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Kurt Vonnegut

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October 18, 2020 8:31 pm

I haven’t thought of a name for this yet

Ember (previously Embershine):
A blazing ember shall spark and destroy the clans! Ember woke with a start. She was still curled up with Spark in the abandoned badger set. It had been a half moon since Nightweb had received a “sign” from Starclan that Ember was a threat. In the middle of an awful leaf-bare,the cats were ready to accept anything fed to them by the persuasive medicine cat. Ember was banished,and sought out comfort in her loner friend. They had wandered around outside of Clan territory,looking for a place to make home. No such luck. They were not yet starving,but Leaf-bare was far from over. Ember was lost,she was glad she was not alone,but she missed her clanmates. The same clanmates that turned their back on her. Only her parents and few friends tried to protect her. With a sigh,she buried her nose in Spark’s fur and fell back asleep.

The cloudy grey cat narrowed their eyes. Haze was hunting,hunting inside Breezeclan territory. They weren’t all that worried,it’s wasn’t like a clan cat could catch them. They scented mouse and jerked their head up. Creeping up on the ignorant creature,Haze snapped it’s neck with a quick bite. They heard something in front of them,and looked up to see three warriors charging through the woods. Mouse still in their jaws,there was no way Haze could have played this off. Without another thought,they carelessly swiped their claws across the leader of the group’s face. Running the opposite direction,they were delighted to hear the cat screeching in pain. I am Haze,my family has taught me well. I will never be caught!

I’ll post more of this when I feel like it and if you guys like it. Feel free to ask questions!

October 18, 2020 11:03 pm

Silent Whispers of the Dark Forest. With each generation of the Clans, there will always be sins that go unpunished. Their clanmates failed to see the cracks within their seemingly innocent smile. Dying with the honour they didn’t deserve. Yet there’s no hiding from Starclan. These silent killer’s crimes will be exposed and be a warning to living cats today. (Those are headcanon backstories for Dark Forest cats who never got them. This includes cats from Su, a former editor, who’s word is debatable on whether it’s canon or not. Characters you don’t know the name of, Links are provided Hope you enjoy!)

Blizzardwing:  He’d do anything to protect Shadowclan, not above murdering enemies in battle, responsible for both murders of Brackenwing 
and Stonewing. After his own mother wasn’t avenged in battle, he grew the mentality that it was no big deal.  When it came to protecting his clan, it wasn’t always against enemy warriors, sometimes he considers the threat to be coming from within. When Cedarstar was growing too old to run the Clan but wasn’t going to retire, Blizzardwing decided Shadowclan needed someone younger. So during a time when prey was scarce, Blizzardwing convinced Cedarstar, it was worth the risk of hunting in the carrion place. When they split up to hunt, Blizzardwing was right out of there. As planned, when Cedarstar returned to camp, he was sick with the Carron disease and he couldn’t be cured in time. 

But Blizzardwing’s story wasn’t over. After losing 2 kits to Brokenstar and being banished with the rest of the elders, Blizzardwing decided to take matters into his own paws. Recently, his only surviving daughter gives birth to a litter of two: Blossomkit and Swampkit.  Thinking they’re on a death sentence anyway, Blizzardwing decides to just kill them himself, saving them a more gruesome one at the claws of Brokenstar. So while driving out Windclan, Blizzardwing snuck onto the battlefield, with the help of the warrior, Deerfoot, they secretly glided the kits away from the fighting. But as soon as they were alone, they finished them off quickly.  Though Deerfoot’s motive was to send a message to Brokenstar – That appointing underaged kits is pointless. 

However, realising Brokenstar didn’t care for the litter’s deaths,  Blizzardwing decides to kill him directly. Though Deerfoot bails out, convinced it would end in their demise.  And he was right. While Brokenstar was in a training session with his underaged apprentices, with no other warrior around, Blizzardwing attacked. With an advantage of surprise, Blizzardwing managed to take one of Brokenstar’s lives. The white elder had convinced himself that Brokenstar only had one life, refusing to believe Starclan would grant the evil tyrant nine lives. Yet to his horror the brown tabby began to stir again, tearing the elder to shreds once given life again. 


Deerfoot and/Tangleburr: For revenge of their constant torment of him as kits, Brokenstar would relentlessly overwork his foster siblings, alongside their parents when he became leader.  Soon, their father, Mudclaw fled from Shadowclan and their mother, Lizardstripe, was dying of greencough. Though Brokenstar refused to give her any catmint, claiming it was a waste. To save their mother, both siblings went about in different ways.  Tangleburr did everything to impress Brokenstar, thinking he’d eventually award her efforts with the catmint. Meanwhile, Deerfoot refused to suck up to Brokenstar, instead trying to steal the herbs from other Clans. 

Eventually, Brokenstar was on the verge of giving Tangleburr the catmint. Only on one condition – She had to kill a cat to prove she was truly loyal to him. She agreed, killing Lionheart in battle. Deerfoot tried dragging her off her victim, so she could retain her innocence, but it was too late. This put a strain on the siblings’ relationship: Deerfoot was disgusted she’s follow Brokenstar’s order to kill someone. Meanwhile, Tangleburr was angered that her brother considered Lionheart’s life more important than their mother’s. 

Now that it mattered in the end, as Lizardstripe died the same day as Lionheart’s murder. Thinking Shadowclan was a lost cause, Deerfoot tried to sow the seeds of rebellion. He teamed with the elder Blizzardwing: killing Dawncloud’s litter, thinking they were saving them a gorier death under Brokestar’s claws. However the two deaths didn’t have an immediate effect on Shadowclan, who’d become numb to so many kits’ deaths. Growing impatient, Blizzardwing tried killing Brokenstar himself without Deerfoot’s input, which cost his life.  

When Brokenstar and his followers were driven out, Tangleburr was among them. Deerfoot yelled for his sister to be given a fair trial but no one listened to him. Even being accused of being Brokenstar’s follower himself, forcing him to remain silent out of the threat of exile. With his parents and sister gone, it was making him bitter and cold. So while they were separated, Deerfoot and Tangleburr relationship became sour and distant, their loyalties forced separate ways.  Since they weren’t fighting for their parents anymore, they began focusing on self-preservation. 

Then Tangleburr ended up returning alongside Brokenstar’s other followers, brought back by Tigerstar.  Though this time, she’d become pregnant with Stumpytail’s kits, another follower. Feeling like she was truly Brokenstar’s follower now, Deerfoot didn’t care about her anymore, just focusing on his own  reputation from then on. Seeing Tigerstar as a repeat of Brokenstar, he’d openly criticise Tigerstar more than anyone. Eventually, Tigerstar had enough of Deerfoot, using him as a way to test Tangleburr and Stumpytail, whose loyalty he felt was wavering. At first, Tangleburr was reluctant to do it, but quickly gave in after death threats to her and her kits.  

Tigerstar sent the three cats on patrol, giving his followers the order to take Deerfoot to the border, to either chase him out or kill him. Though Deerfoot wasn’t stupid, he quickly picked up that something was wrong. When they made it to the border, Deerfoot claimed he knew what they were trying to do. Since he didn’t want to kill a pregnant queen, he attacked Stumpytail instead. Though with two against one, Deerfoot was quickly overpowered, dying with a bite to the throat. 

Nobody discovered what Tangleburr did to her brother that day. She didn’t feel worthy to be a mother, so let another queen adopt her kits. To keep her family safe from Tigerstar, she continued being his executioner alongside Stumpytail out of fear. She killed Mistyfoot’s kits, Primrosepaw and Pikepaw during the Half-Clan genocide. Despite her reputation never recovering, Tangleburr led a relatively average life. She never expected to cause so much death in her lifetime, but at the same time, she never expected her family to be threatened by two tyrants. Only after her quiet death from illness, could she be punished in the afterlife.

BrightflowerHer crimes only came near the end of her life. After Brokenstar confessed to the murder of her second litter, Brightflower finally acknowledged to the truth she’d been denying for seasons – Brokenstar was her grandson. After everything that had happened, the crazed she-cat gained a warped view of the world.  Convinced that all cats are destined from birth to be good or evil – And nothing can be done to change their nature.  Brightflower swore she’d never allow another Brokenstar to rise again, so made it her mission to wipe “future evils” before they could become a threat. This was in the form of killing them as kits. 

When Nightstar became leader, Brightflower became a short-lived permanent Queen. Now close to Shadowclan’s young, she judged which ones were ‘potential threats’ over nothing but random hunches. Then she’d secretly kill them, staged as innocent accidents. However, Brightflower was no Brokenstar, she wasn’t naturally a manipulator. Though she technically got away with her murders, her mental health was visibly affected. She only ended up having two victims: smothering Quietkit while she was asleep and tricking Lavenderkit into eating crowfood. Her third attempt was on Rowankit by using the same method as Lavenderkit. Though after what happened to his sister, he wouldn’t make the same mistake, refusing Brightflower’s suggestion. 

Finally losing her composer, Brightflower went for old-fashioned brute force, right in the middle of camp. Her clanmates immediately pulled her away, confused to what had happened. Unable to make sense of Brightflower’s ramblings, Nightstar ordered her to retire and confined her to the Elder’s den. Thinking her failure to kill Rowankit would lead to Shadowclan’s doom, Brightflower soon died of stress. 

Shredtail :  Since the Clans began, Windclan had always been stereotyped as weaklings and as a runt, Shredtail got the worse of this stigma. So gave himself extra training that pushed his body to its absolute limits – becoming an obsession. Any free time he had would be out in the Windclan territory, being his assault course, forcing himself to beat every personal record. His muscles are almost unnaturally large.  Loving nothing more than battle, finally able to put all that work to use. Then seeing the terror-filled expressions of the enemies that dared call him weak. Specially requesting his full name to be ‘Shredtail’ after his most notable scar. 

By the time he was a warrior, his territory felt small, having run it so many times. All he wanted was a thrill, not responsibilities, so refused to become either a mentor and even deputy. Unsatisfied with the regular warrior duties, Shredtail soon started to do his own solo patrols and hunts. Eventually, Windclan grew accustomed to this, as even if it was unusual, he still brought back results. Sometimes, Shredtail would spend whole nights away from camp, wandering to explore beyond the Borders. Meanwhile, several of Shredtail’s Clanmates had come to respect Shredtail’s skills, so asked for training sessions, which he happily accepted, much more brutal than legal. 

Whenever a Clan cat or outsider managed to get away unpunished, Shredtail would bully his cowardly Leader, Flamestar, into allowing him to hunt down the offender on “special missions”. Even when there wasn’t an actual threat, Shredtail would purposefully set up dangerous situations and frame others, to have the excuse to go on those missions. Eventually, this reckless behaviour cost lives. Recently, a wild Boar has been running rapid round Windclan territory, so Shredtail planned to save cats from the beast and slay it himself, even if he was forbidden going near it. 

Going against his normal behaviour, Shredtail requested to lead a regular patrol, consisting of two members in his secret training sessions, Leafshine and Lilywhisker. Pretending to ‘accidentally’ lead them to the boar’s location. The two tunnelers tried escaping underground, however in their panic, failed to see how unstable the tunnel was, so it caved in. While Shredtail screeched they were cowards, his words were cut short as the boar’s tusks penetrated his body. It was a disaster, two warriors dead and one crippled for life. Shameful he’d let Shredtail go unchecked for so long, Flamestar gave up his nine lives and retired to the Elder’s den, allowing his deputy, Heatherstep to take his place. 

Lilywhisker: When she was a tunneler, it was her entire life and she led a very proud life. But that all came crashing down after crippling her leg and being shoved into the elder’s den early. After a while of this, she grew more and more frustrated, desperate to feel useful to her Clan. Especially when, Deadfoot, a cat with a similar condition was still able to become a normal warrior. And when Heatherstar ended the tradition of tunnelling, it was the final straw. She held a meeting with her fellow tunnelers, to try and convince them that action needed to be taken to bring back their beloved way of life. To her shock, some of them weren’t interested. Feeling like Windclan was a lost cause now, she gathered up what tunnelers she did have and left Windclan. If their old Clan wouldn’t bring back tunnelling, they’d bring it back themselves with their own Clan.  Maybe they could call it; Earthclan, Stoneclan or Rockclan. 

They tried to establish their new territory at the sacred lands of Hightstones. However, it quickly sparked controversy, when they arrived at the next Gathering, declaring their plans to become the ‘fifth Clan’. Life at Highstones wasn’t pleasant, a barren wind-swept landscape. Not even able to tunnel much, with most of the stone being too hard to dig through anyway. With few prey and herbs, their numbers slowly decreased. Despite their pleads from both Windclan and her followers, Lilywhisker didn’t allow them to return, unable to let go of her pride. Not even accepting herbs from Barkface. The situation grew more complicated, when Clans cats started ‘trespassing on their territory’ to get to the Moonstone. Lilywhisker allowed it to happen at first but when prey was being stolen from Highstones, Lilywhisker then restricted it to only Medicine cats and leaders. The Clan leaders, Heatherstar and Sunstar visited Lilywhisker and her group, explaining that Highstones didn’t belong to anyone and asked them to leave. Which they reluctantly agreed to. 

Still not allowing her members to return to Windclan despite Heatherstar’s offer, Lilywhisker was in need of new territory, so secretly made the ancient tunnels under the four territories their own. But the tunnels hadn’t be kept in check, leading to many cave-ins and many deaths. Finally, Lilywhisker was alone. Sending the rest of her life as a bitter and guilt-ridden rouge, her only spark of sick joy coming from news of Heatherstar’s death. Always watching her old Clan from a distance in the Tunnels. But when she becomes the age of a proper elder, she couldn’t watch any more. Just as Brokenstar and his Shadowclan’s battle-cries rang across the moors, Lilywhisker finally returns to protect her Clan. All the hatred and frustration, being unleashed in this one moment. 

The strange thing was, there were kit-apprentices in the battle. Too old to properly fight, Lilywhisker decided to target those innocent members, in effect to make the most impact and teach Shadowclan a painful lesson, why you don’t bring kits into battle.  Using the tunnels to travel around, she emerged in front of a black-and-white tom, Badgerpaw, retreating into the Tunnels before Flintfang could avenge him. Exiting a second and final time, Lilywhisker searched for her next victim.

By then, Deadfoot, now deputy, had picked up on what she was doing, instantly attacking her on sight, shouting for her to stop. Using her old age to gain pity, she managed to get Deadfoot to cease with his onslaught. Big mistake, as Lilywhisker grabbed him by his twisted paw, taking him into the gloom of the tunnels, about to kill him. Then, Tallstar must overcome his fear one final time, diving in after them, to protect his best friend. Hissing he was a traitor to the Tunnelers, an exhausted Lilywhisker instantly went for the killing bite, barely taking one of Tallstar’s lives. Together, the Leader and deputy quickly retaliated, forcing Lilywhisker to escape deeper into the Tunnels, fatally wounded. By the time she’d broken into the open air again, it was no longer the heather-scented air of the moors. Lilywhisker collapsed onto the weed-covered floor, bleeding to death.

Embers of a Winter Dawn (Emberdawn)
Embers of a Winter Dawn (Emberdawn)
October 18, 2020 11:12 pm
Reply to  mellowix

As far as I’m aware, Su was never declared to be an official editor in the Erins ^^ Otherwise, cool headcanons!

October 18, 2020 11:06 pm

Silent Whispers of the Dark Forest Final

Maggottail: (Continued on from Su’s version of his story) Is one of the oldest warriors in the Dark Forest, a Skyclan warrior under Buzzardstar’s leadership, when they’re still just settling into the gorge. Originally, known as Hatchpaw,  his tail was bitten by a fox, the wound being infested with Maggots. His clanmates gave him the nickname, ‘Maggottail’. But he proudly took the name, requesting it become his warrior name. He was narcissistic, lustful and smooth with words, having kits with at least 4 different she-cats. He had so many kits, Buzzardstar had to awkwardly confront him, asking him to stop, or a whole generation of warriors would be siblings, meaning they couldn’t have kits without inbreeding. For the longest time, Maggottail had been deeply angered by his Clan’s exile. Constantly nagging his leader to go back and reclaim their rightful place, but always getting refused. Eventually, Maggottail grew tired of this, rounding up a large majority of his kits, they left for the Four Clans. He planned to scatter every single Clan, just like what happened to Skyclan.

Despite being drastically outnumbered, he planned to use his knowledge of the Clans to hit them at the weak points. With their family bond, Maggottail’s group worked like assassins, sending moons spying and scouting on the Four Clans’ territories – All in preparation for a few but devastating attacks. During the Gathering, four raiding-parties were sent to the poorly guarded camps, destroying the herb stores. Next, they ambushed the Medicine cats at the Half-moon meeting. Powerless, they were easily slaughtered. Only Larkwing escaped, using the Moonstone to reach the shaft that allows the moonlight to flitter through. Since he was at the Moonstone anyway, Maggottail decided to visit Starclan to see their reaction to all of this. Surpisely though, he contacted a Dark Forest cat, One Eye   instead. 

Since Maggottail wanted to target the Leaders and Deputies next, he made a deal with the spirit. Posing as a Starclan messenger, One Eye would visit each Leader’s dream claiming: they needed to hold an emergency meeting at Fourtrees but only for Leaders and Deputies. With One Eye’s group setting an ambush there, armed with stones for the Leader’s nine lives. However unknown to Maggottail, he wasn’t the only one with spiritual allies. Warned by a mere apprentice, having received a prophecy, the Leaders brought warriors regardless. Pressing forward anyway, the attack was launched. Plunging the stones deep into the Leaders’ throats, they were unable to dislodge them, slowly taking away their nine lives. However, Maggottail was still overwhelmed, dying in the same battle. Maggottail’s kits fled, eventually returning to Skyclan or staying as rogues. The Four Clans were on the verge of collapsing, with almost every high ranking cat dead. However, since Maggottail allowed that single Medicine cat, Larkwing, to escape, she could use Starclan’s guidance to find replacements.   

Batear’s /Fenneldust’s: (Those characters were nameless Dark Forest cats in Spottedleaf’s heart, given identities by Su Susan. Fenneldust was the spirit slain by Thistleclaw. However hers and Batear’s information is no longer considered canon or at least ‘semi-canon’, so their wiki pages were deleted. The links go to the only Wiki page with any trace of them.)

As the ash settled after Maggottail’s defeat, many believed it as Starclan’s punishment after Skyclan’s exile. Only question was, what do they do next? Should the Four Clans disband? Should they simply find new leaders? The Clan cats were desperate for a saviour, so latched onto the Prophecy cat, Fennelpaw and last Medicine cat, Larkwing, for guidance. Despite being underaged, Fennelpaw was given the warrior name, Fenneldust. With Larkwing as an advisor, the young she-cat announced her plans for an overhaul of the Clan system – A refocus on the Clans’ spirituality and to gain Starclan’s forgiveness. Thinking that Prophecy cats were the rightful authority of the Clans. While those like Maggottail, the Dark Forest’s trainees, should be snuffed out.

First, she set up the new ‘Leader’s camp’ at the sacred place of Four Trees. Then Funneldust pressured Larkwing to quickly select more prophecy cats,  to the point she felt forced to fake omens. Yet she still made sure her choices were genuinely good leaders. However, Funneldust remained the only one with true power as the founder. Dubbing the new leaders as ‘Judges’, Funneldust began purging the Clans despite protests. Running wild with paranoia, innocent cats were put on trial left and right as ‘Dark Forest Trainees’, either exiling or executing them. Quickly swirling out of control, as it steadily got more extreme. 

As the time approached for Larkwing to find another member for the Judges – She finally didn’t need to lie, Starclan sent down a real dream. They had chosen a certain individual known as Batear. Hating this forced responsibility, the Black tom rebelled, helping the suspected Trainees whenever he could, like smuggling them out or leaking information, regardless of the safety of others. Even assassinating the occasional cat who knew too much.  Despite this, Fenneldust covered up all of Batear’s defiant behaviour. Due to being in the public eye, the two couldn’t argue openly, so instead did it through Larkwing. Turning her into a reluctant double agent, lying and snitching for both sides. Eventually, Larkwing grew tired of their pawn. This had to end. Going against her Medicine cat oath, Larkwing tricked Batear and Funneldust into drinking toxic waste, pretending it was a Starclan omen. Out of all the Judges, those two were the only members truly chosen by Starclan. They were prophesied to be saviours. So why were their souls on the way to the Dark Forest? 

As soon as Batear and Funneldust were dead, Larkwing announced the abolishment of Funneldust’s system. Which included the return of the Purge’s exiled victims. It would return to traditional Leaders, Deputies and Medicine cats. At last, the Living Cats would decide who led them, creating their own destinies. The Purge, the Dark Forest or Skyclan were forbidden from being mentioned. It made sure those dark histories wouldn’t be rediscovered for generations to come. Though even in the afterlife, Fennelust and Batear’s rivalry didn’t end. While Fenneldust continued her mission, making other Dark Forest spirits like One Eye and Slash fade for good, Batear kept others safe from her. It eventually became fatal as Fenneldust tried attacking a young trainee, Thistleclaw, only to be killed a second time. When he heard about it, Batear only sneered at her foolishness. 

Silverhawk/Sparrowfeather: A truly formidable force.  Silverhawk the replacement Medicine cat after Ravenwing’s death and Sparrowfeather the new deputy, after Beetail’s retirement. Unlike many others, Sparrowfeather understood the great power Medicine cats held over their Clans. Using his connection with Starclan to influence the Clan, Silverhawk would fake omens and lie about dreams in order to get Sparrowfeather chosen as deputy. Even after she was chosen, Silverhawk used a fake prophecy, to frame her rivals as a future evil and have them exiled. They did this partly because of the hunger for power, but mainly for a far simpler reason; Once Sparrowfeather became leader, she would try to amend the warrior code, to allow Medicine Cats to have kits, so she and Silverhawk could have the family they always wanted. 

One Half-clan meeting, Silverhawk’s apprentice, Deerpaw  confronted him, starting to suspect his crimes after all those moons. With no other choice, Silverhawk killed the apprentice before as the other Medicine cats slept. He dragged the body out of the cave, dumping it outside for the crows to eat. When Silverhawk told Sparrowfeather what happened, the honor-driven deputy was disgusted, breaking into an argument. A patrol overheard the shouting and told Oakstar. They were exiled from ThunderClan, with Deerpaw’s sister, Doefeather becoming the new deputy. And as one last gut punch, it turned out Sparrowfeather was infertile. They took this as a punishment from Starclan, so they spent the rest of their lives with a deep hatred of their spiritual ancestors. 


Marshcloud At first, Marshcloud wouldn’t seem to deserve the Dark Forest, since he’s not a vicious murderer. However, he committed so many minor crimes over his lifetime, it built up over time. He’s the biggest coward you’ll ever know. His other two littermates had left their mother but Marsh refused to live independently. This causes her to become more and more frustrated with him. This eventually forced his sister, Fallow to take him in, barely keeping them both fed.  Once Leaf-bare came around, Fallow found herself near to starvation, with Marsh taking the majority of her catches. She begged him to start hunting as well but he refused, so his sister ended up chasing him away.  Marsh stumbled about aimlessly for several days, finally coming across the Clans. Crazing the Clans’ plentiful resources, he lingered around Windclan’s borders, until they gave up driving him out and led him to their camp. Heatherstar reluctantly gives him a chance, renaming him Marshcloud. 

However, despite holding a Clan name, he was a rogue among his Clanmates. Constantly ignoring the code, like taking food from two-legs and having no respect for borders, causing unnecessary battles. Which he’d always be the first to flee from. Even putting his own safety over kits and elders.  Eventually, Windclan asked him to leave. Using his pathetic persona to gain pity, he took advantage of the Clans’ hospitality, joining Thunderclan and then Riverclan. By this point, his littermates, Fallow and Cedar had heard of Marshcloud living among the Clans, and hoped he could put in a good word for them, so they could join him. Which Marshcloud wasn’t overly frilled to do, but did it anyway before they got too pushy. With both of them being accepted into Riverclan, renamed as Fallowtail and Cedarpelt. Due to her loner background, Fallowtail didn’t have a full grasp on the Warrior Code, meaning she ended up in a forbidden relationship with Reedfeather.  

While in Riverclan, the young Medicine cat, Brambleberry suggested becoming her apprentice. Though he’d often laze off on his duties, causing unneeded consequences. His last act of cowardice was when he accidentally knocked Duskwater into a flood but didn’t even attempt to save her despite being in no danger himself, not even telling anyone. Finally, Windclan got whiff of Marshcloud and warned Riverclan at the gathering. Finally, awareness was spread of Marshcloud, driving him out for good. When he was escorted to the Riverclan border, Marshcloud remarked he didn’t need any of his clanmates anyway. Just as he said that, he clumsily stumbled into a Goose’s nest, which didn’t end well for him. The Riverclan patrol returned home that night, dumbstruck. 

Rushtooth/Houndleap: With the old leader, Jay dead, the burden had fallen upon her 2nd in command, Pixie to run the streets of the Twolegplace. However old age was now catching up on the she-cat and the newcomers, Bone and Brick, with their growing gang, were slowly shifting the tides of power. Now the young best friends, Hound and Rush were caught in the crossfire. They either needed to pick a side or die. Too scrawny to be of any proper use, Rush tried to be slightly smarter, going to Brick and Bone, offering their services as recruiters. The older toms weren’t convinced, but reluctantly gave them several moons, but warned them: If they turned up empty-handed and the friends should consider themselves unwelcome on their territory. With that, they set off to do something Hound had always wanted to do.

As a kit, he’d always heard of the mysterious forest cats that would ‘kidnap’ kittypets and rouges into their ranks. It’s always been Hound’s personal mission to ‘free those cats and bring them home’. Through their connections with Marshcloud, they were able to get into the Clans, Houndleap in Windclan and Rushtooth in Riverclan. Spending the next few moons, getting closer to the street-born cats and their families. Slowly Houndleap created purposeful tension within the Clan with rumours. 

With everything in place, Houndleap and Rushtooth led the ‘kittypet rebellion’, setting up a secret meeting at Fourtrees with all the former outsiders, them and their allies trying to force them to ‘return home’. In the end, the two best friends died together, shoved off the Leaders’ stone. In the aftermath, there was a massive debate on whether all the non Clan-borns should be exiled or not. Finally, it was assumed all the offenders were slain or driven off in the battle, so no further action was taken. Though the reputation of kittypets took a massive hit, it wasn’t until seasons later, that another outsider was allowed to join, in the form of a small ginger tom.

October 19, 2020 1:48 pm
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These are some of my favorite fanfics I’ve read.

Archpaw and a bunch of grapes
Archpaw and a bunch of grapes
October 19, 2020 2:07 pm





Chapter 1

The Capture
Hi. My name is Moonkit. I have two sisters. One whose name is Archkit and another named Shadowkit. Shadowkit is a black little kitten with one white paw, and Archkit is gray with a crooked tail and teal and green eyes. I am a black and white cat. A tuxedo cat (as the Twolegs call it) to be exact. Our mother’s name is Windwhisker. Our father is the clan leader. His name is Pebblestar. We are part of Riverclan but dream of being part of Skyclan. We also had some other kits that we hung out with. Fluffykit, Sripekit, Cloudkit, Dirtykit, and Riverkit. One day I wake up ready for a regular day. It was till a Twoleg came to the camp with a basket. They took every kit but Archkit, Shadowkit, and me. I told Windwhisker that I could save them. She didn’t listen. I already knew where the Twoleg lived. Thankfully I was going to be an apprentice the next day. I became Moonpaw, Archkit is now Archpaw, and Shadowkit is now Shadowpaw. Now Windwhisker let Archpaw, Shadowpaw, and I go. We went into the woods and towards the Twoleg nest. We got there and the Twoleg’s monster was gone. I didn’t see any cats inside the house. We stuck around till we saw the monster. The Twoleg  got out of the monster and had the kits in crates. We snuck in with all the other cats. We hid under the couch. I watched everything that happened. There was a boy kitten that lived with the Twoleg. He was an orange tabby or that’s what the Twolegs call it. The Twoleg called him Tiger. He had a collar with his name on it. All the kits now had collars too. Fluffykit was called Snowball, Stripekit was called Tiger, Cloudkit was called Sky, Dirtykit was called Brownie, and Riverkit was called Spots. Riverkit doesn’t even have spots! After a while the Twoleg gave them food and went to the room of their nest. They didn’t come back down for a while, so I knew it was safe. I came out and I helped all the kits take their collars off and put them under the couch. I jumped and opened the front door. All the kits ran out except the kittypet named Tiger, Shadowpaw, Archpaw, and I. Tiger insisted that we stayed. The Twoleg came down stairs and saw the door open and closed it right in Shadowpaw, Archpaw, and my face. She put all of us in a crate with Tiger. I knew kittypets were trouble. We would have been long gone with Tiger if he didn’t stop us. We refused to talk to Tiger. We would only talk to each other. We didn’t even try to be quiet. We didn’t care if he heard us. Shadowpaw said, “So much for becoming apprentices. We don’t even get to do anything other than be stuck in this Twoleg nest!” Archpaw replied, “Yeah but we saved the kits so that they can be apprentices. That’s the only thing that matters.” I could just be quiet at a time like this, “ We wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for the Kittypet.” I said this making sure that Tiger was listening. Tiger asked, “Why are you so against being with people? They give you food, shelter, water, and everything you need!” I started to feel bad for Tiger. He kept on asking questions that I knew the answer too, just I didn’t say anything. This time I told him, “Because We are clan cats! We are cats that already have what we need. We don’t need some Twoleg to give us stuff. The only thing I have seen Twolegs do is get in monsters and put cats in crates! Am I right or am I right?!” He was a little offended by this question. Only a little though. Shadowpaw and Archpaw looked at me like I was crazy because I talked to a Kittypet. Tiger looked at me like I was crazy as well. I had a little bit of anger in my voice when I said this. “Look, We don’t like being cooped up in places. We didn’t even when we were kits! All we wanted to do was go outside of the nursery for all the kits.” I said in more of a calm, sweet tone. Shadowpaw and Archpaw relaxed a little and realized that Tiger didn’t know anything about where they came from. Tiger looked like he was just hit by a branch. I had just started noticing that my paw had been hurting alot since I left camp. I picked it up and saw that it was bleeding. All the cats around me looked at my paw and Archpaw said, “What did you do?! DId you step on a thorn? Did you break it?!” I looked at her and with a calm voice said, “I think I broke it….. Because I can’t feel it……,” I looked down at my paw then back up at Archpaw, “ It’s fine!” She looked at me like I just said I saw a Starclan cat! Tiger just looked concerned now. He was able to slip out these words, “ Is.. Is this what you clan cat do all the time?” I responded quicker than a cheetah can run, “Nope! I just don’t want to worry about it!” I was very tired and I laid down and Shadowpaw and Archpaw did too. Tiger tried to move closer to use but Archpaw hissed at him and he went to go lay by the door. We fell asleep and woke up to a Twoleg looking into the crate. I jumped up and landed hard on my paw that was already broken and let out a cry of pain. This woke Archpaw and Shadowpaw. Tiger was already awoken. My paw started to bleed again.

Chapter 2 
I shifted around in the box, thinking about what had happened today. We became apprentices, found the stolen kits, and now, the worst one ever, we were KITTYPETS!!  AND, Moonpaw is friends with a KITTYPET!! I mean, being with a kittypet is bad, but FRIENDS!? NO mousebrained WAY I’ll steal Moonpaw away from me. My thoughts were interrupted by a scuffling sound of Tiger and Moonpaw playing. She was showing him the hunter’s crouch, how to sneak up on something, and all of the other things we used to do as kits. I grumpily turned away from where they were playing. If she doesn’t want to play with me, then I will not play with her. I let out a low growl warning Tiger not to mess with my Shadowpaw or me. For all I care right now, Moonpaw can go fight a badger by herself.
“Shadowpaw, come play with me! We CLAN CATS should work on our apprentice skills, so when we go back to the clans, we won’t be behind.” I emphasize clan cats just to make Tiger feel bad. He glances at Moonpaw. She stares at him like he’s some sort of StarClan cat. Then, it hit me. MOONPAW AND TIGER!!! She likes him!! WHAT WHAT IN STARCLAN’S NAME?! Out of all the cats in the world, why this on?! She’ll stay with him when we can get rescued, become his mate, have his kits, and die together!! You know that wave of understanding when reality kicks in, that’s what happened. Oh StarClan. What is she, mousebrained. I can imagine it already, three kits, one black and brown with bright blue eyes, one white kit with one brown paw and deep green eyes, and, finally, one a brown tabby, just like his father! I scorn at the idea of my kits being taken away. If I have any kits or a mate, it’ll be a part of RiverClan! Not a stupid kittypet! Suddenly, Moonpaw falls over, while showing Tiger how to do the swipe and reach. She withers away in agony when Tiger tries to help her up.
“Archpaw, help me! Hurry!!” she meows in short, hurried, breaths. As she speaks, blood pools from her paw. Her eyes twitch and her head rolls back limply. 
“Archpaw!” Tiger meows with such pain and horror. He looks at her body. “What happened here?” I ask with hate and anger trembling in my voice. “We were playing and she said her paw hurt. I said we should stop, but she insisted we should keep going. And then, she collapsed. I’m sorry! I don’t know what happened.” I sighed and fell down in a pile, with Tiger curling around me. 
Chapter 3

I thought that I lost my chance at life.. Hey, At least my paw feels better! LOok on the bright side. I went to Starclan after the incident at the Twoleg nest. I do miss Tiger, Shadowpaw, and Archpaw though. I miss Tiger the most. He was less boring. He didn’t know anything about clan cats so I was the one who told him. He enjoyed listening to me talk about all the different clans. I didn’t think that I would have the chance to meet all types of leaders so quickly! I got to see friends and family who had died. I also got to meet Leafstar, a leader of Skyclan. Jayfeather, a medicine cat from Thunderclan who was blind. Jayfeather told me that I still had a purpose in life. I asked him, “How can I have a purpose in life if I already died?” He responded, “Because you’re meant to be a medicine cat. Medicine cats are very important. especially with how much you get hurt! It also helps to be calm when bad things happen. That is exactly what you do. That is a gift from Starclan to help you be a great medicine cat! You will be able to help Archpaw, Shadowpaw, and Sunpaw.” “Who’s Sunpaw?” I quickly asked Jayfeather. Jayfeather shook his head, “You don’t think! Tiger is Sunpaw. I know you want to mate him. It is very obvious.” I was horrified. “Can medicine cats have kits?” Jayfeather looked at me, “No, unless you are in Skyclan.” My eyes lit up like a firefly. That was the clan I wanted to be a part of anyway! Then Jayfeather said, “ Try not to die again!” Then everything became fussy and I was back at the Twoleg nest. It was like a dream. I saw Archpaw, Shadowpaw, and Tiger all curled up by each other. I said, “What happened?” and Archpaw and Tiger Looked up in disbelief. “Are you a ghost?” Archpaw asked cautiously. “Nope!” I replied with happiness. “How is this possible?” Tiger asked. I am supposed to be a medicine cat for Skyclan. The one in the George, remember. And I am supposed to take care of Archpaw, Shadowpaw, and Sunpaw.” Tiger looked at me like I just ate a fox. “Who’s Sunpaw?” “Yeah” Shadowpaw and Archpaw echoed.  I stared at them for a little while. I didn’t know if I was supposed to tell them. Then Jayfeather’s voice echoed in my head, “Tell them.” “Sunpaw is YOU Tiger. You are Sunpaw.” Tiger gave that look which meant you are so smart. “Tiger can I speak with you, alone.” I said. Archpaw looked at me like I killed a cat. They walked into a different room in the Twoleg nest. I told Tiger, “We are meant to mate. And I need to go to Skyclan so I can kits as a medicine cat. Only way I can be a medicine cat and have kits!” Tiger replied, “I understand, completely. But we need to tell the others.” I was quick to respond, “Have you gone mousebrained! NO WAY can we tell them! My parents would never approve of me mating a kittypet! They might not stay in Skyclan with us. That is where we are meant to live. This is where we need to thrive! Being here as a kittypet is a waste of time.” Tiger responded, “ I know. I didn’t choose to be a kittypet.” “I am going to tell the others they can come back in.” I told Tiger. “No talking about this around the others, unless I say  you can.” Tiger muttered something to himself but I didn’t hear him. 

Chapter 4
The Broken Adventure
“What did you talk about?” I asked Tiger, since I know he can’t keep a secret. “Umm… I can’t tell you!” I glared at him and that broke him down and he told me everything. It was fast, but I caught SkyClan, mates, Jayfeather and Sunpaw! “Oh, so we have to go to SkyClan and you and Moonpaw can be mates. But, if you haven’t noticed, we’re STUCK in a Twoleg nest.” As I said that Tiger slumped down. “But you know more about these nests than any of us combined. Is there any way we could get out of here?” Tiger jumped up and started prancing around and meowing. “What ARE you doing?!” I looked at him so confused. “I do this if I have to go to the bathroom, and they let me out. Do it!” he urged me. “All right but ONLY if it gets us out of here.” I muttered darkly. His Twoleg came into the room clearly annoyed with us. Shadowpaw and Moonpaw had joined us after laughing at us for a bit. I admit I would laugh at me, too. The Twoleg opened the door, and we raced to freedom. “Can you open the weird border locker thing?” Shadowpaw asked Tiger. “Well… YES! It’s made of trees. So, you can climb up it. And flip the silver thing. Then, we will be free.”   
Moonpaw climbed up, and flicked the silver thing and the gate opened. We ran out, just as the Twoleg opened the door to see what’s taking us so long. We raced out and ran until we couldn’t see the Twoleg anymore. Till we ran into another Twoleg. She gave us some kittypet food, we were so hungry we ate it. It tasted funny, like herbs. We all fell asleep, but at the last second before I fell asleep, I saw a cobweb like thing fall over us, and Moonpaw trying to fight it. Then, I fell asleep.

Chapter 5
The Kittynap
The Twolegs that captured the kits were nice so I thought that all Twolegs were nice. But I was wrong. The girl that put us in the box wasn’t nice. She had long fingernails that she shoved into your belly and made it hurt. She put us in a box after she looked all over us. There were holes in the top of the box so we could breathe but not big enough to fit through. She taped the top shut so we couldn’t push it open. She took Tiger first, then Shadowpaw, next Archpaw, and lastly, me. I heard her go out the door of the house and went into a monster. Then I heard her say that she wanted to take us to the big city to sell us all to just one person to get a lot of money. At least she is keeping us together! None of us could sleep, not even Tiger! Tiger was pacing around the box. Archpaw curled up with Shadowpaw to keep her company. Shadowpaw was crying because she missed being free. THe plan was to leave right before Bareleaf. Now we won’t be able to follow through in that plan. And we were going the opposite way of Skyclan. I wasn’t able to sleep for long but I managed to get a tiny cat nap. I got to see Jayfeather for some advice. Once I got to Starclan I just trembled to the ground and started crying. Jayfeather came over and told me, “You will be okay.” “How is this ok?! Everything is falling apart! How are we going to go to Skyclan?” Jayfeather could tell how much I wanted to go to Skyclan. Jayfeather said, “Yes, it is, but you will make it to Skyclan.” Then it felt like all the cats in Starclan were right beside me encouraging me to move on. I looked up and I was in the box. There weren’t any other cats other than Shadowpaw, Archpaw, and Tiger. They were all doing the same things as last time. Then I heard monsters honking their horns. We kept on going fast then slamming on the breaks. Archpaw was still curled up with Shadowpaw and I curled up with Tiger, who just settled down. I was kinda glad because with the monster going slow then fast he could have broken a paw! And I don’t see any leaves to rap it in if he did. Then I finally heard the monster screech to a complete stop. Then I heard a door open. Then the girl picked up the box and went into a house… Or was it an apartment. I don’t know… Just somewhere in a big city. Far, far, away from Skyclan. She finally let us out of the box but put us in the bathroom. Archpaw got impatient and kept on running into the door hoping it would either open or break. The girl came in and saw that we had collars and took them off. She put on new collars with new names. Archpaw was Stormy. Shadowpaw was Midnight. Tiger was Sunshine. And I was Blacky. WORST NAME EVER!!! At least do like Boots or something! After running into the door so much Archpaw’s ear hurt like crazy. I heard Jayfeather’s voice echo in my head saying, “Find Violets”. I didn’t know what violet looked like and had everyone help look. Shadowpaw had jumped up on a desk and accidentally knocked over a vase full of purple flowers. Jayfeather’s voice was in my mind again, “That’s it!” I grabbed a flower and put it to Archpaw’s ear. Her face changed from agony to relief. The girl heard the crash and came in. Tiger and I were now standing where the vase was before Shadowpaw knocked it over. She looked at me and Tiger, then just shook her head and took all the other breakable things in the room. Then she opened up the bathroom door and let us out. Then one by one put us back in separate boxes and sealed them. We all chewed our way out of these boxes because they were cardboard. The box we were in before was plastic. We hid under the couch and waited. We saw a different girl come in and ask, “Where are the kittens?” She sounded way sweeter than the girl that kittynaped us. I emerged from under the couch with Tiger next to me. Shadowpaw and Archpaw right behind us.

Chapter 6
  A New Twoleg
She looks nice enough. I thought to myself. But what will she do to us? A little voice quickly asked me before I could push the thought out of my head. Do you trust her? The Voice asked again. Yes! I do! I quickly thought. You know that’s not true…. Deep down The Voice was correct. I don’t trust Twolegs anymore. “Here are the kittens. Now give me my money, and take these wretched beasts away. They keep knocking over my stuff and breaking it.” the mean Twoleg hissed in a gravel like voice. “Did you put them in a room with the door shut?” The mean Twoleg siffed in annoyment. “Do ya want them or not.” The new Twoleg looked at us again, and I fell in love with her eyes. They were blue like our mom’s were.  Don’t be deceived by her eyes. Look into her heart. Again, The Voice. I can’t see into Twoleg’s hearts. I thought to The Voice. Yes you can. Not JUST Twolegs, but everything that has a heart.  “Archpaw, are you okay?!” Shadowpaw was staring into my eyes looking very worried. Now’s the time! Look INTO her soul!  “I.. I.. I’m fine.” I stared into her eyes and saw me dying and her screaming with grief and pain. “Are you gonna die?” she asked, trembling so much. See you CAN see into her soul. The Voice said with a smug hint of happiness. The new Twoleg put us in a box, but she left the lid open, and she took us into the monster. We got to her nest and she let us out of the box. We went into her back outside nest. A white cat with black paws shot out of the ferns hissing and spitting. We fluffed up and hissed. The black and white tom stopped hissing and cocked his head. “What’s your name? Mine Hiss, because I hiss a lot.” Hiss liked his chest fur, clearly embarrassed. “I thought you were some rogues. They have been bothering me.” We looked at each other. “Um.. I’m Archpaw, this is Moonpaw, Tiger, and Shadowpaw.” I looked at Hiss. His ear was bloody, and his left front paw was swelling and very bloody. “The rogues are still here, so you have to be quiet. By the way, why do you have such weird names? ARE YOU CLAN CATS?! I heard you grow to the size of badgers when you’re angry, and line your nest with bones!! AND you can defeat anything! Could you help me with the rogues?! Could you!!” I stood there blinking for a bit, trying to understand what he had just said. One minute he was acting like ShadowClan protecting their borders, then, like a little kit listening to the elders stories. Honestly, this cat is so hard to understand. I took a deep breath. “Yes. We are Clan cats. NO we don’t grow to the size of badgers when we get angry, and CERTAINLY don’t line our nest with bones. Just moss. Bones are to uncomfy. Yes we are the best fighters ever. And yes, we will help you fight. I mean, for a while this is our home, too. How many of them are there? Tell me all about them.” I concluded, just as I ran out of breath. Hiss looked over his shoulder. “I’ll show you. Just promise not to get too freaked out.” And with that, he flicked his tail, as to show us the way.  

Chapter 7
      The Battle
“Wait, Hiss!” Hiss looked back at me startled. “Let me fix up your ear.” HIss look at me like I am a mousebrained kit. “No it’s ok.” Hiss told me. I told him firmly, “No! I‘m gonna fix your ear or else! Now sit.” Hiss rolled his eyes then sat down. “Shadowpaw you stay here with Hiss. Archpaw and I will go get supplies.” Archpaw and I went into the woods. We went in the bushes so that no rogues saw us. I found the things I needed and went back to Hiss and Shadowpaw. Then I saw a cat standing right in front of Shadowpaw with their back arched. I snuck up on the cat and pounced on them and they rolled over and looked up at me with big eyes. He was horrified. “Why are you here?” The cat looked at me like I was the meanest cat in the woods. “ I am just a kitten from next door.” His voice was trembling when he said this. I stepped off of the cat and started tending to Hiss’s ear. “What is your name, kittypet?” I asked. The cat was a tortoiseshell. “My name is Redwood, and WHAT did you call me?” “Kittypet.” “I am not a Kittypet!” “Yeah you are. You live with a twoleg.” Redwood looked at Hiss. “ What kind of cat is she?” “You know I can hear you right?” Redwood ignored my comment and stared at Hiss with confusion. Hiss finally answered Redwood’s question, “ They are clan cats.” Hiss was a little annoyed at me because I was “embarrassing” in front of his friend. “CLAN CATS!!!!! WHY IS THERE CLAN CATS ALL THE WAY OUT HERE??????!!!!” “Wait how far away are we from any clan?” “ How am I supposed to know? I have been here my whole life.” Archpaw finally stepped up and was trying to make me feel better, but only made me more worried. “ The monster ride was really long to get to the Twoleg with the apartment. Also really long to get here.” Tiger had noticed that I was worried. “ Okay, Hiss your ear looks like it is brand new!” I told Hiss when I got done. “Moonpaw could I talk to you for a minute?” Redwood asked before I could answer, “ Who’s Moonpaw?” I pitched in and said, “ Yes Tiger, and to answer your question Redwood, I am Moonpaw. This Tiger. That’s Archpaw. Also this is Shadowpaw. Archpaw, Shadowpaw, keep watch.” They both nodded then I walked towards the house with Tiger. “What’s on your mind?” Tiger asked me. I was caught off guard when he said this. “Oh… It’s nothing.” “It sure doesn’t seem like nothing.” Tiger’s voice helped me calm down a little. “ It’s just…. I don’t know how much longer I can take not being in a clan. We are just getting farther and farther away from Skyclan.” Tiger looked at me with the look on his face which meant I understand. Tiger looked down and said, “ It’s all my fault. You wouldn’t be here if I didn’t stop you from leaving. I just……” Tiger got cut off by the cry of Shadowpaw. We sprinted to where the sound came from. I heard Redwood say, “ The rogues are here! The rogues are here!!!” I sprinted and pounced on their leader. Everyone stopped fighting. They stared at me and the rouge’s leader. He said, “ Finish me off now Kittypet, I dare you!” I stared deep into his eyes. “No.” He blinked at me confused, “No? Oh come on you Kittypet you are so boring!” “ I am no kittypet. I am Moonpaw. A member of Riverclan. A medicine cat apprentice. It would be against the warrior code to kill you.” I stepped off the leader. I told him, “ You want to fight. I will fight. Just no killing!” “ Deal!” Archpaw looked at me concerned and so did Tiger. “ I will be fine,” I turned my attention to the rogue’s leader. “Give me your best.” The leader of the cats was shocked that I was going to try to take him on. I set my paws and he pounced I scratched his eye. He trembled to the ground with cries of pain. “I never said no scratching!” I smiled as I said this. “ You are a poor fighter” The rogue said. “You want to test it?” “I do, actually!” “Bring it!” He pounced I let him land on me. I had my legs over my stomach and had them in the center of his. I pushed up and sent him flying backwards and flopping onto his back. I pounced on him again and asked, “ You really think you’re a better fighter than me, still?” “ No…..” “Then leave forever!” “ Fine. We will leave. Rogues, retreat!” We went inside the Twoleg nest and ate. Then we went to sleep. 
Chapter 9
The Wet Escape
“What now?” Moonpaw asked. “Well… you just defeated a rogue leader, and without any training.” I answered. Shadowpaw looked at me like I was a mouse brain. ” She had training! Remember when we were kits and played together? That’s training, silly!!” I thought about this for a bit. She’s right. The Voice came again.  Aww. What do you know?  I asked The Voice, grumply. More than you do. They answered smugly.  They are right. I thought to myself. “I vote we see if any of the rogues or loners want to come with us.”  “Ok” “Yeah, sure.” Came the replies from everyone with me. “Helllo! Anybody here?” “Here here here here…” came the echo. “What happened?! Where’s our leader?!” I heard voices coming from the end of the camp. “Your leader is gone. He left, and doesn’t want you to follow him.” I answered, flatly. “Well, then, can we follow you?” “Show yourselves and We’ll make that choice.” A black cat with white legs came out of the shadows, followed by a white cat with black legs. “Wha… Are you siblings?” Hiss asked with confusion. The black cat with white legs bowed his head and licked his chest fur, “Yes, we are. I’m Glass and this is Black. What happened?” Glass said, looking around the camp. “Well… I defeated your leader and now you can go with us or be chased away, like your leader.” Black perkes up when we tell them about their “Leader”. “He was never our leader, he was a coward who made others do his dirty work. The only reason cats followed him is because he had these HUGE bodyguards that killed anyone who disobeyed Fang, he was our leader. THANK YOU!!!“ Black is meowling with delight, like a little kit. “Do you want to come with us?” I ask, and Glass looks at me happily and says “Sure, if that’s okay with everyone else. We would be honored to join someone who is a good cat. Why didn’t you kill Fang?” “Because, I don’t kill, we don’t kill.” Moonpaw answers. “Are there others who don’t like him, and might want to come with us?” I ask. “Well.. Guys! It’s okay. Come out.” Two other cats came out from the shadows. “We hid when we saw you defeat Fang, knowing that he would make us come with him. I’m Thia, and this is Mexico, and these are FrenchFries, Lemon, and PeanutButter.” Thia, a tortoiseshell she cat, nodded to her kits, FrenchFries, a red tabby tom with a white underbelly and clouded over eyes, Lemon, a calico she cat with piercing violet eyes, and PeanutButter, a nervous, yellow tabby tom with big blue eyes. ‘’Is FrenchFries blind?” I ask. ‘Blind? What does that mean?” Lemon looks at me and answers her brother, “It means you can’t see. Right?” Again she looks at me with those piercing eyes. What does she want? I think. Out loud I say, “Yes, you are correct. Good job.” I see her eyes flicker with happiness. “I know a lot.” Lemon smiles. She’s around five moons old. The Voice tells me. Just two moons younger than you. Glass is just a moon older than you. You could be mates. Have kits. Find your way back to the Clan. The Voice tells me. Who are you? I ask The Voice. Now not the time for you to find out. But, go to the river and cross. You will find SkyClan. Just keep going, My daughter. “Guys let’s go across the river. Do you want to go to SkyClan with us?” Wait, did the Voice call me her daughter?! What the heck does that mean?! Windwisker’s my mom! We crossed the river and Redwood fell in!! “Tiger! You pushed me in!!” He screams through the water. I Shadowpaw dives in and grabs his scruff. She pulls him out of the water. And then, Shadowpaw lickes him dry. “You really should stay off the thin ice.” “How should I know where the thin ice is?!” Redwood exclaimes in annoyance. “Look for the fish, silly! If you can see the fish under the ice, then it’s not safe to step on that section of the ice.” “Wow! That’s smart!’’ It’s just a trick every kit in RiverClan knows.” “And you’re from RiverClan, right?” Shadowpaw smiles and is clearly  embarrassed. “I think you’re very cute!” Redwood blurts out. “You do?!” I meow. Shadowpaw looks very, well, confused.  “Umm…I don’t want to hurt you, but I don’t like you. I think you a wonderful cat, but I just, don’t feel the same way as you do. I’m sorry.” 

Chapter 10

The Traitor

Redwood hadn’t been acting normally around Black and I. I was starting to be getting worried. I could tell that Tiger could sense that I was worried. He kept on asking if I was okay. I told him every time that I was fine. He sat by me when I was helping cats that were hurt. Then Redwood came to see me because he said his paw hurt. I was getting the herbs to help with his paw. Then I heard Tiger meow a cry of pain. I saw Redwood biting Tiger’s ear. I ran over dropping the herbs because I knew that all Redwood came to do was to try to kill. I jumped on Redwood and pinned him to the ground. Then I jumped off and ran around the house with Tiger. I meet all the other cats in the front yard. Glass and Black went to the back yard with me to go see what was happening. I ordered Tiger to stay with the cats at the front. He gave me that look that he gave me when we were first captured with Tiger’s first Twoleg. The time right before I died for the first time. I don’t like to think about it. Any way the look meant. Are you going to be okay? I looked him in the eyes and said, “I will be fine. I have Glass and Black with me.” Tiger just nodded his head and turned around and said to all the cats,” No one go to the back yard! I repeat. No one go to the back yard!” I smiled and ran to join Glass and Black. Black raced over to me with fear in her eyes. “ Redwood isn’t who we thought he was…. He is a traitor! He tried to kill me!” “ He tried to kill me too.” I muttered this to myself. “ Where’s Glass?!” I asked this frantically. Black looked up at me with more fear in her eyes. “He is fighting Redwood isn’t he.” Black nodded she was very worried for her brother. I had Black show me where Glass and Redwood were fighting. Black and I sat on a branch hiden in a tree near the fight. Black told me that Glass told her to run and that she should never come back to the spot. Black was heart broken by leaving Glass. Black said that right before she left Glass she saw Redwood scratch Glass in the eye. She told me, “I just turned and ran. I couldn’t bear to see Glass being hurt so bad.” “I understand. I felt the same way about Tiger earlier today. But instead of me leaving Tiger I defended Tiger and then we ran together.” Black looked at me like I was mousebrained. “Is there something I am missing about you and Tiger?” Black caught me off guard. I nearly fell out of the tree. “NO. Nothing at all.” I was feeling a little embarrassed. I don’t know why though. I was keeping my eyes fixed on the battle between Redwood and Glass. Then, Glass fell on his back and looked like he was defeated. Redwood pounced on him and yelled, “ I am the……” He got cut off by Glass’s powerful legs hitting his stomach and sending him into a branch that was very sharp. He hit it and fell to the ground. His back was bleeding, bad. Black and I jumped out of the tree and Black and I raced to Glass. Glass’s ear was bleeding and so was his tail. After I was sure that Glass was all right I walked over to Redwood. Redwood had no movement and now life in him. I looked at the others and said, “ That is taken care of.” Glass looked at me and said, “ Do you have anything to help with my ear and my tail?” “Yep! Let’s go back to the house and get you fixed up.” We got back to camp and meet Tiger in the front yard. He saw Glass and said, “Where is Redwood?” Let’s just say now he is very red and he is in the woods.” Tiger blinked a few times, “Is he dead?” TIger sounded worried. “ Yes…” It was starting to get late and the Twoleg gave us all of our food and left us outside. She stopped letting us inside when I scratched the couch. I got Glass’s ear and tail covered with cobwebs and asked him, “Is your eye ok?” “I can’t see out of it at all…. So no?” I gave Glass a very serious look. “Did Redwood scratch it?” “Yes.” “ Let me make sure it isn’t infected. You don’t want to have an infected and blink eye!” I checked to make sure it wasn’t infected and it wasn’t. Then I was on night duty to watch over all the cats. It was nice because I didn’t have to worry about Redwood. That night someone came and put us in one box. I knew it all was just getting started.

Chapter 11

Not Again!!–PnvI2agO0Q5DM5AT-4W18oajMTMibMd-csPHgEpPIW91LGQBnx0Iq8w5S6FvpIDSDe0NUMk-By546zmannZIgzGBefMfKxjrAEpFaWNKx_Gr6_sjMXZKr0v3_9309p5JIM6

(help me)

 I hadn’t slept for a long time, so I was very tired. I tried to stay awake but I found myself falling to sleep. I had a vision from Starclan. It was a map. A map of were we came from and where we were going and every place we had been taken. Also where Skyclan was. The opposite way from where we were going. This time I saw Leafstar. She said, “Don’t be discouraged. You will find a way.” Then I awoke and told all the cats about it. Most looked at me like I was mousebrained, but Tiger was the only one who looked almost proud. I wasn’t quite sure why he looked so proud. I remembered my mother and father and how proud they would probably be if they saw me now. I pushed this thought out of my head because now wasn’t the time to get emotional. I had different problems on my paws now. What did the map mean? How do I get all these cats away from the life of a kittypet? Also how do we get to Skyclan? For me, Glass, Black, Archpaw, and Shadowpaw it will be easy getting away from Twolegs, but for Hiss and Tiger it might be a little harder. “Starclan help us!” I heard Archpaw mutter to herself. She hated being in boxes. Archpaw found an opening in the box and we all crawled out. The door was wide open and we went the way we were coming from. We ran all night then came to a Twoleg walking. For some reason she had a net with her. She threw it on all of us and I went nuts! She put us in a plastic crate with a metal door. It was locked. We went to the Twoleg nest. There were ten kittypets there. They all were asking questions at the same time. “ Who are you?” “Why are you here?” “What type of cat or you?” “ Why do you not have a collar?” “ Why?” “Why?” “Why?” I lost track of the questions. I hissed at them, “ JUST BE QUITE!” All the cats stopped saying things and looked at me like I was mousebrained. EVen Tiger looked at me weird. I heard him whisper in my ear, “ Are you ok?” I just put my paw on his. He didn’t say anything for a while. THe Twoleg let us out of the crate and I went to find a place to sleep in peace. “ We will talk tomorrow.” I said walking away with Archpaw, Shadowpaw, Tiger, Hiss, Black, and Glass. Thia and Mexico were with us too with their kits. I was helping carry Lemon. Mexico had FrenchFries. Thia was carrying PeanutButter. The next day came. We met the other cats where they were the night before. “Hi” one of the cats said to me. “ You’re finally awake.” “ I let out a small hiss of annoyment. “ My name is Queen. I am in charge here so you can back off.” “ I think no. My name is Moonpaw. And I am a proud clan cat.” Queen looked at me like I was mousebrained. “Yeah you heard me. I am a clan clat.” “There  aren’t any clan cats around here. You must be mistaken.” Queen looked like she was a know it all. “We aren’t from here.” Tiger said in a stern voice. “Are you all clan cats or what?” Tiger looked at at Queen with an evil stare. “I am no clan cat.” Every cat that knew Tiger knew what he meant. I had to go between the two of them and whisper to Tiger, “We are trying to make friends here not enemies.” Tiger backed down. I introduced everyone to Queen. “This is Shadowpaw, Tiger Archpaw, Hiss, Black, Glass, Mexico, Thia, FenchFreis, Peanut Butter, and Lemon. Shadowpaw and Archpaw are clan cats as well. Tiger and Hiss are kittypets. Black, Glass, Mexico, Thia, Lemon, FrenchFries, and PeanutButter were forced to fight with the Rogues.” Queen responded, “ Nice to meet all of you. I should probably introduce everyone to you shouldnt I. This is Sally, Cream, Pumpkin, Smoky, Mystery, Courage,Peanut, Cally, and Princes. This is Mystery’s kitten Tinypaw. Mystery and Tinypaw claim that they were clan cats but we still don’t believe them.” Tinypaw came up to me and said, “ Are you a clan cat apprentice too?” I looked softly down at Tingpaw, “Yes, I am. So is Archpaw and Shadowpaw.” Tinypaw’s eyes got big with happiness that she had found another apprentice that was a kittypet. “Mystery..” Mystery looked up in surprise. “Yes.” “My I talk to you and Tinypaw alone?” Mystery nodded and walked with me grabbing her kit in her mouth. “Hey put me down!” Tinypaw squealed. Tiger ran up behind me and asked, “Can I come too?” I nodded not wanting to hurt Tiger’s feelings. We walked up stairs to where all the cats that had come with me had gone to sleep. When we got there the Twoleg was in there and picked me up and put me on the bed. Then she gave me a big hug. I didn’t enjoy being inside. I thought that it was cruel to cats. She let go and I went under the bed. Mystery, Tinypaw, and Tiger were already there. “Where were you clan cats at?” I asked. “Shadowclan” Tinypaw answered. She seemed sad and happy at the same time. “What was bad about Shadowclan?” Mystery looked at me like I was mousebrained. “ Have you ever been to a gathering with Shadowclan?” Mystery asked sternly. “No, I have never even been to a gathering before.” Mystery looked at me with wide eyes. “When did you leave your clan.” I gave Tiger a look that meant that I don’t don’t know what to say. Tiger just nodded and gave the look tell them the truth. I looked at Mystery who looked like she wasn’t sure what just happened, but at the same time I knew she was just faking it. “ We… we got captured by a Twoleg. Then captured again, and again, and again.” Mystery looked at me with understanding eyes. She nodded then left without saying anything. Tinypaw just looked at her mother confused. “What’s wrong mom?” Tinypaw asked, running after her mother. Mystery looked at Tinypaw with a stern look and said, “You stay here with Moonpaw and Tiger.” Tinypaw looked at her mother with concerned eyes. She whispered to herself, “What is she hiding from me? What did I do wrong?” I went to Tingpaw’s side and said, “ Some things you just can’t know.” I looked down at Tinypaw and nodded. She raced after her mother. I looked at Tiger and he said, “ You did good. You are going to be a great…..” Tiger got cut off by the cry of Tinypaw. We both raced downstairs.

Chapter 12
Rain, Water, Sun, and Moon “Oh No, Oh No, Oh No!!! Why? Why?! Mom? What, why WHY STARCLAN?!” Tinypaw laped Mystery’s fur. “Moonpaw, how did this happen? Did she die painlessly, or painfully? And you might want to give Tinypaw some poppy seeds for shock.” 

Fan Fiction Glass Black YOU!! MOONPAW! ME!!–io1OSIFl Hiss Tiger Shadowpaw                           Sally Cream Pumpkin Smoky Mystery Courage Queen Peanut Princes Cally Thia (MOM) FrenchFries LEMON PeanutButter                                     Mexico (DAD)
Tinypaw–dUBEIQuZrBfJ5DKXXxbG6Va4IoK-yEHk5FN9huY0w85q3DYcTLjFH1DF7TwNP7yYfv12SynBxzqX4EfHHCLh9rn-gzJ2r1_8I-ZnyRoW Silentkit (one of my kits Moonpaw!) Coconutkit and Yellowkit(two more of my kits moonpaws)
I REALLY NEED FEEDBACK!! Please and thank you

Frost is dancing with the blue and red lights and is getting ready for 2021 (Frostcrystal, I'm Frost)
Frost is dancing with the blue and red lights and is getting ready for 2021 (Frostcrystal, I'm Frost)
October 19, 2020 6:04 pm

wow so many links! This fanfic is great!

Archpaw and a bunch of grapes
Archpaw and a bunch of grapes
October 19, 2020 6:28 pm

thanks! We started it about a month ago? Moonpaw, correct me if i’m wrong. It’s been crazy. NEW IDEAS ALREADY!!

October 19, 2020 7:05 pm

So im back to posting poems. I really dont think anyone even bothers to read these, but im going to post them anyway. The title for this one is kind of misleading, but it was the best I could think of

Run Away

This is the final push
I am so very close
Is this right?
I need to protect them

Did she really do that ?
Did she really break the code?
Twice over?
She should have died

Should I return?
Do they need me?
Does he?
Who needs me more?

Clanless, Codeless
Is that who I really am?
A monster?
I killed a clanmate

Did I really do that?
Did I really break the code?
Twice over
I am a hypocrite

I don’t deserve to return to the clans
I don’t deserve to fight by their sides
But I will
If only for their sakes

They are coming now
WindClan will be soon to follow
I lead them away
And they want to know who I am

What is the risk?
I am going back anyway
I tell them
And they trust me 

Is that moonlight?
We emerge out of the tunnels 
I can’t go
I cannot return
I tell them I cannot go
But a shape appears over the horizon
“Hollyleaf! I won’t let you run away again!”

❄️🐍Viper In The Box; Worst Restaurant Chain🐍❄️
❄️🐍Viper In The Box; Worst Restaurant Chain🐍❄️
October 19, 2020 7:20 pm
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i read them 😉

October 19, 2020 7:23 pm

Well, your a mod, so you have to read them

❄️🐍Viper In The Box; Worst Restaurant Chain🐍❄️
❄️🐍Viper In The Box; Worst Restaurant Chain🐍❄️
October 19, 2020 7:59 pm
Reply to  Cinderpaw

don’t i count as somebody too XD

˜”*°•.˜”*°•Bee That Rests Near Golden Fire(Goldenbee) •°*”˜.•°*”˜
˜”*°•.˜”*°•(Goldenbee) •°*”˜.•°*”˜
October 19, 2020 8:17 pm

Ouch, that’s harsh 😛

October 19, 2020 9:08 pm

You do, but they wouldn’t be read by anyone otherwise, because you need to read them for them to be posted

October 19, 2020 10:51 pm
Reply to  Cinderpaw

Case and point, if even if people wanted to read them, (although I guess they might looking at the replies) they wouldnt be able to if you didnt read them

♥️Dancing in the Rain/Raindance (Rainyyy)♥️
♥️Dancing in the Rain/Raindance (Rainyyy)♥️
October 19, 2020 8:06 pm
Reply to  Cinderpaw

i read themmmm

˜”*°•.˜”*°•Bee That Rests Near Golden Fire(Goldenbee) •°*”˜.•°*”˜
˜”*°•.˜”*°•(Goldenbee) •°*”˜.•°*”˜
October 19, 2020 8:25 pm
Reply to  Cinderpaw

That is so good!

I swear I have to get writing lessons from y’all 😛

Wolves that howl at moon at night (Nightpaw)
Wolves that howl at moon at night (Nightpaw)
October 19, 2020 10:00 pm


Silver Bells Ringing For Christmas (Silverpaw/fin)
Silver Bells Ringing For Christmas (Silverpaw/fin)
October 21, 2020 8:12 pm

I mean…I could teach you guys, if you really wanted it…

October 19, 2020 9:09 pm
Reply to  Cinderpaw

Oh shoot, looking at this I messed up the formatting for the last two stanzas. Welp.

Icy Snowflakes Falling from Sky (Icepaw/pelt)
Icy Snowflakes Falling from Sky (Icepaw/pelt)
October 20, 2020 12:34 pm
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asdflkj this is so good!

Dusty Attic that Creaks in the Wind (Dustypaw)
Dusty Attic that Creaks in the Wind (Dustypaw)
October 20, 2020 6:35 pm
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*deep breath*
*extended intense screeching*

Archpaw and a bunch of grapes
Archpaw and a bunch of grapes
October 21, 2020 5:39 pm
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Me read! Love it!!

Frost is dancing with the blue and red lights and is getting ready for 2021 (Frostcrystal, I'm Frost)
Spooky Scary Frost Who Hates The Monster Mash
October 20, 2020 4:20 pm

Warriors High! Chapter…um… uhh…*inaudible murmuring* yeah… *static* So right now I have a lot of oc’s from different people, I’ll try to write them in this chapter and the next….
A few days later:
Briar’s pov:
“Eh, I don’t want to go to the dance.” I shrugged, focusing on my drawling, I love drawling. I was currently making a red golden fox, then Cindy asked if I was going to the fall dance. “Why?” She questioned. “Because I’ll be bored, besides I’m working on my sketch of Zee (her cat).” I drawled a furry ear, making sure it wasn’t wobbly. “Please?” She begged. “Fine.” I sighed. “Yay! Gotta go but see you later at the dance, remember, it’s at three.” Cindy left the room. “Guess I’m going…” I murmured, getting up to wear something. I decided to wear a light yellow dress with white flowers and black heels, oh and two butterfly earrings. Good, now I just need to finish this fox, I grabbed my headphone and chromebook, went on spotify, and press play on lovesick girls (new song from blackpink). Now I can relax until I have to go.
Ivy’s pov:
I can’t believe I’m going to the dance, Dove’s in her annoying mode. “FOR THE LAST TIME! I AM NOT GONNA WEAR A DRESS!” I yelled.
Dove’s pov:
Eeeh! I can’t wait for the dance! “Hey, Ivy, so what dress do you want ta’ where? This blue one for pink?” I ask, holding up the dresses. “FOR THE LAST TIME! I AM NOT GONNA WEAR A DRESS!” She yelled. “Jeez, ok.” I muttered, then my phone rang, I answered the call. “Hey, Dove!” Welcome Dove! An oc from, uhhh, hey Moon, who was the person who made that oc? *static* Take two!~Moonshadow. Welcome Dove! An oc from Dovepaw. “Um who’re you? Wait, Faith?” ~freaked out Dove/Dovewing. OH uh hey… BYE…
“Hi, Dove.” I chirped. “Hey! Let’s meet up at Dustin’s Cafe!” I could tell she was running to there anyways. “Mkay!” I ran out of the room, telling Ivy I was going somewhere, hung up with Dove, and continued running to the cafe (the cafe is right next to the school). “Hi!” I sat down on the chair across from Dove. We started talking and I didn’t notice Ben and Tyler walking towards the cafe. I widened my eyes. “Dove! Tyler and Ben are here!” I whisper-yelled. “Oh no! Uh, hide in the bathroom!” She panicked, but it was too late. “Hey, Doves.” Ben and Tyler said, as they walk to us. DANG IT! Wait a minute, *puts down the popcorn*, I ship Bumblestripe and Dovewing, so I’m gonna make those two a couple, “Um, what?” ~Dove. Shush child, I’m making your dreams come true. “Dove, er, I mean Danielle, I’m here to ask you to the dance.” Ben said, the other Dove shrugged and pretended to text someone on her phone while she’s listening. “I was going to ask her!” Tyler muttered. “Uh, um. I-I uh, so I’ll go with you.” I point to the certain boy I like and run out.

Sorry for not updating…

♥️Dancing in the Rain/Raindance (Rainyyy)♥️
♥️Dancing in the Rain/Raindance (Rainyyy)♥️
October 20, 2020 6:23 pm

i dont really ship dovewing with any of them 😛 I guess Bumblestripe is better since i kinda dislike tigerheart/star. actually, i dislike both of them..

Frost is dancing with the blue and red lights and is getting ready for 2021 (Frostcrystal, I'm Frost)
Frost is dancing with the blue and red lights and is getting ready for 2021 (Frostcrystal, I'm Frost)
October 21, 2020 8:45 pm

maybe you’ll like human bumblestripe! 😀

Icy Snowflakes Falling from Sky (Icepaw/pelt)
Icy Snowflakes Falling from Sky (Icepaw/pelt)
October 21, 2020 11:08 am

This chapter is so relatable 😛

Frost is dancing with the blue and red lights and is getting ready for 2021 (Frostcrystal, I'm Frost)
Frost is dancing with the blue and red lights and is getting ready for 2021 (Frostcrystal, I'm Frost)
October 21, 2020 8:46 pm

i know right? XD

Silver Bells Ringing For Christmas (Silverpaw/fin)
Silver Bells Ringing For Christmas (Silverpaw/fin)
October 21, 2020 1:56 pm

This is really good! Oof I was actually also making a Warriors High to put on here XD

Frost is dancing with the blue and red lights and is getting ready for 2021 (Frostcrystal, I'm Frost)
Frost is dancing with the blue and red lights and is getting ready for 2021 (Frostcrystal, I'm Frost)
October 21, 2020 8:46 pm


Dusty Attic that Creaks in the Wind (Dustypaw)
Dusty Attic that Creaks in the Wind (Dustypaw)
October 20, 2020 5:12 pm

Chapter 2 of Amber’s Tale
(Note: This was going to be a single attempt, but I got a “PLEASE” request, and who can ignore that…)
Amber was lost.
Tall trees surrounded her, blocking out the moon, the sky, and the stars. She was running, running faster than she ever had. The sounds of screaming cats filled her head.
But what am I running from? A thought flashed through her head.
She tried to stop, but she kept running.
Stop hesitating! It is a major flaw! Something hissed sharply.
Amber closed her eyes and yowled, “Stop!”
To her surprise, it worked. The screaming stopped, and she slowed to a stop.
When the cherry tree falls, the sedge will grow with the light of triumph…
And Amber woke up.
Wait, she thought desperately. I need to know more!
When nothing answered her she sighed and muttered to herself. “When the cherry tree falls, the sedge will grow with the light of triumph…”
(I’m out of ideas, sorry people…)

October 20, 2020 8:21 pm

Im releasing CHAPTER 2 soon yay

Frost is dancing with the blue and red lights and is getting ready for 2021 (Frostcrystal, I'm Frost)
Frost is dancing with the blue and red lights and is getting ready for 2021 (Frostcrystal, I'm Frost)
October 20, 2020 10:51 pm
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yay ^^

October 21, 2020 7:52 am
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Ahhhhh i’m so excited to see it !!

Flame of Streaky Autumn Leaves (Flamepaw/streak)
Flame of Streaky Autumn Leaves (Flamepaw/streak)
October 22, 2020 8:00 am
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Do you know if my character will be added? Thanks, you’re the beeestttt! 😀

Wolves that howl at moon at night (Nightpaw)
Wolves that howl at moon at night (Nightpaw)
October 20, 2020 10:25 pm

Hoi guys! I’m writing a book about how the prophecies get mixed up in StarClan, and the cats do to! It’s called “Stories of the Night Sky” Here’s a few topics I’ll be doing to catch your mind into reading it!
-Fire might save the clans
-What if Hollyleaf was part of the 3?
-Snowfur…. is alive?!
-Graystripe has decided… He’s staying in RiverClan!
-Wait… Tigerstar is joining WindClan?!
sounds interesting right? 😉
here’s the prologue, it’s in Bluestar’s POV in StarClan for most of it. (It’s short)


There was no telling what would happen. StarClan couldn’t go back in time, right? But something weird is happening, the prophecies are getting mixed up… there’s no telling what will happen. As cats start to fade… as stars start shaking… the yowls and screaming… “Oakheart!” Bluestar yowled as he started to fade. His eyes full with sorrow. “I’ll miss you.” Bluestar meowed. Oakheart fades away. Then Spottedleaf starts to fade, then, Bluestar. “I can’t go!” She yowls, but seems as if she’s stuck. She can’t move. “No!” Bluestar struggles to try and run, but her feet have faded. “Firestar!” Firestar pads over, but his tail was starting to fade. “It looks as if, we’re going.” He meows and Bluestar’s vision gets fuzzy. “Hope to see you again, Bluestar.” Then Bluestar fades all the way as star dust blows to below. Bluestar opened her eyes to see her mother. She looks around, as her sister jumps on top of her, as a kit. Life was starting over for the clans, and for her. But, did that mean, she’ll die differently too?

♥️Dancing in the Rain/Raindance (Rainyyy)♥️
♥️Dancing in the Rain/Raindance (Rainyyy)♥️
October 21, 2020 12:11 am

oh la la

October 21, 2020 12:27 pm

Hey, when will you release another chapter of Fight to Get Back?

Wolves that howl at moon at night (Nightpaw)
Wolves that howl at moon at night (Nightpaw)
October 21, 2020 3:58 pm
Reply to  Blackflurry

Let’s see… 3 books and I’m rotating them… The Fight to Get Back was my last book… I’ll post by next week because I kind gave up on my book with Ravinepaw

October 21, 2020 5:05 pm

Okay thanks, I’m waiting for the next chapter and I’m looking forward to it!

Brightshine// Brightshine has no New Year's name
Brightshine// Brightshine has no New Year's name
October 22, 2020 3:16 am

AHhhh this sounds AWESOME! Write more now please.

Wolves that howl at moon at night (Nightpaw)
Wolves that howl at moon at night (Nightpaw)
October 22, 2020 9:47 pm

I willlllll

October 21, 2020 1:12 am

HIIIIII I recently tried to post Shinestar’s Legacy’s cover on google docs and that got yeet deleted… don’t know if mods will delete this lol
heres the link to the cover:
Again this might be deleted lol

Embers of a Winter Dawn (Emberdawn)
Embers of a Winter Dawn (Emberdawn)
October 21, 2020 11:21 pm
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Not getting deleted this time, but I don’t think the link is working! I got a 404 error…

Flame of Streaky Autumn Leaves (Flamepaw/streak)
Flame of Streaky Autumn Leaves (Flamepaw/streak)
October 22, 2020 8:00 am
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Yeah it’s 404 not found

October 21, 2020 3:34 pm

Spoilers for the first four arcs, and slight spoilers for AVoS.

This is a fanfic where I made random changes to things in the warriors books to get a dark forest 3. It’s called Touched by Darkness. I hope you like it!

Allegiances changes-
Medicine cats-Larchwillow- Birchfall’s littermate, Dustpelt and Ferncloud’s kit.
                        Jaywing- Lionblaze and Hollyleaf’s littermate, Brambleclaw and Squirrelflight’s first litter.
Alderclaw- Sparkfire and Juniperpools littermate, Brambleclaw and Squirrelflight’s second litter.

Breezebranch- Crowfeather and Leafpool’s kit, with littermates Thundermoor, Stormgaze, and Lightwillow.

Queen- Leafpool, mother to Ashkit and Dandolionkit

Medicine cat-Flametail


These are not all the cats in these clans, just the changes from last hope. The other big change is that, while Dovewing was originally one of the 3, she died in the battle with the beavers.

 Hawkfrost was walking through the Dark Forest, the worms crawling over his paws. “One more moon, not that I can even tell in this StarCl-” Mapleshade jumped down in front of him as he paused. “We don’t say that here, Hawkfrost.” “What is it that you want now, Mapleshade?” She sneered “Your father and his little friend want you at the meeting. We’re discussing the 3.” Hawkfrost sighed, and began to pad toward the meeting creek. “I don’t see why, Mapleshade. That matter is resolved.” “You won’t be singing that song soon, Hawkfrost.”


As Hawkfrost and Mapleshade reached the creek, Tigerstar began “On the matter of the 3-”Hawkfrost butted in. “We know about the 3, Tigerstar. Why are you telling us this?” Tigerstar growled at Hawkfrost “OUR 3. A spirit walker, an invincible fighter, and another.” “Who?” “Patience, Brokenstar. You will know soon enough.” Mapleshade purred “Oh, yes. Brokenstar, you’ll love this.”

Brightshine// Brightshine has no New Year's name
Brightshine// Brightshine has no New Year's name
October 21, 2020 10:25 pm

Gathering Shadows
Chapter 1
“Okay, so here’s the plan. We sneak into the leader’s den and out again, with a pebble from the cave.” Acorn Blossom addressed the kits. “The first one to successfully complete this mission wins!”
” But won’t we get in trouble? ” Gray Dawn protested.
Acorn Blossom grinned. “Not if we don’t get caught!”
Suddenly a voice sounded behind them. “What are you three planning?”
“Dewy Cobweb!” Gray Dawn’s heart sank at the sight of the head healer. “Uh,uh… ”
“It’s okay.” Dewy Cobweb purred. “I remember when I was a kit. Always getting in trouble. Of course, that was mainly because of my sister, Forest Fern.”
The three kits gaped at him. “But, but, she’s clan deputy!” Sun Pounce sputtered.
” Yes, she is now. But do you want to hear a story about what happened when we were young? ” Dewy Cobweb asked.
“Ooh, yes please!” Acorn Blossom mewed, eyes shining.
“Okay, so there were these dogs terrorizing the clan. Forest Fern and I were just apprentices, but she decided we should go-”
Just then, Rowan Stripe walked over, looking annoyed. “I hope you weren’t bothering Dewy Cobweb, kits. He has had better things to do than entertain you all.” She turned to the Gray tom. ” I’m so sorry, Dewy Cobweb. We’ll be going back to the nursery now. ”
“But we were gonna here a story!” Acorn Blossom whined. “Too bad.” Rowan Stripe snapped.
“Why are you so angry?” Gray Dawn asked quietly.
Rowan Stripe sighed. “I’m sorry. I don’t mean to be. It’s just, it’s been two moons since you joined the clan, and ever since the prey has been getting scarcer and scarcer, and it’s not even Leafbare yet! “She paused, then finished, “I’m worried, Gray Dawn.” As if to prove her point, , a hunting patrol stepped through the camp entrance carrying a single sparrow. ” But, don’t worry,I’m sure we won’t starve. ” Rowan Stripe added quickly.
“You can’t say that for sure!” Gray Dawn mewed accusingly. “You said the famine started around the time I came into camp. What if it’s me? What if I’m cursed?” Gray Dawn stared around the camp, seeing for the first time how thin the cats were, how their tails were dropping and their eyes dull. The world seemed to spin around her. “Oh StarClan!” Gray Dawn gasped. “This is all my fault!”
The cats came out of nowhere. Swarming through the camp, eyes glittering viciously. A menacing hiss came from the shadows, growing louder and louder. “You’re a curse, Gray Dawn. Nothing but a curse…”
Gray Dawn woke in her nest, gasping. It had been two moons since Rowan Stripe had told her about the famine, and it has by no means gotten better. And to make matters worse, Gray Dawn kept having horrible nightmares that would wake her up in the middle of the night. She looked around. The nursery had lost it’s cozy, comforting feel; now it just seemed overcrowded and stuffy. Blossom Strike had given birth to Feather Sky and Cascade Fall a moo ago, and Cherry Heart had moved to the nursery. The feisty she-cat had continued to perform her warrior duties for as long as possible, but Dewy Cobweb had insisted she stop. Gray Dawn was quite glad her apprentice ceremony would be soon- any day now. The Gray kit padded out of the nursery and stared around the clearing. It was deserted except for Holly Branch and Claw Breeze, who were on guard. Suddenly, Gray Dawn felt an overwhelming urge to get out of camp and run free through the forest. But she knew she was too young to leave camp.
“Needed a break from the nursery?” A voice sounded beside Gray Dawn and she jumed, before realizing it was just Acorn Blossom. “I come out here a lot if I need to think.” The calico continued. Gray Dawn pondered this information. She had realized that her bossy, hyperactive adopted sister ever needed to think. Suddenly, a bit of the fire that Gray Dawn was used to returned to Acorn Blossom’s eyes. “What do you say we sneak out of camp?” She mewed.
” What? No way! You’re the troublemaker, not me! ” Gray Dawn protested.
“Always a first time! C’mon!” Acorn Blossom mewed cheerfully. “We can sneak out past the healers den.”
” You sound as if you’ve done this before. ”
“I have.”
Why was Gray Dawn not surprised that her friend had done this before? Just then, someone spoke behind them.
“Where are you two going?”
Yay! Chapter one is out! This chapter was kinda confusing, sorry. Hopefully it will get better. Quick note: if you submitted a character to be in this I will try to introduce them as soon as possible, but please be aware that I can’t have them all in the first few chapters. That being said, a few of them might be introduced in chapter 2…
If you haven’t submitted a character and to want to, forms are on the fanfiction organization page.
Chapter Question: What do you think of this story so far? Do you like it? Any critiques? Please tell me!

October 22, 2020 6:09 pm

I love this! I can’t wait for the next chapter!! Also…If you put this in I missed it, sorry, but anyways, what Clan is the first chapter in?

Brightshine// Brightshine has no New Year's name
Brightshine// Brightshine has no New Year's name
October 27, 2020 4:01 pm
Reply to  Skyfrost

oh StreamClan. Sorry im responding so late.

October 22, 2020 12:48 am

What some of you guys have been waiting for- Chapter 4 of RoA! And here it introduces a new POV and new information 😉 enjoy 😀

Zephyr’s POV, 9:32 P.M.

    Zephyr stared at the scene playing out in front of her. She then looked down and stared at the bow in her hands like it had just been dropped from space. A reminder. The voice echoed in her head. She couldn’t block it out. It was a burden. Always whispering in her ear. Zephyr focused on the situation. Aeryn was raising his scythe, ready to cut Legali’s head clean off. 
“No.” Zephyr rasped. She got to her feet, notching an arrow in her bow and aiming it at Aeryn’s head. “No.” She let go of the arrow. She didn’t care. Even if she had any control, she wouldn’t be able to stop it. Her fingers moved on her own. The arrow sailed towards Aeryn, but he caught it and snapped it.
     “Ah. Pitiful.” Aeryn tossed the arrow aside. “A final attempt for rescue. All fails.” Zephyr let out a loud, vicious snarl. There were trees and heavy undergrowth surrounding the group. She’d have an advantage. Aeryn whipped his head around, trying to identify the noise. 
“You dare to insult me?” Zephyr asked, still snarling. Her voice sounded very intimidating, and it shook the ground. Whoa. “I am your worst nightmare. I pick you off one by one. I am the predator. Not you. You are the prey. After all this time, you assumed you were top… but no. I’ve watched you kill, over and over, and it tires me.” As she spoke, she notched arrows and fired at the most powerful creatures, making them crumble into dust with one hit. Aeryn’s eyes flashed briefly with fear before a look of disgust replaced it. His lip curled into a sneer.
     “And what can you do? Just shoot arrows?” Zephyr smiled, crouching behind a bush. 
“I am capable of many things, Aeryn West.” Aeryn’s blood-red eyes turned green for a moment, his normal color, before they shifted back to the usual red. The mania had lost control over him briefly. 
     “You shall not control me!” Aeryn howled. Zephyr smirked, and her sides tingled. It became stronger until it became a raging pain. Zephyr stifled a gasp and curled into a ball, the pain intensifying more than she could ever imagine. Suddenly it stopped. She got to her knees. She glanced at her sides. Now where nothing was there was pale blue angel wings, folded up and yearning to stretch. She spread her wings, a new opportunity in front of her.
“I control your army.” She launched herself into the sky in less than a nanosecond, and she darted around, picking up monsters and tossing them wherever in about the time it takes to blink. She slowed down and landed in front of him. He glanced around him, his face tightening with annoyance.
     “So,” He mused. “You are Zephyr, correct? Ami told me about you.” Legali just stared at Zephyr, too shook to speak. 
“Greeting. It is not so much of a pleasure to meet you, dear Aeryn,” Zephyr said, very annoyed. Aeryn’s eyes narrowed.
     “Your point, little girl?”
“Don’t kill my dad.” She notched an arrow and shot Aeryn in between his eyes. He gasped, staggering backwards. A trickle of black blood bled from the wound. 
     “How did you know?” Aeryn rasped. “Nobody knew. Not even Ami.” 
“Guess I’m different,” Zephyr replied, her voice strained. Aeryn’s eyes rolled into his head and he collapsed.

Ace’s POV

8:35 A.M.

    “Ace.” Ace glanced over their shoulder. 
“Hm?” Drift was staring at them.
     “Are we gonna move, or what? We need to find Zephyr.” Ace gritted their teeth. Right. Zephyr had snuck off, and none of them knew where she was. Ace crouched down and brushed away fallen leaves to see scuffed up dirt. She most likely should’ve… Ace kept following the trail until he saw a feather. He picked it up, and muttered a spell, and suddenly the ground lit up with footprints. This must be from Zephyr. Ace turned around and held up the feather.
     “We have a new lead.”

Aeryn’s POV

9:00 A.M.

    Aeryn opened his eyes. He gasped as light pierced him, and he moaned.
“Aeryn,” A voice called softly. “Come on. Time to go! We’ll miss the Sun Festival.” Aeryn got to his feet. A teenage girl was grinning at him. 
     “A-Ami?” He croaked. Ami just chuckled.
“Come on, you old fool. Let’s go!” She dragged him along, him stuttering, “H-Hey! I didn’t agree to this-” Ami suddenly stopped. 
     “Wait, Aeryn… do you feel that?” Ami held out her hand to the sun. Aeryn’s throat tightened.
“Yeah, I…” Ami’s werewolf ears twitched. A crash sounded. Screams erupted. A huge shadow blotted out the sun and turned the sky dark.
     “Run!” Ami screamed as they fled. Aeryn was flooded with confusion. No… this didn’t happen at the Sun festival. Aeryn skidded to a halt.
“This isn’t right,” He muttered. “Something- something is off. This never happened…” It suddenly struck him. He and Ami never went to the Sun Festival. If they did, then… 
     “This would’ve happened,” Aeryn rasped. “People would’ve been killed. And in the end, I’d always be… be…” He trailed off. Corrupted. More screams sounded, and flames crackled. Then his vision went dark. 

    Aeryn once again found himself in the mania’s mind.
“Oh, you idiot,” He growled. “Why did you even-” Shut it, the spirit boomed. You’re coming with me. We’re intertwined now. Aeryn gagged.
     “Ugh, whatever. How long are you going to keep me like this again?” Until I kill Zephyr and Ami, the spirit responded. Aeryn felt frustration rage through him, and he yelled out loud. Suddenly he found himself in control. Zephyr was staring down at him. He was shocked at how different she looked. 
     “Zephyr,” He croaked, “Get away from me… it’s got me-” He staggered. The spirit was struggling once more for control. “It was the one behind this. I was just a pawn. The spirit wants to-” His control shattered and he was back in the mania’s mind. The mania was silent for a moment, then rumbled to him, No more stunts, Aeryn, or I will disintegrate your physical body and find another victim.
“Blah, blah, blah,” Aeryn mocked. “World domination- oh, how relatable!” He finished, voice dripping with sarcasm. Shut up, the spirit snarled, Or I’ll gladly toss your spirit into the depths of the Underworld itself. Aeryn growled.
     “I swear, if that was a challenge-” It wasn’t, the spirit replied flatly. After a few moments, the spirit chuckled, yet stayed silent. Aeryn floated backwards and shut his eyes tight. I’m alone. I have to find my own way out.

Drift’s POV

10:55 A.M.

    “Look- another feather,” Drift called out, plucking the small light blue feather from some bushes. Ace glanced over, their blue eyes narrowing. 
     “We must be getting close,” Ace mused, “For there to be another feather.” Drift ignored them yet continued forward, following the blue glowing footprints that Zephyr had made. Suddenly she broke out of the forest to see an astonishing sight. Zephyr launched herself into the sky in just a few seconds, and she darted around, picking up monsters and tossing them wherever. She slowed down and landed in front of Aeryn. He glanced around him, his face tightening with annoyance.
     “So,” Aeryn mused. “You are Zephyr, correct? Ami told me about you.” An elf just stared at Zephyr, too shook to speak. 
“Greeting. It is not so much of a pleasure to meet you, dear Aeryn,” Zephyr said, looking very annoyed. Aeryn’s eyes narrowed.
     “Your point, little girl?”
“Don’t kill my dad.” She notched an arrow and shot Aeryn in between his eyes. He gasped, staggering backwards. A trickle of black blood bled from the wound. 
     “How did you know?” Aeryn rasped. “Nobody knew. Not even Ami.” 
“Guess I’m different,” Zephyr replied, her voice strained. Aeryn’s eyes rolled into his head and he collapsed. Drift’s eyes stretched wide as the silence dragged on. Suddenly Aeryn stumbled to his feet, but something was different. His eyes were green, and he croaked,
     “Zephyr, get away from me… it’s got me-” He staggered. “It was the one behind this. I was just a pawn. The spirit wants to-” His eyes flashed back to red and he pulled the arrow out of his head and winced, and black blood trickled down his face.
“So, I am impressed. Such damage for a mere child.” Drift clenched her teeth, and suddenly she heard the bushes tremble behind her. Ace was stepping towards her, blue eyes glowing as they kept using the spell.
     “Drift? What’s-” Their voice broke off as they saw Aeryn, Zephyr, and the elf. Ace stepped away.
“What is she doing?” Ace hissed, which surprised Drift. “She’s just going to-” Drift shot a glare at them, and Ace shut his mouth, his eyes widening. Drift glanced behind her as Aeryn, with black blood running down his neck and his head twitching inhumanely;

October 22, 2020 7:42 am
Reply to  Leafsky

AHhhhh I love this so much !!! This is one of the few blog fanfics that I actually keep up with an regularly read I love itt

Silver the Lazy Bean
Silver the Lazy Bean
October 22, 2020 12:39 pm
Reply to  Leafsky

Yessssssssssssssssssssss! Oooh, I can’t wait for chapter five! *me wondering if fin and calista are gonna meet ace and drift and aeryn soon XD*

♥️Dancing in the Rain/Raindance (Rainyyy)♥️
♥️Dancing in the Rain/Raindance (Rainyyy)♥️
October 22, 2020 2:32 pm
Reply to  Leafsky

great chapter!!! can’t wait for the next one C:

October 22, 2020 4:57 pm
Reply to  Leafsky

acK I’m trying to find my comment on the fan fiction orginization page where I asked for characters for RoA because I can’t remember how Fenri and Celeste look like- 🙁

Silver Bells Ringing For Christmas (Silverpaw/fin)
Silver Bells Ringing For Christmas (Silverpaw/fin)
October 22, 2020 8:17 pm
Reply to  Leafsky

ima go back and find it

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