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  • Hello everyone, its been a long time since I posted something for Shinestar’s Legacy, so heres a small part:

    “Why are you so happy?” Shinekit asked.

    “We’re gonna eat a mouse!” Hawkkit mewed excitedly.

    Streamkit and Pigeonkit stopped tussling and looked at the younger kits.

    “The first bite of mouse I had was the best bite of mouse I had,” Pigeonkit mewed in a low voice.

    “Hey, don’t mock me,” Vinewing purred.

    Skykit and Hawkkit raced back out of the nursery and into the fresh-kill pile, literally. Shinekit winced as Skykit crashed face-first into the pile of prey, and winced again when a rabbit fell on top of Hawkkit.

    “Great StarClan! What are they doing?” Pondeye breathed, looking at her kits with a puzzled look.

    Skykit scrabbled around, paws flailing, and finally sat upright, then helped Hawkkit up.

    “Let’s choose something!” Skykit meowed, completely unaffected by their crash.

    Hawkkit stared around at the prey scattered around him.

    “What in the name of StarClan is going on here?” Thornfeather had emerged from the warriors’ den and was looking at the kits disapprovingly. 

    Shinekit winced yet again. Thornfeather was known to be extremely strict.

    But Skykit and Hawkkit took no notice.

    “We’re choosing our first prey!” Hawkkit mewed, completely oblivious to the mess he made.

    “Is blowing up the fresh-kill pile choosing your first prey?” Thornfeather mewed. However he had an amused glint in his eyes, which made Shinekit sigh in relief.

        • I mean it looked like you got absolutely loads so I can definitely see that they wouldn’t turn up for a while askdjfhjsk
          I’ll definitely keep reading this though it’s great

  • Chapter One of Vivid Dreams
    Lilith’s PoV
    Personally, Lilith was very confused.
    She wasn’t sure about the kid next to her. She studied them, trying to remember every detail. They were tall, and lanky. They were still lying on the ground, unconscious, so Lilith wasn’t sure about much else in their figure. They had medium length black hair, but since they were asleep, Lilith couldn’t tell their eye color. They had dusky brown skin, and tiny freckles. Lilith stood up, about to walk away, when she felt a hand on her shoulder. Her eyes narrowed, and she turned to see the kid that had been previously unconscious holding her back. “Oy.” They breathed. “Do you have powers as well?”
    Lilith was shocked, but she hid it behind a glare. “What’s it to you? I’m pretty sure this is a dream.” She shot, twisting away from their hand at his momentary confusion. “Hey, wait!” They yelled as she ran.
     “Come back…”

    Cyren’s PoV
    Why had she run? Cyren puzzled over this for a while. Maybe because they had been kind of keeping her there. That was his fault.
    They came up with a few more reasons, but soon gave up and resorted to scanning the terrain.
    The ground was like a desert in a painting. The ground was pinkish-orange sand, drowned in the ever-setting sun. There was mist curling everywhere, like boundaries. It was like it was whispering, Don’t come here. It’s not safe…
    Cyren frowned.
    That was because…
    There was a girl in the mist.

    End of Chapter One
    (You’re giving me ships. I don’t care what ye think, you’re giving me ships. Forms are in the Fanfic Organization page, page 110.)

  • What if Mapleshade’s kits had lived Chapter 1

    Mapleshade moved through the thick layers of bracken covering the wooden floor, Patchkit’s scruff gripped in her teeth and her two other kits bundling on behind her. Finally, they had made it to the Riverclan border, only a raging river not standing in their way. The river borrowed through the territories like a weaving snake, letting nothing get in its way. Patchkit had to be carried for too long, starting to squirm and whimper, forcing her to put him down.

    Mapleshade twisted her head, glaring by into the woodland landscape, looking for any glimpses of movement of pelts. Paranoid, they could be attacked by an enraged Thunderclan patrol at any moment. Knowing that some of her traitorous former Clanmates thought exile was too good for Half-bloods. Which disgusted her.

    Patchkit hung his head and tail low in sorrow, “Why does Thunderclan hate us, mother? Why do we have to leave? What do we do wrong?”, spending a wave of questions at her. “We did nothing wrong.”, Mapleshade growled, “It’s them that’s the problem, not us!”, losing her temper slightly. She turned away from him before she made things worse, “Good for nothing fox hearts.”, she muttered under her breath. Sitting down on the sandy earth, she tried to clear her head. Then she felt tiny paws grip her leg as Larchkit reared up on his back legs to meet his mother’s eyes, “But we want to go back. I want to go back to camp and the nursery.”. Mapleshade shook her head, “Forget about camp. Forget about the nursery. We are outcasts now, you need to understand that. We can’t go back. Or they’ll hurt us if we do.”.

    Petalkit took a step closer to the rushing water, staring at it with eyes the sizes of moons. “Do we have to swim in there again?”, the she-cat asked nervously. Mapleshade paused looking down at the speeding current, “Not yet.”, using her tail to draw her kit away from the edge. The water hissed and spat as it slammed against the rocky shore. The river was a lot higher then she remembered, completely submerging nearby reeds under its murky surface. Her worry only grew as her gaze drifted upstream. She hissed, the stepping stones had been completely submerged as well! Only two pathetic grey stumps were left managing to peek up above the useless waves is trying to cross.

    It would be lucky if she made it across in one piece herself, let alone tiny 2 moon old kits. She had to consider her options carefully if she didn’t want anyone being washing away or drowning. She could try and take them over one by one but Oakstar had only given her until Sunhigh to leave and the sun was already flying high in the sky. It would take too long, putting them too at risk of being attacked by a patrol. Or she could carry one while the other swam by her- Was she mouse brained? They wouldn’t survive that. She decided to go for broke, simply combining the two ideas together.

    She crouched down at the river’s edge, “Larchkit, Petalkit, climb on my back.”, she told them. They seemed confused but didn’t question it as they wriggled on top of her. When they were both in position, surrounded by her patchy thick fur. “Ok, now listen to me because this is very important.”, she explained, with both of their full attention, “You must hold onto me as tightly as you can, use your claws to grip me.”. Petalkit obediently nodded but Latchkit began to look distressed, “But won’t that hurt you?”. Mapleshade shook her head, trying not to give away how scared she was herself, “Don’t worry about me, just make sure to use your claws, as deep as they will go.”.

    She winced slightly as thorn-like claws dug into her flesh while they shifted around, preparing themselves. As she began to stand on long legs, Patchkit leapt in front of her, “What about me?”, he asked blinking. Not bothering to say anymore, she leaned down and took him by the scruff once more. Luckily, no one was making a fuss. With a final deep sigh, Mapleshade took her first step into the water. Immediately, even with little as a paw in, she felt the immense strength of the current. It was also bitterly ice cold, as it crept down into her bones. The gravel under her paws shifted and shield as it gave under her weight. She dug her claws into sandy shoreline as she took one strenuous step after the other. It was already this harsh and she hadn’t even made it halfway. For a heartbeat, she felt tempted to leap back onto to the safe dry land but quickly banished those thoughts to the back of her mind. There was no going back now!

    She plagued into the deep end, submerging almost her entire body, all but her neck, head, and precious cargo. She felt the claws digging into her neck, go deeper. Her fur become soaked as it absorbed the water, weighing her down. It felt like she was carrying a pile of pebbles in her stomach. Patchkit let out whales of terror as the waves began to reach out for his dangling legs. She strained her muscles, trying to raise her head further from the brown swirling liquid that threatened her kit’s life. Patchkit’s whales faded to a timid whimper.

    Mapleshade’s eyes glanced over to the nearby shore, layers of foam were building up against the jagged rocks, like thick yellowish walls of fog blocking her escape. Speckles of dirty water, splashed up into her amber eyes, the salty texture of it making her eyes sting. She needed to get out this river quickly. Gathering up her strength, she kicked hard at the blue void, heaving herself across the river. Slowly she got into a rhythm like running across the Thunderclan forest, darting after squirrels; kick, pause, kick, pause. Mapleshade was making better progress now, she was over halfway now. Just a bit further- However her long strides with brief pauses for critical moments of rest soon turned to frantic paddling. She going in the opposite direction she wanted! A swift undercurrent had grasped her, taking her with it. Despite how much she fought it, how much she willed it, she couldn’t win against it.

    She kicked harder and harder, the water dragging her quicker and quicker, tiring her faster and faster- A hard grey subject stabbed into her throat as she slammed against one of the sharpened edges of the stepping stones. There was movement from above her as Larchkit and Petalkit jerked at the sudden impact, barely holding on. Pain surged through her as the sharp rock dug into her windpipe.

    In that heartbeat, her own body betrayed her. She couldn’t help it. The urge was just too great. Her mouth slipped open as she let out a cry of agony, with Patchkit sent hurling towards the raging water. In unison, the family cried out for their falling member, “Patchkit!”, as he was swallowed up, dragged under the water’s surface. Mapleshade watched helplessly as he flailed desperately to keep above the surface but the current kept dragging him under. Only rarely did his small ginger head bobbed up to get a few important moments to gasp for air. He was being taken away so fast, downstream, it was like a dream. She was dazed.

    No! Just before Mapleshade ungripped from the safety of the stepping step, to go after him, there was movement on the far bank. There was a flash of creamy brown. Appledusk! Her heart soared as her mate darted forward like a fox and plunged into the river after their son. His brown fur disappearing into the swirling blue depths of the river. Move pelts emerged from the swishing reeds of Riverclan’s territory, the warriors looked stunned at the strange scene of; Mapleshade clinging on the stepping stone while two kits whaled on her head as they cried out for their brother.

    Diving in, they swam towards her, gliding through the rampaging river with ease as a Windclan cat would almost fly over the moors. Larchkit and Petalkit handled together as a pale tom and grey tabby she-cat took placed on either side of Mapleshade. The smell of fish clung to her nose. Her fur bristled as they clamped her down with their flanks, dragging her the last of the way across the river. Her instincts told her to claw their ears off but she didn’t. It was against everything she’d been told as she grew up; Riverclan was the foe and they wouldn’t hesitate to attack you. But she couldn’t, this may be her only chance of living.

    Relief flooded over as she began to feel a hard surface under her paw pads again. Safety at last. As they went into the swallows, the pale tom, Splashfoot bit down into her neck fur and forcefully yanked her out the water, throwing her against the shore. She let out a yowl of surprise and anger. Both kits were sent tumbling off her back, rolling onto the ground. When Larchkit and Petalkit saw their mother begin to sit up, they scrambled between her legs, getting to the shelter of her belly. Their heads popped out from under her, nervously, their ears pricked and noses twitching. Mapleshade had her ears flatten, ready for the Riverclan cats’ imminent threats. But surprisingly, Eletail’s and Splashfoot’s attention wasn’t on her, instead, their eyes were upstream. Then it hit her like a falling tree, “Why hasn’t Appledusk returned with Patchkit yet?”, she demanded.

    As she wildly glanced around, she flinched as Frecklewish emerged onto the Thunderclan shore, ears twitching with confusion. The speckled cat halted suddenly, as she noticed the fierce flood, violently trembling. Anger grew in Mapleshade as she overheard the coward’s words, “I can’t do this – I’ll only make it worse. Not like Birchface!”. Before she could yowl at Frecklewish, she fled into the bushes, not giving the Riverclan patrol a second thought. How much had she’d seen without bothering to help? Mapleshade questioned bitterly. Patchkit was still missing!

    Luckily, Appledusk finally gripped the rocks, heaving himself out of the water. With a white and ginger bundle in his mouth. Patchkit was safe! Both cats were soaked to the bone and dripping wet, leaving a trail behind them like a slug as Appledusk padded towards the small crowd of cats. Appledusk gently dropped the kit on the floor.

    Mapleshade dived on Patchkit, protectively wrapping her paws around him and grooming him down. He violently shivered and was stiff with cold. Coughing up mouthfuls of water. She licked him more, desperately trying to warm him. Whispering into his ear, “I’m sorry, little one. I’ll never let you slip from my paws like that ever again. I promise.”.

    Larchkit and Petalkit went up to their brother, relief scent arose from them. “Make sure not to go on crazy adventures like that, without me next time.”, Larchkit teased playfully, prodding at his brother’s nose. Patchkit gave off a weak smile.

    “Thank you-“, she began to raise her head to her mate, Appledusk but her words were cut off. Instead of seeing a warm welcoming grin she expected, his green eyes were filled with anger. He opened his mouth slowly, so only she could hear his hushed message, “You’ve could have gotten them killed.”

    As she lay there; with her kits in her arms, her heart, which was soaring only a few heartbeats ago, was sinking like a boulder. How could he accuse her of that? Their kits were alive and safe in the end! Shouldn’t that be the only thing that mattered? Wasn’t he pleased to see them? Wasn’t he pleased to see her?

    “What were you thinking!?”, a loud and angry she-cat’s voice rang throughout the whole forest, breaking into Mapleshade’s swarming clouds of dark thoughts. Mapleshade turned sharply to meet the glare of Eletail, both of their tails lashing. Mapleshade knew this cat from reputation alone; Senior Warrior, Retired queen, mentor of three separate apprentices and proud mother of two successful litters. Her greying muzzle and battle-worn pelt certainly showed that. Eeltail continued her rant, “Making kits swim in a river? With high currents? One of them almost drowned!”, her eyes flickering towards Patchkit. 

    She didn’t make them swim, she carried them, Larchkit and Petalkit were almost completely dry, Mapleshade thought her unspoken argument.

    “You know, it just shows what kind of mother you are, when the enemy has to save your own kit.”, she muttered. Mapleshade’s fur flared, claws scraping across the stone under her paws. How dare you! Mapleshade secretly shouted in her head. But she fought back the snarl forming in her throat. Despite how much she hated it, she had to remain calm and friendly if she wanted any chance of being accepted into Riverclan and giving her kits a future.

    What she did and said in those next few moments could decide everything. Eeltail flicked her tail tip and tried to nose Mapleshade to her paws, “Come on.”, Eeltail urged sternly, “You or your kits shouldn’t be on Riverclan territory. We know a better way around the river, you can return home safely from there.”.

    Just as Eletail and Splashfoot began to pad away, expecting Mapleshade to follow, she mewed, “I can’t.”.

    Splashfoot halted, turning his head over his broad shoulder, “Why?”.

    Mapleshade sat up, puffing up her chest. “We were kicked out by Oakstar.”, she explained, “We can’t go back to Thunderclan anymore.”. The two Riverclan warriors looked at each other, confused. Appledusk continued to hover in the background. Splashfoot took a step forward, sniffing curiously at the kits huddled together behind Mapleshade’s front legs, “So why did you bring them here?”.

    Mapleshade let out a long-lasting sigh. Her blood boiling from the growing dreed of the terrifying moment that loomed over her. No going back now. She glanced at Appledusk, still as silent and stiff as a frozen tree trunk. “I was hoping you could let us join Riverclan.”, she simply said.

    Splashfoot snorted, “And why would we take in Thunderclan exiles?”, he mewed with a taunting tone.

    Swallowing back another sigh, Mapleshade readied herself for the answer that would change everything. There was no point in lying now. She twisted her tail around her kits, protecting them if something went wrong. “Because those ain’t just Thunderclan kits. They’ve got Riverclan blood in them as well!”, she declared. Eeltail’s muscles strained, “How?”, she snarled.

    “Because Appledusk is their father!”, she announced. The truth was out…

    All eyes widen in shock, including the two Riverclan warriors and her own kits. Even Appledusk shifted uneasily in his sitting position, surprised that she had the guts to tell their ultimate secret like that. Splashfoot twisted on his front paw to directly face his clanmate, his smokey grey tail bushed up, making him look as a huge as a Lionclan warrior. “Traitor!”, he yowled, lunging, claws first, straight towards the brown tom.

    Then Eletail ran in, rearing up and grabbing Splashfoot by the scruff mid-air and slamming him onto the hard earth. The struggling cat spat in hatred, “Why are you defending him?”.
    Eeltail had her fur on end and ears flatten, clearing finding it hard not to rip the fur off of Appledusk herself. Ignoring the cat flailing under her weight, her attention turned to Appledusk, “Is it true? Are you the father of Mapleshade’s kits?”, she asked while growling.

    Appledusk took while before answering, his expression blank, “Yes.”, he finally admitted. Petalkit dashed from under Mapleshade before she could grab the she-kit. Petalkit stared at Appledusk with wide eyes. “You can’t be our father!”, she shouted. It pained Mapleshade to see her daughter like this, “I’m sorry Petalkit, but he is your father.”, trying to soothe the distressed young cat. “But I don’t want him to be my father. He smells funny and all the elders were telling me how he’s the one who killed Birchface and Flowerpaw!”.

    Larchkit joined in beside his sister, facing Mapleshade while Patchkit crowded under her, “We don’t want a killer as a father!”. All the cats around the kits looked at them, speechless. Guilt flooded over Mapleshade. Maybe she should never let Appledusk be the father of her kin, if it caused them this much shame and horror. Surprisingly, Appledusk finally spoke properly, coming to his own defence, “It was an accident. I would never kill a warrior, let alone an apprentice, out of cold blood like that.”. Both kits remained silent.

    No one dared move. It felt as if time itself had stopped. Splashfoot had finally calmed down, going limp, so Eletail stopped pinning him down, allowing him to stand. Eeltail bared her white longs fangs, “We’re taking you and your kits back to camp. Only Darkstar will know how to deal with this situation.”. Mapleshade hesitantly nodded, “Very well.”.

    The group set off, leaving the river behind them and padding into the tree-line. Mapleshade felt slightly relieved to get away from the thing that had almost taken her kits away forever. With Eeltail marching on ahead and Splashfoot at the rear to make sure no one tried to make an escape, leaving Mapleshade and Appledusk to awkwardly walk side by side. She wanted to say something but didn’t want to risk making anything worse. Instead, she made a more subtle move, twinning her thick tail with his long short-haired one. No one noticed but Appledusk. He gave off a sad yet for some reason guilty smile.

  • Yes! Finally out of writer’s block for Burned! So here you are. Chapter Three of Burned. From Vyx’s POV.

    I walk out onto the green, my mind still stuck on Chip and Bailey…mainly Bailey…but why? What’s so special about a feisty girl who’s got awesome hair and looks really hot in general-
    Shut up, Vyx, don’t think that. She’s not hot. She’s just a regular girl, for goodness sake. 
    As I flop down on the nearest bench, my best friend, Heroine, strides up to me. She’s grinning and fiddling with her daggers.
    “What’cha so excited about, Hero?” I ask as she sits next to me. 
    She snarls playfully, then laughs. “Well, my roomie’s pretty cool, for one. Also, I have a secret.” Her mischievous blue eyes glimmer, and I find myself wondering how a girl like her could ever be asexual. 
    Again, Vyx, shut up. That’s just who she is. 
    “Tell me the secret,” I plead, adding a hint of a whine in there. “You know how much I love secretsssssssssss.”
    Hero pauses, pursing her lips for a minute, then smiles. “Fine. Okay. Well, I think that you’ve already met Chip Brown, right?”
    I nod excitedly. “Yup. He’s my roommate. Tell me why now.”
    “Well, I was talking to Iki about him, and guess what av said?”
    “Av said, ‘what, that kinda cool dude in my homeroom? He’s cool.’ And when I asked av to elaborate, av said, ‘I just think he’s really cool…and stuff…’ and he was BLUSHING.”
    “Wow.” I grin. “No way. Can’t believe that Iki finally found a guy.”
    Hero laughs. “I know, right?”
    Someone taps me on the shoulder. When I turn, I see it’s Bailey.
    “Oh. Hey, Bailey. How’s it going?” Wow, dude. You literally saw her, no joke, like, two minutes ago. 
    Bailey’s smiling, brushing a strand of nutmeg-brown hair that escaped her messy tumbled-up ponytail to the side. “Pretty good. What about you? How’s life been for you during the past six minutes?”
    “All right.” I turn to Heroine. She’s surveying Bailey, deciding what to think about her; I’ve seen her do this so many times, I’m positive that’s what she’s doing. “Hero, this is Bailey,” I explain. “We bumped into each other in the hallway.”
    “Well, more like you slammed into me,” Bailey interjects, smirking.
    “ANYWAYS,” I continue forcefully, “Bai, this is Hero.”
    “Heroine,” she grumbles. “Don’t call me Hero.”
    “Sorry, Ms. Moody.”
    Bailey’s staring at me. “Did you just call me…”
    “Oh, right,” I reply, blushing hard. “Sorry. I just thought it was a nickname…I can change it if you mind.”
    “No, I don’t. It’s kinda cute, if I’m being totally honest, which I am.” Her amber eyes burn with…what? Something, that’s for sure…but what?
    There’s an awkward silence. I want to do something to break it, something that would make Bailey think I’m cool, too, something that would make me worthy of being Hero’s friend. 
    Wait, wait, wait. Hold up. Why do I want Bailey to think that I’m cool? Why am I acting so weird around her? What’s wrong with me?
    “Well,” Hero finally says, breaking the silence before I can open my mouth, “Bailey, I saw what you did to that girl this morning. Why did you do that? It just looked like she was trying to tell you something.”
    Bailey’s eyes sparked angrily. “She wasn’t ‘telling’ me anything,” she spat. “She was picking fun at the fact that my dad is Scarred!”
    The tension in the air grows thicker. Heroine looks at Bailey with something new in her gaze, something like…pity? But I haven’t known Hero to pity anyone. 
    “Come on,” I whisper to Bailey, nodding my head towards the small grove at the back. “Let’s go out there and do something fun, okay? Something like…I scan the trees, spotting something that looks really fun. “Something like that.”
    Bailey nods, and together we walk off into the trees. Once we’re there, sunlight filtering through the leaves and leaving soft golden splashes on the grass, I take a seat on the wooden plank that’s been tied, using two ropes, into a swing. Bailey just collapses on the ground in front of me.
    “I didn’t know your father was Scarred,” I suggest quietly, flying higher and higher with every pump of my legs. Pump. Swing. Pump. Swing.
    “Yeah,” she eventually replies, playing with a small ball of flames. “He’s been Scarred for a little while now.” The ball of flames grows bigger with every toss. 
    “What’s it like?” Pump. Swing. Pump. Swing. 
    Toss. Whoosh. Toss. Whoosh. 
    Pump. Toss. Whoosh. Swing. Pump. Toss. Whoosh. Swing.
    Perfect sync. 
    “It’s hard,” Bailey eventually murmurs, her eyes glowing with effort. She hugs the ball of fire close, already about as big as her head. “Dad’s been gone for about three years now. He left while I was in sixth grade.” Toss. Swing. Toss. Swing. 
    “I can’t even imagine what that’s like.” I smile sympathetically. Something about her makes me think that she’s a fighter – and that was even before I knew her dad was Scarred. 
    “So what was Heroine talking about this morning, when she said that you were doing something to a girl?”
    “Oh,” Bailey scoffed, smirking a smidge. “Violet? I was just putting her in her place. Everyone’s afraid of her, except for a couple kids like me who know she’s nothing but a scared kid of a Scarred woman. Her mom,” she explains when I give her a questioning look. “Sent away when she was only three. She’s always been angry, wondering why they would take her and make her life miserable.”
    “Ah.” I don’t want anyone to find out about my mom, since that’s made my life miserable as well. “I think I can imagine what that’s like.” Actually, I can. My mom was taken, too. I’m just not as open about it.
    I went to visit her once.
    I can still remember her dead, light, carefree eyes, without a care in the world. I can also remember the fire-children’s angry, burning eyes as they were chained up and put away, the most dangerous. The water-children’s calm, sad, quiet statue figure as they sat there, quietly awaiting their fates. The earth-children, all being stiff and rock-like to everyone they come across. The ice-children, cold and demanding demeanors freezing through everyone who happens to catch their eyes. The lightning-children, murderous and treacherous, striking maliciously just to feel happy. The shadow-children, faces so dark and evil that it made me wonder how long they could go without stealing a pocket of broken watches. The light-children, how soft and kind they had seemed, how beautiful, how watchful…
    And the air-children, too happy and carefree to even notice how dead the world around them was. 
    I’m snapped out of my thoughts by a yell of warning, of worry. And then I’m on the ground, wind knocked out of me (oof, how ironic) and hurt and in pain everywhere. 
    Ow thoughts running   running away    away from the pain    from    the pain    the memory   the   the    life                  fading away
    A hand grips my shoulder. Brings me back into this world. It’s warm, like it was just playing in a lake of fire.
    Fire. It’s Bailey.
    Her hand moves to my chin, tilting my head up so my eyes are staring into her’s, pale grey mirrored in amber. Hers are filled with worry, pain…something else that I don’t understand. Don’t know why that’s there. 
    “Hey,” she whispers, voice full of anxiety. “You okay? It was like you…I don’t know, like you vanished into thought or something.”
    “I’m fine,” I squeak, then wince. I didn’t know I was crying until right now, when I hear my voice tremble with the force of pain. Of sadness. A quick wipe to my eyes and I’m better…or, at least, as better as I can be.
    Bailey sighs with relief. “Good. I’m glad.” She gets to her feet, eyes sparking happily. “I’m gonna go find my roommate, Elley. I’ll see you later?”
    “Yeah, ‘course. I’ll find you later.”
    Bailey nods, grinning. She winks and vanishes into the sunlight, onto the campus.
    Once she’s gone, I groan as a sudden thought pops into my head, and I realize that’s exactly what I’ve been thinking ever since I met Bailey. Flopping onto my back and staring at the leaves that filter the sunlight out, I sigh.
    I have a crush on the coolest girl I’ve ever met, and I have no idea how this is gonna play out.

    Thanks for reading! Hope you liked it. Sorry if I didn’t get Vyx’s personality right, Bramble. It was…kinda hard to put that into this chapter, to say the least.
    Next chapter will be from Chip’s POV!

  • YUS! Here please halp me with this any comments or suggestions would be halpful.





    Chapter 1

    The Capture
    Hi. My name is Moonkit. I have two sisters. One whose name is Archkit and another named Shadowkit. Shadowkit is a black little kitten with one white paw, and Archkit is gray with a crooked tail and teal and green eyes. I am a black and white cat. A tuxedo cat (as the Twolegs call it) to be exact. Our mother’s name is Windwhisker. Our father is a strong warrior. His name is Pebblerain. We are part of Riverclan but We (Archkit, Shadowkit, and I) dream of being part of Skyclan. We also had some other kits that we hung out with. Fluffykit, Sripekit, Cloudkit, Dirtykit, and Riverkit. One day I wake up ready for a regular day. It was till a Twoleg came to the camp with a basket. They took every kit but Archkit, Shadowkit, and I. I told Windwhisker that I could save them. She didn’t listen. I already knew where the Twoleg lived. Thankfully I was going to be an apprentice the next day. I became Moonpaw, Archkit is now Archpaw, and Shadowkit is now Shadowpaw. Now Windwhisker let Archpaw, Shadowpaw, and I go. We went into the woods and towards the Twoleg nest. We got there and the Twoleg’s monster was gone. I didn’t see any cats inside the house. We stuck around till we saw the monster. The Twoleg  got out of the monster and had the kits in crates. We snuck in with all the other cats. We hid under the couch. I watched everything that happened. There was a boy kitten that lived with the Twoleg. He was an orange tabby or that’s what the Twolegs call it. The Twoleg called him Tiger. He had a collar with his name on it. All the kits now had collars too. Fluffykit was called Snowball, Stripekit was called Lion, Cloudkit was called Sky, Dirtykit was called Brownie, and Riverkit was called Spots. Riverkit doesn’t even have spots! After a while the Twoleg gave them food and went to the room of their nest. They didn’t come back down for a while, so I knew it was safe. I came out and I helped all the kits take their collars off and put them under the couch. I jumped and opened the front door. All the kits ran out except the kittypet named Tiger, Shadowpaw, Archpaw, and I. Tiger insisted that we stayed. The Twoleg came down stairs and saw the door open and closed it right in Shadowpaw, Archpaw, and my face. She put all of us in a crate with Tiger. I knew kittypets were trouble. We would have been long gone with Tiger if he didn’t stop us. We refused to talk to Tiger. We would only talk to each other. We didn’t even try to be quiet. We didn’t care if he heard us. Shadowpaw said, “So much for becoming apprentices. We don’t even get to do anything other than be stuck in this Twoleg nest!” Archpaw replied, “Yeah but we saved the kits so that they can be apprentices. That’s the only thing that matters.” I could just be quiet at a time like this, “ We wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for the Kittypet.” I said this making sure that Tiger was listening. Tiger asked, “Why are you so against being with people? They give you food, shelter, water, and everything you need!” I started to feel bad for Tiger. He kept on asking questions that I knew the answer too, just I didn’t say anything. This time I told him, “Because We are clan cats! We are cats that already have what we need. We don’t need some Twoleg to give us stuff. The only thing I have seen Twolegs do is get in monsters and put cats in crates! Am I right or am I right?!” He was a little offended by this question. Only a little though. Shadowpaw and Archpaw looked at me like I was crazy because I talked to a Kittypet. I just licked my paw and ignored them. Tiger looked at me like I was crazy as well. I had a little bit of anger in my voice when I said this. “Look, We don’t like being cooped up in places. We didn’t even when we were kits! All we wanted to do was go outside of the nursery for all the kits.” I said in more of a calm, sweet tone. Shadowpaw and Archpaw relaxed a little and realized that Tiger didn’t know anything about where they came from. Archpaw still was a little tense though. Tiger looked like he was just hit by a branch. I had just started noticing that my paw had been hurting alot since I left camp. I picked it up and saw that it was bleeding. All the cats around me looked at my paw and Archpaw said, “What did you do?! DId you step on a thorn? Did you break it?!” I looked at her and with a calm voice said, “I think I broke it….. Because I can’t feel it……,” I looked down at my paw then back up at Archpaw, “ It’s fine!” She looked at me like I just said I saw a Starclan cat! Tiger just looked concerned now. He was able to slip out these words, “ Is.. Is this what you clan cat do all the time?” I responded quicker than a cheetah can run, “Nope! I just don’t want to worry about it!” I was trying to sound really calm but in my head I was asking myself, Am I really okay? I was very tired and I laid down and Shadowpaw and Archpaw did too. Tiger tried to move closer to use but Archpaw hissed at him and he went to go lay by the door. We fell asleep and woke up to a Twoleg looking into the crate. I jumped up and landed hard on my paw that was already broken and let out a cry of pain. This woke Archpaw and Shadowpaw. Tiger was already awoken. My paw started to bleed again.

    Chapter 2 
    I shifted around in the box, thinking about what had happened today. We became apprentices, found the stolen kits, and now, the worst one ever, we were KITTYPETS!!  AND, Moonpaw is friends with a KITTYPET!! I mean, being with a kittypet is bad, but FRIENDS!? NO mousebrained WAY I’ll steal Moonpaw away from me. My thoughts were interrupted by a scuffling sound of Tiger and Moonpaw playing. She was showing him the hunter’s crouch, how to sneak up on something, and all of the other things we used to do as kits. I grumpily turned away from where they were playing. If she doesn’t want to play with me, then I will not play with her. I let out a low growl warning Tiger not to mess with my Shadowpaw or me. For all I care right now, Moonpaw can go fight a badger by herself.
    “Shadowpaw, come play with me! We CLAN CATS should work on our apprentice skills, so when we go back to the clans, we won’t be behind.” I emphasize clan cats just to make Tiger feel bad. He glances at Moonpaw. She stares at him like he’s some sort of StarClan cat. Then, it hit me. MOONPAW AND TIGER!!! She likes him!! WHAT WHAT IN STARCLAN’S NAME?! Out of all the cats in the world, why this on?! She’ll stay with him when we can get rescued, become his mate, have his kits, and die together!! You know that wave of understanding when reality kicks in, that’s what happened. Oh StarClan. What is she, mousebrained. I can imagine it already, three kits, one black and brown with bright blue eyes, one white kit with one brown paw and deep green eyes, and, finally, one a brown tabby, just like his father! I scorn at the idea of my kits being taken away. If I have any kits or a mate, it’ll be a part of RiverClan! Not a stupid kittypet! Suddenly, Moonpaw falls over, while showing Tiger how to do the swipe and reach. She withers away in agony when Tiger tries to help her up.
    “Archpaw, help me! Hurry!!” she meows in short, hurried, breaths. As she speaks, blood pools from her paw. Her eyes twitch and her head rolls back limply. 
    “Archpaw!” Tiger meows with such pain and horror. He looks at her body. “What happened here?” I ask with hate and anger trembling in my voice. “We were playing and she said her paw hurt. I said we should stop, but she insisted we should keep going. And then, she collapsed. I’m sorry! I don’t know what happened.” I sighed and fell down in a pile, with Tiger curling around me. 
    Chapter 3

    I thought that I lost my chance at life.. Hey, At least my paw feels better! LOok on the bright side. I went to Starclan after the incident at the Twoleg nest. I do miss Tiger, Shadowpaw, and Archpaw though. I miss Tiger the most. He was less boring. He didn’t know anything about clan cats so I was the one who told him. He enjoyed listening to me talk about all the different clans. I didn’t think that I would have the chance to meet all types of leaders so quickly! I got to see friends and family who had died. I also got to meet Leafstar, a leader of Skyclan. Jayfeather, a medicine cat from Thunderclan who was blind. Jayfeather told me that I still had a purpose in life. I asked him, “How can I have a purpose in life if I already died?” He responded, “Because you’re meant to be a medicine cat. Medicine cats are very important. especially with how much you get hurt! It also helps to be calm when bad things happen. That is exactly what you do. That is a gift from Starclan to help you be a great medicine cat! You will be able to help Archpaw, Shadowpaw, and Tigerpaw.” “Who’s Tigerpaw?” I quickly asked Jayfeather. Jayfeather shook his head, “You don’t think! Tiger is Sunpaw. I know you want to mate him. It is very obvious.” I was horrified. “Can medicine cats have kits?” Jayfeather looked at me, “No, unless you are in Skyclan.” My eyes lit up like a firefly. That was the clan I wanted to be a part of anyway! Then Jayfeather said, “ Try not to die again!” Then everything became fussy and I was back at the Twoleg nest. It was like a dream. I saw Archpaw, Shadowpaw, and Tiger all curled up by each other. I said, “What happened?” and Archpaw and Tiger Looked up in disbelief. “Are you a ghost?” Archpaw asked cautiously. “Nope!” I replied with happiness. “How is this possible?” Tiger asked. “I am supposed to be a medicine cat for Skyclan. The one in the George, remember. And I am supposed to take care of Archpaw, Shadowpaw, and Tigerpaw.” Tiger looked at me like I just ate a fox. “Who’s Sunpaw?” “Yeah” Shadowpaw and Archpaw echoed.  I stared at them for a little while. I didn’t know if I was supposed to tell them. Then Jayfeather’s voice echoed in my head, “Tell them.” “Yeah about that…..Sunpaw is YOU Tiger. You are Sunpaw.” Tiger gave that look which meant how do you know so much???. “Tiger can I speak with you, alone.” I said. Archpaw looked at me like I killed a cat. They walked into a different room in the Twoleg nest. I told Tiger, “We are meant to mate. And I need to go to Skyclan so I can kits as a medicine cat. Only way I can be a medicine cat and have kits!” Tiger replied, “I understand, completely. But we need to tell the others.” I was quick to respond, “Have you gone mousebrained! NO WAY can we tell them! My parents would never approve of me mating a kittypet! They might not stay in Skyclan with us. That is where we are meant to live. This is where we need to thrive! Being here as a kittypet is a waste of time.” Tiger responded, “ I know. I didn’t choose to be a kittypet.” “I am going to tell the others they can come back in.” I told Tiger. “No talking about this around the others, unless I say  you can.” Tiger muttered something to himself but I didn’t hear him. 

    Chapter 4
    The Broken Adventure
    “What did you talk about?” I asked Tiger, since I know he can’t keep a secret. “Umm… I can’t tell you!” I glared at him and that broke him down and he told me everything. It was fast, but I caught SkyClan, mates, Jayfeather and Sunpaw! “Oh, so we have to go to SkyClan and you and Moonpaw can be mates. But, if you haven’t noticed, we’re STUCK in a Twoleg nest.” As I said that Tiger slumped down. “But you know more about these nests than any of us combined. Is there any way we could get out of here?” Tiger jumped up and started prancing around and meowing. “What ARE you doing?!” I looked at him so confused. “I do this if I have to go to the bathroom, and they let me out. Do it!” he urged me. “All right but ONLY if it gets us out of here.” I muttered darkly. His Twoleg came into the room clearly annoyed with us. Shadowpaw and Moonpaw had joined us after laughing at us for a bit. I admit I would laugh at me, too. The Twoleg opened the door, and we raced to freedom. “Can you open the weird border locker thing?” Shadowpaw asked Tiger. “Well… YES! It’s made of trees. So, you can climb up it. And flip the silver thing. Then, we will be free.”   
    Moonpaw climbed up, and flicked the silver thing and the gate opened. We ran out, just as the Twoleg opened the door to see what’s taking us so long. We raced out and ran until we couldn’t see the Twoleg anymore. Till we ran into another Twoleg. She gave us some kittypet food, we were so hungry we ate it. It tasted funny, like herbs. We all fell asleep, but at the last second before I fell asleep, I saw a cobweb like thing fall over us, and Moonpaw trying to fight it. Then, I fell asleep.

    Chapter 5
    The Kittynap
    The Twolegs that captured the kits were nice so I thought that all Twolegs were nice. But I was wrong. The girl that put us in the box wasn’t nice. She had long fingernails that she shoved into your belly and made it hurt. She put us in a box after she looked all over us. There were holes in the top of the box so we could breathe but not big enough to fit through. She taped the top shut so we couldn’t push it open. She took Tiger first, then Shadowpaw, next Archpaw, and lastly, me. I heard her go out the door of the house and went into a monster. Then I heard her say that she wanted to take us to the big city to sell us all to just one person to get a lot of money. At least she is keeping us together! None of us could sleep, not even Tiger! Tiger was pacing around the box. Archpaw curled up with Shadowpaw to keep her company. Shadowpaw was crying because she missed being free. THe plan was to leave right before Bareleaf. Now we won’t be able to follow through in that plan. And we were going the opposite way of Skyclan. I wasn’t able to sleep for long but I managed to get a tiny cat nap. I got to see Jayfeather for some advice. Once I got to Starclan I just trembled to the ground and started crying. Jayfeather came over and told me, “You will be okay.” “How is this ok?! Everything is falling apart! How are we going to go to Skyclan?” Jayfeather could tell how much I wanted to go to Skyclan. Jayfeather said, “Yes, it is, but you will make it to Skyclan.” Then it felt like all the cats in Starclan were right beside me encouraging me to move on. I looked up and I was in the box. There weren’t any other cats other than Shadowpaw, Archpaw, and Tiger. They were all doing the same things as last time. Then I heard monsters honking their horns. We kept on going fast then slamming on the breaks. Archpaw was still curled up with Shadowpaw and I curled up with Tiger, who just settled down. I was kinda glad because with the monster going slow then fast he could have broken a paw! And I don’t see any leaves to rap it in if he did. Then I finally heard the monster screech to a complete stop. Then I heard a door open. Then the girl picked up the box and went into a house… Or was it an apartment. I don’t know… Just somewhere in a big city. Far, far, away from Skyclan. She finally let us out of the box but put us in the bathroom. Archpaw got impatient and kept on running into the door hoping it would either open or break. The girl came in and saw that we had collars and took them off. She put on new collars with new names. Archpaw was Stormy. Shadowpaw was Midnight. Tiger was Sunshine. And I was Blacky. WORST NAME EVER!!! At least do like Boots or something! After running into the door so much Archpaw’s ear hurt like crazy. I heard Jayfeather’s voice echo in my head saying, “Find Violets”. I didn’t know what violet looked like and had everyone help look. Shadowpaw had jumped up on a desk and accidentally knocked over a vase full of purple flowers. Jayfeather’s voice was in my mind again, “That’s it!” I grabbed a flower and put it to Archpaw’s ear. Her face changed from agony to relief. The girl heard the crash and came in. Tiger and I were now standing where the vase was before Shadowpaw knocked it over. She looked at me and Tiger, then just shook her head and took all the other breakable things in the room. Then she opened up the bathroom door and let us out. Then one by one put us back in separate boxes and sealed them. We all chewed our way out of these boxes because they were cardboard. The box we were in before was plastic. We hid under the couch and waited. We saw a different girl come in and ask, “Where are the kittens?” She sounded way sweeter than the girl that kittynaped us. I emerged from under the couch with Tiger next to me. Shadowpaw and Archpaw right behind us.

    Chapter 6
      A New Twoleg
    She looks nice enough. I thought to myself. But what will she do to us? A little voice quickly asked me before I could push the thought out of my head. Do you trust her? The Voice asked again. Yes! I do! I quickly thought. You know that’s not true…. Deep down The Voice was correct. I don’t trust Twolegs anymore. “Here are the kittens. Now give me my money, and take these wretched beasts away. They keep knocking over my stuff and breaking it.” the mean Twoleg hissed in a gravel like voice. “Did you put them in a room with the door shut?” The mean Twoleg siffed in annoyment. “Do ya want them or not.” The new Twoleg looked at us again, and I fell in love with her eyes. They were blue like our mom’s were.  Don’t be deceived by her eyes. Look into her heart. Again, The Voice. I can’t see into Twoleg’s hearts. I thought to The Voice. Yes you can. Not JUST Twolegs, but everything that has a heart.  “Archpaw, are you okay?!” Shadowpaw was staring into my eyes looking very worried. Now’s the time! Look INTO her soul!  “I.. I.. I’m fine.” I stared into her eyes and saw me dying and her screaming with grief and pain. “Are you gonna die?” she asked, trembling so much. See you CAN see into her soul. The Voice said with a smug hint of happiness. The new Twoleg put us in a box, but she left the lid open, and she took us into the monster. We got to her nest and she let us out of the box. We went into her back outside nest. A white cat with black paws shot out of the ferns hissing and spitting. We fluffed up and hissed. The black and white tom stopped hissing and cocked his head. “What’s your name? Mine Hiss, because I hiss a lot.” Hiss liked his chest fur, clearly embarrassed. “I thought you were some rogues. They have been bothering me.” We looked at each other. “Um.. I’m Archpaw, this is Moonpaw, Tiger, and Shadowpaw.” I looked at Hiss. His ear was bloody, and his left front paw was swelling and very bloody. “The rogues are still here, so you have to be quiet. By the way, why do you have such weird names? ARE YOU CLAN CATS?! I heard you grow to the size of badgers when you’re angry, and line your nest with bones!! AND you can defeat anything! Could you help me with the rogues?! Could you!!” I stood there blinking for a bit, trying to understand what he had just said. One minute he was acting like ShadowClan protecting their borders, then, like a little kit listening to the elders’ stories. Honestly, this cat is so hard to understand. I took a deep breath. “Yes. We are Clan cats. NO we don’t grow to the size of badgers when we get angry, and CERTAINLY don’t line our nest with bones. Just moss. Bones are to uncomfy. Yes we are the best fighters ever. And yes, we will help you fight. I mean, for a while this is our home, too. How many of them are there? Tell me all about them.” I concluded, just as I ran out of breath. Hiss looked over his shoulder. “I’ll show you. Just promise not to get too freaked out.” And with that, he flicked his tail, as to show us the way.  

    Chapter 7

    The Battle
    “Wait, Hiss!” Hiss looked back at me startled. “Let me fix up your ear.” HIss look at me like I am a mousebrained kit. “No it’s ok.” Hiss told me. I told him firmly, “No! I‘m gonna fix your ear or else! Now sit.” Hiss rolled his eyes then sat down. “Shadowpaw you stay here with Hiss. Archpaw and I will go get supplies.” Archpaw and I went into the woods. We went in the bushes so that no rogues saw us. I found the things I needed and went back to Hiss and Shadowpaw. Then I saw a cat standing right in front of Shadowpaw with their back arched. I snuck up on the cat and pounced on them and they rolled over and looked up at me with big eyes. He was horrified. “Why are you here?” The cat looked at me like I was the meanest cat in the woods. “ I am just a kitten from next door.” His voice was trembling when he said this. I stepped off of the cat and started tending to Hiss’s ear. “What is your name, kittypet?” I asked. The cat was a tortoiseshell. “My name is Redwood, and WHAT did you call me?” “Kittypet.” “I am not a Kittypet!” “Yeah you are. You live with a twoleg.” Redwood looked at Hiss. “ What kind of cat is she?” “You know I can hear you right?” Redwood ignored my comment and stared at Hiss with confusion. Hiss finally answered Redwood’s question, “ They are clan cats.” Hiss was a little annoyed at me because I was “embarrassing” in front of his friend. “CLAN CATS!!!!! WHY IS THERE CLAN CATS ALL THE WAY OUT HERE??????!!!!” “Wait how far away are we from any clan?” “ How am I supposed to know? I have been here my whole life.” Archpaw finally stepped up and was trying to make me feel better, but only made me more worried. “ The monster ride was really long to get to the Twoleg with the apartment. Also really long to get here.” Tiger had noticed that I was worried… Really worried “ Okay, Hiss your ear looks like it is brand new!” I told Hiss when I got done. “Moonpaw could I talk to you for a minute?” Redwood asked before I could answer, “ Who’s Moonpaw?” I pitched in and said, “ Yes Tiger, and to answer your question Redwood, I am Moonpaw. This Tiger. That’s Archpaw. Also this is Shadowpaw. Archpaw, Shadowpaw, keep watch.” They both nodded then I walked towards the house with Tiger. “What’s on your mind?” Tiger asked me. I was caught off guard when he said this. “Oh… It’s nothing.” “It sure doesn’t seem like nothing.” Tiger’s voice helped me calm down a little. “ It’s just…. I don’t know how much longer I can take not being in a clan. We are just getting farther and farther away from Skyclan.” Tiger looked at me with the look on his face which meant I understand. Tiger looked down and said, “ It’s all my fault. You wouldn’t be here if I didn’t stop you from leaving. I just……” Tiger got cut off by the cry of Shadowpaw. We sprinted to where the sound came from. I heard Redwood say, “ The rogues are here! The rogues are here!!!” I sprinted and pounced on their leader. Everyone stopped fighting. They stared at me and the rouge’s leader. He said, “ Finish me off now Kittypet, I dare you!” I stared deep into his eyes. “No.” He blinked at me confused, “No? Oh come on you Kittypet you are so boring!” “ I am no kittypet. I am Moonpaw. A member of Riverclan. A medicine cat apprentice. It would be against the warrior code to kill you.” I stepped off the leader. I told him, “ You want to fight. I will fight. Just no killing!” “ Deal!” Archpaw looked at me concerned and so did Tiger. “ I will be fine,” I turned my attention to the rogue’s leader. “Give me your best.” The leader of the cats was shocked that I was going to try to take him on. I set my paws and he pounced I scratched his eye. He trembled to the ground with cries of pain. “I never said no scratching!” I smiled as I said this. “ You are a poor fighter” The rogue said. “You want to test it?” “I do, actually!” “Bring it!” He pounced I let him land on me. I had my legs over my stomach and had them in the center of his. I pushed up and sent him flying backwards and flopping onto his back. I pounced on him again and asked, “ You really think you’re a better fighter than me, still?” “ No…..” “Then leave forever!” “ Fine. We will leave. Rogues, retreat!” We went inside the Twoleg nest and ate. Then we went to sleep. 
    Chapter 9
    The Wet Escape
    “What now?” Moonpaw asked. “Well… you just defeated a rogue leader, and without any training.” I answered. Shadowpaw looked at me like I was a mouse brain. ” She had training! Remember when we were kits and played together? That’s training, silly!!” I thought about this for a bit. She’s right. The Voice came again.  Aww. What do you know?  I asked The Voice, grumply. More than you do. They answered smugly.  They are right. I thought to myself. “I vote we see if any of the rogues or loners want to come with us.”  “Ok” “Yeah, sure.” Came the replies from everyone with me. “Helllo! Anybody here?” “Here here here here…” came the echo. “What happened?! Where’s our leader?!” I heard voices coming from the end of the camp. “Your leader is gone. He left, and doesn’t want you to follow him.” I answered, flatly. “Well, then, can we follow you?” “Show yourselves and We’ll make that choice.” A black cat with white legs came out of the shadows, followed by a white cat with black legs. “Wha… Are you siblings?” Hiss asked with confusion. The black cat with white legs bowed his head and licked his chest fur, “Yes, we are. I’m Glass and this is Black. What happened?” Glass said, looking around the camp. “Well… I defeated your leader and now you can go with us or be chased away, like your leader.” Black perkes up when we tell them about their “Leader”. “He was never our leader, he was a coward who made others do his dirty work. The only reason cats followed him is because he had these HUGE bodyguards that killed anyone who disobeyed Fang, he was our leader. THANK YOU!!!“ Black is meowling with delight, like a little kit. “Do you want to come with us?” I ask, and Glass looks at me happily and says “Sure, if that’s okay with everyone else. We would be honored to join someone who is a good cat. Why didn’t you kill Fang?” “Because, I don’t kill, we don’t kill.” Moonpaw answers. “Are there others who don’t like him, and might want to come with us?” I ask. “Well.. Guys! It’s okay. Come out.” Two other cats came out from the shadows. “We hid when we saw you defeat Fang, knowing that he would make us come with him. I’m Thia, and this is Mexico, and these are FrenchFries, Lemon, and PeanutButter.” Thia, a tortoiseshell she cat, nodded to her kits, FrenchFries, a red tabby tom with a white underbelly and clouded over eyes, Lemon, a calico she cat with piercing violet eyes, and PeanutButter, a nervous, yellow tabby tom with big blue eyes. ‘’Is FrenchFries blind?” I ask. ‘Blind? What does that mean?” Lemon looks at me and answers her brother, “It means you can’t see. Right?” Again she looks at me with those piercing eyes. What does she want? I think. Out loud I say, “Yes, you are correct. Good job.” I see her eyes flicker with happiness. “I know a lot.” Lemon smiles. She’s around five moons old. The Voice tells me. Just two moons younger than you. Glass is just a moon older than you. You could be mates. Have kits. Find your way back to the Clan. The Voice tells me. Who are you? I ask The Voice. Now not the time for you to find out. But, go to the river and cross. You will find SkyClan. Just keep going, My daughter. “Guys let’s go across the river. Do you want to go to SkyClan with us?” Wait, did the Voice call me her daughter?! What the heck does that mean?! Windwisker’s my mom! We crossed the river and Redwood fell in!! “Tiger! You pushed me in!!” He screams through the water. I Shadowpaw dives in and grabs his scruff. She pulls him out of the water. And then, Shadowpaw lickes him dry. “You really should stay off the thin ice.” “How should I know where the thin ice is?!” Redwood exclaimes in annoyance. “Look for the fish, silly! If you can see the fish under the ice, then it’s not safe to step on that section of the ice.” “Wow! That’s smart!’’ It’s just a trick every kit in RiverClan knows.” “And you’re from RiverClan, right?” Shadowpaw smiles and is clearly  embarrassed. “I think you’re very cute!” Redwood blurts out. “You do?!” I meow. Shadowpaw looks very, well, confused.  “Umm…I don’t want to hurt you, but I don’t like you. I think you are a wonderful cat, but I just don’t feel the same way as you do. I’m sorry.” 

    Chapter 10

    The Traitor

    Redwood hadn’t been acting normally around Black and I. I was starting to be getting worried. I could tell that Tiger could sense that I was worried. He kept on asking if I was okay. I told him every time that I was fine. He sat by me when I was helping cats that were hurt. Then Redwood came to see me because he said his paw hurt. I was getting the herbs to help with his paw. Then I heard Tiger meow a cry of pain. I saw Redwood biting Tiger’s ear. I ran over dropping the herbs because I knew that all Redwood came to do was to try to kill. I jumped on Redwood and pinned him to the ground. Then I jumped off and ran around the house with Tiger. I meet all the other cats in the front yard. Glass and Black went to the back yard with me to go see what was happening. I ordered Tiger to stay with the cats at the front. He gave me that look that he gave me when we were first captured with Tiger’s first Twoleg. The time right before I died for the first time. I don’t like to think about it. Any way the look meant. Are you going to be okay? I looked him in the eyes and said, “I will be fine. I have Glass and Black with me.” Tiger just nodded his head and turned around and said to all the cats,” No one go to the back yard! I repeat. No one go to the back yard!” I smiled and ran to join Glass and Black. Black raced over to me with fear in her eyes. “ Redwood isn’t who we thought he was…. He is a traitor! He tried to kill me!” “ He tried to kill me too.” I muttered this to myself. “ Where’s Glass?!” I asked this frantically. Black looked up at me with more fear in her eyes. “He is fighting Redwood isn’t he.” Black nodded she was very worried for her brother. I had Black show me where Glass and Redwood were fighting. Black and I sat on a branch hiden in a tree near the fight. Black told me that Glass told her to run and that she should never come back to the spot. Black was heart broken by leaving Glass. Black said that right before she left Glass she saw Redwood scratch Glass in the eye. She told me, “I just turned and ran. I couldn’t bear to see Glass being hurt so bad.” “I understand. I felt the same way about Tiger earlier today. But instead of me leaving Tiger I defended Tiger and then we ran together.” Black looked at me like I was mousebrained. “Is there something I am missing about you and Tiger?” Black caught me off guard. I nearly fell out of the tree. “NO. Nothing at all.” I was feeling a little embarrassed. I don’t know why though. I was keeping my eyes fixed on the battle between Redwood and Glass. Then, Glass fell on his back and looked like he was defeated. Redwood pounced on him and yelled, “ I am the……” He got cut off by Glass’s powerful legs hitting his stomach and sending him into a branch that was very sharp. He hit it and fell to the ground. His back was bleeding, bad. Black and I jumped out of the tree and Black and I raced to Glass. Glass’s ear was bleeding and so was his tail. After I was sure that Glass was all right I walked over to Redwood. Redwood had no movement and now life in him. I looked at the others and said, “ That is taken care of.” Glass looked at me and said, “ Do you have anything to help with my ear and my tail?” “Yep! Let’s go back to the house and get you fixed up.” We got back to camp and meet Tiger in the front yard. He saw Glass and said, “Where is Redwood?” Let’s just say now he is very red and he is in the woods.” Tiger blinked a few times, “Is he dead?” TIger sounded worried. “ Yes…” It was starting to get late and the Twoleg gave us all of our food and left us outside. She stopped letting us inside when I scratched the couch. I got Glass’s ear and tail covered with cobwebs and asked him, “Is your eye ok?” “I can’t see out of it at all…. So no?” I gave Glass a very serious look. “Did Redwood scratch it?” “Yes.”    “Let me make sure it isn’t infected. You don’t want to have an infected and blink eye!” I checked to make sure it wasn’t infected and it wasn’t. Then I was on night duty to watch over all the cats. It was nice because I didn’t have to worry about Redwood. That night someone came and put us in one box. I knew it all was just getting started.

    Chapter 11

    Not Again!!–PnvI2agO0Q5DM5AT-4W18oajMTMibMd-csPHgEpPIW91LGQBnx0Iq8w5S6FvpIDSDe0NUMk-By546zmannZIgzGBefMfKxjrAEpFaWNKx_Gr6_sjMXZKr0v3_9309p5JIM6

    (help me)

     I hadn’t slept for a long time, so I was very tired. I tried to stay awake but I found myself falling to sleep. I had a vision from Starclan. It was a map. A map of were we came from and where we were going and every place we had been taken. Also where Skyclan was. The opposite way from where we were going. This time I saw Leafstar. She said, “Don’t be discouraged. You will find a way.” Then I awoke and told all the cats about it. Most looked at me like I was mousebrained, but Tiger was the only one who looked almost proud. I wasn’t quite sure why he looked so proud. I remembered my mother and father and how proud they would probably be if they saw me now. I pushed this thought out of my head because now wasn’t the time to get emotional. I had different problems on my paws now. What did the map mean? How do I get all these cats away from the life of a kittypet? Also how do we get to Skyclan? For me, Glass, Black, Archpaw, and Shadowpaw it will be easy getting away from Twolegs, but for Hiss and Tiger it might be a little harder. “Starclan help us!” I heard Archpaw mutter to herself. She hated being in boxes. Archpaw found an opening in the box and we all crawled out. The door was wide open and we went the way we were coming from. We ran all night then came to a Twoleg walking. For some reason she had a net with her. She threw it on all of us and I went nuts! She put us in a plastic crate with a metal door. It was locked. We went to the Twoleg nest. There were ten kittypets there. They all were asking questions at the same time. “ Who are you?” “Why are you here?” “What type of cat or you?” “ Why do you not have a collar?” “ Why?” “Why?” “Why?” I lost track of the questions. I hissed at them, “ JUST BE QUITE!” All the cats stopped saying things and looked at me like I was mousebrained. EVen Tiger looked at me weird. I heard him whisper in my ear, “ Are you ok?” I just put my paw on his. He didn’t say anything for a while. THe Twoleg let us out of the crate and I went to find a place to sleep in peace. “ We will talk tomorrow.” I said walking away with Archpaw, Shadowpaw, Tiger, Hiss, Black, and Glass. Thia and Mexico were with us too with their kits. I was helping carry Lemon. Mexico had FrenchFries. Thia was carrying PeanutButter. The next day came. We met the other cats where they were the night before. “Hi” one of the cats said to me. “ You’re finally awake.” “ I let out a small hiss of annoyment. “ My name is Queen. I am in charge here so you can back off.” “ I think no. My name is Moonpaw. And I am a proud clan cat.” Queen looked at me like I was mousebrained. “Yeah you heard me. I am a clan clat.” “There  aren’t any clan cats around here. You must be mistaken.” Queen looked like she was a know it all. “We aren’t from here.” Tiger said in a stern voice. “Are you all clan cats or what?” Tiger looked at at Queen with an evil stare. “I am no clan cat.” Every cat that knew Tiger knew what he meant. I had to go between the two of them and whisper to Tiger, “We are trying to make friends here not enemies.” Tiger backed down. I introduced everyone to Queen. “This is Shadowpaw, Tiger Archpaw, Hiss, Black, Glass, Mexico, Thia, FenchFreis, Peanut Butter, and Lemon. Shadowpaw and Archpaw are clan cats as well. Tiger and Hiss are kittypets. Black, Glass, Mexico, Thia, Lemon, FrenchFries, and PeanutButter were forced to fight with the Rogues.” Queen responded, “ Nice to meet all of you. I should probably introduce everyone to you shouldnt I. This is Sally, Cream, Pumpkin, Smoky, Mystery, Courage,Peanut, Cally, and Princes. This is Mystery’s kitten Tinypaw. Mystery and Tinypaw claim that they were clan cats but we still don’t believe them.” Tinypaw came up to me and said, “ Are you a clan cat apprentice too?” I looked softly down at Tingpaw, “Yes, I am. So is Archpaw and Shadowpaw.” Tinypaw’s eyes got big with happiness that she had found another apprentice that was a kittypet. “Mystery..” Mystery looked up in surprise. “Yes.” “My I talk to you and Tinypaw alone?” Mystery nodded and walked with me grabbing her kit in her mouth. “Hey put me down!” Tinypaw squealed. Tiger ran up behind me and asked, “Can I come too?” I nodded not wanting to hurt Tiger’s feelings. We walked up stairs to where all the cats that had come with me had gone to sleep. When we got there the Twoleg was in there and picked me up and put me on the bed. Then she gave me a big hug. I didn’t enjoy being inside. I thought that it was cruel to cats. She let go and I went under the bed. Mystery, Tinypaw, and Tiger were already there. “Where were you clan cats at?” I asked. “Shadowclan” Tinypaw answered. She seemed sad and happy at the same time. “What was bad about Shadowclan?” Mystery looked at me like I was mousebrained. “ Have you ever been to a gathering with Shadowclan?” Mystery asked sternly. “No, I have never even been to a gathering before.” Mystery looked at me with wide eyes. “When did you leave your clan.” I gave Tiger a look that meant that I don’t don’t know what to say. Tiger just nodded and gave the look tell them the truth. I looked at Mystery who looked like she wasn’t sure what just happened, but at the same time I knew she was just faking it. “ We… we got captured by a Twoleg. Then captured again, and again, and again.” Mystery looked at me with understanding eyes. She nodded then left without saying anything. Tinypaw just looked at her mother confused. “What’s wrong Mom?” Tinypaw asked, running after her mother. Mystery looked at Tinypaw with a stern look and said, “You stay here with Moonpaw and Tiger.” Tinypaw looked at her mother with concerned eyes. She whispered to herself, “What is she hiding from me? What did I do wrong?” I went to Tingpaw’s side and said, “ Some things you just can’t know.” I looked down at Tinypaw and nodded. She raced after her mother. I looked at Tiger and he said, “ You did good. You are going to be a great…..” Tiger got cut off by the cry of Tinypaw. We both raced downstairs.

    Chapter 12
    Rain, Water, Sun, and Moon
          “Oh No, Oh No, Oh No!!! Why? Why?! Mom? What, why WHY STARCLAN?!” Tinypaw laped Mystery’s fur. “Moonclaw, how did this happen? Did she die painlessly, or painfully? And you might want to give Tinypaw some poppy seeds for shock.” I ask. “Well.. she died painfully. A badger snapped her spine. The reeks all around here! How did you not notice? And yes, poppy seeds would be good for her.”  The sound of Tinypaw crying woke me up. Oh my StarClan! Thank StarClan it was just a dream. That would have been terrible if that was real. Wait! MoonClaw? Why did I call her Moonclaw? Is that her name in the future? I wonder what mine will be… “Tinypaw! Are you okay!?” “WhatinStarClan’snamehappened!!” Tiger raced down the stairs, with Moonpaw at his heels. Glass, Mexico, Smoky and Pumpkin staggered in after her. They were all bleeding and torn. “What… What happened?!” “A badger attacked us. We chased it off, though!” Glass broke off with a shuttering cough and slumped down as he gagged up blood and badger fur. “Glass! Are you okay?!” I’m very worried. “Yes, Archpaw, it is not my blood. It’s the badger blood. Are you okay? You seem more scared about me then about yourself!” “Well… I.. I.. I like you.” Glasses eyes lit up with surprise and happiness. “That was stupid… Just kidding_” I say with worry. “No! Don’t say that! I.. I love you. I just wondered if.. If.. you did, too.” He twines his tail around mine. “Will you be my mate?” His question catches me by surprise. I am a warrior by now. And I would love to be his mate.  “Yes! I would.” This time, I caught myself by surprise. But, I would like to be his mate. To bare his kits. To have him by my side. Oh. I’m in LOVE with Glass. “I’ll make a nest for us. Together.” Glass excitedly jumped around and meowed like a kit. “Maybe we should tell the others first, before they ask why we share a nest now.” I said. “No! No! They should find out on their own.” Glass looks at me with pleading eyes. “No. We must tell them we’re mates. Why don’t you want to tell them we’re mates?” “Well… Okay let’s tell them. Just… Well… Umm…:” He looked a little worried. “Just don’t worry. It’ll be okay.” I stood on my forepaws to licked his forehead and he calmed down a bit. “Don’t worry. I love you. Okay, so I’m gonna go tell them, while you make us a nest.” I started to walk away and bumped into Moonpaw. “I heard it all! There will be kits here soon! I better go get some more supplies.” She told me with her eyes shining. “Wait! It’s not like that. It would be hard to travel with kits. I’m going to wait till we find SkyClan. I love him. But, I think it’s you and Tiger we should be worried about.” I said with a playful shove. “Oh, how dare you!” She playfully pounced on me and we started to playfight, like we did as kits.    

    Fan Fiction 

    Chapter 13

    Skyclan At Last

    We finally got everyone on board going to Skyclan. I couldn’t be happier! I would finally be able to show what kind of medicine cat I was. I would finally be able to share my story with all the other cats. Most probably won’t believe me but that’s ok. Best of all I can have kits with Tiger! It has taken us two moons of walking and being in the woods. I finally scented Riverclan. We ran quickly through the clan’s territory so that we didn’t run into a patrol. I knew that they would make us come to the clan and state who we are and why we are there. If they hear that Shadowpaw, Archpaw, and I are in the group they would make us stay. They wouldn’t like the sound of us going to Skyclan instead of coming back. We got out of the Clan territory and ran towards WindClan. We passed through Windclan thanks to my soon to be mate, Tiger. Tiger talked the way out of WindClan and wished Tiger good luck. We arrived at Skyclan at the middle of the day and ran into a patrol. The lead cat asked me, “Why are you here?”  I simply responded,  “I came to talk with your  leader.” The cat looked at me and with a little bit of hesitation said, “Follow us back to camp. The cats of the patrol surrounded us as we walked. This made me a little uncomfortable. The cat said, catching me off guard, “My name is Berrystripe. What is your name?” I blinked a few times and said, “I am Moonpaw.” I said this in the quietest voice ever, but Berrystripe still heard me. “What brings you all the way out here if you are already part of a clan? Are you here to destroy Skyclan?!” “No no we come in peace. That is the last thing we want after our journey.” “You didn’t answer my first question Moonpaw.” Berrystripe made his tone more harsh. “Jayfeather what do I do?!” The harsh tone in Berrysrtipe’s tone almost made me cry. Berrystripe turned towards me and said, “What was that?” you can tell him Moonpaw. You have finally found Skyclan. I heard Jayfeather’s voice in my head and it made me happy. I said with a calm voice hoping not to freak anyone out, “Jayfeather.” Berrystripe stopped and all the other cats stopped as well. He looked down at me and said, “Jayfeather has died. He died a long time ago. You must be mistaken.” I looked up at his eyes and said, “I died a few moons ago too.” Berrystripe gave me a look of disbelief. He quickened his pace. We began to run and we didn’t speak to each other any more. We got to camp and Berrystripe left all the cats that were on the patrol guardian around us. I watched Berrystripe run up to the leader’s den and saw him come back out with a female cat. He was pointing at us. She jumped down after a long period of time. She came up to me and said, “Come with me now. Only you.” I looked back at Archpaw, Shadowpaw, and Tiger and gave the look I am sorry. We got to her den and she had Windstripe and three other cats guard the door. I looked back with my ears flattened. The female cat looked at me with a stern look and said, “Sit.” I didn’t dare disobey this cat. “Why are you here?” The she-cat was making me nervous that she was going to claw my head off. I told her the same thing that I told Windstripe. “Jayfeather sent me.” The she-cat shook her head and said, “Impossible.” in a tone of disbelief. I just sat there and waited. We sat in silence for about a minute. “Moonpaw, how did you get here? You have an apprentice name, but you have no scent of clan on you!” I took a deep breath and said, “We got captured that day that we became apprentices trying to save kits. Then kittynapped and sold to Twolegs. Then got stolen again and we escaped to come here. I also defeated a rogue leader by hurting him, not killing him.” I looked up at the clan leader before she could say anymore I said, “I also died.” She closed her eyes and said, “ Are there anymore of you that are apprentices?” “Yes. Tinypaw, Frenchpaw, Couragepaw, Peanutpaw, Lemonpaw, Glasspaw, Darkpaw, Archpaw, Shadowpaw, and Tiger.” She nodded. “The rest will do some….” I didn’t mean to cut off the clan leader to say, “I trained them the hunting crouch and all the stuff to be good hunters.” The clan cat looked impressed. “Your friends will go to the warrior dens. Other than you and the other young ones. By the way my name is Goldenstar.” “Yes Goldenstar, just one thing.” “What is on your mind?” “I need to be a medicine cat.” “Our plan will stay the same. Now go have your friends get their nests.” “Yes Goldenstar.” Goldenstar had one of her warriors follow me around for a while. He made it very clear that he was following me though. I got an APPRENTICE den with Glasspaw, Darkpaw, Couragepaw, Tinypaw, Frenchpaw, Peanutpaw, Lemonpaw, Tiger, Shadowpaw, and Archpaw. I was a little relieved that I didn’t have to be with random cats from the clan. For now. The time came when we went out to hunt for the clan. I was a good hunter but I am still going to be a medicine cat. I asked Archpaw, Shadowpaw, and Tiger, “Can I just come to make sure that no one gets hurt?” “Sure.” Tiger answered. I knew Tiger would say that. Then the other apprentices came and asked, “Can we come too?” I looked at them and said sure. Just one second. Wait here.” I found Berrystripe and asked, “May I speak with Goldenstar real quick? I mean if she is not busy.” “Yes follow me.” Tigerpaw crooked his head in confusion. “Goldenstar?” “Yes.” “We were wanting to go out on a hunting section. Would that be ok?” “Yes. You will get your mentors tonight.” “Thank you, Goldenstar.” I turned around and left. I nodded respectfully at Berrystripe on my way out. We went out of the gorge and I was explaining that we would get our mentors that night. We all got really excited. I was happy too. I would be able to become a true apprentice. In our hunting section we caught birds, mice, and rabbits. Frencepaw fell out of a tree so I got some herbs and treated it. Goldenstar had given me to treat any injuries if there was any while we were gone. I made sure that Frenchpaw made it to the medicine cat den. There was a nice she-cat that complemented on the great raping around Frenchpaw’s paw. She asked, “ So you are the new cats?” “Yes.” I responded. “I have heard that there is an apprentice that wants to be a medicine cat? I would like to talk to them.” I looked her in the eyes and said, “You already are.” The medicine cat looked up at me. She looked at head to toe. I couldn’t tell what she was thinking, but it almost made me worried. Did she not like me? Did she know something I don’t? Worried thoughts creeped in my head. I pushed them out before they distracted me too much. The medicine cat finally said, “ You have a very neat way of raping paws. I am impressed.” A wave of relief came over me. “Thank you.” I responded to the sweet she-cat. “When you are my apprentice you will still sleep in the apprentice den and wake up early to come to the medicine cat den.” “What is your name?” I asked cautiously. “RIverstrike. And yours?” “Moonpaw.” Riverstrike gave me a nod and said, “See you tonight. Keep an eye on Frenchpaw, ok?” “Yes, Riverstrike.” Then I left. I had a big smile on my face.  The time came for the mentor time. I was so excited. Goldenstar told me before that I was a medicine cat, not an apprentice. I didn’t know what she meant. I found out in seconds though. Goldenstar began, “Welcome clan cats. Today we are making four new warriors and four new apprentices. Moonpaw is a medicine cat now known by Moonclaw. The young apprentice Archpaw is now known as Archstone. Shadowpaw is now known as Shadownight. The brave warrior Glasspaw is now known as Glassriver. The young Warrior Darkpaw is now known as Darkear. And Tigerpaw is now known as Tigerheart. Lemonpaw’s mentor is Cactislog. Peanutpaw’s mentor is Nuttree. Tinypaw’s mentor is Spottedlake. Couragepaw’s mentor is Spiritplain. And Frenchpaw’s mentor is Mossmoon. Welcome these brave cats.” Then Goldenstar jumped down from High Rocks. I looked at Tigerheart and smiled. He was smiling too. A day later, we became mates. He slept in a warrior den and I slept in the medicine cat den. Riverstrike observed me as I raped a leaf around a sprained paw. She looked like she was an apprentice again. She watched me help a cat get their shoulder back in it’s socket. She looked like a kit because she was so amazed. I took a break to go get something to eat and to meet up with Tigerheart. He had just got back from a patrol. He had brought back a pigeon and a squirrel. We shared the pigeon and talked for a while until I heard Catislog’s cry of horror. I looked over my shoulder and told Tiger, “I have to go!” He nodded and I stood up and ran over to Catislog who was holding Lemonpaw in her mouth by her scruff. Her leg looked completely smashed. My eyes were very big in horror of what happened. I looked at Cactislog and said, “ I am sorry, but she won’t be able to be a warrior any more. What happened?” Cactilog just looked at her paws and started crying. She managed to say, “It’s all my fault.” I zoomed into the medicine cat den and called for Riverstrike. She popped her head out from the herb storage area and saw Lemonpaw and raced out with a bundle of herbs. We started to treat it and Riverstrike had to back out for a minute to relax herself. We  got done and I went to go tell Goldenstar. “Goldenstar…..” My voice quivered when I said this. She turned her head knowing something was wrong. “What is it?” She sounded very worried. “It’s Lemonpaw…. She is hurt and I don’t think she will ever be a warrior again…” Goldenstar looked down at her paws and said, “Starclan help us.” I just stood there and waited. “I would like to talk to Cactislog.” Her voice quivered when she was speaking. “Yes Goldenstar.” I left and I was almost crying. I could tell Skyclan was suffering at the time. The food was scarce. I got to the medicine cat den and Cacticlog was standing next to Lemonpaw. She looked up at me and I saw worry in her eyes. “Goldenstar wants to see you.” I was trying to hold back tears but it was no use. I had known Lemonpaw for many moons. Riverstrike was looking at her paws as well. I told Riverstrike, “Go take a break. I will stay here.” She nodded and left. Tigerheart came in and saw me and knew I was upset. I had Lemonpaw in a nest in the back so cats coming in wouldn’t be more worried then they have to. Tigerheart asked me, “What’s wrong?” I just stepped aside so that Tigerheart could see Lemonpaw. His face went from confusion of why I was sad to worried about Lemonpaw. “What… What happened?” Tigerheart asked me. I just looked at my paws and said, “Monster.” Tigerheart’s face turned from worry to horror. I was able to calm myself down and Tigerheart did  the same. Riverstrike came  back and said, “Go take a break. You need it more than I do.” I nodded and left with Tigerheart. Tigerheart and I went out to go hunting to get some food for the clan. We came back with a mouse, a pigeon, and a rat. We got back and heard Goldenstar call Archstone’s name.

    Chapter 14

    The Sudden Change

    “Yes, Goldenstar? What do you need?” I ask. “Well, Berrystripe is gone. Stolen by the paws of that tyrant, Savage. He and his ‘’Clan” have been roaming around the woods preying on cats. Killing for fun. Lavendereye has been working as a double agent. Come in, now,” I turned around as a new scent reathed around me. She must have seen the look of surprise on my face, because of what she said next. “ I’ve been here the whole time, darling. Don’t look so surprised. I can hide my scent like any old forest cat. But, what Goldie said is true, I am a double agent.” Lavendereye turned and looked at me. “She would be a good cat for the job. Tell her, Goldenstar.” Goldenstar licked her chest fur, clearly embarrassed. “Well… You would be a good choice for deputy and I want you to be my deputy to prove that I trust you. Will you be my deputy?” I am quite surprised. Me a deputy? “Well… Ummmm sure?” I replied. Glass Black YOU!! MOONCLAW!!!! ME!! Archstone!!!!!–io1OSIFl Hiss Tiger Shadowpaw my drawing is complete!Me and Tiger with all of our kits!! Sally Cream Pumpkin Smoky Mystery Courage-Couragepaw Queen Peanut Princes Cally Thia (MOM) FrenchFries LEMON-gets hit by a monster and has to become a medicine cat.-becomes my apprentice before Redwood. PeanutButter                                     Mexico (DAD) Riverstrike(My friend is a medicine cat!!) Spottedlake (Riverstrike’s daughter)
    Tinypaw-mother dies–dUBEIQuZrBfJ5DKXXxbG6Va4IoK-yEHk5FN9huY0w85q3DYcTLjFH1DF7TwNP7yYfv12SynBxzqX4EfHHCLh9rn-gzJ2r1_8I-ZnyRoW Silentkit (one of my kits moons! First litter)

  • chapter one of Stories of the Night Sky is out! Hope you like it!

    Chapter 1

    Fire might save the clans

    I awoke in my fuzzy bed. My dream was about going into that forest… behind my housefolk’s den, the one that I live in. It’s morning, and the cat door was unlocked. So I walked out, and jumped on the tree thing border. I was going to go into the forest when I heard leaves crush under paw steps. “What! Rusty!” It my best friend, Smudge. She hopped onto her tree thing border. 
    “Where are you going?” “I want to check out the forest.” I meow. “You know, all cats that go in, never come out. There’s cats living in that forest Rusty!” Smudge yowls glaring at me. “It’s not safe. They’re called clan cats they are in clans, and there are a lot of them.” “But I had a dream… I… I need to go.” I glanced at her. “I’ll be okay Smudge.”
    “If you don’t come back, I told you so!” Smudge licked her paw. “Goodbye Smudge. I’m going in.” I meowed, and hopped down. “Be safe Rusty!” Smudge calls back to me. I walk in through the trees. I smelled mouse, then, sharp claws pierced through my fur, as I felt weight on top of me. “What do you think you’re doing?” The cat growled. I shook him off, and bit his shoulder. He had a gray pelt, but was about my size. “Graypaw!” A cat called, she was a blue-gray cat. I step back. “I found this kittypet, and fought him.” Graypaw mewed bravely. What is going on? I think, and sit down. “I’m Rusty. I mean no harm.” I mew. “He’s trying to steal our prey, Bluestar!” Graypaw exclaimed.
    “I was just wanting a snack. Jeez.” I mew and roll my eyes. Another cat showed up. “You fought well, Rusty.” Bluestar, I’m guessing, said and dipped her head. She started explaining about the clans, and answering my questions.
    “Say, you would you like to join our clan?” Bluestar asked. “I-I I don’t know.” I say astonished. “Would you let me?” “Of course.” Bluestar mewed. “I would except it,” the yellow-orange cat meowed. “Besides, you could be friends with Graypaw since you already met.” “Lionheart! Why would I be friends with a kittypet?” Graypaw laughed. “And it’s not like Rusty will even want to join.”
    “Sure.” I mew, testing Graypaw. “I’ll join.” “What?!” Graypaw’s eyes widened. “Great!” Lionheart exclaimed. “Follow us to the clan camp, that is if you want to go now.” Bluestar tested putting her head closer towards me. What about Smudge? Should I tell her? I think. No, she’ll press me to stay with my housefolk. “I’ll go today.” I meow.

    I step into the camp, and there are dens and bushes, and cats. “Everyone gather around!” Bluestar exclaims. “This cat has proven to be a Warrior cat!” She flicks her tail towards me. “A kittypet?!” A cat growls. “My name is Rusty, so try and say: ‘A Rusty?!’” I mew. The cat growls, as he starts whispering to a younger cat. “Your name will be Firepaw from now on Rusty.” Bluestar meows. “Hey! That’s my name, Bluestar!” A cat stands and growls. “Firepaw calm down.” The cat who called me a kittypet growled. “A kittypet wouldn’t take your name, with me here.” I look back at Bluestar as meows of objection rose.
    “No kittypet takes the name of a warrior!”
    “Why is this kittypet here?”
    “Fire shouldn’t be his name!”
    I shrank back as the yowls got louder. “Be quiet!” Bluestar yowled. “If he won’t be Fire, then he’ll be Flame.” She looked at me with sympathy in her eyes, obviously aware I was uncomfortable. The yowls of disapproval died down. “That’s right kittypet!” Firepaw exclaimed, with he chest puffed up. “Longtail and I are true warriors, unlike you!” The cat next him, who I was guessing was Longtail, nudged him. “You’re making a scene! Sit down!” Firepaw gave frown towards me, and sat down next to Longtail.

    After Graypaw showed me to the other cats, it was time to get a mentor. “Flamepaw!” Bluestar exclaimed, walking towards me. “I want you to be my apprentice.” I was speechless. A clan leader being my mentor? Graypaw told me leaders don’t usually take apprentices. “Really, Bluestar?” I ask. My eyes widening. “Yep. Glad you agree.” Bluestar mewed. “Now, go play with Graypaw and the other apprentices.” She flicked her tail toward the apprentices’ den. As me and Graypaw walked over, the other four apprentices were sitting at the mouth of the den.
    “Hello Flamepaw!” The tan-colored cat meowed. “Welcome to the clan!” I felt hot with embarrassment. “Hi.” I mew. “Well, my name is Sandpaw.” She meowed. “This Dustpaw,” she nodded towards the cat to her right. “And this is Ravenpaw.” She flicked her tail towards the cat that was on the other side on the den. “Welcome to your new home!”

    -Moons later, (the day after becoming warriors)-

    It was the day after finally becoming a great warrior. I was going on a border patrol with Fireclaw, formerly known as Firepaw. “Who else is coming?” I mew to Fireclaw. “Tigerclaw.” He said, not ever looking at me. “But it won’t hurt if we got a move on already.” He waved his tail to the entrance. We bounded into the forest, when Fireclaw stopped. “You know, you seem like the next leader.” He meowed turning towards me. “But I need to be the next leader.” He growled jumped at me.
    “What are you doing?!” I yowl in anger as I feel his teeth sinking in my hind leg. I shake him off, and back away. “Flameheart, you took everything from me. You even tried to take away my name!” Fireclaw exclaimed. I flattened my ears and growled. “You’ll even be the next leader if I don’t kill you now!” Fireclaw yowled and raked his claws on my back. I turned around, and bit his shoulder. “It doesn’t have to be like this!” I exclaim panting. I hear a swoosh of movement, and a cat claws Fireclaw off me. I stand up, and see it was Ravenpaw. He came back for me! I thought. Fireclaw got up, as Ravenpaw and I pushed him, and Fireclaw stumbled, falling into the stream. 
    His head went under, as I felt sorrow. “He shouldn’t die like this!” I exclaim. “He’s dead, Flameheart, and there’s nothing you can do.” Ravenpaw meowed, putting his tail on my shoulder. “I should go, I heard Tigerclaw was suppose to be on your patrol.” He glanced at me with a grin. Then ran off. What did I do? I thought. Graystripe, formerly known as Graypaw, padded up. “I’m glad I found you!” He had scratches covering him.
    “What happened?” I asked. “What happened to you?” Graystripe asked. “Fireclaw attacked me.” I mew. “Me and Ravenpaw accidentally killed him by pushing him into the stream.” Graystripe’s eyes were wide with surprise. “Well, the camp is getting attacked, and Tigerclaw is trying to kill Bluestar!” I felt shocked. But this was my moment, to fulfill and get respect from the rest of the clan. “Let’s go!” 

  • Chapter 2 for my fanfiction. (You can view chapter one here:

    Crowkit: Hehe my foot
    Thunderkit: That’s not something to joke about
    Crowkit: *Blows raspberry*
    Thunderkit: MOMMMMM

    Chapter 2

    Thunderkit kept constantly checking on Crowkit. Lilyfoot was in the medicine den as much as possible, trying to help Crowkit. Lilyfoot even learned the uses of simple herbs and started helping Fernpelt and Bluepaw. A few days later, Crowkit was awake, but she wasn’t back on her feet. She was playing around with moss balls tossed to her by Bluepaw and Thunderkit. She took advantage of her days stuck in the medicine den by learning the uses of the herbs. Her mother stopped helping the medicine cats and kept caring for Thunderkit, even though he didn’t want her attention.
    “What does the prickly one do?” Crowkit asked, pointing to a herb with her tail.
    Bluepaw responded, “That is a horsetail stem, and it is chewed into a poultice and spread on a wound to stop infection.” At that moment a warrior came limping in, his paw red and swelling.
    Fernpelt came out of the herb store and padded over to Snakefoot. Fernpelt inspected the swelling paw and said, “Yep. He has an infection. Bluepaw, what do we use for infections?”
    Before Bluepaw could speak, Crowkit said, “Horsetail. You chew it into a poultice and spread it on the wound, then wrap it in cobweb.”
    “Where did you learn that from?” Fernpelt said, astonished.
    Bluepaw responded, “I taught her the horsetail, but not the cobweb.”
    “I watch you wrap it around wounds,” Crowkit said matter of factly.
    Fernpelt muttered to himself, “Little kit, you have a future as a medicine cat.”

    Character submissions on the fan fiction organization page!

  • Warriors High!!!!!!
    nadasodhaishdas this took forever!!!!
    This is just a mini quiz if you wanted to take one, who’s Firestar’s daughter (the medicine cat one) son’s mate’s father’s mentor’s second mate’s son’s former mate’s son?
    Normal pov:
    “Hi, Briar.” Cindie (someones oc!) greeted her classmate. “Oh hi.” The brown-haired teen was distracted, and Cindie knew it. “I gotta go, see ya.” Cindie walked away. Briar hurried to her dorm, still thinking about what had happened yesterday.
    Briar’s pov:
    Jay, Jay, Jay. I’m his girlfriend now, I guess. Wait, I’m his girlfriend, with a sudden jolt of joy I opened the door to my dorm. I closed my door and went on my chromebook.
    Normal pov:
    Warriors High ChatBox:
    BriarFlower has entered the ChatBox
    BriarFlower: Hi guys
    Lion has entered the ChatBox
    CCCindy has entered the ChatBox
    Lion: Hi
    CCCindy: Hey
    Go Away has entered the ChatBox
    Go Away: Hello.
    CCCindy: Is that Jay?
    Go Away: Yes
    CCCindy: -_-
    Lion: WHERE ARE YOU?
    Lion: WHERE ARE YOU?
    CCCindy: Um I’m at my dorm
    Lion: Good
    Go Away: Leo, are you still worried about Leslie?
    Lion: Yes
    BriarFlower: Oh, well I guess she’s still out there, you know trying to find a way to get revenge
    Lion: Ok, Cindy, Ima go to your dorm
    CCCindy: I’m locking the door
    Go Away: You do know that won’t stop Leo right?
    CCCindy: Sadly, yes so I’m going to have to let him in cause I don’t want him to break open my door
    BriarFlower: Eh yeah
    Lion: Cindy, I’m going now, see ya
    Lion has left the Chatbox
    CCCindy: Oh god, I gtg bye
    BriarFlower: K bye!
    Go Away: Whatever
    BriarFlower: I gtg too bye Jay
    Go Away: Bye
    BriarFlower has left the ChatBox
    Go Away has left the ChatBox
    Normal pov:
    Briar walked over to Faith, who was sitting on a chair in the library. “Hey, Faith!” She tapped her shoulder. “What’re you reading?” Faith jumped up, dropping her book. Briar picked it up and read the title. “Warriors, The Sight, huh,” Briar flipped through the book. “Jaykit, Lionkit, and Hollykit?” She flashed a questioning glance at Faith, who sheepishly smiled. “Er, I guess I’ll have to explain, get Holly, Jay, Leo, Cindy, Ivy, and Dove to my dorm.” Faith said. Briar nodded and texted them all to come to Faith’s dorm.
    8 mins later:
    “So, read these books,” She pushed the warriors book to them. “just read them.” She sighed, getting ready for the annoying questions.
    A few minutes later:
    Everyone whipped their heads to stare at Faith. “You have questions?” Faith asked, sighing as she braced herself. “WHY’RE WE IN THE BOOKS?” The seven teenagers yelled. “So you figured out, I’ll tell you later, right now you should read the books.” They all grumbled under their breaths, but did what Faith had suggested.
    2 hours later:
    “This is so weird!” Briar exclaimed. “I know right?” Cindy put down her book. “I mean, seriously? I’m my aunt but reborned.” Cindy continued reading. “I’m a little freaked out,” Holly said. Then she thought about it. “no, I’m really freaked out, I had ran to the caves after I exposed Sky’s secret, in this,” Holly pointed at her book. “I exposed my mother’s secret and ran to the cave that connects Windclan and um Thunderclan.” Jay sat up from where he was listening to the Warriors audiobook. “It’s even weirder listening to it.” He grumbled. “Now,” Cindy glanced at Faith. “tell us why we’re in here.” Faith plopped down on her bean bag chair. “Ok,” She took a breath. “it all begins with the power points…”

    Remember the power points? So the power points are just some kind of gemstone in the school, eh its under the school. The power points are Warriors High school’s gem, but in one of the chapters I wrote, Faith and her gang had to steal them. Anyway Royal and Rebel High will be out soon, Lemon and Sunny have to edit it!

  • Chapter Two of Vivid Dreams
    Delphini’s PoV
    Fin glared at the kid through her coverage of mist. She’d recently learned how to do this with water. “Who are you?” The kid said nervously.
    Fin’s eyes narrowed even more. “Why do you care?” She snapped, stepping through the mist and cocking her head. “It doesn’t matter.”
    The kid looked very nervous, and Fin was pleased. “Well…my name is Cyren….” They said sheepishly. “Do you go around telling everyone your name, even potentially dangerous strangers?” Fin asked, raising an eyebrow. “Well…you didn’t seem dangerous…the other girl did.”
    Other girl…? Fin looked around herself. “What other girl?”
    “Well, she had sapphire colored eyes. She was glaring at me most of the time, and she had gray hair in a waterfall braid. She was tall, and pale. She was wearing a tattered white shirt, with faded blue jeans and tall high-heeled boots. Uh, she ran away.”
    Fin was amused. “You’re aware most of this desert is an illusion? Made by a Psevdaísthisi?” She snorted. “A Seev-dais-thisi?” Cyren asked, confusion written all over their face. “Psevdaísthisi. P-S-E-V-D-A-I-S-T-H-I-S-I.” She said boredly. “It’s ‘illusion’ in Greek.” Fin sighed. “Their proper name is Ψευδαίσθηση.” She spelled it out in the sand. “Whoa.” Cyren said, looking at it. “What else is there?”
    Fin shrugged. “I know about three more. I created them. Have you really not figured out where we are?”
    Cyren shook his head.
    “We’re in the dreamworld.”

    Lilith’s PoV
    Lilith pulled a leaf off of a tree. Soon after she’d run from the desert, she’d found a forest. Hopefully no one would find her there. She put her hand up to the light. It was dark and shadowed, like a silhouette’s. That’s fun. She thought. I thought I’d be able to hold it off a bit longer.
    She sighed, closing her eyes and leaning against a tree. She waited for the change to come.
    Lilith prowled across the desert sand, reaching the spot she had woken up in. She was surprised to see the other kid still there, with a nutmeg-brown haired girl. “Ahhhh! What is that?” They yelped, scrabbling back. Lilith eyed four names in the sand. Ψευδαίσθηση, Θηρίο, Απατεών, and Μικρό.
    “I’m not sure.” The girl said. “But it’s not attacking. Cyren, stop looking like an idiot.”
    The kid, Cyren, Lilith guessed, sat up indignantly. “I do not look like an idiot.” They looked at her thoughfully. “Maybe a Apateón?” They asked. “No.” The girl made a face. “More, I’d call it…Liontári.”
    Lilith sighed internally, and shrank back into her regular form. “Ahhhh! Now it definitely wants to kill me!” Cyren yelped, scrabbling back farther. “One. I’m her, not it. And two, she’s right, you’re an idiot.”
    Cyren scowled.
    Lilith narrowed her eyes.
    And a roar shook the air.

    End of Chapter Two

  • I found this song from the Frozen musical and I thought it fit warriors really well, with a few adjustments. It is Ivypool at her warrior ceremony about wanting to tell Dovewing about the DF. I might have messed up the timeline tho lol

    Ivypool: I can’t be what you expect of me
    But I’m trying every day with all I do
    And do not say
    Here on the edge of the abyss
    Knowing everything in my whole life has lead to this
    And so I pull inside myself
    Close the walls put up my guard
    I’ve practised every single day for this
    So why is it so hard?
    ‘Cause I can’t show you
    I’m not as cold as I seem
    There are things you cannot know
    And it’s dangerous to dream
    Dovewing: Sorry, I’m late
    Ivypool: I know I’ll never see that sunny day
    When this trial is finally through
    And it could just be me and you
    I can’t dwell on what we’ve lost
    And our secrecy and silence comes at such a cost
    I wish I could tell the truth
    Show you who’s behind the door
    I wish you knew what all this pantomime
    And pageantry was for
    I have to be so cautious
    And you’re so extreme
    We’re different, you and I
    And it’s dangerous to dream
    It’s dangerous to wish
    I could make choices of my own
    Dangerous to even have that thought
    I’m dangerous just standing here
    For everyone to see
    If I let go of rules
    Who knows how dangerous I’d be?
    Firestar: Do you promise to protect and defend ThunderClan, even at the cost of your life?
    Why right now would I make this mistake?
    How could I let my concentration break?
    Ivypool: I do.
    Firestar: Then from this moment on you will be known as Ivypool.
    All: Ivypool! Dovewing! Ivypool! Dovewing!
    I can’t believe I’m standing here
    Did I really make it through?
    Hawkfrost, I did it
    Now, what do I do?
    I can’t stop smiling, how strange
    Does this mean that things are different?
    Could they really change?
    And could I open up the door?
    And finally see you, face to face
    I guess the warriors can change the rules
    But not the reasons they’re in place
    I can’t be what you expect of me
    And I’m not what I seem
    But I would love to know you
    Is it dangerous to dream?

  • I just posted a reinvented warriors song and it was really fun so I’m going to do another! Also a Frozen one (I’m not obsessed. I think.) but this is a deleted song from Frozen 2, it is Hollyleaf, Jayfeather, and Lionblaze. Some of the changes I made don’t sound the best, but whatever.

    Hollyleaf: Mother, I am flipping through the past
    Turning pages of a book to find you
    Mother, I am lost
    Mother, I am scared
    Mother, I don’t know what to do
    What were you trying to say?
    Must’ve written it down for a reason
    Must’ve thought I’d find it someday
    Lionblaze: I feel this power surging through me every minute
    Like a horse that’s gone wild
    Mother, you were here
    Mother, you are gone
    And you left behind a scared child
    Can’t sit around and cry
    There’s too much to lose
    And I think that I’ve been given this power for a reason
    And I need to know why
    Lionblaze, Hollyleaf, and Jayfeather: I seek the truth
    What are you telling me?
    I’m ready to hear
    Can’t go forward this way
    With questions growing day by day
    I seek the truth
    What are you showing me?
    I’m ready to see
    I need to know who you are
    To know who I am meant to be
    Jayfeather: Mother, you were everyone’s queen
    I watched you closely and you taught me well
    How do I be you?
    How do I be good?
    How do I be me
    Or will time tell?
    How do I go in this land with a power inside
    That I can’t command?
    It’s growing and speaking a language
    That I don’t understand
    Lionblaze, Hollyleaf, and Jayfeather: And I seek the truth
    What are you teaching me?
    I’m ready to learn
    Can’t retreat once again
    And so I turn to you back then
    I seek the truth
    You left me messages
    And they hold the key
    I need to know what they mean
    To know who you want me to be
    (After Hollyleaf returns to ThunderClan from being in the tunnels)
    Lionblaze: Another secret
    And another and another
    At least you were consistent
    Hello father, hello mother
    But I won’t let that pull us back to what we were before
    I won’t let her close that door
    No more doors anymore
    Lionblaze, Hollyleaf, and Jayfeather: I seek the truth
    You drew a map for me, you left me a clue
    You didn’t leave me alone
    You’re with me, guiding what I do
    I seek the truth
    They say that it can hurt, but even so
    I need to know who you were
    So I can know who I am
    And I won’t let it
    I won’t let you
    I won’t let you

  • Another frozen song/warriors crossover! Maybe I am obsessed… Anyway this is Thunder at Clear Sky’s camp. Some of it is kinda weird… sorry. Also I kinda made it an AU if Thunder refused to live with Clear Sky
    Thunder: I came all this way, today
    To give us a fresh start
    But now that you’re like WOW
    It’s all like warm in the heart
    Clear Sky: I’m so glad you like it
    ‘Cause this is the real me
    You have no idea, how great it feels to be free
    Thunder: We’ve been falling out for way to long
    So let’s forget who’s right
    Clear Sky: and forget who’s wrong
    Both: Okay!
    Clear Sky: Why don’t you stay,
    There’s room for family in my court
    Both: Cause life’s too short
    Thunder: To always feel shut out
    And unloved by the father I long to know
    Both: Life’s too short
    Clear Sky: To never let you see who I am, the true king of the forest below
    Both: Oh oh oh
    Both: I never understood, but now I do
    Thunder: Life’s too short to miss out on a father like you
    Clear Sky: So you’ll come back, then.
    Thunder: Back?
    Clear Sky: To live in the forest?
    Thunder: Oh.
    CLear Sky: Sooo…
    Thunder: I don’t believe you!
    Clear Sky: What?! I just assumed that you would want to…
    Thunder: So I’ll do what you say, that’s how your story ends?!
    Clear Sky: It does! It’s just like it was, except for we’ll be best friends
    Thunder: So that’s in your plan to force me back in a cage
    Clear Sky: Whoa, whoa! Don’t get upset let’s get back on the same page
    Thunder: Gee, thanks for taking me to see the place
    And showing off your mastery of tact and grace,
    Clear Sky: okay!
    Run to the moore and spill my secrets, make a full report!
    Thunder: Fine!
    Clear Sky: Cause life’s too short
    Thunder: There it is! The door you’d love to slam in my face!
    You did well there for a spell, but now you’re back in the same place
    Kick me out if you want, but I’m the only one who, is
    Not one hundred percent convinced pure evil means you!
    Clear Sky: You can think whatever you want ’cause I don’t care
    You’re a fool who went off with a stranger!
    Thunder: That is so unfair
    Thunder: I swear I’m through with taking your unshaking fatherly support!
    HAH! Life’s too short!
    Thunder: To let you treat the cats on the moore just as coldly as you always treated me
    Clear Sky: La la lalala laaaa
    Both: Life’s too short!
    Clear Sky: To listen to a reckless fool who only ever sees the things he wants to see…
    Thunder: You don’t know
    Clear Sky: You have no idea
    Both: What I’ve been through
    Because of you
    Life’s too short to waste another minute
    Life’s too short to even have you in it
    Life’s too short

  • Warriors song conversion part 4! I really need to stop posting these on here and go write an article. But. Anyways. Not a Frozen song this time (yay) but still a disney song (no). Any ways this is Squirrelflight after Leafpool died. With a few changes

    Squirrelflight: No!
    (flashback to when they were apprentices)
    Leafpool/paw: You and me together will be
    Forever you’ll see
    We two can be good company
    You and me
    Squirrelflight/paw: Yes, together we two
    Together, that’s you
    Forever with me
    (end flashback)
    Squirrelflight (crying): We would always be good company
    You and me
    Yes, together we’d be
    Just you and me
    Together we’d be
    Forever, but it could never be
    We’d always be good company
    You and me
    But it never could be

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