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Nobody will stop you from creating. Do it tonight. Do it tomorrow. That is the way to make your soul grow – whether there is a market for it or not! The kick of creation is the act of creating, not anything that happens afterward. I would tell all of you watching this screen: Before you go to bed, write a four line poem. Make it as good as you can. Don’t show it to anybody. Put it where nobody will find it. And you will discover that you have your reward.

Kurt Vonnegut

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Dove flying through Graveyard (Dovepaw)
Dove flying through Graveyard (Dovepaw)
October 22, 2020 5:32 pm

THIS IS FOR PINESTRIPE :3 It was a calm and peaceful morning at the chicken valley. Sunrise crept along the meadow, setting the grass the color of a blaze.  Fireblaze was sitting in the grass, letting the sun dry her feathers. She had fallen asleep beside the riverbank and fallen in. She was very much glad that she could half – fly. Most chickens couldn´t. She thought of herself as very lucky.
As she trotted across the meadow, Fireblaze heard a noise coming from behind her. She turned her head, feeling relieved. It was Rain, one of her friends. ¨Good morning¨ the gray hen muttered happily. Fireblaze nodded. ¨Good morning. How are you?¨ she asked the slender gray hen. Rain shook her head jokingly. ¨Well, tired, but ok. Say, have you seen Sandy?¨ she asked Fireblaze. Fireblaze shook her head. ¨She said she would be back later.¨ she rasped to her gray friend. 
Rain and Fireblaze had sat together, waiting for their friend to return to the valley. Then, they spotted Sandy, with her twin sister, Dusty. Dusty was clucking at her friend. ¨Well, I don’t think so¨ she had said. Sandy sighed, then turned to Fireblaze and Rain.  ¨Sorry for the wait. I went to find Dusty. You know I can’t leave without her. ¨ Fireblaze sighed, while Rain nodded. The two headed away behind Rain and Fireblaze.
When they reached the crest of the hill, Fireblaze stopped. ¨Should we stop here?¨ she asked her friends. Rain looked ready to run, but Dusty looked tired. Sandy sighed. ¨Dusty, are you tired already?¨ Dusty looked away. She didn’t want the group to be slowed down by her. She shook her head. ¨I can still move.¨ Sandy nodded, leaning against her tired twin. Rain sighed, settling down beside the twins. Fireblaze settled down as well. ¨Well, you gotta rest¨ Fireblaze replied. Dusty didn’t look at anyone as she sat. Rain looked to Fireblaze. ¨So, what are we gonna eat? Fire?¨Fireblaze snapped back to reality. ¨huh? Oh, well…¨ Fireblaze couldn´t answer. 
They were tired, and hungry. Fireblaze searched far and wide of the valley. There was nothing a chicken could eat. She suggested digging up worms, but Sandy had declined strongly. Dusty was already asleep. She should be, it being around midnight Fireblaze thought to herself. She looked up at the very white moon. It was shining on the grass like a river´s reflection. Her feathers looked like flames in a midnight field. ¨We´ll get some food first thing in the morning¨ Fireblaze mumbled out loud as she watched her friends breathe.
By morning, Fireblaze had set out by herself. She was determined to find her friends some food for the morning. She looked around. She was trotting across open forest, leaves scattered all over the grass. ¨Fall time¨ she mumbled, looking around again. Then, she saw it. A huge bag of corn. She flapped her wings. Then, she stopped. This was fortunate. Too fortunate. She searched the area. There was no one here, but why would there be a bag of corn laying in the grass, for anyone to take? She pondered on this for a second more until her stomach rumbled. Tossing her senses, she grabbed the top of the corn and tore it open. Then, she clucked loudly. ¨Sandy, Dusty, Rain, look!¨ she gasped, taking a piece and eating it. Sandy and Dusty leaped over the hill, followed by Rain. 
All the chickens started to peck the ground for the small specks of corn left. They had eaten enough to rest again. Then, a loud cluck was heard. Fireblaze turned her head a bit to see a white hen. She had cream colored feathers across her neck. With her was a smaller hen. She was brown instead of white. The hens paused for a moment, then saw the bag of corn. The brown hen made a grunting noise. ¨Just who are you? And why did you eat our corn?¨ She looked angry. Fireblaze stood up. ¨Didn’t see your name on it¨ she said in reply. Although she sounded brave, her legs were quivering. The brown hen narrowed her eyes, but then the white one spoke. ¨Be kind to them. They were hungry. What else could they do?¨ The brown hen looked on in disbelief. ¨But, Peachy, they stole our food.¨ Ivy looked at her friend calmly. ¨We would have done the same, Ivy.¨ she blinked, and that seemed to ease the brown chicken. She calmly sighed.
After a little while, the hens had gotten to know each other better. Fireblaze told them about traveling to find a home out in the meadows. Rain had chirped in, talking about how they found the corn and why they ate it. Sandy and Dusty stayed quiet, watching the other two hens with suspicion. Ivy looked at Fireblaze. ¨So, you’re going to find another place to live, eh?¨ Fireblaze nodded her response. Ivy sighed. ¨We know a place, it’s not very far from here. Just a little farm. Has a dog, so be kinda careful. She’s really big. The worst she´ll do is sniff you. We could show you the way.¨ Ivy blinked kindly. Peachy nodded to her sister´s claim. Rain stood up, but before the gray hen could speak, Sandy stood up. ¨Why should we trust you? You could be leading us to our death now.¨ her eyes were narrowed to slits. 
The white hen sighed. ¨Do you want us to show you the way or not?¨ clucked Ivy angrily. Sandy snorted. Fireblaze looked at Sandy. ¨Sandy, we´ve gotta trust them. Without them, we could be journeying for days and never find this farm. ¨ she stood up and dipped her head to Ivy. ¨Show us the way.¨
And so, Ivy led them for about two days and they found the farm. Fireblaze paused, then looked at Ivy and Peachy. They were stopping, turning to look back. ¨Fire, Rain, Sandy, Dusty, we loved getting to know you, but we must head back home. ¨ It was Peachy who had spoken. Rain looked at them with a plea in her eyes. ¨Please don´t go! We love having more company. You were so much help.¨ Ivy nuzzled all of them in turn. ¨We´ll come to visit, ok? We have a home too, ya know¨ he eyes glittered with mischief. Fireblaze dipped her head as she watched the two hens speed off, back to their home. Now, Fireblaze, Rain, Sandy, and Dusty, were where they belonged.
The end!!!
This is For Pinestripe. hope ya like it :3

October 22, 2020 7:06 pm

Yes, my Writer’s Block for RoA is finally gone! 😀 Here is the fifth chapter of RoA, and I hope whoever was waiting for this, likes it! No Zephyr POV in this one though, sorry 🙁

Drift’s POV

11:06 A.M.

    Drift let out a strangled scream, and then she suddenly really began to feel herself being strangled. A black, shadowy hand emerging from Aeryn’s back strangled her. Drift desperately clawed at the shadowy hand, rasping,
     “No.” Suddenly a huge white explosion knocked them all back, and Drift lost her consciousness as the power of the impact knocked her into a tree. Hard.

Aeryn’s POV

11:06 A.M.

    Aeryn felt his body jerk backwards, and he found himself in control again. He gasped as he felt a sharp pain pierce his leg. He looked down and saw it was twisted at an awkward angle, and he winced. A bunch of glittering white light filtered through the leaves of the trees. The mania seemed to be resting, regaining its power. It whispered in his head, I’m not letting this happen again, Aeryn West. Aeryn felt the mania struggling for power. Aeryn fought against it, and kept himself focused on the limp bodies that were scattered. Drift. Ace. Fiona. Artemis. Zephyr…
     “No…” Aeryn murmured. “Not- not again.” He staggered over to Zephyr, still battling against the mania in his mind, and then rested his hand gently on her head, and a soft breeze healed her cuts and bruises, as well as Ace’s, Fiona’s, and Drift’s. Aeryn staggered away from them, heading farther and farther away. For their safety. Suddenly the mania overpowered him and he fell flat on his face and was back, locked in his own mind. 

Fin’s POV 

11:17 A.M.

    “Hey, Celeste!” Fin called. “I can hear something!” Fin crouched down and then peeked behind a tree trunk. A dark haired girl had an arrow notched in a bow, and she growled,
     “Come out or I won’t hesitate to let go.” Fin stepped out and got a better look. The dark haired girl was a werewolf, and her tail was flicking back and forth, her purple eyes narrowed. 
“There’s another one,” A voice said behind the girl. “I can scent them.” A 17 year old teen stepped out and then growled, “Come out.” Celeste stepped out, her hooves trembling. Fin narrowed her eyes.
     “Don’t you dare hurt her.” The girl looked confused.
“Why would I do that?”
     “Well, for one, I don’t even know who you are-” Fin began. The girl cut her off.
“I’m Addison, but I prefer to go by Ami. And that’s Fenri.” She nodded to the weretiger teen. He smiled, but his sharp teeth made Fin shiver. 
     “Oh-kay,” Fin said. “Can you not hold us at arrow-point?” Ami blushed with embarrassment and lowered her bow. Suddenly Ami stared at Fin.
“Hey, do you know anything about anyone named Zephyr Alder?” Fin shrugged.
     “Nope.” Suddenly Celeste perked up. Her pastel pink eyes widened.
“Oh! I just realized! I think I’ve come across Zephyr Alder before…” Celeste’s eyes clouded with thought. Then she blinked and they were back to normal.
     “I was in this same forest. She ran into me and almost shot me when I was looking for Amber, another baby unicorn. She’d run off when I wasn’t watching. Anyways, she helped me find Amber and then disappeared. She’d told me her name was Zephyr Alder, yet that was it. Nothing else really happened. I just went back to where the other baby unicorns were and then took care of them and made sure none of them escaped like Amber. Keep in mind that we were only 10.” Ami’s gaze darkened, and Fin came to the conclusion that Ami was Zephyr’s older sister.
“Hey, are you here sister?” Fin asked. Ami nodded sadly. 
     “Yep. Addison Alder.” Celeste nodded slowly, and she understood the feeling. What it was like to lose someone important to you, yet they didn’t know if Zephyr was dead or alive, which was the gruesome part.

Fiona’s POV

11:45 A.M.

    Fiona’s eyes fluttered open. She was in a clearing in the forest, where Ace, Drift, Zephyr, and Artemis were also shaking themselves out of their unconsciousness. 
     “I’m sorry, guys,” Drift said softly. “I used a new move of mine. Self-destruct. I did manage to…” her voice trailed off as she observed her arms and legs that were perfectly unharmed. “Huh. I must’ve wrapped myself with my wings and protected myself?” Artemis stared down at her arms and legs.
“I’m somehow fine… no injuries whatsoever.” Zephyr rubbed her head as if it hurt, and she murmured,
     “This was no accident. Something- someone- must’ve healed us. I think that… I think that Aeryn did.”
“Aeryn?” Artemis asked quietly, voice dripping with disbelief. Then she spoke again, louder, her voice bouncing off the trees. “Aeryn?! Zephyr, your head must be in the clouds. Well, even more higher! Up to Saturn, for god’s sake! Aeryn would never do that. He’s evil through and through.”
     “He wasn’t evil before,” Zephyr argued. “Aeryn, the one my sister knew, was never like that. He was very nice to me. I remember, because that was 5 years ago. When I was 9.”
“He’s a monster!” Artemis flashed back. “His older brother destroyed the whole elven city of Stormguard! The biggest, most intimidating city in the world! He then taught Aeryn his ways. That was so many people’s breaking point, Zephyr. Mine too. And now look where we are.” Ace’s gaze flicked from Zephyr and Artemis, and they murmured,
     “Guys, don’t argue. We’re already lost and behind enough. And, besides-”
“Ace, don’t.” Artemis’s silvery blue gaze locked with Fiona’s. “Fiona, any thoughts?”
     “After listening to you guys argue, none,” Fiona said. “I just… dunno what to do at this point. We’re struggling, and we’re already half dead with the explosion. Sorry, Drift,” Fiona said apologetically as she glanced at her friend. Drift shrugged and looked away, flustered. Fiona heaved a heavy sigh of regret. What do I do now?

Ami’s POV

12:00 P.M.

    Ami bounded ahead, swiftly stepping from rock to rock. Fenri was watching intently, ready to pull her out of the raging river if she slipped and fell.
     “I’ll be fine,” She said insistently as she continued hopping on the rocks. She staggered, and she could see with her peripheral vision that Fenri had tensed and stepped forward, and she steadied herself just in time. Ami continued to hop across the rocks until she reached the other side of the river. She sniffed the air, her werewolf senses picking up a scent. A faint scent that was growing stronger.
“Don’t cross,” Ami growled. “Stay there. And be ready to run.” 
     “Why?” Fenri called. 
“Just listen!” Ami ordered. As the scent grew stronger, Ami found it strangely familiar. A scent that she’d known for a long time. But then…
     “Run,” Ami whispered hoarsely. “Run.” She began stepping from rock to rock, and then she began to near the other side of the river as Fenri, Celeste, and Fin dashed away. She reached the other side of the river and glanced behind her. There stood Aeryn, his once green eyes now dark red, glittering with hate.
“Beware, Addison,” He sneered. “Your death will come very, very soon. And Aeryn will not be able to stop it, for he will no longer be able to seize control of his body anymore.” As Ami ran away, she thought, But what does that mean?

October 22, 2020 9:51 pm

This is the prologue of my fan fiction, which does not have a name quite yet, so maybe this will encourage people to give me some characters. (I put the form on the Fan Fiction Organization page)

A dark shape moved stealthily through the woods. It ducked under a bramble and came into a clearing. Three cats were huddled together above something. The dark shape, a cat, pushed through to see what they were looking at. It was a kit.
“What is this?” the dark cat asked
“It’s a kit.” One of the cats, a gray she-cat, whispered
“I know that, you mouse-brain!” the dark cat snapped
The cat who had spoken shrunk back.
“You know, Claw, you are always so mean to her.” A small bushy tailed tom said, rubbing his tail along the she-cat’s back.
“Who are you to decide who I can be mean too?” snarled Claw
“I’m your brother, and this is my daughter. I can tell you what to do any day I want.” the bushy tailed tom replied angrily.
“No, you can’t if you want to stay with us!” the third cat, a ginger she-cat, hissed
“Don’t speak for me Red!!” Claw yowled
Red narrowed her eyes and turned away.
“I’m sorry. I just don’t need you to fight my battles. Especially not when you are expecting kits.” Claw’s voice got calmer and gentler.
Red turned around and pressed her muzzle to Claw’s.
The bushy-tailed tom sighed.
“We don’t need you to be all rude to us and gentle with each other!” He snapped
Claw glared at him.
“It’s true.” The gray she-cat whispered “Plus..what will we do with this kit?”
Claw stepped forwards and bent down to sniff the kit. It looked up and mewled at him in pure terror. Claw gasped and stepped back.
“Will our kits be afraid of me too?” he asked Red
“No…but-” she cut off as the kit yowled
They looked over and saw the gray she-cat sniffing it.
“Rain!! Leave the poor thing alone!!” Red called
Rain bounced backwards and then crawled under a bush where they slept.
Red bent down and picked up the tiny cat. it twitched and mewled, but Red could carry it across the clearing to the bush where they slept easily. Setting it down between Rain and the bushy-tailed tom, she wondered what the kit would do without milk until she had her own kits.

October 23, 2020 1:49 am

Ok, here is another poem. This is actually a rewritten version of one I wrote a while ago, but the older one was garbage, so this is the improved one:

I stay

Pain, jealousy
That is what brought me here
Bravery, strength
That is what will pull me out

It drove me away
Always living in her shadow
Always so special

Now I’m here
With violent demons
They hurt beyond measure

I betrayed them
They believe I am loyal
I’m not
I will never be loyal

Applefur cringes
I tell them I am ready to kill
I’m lying
I can’t tell her now

I’m here
I really do want to leave 
But I can’t
I have to protect my clanmates

It is painful
I tell myself I am doing this for dovewing
Ironic, isn’t it?
She is the reason I came after all

I think of all I have done
All the pain I have caused
Flametail, Antpelt
I have done horrible things

Now we train
I watch Birchfall and Blossomfall
They are fighting
Their claws are unsheathed

Why am I doing this?
Why am I teaching my clanmates these things?
This is horrible
I want to run, I want to hide

But no, I stay
Through pain beyond belief
I stay
Through horrors I never wish to see again

I stay
And all the while I wonder
What will happen
Because I stayed? 

Looking at the sunset in my dream (Dreamysunset, she/her)
Looking at the sunset in my dream (Dreamysunset, she/her)
October 23, 2020 2:31 pm

Warriors High! And this chapter is unknown cause I lost track already. My friends (and me) help me write this fanfic and they edit it too.
Frost: So yeah.
Lemoneye: Want a taco?
Sunshine: Ooh me too!
Silvermoon: Ew no.
Everyone except Moon and Silver: *le gasp*
Snowfeather: Wait what’re we about to do?
Everyone except Moon, Silver, and Snow: *shrug* *continues eating taco’s*
Moonshadow: We were about to write a chapter of Warriors High.
Everyone except Moon: Oh.

Normal pov:
The party was pretty big. Briar walked over to their group. “Hi!” She chirped. “Hey.” Everyone smiled, nothing could make Briar feel bad, even going to a dance. They talked until, the DJ finally turned on the music. Fox (Foxleap) grabbed Hazel’s (Hazeltail) wrist and ran onto the dancing floor, Brian (Berrynose) took Honey (Honeyfern) too, everyone else followed. Briar laughed as she recognized the song, nevada.
???’s pov:
They’ll regret it. They hurt me, I smile as I dig the knife into the picture of her with them. I was popular but now, I’m as good as dog poop. “You getting ready?” A scratchy yet heavy with cruelty voice asked. “Yeah, I’m ready for revenge.” I replied. I grabbed my phone, texting them with a smirk. “Good, I trained you well.” She commented as she walked away. “I won’t fail you, Mel.”
Hallie’s (Half Moon) pov:
I don’t know what to say, Jay is of course is good looking, he looks just like my friend, Jack (obviously Jay’s Wing). But I wonder, do me and Jay love each other enough? I feel like if we become a couple, it would end bad, and I don’t want to ruin our friendship, besides, he could be with Briar, if that makes him happy, it’ll make me happy. I see him around Summer, though I’m pretty sure they’re friends, I smile sadly and walk over to Jay who was talking with Leo.
Jay’s pov:
“I don’t know.” I grumbled. Leo was looking for Cindy, I see Hallie walking towards me, and I froze again, dang it I can’t run now. “Hey, Jay, I have to tell you something,” Hallie lead me towards to a corner. “I know I went to this d-dance with you but, I think,” She suddenly got interested of her shoes. “we’re better as friends.” She whispered. I felt relief flooding through me. “Yeah, me too.” I said. “And anyway, you have Briar.” She smiled. “I have to go, see you Jay.” Hallie walked out of the gym. Wait, what about Briar? Did she say that I should be with her? I shake my head, my phone rang with a text. I took my phone and went to my messages. The person who texted me was someone unknown. If you want Cindy, Briar, Dove, Ivy, Holly back, come to the math room, I kidnapped them, so come here, you better not tell anyone or else, say goodbye to your friends, bring Leo with you. I widened my eyes, dropped my phone, and ran to Leo, who was pale, staring at his phone. “We have to go!” I shouted, quietly. He nodded and we ran to the math room. I slammed opened the door, Leo and I gasped at who it was.

Looking at the sunset in my dream (Dreamysunset, she/her)
Looking at the sunset in my dream (Dreamysunset, she/her)
October 23, 2020 7:40 pm

Warriors High! Chapter… ok never mind…..
Frost: So, the psycho person is…. HA! I’m not telling! But its an oc…
Lemon: I got cookies!
Everyone: GIVE ME!
Frost: So I don’t have a lot idea’s to write about so I might discontinue this fanfic.
Frost: Kidding!
Everyone except Frost: *glares at her*
Sunny: I have a joke
Lemon: What?
Sunny: Why did the kid go to the other side of the playground?
Sunny: To get to the other slide!
Sunny: *laughs*
Snow: That. Was. Stupid
Frost: Yeah, anyway lets start!

Normal pov:
“Why, you, what?” Jay stammered, staring at his childhood ex best friend. “Hello, Jay.” Leslie giggled, evilly. “Leslie!” Leo growled. “Calm down, lion.” She teased. “What did you do to them?” He demanded. “Oh just held them hostages. I almost killed them, but then I realized I don’t want to. So they’re about dead, but thats not the point,” Leslie hissed. “Jay, I loved you! I wanted you to be my boyfriend! Then you turned me away and took in Briar!” She spat out. “Leo,” She turned to him. “you were to busy with Cindy to see me in pain! I called you! I said someone kidnapped me, you said I was crazy, and hung up! That was the last time I saw you, and everyone else!” She closed her eyes and opened them again. “Well, if you want your precious friends then kill yourself.” Leslie slurred, hey eyes gleaming. “W-what?” He stammered. Leslie sneered. “Get em here.” She barked, making Jay and Leo tense. A person covered in black clothing walked in with Ivy, Dove, Holly, Cindy, and Briar, all bruised and unconscious.
Jay’s pov:
I see Briar bruised and limp, rage filled me. “Leslie!” I yelled, finally bursting. “I didn’t love you! So what? I was your friend! It was fine and ok! Why did you have to ruin that?!” Leo whipped his head at me. Leslie looked surprised and angry. Then the door opened. We froze. “Hello.” Leo and I know that voice.

HA!!!! ANOTHER CLIFF HANGER!! Who do you think it is???? Whoo! 2 chapters! I’ll try to make the next one later!

Purple Dusk
Purple Dusk
October 24, 2020 12:17 am

I been lucky to find a Writing Club where we actually write. So here is the result of a Writing Prompt we did.

Writing Prompt:
                                               Swirling Leaves, Swirling Colors
           Crisp winds danced across the plain, bringing with them colorful leaves. Some were bright orange, others deep yellow, a few rich red. All the leaves swirled and twirled till the wind left and gravity claimed them, blanketing the ground in colors.

           A young woman walked down the trail across the plain and through the leaves. She kept her eyes fixed before her as she traveled along the pathway. The only sounds she heard where the crunch of leaves underneath her foot, or so she thought.

           “Deer Attack!!” a younger voice cried as a shadow leapt out from the leaf piles. The massive explosion of colored leaves tumbled to the ground as the shadow attempted to tackle the woman. Yet with a twirl, the woman danced away, leaving the shadow to crush into another pile of leaves.

           With a laugh, the woman approached the figure cloaked in black lying amid the leaves. “I know that my second name starts with a D, though I don’t know where you got the idea for Deer Attack my sweet apprentice.”

           The figure arose from the leafy ground, shaking all the colors from her jet-black hair and clothes. “It was just so easy!” the girl chimed as she turned to face the woman. “Especially since you are taking me to see real deer today!” The girl smiled at the woman.

           Purple Dusk looked to the destroyed leaf pile she had just walked by. “Why where you hiding in the leaf pile then? I could have left for the Apple Harvest without you, Black Eclipse.”

           The girl chuckled. “To surprise you obviously! Besides,” Black Eclipse paused. “I know you would go looking for me.”  She finished with confidence.
  Purple Dusk shook her head at her silly apprentice. “Well, now that I found you, shall we go to the Apple Harvest? I did promise you that I would show you were the baby deer like to hide.”

           “Yessss!” Black Eclipse shouted with leap before taking off. As the girl kicked up the red, yellow, and orange leaves along the path, Purple Dusk smiled after her.

“My apprentice!” she called to the black-clad girl.

           “Yeah?” Black Eclipse stopped with a swirl.

           Purple Dusk pointed behind her. “The Apple Harvest is that way, in the opposite direction of Buffalo Plains.”

           “Well duh!!” Black Eclipse yelled as she raced back, leaving the colored leaves to dance and swirl down once more to the ground.

Ttera can't think of an interesting name right now so I apologise
The Masked Tterror (Shatteredmask)
October 24, 2020 9:14 am

Chapter 1 of Our Demons! (a TigerxGolden fanfic)

“I don’t get it.” I stare into Dappletail’s eyes.
“I don’t understand.”
“You don’t understand what?” Dappletail’s tail swishes back and forth impatiently.
“Fighting,” I answer shamefully. 
Dappletail sighs. “Still? I don’t know how else to help you, Goldenpaw.” She glances over at Bluefur, one of the newest warriors. “Can you help her?”
I’m not sure what’s changed. We were apprentices together at one point, but now she’s so… elegant.
I nudge my brother, Lionpaw. “She’s going to be leader one day.”
Lionpaw looks confused and slightly angry all at once. “How do you know?”
“I just do.”
“Goldenflower, could you check in on the elders?”
I get out of my nest, and pad out of the warriors’ den, yawning. “Yes, Sunfall.”
I walk through ThunderClan camp, stretching. Eventually I get to the elders’ den, and I duck inside.
Larksong is in there, and so is Weedwhisker. Mumblefoot must be out hunting.
“Hello, my dear,” Larksong croaks. “Is everything okay?”
“Where’s Mumblefoot?” I ask.
“Hunting.” Weedwhisker shakes his head disapprovingly. “One day he will die out there and no one will know.”
“Um-okay.” I try to change the subject. “Do you need anything…”
“I have a tick on my back,” rasps Larksong. “I can’t quite reach it.”
I nod, backing out of the den. “I’ll get an someone on it right now.”

As I turn round and into the middle of camp, I spot Bluefur and before I can stop myself I’m calling out her name. “Bluefur!”
She spins around, and sees me. “Hi!”
“Hello!” I say to the older warrior. “How are you?” She starts telling me a story of how she nearly died chasing a squirrel. I can’t help but stare into her rich blue eyes. She is so kind and understanding, and I can’t even think of a reason for any cat to dislike her. When I was an apprentice, she helped me learn. She was always there for me, through thick and thin. I don’t know how to repay her, and I doubt I ever will. 
“Goldenflower?” I look up. Bluefur is staring at me, her blue eyes concerned. “Are you okay?” 
I blush. “You have no idea.” 
“If anyone asks, I’m hunting.” 
Bluefur narrows her eyes suspiciously, then pads away. 
I sit alone in the middle of camp, sighing. I picture Bluefur and I lying together on Sunningrocks, our tails intertwining. The warm feeling of sun on our pelts, and the cloudy sky above us. 
I can feel cats staring at me. But I don’t care. 
All I can think about is the elegant cat. 

Briarpaw/blaze a "Not Fine Boi"
Briarpaw/blaze a "Not Fine Boi"
October 24, 2020 5:33 pm

Oof, I cant write fanfic, when I try, it always ends up as a poem! But yall are amazing at it! I love reading these all!

Looking at the sunset in my dream (Dreamysunset, she/her)
Spooky Scary Frost Who Hates The Monster Mash
October 24, 2020 6:36 pm

Warriors High! Chapter… I have to stop that.
Frost: I realized that I do Jay’s and Faith’s pov a lot…
Lemon: Yeah, you do.
Sunny: *eats pringles*
Everyone else: *gives her a look that says, ‘you better give it to me or you shall die*
Sunny: *runs* BYE
Everyone else: YOU CHEEKY GIRL!
Jay’s pov:
“Faith!” Leo yelled. I whipped my head to see Faith, leaning on the door. “Oh, who’s your friend?” Leslie hissed. “I saw your phone on the ground,” Faith ignored the question. “sorry, but I read the text, obviously you can fight her, but you’ll end up almost dying like them.” Faith gestured her thumb at Dove, Briar, Holly, Cindy, and Ivy. “Leslie, get out of here.” Leo growled. “Fine, but I’ll be back.” She ran out of the room, with the heavy black haired man on her heels. “Ok, get all of them to the hospital, quick!” Faith instructed, swiftly. “Ok.” Jay called 911, they can’t die, they just couldn’t, I stared at the Holly, Dove, Ivy, Cindy, and Briar, they looked broken.
Briar’s pov:
I wake up to find Jay staring at me. “Uagh, stop.” I groaned, my head is spinning, why does my back hurt so much? “Briar, your awake.” I could hear the relief in Jay’s voice. “Yeah, I am, but I’m pretty sure I’m about to die.” I replied, grumpily. “Do you.. Remember?” Jay hesitated. “Not much, I saw your crazy friend Leslie, then I could only see black.” I closed my eyes again. “Don’t scare me like that.” He said. “I’ll try not too,” I huffed. Suddenly I remember everyone else, I open my eyes in alarm. “Dove, Ivy, Cindy, Holly!” I shouted. “What happened to them?” I asked. “Their fine, hurt, but not dead.” He said, laying down on the bed with me. “Ok.” I murmured, ugh, my arm hurts now. “You should sleep.” I nodded, closing my eyes, I lie my head on Jay’s shoulder, falling asleep.
Holly’s pov (have I ever done her?):
I’m. On. Fire. “Everything hurts.” I whimpered. Felipe stroked my hair. “It’s okay, at least you survived.” He whispered. “I guess so.” I mumbled. He pressed a soft kiss on my forehead, at least I have him.
Cindy’s pov:
Ow, ow, ow. “Ow!” I yelped, Leo stared at me. “Why’re you staring at me?” I grumbled. “I’m worried, what if Leslie comes back to kill you?” He asked, pacing around the room. “Forget her for a second. You gotta calm down, I can defend myself.” I said. “Uh, no you couldn’t defend yourself yesterday.” Leo stopped, good, I was getting a headache. “That time, she knocked me out.” I said, he still looked worried. Leo sat down on the chair next to the bed. “I know you can defend yourself, Cindy, but Leslie is dangerous, she’s still out there, ready to strike.”

DUN DUN DUNNNNNNNNN. These are the gang’s new code name:
Faith: Frost or Crystal
Sunny/Sallie: Summer or Peach
Piper: Petal
Genevieve: Galaxy
Shawn: Star
Kyle: Fang or Snake
Felix: Flame or Burn Fire
Here’s some cookies for people who read this fanfic: (::) (::) (::) (::)

Mink That Dances With Skeletons (Minktail)
Mink That Dances With Skeletons (Minktail)
October 25, 2020 1:50 am

Here’s a blurb of a Mapleshade/Bluestar AU I’m writing!

Bluepaw’s Nightmare
Bluepaw tilted her head, looking past him. “Crookedpaw? I think your mentor might be waiting for you,” she mewed, gesturing to the tortoiseshell she-cat who slowly padded towards them, her yellow eyes burning. As the RiverClan apprentice turned his head to look, however, the she-cat seemed to disappear into thin air before Bluepaw’s eyes. Crookedpaw gave her an odd look, then shrugged.
“Oh, well. It was probably just one of the elders giving me the stink eye,” he said with a chuckle, nudging her playfully. She laughed along uneasily, glancing back over his shoulder.
Did I just imagine that? She shook her head, blinking. She must have. Cats don’t just evaporate. As the Gathering came to an end, she said goodbye to her friend and padded back to camp, the she-cat forgotten as she traveled alongside Snowpaw. She felt heavy with exhaustion, and as she curled up in her nest, she drifted off immediately.


Bluepaw woke, the world around her now unfamiliar and surreal. The grass beneath her paws was lush and green, and her ears pricked to the sound of a surplus of prey milling in the trees and undergrowth surrounding her. Bluepaw’s eyes widened in wonder, and she smiled giddily as she raced through the clearing. She skidded to a halt on the bank of a nearby river, peering into the crystalline water to see three glittering silver fish, sunlight reflecting from their scales to create a thousand tiny rainbows through the water. She dabbed her paw into the water, watching them scatter just to regroup moments later and continue to swim in place against the current.
She reached her paw in one more time, only to recoil in horror as the fish began to warp and distort before her eyes. The river turned crimson, and the apprentice felt a yowl of terror rise in her throat as she watched three tiny, mewling kits rise to the surface, their tiny paws desperately churning to keep them afloat. Her lungs burned as the trees around her rose into a blazing inferno, and the ground beneath her paws turned to foul, black mud.
“Why don’t you save them, Bluepaw? Can’t you see they’re drowning?” She whirled around as a voice rang out behind her, her mind spinning as she recognized the tortoiseshell she-cat padding calmly out of the inferno that raged around her. Her throat was torn open, the blood that poured from the wound feeding the raging crimson river as the kits were swept farther and farther downstream, their cries growing weaker by the second.
“I-I can’t! I don’t know how to!” Bluepaw cried, frantically looking around for a branch, a stone- anything to reach into the river to rescue the tiny kits.
“Yes, you do.” The tortoiseshell stepped closer, her eyes aflame and her fur stained red. “You simply choose to bow to your cowardice. Will you truly let innocent lives be stamped out because you cannot handle the blood?” Bluepaw shook with terror, her mind racing and her eyes wide.
“I can’t! I can’t!” She yowled, her lungs heaving. She felt as though the smoke had set her lungs on fire, and tears streamed from her stinging eyes. The tortoiseshell simply looked at her, a look of sheer disgust plastered across her face as her throat continued to pour blood. She pushed her face into Bluepaw’s, her scarred muzzle a mere mouse-length away from the apprentice’s.
“You will be destroyed by the blood that flows through your veins, and the water you rely on will only weigh you down until you cannot breathe,” she snarled. “You must burn away every obstacle in your path like fire, and leave your cowardice behind.” Bluepaw stared up at her, terrified, yet mesmerized by the she-cat’s words. She felt the river swell behind her, and as the crimson tide rose to consume her, she woke, sitting bolt upright in her nest.
She looked around wildly, her heart racing. Snowpaw still lay peacefully in her nest, and dawn light filtered gently in through the entrance of the apprentice’s den.
You will be destroyed by the blood that flows through your veins, and the water you rely on will only weigh you down until you cannot breathe. You must burn away every obstacle in your path like fire, and leave your cowardice behind. The she-cat’s words echoed in her mind as she took great heaving breaths of fresh air. The world felt tilted, and she shuddered as she felt the tortoiseshell’s shape beside her.
“Do not forget, Bluepaw. You will never be alone.”

Looking at the sunset in my dream (Dreamysunset, she/her)
Looking at the sunset in my dream (Dreamysunset, she/her)
October 25, 2020 7:01 pm

Warriors High!!!!

Normal pov:
“Leslie should go away.” Ivy grumbled, wincing as she sat down on Jay’s and Leo’s couch. “Yeah.” Cindy agreed. “So, what’re we gonna do about Leslie?” Leo asked. “Well, we don’t know where she is, but we have to be more careful.” Jay said, gruffly. “Ow.” Briar flinched, shuddering in silent pain. Jay looped an arm around her shoulder. “For now, let’s just act as if everything’s normal, ok?” Jay said. Dove, Leo, Holly, Ivy, Cindy, and Briar murmured an ‘ok’.
Briar’s pov:
I walk back to the dorm with Jay, who was helping me walk back. “Ow,” I muttered. When we were at my dorm, I walked in, Jay sat on the chair. “Briar,” He started, I closed the door and sat down on the mini sofa. “just out of curiosity, would you be my girlfriend?” Jay asked, casually.
Leo’s pov:
Why am I so nervous? Leslie is dangerous, almost as dangerous as Ivory (Ivy, Ivory is her real name), she could easily have killed Cindy. I remember her gleaming eyes, her dark brown hair, her clenched fists. “Leon Crawford!” I snapped out of dreaming at looked up at Mrs. Stahl (bluestar). “Where is your homework essay?” She asked. I got the paper out of my bag and handed it to her. She squinted at me and walked back to her desk. “Next week we’ll st-” The bell rang and everyone hurried out, Mrs. Stahl sighed. “Ok, I’ll tell you next week, then.” Grabbing my bag, I ran out, running to Holly’s and Cindy’s dorm. Phew, school’s over for the week. I knocked on the door, when it opened, I hugged Cindy.
Dove’s pov:
I see Ben, okay Dove, go and talk to him! Stop acting like a wimp, already. I walk over to him. He see’s me and he smiled. “Hey, Dove. I didn’t see you at the dance.” He said, I could see their was hurt in his eyes. “Ben…I got kidnapped.” I murmured softly. “What?!” He widened his eyes. “See,” I pointed to my right cheek. “someone had cut (ok it wasn’t like a big deal, just a scar) it.” Ben didn’t say it, I panicked, doesn’t he believe me? He hugged me tight. I could feel tears prickling, though not in a sad way. “Dove,” He whispered in my ears. “I love you.”
Jay’s pov:
Briar tilted her head. “Well, I guess so.” She looked down at her hands. I blinked in surprise. “Briar look at me.” She looked up, I leaned over and kissed her on the lips.

Yay! That took a long time, but I finished it! Wahoo! I love this fanfic :3

Ravenkittttttty is a yeet katti (ravenkit)
Ravenkittttttty is a yeet katti (ravenkit)
October 25, 2020 11:19 pm

This is a portion of my fanfiction… Prologue and Chapter 1.


“Mom! Teach me another fighting move!” Crowkit squeaked.
Lilyfoot, her mother, said, “Fine. See this leaf?” She pointed to a leaf sitting below her on the hard ground of the ThunderClan camp with her tail. “Pounce on it and pretend it is a ShadowClan warrior! I’m going hunting now, so make sure someone is watching you.”
Lilyfoot padded out of the camp, her tail raised. Crowkit walked up to Snakefur, a warrior, and asked, “Will you watch me do this fighting move?”
“Sure!” Snakefur padded over to the leaf and sat down, tail covering his paws.
He watched Crowkit pounce and land so hard it made the ground shake. She yelped in pain, then crumpled to the ground.

Chapter 1

Crowkit was still unconscious from the shock. The medicine cat was inspecting her, wondering if she would ever walk normally again. Her left forepaw’s bone was jutting out, her leg resting at an unnatural angle. Fernpelt, the medicine cat, heaved Crowkit onto her shoulders, her sleek pitch-black fur clearly mussed up as her limp body heaved up onto the muscular tom’s back.
Bluepaw, Ferrnpelt’s apprentice, said, full of concern, “WIll she survive the shock? She’s only one moon old.” Fernpelt was wondering the same thing.
“We’ll just do our best.” He responded, weary.
Crowkit’s brother, Thunderkit, rushed in. “Is Crowkit going to be okay?”
The medicine cats shared a look. Thunderkit, who was quite good at interpreting glances, said, “She’s not going to be okay, is she?”
Fernpelt said, reassuring himself as much as Thunderkit, “Don’t worry, everything will be okay.” Thunderkit, who was still suspicious, padded out of the den, feet dragging, tail drooping with sorrow and grief.
When Thunderkit was snuggled up in the nursery with his mother, who during the day was always pacing in front of the medicine den, he couldn’t stop thinking about his littermate. “Will she be okay? Will she survive?” His thoughts were haunting him, his nightmares of sitting vigil for her making him wake up in a cold sweat. In one of his nightmares, his mother was crying outside the medicine cat’s den, her shoulders shaking. She couldn’t hide her grief, even from Thunderkit. He woke up, slipping out of his mother, Lilyfoot’s, grasp. He snuck to the medicine den to find that Bluepaw was already awake, sitting over Crowkit’s body. Thunderkit sat beside her, startling Bluepaw. She let out a squeak of surprise, rousing Fernpelt.
Fernpelt, still groggy with sleep, said, “What’s wrong? A loose claw?”
“No, Fernpelt. It’s just me and Bluepaw,” Thunderkit mewed, still looking at Crowkit. “Will you be able to save her?”
At that, Crowkit shifted positions, mumbling, “I’m fine. Don’t worry about me.” She set her head down, shifting back into a restless sleep.
Fernpelt instantly got up and checked her position. He adjusted her to a position that wouldn’t hurt her leg any more than it already was.
Bluepaw said, “Should I fetch some comfrey for her bone?”
“Please do. I’ll wake her,” Fernpelt responded. “Crowkit, are you awake?”
Crowkit forced herself to say, “Yes, why?”
“The medicine cats want to give you something to make your leg feel better,” Thunderkit said, pushing the herbs that Bluepaw had laid on the floor towards her with his claws.
Crowkit ate them and said, “Is there anything that could help me sleep?”
Bluepaw responded sadly, “No. I would give you a poppy seed, but kits cannot have them.”
By this time the sun was up, and Crowkit was not looking forward to another sleepless day. Her mother came running in and spoke quickly, “Have you seen Thunderkit? When I woke up, he wasn’t with me!”
Fernpelt gently ushered Thunderkit out from behind his back, and Lilyfoot started licking him furiously. Fernpelt’s mouth twitched with amusement. She bundled him out of the den, wanting to keep him as safe as possible.

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