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Nobody will stop you from creating. Do it tonight. Do it tomorrow. That is the way to make your soul grow – whether there is a market for it or not! The kick of creation is the act of creating, not anything that happens afterward. I would tell all of you watching this screen: Before you go to bed, write a four line poem. Make it as good as you can. Don’t show it to anybody. Put it where nobody will find it. And you will discover that you have your reward.

Kurt Vonnegut

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𝓽𝓱𝓲𝓼 𝓲𝓼 𝓷𝓸𝓽 𝓯𝓪𝓷𝓬𝔂 𝓽𝓮𝔁𝓽 (Raven | Raventhornpaw)
𝓽𝓱𝓲𝓼 𝓲𝓼 𝓷𝓸𝓽 𝓯𝓪𝓷𝓬𝔂 𝓽𝓮𝔁𝓽 (Raven | Raventhornpaw)
November 30, 2020 6:18 am

Okay, I have decided to write the outline/basic plot for some kind of Warriors AU. It spans The Prophecies Begin to Power of Three (and maybe OoTS and AVoS, but I try to make it so TBC is mostly unchanged).
All the details that happened in the original series but not included in the plot still happen, I was just too lazy to mention them. 

Slightly modified TPB
When Firepaw first sees Spottedleaf, instead of falling in love with her, he looks up to her because she is the closest Firepaw can find to being an ideal parental figure because he was separated from Nutmeg a long time ago, because Firepaw falling in love with Spottedleaf at first sight is creepy. Spotted x Thistle is also creepy, but that won’t be mentioned now.  

Along with Cinderkit and Brackenkit, Thornkit and Brightkit are also apprenticed, to Fireheart, Graystripe, Mousefur, and Tigerclaw respectively, as Whitestorm is taken by Sandpaw. 
Sometime later, Cinderpaw gets hit by the monster and is sent to the medicine den, where she tries to help Yellowfang with herbs to feel useful thinking that warriorhood is impossible. At first, Fireheart agrees, but then Spottedleaf commits dreamstalker and tells Fireheart that Cinderpaw is destined to be a warrior, one way or another in a kind of creepy way. 
New character time! After Fireheart contemplates on how he’ll get back to training Cinderpaw, Spottedleaf reappears along with a mostly faded WindClan cat that looks suspiciously like Jagged Peak, and Spottedleaf says that he came from early WindClan and was able to do stuff even with a crippled leg. Mostly unconvinced, after Cinderpaw mostly heals except her leg is crippled, Fireheart convinces Cinderpaw to become his apprentice again and they start training with the help of Spottedleaf and the Jagged Peak doppelganger. However, despite being a warrior, Cinderpaw has basic knowledge of the herbs. 

When Silverstream begins her kitting, Cinderpaw notices and tries to help, but Silverstream dies anyway and the kits are taken back to ThunderClan. At the end of Forest of Secrets, Cinderpaw and Brackenpaw are promoted to Cinderheart and Brackenfur, Tigerclaw is exiled, and Whitestorm is appointed as Brightpaw’s new mentor. 

In Rising Storm, right after Cinderheart’s vigil, Fireheart is immediately met with another apprentice, Cloudpaw. Cinderheart still keeps Littlecloud and Whitethroat refuge and take care of them, and Fireheart allows this to slide. After Yellowfang’s death, Cinderheart temporarily stepped up to take care of the clan. 
Starting at the beginning of A Dangerous Path, Littlecloud is caught on the border by Cinderheart, Fireheart, and Cloudpaw, and they demand to why he is here as he no longer appears sick. Littlecloud replies with that he is now Runningnose’s apprentice, and wants to repay Cinderheart since ThunderClan has no proper medicine cat. Fireheart introduces him to Bluestar, but Bluestar instantly turns him down. Still, Cinderheart and Littlecloud meet in secret to do medicine cat duties. 
Snowkit is finally mentioned, and Bluestar thinks he should become Cinderheart’s apprentice and then a medicine cat. Speckletail thinks otherwise, and Brackenfur wants to mentor him. The hawk then swoops over and snatches Snowkit, but then Speckletail, Brackenfur, and Swiftpaw snatch Snowkit back. 
A little later, Bluestar makes Cloudtailpaw a warrior, because of his atheism and because Fireheart was his mentor, and I guess Swiftstrikepaw a warrior as well, but in a way that makes Swiftstrike feel that Bluestar only promoted him to an apprentice, but with a warrior name.
In an attempt to actually impress Bluestar, Swiftstrike leaves with Brightpaw to find out what is killing the prey, but then they are met with the dogs. The dogs kill Swiftstrike and scar Brightpaw and leave. The kits are promoted to apprentices, Bramblepaw, Tawnypaw, and Snowpaw, to Fireheart, Brackenfur, and Cinderheart respectively, however Snowpaw is a medicine cat apprentice instead. In addition to training Snowpaw like a medicine cat back at camp, she also lead him out of the camp to meet up with Littlecloud to do medicine cat stuff. Okay, actually, only 10% of the meetings are about medicine cat stuff. The other 90% is Cinderheart and Littlecloud coming up with sign language and teaching it to Snowpaw, and also teaching him hunting and battle moves.
After Firestar becomes leader, Cinderheart decided to take the chance and confess her love. Firestar accepts this, but says he likes Sandstorm better. And then Cinderheart confesses her nightly meetings with Littlecloud and her recent involving of Snowpaw as well, and then offers to teach him sign language. Firestar accepts this offer and then educates the rest of the clan, except most of the clan is unconvinced that this new language will help Snowpaw communicate better. Firestar attempts anyway.
Cinderheart and Snowpaw participate in the battle against BloodClan, with Snowpaw being snuck in the battle by Cinderheart to show off his battle skills. Both make it out alive. 

Slightly modified TNP
Snowpaw is now Snowstrike, and ThunderClan has no problem communicating with him. However, the other medicine cats face a few challenges in communications. His apprentice is Leafpaw, and Cinderheart has returned to warrior duties. 
After this, the arc proceeds with the TenelleFlowers adaptation, except Cinderheart is replaced with the grumpier and more feisty Snowstrike. So basically, Midnight is in Crowpaw’s POV, Moonrise is in Stormfur and Mothwing’s POV, Dawn is in Tawnypelt’s POV, Starlight is in Crowfeather’s POV, Twilight is in Leafpool and Squirrelflight’s POV, and Sunset is in Brambleclaw’s POV. Like a nice WoF style. 

Due to previous events, things start to change in Twilight. Most of the 
During the battle against the badgers, Snowstrike helps Sorreltail kit while Cinderheart fiercely defends the nursery, warding off smaller badgers despite her injuries. After Sorreltail successfully kits three she-kits (Molepaw doesn’t exist), Snowstrike licks them for a few moments and starts guarding the nursery as well, fighting alongside his mentor. Just as the badger kills Cinderheart, Leafpool, Crowfeather, and a patrol of WindClan cats return to chase off the badgers before they could kill Snowstrike, Sorreltail, and her kits. 
During the next Moonpool meeting, which is conveniently the next day, Leafpool and Snowstrike wake up in StarClan and Cinderheart finally has her conversation with Leafpool that she was supposed to say back in Twilight when she was a medicine cat. Although this is an unnecessary detail, the ThunderClan medicine cats also find out that Cinderheart had found a mate that is not Firestar in StarClan and they live happily ever after. No reincarnation here.

Now we start working on Susnet. Also, since Outcast is boring and is well….an Outcast from the rest of the arc, Brook and Stormfur don’t arrive at ThunderClan and the rogues are dealt with off-screen. Brambleclaw still becomes deputy. To handle the Mothwing-faking-a-sign issue, Hawkfrost tries to have her fake a sign where its something like Hawkfrost defeats Mistyfoot and Leopardstar re-appoints him as deputy, and somehow, despite Mothwing’s hesitance, it somehow succeeds and Hawkfrost is re-appointed deputy and Mistyfoot is demoted. Since this is ThunderClan POV, Brambleclaw doesn’t know how Hawkfrost got Mistyfoot demoted but only finds out that Hawkfrost is now the deputy. This is to make Hawkfrost more of a threat in life. 
Finally, at the end of Sunset, Hawkfrost murders Leopardstar enough times, covers his scent with badgers as they have recently been a nuisance, and hid the body somewhere on RiverClan territory. He then teams up with Ashfur to trap Firestar, then leads Brambleclaw to kill him.
Hawkfrost says that if Brambleclaw kills Firestar, then they can both receive their nine lives together. Brambleclaw asks why Hawkfrost is receiving his 9 lives if Leopardstar is still the leader of RiverClan. Hawkfrost replies that he killed Leopardstar, covered his scent, and already has a fake explanation to tell the RiverClan cats. Brambleclaw is horrified, but Hawkfrost continues pushing him to kill Firestar. Brambleclaw refuses and tries to free him, but Hawkfrost continues, saying that if Brambleclaw doesn’t kill his leader, then Hawkfrost would simply kill them both and receive his waiting nine lives. Brambleclaw doesn’t listen, and that infamous scene happens and Hawkfrost is impaled, and dies, spilling blood all over the lake. 
After the bodies of Leopardstar and Hawkfrost are found, Brambleclaw conjures a fake explanation for both of their deaths, explaining that Leopardstar’s remaining lives were ripped out by badgers while Hawkfrost accidentally got himself impaled. In this crisis, Mothwing appoints Mistyfoot as the new leader, so Mistystar’s Omen happens waaaayyy earlier. 

Slightly modified Po3
The Sight and Dark River take on the TenelleFlowers adaptation, so Lionpaw starts out as a jerk, and Hollypaw starts out as a noble leader. The only thing that differs from the TenelleFlowers adaptation is Jaypaw. Firestar considers keeping him in the nursery, but Snowstrike objects, signaling that he is deaf and was allowed to be apprenticed. Brambleclaw replies that ThunderClan was having a medicine cat crisis at that time and they had to select the least useful option for Warrior. Snowstrike feels betrayed by his former playmate and tries to train Jaykit, but this creates conflict between the two disabled cats because Snowstrike can’t hear Jaykit, but Jaykit can’t see his tail signals, making communication significantly harder so the other cats had to act as a translator between the two. 
After a ton of signals, Firestar finally decides to apprentice Jaykit some time after Lionpaw and Hollypaw are, and gives him to Brightheart. Jaypaw decides he doesn’t like Brightheart because he feels he is being coddled, pitied, or ridiculed for being blind, and somehow sneaks off to the Moonpool but then trips and falls into it, where he is sent to StarClan. 
Jaypaw can finally see in dreams and meets Hawkfrost and Tigerstar, but then Spottedleaf drags him out telling him he must become a medicine cat because he can dreamwalk. Jaypaw begrudginly accepts this and becomes a medicine cat, much to Snowstrike’s dismay. However, Snowstrike doesn’t treat him too badly and does his job. 
One day, Jaypaw runs away and is trapped in the tunnels, where he blindly stumped upon. Fallen Leaves, Rock, and the Ancients are mostly taken care of within The Sight and Dark River. 
To tackle the Cinderpelt-reincarnation thing, there is still a Cinderpaw in this story, but despite having a suspiciously similar personality to Cinderheart, this Cinderpaw is still different. She has no memories of Cinderheart, and is just a normal cat. Her warrior name would be Cinderstrike (oh wow I seem to love that suffix)

Outcast is where things start being changed up. Instead of the clans traveling to the Tribe to fight rogues (which they do by themselves off-screen), Sol travels to the clans to delete them after getting rejected from SkyClan. Sol uses his words to manipulate Blackstar into letting him join, convincing ShadowClan to cut its connections with StarClan. He then manipulates Jaypaw and Lionpaw to be on his side tries to warm up to Hollypaw as well, but due to Hollypaw’s fierce loyalty to the code, Hollypaw rejects him. But he doesn’t care, he already has Jaypaw and Lionpaw under his paws!
Not only did he destroy ShadowClan and manipulate Jaypaw and Lionpaw, Sol also sneaks up onto border patrols and convinces the patrolling cats to not chase him off, but rather listen to him, and that is when he starts spreading false rumors about the other clans and even parts of their own clan, leading to A LOT of chaos.
He also predicts that when the sun disappears, StarClan will abandon them. Firestar, Mistystar, and Onestar actually fall for this. 

Now, we are on Eclipse. This when tensions are rising high within the clans, and Hollypaw cannot believe that her brothers are idiots and not recognizing Sol’s true intentions. She tries to convince them that Sol is up to no good, and but to no avail. 
The battle of the Eclipse happens when Onestar finally declared war on ThunderClan because “ThunderClan was crossing the borders and stealing prey when no one was watching and set the dogs loose in WindClan territory to kill them” (that’s what Sol said), and RiverClan joins in as well because Sol was also spreading false rumors about ThunderClan to them. 
Brambleclaw and Hollypaw get Tawnypelt, Dawnpaw, Flamepaw, and Tigerpaw to join in on the battle, and a few more cats who still believe in StarClan weigh in as well. However, most of them stay as rogues. 
However however, the RiverClan cats attack shattered ShadowClan because of false rumors were spread about them and Sol somehow convinces Mistystar to send some of her troops toward ShadowClan. Right as Blackstar is killed, the sun vanishes, and Blackstar drops dead, not reviving due to his now disbelief in StarClan. 
After Blackstar doesn’t revive, the clans think that StarClan has abandoned them, and Sol says that they have, and nothing can save Blackstar now. It turns out that Hollypaw had been spying on Sol to find out what he is up to, and found out that Sol purposefully spread the false rumors to instigate the great battle in hopes of having the clans shred themselves to pieces over this. Lionpaw and Jaypaw are enraged by this and Lionpaw tries to kill Sol, but Hollypaw stops him. Lionpaw asks why as she was the whistleblower, Hollypaw says it’s against the warrior code, and Sol can run away and not harm the clans again. The other clans don’t listen and try to kill him, but they only crash into each other as Sol slinks off. 
At the end of the book, Blackstar is alive and Lionblazepaw and Hollyleafpaw become warriors. 

Long Shadows focuses more on the VERY OBVIOUS conflict between Squirrelflight and Ashfur, and when the fire scene happens, Squirrelflight blurts out that Jayfeather, Lionblaze, and Hollyleaf are not her kits, but Ashfur wants to kill them anyway because they are still Squirrelflight’s adopted kits, and then reveal the secret at the clan meeting to hurt Squirrelflight’s feelings even more. Ashfur then walks up to the three and proceeds to push Jayfeather off of the cliff, but then Hollyleaf and Squirrelflight stop him, with Hollyleaf clawing at him and then yeeting him off of the cliff, killing him while no one was looking. 
Once Ashfur is found dead, his close friends, like Thornclaw or Spiderleg, think that someone in ThunderClan intentionally pushed him off of the cliff, based on the claw marks in his throat and belly. 

At the Sunrise prologue, Leafpool finds Hollyleaf’s fur on Ashfur’s body. This story remains unchanged, other than the fact that Snowstrike exists. Hollyleaf runs away and is deemed dead. 

November 30, 2020 4:41 pm

hello, been a while since I posted something about Shinestar’s Legacy (I always say that lol)
Anyways in the story, Shinepaw has been made Shinestorm, and ima just post that here.

“This is it!” Pigeonpaw hissed, and together, they padded out of the medicine den, heads high, towards the Fallen Tree.

Once the Clan had gathered, Woodstar started with the formalities. “These three apprentices-” he beckoned to Shinepaw, Streampaw, and Pigeonpaw- “have fought hard to learn and defend the warrior code, and have served their Clan many times. In their turn, I give them their warrior names. Streampaw.”

Streampaw padded forward and dipped his head. Woodstar leapt from the tree and licked his shoulder. “Streampaw, from this moment on, you shall be known as Streamripple. StarClan honors your hunting skills and your thoughtfulness, and we welcome you as a full member of StormClan.

“Pigeonpaw! From this moment on, you shall be known as Pigeonwing. StarClan honors your skill in battle and your speed, and we welcome you as a full member of StormClan.


Shinepaw nervously stepped forward. This is what I trained for. 

“From this moment on, you shall be known as Shinestorm. StarClan honors your courage and strength, and we welcome you as a full member of StormClan.”

Shinestorm! His new name felt good on his tongue.

“Shinestorm! Streamripple! Pigeonwing!” the Clan chanted.

Shinestorm looked around for Thornfeather. There he was! Next to Dewheart, calling his former apprentice’s name.

“Shinestorm! Streamripple! Pigeonwing!”

Shinestorm gazed around, his view locking on Hillheart.

“Shinestorm! Streamripple! Pigeonwing!”

halfpaw who finally drew her profile pic and is the fluffiest chimera cat who used to be cinnamonpaw who likes indie pop (you can call me pumpkin/cinnamon/halfpaw/ or halfheart)
halfpaw who finally drew her profile pic and is the fluffiest chimera cat who used to be cinnamonpaw who likes indie pop (you can call me pumpkin/cinnamon/halfpaw/ or halfheart)
November 30, 2020 11:16 pm

hey guys! A few weeks ago, I made a mini fanfic about my two ocs, Percy and Ivy. I decided I would do another one, because I just really like doing them 😛 so, before you read, I just wanna give a picture of the cats. Keep in mind that butter, sunshine, fuzzy, and Coby are kind of in their teenage years, but not fully grown. Also, Percy and Ivy adopted fuzzy, Coby, butter, and sunshine.

Percy is a fluffy light brown she- cat
Ivy is a silver she-cat
butter is a tom with orange paws
fuzzy is a fluffy black she-cat
sunshine is also a she-cat with orange paws
Coby is a fluffy white stubborn tom
waterwhisker is a beautiful silver cat
Erin is a fluffy ginger tom.

Coby went outside, looking at the window. He had seen the neighbors new cat, and he hadn’t met him. “What are you looking at, Coby?” Ivy said, startling him. “Oh, u-um nothing…” he said, startled. “Ah, the new cat, eh? Maybe our housefolk will let you see him.” Ivy said. “I-I wasn’t looking at him… You must have seen another cat!” Coby stammered, embarrassed to admit that he liked the new cat. “When I first met Percy, I was too afraid to admit I loved her. But then she confessed to me, and you have no idea how happy I was!” Ivy said with a smile. Meanwhile, butter was getting dirty in the floor. “Butter! your gonna get dirty!” Percy yelled grabbing him by the scruff the licking the dirt off of him. “Ugh, why cant we go outside?” butter said stubbornly. “Our housefolk aren’t here, so we need to stay inside.” Percy said sternly. “Ugh.” butter said annoyed.
suddenly, two people opened the door. “Yes! can we go outside now?” butter asked Percy excitingly. “Ill let you outside when they open the door.” she replied. After a few minutes of their owners saying hi, they finally opened the door. Coby, butter, sunshine, and fuzzy went outside. Coby climbed up the fence where the other cat was. “U-um hello. What’s your name?” Coby asked. “Oh, Hi! my names Erin! what’s yours?” Erin asked. Coby couldn’t help but admire the way he talked. “I-I’m Coby.” he stammered. Erin chuckled. “Your nervous, aren’t you?” he said. Fuzzy was watching the two cats talking, until she saw a silver cats eyes. What? who are you? she thought. She followed the silver cat until she heard hissing. Fuzzy ran to the bushes, hoping that the silver cat wouldn’t see her. The silver cat ran near the bush, alarmed. “Show your face! I’m not afraid to show my claws!” she yelled. Fuzzy tried running to her house, but the silver cat caught her scruff. “Please let me go…” fuzzy pleaded. She was breathing hard, nervous of what was going to happen to her. “O-oh I’m sorry… I thought you were gonna attack me..” The cat said. “My names waterwhisker. What’s yours?” waterwhisker asked. “I-I’m fuzzy…” fuzzy replied. “Uh oh! I need to go! nice meeting you!” waterwhisker said, running. Fuzzy didn’t say anything, just standed there by herself. Do I have feelings for waterwhisker?

AaAaAaAaaAuGh I feel like this is so cheesy! I’ll probably post tomorrow, but maybe I could today later. Thanks for reading, and please give me feedback! 😀

want some spoilers? here (Tell me if this works pls) Spoiler Percy and Ivy encourage Fuzzy to become a warrior cat, and then fuzzy becomes fuzzywing. Fuzzy also becomes mates with waterwhisker 😛
Spoiler yes, they become mates and live a happily ever after

November 30, 2020 11:17 pm

Hi! This is the first chapter to my first ever fan fiction!:

Snakekit bounced up to his siblings. Cloverkit was pinning Acornkit down with tiny ginger paws. Trying to scramble on top of the ginger she-kit, Snakekit saw Woodsong approaching them. The young queen was going to have her kits any day now. She had once been a great playmate when Snakekit and his siblings were younger. Now she snapped at them anytime they were tumbling around in the nursery. Snakekit’s mother, Birdlily, told them that Woodsong was grouchy because she was going to kit soon.
Snakekit rolled off of his sister, sitting innocently down beside his wrestling littermates.
“What in StarClan are you kits doing?! New kits will be here any day now, and you must learn to be gentle with them!” Woodsong cried
“Sorry, Woodsong…” Acornkit whispered
“It’s not fair! we don’t get to have fun anymore! all we ever do is sit around like elders!” Cloverkit growled as Woodsong walked off, adding, half to herself, “I wish I was an apprentice.” before storming off towards her nest.
“Your sister sure has got a temper!” an amused purr sounded from behind Snakekit.
Snakeit spun around to look at Blazetwitch, a young warrior and also Woodsong’s brother. He sat down behind Snakekit and Acornkit.
“Yeah. No kidding.” huffed Snakekit, “sometimes I wish it was just me and Acornkit.”
“Don’t say that.” Blazetwitch said, suddenly serious, “You wouldn’t have them, but Woodsong and I once had two siblings. Rosekit was our sister and Barkkit was our brother.”
“Why aren’t they around now?” Acornkit wondered aloud
“When we were kits, Woodsong and I were always on the same team. We loved to play games and Barkkit and Rosekit…they would always get in the way. One day Woodsong and I said, “I wish it was just us two.” and then, it happened.”
“what happened?” Snakekit and Acornkit asked
“Barkkit caught greencough…and…died.”
Snakekit and Acornkit looked at each other nervously.
“Then, when we were apprentices, Rosekit fell off a ledge when we were in battle and…died.”
“Weren’t you happy?” Snakekit asked
Blazetwitch sighed,”no. we regretted what we said.”
“How do you know it was your wish that killed them?” Acornkit asked
“I just…know.” Blazetwitch whispered, “so. listen to me. Never say you don’t want Cloverkit around.”
“But we don’t!” Snakekit sighed
Blazetwitch sighed. Then he whispered, “Fine. When you get your wish, don’t say I didn’t warn you.”

December 1, 2020 4:03 pm

Chapter 1

(kinda a warriors alternate universe kinda thing. its what rlly happened but with new characters and a few things changed!)

The air was cold. Rosepelt followed Littlecloud over to the Moonpool. “How is everything in RiverClan?” He asked. “Fine. No illnesses yet this newleaf” Rosepelt replied. Leafpool shot a warning glance. “Quiet! Barkface is about to speak with StarClan!” 

Rosepelt and Littlecloud exchanged a glance. The two of them walked over to the Moonpool. Rosepelt lay in front of it. 

She was embraced by Brambleberry. Rosepelt smiled. “RiverClan is lucky to have such a bright and happy medicine cat” she whispered. After a moment, her smile disappeared. “Now, remember, focus on your duties. If you don’t, your duties will be forgotten. Do you want your Clanmates to have no medicine cat?”

Rosepelt’s eyes widened. “No! I love my Clan. Nothing will distract me” she said. Brambleberry sighed. “If you say so. But StarClan knows the truth” 

Littlecloud was the first to notice Rosepelt’s expression. “Everything okay?” He asked. “Of course. Let’s go see what Leafpool’s doing” Rosepelt replied. 

Hawkfrost greeted Rosepelt at the entrance of the camp. “Stay quiet and follow me. Mousefur’s coming too” he said. 

“Aren’t you worried about what Leopardstar will think about this? Does she know you’re trying to kill Firestar?” asked Mousefur. “Of course not. She doesn’t know. And I trust both of you not to say anything” Hawkfrost replied. Rosepelt stayed quiet, out of fear. Hawkfrost was the toughest tom in the Clan. He would’ve been deputy, but ThunderClan had recently saved Mistyfoot from the Twolegs. Rosepelt was oddly fond of Hawkfrost. But she pushed aside her thoughts and looked ahead of her.

“Rosepelt? Is that okay with you?” asked Hawkfrost. Rosepelt noticed that she hadn’t been paying attention. “Huh?” 
Hawkfrost rolled his eyes. “I asked if you could send a message to Ashfur later” “Oh! Of course” Rosepelt replied. 
“Well, I’ve been practicing those moves you showed me. I’ll be able to help you and Brambleclaw” Mousefur said. Hawkfrost smiled. “Great! Firestar won’t stand a chance” 


Çlåw§ †hå† †êår 2020 †ð þïê¢ê§ (Çlåw§þåw)
Çlåw§ †hå† †êår 2020 †ð þïê¢ê§ (Çlåw§þåw)
December 1, 2020 8:58 pm

Hello! This is a Warriors movie thing free for animating if someone wants to try it. This is the prologue: It’s dark. The wind is whistling through a sleeping camp. A shaded golden tom is approaching a cream and ginger she-cat.
Shadeflight: Mallowstar.
Mallowstar: Shadeflight.
Mallowstar: You’re not telling me something.
Shadeflight hesitates.
Shadeflight: What?
Mallowstar advances towards Shadeflight.
Mallowstar: You’re a medicine cat, Shadeflight. You’re supposed to tell your leader when you get potentially life-threatening omens.
Shadeflight’s breathing becomes shaky. He’s scared.
Mallowstar: And yet Briarsky, Larkfoot, Pearshine, and Hawkpool are all dead.
Shadeflight: Y-yes…
Mallowstar’s yellow eyes harden. She bares her teeth.
Mallowstar: I was informed by a StarClan cat you had an omen about this.
Shadeflight’s breathing steadies. He grins at Mallowstar.
Shadeflight: Oh.
Mallowstar takes a step back.
Mallowstar: What?
Shadeflight advances towards Mallowstar, still grinning creepily.
Mallowstar: What are you doing?
Shadeflight’s leaf-green eyes glint with malice. He advances farther and whispers in Mallowstar’s ear.
Shadeflight: Say good-night, Mallowstar.
A line of blood splashes onto the screen, and then it goes black.

December 2, 2020 12:25 am

Darkstripe. Here’s a cool backstory I thought of for him, a quarter moon after the death of Tawnyspots (Darkstripe’s dad) Willowpelt (Darkstripe’s mom) finds out she’s going to have his kit! She feels very sad that her former mate will not be able to see their kit grow up. Soon before Darkstripe is born she forms a bond with Whitestorm and they become mates. When Darkstripe is born he feels neglected and lonely because Willowpelt is always spending time with Whitestorm. So he finds comfort hanging out with Tigerclaw. When Graystripe is born (his little brother) he becomes furious when he sees how much time Willowpelt and Whitestorm spend with him, and he becomes very jealous. When Willowpelt and Whitestorm’s second litter arrives, he agrees to help Tigerclaw(star) with his plan to kill Sorreltail (his little sis) with deathberries. So he could cause Willowpelt the pain she caused him as a kit and take revenge on his mother. When he does this and is exiled he joins Tigerstar’s clan. In the battle with Bloodclan he fights on Bloodclan’s side. He feels all his feelings pouring out of him and leaps at his little brother Graystripe, trying to kill him, but Graystripe kills him instead. On his last dying breath he promises to himself that he will have revenge on the clans and will not stop till he does.
It’s ok if your not a big fan of it. It’s just a little idea I came up with 🙂

December 2, 2020 2:56 pm

Ok I am new to this but this is my first fan fiction with my OC
Pinepaw stared proudly up at Cinderstar, today she became a warrior. Ten moons had passed since her brother had died of greencough, Pinepaw didn’t give a thought about Riverkit though, right now was her time. When she was a kit, Riverkit had always been sickly and weak, she could never play with him and he was always in the nursery, this memory made her flinch in sorrow. “Pinepaw”, Cinderstar called from the high rock, do you swear to put the clan before yourself? ” I do”, then tonight you shall be known as Pinetail.
Her paws tingled with excitement, your mentor will be Featherfur. ” Pinetail,Pinetail,Pinetail” her clan mates called from around her, for a moment she felt sad, that Riverkit would never be a warrior, he had died the night before the apprentice ceremony. Suddenly she felt a tail run down her spine, she turned to see Lightwhisker, her ears grew hot. You get to move into the warriors den now. We can talk more and go on hunting patrols with together. Pinetail just nodded her head, Lightwhisker laughed and walked to talk with Waterpelt. Pinetail went to talk to Thornpelt a grey tabby tom but was stopped short by Waterpelt. ” Stay out of my nest. It’s the one next to Lightwhisker’s” she sneered.

I will come up with more but SPOILER Lightwhisker and Thornpelt fight over Pinetail. ;3

December 2, 2020 4:23 pm

I came up with a prophecy for something I’m writing:

When the Stars collide,Earth will shake under their feet.

Explanation: At one point,FrostClan ambushes CloudClan and BreezeClan tries to stop the fighting. Thornstar (FrostClan leader) tries to take one of Beetlestar’s (CloudClan leaders) lives and Oakstar (BreezeClan leader) gets in between them. While they’re fighting,an Earthquake happens. This causes the fighting to stop and FrostClan to retreat.

Every leader has -star at the end of their name,hence “when the Stars collide” part. And the Earth did shake when three of them ended up in a battle. The Earthquake stopped the fight before any cat died,so the medicine cats took it as a sign from StarClan.

Sorry if this made no sense but I really like the prophecy and wanted to share.

Lostpaw (Lostlight)
Lostpaw (Lostlight)
December 2, 2020 7:04 pm

Hi there, it is I, a random new member. I have my own fanfic, and I’m wondering if it’s okay to share it here.

December 2, 2020 7:26 pm

I’ve recently started writing a fanfic call Swirlstar’s Rising! It’s about my OC Swirlstar’s entire life kithood-death.

🦦 ♥ 𝙼𝚒𝚗𝚔𝚝𝚊𝚒𝚕 𝚒𝚜 𝚁𝚞𝚗𝚗𝚒𝚗𝚐 𝚏𝚘𝚛 𝚂𝚆! ♥🦦
🦦 ♥ 𝙼𝚒𝚗𝚔𝚝𝚊𝚒𝚕 𝚒𝚜 𝚁𝚞𝚗𝚗𝚒𝚗𝚐 𝚏𝚘𝚛 𝚂𝚆! ♥🦦
December 2, 2020 8:53 pm

Here’s a lil poem I made about Tigerstar, Scourge, and the BloodClan battle! Feedback and comments are greatly appreciated!

He sought a throne of blazing fire
Untouchable and wrought in iron
He clawed through walls to bring it down
But the fire simply refused to drown

He fled the fire, his eyes ablaze
Followed by a smoky haze
In shadowed streams of stars he grew
In blood and bone, he began anew

He broke himself in twos and threes
A girl, a boy, their bloodied teeth
She fled her home to love herself
He stayed and took what he was dealt

He brought an end to cold blue flames
But a second inferno spat on his name
He sought an ally with a bloodred past
Not knowing they had once crossed paths

The wind and flames rose up to fight
But the ally ignored his battlecry
He screamed his final pain to the sun
As one battle ended, another begun

“Three days to flee,” the ally said
As a once feared leader lay cold and dead
Flame and wind and shadowed streams
United now by vengeful screams

The third day came and a lion rose
The ally scoffed at the path they chose
He stamped out the flame that lit the throne
But cowered as the fiery star arose

You cannot kill the stars that glow
Faith is lost on murderous rouges 
A battle fought for freedom’s ring
Uniting thunder, shadow, water, and wind.

Lostpaw (Lostlight)
Lostpaw (Lostlight)
December 2, 2020 9:56 pm

Alright, so I made a Warrior’s OC fanfic back in October, and I’m going to rewrite it chapter by chapter. Now, quickly, the story does have a main character death, hints towards self-harm, LGBT+ characters, homophobia, transphobia, injuries, death, and gore. If any of this is triggering, I suggest you don’t read it.

Coyotestar – A dusty tabby she-cat with white stripes, and amber eyes. She has claw scars on her shoulders and neck. Formerly Coyotefall.

Skyecho – A light grey tom with white paws and white ears. He has light blue eyes.

Medicine Cat: 
Sunrise – Ginger tom with black patches and blind blue eyes.

Medicine Cat Apprentice: 
Fogpaw – Silver tom with a dark grey belly, chest, legs, tail, and paws. He has yellow eyes.

Tideripple – Smoke grey she-cat with streaks of light grey, and a ice blue eye. A long scar is running over her left eye.
Suncloud – Black tabby she-cat with golden stripes and amber eyes. Deaf in one ear.
Gemflight – Fluffy chocolate brown tom with a black chest and belly. He has copper eyes.
Lanternleap – Long legged dark brown she-cat with a white chest and belly. She also has copper eyes.
Smokebrush – Smoke grey tom with short fur, and dark green eyes, nicked and torn ears, and a scar on his neck.
Creamfrost – Extremely fluffy cream colored tom with splashes of white, and ice blue eyes.
Rabbitriver – Dark and light brown tom with copper eyes. He has a stub of a tail, and long legs.
Leafclaw – Short furred dark brown she-cat with light brown stripes going down her spine, and a streak of light brown across her spine.
Wiryfur – Wiry furred, and short furred white tom with copper colored eyes, and black patches.
Sootsight – Black tom with grey patches over his eyes. He has amber eyes, and is missing a good amount of his right ear.
Glassflower – Smoke grey tabby tom with white stripes, and pale blue eyes.
Sparrowwing – Light brown tom with black patches, and a white chest and belly. He has dark blue eyes.
Roseheart – Jet black she-cat with white streaks on her belly, and blue-violet 
Aquaear- White tom with blue eyes, and scars on his shoulders. Deaf. 
Hawksight – Dark brown tom with light brown legs, a light brown tail, a black chest, and a black belly. He has blind blue eyes.
Vinestripe – Black tabby she-cat with white stripes, and a white streak running down her spine. She has dark blue eyes.
Fadesong – A black tabby she-cat with silver stripes and light blue eyes. Her right ear has a large tear in it.
Lostpaw – Apprenticed to Sparrowwing, a light grey color point she-cat, the color point is dark grey. She has ice blue eyes.
Lightpaw – Apprenticed to Glassflower, a dark grey she-cat with light grey paws, ears, and tail. She has turquoise eyes.
Lavenderpaw – Apprenticed to Leafclaw, a jet black she-cat with blue-violet eyes. She has several small scars on her legs.
Dawnpaw – Apprenticed to Laternleap, a black tabby she-cat with silver stripes and mint green eyes.

Barktail – Jet black she-cat with a cinnamon tail, and cinnamon paws and ears. She has light green eyes. Kit: Cinnamonkit, a jet black tabby she-kit with cinnamon stripes, and light green eyes.
Dandelion – A black tabby she-cat with silver stripes and light blue eyes.  

Flysnatcher – A black and white tom with light green eyes, and one ear almost fully torn off.
Sunleap – A golden she-cat with brown stripes on her tail and legs. She has amber eyes, and is almost deaf.

Wollystar – A white fluffy she-cat with a short tail, long legs, and a neck scar. She has ice blue eyes, and was formerly known as Wollyflower.

Foxshine – A calico tom with yellow eyes, and a large scar running from his right hind leg to his right back paw. He has a stubby tail.

Medicine Cat: 
 Hollycry – A dilute calico she-cat with amber eyes, and a short tail.

Medicine Cat Apprentice: 
Wasppaw – A black and white tom with copper eyes, and a half tail, fluffy, soft fur, tufted ears, and longer claws then most cats. Will be Wasppool later on.

Featherpetal –  A silver tabby tom with black stripes and bright green eyes, and a stubby tail.
Hailpelt – A fluffy, soft, black tom with white spots, light blue eyes, and a long tail. He and Wasppaw are siblings.
Seedleaf – A she-cat with golden shell point fur, and leaf green eyes. Seedleaf has shorter legs then most of the other cats in Silkclan, and a short, fluffy tail.
Ravennight – A black she-cat with a white chest and belly, and yellow eyes. Both ears are torn and nicked, and she has a stub tail.
Ivyfall – A black tom with ivy green eyes, and a long, large, scar on his chest. 
Goldenpool – A golden tabby she-cat with dark blue eyes, and a stubby tail.
Ripplestalk – A pale brown short furred tom with folded ears, and copper eyes.
Blueslash – A silver tom with a pale blue eye. He’s missing an eye, and has a stubby tail.
Stormwillow – A dark grey she-cat with black ears and a black tail, and hazel eyes.
Patchsight – A light grey tom with dark grey patches, and almost brown eyes.
Raspberrywhisker – A pale-bluish tom with dark grey paws, ears, and a dark grey tail. Raspberry has a light pink nose, and his ears are deeply torn. 
Birdsong – A white tabby tom with black stripes, and copper eyes. He’s missing his right back leg.
Roseheart – A russet tabby she-cat with white stripes, and pale green eyes. Formerly known as Rose.
Fakepaw – A black she-cat with stripes on her legs, paws, and tail. She has a long tail, blue eyes, and tufted ears. Fakepaw is a former catleaper.
None for now.

Flowerleaf – A smoke grey she-cat with light grey paws and ears, and amber eyes. Retired due to intense fatigue. Her pelt is short and wiry.
Beepatch – A black and white tom with copper eyes, and wiry fur. One of his legs is  missing, and he retired due to the fact Silkstar would only let him become an elder or a medicine cat.

Red – A ginger she-cat with copper eyes, black paws and ears.
Spider – A tan tom with copper eyes, black parallel slash marks on his side, and belly.
Moth – A white she-cat with light grey that goes from the underside tip of her tail, to her chin. She has yellow eyes.
Glitch – A lilac siamese she-cat with pale blue eyes, and slashed ears, she has short fur, a long, fluffy tail and fluff around her ears.

Lostpaw was hunting with Sparrowwing, Dawnpaw, and Sootsight. She had separated from the group, and was currently tracking the scent of mice, trying her best to keep quiet. Every few steps, she glanced at the ground ahead, avoiding any leaves that would rustle under her paws. She heard a few squeaks coming from a rotting tree, and approached it, making sure to be as quiet as possible. She brought a paw up to the tree, and gently pushed, causing the wood to cave in, revealing the mouse nest. Lostpaw trapped as many as she could with her claws, making sure to kill the mice quickly. She gathered them with her claws, and brought them down onto the forest floor, a sudden wind chilling her fur, reminding her that it was leaf-fall, and leaf-bare was approaching fast. She gathered the mice up in her mouth, and headed back to camp. As she entered the camp, she noticed Flysnatcher talking with Gemflight, the latter’s voice a bit louder so Flysnatcher could hear. Coyotestar was talking with Sunrise and Skyecho in low voices on what her fellow apprentices, and sometimes the elders, referred to as the Gem Tree, due to it’s pink flowers, which was odd in ShatterClan territory, since the territory was mostly forest. She set down her mice on the fresh kill pile, then walked over to the elder’s den, and poked her head inside, spotting Sunleap. She walked inside, and prodded the elderly she-cat gently. Sunleap blinked, and looked over at her. “Do you need anything?” She asked, voice loud enough for Sunleap to hear. The other she-cat shook her head, set her head down, and closed her eyes. Lostpaw left the den, and looked over at the Gem Tree again, noticing that nobody was on it. She looked over at the nursery, where Lavenderpaw was playing moss-ball with Cinnamonkit, who was just about ready to be an apprentice, but still was counted as a kit. She walked over to the game, and eyed the pair, who stopped at her approach. “Do you guys mind if I join the game?” She asked, glancing at the kit, who was almost as big as herself. Both cats shook their head, and the game resumed.

That was really short. I’ll tell more chapters as I go!

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