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  • What if Mapleshade’s Kits lived Chapter 2

    A hunched up Larchkit was grasped in her mouth. Out of all of her kits, she feared he was most likely do something outrageous. He was pulling off a strop, tightening up in annoyance. Patchkit and Petalkit stayed as close to Mapleshade as possible, scared of this alien territory. They’ll get used to it once we’re here for a while, she told herself. They were heading to the camp now, all she needed to do was get their sympathy. Maybe, just maybe, getting exiled was a part of a destiny for greater things.

    Swirling clouds unspeakably high above her head, threaten to cover the warmth of the sun and to place a sheet of shadows over the land. The territory around her was unfamiliar. The ground should be dry and sandy but instead, it was damp and marshy under her paws pads. Without packed trees to create a forest, it was pale wide plain, dotted with islands of protruding rocks.There wasn’t a spot in this territory where you could avoid the faint gushing sound of rushing water.

    The holes left by Larchkit and Petalkit’s claws, where they had gripped her, had started to bleed. Small Streams of red were running down her ginger, black and white fur now. With Patchkit keeping on glancing up at them, it made Mapleshade begin to get uneasy, but Patchkit still didn’t say a word. She had much more important things to deal with. Getting herself healed should be an afterthought. After wandering down another slope, two streams came into view, uniting at the edge of the horizon, creating a blue-ringed circle. In the center, was a tangle of long grasses and reeds, that stood above them. Mapleshade’s ear twitch. The salty fishy scent of Riverclan overpowered any other odors that could have been lingering about this place. Finally, they arrived. The Riverclan camp.

    She placed Larchkit gently on the ground. All three of her kits sat neatly in a row, just a whisker-length away from her muzzle, “Make sure to stay close to me at all times. Don’t wander off and don’t say anything. I’ll take care of everything, don’t you worry.”, she mewed softly, trying to remain hopeful in this bleak looking situation.

    All three kits nodded. Splashfoot marched ahead, “Come on.”, he ordered harshly, approaching the reeds with Eletail already disappearing inside. As the pale warrior passed Appledusk, he angrily swiped his tail across his clanmate muzzle, muttering, “Now you’ll answer for what you’ve done.”, under his breath. Appledusk replied with a hiss as sharp as a snake’s. The two mates shared a pitiful glance before both entered the forest of reeds. The long brown leaves were swept aside as Mapleshade took long strides to flatten it, making a path for her kits. But they still had to stumble over the fallen reeds, like logs for a fully grown cat.

    They must’ve been exhausted by now. They’ve been through more than any cat should in a lifetime, let alone, in one day as kits; being exiled for something they couldn’t help, dragged across a river, having one of them almost drown and learning their father wasn’t Birchface. Even then, it still wasn’t over, they still had to be accepted into Riverclan. Once they were in their new home, Mapleshade would take them to a nice clean nest and they could have a long needed rest. The earth under Mapleshade become not just marshy but was now swallow muddy stagnant water. Her paws were now covered in a layer of green mud. However unlike her, where it only went up her paws, the mud stretched up, all the way up to the kits’ bellies. Just a bit further.

    After traveling through the reeds for another fox-length, the tall plants began to space out before stopping eventually to make way for a large clearing. The entire camp was built on a slowly arching slope, walls blocking the views of the outstretching marsh grasslands just beyond their sight. The dens were made from tightly woven and packed reeds and twigs. Sedges surrounded the edges of the clearing, to make it’s own isolated island. The ancient willow that stood at the side of the clearing, was a towering figure among the tangle of different grass types.

    The ground here, turned to cracked well-worn sandy stone, showing a history of countless floods. Lots of cats were already outside of their dens, getting on with their own business, eating large fish or sharing tongues. However once they spotted the approaching tortoiseshell and kits, many of them got up to their paws, uneasy. Not aggressive yet but certainly unwelcoming. Larchkit looked around wildly, a growl forming in his throat.

    Mapleshade lay her tail over his shoulders, shaking her head at her son. Larchkit stopped, joining his littermates in a huddle beside their mother. Eeltail pointed out a rock tucked away behind a layer of undergrowth, “You and your kits wait there while I fetch Darkstar.”. Before rushing over to a cluster of stems woven into the roots of the ancient Willow. As Mapleshade waited, the Riverclan warriors muttered suspiciously behind her. More cats were beginning to sense the presence of Thunderclan scent and beginning to poke their heads out the den entrances. There was a stir of movement from inside the Leader den as a black shape emerged from its shadows. Darkstar stood with a strong posture.

    Mapleshade’s mate puffed up his chest as his leader padded up to them. “Appledusk, what’s going on? Why is Mapleshade he-“, Darkstar paused. Then the Riverclan leader’s nose began twitching as she scented something, lowering her head. Mapleshade shifted, showing Darkstar the fear-filled kits behind her. “Why are kits here? They should be in the Nursery.”, she pointed out. Appledusk took a step forward, surprisingly calm, “Those kits are mine.”, he announced.

    Around the whole camp, yowls and hisses filled the air. A specked elder even yelled out in the far back, of the now gathered crowd, “Traitor!”. This was it. Appledusk would be able to explain on the kits’ behalf; that they truly had a place among the Riverclan warriors. Darkstar’s eyes narrows, “Explain.”. Appledusk bowed his head respectfully, “Please forgive me.”. A she-cat separated from the ring of watching cats, bounding out to Appledusk. Reedshine.

    “What are you saying, Appledusk?” she asked, pressing herself against Appledusk’s thick slick pelt. Mapleshade’s mind become numb in that heartbeat. The way they leaned against each other- they were more than Clanmates. Bitter frost of jealousy was beginning to form at the bottom of Mapleshade’s heart. “It’s true Reedshine. I’m sorry.”, Appledusk whispered. Reedshine staggered away from him, turning her head to Mapleshade. She looked down at the kits, lost for words.

    Darkstar stood face to face with her trusted senior warrior, “Appledusk, explain yourself this instant.”, she repeated, her patient being tested. Appledusk began to explain, “A few moons ago, I- meet Mapleshade in secret and she ended up getting pregnant.”. Darkstar remind silent, not having any questions yet, so Appledusk carried on, “Mapleshade said she would raise them in Thunderclan and we’ve led separate lives since, we though it was best for everyone. I knew I betrayed my clan- so I couldn’t bring myself to tell anyone.”.

    Darkstar attention went to the former Thunderclan warrior, her stare judging, “So why have you brought them here?”, tail twitching. Mapleshade’s teeth gritted together, now it was her turn, she’d had to get this right, “Ravenwing managed to discover the truth. So Oakstar exiled me and my kits. I would be unspeakably grateful if you were able to let my kits join your Clan. They still have Riverclan blood in them.”.

    By now, the Riverclan deputy, Spiketail had joined them, sitting beside his leader. What was he thinking of all of this? Then Appledusk dipped his cream coloured head, eyes closed, “Please Darkstar, I understand now, I was being a fool. I should’ve never met Mapleshade against the code. My selfish mistake that costed those kits their exile. I’ll regret that for the rest of my life.”, he mewed, “The kits have nothing to with this. So I can only speak for myself and beg for your forgiveness. My loyalty is with Riverclan. I want to remain here to serve the cats I love.”.

    Mistake? Regret? Mapleshade’s ears were pricked, she couldn’t believe what she was hearing. Was he trying to pin the blame on her? He came willingly to their meetings! Anger sparked inside her, “How dare yo-“, but a tail was flattened against her open jaw as Spiketail shut her up, “Hush. We’re not going to solve this by shouting.”. Mapleshade forced herself to be quiet. She couldn’t ruin this for herself. She took the chance to check on her kits; Patchkit was crouched down on the crusted soil while Petalkit and Larchkit looked up with shocked faces and they were looking directly at her. Mapleshade blinked. They were scared of their own mother.

    Slowly, Appledusk began to plead his cause again once things had calmed down. Mapleshade waited for what fox-dang excuse he came up with next. “Please, leave the kits out of this. Just judge me and I’ll prove my loyalty again.”, Appledusk muttered.
    Spiketail and Darkstar looked at each other, reading each other. Spiketail nodded, seemly agreeing with the cream tom, “Appledusk is a brave and strong warrior and so would any kits he’s fathered. It would be a waste to let them go.”, the graying elderly deputy stood directly in front of the brown tom, “I’m willing to give him a chance.”, smiling. Appledusk gave a grateful smile back. Were they being allowed to join?

    Reedshine padded up alongside him, their fur brushing like weeds growing around each other. “Spiketail’s right. Appledusk is the most loyal warrior in Riverclan.”. Despite how much Reedshine annoyed Mapleshade, she was grateful for her support. With two Riverclan cats on their side, including the deputy, made it all the more likely of giving her kits a future.

    Silence hung over all the cats in the clearing like a fog. All of it now hinged on Darkstar’s decision. She remained thoughtful for a heartbeat, a frown came over her face, until eventually shaking her head. Mapleshade’s hope shattered. “I can’t agree with you there, Spiketail.”, she mewed. Panic came over Reedshine, her fur beginning spike up.

    Appledusk remaining calm until now, took a step forward, “What?”, he snapped. Darkstar looked coldly at him, her blue eyes darken as if rain clouds gathered there, “I’d like to give you that benefit of the doubt but I can’t. By taking a mate from another clan, you’ve betrayed your Clan and the Warrior code.”. Reedshine gasped while the Riverclan warriors yowled their agreement in the background. But Mapleshade could barely hear any of them. Darkstar was kicking Appledusk out? But what about, Patchkit, Larchkit and Petalkit? They were too young. They needed to raised in a clan.

    Mapleshade darted forward, leaving her kits beside an enraged Appledusk. She stood nose to nose with the pitiful Riverclan leader, “What about my kits?”, she demanded impatiently. “Kits belong with their mother, even if that’s exile.”, Darkstar argued. Mapleshade growled at her, feeling the urge to rip her fur off. “Send me away if you wish. But they need a home!”.

    Yet again, Darkstar shook her head. The memorizes of her Thunderclan trial flooded over her – Including Frecklewish running away from the flood when Patchkit was still missing. This couldn’t happen twice in the same day! How could the Clans be so cruel!

    Mapleshade reared up onto her hind legs, slashing Darkstar’s ears. Then, teeth grasped her scruff and she was thrown backwards. She was sent flying, crashing into the ground. Sand went up into her mouth and nose, causing her to cough.

    “Pin her down!”, Mapleshade heard when her senses were still blurred. Spiketail and a warrior, called Milkfur, dashed over hurriedly, taking hold of the she-cat. Mapleshade furiously thrashed out but with the strength of two warriors, they overpowered her, keeping her subdued. “Mother!”, Petalkit cried out.

    Appledusk gasped out in horror, wrapping his tail around their kits, “Mapleshade, stop, you’re making this worse!”.

    Annoyingly, she had to admit her mate was right, forcing herself to calm down. With that, the cats around her carried the conversation like nothing happened. Appledusk did his best not to hiss, “I asked you to leave them out of this! Those innocent kits and they’ll fit in fine with Riverclan! It’ll only me that can be judged!”.

    The black she-cat shook her head, “You got yourself into this mess and you have to face the consequences. Those kits will be fine as rogues if you them raise properly, which I expect from my warriors. Mapleshade needs all the help she can get.”. Mapleshade stopped struggling. With a flick of Darkstar’s tail, the two cats separated, allowing Maplshade to get to her paws. Her kits scuttled to her side like ants.

    “It’s decided, then.”, Darkstar muttered. The leader turned to her clan, her words ringing loud and clear, “From this moment on, Appledusk is officially exiled from Riverclan! If you find him on our territory after Moonhigh today, treat him like any intruder.”. She looked at her deputy, who now looked irritated by Darkstar’s ignoring his willingness to forgive Appledusk. Mapleshade couldn’t believe this was happening.

    Exiled twice in one day. What would they do? Where would they go? How would she feed three kits with no territory? Would they have to live as rogues for the rest of their lives? With questions swarming through her head, she barely noticed Darkstar listing warriors, “Spiketail, Rainfall, Splashfoot, Eeltail and Icefang! Escort Appledusk, Mapleshade and their kits to the southern border.”. Darkstar meet Appledusk’s gaze, “Make sure they leave.”.

    The five warriors started to advance on them quickly, fur blazing, claws unsheltered and eyes narrowed. Mapleshade jump to her kits, using her own body as a wall. No one would harm her kits! The Riverclan patrol cornered them, coming from all directions, forcing the family into a tight circle. “Mum-“, Larchkit whimpered, “I’m scared.”.

    Mapleshade leaned over, “They won’t hurt you.”, she mewed, “I won’t let them.”. Having rounded them up, the patrol like one living creature, moved forward, matching each other stride by stride. With nowhere to run, Mapleshade had little choose in shuffling forward, she scooped up the closed kit to her, Larchkit in her mouth.

    Then she kicked at Appledusk’s side to grab his immediate yet needed attention, he glared at her but quickly picked up the message. Petalkit squealed as her father, a stranger to her, lifted her off the ground. She began flailing her legs, trying to escape. But a kit could do little to get away. Patchkit meanwhile, with a surprising amount of skill, leapt onto his mother’s flank, getting a grip and scrambling onto her back. The group slowly edged towards the camp entrance…

    Suddenly Reedshine came storming through the crowd, shoving her clanmates aside. “You can’t let him leave!”, she yelled, “I’m pregnant with his kits!”. What? She could physically see a shiver run down Appledusk’s spine, as he twitched almost fearfully. The frost of jealousy that had formed in Mapleshade, had now turned to solid ice of hatred. She and Appledusk were going to have a long conversation after this. The mood around Riverclan shifted however it wasn’t enough for Darkstar to change her decision. The only reaction Reedshine got out of the leader was, “I’m sorry.”. Three of her clanmates were forced to hold Reedshine back before she could reach the traitor. Mapleshade’s could just make out the soft whisper of a young cat, “Appledusk…”, a tom muttered. She noticed Appledusk’s apprentice, Perchpaw looking on, helplessly as his mentor was taken away. The apprentice looked horrified.

    The panic in Mapleshade grew inside her rapidly, as they were marched out of camp, into the reeds again. The long marshy and stony plains soon came into view, stretching out before her. Her eyes were solely fixed on the southern border in the far distance. She had failed. Now her kits would never be able to grow up in the four territories. They would have to live the harsh and honorless lives of rouges from now on. 

  • Chapter 2 of Our Demons:

    “Can’t catch me!” I giggle as Lionkit chases me round the nursery. 
    He pounces on my tail, and I mewl for mercy as he pins me down. “I surrender! I surrender! I…” I trailed off when I saw it. It was the Clan leader, Pinestar. He was walking into the forest.
    I push Lionkit off of me, and he frowns, disappointed. He starts to pad towards the elders’ den, and I look around. No one is looking at me.
    I start to follow Pinestar through the dark woods. The trees seem to reach out to me like claws, waiting for the satisfying rip of my flesh. Eventually the reddish tabby reaches a big, stone wall. He leaps up. I squint, battling against the sunlight. I can see Pinestar, and two other shapes. A cloud covers the sun, and I nearly gasp. 
    Pinestar is sitting and talking to kittypets!
    I freeze, not knowing what to do. I’m hardly breathing out of shock. One of the kittypets – a long-haired, brown tabby she-cat – smiles and leans over to my leader. “So, gonna join Jake and I here, are you, Clan cat?” She motions to the other kittypet, a ginger tom.
    Jake’s green eyes glow. “Please do!”
    Pinestar smiles. “I’m thinking about it.”
    This time I can’t hold it in. I gasp so loudly that the whole forest must have heard it.
    Pinestar’s head whips round. He spots me, and bears his teeth. 
    “Get back to camp, kit!” he snarls, and I jump, and run back to camp faster than I’ve ever ran before. I can hear the she-cat’s soft voice behind me. “Was that really necessary, Pinestar? She’s just a kit.”
    “A kit that could expose our meetings to my Clan, Shanty!” Pinestar objects. He says more, but I don’t listen.
    All I can focus on is running.


    I walk out of ThunderClan camp, glancing around. I pick up the pace, running through ThunderClan territory. 
    I want to see where Lionheart is. I can’t find him anywhere. 

    Suddenly I smell cat scent. I follow it, and I catch a glimpse of green eyes. Lionheart!
    “Brother! You scared me!” I pad towards him, a wave of relief washing over me. But Lionheart is not standing there. Instead there is a ginger tabby tom sitting there, staring at me. He’s… familiar. I’m not sure how though. 
    He sighs. “I remember you. You were the kit that Pinestar shouted at.” Grief is raw in his eyes. “When Shanty was alive.” Shanty. I remember now. 
    “She was the brown tabby, yes?” I step forwards tentatively. 
    He nods slowly. “Yes. She was.” 
    Jake. That was his name. I blink. “Have you seen a golden tom? Slightly bigger than me? Green eyes?” 
    “Nope, but I’ll find you if I see him.” 
    I nod. “Thanks.” I turn to walk away. 
    “Oh, and keep the Clan safe when Pinestar’s not there.” 
    My eyes flash with terror as I run away. 

  • What if Mapleshade’s kits lived Chapter 3

    Mapleshade still felt shaken up after being marched out of Riverclan camp in such ruff fashion. The young specked warrior that trod next to her, Icefang, left his gaze on the damp floor. Awkwardly avoiding eyes contact with the traitor or the angered queen. Unlike his inexperienced clanmate, Splashfoot burnt with a determination and sacrificed scent. Clearly glad to get rid of the traitorous Appledusk.

    Finally, the patrol had begun to approach the southern border. It was marked with a distinct line of large perfectly arranged green hedges. The thin layer of vapour in air had gotten caught among the hedges’ leaves, like a spider’s web, causing it to drip with fresh water drops.

    The disappearing sun’s orange warm light reflected off of the water’s surface, giving the whole row of hedges a shining gleam. Her neck fur clumped together with bewilderment, as she recognized the horrors that lay just beyond that those bushes. They weren’t natural, they were created by Twolegs. Meaning they were being forced into the Twoleg place and the realm of kittypets.

    Mapleshade watched the blades of long grass be swept aside as she moved through them. She turned her head, to look at the four territories for the last time as a Clan cat. As soon as they crossed that border, they were in exile and will have to live as rouges. Beyond the rocky plains of Riverclan covered with running streams and rivers; was Thunderclan territory made from dense woodland with endless undergrowth, next was the towering dark pines of Shadowclan and finally the long stretching heather-covered moors of Windclan that touched the horizon.

    Her body tightens up with sorrow, the full weight of the situation just starting to sink in. She felt Patchkit violently shivering on her back. He must of been looking at the same view and feeling the same thing. Poor thing…

    “This is it.”, Spiketail’s words rang in Mapleshade’s ears. The patrol had stopped in front of the Riverclan scent line, just stopping short of a foul-smelling twoleg place, already able to hear the large crashing sounds of monsters. Appledusk placed the curled up Petalkit gently at his paws as his deputy approved him. Spiketail showed clear signs of sympathy as he began to address the brown tom, “This is where we part ways. But before you go, know, I don’t agree with Darkstar’s decision. I know you meant well. And If I was the leader, I would have welcomed your kits into Riverclan.”, the elderly cat took a slight pause for breath, “However she is still my leader and her word is the Warrior Code.”.

    Appledusk nodded, pleased with the deputy’s kindful words, “I understand.”. Spiketail’s attention turned to Mapleshade, “Your kits have a strong heritage. Make sure you raise them well.”. Mapleshade only responded with silence, unsure how to feel about it. Mapleshade noticed, Eeltail and Rainfall began muttering behind them, unimpressed. Spiketail seemed to take notice of it, too. “We’ve wasted enough time. Appledusk, you need to get going. Take your kits and leave Riverclan territory.”, Spiketail instructed.

    Appledusk opened his mouth but couldn’t find the words, so just huffed, lifting the now dozing Petalkit off her paws. She was so tired, she didn’t even bother to struggle as the cat, she distrusted, held her by the scruff. Mapleshade began to wonder if Larchkit and Patchkit were just as exhausted. As the pair of them turned their backs on the patrol, beginning to pad towards the border, several of cat started voicing their option behind them, “Good riddance!”, Splashfoot rudely yowled.

    Mapleshade’ ginger fur rose up like waves crashing against a stony shore. Oh, how she wanted to slash that cat’s nose off. Eletail joined in next, “Don’t show your face here ever again!”, proper hatred in her tune. Mapleshade struggled to ignore the comments as her blood boiled. She could even pick up her own anger scent. It was only what Spiketail mewed next, did Mapleshade managed to keep her emotions in check, “Good luck, both of you!”.

    The young warrior, Icefang was about to speak but just in time, Spiketail’s raised his tail to silence him. Any more comments were unnecessary. The patrol watched as the family wandered deeper into the unknown territories that lay beyond all the Clans. Satisfied, both groups went their separate ways.

    It was only when they had made it safe distance over the border, that Mapleshade made a sharp turn, avoiding what lay beyond the bright hedges at any cost. Appledusk seemed surprised at first, but reluctantly followed anyway without complaint, letting his mate take the lead. They travelled at a fast pace along the border, not stopping until a small birch woodland came into view. Now under the shelter of the birches, that Appledusk finally allowed his bitterness to rise to the surface.

    Under the shade of the trees, his creamy sleek pelt was now given a storey hard grey tint. He placed Petalkit aside, laying her against the roots of a tree trunk, as he faced Mapleshade, “This all your fault we were caught, Mapleshade.”, He growled. . Mapleshade unsheltered her claws, shredding the dried leaves at her paws. It was about time she dealt with him. Ignoring Appledusk for the moment, she placed Larchkit on the floor and nosed Petalkit her paws. The tiny she-kit blinked sleepily up at Mapleshade, curious, “What’s going on?”, she asked.

    Mapleshade leads the three kits over to a nearby patch of brown ferns. Under them, the earth dipped slightly and was filled with dried leaves, creating a soft surface. It was the perfect kit-sized den. Using her head, she pushed side fern stems, creating a small path, “In here.”, she pointed out, flicking her tail. They reluctantly did as they were told.

    Patchkit looked back, worried, “What are you going to do?”. She crouched down, into the ferns, pressing her nose against Patchkit’s, trying to calm him, “Don’t worry about it. I just have you deal with your father quickly.”. Larchkit trudged through the layer of leaves like snow, leaving a set of trucks, becoming restless. “We haven’t played all day!”, he protested.

    Using her quick thinking, Mapleshade scooped up a paw-full of leaves, throwing them into the air and causing it to rain reds, oranges and yellows. Larchkit and Patchkit’s eyes widen with delight as they began to leap around like overexcited rabbits, grabbing out for the falling leaves. “Here’s a new game, ‘catch the leaf’.”, Mapleshade suggested.

    Larchkit looked at Petalkit sitting in the corner, staring at the floor, struggling not to fall asleep. He watched her deviously, his tail swishing from side to side playfully. “Leave her, Larchkit.”, Mapleshade scolded, “She needs to rest.”. Larchkit shrugged, “Fine.”, lunging at Patchkit instead, taking him by surprise. The two brothers squealed with excitement as they tussled in the leaves. Mapleshade couldn’t help smile as she watched her kits. “Stay here until I come back.”, she told them sternly, moving away from the patch of undergrowth. She padded towards Appledusk, who was sitting at the base of a tree, angrily mumbling to himself.

    Mapleshade drew out her long claws to fall length. She would tear the sense into him if she had to. Appledusk’s glare hardened as Mapleshade approached, “You ignored our agreement to stay away!”, he growled, “But you just couldn’t resist, could you? Dragging the kits to the dangerous Riverclan border and letting them show off how Half-clan they are. It allowed Ravenwing to spot you!”

    Mapleshade’s ear began uncontrollably twitching. She didn’t want to listen to his cruel words for a heartbeat longer. Was this really the same cat she had fallen in love with? Mapleshade countered him, “I was a lone-mother doing her best to entertain her kits. It was meant to be a harmless little trip; How could I know our leaders would overreact? Where were you to help me raise them? Nowhere! So don’t judge me!”

    Appledusk shook his head defensively, “Kits ain’t allowed to leave camp, Mapleshade. And anyway, You asked to raise them in Thunderclan! You know better then anyone, if I asked Oakstar to join, it would’ve ended in my murder and your exposure. What would’ve of that achieve?” 

    Makpleshade snapped back, “If we didn’t need you for the first two moons, we needed when we were exiled! Yet what were you doing? Rambling about yourself the whole time, and not uttering a word in our defence!” 

    Appledusk still wouldn’t give in, “I asked her multiple times to leave them alone! If I implied I cared more about my Forbidden family then my Clan, Darkstar would’ve of been harsher on all of us. Not that it mattered as it turned out.”

    Mapleshade shove her muzzle into his face, since he hadn’t addressed one thing, “You may have done the bare minimum for our kits, but what about me? Where were your words defending me? For all you knew, Darkstar might’ve of kept the kits but still exiled me!”

    Appledusk flattened his ears, “Maybe I didn’t want to defend you. Your impulsiveness endangered our kits so many times! Your unfair expectations they could’ve united two warring Clans as warriors – Recklessly giving Ravenwing the evidence to expose them – And today, making them to cross a flooding river! I want my kits to be raised by someone who won’t get them killed.”

    Using all her willpower, Mapleshade made sure her mate’s words couldn’t go to his head. No, he’s making up lies so he can make himself feel better! He’s the selfish one, while I’ve done everything to protect my kits! Finally, she was able to ignore Appledusk’s words and stand up to him, “You’re making up excuses. I bet the real reason was because of your precious Reedshine.”, Mapleshade mewed almost mockingly.

    Appledusk swallowed down the anger, beginning to mutter, “It wasn’t what you think.”. Her rage snapped in that heartbeat. “She’s having your second litter!”, she pointed out, “What else could it be? How could you? After everything we’ve been through.”.

    Appledusk got to his paws, preparing himself as the situation began to get tense.
    “Hypocrite!”, Appledusk snapped, “You were posing as Birchface’s mate moons before I was ever with Reeedshine. Yet you never bothered asking me once about.”, he voice become pathetically high-pitched with emotion, “Didn’t you ever considered how I felt? Forced to watch my kits from afar, as they’re being raised into wanting to kill me. Birchface is a pawn, just as much as Reedshine is. But all it’s all necessary in keeping our kits safe.” 

    Mapleshade refused to believe a single word that lying foxheart uttered. How dare you compare your dirty lies to my harmless secrets! Mine were the only ones with true good intentions! Mapleshade began to pace around him, “Oh, so now you’re making it out like it’s both our fault.”, she mewed unconvinced. Appledusk step several paces back, his back up against the black and white bark of a birch tree trunk, uneasy. “It was both our faults.”, Appledusk insisted.

    Continuing to circle and pacing round the tom, she studied him carefully. . If he was manipulating her, it wasn’t going work. Despite how much she hated to admit it, she needed him. Trying to raise three kits alone in the unexplored and unclaimed territories beyond the clans, would be near impossible. It would only be another moon until they would go off milk eventually and start demanding proper fresh-kill.

    “That’s not what sounded like back in Riverclan.”, she finally spoke, “You called your own kits, a ‘mistake’. I honestly don’t know what I saw in you, to fall in love you. But I know now, You’re disgusting!”.

    That hit Appledusk right where it hurt most, his ego. His lip curled up as he growled at her, “I wasn’t insulting the kits at all! I talking about our own actions being the mistake. I had pleaded to stay in Riverclan because I have too many responsibilities there. Many of my clanmates are replying on me-“, he began. However Mapleshade interrupted him, noticing that he hadn’t mentioned a specific thing even once, “What are their names?”, she asked. Appledusk blinked at her in confusion. “What?”, he buttered. He didn’t even know!

    “What are your kits’ names?”, she questioned. Appledusk tensed up, looking down at the floor as he hurriedly shifted through his memories. After time began to drag on, Appledusk finally had to give up and tell the truth. “I-I..I don’t know…”, he admitted. Mapleshade turned her back on him in disgust, walking away, “I knew it.”, she muttered under her breath.

    Surprisingly, he rushed after her eventually blocking her path. Mapleshade stared at him coldly. “Tell me.”, he mewed. Mapleshade paused. Did he deserve it? “Petalkit, Patchkit and Larchkit.”, she told him. It was up to him to find out which one was which. The former Riverclan warrior took a long and regretful sigh. “What am I going to do?”, he mewed to himself, Mapleshade overhearing.

    “What else?”, she began, Appledusk turning round, slightly surprised she heard him, “You’re going to help me raise them. We’re stuck together, whether you like it or not.”. Which she didn’t like much either.

    “But I don’t think I can-“, Appledusk’s voice trailed off. Her teeth were gritted together, she took a step towards him, fur spiked, “What? You can’t what?”, she challenged. No answer came from him, however. He just trembled like a terrified kit. If he wasn’t going answer, she would have to guess, “So what are you saying? Are you going abandoned your kits in the wilderness?”, she asked. Appledusk looked sickened that he would be accused of something like that, “No, of course not!”.

    Mapleshade went nose to nose with him, dead serious. She looked him square in the eyes. Her tail twitched. “Good. Because abandoning them would be no better than killing them yourself. So if you even think about leaving me or my kits- I will kill you.”, she uttered, her voice hollow. As she said that, she felt like she was in another cat’s body. A much more bloodthirsty and savage cat. Could she live with herself if she ever went through with it? Having the blood of her mate and the father of her kits on her claws? Even the deepest depths of her mind, didn’t know if it was an empty threat or not. Appledusk swallowed and slowly nodded.

    “We’ll sort out what need to do tomorrow, let’s get just get some sleep.”, she added, walking away.

    Throughout their argument, Mapleshade had failed to see the world around them had darkened as night approached. Everywhere, the sky was now a smokey grey, with the first shining white star starting to peer through the soft twilight clouds. As she approved the fern patches her kits were staying in, she saw they were in a large heap, fast asleep. They had completely worn themselves out.

    Larchkit snored so loud, it could wake up a dormouse. She pushed aside the fern leaves and stems, trying to get into the packed space, careful to avoid any movements or sounds that could wake them up. Rapping her tail around them, she settled down on the soft surface of dried leaves. The fern smells took her back to the Thunderclan nursery. She curled up into a tight ball, pulling them in the warmth of her belly.

    Then Patchkit’s eyes slowly drew open. “Mummy, why were you yowling at that Riverclan cat?”, he asked in a hushed asked. Mapleshade licked him between the ears, “It’s grown-up stuff. You’ll understand when you’re older.”, she whispered into his ear.

    Patchkit carried on to ask her questions, “Is that brown tom really our father?”.

    Mapleshade paused. She couldn’t hide it from them. “Yes, he is.”, she mewed softly. The ginger and white kit looked thoughtful for a moment, “I don’t believe what Larchkit and Petalkit said about Appledusk, I bet he’ll turn out almost as kind as you.”, he boosted with a spark of hope in his leaf green eyes.

    The Queen couldn’t help but be taken back by the kit’s innocence and idealist view of the whole situation. It must of been nice to see the world through the blindness of youth. “Let’s hope he does.”, Mapleshade mewed hopefully, “Now go to sleep now, we have a busy tomorrow.”. Patchkit opened up his mouth, about to ask another question but Mapleshade stopped him by shaking her head. “Sleep now, questions later.”, she told him, laying her head down on the nest of leaves. Patchkit nodded, finally settling down next to Larchkit and Petalkit in pile of fur, falling asleep within heartbeats.

    Appledusk didn’t venture into the fern den for a while longer. Mapleshade could hear the faint rustle of leaves, as he placed branches and brambles on top of the ferns. The extra layers of undergrowth did its job in blocking out bartering night wind and bone-chilling cold.

    It was only when the moon was high in the sky and it bathed the woodland in a silver light, that he quietly yet nervously, slip inside the tight space. He panted heavily and his pelt was mattered, after the late night of work. If she could risk waking up her kits, she would have made him sleep outside. He took his spot on the far side, the fern roots digging into him back.

    There was a mouse-length’s distance between the two ‘mates’, not touching each other. Mapleshade honestly didn’t know what the future held for her or her family now. There were still two clans left; Windclan and Shadowclan. Maybe her kits could be raised in a clan after all. But they had to make it wasn’t a repeat like last time. Lying seemed the only way out of a life of crow- food eating. But she could worry about that later. All she could hope, for now, was the empty void of sleep to overcome her senses.

  • Okay, so I started a new game/story on the games page. The story part will be on here. If you want to be in it, go play on the game page.
    Among Us: Character Style
    Players so far:
    Jay (Jayfeather; JayBoi)
    Leo (Lionblaze; LeoDaLion)
    Cece (Cinderheart; CCinder2.0)
    Delila (Dovewing; FlutteringDove395)
    Ivy (Ivypool; IvydaStrangleU)
    Flame (Firestar; FireFireFire)
    Sandy (Sandstorm; sandStorm11)
    Gray (Graystripe; StripyGreBe)
    Silver (me, Silverfin; Silverfin64)
    Turtle <dead> (WoF; daMagicTurtle)
    Peril (WoF; Burninggirl; called by Flamepaw/streak)
    Moon (WoF; watcherOfmoons)
    Qibli (WoF; SandyBoi)
    Winter (WoF; IcePrince#1)
    Deku (MHA; broccoliBoi; called by Blackflurry)
    Todoroki (MHA; icyHoT)
    Bakugou (MHA; boomBOOMBoi)
    Denki (MHA; piKaChu)
    Ochako (MHA; floatyGirl)
    Viper [you know, the wonderful moddo Viper; viperStrike :)]
    Chapter One
    The game started off easy.
    *Cece’s POV* I stare around at all of my so-called friends. My role is crewmate, so I’m trying to decide who the imposter could possibly be.
    *Delila’s POV* After a while of doing my tasks, I spot Cece walking around. I walk over to her.
    “Hey, Cece,” I say, trying to start a conversation. “Do you want to stick together this round?”
    “Sure,” she replies, checking her list of tasks. “I have to rework the wiring, swipe my card, and then download a couple files. You?”
    “Take out the trash and then…” I check my list again. “Divert the power and destroy some asteroids.” We laugh and keep walking.
    Suddenly, I scream. Turtle’s dead body is laying right in front of us.
    *Deku’s POV* “Okay, so who’s been acting super sus?” I start out by saying, leaning onto my elbows on the table. 
    “Woah, woah, woah,” Peril interrupts. “You can’t just start out by asking, ‘hey, who’s been acting sus?’ You have to do a good investigation first.”
    “Oh, really, Ms. Smarty-Pants? Then you do it yourself.”
    *Peril’s POV* “All right, then, I will.” Blackie’s being super sus just saying that. Note to self… “Delila, where was Turtle?”
    “He was in Lower Engine,” she babbles softly, tears rolling down her face. “There was a vent next to him. Me and Cece had walked by there earlier, and I saw Leo and Bakugou both with him…but they’re his friends. They wouldn’t do that to him.”
    “Maybe they would,” Deku piped up. “Bakugou and I and Todoroki – and you guys, for that matter – haven’t met him other than today. So.”
    “Oh, right.” I face-palm. “Wow, I can’t believe I forgot that. It feels like I’ve known you for a while already.
    *Deku’s POV* “Okay, we’re done with that. Now…” the worst part, “…who should we vote off?”
    Everyone’s eyes go wide, and we all look at each other suspiciously. This game just got onto a whole other level.

    I hope you enjoyed! If you want to join, then go play the latest round on the game page. New rounds posted daily. Next chapter coming soon!

  • I’ll just start off by saying it… this is Chapter 6, last chapter of RoA. But! Before you say on how short this might be, don’t worry. There’s going to be another story called Memories of War, MoW, that’ll have all the same characters you know and love. But don’t worry, this chapter is longer than the rest typically are. Also, in the last paragraph and the Epilogue, Artemis is now 17, Fenri is 18, Aeryn is 22, Drift, Fiona, and Celeste is 15, and Ace and Fin are 16. 

    Fin’s POV
    12:03 P.M.

        Fin dashed away, but felt herself shivering with horror at what was happening. She’d seen Aeryn, the evil lord himself, for the first time in person. His corrupted form was horrifying, and Ami had tore away from the bank and was gaining on Fin.
         “Don’t stop!” Ami snapped. “Faster! And by any means, do not let him corrupt you!” Tears were streaming down her cheeks, and she had a pained expression on her face. Fin dashed faster, and Celeste puffed,
    “Ami, did you know him before he was… corrupted?”
         “Yes!” Ami snarled as she pulled ahead. “He was the opposite of how he is now! Do you know how much it pains me? To see him like this? His older brother, Alven, was slowly tearing his sanity and control to pieces, but the mania was his breaking point…” Fin felt taken aback, and then carried on running, everyone silent except the occasional puffing, when finally Ami said, 
    “We can stop.”

    Fenri’s POV

    12:15 P.M.

        “Hey, Fenri?” Ami called. Fenri glanced back behind him. Ami looked pained, and she murmured,
         “Look- look in front of you.” Fenri turned back around to see a ravine. 
    “Whoa.” He backed away, not wanting to fall in. 
         “Alright, what do we do now?” Fenri asked.
    “I could use my magic to lift us over,” Celeste offered. 
         “Wait. There’s a spell for that?” Fin looked genuinely confused and surprised.
    “Fin,” Celeste said, her eyes glittering

    Zephyr’s POV

    12:10 P.M.

        Zephyr brushed away bushes and undergrowth with a knife she had found. It was a magical knife, by all means, for it easily sliced the thick leaves that would’ve taken forever with a normal knife. She studied it as they were walking through the forest. It was a silver knife, and it had special words on the knife that were made with a sort of bronze-ish gold color. All of them were silent, and they walked quietly in a group. The silence was broken when Zephyr stumbled over something and hit the ground. She was about to try to get up, but Drift said,
         “Zephyr, stop. D-Don’t… don’t get up. Please.” Zephyr grunted as she stiffened herself. Through her peripheral vision she saw Drift panicking. A dark look of concern and shock shadowed Ace’s face. Artemis’s eyes widened. Fiona murmured,
    “How is she- how-”
         “What is going on?” Zephyr demanded. She was getting scared.
    “Zephyr, listen carefully,” Ace said, their tone calm but their eyes full of panic. “Do you feel anything?”
         “No?…” Zephyr responded. She glanced at her arms and legs, but she couldn’t see her back, yet nothing felt different. Nothing seemed wrong, except her friends’ panicking. 
    “Zephyr, you were just impaled… by your own arrow,” Ace said quietly. “It’s… pierced clean through your body.”

    Fiona’s POV

    12:13 P.M.

        Zephyr seemed to freeze up. Fiona watched as she slowly had a sick look in her eyes, then she closed her eyes. 
         “We need to get the arrow out of Zephyr,” Ace said, their face shadowed with slight nausea. “Flip her over.” Fiona went carefully over to Zephyr and flipped her over gently, and she saw the arrow sticking out of her body smack in the middle, between her lungs, Fiona guessed in her head.
    “I could slowly raise the arrow out of her body,” Fiona suggested, “But you’d need to be ready to patch her up.” Fiona’s gaze darkened. “I’m surprised she’s not… dead yet.” 
         “I’ll patch her up with a healing spell,” Ace responded firmly. Fiona closed her eyes lightly and then murmured a few words, and the arrow started to lift slowly, but surely, out of Zephyr’s body. Zephyr cried out, and Drift winced and stepped away, her eyes shut tight, and she gagged.
    “I regret watching.” Artemis shot her a glare and then glanced back at Zephyr, eyes full of concern. Zephyr got to her feet and then stared at her wound. It was no longer as major, yet it still trickled blood, yet it had closed up mostly. Zephyr glanced back at Ace and Fiona, eyes wide.
         “Did you heal her, Ace?” Fiona asked.
    “No, I didn’t,” Ace replied. They looked at each other, then back at Zephyr. Zephyr’s gaze then fixed on something behind Fiona. Fiona glanced behind her and then saw a faint gold-and-white aura surrounding air that then disappeared. 
         “What was that?” Fiona breathed. 
    “What was what?” Artemis looked confused. Ace and Drift did as well. Fiona and Zephyr both exchanged a glance and then stared at where the aura was. Only they’d been able to see the aura. Fiona bit her lip and responded,

    Celeste’s POV

    1:00 P.M.

        Celeste heard a very faint voice, it was barely audible, and it seemed to be carried on the wind, yet she smiled. She recognized the voice.
         “Ami,” Celeste said softly, “Zephyr’s near here.” Ami perked up immediately and then demanded,
         “She’s-” Suddenly an arrow sailed towards Ami, yet Ami caught it and snapped it in half with one hand. Celeste glanced behind her to see Zephyr standing with her bow up, notching another arrow.
    “Zephyr,” Ami called softly. “It’s me.” Zephyr stared at Ami for a moment before her eyes stretched wide. Fin and Celeste exchanged a glance before smiling warmly as they watched Zephyr run over and throw herself into her sister’s arms. Celeste could see a smile playing on Fenri’s lips, and she walked up to Zephyr and gave her a hug as well after Zephyr recognized her. Now the two groups were combined, and they were one step closer to having a force to defeat Aeryn’s mania.

    Zephyr’s POV 

    Three weeks later, in a cave, fighting against Aeryn’s mania- 11:07 P.M.

        Zephyr gasped for breath at the corner of the cave. Ami kept shooting at the mania, which had taken on a physical form that wasn’t Aeryn.
         “You took him away from me,” Ami snarled as the arrows kept appearing and sticking out of the spirit like a porcupine. The spirit gasped with pain.
    “I was using him… as a distraction,” The spirit rasped. “Now, little girl… care to look behind you?” Ami glanced for a split second behind her only to have spikes erupt from the ground and pierce her legs. She gasped in pain, shivering as she fell to her knees. Zephyr stared in horror at the state Ami was in. Zephyr slowly dragged her gaze away from her older sister and then stared at the spirit. 
         “You hurt her.” Zephyr spread her wings, flew upwards, and dived at the spirit, knocking it to the ground. The spirit flew across the cave and hit the wall with a dull thump. It got up and growled,
    “You’re too reckless, child. That is your problem. You’re too reckless… and that’ll get you killed.” Suddenly, a bunch of shadowy monsters erupted from nowhere and began dragging her and Ami as well as her friends away from each other, and tears rolled down her cheeks. They were going to die here. The thought seemed to awaken something from deep down, and she whispered.
         “No.” The cave suddenly began to tremble, and started to shake violently, then boulders began crushing the shadowy monsters into puddles of black goop. 

        “You’re smart, child,” The spirit mused, “Yet not so much as the same time.” He lunged at blinding speed and then stabbed Ami with a knife made of shadows. Zephyr froze as she realized what he’d done. She got to her feet, and then fell back down to her knees as she saw her sister’s blank and lifeless gaze. Ace, Fenri, and Artemis stared in shock at the scene that’d just happened. The spirit then glanced at something behind him, threw another knife, and faded away. The knife didn’t make a noise as it should’ve if it hit the cave wall, then Zephyr got to her feet and staggered over to the area where the spirit had thrown it. It was sticking out of Drift’s wing, and Drift stared in horror at her bloody wing. Fiona hurried over and offered support, and Zephyr collapsed in her friend’s arms, crying quietly. She’d just lost her sister, the one she’d always loved the most, and her father was somewhere she’d never know.

        “I could never get used to this,” Drift had quietly and miserable as Zephyr hugged her friend tight. It had been a year since her sister’s death, and Aeryn had stood in the cave over Ami’s body, his eyes welling with tears.
         “I never got to hear her voice, telling her she forgives me for leaving her,” Aeryn had said, his green eyes clouded with sadness and regret. Now Zephyr stood inside of her and Drift’s dorm, and she heaved a sigh. She couldn’t dwell on that. Drift appeared in front of her, and Zephyr stared at her. Drift had lost one of her wings that day, and now she only had one. She couldn’t fly with it, yet she still managed to keep a clear head. 
    “Hey, Zeph,” Drift said quietly. “You here?” Zephyr straightened up and replied,
         “Yep.” Drift smiled faintly.
    “It’s your sixteenth birthday tomorrow, you know. Come on with me and the rest of the gang to celebrate tomorrow. And don’t you dare make any excuses,” Drift added as Zephyr opened her mouth to say otherwise. Zephyr looked at the ceiling of the dorm and replied,


        “Hey, Zephyr! We have something you might want to see,” Artemis said, her eyes wide as she hurried over beside Fiona. Zephyr took the piece of paper Artemis handed her and read what the letter said. Her eyes widened as well as she read it. 
         “We need to go. Now,” Zephyr said. “We need to find-”
    “Zephyr, we both know this could be a trap,” Artemis said softly. “Why don’t we-”
          “I’m not hearing it, Artemis,” Zephyr said angrily. “We’re going, and that’s final.”

    The Letter:

    Dear Zephyr Aster Hollow,

        I am pleased to inform you that Addison Hollow, the heir of the throne of Stormguard, has survived the ‘incident’ and requests to meet you. She has been in a coma for a year now, and her body was transported out of the cave to the hospital as soon as I was informed of the… ‘incident.’ Princess Addison wishes you to come to XXXXXXX-XXXX. As you may also be curious about, Stormguard has started to gather and rebuild itself, until it once more becomes the fighting force you’d expect it to be.


    Douglas Adams, Leader of the Stormguardian Council

  • Prolouge of my story:
    The title of this is Restoring the Gods: Sky and Sun (SaS), and there will be more parts of the story coming out. I’m 90% sure that the next part will be titled Restoring the Gods: Stars in the Night (SitN), but knowing me, it’s probably going to change. Thank you to everyone who submitted characters! I hope you enjoy! BTW, when it say the chapter than a name (ex, Chapter 64: Jeremy), the name is whoose POV it is.

    Prologue: Heroine
    “Free us. Avenge us. Give us the life we need!” The voices hissed. I had been having this dream every night for the past two weeks. I hated the voices that nagged me. I was a free spirit, nothing less! 
    “Bring us back!” The voices were louder this time, and they were demanding. “Bathe us in blood!”
    I jolted awake. I sat up, my sheets falling away from my sweat-soaked body. I put my head in my hands and took deep breaths, clearing my head and calming myself down. Travis, my third oldest brother, snored in the room two doors away from me, and I could hear Luke, Charlie and Ethan out in the yard- probably for night football practice. I looked over at the clock that sat on my nightstand. It read 3:42 AM. I pushed my covers away and stood up. I walked over to my closet and pulled on a pair of jeans, a t-shirt, and a bulky sweatshirt, plus my riding boots. I walked downstairs and grabbed my bow and a quiver of arrows, both of which hung on hooks by the door. I had had bad experiences with monsters, and wasn’t anxious to repeat them.
    As I walked out the door, Charlie waved at me. “Hey, Heroine, you wanna play?” Usually, I would never turn down a chance to beat my brothers, but tonight I just needed to clear my head. I shook my head. Charlie’s grin disappeared. “Hero, you okay? You never usually miss out on a game.” I nodded, my silver nose stud glinting in the moonlight. “I was just going to take Stars out for a ride,” I explained, “but I’ll kick your butts next time!”

    I turned and ran to the barn. I passed Jack’s brown clydesdale, Rockslide. He nuzzled me, looking for carrots. “Maybe next time, big boy.” I turned and walked down the rows of stalls until I reached my mustang, Stars. Stars is a well built black horse with a white blaze and four white stockings. He was lean and muscular, and definitely on the bigger side of horse sizes. I pet Stars’s soft muzzle as I spoke to him. “Hey, boy. Do you wanna go for a ride?” Stars whinnied in response. I laughed. I haltered Stars and tied him to the hitching post in the tack area and gave him a quick grooming before throwing my saddle over his back. After the cinch was secure, I put his bridle on and strapped a sheathed dagger and some rope to my saddle before leading him outside. I swung up and looped the strap of my quiver around my saddle horn. I urged Stars into a trot, and they swiftly moved towards the woods. Once there, I slowed Stars and slid off to tighten my cinch. Once satisfied with my work, I swung up again and ran my hand down Stars’s neck. I kicked him, and Stars moved swiftly into a lope, which quickly became a gallop. We leapt over a river, and Stars seemed to move faster. My raven-black hair whipped behind me. I was glad I’d brought a sweatshirt. The shaved sides of my head were cold, but I was glad to be racing with Stars through the woods. I just wished I could outrun the dreams……

  • Warriors High Youtubers!
    Cindy: Hey guys, its CCCindy!
    Briar: And Briar!
    Leo: And Blaze!
    Holly: And Green Holly!
    Jay: I’m not doing this.
    Cindy: Jay! You ruined it!
    Briar: So today we’re playing among us, with Ivy, Dove, and Faith
    Cindy: Yeah, before we start, hit that like button, subscribe, and comment down bellow! Remember, if we get 19,000,000 subscribers, we’re doing something huge!
    Leo: Like dumping melted cheese on Jay!
    Jay: No.
    Leo: Bu-
    Jay: No.
    Holly: *rolls eyes* Anyway lets start the video.
    Cindy: Ok I’m starting the game.
    There is two impostors….

    “Ok, so I’m the imposter with Holly, hmm.” I see Leo doing a task in admin. “Bye bye Leo.”
    I see Leo’s dead body. I hit report. “Leo was in admin.” I reported. “Ok skip cause we don’t know anything important.” Jay said, tartly. Hmm, Jay’s acting weird. “K!” Briar chirped. “Fine.” Ivy grumbled.
    “Who ta kill?” I see Dove. “Yes..” I killed her. “Jay?! Dang it!” I see Jay staring at me. I hit report body.
    “It was Holly.” I said, immediately. “What? No!” Holly defended herself. Everyone’s quiet. Breaking the silence, Cindy said, “It’s Jay.” I narrowed my eyes, “No I’m not.” Everyone voted on Holly, except Cindy and Holly (who voted for me). Holly got thrown out,
    Holly was An Impostor
    “I’m in engine, right now…” I do my task and was about to get out of the room when Briar came in, then she killed me. “Great, just great.” I drawled, sarcastically.
    “Ivy’s dead,” I said. “and I think its Cindy.” Silence. “Yeah, it probably is.” Jay grunted. “Hey!” Cindy huffed. “Fine, throw me out, its not me though.” She got thrown out.
    Cindy was not An Impostor
    Briar laughed as it showed that she was the last imposter with ghost Holly. “Pf, you guys had no idea!” She giggled.

    Cindy: Well, thats it for today. See you in the next episode!
    Leo: Bye.
    Jay: Whatever.
    Briar: Yay, byee
    Holly: Hope you enjoyed!

  • What if Mapleshade’s kits lived Chapter 4

    Her blurred senses began to separate from the black void of sleep and make sense of the world around her. The wall in front of her slowly become more detailed, seeing the separate lime stems, creating a forest of tall pale trunks. Mapleshade’s neck ached from spending the night laying on a wooden floor, rather than proper bedding made from soft moss and feathers. She’ll miss the nursery. Taking at the moment, she breathed in the fresh and crisp dawn air. Peering through the gaps in the ferns, she noticed a frosty white gleaming fog had drifted in, covering the small birch wood and Riverclan marshes in icy silver sheets.

    She eventually noticed movement in the pile of soft fur at her belly. Petalkit shifted around uncountable serval until throwing herself away from her sleeping brothers, landing in heap on Mapleshade’s tail, panting. “What’s wrong?”, she asked confused. The brown she-kit huffed, “It’s boiling in there!”, she complained. This just made Mapleshade even more confused. She had a thick pelt but overheating had never been a problem until now. Leaning over, she sniffed. Petalkit was right, it was near her belly and the source of it was…Patchkit. His chest rose and fell slowly, his breath heavy and swallow. He was horribly burning up like a blazing fiery monster ripping through trees and undergrowth as it charged through the forest. Lightly nudging Patchkit to wake up, he simply let out off a weak gruff moaning.

    Instead, Larchkit began to steer from his deep slumber. “Is it dawn already?”, the dark kit guessed, rolling onto his back and stretching his legs. Seemly he was completely ignorant of Patchkit’s soaring temperature. Out of nowhere, Larchkit leapt to his paws, as if he had all the energy in Starclan, rushing outside of the ferns with the speed of a hare. “Don’t go anywhere outside of my line of sight, ok?”, Mapleshade called after him, feeling like anything that could go wrong, would, knowing her son. “Don’t worry, I will!”, not even bothering to look back at her as he sped off.

    “Make sure he stays out of trouble.”, she uttered to her daughter. Petalkit’s face lit up. She flexed her claws, a malicious smile grew up her face like a weed, “It’ll be my pleasure.”, she mewed slyly. Before rushing out of the outstretching branches of the ferns, after her brother.

    With her two other kits out the way, her full attention could be on Patchkit. He was fighting his own body; constantly uncontrollably shaking, raspy gasping for air, his eyes rolled inside his head making them white slit and he was as solid and cold as a frozen stone in leaf-bare. What was wrong with him? Mapleshade stood up, trying to give the young kit some space. She prodded him with her muzzle again, trying to get him to stand but he just continued to make meaningless unhealthy noises. Slowly she began to get worried, “Patchkit, Patchkit. Are you alright? Try and stand up.”, she encouraged. Still nothing. He continued to lay there barely moving among the red and orange leaves. The only sign of life he gave off was the rising of the chest and occasional twitch.

    Just then she spotted a cream pelt approving the ferns, ignoring the two kits charging after a moss ball. She’d honestly forgotten he was missing. As he came near, Mapleshade could see he was covered in a small layer of mud and he smelt of the marsh. The branches swayed as the large frame of Appledusk entered inside. Carrying three green limp bodies with him. Mapleshade blinked at him, “Frogs?”. He placed them down at his paws, making strange movements with his mouth in an effort to get rid of the foul taste. “Well since we’re in exile now.”, mewing with a hint of mockery. Mapleshade narrowed her eyes. He quickly shifted his tone of voice, knowing he was pushing his luck, “-Since I can’t fish in the waters of Riverclan territory, I have to make do with what we’ve got.”.

    He pushed a frog toward her, settling down with one of his own. Just looking at its lumpy slimy grey-green skin with those fish-like eyes made her want to be sick. “Where did you even get them?”, she mewed, still wondering why he would choose frog over anything else. “A small pond near a twoleg fence. However, I think I drained what little prey it had to offer.”.

    That was right, Appledusk, as a Riverclan cat, could only really hunt in water. And with Riverclan hogging all the nearby rivers and streams, he wouldn’t be much use in gathering food. So, unless they could find another water source with a steady food supply, she would have to teach him how to hunt on land. Which wouldn’t be fun. She also wanted to get some travelling done today as well. They were too far over the border for any normal patrol to go after them. Sure. But if they sent too long lingering around the Riverclan’s borders, Darkstar might send warriors to drive them further away.

    Pushing aside her unappetizing meal for the moment, she turned to Appledusk, “You wouldn’t know anything herbs or illnesses, would you?”, being hopeful. The tom made a face after swallowing another painful mouthful of frog, “What do I look like? A Medicine cat?”, he joked.

    She sighed, moving around so he could see the limp Patchkit, “I think he’s ill.”. Appledusk’s eyes surprising glazed over with concern, “He is?”, leaning over and sniffing him over. He sat back, seemly unsure what to do, “What’s wrong with him?”, he asked. That’s why I’m asking you! She couldn’t help but cringe at her mouse-brained partner. She shrugged, “I don’t know. He’s not coughing, so I don’t think it’s white or Greencough.”. Appledusk muttered something under his breath looking to the green wall for the heartbeat before looking back her.

    “So what do we do about it?”, he urged. Silence came over the two cats as they tried to think of a situation, only the squeals of the playing Petalkit and Larchkit from outside, could be heard. They need to get a Medicine cat to look at him but who? There were four medicine cat but which one? Both Ravenwing and the Riverclan medicine cat, Driftfur would probably refuse to help them after learning the truth.

    Yet there was still Sloefur and Larkwing. Would they help? However, Mapleshade quickly decided against it. Windclan and Shadowclan were their last change on ever returning to the Clans. So she doubted they would let them join after forcing their medicines cat to cure her kits. Thinking it about, it couldn’t be Driftfur either. Riverclan knew their location, so threatening one of their members could provoke an attack. They would have to relocate Petalkit and Larchkit and with not knowing how much time Patchkit had, it was too risky. There was only one left.

    Mapleshade’s fangs chattered with anticipation. She’d been craving to get rightful vengeance on the cats that had ruined her life. The blurry images of her Thunderclan trial came back, serval individuals clearer than others: Oakstar who exiled them, Ravenwing who exposed them and Frecklewish who harassed them. Then personally for Mapleshade herself, was Bloomheart, the mentor who disowned her. How they could throw outside innocent kits like crowfood sicken her.  Foam began building up in her throat from the memory of the Foxhearts.

    “What are you doing?!”, came a shocked voice, breaking into her thoughts. Appledusk stood there, staring wide-eyed at Mapleshade’s paws. She’d failed to release she tearing up the frog under her thorn-like claws. The head had been reduced to a green and red solid mush. “Just thinking.”, she snorted, not bothering to come up with a believable excuse. Wanting to just get in out the way, she hooked the frog by the leg, shoving into her mouth. A foul watery-salty flavour filled her mouth along with the rubbery texture of the skin. She quickly forced it down her throat, not even chewing. Appledusk made a face, grossed out by his mate’s actions. Moving on quickly, she changed the topic, “I know what we have to do.”, she revealed.

    “Which is?”, Appledusk asked grumpily, not willing to play the waiting game.

    “It’ll be a half-moon tonight, correct?”, she mewed. Appledusk nodded.

    “Well-“, she continued, “-Ravenwing will be making the journey to the Moonstone soon. That’s our opportunity.”.

    The fish-smelling cat didn’t clearly like where she was heading. “Where are you going with this?”, suspicion tense in his tone.

    “It may be our only chance.”, she argued, “Now, it’s simple. We take Patchkit and we ambush him at the base of Highstones tonight before he gets to Mothermouth, he’ll be isolated and have nowhere to run. He can’t fight both us. There, we’ll force him to treat Patchkit, wound him if we need to.”.

    Appledusk staggered back several paces, in horror. Until he finally mumbled, “Are you really willing to do that?”. She looked at him with hard stone eyes, “If it saves my son’s life then yes.”, she uttered. She sat down again, licking Patchkit between the ears. The kits only gave another weak response. From the back on the den, Appledusk’s tail tip and ear twitched several more times. He looked on blankly in the distance, in the direction of Larchkit and Petalkit as they scrambled through the dried leaves, like a brown lake about to engulf them under it’s muddy surface.

    “Another thing.”, She began again, “I want us to go somewhere safer. Being this close to the Riverclan border is dangerous.”. Appledusk gave a quick glance over to river covered grasslands of Riverclan. A hint of sorrow came into his pale green eyes. She felt a stab of annoyance, the selfish tom still mourned the loss of his home. She bet he was staring at the view constantly behind her back. “But where do think we should go?”, he asked, not conceived. She sighed, “I was hoping you might know somewhere.”.

    The cream cat bites as lips as he thought, “Well, there is one place.”, he meowed, “A barn just beyond the twoleg place near the Thunderclan border. It’s far away enough so no Clan cat would go there but close enough, so it’s only a short journey the four territories if we ever need to return .”. A barn? Mapleshade didn’t like the idea of having to rely on twoleg structures for shelter, like some kind of kittypet. Well, it was temporary.

    She could complain about it later. After Patchkit was cured of the unknown illness.
    “Fine.”, she groaned as she began padding out of the ferns, wanting to talk to Larchkit and Petalkit. Appledusk hurried after her, “What do we do about Larchkit and Petalkit when we’re going after Ravenwing? You can’t expect kits they’re age, not to get into some kind trouble.”, Appledusk pointed out. He was right. Then it hit her, “I think I know someone that can help us.”.

    Being a rogue now, meant she was forced to go the long way, sticking to the borders. She didn’t like the idea leaving her kits under Appledusk’s care; they definitely hadn’t, but they were stuck with each other, so some level of trust was needed if the family was going function and survive. All she hoped was that Patchkit’s condition didn’t worsen while she was away.

    Putting all those thoughts to the side for the moment, she focused on her travelling. Earlier, she’d reluctantly rolled in fox dang, trying to avoid any unnecessary encounters. Even with her scent hidden with the odour of fox, she still made sure to always be at least tree-length away from the border and staying in the cover of undergrowth.

    Finally, she began to approve the edge of the Thunderclan territory and her destination. It brought her mixed emotions coming back. It had been just over a day since she was exiled but this place already didn’t feel like home, it just felt like a war zone. She was a constant threat of being attacked or even killed, so she couldn’t afford to stay here any longer than she needed to. However, where she was heading, was a piece of territory that few ventured due to it to its poor hunting. But she wasn’t here to catch prey, she was here for a very different reason.

    The sharp songs of finches rang loud as she entered the forest. Mapleshade stumbled down a steep slope, the old oaks lay scattered around the area, their branches reaching out, bathing the woodland in a constant layer of shade. Long grasses and the occasional thornbush were the only undergrowth that grew here. With no berries or seeds for the mice to survive off of. After last night’s short rainstorm, the grasses drip with fresh raindrops. Despite being technically over the border, the weak scent of Thunderclan, told her it had been a few days since a patrol had come through here.

    She crept through the still wood as silent as vapour moving through blades of grass. The short trees soon began to spread out, making a small clearing with cracked soil. Two large pointed brown rocks, stood together side by side, at the left side of the clearing. The rocks’ bases were covered in a dull moss, that showed signs of being scraped off by claws. But the oddest thing about this place, was the pile of flowers that lay at in centre, a wide range of types; Lavender, buttercups, daisies and many more.

    Mapleshade crawled down in the tall damp grass the lined the edges of the clearing, in wait. The place brought back haunting memories for her, even if it didn’t mean much for the rest of Thunderclan, it had always meant a lot to her, ever since she was an apprentice. Those pointed stones were the things that had caused her father’s head to split open. She shivered as she remembered the scene in every detail; As that savage white loner threw Dullface into the sharp stone while her younger self was dragged to safety by her mentor. She still remembered Bloomheart’s vow that it never let it happen again. The fur running down her spine spiked as the yowls and shouts of that battle echoed in her ears.

    She forced the dark memories down. She needed to focus. Tucking her paws under her belly, preparing for the possible long wait. The ground damp against her pelt. Cloud after cloud flew past her from above, being dragged on by the blazing winds of the sky. The sun slowly crept further and further away from the horizon, far beyond the stage of Sunrise. Despite time dragging on, making the dark tortoiseshell feel like she was trapped in limbo, she always reminded alert, ears pricked, eyes sharp and nose twitching. It wasn’t until sunhigh, that finally, a mottled cream and lilac pelt wandering through the nearby scrubs like a hawk gliding around tree branches with ease.

    The spiked leaves of a thorn bush rustled as a greying skinny she-cat stepped into the clearing, a small white lily gently gripped between her worn fangs. Mapleshade’s heart beaten harder, It was her. The she-cat padded with a slow pace, struggling with age. Her heavy scarred neck and muzzle with matted fur showed long moons spent serving her clan, selflessly throwing herself into battle, doing anything to protect her clanmates.

    The Elder placed the lily onto the small collection of flowers, bowing her head in sorrow. This was it, she had to it now, the she-cat would only be here for another few moments. But regret held her cowering in her grassy cover. If Mapleshade showed herself now, would the cat in front of her, forgive her? Had she brought the she-cat shame? Had she brought dishonour to Tulipfur’s name? There was only one to find out, she drove herself from her hiding spot.

    “Mother!”, she called, standing and stepping out of the tall grasses, entering the golden sanded clearing. Her mother’s eyes shot open, looking and twisting around wildly until her sun yellow gaze laid upon her daughter. Silence reminded between the two cats for a heartbeat. Tulipfur took a step towards her, stunned, “M-Mapleshade?”, she stuttered. Mapleshade smiled her greeting. Tulipfur rushed forward, pressed her muzzle against her Mapleshade’s neck, purring loudly, “I’m so revealed you’re not hurt.”, she exclaimed. “Don’t worry, I’m fine.”, she told her mother.

    Tulipfur drew back from Mapleshade, her eyes clouded over with sadness. Mapleshade felt as if landslide had hit her back from the overwhelming guilt. “I’m sorry, I didn’t get to say goodbye to you.”, the old she-cat muttered. It should be me saying sorry to you! Her mother carried on, “It all happened so quickly, I didn’t even have time understand what was going on. But-.”.

    She trailed off with her words. Mapleshade was a little shocked, “You’re not ashamed?”, her thoughts slipping out into words by accident. Her mother shook her head, “What kind of mother would I be if I was ashamed of my own kin? No! Oakstar had no right in exiling Patchkit , Petalkit and Larchkit. All kits are a blessing, they can’t control who their parent’s ar-“, she paused again. Mapleshade swallowed hard, knowing this was going to an emotional conversion. The lilac she-cat began again, “- Though I am a little disappointed you didn’t come to me, Mapleshade. We could have softened sometime out and have avoided this entire situation.”.

    “I know, I know. I’m sorry.”, She spoke while dipping her large ginger head.
    Mapleshade was ready to explain everything if she needed to. Tulipfur meets her kit’s glaze, “So what happened when you left? Frecklewish said how she saw you and your kits being marched off by a Riverclan patrol.”, she mewed with a worried expression. Mapleshade felt a growl boil up inside her throat with the mention that name, Frecklewish. That name that Specked cat called her kits, ‘Half-clan creatures’ made her want to rip that foxheart’s fur off. If she ever came across Frecklewish again, it would not a petty sight.

    Mapleshade sighed as she began to explain, “I thought that maybe Riverclan could accept us but they rejected us and Darkstar ended up exiling Appledusk as well.”. Tulipfur spat on the nearby earth in disgust, with the mention of Appledusk. “All this is that stupid tom’s fault. Honestly Mapleshade, what did you see in him? He’s just a selfish snob.”.

    “Trust me, I know now. But I had to learn the hard way.”, she admitted, slightly muttering. Tulipfur turned away from Mapleshade, beginning to scan the nearby undergrowth. She blinked, “What are you even doing back here? Where are your kits?”, she asked, deeply concerned. Mapleshade sat down trying to make her body language less tense, trying to calm the situation however her mother reminded standing. Mapleshade explained, “They’re fine. They’re in a barn.”, At least, she hoped they’d arrived at the Barn by now, “They’re with…”. Tulipfur interrupted her, “Appledusk?”. Mapleshade nodded. The lilac cat began stressfully pace around the small sandy clearing, pieces of sand being kicked up in clouds as she walked. She began speaking as she moved, “Don’t tell me you’re letting him raise them! If I ever find him, I’ll give a piece of my mind and put him in his place.”, she growled, getting herself worked up.

    Mapleshade laid her tail on her mother’s back, flatting the fur, calming the scarred she-cat. She wanted to move from friendly conversion and get to business quickly. Her fox scent disguise wouldn’t last much longer in this damp area, so she couldn’t stay here long. “I come here to ask for your help. Patchkit sick, so I and Appledusk will be setting out tonight, to find a cat to treat him. So we’ll need someone to look after Larchkit and Petalkit.”, she told her mother, being hopeful. She wouldn’t refuse the chance of seeing her exiled grandchildren again, would she? Tulipfur’s eyes drifted to the sandy earth as she becomes thoughtful for a moment.

    “Alright.”, she mewed with a sudden spark of determination, “I’ll do it, what do you want me to do?”. Mapleshade felt a flood of a relief wash over her. She began to pan out the details, “Me and Appledusk will be leaving as soon as it gets dark. So could you try and make it to the Barn just beyond Thunderclan territory before sunset?”, Mapleshade suggested.

    Tulipfur’s ear twitched uneasily, “Ok, I’ll try, just make sure you do your part and get Patchkit better.”. The mother and daughter shared a smile between them. No matter what happens, the family should always be something you can trust. Mapleshade looked into the sky, the sun flying over their heads, sending a warm patch light directly onto them, as if they stood on top of a giant firefly. “It was getting late.”, Mapleshade mentioned, “I should get going.”.

    Tulipfur lay her greying muzzle into her’s cheek, “I’ll see you soon.”, she whispered. “You too.”, the exiled rouge muttered in return. Slowly, she turned her back on Mapleshade, plodding away from clearing and into the nearby thicket. The green grass darkened as her mother’s thin faint shadow sweep over them like grey water. Mapleshade stayed until her mother mottled cream shape faded into the gloom of the forest completely, then she padded towards away herself. However, she wasn’t ready to leave, not yet. She had to do something first. Something that she should have done a long time ago.

    Entering the shade of the almost bare branches again, she crept to a row of oaks, with a directive tangle of roots between each one. Like a medicine cat, she placed her nose against every root and plant, carefully smelling it until unsatisfied and moving on. It had been seasons since she last hid it. Then she spotted a familiar sight, a snapped grey branch, now nothing more than a stoney stump attached to a rotting hollow oak trunk. This was it. The roots around this ancient tree were so dense, it was like it’s own network of dens, an endless amount of deep dark holes, waiting to be explored. Her nostalgia took over her as she approved it.

    The holes between the roots were as large as cave entrances when she was a young apprentice, barely more than a kit. She remembered climbing in between the forest of dull wines, hunting down the giant killer-rabbits that stalked the deeper depths of the hollow tree. Mapleshade purred in amusement at her old fanatics. She was certainly was an imaginative young cat. Plunging her paw into the darkness of roots, she suddenly hit a hard smooth object.

    Rolling it out, an old pebble covered with faded claw marks fell onto the sandy soil.
    Her old favourite play-thing. Chasing moss balls had always been her favourite game as a kit. But she hated the fact they never last more than a day. So finding this perfectly round pebble, made her overjoyed when she found it. She’d always liked to come here. Into this isolated part of Thunderclan, her own little corner of the forest. Acting like kit here, to escape the stresses of early apprenticeship; the first time away from the warmth of your mother’s belly and going into terrors of battles for the first time. The world outside the camp had once been a scary place. It was her fault. Her father went looking for her and it cost him his life…

    She shook the dark memories from her head again. Grabbing the pebble, she headed past the large tree trunks, returning to the clearing. Her head slowly become numb as her claws picked up the earth at the base of the pointed stones, carelessly throwing aside endless clouds of dust. She ignored it as it came up into her nose and eyes. Until she had a shallow dip in the ground, a half-hearted effect of making a pit. With a sigh, she dumped the rock into the shallow dip, landing with the thumb, bouncing slightly. She began burying the play-thing, that held so many good memories, keeping it under the earth, away from all eyes, along with that part of her life.

    Patting the earth down, to hide the signs of the earth ever being upturned. Without any more hesitation, Mapleshade scripted across the wooden floor with the speed of a fox, heading towards the Thunderclan border.

  • It has been a while since I posted a poem, so here is a new one!
    [spoiler title=”Fall”]
    I’ve come so far
    I can  forgive her
    I was stuck in the past
    I have to move on

    I have walked so far
    My paws are weary
    But I am loyal to my clan
    I need to help them

    But now they need help
    I must postpone my journey
    Just for a little bit though
    We don’t have much time

    It is coming now 
    It’s footsteps outside the cave
    But it then it enters
    It all goes wrong

    Squirrelpaw jumps
    Brambleclaw roars at her
    She is on it’s back
    What is she thinking?

    She runs away
    At least she is safe
    Well she isn’t really
    Just safer

    And then I see him
    I can’t let crowpaw die
    I hear voices from starclan
    They are calling me

    And then I jump
    Stormfur yowls 
    My life flashes before my eyes
    My short life

    Half clan
    Graystripe and Silverstream
    No clan was ever home
    At least I had him
    I’m sorry 
    But I know what I have to do
    So I dive towards sharptooth
    And I fall

    I will miss you


  • Royal and Rebel Academy!
    Yes, I changed the name 😛 Heres RaRA!

    Adriana stared at the large school, her dream school, Royal and Rebel Academy. She turned around to see her sister, Lillian and her brother, Alexander. They were all going into the Royal side, after all, they were the Gemckoys, the royal family of the kingdom, Sunshine. “Slow down, Audrey,” Alex said, using her nickname while walking up the stairs. “we aren’t as fast as you.” Lillian nodded in agreement, when she reached where Adriana was, she fluffed her light blue princess ball dress. Alex walked inside with his two sisters, Adriana gasped as she saw the inside of the school, it was ginormous. “Whoa,” Lillian said, and she wasn’t easily impressed. “this is amazing.” Adriana sighed, this’ll be where they would sleep, learn, and live for now on, she knew this wasn’t just a royal school, it also had rebels. “Well, toodles, I got to go.” Lillian walked away towards a group of her friends she knew. “Same, I have to catch up with friends.” Alex waved goodbye to her and walked away. “I guess I should go to my dorm.” Adriana murmured. 

    Adriana pov’s:
    I walked to my dorm. I wonder who’s my dormate. I opened the door and walked in. “Hello!” I turned around to see a royal teen, she was wearing a light yellow princess dress with white lily flower in the middle of her dress. “Hi, I’m Adriana Gemkoy..” I smiled. “I’m Isabella Greens! Call me Bella!” She grinned. “Ok, Bella,” I decided I liked this cheery girl. “you can call me Audrey.” Bella sat down on her fluffy white bed. “Mkay! I love this school! Do you think we’ll meet some of the rebels? Ooh! I can’t wait! This is amazing, Audrey!”  The hazel-eyed royal yammered on. “Er, me too! I-I guess we will meet some rebels…” I stammered. “C’mon! Let’s go explore!” She grabbed my wrist and ran out. I ran with her. Soon we’re peeking at the royal cafe,  the indoor swimming pool, and the music studio. As walked around near the entrance, Bella chirped, “Hey, Audrey, I have to ask my sister something, be right back!”  Bella gestured her thumb at a royal who was talking to my sister. “Okay.” I waved at Lillian, she smiled and mouthed ‘hi’. Bella ran to her sister, while I looked around. My eyes caught on someone, and I gasped. Grayson?

    And yeah, hope you enjoy! I suck at making fanfics but I try to make better 🙂

  • Here’s a scene involving my character, Honeyblaze! If you’re part of Turtlepaw’s StarClan/Dark Forest roleplay, you know who she is :3
    (The identity of the dark figure at the end is up to your personal interpretation, as I literally have no clue lol)

    Honeyblaze’s Damnation
    The air was warm and clear, a light breeze rustling the emerald leaves above the head of a tawny she-cat, who had just arrived upon the scene without memory of traveling. She looked around, awed by the complete serenity that filled the scenery around her, her eyes wide with amazement. 


    With a gasp, she realized that the suffocating darkness on her right side lifted. Her missing eye had returned to her, and she was whole once more. She let out a sigh of relief- she was in StarClan, at last forgiven for her sins. Everything was at peace.

    “No, Honeyblaze. You can’t stay here for long.”

    A small, starry figure stood at the edge of the clearing, her pale, mottled fur still thick with kit fluff. She padded forward with sorrow in her pale blue eyes, and Honeyblaze ran to her.

    “Featherkit! I’m so sorry, I’m so, so sorry. I should never have hurt you, my baby, my sweet kit,” she wailed, rushing to bury her nose in her daughter’s fur. A large, pale ginger shape flew from the bushes, knocking her away from Featherkit, and her eyes went wide as she recognized the tom now standing protectively over the kit, his eyes fierce and full of hatred. 

    “You have lost your privilege to make up for past opportunities, Honeyblaze. Your judgment day is now, and StarClan rules that you are never to be welcome on our hunting grounds until the day you are forgotten,” he hissed, taking a step towards her with his teeth bared. 

    “Please, no- You can’t do this to me, Flashwing! I’m your daughter! Please, have mercy- I’ve paid enough for what I’ve done. I only want rest now,” Honeyblaze begged, tears beginning to run tracks through the fur on her cheek. Her father merely shook his head, and Featherkit stared coldly past her as though she were invisible. To her horror, the familiar blindness on her right side slowly returned, and the tears from her right eye turned to blood as she felt the searing pain of her hollow eye socket all over again. She howled in agony, writhing on the ground as it faded from luscious green grass to hard, blood-stained dirt. 

    The StarClan cats began to fade from view with one last cold glare, and dark trees loomed over her head as she screamed for only the shadows to hear. Dark, menacing shapes wove around her, just out of sight, sneering and watching as she got what she deserved with unbridled glee. At last, her voice wore thin and she fell silent, her breathing labored and raspy. A dark figure loomed above her, gleaming bloodshot eyes piercing the darkness as they spoke.

    “Welcome home, Honeyblaze. We’ve been waiting.”

  • Mapleshade pressed herself against the two-leg fence, trying to contain any fear scent. Her ears pricked as she heard the heavy sound of running paw against gravel. “Are you sure you saw Mapleshade?”, came Deerapple’s voice, one of her former clanmates. The high-pitched bright voice of Nettlepaw replied, “I sure of it. I saw ginger and white tail.”.
    The sun crept forever closer to the horizon, sunset quickly approving. She was a young and healthy warrior, still, in her prime, the journey to the Barn should have been quick. But Appledusk’s vague directions to it hadn’t proved useful at all. Now having to rely on her family’s trail scent alone.

    At least she knew they had made it past the Thunderclan border without much trouble. Patrolling around the twoleg place had never been that good anyway. But despite that, here she was, being hunted down like helpless prey.

    Deerdapple spoke again, “Does that mean the kits could be around here?”. You wished. Mapleshade listened in carefully, holding her breath. A low rumble came from beyond the safety of the fence, as a cat was growling to themselves, “Do you really think Oakstar did the right thing in exiling them? Frecklewish mentioned a flood almost drowned them the same night. That must be an omen of Starclan’s disapproval.”.

    It felt like a mountain of boulders had collapsed on top of her. Out of every Thunderclan warrior, she could’ve encountered, it had to be him. Her traitorous mentor who supported her exile within a heartbeat. How could their moons of training together be so meaningless to him? Bloomheart was a father and mate himself, he should have understood! But of course, he didn’t, she thought cynically.

    She’d been too naive to admit it, but the moment she got pregnant with half-clan kits, she had a hidden fear of her former mentor. Bloomheart was always amongst those foxhearted Clan purists.

    A quiet rustling came from the other side of the wooden sheet, as Deerdapple teared up grass from under her paws. “Leave those poor kits alone, Bloomheart. They’ve already been exiled, there’s nothing left to do.”, Deerdapple huffed. Mapleshade imagined the two Thunderclan warriors circling each other, tails spiking as tension grew.

    “I’m not saying we need to kill them – But we may have to relocate them. If those kits are allowed to be raised by that murderous Appledusk – The same foxheart who killed my daughter, Flowerpaw.”, Bloomheart argued, “How can we guarantee the safety of our clanmates if those rogues lurking outside our borders?”

    Despite how much Mapleshade wanted to spring out and shout at Bloomheart, she used the squabbling to slip away. Mapleshade looked around at the small garden that surrounded her. Mouse-dang! She’d trapped herself. The whole patch of bright grass was closed-in by fences or red walls. The only way out was the way she came in, scaling the fence. She dug her claws deep into the bark, bending her back legs, preparing to make the leap. She licked her lips nervously, she had made this quick.

    “Enough!”, came Deerdapple’s voice once more, “Oakstar only wants the kits in exile but nothing else. If you lay a claw on them, you will be reported.”, the she-cat sternly warned. Mapleshade laid a single paw onto the fence, each heartbeat dragging on painfully slowly. From the other side of the fence, the quarrel continued with Bloomheart rudely snorting, “You do that. I don’t care. Let’s just back to findi-“. Mapleshade saw their shocked faces as she came into view on top of the fence. The whole thing shook under her weight.

    Instinctively, Nettlepaw scaled the fence to be at Mapleshade’s level, his voice shaky, “What are you doing here-“. Before he could finish, Mapleshade raked her claws hard across his jaw, sending him tumbling through the air. He landed awkwardly on his ground, groaning with pain. Even if he was an apprentice, he wouldn’t stand in the way of the Queen and her kits. While Deerdappled rushed to Nettlepaw’s side, while Bloomheart focused on Mapleshade, “That’s my son, you foxheart!”.

    Twisting her whole body around, she sprinted down the fence ledge at full pelt. A hate-filled yowl came from Bloomheart as Mapleshade made it further away. While Bloomheart had the strength of a banger, Mapleshade had the climbing of a squirrel. Using her bushy tail to balance herself as she ran across the fence. It was as easy as running across a thick tree branch. The trees of Thunderclan quickly become long wielding fields of Twolegs farms as she neared the border. Ignoring, several dumbfounded kittypets watching her, as they lazed around in their gardens. Just a bit further. Then from the corner of her amber eye, came a fast-moving pale grey shape, darting alongside her from the bottom of the fence. A tom with thick tabby markings and strong build. Bloomheart. His face was strewed up with a raw determination as he recklessly charged after her. His breathing heavily as he struggled to keep up.

    Using his own body as a log, the long-legged tom slammed into the fence with his flank. The whole fence violently trembled, making her lose her footing. She grabbed the sides with her claws as her back legs and tail dangled over the edge. Bloomheart sprang up, his teeth digging into her back leg. She cried out in pain. Both cats were spent tumbling down, hissing and spitting, right into a thick patch of stings nettles. She flailed out as she felt sharp pain all over her body as the nettles stung her from all directions.

    She was surrounded by sharp needle-like leaves, like nature itself was against her. Roots and stems tangled around her as she desperately tried to climb out. Completely ignoring the pain; Bloomheart tore through the nettle bush, relentlessly driving himself forward, his eyes blazing as he picked his way over to Mapleshade. She swiped the leaves out of her face, giving her room to breathe. Gathering the energy, she the gripped the earth, heaving herself forward. She gasped as she broke out from the nettle bush, rolling into the open air. Still covered in nettles that clung to her shredded fur.

    However, this worked to Bloomheart’s advantage. She’d caused the branches of the bush to split like a torn ear, giving him a perfect way out. He quickly broke free and leapt high into the air, landing on top of Mapleshade. “I know you too well Mapleshade – I thought exile wouldn’t be enough and here you are, attacking an apprentice! My son no less. “, Bloomheart spat as he clawed as her pelt. The ginger queen raised her paws to her face, protecting her most vulnerable areas.

    Flipping her onto her back, Bloomheart pressed his claws into her neck, “I’m not letting you hurt anyone else so this is how it’s going to work: Every time I catch your family trespassing, you’ll leave with a permeant injury. So if you continue coming, sooner or later, you’ll have too many injuries to survive. So this warning better sink in quickly.”
    Refusing to listen further, Mapleshade kicked out at full force. With Bloomheart knock over, she attacked a second time, blindly slashing out. Then she heard a sharp hiss of distress as her back paw meet flesh and bone.

    Twisting her head around, she saw Bloomheart flailing on the grass-covered ground, clawing at his own eyes. Three long claw marks ran across his muzzle, right up to his left eye. Mapleshade stared at him. The wounded eye was badly swallowed like rolling dark green hills at night. It oozed with streams of thick blood. “I-I-I…”, the tom scattered, panic overwhelming him, “I can’t- I can’t see! I can’t see out of my left eye!”, he yelled out in terror.

    Calming himself down with steady inhales, Bloomheart plunged his paw into a nearby dock patch, snapping a leaf off its stem. He pressed it against his bleeding eye in a vain attempt to save it. Even if Bloomheart had better herb knowledge than most warriors, it was pointless. Though Mapleshade couldn’t stay to watch him try, as Nettlepaw and Deerdapple were catching up.
    Hurrying to her paws, she began dashing towards the Twoleg farms again, leaving the shivering cat behind her. “Coward! Get back here and answer for what you’ve done.”, Bloomheart shouted. Glancing back, Mapleshade noticed he’d pressed a dock leaf into his bleeding eye. Even if he had better herb knowledge then most warriors, she doubted 

    As Mapleshade ran, she felt a wave of anger move through her. If she didn’t have a family to look out for, she’d be more then happy to prove him wrong. One day, she’d show that fox-heart that she was no coward.


    She placed her nose to the rough gravel path again. This was where Appledusk’s trail scent ended. Her ears pricked as she looked up the tall red two-leg nest. This must be it. This must the Barn.

    It was as tall as a pine. The walls were made from strange smooth flat bark, like nothing you would find in a forest. She padded to the side of the Barn, trying to find a way inside. How did they get in? “Appledusk?”, she called out to the Riverclan tom. Several moments passed until eventually, she spotted a cream head poke out from a well-hidden hole, next to a pile of logs. “I’m here!”, he responded, running over to greet her. His eyes narrowing as he approved, “It’s almost sunset, what happened with you?”, he asked. Seeing that Mapleshade’s fur was matted and covered in stinging nettles. “Nothing.”, she lied, not wanting to make a situation out of it, “Just got stuck in a nettle bush on my way here.”.

    “Minnowbrain.”, Appledusk muttered. Just before she could cuff him over the ear, she stiffened up as he began to pluck out the leaves from her fur. She quickly knocked him away with a kick, leaves still in his mouth, “I’m can do it myself. I’m not a kit.”, she insisted. Appledusk spat the nettles out, all getting caught in a gentle breeze, scattering them. “Suit yourself.”, he mewed. They both walked towards the entrance to the den, Mapleshade taking the lead as they neared. She ducked inside, eager to see her kits again.

    Inside, all over the place, the same thing, mountains of dried yellow grass. Faint tapping sounds as tiny feet scurried across the bark floor, in the dark depths of the Barn. This place was plentiful in prey. “Larchkit, Petalkit, I’m back!”, she yelled out, knowing Patchkit was too sick to respond. Her voice echoing in the cave-like space.

    “We’re here!”, came her mother’s voice, causing Mapleshade’s eyes to widen. Since when did Tulipfur get here? She rushed over, tracing the sound back to the left far corner of the Barn. She found Tulipfur laying out on the golden straw, Patchkit settled in her front of paws and Larchkit and Petalkit bouncing up and down on her flank. As Mapleshade came into their view, Larchkit and Petalkit immediately ran over. “Mother’s back!”, Petalkit yelled out in excitement. They torched noses as they reunited. Larchkit stepped back, puffing, “Why did you have to leave us with Appledusk? We don’t like him!”, the kit complained.

    “He’s your father, Larchkit. I’m sorry but you’re just going to have to get used to him.”, trying to explain to her son. Mapleshade’s whiskers could sense Appledusk lingering in the far side of the Barn, hearing everything they were saying. He was keeping his distance as Tulipfur kept an eye on him. Clearly, she’d kept her word and had a talk with the cat that had broken her daughter’s heart.

    Mapleshade sat down, letting Larchkit and Petalkit to finally feed. She glanced down worriedly at Patchkit. He didn’t seem any worse at least, still lying stiffly, breathing heavy. She turned her head up towards her mother, “It’s good to see you but- How did you get here so quickly?”, confused how her elderly mother beat her to the Barn. “Well it was easy; I went back to camp, said I needed some time to clear my head after what happened you, no one questioned it and went straight here.”, Tulipfur briefly explained, speeding through the story. “I could ask you, ‘why were you so slow’?”, Mapleshade’s mother carried on, “But looking at the state of your pelt, it’s obvious.”.

    Mapleshade grumbled. Did everyone have to point out her messy coat? After Petalkit and Larchkit finished, she settled down beside the cream and grey elder. “How is he?”, she asked. Tulipfur shrugged while shaking her head, “It’s mixed. One heartbeat he’ll be boiling, the next, frozen solid. He’s not getting any worse but you need to get him treated as soon as possible.”.

    Mapleshade began tearing at the golden grass under her paws, “I see.”, she mewed. She rose to her paws again, “We might as well get going now then”.
    She called out to Larchkit and Petalkit, who were throwing up heaps of hay, trying to grab each individual grass blade. As the brother and sister came over, she began to give them clear intrusions, “Me and Appledusk are going to get Patchkit treated. So while we’re gone, be sure to be nice to Tulipfur.”.

    Petalkit lowered her head in sadness, “You’re going already?”. She nodded. The brown kit jumped into her mother face, “Why? You just got here!”, she complained.
    Mapleshade licked Petalkit’s check, trying to calm her down, “I know, I know. Things have been quite hectic these past few days, so I’ve had a lot to soft out. But everything will settle down again soon, I promise.”. Petalkit just stayed wordless.

    “Now, don’t go outside, do as you’re told and go to sleep on time, we’ll be back before sunrise.”, she mewed. Larchkit’s ears flatten, annoyed at all the new rules being set. Mapleshade turned Tulipfur for the last time, “Thank you for doing this.”, truthful gratefulness in her mew. Her mother just nodded, “Don’t worry about us. Just focus on getting my Grandson cured.”.

    Mapleshade leaned down, gently taking Patchkit by the scruff, heaving him off his paws. He was limp and floppy, making him heavier than usual. “See you!”, Larchkit called out as his mother walked away. She’d just hoped they’d make it back before sunrise, which was a big ask, as Highstones was a long way away. She found the dozing tom leaning on a small heap of yellow strew as bright as the sun.

    He snapped out of his sleepy state with Mapleshade approach. “We’re going already?”, Appledusk questioned, confused. Mapleshade nodded, not in the mood for conversion. They had a lot of travelling to do. Her mate reluctantly followed her across the Barn. “Are you sure we should be leaving so early? Shouldn’t we rest a bit? What about the food? You hadn’t eaten anything since dawn.”, he pointed out.

    Her voice was muffled, talking while still carrying Patchkit, “Don’t worry about me.”, she ordered, “Worry about Patchkit. The sooner we catch up with Ravenwing, the sooner he’ll be cured.”.

    Dusk had now settled over the landscape, purple and light blue clouds swirling above. The tall pointed rocks being bathed in the fading light, being given a black tint. Her legs ached and hunger clawed at her stomach but she pressed on. Adrenaline pumping through her veins. This was an encounter she’d been waiting for. Appledusk trailed on behind her, heavy panting. Thunderclan territory was now nothing but a few rows of trees in the far distance. Patchkit tightened up into a ball, struggling against the harsh winds that blow against the rocky plains of the Highstones.

    The group scrambled up a steep cliffside, shreds of grey stone trickling down with every slip. The earth here was darker, muddier and rougher than the ground in Thunderclan. The bare rocky surface of Highstones was dotted with patches of scrawny heather. For land blessed by Starclan, it was surprisingly barren. Only the toughest of plants could live here.

    Mapleshade leapt another crack in the smooth boulders they were climbing over. The highest point they could reach, giving a clear view of the whole area. They landed with a jolt, making Patchkit groan. She heard a loud thud as Appledusk land clumsily next to her. A Riverclan cat up here was as good as a Windclan cat in water. She peered over the edge, the land rolling down into a sloop before going into a valley, the cliff walls touching the sky on both sides. She placed down Patchkit for the moment, trying to get her bearings.

    She’d been an apprentice since she last came here. Trying to track down a small black tom in this vast, quickly darkening landscape was almost impossible. Like trying to find a single star among the endless waves of glowing orbs in Starclan. Any scent left by Ravenwing would have been swept away by the raging fierce winds. Appledusk watched in silence as she gathered her thoughts. Trying to track him down would be a waste of time.

    All they needed to do, was wait in a place where they knew Ravenwing would have to pass through. Mothermouth was the obvious one but all the medicine cat would pass through there. The chances of getting spotted by an unwanted cat were too high. Yet again, she knew he would have to pass through Windclan territory to get here.
    Mapleshade turned to the Windclan border, tail swishing. She stared hard at the large open pale green fields of Windclan, covered with heather and shifting grasses. “Let’s head down towards the Windclan border.”, she told Appledusk, picking up Patchkit again and leaping down from rock to rock.

    He groaned for a bit before hurrying after her. She edged across a long stretching fallen stone like a branch, leading towards another ledge. Appledusk decided another root, using nearby boulders like the stepping stone back in Riverclan, jumping across them with little effort. As they entered the bottom of the valley, the ground began to sprouted thorn bushes and small ancient, almost rotting, alder trees. Small glances of movements could be seen, as rabbits hopped among crevasses of the valley.

    The sight of prey made her mouth water but she forced down the urge to hunt. No. Patchkit came first.

    Mapleshade lead Appledusk to a flat stone ledge, covered with wiry heathered that twisted and grew around itself. The small platform gave them a good view of the grey slope that lined with a wide Thunderpath, with loud shining Monsters speeding under them. Laying down next to the heather and pressing Patchkit against her belly. She tried her best to warm him against the chilling night air. Appledusk reminded alert, standing tall on the flat stone as he took up the role of the lookout.

    She closed her eyes, “Soon.”, she muttered into Patchkit’s ear. To her surprise, Patchkit stirred, opening his eyes to slits, clearly struggling. He gave his mother a smile, “I’m fine…”, he mewed quietly. Appledusk’s ears pricked, “Is he talking?”, he exclaimed excitedly. “Get back to looking for Ravenwing!”, she snapped. He obeyed, sniffing at the air. She curled protectively around her son.

    By the time she’d opened her eyes again, the whole sky was a mockery dark blue. The horizon was skimmed with silverlight, as the tip of the moon edged into view. A sudden unnerved scent came over Appledusk, as he strung from his sitting position. “I see him!”, he growled, “He’s just crossed the Thunderpath.”.

    At those words, Mapleshade immediately scrambled to her paws, heart pounding. “Let’s go.”, she spoke sharply, grabbing Patchkit and dashing down the jagged brown rocks. Sure enough, she could make out a solid black object moving up the northern part of the cliffside. Nothing but a thin shadow in these vast mountains. Thudnerclan scent lingered on the rippling breeze. That mouse-heart was going to pay for everything he’d done!

    They advanced on him, like helpless prey. She leapt and scripted through the jagged rock field like one of the rabbits that lived here, not letting anything get in her way.
    Getting closer, she could see the Medicine cat in more detail. His strolled up the slope side at a steady pace, his expression calm and muscles relaxed. The mouse-brained fool was still completely ignorant to the cats silently stroking him in the night. It wasn’t until Appledusk came within several fox-lengths of the Ravenwing, did his shady blue eyes finally meet her flaring amber eyes. Ravenwing staggered back several paces, his tail bushing up in fear, “M-Mapleshade- Appledusk?”, he staggered.

    Appledusk sprang forward as Ravenwing tried making a run for it. Using his weight, he slammed Ravenwing onto the hard stone ground, the air being forced from the black tom’s lungs. Mapleshade placed down Patchkit onto a piece of dried heather. She felt something strange and new as she circled the pinned Ravenwing. He began begging, “Look, whatever you’re planning on doing with me, it’s not worth it. It’ll just put your family in dan-“. He immediately stopped as Mapleshade placed her long claws against his throat. “Now, listen carefully if you don’t want your throat sliced opened.”, she threatened. Ravenwing gulped and Appledusk’s ear twitched.

    Just then Appledusk raised his tail for silence, before opening his mouth to taste the air. His eyes peered down the sloping grey land. Mapleshade followed his line of sight and she spotted it. The faint outline of two cats dashing across the Thunderpath. The blazing eyes of a Monster speeding past them illuminated the two cats; a young black and white she-cat and grey tom with splashes of black – The Riverclan medicine cats, Echopaw and Driftfur.

    Mapleshade hissed to herself in irritation. Of course, Riverclan needed to cross Windclan territory to get to Highstones as well. The cover of darkness could only do so much, they could easily be spotted out in the open if the Riverclan cats came any closer. “We can’t stay here.”, Mapleshade mewed quickly, picking up Patchkit again. Appledusk grabbed Ravenwing by his neck fur, forcing him to his paws. Then the cream tom knocked Ravenwing several paces with his flank, getting him to move. The two cats rounded up their prisoner, heading to a more sheltered area.


    They lead him to an isolated rock hollow, surrounded on all sides by jagged peaks. Where no other cat could spot them. Dim weeds and moss grew among the cracks that climbed the walls and floor. The only way in and out was the small gap between two large round boulders. Now it was only him and them, trapped with nowhere to hide.
    Ravenwing padded into the centre of the hollow, the fur running against his spine bristling. His pale underbelly tightening up in fear.

    Appledusk side-stepped, so his back was against the hole, blocking off any possible escape routes. Mapleshade’s lips drew back to show gleaming thorn-like teeth, snarling. Ravenwing lowered to the floor, whimpering. “What do you want from me?”, the tom uttered in a quiet yet tense voice. Mapleshade shifted around her body, using her tail to point out Patchkit leaning up against her front paws, “Something’s wrong with Patchkit and you’re going to fit it.”, she instructed simply. “What?”, Ravenwing asked, eyes widening.

    “Check him!”, Appledusk snapped angrily from the back of the hollow. The medicine cat slowly and nervously edged forward, his blue eyes constantly flickering up at Mapleshade, as if she going to bite his head off. Which she meant if he pushed it. Hesitantly, she allowed Ravenwing to get near her kit, his small pink nose poking through Patchkit’s hot sticky fur. Ravenwing sat up, thoughtful.

    “Well-“, Mapleshade quickly getting impatient, “What’s wrong with him?”.

    Ravenwing sadly shocks his head, “It’s not like any illness I’ve come across before. Has Patchkit experienced any extreme temperature changes recently?”. Mapleshade’s heart sank. It must have been when he fell into the freezing river. This was her fault! “Yes.”, having to force herself to admit, “When he fell into the river, he was under there was a good amount of time.”.

    Ravenwing looked up into night sky, grey clouds only letting the brightest of stars shine through. He mouthed several random herb names to himself, trying to figure out what to do. “I can try and use Feverfew to bring his temperature down.”, he suggested, clearly doubtful of his own words.

    “Where do you find it?!”, Mapleshade demanded, standing up. Ravenwing jumped back in shock, “There’s a stream running into Windclan territory.”, he explained, “there might be some there but I’ll have- to…”, trailing off his words, not wanting to say it. Mapleshade narrowed her eyes. She didn’t want to let him leave but if it was necessary to treat Patchkit, then so be it.

    “Fine.”, she puffed, turning to Appledusk, “Go with him. And if he tries anything, scar him. I’ll stay and look after Patchkit.”.

    Appledusk agreed, moving aside so the entrance to the hollow was clear. “Come on.”, he spoke harshly. Ravenwing did as he was told, padded over to the entrance, still slightly lowered to the ground. “Be quick!”, she added as Ravenwing crouched down and slipped into the gloom of the short tunnel. As soon as Ravenwing’s and Appledusk’s tail tips disappeared round the corner, Mapleshade tacked her paws under, trying to get comfortable on the bare rock.

    Covering Patchkit with her tail. The moon had now raised high into the sky, giving the landscape a silver outline. Her tortoiseshell pelt almost glowing in the silverlight. Without Appledusk and Ravenwing there, an uneasy silence and stillness had come over the hollow. As if the world was holding its breath.


    Then a swirling breeze disturbing the bushes that lined the top of the hollow. Making whispering like noises as if the valley itself was trying to talk, calling out to her. She began to wonder how long it would be, until the Moonstone was hit by the moon’s beam of light, bringing it to life as it glimmered with endless reflections of bright stars. Had all the other Medicine cats gathered in carven yet? Would they go looking for Ravenwing?

    Then, as if it was destined to happen, her concerns were answered. Her ears pricked, as she heard the muffled voices of a passing conversion, coming from somewhere above her. Riverclan scent hangs in the air. However, it wasn’t Appledusk’s. Mapleshade rose to her paws, pressing herself and Patchkit against the far stone wall, continuing to listen carefully. The voices slowly become clearer as they neared, words beginning to string together like a spider’s web. She could even pick up the scraping of rock as they walked over it. A she-cat was talking, a young one, “-He’s definitely in the area. Let’s just search a bit longer, please.”.

    It must have been Echopaw, Riverclan’s medicine cat apprentice. Mapleshade only faintly recognized the young apprentice’s voice from gatherings. A gruff voice sounded as an elderly tom began scolding Echopaw, “We’re wasting time! The Moonstone will light up soon.”.

    Echopaw and Driftfur. Did they spot her and Appledusk leading Ravenwing away? They couldn’t have. They’d been all the way back at the Thunderpath. The overpowering acidy scent of the Thunderpath, would have blocked out any Thunderclan or Riverclan scent that had the chance of drifting down there. But that didn’t matter anyway. They were dangerously close to finding her hiding spot.

    The conversion casually continued, “But we can’t let another Medicine cat miss the sharing of tongues with Starclan.”, Echopaw complained. Mapleshade could pick up Driftfur’s growing frustration with his apprentice, “It’s Ravenwing’s responsibility to get to the Moonstone on time, not ours. We shouldn’t butt in with Thunderclan business anyway.”. Yes, turn around and leave me and my family alone.

    “Hey wait- Can I look in this one spot and if he’s not there, we’ll go.”, Echopaw asked, awfully close. Panic began to surge through Mapleshade. She wasn’t talking about the hollow entrance was she? “Fine quickly, but if you don’t find anything, we are going.”, Driftfur snorted. Why was he agreeing to this? She left Patchkit against the wall and leapt towards the entrance. She crouched down next to the tunnel and waiting. Her tailing began uncontrollably lashing, feeling ridiculously threatened by an apprentice of all cats. A grey nose was twitching in the murky gloom of tunnel as a cat moved through it. Suddenly a black and white head poked out, looking around the clearing.

    Not giving Echopaw time to react, Mapleshade grabbed the apprentice’s head with a single paw, slamming it onto the floor. “Hel-“, Echopaw started but Mapleshade increased the pressure, driving her head into the ground even harder, sealing her jaw shut. Only being able to make quiet groaning noises. Mapleshade leaned forward, hissing into the she-cat’s ear, making her warning loud and clear, “You saw nothing. Repeat it. You saw nothing.”. She allowed the apprentice’s jaw to loosen, her breathing was rapid as fear gripped her. But the apprentice kept a steady head, “I saw nothing…”, she muttered, baring her fangs.

    Mapleshade nodded, “That’s right, you will tell no cat about this. Not even Driftfur. Now get out of here.”, she spat, annoyed that Echopaw had the nerve to bare her teeth at her. Slowly, she unsheltered her claws from Echopaw’s fur, letting her go. She began shuffling back, her fur pressed against the two boulders. Echopaw kept eye contact with the growling rouge as she disappeared into the blackness.

    Mapleshade sighed with relief, sagging down into the floor. Patchkit was awake, having watched the whole scene, confused. Driftfur’s words came from the other side of the high rocks, “Well, find anything?”, he mewed, an edge of mockery in his voice. Echopaw staggered, “Ur- Nope, nothing. You were right.”, she lied. Mapleshade grinned to herself. The apprentice was wise for her age. Wise enough to know that her threats weren’t a bluff. “Told you, now let’s get going.”, Driftfur spoke. Their paw steps soon fading away into the night. Her and Patchkit were safe.


    It wouldn’t be a while longer until Ravenwing and Appledusk finally returned. The black tom seemed less on edge, then he was when he left. What Mapleshade didn’t like. Ravenwing held a bunch of small white flowers between his teeth. Hopefully, that would be the herb that would sort out this mess. He laid the Feverfew on the ground, pushing it towards her with his paw.

    “Here.”, he meowed calmly, “Get Patchkit to eat this. In one go if you can.”.
    Gently, she shook Patchkit, trying to get him to sit up. Grudgingly, he managed to pull himself up on shaky legs. Mapleshade showed him the small white flowers, “See these? These are going to make you better, all you need to do is swallow them.”.

    Patchkit stared down at the herb blankly for a long time until eventually nodding. She held the herb up to his mouth as he nibbled at the edge of the petals. “No, Patchkit.”, she explained, “You need to try and eat it whole. Without chewing.”. The kit groaned, leaning over again and taking the whole plant into his teeth. He was hesitant to swallow. “Come on.”, she encouraged, “Just do it and get it over with.”. With another pause, Patchkit tipped his head up, trying to force the herb down. However, he quickly began choking, bringing it back up again. “Maybe you should let me try.”, Ravenwing suggested, moving towards them. “No!”, Mapleshade growled, making him keep his distance with a warning slash, “I’ll do this.”.

    She placed her paw against his chin, making his head point upwards, allowing the herb to finally be swallowed. Patchkit collapsed to the floor, coughing. A worried father watched from the back, “Is he ok?”.

    Ravenwing shrugged at Appledusk, “Don’t worry, most kits find it hard to take tough herbs like Feverfew.”.

    The herb began to work quickly, Patchkit was now able to stand without her support and his breathing turned from raspy and hot to more steady and even. Mapleshade stepped away, giving her son some space, “How do you feel now?”. Patchkit coughed a few more times, “Better at least.”, he smiled, his voice still a little weak. Thank Starclan. She looked up to the stars gleaming down at them, imagining the shining warriors of Starclan looking down upon them. Not choosing Patchkit to be among their ranks tonight, allowing mercy for once.

    “All this wasn’t necessary, you know.”, Ravenwing muttered behind. Her shot round to stare at him, tail lashing. “Do go on.”, she challenged while growling. She expected him to back off but instead, he held his head up proudly, preparing to speak his mind. Why wasn’t he scared of her? Her stomach curled around itself, as she grew irritated. A full argument broke out between the two cats;

    “If you’d just told me that Patchkit was sick, I would have happily gotten the Feverfew.”, he pointed out, “Threatening me wasn’t necessary.”. Mapleshade felt outraged. What nonsense! “Oh please!”, she shouted, “There was no way you would have helped Patchkit willingly.”. The fur on the back of her neck spiked up like the jagged rocks of Highstones. Patchkit ducked under a nearby thorn bush, peeking out as his mother raged on. While Appledusk whispered annoyed words under his breath, Mapleshade couldn’t catch.

    “All the kits in Thunderclan are like kin to me, of course, I would have helped him.”, Ravenwing countered, “Despite what you think, I do care about him.”. The black tom still managed to show no signs of aggression, while Mapleshade scrapped her claws against the grey surface under her paws. “If you really cared-“, she muttered, “you wouldn’t of gonna us exiled.”.

    “That wasn’t my decision and you know it! As Medicine cat, it’s my duty to tell my leader the truth. I didn’t expect Oakstar to go as far as to kick out innocent kits.”, he argued.
    “It still is your fault!”, her throat being worn down by all the shouting, “Because of you, my kits will live as rogues, because of you, my kits won’t ever have a future.”.

    Suddenly Ravenwing snapped, going into a full out rant, “Stop trying to put to the blame on other cats! When you know, it’s your own fault! I wasn’t the one who betrayed their clan and took another a mate from the enemy. I wasn’t the one of lied to their own clanmates, used a dead cat’s name for your own selfish gain and broke the hearts of Frecklewish and Oakstar. I don’t agree with Oakstar exiling your kits, but I certainly agree with him in exiling yo-“.

    Mapleshade howled in rage, leaping forward, taking Ravenwing off his paws. She tore at his neck with her fangs, spending black shreds of fur everywhere. Ravenwing thrashed under her paws, yelling out in pain. “Mapleshade stop!”, came her mate’s voice, but the words were blocked out by the icy solid wall that now covered her mind, quickly fading away as if nothing had been said in the first place. Weakly, Ravenwing tried kicking out at her underbelly with his hide legs as a last effort, but his claws failed to draw blood. She felt numb at that moment. Like she wasn’t in control anymore, her body just moved and she just said things, without wanting to.

    Mapleshade spat in his face, showing her disgust for him. “Pathetic really.”, she hissed, leaning over to meet his eyes clouding in terror, “Only two moons alone and you’re already leaving Medicine cat role behind. I hope your mentor is watching right now and seeing the truth about you, that you never deserved to call yourself a Medicine cat!”. She didn’t know why she was bothering to say anymore to him. He was an about to die and it was more than this pitiful lump of fur deserved.

    The Medicine Cat spluttered and choked, writhing around on the floor as his neck oozed with streams of red. She just watched him for a heartbeat. Like a helpless rabbit about to become fresh-kill. Until finally ending his suffering with a clean slash to the throat. Her claws run with blood, as Ravenwing let out one final gasp before going limp, dead.

    Appledusk just stared at that lifeless body of Ravenwing, speechless. Mapleshade stepped over the blood-stained Ravenwing, padding over to the bush Patchkit was hiding in. He’d seen the whole thing. Patchkit was surrounded by spiky branches of the thorn bush, facing away from her. The kit was completely traumatized, crunched on the floor, shelving and whimpering.

    He violently flinched and uttering, “No.”, as his mother grasped him by the back of the neck, raising off his paws, into the air. Turning around, she saw Appledusk standing over the body, fur on end and ears flattened. “Why did you have to do that?”, his face disappearing into blackness as a large cloud passed over the moon, blocking out its silverlight.

    Mapleshade ignored him, heading over to the hollow entrance with Patchkit. Appledusk didn’t stop, “Ravenwing did what we asked! He cured Patchkit. How could you kill a Medicine cat? Are you sick in the head?”. She halted. Looking round to face the tom, “Don’t pretend as you’ve never killed before. We’re Clan Cats, it’s just a harsh part of our lives.”.

    Appledusk flicked his tail over the body, slowly shaking his head, “Not like this.”, he muttered, “Clan cats do it with honour, in battles, to defend our clanmates and territories. But this- this is just in cold blood, for pity revenge. This isn’t what warriors do, it’s what rogues do.”, he hissed, his white fangs gleaming as the starlight reflected off of it. “That’s cute.”, Mapleshade mocked, heading back.

  • Chapter Three of Vivid Dreams
    Gerathon’s PoV

    Gerathon hit the ground over and over.
    “Would you stop that? Some of us are trying to sleep.” The girl in the cell next to her muttered.
    Gerathon stood up and paced in her tiny cell. She’d just woken up here. How was she supposed to get out? She fingered her anti-magic band.
    She looked at the girl next to her. She had long red hair in a ponytail, green eyes, and freckles. She wore a black sweatshirt and jeans. Gerathon’s eyes flicked to her wrist. “Hey,” She noticed. “You don’t have a band.”
    The girl glared at her. “The guards don’t think my powers are dangerous enough.” She scowled. “Well…what can you do?” Gerathon asked.
    “Me? This.” She said, and a column of flame appeared in her hand. “I’m Kamira. You?”
    Gerathon hesitated. “Gerathon.” She said slowly. “My name is Gerathon.”
    Kamira nodded. “Hello, Gerathon.”
    Gerathon smiled. “Hello, Kamira.”
    Kamira smiled back. “You want me to break your band off?”
    Gerathon nodded. “Please.” She said. Kamira held out a small ball of fire, and the band dropped right off. “The guards don’t know I can do that. What’s your power?”
    Gerathon closed her eyes and concentrated. The temperature dropped, but soon went back to normal. She opened her eyes and Kamira nodded. Gerathon then backed into a corner, and Gerathon saw alarm spark in Kamira’s green eyes. “Wait, what? Where did you go?” She asked, and Gerathon stepped out of the shadows. “Oh.” She breathed a sigh of relief. “Anything else?”
    Gerathon nodded. She changed into a massive python, then back. To her surprise, Kamira was grinning. “That’s great! You can turn into a strong animal and get us out!”
    Gerathon was confused for a moment, but she supposed Kamira was right.
    She faced the stone bars.
    It was time to escape.

    Cyren’s PoV

    Cyren had heard the roar. They did not like it. “Uh, I just realized, I don’t know your names. But before we die, I would like to know them!” They said nervously. “Lilith.” The gray-haired girl said. “And I’m Fin.” The other girl said, ducking as a clump of sand that looked hard as rock flew over her head.
    Lilith tossed her head. “Well, we should not die. Does anyone have weapons?” She asked. “We have powers.” Fin said flatly. “Cyren, what can you do?” She asked them. “Well…” They started. “I have electric mist and-” “Great!” Fin cut them off. “Lilith, what can you do?”
    “Turn into a Blade Guard and control smoke.” Lilith said.
    Fin bit her lip. “Blade Guard?”
    Lilith sighed and the large lion monster was back. “Oh,” Said Fin curiously. “Cool.”
    Cyren was getting nervous. “Are we going or not?” They asked.
    “Yeah.” Fin responded.
    The monster was huge. Cyren looked up at it in awe. It was made of metal, with several spherical heads, with one giant eye in the center like traffic lights. Cyren could count about eight. They were attached to long, flexible necks. The monster’s body was spiderlike, with a whip-thin tail and thin, tall spikes on its back. It had six legs.
    “That’s…unnerving.” Fin said, shivering.
    But Cyren recognized this monster. They’d made it.

    “Rex Metallum. Metal King.” They breathed. Fin swung her head around. “What? You made this thing?”

    Cyren winced. “Well…yeah. Target the very tip of its tail. That’s its weak spot.”
    Lilith looked at him incredulously. “Tip of its tail? That’s impossible!”
    “Like this?”
    Cyren looked at the monster. It had suddenly gone quiet, looking at its tail with a slightly dazed sound coming from a speaker on its chest.
    A boy had stuck a sword into the exact tip of its tail.
    It made a whining sound and its eyes flickered. It fell, its eight heads tangled together, the bright light of its eyes faded.
    Cyren looked back up at the boy. He had thick, scraggly black and dark brown hair and large, fierce almost black, pine-green eyes, and his skin was tanned.
    “What-how-where did you come from?” Fin hissed dangerously.
    The boy scowled. “You’re not very bright, are you? I was in the bushes.” He motioned to the bushes.
    “Who are you?” Lilith asked.



    End of Chapter Three