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Nobody will stop you from creating. Do it tonight. Do it tomorrow. That is the way to make your soul grow – whether there is a market for it or not! The kick of creation is the act of creating, not anything that happens afterward. I would tell all of you watching this screen: Before you go to bed, write a four line poem. Make it as good as you can. Don’t show it to anybody. Put it where nobody will find it. And you will discover that you have your reward.

Kurt Vonnegut

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Water'wish | water that runs endlessly
Water'wish | water that runs endlessly
November 27, 2020 3:57 pm

Ello, waterwish, AGAIN. Just wanted to know if you had the med spot, and if someone took it, can i be her/his apprentice?

November 27, 2020 4:24 pm

Hey everyone! I am writing a fanfic and i need five more characters! PLZ post some oc’s
two per person please!

November 27, 2020 5:03 pm

If the warriors were somehow able to text and had a group chat:

Bramblestar’s imposter: Hey there, ThunderClan.
Berrynose: Uh…Bramblestar? Is that you?
Bramblestar’s imposter: Yeah, yeah. K, so who’s being on the dawn patrol tom morning? Let’s get this Clan moving.
Sparkpelt: Dad…why does it say you’re an imposter?
Lionblaze: Yeah…I was kind of wondering that too.
Bristlefrost: Guys, chill, this is your Clan leader here.
Bramblestar’s imposter: Oops, fox dung.
Bramblestar the Great: Sry…this is better.
Jayfeather: Squirrelflight, can you tell him to stop changing his profile?!?!
Squirrelflight: Um…I don’t have access to his phone anymore.
Bramblestar the Great: Wait! Why is she still on the Clan chat?
Squirrelflight left the chat.
Bramblestar the Great: Wait! Squirrelflight! Don’t go!
Jayfeather: *eye roll*
Berrynose: Uh, Bramblestar, what are you doing about patrols?
Bramblestar the Great: FIGURE IT OUT YOU MOUSE BRAIN
Bramblestar the Great left the chat.
Bristlefrost: Yikes.
Bristlefrost left the chat.
Jayfeather: I knew he was an imposter.
Squirrelflight: Totally.
Jayfeather: Hey! When did you get back on?
Squirrelflight: Uh…
Squirrelflight left the chat.
Jayfeather left the chat.

Briarkit's getting a puppy!
Briarkit's getting a puppy!
November 27, 2020 7:44 pm

Chapter Ten
Cinderpelt sat in the scorching heat. Bluestar had just called a Clan meeting, and there were only four cats in the shade and the rest of the Clan was being scorched alive.
“I, Bluestar, leader of ThunderClan, call upon my not real Warrior ancestors to look down on these two kits,” Bluestar sounded bored, “they are six moons old and ready to become apprentice. Fernkit, until you recieve your Medicine Cat name, you will now be known as Fernpaw. StarClan which isn’t real honors that you want to be a Medicine Cat. Yellowfang, you will mentor Fernpaw. StarClan that isn’t real honors your herb knowledge and loyalty, and I hope you pass these taits on to Fernpaw.” Fernpaw and Yellowfang touched noses, and Fernpaw moved from next to Brindleface in the shade to next to Yellowfang in the shade.
“Ashkit, until you recieve your Warrior name, you will now be known as Ashpaw,” Bluestar still sounded bored, “Dustpelt, you will mentor Ashpaw. StarClan that isn’t real honors your hunting and fighting skills, and I hope you pass these traits down to Ashpaw.” Ashpaw moved from next to his mother in the shade to next to Dustpelt in the scorching heat as they touched noses.
“Meeting over!” Bluestar called, for the first time putting enthusiasm in her words, “Shoo!” The Clan scattered again, looking for shade in the camp. Dustpelt took Ashpaw out into the woods for a tour of it and Yellowfang took Fernpaw into the Medicine Den for a tour of it. Cinderpelt went over to the shade of the Highrock, as that was where Fireheart was.
“Hi, Fireheart,” Cinderpelt meowed.
“Hi, Cinderpelt,” Fireheart meowed.
“So, did Bluestar tell you why she picked Dustpelt?” Cinderpelt asked.
“Oh, I picked him,” Fireheart meowed, “she told me to do it.”
“Oh,” Cinderpelt meowed, “then why did you pick him?”
“Well, I know that Dustpelt, Darkstripe, and Longtail are trying to prove themselves the most, so I thought that since Longtail is training Swiftpaw, Darkstripe has had several apprentices, and that left only Dustpelt, and Ashpaw is his first apprentice,” Fireheart meowed.
“Cool,” Cinderpelt meowed.
“Why are you asking?” Fireheart asked. Cinderpelt looked at her paws.
“‘Cause I kinda wanted an apprentice,” Cinderpelt meowed.
“Well, I’ll think about giving you one from Goldenflower’s litter,” Fireheart meowed, “but Brackenfur has asked for one first, so I think I’ll just give the other to you. But you might not get one. I’m not sure if I want to yet.”
“Okay,” Cinderpelt meowed, “that’s fine with me.”
“Good,” Fireheart meowed. Then he got up and padded to the entrance when he saw Dustpelt and Ashpaw coming back in. Cinderpelt padded into the Warriors den and watched the day go by from there. Snowkit chased his tail and Bramblekit and Tawnykit playfighted with each other. Once, when Bramblekit leaped on Snowkit, even though Snowkit was much bigger, Bramblekit pinned him down.
“Bramblekit! Let go!” Cinderpelt heard Goldenflower call.
“Yes Mama!” Bramblekit let go of Snowkit, and Snowkit scampered over to Speckletail. Speckletail rapped her tail around Snowkit and scowled at Bramblekit. Bramblekit got so scared that he ran into the Warriors den.
“Hello, Bramblekit,” Cinderpelt meowed, “I’m Cinderpelt.”
“What is this place?” Bramblekit asked.
“This is the Warriors den,” Cinderpelt meowed, “kits aren’t allowed in here, but I’ll let it slip.” Cinderpelt winked. Bramblekit scampered out.
“Bye!” he called. Then he ran over to Goldenflower to tell her who he met. Cinderpelt smiled. I hope that one day a kit can come to me like that, Cinderpelt thought, and that it can be mine and Fireheart’s.

Silver SweetTart Heart Candy Gram Things That You Get For Valentine's Day :P (Silverpaw/fin)
Silver SweetTart Heart Candy Gram Things That You Get For Valentine's Day :P (Silverpaw/fin)
November 27, 2020 11:49 pm

Hmm…what to put on here today………I know what about a MHA Fan Fiction great idea Silver okay I’m gonna do it mwahahhahahahahaha!
Okay, in all seriousness, this is a fan fiction that me and my friend Blastpaw are working on, and I quite enjoy following Fin’s journey, so I hope you enjoy this little snippet. If you want me to continue, I will, so please tell me if you like it.
A’ight, here we go!


Morning. A time of day when she didn’t know what on earth was happening. A time of day when she didn’t want to know, or to remember, what happened in her nightmares. 
The girl opened her eyes to find herself in a room. The room. The room that those darn scientists had created to habituate specifically her. Sound-proofed walls, sound-proofed floor, sound-proofed ceiling. Metal clamp for her mouth. No straitjacket – the fifteen-year-old was luckier than most people of her age in here in the fact that she didn’t need one. Her quirk didn’t rely on her hands, they’d quickly figured out, which was why the chains were gone as well. No, much rarer: it relied on her voice. 
Siren Quirk. One of the deadliest in the world. She didn’t know how it had come to her; no one in her family had had it at all. Or, at least, for a long time. 
She had no idea how it had just…appeared overnight.
From when what had seemed a simple, non-real nightmare…had turned into a living one. 


September 1st. New year. Year she was supposed to start kindergarten. 
Ten years earlier. 
In the middle of a house that would soon turn to rubble.
The little girl tossed and turned, absorbed in her feverish dream. A world on fire, the two corpses of her loving parents, and a looming face, one with blue hair and hands all over him.
And then she saw him reach for the corpses. 
They decayed in front of her, leaving nothing but flakes and bits of where her mother used to be. The man holding them…was laughing.
She shrieked. Loud. Hard. Her voice reaching levels no one had heard before. 
Her parents sat straight up in their bed. Their eardrums were cracking, and their brains were splitting open. They screamed, pleading with her to make it stop. But the girl couldn’t hear them. She was trapped in a never-ending death dream, one she couldn’t escape. Within moments, her parents’ broken, lifeless bodies flopped onto the ground. 


She woke up in a room. The room.
An unfamiliar metal thing was clenching her mouth shut. Her wrists were put in chains, which connected to a wall; evidently her feet were in the same situation. She was sitting on a cot, a small, used blanket at her feet. No shoes, no socks – though she remembered going to sleep with socks on. All she was wearing was a tattered pale blue nightgown and white leggings.
Someone walked through the door. An officer…
“Excuse me, ma’am,” the officer said, clearly surprised she was awake. “I’m sorry to disturb you; I was only making sure that you were, in fact, still in your room, and that you hadn’t escaped.”
The officer handed her a piece of paper and a crayon. She looked at it, then back at the officer, as if to say, I’m only five; how do you expect me to write yet? But he didn’t realize his mistake, so she spelled out as well as she could, though her hand was shaking:
Wer am i
“Ah. You wish to know where you are?”
She nodded. 
“You are in the holding facility in Washington, D.C., for quirks that must be monitored by the government,” the officer said. A tag gleaming a name she saw as Officer Jones flashed in her eyes, blinding her for a small moment. 
The girl was confused. But i dont hav a kwirk
“Ah, but little bean, yes you do. In fact, yours is one of the most deadly quirks in the world.”
Her head spun. She had a quirk? She’d never shown it before…not by a long shot. 
Wat is yer nam
“My name is Officer Lukas Jones, but you can call me Luke.” 
Well, that was a little hard to get right. She whispered “Luke” to herself, stopping when she realized that the clamp was still on her mouth. She gestured towards it, then wrote wat is tis for
“That is to help you control your quirk…at least, until you’re old enough to be trusted with it,” Luke explained uncomfortably. 
Oh. Okay.
Wat is yir kwirk
“My quirk is Mute, which is where I can mute anyone I wish just by looking into their eyes.” Luke rubbed the back of his neck. “Its weak points are it stops automatically once I myself talk, and it…can be blocked by powerful quirks. Such as yours.” He looked at her meaningfully, like she should know what that meant.
Wat is mi kwirk 
“Your quirk?” Luke thought for a moment. “Your quirk is Siren. The government had no idea how you inherited it, but, well, you did.” 
When he didn’t elaborate more, the five-year-old frowned. She wanted to know more. More about her quirk.
Wat duz it du
“What does your quirk do?” Silence fell across the two new friends. The girl thought she saw fear spark in Luke’s eyes.
Finally, Luke murmured, “Your quirk mainly relies on your ability to talk, to sing, to use your vocal chords. Apart from that, you have gills on your neck that allow you to breathe underwater.
“There are four levels, or modes, to your voice: Regular, Thought, Mystic, and Hyper, each one more dangerous than the last.
“The first mode, Regular, is just talking. It’s when you aren’t using your quirk in any way possible.
“The second mode, Thought, is when you’re barely using your quirk, or it’s the aftermath of Mystic. Basically you are infested into the affected person’s thoughts, and you linger in the back of their minds. It grows larger every time you fully use Mystic on that person; if you use Thought on them again, then it remains the same. 
“The third mode is Mystic. This is when you’re fully using your quirk. When you sing while you’re using this level, people fall into trances, and they do what you say, even when you stop singing and are only talking. To deactivate the quirk, you touch one of your fingers – or your thumb – to your mouth.” 
Unconsciously, the girl’s fingers traveled to her upper lip, tapping it thoughtfully. 
“And the fourth…” Luke hesitated. “I don’t think I should continue, miss. This could be quite traumatizing.”
She didn’t know what the word ‘traumatizing’ meant, but she did want to hear anyways, so she quickly nodded, willing him to go on.
“Fine,” he relented. “The fourth mode is Hyper. When you use Hyper, most times when you scream, your voice has the ability to reach the decibel level needed to break objects, shatter bones, turn palaces into piles of rubble, and only stops when you choose to stop. Most times this level is activated on purpose, but sometimes it can be activated…” and now she was sure she saw fear in his eyes, “…instinctively.”
Tension rose as silence grew. The girl felt like she was so close to the answers she wanted: why she was in here in the first place. 
“We think that somehow this quirk came into being in you since your mother had the Mermaid Quirk, and your father had the Song Quirk.” Mermaid Quirk: her mother had gills and was able to breathe underwater with those, and when she went underwater, her feet merged into a beautiful shimmering blue-green tail. And Song Quirk: her father was able to send people into slight trances when he sang. It made sense that those two quirks would combine and become a deadly one. What were the odds?
Finally, she couldn’t hold it back any longer. 
Y am i heer
“Why are you here?” Luke bit his lip. “Um…”
The little girl frowned. Pleez tel me i onle want tu now y i am her
“…fine. I’ll tell you.” Luke took a deep breath. “While you were asleep, you had a bad dream. This…dream…triggered your quirk. When you screamed, you accidentally activated Hyper mode. You broke everything. As far as the ear could hear, everything was crumbling and in ruin. 
“It took us five days to get you out of your house. You were still trapped; we lost many men in the process of getting you out. Finally, they sent me in with a quirk-cancelling suit on. The suit broke just as I reached you. It was…like nothing I’d ever felt before.” Luke shuddered, clenching his side, and she realized the bones in his ribs had cracked. “I managed to open your eyelids enough to see how small the pupil and iris had become, like you were terrified. And we knew you were. But once I had looked into your eyes, the shrieks stopped. And we brought you here, and I didn’t say a word until I came in here.” 
From that moment, and forever forwards, the girl was afraid of herself. In an hour, scientists would come in and run tortuous experiments on her, experiments with her vocal chords and her mind. After about two years, they gave her a metal choker that went around her neck, with a reader that was able to read what level of her quirk she was using, and she was allowed to speak for the first time since The Destruction. The reason for this was to teach her how to control her quirk; and she did as much as she could, barely using it unless she had to. 
When she was nine years old, she was allowed to attend fourth grade. She didn’t use her quirk unless required to, and she was mainly silent, except with her new best friend, Carter Willows. And she was allowed to go to school ever since. 


Now. Present day. Tenth grade. 
The fifteen-year-old danger pulled on her favorite grey hoodie over her light-blue T-shirt and black jean shorts, tapping the toe of her white Converse high tops. A nurse had come and taken off her metal binding, allowing her to talk and to answer questions at school. She knew that at some point, though, she would be out of school, and then she would probably never get to see the outside world again…
Which would drive her insane. She loved the world outside of the facility’s sad pale grey bricks and sky-tiled floors. She loved sitting in the shade of the maple tree out in the front of the facility and reading a book. She loved unlocking her locker at the high school she attended, and talking to Carter every day. She loved getting to see the city lights at night, when she was getting ice cream with Luke and Carter. And she wouldn’t be able to do those again.
Suddenly, a knock sounded on the door. The young woman looked up, surprised. Most times people didn’t knock, they just…barged in. It was their right, after all. 
“Excuse me, Ms. Wright?” Luke’s voice sounded from the other side. “You have a visitor.”
The girl walked over to the thick wooden door and carefully cracked it open, peeking out to see a man in a thick black suit looking at her. He looked pretty official…
“C-come in,” she stammered quietly, leaving the door as it was and scampering back to her cot. Her voice was nervous, soft, as if it couldn’t hurt anyone. As if it wouldn’t hurt anyone.
The man in the suit walked in, shutting the door behind him. His black footsteps echoed across the room as he came and sat down on the floor.
She was surprised. Most officials just stood in the corner of the room, eyeing her anxiously to see what she would do to them. Which was always nothing. She just sat on the cot and listened to what they had to say.
The man cleared his throat. “I see you aren’t very violent.”
“No, sir,” the girl replied meekly. 
“Well, that’s one thing.” He chuckled, then fell silent again. “Ms…Wright, was it? I’m not sure I introduced myself. I’m-”
“President Brewer,” she interrupted, brushing an errant strand of her silvery-blue hair behind her ear. “I’ve learned about you in Civics.” 
“Ah. Yes. Well. I’ve come to ask you some questions.”
Blunt and straight to the point. Must be a little uncomfortable, then. Afraid of her quirk, like everyone but Luke and Carter was. Hm…
“Are you happy here?” the president finally asked, his face settling into thoughtful concern. 
She blinked. No one but Carter had asked her this before. And while she’d answered “yes” truthfully at the time…
“No,” she blurted out. “I’m not.” Then she clapped her hands over her mouth. 
President Brewer smiled. “That’s what I thought. Now, would you like to be a hero?”
“Um, yes,” the girl decided, after a moment of thought. “I would.”
“Would you like to go to a school that would help you with this dream?”
“Yes. Very much, yes.” 
“Well then,” the president concluded, “I have set you and your friend Mr. Willows up to go to the UA Academy, the top hero school in the world, in two weeks’ time. I suggest that you get started packing.” And with a wink and a smile, he added, “they will be pleased to see you, Delfini.”
And then he was gone, leaving Fin in stunned silence. 

If you made it this far, tell me if you like it! I might try (and fail) again to start a WC fan fiction, but I’m having a lot of fun writing MHA and original stories, so I might not. Until then, see you with Burned next, I promise!

November 28, 2020 5:11 am

Hi everyone! Have a happy (late but meh I don’t care) thanksgiving! Stay safe at home!

Even though that was completely off topic of warriors.

Briarkit's getting a puppy!
Briarkit's getting a puppy!
November 28, 2020 2:52 pm

Chapter Eleven
Cinderpelt was sleeping in the Warriors den. Her nest used to be next to Firehearts, but then Fireheart became a Senior Warrior by becoming deputy and he took Tigerclaw’s old nest in the center of the Warriors den. Cinderpelt felt oddly hot. She didn’t know why.
“ThunderClan! Fire!” Cinderpelt was jolted awake when she heard Fireheart’s desperate cry. Cinderpelt leaped out of the den.
“What should I do?” Cinderpelt asked.
“Get the kits out of camp!” Fireheart meowed.
“Right!” Cinderpelt meowed. Cinderpelt leaped into the nursery.
“Fire!” Cinderpelt shouted, “Get the kits out!” Goldenflower immidetly picked up Tawnykit, and Speckletail got Snowkit. Willowpelt picked up Sorrelkit and put Sootkit and Rainkit on her back. Cinderpelt picked up Bramblekit and ran out. She ran to the Sunningrocks, but when she got there, she noticed that she had dropped Bramblekit.
“Bramblekit!” Goldenflower whimpered.
“I’ll find him!” Fireheart shouted, and he charged back to camp.
“Fireheart! No!” Sandstorm shouted. He’s so brave, Cinderpelt thought. But then worry crept into her. What if Fireheart didn’t find Bramblekit, and the fire destroied him? That would be terrible. Cinderpelt couldn’t imagine a world without Fireheart. But then, was that a cat shape in the fire? It was Fireheart!
“Fireheart!” Cinderpelt and Sandstorm gasped out.
“Bramblekit!” Goldenflower ran to Fireheart, “Thank you.” Fireheart smiled. But then his smile faded.
“ThunderClan! We need to evacuate!” Fireheart called, “It’s not safe! Swim across the river!”
“Let’s go!” Whitestorm shouted. Willowpelt carried Sorrelkit, and Whitestorm carried Sootkit. Rainkit was on Willowpelt’s back. Goldenflower carried Tawnykit, Fireheart carried Bramblekit, and Speckletail carried Snowkit.
“I’ll take Rainkit!” Cinderpelt meowed to Willowpelt, and she picked the little kit up by the scruff. Willowpelt nodded, but she had a look in her eyes that said, “‘You be careful with him.'” Cinderpelt slowly got into the water and took Rainkit with her. Rainkit squeaked in protest, but Cinderpelt tried to keep on going. Then, she felt a good shove, and she was swimming! Mistyfoot of RiverClan had saved her! Cinderpelt nodded her head with gradditude, and she took Rainkit across easily. Then she got out.
“Come to the RiverClan camp!” Stonefur meowed. Bluestar stared at Mistyfoot and Stonefur. That’s odd, Cinderpelt thought, why would the Clan leader of ThunderClan stare at two RiverClan Warriors? Cinderpelt shrugged it off.
“Queens, you can stay in the nursery!” Leopardfur meowed. Cinderpelt took Rainkit into the nursery and set him down at Willowpelt’s belly.
“Thank you, Cinderpelt,” Willowpelt meowed.
“Your welcome, Willowpelt,” Cinderpelt meowed. Cinderpelt saw two kits sleeping at a tortiseshell\calico she-cat’s belly. Cinderpelt recognized those kits immidietly.
“Featherkit? Stormkit?” Cinderpelt meowed.
“Shh,” the she-cat meowed, “they’re sleeping.”
“I was at their birth,” Cinderpelt meowed.
“So you must be Cinderpelt, the only she-cat besides Yellowfang and Silverstream there,” sadness had filled the she-cats voice when she said Silverstream’s name.
“I’ll leave you all in piece,” Cinderpelt meowed to Goldenflower, Speckletail, Willowpelt, the she-cat, and all the kits. Cinderpelt left and fell asleep next to Fireheart. That felt good.
After a few days, it was safe to go back to the ThunderClan camp, and Cinderpelt carried Sootkit back to camp this time. She followed Willowpelt, who was carrying Sorrelkit, and Whitestorm, who was carrying Rainkit. Cinderpelt padded through the forest, and she looked at the burnt up trees. They looked terrible, and Cinderpelt felt extremely sad about them. When they got back to camp, they burried Halftail and Yellowfang’s bodies. Even the kits were sad, even though they didn’t really understand it. Cinderpelt was glad that ThunderClan still lived. Cinderpelt did not know how the fire was caused, but she now knew that burns hurt!

November 28, 2020 5:26 pm

This is a piece that quite personal to me, I wrote it today when I was struggling with gender dysphoria. It’s not the best thing I’ve written, I really dislike how it flows and stuff but I guess I wanted to share it

Basically, it’s about my emotions around she/her pronouns which is something I’ve really struggled with (I currently use he/they, xe/xem, ae/aem, mae/mim, se/hem, ot/ots, fey/feir and bee/bees pronouns)


I don’t hate being called she. At least, some of the time I don’t. It’s just incorrect, like a small child pointed at a dog, announcing it was a cat, you can laugh, brush it off and move on with your day. The word doesn’t make me feel sick to my stomach or like I’m pushing through a blazing fire. She is a false statement, nothing more than a mix up of memory. There’s nothing wrong with she. 

But some days she is like a punch to the gut. An insult on my identity, my labels, my gender. It’s a screaming voice telling me that I’ll never be who I want to be, I’m faking it, I’m faking it, I can’t be nonbinary because of an endless list of conditions and guidelines that I would impose on no one but myself. On those days, I would curl up and want to cry, because she is a reminder that never in my life I have been correctly gendered by those around me. She is a threat that I will be stuck in this place forever. 

Other times it is like a bittersweet memory, the word brings back thoughts of my past, my childhood, my treasured memories. Those days come rarely but when they do I welcome she. It’s not perfect, it fits just like an old shirt that I’ve almost grown out of but it’s comforting nonetheless. On these days she is three letters that I want to hold onto and treasure. 

For so long I tried to force myself to despise or love the word. Surely there was no way I could be in between, indifferent to it some days and hating it the next. Now I understand. She is neither an enemy nor a friend, just an acquaintance who I have no desire to get closer to. She is a word that I don’t want to be linked to but at the same time don’t want to let go of. Maybe this will all change in the future, maybe I’ll learn to cherish or hate it, but for now at least I know where I stand. 

November 28, 2020 7:47 pm

Velvettail´s Quest, by Dovepaw
Velvettail – gray she-cat with green eyes.
Turtleshell – Dark ginger tom with lighter ginger specks.
Rainpaw – White she-cat with one gray paw
Beestripe – Black and white tom
Dawnleaf – dappled tortoiseshell she-cat
Streamstar – elegant gray tabby tom.
Dovestream – light gray she-cat with white paws, chest, underbelly, and tail tip.
Sandypaw – light sandy colored she-cat
Flamestar – flamelike ginger tom
Nightmoon – Black she-cat
Moonpaw – small black tom
Wavewind – brown and white she-cat
Wormtail – hairless tom
Silverpaw – silver tabby tom
Specklewish – tortoiseshell she-cat
Brackenstar – dark brown tom
Grassstar – light gray she-cat 

Rain water flooded past Velvettail´s paws as she quickly scanned the area. There were no kits in sight, and no queens either. Thank Starclan She prayed quickly before hurrying up after her clan, known as Riverclan. The cats in front of her, her mate, Turtleshell, and her half sister, Rainpaw, were drenched to the bone, their fur sodden like ash. ¨Did we get everyone?¨ Asked Turtleshell in a small pant. Velvettail nodded, and her sister gave a breath of a sigh. 
Just a few moments ago, a steady rain had begun to pour down. Velvettail had thought of this as your typical average everyday rain, but it had rained so hard that the riverwater had overflowed. Now, the Riverclan cats had to evacuate their camp. Thankfully, no cat had been lost in the waves of the fur-drenching water. Rainpaw gave a sigh. ¨Now where do we go?¨ the little apprentice asked Streamstar, the leader of Riverclan. Streamstar didn´t answer, just kept on walking ahead. Velvettail wrapped her tail around Rainpaw´s head. ¨Itĺl be alright. Just wait, you’ll see.¨ She wanted to believe that herself, but no matter how much she thought about it, she could not quite convince herself of her theory.
The rain had slowed to a steady drizzle as they embarked towards the Thunderclan camp.  Velvettail thought her leader must have been kidding when he stated they should go to Thunderclan for a place to stay. He sounded very desperate, Velvettail still could not believe her ears. As they moved closer to Thunderclan’s camp, she could hear the padding of pawsteps hitting the ground. Then, she saw Flamestar, Thunderclan’s leader, heading towards them. He took a quick sniff, then said. ¨Ah, hello, Streamstar. Mind telling me why your on Thunderclan territory?¨ Streamstar did not look into the Thunderclan leader´s eyes as he replied. ¨We request your assistance, Flamestar.¨ Flamestar was looking amused just a moment ago, but now his face was dead serious. He nodded, signaling with his tail for the Riverclan cats to follow him. Velvettail felt a bit uncomfortable. All the Thunderclan cats were staring in awe and amazement. 

Flamestar halted in the middle of the sunlit clearing and turned around to look at Streamstar, who was mumbling to himself in a low voice. ¨So, your warriors and rest of your clan can wait near highrock. ¨ Meowed Flamestar. ¨You and your deputy come to speak with us.¨  With that, Flamestar signaled three of his warriors, including his deputy and mate, Nightmoon, and they headed into the leaders’ den with Streamstar and Beestripe behind them. Velvettail hated being the center of attention. Being stared at gave her chills. Then, Rainpaw murmured something to Velvettail. ¨You know, If you like, I could take the attention off of you.¨ When Velvettail was just about to ask why, Rainpaw turned to all the Thunderclan cats. ¨Guess what.¨ she meowed to them. ¨You all stink like rat droppings!¨ At that, the Thunderclan cats began to hiss at Velvettail sister. Velvettail watched as Turtleshell cuffed the little she-cat around the ear. ¨Watch what you say! We came here for help, not to start a fight.¨ Rainpaw sighed, looking down at her paws. s
It took just a few moments for the two leaders to return to the two clans gathered outside. She couldn’t help but feel relieved when she heard Flamestar say. ¨Well, Streamstar, it’s been decided by me and my deputy. Your clan can stay here for as long as it takes for your camp to recover. But, remember, I am the ruler here, not you for now. So, go take a rest.You Riverclan cats deserve it.¨ And with that, the Thunderclan leader headed back into his den.
Velvettail looked up. The half moon was shining bright above her head. She wasn’t the only uncomfortable cat here; Several of the Riverclan warriors were shifting uneasily in their makeshift nests. She thought Flamestar was just being too modest. Why would one clan leader let an entire other clan take refuge in their territory? Unless they were planning to attack. Foolish Velvettail she tried to tell herself. Thunderclan are just soft hearted cats, that’s all. She thought this as she curled up in her nest, closed her eyes, and went to sleep.
The next morning, the birds were chirping, loud as ever, in the morning light. Velvettail awoke, knowing that morning had arrived by the smell of dew on the grass. She could scent many different scents as she headed out into the Thunderclan clearing. Then, she remembered the events of the day before. The floodwater, her mate and half sister scrambling with her. She caught a glimpse of a Thunderclan apprentice she did not recognise. He was rather small for an apprentice, his short black fur glistening in the sunlight. He saw Velvettail staring at him, and shyly scuffled his paws as he trotted towards her. ¨Hi. You’re a Riverclan cat, right?¨ He meowed. When Velvettail was about to speak, the apprentice had already begun meowing again. ¨Well, hello. My name is Moonpaw. I haven’t been an apprentice long. My mother is the deputy.¨ He looked ready to burst with pride when he spoke of his mother. Velvettail just sighed. ¨So, do you want to go on a hunting patrol with me and my mentor, Specklewish?¨ Moonpaw looked like he wouldnt take no for an answer. So, Velvettail nodded, setting off behind the little tom.
Velvettail was starting to get a bit more comfortable with the Thunderclan cats she strode back to the camp proudly, with three mice in her jaws. Some of the Thunderclan cats came up to congratulate her, others stared with supreme hatred. Moonpaw and Specklewish were just behind, holding prey of their own. Flamestar looked pleased, but Streamstar didn´t. The big gray tabby tom signaled for Velvettail to meet him where he sat, Beestripe by his side. ¨Just what do you think your doing, Velvettail?¨ Asked Streamstar with an irritated hiss as he watched her put the prey on the fresh-kill pile for Thunderclan.  She padded up to him, her eyes giving away

nothing. Beestripe calmly closed his eyes, then opened them again. ¨Velvettail.¨ He said, trying to talk in a calm voice. ¨We cannot hunt with Thunderclan. For starters, this is their territory, and lastly, when we do decide to help, the other clans will notice us hunting together and will wonder what is going on.¨ When he finished, he drew up his paw and began to wash.  Streamstar sighed, looking back at her. ¨Just be more careful.¨ He warned, flicking her away like a flea on his tail.
Velvettail sighed, noticing the little black tom beside her. Is he gonna follow me all day or what? She turned to him. ¨Excuse me, Moonpaw, but don´t you have apprentice duties to attend to?¨ She hoped she wasn’t sounding rude. She wanted time to think, by herself, and with the little tom always there, it was impossible. Moonpaw shook his head. ¨The elders are free of ticks, and their bedding is fresh. The nursery queens have what they need. Nothing for me to do.¨ He blinked, smiling at her. His blue eyes shone like crystals. I’m starting to hate Thunderclan! She groaned to herself. Then, an idea popped into her head. She got up, heading towards Sparklewish, who was sitting alone in the clearing, gazing up at the sky.  ¨Specklewish.¨ she greeted the tortoiseshell kindly, ¨Could you take Moonpaw out to hunt or something? He’s kinda getting in the way of my privacy.¨ Specklewish blinked, looking at Velvettail, then nodded. As she watched Specklewish head towards the den she had left from, she heard Turtleshell from across the clearing. He padded over and settled down beside her. ¨So, do you think you could ever become a Thunderclan cat?¨ He asked, giving a purr of happiness. ¨Of course not.¨ she murmured, giving him a playful shove.
The moon was full up in the sky. A feeling of dread crossed Velvettail´s heart. How are we gonna go to the gathering with Thunderclan? We´ll look weak, and when we return back home, we may be attacked. She tried not to think about it as she gathered to the highrock where Flamestar sat, Nightmoon right below him. Velvettail wasn´t surprised when she saw Moonpaw heading towards her. Oh great. Just what I need! She liked the little tom´s enthusiasm, but not that him following her was good. Flamestar spoke, making the entire clan hush. ¨Cats of Thunderclan and Riverclan,¨ He meowed, looking out over the clearing. ¨You all know that the gathering is tonight. But, there is an issue that must be resolved. If we travel with Riverclan to the gathering, the other two clans may see this as a threat that we have allied with Riverclan.¨ Typical other clans! She thought, forcing herself not to hiss at the flame colored tom. Always worrying about themselves first. Flamestar looked down at Streamstar, who was sitting next to his deputy, Beestripe. ¨Streamstar, what do you propose we do?¨ Flamestar asked, staring at him. Streamstar narrowed his eyes, lost in thought. Then, he got up and stood next to Nightmoon. ¨My thoughts on this predicament are similar to yours, Flamestar.¨ he murmured, looking at the cats in front of him.  ¨But I believe Riverclan has rights, just like your clan.¨ He meowed, looking back up at Flamestar. ¨Riverclan shall vote and see who will go. If you wish to go to the gathering, stand here.¨ He flicked his tail to the right, near a sandy circle of rocks. ¨And if you do not wish to go to the gathering, stand here.¨ He pointed at the other side of the highrock. Beestripe chose to go to the gathering. Streamstar sat, staring at everyone. Velvettail sighed. She wasn’t sure if she wanted to go or not. On one hand, she could go and show strength for Riverclan. On the other hand, she might not go, forcing the other clans to believe they are weak, and word would go around about Riverclan´s weakness, and then that would give them the opportunity to attack them when they arrived back home. 

In the end, Velvettail was last. She chose to go to the gathering. If there was going to be an attack, she would be ready. Her and Turtleshell and Rainpaw and Streamstar were the only cats going. Even the medicine cat of Riverclan was staying. ¨So, most of the clan are going to stay, eh?¨ Asked Turtleshell, gazing out at the cats that were on the left side of the highrock. ¨Well, they´ll be missing out on some good information. Who knows, maybe after we come back and rebuild our camp and get stronger, we can invade another clan.¨ Velvettail turned to look at him, shocked by his words. He gave a purr. ¨Im JOKING¨, he said when she hissed. Flamestar and Streamstar led the way up to the island. Velvettail loved the feeling of the log that jutted out onto the lake from here when she stepped on it. It reminded her of home. Entering the island felt different as all the cats, from the scent of it, Shadowclan and Windclan, were all staring at them. One of the cats must have noticed the Riverclan group, because a small blackish brown she-cat exclaimed. ¨Riverclan? Why are they with Thunderclan? Did something happen? And why are there only four Riverclan cats?¨ All the clans were murmuring to each other now. Great she thought, Now they might find us as weak. She wished she could swipe a paw at the little cat. But, at a gathering, that wasn’t an option. The gathering was a truce for all clans, a time of peace, not war.
When all the cats got settled, Velvettail noticed countless cats staring at Streamstar with interest. Velvettail sighed, looking over at Rainpaw, who was sitting with a cluster of Thunderclan apprentices. Why not the other clans, Rainpaw? She asked the little white cat in her mind. Flamestar yowled, signaling for the gathering to officially start. ¨Thunderclan is doing well. The prey is running and we have plenty of good warriors to survive and thrive.¨ He signaled with his tail to Brackenstar, shadowclan’s leader. Brackenstar stepped forward, the fur on his shoulders bristling. She remembered last time she went to a gathering. Brackenstar had announced that he hated gatherings because war was an only choice option. ¨Shadowclan are having problems rebuilding.¨ he rasped to the cats below.  ¨I assume you all know about the Snakefang incident. But, for those who don´t, let me explain. There was a cat who came to me, her name was Snakefang. She offered to help me control the forest, and ,yes, under my foolish ambition, I seeked her power. She told me we could take over Thunderclan first.¨ He looked at Flamestar coldly. ¨But then she said ´Let’s kill Lionstar. He seems to lead them well´. And so, we infiltrated Thunderclan’s camp and killed Lionstar.¨ Velvettail couldn’t believe her ears. She knew the Thunderclan leader had died, but not like this. She heard outrageous caterwauls from the other clan cats, some including Thunderclan;
¨Evil Shadowclan!¨
¨You fox-hearted cowards!¨
¨I guess once evil, always evil.¨
¨Enough!¨ Roared Brackenstar, silencing the crowd. ¨What would you have done?¨ the crowd of cats silenced, but glared back. ¨Now, on with what I said..¨ he murmured, narrowing his eyes. ¨Yeah, Flamestar here killed Snakefang, and everything went back to normal. ¨ Then, he narrowed his eyes. ¨But we respectfully ask for the clan’s help in rebuilding the camp. We ask, not demand. If you refuse, then it is alright. We do not have time to waste sitting around here at a truce. Shadowclan must return home.¨ And with that, the brown tom leaped off the tree, signaling with his ears and tail for his clan to follow him. The other clans did the same.

In the end, Velvettail was last. She chose to go to the gathering. If there was going to be an attack, she would be ready. Her and Turtleshell and Rainpaw and Streamstar were the only cats going. Even the medicine cat of Riverclan was staying. ¨So, most of the clan are going to stay, eh?¨ Asked Turtleshell, gazing out at the cats that were on the left side of the highrock. ¨Well, they´ll be missing out on some good information. Who knows, maybe after we come back and rebuild our camp and get stronger, we can invade another clan.¨ Velvettail turned to look at him, shocked by his words. He gave a purr. ¨Im JOKING¨, he said when she hissed. Flamestar and Streamstar led the way up to the island. Velvettail loved the feeling of the log that jutted out onto the lake from here when she stepped on it. It reminded her of home. Entering the island felt different as all the cats, from the scent of it, Shadowclan and Windclan, were all staring at them. One of the cats must have noticed the Riverclan group, because a small blackish brown she-cat exclaimed. ¨Riverclan? Why are they with Thunderclan? Did something happen? And why are there only four Riverclan cats?¨ All the clans were murmuring to each other now. Great she thought, Now they might find us as weak. She wished she could swipe a paw at the little cat who had done the deed.
The Riverclan camp was rebuilt, and left un attacked for now.

The end!!! Please tell me how I did!!! I’m not the best at stories, and when I do type them, no one likes them.

𝓽𝓱𝓲𝓼 𝓲𝓼 𝓷𝓸𝓽 𝓯𝓪𝓷𝓬𝔂 𝓽𝓮𝔁𝓽 (Raven | Raventhornpaw)
𝓽𝓱𝓲𝓼 𝓲𝓼 𝓷𝓸𝓽 𝓯𝓪𝓷𝓬𝔂 𝓽𝓮𝔁𝓽 (Raven | Raventhornpaw)
November 29, 2020 5:14 pm

time to post the fourth chapter of the second death course because I was too lazy to post it for the past three days (there’s a link somewhere here)

Poppypaw (Poppysky)
November 29, 2020 5:56 pm

A random short story:

Aria glared at the child in front of her. The girl crossed her arms and glared right back. Aria sighed,wiping sand off her legs. “I guess you’re not leaving.” she said. “I can’t. My dad’s already gone.” Aria put her brown hair in a ponytail and stood up. “C’mon. We’re gonna find a place with less people.” She grabbed the kid’s hand and started walking down the beach. “Do you know my name?” she asked,pulling her hand away. “It’s Lauren” Aria said flatly. “Yep.” she affirmed, nodding. They continued to walk in silence until the reached the pier. 

Aria dragged her under it and started to speak quietly. “Your side of the family has it too. Show me.” Lauren crossed her arm again. “I thought I wasn’t supposed to talk about powers.” she argued. “Not with people outside of your relatives. You’re allowed to tell me.” Aria stated. Lauren huffed, “Fine.” she sat down and pressed her palm against the warm sand. Grains of it shot up in an arc,then settled again. Lauren looked up. “Was that enough?” she asked. Aria nodded. “Well,you have to do yours now.” Aria lifted particles of sand off the ground and formed a twister-like shape. She slowly let it collapse before turning to look at Lauren. “I can’t do that much.” she muttered,playing with a blue bracelet Aria noticed was tied around her wrist. “I was ten before I could control them well.” Aria remarked. Lauren groaned. “That’s two more years!” the ginger exclaimed. Aria laughed. “I’ll be worth it.”

Lauren had left,now Aria sat with her mother at home. They were sitting on the porch,playing with bits of sand in the dirt of their backyard. “So,did you like hanging out with Lauren?” she asked. Aria shrugged,”I guess,she’s kinda annoying.” Her mom shifted uneasily. “You’ll be around her a lot more soon.” she said softly. “Your uncle’s coming back home. He and Lauren are moving back here.” Aria shrugged again. “I don’t care. As long as their not in our faces all the time it’ll be fine.” Her mom let out a sigh of relief. “They won’t be,I promise. But I want you to help Lauren use her powers. She might need to know earlier than you.” “Why?” Aria asked. She knew her uncle’s past lover vowed revenge when they got divorced,yet nothing had happened in years afterwards. She assumed it had been an empty threat. Her mom bit her lip,”I can’t tell you right now. Just…make sure Lauren knows how to protect herself.” She looked at Aria seriously. 

“Make sure she can keep herself safe.”

Sunfur is back and inactive
Sunfur is back and inactive
November 29, 2020 11:49 pm

I am working on a new warriors fan fiction on google docs
Name: Grass Rising
Clans : Lifeclan
(I am still working on allegiances so don’t botter to start reading for a while)
(I also might make some spelling errors

🦦 ♥ 𝙼𝚒𝚗𝚔𝚝𝚊𝚒𝚕 𝚒𝚜 𝚁𝚞𝚗𝚗𝚒𝚗𝚐 𝚏𝚘𝚛 𝚂𝚆! ♥🦦
🦦 ♥ 𝙼𝚒𝚗𝚔𝚝𝚊𝚒𝚕 𝚒𝚜 𝚁𝚞𝚗𝚗𝚒𝚗𝚐 𝚏𝚘𝚛 𝚂𝚆! ♥🦦
November 30, 2020 12:41 am

Lizardheart’s Spirit: Prologue

A stillness hung over the BoneClan camp, broken only by the occasional hooting of an owl through the darkness. In the nursery, two tiny kits lay nuzzled up against their mother’s side. The tawny she-cat stared down at them, her ice-blue gaze filled with a swirling mix of emotions. She lowered her muzzle, giving each kit a small lap on the cheek.
“Lizardkit and Featherkit,” she whispered, her voice filled with love. The tom-kit, Lizardkit, yawned, turning over in his sleep. His paws twitched gently, as though chasing some imaginary prey in his dreams. His mother smiled, turning her gaze then to his sister with a small frown. She didn’t stir, her breath coming in small wheezing gasps as she slept. The tawny queen closed her eyes for a moment, letting out a sigh.
Her eyes opened again, flashing coldly. She moved one paw, almost imperceptibly, to place it on the back of her daughter’s head, pressing the tiny she-kit’s muzzle into the moss of their comfortable nest. Lizardkit’s eyes cracked open as he felt something shift, and he watched with tired blue eyes as Featherkit kicked and writhed against their mother’s paw until her tiny form fell limp.
“Mama?” He mewed softly, confused. The queen drew in a sharp breath, turning to her son and nuzzling his cheek gently.
“Hush, dear, I was simply helping your sister get some sleep,” she murmured, smiling and curling her fluffy tail around Featherkit’s still body to hide it from view. He twitched an ear, yawning widely and squeezing his eyes shut again.
“Okay, mama. Tomorrow, do you think… think…” his voice trailed off as he drifted back to sleep, curling his tail over his flank. His mother sighed, moving her tail to the side again and nudging her daughter’s limp body into a passable sleeping position. Blood trailed from her nose, and her eyes remained eerily open, frozen in a fearful, confused stare. The tawny she-cat licked away the blood and gently drew her paw across the kit’s face, closing her eyes. With a satisfied flick of her ear, she rested her head next to her son’s, closing her eyes and letting herself drift off to sleep.
The owl’s voice faded into the distance, and silence reclaimed the camp, wrapping around the now-broken family once more.

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