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Kurt Vonnegut

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October 29, 2020 6:30 pm

So a while back, I started a fanfic that was called Puddleshine’s Dawn, just wrote a little bit on a google doc but then realised I didn’t have the time or energy to continue it. So, here you have the small bit I wrote before giving up. It’s based around my headcanon / AU where Puddleshine is nonbinary !!!

I hope you enjoy

Puddleshine’s Dawn – Chapter 1

Sunlight trickled in through the thick bracken roof of the nursery- dappling the dusky brown ground with shades of amber. Clumsy footsteps and hushed whispers echoed through the still morning haze, and Puddlekit perked up their ears, tilting their head to the side and blinking the sleep from their gaze. Besides them, their siblings huddled together, Lionkit’s gangly limbs splayed out across their back. Wriggling free of their sister’s thick yellow fur, Puddlekit froze as she gave a complaining mumble, before rolling over back to sleep. Confident that their sister wasn’t going to stir, the kitten lifted one paw over their mother’s slender black tail, careful not to step on any stray tails or paws as they left the nursery. 
The rest of ShadowClan camp was starting to stir, cats hauled themselves out of bed for morning patrols, mewing polite conversations as they huddled around the prey pile, yawning widely. Nothing much interesting was happening and the idle chatter began to bore Puddlekit. Their eyes threatening to close as they sat observing their clanmates. Just about to turn around and return to their nest, a rush of movement caught their eye. 
“Quick Sleekpaw, run and get Littlecloud !”
A gruff voice broke the silence, as three cats pushed their way into camp. Cats who had barely managed to shake off their tiredness to eat seconds ago suddenly leapt to their feet. A warm pelt pushed besides Puddlekit, and they turned their head to see their brother Birchkit standing besides them. Moving away from their brother, they watched as Scorchfur stumbled into camp, blood dripping down his face from his newly shredded ears. A dark tabby tom stood besides him, shouting orders to cats, and Puddlekit recognised the leader’s son, Tigerheart. Darting across camp, the youngest of the three cats – Sleekpaw- stopped to grin at Puddlekit, and the kitten waved a paw back at her. It hadn’t been many moons since the two had been nursery friends. 
“Sleekpaw get a move on !” Tigerheart yelled, and the young apprentice rolled her eyes with a slight hiss, before sprinting over to the medicine den, where Littlecloud was already emerging. The old brown tabby cat was greying around his muzzle, and every cat could see that the beloved medicine cat would soon be called to join StarClan. Yet as he sprinted across camp to press a wad of cobwebs against Scorchfur’s ears, the old cat seemed as spritely as always. As Scorchfur was led away to the medicine den, bragging about the new scars he would have, cats began to disperse once more, heading off to their separate groups to finish their prey. 
After sending Sleekpaw over to the elder’s den, Tigerheart wandered across camp to talk to his father, Rowanstar’s reddish brown pelt blending in with the soft morning light on the pine bark. Their hushed conversations intrigued the kitten, and they began to step towards the two older cats. 
“Where are you going ? We can’t just leave the nursery if Pinenose is still asleep !”
Birchkit called out from behind them, and Puddlekit flicked their tail back and forth 
“I’m just going for a quick listen, I want to know what happened to Scorchfur. It’ll help us prepare for our warrior training if we know what dangers are in the forest.”
For a second, their brother looked like he would protest, but instead huffed, plopping himself down on the ground and flicking his tail over his face.
“Fine then, but I’m not covering for you if Pinenose asks where you are ! You might be my brother but that doesn’t mean I have to agree with everything you do”
A glimmer of discomfort shot through Puddlekit’s whole body, and they opened their mouth as if to protest against something that their brother had said. Yet, when they tried to work out what exactly it was that bothered them, their mind went blank. Birchkit was just being silly, I shouldn’t take it to heart, he doesn’t have to agree with me. Somehow, the kitten knew that wasn’t what had bothered them about their brother’s words, but they shook their pelt and continued creeping towards Tigerheart and Rowanstar.

I hope you enjoyed my not amazing fanfic that I wrote late evening on very few braincells kjhghj
It probably won’t continue but if there’s enough interest I might at least finish chapter 1

❄️🐍Viper In The Box; Worst Restaurant Chain🐍❄️
❄️🐍Viper In The Box; Worst Restaurant Chain🐍❄️
October 29, 2020 6:38 pm
Reply to  Mapledrift

omg i love ittttt
i love lil puddlekit, they’re so cute!
and i liked how the background characters got characterization, with even tiny details like tigerheart being sleekpaw’s mentor! 20/10 :3

October 29, 2020 7:55 pm

askdjfhgdhsjkadfjhdjsk THANK YOU I’m so glad you like it
little Puddlekit is just,,, so precious i loved writing them, they just want to do their best

October 29, 2020 7:19 pm
Reply to  Mapledrift

It’s awesome! Please continue!!

October 29, 2020 7:55 pm
Reply to  Shadesong

Ahhhh thank you !!! I might continue actually,,,, i’ve got newfound enthusiasm to continue with it

Dove that flies over graveyard (Dovepaw)
Dove that flies over graveyard (Dovepaw)
October 29, 2020 8:16 pm
Reply to  Mapledrift

I love this, Maple, write more 😀

October 29, 2020 9:20 pm

ahhh thank you so much !!!!

October 30, 2020 6:26 am
Reply to  Mapledrift

ooh this is great :0 please write moree

October 30, 2020 10:34 pm

Thank you so much !!! I may well write more as there’s been a lot of interest

Spooky Turtle That Sits In Pumpkin 🐢🐢🐢🎃🎃🎃
Spooky Turtle That Sits In Pumpkin 🐢🐢🐢🎃🎃🎃
October 30, 2020 8:13 pm
Reply to  Mapledrift

It’s really nice so far 😀 Good job!
Just One Heartbeat

October 30, 2020 10:34 pm

Thank you !!!! I’m glad you enjoy it 😀

Spooky Turtle That Sits In Pumpkin 🐢🐢🐢🎃🎃🎃
Spooky Turtle That Sits In Pumpkin 🐢🐢🐢🎃🎃🎃
October 31, 2020 1:46 pm
Reply to  Mapledrift

Just One Heartbeat

October 30, 2020 9:36 pm
Reply to  Mapledrift

That sounds so awesome!

October 30, 2020 10:35 pm
Reply to  Featherflight

lkjhgfdfghjk thank youuuuuuuu

October 31, 2020 2:13 pm
Reply to  Mapledrift


Cold Frost On Diamond Crystal Who Is Eating Pies Right Now (Frostcrystal, call me Frost)
Cold Frost On Diamond Crystal Who Is Eating Pies Right Now (Frostcrystal, call me Frost)
October 29, 2020 6:36 pm

RaRA yes I’m sorry, this is short..

Grayson? Adriana froze with disbelief. It can’t be…. Grayson locked his eyes with her, Adriana could tell Grayson had the same expression on his face. “Grayson..” She could see tears trickling down her cheek. Grayson runs down the stairs, stopping right in front of her. “Audrey?” She knew his voice anywhere. “Grayson!” She lunged at him, hugging him tight. “I-I thought you were dead!” Adriana could feel him putting a hand on her back, hugging her too. “Well, as you can see, no I’m not.” Grayson laughed. “You goof.” She murmured through his clothes. “Grayson? What’s going on?” Adriana heard a voice ask. “Sia!” She saw the rebel smile. “Hey Audrey.” Sia said, her eyes shining. “Why’re you here?” She asked, giggling. “Well, we decided we’re going to this school, but we didn’t know you’d be here.”  Grayson grinned, Adriana saw that everyone one was staring, she bit her lip as she realized that everyone probably thought that they were a couple, royals and rebels aren’t usually together. She blushed slightly, it wasn’t anything like that! Adriana could see that Grayson was thinking the same thing. “Audrey!” She heard Bella running towards her. “Hey, Bella.” Adriana said. “Who’re they?” Bella asked, staring confused at the two rebels. “Er, this is Grayson, my childhood friend and his sister, Sia,” Audrey introduced. “Grayson, this is Bella, my roommate.” Grayson nodded a hello. “Hi!” She chirped. “I never met a rebel! Well, I mean I did, but like not in this academy! THIS IS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! How are you?” Bella beamed, making Grayson and Sia laugh nervously. “C’mon, we have to go back! I just got an email about a meeting with the royals and rebels in the meeting room! Let’s go!” Bella got up and ran up the stairs. Adriana smiled, this feels just like home. 

October 29, 2020 8:08 pm

Hi guys this is chapter one of my unnamed fan fic (please give me ideas for the name) I know it’s long, but whatever, I had fun writing it 🙂
Windpaw woke up with a start. Through the swaying branches that sheltered the apprentices den, she guessed that it must have been close to sunhigh. She jumped up, knowing she was going to be in so much trouble. Licking her ruffled dark gray fur, she shivered, even though it was warm and sunny, and she hurried outside to find her mentor, Pricklepad. No cat seemed to notice how late she had slept. Over by the nursery, Lilypool was licking one of her kits, Snowkit, while he protested angrily and tried to get away from his mother’s grasp. His sisters, Pebblekit and Amberkit bounced around him, taunting, “We don’t have to get groomed!! We don’t have to get groomed!”
“Yes, you do.” Lilypool sighed, exasperated
“Awww” the two she-kits cried.
Windpaw let out a purr of amusement. Near by, Smallwillow was watching her kits, Shardkit and Twigkit playing with Cinderfrost’s kits, Graykit and Hazelkit. In front of the medicine cat’s den, Littlefoot, the medicine cat was telling their apprentice, Whitepaw something about the herbs the two of them were sorting. Windpaw spotted her mentor by the freshkill pile talking with Brackenflower and Fallowpool. She hurried towards him, only to be pushed out of the way as she came up to the pile. Sunscorch, a young ginger warrior, had flung her to the side like she was a fly. He usually wasn’t so mean, so she wondered if he had had a bad patrol. He dropped some mice on the pile and spun around to face the two other warriors who had come with him.
“That rabbit could have fed all the elders, queens, and kits!” he snarled at Jaygaze, a lithe gray warrior, and one of Cinderfrost’s brothers.
The gray warrior trembled, even though he was older than Sunscorch.
“I’m sorry…I stepped on a twig and-” Jaygaze began
“Didn’t your mentor teach you anything about hunting?” Sunscorch asked angrily
“Yes but-” Jaygaze started again
“Just don’t step on anymore twigs.” Sunscorch hissed, padding off to the warriors den.
“Don’t pay much mind to him, Jaygaze.” Forestclaw, the senior warrior that had gone on patrol with Sunscorch and Jaygaze said quietly.
“Why shouldn’t I? He’s right! I was horrible.” Jaygaze pouted as he walked over towards his sister.
Forestclaw shook her head.
“Why can’t the two of them just get along?” she asked
“Because they never have…ever since-” Pricklepad began, but he broke off when he saw Windpaw.
“What? You can tell me!” She protested
“I’m sorry Windpaw, but when an apprentice sleeps in too late, they don’t get to hear warrior conversations.” Forestclaw said. She sounded stern, but there was a glint of humor in her eyes.
So cats had known how late she slept. She studied her paws, embarrassed and ashamed.
She could feel Pricklepad’s eyes burning into her.
“When are we going to train?” she asked finally
“As soon as you stop staring at your paws like there’s mice coming out of them.”
Windpaw lifted her head and saw her mentor staring at her with kindness in his eyes.
Windpaw spun around to see Sleekstar, the leader padding over.
“H-hi Sleekstar…” She stammered
“Do you think I’m here to scold you for sleeping late?”
“Well, I’m not. I’m here to ask you…have you seen Moonpaw or Skull today?”
“No…why? Are they missing?”
A wave of worry washed over Windpaw. Moonpaw was her best friend and Skull was Moonpaw’s brother. They had come as loners a few moons ago, after they had spent their whole kit-hood trying to find a new place to live after their barn got demolished by twolegs and their mother, Snow, and their sister, Fern, had died. When they found the clans, they were small, thin scraps of ragged fur. Any cat could have thought they were kits, though they were over ten moons old. They had been taken in by ThunderClan and had recently become apprentices. Though Moon had changed her name to Moonpaw, Skull had refused to change his name. Not many cats trusted him because of this. Because he had refused, Moonpaw and him were always arguing. Skull wanted it to just go back to being the two of them, but so far Moonpaw said she wasn’t ever leaving ThunderClan. But had she told the truth? Was she giving in to her brother’s pleas? Had they left the Clan to be loners again? Were they in a whole different forest by now? Windpaw shrugged these thoughts off; the two former loners were probably out hunting or something.
“Windpaw?” Sleekstar asked, a bit worriedly
“Yes?” Windpaw replied
“Are you okay?” Pricklepad inquired
“Yes…so anyways…Moonpaw and Skull…” She said, embarrassed
“Well, they are missing…you are a good tracker…will you go out and find them?” Sleekstar questioned
Windpaw looked at her mentor. Pricklepad nodded.
“Okay.” Windpaw nodded

Windpaw’s paws ached as she continued walking. She had checked most of the territory, and still couldn’t find her friends.
Her belly growled. She was starving. She thought she picked up a trace of vole, but she wasn’t sure. There was a strange scent hanging in the air. It wasn’t like anything Windpaw had ever smelled before, it was a creamy, thick, almost disgusting scent. She followed it through the woods, completely forgetting about Moonpaw and Skull. After a while the scent got stronger and soon, it was so overpowering that Windpaw thought she would have to run back to camp.
“Who’s there!?” A soft voice came from the undergrowth a few fox-lengths away.
Windpaw crouched under the brambles and looked in to see a fluffy white cat laying a tail-length from her.
“Hello?” the white cat whispered
“Er…hi…I’m Windpaw…” Windpaw said, she knew this cat must be a kittypet.
“I’m Blueberry.”
“Are you a kittypet?”
“A kittypet?”
“You know, a cat that lives with twolegs?”
“The creatures that walk on only two paws…and they don’t have fur.”
“Oh! Nofurs!”
“Yes…uh…Nofurs…do you live with them?”
“I used to.”
“Why not anymore?”
“Well, I have had many litters of kittens before…they always get put into other Nofur nests. I never get to see them grow up. So I escaped this time.”
“Where are you kits?”
“They aren’t born yet.”
“Oh, well…” Windpaw wasn’t sure what to say.
For the first time she noticed how big the former kittypet’s belly looked. She could have her kits any day. Windpaw didn’t need to be a medicine cat to know that.
“Do you know if there is any food around here?” Blueberry asked
“Yes. Would you like me to catch you something?” Windpaw asked
“Well, when you live in the forest you catch your food. I can get you a mouse or a squirrel.”
Windpaw went back outside and bounded through the woods until a strong scent of rabbit washed over her. She walked quietly through the winding roots of trees until she spotted a little fluffy white tail bobbing around a tree. She pounced, snatching the limp rabbit up in her jaws and carrying it back the way she had came. As she approached the bramble thicket where Blueberry had been hiding, she heard a loud wail. She pushed under the brambles and saw the white furred queen screeching.
“Blueberry! What’s wrong?!” Windpaw asked
“My kits! They’re coming now!” the queen wailed
——————————————————————————————————————-I hoped you liked chapter one of my still unnamed fan fiction (please give me ideas for the name)! I worked very hard on this, and for all those people who put characters in, don’t worry, all the cats will eventually end up in this story, and I will be writing another chapter soon as long as you guys want one.

Shimmerpaw/sky/ shimmer in the blue moon
October 30, 2020 9:38 pm
Reply to  Shadesong

what is the theme, then put the theme or characters name in the title with the main idea

October 31, 2020 8:50 pm


Someone who has a definite Thanksgiving name...kinda (Moonpelt/paw)
Someone who has a definite Thanksgiving name...kinda (Moonpelt/paw)
October 31, 2020 2:56 am
Reply to  Shadesong

Oh wow, I love this! I would really like a chapter two, but you know, it’s up to you!

October 31, 2020 8:49 pm

Oh thanks I will write another chapter

October 29, 2020 10:20 pm

What if Mapleshade’s Kits lived Chapter 6

The long journey back to the Barn was travelled in dead hanging silence. Patchkit shivered in fear. While Appledusk stared at the floor, his eyes blaring with a green flame. Exhaustion and hunger were starting to overwhelm her, as she struggled to keep steady on her paws. Luckily, the large looming red shape of the Barn in the thick fog of the dark night. The shift in the air; from crisp and chilled to fresh and warm, told her that dawn slowly approached.

By the time they entered inside the gloomy towering insides of the Barn, Tulipfur immediately came over to the greet them. Mapleshade stood there unfocused and lifeless. Her head and tail drooping. “Oh, you poor thing.”, Tulipfur whispered. Her mother took hold the dazing kit from Mapleshade and flicked her tail towards a large bundle of hay.

“Don’t worry, I’ll take care of Patchkit, you just get some sleep.”, she took a hard look at Appledusk, “Both of you, I guess.”, she mewed reluctantly. Tulipfur softly placed Patchkit in a pile among his sister and brother. She didn’t have to energy to argue or even say ‘Thank you’. All she could do was pad over to the edge of a golden lining and fall into it in a giant heap. The straw was itchy, digging into her skin slightly. Feeling Appledusk lay next to her, fur pressing against her. His breath hot on her face. She couldn’t even be bothered to push his away. Consciousness slipped away like trying holding clear water in your paws. Murky darkness forming over her sight. Within heartbeats, she gave in to deep yet restless sleep.


As she began came round, she found herself lying on a stiff back, her belly exposed and hollow of food. Glowing orange light surrounded her. Her nose twitched as she tried to make sense of the world around her, like a newborn kit opening their eyes for the first time. A scent was urging her to get up, something familiar. Not wasting time, she heaved herself up, feeling heavy, sluggish and dazed. She allowed her nose to guild her as her eyes still adjusted. The feeling of homecoming over her. She blinked. A small chestnut-brown plump mouse lay at her paws. Fresh too.

Smiling, she knelt down gratefully, starting to chew at slowly. The juicy taste of the meat filling her tongue. Mapleshade purred. Much better than Appledusk’s frog. Then she spotted Tulipfur padded past her, more mice dangling from her jaw, “Enjoying it?”, she asked. Mapleshade swallowed another mouthful, “Yes, thank you.”. Tulipfur placed more mice at Mapleshade’s side, “And you’ll be getting more where that came from”, she confirmed.

“I knew you still had the hunting instinct in you.”, Mapleshade commented. Tulipfur nodded proudly, “And it will be for a long time to came. It takes a lot to bring down this old she-cat!”. The two shared a purr of laughter.

Mapleshade grabbed the half-eaten mouse in her mouth, about to pad over to her kits but the lilac cat dashed forward, stopping her. “Don’t worry.”, like she always said. Her mother insisting her, “You’d been through a lot, so just relax. I’ll keep your kits in line.”. Mapleshade shrugged, maybe it would be nice to have sometime to herself. Tulipfur turned and walked away, “It might be the last time I see them anyway.”, she mewed sadly. Mapleshade’s head hang lower.

Then she noticed the itchy texture in her fur. She twisted to see her back, it was covered in Appledusk’s cream moulted hair in her ginger and black pelt. Gross. Then came his loud snoring as behind her as he slept. And there went the good mood…


The rest of the day was sent in a dreamlike daze. Tulipfur agreeing to stay until Sunhigh at least. They sent the next several hours relaxing on the endless layers hey as the Larchkit and Petalkit played. Patchkit is the corner, staring blankly at the wall. Mapleshade licked her lips with stratification, her belly bloated with the mouse. But Appledusk just grumpily complained that it wasn’t fish. The walls of the barricaded any glimpse of sky, all sense of time lost.

Soon came the time for Tulipfur to leave. It came too soon. They touched noses and she was gone, just like that.
Mapleshade returned to the stake of hay at the front of the room, Patchkit and Appledsuk still glaring at her. Despite the blood being washed off a long time ago. She yawned. Moving away, to the far end of the Barn, into old of the damp shadow-fill corners. Sitting down, she closed her eyes in thought. This didn’t feel right. Having this much prey with this little effort. Having no duties to do.

Living in this type of isolation from the outside world. In this strange limbo, devoid of time. Getting the taste of damp, rotting wood, gave her a sudden desire to return; to a lush forest with low trees, with fresh rainwater trickling from the branches, the sky covered by a green canopy but the sun always managing to shine through. She gritted her teeth. She wouldn’t let her or her kits become kittypets.

“I’m going for some fresh air.”, Mapleshade muttered as she passed Appledusk, not bothering to see his reaction. She slipped under the thick Barn wall, her belly scraping against the sharp sand. As she made it outside, she sucked up the frosty Leaf-fall air, filling her lungs. A pale sun flew up in the cloudless sky like some kind of elderly fireflies, losing its glow. Mapleshade continued to sit there peacefully as a mild breeze steer the shaded farmlands around her, causing tall grasses and bushes to sway.

Her ears then pricked as her nose began to uncontrollably twitch like mouse’s. There was a piney soft of scent lingering. Thunderclan? Her heart sank to her paws. Thunderclan!

In the far distance, outlines of different pelted cats moved across a dim field, straight towards the Barn at a steady speed, their features too blurred to name individuals. The large patrol was made up of half a dozen warriors at least. Panic began to surge through her; How they know they were here? They were already exiled, why were they still after them? This wasn’t about Ravenwing was it? They couldn’t of known about it so soon, could they?

Slamming the questions to the side of her head, Mapleshade took action. Springing to her paws, she stumbled to get under the swallow dip in the earth, trying desperately to get into the Barn, like a flailing rabbit trying to cowardly retreating into a barrow. Her legs flailed as she tried to get to grip on the ground. As soon as her claws hit the ground, she violently flung herself into the Barn, with a cloud of sand and grass. Larchkit and Petalkit stopped play fighting. Appledusk was immediately on his paws, rushing over. “What’s going on?”, he demanded. Mapleshade met his lime green gaze, breathing heavily with panic, “Thunderclan- Thunderclan! An entire patrol.”, gasping for air slightly.

Petalkit stepped forward, “Mommy, what’s going on?”, worry draining off her like sun-heated rain, turning to steam and rising into the air. “Petalkit, Larchkit and Parchkit! Stand there and don’t move!”, she mewed with a harsh tone, swiping her tail to a bare patch of stone on the floor, not covered with hay. The kits did as they were told, sitting on the stone in a tight bundle, shaking.

Appledusk froze for a heartbeat, before leaning forward, about to poke his head out, but Mapleshade grabbed him by the tail, yanking him away. He fell onto his side, making a strange grunt as he landed. “Don’t give away our position!”, she spat in his face.

“Like you didn’t do that when you were getting your ‘fresh air’.”, he argued back. Mapleshade cuffed him over the ear, “Shut up.”, she ordered. They might in be life or death situation, the last thing they needed was pretty bickering among themselves. She hurriedly looked around the Barn, trying to get her thoughts together. What should they do? It would suicide to try and stay and fight.

Yet again if they tried and ran, would they be fast enough? With one of them having to carry two kits? Was there even time and an opening for i- The scent of Thunderclan was distinct now. It was a hounding noise as a forest of paws struck against a gravel path and muffled anxious voices. The patrol was only a few tree-lengths away.

Mapleshade went for broke, going for the only thing she could think of in that split heartbeat. Scooping up a massive leap of hey, then slammed it down onto the entrance. Before jabbing it with her front paw, packing into the dip, making it denser. But it created nothing but a thin layer of grass, no thicker than a leaf, even light managing to get through. Appledusk just stood with a stupid flabbergasted look on his face. “Fill in the entrance with as much hay as possible, quickly!”, she insisted. “That’s our only way out!”, he pointed out.

“And their only way in!”, she remarked.

Appledusk bit back the irritation of being wrong, sped to the closet pile of towering golden grass. Mapleshade gripped a few grass blades between her claws, dragging them across the floor and shoving them into the thin barrier. Appledusk returned with a pathetically small mouthful of dried grass. As he dropped it onto the floor, Mapleshade’s heartbeat rang in her ears with frustration, “Get more, a lot more!”, she snapped, kicking him in the chest, so he stumbled towards the yellow mountains. This wasn’t enough. They would notice the movement of shadows from inside the Barn at any moment. And at this point, one good shove would be enough for the entire thing to collapse. They needed more and fast.

Luckily, Appledusk came back again, this time with a heap of hay as big as a log. That was more like it. Appledsuk shoved it into Mapleshade’s paws, dashing back. She got back to work as well, using her experience building den walls, she weaved it between the other blades, like a spider’s web. Tightly packing it in until it was as solid as a rock and as tangled as a nettle bush.

Suddenly, Mapleshade stopped, ears pricked. She held up her tail for Appledusk to halt. Just beyond the barrier, came the same voices, much closer this time. A growl formed as Oakstar spoke, dangerously close, “I thought you said the scent trail ended here?”, sounding impatient. She gained a sudden urge to tear open the barrier and rip his face off. The one that had put her into this mess in the first place.

Then came another tom’s voice, Seedpelt, “It does, I swear, just give me a bit of time.”. Puffing noise came from just a few mouse-lengths away, as a twitching noise smelted the air. Though the cracks in the yellow wall, Mapleshade could just make out a white and brown head, Seedpelt looking directly at her. They blinked, holding their breath. Than Seedpelt twisted on the spot, yowling off his head like a sparrow. “Here, Oakstar! They’re over here!”, he shouted.

Without Mapleshade needing to tell him to, Appledusk ran. Damping the hey and scripting over to get more. She grabbed, forcibly jamming it, desperately trying to block the Thunderclan cats getting in. Shadows danced beyond the entrance, as more cats gathered round, with hurried voices, Mapleshade too frantic to make sense of. Another hey pile came. She slammed it in. Her front paws beginning to tire. She began panting. No, it wasn’t enough. “Mapleshade!”, Oakstar rang, “We know you’re there! If you have any honour left, came out and face us.”, he voice booming, shaking the air itself. Mapleshade didn’t bother responding, she just kept on piling on every scrap of hay she could in reach.

Despite, his mother’s earlier orders, Larchkit left his brother’s and sister’s side and went over to his mother, “Let us help!”. Mapleshade froze. Then she started hearing scraping noises of claws against diet, “Dig through.”, Oakstar ordered. Every little bit helped. “Fine.”, she mewed quickly, “Copy what’s Appledusk doing!”. Before turning away from the dark brown kit, starting to kick at the hey barrier with her back leg, trying to make more solid. The kits got to work, grabbing small mouthfuls of hay from round the Barn and taking it over. With the extra hay, progress was faster, making the barrier larger and larger. The shape of a warrior made her flinch. They’d already dug halfway through the barrier. This was serious.

Not caring anymore, she reaches through the grass, outstretching it until she felt the warrior’s head. She caught a glimpse of Seedpelt, giving her half-hearted growl as a retort. Her leg ached as it was stretched too far but she dug her claws into Seedpelt’s head anyway. He staggered back a few paces to avoid the pain. Luckily, only one cat could hit in the entrance at the time. They had that advantage at least. She doubted the laid back Seedpelt even cared about this whole situation.

Slowly, the family lost their basic system. Instead of beginning to simply; to wildly charged back and through, damp as much as hay onto the growing pile and occasionally ramming into to make it more compact. Many attempts were made by the patrol to breach the Barrier but all failed. Both sides were now tiring. With Oakstar getting angrier and angrier. With his frustrated yowls and hisses filling the air, after every failure.

The barrier was so paced, it was the size and strength of an anthill now. Until eventually he decided to switch up tactics. Just as Mapleshade collapsed to the floor in exhaustion, Oakstar began to try to yell through the dried grass wall, his voice ridiculously muffled, “If you cooperate with us now. We’ll only partially blind you and Appledusk.”. Her kit’s eyes widen in horror as they waited from afar.

She and Appledusk stared worried glances. Mapleshade tried getting up on shaky paws but failed, ending up crawling up to towards the wall and pressing her head against it, “So is exiling my entire family and ruining our lives, not enough for you?”, she hissed through the wall. The wooden wall shifted very slightly as Oakstar leaned up against the same wall, his enraged scent draining from him.

It was like venom to her nose. “We know what you did, Mapleshade! Darkstar told us. You killed Ravenwing and his death won’t go unaveraged.”. Darkstar? How could the Riverclan leader possibly know about Ravenwing? Then it struck her. Echopaw. She knew she should deal with that pest of an apprentice more efficiently. Wishing she’d given Echopaw a good scatch or two, to drill in the message.

“And one of my warriors is half-blind because of you as well.”, he added, his anger starting to get the better of him as he started to scrap at the wall with his claws. He deserved it. Mapleshade secretly responded. Mapleshade quickly ran through the things she could say to the questions she could ask. She knew she had limited time before he lost his impatience for good. “How did you even track us down?”, she asked.

“You’re mother, Tulipfur. Took us a while but she eventually confessed.”, Oakstar ruffled slyly. Mapleshade felt like her all legs had turned to twigs, she could barely stand. Being choked by an invisible cat. She finally snapped out of the confused daze, “What have you done to Tulipfur?!”, she demanded. “We haven’t hurt her, If that you’re thinking.”, Oakstar insured, “But it’s your fault that she’ll be spending the rest of her life confined to the Elder’s den.” , he snapped like an enraged banger, a hint of guilt in his voice for a heartbeat. Mapleshade’s heart became stone and hollow. She wouldn’t be able to visit her father’s grave anymore. The flowers couldn’t be left to rot, it was a mockery of Dullface’s name.

“You’ll never touch me, Oakstar. No matter what you do!”, she muttered, turning her back to the wall and padding away. Tulipfur would want her to be stronger. And she wasn’t going to disappoint. He wasn’t worth anymore. None of those low-lives was. If they either wanted to forget about her or to kill her. Fine, she didn’t care.

She was too good for them. She stared at them; Larchkit, Patchkit, Petalkit and Appledusk. Those were the only cats that mattered now. No one was going to get in their way. No was going to get close to them and get away with it. They’d be better than any Clan cat.

Oakstar’s howl out a cry of uttered rage, as loud and as piercing as a Owl’s screech ringing throughout a dark forest.

He then began addressing his warriors, “We’re wasted enough time here. Let’s get back to camp”. It was the songs of Starclan in Mapleshade’s ears, letting off a massive sigh of relief.

But then that crumbled when Oakstar muttered his next orders, “Seedpelt, Trushtalon, you two stay here. You’re on guard duty, they’ll have to come out eventually.”. Then was shifting of gravel and loose stones as Oakstar twisted round, “Don’t think this is over, Mapleshade!”, he called, “Ravenwing won’t go, unaveraged.”. The shuffling of paws, that slowly faded away as the patrol set off, walking further and further away.

And so it went on like this several hours, dragging on and on. The kits finding it harder and harder to entertain themselves at the back of the Barn. The shift in the air was the only sign that night was beginning to set in. They’d been in this confined Two-leg nest for an entire day. Mapleshade dropped on top of the barrier, feeling like a hollow trunk,
struggling not to let sleep overcome here. Appledusk loomed over to her like a bad smell,

“Are they still there?”, he asked for the third time to in a row. She tasted the air, the tangy smell of Thunderclan meeting her nose. “Yes.”, she muttered, annoyed. How much longer, she began to wonder. If they were trying to starve them to death, it wouldn’t work, they had a steady supply of mice to last them moons.

She was even starting to hate the Barn air; this stuffy, heavy, thick, humid air. It was horrible to breathe.

Appledusk eyes narrowed, beginning to scrap at the first few layers of the hay pile they’d created. “What are you doing?”, she snapped, wondering why in the name of Starclan he was tearing down the only thing keeping them safe. His gaze gleamed with a bright and determined spark, “Let me check out there at least once. Oakstar only said ‘Seedpelt and Trushtalon’ to guard. That’ll be two on two. We could take them.”, he suggested. If he’d said this earlier, she would’ve called him ‘mousebrained’ but by this point, she was getting desperate.

However, that didn’t stop her doubting his words, “How? An entire Thunderclan patrol couldn’t break through here. What are you, a Windclan tunneler?”. Appledusk shrugged, having more confidence then he should, “I won’t be having to dig through extra layers added every heartbeat. Trust me, I swim underwater every day, how much different can hay be?”. Before she could stop him, he padded on the centre of the barrier. Drawing his claws to full length, he began pulling heaps of golden grass, throwing aside in the massive clouds. It began raining down with yellow grass blades.

In no time, Appledusk had managed to make a shallow tunnel, chucking more hay behind him like a rabbit. Mapleshade lay crouched at the tunnel entrance, tail swaying. “If they’re still there, come straight back.”, she warned. If they were, she’d know how to deal with them. The creamy shape of Appledusk slowly become smaller and smaller as made it through the large barrier, the cycling of the tunnel managing to hold. Appledusk came to a halt, before then jabbing the hay with a front paw, hard.

The wall in front of him collapsed, letting a beam of moonlight shine through. It made her smile for a quick moment to see the outside again. Cautiously, Appledusk crept out into the night’s chip’s air, looking around. He then stepped to the side, out of view for a moment. Abruptly, there was a mass of sharp sounds, hissing, and yowling.

Appledusk leapt back into view, locked in combat with Seedpelt. The two cats rolled over each other, with Seedpelt trying to bite down into her mate’s neck. Mapleshade’s fur spiked and tail lashed. Luckily, Appledusk managed to get a grip on the warrior’s underbelly, flinging him off with his back legs. As soon as he was free, he instantly dived into the tunnel, flailing slightly in panic. But Thrushpelt and Seedpelt were hot in pursuit.
With Thrushpelt only a rabbit-length’s away from Appledusk’s boney tail.

As soon as Appledusk reached the Barn, he threw himself out, rolling. With Appledusk out the way, she immediately leapt into the air, slamming down onto the hay pile with all her weight. The tunnel quickly gave way under the pressure. Like a cave-in, clumps of golden grass began falling onto the two Thunderclan cats. Their cries of terror being cut off as they were buried alive. The cats around the Barn barely moved for a few good heartbeats.

Then a terrified kit’s voice came from being behind her, “How could you kill more cats?!”, Patchkit whaled out. Mapleshade calmly turned to her son, “It’s hay, Patchkit. It won’t kill them.”, she explained. Patchkit fell silent. A growl of anger formed in Mapleshade’s throat, they’re were in an even worse position now. The Hay pile could only keep them trapped for so long, when they finally managed to dig their way out.

Then they would be trapped inside with the two Thunderclan warriors, with nowhere to go and three kits to defend.

Then there was a large crashing sound coming the far counter of the Barn. A strange black and white tom with a brown collar looked around the barn, confused. “Tulipfur? Are you alrig-“, he called out but he was cut off when he noticed the strangers standing in front of him. “Who are you?”, Appledusk growled. An enraged Mapleshade dashed straight for kittypet before he could reply to Appledusk. She rammed into him, tackling him to the ground and placing her paws on his chest and neck. Pinning him down. “How do you know Tulipfur? How did you get in here, kittypet?!”, she demanded.

However Petalkit grabbed onto her tail, “Mum, stop! Myler on our side. Tulipfur allowed him to play with us while you were out with Patchkit!”, she explained while shouting. Mapleshade held back a growl, hating the idea of her kits being allowed to mix with a kittypet. She was resistant at first but she eventually she stood aside, “Get up.”, she instructed the kittypet. Myler quickly shuffled to his paws, bowing his head politely. At least he knew to respect Clan born cats. “Sorry for coming uninvited like that. I heard the hissing and I thought something had happened.”.

Mapleshade was about to speak, but before she could, Appledusk barged past, going nose to nose with Myler, “Wait. If you got in- You can get us out.”, he mewed excitedly. Then it hit Mapleshade, then she stepped forward, “How did you get in?”, she demanded.
The kittypet staggered back a few paces, in surprise but soon shrugged and flicked his tail towards the left top corner of the Barn.

It took a lot of squinting and heartbeats, but eventually, Mapleshade managed to spot the tiny slit in the bark wall, serval fox-lengths off the ground. It was next to one those darker brown lines in the wall, that stuck out slightly to make a narrow ledge. “Sure.”, Mapleshade snorted, “We’ll just head up there as soon as we sprout wings.”.

Larchkit jumped excitedly in front of her, his tail hooked at the end with determination, “Oh no, Mum. You don’t need wings. Myler showed us how to do, come on!”, before she could stop him, the over adventurous kit began scaling up the largest mountain of hay in the entire Barn. He looked like a chestnut-coloured cricket bouncing wildly among the golden grass. She twisted to face Myler, what had he’d be teaching her kits?

But a pale brown tail lay on her chest, blocking her. Appledusk slowly shook his head. Mapleshade just scoffed, storming off. One by one the family started to follow Larchkit up the mountain of hay. The Queen leaned over, but before she could grab Patchkit, he jerked. “No!”, the tom squeaked like a mouse, “I’m not letting you carry me, I can do it myself.”.
The male kit then stomped off in a puff, after the rest of the group. Mapleshade followed on behind, speechless.

When she’d reached the top of the grass mountain, she warily tests the platform’s surface, scraping her twisting claws against it. Seemed like to be made of some kind of wood. She struggled to find words to describe it, it was either a very thick square branch or twolegs had somehow leant to makes logs float in midair. Either way, they were everywhere attached to the roof of the Barn, crisscrossing.

A groaning noise was the only thing that took her away from her confused state. Like the fish he hunted, Appledusk flopped up the haystack, tripping as he went. Wanting to just get out of this Barn, she grabbed him by the scruff, struggling under his massive weight, flinging him over the ledge. She neatly leapt on over him, as moaned to himself and continued on creeping the bark ledge.

For cats their size, it was easy for them with the kits already at the end, waiting with Myler at the small slit. A dim moonlight beam, reflected off the damp surface of the bark, turning into a pale grey. Taking the lead, moving past everyone else, Mapleshade stuck her head out into the fresh night air, taking in the moment of freedom from suffocating atmosphere of the Barn. If was as if she’d surfaced after being trapped under the murky surface of a river. Then one look down, she saw the steer drop below her.

“Can we jump down there?”, Larchkit asked from behind her, his ears twitching. “No.”, she immediately responded, grabbing the kit before he could do anything stupid. Larchkit just let out a squeal of irritation. This jump would hard enough for adult cats let alone kits. With one last sigh, she bent her legs and launched herself down. The windswept past her face, causing her face fur to flatter like a desperate pigeon trying to avoid the snapping jaws of a fox.

Suddenly her paws meet the ground; the air was forced from her lungs, her legs snapped like twigs as she fell over and the blood rang in her ear tips. Larchkit has knocked away from her grip, sending him scribbling across the dirt floor. They were finally outside. Groaning slightly, Mapleshade rose to her paws, looking over to Larchkit, shaking the specks of earth from his dark pelt. “I could have jumped myself, you know.”, he boasted. He was fine.

Appledusk and Myler followed, falling like pebbles. Her mate tripped like her, making Patchkit fly off. While Myler, with clear experience, neatly landed on all fours, only giving off a slight grunt of pain. As soon as Mapleshade made eye contact with the unwelcome ally, Myler knew to drop Petalkit away from him. Straightening himself up a bit, the Riverclan tom turned to the kittypet, curiosity making his nose twitch like a rabbit’s, “How do you even find that tiny hole in the roof?”, he questioned.

“This Barn was kind of mine before- well before you lot took resistance there.”, he joked, bursting out into a fit of purring laughter at his own joke. A blazing fire crept down into Mapleshade’ tongue.

“Enough!”, she snapped, Myler’s laughter trailed off to an awkward silence. She turned to Appledusk, “More Thunderclan cats could show up at any heartbeat, we need to go now.”.


They were nothing but fasting moving black outlines against the cloudy night sky, devoid of all stars. Mapleshade and Appledusk sped across the flat dull farmland field, their kits holding on tightly as they ran with the speed of foxes. They needed to get as far away as possible. They ran and ran, not stopping until the Barn was nothing but a small red bot against this massive landscape of grasslands and strong standing twoleg nests. Gradually, coming to a complete halt at the border of one of the endless farms. She left Petalkit on the upturned muddy soil, trying to catch to her breathe.

Instead of scent marks, the Twoleg seemed to mark their borders with fences instead but this was a type she’d never seen before; It was serval fox-lengths high with weird silver vines that coiled around each other like a web, supports by smooth shiny black sticks, with scrawny dried weeds the only plants able to grow there. They couldn’t be climbed like the usual fences made of bark, they would need to find a crack or hole to get through. Giving in to the exhausted she leaned up against a stumpy tree.

Appledusk soon joined at the tree, letting Patchkit and Larchkit to ground. He tried to mew while his breath was heavy with panting, “Shouldn’t we go further?”. Mapleshade glanced over to the Barn in the far distance, nothing but a red speck. Thunderclan territory was almost non-existence in her line of sight, a very thin green line of the horizon. She closed her eyes, “It’s going to take a while for Trushtalon and Seedpelt to get out of the hay and get back to camp.”, she pointed out.”.

Appledusk rolled his eyes, still thinking he’s right, “You can never be too safe you know.”.
Mapleshade wasn’t done though, “We can’t get much travelling done tomorrow if we exhaust ourselves beforehand.”, she tried to then ensure the paranoid cat, “We’re fine for tonight. We’ll get travelling done tomorrow.” . He just sighed, before nodding.

Pleased to have Appledusk’s complaining out the way, she padded over to her kits, they blinked as they looked around the strange new environment. Skimming over the nearby undergrowth, she looked for a place to sleep. Petalkit muttered into her mother’s ear, “When can we see Myler again?”, she asked. “Hopefully never.”, she sneered, carrying on with her search for shelter. “Mapleshade, don’t say that to a kit!”, Appledusk exclaimed.

Trying to ignore the annoying comments coming at her at every direction, she slipped away nearer to the Undergrowth next to the fence. However, all the undergrowth was too low and tangled to climb into to sleep in. She growled to herself.

Just then familiar scent insanity put her on edge, including Appledusk. A nearby Thunderclan scent. Her kits quickly pick up on their parents’ aggression, banding together and watching intensely. Suddenly came a darting grey fur at her left, rushing straight towards her kits! Before she could fully react and stop him, Bloomheart launched at the three kits. Why had he come here? Was this the same cat she once knew? Grabbing the nearest kit to him, Petalkit was forced into snappy wild jaws, she screamed out with a mix of terror and pain. Bloomheart trashed the helpless kit violently, like a massive two-leg with a piece of prey.

As she stumbled to save her daughter, she felt like she had the whole strength of Starclan on her side. Like a badger, she pounded Bloomheart into submission with her front paws. A blood-soaked Petalkit was thrown to the floor, with deep teeth marks on the back of her neck. Appledusk moved into to help Mapleshade, but she spat at him while struggling to keep Bloomheart from recovering, “Protect the kits, you mousebrain, not me!”.

Under her paws, Bloomheart gathered his strength and dug his back legs into her underbelly. “You’ve destroyed my future!”, he yowled into her face. She could only gasp as she was flipped onto her back. Already grabbing his chance, Bloomheart hurried to his paws. Before he could do anything more, Mapleshade grabbed his lashing tail with needle teeth, yanking him towards her. Leaving traces of blood. The savage staggered against the flurry of front blows against his muzzle.

In that heartbeat, she noticed the three fresh scars creeping up his face, ending with a blind eye. That wouldn’t be the only scars he’d be getting tonight, if they weren’t enough to kill him. How dare her mentor attack her! In her fit of rage, she becomes unfocused and clumsily, leading to sloppy attacks. The siamese tom quickly managed to duck under the next paw swipe, leaping at the opening.

Both were sent to the floor, hissing. They were now in a storm of endless teeth and claws as neither of them refused to break. The amount of hate that blazed in his eyes and edged his voice was ridiculous. She began to question if this was even a Clan cat she was fighting. The well-being of her kits took her away from the battle slightly, as Bloomheart clawed to get through her paws covering her face. Luckily, Appledusk stood over them, tail lashing. He was struggling to not to leap into the fight. Only there when she needed him.

Knowing they were safe, allowed Mapleshade to focus on tearing Bloomheart to scraps. Breaking away from his slashing range, rearing up onto her hind legs, about to bring down her paw to batter his head. However, Bloomheart swept his leg under her, causing her to crash to the ground. He moved quickly, pressing his foot into her exposed stomach and dig his claws deep into her throat. She choked as he went deeper and deeper until his claws were up against her windpipe. She stopped resisting. Bloomheart leaned down and spat into her face, his rotting breathes in her nostrils, “You’ve always been like this, Mapleshade – Never thinking of the consequences. Because of Ravenwing’s murder and my injury, Oakstar shoved me into the Medicine den. Because of you, my family can’t a second litter. Nettlepaw will grow up without siblings!.

What nonsense was he spouting now? How could any cat possibly predict that? Mapleshade fought through the pain of the claws inside her flesh and growled back at him, “Don’t blame me for your stupid eye! You attacked me first – A Queen!”.
On Bloomheart’s face, a crooked scowl grew like a weed, “You were never a respected Queen in the first place. Your crimes brought an evil cat’s spawn into this world.”, drawing in his claws deeper now.

Appledusk bared his long white fangs in an enraged snarl, “Get off her and leave my family alone, foxheart!”, he demanded. As Bloomheart attention turned to the other tom, she felt the pressure on her neck soften slightly. “And don’t think I’ve forgotten about you, murderer.”, he whispered dangerously, “Don’t talk to me about families when you took Flowerpaw away from me.”

Appledusk staggered back but steadily gained his composure. “I swear on my life, I’d never kill an apprentice on purpose. It was an accident. But how can you justify dragging an innocent kit into this? You’re just branded yourself with the title of murderer as well.”. He whipped his tail towards the battered kit, partly breathing under the layers of dried blood and shredded fur.

At Appledusk’s accusation, Bloomheart recoiled with disgusted, “Those creatures ain’t kits! They’re a prophesied evil, who will become murderers like their parents. If have to take Ravenwing’s place in Starclan’s plan, I’ll do it as a warrior, not a medicine cat!”
While Bloomheart was distracted rambling, Mapleshade grabbed her slim chance.

Chomping down on Bloomheart’s leg, made him jerk away in shock. Keeping up the assault, she drove him off his paws by landing heavily on his back. She then placed her fangs around his neck. He lashed out with flailing paws but none worked to knock her away. All she had to do was tighten her grip on his neck and he would dea- “Mum, don’t!”, cried out Patchkit.

All turned to the tiny ginger and white kit with black speckles, “You can’t kill another cat, it’s bad. Tell her, Dad. Tell her it’s bad.”, turning to Appledusk for back up. The tom seemed to be taken back slightly, being called ‘Dad’ the first time but he quickly snapped out of it and responded, glancing at the bleeding Petalkit under his paws, “I’m sorry, Patchkit. But I don’t know if a kit-killer is redeemable.”, he bitterly growled.

Larchkit’s angrily swiped at the air as he stood over his injured his sister, he faced his brother, “He did this to our sister.”, anger gripping him, he turned to his mother, “Do it, Mum! Kill him!”. Mapleshade’s stomach curled up with disgust, her legs betraying her going shaky and weak. In desperation, Bloomheart landed a direct front slash over her nose, making her taste the diet under her as she fell. Appledusk yowled a warning. Free from her grip, she expected the scarred tom to instantly leap towards her kits however he ended up twisting on his heel and rushing off without another word. His dull fur merging into the black void of the night.

Glancing at Petalkit’s deep wounds, Mapleshade thought she’d collapse from the stress. How could they possibly save her with injuries like that? She’d already killed Ravenwing, the other Medicine cats would run away from her on sight. Warping Petalkit in her paws, the desperate mother pitifully tried washing away the blood. “Mapleshade-“, Appledusk began.

“What?”, Mapleshade snapped in fury – The last voice she needed to be hearing right now was that faithless tom’s. Taken aback, Appledusk steadied his breathing, determination sparking in his green gaze, “We have to ask Myler for help. Twolegs are known for having powerful herbs.”

Her fur instantly bristled. The black and white tom had already influenced her kits enough with his kittypet softness. Yet for the sake of keeping Petalkit alive, even Mapleshade wasn’t stupid enough to decline. Giving Appledusk a single nod, she gently lifted Petalkit, barely breathing. Appledusk’s tasted the air to pick up Myler’s disgusting scent and flicked his tail for them to follow. Patchkit and Larchkit scrabbled at their father’s paws, but Mapleshade gave them a muffled call, which they miserably obeyed. If Petalkit’s life was endangered, she wants her sons at her side, not the faithless tom’s. 

October 30, 2020 3:15 am

I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned this before but I’ve been working on a fanfic Warriors series myself, it basically takes place after TBC

October 30, 2020 4:25 am
Reply to  Snowfire

Maybe when I have the chance and have extra time I would like to explain the story and post some of the drafts I’ve done here

October 30, 2020 3:59 am

Oh goodness-its been years since I’ve written Warriors fanfiction. But, hey, I’ve been wanting to get back into the swing of things for awhile, and these characters will NOT leave my head. They are positively haunting me. 😛 So in a very real sense I feel forced to tell their tail tale.

I posted the prologue a few weeks ago. You can now find that here: CLICK DA MAGIC LINK (it’s to a secret page) Chapter 1 won’t make sense unless you read it first!

Life & Death
Chapter 1: Deep Down Below | Part 1

“What is this place?” 

Mintfur eyed the discolored sky above them wearily. Like any second a monster would reach down from its murky depths and grab him. 

“We’re in ,” Death said, amicably. “The land beyond Starclan’s borders.” 

They trudged on through the flat, barren wasteland that wascomment image . Having crossed through the Ethereal Divide minutes before, they now had a short jaunt remaining to StarClan’s gates. 

“StarClan, that’s where I’m going, right? To be with my Lilybear?”

“Mhm, yes.” As a dense fog descended over the valley they were walking through, Death nudged Mintfur out of its path. “Stay clear of the fog. It will swallow you up if you let it.” 

Mintfur gave the fog a wider birth than was necessary. “Has anyone ever gotten lost in it before?”

“Yes,” Death admitted, casting his eyes skyward. “We call those cats flyaway souls.”

“And do you always find them later?” 

Death was silent. 

“Why are we even passing through here?” Mintfur asked. “Why can’t you just teleport me straight to StarClan?”

“It doesn’t work that way. Only warriors truly good at heart can enter StarClan. If you aren’t worthy, you will be rebuffed by the infallible wall of light surrounding StarClan.”

“Oh my,” Mintfur gulped. “And what if I’m not allowed in, what will you do? Drag me to the Dark Forest?“

“No. If StarClan rejects you, you will become a wayward soul. Forced to wander , alone, until you’ve recovered enough humanity in your emotionally-deprived wraith of a heart to join StarClan, or you commit yourself to the Dark Forest. Or you’re driven mad by indecision, in which case will dispose of you. You will fade away, forever.”

Mintfur’s face went pallid. “That sounds horrible.” 

“It is. I suppose that’s why you must walk throughcomment image before you can reach StarClan’s gates. To see what will await you if you fail your entrance exam,” Death said. “And so when you get tired of that Lilybear, you’ll know there’s no one better waiting for you outside StarClan.” Death waggled his eyebrows. 

“Not funny.” 

“But you should’t have to worry about that, Mintfur.” Death’s whiskers twitched in amusement. “Unless you were a very covert murderer, or engaged in other, equally nefarious acts when I wasn’t looking, with an invisibility charm that I don’t know about, you’ll be welcomed into StarClan’s ranks.” 

“What are you saying, that you’ve been watching me my entire life?”

“I have very few pastimes to choose from here.” Death shrugged. “Though I stopped keeping an eye on you once you joined the elders’ den. So if you’ve berated a few apprentices lately and want to confess before, you know,” Death gestured at the wall of light they were fast approaching. “Too late.”

“Gee, thanks,” Mintfur snorted, kicking a stone in his path. It skittered a few feet away. 

Minkfur’s eyes suddenly softened and, in that moment, Death knew he must be thinking of Lilybear. They used to skip stones over the lake together. 

Death’s heart throbbed at a memory that wasn’t his.  

“If your job isn’t to listen to warriors’ deathbed conditions, then what is it, exactly? To kill every elder having an asthma attack?” Mintfur teased. “Don’t think I forgot the paw you shoved down my throat earlier.” 

Death shook his head. “I put you out of your misery, but it was not necessary for me to do. You would have died either way. Granted, I may occasionally speed up the natural process, with the HellHounds’ help. But my only real job is to consume your soul, solidifying your transition to the afterlife, and then deliver your spirit to your respective resting place.”

Mintfur’s mouth swung open at the sight of StarClan in the distance. The chilly bite of began to dissipate as they approached, the air crisping to a pleasant midsummer glow. Withering wild grasses and thistles cushioned their path, at odds with the rugged, arid soil that dusted their paw pads moments before. A grayscale lens still cloaked their vision, save for the rich greenish-purple hues of the sky above.  

“Look, we’re almost there!” Mintfur took off running for StarClan’s gates, smooth, robust muscles flexing under his silver pelt. Mid-step, he glanced down at his youthful body, awe melting across his face. What a far cry it was from the withered old tomcat he had been hours before! With skin so saggy a kit could get lost in its folds, and bones so brittle he feared they would splinter every time he made the laborious journey to the dirtplace, it was a surprise he had lasted so long in RiverClan. 

Death stood on the cusp of , electing to watch Mintfur’s final steps from a distance. “I’m flying!” the old tom hooted, his voice carrying over the divide between them. It was the last thing Death heard before Mintfur collided with the wall of light. The tom graciously glided through it, and was gone. Just like that.

StarClan’s wall of light was opaque- everything on the other side of it was hazy, out-of-focus. Death felt like he was peering through ten feet of murky water to catch a glimpse of Mintfur greeting his family.

A frigid breeze pierced Death’s side then; was beckoning him away. Time to leave, I suppose, Death reluctantly stood up and turned away. 

Unless . . . His eyes flickered back to StarClan’s gates like a mouse to sickly-sweet poison. There were multiple silhouettes encircling Mintfur now, all vying for the chance to say hello. One in particular was so small, they could hardly be six moons. 

Death hesitated before walking up to the wall of light. Up close, it’s heat was intense, sparks of electricity shooting off it. And it shimmered, rapidly, like a live wire. Still, Death pressed his face closer to it. Even as sparks streaked across his skin, sizzling against the shadows that made up his body like flames meeting water, he kept his eyes locked in place.

Gazing in on a world he could never be a part of.  

This close, it was clear that the littlest silhouette was not a kit after all, but a small, ginger apprentice. Minkfur’s daughter, the one who had been killed by a badger two years prior.

Right. Of course. 

Death abruptly pulled away from the wall of light and stalked off. His tail whipped back and forth in the dirt like a sidewinder, leaving a trail of dust in its wake.  

A new litter was born in WindClan yesterday. They are all healthy. His jaw clenched at the reminder of what Life said earlier. How could he possibly forget it? 

Don’t touch them. 

Death collapsed outside of the halo of warmth StarClan’s border cast, firmly entrenched in ’s jaws once more.

Minkfur’s last words rose to mind next. How the old tomcat spoke them with such glee. I’m flying!

Death took a deep, shuddering breath, as a phantom pain spread over his shoulder blades and he fell into a far-flung memory.

“I bet three larks that it won’t work.”
“I’ll pluck my whiskers if it does!”

Death rested in the center of WindClan’s camp, eavesdropping on a gaggle of apprentices. One thought rubbing rabbit urine on themselves would make hunting easier -the others weren’t so convinced. 

“Watch, it’s going to make every rabbit this side of the moor fall madly in love with me!”
“I don’t know … what if it, like, gets in your system and you grow buck teeth and a cottontail?”
“I’d still look better than you!”

Just then, the gorse bushes lining WindClan’s nursery rustled, and a queen burst out. “Someone, come quick, my kit is dying!” she cried before darting back into the nursery.  

Death raised his eyebrow. When a cat was in their final death throes, he felt a tug on his chest, like an invisible string binding them together was pulled taut. 

He felt nothing now. 

Still, Death trailed behind the medicine cat and into the nursery. Instantly, he was struck by the sweet smell of milk, interlaced with the subtle scent of new moss and warm, wriggling newborn kits, clinging to their mothers’ sides like leaf buds.

“See, he’s not moving!” Death peered over the hysterical queen’s shoulder to where a little kit lay. With rheumy eyes and saliva trickling from the corner of his mouth, he didn’t look good. Death’s lips curled. 

“Now, now, that doesn’t mean he’s dead,” the medicine cat chided, gently nudging the little kit. “Wake up, chickadee, before you give your mother a heart attack.” 

The little kit curled in on himself like a wilted flower, tucking his face behind a cotton-ball sized forepaw before letting out a soft, stifled mew.

“Come, no need to hide,” Death cooed, reaching forward to brush a paw against the little kit’s forehead. If only to confirm his suspicion that the little kit had a fever. Not because he had a sudden, irresistible urge to comfort the little kit. To see if the little kit’s fur felt like peach fuzz. 

He nudged the little kit’s button nose next. Now that, he could not justify. 

The little kit sneezed in response, his eyes snapping open in unison. 

“Look, he’s awake!” The queen shrieked. 

Death reeled back in alarm, so violently his head almost crashed through the walls of the nursery. Because the little kit was staring straight at him. He sees me. Oh StarClan, he sees me! As if on cue, an all-too-familiar orb glowed in the little kit’s throat, and Death felt a pang in his chest. 

“What’s wrong with him? Will he survive?”

The little kit blinked up at Death with big, bashful eyes. “Who are you?”

“Yes, yes, of course. It’s just a cough, nothing serious.”

Death smiled.

“Where have you been all day? When you were gone, Woolytail played hide-and-seek with me, but he kept giggling and giving himself away! It was no fun! Can you believe that?” The little kit, who Death had taken to calling, simply, Little Kit, whined. 

“I can believe that,” Death said, sprinkling some gorse flowers from the nursery’s entrance onto Little Kit’s head like confetti. Little Kit squealed and batted at it, forgetting all about his previous question, Where have you been all day? 

Truth was, Death had been reaping the soul of a ThunderClan warrior unfortunate enough to get his tail trapped in a fox trap. The poor tom had managed to rip himself free of its iron jaws -parting ways with his tail in the process- before collapsing from blood loss. When Death arrived, Harold the HellHound already had the tom’s soul in his mouth like a squeaky toy. 
It dropped to Death’s feet with a solid thunk, oozing in slobber. 

But that was not worth telling Little Kit.

Despite Death’s penchant for reaping souls, he did not revel in being a thief of joy in every sense of the word. 

And some things . . . you just don’t tell little kits. 

Little Kit dropped into a crouch and stalked towards Death’s tail, his butt skyhigh and wiggling in pent up excitement. At the last minute, Death shifted his tail into shadows, sending Little Kit tumbling into his mother. 

“Hey, no fair!” Little Kit whined, jutting his chin out in righteous indignation. The look only lasted for a second before he burst into giggles. Sprawled onto his back, feet flailing in the air, he resembled an upside down turtle.  

“That’s enough roughhousing in here, mister.” Little Kit’s mother gave him a pointed look. “If you want to keep playing with your imaginary friend, take it outside.” 

Death nudged Little Kit rightside up-in a way that would look inconspicuous to the outside observer. “You heard your mom, time to go outside.”

Little Kit looked ready to complain when, suddenly, his eyes lit up. Uh oh. Death gulped. That could only mean one thing. “Let’s go fly!” Little Kit squealed, and took off running for the nursery’s entrance before Death could interject. 

Little Kit’s gait was slow, legs shaky. It looked more like he was bunny hopping than running away. Death watched with a touch of concern. 

It had been half a moon since Little Kit was diagnosed with white cough. 
A half moon since Death felt the telltale pull on his chest that meant the grains of sand in Little Kit’s hourglass were running low. 

But when Death went to reap Little Kit’s soul, it didn’t budge from his throat. It remained visible, yet firmly rooted in place. Signaling that, maybe, Little Kit had time to spare after all. 

And over the days, Little Kit’s health had improved. He wheezed when he spoke and got easily winded, but he was no longer a limp vegetable-there was a spark in his eyes, a pep in his step. 

Yet Little Kit could still see Death, and Death didn’t know why. 

Little Kit burst into WindClan’s clearing and immediately rounded on Death before his eyes had even adjusted to the light outside of the nursery’s protective cocoon. “Up, up!” he begged, clamoring to get onto Death’s back.

Death was tempted to melt into shadows, sending Little Kit toppling through him again. But he knew it frightened Little Kit to see him in that way, so he remained as solidified as possible, a tangle of smokey black fur. 

Which meant he had to fend off Little Kit’s advances the mortal way- by pushing him away.

“Not today, Little Kit,” Death chuckled. “What would your clanmates say if they saw you floating in midair? Best case scenario, they think you’re blessed by StarClan and force you into becoming a medicine cat.” 

“But I don’t want to be a medicine cat!” Little Kit gasped, eyes wide in horror at the very thought. “I’ll be the best warrior WindClan has ever seen, just watch this.” Little Kit turned to make sure Death was watching, then he launched himself onto a nearby gorse flower. “Ka-Pow!” 

“Very good,” Death purred.

“Thanks, Dad, I-” Little Kit abruptly cut off, his chubby cheeks flaring. “I mean-” He wheezed.

Death’s eyes widened in horror like any single, middle-aged warrior who had just accidentally been called Dad. “It’s okay,” he spluttered. “You know-”

“Hey, what’s that on your leg?” While Death was busy being flustered, Little Kit’s attention had already shifted elsewhere, as easily as a cat switches channels in a stream. He narrowed in on a drop of blood on Death’s paw. 

“Oh. That.” Death noticed the drop of blood for the first time. Must be from my last reaping. “It’s nothing,” he sweat. 

Little Kit didn’t look satisfied by that answer. “It looks like blood.” 

“It’s not blood. In fact, it’s . . . cherry water. A very special type of water, only found in the tunnels beneath WindClan’s territory. It’s sweeter than honey and, legend says, a single drop of it will give you the strength of ten warriors!”

“Well, I want some then!”

Death cringed. “It’s only for adults.”

“Not fair!” Little Kit pouted. 

“Look, it’s gone,” Death hastily whipped his paw in the dirt, removing any trace of blood. “Now let’s head back inside the nursery. It’s getting late and I heard your mother plans to finish the bedtime story she started yesterday.” And Death felt a pressure suddenly forming around his heart, barbed wires cinching tight. Someone was dying in ShadowClan, and they needed him now

“But I still want to fly,” Little Kit whined, digging his heels into the ground. “I know you can!”

“I know,” Death grimaced, the pain in his chest intensifying. “But I already told you, Little Kit, people will see,” he sighed. “And that can’t happen. It just … can’t.”

“Then we can go behind the nursery!” Little Kit would not give up. “No one will notice us there.” 

“Fine,” Death relented. “But not today. Tomorrow, okay?” 

Little Kit hesitated. “Okay, if you promise.” 

“I promise.” Death hastily touched his nose to Little Kit’s, then winked out of sight.


Death returned to the nursery after sunfall, his energy spent from another successful reaping. Perhaps he should be in , his true home, but he felt drawn to the nursery. 
And not because an involuntary string around his heart pulled him towards it. 

Death breathed in the sweet scent of milk and marigolds -something WindClan queens enjoyed lining their nests with- as he weaved his way to Little Kit’s sleeping form. 

Death did not know that queens tensed when he neared, cradling their kits closer to them. That they whispered of an ominous presence when he wasn’t around to hear about it.

And if Death did know, maybe it would change his feelings about the nursery.

But as it was, he loved the place.

Little Kit’s right eye peeked open; he wasn’t asleep after all. “You don’t have to stand there like a dope.” Little Kit inched closer to his mother, leaving an empty space in their nest. “Come cuddle.”

Death raised a brow. “Who taught you that word?”

Little Kit buried his face in the bedding lining their nest. “Woolytail.”

“I’ll have to have a word with Woolytail then.” 

“His feet are really ticklish,” Little Kit mumbled behind a mouthful of moss. 

“Oh yeah?” Death’s eyebrow raised. “Really, really ticklish?” 

Little Kit burst into giggles as Death tickled his stomach. “Yeah!” He shivered then. “Your paw’s cold.”

Death jerked away.

“No, in a nice way.” Little Kit grasped Death’s paw, and marveled for a moment at how it dwarfed his own. Then he yawned and let his eyes slip shut. “You don’t have to go. You can stay. If you want.” 

Death stared down at Little Kit, his jaw clenched, face pained. A battle waging in his heart. He should go back to , but he …. didn’t want to.  

Death sighed and settled down in the nest, tendrils of shadow wrapping around Little Kit in some semblance of an embrace. 

Death couldn’t sleep, but he closed his eyes and let his mind drift away.

For a moment, a warm glow filled the nursery.

It looked like the light from a rising moon. But it was not.

And Death should have known that. But he did not.
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AAAHHH THANK YOU VIPER 😆💕 You shall get more!!! 😉 I am hoping to post Part 2 of Chapter 1 tomorrow. It is much more action-packed than previous instillments and VERY spooooky, so perfect for Halloween. Spoiler: at one point there is a mystical horse with an unhinging jaw. 😈 Now what they use that unhinging jaw for … well, one can only guess …

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ꪇꪊꫀꫀꪀ ᠻꪶꪖꪑꫀᠻꪶꪮ᭙ꫀ᥅ (ᠻꪶꪖꪑꫀꪗ)
ꪇꪊꫀꫀꪀ ᠻꪶꪖꪑꫀᠻꪶꪮ᭙ꫀ᥅ (ᠻꪶꪖꪑꫀꪗ)
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Here’s Chapter One of Sky and Sun (hey, that rymes). If your confused about anything, feel free to ask questions.

Chapter One: Heroine
“It’s the same dream, just recurring?” Tenney asked. I nodded. The moment the clock had struck 6:30, I had galloped Stars out into a calmer patch of woods to meet my friend Tennessee, who had lived with me since she was 8, until she had turned 15, and had decided to live out in the woods with the animals. “Sometimes there’s new voices, but they’re always saying the same thing.”

Tenney nodded, absently snapping twigs as she walked alongside me on her horse, a proud akhal-teke named Addax. We came across a small stream, but both Stars and Addax jumped it easily without a running start. Addax shook out her mane and whinnied. “We should tell Roxy and Jaz,” Tenney said absently, her curly golden hair swishing behind her. “They might have an idea what this dream means.”

I smiled. “Race you into town?” Tennessee gave me a grin back. “You’re on.”
We both urged our horses into a gallop, laughing as we did so. Stars jumped a fallen branch that Addax swerved around. Once we reached the town of Liolyn, we slowed our horses to a walk.

“Any idea where Roxy and Jaz might be?” I asked. Tennessee shrugged. “Maybe the stables?” She suggested. I nodded. We dismounted. I swung Stars’s reins over his head and led him over to a water trough at the entrance of the town. After Stars had had enough water, I turned back to Tennessee, who was watering Addax at the trough opposite mine. “You ready to go?” I asked her. Tenney nodded and grabbed the face piece of Addax’s halter- which was currently the only piece of tack Addax had on her. We led our horses through the town, pausing occasionally to let a trader walk by or to wait for a cart to pass. We didn’t need to worry about cars, as they were not allowed within the city.

Once we reached the stables, we ducked inside. Sure enough, our friends Jasmine and Roxanna were there, arguing over who had stolen whose curry comb. “Hey guys!” Tenney said, announcing our arrival. Roxy and Jaz turned and ran toward us, wrapping us both in hugs. Ever since school had ended, we had seen each other less and less, as Tenney lived in the woods, I lived closer to the outskirts of the town, and Jaz and Roxanna lived more towards the center of town.

“How are you guys?” Roxanna asked. Tennessee and I both shrugged. Jasmine turned back to grooming her horse, a sturdy bay arabian named Commander. “I was telling Tenney about a recurring dream I’ve been having,” I stated, “and she thought you guys might be able to help figure out why this is happening.” I described the dream to them. Roxanna shivered. “Roxy, you okay?” Jasmine asked. Roxanna nodded. “It’s just……. That dream is exactly like a dream I’ve been having.” Roxanna’s horse, a painted azteca named Alma, nuzzled against Roxy’s arm. She turned and began stroking her. Alma leaned into Roxanna’s hand.

Jasmine squeezed past Roxanna and began stroking Addax’s neck. Commander whinnied in protest, and we all laughed. Jaz brushed Addax’s neck one more time before continuing her grooming of Commander.

“Do you have any idea why this is happening? Like…… why are we having the same dream and why are we having it at all?” Heroine asked. Roxanna shrugged. “I have no idea.” she replies. “Speaking of weird dreams,” Jaz spoke up, “I had a dream last night about a dude in a tux and another dude who was fat and wearing a loud leopard print shirt.” We all stared at her. “What?” she asked before rolling her eyes and putting in her earbuds. Tenney sighed, which was unlike her. “I just wish we could figure out what these dreams mean.” She said.

shorter chapter today. This chapter and the next few are mainly centered around meeeting new characters. I didn’t want all the other characters to just suddenly pop up in the same chapter. There are probably going to be around 32 chapters. Submissions may open for background characters, or maybe even main characters, depending how many I kill off (BTW, to anyone who submitted a character, I’m really very sorry if I did not say they were probably going to to die. I curently have one, maybe two characters who are going to survive the first two stories. You can, however, always submit more, though your character is less likely to be a main character if a character you submitted is already going to be a main character in this plotline. Sumbissions are not yet open again because I’m not totally sure how many of the characters I’m going to kill off.

♥️Singin' in the Rain/Rainsong (Rainyyy)♥️
♥️Singin' in the Rain/Rainsong (Rainyyy)♥️
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is the fat person wearing the leopard print short dionysus?

ꪇꪊꫀꫀꪀ ᠻꪶꪖꪑꫀᠻꪶꪮ᭙ꫀ᥅ (ᠻꪶꪖꪑꫀꪗ)
ꪇꪊꫀꫀꪀ ᠻꪶꪖꪑꫀᠻꪶꪮ᭙ꫀ᥅ (ᠻꪶꪖꪑꫀꪗ)
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Yes. I have no imagination some times, so the god all look the way the one and only Uncle Rick described them.

ꪇꪊꫀꫀꪀ ᠻꪶꪖꪑꫀᠻꪶꪮ᭙ꫀ᥅ (ᠻꪶꪖꪑꫀꪗ)
ꪇꪊꫀꫀꪀ ᠻꪶꪖꪑꫀᠻꪶꪮ᭙ꫀ᥅ (ᠻꪶꪖꪑꫀꪗ)
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˜”*°•.˜”*°•Bee That Flies Through Golden Leaves(Goldenbee) •°*”˜.•°*”˜
˜”*°•.˜”*°•(Goldenbee) •°*”˜.•°*”˜
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CherryLeaf’s story 
Leader: Froststar- white she-cat with battle-scarred muzzle 
Deputy: Liongrowl- Yellow tabby tom with amber eyes. 
CherryLeaf- Dark red she-cat with green eyes 
Turtlefoot- Calico Tom with blue eyes and one brown paw. 
Specklenose- dappled brown she-cat with speckled nose       
Larchwing- Grey tom with amber eyes 
Sunday- Light brown tabby she-cat, formerly a kittypet 
Frogmask- Dark brown tabby tom, formerly a kittypet 
Owlflight- White tom with brown eyes. 
Birchstrike- Yellow tom with amber eyes 
Willowpounce- Grey tabby with blue eyes 
Rosestream- Light cream she-cat with amber eyes 
Moonheart- White tabby Tom with blue eyes 
Darkfoot- grey Tom with fully-black leg 
Rainpaw- grey tabby tom, mentored by Birchstrike. 
Ivypaw- light grey she-cat, mentored by CherryLeaf. 
Mistypelt- Grey she-cat with blue eyes. (mother to Darkfoot’s kits, Snowkit and Eaglekit) 
Silverlight- silver she-cat with amber eyes. (Expecting Moonheart’s kits) 
Snowkit- white tom with blue eyes. 
Eaglekit- Tortoiseshell tom with green eyes 
Fawnpool- Brown tabby, oldest cat in thunderclan. 
Applestorm- Yellow tom with blue eyes, retired early due to bad hearing. 
Chapter one: CherryLeaf’s story  
CherryLeaf yawned, blinking the sleep out of her eyes. She spotted her friend, Birchstrike, getting up. Probably going to train Rainpaw! Hey, I should go with him- It’d be a treat for Ivypaw seeing as their littermates! She got up, grooming her red fur smoothly. She felt a prod and turned her head to see her best friend, Turtlefoot, smile at her.  
“You’re up early” he grinned. 
“Yep. As they say, the early bird gets the worm” She quoted, starting to lick her paws clean. 
“I think I’m more of a night owl” He joked; his eyes tired.  
“You stayed up to do more patrols, didn’t you? Your not the deputy, stop tiring yourself out!” She told him, fur slicked back.  
“Liongrowl is still grieving for his mate- sorry” he added, sympathy in his Blue gaze. 
“I’m aware that my mother’s death brought grief to him! You think I don’t know that?” she snarled, the raw grief re-entering. Her mother, Sunnypelt, had been killed by a badger two moons ago- The whole clan was scarred by her unexpected death, Liongrowl and CherryLeaf more so.  
“Look..” He started before Birchstrike poked his head in the den, 
“Coming, CherryLeaf?” He asked, eyes warm. 
CherryLeaf looked back at Turtlefoot but he was already in his nest, ears flattened. Who put his tail in a twist? Birchstrike, apparently. 
Sure! Talk to you later, Turtlefoot!” She adds, tail lifted as she hops out of the warriors’ den. 
“I already got Ivypaw and Rainpaw in the training Hollow to practice some moves, they were awake early so I decided to let them have a quick meal.” Birchstrike mewed, quickly grabbing a vole from the fresh-kill pile.  
Ivypaw’s my apprentice… why would he take her out like that? Isn’t that my job? Whatever. CherryLeaf put on a fake smile, “Thanks, Birchstrike!” she mewed and padded beside him, walking out of the camp. 
“Oh wait a second-” Birchstrike mewed, his fur ruffled. He quickly rushed forwards, sniffing at an oak tree. “Look,” he mewed quietly climbing up. 
CherryLeaf clambered up, her tail wriggling under the tree branches. She gaped slowly as she saw eggs about to hatch. 
“Where’s there mother?” She asked. Birchstrike shrugged and watched. The first egg cracked, and a small, furless bird popped out.  
“He looks like a twoleg” Birchstrike whispered in her ear teasingly.  
“Yeah but when he grows up, he’ll have loads of feathers… now come on, we can’t leave the apprentices alone for long- They’re just over-sized kits!” She joked and hopped off the tree agily. Birchstrike smiled but his gaze held a flicker of irritation.  
“Hello!” Ivypaw bounded out of the training hollow, her blue eyes flickering with joy. “Guess what? I caught three mice!” she squeaked. 
“Who took you hunting?” CherryLeaf asked, her voice trembling with rage. 
“Birchstrike- he’s great!” Ivypaw replied eagerly. Im sure his dirt is rainbow too! Honestly! He has his own apprentice- if he wasn’t so sweet I’d probably rip his ears out! 
Chapter two: CherryLeaf’s story 
“Hey, did you know Birchstrike called me a-” CherryLeaf started to Turtlefoot before he interrupted. 
“A beautiful rose just coming into bloom- I know” Turtlefoot sighed, looking annoyed. 
“did I already tell you?” CherryLeaf giggled sheepishly. 
“Yes. Now, stop acting like a love-struck apprentice and act like a warrior!” Turtlefoot retorted, fur bristling. 
CherryLeaf hopped to her paws, back fur rising “I am a warrior! And Im not love-struck!” She snarled. “What’s gotten into you!” she hissed and stalked away from the Calico tom. 
MistyPelt hurried out of the nursery, her blue eyes frantic. “Snowkit and Eaglekit are missing!” she yowled. Her mate, Darkfoot, got up and hurried towards her. 
“They can’t have gone far” Turtlefoot mewed, his blue eyes sparking with worry. 
“Agreed. Now, let’s split up- Turtlefoot, CherryLeaf, Birchstrike and Darkfoot, check outside camp- near the shadowclan borders. Moonheart, Willowpounce, Owlflight and Specklenose- you go check the windclan border, then the gathering place” Liongrowl ordered.  
CherryLeaf bounded up to Birchstrike and Turtlefoot, who were already comforting Darkfoot. “Come on!” She told them. They walked out of the camp, their pawsteps gently thudding the light brown earth. 
“Maybe we should check the Gathering place too?” CherryLeaf mewed after they had found no scent of snowkit or Eaglekit near the shadowclan border. 
Turtlefoot rolled his eyes “Liongrowl didn’t tell us too.”  
Darkfoot rolled his eyes at his former apprentice, CherryLeaf. “Don’t you ever get that voice in your head that tells you you’re going to get in trouble for doing something?” He asked, sighing. 
“No?” replied CherryLeaf. 
Birchstrike looked at the two toms. “That actually explains so much” 
“Anyway, come on- Don’t you want to find you kits? Imagine them, all alone, probably terrified.. Cold, wanting their parents… not knowing what the difference of a fox and mouse is and-” 
and that’s enough” Turtlefoot mewed frantically. 
“Come on then! Show me your warrior faces!” CherryLeaf mewed as she lead the way to the gathering place.  
Turtlefoot bent down, “I smell… fox” he swallowed.  
“That’s right” Darkfoot’s eyes blazed with worry and fear. 
“Im sure they’re safe” CherryLeaf mewed, regretting her story about them not knowing the fox and mouse scents. She brushed her fur against her former mentor’s comfortingly. “They’re Thunderclan, for starclan’s sake! Will they give in to the fox? No way! They’d fight if they’d have to! I bet they’d win against any crow-food eating fox!” she mewed determindly.  
“You sound like your leading a clan into Battle” Darkfoot mewed dryly.  
“Well-” CherryLeaf was cut off by the sound a small yowl. 
“Eaglekit!” Darkfoot leaped forwards, his ears perked.  
“Snowkit? Eaglekit? Say yes if you’re here!” Birchstrike mewed. 
“i only smell fox..” CherryLeaf whimpered. A fox and a kit’s yowl? Poor darkfoot and mistypelt! 
Don’t lose hope” Turtlefoot whispered in her ear. She nodded at him gratefully and brushed her tail against his flank comfortingly. 
“Where are you Eaglekit?” squeaked a voice from the shadow.  
“snowkit!” Darkfoot ran into the shadows and came out with a white kit clamped in his jaws. “How dare you leave the camp! Me and your mother were worried sick! Not to mention all of Thunderclan! I should have froststar make you and Eaglekit’s apprentice ceromany late by one moon!” he ranted. 
“I don’t know where Eaglekit is!” squeaked Snowkit, his blue eyes full of fear. 
CherryLeaf swallowed as she scent a bittersweet scent; the scent of Death. She walked forwards, Birchstrike and Turtlefoot on her heels. She gasped as she saw a small, black-white and ginger kit covered with blood. His eyes were glazed and rolled up. She looked away from the sight, tears forming in her eyes. Turtlefoot pressed his muzzle against her’s. 
Darkfoot stared at his dead kit in horror before letting out a howl of grief. He pressed his nose to Eaglekit’s dead body, nudging him.  
“Come on, wake up Eaglekit! The fox is gone now! Daddy found us!” Snowkit chirps, prodding his brother. 
“This is why we don’t leave camp!” Darkfoot snarled to Snowkit. “Your brother is dead!” 
Snowkit’s ears flattened and CherryLeaf bristled. “You should be grateful the fox didn’t take Snowkit too!” She snarled back. 
“I can’t wait to see the look on your face when you lose someone you love!” Hissed Darkfoot.  
CherryLeaf gasped, then she scooped Snowkit up by the scruff and turned tail, before rushing back to camp, grief filling her gaze. 
Preview of chapter three: One moon later 
“We should border the Shadowclan borders!” CherryLeaf called out from the clan meeting. “The fox came from a den near there!” she mewed.  
Darkfoot glared at her. Froststar stared down at CherryLeaf, “i wanted senior warrior suggestions, but thank you CherryLeaf” the leader mewed dissmisively. 
Darkfoot padded up to her. “You’re better.. Seen and not heard, CherryLeaf” he mewed before padding away. 
“He’s not wrong” Liongrowl mewed from beside her.  
“Even you agree with him?” she stared at her father, betrayed. 
“well.. You do voice your opinion a little bit too much” he murmured. 
CherryLeaf scoffed and was about to go talk to Froststar on the high rock before Birchstrike stopped her. “Stay in your place” he said. Cherryleaf growled and lashed her tail before walking to Turtlefoot.  
““Stay in your place”” Better seen and not heard”” she whispered mockingly. Turtlefoot nudged her sympathetically.  
“Darkfoot is still grieving for Eaglekit” he murmured softly. She blinked at Turtlefoot gratefully. I love him, I really do. 
“My voice is always drowned out!” she complained.  
The next chapters coming on the 2nd! 

October 30, 2020 9:35 pm

I am writing warriors fan fiction book called Sun’s victory and another called Rubiepaw’s choice

❄️🐍Viper In The Box; Worst Restaurant Chain🐍❄️
❄️🐍Viper In The Box; Worst Restaurant Chain🐍❄️
October 30, 2020 9:39 pm
Reply to  Featherflight

those sound exciting! what are they about? 🙂

October 30, 2020 9:56 pm
Reply to  Featherflight

Cool,will you post it on a secret page or here. I would like to read I and I’m sure others will to.

Willow that is not taking your Halloween candy
Willow that is not taking your Halloween candy
October 30, 2020 9:50 pm

So this is an excerpt from a story I am writing pleaseee give honest feedback
“It’s awful. It’s like giving everyone in a room chocolate chip cookies and you get one butterscotch chip” I slump back in my chair and huff, fogging up my face mask. “Well that gives you the opportunity to make your own cookies.” Says the school counselor. “This metaphor Is to confusing for my brain” I respond as I play with the magnets on the wooden table. The counselor nods. “You have a lot on your plate it seems. It’s very important to fight it off.” I groan. “Thats like asking a 9 year old with a broken arm and leg to professionally wrestle John cena” the counselor chuckles. “You’re great at thinking up metaphors you know.” I don’t respond and think about how you would wrestle with a broken arm and leg. Would you use mind control? A drone, maybe? But what would you mind control? I shake my head. “Our time is up.” The counselor says. I nod and pick up my backpack to head to lunch.

ꪇꪊꫀꫀꪀ ᠻꪶꪖꪑꫀᠻꪶꪮ᭙ꫀ᥅ (ᠻꪶꪖꪑꫀꪗ)
ꪇꪊꫀꫀꪀ ᠻꪶꪖꪑꫀᠻꪶꪮ᭙ꫀ᥅ (ᠻꪶꪖꪑꫀꪗ)
November 1, 2020 3:26 pm

I for one really like it, and I was hooked at the very beginning. I don’t think it’s as good as it could be, but that’s mainly just because there’s always something for everyone to improve on. Other than that constructive criticism, I love it, and I think you should definitely write more.

October 30, 2020 10:42 pm

What if Mapleshade’s kits lived Chapter 7

“Faster!”, Mapleshade snapped as she knocked Larchkit away with a single flick of her paw. Her claws were unsheltered. As the brown kit rolled, he managed to get his footing, roughly landing on all fours. Catching his breath for a brief heartbeat, he charged in for another try. Moving like a snake, Mapleshade’s front paw skimmed over the ground, attempting to trip him up. However, Larchkit darted away to the side, narrowly avoiding the attack. With an opening, he launched. She staggered back, when he took hold of her leg, using his thorn-like claws and teeth to dig into her thick fur.

His tail lashed with adrenaline and excitement. While Larchkit clung to her leg like an annoying tick, she leaned in, digging in her fangs into his defenceless tail. He squealed out with a mix of pain and shock. She licked away the small traces of blood that edges her lips. She shoved him off with her tail, sitting back, her throat aching as it panted. “Better.”, she admitted. His face lit up with as she mewed her approval. “But you need to remember that cats have teeth, not just claws.”, she advised, “Tuck your tail in next time.”.

They began padding up the sandy slope, away from the running fresh stream. They headed towards their home, a small sandy hollow, with a dense clump of brambles up against an old oak, that served as a den. It’s a nice quiet little spot, not too many loners or rouge ventured to. Being just close enough to the Four territories to act as a deterrent. While Mapleshade continued to address Larchkit, he listened with genuine intrigue, causing his bright eyes to sparkle, “If you try to grab an opponent like that, it’s idler to land on their back, where they can’t reach you. However it’s little hard for you to jump onto a fully grown cat’s back with your current size, but there’s not much we can do about that.”. Larchkit nodded before dashing forward.

Mapleshade flopped to the crusty ground with a huff while Larchkit sniffed at the scraps of bones and fur from their last meal. Scratching at it a few times, Larchkit turned away from the disappointment, “When are we going to eat?”, he moaned. Mapleshade didn’t bother to raise her head as she lay there, “Hopefully when Appledusk and your littermates come back from hunting.”, she mewed, “And let’s pray to Starclan, that your father doesn’t bring back frogs again.”.

She heard a shuffled of sand as Larchkit landed next to her. He made whispering noises as boredom gripped him despite just having a training session a heartbeat ago. As they lay there, Mapleshade’s thoughts mellowed out as she just simply began to focus on the world around her. There was a soft tinkling noise as the nearby stream lapped against the smooth stones that lay against it’s edge. Branches of the oaks rustled as they steered from the wind weaving in between them, like a creature waking from slumber.

A purr began to form as she felt the yellow sunshine warming her pelt, threatening to make her drift into sleep. However, she was brought back from her welcomed daze, when an unwelcome grey smudge on sky drifted over the blazing red eye of the sun, washing the land over a light layer of shade. Mapleshade muttered to herself, burying her head in her paws.

Her ear twitched as Larchkit’s stomach growled at her to be feed. She couldn’t hunt now, could she? Hesitantly, she glanced over to Larchkit. Despite his body noticeably lacking much-needed amount of fat for a 4 moon old kit, he was a remarkable size. Already larger than most of the fish that Appledusk somehow managed to drag back from the gorge river.

With an annoyed sigh, Mapleshade nudged the brown kit to move as she clambered to her shaky half-asleep paws. Letting off a gaping yawn and arching her spine into a stretch, she began padding towards the shelter of the canopy and undergrowth. “Since you’re that hungry, I’ll see if there’s a mouse prowling about.”, she told him, “Can I trust you to be by yourself for a bit?”. Larchkit eagerly nodded, “Oh, sure! You can trust me.”, he mewed with the blinking innocence eyes act. Though, Mapleshade just snorted, “We’ll see about that. I’ll be back soon. I’ll be in earshot, shout if anything happens.”.

Her tortoiseshell fur faded into the greens and browns of the woodland.
Creeping through the tall grass, she kept her paws as light as clouds, not to make the slightest sound. Under the safety of the short oak trees, Mapleshade was in her element. The sandy soil under her paws, packed tighter together, to create the faintest pawprints. Her mouth slipped open, taking in the lush and damp odours of the forest. She crouched down until her belly rested on the sandy ground, waiting.

Then after several more heartbeats, what she looking for, the scent of a mouse came waffling onto her tongue. Finally. The fur of a brown creature, scuttled from under a tree root, sniffing through the piles of brown leaves, in search of precious nuts and seeds.

Slowly sliding forward, Mapleshade moved forward stiff and silent movement. She comes within only a rabbit-length of the mouse, still blissfully unaware of it’s fate. Then she darted forward with the speed of a fox, snatching it up like it like a hawk before it could even react. It was all over when the mouse’s spine meets the she-cat’s fangs.

Mapleshade couched there for a moment, the body of the mouse laying limp in her paws. “Thank you to Starclan for the life that has been given, to allow my family to be strong and healthy.”, she preyed so quietly, it was no more than a whisper.

Raising her head from the floor, her eyes followed the route of the stream as it curved itself a path through the small wood, until the trees split to the side, allowing her to see the vast land beyond. Her whiskers twitched with nervousness as she watched the water flowing into the familiar flat plains of Riverclan, far in the distance. It had been two moons since they were exiled, but she still heard the fading call of the Clans.

Would they ever have a place among the Clans? Or would they have to send the rest of their lives creeping in its shadow, always watching but never being a part of it. There was still Shadowclan and Windclan. However, Mapleshade could never take that first step.
Her ears become flat against her head, she was sick of living as a rogue.

Her kits deserved better than this. She deserved better than this. Enough mucking around. No more shrugging it off. The cycle of the seasons was moving forward and it wasn’t going to wait for them. If they waited for another 2 moons, then they would lose the critical advantage of having kits. Pity wouldn’t come as easily for a group of cats, old enough to look after themselves.


Appledusk scrobbled through the musty and tight Birch wood. Though there was water hidden among the roots and grains of dirt, it was the worst kind of water. He used to deep fresh clear water that sparkled in the early pale dawn sunlight. But the water here was just dirty. Seeped into and mixed with the earth, to just create mud.

The low branches of the Birches made him feel like a bird with a broken wing, not able to fly free.Patchkit bounced in front of him, chasing an imaginary object or at least something he couldn’t see. “Stay away from scent marks, Patchkit!”, he warned. This was the same woodland they’d spent their first night in exile.

Still remembering Mapleshade’s death threat still shaking him to the core to this very day, even so long afterwards. And to think this was the same she-cat he’d go out of his way to sneak off to see every night, the mother of his kits. None of this still didn’t feel right, it still felt like a dream, that he hoped to wake up from.

Appledusk stared at Riverclan territory with envy, he uses to be filled with pride with every stride he took to patrol his borders and every life he took to feed his Clan. Slowing down, Patchkit caught his father sightseeing, blinking at him in confusion, “Why do we keep coming back here? There’s no fish on land is there?”, he asked innocently. Hurriedly, Appledusk was forced to make an excuse, vague enough so the kit couldn’t spit it out to his mother by accident, “Just checking to see if this is a good hunting spot for your mother, that’s all.”.

Just then, stiffening up with alarm as he spotted a patrol. He couldn’t be caught, not again! Quietly, he stepped back several paces into the thicker shadows of the trees, slumping against a root, hoping not to be noticed, like a raindrop being lost to the earth. But there was still something nagging at him, keeping him on edge, not allowing him to settle in the comforting feeling of safety. What was he forgetting? Or who was he forgetting? His head wildly twisted as he desperately searched for Parchkit’s bright white and ginger pelt.

The overexcited kit was leaping and charging about like a headless fox near a fern patch, too wrapped up in his own fantasy to notice the incoming danger. Resultantly, Appledusk forced himself away from his hiding spot, going into the open. All he hoped, was that his brown pelt bent into his surrounding and the musty smells of the wood was enough to hide him as he ran at full speed. He dived onto the kit like a bird of prey, wrapping his paws around him and ungracefully throwing both of them back.

He was forced to seal Patchkit’s jaw shut so he wouldn’t squeal as they crush through the ferns. Nothing moved. Then the quiet muttering of the patrol as they slowly emerged from the silence as they passed by. Appledusk’s ear twitched as he spotted his clanmates through the layer of leaves. He could easily name each one, who their parents were and their rank.

There was a sudden hollow hole in his chest as he noticed Perchpaw among the other Riverclan cats, looking on with a blank expression, unfocused. He’d grown since he last saw his apprentice. Another 2 or 3 moons and he’d be a warrior. Who was his new mentor? Were they training him well?

He didn’t even dare breathe as they; smelt the air, rubbed their heads against the rough bark of the front line of birch trees and were gone as quickly as they came. He let off a massive gasp for air as his lungs began to ache. Slowly, he unravelled his paws, releasing his grip on Patchkit. The kits rolled out of the ferns, spitting out mouth-full damp earth. “Dad, you didn’t have to do that!”, he exclaimed with an annoyed expression, “You could’ve just warned me.”.

Appledusk pulled the ferns aside, climbing out before talking, “When you’re out in the wild Patchkit, you don’t have the luxury of time. When danger arises you have to make split-second decisions and go with it.”, he explained, “It’ll serve you well to learn that.”.
Patchkit just looked at him with a dumbfounded look on his face, “I don’t understand what you’re saying.”. Appledusk huffed and shrugged it off, “You will when you’re older.”, then he lowered his voice, “Hopefully.”, muttering to himself.

Surprisingly, Patchkit’s ears pricked, “What did you say?”, he asked without a clue. Appledusk halted in his traces, gulping. This kit had the hearing of a bat! “Um- nothing, Patchkit. Just talking to myself.”, Appledusk mewed quickly, trying to come up with an excuse. The white and brown tom fell into step along his father, curiosity and nerves causing his nose and whiskers to twitch like squirrel. “Are you ok? Tulipfur said talking to yourself is the first sign of madness.”.

Appledusk shrugged, “Who knows, Patchkit. Who knows.”.

He continued to walk deeper into the forest, leaving rivers of his old territory behind. Patchkit began kicking though the layer of muddy leaves scattered across the forest floor, creating a small path for himself. Appledusk sniffed at the stale air, making sure the patrol had gone however a strong scent Riverclan still lingered. He stopped, turning around to look at the scent marks, now some distance away.

He checked again, opening his mouth to gather more details; A single nearby Riverclan scent, the fresh smell of milk, a nursing Riverclan Queen of young kits possibly? But what was a Queen doing all the way out here alone? With a flick of his tail, he signalled for Patchkit stop in his tracks. The young kit become panicked within a slight heartbeat, “Get into cover.”, Appledusk ordered. His son obeyed, leaping behind an old rotting log covered into slimy moss and mushrooms.

He took several paces back, scanning the nearby trees and bushes with alarm. The fur on his back ripplings like rifts on a water’s surface. Where was she? Had she spotted him being so close to the border? He tried scenting the air, desperate to get an idea of the stranger’s location. From the corner of his eyes, he thought he saw the briefest glimpse of a ginger tail as the cat weaved in between the dull tree trunks. The she-cat’s scent was sweet and familiar but the wear of time had flattened his memory. He growled to himself, he knew this cat, it just on the tip of his nose. If only he could remember.

Then suddenly, a speckled dark orange head was directly in front of his face. Appledusk staggered back in shock, barely managing to keep his jaw sealed, not allowing the whale of alarm to escape. His heartbeat quicken as he recognized Reedshine standing in front of him. A calm friendly smile on her warm orange face. “Hello, Appledusk.”, she quietly mewed.

The brown tom felt like ice had formed over his paws, freezing him to the spot. He couldn’t move. A wave mixed with shame and relief flowed through him, so much, that he barely noticed Reedshine’s thick fur rubbing against his cheek. A loud yet soft purr rang from her throat. He gave in, pressing his head into her but quickly flinched away. This wasn’t right.

“What are you doing here? How did you find us?”, he asked his old mate. She took a step back, looking at him with a blank expression, “You make it too easy. Ever Riverclan warrior has spotted you at least once, lingering on the borders.”, she responded. Appledusk’s gaze was fixed on her swallow water blue eyes, his tail twitching. He wouldn’t let the topic slip, “Reedshine, it’s nice to see you but I can’t stay here – you can’t stay here. If a patrol sees us-“.

“I’m not going anywhere.”, she intruded, laying her long tail over his shoulders, clinging to him like a leach. She leaned over until they were touching noises, “Not until I tell you the news.”. Appledusk stiffens up, his fur becoming hot and sticky.

He gulped before asking the obvious, “What news?”.

She smirked, “Our kits, you silly furball.”. It felt like a broken tree branch had stabbed him right through the chest. Kits? Reedshine carried on, her hot breath on his muzzle, “Two beautiful she-cats and one handsome tom are in the nursery as we speak. And it’s unfair if they grow up without a father.”. With those words, Appledusk shook off her tail from his broad shoulders and staggered back. What was she talking about? Unfair not to have a father?

However, every step Appledusk took back, Reedshine would step forward, never allowing any distance between them. “Come back to me, Appledusk. Things have calmed down, they might listen to reason now. You won’t know until you try.”, Reedshine pleaded, her voice cracking up like a fire with emotion. He paused, looking into her eyes again, thinking on his words carefully. Until he eventually decided to be straight with her, “I can’t.”, he muttered. The edges of her lips twitched as they threaten to raise up in a snarl. Her pupils narrow to black cracks against a murky blue background of her eyes. “What?”, she gasped with a grudge.

“Not yet at least. My first litter stills need me.”, he explained.

“What about your second litter? Don’t they matter?”, she muttered. Quickly, Appledusk nodded, “Of course they do. I love all my kits equally. But you have an entire Clan and safe territory to help you raise them.”, he argued, “While the other three haven’t got anyone. Or safe place to call home. All they have is me and Mapleshade.”.
“This is all Mapleshade doing isn’t?”, Reedshine quietly mewed.

Appledusk narrowed his eyes, “Excuse me?”.

“We all heard about it two gatherings ago. How Mapleshade threatened Echopaw in a stone hollow at Highstones. And when the Medicine cats returned to investigate, they had found Ravenwing body there, brutally murdered.”, she revealed, “And when I first heard that, I knew instantly that couldn’t have been you.”. Appledusk blinked at her. He was fully aware of Ravenwing’s murder, he’d been there. But Mapleshade threatening an apprentice? She’d never uttered a word to him about that. The dark ginger she-cat seemed to sense Appledusk’s growing doubt in his mate. She brushed her tail across his flank as he sat there on the earthy floor.

Appledusk raised his head from the floor, realising his chance to check something incredibly important. Something that could seal their future. “So, does Shadowclan and Windclan know about me and Mapleshade?”, he asked. As Reedshine slowly nodded, Appledusk felt like he was dragged to the bottom of a deep lake, “Yes, Darkstar and Oakstar told them everything.”, she confirmed.

Silence hung over Appledusk for a moment as he tried to make sense of the new information. It took a while for it to sink in, Reedshine watching him. He gave off a long-lasting hopeless sigh. Mapleshade wasn’t going to like this. Not one bit. His hardly noticed Reedshine’s black wet nose sniffing around the base of his ear. Then he felt a sudden stab of pain as she placed a paw on it, finching away from her again. Her eyes had darkened over, “Did Mapleshade do this to you?”, Reedshine questioned, close to his ear.

“What are talking about?”, he asked, uneasy.

She looked up at him, “The scars around your ears. They’d only be there if someone was constantly cuffing you over the ear.”, she pointed out. Appledusk’s mind becomes numb as if freezing over like a river in leaf-bare; the new kits, having no chance of having a future in the Clans and learning his own mate was scaring him. It was all a little overwhelming.

To be honest with himself, Mapleshade would often kick him on the flake or cuff him over the ear, but by this point, he’d gotten so used to it, that the idea of it being a problem was almost non-exist. So, much that it was giving him permanent damage. His concerns then drifted over to his Patchkit, Larchkit and Petalkit. Were they are any risk from their own mother?

While in his whirling strings of thought, there was a faint sound rustling, then a large gasping noise from behind the rotting log. “You still need to breathe while hiding, Patchkit!”, Appledusk scolded, mewing towards his son hiding spot. He always made that mistake.

Reedshine turned to look in the direction Appledusk was facing. Surprisingly calm, Reedshine called out the hiding kit, “You can come out, little one. I’m not going to hurt you.”, she mewed with a clear echoing voice. Appledusk rose to his paws, into a defensive position. What was she going to do? Slowly, Patchkit’s ginger and white pelt appeared from under the bull brown log, nervously slipping out into the open.

Patchkit slowly approached the strange she-cat, nose twitching like a rabbit, “Are you a Riverclan cat?”, he asked, his weariness turning to curiosity. Reedshine nodded, “Yes, I am.”.

Patchkit took a moment to think before speaking again, “I know you. You’re that she-cat that stood up for Daddy back in the Riverclan camp.”. It then hit him, making him being struck by worry. Patchkit could have overheard the entire conversion. If he told Mapleshade, she would have his head! Reedshine didn’t seem to notice Appledusk’s fear scent and continued to address the kit, “It nice see that you remembered me.”, she mewed, smiling.

Patchkit’s mouth then arched up as he smiled back, a large sunny grin. A small purr could even be heard. Clearly, Patchkit took a liking to the friendly she-cat. Admittingly, his kits hadn’t come across a non-hostile stranger in a long time. It was certainly been a weird experience for Appledusk himself, when he got banished. Clanmates and even kin, he’d trusted his entire life and would even die for, suddenly become aggressive, treating him like the enemy. All because he was a bit too reckless when it comes to love. It was hard enough for himself, he could hardly imagine what it must be like for a kit.

“What were you talking to Daddy about?”, the calico kit asked, “Something about his second litter. Are you going to have more of my brothers and sisters?”. Appledusk’s ear immunity began uncontrollably twitching. Fish-guts! Whatever came next, could easily blow out of proportion, into a very awkward situation. How could he possibly try to explain this to Patchkit?

Reedshine held her head proudly up into the air, purring, “I already have. Three beautiful kits.”. He couldn’t help notice something oddly missing, “Have you even named them yet?”, he mewed, curious. Had they literally been born yesterday? Patchkit insanity leapt in front of Reedshine, rearing up onto his back legs in his excitement. “Can I help name them?”, he yelled out in his high-pitch kit voice. Patchkit was taking this whole situation remarkably well. Appledusk nervously glanced beyond the dense shadows of Larch wood, into Riverclan’s bright sunny territory. How far away was the patrol by now? All this racket could put them in needless danger.

Reedshine shifted round, until she was directly facing Patchkit, even leaning forward until she reached Patchkit’s low level. “Well, there are three kits. So we can name one each. I’ve already thought of one, Willowkit, for my grey tabby daughter. Do you like it?”, she mewed. Quickly, Patchkit nodded with his eyes tight shut, “I love it! It’s perfect for my little sister.”, he politely commented. What was Reedshine playing at? Appledusk licked his lips, trying to bury the suspicion under the pride of becoming the father of the new litter.

Then Reedshine turned round to face her old mate, waiting with intensity in her cold stare. It was his turn then. The other daughter and single son were the only ones that reminded namelessly. He had to think through this carefully, this would be the name, one of his kits would have carry around for the rest of their lives. He quickly raced through possible names for his reminding two kits; Ivykit, Mistkit, Meadowkit- He kept on running down the list, until eventually coming to his favourite, but one only good for a she-cat.
“I’ll name our other daughter, Shykit.”, he softly muttered under his breathe. Reedshine blinked thoughtfully a few times before nodding with a pleased grin. Appledusk gave a nod back. At least she seemed to like it.

Their moment of silent staring was bluntly ended by Patchkit frantically bouncing on the spot, causing the leaves under him to scatter. The two grown cats turned to face the young kit. “My turn, my turn!”, he repeated, forcefully grabbing their attention. “Go on then, little one.”, Reedshine patiently mewed. The kits landed hard on his paws, boldly blurting out his answer with a hurried voice, “I want to name the tom, Applekit!”, he turned to Appledusk with beaming eyes, “After you, daddy.”.

Instantly, He was taken back. Patchkit would actually name his own little brother after him? Why not Mapleshade? However, Appledusk let go of the doubt and just allow the honour and pride sink in for once, “Thank you, Patchkit.”, he mewed. Patchkit’s face lit up like the first star showing the signs of nightfall.

Straightening up his spine, puffing up his chest, Appledsuk sat with a sturdy posture. His chin held up high in the air with pride. Though Appledusk himself reminded in exile, at least he knew his legacy and influence still reminded strongly in Riverclan with Reedshine’s kits. Hopefully, all three would survive to grow up to be powerful warriors that could make his Clan proud. Reedshine seemed to beam with an equal amount of pride, her orange pelt appearing like the blazing setting sun against the dusky twilight sky.

“Then it’s decided, Willowkit, Shykit and Applekit, our new litter.”, the orange Queen cheered, resting her head against Appledusk’s broad shoulder again. The right words seemed to be stuck in his throat like feathers. Patchkit looked at his father with worry and confusion. The quickly warming patches of yellow sunlight against the brown woodland, told him Sunhigh was approaching.

With swallow sigh, Appledusk quietly slipped away from his old mate. She blinked at him, “Where you are going?”, failing to hide away her desperately. “Thank you for everything, Reedshine. But I really need to get going. Larchkit and Petalkit will be getting hungry without their fresh-kill.”, he muttered, slowly beginning to wander in the opposite direction of Riverclan, signalling for Patchkit to hurry after him with a sharp swish of the tail. “Tell Willowkit, Shykit and Applekit that I love them.”, he muttered, “Goodbye.”. Unsurprisingly, Patchkit kept flicking a glance behind his shoulder as they moved further and further away from the new Queen.

Suddenly, Reedshine dashed past the father and son, blocking their path, her blue eyes wild. “Before you go, Appledusk. You need to promise this one thing. Promise me, when Patchkit and his littermates are ready to fend for themselves, leave Mapleshade and come back to Riverclan. Back to me. We’ll be able to sort something out.”.

He paused, thoughtful. No matter how much it caused his heart to ache, from having kin, he’d never get to meet, he’d seen the utter anger in eyes of his Clanmates as he was marched out of camp. Called a ‘traitor’. Time could do nothing to wear out the deep-rooted hatred of Half-clan mates and their kits. It was spoken against in the Warrior Code itself. Just giving the she-cat a sad smile, he shook his head, “We both know that could never happen, Reedshine. I’m not leaving Mapleshade.”.

The feeling of deep betrayal rippled through Reedshine like a crashing wave as her fur flared up to twice it’s size. With that, Appledusk snatched up Patchkit, the kit swinging in his jaws.

The young cat’s eyes were fixed on the growing determination inside Reedshine. “Why are you doing this Appledusk? Out of union love? Or fear?”, she challenged. However Appledusk just calmly shrugged, “Probably a bit of both.”, he admitted, speeding past his old mate, running deeper into the musty woodland, turning his back on his old home, willingly this time.

As Appledusk continued to run, Patchkit softly turned his head up, asking, “Dad, are you still happy with being mates with Mummy?”. Appledusk didn’t answer.

𝓕𝓮𝓼𝓽𝓲𝓿𝓮 𝓜𝓲𝓷𝓴 𝓡𝓸𝓬𝓴𝓲𝓷𝓰 𝓐𝓻𝓸𝓾𝓷𝓭 𝓽𝓱𝓮 𝓒𝓱𝓻𝓲𝓼𝓽𝓶𝓪𝓼 𝓣𝓻𝓮𝓮 (𝓜𝓲𝓷𝓴𝓽𝓪𝓲𝓵)
𝓕𝓮𝓼𝓽𝓲𝓿𝓮 𝓜𝓲𝓷𝓴 𝓡𝓸𝓬𝓴𝓲𝓷𝓰 𝓐𝓻𝓸𝓾𝓷𝓭 𝓽𝓱𝓮 𝓒𝓱𝓻𝓲𝓼𝓽𝓶𝓪𝓼 𝓣𝓻𝓮𝓮 (𝓜𝓲𝓷𝓴𝓽𝓪𝓲𝓵)
October 31, 2020 1:29 am

Howdy! I’ve decided to start writing out my character Lizardheart’s story. I created Lizardheart, Honeyblaze, and several other characters specifically for a roleplay on Discord with a really cool plot (that sadly was closed down after the owner left). I’m going to try my best to write down the events that happened in that roleplay in the form of this fanfiction, and hopefully it’ll turn out decent! Hope you enjoy, and any feedback is appreciated!

Lizardheart’s Spirit

A tawny queen lay panting in the BoneClan nursery, her ice-blue eyes glazed with exhaustion. She turned her head to look at the two tiny kits who nuzzled into her belly, their eyes squeezed shut and their tiny paws kneading the air. She smiled, looking up at her mate and nuzzling his cheek softly.
“They’re beautiful, Honeyblaze. What are you thinking of naming them?” The tom mewed, laying down beside the queen and giving her a gentle lap on the cheek. Honeyblaze rested her head on his shoulder, purring.
“I think Featherkit for the she-kit,” she mewed, her voice soft and tired, “but I’m not sure about the tom. What do you think?” Her mate tilted his head, looking at the little brown-and-white tom carefully.
“Lizardkit,” he mewed at last. “The way he kneads with his paws so slowly reminds me of how the lizards in the swamp move.” He chuckled softly, watching his kits with pure love in his gaze. Honeyblaze smiled and closed her eyes.
“It’s perfect, Oakriver. Featherkit and Lizardkit,” she said softly, moving one paw to rest on her mate’s. He nuzzled her gently, purring. Lizardkit pulled away from his mother’s stomach, letting out a tiny mewl as he tried to get to his paws and tumbled over, bumping his sister. Featherkit let out a small gasp, her smaller form shaken by the impact of her brother’s weight. Oakriver let out a mrrow of amusement and watched as Lizardkit tried- and failed- to stand yet again, toppling over with a soft whump. Featherkit opened her mouth as if to let out a mew of protest against her brother’s antics, but all that came out was a breathy squeak as she weakly pushed at him with her paws. Honeyblaze lifted her head, frowning as she watched her daughter.
“Do you suppose she’s alright?” She mewed, sweeping her tail around the kits gently. Oakriver pressed his cheek against hers, resting his tail-tip on her shoulder comfortingly.
“Of course she is. She’s just smaller than Lizardkit- it’ll take her a bit to catch up with his energy,” he mewed. Honeyblaze still wore a frown, however, and her eyes were unreadable. Lizardkit poked his head up and let out another cry, his stubby legs shakily supporting him against his mother’s belly before he tumbled over again. He nuzzled into Honeyblaze, his tiny paws working at the air again as Featherkit simply curled up with a small wheeze. The queen sighed, nudging the tiny cream-and-white she-kit closer to her belly. Oakriver nuzzled Honeyblaze softly.
“You should get some sleep, my love. I’ll stay in the nursery with you tonight,” he purred, resting his head on his paws. She nodded wearily, burying her muzzle into his reddish-brown pelt as she closed her eyes at last. Lizardkit raised his head, mewling softly before curling up beside his sister with a yawn. He pressed himself close to her, grateful for the warmth as he slowly drifted off to sleep, tiny paws twitching as he dreamed.

Leafeon that hopes for snow (Leafpaw/growl)
Leafeon that hopes for snow (Leafpaw/growl)
October 31, 2020 1:28 pm

I Randomly Made Something For The 31st Of October Out Of My Old Fanfic

Hallow’s Eve, LegendClan Part 1
Pancakekit squealed as his mother led the way out of their yard. She had two bat wings on, bats were apparently big flappy things that came out at night. His siblings tumbled behind him. They all had different colored dye in their fur and it was parted and shaved to look like dragons, all tied together with a pair of wings like his mother’s.

Sunlight dappled the gray stone that laid out in a strip. Orange, gold, brown, and red leaves carpeted the ground. Faint flecks of frost dusted the roof tops of houses. Lunchboxstar slowed her pace to at the strip of gray stone. The Thunderpath.
A large metal box on wheels hummed lazily across it.
They padded across, well, he and his siblings bounded. Pancakekit felt a ripple of excitement. Today was the Hallow’s Eve celebration! This was his first. Hallow’s Eve was when twolegs dressed their cats up in costumes.

Soon, LegendClan camp was in sight. LegendClan was a Clan of cats made once they had heard the stories of real Clan cats.
They even had one right here. When Firebloom, Stormywing, Leafspots, Shardspike, Flamefur, and Sparkyscratch travelled to the lake and brought back Mudsplash. Lunchboxstar is leader of this Clan.
They entered the camp, sunlight dimmed and dapples, leaves dancing in the chilly breeze. Cats chatted and while wearing bright of plain costumes. Applefluff, the deputy, was in an apple costume chatting with the medicine cat, Honeylight. She wore a pair of clear wings with tiny spirals of silver and a yellow stick attached to a white piece of cloth that draped over her tail and up to her wings.
His father, Oreosnarl, came up. He was wearing a black cape with a red underside along with a pair of very long fangs. “Hello, my little dragons!”
He hissed teasingly through the fangs. Pancakekit squealed and head-butted his father in the paw. He felt a pulse of pleasure as his father ‘fell’ to the ground. “Oh, no! You have defeated me!”

Lunchboxstar was already on the LegendRock, snickering before she spoke.
“All cats old enough to get from the twolegs and back gather around for a Clan meeting!”
She yowled.
Cats gathered around, Oreosnarl shuffling his littermates into the bunch of costume covered cat.
Backpackkit huddled beside him. Milkshakekit and Sandwichkit watched with wide eyes.
“Today is Hallow’s Eve, LegendClan! The fresh-kill pile is basically a mountain. We have costumes. What do we do again?” She asked tauntingly.
“PARTY!” Pancakekit yowled along with everyone else.
“Kits,” his mother said, gazing around the cats, “Rosyleap, Hawkcrest, and Blueshine are storytelling this year. And Snowyfern, Sparkyscratch and their kits brought the pumpkins.” Kits squeaked cheerfully while cats chatted eagerly. Orangepaw, Vulpixpaw and Strawberrypaw sat proudly.
“Let the activities begin, Clan dismissed.”

Pancakekit bounced along with the other kits as they broke off from the older cats and scampered towards the Elders’ den. Leaves crunched underpaw as Pancakekit tripped and tumbled into Asgardkit.
“Watch it!” The tom hissed. He and his sister Lokikit were dressed as pumpkins.

Rosyleap greeted them. She had a frilly rose-like mane costume around her fluffy cream neck.
“Hello, young dragons and pumpkins.” Blueshine meowed spookily from the shadows. She was a peacock with large turquoise feathers arching over her head. Hawkcrest emerged from the shadows beside Blueshine. He had brown angel wings.
“What are you supposed to be?” Pancakekit asked in bewilderment.
“A hawk obviously!” He snapped.
“Anyway, on with the story.” Rosyleap waved Hawkcrest away.
“Gather ’round kits for a spooky Hallow’s Eve story.”
The kits sat in a half circle around the three elders.
“Moons and moons and moon and moons ago, a young tom, and a stupid one in fact, about the age of an apprentice, decided to dig holes underneath the fences of various houses as a faster way to get around then using the streets. Many, many, many, many house cats got kicked out and after who found out who did dig the holes, they stormed his house and chased him out. They chased him across the twoleg place. The young tom tried to get to the forest, knowing they wouldn’t follow. Just as he set one paw in, the ground collapsed from right under his paws!” The kits gasped.
“No one ever saw him again, but many declare they see him at night near the forest but with a pumpkin for a head! Withe eyes and a mouth carved out complete with an eerie orange glow. He’s called the Headless Wildcat.”
“But aren’t we in the forest.” Pancakekit asked.
“Eeek! The Headless Wildcat is coming to get us!”
Milkshakekit squealed.
“I don’t want to have a glowing pumpkin for a head!” Lokikit scrambled into one of Rosyleap’s frills.
“Don’t worry little ones,” Blueshine comforted, “he’s just a myth.”
Th den settled and Lokikit stepped out of Rosyleap’s frills. Asgardkit huddled beside his sister.
It’s too long I’ll continue later!

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