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Nobody will stop you from creating. Do it tonight. Do it tomorrow. That is the way to make your soul grow – whether there is a market for it or not! The kick of creation is the act of creating, not anything that happens afterward. I would tell all of you watching this screen: Before you go to bed, write a four line poem. Make it as good as you can. Don’t show it to anybody. Put it where nobody will find it. And you will discover that you have your reward.

Kurt Vonnegut


  • I took requests (and am still taking them) for stories about your warrior OCs. Here are two that I have finished.

    [spoiler title=”For Lilykit”]
    Strong wind blew through the camp,making the leaf-bare chill even worse. Lilypaw was pressed against her mentor as they sorted herbs,trying to keep warm. “Are you excited to be going to the Moon-pool for the first time tonight?” he asked,placing dried-out watermint to the side. “I guess,” Lilypaw muttered. “I’m not looking forward to trudging through snow to get there.” she said bitterly. “I’ll be worth it,Lilypaw. You will talk with StarClan,and meet the other medicine cats.” Her only response was a shrug. They continued in silence. She was excited,but not for meeting other medicine cats. She wanted to talk to StarClan,she wanted to talk to Coralkit. 


    Lilypaw shivered as she walked up the slope to reach the Moon-pool. Her fluffed up silver fur made her look twice the size she was. There were two cats sitting outside of the cave already,looking as cold as she was. When they finally sat down,Gingerleg introduced her to the others. “This is Lilypaw,my apprentice. Lilypaw,this is Iceglow and Aspenbranch.” he said,nodding towards a white she-cat first and then a thin grey cat. “Mudfeather told us at the border that he can’t attend this meeting. Three elders and one warrior have greencough.” Iceglow informed. Gingerleg shook his head,”I hope they all recover.” he said. The four cats walked over to the pool of stars,their paws soundless against the cold stone. Aspenbranch cleared her throat and started speaking. “It is time to communicate with the spirits of our clans.” She announced. “Lilypaw,you will close your eyes and lap at the water in the pool. When you open them,you will be on StarClan’s land. Are you ready?” she asked. Lilypaw nodded. “I am.” she whispered. With an unspoken agreement,all the cats did as Aspenbranch stated. Each of them falling into a deep sleep.

    When Lilypaw opened her eyes,she was in a lush green field. She stood up,smelling other cats. A tall golden tom and a scarred brown and ginger cat walked towards Lilypaw,but that’s not what she focused on. At the back of the group,a tiny silver bengal was smiling at her. Coralkit had come to greet her. Lilypaw bounded over to join them,purring. The scarred she-cat spoke first. “I was your mother’s best friend.” she rasped,then shook her head as if to clear it, “I am Thrushdawn,the golden cat who’s smiling like a mouse-brain is Goldstorm,and you already know your sister.” Lilypaw nodded at Thrushdawn and Goldstorm,but quickly moved past them to talk to Coralkit. “I never even met you,” she choked. Coralkit reached up to press her head against Lilypaw. “I watch over you,and we will someday be together. But you must return now.” Coralkit stated as her figure,and the others,started to disappear. “Wait!” Lilypaw called,but it did nothing. Coralkit smiled again, “Be strong,sister. I will watch over you.” 

    [spoiler title=”For Cedarpaw”]
    “Lionsong!” a small red kit called. The fluffy golden tom turned to face her. “Yes,Russetkit?” Lionsong asked her. “Can the elders tell me and Nightkit scary stories? I promise we won’t get scared.” Lionsong purred and nodded. The she-kit ran past him towards the elders’ den where Nightkit was already standing. Lionsong padded over to the fresh-kill pile,choosing a vole to share with Elmclaw when he got back from patrol. He smiled when the brown tom walked through the camp entrance. Elmclaw was his mate,Nightkit and Russetkit were their children. He still loved repeating this to himself,it reminded him that good things can happen. Elmclaw wrapped his tail around Lionsong’s and smiled back at him. “Frostclan seems to be staying on their side of the border” he commented. “Good.” Lionsong said “The kits are listening to scary stories again.” Elmclaw shook his head. “They won’t be able to sleep tonight.” he said with a sigh. Lionsong purred and pressed his muzzle against Elmclaw’s. They were mates,Russetkit and Nightkit were their children,good things can happen.

    I hope you guys like them! Rainy,I’m still working on yours but I should be done soon.

  • Connect The Stars – The First Prophecy: Chapter 3
        Leafpaw begrudgingly walked behind Windcloud, fluffy white tail dragging across the foliage. Windcloud gracefully trotted through the forest, her gray tabby gracefully flowing behind. 
        “I know you might’ve wanted to be a medicine cat, but oh, you’d love being a warrior!” she had said, trying to soothe him. But Leafpaw didn’t want be a warrior. Nor would he ever be happy as a warrior. His sister Flamepaw had ripped his long desired position away, swiftly and unexpectedly. And I bet she’s only doing it for attention. 
        “Leafpaw, we will learn how to hu-” While Windcloud was speaking, the ghostly figure of Starbang drifted past, beckoning him with their tail. Leafpaw followed them, padding through the forest.
        “Leafpaw!” Windcloud yelled, chasing after him. Leafpaw halted, and Starbang dissolved into thin air.
        “What are you doing? Get back here!” she asked, a sharp tone in her voice. Starbang reappeared, and Leafpaw continued following him, ignoring Windcloud. However, Windcloud was full-grown and swift, and she quickly catched up to him and grabbed him by the scruff.
        “Are you doing this on purpose to become a medicine cat? Because Flamepaw has to agree as well,” asked Windcloud.
        “Yes!” shrieked Leafpaw, raising his fluffy tail, “I have to be a medicine cat! Flamepaw only wants to be!” 
        “What StarClan cat appeared in your dream and told you had to become a medicine cat?” Leafpaw blinked. Starbang appeared again, flicking their tail towards him. 
        “Tell her that I told you you have to become a medicine cat. Or, at least, tell her about the prophecy. Don’t leave out any details, like Flamepaw did,” whispered Starbang. 
        “But…I’m not even sure if I want to fulfill the prophecy. It seems like a lot of work,” whispered Leafpaw back.
        “Just tell her. You being a medicine cat but not caring about the prophecy is better than Flamepaw being one.
        “Well…a moon ago, a black cat with white flecks–Starbang, appeared to me in a dream. Flamepaw and Redkit were also there. They said there were more clans, and we three had to connect them together,” began Leafpaw, looking down and taking a deep breath.
        “Hmm…Flamepaw told Flickertuft the same thing, only that she didn’t mention you or Redkit being in the dream. And you actually mentioned the name of this cat. But can I trust you?” remarked Windcloud, looking at the sky and flicking her ears.
        “Can you trust Flamepaw?” asked Leafpaw, twitching his ears. Starbang continued staring at him.
        “Oh, and they’re right here,” added Leafpaw, not sure what to say. “It’s just that only I can see him.”
        “Well, I’ll consult Sunstar about this. You stay here,” said Windcloud, turning tail and disappearing through the bushes. 
        Suddenly, it hit Leafpaw. Flickertuft had told him about these “Moonberries”, the way for a SolarClan medicine cat to connect with StarClan. Leafpaw wondered how the other clans connected with StarClan, or if they even have a StarClan.
        “I know what you’re thinking. A clan is not a clan if there’s no StarClan for it to believe it. Otherwise, it’s just a group of cats with the same system as the normal clans,” said Starbang, then ran through the forest. Leafpaw twitched his ears, then followed.

        Leafpaw followed Starbang up the stones and onto a hill, where a pool sat. Even though it was broad daylight, Leafpaw still caught a glimpse of stars. He looked back at Starbang. They had no stars on their pelt, despite literally being called “Star”bang. 
        Next to the pool were a bunch of thick bushes with ice-colored berries with mint-colored leaves hanging from them. The moonberries. 
        Although the moonberries weren’t to be picked until half-moon, Leafpaw still grabbed a berry and shoved it into his mouth. First, there was a lovely sweet flavor, then a tingly feeling in his throat, then he collapsed, and the world turned dark.

        Windcloud came running into camp, moments after leaving. 
        “Leafpaw’s gone!” she shrieked, ears flattened and her tail swishing back and forth.
        Flamepaw perked her ears, then curled her tail around her paws. I bet he went to the Moonpool to eat Moonberries. He’ll probably not know that eating more than two would kill him, so my position is now safe.
        “I told him to stay so I can return to camp to tell Sunstar and Flickertuft about something, but when I returned, he was gone!” panicked Windcloud.
        “It’s just him being a stupid apprentice-kit,” snarked Windcloud’s daughter, Bluepaw.
    “Come on, Leafpaw shouldn’t be that stupid,” mewed Silverkit. 
        “Flamepaw!” said Windcloud’s other daughter, Oceanpaw, “Do you have anything to say in defense to your idiotic brother?”
        “Blah. Whatever. He probably went to the Moonpool to eat Moonberries,” grunted Flamepaw. 
        “Ah, so a wannabe medicine cat, huh?” sneered Bluepaw, “Everyone knows you are the real medicine cat apprentice, cool prophecy and all.” I hope she doesn’t find out.
        Suddenly, Starbang flashed in front of Flamepaw’s eyes.
        “You’re definitely correct. Only, that, he’s not dead,” they hissed, dissolving into thin air. Leafpaw is not dead?! Well, I don’t care! Just as long as–
        Flickertuft snarled, nudging Flamepaw with a golden paw.
        “We know what you did, Flamepaw.” He knows nothing! “From now on, Leafpaw is my apprentice. Your new mentor will be Windcloud.” 
        Flamepaw closed her eyes, hoping that StarClan would suddenly come to refute him. However, nothing happened. Whatever reputation Flamepaw hoped for was destroyed. And way too soon after her apprenticeship. Whatever. I totally forgot all those herbs Flickertuft taught me this morning anyway, except for those Moonberries. Also, being mentored by the temporary deputy will totally be better than being mentored by the grand medicine cat. 

    Yay, I finally came up with a title! It was originally going to be called Connect The Stars, but then I decided that would suit the entire series based on this universe than this thing alone. And since I’m boring I named it The First Prophecy.

  • A lil poem


    I have to go
    I’m running in the freezing snow

    Goodbye, forever
    I cannot return ever

    Glasses shattering, twoleg monsters roaring
    This is dangerous but also a bit boring

    Pay attention, I scold to myself
    I want to say to you, love yourself

    I wish I could be with you
    Talking and eating too

    Tears are running down
    I laugh and I frown 

    Laughing in a storm is weird
    I guess I’m weird, my heart disappeared

    Scoff, they don’t want me anymore
    I’m not worth for

    So don’t cry
    This is a goodbye

    Your always to me, number one
    I grit my teeth and run.

  • I wanna start a story for no particular reason. It is about if Cinderpelt hadn’t had her accident.
    Frostfur groaned. There was pain, going everywhere through her body. She knew her kits were coming, but did it have to be this painful? Spottedleaf helped her, though Frostfur was still hurting. Sandkit and Brindleface watched on, Brindleface rapping her tail around Sandkit.
    “Mama, why are Frostfur’s kits hurting her?” Sandkit asked.
    “Giving birth hurts for every Queen,” Brindleface explained.
    “Did it hurt for you?” Sandkit asked, her blue-ish greenish eyes widening(kittens are born with blue eyes btw and they eventually change or don’t change). Brindleface looked away. Frostfur groaned again, and then she felt a lot of pain, and then a long clawed golden one popped out. He looks like Lionheart, Frostfur thought about her new kit and her mate. She licked it’s fur the wrong way, and it started mewing. Probably for milk. Frostfur then pushed out a bracken colored one. She licked it’s fur the wrong way and it started mewing. It put it’s head on the other kit so that they could both be warm. Frostfur then pushed out a white and orange one, and she licked it’s fur the wrong way and almost instantly it mewed quite loudly. Frostfur took a big heave, as this next kit was coming out feet first. It gave her quite pain, but then it was over when a cinder colored kit came out. She licked it’s fur the wrong way, and it mewled in protest.
    “It’s over,” Spottedleaf meowed,”four healthy kits.” Frostfur smiled.
    “Thank you, Spottedleaf,” Frostfur meowed, “I will never forget this.” Spottedleaf smiled, purred, and padded out. Lionheart came in quite quickly to see his mate and kits.
    “They’re beautiful,” Lionheart meowed, “are they okay? Are you okay?”
    “We’re all fine, Lionheart,” Frostfur meowed. She looked down at her belly, where her kits were suckling. Then she purred. She looked at Sandkit, who had fallen asleep at Brindleface’s belly. Frostfur looked at Brindleface, who was smiling happily for her sister(they are sisters).
    “I’m thinking we name the orange and white one Brightkit,” Frostfur meowed.
    “Perhaps that bracken colored one Brackenkit,” Lionheart meowed, “and that one with the long claws Thornkit.”
    “Beautiful and perfect names for our beautiful and perfect kits,” Frostfur meowed.
    “And the cinder colored one?” Lionheart asked.
    “Howabout…” Frostfur thought for a moment, “Cinderkit.”

  • Chapter One
    Cinderkit bounced around the nursery. This day was so exciting! Finally, Cinderkit wouldn’t have to be just plain old Cinderkit, another kit running around the nursery and playing in the snow with the other kits. She would be a dashing and daring brave apprentice! Cinderkit wondered who she would get as her mentor. Brackenkit was sitting and letting Frostfur groom him, though he did look a little nervous.
    “Come on Brackenkit, you can’t sit around at a time like this!” Cinderkit mewed as she ran around some more,”This is so exciting!” Brackenkit opened his mouth, but Frostfur spoke before he did.
    “Now Cinderkit, come here and let me groom you,” Frostfur meowed, but Cinderkit darted away.
    “You must understand that apprenticehood is not a game or a new toy,” Frostfur meowed, “but a time to learn, and become a Warrior. You must not give your mentor a hard time, and you must also come groomed to important meetings, such as this one.”
    “Fine, Mama,” Cinderkit mewed, “but I think that I should go how I look. It makes me look like I’m in battle.”
    “Well you are not in battle!” Frostfur meowed impatiently. Brindleface purred.
    “Got your paws full, Frostfur?” she purred.
    “Why yes, thanks for asking after an hour of it, Brindleface,” Frostfur meowed, looking at Brindleface. Snowkit made some tsk tsking noises as he drank milk from Speckletail. Brindleface’s belly bulged as she walked over to Frostfur and Frostfur’s kits.
    “Cinderkit, your Clanmates will think bad of you if you look bad,” Brindleface meowed, “they will put you back in the nursery.” Cinderkit stratened at this.
    “Fine,” she mewed, “groom me.” Thornkit creeped up on Cinderkit, but she kicked him off easily.
    “See why I’m becoming an apprentice and your not?” Cinderkit teased.
    “I don’t think it’s very fair,” Thornkit mewed, “you and Brackenkit aren’t special. Why, Brindleface’s kits could be better Warriors! And they haven’t been born yet!” Brindleface looked offended and put a paw on her belly. Cinderkit scratched Thornkit and sat down for Frostfur to groom her.
    “At least I’m not a ruffian,” Cinderkit mewed.
    “Yes you are!” Thornkit mewed.
    “No, I am not!” Cinderkit hissed at Thornkit. When Cinderkit was all groomed, she head Bluestar call for a meeting, and she ran to the entrance. Brightkit and Thornkit decided to stay in the nursery. Brindleface was watching over them and Snowkit. Cinderkit was sweeped away, and she never felt more happy in her entire three moons of life. Frostfur sat down at the bottom of the Highrock, and Cinderkit sat on one side and Brackenkit sat on the other.
    “I, Bluestar, leader of ThunderClan, call upon my Warrior ancestors to look down on these two kits,” Bluestar meowed, and Cinderkit tried not to squirm, “they are almost six moons old and ready to become apprentices. Cinderkit, until you recieve your Warrior name, you will now be known as Cinderpaw. Fireheart, you will mentor Cinderpaw. StarClan honors your kindness and hunting skills, and I hope you pass these traits down to Cinderpaw.” Cinderpaw bounced forward and sat down next to Fireheart. I’m an apprentice! I’m an apprentice! Cinderpaw thought as Brackenkit became Brackenpaw. Brackenpaw touched noses with Graystripe, and Cinderpaw realized she’d forgotten to touch noses with Fireheart. She tried just as Fireheart tried and they smashed into each other. Cinderpaw’s eyes were watering, and she saw Fireheart’s were as well. They tried again, this time more lightly. It worked.
    “Cinderpaw! Brackenpaw! Cinderpaw! Brackenpaw!” Cinderpaw felt good. The Clan was cheering or her! She was Cinderpaw now, not lowly little Cinderkit. Cinderpaw, Cinderpaw thought, I’m Cinderpaw.

    • Chapter Two
      Cinderpaw bounced beside Fireheart outside of camp.
      “Where are we gonna go first?” she asked, excited. It was Cinderpaw’s tour of the forest from Fireheart.
      “Probably…” Fireheart started, but when Cinderpaw set paw in the forest, she was too excited, and she took off like lightning.
      “Cinderpaw! Wait!” Fireheart called. But Cinderpaw didn’t stop. She ran and ran. The wind going through her fur, the excitement… it all felt right for her. A perfect fit. She tore through the forest, having her head up high and breathing in the air. She saw some rocks, and she leaped onto them. Fireheart caught up with her.
      “Cinderpaw, get down from there!” Fireheart called up.
      “Why?” Cinderpaw asked.
      “Those are the Snakerocks! Adders live there!” Fireheart called. Cinderpaw immidetly leaped down.
      “Okay, so now let’s go…” Fireheart started, but Cinderpaw didn’t hear the rest. She had already taken off.
      “Cinderpaw!” Fireheart half shouted half groaned. Cinderpaw heard a rustle, and she hid behind some bracken. Fireheart caught up with her, and he opened his mouth, but Cinderpaw shushed him with her paw. Then she pointed to what she was looking at. There was a brown tabby kittypet with a big white belly, and she was looking around in fear. Cinderpaw got ready to pounce, but Fireheart then rustled the bracken, and the kittypet ran out of there.
      “Fireheart, why did you do that?” Cinderpaw asked. Fireheart just shrugged.
      “I think it’s time to go back to camp,” Fireheart meowed.
      “Fine,” Cinderpaw meowed.
      Cinderpaw finished up cleaning the elders ticks and getting them prey with Sandpaw, Dustpaw, Swiftpaw, and Brackenpaw. Cinderpaw then went to the fresh-kill pile and picked up a mouse. She went over to where Brackenpaw was eating a rabbit. She sat down and started eating.
      “How are my two apprentices?” Frostfur asked.
      “Mom, we’re apprentices now! Not kits! Don’t you need to take care of Brightkit and Thornkit?” Cinderpaw asked.
      “They have been quite grumpy since you and Brackenpaw became apprentices,” Frostfur meowed, “they’re just jelous. They’ll get over it.”
      “If I know my siblings well, which I do, they’ll get over it when they become apprentices,” Brackenpaw spoke up quietly.
      “Hey, Cinderpaw! Brackenpaw! Wanna come sit with me?” Swiftpaw asked.
      “Sure!” Cinderpaw meowed. She went and sat down next to Swiftpaw. Brackenpaw came too, and Frostfur went over to the nursery where Brightkit and Thornkit were playfighting and Brindleface and Goldenflower were watching.
      The next morning, Fireheart and Graystripe had decided to do an apprentice swap for the day, so Cinderpaw went with Graystripe and Brackenpaw went with Fireheart. Graystripe taught Cinderpaw how to catch mice, and Cinderpaw caught two while Graystripe caught one. Cinderpaw then dashed back to camp and gave the mice to the Elders while she did their ticks. She told them all about how Graystripe had taught her. Then, after that, she went to the fresh-kill pile and picked up a rabbit. She ate it with Frostfur, and she told Frostfur all about how she had caught it, and Frostfur was quite proud. But Brightkit and Thornkit were mad. The ignored Cinderpaw when she got there, and they even said that Cinderpaw and Brackenpaw should still be Cinderkit and Brackenkit! Cinderpaw knew they were kind of right, but she liked Bluestar’s decision, and she wasn’t going to question it. When Cinderpaw went to sleep that night, she thought, I’m not little anymore!

      • This is very nice! Cinderpelt’s one of my favorite characters.
        Sirius X Lupin forever

  • Hi! im making a warriorcats PMV with the song “A whole new world” featuring crowfeather and leafpool when they run away!
    I can show you the world
    Shining, shimmering, splendid
    Tell me, princess, now when did
    You last let your heart decide? I can open your eyes
    Take you wonder by wonder
    Over sideways and under
    On a magic carpet rideA whole new world
    A new fantastic point of view
    No one to tell us “No”
    Or where to go
    Or say we’re only dreaming
    A whole new world
    A dazzling place I never knew
    But now from way up here
    It’s crystal clear
    That now I’m in a whole new world with youUnbelievable sights
    Indescribable feeling
    Soaring, tumbling, freewheeling
    Through an endless diamond skyA whole new world
    Don’t you dare close your eyes
    A hundred thousand things to see
    Hold your breath—it gets better
    I’m like a shooting star
    I’ve come so far
    I can’t go back to where I used to be
    A whole new world
    With new horizons to pursue
    I’ll chase them anywhere
    There’s time to spare
    Let me share this whole new world with youA whole new world(A whole new world)
    A new fantastic point of view
    No one to tell us “No”
    Or where to go
    Or say we’re only dreaming A whole new world
    Every turn a surprise
    With new horizons to pursue
    Every moment, red-letter
    I’ll chase them anywhere
    There’s time to spare
    I’ll chase them anywhere
    There’s time to spare
    Let me share this whole new world with youA whole new world
    A whole new world
    That’s where we’ll be
    That’s where we’ll be
    A thrilling chase
    A wondrous place
    For you and me

    (So! Are there any animators here????)

  • Chapter 2 of my AVoS high school fanfiction
    ~Needlepaw’s POV~
    I watched as the red-headed boy stumbled away, emotionless. Beside me, my best friend was laughing. I turned to her, pretending to be angry. I put on a deep voice, just like our teacher’s. “Sleekpaw, you really must not be so childish at times.” We collapsed together, giggling.
    Suddenly a familiar voice growled from behind me. “What was that, Needlepaw?” I slowly turned around, a guilty expression on my face. Our teacher, Mr Heart, was towering over us, his dark brown eyes narrowed. He folded his arms as I searched for an excuse. “I am waiting, Ms Tail.”
    Sleekpaw slinked in front of me, twirling her curly blonde hair around one finger innocently. “I’m really sorry if she offended you, Mr Heart. Needlepaw didn’t mean to. She was just playing around.”
    He raised one eyebrow suspiciously, glancing at me.
    “We were just having fun, sir!” protested Sleekpaw. “Did you ever have fun, sir?”
    I stifled a snigger.
    He sniffed. “Very well. Hurry up and get to class.”
    As he walked away, I turned to Sleekpaw. “Oh. My. StarClan, girl! You are amazing!”
    She flicked her hair proudly. “What can I say? Drama’s my thing.”
    “Speaking of drama, don’t you have a rehearsal now?” I asked, checking my silver watch.
    She froze. “Shoot.” Sleekpaw thrust her black and purple handbag in my hands. “Put this in my locker, will you? You know the code.” She waved, then ran off down the corridor. “See you!”
    I waved back. “See you!”

  • I finally finished the requests I had! Here’s the last one:

    [spoiler title=”For Rainy”]
    Dazzlingpaw anxiously licked her fur. The apprentice part of the full moon pageant was coming up and she planned to win. Next to her,Dapplepaw practiced prancing and leaping. Even though the two were friends,Dazzlingpaw knew Dapplepaw would abandon her if she needed to. Handsomefur poked his head into the den. “Are you ready?” the deputy asked. Both cats nodded and walked to the center of the clearing. The toms,Tallpaw and Fluffypaw,had already sat down.. “I hope this time I win.” Fluffypaw commented “We all want to,you mouse-brain.” Dapplepaw snapped back. “Who made dirt in your fresh-kill?” Tallpaw asked sarcastically as the brown she-cat hissed. “Enough.” Sleekwing,the apprentices’ beauty advisor said with a sigh. “None of you waste all the time we’ve spent practicing for this moment. It’s your first pageant,so make sure it’s good.” With that,she padded away. Dazzlingpaw noticed that a crowd was already forming,she didn’t want to look bad in front of her clanmates by bickering so she stayed quiet. Eventually,Attractivestar came to stand before them. “Who would like to go first?” he asked. Dapplepaw was the first to wave her tail. She did wonderfully,so did Tallpaw and Fluffypaw. Soon,it was her turn. She took a deep breath,this was her time to shine,she would make Sleekwing proud.


    Dazzlingpaw bowed,out of breath. She sat back down to wait for the results. She knew how it worked,the leader will talk with the deputy,and the cats beauty advisor to choose a winner. It seemed like seasons before they finished. Attractivestar looked at each one of them before speaking, “All of you have performed marvelously,but only one of you will win. Dazzlingpaw,come forward.” Dazzlingpaw’s heart soared. She shakily did so, “Handsomefur, Sleekwing,and I all agree. You are the winner of this full moon pageant!” Yowls of congratulations were all around her. But she barely heard them,she won,she finally won. 


    Sorry if the ending feels a bit rushed,I was running out of creativity. I hope you like it anyways!

  • So I’m going to try making a good fanfic, and this is the prologue. I don’t know what to call it at the moment. Suggestions? This is starring a runaway clan cat named Fiercedrift by the way 😉 Nonetheless hope you enjoy 😄

    Fiercedrift felt the cold air ruffle her whiskers as the breeze whisked through the forest. She lifted her head to get a better look of the sky. The moon was almost full, and the stars shone in the brilliant black sky of the night, but clouds drifted across the sky. She rose to her paws, yet she didn’t know why she felt so alarmed.
    Fiercedrift’s fur tingled and then she heard a voice screaming in her head- Get out of the way! Fiercedrift nearly jumped out of her fur but leapt out of the way just as a branch came crashing down right where she’d been laying down, spraying splinters in her face.
    She squeezed her eyes shut and trembled. Oh, StarClan… Fiercedrift backed away as the intensity of the wind increased so that it went from a relaxing whisper to a deafening high pitched shriek. Fiercedrift wildly looked around, trying to find a place to shelter from the oncoming storm. Fiercedrift saw a tunnel. Fiercedrift dived through, skidded down the soil, which turned to stone, and found herself in a wide cave. Already exhausted, Fiercedrift collapsed onto the hard, cold stone and felt herself slipping into darkness the moment she closed her eyes. I hope I make it through the storm. Please, StarClan, protect me.

  • Connect The Stars: The First Prophecy
    Chapter 4:
    Redkit flexed her claws. She was VERY BORED. Silverkit and Bristlekit weren’t much fun anymore, Leafpaw and Flamepaw, her most enjoyable denmates, had left the nursery a day ago, and Swiftkit and Ashkit were too puny and young to properly play with. 
    Silverkit and Bristlekit playfully fought in the corner, landing hefty blows with unsheathed paws and also occasionally involving the mossballs into this. However, everything was boring now. The “fighting” that her littermates did had no purpose other than to entertain themselves in the long, painful, hours of boredom. And even that had became boring. Everything was boring now. Even though there was drama between Leafpaw and Flamepaw a day earlier over the position of medicine cat, all Leafpaw had to do was to mention the prophecy and all was good. Redkit lashed her fluffy white tail. 

    Redkit woke up in a dark cave. Alone. Flamepaw and Leafpaw were nowhere in sight. The only cat in the cave with her was Starbang, their flecked tail curled neatly around their paws. 
    “Why am I here alone? Is it because I’m not old enough to have meetings with the apprentices?” she hissed, flattening her white ears. 
    “No. You are the only SolarClan prophecy cat alive that hasn’t been privately contacted yet,” explained Starbang briefly. 
    “WAIT, so you privately contacted me LAST?!” she spat indignantly. 
    “Yes, because you fell asleep last. I privately contacted Flamepaw when she ate her post-apprenticeship moonberry and I privately contacted Leafpaw when he ate his moonberry so I can have a little chat with him. Since you are a kit and shouldn’t be involved with moonberries, I had to wait until moonhigh for you to sleep naturally so I can contact you,” replied Starbang, twitching their ears. 
    “But what for? I’m just a useless kit at the moment, doing nothing except sitting in the nursery waiting until I become apprenticed,” growled Redkit, sitting and curling her fluffy white tail around her paws. 
    “Not anymore. The leader, Sunstar. I had a connection with him previously, telling him to establish SolarClan and advising him in his leadership when he needed it. Now he doesn’t need me anymore, we broke connections. But maybe I can con-” began Starbang, standing up, chest raised.
    “You don’t have to go extreme lengths to apprentice me. That’s breaking the code ‘cause I’m only 3 moons old,” said Redkit, twitching an ear.  
    “The code doesn’t matter anymore,” said Starbang, flicking their tail, “The clans have forgotten it. And who said that Sunstar can’t bend the rules a little?”
    “Makes sense. So are you going to get him to apprentice me so I become relevant?” 

    Redkit woke up to find herself nuzzled in Spottedface’s dappled pale ginger fur. I’m going to be an apprentice today! She smirked, and glanced at Silverkit and Bristlekit, who would remain kits for another 3 moons.
    Without warning, she clambered out of Spottedface’s grasp, scampering into the clearing. Sunstar sluggishly trudged out of his den on the highledge, huge, thick-furred tail dragging behind him. 
    “Let all cats old enough to catch their own prey, join here beneath the highledge for a clan meeting!” he declared, loud and clear, like he didn’t just wake up a few minutes ago.
    Even though she wasn’t old enough to catch prey, Redkit still scampered beneath the highledge anyway. The other cats joined in as well, with Windcloud walking up to the edge of the ledge from the leader’s den, Flickertuft and Leafpaw peering out from the medicine den, then the warriors emerged, and then the apprentices. 
    “I have called this clan meeting because three apprentices, Bluepaw, Oceanpaw, and Grasspaw, had proven themselves worthy to be warriors,” he began. 
    Bluepaw, Oceanpaw, and Grasspaw stepped forward, chest and tail raised, looking proud. 
    “Bluepaw and Oceanpaw are my daughters,” offered Windcloud, “And Grasspaw seems to be a good friend of both fo them. May I carry out this ceremony instead?” 
    “Alright,” Sunstar replied, stepping back.
    “Bluepaw, Oceanpaw, and Grasspaw, you have proven yourselves to be worthy. Do you promise to uphold the warrior code at all costs, unless necessary?” began Windcloud, chin raised.
    “I do,” replied Oceanpaw and Grasspaw eagerly, although Bluepaw’s response seemed forced. Windcloud twitched her ear in frustration. 
    “Well…Then from now on, you shall be known as Bluesky, Oceanwind, and Grasslight. The clan is dismissed,” continued Windcloud. Wait, so I’m not becoming an apprentice today?
    “Redkit, come back and play with your littermates,” said Spottedface warmly. Redkit unsheathed her sharp claws, sinking them into the earth. Starbang appeared in front of her. 
    “I wasn’t able to contact Sunstar yet,” they said disappointedly, “I guess he really did break connections with me.” They then disappeared, leaving behind only a cloud of white dust. Foxdung!
    Redkit glared at Spottedface, Silverkit, and Bristlekit, and bounded towards the thorn barrier, sitting down and slapping her tail around her paws. Great, three more moons of BOREDOM! 
    “Hello there, Redkit,” greeted a thick-furred tom sitting by the barrier. He had light brown, auburn, reddish brown, and brown-gray stripes, a white muzzle, underbelly, and tail underside, and dark blue-gray ear tips and tail tip, and black ear tufts. He was Stormstripe, one of the younger warriors of SolarClan. 
    “What do you want?!” she snapped, dejected. 
    “I can show you outside of the camp,” he offered, standing up and swishing his extremely bushy tail. Redkit’s ears perked in excitement. 
    “Stormstripe, think about it,” mewed another young warrior, a thick-furred light golden tabby she-cat with a hexagon-shaped marking on her forehead and white rings on her rings and tail. She was Ringshard. “You’re taking a 3 moon old kit OUT OF CAMP.”
    “She wants it,” replied Stormstripe.
    “Don’t all kits want to run out of camp?” she added, tilting her head. 
    “Ringshard, I know what I’m doing.” Stormstripe led Redkit toward the entrance, hiding her with his magnificent bushy tail. “Now, lets explore, shall we?”

  • Zombie Apocalypse/Last of Us Fanfic- Chapter Two (Chris) : The Scary Kid in the Cafeteria
    Me and the other person sat on the floor, back to the door, panting. 
            “What the heck just happened…” I muttered, thinking of everything that had happened in the span of minutes. My mom is probably dead….
            “Uhh…a zombie apocalypse is starting?”
            I jumped up, my weariness wearing off and panic mode coming in, “Omigod, omigodshaballzas, holy hera…. I can’t believe it! This isn’t a movie, zombies aren’t supposed to be real! You’re not infected right? Right?!”
            “Uhhh…I don’t think so?”
            “Hold out your arms,” I ordered, not willing to risk being stuck with a zombie. 
            The person obeyed and held out his arms. I took a glance at his face, remotely recognizing him as a student at my school. 
            “That’s not your blood, right?” I asked, pointing to a splotch of dried blood on the boy’s arm.
            “Nope, it was from someone else.” I cringed a little, imaging who it had come from. Maybe it was someone who got shot from a bullet, a zombie’s or maybe from someone else’s bite.
            After awkwardly checking the other person for bites, I bombed him with questions.
            “Who are you?” I asked.
            “Andrew Sanders.”
            “How did you get the key?”
            “My mom works at the school.”
            “Mrs. Sanders? Isn’t she the biology teacher?”
            We sat there, backs to the door in silence. I looked over at Andrew, wondering what he was thinking about. Maybe he saw his parents die. Maybe he got seperated. Maybe he saw his parent’s transform into zombies right in front of his eyes. 
            “In movies, zombie apocalypses seem a lot cooler,” Andrew said, breaking the silence.
            “Zombie apocalypses are not cool.” I muttered, putting my head in my hands. “Movies or not movies. We need a way to survive.”
            “But they are. Do you see what people get to wear? Everyone gets these cool leather jackets.” he said.
            “And ripped jeans ripped to perfection,” I replied, a small smile on my face.
            “Oh and sleeveless shirts to show off those rippling muscles.” Andrew continued.
            “Everything must be black, though, to look intimidating.”
            “Or cam-” Andrew was cut off as we heard a bang at the door and a groan of a zombie. 
            “Let’s get further into the school,” I suggested, nervously. “Maybe to the cafeteria? We can check if there’s any food we can survive on for the next couple uh… however long we’ll be stuck.”
            Andrew sighed, “I guess cafeteria food is better than nothing.” 
            We quickly got up from where we were sitting and headed towards the cafeteria. It felt odd to be walking in the school at 3 a.m. and with no one around, but a boy I barely knew. 
            “Thanks for saving me,” I said.
    “Oh, yeah. No problem.” Andrew mumbled.
    I studied my feet, which I had shoved in a pair of combat boots without any socks. I wonder how long I’ll be stuck at the school. Zombies are taking over and people are dying and ughhhh…What if a zombie breaks in and bites us? What if we transform? What if other people kill us? What if…I tried shoving all of my what-ifs to the back of my head as I walked into the cafeteria. It was dark and empty.
    “Let’s go to the storage room,” I commanded. “There’s probably things like bread and chips.”
    “I call the non-low fat chips,” Andrew joked. I shot him an exasperated look and stepped inside. I flicked the light switch and light flooded the room. I guess there was still electricity stored before the workers turned into zombies. I blinked a couple times to let my eyes adjust and saw a body laying on the ground. I let out a startled yelp and jumped back. With a quick glance, the body on the ground looked like a young boy, but as I got closer, I realized it was a girl. She was wearing a gray t-shirt with a pair of black sweatpants. An half eaten apple layed on the girl’s chest. Her eyes shut and she looked younger than us and had messy brown hair. The scariest part though, was probably the fact that she was cuddling with a dagger the way most people will cuddle with a stuffed animal.
    “She’s not dead…right?” Andrew whispered loudly, poking my arm.
    “No,” I said, confidently. “She’s breathing and looks quite human.” I walked up to her and cautiously prodded her side with my foot. The girl muttered and rolled over, the apple falling off. I gave an annoyed growl and kicked her again, this time with a little more force than I meant. The girl groaned and sat up, opening her eyes. One of her eyes was a brilliant bright green and the other an electric blue. 
    “Who are you?” I demanded. “Why did you get here?”
    “Who are you?” the girl muttered, rubbing her eyes. 
    “I asked you first.”
    “Valerie. And I picked the lock. You?”
    “Chris and this is Andrew,” I said, shoving Andrew towards us. 
    “Oh yeah. Andrew’s my name. Hi.” Andrew said, awkwardly. 
    “Hey,” Valerie said, picking up her apple. She looked at it and took a big bite. 
    “Where are your parents? Why are you holding that knife? Are you infected?” I asked.
    “God, you ask a lot of questions,” Valerie looked up at me with her strange eyes. “My parents abandoned me. And I’m holding a knife to hurt people. And no, I’m not infected.”
    “You’re like…ten!” I cried. “You shouldn’t be going around hurting people!”
    “Eleven,” Valerie corrected. “And you have a knife too.”
    I stared at the girl, flabbergasted as she ate her apple, occasionally cutting a slice with her dagger. I looked over at Andrew to see what he was thinking. She’s a little…scary, Andrew mouthed. 
    “Why are you staring at me?” Valerie asked. “Do you want an apple or something?”
    “No, it’s your eyes, th-” I began, before Valerie cutted me off.
    “Oh. I knew it. You probably think that ‘oh, look at her, she’s a freak’ or ‘oh, she’s only pretending to get attention!’ ” Valerie said, bitterly, narrowing her eyes. “But I’m not. I can’t help the fact that I was born with different colored eyes!”
    “No, I was just saying-’” I began, trying to explain what I was going to say. 
    “Oh, shut up, Chrissy.” Valerie said, throwing her apple core at me. She stood up and walked past me and Andrew, walking out the door.        
    “I think I’m starting to hate her,” I said, as calmly as I could. 
    “Chrissy. Huh. Maybe I should start calling you that too…” Andrew thought out loud.
    “Not helping,” I snapped. 
    Notes: Ta da! Chapter two. What do you think? How’s Valerie’s character? Again any names for the title of this fanfic? Next chapter will be from Valerie’s POV and Charlie will be introduced soon.
    thanks for reading <334


    • ……..I’m speechless. You portrayed the characters so well, and I already love the interactions between them! It’s funny, yet not completely based off comedy, and it’s scary, but not completely horrifying. It’s seriously the perfect mix of literally everything! It’s like you mixed up laughs and sugar and rainbows with platinum, fear and poison. The funny edginess! The hyped up fear! The beautifully scary action!

  • This is chapter 1 for Code of The Stars! You can find the prologue somewhere on this page 🙂

    Fluffykit stood outside the nursery, waiting for the Clan meeting to begin. He looked at Bramblestar, who was already standing on the Highledge, and felt a rush of anticipation.

    I’m going to be an apprentice today! He thought. 

    He looked past his mother, Ambercloud, who was busily licking his fur, and his father Sparklight, who stood proudly beside his mate and kits, then met his sister Sandkit’s eyes. She looked as if she could run all the way to the ShadowClan camp and back.

    “I’m going to be the best hunter ever!” she declared happily, “I’ll bring back rabbits everyday!”

    “No you won’t, because I’ll catch all the rabbits!” Bubblekit, Fluffykit’s other brother, teased back.

    “You two will never catch rabbits if you make so many noises,” Ambercloud purred, “I hope your mentors won’t be too bothered with squeaking kits.”

    “We’re not kits! We’re apprentices!” before Fluffykit could reply, his sister Dreamkit meowed.

    Fluffykit suddenly felt a rush of pride for his sister. A few sunrises ago, Dreamkit had asked to be Flowermistle’s medicine cat apprentice, and, after Jayfeather and Flowermistle’s long discussion, they agreed. Just then a big yowl interrupted his thoughts.

    “Let all cats old enough to catch their own prey gather around the Highledge for a Clan meeting!”

    At Bramblestar’s words, all ThunderClan cats streamed out of their dens and sat beneath Highledge. Ambercloud guided her kits to the front of the crowd, and Fluffykit sat down between her and Dreamkit, who was bouncing up and down and twitching her tail excitedly.

    “I wonder who will be your mentors,” she meowed, “I think Cinderheart is kind of nice, and Blossomfall…oh, Dovewing would be a good mentor too!”

    “I’m sure Bramblestar would take care of all that,” Ambercloud replied.

    Fluffykit thought her mother’s tone seemed strange, and he looked at her, surprised to find sorrow in her gaze. He looked at his littermates; none of them had seen their mother’s expression.

    What was she thinking? He wondered.

    Before he could ask his mother anything more, Bramblestar beckoned him and his littermates forward with his tail, and Fluffykit walked up to the Highledge nervously.

    “Cats of ThunderClan!” Bramblestar called, “Our Clan is strong. Prey is running well, and today we are going to have four new apprentices.”

    He touched Sandkit’s head briefly with his tail, and Sandkit stood, with a big smile on her face, waiting for Bramblestar to start her ceremony.

    “Sandkit, you have reached the age of six moons, and it is time for you to be apprenticed. From this day on, until you receive your warrior name, you will be known as Sandpaw.” 

    He paused, then opened his mouth again, “Hollywood, you are ready to take on an apprentice. You have received excellent training from your former mentor, and you have shown yourself to be a talented and wise warrior. You will be the mentor of Sandpaw, and I expect you to pass on all you know to her.”

    The gray she-cat looked surprised to be chosen, and she stood close to Sandpaw and touched noses with her. Sandpaw purred, and turned to Ambercloud, just in time to see the pride in her gaze. 

    “Sandpaw! Sandpaw!” the Clan called together.

    As the yowlings died down, Bramblestar made Sunwave Bubblepaw’s mentor and Flowermistle Dreampaw’s mentor. Fluffykit thought his heart would burst out at any moment. Who will be his mentor?

    “Now it’s time to make our fourth apprentice,” Bramblestar meowed, jerking Fluffykit back to the present, “Fluffykit, you have reached the age of six moons, and it is time for you to be apprenticed. From this day on, until you receive your warrior name, you will be known as Fluffypaw. And—”he beckoned Creamfern up with his tail—“Creamfern will be your mentor.”

    Fluffypaw was a bit overwhelmed as Creamfern touched noses with him and led him down to Ambercloud and the rest of his littermates. He’s finally an apprentice now, and one day he will become the greatest warrior ever!

  • Ok, should I start making my story here? Its about 4 clans that are like around a river, one clan has the most water, one clan has the least, and the other 2 clans are just chill with their amount of river while little river and big river go at war until the big and little river target equal river clan so the equal river clan kinda team up. (Clans are Bogclan, Brookclan, Creekclan, and Lagoonclan. Brook is big river, Lagoon is little river)

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