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Nobody will stop you from creating. Do it tonight. Do it tomorrow. That is the way to make your soul grow – whether there is a market for it or not! The kick of creation is the act of creating, not anything that happens afterward. I would tell all of you watching this screen: Before you go to bed, write a four line poem. Make it as good as you can. Don’t show it to anybody. Put it where nobody will find it. And you will discover that you have your reward.

Kurt Vonnegut


  • Hi! If you guys want me to write a story about a warriors oc of yours, just tell me their name, their mentor, their coat pattern, their mate, their parents, their kits and siblings, etc. I am already working on a fanfic for me, SweetStars prophecy. Anyways, good luck to all of you, have a great rest of your day!

    • 𝕌𝕝𝕪𝕤𝕤𝕖𝕤 𝕨𝕙𝕠 ℍ𝕒𝕤 𝕊𝕠𝕞𝕖 𝕋𝕣𝕚𝕔𝕜𝕤 𝕌𝕡 ℍ𝕖𝕣 𝕊𝕝𝕖𝕖𝕧𝕖 𝕌𝕝𝕪𝕤𝕤𝕖𝕤 𝕨𝕙𝕠 ℍ𝕒𝕤 𝕊𝕠𝕞𝕖 𝕋𝕣𝕚𝕔𝕜𝕤 𝕌𝕡 ℍ𝕖𝕣 𝕊𝕝𝕖𝕖𝕧𝕖 says:

      Oh neat!

      Ashbreeze~ A gray lynx-point siamese tom with a scar across his flank and diamond-blue eyes. His mentor was Aspenheart, who is now deceased. His parents were Morningdew(mother, dead) and Cinder(a rouge, father, alive). He has one younger brother named Stagleap. He doesn’t have a mate, but he has an eye on a beautiful she-cat named Ivysplash, which he has been friends with since kit-hood. Ashbreeze(or paw, if you’re writing about him as an apprentice) is tranquil, laid-back, humorous, and caring. He can have a sharp and sarcastic tongue at times, but aside from this he’s a pretty great cat to have around. If you need any more info, just ask!~

    • Basics

      Name: Bouncekit/Bouncepaw/Bouncecloud

      Gender: she-cat

      Sexuality: gay

      Rank: kit

      Age: 5 moons


      Bouncekit is a massive, stocky she-cat. Her fur is white, with golden patches. It is soft and semi-long. She has a round face with oval deep blue eyes. She has a high-pitched voice and a grassy scent. Bouncekit has folded ears. She is considered handsome by most, especially in her own Clan.


      Bouncekit values tradition the most. She is very extroverted. In conversations, she is snappy, tactless and critical. She is guided by her heart, often warm and sensitive. Her world view is somewhat pessimistic. She is protective, cheerful, well-meaning, maternal, childish and destructive. Bouncekit is of average intelligence, which reflects in her decisions, skills and conversations. She enjoys hearing stories about the history and culture of her Clan. Even though Bouncekit almost always wants a peaceful solution, she almost never speaks up in public. She will talk about it to friends though. She is far too young to think about having a family or mate.


      Father: Pouncestream – a fawn and yellow ticked tabby tom (alive)

      Mother: Bravecloud – a white she-cat with grey, almost black patches (alive)

    • This sounds cool!

      Echobounce- A Long-furred, thick-furred, rather large, black and white she-cat. She has wide, large, clear green eyes, one of her claws on her right, front paw is white and the rest are black. Her parents are Bouncefeather and Goldenfire, both whom are dead. She has no littermates, and is currently serving as a foster mother to two kits, Shadowkit and Lightkit and has no birth kits of her own.
      Echobounce is loud, implosive, and outgoing. She can’t really stand still, has a hard time waiting for things, and would rather solve problems with her claws instead of her brain. She is very kind, however, and is very blunt with how she talks.

      Shadowkit (Shadowcreek)- A small-built white tom-kit with short legs. He has very light gray paws, light gray tabby markings on his bushy tail and head, and has shy, dark blue eyes. His parents are unknown and his foster mother is Echobounce. His brother is Lightkit.
      Shadowkit is very shy and stammers a lot. He has almost no self-confidence and thinks he’ll just mess everything up, he’s not very strong, but is very smart and thinks and learns fast. He is very caring and patient.

      Lightkit (Lightstrike)- A short-furred, sleek, jet-black tom-kit with yellow eyes. He has a slightly lighter dipped tail, and one of his paws are slightly shorter than the rest. His parents are unknown and his foster mother is Echobounce. His brother is Shadowkit.
      Lightkit is very confident and always acts like he knows what he’s doing. Like his foster mother, he doesn’t really see the point of talking things out and is very impatient. Though he may come off as arrogant, he cares deeply for his brother, and lots of cats often say that they are the opposite of each other.

    • Twisterpaw/tail-Twisterpaw is a bulky tom. His fur is grey, almost black with a spotted tabby pattern, with a white underbelly.
      Carbide is his dad, who gave him up for a better life. He doesn’t remember him or know.

      Carbide is a tall, thickset tom. His fur is ginger and brown with a rosetted tabby pattern, with a white patchon chest.
      He is kind, and caring. Can get sassy and sarcastic.
      His mate, Stardust is dead.

    • All righty! I’m excited!
      Silverfin – silver tabby she-cat with black paws and ice-blue eyes. Her tail is fluffy. Her parents were Skysplash (father, alive, in another Clan) and Acornspots (mother, dead). She had two littermates as a kit, Rabbitkit and Cypresskit. However, both died from a bad spout of greencough. Her mentor was Firefang. Her mate is a cat named Darksong, and her only surviving kit is an apprentice named Scarletpaw.

      • Silverrrrr it’s been so longgggg! I doubt you remember me 😛

  • After a week of procrastinating and working on other things, I finally finished creating characters, and wrote my prologue… so here it is :3 I never know how to introduce these things It doesn’t have a title yet… so yeahhhh here it is 😛


    The she-cat opened her eyes to find herself surrounded by a dark forest on all sides, instead of in her comfortable nest in the tunnel. “Where am I?” she said to herself, as she got up and began to look for her Clan. She walked past a sluggish river the color of mud, and saw some sort of mist floating up ahead. She called to it, “Wait! Can you..” she trailed off as the mist started moving away from her. The ginger tabby started moving faster as she chased the mist through the trees. She lost sight of the mist, and then came upon a large clearing with a huge boulder in the center. She sniffed the air, and smelled cats…, but these cats didn’t smell like any Clan she knew. Some smelled like water, and others smelled like the sky and wind, but there was this overpowering scent of decay swirling around her. “What happened here?” 

    A branch cracked behind her, and a transparent, almost completely faded tortoiseshell and white she-cat stepped out of the woods. “W-who are you?” asked the ginger tabby. “The Clans have already forgotten me?  It hasn’t been that long..,” she replies confusedly. Then, she smells the air and mews, “You don’t smell like any Clan cat I know… where are you from?” The orange tabby was very confused at this point. Who was this cat, and where am I? The tabby eventually meowed shakily, “Answer my question first..” “Oh alright,” she replied, “I’m Mapleshade of ThunderCla-” The orange cat cut her off, “ThunderClan?! What’s that? I’ve never heard of a ThunderClan…” Mapleshade purred, “ You say you haven’t heard of ThunderClan… but you have heard of Clans before… what do you know about them?” The ginger tabby thought about this for a second. This cat Mapleshade… She seems to know what the Clans are, but she says she is from ThunderClan, and I’ve never heard of a “ThunderClan.” I should know, I’m a medicine cat after all. 

    She finally replied, “There are four Clans. LeafClan, MoonClan, CliffClan, and LakeClan, and they’ve been there since as long as any cat can remember. I’m the medicine cat of MoonClan, and I live on a moor.” as she said this, Mapleshade murmured, “Just like WindClan..,” then she saw the orange tabby staring at her in confusion, and said, “Don’t mind me, just carry on.” “O-okay,” she mewed, and continued, “LeafClan lives in a forest with plenty of undergrowth, CliffClan lives in a cliff face, with a small forest surrounding them, and LakeClan lives on an island in a shallow lake.” As she finished explaining, Mapleshade looked at her, and purred, “You seem to be waking up, now will you tell me your name?” The orange tabby looked at her in surprise, she had thought she had told Mapleshade her name earlier, but then she mewed, “Oh- uh sure. I’m Foxcloud.” As Foxcloud said this, she felt herself fading, as if she was waking up. Before she had faded completely, Mapleshade meowed amusedly, “Goodbye… Foxcloud.” 

    Foxcloud woke up in her nest, looking around wildly before she let out a small sigh of relief. She was glad to be out of that dark, damp forest, but she felt.. drawn there for some inexplicable reason.
    So… do you like it? Or do I need to add to it? I don’t think I got Mapleshade’s manipulative, sickly sweet personality right but I guess I’ll get better at it as I write it?
    My plans for this is to have a POV of one character, then a different one, then every so often do a chapter like this… to explain it to the characters as they’re piecing it together.

    About the timeline, I think it’s going to take place in a universe where after the Great Battle, the Clans scattered and formed these Clans, to try an’ prevent something like that from happening ever again.

  • Prologue of Shattered Mirrors:

    “So…” A hiss started. “why did you call us?” The speaker revealed herself. She was wearing a dark blue shirt with black jeans, the shirt had the Dark Souls label. “Well, Madison-” Travis started. “Don’t call me Madison!” She growled. “Fine, Maple, five twenty-year olds, came to us, and begged us to take them in,” Travis smiled, it was pure evil. “and they were from the Star Lights,” He spat out. “they betrayed Flynn and wanted to be a Dark Soul.” Diego snorted, “Are you gonna let em’ in?” 

    “Yes,”  Which makes the other Dark Souls grunt in surprise. “after all, they all can be important to us.” Madison stood up. “Travis, this is stupid! Letting members of Star Light in the Dark Souls?” She slammed her fists on the table. Before he could retort back, someone coughed. “Madison,” The dark ginger haired woman bared her teeths at her, but she ignored her. “we should listen to Travis, after all, he is our leader.” She said, smoothly.

    “I don’t care.” She muttered, hissing. “Anyway, I want you to guide them.” Travis pointed to her. “Alright.” She grinned, getting out of her chair and walking out. “Oh and if they betray us, don’t hesitate to bring out your sword,” Travis said. “good luck, Frost.” 

  • Chapter Four
    It had been about a month since Cinderpaw became an apprentice. She had trained hard, and Fireheart had helped her. One cold, winter night, Bluestar caught greencough. Cinderpaw was quite worried, but Fireheart had told her to stay in her nest. She was bored, so she crept out of her nest. First she made sure that Brackenpaw, Swiftpaw, Sandpaw, and Dustpaw were asleep, and when she saw they were, she kept on going. She looked out of the apprentices den, and she looked around camp. She heard the Elders murmring.
    “I’m worried about Bluestar,” One-Eye’s voice said, “her condition has been no better.”
    “Oh come on, One-Eye,” Halftail’s voice meowed, “Bluestar’s going to be okay. Yellowfang is a good Medicine Cat. And anyway, Bluestar has several more lives left.”
    “Shut up and go to sleep,” Dappletail’s tired voice said. Cinderpaw heard no more after that. Cinderpaw wanted to go and have comfort from her mother, but she knew that if she did, she’d disturb the Queens, and an angry Speckletail was not one to reckon with. And anyway, she’d wake Brightkit, Thornkit, and Snowkit as well. So Cinderpaw forced herself not to go there. But she didn’t want to sit around. She didn’t want to be as bored as she was. She wanted to go and be helpful. But when she’d asked Fireheart if she could do something earlier, she’d just been told to go to sleep. But Cinderpaw had not been able to sleep, so she had gotten up. Cinderpaw then crept out of the Apprentices den, and Fireheart came out of Bluestar’s den, worry in his face.
    “I have to carry a message to Tigerclaw and bring Catnip to Bluestar,” Fireheart meowed.
    “I could bring the message to Tigerclaw,” Cinderpaw meowed.
    “No!” Fireheart meowed, “I mean no. Tigerclaw asked for Bluestar to meet him near the Thunderpath, and Bluestar is in no condition to go there. So, I am going to go there, as I was her apprentice.”
    “But Fireheart…” Cinderpaw started.
    “No, Cinderpaw,” Fireheart meowed, “go back to sleep.”
    “Fine,” Cinderpaw meowed. She went to the apprentices den and hid until Firehaert was out of camp. When he was, Cinderpaw snuck out to go and bring the message to Tigerclaw. Cinderpaw walked through the forest, and was glad that her pelt camofloudged so well at night. If not, a fox would probably get her. Cinderpaw knew that she wasn’t six moons yet, so a fox would easily get her, but she decided to ignore that fear. She got to the Thunderpath, and she tried to spot Tigerclaw. There he is! Cinderpaw thought, At that narrow spot near the Thunderpath! Cinderpaw walked towards him.
    “Bluestar is too sick with Greencough,” Cinderpaw meowed, “I came to see the bones.”
    “Go back to camp, Cinderpaw,” Tigerclaw meowed, “did Fireheart send you?” Cinderpaw looked at her paws.
    “No,” Cinderpaw meowed, “I came myself.”
    “Cinderpaw!” Tigerclaw groaned. Cinderpaw unsheathed and then sheathed her claws. Then, she noticed she was on the Thunderpath. She noticed when she felt a rumble, and she saw lights coming strait towards her.
    “I can’t let you tell,” Tigerclaw meowed, and he snuck away. Cinderpaw let out a yelp, and she leaped off just in time. Cinderpaw ran like lightning to camp. She didn’t care about danger. But her instincs told her not to scream, so she didn’t. Then she ran into camp.
    “Cinderpaw!” Frostfur called, “How are you not injured?”
    “Tigerclaw told you I was injured?” Cinderpaw meowed, “Oh, I made it out of the way of the monster in time.” Tigerclaw stared at Cinderpaw.
    “I just thought she was injured, and I was concerned,” Tigerclaw meowed.
    “No he wasn’t!” Cinderpaw called, “I heard him say to me, “‘I can’t let you go and tell.'” There were no bones there at all! And definetly not ShadowClan’s stench!”
    “There were, Cinderpaw must have forgotten in fear,” Tigerclaw meowed.
    “I know what I saw!” Cinderpaw meowed.
    “Cinderpaw, please stop it,” Frostfur meowed,”she must be in fear. May I take her to the nursery to take care of her for a little?”
    “Of course,” Tigerclaw nodded. Cinderpaw pouted. Now she was back in the nursery, with Brightkit and Thornkit, and Sandpaw, Dustpaw, and Swiftpaw were all calling her Cinderkit. Brackenpaw was the only apprentice who was not being mean.
    “Frostfur, I wanna be an apprentice again!” Cinderkit mewed, as Bluestar had actually made her a kit again until she, Brackenpaw, Brightkit, and Thornkit were six moons old.
    “No, Cinderkit,” Frostfur meowed, “you lost that priveledge.” Brightkit and Thornkit teased her about it all the time. Cinderkit hated it. Tigerclaw is evil! she thought.

  • Chapter Five
    Finally! The day came that Cinderkit, Brackenpaw, Thornkit, and Brightkit were six moons old! And, Bluestar was calling a Clan meeting to make Cinderkit, Thornkit, and Brightkit apprentices! It was a sunny spring day, and the clearing was quite beautiful. Cinderkit remembered the first time she’d been made an apprentice. It had been a snowy day, and that was the day that Brightkit and Thornkit had started hating Cinderkit and Brackenpaw. Now, they were apolagizing to them, as they were going to be apprentices with Cinderkit and Brackenpaw!
    “I, Bluestar, leader of ThunderClan, call upon my Warrior ancestors to look down on these three kits. They are six moons old and ready to become apprentices,” Bluestar meowed, “Cinderkit, until you recieve your Warrior name, you will once again be called Cinderpaw. StarClan is happy that you are an apprentice once again. Fireheart, you will once again mentor Cinderpaw. StarClan honors that you are willing to do it again.” Cinderpaw went and touched noses with Fireheart. She was so excited to be an apprentice again!
    “Brightkit,” Bluestar went on, “until you recieve your Warrior name, you will now be known as Brightpaw. Whitestorm, you will mentor Brightpaw. You are white, Whitestorm, and Brightpaw is mostly white, so please teach her some hunting tricks.” Brightpaw and Whitestorm touched noses.
    “Thornkit,” Bluestar went on, “until you recieve your Warrior name, you will now be known as Thornpaw. Mousefur, you will mentor Thornpaw. StarClan honors your youngness and hunting skills, and I hope you pass these traits on to Thornpaw.” Thornpaw and Mousefur touched noses.
    “Cinderpaw! Brightpaw! Thornpaw!” Dustpelt and Sandstorm started the cheer, happy for Cinderpaw to be an apprentice and for Cinderpaw and Brackenpaw’s littermates to be apprentices as well. Cinderpaw felt excited. Finally! Cinderpaw thought, I’m an apprentice again!
    Fireheart and Cinderpaw picked up right where they’d left off. Cinderpaw loved to be hunting and doing battle training again. It felt right! It felt good! Cinderpaw knew she was born for this. And when the day came that Cloudkit was to become an apprentice, Cinderpaw was very excited to have an apprentice that was younger in the den, as Swiftpaw was older than Cinderpaw, Brackenpaw, Brightpaw, and Thornpaw.
    “I, Bluestar, leader of ThunderClan, call upon my Warrior ancestors to look down on this kit,” Bluestar meowed, “he is six moons old and ready to become an apprentice. Cloudkit, until you recieve your Warrior name, you will now be known as Cloudpaw. Frostfur, you will mentor Cloudpaw. You were taking care of Cinderpaw, Brightpaw, and Thornpaw in the nursery for some of the time Cloudpaw was in there, so you know him, and you are white and he is white, so you can teach him some hunting skills for white cats only. StarClan thanks you for that.” Cloudpaw and Frostfur touched noses.
    “Cloudpaw! Cloudpaw!” Cinderpaw cheered with the rest of the Clan.
    After Frostfur had shown Cloudpaw the territory, Cinderpaw and Brightpaw went over to Cloudpaw. After they exchanged greetings, they started talking with each other.
    “We made a nest for you,” Cinderpaw meowed.
    “Thanks!” Cloudpaw meowed.
    “Wanna eat with us?” Brightpaw asked, “We’re eating with Brackenpaw, Thornpaw, and Swiftpaw.”
    “Sure!” Cloudpaw meowed.
    “My mentor is your kin,” Cinderpaw meowed.
    “I know,” Cloudpaw meowed. They talked and ate for a little bit, then they tucked into their nests for sleep. Cinderpaw thought a thought she’d thought everynight since Tigerclaw had tried to kill her. I wonder when Tigerclaw’s crime will be revealed. 

  • Here’s a short little PMV I scripted about my characters. Unfortunately, I can’t animate, but one can dream :’)

    Song- “A Lady” By Tally Hall.
    Characters- Lizardheart, Honeyblaze, Frogstar, Flashpaw, Sweetpaw, and Viperpaw.

    Everything in Lizardheart’s story is in simple, geometric shapes, while in the opening scene, Lizardheart, Sweetpaw, and Flashpaw are in a normal style. Lizardheart is telling Sweetpaw and Flashpaw (who are his half-siblings with the same mother) about their murderous mother, Honeyblaze, and warning them about their sister Viperpaw following in her pawsteps.

    “I know a lady”
    Lizardheart lip-syncs the words, looking upwards. As the sky is shown fully in frame, the shapes become geometric and remain so for the rest of the PMV. Honeyblaze is shown, sitting calmly in front of a black background.

    “Good & Evil”
    The background goes to a field, showing Honeyblaze without her scarred face, touching noses with Lizardkit, then changes to Honeyblaze with a scarred face attacking Lizardheart in his nest.

    “Showed me that I was a gentleman”
    Lizardheart cries into Frogstar’s shoulder as he looks at Honeyblaze’s dead body near his nest. Her spirit, outlined in red, rises from her body and slinks away.

    “Wait for the girl to blossom into”
    Viperpaw appears in front of a very dark red, almost black background, her mother’s dark form behind her and Sweetpaw and Flashpaw on either side of her.

    “Colors that grow where you can”
    Viperpaw becomes a menacing, fanged, bloodred silhouette, spreading into the silhouettes of her siblings, like red vines wrapping around them. On the last note of the song, the vines tighten around their necks, showing their eyes going wide and blood spilling from their mouths for a split second before the screen goes black. The only thing that remains visible is Viperpaw’s sinister eyes and grin. This fades to black after a few seconds.

  • Chapter Six
    Cinderpaw was especially glum one morning. The bright sky had not a single cloud in it, and if most definetly did not match Cinderpaw’s mood. Brackenpaw was becoming a Warrior without her! Cinderpaw was mad that Brackenpaw was about to live her dream. But she was also happy for her brother. But mostly mad. Brackenpaw was out on his Warrior assesment, and Cinderpaw was stuck doing the Elder’s ticks! When Brackenpaw came back in, Graystripe, his mentor, went to Bluestar and told her how Brackenpaw had done. Then Bluestar called a Clan meeting. Oh great, Cinderpaw thought, He is becoming a Warrior! Cinderpaw immidetly felt guilty. Then again, it wasn’t Brackenpaw’s fault. It was Tigerclaw’s that Cinderpaw wasn’t becoming a Warrior! Tigerclaw is evil in more than one way, Cinderpaw thought. Cinderpaw went and sat down inbetween Brightpaw and Thornpaw. Cloudpaw sat next to Brightpaw and Swiftpaw sat next to Thornpaw.
    “I, Bluestar, leader of ThunderClan, call upon my Warrior ancestors to look down on this apprentice,” Bluestar meowed, “he has trained hard to learn the ways of the Warrior code, and I ask in turn that you make him a Warrior. Brackenpaw, unless if you become a leader, you will now be known as Brackenfur. StarClan honors your hunting and fighting skills.” I should be a Warrior with him! Cinderpaw thought, one named Cinderheart.
    “Brackenfur! Brackenfur!” Brightpaw and Thornpaw started the cheer. Cinderpaw joined them on the second “‘Brackenfur!'”
    The day after Brackenfur’s Warrior assesment, Cinderpaw congradulated him and went to find Fireheart.
    “Fireheart, can I take my final assesment?” Cinderpaw asked.
    “No, Cinderpaw,” Fireheart meowed, “you need two more months of training to be ready.” Cinderpaw suddenly got an idea.
    “What if I have to lessons a day?” Cinderpaw asked.
    “That would tire you out to much,” Fireheart meowed.
    “Please?” Cinderpaw pleaded.
    “Oh, fine,” Fireheart meowed.
    “Yes! Now I’ll be a Warrior in a month!” Cinderpaw meowed in glee.
    “I learned two lessons,” Cinderpaw bragged to Swiftpaw, Cloudpaw, Brightpaw, and Thornpaw when they ate fresh-kill later that day.
    “Why did you get to learn two?” Swiftpaw asked.
    “So I can be a Warrior with Brackenfur sooner,” Cinderpaw meowed. Swiftpaw snorted.
    “I was made an apprentice before you and Brackenfur, so I should be a Warrior now,” Swiftpaw meowed, “preferably one named Swifttail.” Cinderpaw rolled her eyes.
    “Well I want to be called Cloudfur,” Cloudpaw meowed.
    “I want to be called Brightstorm,” Brightpaw meowed.
    “I wanna be called Thornfur,” Thornpaw meowed.
    “That’s weird,” Cinderpaw sneered, “I wanna be called Cinderheart.”

  • Chapter Seven
    Cinderpaw stalked a mouse. This was going to depend if she’d become a Warrior or not! Yes, it was finally Cinderpaw’s Warrior assesment! Cinderpaw had heard a rumor that Yellowfang would have an apprentice soon, and she’d also heard Swiftpaw muttering to himself, “Cinderpaw shouldn’t be becoming a Warrior, I should! It’s not fair!” Cinderpaw saw fit to ignore Yellowfang’s choice of apprentice for now until Yellowfang revealed it and Swiftpaw. She needed to catch this mouse! She stalked, remembering what Fireheart had taught her. Then, she leaped and caught the mouse. She then buried it, and she felt like she’d seen a flame red shape dart around, and Cinderpaw knew that Fireheart had seen her excellent catch. Cinderpaw then caught a rabbit, a squirrel, a bird, and a vole. Though she did miss a shrew. But everyone misses something once in a while, right? Cinderpaw brought her catches back to camp and put them on the fresh-kill pile. She saw Fireheart go into Bluestar’s den.
    “Did you pass?” Brackenfur came up to Cinderpaw and asked.
    “I don’t know,” Cinderpaw meowed, “Fireheart didn’t seem to care to supply me with that information.” Brackenfur rolled his eyes at Cinderpaw. Then, Bluestar came out of her den and leaped onto the Highrock.
    “This must mean you passed!” Brackenfur meowed. Cinderpaw bounced up and down excitedly. Bluestar called for a Clan meeting, and Frostfur rushed over to Cinderpaw and licked her clean.
    “Mom!” Cinderpaw meowed, “This is just like when Brackenfur and I became apprentices! Leave me alone!”
    “Fine,” Frostfur meowed when Cinderpaw was well groomed. Then Fireheart walked Cinderpaw to the shade of the Highrock.
    “I, Bluestar, leader of ThunderClan, call upon my Warrior ancestors to look down on this apprentice,” Bluestar meowed, “she has trained hard to learn the ways of your noble code, and I ask you in turn to make her a Warrior. Cinderpaw, unless if you become a leader, you will now be known as Cinderpelt. StarClan honors your kindness and fighting skills.” Cinderpelt found that she liked her new name much better than the name Cinderheart.
    “Cinderpelt! Cinderpelt!” Brackenfur and Frostfur started the cheer. But there was one cat that was not cheering. Swiftpaw.
    After the meeting, Cinderpelt went and garded camp all night. It was tiring as well, as she wasn’t allowed to sleep, either. At least it was warm out. And, two thoughts struck Cinderpelt. The first was, perhaps Fireheart will start to love me like I love him. The second, I hope some cat believes me about Tigerclaw if I bring it up now that I’m a Warrior. ***
    The next day, after Cinderpelt had gotten some sleep, Cinderpelt went to find Brackenfur. She knew that Brackenfur never really had feelings for any cat, but Cinderpelt felt comfort in her brother.
    “Brackenfur,” Cinderpelt found Brackenfur at the fresh-kill pile, “can you talk to me?”
    “Sure, Cinderpelt,” Brackenfur meowed.
    “In private…” Cinderpelt meowed.
    “Okay,” Brackenfur meowed, “but Dappletail’s been eyeing my squirrel!”
    “Take the squirrel, then,” Cinderpelt meowed. She padded over to the nettle patch, and Brackenfur sat down next to her and started eating his squirrel.
    “Brackenfur…” Cinderpelt’s voice trailed off.
    “Yes, Cinderpelt?” Brackenfur meowed.
    “I need your help with something,” Cinderpelt meowed.
    “What?” Brackenfur asked.
    “I… like a cat,” Cinderpelt meowed, “but I don’t know if he likes me back. What do male cats like?”
    “Well, most male cats like to hunt, like myself, so perhaps you could go hunting with him,” Brackenfur meowed, “anyway, which cat is this?”
    “Um, it’s Fireheart,” Cinderpelt meowed.
    “That is not who I expected you to say,” Brackenfur looked surprised.
    “Who did you expect me to say?” Cinderpelt asked.
    “Swiftpaw or Cloudpaw,” Brackenfur meowed, “then again, they both moon over Brightpaw too much.”
    “No way! Swiftpaw is mad at me, and Cloudpaw is…” Cinderpelt started, “well, Cloudpaw is Cloudpaw.”
    “Can’t blame ya,” Brackenfur shrugged. Cinderpelt got up.
    Cinderpelt decided to ask Frostfur about Fireheart.
    “Mom,” Cinderpelt meowed, “can you talk to me in private?”
    “Okay, Cinderpelt,” Frostfur meowed.
    “I like a cat, but I can’t seem to get his attention,” Cinderpelt meowed, “how did you do it with… Dad?” Cinderpelt’s family never, ever spoke of Cinderpelt’s late father. Frostfur was grieving to much for Lionheart still.
    “I just…” Frostfur’s eyes glistened with grief, “I just went on lots of hunts with him, ate with him, and just spent time with him.” Cinderpelt nodded.
    “Who is this cat you like anyway?” Frostfur asked.
    “Fireheart,” Cinderpelt meowed.
    “He’s quite like your father was,” Frostfur meowed, “I think you can try it with him.” Cinderpelt smiled.
    “Thanks, Mom,” Cinderpelt meowed. Then she got up and padded away.
    “Hey, er, Fireheart! Wanna come on a hunt with me?” Cinderpelt asked.
    “Sure! I’m going on one with Sandstorm,” Fireheart meowed.
    “Fireheart, I wanted to go just the two of us,” Sandstorm meowed.
    “Oh come on, Sandstorm,” Fireheart meowed, “we can have Cinderpelt come. Hey, maybe Graystripe should too!”
    “I haven’t seen him in ages,” Cinderpelt meowed.
    “Last I saw him he got a mouse and left camp,” Sandstorm meowed. Fireheart shrugged.
    “Okay, then we can go just the three of us,” Fireheart meowed. Cinderpelt didn’t want to go with Sandstorm and Fireheart, she wanted to go with just Fireheart! Cinderpelt caught a mouse, Sandstorm caught a squirrel, and Fireheart caught a shrew. Then they went back to camp and put their catches on the fresh-kill pile. Okay, I’ll try to eat with Fireheart instead, Cinderpelt thought. Cinderpelt went over to Fireheart.
    “Wanna eat with me, Fireheart?” Cinderpelt asked.
    “I’m eating with Sandstorm,” Fireheart meowed, “but you can eat with me and Sandstorm!”
    “Er, I remembered that I promised Brackenfur I’d eat with him,” Cinderpelt meowed, and she went over to the fresh-kill pile and found Brackenfur. Cinderpelt had never made that promise. And then, a thought struck Cinderpelt. Perhaps if I try and make Tigerclaw’s crimes come back up again, I could get Fireheart’s attention! 

  • Connect the Stars: The First Prophecy
    Chapter 5

    “Redkit’s missing!” yowled Spottedface, frantically glancing towards the direction where Silverkit and Bristlekit were playing. The two littermates abruptly stopped playing. 
    “Redkit?!” squeaked Bristlekit. Not her! Not one of the prophecy cats! Leafpaw poked his head out of the medicine den, scanning the clearing. Redkit was indeed gone, and Stormstripe appeared to be missing as well. 
    Flamepaw sleepily trudged out of the apprentice den, asking, “What happened?” 
    “Redkit is missing!” reminded Leafpaw, flattening his white ears. 
    “Expect her to. She’s been bored out of her life in the nursery,” growled Flamepaw, flicking her fluffy white tail. “And I know where to find her.” Quickly, Flamepaw’s shoulders tensed, then she launched off and out of camp, vanishing through the camp entrance.
    “Flamepaw! Not you too!” Leafpaw quickly followed. 
    “Flamepaw! Leafpaw! Get back here! I don’t want you to go missing as well!” yowled Nightstrike. However, both apprentices ignored her cries, too intent on looking for the missing kit and young warrior. Ringshard, a long-furred pale golden tabby with a hexagon-shaped marking on her forehead intercepted them, white-tipped tail raised and pink-amber eyes narrowed.
    “Stormstripe has taken Redkit out of camp to ‘explore’. I think we know how that’ll turn out,” she growled, letting down her fluffy tail. She then bolted off.
    “I think she knows where both of them are,” whispered Flamepaw, chasing after Ringshard. Leafpaw hesitantly followed. 
    The results were just as what Leafpaw expected. Stormstripe and Redkit had stumbled into a badger. Stormstripe leaped onto the badger’s back, jaws aimed for its neck, while Redkit’s small body zipped under its huge body, trying to land small, pointless blows. Leafpaw, Flamepaw, and Ringshard stared in wide-eyed shock. 
    The badger threw Stormstripe off, knocking him onto a tree trunk, then lowered its head, looking for the reddish-pelted kit. Ringshard confronted the badger, shoulders squared, before leaping as well. By this time, the badger’s jaws were firmly locked onto Redkit’s fluffy white tail, the three moon old kit struggling in vain.
    “How are we supposed to fight that off?! You’re a medicine cat, and I haven’t even learned how to fight a kittypet yet,” Flamepaw growled, watching both Ringshard and Stormstripe fight the badger, trying to force it to let go of the kit. 
    “I–I don’t know. Trust Starbang to save us last minute, I guess,” stammered Leafpaw, patchy smoky blue-gray fur spiked. 
    “STARBANG?! But they’re DEAD!” screeched Flamepaw, squaring her shoulders and sinking her claws into the ground.
    “Flamepaw?! Leafpaw?! Are you just going to sit there and watch the badger fight Stormstripe, Ringshard, and Redkit?!” snapped another warrior, Willowsnow. They were part of SolarClan patrol, along with Sunstar, Windcloud, Foxspring, Snakelily, and Quillhedge. 
    “How do you expect us to?!” she retorted, turning towards the patrol of senior warriors, “Windcloud hasn’t even taught me anything useful yet!” 
    “We’ll get to training later!” yowled Windcloud, flattening her gray tabby ears, “We have a kit to save!” Foxspring, Snakelily, Willowsnow, Windcloud, and Sunstar then attacked the badger all at once. Ringshard somehow squirmed herself out of the tangle of cats, a fresh gash on her cheek. 
    “Well, why don’t you make an attempt?!” she snarled, “Redkit was doing well despite being a kit. Or are you also kits?!” 
    Insulted, Flamepaw lunged at the badger, disappearing through the mess of cats. However, Leafpaw could tell she was viciously, yet aimlessly clawing at the badger in an attempt to please Ringshard. 
    Suddenly, out of the mess of badger and cat, emerged Redkit, a bloody gash spanning her hind leg and a bloodied white tail. Quickly, Leafpaw grabbed the red kit by the scruff and sprinted as quickly as he could to camp, dropping her on a mossy nest in the medicine den, blood trickling out of her tail. 
    “I found Redkit!” gasped Leafpaw, panting. Flickertuft looked up, amber eyes filled with relief.
    “Good,” he breathed, “Now what herb do you use?!” The transition happened only yesterday, but Leafpaw already knew something about herbs before Flickertuft formally taught him about it.
    “Cobweb, marigold, and comfrey,” he said, not sure if they were correct. 
    “Correct! Cobweb is used to stop bleeding, marigold is used to prevent or stop infection, and comfrey eases the pain in the wounds,” responded Flickertuft, “How about poppy seeds? They also help ease the pain.” Leafpaw was about to grab some of the seeds as well, when he realized the seeds probably shouldn’t be fed to kits.   
    “No, they shouldn’t be fed to kits,” he replied, putting the seeds away and taking out the marigold and comfrey root. 
    “How do you apply the them to Redkit, though?” queried Flickertuft, nervously glancing back and forth at Redkit and Leafpaw. 
    “You chew on the comfrey root and marigold petals and apply them to Redkit’s wounds.”
    “Correct. Now do it.” Leafpaw chewed on the herbs, its pungent flavors overtaking his smell and taste. He then applied it to Redkit’s leg and tail, and wrapped it with multiple layers of cobwebs. 
    After Redkit was finished, Leafpaw looked outside the den. The patrol had returned, carrying the bloodied body of Foxspring and setting it down in the middle of camp. A gash spanned from his throat to his hind leg. The rest of the patrol displayed signs of injury, some more serious than others. Sunstar glared at Stormstripe, fury in his eyes.
    “Because of you,” he growled, “A strong senior warrior is now dead. You know what would happen if you take a three moon old kit out of camp unaided. Something bad will happen! Son, I am greatly disappointed in you.” Stormstripe refused to look at his father, his orange eyes dark.
    Flickertuft and Leafpaw both exchanged looks, gazing at the injured patrol, which included Flamepaw. This is just my first day I have already been met with a StarClan’s supply of injured cats!

  • If the warriors were somehow able to text and had a group chat:

    Bramblestar’s imposter: Hey there, ThunderClan.

    Berrynose: Uh…Bramblestar? Is that you?

    Bramblestar’s imposter: Yeah, yeah. K, so who’s being on the dawn patrol tom morning? Let’s get this Clan moving.

    Sparkpelt: Dad…why does it say you’re an imposter?

    Lionblaze: Yeah…I was kind of wondering that too.

    Bristlefrost: Guys, chill, this is your Clan leader here.

    Bramblestar’s imposter: Oops, fox dung.

    Bramblestar the Great: Sry…this is better.

    Jayfeather: Squirrelflight, can you tell him to stop changing his profile?!?!

    Squirrelflight: Um…I don’t have access to his phone anymore.

    Bramblestar the Great: Wait! Why is she still on the Clan chat?

    Squirrelflight left the chat.

    Bramblestar the Great: Wait! Squirrelflight! Don’t go!

    Jayfeather: *eye roll*

    Berrynose: Uh, Bramblestar, what are you doing about patrols?

    Bramblestar the Great: FIGURE IT OUT YOU MOUSE BRAIN

    Bramblestar the Great left the chat.

    Bristlefrost: Yikes.

    Bristlefrost left the chat.

    Jayfeather: I knew he was an imposter.

    Squirrelflight: Totally.

    Jayfeather: Hey! When did you get back on?

    Squirrelflight: Uh…

    Squirrelflight left the chat.

    Jayfeather left the chat.

  • Chapter Eight
    Cinderpelt had yet to make a plan. Cinderpelt couldn’t just go and ask for help on this. Everyone believed that she was just startled and couldn’t remember correctly from her near brush of death. But Cinderpelt knew exactly what happened. Suddenly, an idea popped in her mind. Bring it up at a Clan meeting? was her idea. No, I’d probably go back to being Cinderpaw if I did that, Cinderpelt thought, that wouldn’t be good at all. Well, maybe it would be good for Swiftpaw, but that’s it. Yes, Swiftpaw was still an apprentice. And yes, he was still mad. Cinderpelt decided to take a walk in the forest. She went to the sunrocks and sunned herself, despite it being Newleaf. Hmm, perhaps after a battle? Cinderpelt thought, no, we’re not mad at any Clan, for now, anyway. ShadowClan loves to get in fights. It’s so weird. Cinderpelt then her best idea when she saw a vole scuttle into a hole in the sunrocks so Cinderpelt couldn’t catch it. Cinderpelt could bring it up during a hunt! Perfect! Cinderpelt then noticed that she was blending into the rocks quite well, so she quickly went right next to the hole and made absolute no noise. Then, the vole crept out and Cinderpelt acted quickly. She pounced on the vole, turned it onto it’s back, and killed it. She then started heading back to camp. She padded into camp and put the vole on the fresh-kill pile. Yes, Cinderpelt thought, I’ll go on a hunt with Fireheart and I’ll bring it up then.
    Cinderpelt looked around camp for Fireheart, but she couldn’t find him anywhere.
    “Have you seen Fireheart?” Cinderpelt asked Whitestorm.
    “Last I saw him, he followed Graystripe out of camp,” Whitestorm meowed, “they headed in the direction of the Sunningrocks.”
    “Thanks!” Cinderpelt meowed, and she darted out and towards the Sunningrocks. Cinderpelt scented their scents. Fresh. They must of been just here. Cinderpelt ran towards the Sunningrocks and found Fireheart staring at Graystripe who was staring at a pretty silver she-cat who seemed to be bleeding a lot. Cinderpelt seemed to remember this. Then it flashed through her mind. Brindleface had looked like this when she was having Ashkit, Fernkit, Tulipkit, and Elderkit(Tulipkit and Elderkit are actually the names of Brindleface’s dead kits). But without all the blood.
    “Cinderpelt!” Fireheart noticed her, “Get Yellowfang!”
    “Where is she?” Cinderpelt asked.
    “I think she went to pick herbs near the Snakerocks,” Fireheart meowed.
    “Got it!” Cinderpelt meowed. Cinderpelt ran, faster than lightning, through the forest. She skidded to a stop when she saw Yellowfang picking some parsley.
    “Kits… coming… she-cat…” Cinderpelt panted.
    “Willowpelt’s kits? But she just began expecting them!” Yellowfang meowed.
    “No, it’s a silver she-cat who isn’t Willowpelt,” Cinderpelt meowed, “she’s at the Sunningrocks. Bleeding a lot. Having kits.”
    “How do you know?” Yellowfang asked.
    “I remember what it looks like from Brindleface’s litter,” Cinderpelt meowed.
    “Then let’s go!” Yellowfang meowed. They ran back to the Sunningrocks.
    “This is bad,” Yellowfang meowed, “I don’t have the supplies.”
    “You need borage, right?” Cinderpelt asked.
    “Yes,” Yellowfang meowed.
    “What does it look like?” Cinderpelt asked. Yellowfang described it for Cinderpelt, and Cinderpelt looked around the bottom of the Sunningrocks. Then, she found some that matched Yellowfang’s description. She picked some and ran back.
    “Here,” she meowed.
    “Perfect!” Yellowfang meowed. Yellowfang had some cobwebs handy(okay they were stuck to her fur) and she put them on the silver she-cat’s bleeding. Then, a little tom-kit slipped out. It was a stormy gray one, that looked just like Graystripe.
    “I assume you are the father, then?” Yellowfang meowed, guestering to the kit.
    “I am,” Graystripe meowed.
    “Lick!” Yellowfang meowed to Tigerclaw, who had appeared at the top of the Sunningrocks. Tigerclaw looked disgusted that Graystripe mated with a RiverClan cat, and he wouldn’t lick the kit.
    “Do you want the kit to die?” Yellowfang meowed at him. Tigerclaw looked at the kit and shook his head no.
    “THEN LICK!” Yellowfang shouted at him. Tigerclaw did, and soon enough the kit mewled. Probably for milk. Poor thing, Cinderpelt thought. Then, after about a few minutes, a little she-kit popped out. The she-kit looked like a minuture of her mother. Fireheart licked the poor thing, and it started mewling as well.
    “She’s all done,” Yellowfang meowed. But the silver she-cat was still bleeding, and her breaths were slow and shallow.
    “Silverstream?” Graystripe meowed to the silver she cat, “Silverstream? Silverstream, answer me!”
    “Graystripe, it is time for me to go to our ancestors,” Silverstream meowed.
    “No! Silverstream! Yellowfang can save you! Stay for our kits! Stay for me!” Graystripe meowed. Tears formed in every cats eyes. Well, except for the kits and Tigerclaw’s, of course.
    “I can’t, Graystripe,” Silverstream meowed, “I couldn’t see our ancestors before. But I see one now.”
    “No! Silverstream!” Graystripe meowed.
    “Goodbye, my love,” Silverstream meowed, “take care of our kits.” Then, Silverstream’s head lolled back, her body stiffened, and she was dead.
    “No! SILVERSTREAM!” Graystripe shouted. Then, it started raining, as though StarClan was mourning for Silverstream too.
    “Graystripe, we’re going back to camp,” Fireheart meowed.
    “I’m staying here,” Graystripe meowed.
    “That’s okay,” Fireheart meowed. Then he, Cinderpelt, Yellowfang, and Tigerclaw carried the kits back to camp. They set them down in the clearing.
    “These are the kits of Graystripe and a RiverClan cat named Silverstream,” Fireheart meowed, “Silverstream has just died giving birth to them.”
    “I’ll go speak to Bluestar,” Tigerclaw said threateningly. Tigerclaw went to Bluestar’s den, and Cinderpelt and Fireheart carried the two kits to the nursery. Goldenflower had recently had her two kits, and Cinderpelt hoped that Goldenflower would take the two in.
    “Goldenflower,” Fireheart spoke, “these are the kits of Graystripe and a RiverClan cat, Silverstream. Silverstream has died giving birth to them. Will you take them in?”
    “Of course she won’t!” Speckletail meowed, “She already has two fine kits, and she doesn’t need anymore!”
    “Speckletail, I know how to take care of kits!” Goldenflower meowed, “this is my second litter, remember?” Cinderpelt remembered that Swiftpaw was Goldenflower’s first litter. Well, Swiftpaw had a sister, Lynxkit, but Lynxkit died being born. Frostfur had told Cinderpelt, Brackenfur, Brightpaw, and Thornpaw that when Goldenflower was far away so that she wouldn’t hear. Cinderpelt noticed that one of the kits had a black tabby coat, like Tigerclaw’s, and the other had a tortiseshell\calico coat. Cinderpelt immidietly knew that they were Goldenflower and Tigerclaw’s kits because of their colors.
    “I’ll take them in,” Goldenflower meowed, “I’m sure Tigerclaw, Bramblekit, and Tawnykit won’t mind.” Oh, Tigerclaw will mind, Cinderpelt thought, but I’m sure Bramblekit and Tawnykit wouldn’t reject a playmate. Cinderpelt set down the stormy gray one and Fireheart set down the silver one. They mewled when they smelled milk, and Goldenflower brought them to her belly.
    “What are their names?” Goldenflower asked.
    “They don’t have ones yet,” Fireheart meowed.
    “I think that they should be Stormkit and Silverkit,” Goldenflower meowed.
    “Let’s let Graystripe decide,” Fireheart meowed, “he is the father, after all.”
    Fireheart went to find Graystripe, and Cinderpelt got bored and went to find Brackenfur. Apparently, Brackenfur had gone on a hunt. Great. Cinderpelt sat down and did absolutely nothing. Then, Dustpelt came and sat down next to her.
    “You sitting with someone?” Dustpelt asked.
    “No, I’m just sitting here bored out of my mind,” Cinderpelt meowed. Dustpelt giggled, and he sat down next to her.
    “I didn’t know that Graystripe mated with a RiverClan cat,” Dustpelt meowed, “I mean, I was an apprentice with him! I thought I knew him pretty well.”
    “Yeah,” Cinderpelt meowed, “I didn’t know either until I wanted to talk to Fireheart and I heard he was at the Sunningrocks.”
    “Ah,” Dustpelt meowed, “well, Tigerclaw is calling me for a patrol, so gotta go.”
    “Bye, Dustpelt,” Cinderpelt meowed.
    “Bye, Cinderpelt,” Dustpelt meowed, and he got up and walked away. Cinderpelt stared after him. What was this feeling she was feeling? That she didn’t have to chase after him for something? Cinderpelt did not know what she was feeling, and nor did she understand it.

  • Code of The Stars Chapter 2
    Recap: Ambercloud of ThunderClan has 4 healthy kits, Bubblekit, Sandkit, Fluffykit, and Dreamkit. They have reached the age of 6 moons and are now apprentices. (Also, in prologue, Flowermistle (me, a med cat) found Mothwing having kits. One of her kits MIGHT…I mean MIGHT…be one of Ambercloud’s kits. MAYBE Ambercloud is a foster mother?)

    Dreampaw stood at the entrance of the camp, waiting for Flowermistle and Jayfeather to come out of the medicine den. 

    Today Flowermistle is going to introduce me to StarClan! She thought excitedly.

    She looked around, and found Fluffypaw sitting outside the apprentices’ den, sharing tongues with Snowpaw.

    “Hey! Fluffypaw! Snowpaw!” She called. If Jayfeather and Flowermistle are taking so long, then maybe she could talk to the other apprentices for a bit.

    Fluffypaw looked up and hurried towards her, Snowpaw at his side. “Dreampaw! Creamfern took me out hunting today, and I actually caught three big mice today! No one in the Clan will be hungry now,” Fluffypaw declared as he puffed out his chest.

    “That’s great! You’ll definitely make a good hunter one day,” Dreampaw praised, “And guess what I’m going to do tonight? I’m going to share dreams with StarClan!”

    “Wow! That sounds interesting,” Snowpaw exclaimed.

    “Yeah, but I can’t tell it to anyone,” Dreampaw replied sadly, “Jayfeather said the meeting is a secret.”

    “Oh, it’s okay,” Snowpaw meowed reassuringly, changing the subject, “By the way, how’s your training? I’ve heard that Jayfeather is kind of grumpy.”

    “Don’t say that in front of him!” Dreampaw joked, “He’ll rip your fur off and make you a kind of new herb.”

    “Then at least I can help people,” Snowpaw teased back.

    Dreampaw was about to reply when she heard pawsteps coming from the medicine den. She turned and saw Flowermistle, Jayfeather behind her, walking out of the den.

    “Good, you’re ready,” Flowermistle meowed, “then let’s go. It’s your first half-moon meeting, and you don’t want to be late.”

    “Okay,” Dreampaw replied, trying to hide her excitement. She is going to become a real medicine cat tonight, and she will share dreams with StarClan! 

    * * *

    When Dreampaw followed Jayfeather and Flowermistle through the trail left by countless medicine cats before her, she was amazed by Jayfeather’s speed. He walked like he could actually see clearer than anyone.

    “I’ve walked this trail longer than you could imagine,” as if sensing her questioning gaze flashing towards him, Jayfeather grunted.

    “Oh, okay, sorry,” Dreampaw replied awkwardly.

    Jayfeather was just about to reply when an excited meow sounded from the top of the hillsides. A gray tom rushed out, almost colliding into Dreampaw.

    “Kestrelflight! It’s so good to see you,” Flowermistle exclaimed.

    “Me too,” the WindClan medicine cat purred, then turned to Dreampaw, “So you are Dreampaw?”

    “Yes,” Dreampaw replied, forcing herself not to tremble.

    Then, a small tabby tom padded out of the ferns. He looked at Dreampaw, surprise lighting up his gaze.

    “New ThunderClan medicine cat?” He said with some sorrow in his tone, “I thought the most important thing in ThunderClan now isn’t another medicine cat?”

    “Littlecloud’s only apprentice died, and he never took another one,” Flowermistle whispered into Dreampaw’s ears, “Then he sees a Clan with three medicine cats.”

    “I understand,” Dreampaw reassured.

    “Hey, are we going to the Moonpool or not?” Jayfeather muttered before anyone could say anything more.

    “Okay, okay,” Kestrelflight replied, amusement glittering in his eyes, and added to the other medicine cats, “Grumpy old Jayfeather.”

    “I heard it!” Jayfeather’s growl sounded up ahead.

    Dreampaw couldn’t stop herself from purring.

    * * *

    When they arrived at the Moonpool, a dappled golden she-cat and a gray she-cat was already there, standing at the entrance. 

    “I thought you weren’t coming tonight,” the gray she-cat mewed when she saw them.

    “Sorry, Willowshine, we were chatting to Flowermistle’s new apprentice Dreampaw,” Kestrelflight replied happily, “Actually, Mothwing! Look at her! She looks so much like you!”

    The other she-cat turned around, and when she looked straight at Dreampaw, surprise filled her gaze. She purred. “You must be Dreampaw! I’m Mothwing, a RiverClan medicine cat. It’s so good to see you.”

    “Er…me too,” Dreampaw replied questioningly. Why was Mothwing so excited to meet her?

    “Let’s go to the Moonpool, we’re wasting moonlight,” Littlecloud mewed before she could think further.

    * * *

    The Moonpool was a bit dark, but starlight glittered almost everywhere. Dreampaw walked beside Flowermistle, feeling her paws slipping easily into the paw prints made by cats so many seasons ago.

    “It’s such a long time…” she thought she heard Jayfeather murmuring, but she didn’t pay much attention to it.

    Soon she and the other medicine cats arrived at the Moonpool. The pool was shining with countless starlight, as though it was a pool of starry water. Dreampaw wanted to bound up and share dreams with StarClan immediately, but she forced herself to stay calm, and waited for the others to walk through.

    “Dreampaw,” Flowermistle meowed as she settled beside the pool, “Is it your wish to enter the mysteries of StarClan as ThunderClan’s medicine cat?”

    “It is,” Dreampaw felt her paws tremble; she thought she might fall into the pool somehow.

    “Warriors of StarClan,” Flowermistle continued, “I present to you this apprentice. She has chosen the path of a medicine cat. Grant her your wisdom and insight so that she may understand your ways and heal her Clan in accordance with your will.”

    “Dreampaw! Dreampaw!” the other medicine cat yowled together. Dreampaw felt herself full of pride and anticipation. She is a real medicine cat apprentice now!

    “Let’s share with StarClan now,” Littlecloud said as he touched his nose to the pool. The others followed, and when Dreampaw did so, she lost her footing and fell down on soft grass.

    Wait…grass? I thought I was at the Moonpool? Dreampaw thought questioningly.

    “These are StarClan’s hunting grounds,” a voice answered her. Dreampaw followed the voice and found a mottled gray she-cat staring at her.

    “Who are you?” Dreampaw tensed, and backed away self-consciously.

    “No need to fear,” the she-cat narrowed her eyes, “I’m Yellowfang, a ThunderClan medicine cat.”

    “Yellowfang!” Dreampaw exclaimed, as though seeing the old she-cat for the first time, “I’ve heard older cats talking about you.”

    “They better be,” Yellowfang muttered, then looked at Dreampaw once more, this time with solemnity in her gaze, “The stars are broken. Fix it with the bond of your scattered friends.”

    “What? Is that a prophecy?” Dreampaw couldn’t believe that she actually got a prophecy on her first day.

    “Yes,” Yellowfang nodded, “Solve it yourself. If not, your Clan might not survive, so will StarClan.”

    “But I’m still an apprentice…” Dreampaw argued while Yellowfang’s body became paler, “Hey! Don’t go!”

    “Solve it yourself,” Yellowfang whispered, and then vanished, leaving Dreampaw in total darkness.

  • Chapter Nine
    Cinderpelt stared after Dustpelt, shook her head, and padded to the Warriors den. That would shelter her from the rain. She thought that maybe tomorrow she, Fireheart, and some other cats could go on a patrol. Then she would bring up the Tigerclaw thing to try and get Fireheart’s attention. It was perfect.
    Cinderpelt woke up to a shout.
    “ThunderClan, attack!” it was Tigerclaw’s shout.
    “What?” Cinderpelt meowed.
    “Rouges are attacking! Let’s go!” Sandstorm shouted. Cinderpelt leaped up, out of her daze. Then she ran outside. She went next to Fireheart. She unsheathed her claws. Then, she noticed that Tigerclaw’s claws were sheathed.
    “Fireheart!” Cinderpelt meowed, “Tigerclaw’s claws are sheathed! He is on the rouges side!” Fireheart gasped.
    “You’re right, Cinderpelt!” Fireheart meowed. Cinderpelt felt a flutter of excitement in her chest. Fireheart had told her she was right! But Cinderpelt couldn’t concentrate on that right now. She leaped into combat. She tried to fight next to Fireheart, but he had gone out of sight. So Cinderpelt and Dustpelt teamed up against a red rouge. Their blows were like one, as they fought, side by side. Cinderpelt wished she could be doing this with Fireheart, but she had to settle with Dustpelt, for the sake of ThunderClan. Cinderpelt saw Willowpelt, who was expecting kits, scratch a rouge so hard that he ran screaming into some thorn bushes. Wow, Cinderpelt thought, now that’s talent. Cinderpelt and Dustpelt beat the red rouge, and Cinderpelt nodded to him and lept into the battle to find Fireheart. She heard Fireheart shout, “Tigerclaw!” from in the leader’s den. Cinderpelt ran to the entrance, but saw that Graystripe was already coming in.
    “Please take my place in pinning down Tigerclaw,” Cinderpelt heard Fireheart meow. Graystripe gladly did, and he pinned Tigerclaw down, hard. Cinderpelt watched as Fireheart came out of the den and leaped onto the Highrock.
    “Get down from there!” One-Eye shouted, “You have no right to be up there!”
    “Tigerclaw just tried to murder Bluestar!” Fireheart called. A gasp went through the Clan. The Queens and their kits had poked their heads out of the nursery, and the Queens covered their kits ears and rapped their tails around them.
    “May we have Featherkit and Stormkit?” Leapordfur asked, “We did help you win the battle.”
    “Okay,” Graystripe meowed. A second gasp went through the Clan.
    “Graystripe, what…” Fireheart meowed.
    “Thank you,” Leapordfur. Graystripe and Fireheart got Featherkit and Stormkit and went outside of camp and to the RiverClan border. Then, Fireheart returned, but with no Graystripe.
    “Graystripe joined RiverClan,” Fireheart meowed, “he said that he can’t stay away from his only link to Silverstream.” Cinderpelt nodded. Bluestar leaped onto the Highrock, and Tigerclaw sat below for his trial.
    “Tigerclaw, you have tried to kill me,” Bluestar meowed, “and you’ve killed several cats already. You will now be exiled. Any last words?”
    “Longtail, will you come with me?” Tigerclaw asked.
    “Goodness, no!” Longtail meowed, “I used to do your bidding, but now, I quit! Trying to kill the Clan leader showed me what you really are, Tigerclaw!”
    “Okay then, Dustpelt, will you come with me?” Tigerclaw asked.
    “Gosh no!” Dustpelt meowed, “For the same reasons as Longtail.”
    “Then Goldenflower, will you and our kits come with me?” Tigerclaw asked.
    “I want-” Tawnykit started, but Goldenflower covered Tawnykit’s mouth with her tail.
    “Goodness, no!” Goldenflower meowed, “I don’t know what I ever saw in you. But at least I now have two lovely kits. That is the only thing good about you.” Tigerclaw rolled his eyes.
    “Okay then, Darkstripe?” Tigerclaw asked. Darkstripe hesitated, but then he shook his head. But did Cinderpelt see him wink? Cinderpelt let it go.
    “Tigerclaw, enough of this nonsense!” Bluestar meowed, “Get out of this camp, NOW!”
    “Fine,” Tigerclaw meowed, “but be warned, ThunderClan. Don’t ever stop looking back. Because just when you feel safe, I’ll pounce.” That sent shivers down Cinderpelt’s spine.

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