with the rest of the stones.
“Now you try, Splashpaw.” Cedarshine urged him.
Splashpaw looked nervous, but landed firmly on the first stone, and got more and more confident as he went.
“Now I’ll go.” Cedarhine quickly crossed the stones, then turned across the bank and beckoned Blazepaw. “Go on, Blazepaw.”
Blazepaw leaped and landed, unbalanced, on the first stone. He quickly flicked his tail to plant his paws on the smooth surface, then leaped again. 
His paws skidded on the stone, leaving deep scorch marks on the gray stone, then plunged into the water. 
Fear shot through him as he drifted through the water, slowly sinking. Blazepaw tried to power up through the water, but it dragged at his fur, pulling him down. He tried to open his jaws, only to have water flood through his lungs. I’m drowning!
Suddenly, there was a mass of bubbles and Blazepaw felt teeth sink into his scruff. He was hauled out of the water, miserable and shaking. He felt his eyes begin to close.
“Blazepaw, wake up.” He felt a paw poke his side. Splashpaw…?
He gave a small sigh, then sucked in a breath as he felt paws pressing against his water-filled chest. The river water came out, and he vomited it up, twisting and sputtering.
“There, he should be fine now.” Birchdawn was standing over him. “Try to stand up.”
Blazepaw climbed to his paws shakily and shook himself, spraying water everywhere.“Thanks, Birchdawn.” 
Splashpaw was bouncing on his paws with excitement, but Blazepaw could see the worry that had been building up in his gaze. “Can we go see the rest of the territory now?”
“You’re very focused, for a ‘paw.” Birchdawn praised Splashpaw. “You’re right. We should go. We’ll show you the gorge and Sunningrocks.”
The four cats trotted on for a while, Cedarshine stopping once in a while to point out some historic battle or special moment that happened. At one point, while Cedarshine was droning on and on about the first Great Battle, Blazepaw leaned next to Splashpaw and whispered, “you can have my mentor if you want. I think I’d rather get lectured by Birchdawn then listen to Cedarshine the elder!”
“No way.” Splashapw purred gently. 
The cats moved on, stopping at a sharp drop. The thundering of a river rang in Blazepaw’s ears. 
“This is the gorge.” Cedarshine yowled over the noise. “You must never try to climb down it. The river can take a cat’s life in an instant.”
Blazepaw backed away, tail bristling. “Can we leave now?”
Cedarshine laid her tail over her apprentice’s shoulders. “Every warrior must face their fear sometimes.”
“I…I’m not afraid!” Blazepaw yowled. “The water is just unnerving to me. Please, there’s nothing here that’s important.”
“Okay.” Birchdawn turned, fur standing on end. “Let’s go.”
Relieved, Blazepaw pelted away from the hungry gorge, sighing with relief when the roaring of the river faded from his ears. He turned a tight circle, waiting for the others.
When Cedarshine, Birchdawn, and Splashpaw caught up to him, they hared away from the gorge. “Let’s show you Sunningrocks next.” Birchdawn explained.
The mentors bounded away, the apprentices following close behind on their tails. Blazepaw enjoyed the feel of wind rushing through his thick fur and the blood roaring in his ears. He pulled up beside his mentor and looked out to where she was looking.
A row of smooth, gray stones littered the sandy clearing. A couple of elders, Snakesong and Streambelly, were lying on the rocks warmed by the sun.
“Well, hello!” Snakesong scrambled up from his place on the rocks. “I saw your naming ceremony. Very impressive!”
“Thanks.” Blazepaw’s ears felt hot. “That’s nice of you to say.”
“After they get back to camp, they’re going to do some hard work picking out your ticks.” Birchdawn chipped in. “So get ready.”
Blazepaw bit back a groan. He knew that was one of the worst apprentice duties. He’d have to collect mouse bile from the gentle medicine cat, Coppergaze, and root through the elders’ stinky pelts with the even grosser mouse bile. 
“Awww.” Splashpaw’s tail drooped. “I wanted to learn how to swim.” 
“You’ve got six moons to learn all of that.” Birchdawn told him. 
Blazepaw wasn’t listening. He tasted the air and picked up vole scent.
He hunkered down and began to creep forward, paw by paw. He had watched many warriors and apprentices practice this, and he had practiced on his own until he got it right. 
When he was a mouse-length distance away, he squared his shoulders and pounced. He landed firmly on the vole, then bit down on it’s spine and felt it go limp in his jaws. 
“Blazepaw! What are you doing?” Cedarshine demanded as she skidded to a halt next to him.
Blazepaw turned to face her, the vole clamped firmly in his jaws and a purr bubbling in his throat.
Cedarshine’s eyes flicked from the dead vole to him and back again. Then she gave a yowl of pure happiness and raced back towards the group. Blazepaw followed more slowly, picking his way through the rocks.
Splashpaw and Birchdawn gathered around him. “Wow!” Splashpaw breathed.
“Good job.” Birchdawn meowed gruffly. “Splashpaw, why don’t you try?”
“Uh…me?” Splashpaw shifted his paws.
“Sure. I bet you can do it if you set your mind to it.” Blazepaw mewed encouragingly. 
He watched as Birchdawn showed his apprentice the hunting crouch and how to stalk. Splashpaw tasted the air. “Mouse!”
“Good.” Birchdawn nodded. “Now try to catch it.”
Splashpaw dropped into the hunter’s crouch and began to stalk, setting his paws lightly down and drawing nearer and nearer towards his prey. He leaped and crunched down on the small animal’s spine, turning and dropping his mouse beside Blazepaw’s prey.
Birchdawn lifted his tail. “That is exceptional hunting, you two.” His tail quivered with excitement and his eyes glittered.
“See? It’s easy to win his approval.” Blazepaw whispered to Splashpaw.
Cedarshine and Birchdawn padded away across the rocks, the apprentices scurrying behind them. 
“Does this mean that we don’t have to do the elders’ ticks?” Splashpaw called.
“Nice try!” Cedarshine answered with a purr. “The Clan comes first, and that includes the elders.”
Blazepaw and Splashpaw caught up to their mentors, tails high and eyes shining. “I don’t mind.” Blazepaw boasted.
“Oh, I’ll make sure you do!” Cedarshine teased.

Please comment below if you want more of Blazestar’s Fury!

October 14, 2020 7:50 pm

The following information was found in the ancient Sith world Morriband. It was then moved to a sacred Jedi vault on Coruscant, along with robes and a lightsaber that does not work. The texts were the only way to fill in the gap of 400 years, which had no surviving texts. The story of the Grand Master Dennon Finnal is recorded below. It was rediscovered by Lajak Thull at the ruins of the Jedi Temple of Coruscant.

Property of the Jedi Library, Coruscant

Sparks flew, bodies fell, and explosions lit up the dark night. In the middle of it all, the battle raged most fiercely. Lightsabers flashed through the darkness. Yellow, red, blue, green, and even black. Though only one person had the black saber. And he seemed to be the point of interest. Dennon Finnal was surrounded by Jedi, Sith, and Sith cultists. 
Jedi, the keepers of the peace. They were academics, warriors, peacekeepers, and scholars. Their goal is to keep peace in the galaxy, but then, they were not doing a very good job of it.
Dennon looked at the Sith, his opponents, the opposite of the Jedi. They were the reason why the Jedi existed in the first place. They were similar to the Jedi in the means of the Force, the balance between life and death, light and darkness. The Force flows through all living things, but only some can use it. The abilities are outstanding. 
Dennon looked around. He saw many using the force, though they were mainly Jedi. Only a few of the Sith cultists, not actual Sith, could use the force. They worship Sith and some are granted lightsabers or other weapons used by Sith. He saw them use Force pushes, and he even saw one use lightning on an unexpecting Jedi. He saw the Jedi fall and the Sith cultist ran away. He groaned. This was all his fault. The shady landscape was illuminated by some flashes of light, but it was all sucked up by Dennon’s lightsaber. The planet was Moraband, the Sith homeworld, and was only accessible by a Sith Wayfinder. The rusty red ground of the planet. shone through the glow of sabers, and the jagged spikes of the mountains protruded into the air. The ancient Sith Stronghold was protected by a ragged circle of Sith Cultists. 
Dennon Finnal had been a Jedi, a Sith, and a Sith cultist. He was not proud of being a Sith. He looked at the weapon in his hand. This was the source of all the trouble. 
There was a rush of movement. The Sith apprentice charged past him. So that’s where he is! He was shocked by finding a Sith so soon since there could only be two Sith at any given time. This was called The Rule of Two. It was created by ancient Sith Lord Darth Bane because the Sith could not beat the Jedi by sheer power, but their goal was to rule the galaxy from the shadows, using trickery and deceit. 
His gaze followed the Sith. The cloaked figure was tearing across the land at breakneck speed. His eyes widened at the sight. There, the Jedi Master Garaak Thull, his best friend, was holding his own against seven Sith cultists. He was petrified. His voice didn’t work. The Sith was going to kill him. Even though the Sith cultist fell, he knew that his friend was going to die. His eyes strayed to the Sith, charging at Master Garaak. Garaak was turned the wrong way. He shouted, but he was too late.
The Sith’s saber went through his friend’s stomach. Master Garaak fell without a sound. Dennon screamed. His vision went red. In a furious state of mind, he leaped at the Sith. 
“Dennon!” The Sith shouted, surprised that he appeared. All light was sucked into Dennon’s saber. He swung it in VI, form seven, the most aggressive form. He lashed out to the right with his saber. The Sith parried, but he was weaker. Rage was powering Dennon. His black saber blurred through the air as he jumped up, and he sliced straight down. The Sith blocked just in time, but something was happening. The Sith’s blood-red lightsaber was turning black, but at a slow pace. Dennon reached behind him and brought out his second lightsaber. He put it next to his other lightsaber and pressed down.
The red was mostly black as the Sith screamed, a sound of pure anger and hate. The Sith’s lightsaber exploded, and Dennon’s blade ran through the Sith, killing him. 
A lightning bolt struck the ground, and the world lit up. Dennon looked into the light, and he saw his whole life, his childhood, all of it. He went back to the beginning, back when he was a Sith. When he learned to use the Force.

October 14, 2020 8:46 pm

Heres a small part of Chapter 8, the current chapter, anyways, to Bramblefire, your character has been born 😀
If any of you want to have a character you can tell me and yeah
anyways here it is:

This isnt a spoiler i just dont want to take up space lol
Shinepaw saw Pigeonpaw sharing with Hawkpaw, and when Skypaw joined them, Hawkpaw and Pigeonpaw looked at each other wearily.

Shinepaw purred in amusement and joined them.

“You two are closer than a burr on a fox,” Skypaw teased. 

Hawkpaw sniffed indignantly, while Pigeonpaw looked away, embarrassed. Shinepaw padded over to the apprentices’ den, and found Streampaw curled in a tight ball.

When Shinepaw emerged, Streampaw looked at his brother with a sad look in his eyes.

“Are you okay?” Shinepaw asked.

Streampaw nodded and went back to sleep, however Shinepaw could tell he was pretending. Sighing, Shinepaw joined Skypaw, who was eating a mouse.

“I bet kits are coming soon,” Skypaw purred, flicking his tail at Hawkpaw and Pigeonpaw.

Shinepaw twitched his ears. “Speaking of kits, have you seen Nimblekit and Mistkit? They’re so cute!”

Skypaw nodded. “Lakeflight is protective of them.”

Pinestripe who loves her adorable chickens 🍑 & 🍒 💕
🍁Pine Among Striped Autumn Leaves🍂 (Pinestripe)
October 14, 2020 11:43 pm

I’m writing a book about my characters Sandy and Dusty. Here’s the beginning of the first chapter:

Chapter 1

  It was morning.
  Sandy stretched, then looked down from the top bunk.
  Her eyes fell on Dusty. The pale brown hen was still fast asleep on the bottom bunk.
   Sandy and Dusty were twin sisters. The two had spent the whole thirteen years of their lives together and both knew they were inseparable. Sandy and Dusty’s names weren’t the only thing about them that matched. The two hens had the same combs, the same slender build, and they always agreed on things, so apparently most of their interests were the same as well.
  Leaning over the railing, Sandy gazed at the sleeping Dusty- she looked so peaceful, curled up underneath her blanket.
  Sandy hated to disturb her, she really did…. but she couldn’t let her miss the morning, now could she?
  With a grin, Sandy took her pillow and dropped it on her sister’s head.
  Seeing that it did nothing, she climbed down the steps herself and stood over her sister.
  “Dusty, wake up…” she softly murmured into her sister’s ear, “It’s a beautiful day!”
  Dusty’s eyes opened and she let out a sleepy sigh but she didn’t get up, which forced Sandy to grab the pillow from the floor and hit Dusty over the head with it. “Come on, sleepy head! Come join me!”
  Dusty gasped at being pulled out of sleep so abruptly, and glanced around, confused.
  “Sandy…” she muttered, half irritated, half amused, as she came to her senses. Does she really have to rush me so much?
  “What?” Sandy clucked, amusement in her voice.
  With a sigh, Dusty rested her head against her sister’s wing, “Good morning,” she murmured.
  She couldn’t stay frustrated with Sandy for long, or even more than a few seconds for that matter. The hen’s yellow eyes were shining with her usual friendliness and spirit, and Dusty knew she only woke her because she wanted her to enjoy the morning.
  That said, Dusty forced herself to her feet, staggering slightly. She flashed Sandy a grateful glance as the yellow hen steadied her with an outstretched wing.
  Noticing that her sister was still sleepy, Sandy sat down on a chair near the window, giving her a sympathetic nod accompanied with a small shrug to let her know that there was no rush.
  Instantly understanding what Sandy meant, Dusty blinked at her gratefully.
  The two sisters were so used to each other’s habits, each other’s way of expressing themselves, that they could communicate through gestures alone, and each knew exactly what was being said. It was as if they had naturally developed their own language.
  Aware that Sandy was waiting for her, and probably feeling quite bored, Dusty urged herself to wake up quicker.
  Stretching, she took a brush from the bedside table and began combing her pale brown feathers, which were matted after the night.
  “Here, let me help you,” Sandy clucked, stepping over to sit on the bed next to Dusty and snatching the brush away.
  Closing her eyes, Dusty relaxed into the gentle, steady strokes as Sandy carefully teased the knots out of her feathers.
  “I’m gonna go check on breakfast,” Sandy clucked after she had finished tidying Dusty’s feathers. “No hurry- I won’t eat anything without you,” she called as she headed out of the room.

October 15, 2020 4:41 am

Chapter One of Amber’s Tale
(Note: The warriors in this have one word names because spell check is annoying.)
(The fun storyline note: Some warriors have broken off from the other Clans and made their own customs.)
Amber stretched and stepped out of the Strongs’ den, blinking as the morning rays shone down. Mumble, the gray tom who served as the Captain, or deputy, was sitting with Mink, the yellow General, or leader, of the cats.
“Good morning, Amber.” A voice said. Amber looked behind her to see Odd, the pale golden queen. Amber smoothed her sandy brown fur respectively. “Hello, Odd.” She dipped her head. Odd dipped her head back and whisked her tail as the squeals of Odd’s kits came from the nursery. “Cream-fur, Tawny-fur, what have I told you about romping around? For the Star-cats’ sake, it’s your naming day!” Odd called, watching a pale cream and a tawny kit tumble out of the nursery.
Amber looked back at Mink and Mumble, trying to figure out what they were doing. Eventually, she gave up and padded away, Small-Storm and Small-Pear dipping their heads to her as they passed. “Amber,” a familiar voice called. Amber padded up to a ginger tom. “Yes, Twig?”
Twig frowned. “Mink has told me that you and Oat will accompany Cream-fur and Tawny-fur to their naming ceremonies.”
Amber nodded solemnly at the Healer. This meant she’d become a small-trainer, an important job in the cats’ ranks.
She was ready.
Amber trotted along, matching Oat stride for stride. Cream-fur and Tawny-fur squealed and rolled after them, until Amber shushed them.
They weren’t far from the Star-plains now, where they would sleep and witness the Star-cats naming Cream-fur and Tawny-fur.
Amber could see the plains in the distance. Maybe a few more minutes.
Amber settled onto the cottony grass of the Star-plains.
“Sleep, kits.” Amber murmured, and Oat nodded in agreement.
Amber closed her eyes and let the comforting darkness of sleep enfold her.
Amber awoke again, but this time starry-pelted cats surrounded them.
There are kits who need naming?” An old white she-cat whom Amber recognized as Heather, stepped up. “Yes.” Oat dipped her head to Heather beside her, and they parted to let Cream-fur and Tawny-fur through.
I see.” Heather nodded. Cream-fur jumped bravely up to Heather. “Me first!”
I name you, Cream-fur, as you have come of age. You will now be known as Small-Cherry until your training is completed.” Heather rasped. Small-Cherry’s eyes widened as she stepped back to let Tawny-fur step forward.
This time, a battle scarred young she-cat stepped forward. “I am Small-Mallow.” She purred.
She looked down at Tawny-fur. “I name you, Tawny-fur, as you have come of age. You will now be known as Small-Sedge.
Small-Mallow dipped her head and stepped back.
A handsome white tom stepped forward. “I am Adder. I will choose your small-trainers.” He said.
He looked from Amber to Oat.
Oat, you will take Small-Cherry as your Small. Amber, you will take Small-Sedge.
Amber opened her eyes as the Star-cats faded.
“That was amazing!” Small-Sedge squealed.
“We can tell Ginger-fur and Gray-fur we’re Smalls now!” Small-Cherry boasted.
“You’re not Strongs yet, so don’t go boasting.” Oat purred.
Amber sighed.
Did Mink make the right choice?

October 15, 2020 8:36 am

SummerCall’s Story
The moonlight glistened into the nursery. There was only the rustling of bushes.BriarFlame looked to his mate, WarmFur. The medicine cat, BloomingPetal, kept trying to help WarmFur deliver the kits. Finally, at midnight, 2 kits were born. WarmFur looked over them and watched their unique pelts. She turned to BloomingPetal and said ” I’ll name this wonderful blend of orange and yellow SummerKit, and this wonderfully embeded shades of blue kit, WinterKit! ” BloomingPetal purred. ” They’re wonderful names. I’ll be sure to tell DustStar about it. “

October 15, 2020 8:42 am

Apple and the Hawk: a hawkfrost and apple fanfiction 
chapter two: Apple’s POV 
“Two mice for the she-cat!” a tom on the scrap-can yowled, his yellow fangs gleaming.  
Apple was pinned down by a huge tabby, they were selling her, they did it to all cats who didn’t live with a group.  
“One word! Fire. Works!” a random cat blurted. 
“that’s two words, idiot!” another hissed. 
“Five rats for the she-cat that smells like a dog’s rear!” yowled another tom, and the others cackled. 
“That is an outrageous lie! I’ll have you know i smell the best out of all of you pongy rouges!” Apple hissed. 
“I’ll take her off your paws for a fish” mewed a dark brown tabby at the entrance of the Alley. Hawkfrost! Apple thought happily. 
she leaped up, kicking the tabby that had her pinned down with her hind legs. she ran out the alley while Hawkfrost threw the fish across it to the rouges.  
The two raced through a thunderpath, breathing heavily, 
“How did you find me?” she asked Hawkfrost, eyes wide. 
“Im a warrior” He answered proudly. 
“Wow” she mewed, unimpressed, as she licked a wound on her shoulder. 
“does it hurt?” he asked her, looking genuinely worried. 
She purred, heart melting at the way he was looking at her- then she shook her head- no time for romancing Apple! she scolded herself mentally. 
“nah its fine” she mewed. She spotted a mouse scurrying near a scrap-can and leaped, killing it with one bite. Hawkfrost blinked, looking impressed. 
“i didn’t know loners could know warrior moves!” he mewed.  
“oh so i feed myself by eating two-leg food?” she mewed scathingly. “I’m not a plump, merry kittypet!” she mewed indignantly, her Flame-point ears flat. 
“Sorry, sorry” Hawkfrost purred, whiskers trembling with amusement. 
Apple sniffed her fur, she tipped her head down to her chest fur, sniffing it. 
“do i smell?” she asked self-consciously, after remembering the tom’s remark. 
“Not of anything unpleasant” Hawkfrost told her, “Why?” he asked. 
“oh nothing” she mewed quickly, I don’t need a tom to sort out my battles, 
“okay…” Hawkfrost mewed slowly. “well, I was wondering…” he started nervously. 
“yeah?” she interrupted curiously. 
“would you like to join Riverclan?” he mewed, “Please?” he added pleadingly. 
Wow! Really? She thought excitedly. 
“Wow! Of course! Am I allowed?” she asked. 
Hawkfrost drooped. “ill have to ask my leader first,” he mewed.  
Disappointment filled her, and anger too. 
“why don’t you do that before you invite a cat into your clan?” she snapped and stalked away. 
He followed, “Apple! Calm down- she’ll probably let you!” he mewed, running to keep the pace. 
“probably isn’t good enough! Go home Hawkfrost- I can fight my own battles!” she snarled and ran away from the tom. 
“Apple! Chill out!” Hawkfrost yowled, trying to catch up to her. 
Chapter three: Hawkfrost’s POV 
Hawkfrost watched the flame-point run off, until she became a blur.  
“I’ll show her!” he hissed. 
It wasn’t going to work out anyway! The voice in his head sneered. 
“shut up” Hawkfrost mumbled. 
See? No wonder you have no mate! The voice cackled, they all run that’s for sure- but not to you!! 
said Shut UP!” Hawkfrost yowled. A passing kittypet blinked at him. Its friend put a paw to his head, mouthing; 
“he’s Mad In the head, that one” 
Hawkfrost lashed his tail angrily.  
no cat treats me like that- even Apple” he mumbled. 
He walked to his clan, tail drooping. “hello” he mewed to his sister, mothwing. 
“sick, are we?” she mewed, sniffing his pelt. 
“nah just tired” he mewed, faking a yawn. More like depressed, he thought bitterly. 
“oh- ill give you some poppy seeds” she mewed, and went to her herb stocks. 
I can’t believe ill live the rest of my life single. That’s just sad. Hello darkness.  
here swallow” Mothwing mewed, and gave him poppy seeds. 
He gulped the tiny round seeds, “thanks” he mewed, starting to feel drowsy. 
“how many did you give me?” he joked as he staggered across camp to the warrior’s den. 
He curled in his nest, watching the other cats. Petalfur was curled up with Mallownose, the pair snoring gently. Those two are closer than a snail and its shell! 
He yawned sleepily and curled up. 
Apple curled around him, her flame-point tail curled around his as they watched something; two small tabby kits, One was the darkest shade of brown with bright amber eyes, and the other with a white pelt and brown-and-ginger splotches. They purred as the kits bowled around their paws, but… he faded… There was a weird metal-thing, a stick, a Bramble, and fire around it.  
He woke up, eyes wide with terror at his dream. “Weird,” he murmured to himself.  
He purred as he recalled the faint image of his kits- was this a future vision? But why did he fade? Why did a bramble and flame surround him? He had an inkling feeling something would happen to his brother, Brambleclaw. But why would starclan send him a vision- he didn’t like those do-gooders! Whatever it was… he had a bad feeling about all of this..
something happened with the first version i sent.. hehe..
anyway if u need the first chapter feel free to ask!!

Looking at the sunset in my dream (Dreamysunset, she/her)
Looking at the sunset in my dream (Dreamysunset, she/her)
October 15, 2020 4:11 pm

Warriors High Chapter 3:
I don’t like school, but then again, who does? Anyway, I forgot to update Warriors High because I was reading Witch Wars (an amazing book, author: Sibéal Pounder), tell me you favorite ship! Maybe I’ll make fluff chapters! I’m having problem of making OC’s! I can take OC’s.. eh, here’s the chapter:
Faith (once again):
I walked to my first class, I knew everything they were talking about, but I pretended I didn’t. “Hi! The name’s Briar!” A brown-haired girl chirped. “I’m Faith.” I turned my head at her. She wasn’t suppose to be threatening and/or mean. “Nice to meet you, Briar.” I widened her eyes, wait, was she? “Briarlight.” I whisper-shouted. “Huh?” Briar/Briarlight tilted her head in confusion. “Nothing.” I smiled the charming smile I had. “Ok.” She shrugged and focused on her math problem. I studied her, blue eyes, brown hair, and a positive attitude. Yep, totally Briarlight. I didn’t- I slap myself on the head. OF COURSE SHE’S HERE!!! This is Warriors High!!! Ugh stupid me, I should have read the file. I focus back on my math book. I’ll go look for more warrior cats that turned into humans, later.
why isn’t she surprised? :0 And what is she up to?
I run down to the Cafeteria, when I opened the doors, I took a step back. So. Many. Students/Cats as humans/warrior cats. I breathe, time to put on my acting face. I walk to a table which I’m pretty sure were Thunder students. “HI!” I smiled, recognizing Briar. “Hey! You can sit down here!” She grinned, moving to make room for me. “Thanks.” I sit down, now I studied everyone. I widened my eyes and almost fell, I stopped myself. “What’s your names?” I ask, inwardly groaning. “I’m Ivy.” A black-silver haired teen grumbled. Ivypool… “I’m Jay.” JAYFEATHER?! Oh god, wow. “I’m Dove!” Dovewing! She was wearing a fashionable outfit which I would rate a 9/10. “I’m Cindy.” Cindy/Cinderheart replied. “I’m Holly.” The emerald eyes glowed with curiosity. ” I’m Leo.” Lionblaze said, then stuffing himself with chips. “And you already met me!” Briar giggled. “Nice to meet you guys, I’m Faith.” I gave them a smile. This is interesting.
Jay (if you forgot, which I highly doubt, this is Jayfeather)
“What do I think of Faith? She’s a bit weird, but she’s not annoying like Leo.” I grunted. “Hey!” Leo protested. “I think she’s nice!” Briar stared at the black-haired girl. “Did you hear about the Fall Dance (I know this is the first day, but I want things to be interesting XDDDD)?” Cindy asked, then putting a spoon of yogurt in her mouth. “God, Dove’s going to be so annoying.” Ivy muttered. “Yeah, can’t wait for the dance!” Briar chirped. “Are any of you guys going?” Dove, my annoying cousin demanded, twirling her long gray hair. “I’m going with Cindy!” My brother grinned and looped one of his arms over her shoulder. “I’m not going.” Ivy said, eyes narrowed. “Yes, you are, or else I’ll tell mom and dad you broke their vase last week. I may have said I was the one who broke it, but that doesn’t mean I can’t tell the truth.” Dove smirked. “Fine, but I’m not wearing a dress.” Ivy hissed. They kept bickering as my mind drifted to Hallie, her short white hair and bright green eyes (I don’t ship Hallie x Jay either). “Hey, Jay!” Briar called. “Are you going with someone?” I shook my head. “No.” I responded, making sure it was curt and gruff. “Kay!” Briar singed. I grumbled and then someone screamed.
THIS TOOK A LONG TIME!!! I’ll do Ivypool’s pov on the next chapter! Also please vote for Jay x Briar, Willow x Jay, or Hallie x Jay!

Stripes of the Cedar's Shadow (Cedarstripe)
Stripes of the Cedar's Shadow (Cedarstripe)
October 15, 2020 6:31 pm

Chapters 4 and 5 of Blazestar’s Fury:

Chapter 4

Blazepaw was dreaming.
He padded over rolling hills and meadows, watching kits play and warriors chat. Then he saw three cats striding towards him.
He stopped and waited for the cats to catch up to him. One was silver and black, one was brown and white, and one was pure white.
The silver and black one dipped it’s head. “My name is Shadeface. My mate’s name is Fawnberry, and my friend’s name is Silverstorm.” He pointed to the brown and white one, then the pure white one. All three cats had moonlight in their eyes and starlight in their fur. 
“Am I…are you…am I in StarClan?” Blazepaw stammered.
“Yes, little one.” Fawnberry touched her nose to his head. “Don’t worry, you’re safe. Everything is fine.”
“We have a message for you.” Silverstorm told him. 
“What is it?” Blazepaw’s tail-tip flicked anxiously.
Shadeface dipped his head. “You must trust your instincts.”
“What?” Blazepaw jerked his head up.
“It will become clearer to you in the end.” Fawnberry promised gently.
“Listen to us, and listen to your will. Trust your instincts.” Silverstorm dipped his head. “And now we must leave you.”
“But you just got here!” Blazepaw cried.
“Trust your instincts!” The three cats said together. “Trust your instincts…”
Blazepaw blinked open his eyes. He was curled up in a nest in the apprentices’ den. Splashpaw and Eaglepaw snored softly, while Vinepaw yowled in his sleep about mice. Dawnpaw poked him with a claw, and he fell silent.
Blazepaw had been an apprentice for two moons. While Vinepaw, Dawnpaw, and Wavepaw prepared for their final assessments, Splashpaw, Ravenpaw, Eaglepaw, and Blazepaw learned how to join hunting and border patrols, and basic battle moves.
Blazepaw watched his sleeping Clanmates for a moment longer before sliding out of the den. He watched the sun slowly rise and the Clan start to wake.
Mistfall and Appleslip padded out of the warriors’ den together. Duskstar stretched in front of his den. Cedarshine pushed past Mistfall and bounded over to her apprentice. 
“How do you feel about joining the dawn patrol?” She asked Blazepaw.
“Sure.” He answered, flicking his ears. “Can I eat first?”
Cedarshine paused, looking at the fresh-kill pile. It was stocked high with fish and mice. “Okay.” She mewed finally. “But only take something small. I’ll let you take a nap later this afternoon. You’re going to the Gathering!”
Blazepaw’s eyes lit up. He had heard warriors talk about the Gathering, where all four Clans met under the full moon and talked under a truce. He had been desperate to go as a kit, and he was even more excited now. “That’s awesome!”
“But you might not get to go if you keep standing there.” Cedarshine poked him with a paw. “We need to remark the borders and hunt as well.” Leaf-fall was approaching fast.
Blazepaw chose a small mouse and quickly ate, savoring each flavorful bite. Then he trotted after his mentor, heart racing excitedly. 
“What borders are we checking?” Blazepaw asked.
“The ThunderClan border.” Breezeswirl, a black she-cat, answered. “Slickpounce should join us soon. We need all the paws we can get if ThunderClan starts acting up again.”
Slickpounce stopped beside Breezeswirl. “Here I am!” She pushed through the entrance, looking over her shoulder. “Come on, you guys! Let’s go!”
“Someone’s chipper.” Cedarshine remarked as they set off. 
“I had a really great dream.” Slickpounce purred. “I have a feeling that today is going to be a good day.”
“Because of your dream?” Blazepaw nudged the silver she-cat.
Slickpounce shrugged. “Maybe.” She licked her lips. “I dreamed that I could eat all I want, and I would never get too full nor go hungry.”
“No offense, Slickpounce, but that’s not the most exciting dream in the world.” Cedarshine told the younger cat. “I don’t think that’s an omen.”
“Oh, really?” Slickpounce curled her lip. “I’ll show you!” 
Cedarshine looked over at Breezeswirl. “Cats these days!” Her whiskers twitched.
Breezeswirl flicked her tail happily. “They’re okay, as long as they do my ticks when I’m an elder!” She gave a sidelong glance at Blazepaw. “That means you.”
Blazepaw rolled his eyes. “Yes, Breezeswirl.”
Breezeswirl swatted his ear. “I could have done without the eyeroll, thanks.”
“Sorry!” Blazepaw grumbled. 
“Lighten up. I’m just teasing.” Breezeswirl bounded away after Slickpounce. “Wait for me!” She called.
Cedarshine rolled her eyes. “She is such a hypocrite.”
Blazepaw purred. “I like this side of you.” He teased. 
Cedarshine started to reply, then stiffened. 
“What?” Blazepaw tasted the air. ThunderClan stench was thick in the air. His fur pricked. Is ThunderClan trying to cross the border?
Slickpounce and Breezeswirl pounded up to them. “All clear.” Slickpounce reported. Then she looked at Cedarshine. “What happened? You look as scared as a mouse who just spotted it’s hunter!”
“ThunderClan.” Cedarshine growled. “ThunderClan is trying to take Sunningrocks!”
Not a moment had past after she spoke when two cats hurled themselves out of the undergrowth at the patrol. 
“ThunderClan, attack!” One of them screeched, and fell on top of Breezeswirl.
Cedarshine reared up to face a big brown tom. “Blazepaw, get the rest of the Clan! We need help now!”
Blazepaw turned and thundered away. He crossed the stepping-stones quickly and burst into camp. Most of the Clan was gathered there.
Blazefire looked up as Blazepaw raced through the entrance. “Blazepaw! What’s wrong?”  
“ThunderClan!” Blazepaw gasped. “ThunderClan is attacking!”

Chapter 5

The Clan gave a series of yowls in protest and fury. 
“ThunderClan! The fox-hearts!” Duskstar hissed. Then he straightened up. “Firestone, take Flamerunner, Foxtail, Mistfall, Strikeswift, Lakewhisker, and Duskpaw. Bluefrost, Wildstreak, Splashpaw, Birchdawn, Slatestep, Goldeneye, Dapplesnow, and Blazepaw, come with me. Blazefire, take your patrol and circle around the back, catching them by surprise. My patrol will take them head-on.”
Firestone dipped his head to his leader and raced out of camp, his patrol a tail-length behind him. Duskstar paused for a moment before pounding out of camp, urging his patrol to follow.
Splashpaw and Blazepaw raced alongside each other. “Isn’t this awesome?” Splashpaw asked.
“Yeah!” Blazepaw bounded onward, catching up to Slatestep and thundering alongside her.
Finally, the patrol reached Sunningrocks. Duskstar gave a battle cry and hurled himself at the nearest cat. Cedarshine appeared alongside him, looking relieved. “Don’t take on anyone bigger then you!” She warned, before plunging back into battle.
Blazepaw watched as Bluefrost and Wildstreak slashed at a golden tabby tom. Birchdawn raked his claws down a black she-cat’s face. Goldeneye, a golden tom, clawed at a gray she-cat’s chest, determined when she hared away.
Suddenly, Blazepaw felt his hind legs being swept under him. Struggling, he turned and looked up into the face of a fleshy black-and-white tom around his age. Hissing, he pushed up with his hind legs and threw the tom off of him, then reared and rained blows onto the tom’s head. The tom whimpered and fled through the undergrowth, leaving a trail of blood. 
Suddenly, Blazepaw realized Splashpaw’s cry of pain. Pushing through the throng of cats, he reached his friend’s side. Splashpaw was struggling under the paws of a wiry brown she-cat, who was spitting threats.
With a screech of fury, Blazepaw leaped and landed on the back of the she cat. With a yowl of pain, the she-cat spun around and tried to shake him off. But he clung on a ripped pawfuls of fur from the cat’s back. Suddenly falling silent, the cat dropped down to all four and crouched down, then started to tilt to one side. 
Before he knew it, he was under the she-cat’s belly. He tried to get up, but the cat was a heavy as a boulder. He leaned back and waited for his spine to crack.
But then, the weight was lifted off of him. Blazepaw scrambled up and watched as Splashpaw shook the she-cat furiously, then scored his claws through her belly. 
Blood poured from the wound. The she-cat tried to run, but she collapsed and lay still.
Blazepaw and Splashpaw stared in shock at the dead she-cat.
“I just killed a cat.” Splashpaw’s voice shook. “I just killed a cat.” He turned and pelted away through the pack of fighting cats.
“Splashpaw! Wait!” Blazepaw struggled through the mass of pelts and tails, but he couldn’t reach his friend. His heart twisting with grief, he turned and started slicing at whatever pelts he could find. He dropped his knowledge of battle skills and bit and tore violently. He was surprised when Duskstar broke away and yowled, “RiverClan, retreat!”
Blazepaw felt numb inside. They were winning? What had happened? And most importantly, where was Firestone’s patrol?
He watched as a small gray cat darted to the dead she-cat’s side and bit back a yowl of pain.
“Grayfeather, come on! We won the battle!” The apprentice shook the she-cat, Grayfeather. “Grayfeather, wake up!”
The apprentice continued shaking, her mew edged with panic. Blazepaw saw a ginger tom move towards the apprentice. “She’s dead, Poolpaw.”
“No!” Poolpaw insisted. “She’s just asleep. Right, Grayfeather?” She shook the she-cat even harder.
“Come away, Poolpaw.” The ginger tom guided him away from the corpse and signaled to a pair of cats. “Take her body away.”
Not wanting to see anything else, Blazepaw turned away and padded after his defeated Clanmates, head and tail drooping. 

. . .

Blazepaw tasted the air and smelled Firestone’s scent, edged with fear. He leaped to his paws, where he was sitting beside Splashpaw.
Firestone pushed his way into camp, his patrol staggering behind him. They collapsed on the ground with moans of pain. Blazepaw could see long gashes and bloodied wounds.
Duskstar hurried to meet his deputy. “What in StarClan’s name happened to you?”
“They anticipated our attack.” Firestone’s voice was raw. “They cut us off and attacked us, with a bigger, stronger patrol. We couldn’t win the attack and ran back to camp.” His gaze flicked over the rest of his Clan. “Did your patrol defeat the ThunderClan cats?”
“No.” Duskstar mewed. “We were forced to retreat.”
“And I killed a cat.” Splashpaw wailed miserably. 
Foxtail hurried forward and licked her kit’s ears. “What happened, dear?”
“A gray she-cat had Blazepaw pinned under her.” Splashpaw’s voice quivered. “And I reared over her, and I dragged her away, and I…slashed open her belly…” Splashpaw trailed off.
“I know what must be done.” Duskstar mewed firmly. He leaped on top of Cloudrock. “All cats old enough to swim gather beneath the Cloudrock for a Clan meeting!”
The Clan gathered and looked up expectantly at Duskstar.
“We have suffered a harsh defeat.” Duskstar told the Clan. “ThunderClan was unfair and unjust. We have rights to Sunningrocks.”
There were murmurs of agreement among the Clan. 
“But that does not mean Sunningrocks is ThunderClan’s!” Duskstar announced. “They may be sharp in undergrowth and tree, but we have the quickness of the water at our heels, the strength that StarClan has blessed us with, and the hope that our elders will one day be able to live and die on those rocks.”
The Clan started to look a bit more hopeful.
“Just because we have been defeated,” Duskstar continued. “Just because we have been defeated does not mean that we will give up, for we are RiverClan!”
The Clan was silent, until Cedarshine lifted her muzzle and called, “RiverClan! RiverClan!”
Slowly, the other cats joined in. “RiverClan! RiverClan!” Birchdawn, Mistfall, and Goldeneye called.
Soon, the whole Clan was calling the Clan’s name. “RiverClan! RiverClan!”
We are RiverClan.

Comment down below if you want more of Blazestar’s Fury! Cedarstripe out!

October 15, 2020 7:01 pm

[Mod edit: this fanfic mentions bullying and/or emotional abuse. Pleas read at your discretion.]

Lost Dream

Story By Leafsky

    “Snowpaw!” Snowpaw’s eyes fluttered open. She shook out her ruffled fur, getting to her paws, and stared into a glittering, starry forest. She gasped as she tried to move, but she couldn’t. She was frozen in place.
     “Welcome, Snowpaw.” Snowpaw gasped as she opened her eyes in the apprentice’s den and sat up stiffly with pure fear. Was that a vision?
“Go back to sleep, Snowpaw,” Stickpaw mumbled. “Training doesn’t start in an… an…” He sneezed and his eyes opened. His amber eyes were clouded, and he growled with annoyance. “You look very scared, Snowpaw,” Stickpaw observed. “What’s wrong with you?” 
     “Nothing, Stickpaw,” Snowpaw snapped. “I’m going to get some air.” 

    Snowpaw stretched in the TreeClan camp. Flowerstar was crouched in the branches of Highbranch, and she watched the camp through half-open sharp lilac eyes. Boulderpaw, a fresh apprentice, was grooming her fur. Yellowpatch, a young warrior, was seated beside Ripplestream, and they were both chatting. Her former mentor, Kestrelpool, was lying in the clearing of the nursery with her kits scrambling all over her. Her replacement mentor, Blackspirit, was calmly advising his kits, who were apprentices, to not touch the herbs in Perchstep’s den. Suddenly something bumped into her, and Dovekit looked at Snowpaw with wide, blue eyes.
     “Sorry!” She squeaked. “Pinekit wanted me to… to-”
“It’s alright,” Snowpaw murmured. She nuzzled the kit before gently nudging her towards Kestrelpool. Snowpaw watched Dovekit launch herself onto Pinekit, and then scramble over to Sunberry and Jaykit. Jaykit was batting Sunberry’s tail, and at any moment she looked like she’d cuff him over the ears, but he did it so sweetly she relaxed and watched Pinekit and Wavekit play. 

    “Snowpaw! Training!” Blackspring called. Snowpaw lifted her tail and followed her mentor out of camp. The forest seemed to present itself to her, the lush undergrowth creating dark shadows that filled her with anticipation. She suddenly felt herself going into another vision, and she struggled against it, but it once again clouded her mind.

    Snowpaw opened her eyes. She looked at her surroundings. She was in a camp. And she glanced out of habit where she thought Highbranch would be. What stood there was a sapling. It was peeking out of the ground, and behind it, carved into stone, was a wide entrance. Her eyes stretched wide. That sapling was Highbranch, and that cavern was what was supposedly behind it. She yearned to explore it, but when she tried to step into the cavern her paws flickered out. She yelped and backed away. She would discover it when she was back to reality. She sat up and glanced at a night-black she-cat, a white she-cat with a cloudy white eye and a burning yellow one, and a yellow-and-white tom. The tom got to his paws.
     “We cannot sit and do nothing,” The tom hissed. “Should we wait for them to invade us?”
“Lightpelt,” The white she-cat murmured, “We are medicine cats. It is not our duty to fight. Our duty is to our clan.”
     “Then we should help,” Lightpelt snapped. “Do you not remember our code, Cloudysun?”
“I was warned of this,” The black she-cat agreed. “A choice. One to even the odds. But what is the choice, exactly?”
     “This has to be the choice,” Lightpelt conceded. “Do you not see this, Cloudysun?”
“Lightpelt. The dogs started rampaging an hour ago. We shouldn’t lose hope, because-” A white she-cat with dark amber eyes and a tom with bright yellow fur and blue eyes staggered into the camp, a dark ginger cat with dark brown eyes following closely behind. 
     “They’re coming,” The ginger she-cat rasped. “They’re coming.” The ginger she-cat’s eyes rolled into her head and she collapsed, blood pouring out of her wounds.

    Snowpaw shook herself out of the vision with a gasp. She trembled as she followed her mentor, and Blackspring stopped.
“Wait…” Blackspring scented the air. His eyes narrowed. Suddenly he backed away, eyes wide.
     “Snowpaw, I need you to do me a favor,” Blackspring whispered, his voice cracking with fear. “Run. Run as fast as you can somewhere, anywhere but the camp. And don’t stop or look back. Don’t hesitate.” Snowpaw ran away from Blackspring with a burst of speed. She glanced behind her briefly, curious at what was happening. She froze and fear overwhelmed her. Her instincts screamed at her to listen to her mentor, but she was horrified, in a trance; yet she still couldn’t process what exactly was happening. She didn’t hesitate any longer and took off. But the sight of the dog snapping Blackspring’s neck made her sick.

    Snowpaw burst into camp, panting, her legs shaking. Flowerstar perked up.
“Snowpaw? What happened?” 
     “T-There was a dog,” Snowpaw replied. She tried to calm herself but her legs wouldn’t stop trembling. “The dog got to…” She broke off, voice cracking, and she continued, “Got to Blackspring.” She leaned against the camp wall, while Flowerstar was calling for a patrol. Everything was a blur. She could feel herself shivering uncontrollably, and vaguely the panicked voices as she slipped into a cold, shocked unconsciousness.

    “Snowpaw?” A quiet voice murmured. “Can you hear me?” Snowpaw opened her eyes slowly. It was Ripplepaw, one of her mentor’s kits. She searched the den blearily for her mentor. Then she realized. Her mentor was gone. And she stared at Ripplepaw for a brief moment before glancing away.
     “It’s my fault,” She murmured. “I should’ve stayed behind and helped Blackspring. Instead…”
“It’s not your fault!” Ripplepaw insisted. “He told you to run. He…” His voice cracked.      “He chose his fate.”
     “Then what about Silkpaw and Windpaw?” Snowpaw challenged. 
“They blame you,” He responded softly. “But I don’t. Once again, it wasn’t your fault.” Snowpaw got to her paws and exited the den. Her older sister, Dawnspots, was digging her claws into the ground, her gaze dark. When her sister saw her, she raced over and nuzzled her.
     “Thank StarClan!” Dawnspots whispered. “Oh, Snowpaw, I was so worried!” 
“I-It’s fine,” Snowpaw stammered. Dawnspots backed up and stared at Snowpaw. Her green eyes glinted, yet she said nothing. Silkpaw and Windpaw both sat together, eyes dark. The littermates looked almost exactly alike, with both having yellow eyes, pale brown fur, and a white tipped tail, except Windpaw was bigger and Silkpaw had sleeker fur. Silkpaw turned around and glared at her, yet beckoned her. Oh, StarClan, what does she want? Snowpaw thought, terrified of what she might say or do.

    “You should have died,” Silkpaw snarled. “You deserved it. He had so much more to live for.” Snowpaw shrank away, fur bristling with shock. 
     “Silkpaw-” Windpaw began. His yellow eyes were stretched wide. 
“Shut it!” Silkpaw snarled at her brother. She glanced back at Snowpaw.
     “You will tell nobody about this,” Silkpaw said smoothly, “Or I’ll rip you to shreds. Deal?”
“D-Deal,” Snowpaw agreed quickly. She felt sick. How much longer would this go on for?

Two moons later…

“Go on out into the forest,” Silkpaw taunted. “Go onto the Thunderpath and let a monster hit you. Then I’ll consider forgiving you.” Snowpaw’s shoulders sagged. She’d fought against Silkpaw for too long. Her words and insults every day had built up until Snowpaw felt like she’d crack. Snowpaw’s new mentor, Ravenblaze, gave her a look of concern. Snowpaw’s anger fired up. Fine. She couldn’t stand the pity and insults anymore. She took off into the forest, and then she had an idea when she neared the Thunderpath. I could make it look like I got hit by a monster. Let’s see how Silkpaw reacts then.

    After drawing blood and tearing out clumps of her fur by snagging it on brambles and arranging it partly beside the Thunderpath, it looked like some cat had died. She scrambled up a tree, into the thickness of the leaves, and then grasped a piece of fresh-kill she’d hidden up there, and waited.

    Snowpaw opened her eyes when she heard voices.
“This way! I can scent her,” Her sister’s voice called. Snowpaw’s heart ached as she heard the desperation in her older sister’s voice. She watched as Dawnspots sniffed around, and finally reached the Thunderpath. She stared in horror, and Snowpaw’s chest tightened.
     “No,” Dawnspots whispered hoarsely. Silkpaw, Nightfur, and Shredfrost saw the blood and fur. Silkpaw’s eyes rounded. Snowpaw was filled with triumph, and then Silkpaw rasped,
“It was my fault.” Nightfur, Silkpaw’s mentor, stared in surprise at his apprentice.
“I told her to… to let a monster hit her,” Silkpaw said quietly. “I didn’t think she’d listen.” Nightfur’s brown eyes filled with horror and anger.
     “How long has this been going on?”
“T-Two moons,” Silkpaw stammered. Nightfur’s gaze filled with disgust.
     “You have broken the warrior code in the worst way possible,” He hissed. “Murder. I’ll let Flowerstar decide your fate.” Dawnspots numbly followed the patrol back to camp, and Snowpaw’s eyes were wide. What have I done?

One year later


    Snow staggered towards the forest. A snowstorm had been battering the land for days. She desperately needed help from the clans. It was her last hope, since all the prey was either frozen or hibernating. She stumbled inside the TreeClan borders, and into the shelter of the trees. She stopped and stared at the whole new territory.
     “What happened here…” Snow gasped. Some of the trees were charred, but were still tightly enough packed together to conserve warmth. She stared at the icicles hanging from the branches, and the thick layer of snow covering the forest floor. She saw the camp, and she raced towards it. When she neared, she skidded to a halt. The scents were muffled by the wetness of the snow, and she carefully picked her way around prey bones that were picked clean. There was no cat outside, but she could hear cats moving around inside the dens. She murmured,
“What happened to TreeClan?”

    Three apprentices poked their heads out of their den. Snow dove behind a snow drift, and then she shut her eyes tight. She was completely able to blend in other than her eyes, and she pricked her ears.
     “I swore I heard a cat murmuring something about TreeClan,” A quiet voice said. Snow opened an eye and saw the three apprentices standing together. One looked just like Dawnspots, another looked like Shredfrost, and the last one looked like her. Snow’s spirits lifted. Her sister had managed to move on and have a family of her own.
     “Wait- did that lump of snow just move?” The one that looked like her mewed. Snow flattened her ears. Oh, StarClan, Snow thought, forcing her fur flat. 

    The she-cat’s snow-white fur bristled, and her blue eyes glinted. The other dappled brown she-cat with green eyes watched as the white she-cat crept closer to Snow. The tom’s pale yellow fur was on end, and his ice-blue eyes were stretched wide.
     “H-Hello?” The white she-cat said nervously. Snow sat up. The white she-cat stifled a shriek. Snow fixed her gaze on her. She was no more than an apprentice, really, and she looked like she was fresh out of the nursery.
“Hello,” Snow mewed. The white she-cat backed away.
     “Who are you?”
“Oh, my name’s Snowpaw,” Snow mewed, beginning to groom herself. The white she-cat’s eyes widened.
     “But my name’s Snowpaw!”
“Good to see Dawnspots named you after me,” Snow responded between licks. “I hope she told you about me?”
     “No way-” The tom breathed. “Dawnspots said you died on the Thunderpath!” Snow’s ears burned, yet she replied,
“I survived. Yet I couldn’t come back, since a Twoleg had taken me away as a kittypet. I escaped the first night and never looked back. Now here I am.” She felt bad lying, yet she had to for the sake of the apprentices. And the rest of the clan, when they found out. She watched as the apprentices exchanged surprised and astonished glances, and then the tom said,
     “I guess we’d better get you to Flowerstar,” The apprentice murmured.

    Honeypaw’s paws quivered with excitement and anticipation as he raced towards Highbranch and started to climb. Flowerstar was inside her den, and Honeypaw sat on the branch outside.
     “Flowerstar?” Flowerstar’s ears pricked, and she sat up.
“Honeypaw? What happened?”
     “Well… a cat came into our camp-” Honeypaw began. As Flowerstar’s eyes narrowed, Honeypaw stuttered, “N-No! It’s not what you think! She didn’t hurt us at all. She even introduced herself. She said her name was Snowpaw, and she knew Dawnspots, too.” Flowerstar started padding towards the edge of her den and started climbing down the tree, where Snowpaw, who looked more like a warrior, sat waiting.

    Snow sat waiting. 
“Flowerstar,” She greeted. Flowerstar’s ears flicked up.
     “So, it’s really you,” She grunted. 
“I survived. Yet I couldn’t come back, since a Twoleg had taken me away as a kittypet. I escaped the first night and never looked back,” Snow responded. Flowerstar’s eyes glinted.
     “Since the incident happened right before you were supposed to take your warrior assessment,” Flowerstar began, “I’ll have you take it with Ravenblaze.” Snow glanced at her old mentor who had been picking her way carefully over the snow and bones.
“Me?” Ravenblaze sat up. Her once fiery orange eyes were hollow, and Snow could see how thin she was.
     “Wait- how about this,” Snow said. “I go out and catch ten pieces of prey.” Flowerstar eyes widened.
“That’s too much, Snowpaw. I-”
     “Too late.” She padded out of camp, ready for her assessment. 

    Snow saw tracks on the snow, and the muffled sounds of a mouse scurrying about. Snow slipped silently over the snow and watched as the mouse dove into a hole. A nest. Snow padded over to the hole. She started to fill it in with snow. As she did, she heard several squeals erupt from the hole, and the first mouse dove out. Snow killed the mouse with a quick bite to the neck, and three other mice leapt out. Snow sliced her claws along the throat of one, snapped the neck of the other one, and finally cornered the last mouse and killed it with a fierce bite.
     “Wow. That was easy,” Snow mused. “Only six more kills to go.”

    After a while of searching, Snow knew that she must’ve gotten really lucky, and she should head back. At least, that’s what her instinct said. She kept pressing on until she saw a bunch of FlameClan cats. They were patrolling the border, and they didn’t look very happy about it, since the storm was still raging on. Snow even saw a young, scrawny warrior staggering along, and he was trailing farther and farther behind.
     “Keep up, Clawscratch!” A cat who was supposedly his mentor snarled. “I don’t know why you were named that. You’re so weak and slow, you should have been named you Slowslug!” The other warriors snickered. Snow unsheathed her claws, bristling with fury. How dare they insult an warrior like that? They didn’t deserve to be warriors themselves. Snow prowled the border until Clawscratch slipped and fell. The other warriors continued, the lead one calling,
“Leave him. He’ll find his way back eventually. If he doesn’t, he’s crowfood.” Clawscratch just snarled with frustration.
     “One day, you flea-brains, I will get my vengeance,” Clawscratch yowled after them. “And you’ll regret everything you did and said to me!” Snow felt bad for the young warrior. He was getting horribly mistreated. Then she got an idea.
“Hey, you there! Clawscratch!” She called. Clawscratch pricked his ears.
     “Yes?” He growled.
“Do you want to overcome them? Show them you’re worthy of being a FlameClan warrior?”
     “Of course!” Clawscratch exclaimed, his hostility gone.
“Do you want me to train you?” Snow asked. “I can. I also know the feeling.” 
     “Where do we start?” Clawscratch asked, his eyes gleaming as he leapt the stream.


    “Whoa! Clawscratch, get off me, you big lump!” Snowflair shoved Clawscratch off of her. Three moons and he was overpowering even her. 
    “Sorry,” Clawscratch apologized. “Just eager.”
“It’s fine. Now, I think you should head back. And… I think you’re ready to face them.” Clawscratch’s amber eyes narrowed.
     “Eaglestrike, Foxclaw, Reedstream, and Silverwisp are bullies,” Clawscratch spat. “I’ll be glad to throw them into the stream and let them drown in their own pride.”
     “I’ll bet they fall in without you throwing them in, with their noses so high in the air,” Snowflair joked. Clawscratch purred.
“I’ll go now. And, Snowflair… thanks for training me.” He raced over and leapt the stream, and Snowflair sat down and watched as he raced back to his camp to confront his past bullies. 
     “Surprising.” A voice startled her, and Snowflair whipped around. Flowerstar padded towards her.
“Flowerstar, I-”
     “It’s alright, Snowflair. You surprised me by how willing you were to help another cat from another clan. That’s a quality I like to see in a warrior.” Snowflair was very surprised, yet said nothing. She already had a deputy. Finchpatch was the clan deputy, and she’d make a fantastic leader. “But…” Flowerstar’s gaze hardened.
“That was very risky. I’ll let you go with a warning. Do not try to do this again, because it might result in a problem with the other leaders. You should head back to camp. The sun’s setting.” Snowflair heaved a sigh.
     “Alright. I’ll get back to camp.” She started padding in the direction in the camp, when a cat stepped in her way.
“Finchpatch! What are you doing here?” Snowflair asked. Finchpatch curled her lip in a snarl. 
     “I’m here to get rid of a traitor.”
“Wait, what? How am I-”
     “I was listening to your conversation with Flowerstar. She’s grown soft. But I haven’t. I will rid the clans of your poison, Snowflair. And I will bring peace by ending your lies.”
“And?” Snowflair asked boldly. “There’s always an and.”
     “Flowerstar seemed to be considering making you deputy,” Finchpatch hissed. “And that was the final straw.” She lunged, and Snowflair backed away and ran. She ran towards the camp. If the clan saw her kill Snowflair, then they could exile her. She burst through the camp entrance with Finchpatch skidding to a halt, but she couldn’t and they collided.
     “You mange-pelt! Flea-breath! Slow-slug!” Snowflair taunted. “If you want to kill me, just do it. Right here. Right now. Come on. I’m waiting.” Finchpatch screeched and then lunged to snap her neck. Snowflair rolled out of the way and Finchpatch hit the ground dazed.
“Is this who you want as your leader?” She yowled to the cats whos stood to watch. “She tried to kill me because I helped another cat. She tried to kill me because Flowerstar said that I would be a worthy warrior. This is not who you want as your leader!” Finchpatch lunged and snapped Snowflair’s neck. She immediately dived into darkness, but she felt hollow. She hadn’t been able to kill her. Finchpatch had gotten rid of her first. 
      “Snowflair.” Snowflair’s eyes fluttered open. She shook out her ruffled fur, getting to her paws and stared into a glittering, starry forest. “Welcome, Snowflair.” Snowflair finally understood the vision she had a long time ago. It was of the future. And now, Snowflair’s dream of becoming a loyal warrior to TreeClan was left behind. It was a lost dream.

The End 

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October 15, 2020 7:03 pm

HI! this is my first oc story, so I hope you enjoy it! This is about a cat in thunderclan who thinks she has to be perfect, but realizes from her best friend that she doesent have to! agaiin thanks for reading! tell me if you want more stories like this!

ScratchPelts path

Chapter 1.

Leafkit wandered around the nursery with her sister, sunkit. “Should we go back to our mom?” sunkit asked leafkit “sure!” leafkit replied. Sunkit and leafkit went to their mother, featherbreeze. Their three brothers, graykit, ashkit, and crowkit, were playing in the nursery in the corner. “Mother, can we go outside?” leafkit asked featherbreeze. “Yes, but be careful.” featherbreeze said. “Yes!” sunkit said. Leafkit and sunkit went outside in the sun. they can both feel the sun on their fur. Sunkit loved her name, because she loves the sun. leafkit laid down in the grass, stretching. “Do you think that we should be apprentices already sunkit? It’s been long enough.” leafkit asked sunkit. “I know right? I think that we are big enough now to be apprentices.” it was true, leafkit, sunkit, graykit, ashkit, and crowkit were old enough to be apprentices now. Suddenly, ashkit, graykit, and crowkit came to join them into the sun. “We want to be in the sun too!” ashkit said joyfully. “Aren’t you sleeping?” sunkit said, confused to ashkit, crowkit, and graykit. “We didn’t want to be in the den anymore,” he replied. “It’s too boring there.” leafkit starred in the clouds. She wanted to be an apprentice so bad. She wanted to serve her clan and become the best warrior. After some hours of being in the sun, it was turning into twilight. Featherbreeze walked out of the nursery. “Kits, it’s getting dark. Get inside!” featherbreeze said with a scared voice. Featherbreeze thought that the kits were inside the nursery, but they were outside, so she felt scared when she didn’t find them until cloudpelt, another thunderclan queen, told her that the kits were outside. When they were finally inside the nursery they were all sleepy. “You guys need to come a little earlier, and not fall asleep outside! Do you know what can happen?” feather breeze said worried, as the kits huddled up next to her. “Were sorry mother, we just wanted to go outside, little did we all know that we would be out there too long.” crowkit said guilty. Crowkit wanted to become an amazing warrior, more than leafkit, and wanted to serve his clan and become a leader. He thought that he could not make any mistakes. “It’s okay, but you guys need to come as soon as it gets dark. Also crowkit, don’t blame yourself for everything.” featherbreeze exclaimed. The kits huddled up next to each other and started to sleep. Usually, they would stay up late, but this time, they were all tired. The next day, leafkit, Ashkit, sunkit, and graykit woke up from crowkit running around the nursery. “Crowkit, what are you doing?” featherbreeze asked. It was late, and cloudpelt, mountainspot, and all the other queens in the nursery were awake. They all were confused. “What happened?” featherbreeze asked. “Didn’t you hear, featherbreeze? There will be a clan ceremony for your kits to become apprentices. That’s why crowkit was running around the nursery, cause he heard that blacktail came into the nursery, telling all of us that your kits will be apprentices, also silvertails.” said mountainspot. “Oh! My kits are going to become apprentices!” featherbreeze said joyfully. Leafkit could not imagine this! She was going to become an apprentice! “Can you believe this sunkit? We’re going to become apprentices! Like we have always wanted!” leafkit said excitingly to sunkit. “I know right? I can’t wait for stormstar to make us apprentices!” After a few minutes, crowkit, ashkit, leafkit, graykit, sunkit,and featherbreeze went outside to see that stormstar and some thunderclan cats were already outside. After a few minutes, all the thunderclan cats were outside. The kits went onto the highrock, and stormstar went onto the highrock too. Silvertails kits were on the high rock too. “Cats of thunderclan! Today we have kits that must turn into warriors! Today, leafkit, sunkit, ashkit,crowkit, and graykit, you have reached the age of six moons, and it is time for you to be apprenticed. From this day on sunkit, until you receive your warrior name, you will be known as sunpaw. Your mentor will be flowerheart. Leafkit, until you receive your warrior name, you will be known as leafpaw. Your mentor will be cottonheart. Ashkit until you receive your warrior name, you will be known as ashpaw. Your mentor will be woodleaf. Crowkit, until you receive your warrior name, you will be known as crowpaw. Your mentor will be firefur. And lastly, graykit, until you receive your warrior name, your name will be graypaw. Your mentor will be spottedheart.” leafpaw felt so happy. I can’t believe it! I’m an apprentice! I’m going to become the best warrior! She thought to herself. The kits and leafpaw went off of highrock and went onto the ground. Next up was silvertails kits, hazelkit, crystalkit, and oak kit, who would soon be hazelpaw, crystalpaw, and oakpaw. “I’m so proud of you guys.” featherbreeze whispered to the new apprentices. After  the other kits became apprentices, leafpaw went to her best friend, lionpaw. Lionpaw became an apprentice just a few days ago. “So you’ve finally become an apprentice?” lionpaw asked. “You bet I did!” leafpaw said happily. “Wanna go visit coalheart?” lionpaw asked leafpaw. “Sure!” she replied. Coalheart was a black male cat with a white tip on his tail and paws. On his fur near the eye, he has a white spot. Coalheart was the thunderclan medicine cat. Lionpaw and leafpaw as kits would go visit him, and he always welcomed them. While leafpaw and lionpaw were walking to the medicine cat den, leafpaw smelled something. “Hey lionpaw, do you smell something? I feel like I smell-” “come on! We arrived!” lionpaw interrupted. Leafpaws fur pricked. She thought she smelled something dangerous. I know I smelled something… she thought to herself. When the two cats arrived at the medicine cat den, there were not many cats in there. And the ones that were inside there, were resting. “Hey coalheart!” leafpaw said “hey leafpaw! Hey lionpaw!” coalheart said. “Guess what? Leafpaw is an apprentice!” lionpaw said joyfully. “You are? Congratulations leafpaw! I remember the first time I was an apprentice! Back then, I was becoming a warrior, but I felt like I belonged to the medicine cat den. I decided to become a medicine cat because I love helping cats, and I also never really enjoyed becoming a warrior. I never actually liked fighting with the clans, so when I came to my final decision, I became a medicine cat. And that’s how I came to be here with you guys.” coalheart explained. “I can’t believe that you didn’t want to be a warrior! I want to be the best warrior!” leafpaw said posing like an adult warrior cat. “Some people just have different choices.” lionpaw said. “You’re right,” she replied. “Some cats just have different opinions.” “Hey, I never asked you guys, who’s your mentor?” coalheart asked. “My mentor is poppypool.” lionpaw replied, as she had a big smile on her face. “My mentor is cottonheart.” leafpaw replied. “Oh! Cottonheart. He’s a really good mentor! He hunts really good and fights good too. He is one of my good friends.” coalheart explained “he is?” leafpaw asked. “He sure is!” Coalheart said with a smile. “It’s getting kinda dark…” leafpaw said. “Your right. You guys should go to the apprentices den now. You’re going to want to sleep so you can wake up early to start your training.” coalheart said. “Your right, coalheart. We should get going. Bye!” lionpaw said. “Bye!” leafpaw said with a smile. “I can’t wait to show you the apprentices den! I’m still getting used to it, but I really like it!” Lionpaw said excitedly. Leafpaw smelled something, again. “Lionpaw, is it me or do I smell something?” leafpaw asked her friend. “No. Why?” she replied. “Nevermind it might have been nothing.” but leafpaw knew it was something. She could smell it and she knew it wasn’t a good scent. Smells like, like… leafpaw paused to think. What does it smell like? I don’t know if it’s just me, but I think it’s a clan… leafpaw thought to herself. Be quiet, you mouse brain! I just became an apprentice, and I have no idea what the other clans smell like, not even look like! Leafpaw thought. I should just forget about this, I’m just out of my mind! When they arrived at the apprentices den, they saw crystalpaw, oakpaw, hazelpaw, ashpaw, crowpaw, sunpaw, graypaw, and lionpaws siblings, stormpaw, and orangepaw. Thunderclan had many apprentices in training. “Hey lionpaw!” one of lionpaws siblings yelled. “Hey orangepaw!” lionpaw replied to her. Oh! This must be orangepaw! Leafpaw thought to herself. Leafpaw and orangepaw had played in the nursery together. “Hey guys! Leafpaw! You’re finally an apprentice!” orangepaw said joyfully. “I am! And I can tell you that I’m gonna be a great warrior!” leafpaw said proudly. “We all are! Come on leafpaw! Let me show you where you’re going to sleep!” orangepaw said joyfully. After a few hours of talking to the other apprentices, it was time to sleep. “I’m gonna go sleep, good night guys! Leafpaw said tiredly. “Me too, it’s really late.” lionpaw said. Leafpaw and lionpaw went to their moss bedding, and then they went to sleep. “Leafpaw, leafpaw, beware of what may come to you… this is a warning from starclan” a cat said. “what? what do you mean?” leafpaw asked. She tried walking, but she walked slowly. She realized that she was walking on the sky. The cat was walking to a cloud, repeating, “Beware leafpaw…. This is a warning…” Suddenly, it started to rain. Leafpaw finally realized that she was in a dream. When the lightning struck, a white cat with black paws and scars all over his pelt appeared, then disappeared. “What’s going on?” leafpaw asked. “Help! please help!” leafpaw yelled. But she couldn’t yell. She was in a dream. Suddenly she heard “leafpaw, leafpaw?” it was lionpaw “Oh u-um yes?” she replied, terrified of her dream. “You were mewing in your sleep, and said help me, I was worried!” lionpaw said. Lionpaw was caring, and she was always there for leafpaw. “I’m sorry. I might have just been a little sleepy.” leafpaw reassured lionpaw. Was that a message from starclan? She thought to herself. I’m not a leader, neither a medicine cat, so why did I have that dream? Leafpaw didn’t know what to do, but just push it aside. “I have to go with my mentor! See you later!” lionpaw said to leafpaw. “Me too! Bye!” Leafpaw replied. I think cottonheart said that we would meet at the right side forest…leafpaw thought. When she went to the forest, she saw cottonheart waiting for her. “Hey cottonheart!” leafpaw said. “Hey leafpaw! Are you ready for your training?” cottonheart said with a smile. “yes!” she replied. She decided to put aside her dream and start training. “Today, we will be learning how to hunt. Since today is your first day, i’ll teach you the basics.” he exclaimed to her. “First, we’re going to go to a part of a forest where most mentors take their apprentices. It’s where most mice and squirrels are.” cottonheart said with a smile “kay!” leafpaw said joyfully. Suddenly, leafpaw felt another pelt on hers. It was soft, but hard. A dark, but recognizable voice whispered in her ear. “Beware leafpaw, beware… darkheart.. Darkheart…” “what?” leafpaw yelled. Cottonheart looked at his apprentice, confused. “You alright?’ he said, confused. Leafpaw didn’t answer. “You know, lionpaw told me that you were mewing in your sleep. You should go visit coalheart.” cottonheart said, telling leafpaw. “I was going to, but I didn’t want to…” leafpaw told him. “You should go after training. I’ll take you.” cottonheart said calmly. Cotttonheart was always caring, and always made sure that leafpaw was doing fine. Leafpaw suddenly stopped walking. She sniffed the air. “I smell a squirrel…” she whispered. “Good, now crouch down so it won’t hear you. When you get close enough, jump on it and grab it with your claws.” cottonheart whispered back. Leafpaw followed the order and crouched down,  and silently stalked the squirrel. When she was close enough , she leaped on the squirrel and grabbed it with her claws. “I got it! My first prey I’ve caught!” leafpaw said, joyfully. “Congratulations! Some apprentices dont get their first prey until weeks!” cottonheart said. After some time of training, leafpaw and cottonheart walked back to the camp. Cottonheart was taking leafpaw to the medicine den to go see coalheart. “Uh oh, I remember that I have to lead a hunting patrol today, see ya leafpaw!” cottonheart said. “See ya!” leafpaw yelled, as cottonheart ran out of the medicine den. “Hey leafpaw! What are you here for?” coalheart asked. “U-um well, I don’t know if you have had dreams, but in my sleep, I heard a cat telling me to beware, and today, I somehow felt a pelt on mine, and I could recognize its voice, and it said the same thing, but this time, it said darkheart. You’re a medicine cat, right? Have you had any dreams?” she said. Coalheart could see the fear in her eyes. Coalheart remembered that he did have a dream, but it wasn’t the same as leafpaw had described it. “Well I did have a dream, but it  kept on saying scratchpelt…” said coalheart. “The voice was recognizable, right? Who do you think it was? It must be a starclan cat if it was in your dreams.” “I don’t know, it was a light voice, and it felt like a soft pelt… AM I CRAZY, COALHEART?” leafpaw suddenly yelled. “No, it’s just that it’s probably just a coincidence..” coalheart reassured her. “I feel like you’re stressing out too much, leafpaw. Let me give you some poppy seeds.” “You’re right… I’m just overreacting… right?” leafpaw told him. “Leafpaw, please relax. Take these poppy seeds. It will ease your mind.” coalheart said. Leafpaw kept on worrying, even though she didn’t want to. What am I worrying about? It’s just a dream! Leafpaw thought. Like her father, darkpelt, leafpaw worried a lot about small things. Suddenly, leafpaw heard lionpaw, and saw her running into the medicine den. “Leafpaw! leafpaw! I was so worried! I tried looking for you, then I asked cottonheart where you were, and he said that you were in the medicine den, so I raced over here! Why are you here? Are you okay?” Leafpaw could hear the fear in lionpaw’s voice. “I’m fine lionpaw… I’m sorry for worrying you…” leafpaw said, feeling guilty. “It’s fine… but why are you here?” lionpaw asked. I don’t want to tell her… I don’t want to worry her… I don’t want her to worry about me… She’s my closest friend… leafpaw thought. “It’s nothing lionpaw, I don’t want to worry you.” leafpaw said, while she licked lionpaws ear. “Don’t worry, lionpaw. Leafpaw is fine, she was just not feeling good.” coalheart reassured her. “Lets go, lionpaw. You can tell me about your training with your mentor.” leafpaw told lionpaw. “Wait, leafpaw!” coalheart yelled. Leafpaw looked back. “Take these poppy seeds with you, and eat them when you get to the apprentices den.” “okay, thanks coalheart.” leafpaw said. “Leafpaw, tell me what happened. I want to know.” lionpaw said when they arrived at the apprentice den. “Please, lionpaw, stop worrying. I was just not feeling good, so coalheart gave me poppy seeds. I should actually eat them now,” Leafpaw said. She ate the poppy seeds that coalheart gave her, even though they didn’t taste good. “I’m worried about you, leafpaw. You need to tell me. I know you.” lionpaw exclaimed. “Lionpaw, you need to relax. It was probably that I was training a lot with cottonheart, so my body hurt. It’s getting late, let’s go to sleep.” leafpaw reassured her. Lionpaw and leafpaw huddled up together and went to sleep. Suddenly, leafpaw heard the same recognizable voice “Leafpaw, beware, beware, beware… darkheart is coming…” leafpaw didn’t know what to say. Suddenly, the voice disappeared, and leafpaw woke up. It was midnight, and she saw all the apprentices sleeping. Leafpaw tried going back to sleep, but she couldn’t. What’s going on? Why can’t I sleep? Why am I having these dreams? leafpaw couldn’t think anymore. She was confused

Chapter 2.

Moons passed, and leafpaw was having more dreams. Lionpaw and leafpaw were going to become warriors soon. Leafpaw kept going to see coalheart, while lionpaw was still worrying about leafpaw, still not knowing about what was bothering leafpaw. Leafpaw was also still training with cottonheart, and leafpaws siblings were going to be warriors soon too. “Hey leafpaw, do you think that stormstar should make us warriors?” lionpaw asked leafpaw. “Yes, but have you heard that oakpaw is training as an apprentice to coalheart?” leafpaw told her. Oakpaw was one of the apprentices training to be a warrior, but then she decided to be the apprentice of coalheart, “Really? I actually felt like she would be a medicine cat, she never liked fighting, and she always used to visit coalheart, like us, just that we always wanted to be warriors, and she wanted to become a medicine cat.” lionpaw said. “Exactly!” leafpaw chuckled. “Uh oh! I have to go with cottonheart! See ya, lionpaw!”  “see ya!” lionpaw exclaimed. Leafpaw went to the part of the forest where cottonheart and leafpaw would always meet. “Hey leafpaw! Ready to start battle training?” cottonheart asked. “Yes!” leafpaw exclaimed. Cottonheart and leafpaw practiced battle training, until leafpaw smelled something that she’s been smelling for over 6 months. Shadowclan scent.

“Cottonheart, I smell something…” leafpaw said, sounding suspicious. “Me too…” cottonheart said. “Its…its… its shadowclan!” leafpaw yelled. “Lets go to the camp and warn stormstar!” cottonheart exclaimed. “I bet they are already there!” leafpaw spat. She felt mad at the idea of shadowclan attacking her clan. This was her time to show that she was a loyal and brave warrior. Suddenly, cottonheart and leafpaw heard yowling and kits wailing in the camp. “Run! Lets go to the camp!” cottonheart yelled. Leafpaw and cottonheart ran as fast as they could to the camp. When they arrived they saw shadowclan attacking thunderclan. Leafpaw leaped into the battle without question. She leaped on a ginger tom, who was attacking sunpaw, her sister. Blood spilled on the grass, and her sibling was luckily still alive. “Thanks leafpaw!” sunpaw told leafpaw. “No problem.” she said. Randomly, leafpaw heard cottonheart yowl. There was a large white cat with black paws on top of cottonheart, holding his neck with his large claws “Get off of my mentor!” leafpaw spat. Without question, still an apprentice, leafpaw leaped on the large cat and clawed his belly. Leafpaw suddenly remembered the cat who she saw in her dream once. He had many scars, and was white with black paws. This is what starclan was warning me about! This is darkheart! Leafpaw thought quick. Suddenly, darkheart clawed leafpaw on her belly, and she felt a pang of pain in her body. Darkheart kept on biting her on the ear, and she tried to regain her strength. She jumped up and bit the cat on the muzzle, making the tom yowl of pain. Blood was everywhere and lionpaw looked in horror as leafpaw was being almost scared to death. Leafpaw bit darkheart’s front leg, making blood spill even more. “Dont test me darkheart, or ill rip you to pieces, you stupid piece of crowfood!” leafpaw spat. “How do you know my name, fox dung?” darkheart yelled. Cottonheart leaped onto darkheart, clawing his pelt badly. Leafpaw tried standing, but she failed. She fainted onto the ground, blood everywhere. Lionpaw ran as fast as she could to leafpaw. “No! Leafpaw, don’t die on me! You’re the closest friend I’m ever going to have! Starclan please! The clan needs you, I need you!” leafpaw heard lionpaw yowl in horror as she tried to speak, but too weak too. Stormstar ran to leafpaw. “Oh my starclan, which cat has done this to you? This is one of the worst attacks I’ve seen since new leaf! Who did this to you?” leafpaw was too weak to speak, she was covered in blood, and half of her body was clawed off. “D-D-Darkheart….” leafpaw whispered, finally able to. “WHO? I’M GOING TO CLAW THEM UP AND FEED THEM TO DOGS! THAT PIECE OF CROWFOOD WILL FACE MY ANGER AND HAS TO BE PUNISHED BY STARCLAN!” lionpaw yelled, angry that her best friend is half clawed. “Lionpaw, please calm down. I’m sure coalheart can help her.” stormstar reassured lionpaw. “Let me get coalheart to help leafpaw and the other cats. The other cats may still be alive, but I’m not sure about leafpaw…” stormstar said. “Don’t die on me leafpaw… please…” lionpaw whispered to leafpaw, hoping that she would whisper back. “I won’t, and even if I did, I would be in starclan watching you be the most successful warrior thunderclan has ever seen, even without me…” leafpaw whispered, even cracking a small smile. Suddenly, leafpaw fell asleep. She felt like she was on another cats pelt, soft, warm, similar, but she didn’t have the strength to open her eyes. After a while, she managed to open her eyes, and found out she was in the medicine cat den. “Oh thank starclan! You’re alive! I thought you were dead, but you’re not! I missed you leafpaw!” lionpaw said, as she purred around her friend. “Thanks for caring about me, lionpaw… I’m sorry that I worried you… thank starclan im alive.” leafpaw said, happy that lionpaw was near her. “Ah, you’re finally awake, leafpaw! Lionpaw was so sad that when orangepaw told her that she had to go to the apprentices den, lionpaw said that she would only if you woke up. She stayed the whole night here!” coalheart said. “You really care about me that much?” leafpaw turned to lionpaw. “Of course, you mouse brain!” she replied, chuckling. Stormstar had then entered the den. “Are you okay, leafpaw?” he asked. “Right now, I don’t feel so good, but it was way better than yesterday.” she replied. “The only thing that matters is that you’re alive and feeling better.” stormstar said, smiling. “Thank you, stormstar.” leafpaw said. “Do you think you can still be a warrior?” stormstar asked. “I dont know… it’s up to starclan…” leafpaw replied. “Just take your time and get better.” stormstar exclaimed. “All the other cats have left a little earlier than you, so it may take some time.” leafpaw felt a pang of sadness to her. What if I dont become a warrior? What if I will be in the medicine den forever? “I know that face… Stop worrying yourself, it isn’t good for you” lionpaw told leafpaw. “Lionpaws right. Don’t stress yourself, it’s not good for you.” coalheart said. “How long do you think i’m going to be in here?” leafpaw asked lionpaw. “You’ll probably be out by tomorrow. I promise you.” lionpaw replied. Leafpaw smiled and licked her ear. “I don’t know how I ended up with a friend like you, but i’m not disappointed” leafpaw said, purring. Lionpaw smiled. Suddenly, crowpaw, leafpaw’s brother, came into the medicine den with ashpaw. “Hey leafpaw, are you okay?” they both asked. “We saw darkheart almost claw your neck! Father was so worried!” ashpaw said. Darkclaw was their father, and leafpaw and him always were close. “Im fine, and I’m recovering.” she said with a smile. “We should be becoming warriors soon, so I hope you will be recovering.” crowpaw said. “Where’s sunpaw and graypaw?” leafpaw asked. “They’re still training, but they promised that they would try to come after.” crowpaw exclaimed. After talking to crowpaw and ashpaw, their mother came in, featherbreeze. “Leafpaw! Oh my starclan, who did this to you? Me and your father were so worried. I’m so sorry for not being there for you.” Leafpaw looked down guilty.  “I’m sorry  that I’ve made you all worry so much.  I will be recovering soon, so I can still be a warrior soon.” Leafpaw tried to smile, but she didn’t feel like it. “Thank you, lionpaw. Leafpaw needs all the company during her time, and you’re loyal enough to stay here with her.” featherbreeze said, looking at lionpaw. “No problem feather breeze.” lionpaw said calmly. When all of leafpaws family left, She was left with coalheart and lionpaw. “I’m the only one here, right?” leafpaw asked coalheart. “Yep, and all the others who were injured during the battle have already left. Luckily, no cats died.” he replied. “And i’m still here…” leafpaw whispered to herself. Lionpaw looked at leafpaw. “You’ll get out soon, and everything will be the same. Please, stop stressing out. I want you to feel the best you can.” leafpaw gave lionpaw a lick on one of her ears. “Thanks lionpaw, I wouldn’t be amazing without you.” leafpaw said.  “You already are.” lionpaw chuckled. Finally, it was late and leafpaw was trying to sleep. Like always, lionpaw fell asleep earliest, and leafpaw went to sleep late. I should have known… starclan was warning me of darkheart… that shadowclan warrior… if I had just listened, then I would have prevented darkheart from almost killing cottonheart… I should go to sleep by now, lionpaws already sleeping… leafpaw thought. Leafpaw decided to finally go to sleep, even though her pain was keeping her up. It’ll go away soon, I know it will. Oh starclan, please let me be a warrior. Leafpaw just wanted to become a warrior, that’s all she wanted. That darkheart… ill claw him to pieces… she thought. Leafpaw felt different emotions. She was mad, sad, and relieved that she was alive, but she just couldn’t figure out which one she felt the most. She wanted to feel normal, but she just couldn’t.

Chapter 3

Leafpaw woke up, suddenly feeling better. Coalheart was already up, and so was lionpaw. “Hey coalheart, lionpaw, I feel like I can walk..” she said. Lionpaw suddenly felt a pang of happiness. “You can?” lionpaw said, joyfully. “Yea, and my pelt feels way better than yesterday…” “Maybe you can still become a warrior!” lionpaw yelled, feeling enthusiastic. “But can you run? You need to run to be a warrior.” coalheart said. “I think so…” leafpaw replied. Leafpaw tried running, and miraculously, she ran. “I can run! Oh my gosh, I can run!” leafpaw felt so happy, that she even jumped. “We need to tell coalheart to make you and all the other apprentices to be warriors!” coalheart said. Thank starlan! Leafpaw thought. Leafpaw suddenly thought about how she would look. “Hey lionpaw, would you take me to a river? I want to see how I look.” leafpaw asked lionpaw. “Sure!” she said. Leafpaw and lionpaw went to a nearby river, and leafpaw looked into the river. She suddenly stopped feeling her emotions. Her smile disappeared. “Hey… are you okay?” lionpaw asked. “I look hideous… horrible… Why am I called leafpaw?…” Lionpaw felt confused. “What do you mean? you look fine.” she said. “Look at all these scratches! Fur will never grow on it! My ear is half gone! Can’t you see, you mouse-brain? I look” leafpaw spat.  Lionpaw pulled her ears back. “I-im sorry…” lionpaw said quietly. Leafpaw suddenly realized what she had done. “I-i-im sorry lionpaw… I didn’t mean to say or yell anything…” she said, guilty. “It’s fine.” lionpaw said. “Lets…let’s… go back to the camp… I want to talk to stormstar…” leafpaw said. When they arrived, leafpaw went into the leader’s den. “Do you want me to come with you?” lionpaw asked. “Your choice, but I would like you to.” leafpaw said, purring around her friend “then, of course.” lionpaw chuckled. Leafpaw and lionpaw went inside the den, and stormstar was surprised that leafpaw was finally walking. “Leafpaw! You’re finally walking!” he said, joyfull. “Yes, I am, and you can notice all the scratches I have on my pelt, right?” leafpaw asked. “Yes.” stormstar replied “I would like to change my name. I would like it to be scratchpaw.” Leafpaw said. Stormstar and lionpaw looked at each other, confused. “Leafpaw, just because you have a few scars on your pelt does not mean that you have to change your name. It’s still beautiful!” lionpaw protested. “A few? A FEW? Lionpaw look at me! Do I have a few scratches?” leafpaw spat. “Please, lionpaw, leafpaw, calm down. Are you sure you want to change your name?” stormstar asked. “Yes, I want it to be scratchpaw.” leafpaw replied. Stormstar sighed. “We will have a warrior ceremony, and I will change your name.” “Thank you, stormstar.” leafpaw said. “It is my pleasure.” he replied. Lionpaw and leafpaw went out of the den. “Leafpaw, this isn’t you! You don’t have to change your name!”  lionpaw yelled. “Don’t call me leafpaw, call me scratchpaw…” leafpaw replied. “Okay, yes, you do have some big scratches on your pelt, but-” “LOOK AT ME, LIONPAW! DO I LOOK LIKE A CAT THAT WOULD BE CALLED LEAFPAW? NO, A LEAF IS NORMAL, AND I’M NOT, I’M DIFFERENT, IM HIDEOUS, IM-” leafpaw didn’t want to finish her sentence. “Im different…” she whispered. Lionpaw looked at leafpaw. “No, you’re the complete opposite. Your beautiful, and you always will be. It’s all in your head. Nobody is like that, everybody is beautiful, no matter what.” leafpaw smiled. She knew that her friend was always there for her. “Thanks lionpaw, I only want to be with you during my time…” “No problem. You’re always going to be amazing to me.” lionpaw replied. After a few minutes, the two cats heard hazelpaw running to the apprentices den. “Oh my gosh guys, guess what? We’re going to become warriors! Stormstar just announced it on the high rock!” she said. “Really?” ashpaw questioned. “Yes! I’m not lying!” hazelpaw said. Finally, all of the apprentices went with their mentors to the high rock. Stormstar finally went to the high rock and did the warrior ceremony. “I, stormstar, leader of thunderclan, call upon my warrior ancestors to look down on these apprentices. They have trained hard to understand the ways of your noble code, and I commend them to you as a warrior in their turn. Apprentices, do you promise to uphold the warrior code and to protect and defend your Clan, even at the cost of your life?” leafpaw was so joyful. “I do.” they replied. “Then by the powers of StarClan, I give you your warrior name. hazelpaw, from this moment on you will be known as hazelheart. StarClan honors your honesty, and we welcome you as a full warrior of thunderclan. Lionpaw, from this moment on you will be known as lionleap. Starclan honors your courage. Oakpaw, from this moment on you will be known as oakcloud. Starclan honors your bravery. Graypaw, from this moment on you will be known as grayfoot. Starclan honors your kindness. Sunpaw, from this moment on you will be known as sunheart. Starclan honors your intelligence. Ashpaw, from this moment on, you will be known as ashfang. Starclan honors your energy. Crowpaw, from this moment on, you will be known as crowheart. Starclan honors your patience. Crystalpaw, From this moment on you will be known as crystalcloud. Starclan honors your wisdom. Orangepaw, from this moment on you will be known as orangepool. Starclan honors your  speed. Stormpaw, from this moment on you will be known as stormdusk. Starclan honors your skills. And lastly… leafpaw… from this moment on you will be known as scratchpelt. Starclan honors your strength…” all the cats looked confused. “What? Scratchpelt?” they all murmured. “Cats of thunderclan, leafpaw decided she wanted to change her name. I did not choose her name anyway. I just gave her the permission to change her name.” stormstar said. After murmuring about scratchpelts name, the cats finally shouted their name. “CrystalCloud! Crowheart! Hazelheart! Scratchpelt! Lionleap! Ashfang! Oakcloud! Grayfoot! Sunheart! Orangepool! Stormdust! Oakcloud!” scratchpelt thought of her new name. This is the name. Not leafpaw. ScratchPelt. “Nice name, ashfang!” scratchpelt told ashfang.”I know right! I love it!” ashfang said with a smile. “Hey scratchpelt… do you want to go to the warriors den now?” lionleap asked. “Sure!” scratchpelt said. “Hey scratchpelt… There’s something I have always wanted to tell you since the dog fight. You’re beautiful no matter what. Leafpaw or scratchpelt, a scratched pelt or not, you still will be amazing. So don’t think that you’re not good enough because nobody is perfect.” lionleap said. “Thanks lionleap. I can always count on a friend like you.” scratchpelt responded. Scratchpelt felt a pang of happiness in her heart. She finally realized that it was all in her head after all. That’s what lionleap was trying to tell her. Nobody is perfect. Just because something happened to her doesn’t mean she can’t be herself. This was scratch pelts path. Her  im-perfect path.

Thanks to everybody who read my OC story! I’m sorry if there are any grammar mistakes, I was in a big rush to finish this! Tell me if you want more OC story’s, cause I just love writing them! again, thank you for reading!

Wolves that howl at moon at night (Nightpaw)
Wolves that howl at moon at night (Nightpaw)
October 15, 2020 9:58 pm

Prologue to Understood!


“You know how it’ll go!” He growled. “She’ll be furious!” “Look, I know this looks bad,” the she-cat started, but the German Shepard cut her off. “It does! My mom is going to freak!” He paced back and forth, then looked straight at the she-cat. “You know what, we tell no one.” “Who will take care of them? What do I do?” The she-cat whined, staring at the ground. “Even if I’m caring different animals’ littles.” “WHAT?!” The dog growled. “Aqualia! You said they were only mine!” Aqualia looked up at him, “tell aunt Flow that I’m sorry. I’m going back.”“Goodbye Hearty.” She stared at him. “Hope to see you never.” Hearty growled and ran off.
A lion appeared in front or Aqualia. “Huh.” She mewed. “Love stories always end.” “Why are you here?!” Aqualia exclaimed. “Oh sorry, am I not aloud to see my great great great niece when I’m dead?” The lion laughed. “You need to join the clans! They are in grave danger!” She slashed at the ground with her claws. “I’ll go. After I see my brother.” Aqualia stood in front of the lion. “It’ll be years! I always thought you would do something for the right thing.” The lion growled. “I guess, I was clearly wrong!” Aqualia stared at her. “I will do something for the right reason. Even if it means going to watch my brother die, and that I’ll never be understood.”

Author’s Note

Hello! Thanks for reading, the clans are based off of jokes. MidnightClan was based off of how there is always someone up at Midnight, and that’s how it started. RockClan is based of the saying, “did you live under a rock your whole life?” Because RockClan is based off of the stuffed animals under my bed. FlowerClan is literally based off of them living in a toy box that has flowers etched into it. Most of the characters are based off my stuffed animals, and the prologue will come in handy later. I promise that not all of it is total romance sadness trash, actually the prologue was probably the end of that. You’ll see later why I did that. Have fun reading, and don’t forget everyone can’t be understood, but one day, you will have your change to be understood.

Looking at the sunset in my dream (Dreamysunset, she/her)
Looking at the sunset in my dream (Dreamysunset, she/her)
October 16, 2020 12:52 pm

Corona suckkkkkss

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