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Kurt Vonnegut


  • Warriors High!
    So remember my old Warriors High? Anyway I decided to make another Warriors High, except it’s a little different from the first one! Hopefully I can actually update this daily! So yeah!
    Jay Crawford: 
    The alarm rings, but Jay was too lazy to stop it. He opened his eyes. Why was his alarm clock ringing? Right, school. He should probably get up before Holly arrives, and starts yelling at him to wake up. I hate school. He turned off the alarm clock.
    L I N E
    “Hey, Jay.” His mom, Lia, said. He grunted a ‘good morning’ and sat down on a chair. “So, Jay, what do you want to eat for breakfast?” She asked. “I’ll eat a toast.” He grumbled. “Hi, Jay.” Holly glanced at him. “ Hi.” Leo mumbled, not looking up from his plate, he was stuffing himself with his mom’s scrambled eggs, Jay couldn’t blame him, his mom’s scrambled eggs were amazing. “Good morning, kids.” Jay saw his dad walking towards him. “Good morning.” They all said back. “Hey, Chris.” Lia kissed him on the cheek. Holly stuck out her tongue, Leo wrinkled his face, and Jay sighed. “Here, Jay.” His mom gave him a plate of toast. “Thanks.” 
    Briar Grayson: 
    “Ben! Blossom!” Briar chirped, she bounded down the stairs. “Come on! We have to go to school!” She beamed. “How are you so excited? School’s boring.” Her brother trudged downstairs. “No it isn’t! Anyway, I want to see my friends!” She grabbed a pop tart from the toaster and put it on a napkin. “I’m coming, I’m coming!” Briar heard her sister run down the stairs. Blossom was wearing a white shirt that said, ‘let’s go’ in pastel pink letters, she was wearing blue jeans with black sneakers. 
    Finishing her pop tart, Briar put on her shoes. “Hey, mom, dad! I’m staying in my dorm this week!” She shouted, and grabbed her phone. “Ok, honey!” Millie said. Briar checked the time, it was 7:20, “Bye, guys!”
    Holly Crawford:
    Ring Ring Ring! It was Holly’s alarm clock. “School!” She yelled, jumping out of her bed to change. “Oh my starclan! I can’t be late!” She opened the closet door, and frantically searched for clothes. “Calm down, Holly,” Her brother, Leo, said from the other room, next to Holly’s. “Are you still sleeping, Leonardo?” She could basically hear Leo flinch. “It’s Leo, Holly, and no. I’m getting ready, so no need to scream at me.” She shrugged, “Ok.” Ding! Holy turned to get her phone. Hey, Holly I’m going to your house in five minutes, see u! “Leo!” Holly called, she knew her dense brother could hear her, the walls were way too thin. “Cindy just texted! She’ll be here in five minutes!” 


    Cindy Bracken:

    “Bye mom, dad!” Cindy shouted, and left the house. She texted Holly that she was coming to her house. Running to the Crawford’s house, she thought about doing track this year. She saw her friends waiting. “Holly, Leo, Jay!” She laughed, hugging her raven haired friend. “Cindy!” Leo and Holly exclaimed. “Hey, Cynthia.” Jay said, curtly. “I thought I told you to call me Cindy.”  

    “Yeah, you told me, but I just ignored it.” He replied, smirking. “You little-” 

    Briar Grayson:

    Briar grinned and pounced on Jay, piggybacking on him. “Hi, Jay!” She giggled, she wrapped her arms around his neck, not too tight so he could breathe. “Hi, Briar.” He sighed, Cindy, Leo, and Holly snickered at the scene. “Hey, lovebirds, we have to go to school.” Cindy teased.

    “We’re not in a relationship!” Briar protested. “Never said you were in one.” Cindy laughed, she ducked as Briar swatted at her. “Seriously, you two are getting closer to each other.” Leo muttered, Jay kicked him in his shin. “Ow! Unnecessary!” He yelped. Jay glared at him, and Leo flinched. “Guys,” Holly put her hands on her hips. “stop acting immature and let’s go to school!” 

    “Ok!” Briar blinked, relieved that Holly changed the subject. Briar inwardly smiled, it was time to go to Warriors High!


    News #1: I’m going to make a wings of fire fan fiction!
    News #2: Also, I’m going to rewrite Shattered Mirrors!

  • Okay so I need to recomment, so to speak, a fanfiction chapter.
    The warnings that I put there weren’t necessary.
    Also I forgot Shineclan/ShineClan existed, oops.

    Coyotestar – A dusty tabby she-cat with white stripes, and amber eyes. She has claw scars on her shoulders and neck. Formerly Coyotefall.

    Skyecho – A light grey tom with white paws and white ears. He has light blue eyes.

    Medicine Cat: 
    Sunrise – Ginger tom with black patches and blind blue eyes.

    Medicine Cat Apprentice: 
    Fogpaw – Silver tom with a dark grey belly, chest, legs, tail, and paws. He has yellow eyes. Will be Fogsight later on.

    Tideripple – Smoke grey she-cat with streaks of light grey, and a ice blue eye. A long scar is running over her left eye.
    Suncloud – Black tabby she-cat with golden stripes and amber eyes. Deaf in one ear.
    Gemflight – Fluffy chocolate brown tom with a black chest and belly. He has copper colored eyes.
    Lanternleap – Long legged dark brown she-cat with a white chest and belly. She also has copper eyes.
    Smokebrush – Smoke grey tom with short fur, and dark green eyes, nicked and torn ears, and a scar on his neck.
    Creamfrost – Extremely fluffy cream colored tom with splashes of white, and ice blue eyes.
    Rabbitriver – Dark and light brown tom with copper eyes. He has a stub of a tail, and long legs.
    Leafclaw – Short furred dark brown she-cat with light brown stripes going down her spine, and a streak of light brown across her spine.
    Wiryfur – Wiry furred, and short furred white tom with copper colored eyes, and black patches.
    Sootsight – Black tom with grey patches over his eyes. He has amber eyes, and is missing a good amount of his right ear.
    Glassflower – Smoke grey tabby tom with white stripes, and pale blue eyes.
    Sparrowwing – Light brown tom with black patches, and a white chest and belly. He has dark blue eyes.
    Roseheart – Jet black she-cat with white streaks on her belly, and blue-violet 
    Aquaear- White tom with blue eyes, and scars on his shoulders. Deaf. 
    Hawksight – Dark brown tom with light brown legs, a light brown tail, a black chest, and a black belly. He has blind blue eyes.
    Vinestripe – Black tabby she-cat with white stripes, and a white streak running down her spine. She has dark blue eyes.
    Fadesong – A black tabby she-cat with silver stripes and light blue eyes. One of her ears are noticeably slashed.
    Lostpaw – Apprenticed to Sparrowwing, a light grey color point she-cat, the color point is dark grey. She has ice blue eyes.
    Lightpaw – Apprenticed to Glassflower, a dark grey she-cat with light grey paws, ears, and tail. She has turquoise eyes.
    Lavenderpaw – Apprenticed to Leafclaw, a jet black she-cat with blue-violet eyes. She has several small scars on her legs.
    Dawnpaw – Apprenticed to Laternleap, a black tabby she-cat with silver stripes and mint green eyes. Will be Dawnstripe later on.

    Barktail – Jet black she-cat with a cinnamon tail, and cinnamon paws and ears. She has light green eyes. Kit: Cinnamonkit, a jet black tabby she-kit with cinnamon stripes, and light green eyes.
    Dandelion – A black tabby she-cat with silver stripes and light blue eyes.  

    Flysnatcher – A black and white tom with light green eyes, and one ear almost fully torn off.
    Sunleap – A golden she-cat with brown stripes on her tail and legs. She has amber eyes, and is almost deaf.

    Wollystar – A white fluffy she-cat with a short tail, long legs, and a neck scar. She has ice blue eyes, and was formerly known as Wollyflower.

    Foxshine – A calico tom with yellow eyes, and a large scar running from his right hind leg to his right back paw. He has a stubby tail.

    Medicine Cat: 
     Hollycry – A dilute calico she-cat with amber eyes, and a short tail.

    Medicine Cat Apprentice: 
    Wasppaw – A black and white tom with copper eyes, and a half tail, fluffy, soft fur, tufted ears, and longer claws then most cats. Will be Wasppool later on.

    Featherpetal –  A silver tabby tom with black stripes and bright green eyes, and a stubby tail.
    Hailpelt – A fluffy, soft, black tom with white spots, light blue eyes, and a long tail. He and Wasppaw are siblings.
    Seedleaf – A she-cat with golden shell point fur, and leaf green eyes. Seedleaf has shorter legs then most of the other cats in Silkclan, and a short, fluffy tail.
    Ravennight – A black she-cat with a white chest and belly, and yellow eyes. Both ears are torn and nicked, and she has a stub tail.
    Ivyfall – A black tom with ivy green eyes, and a long, large, scar on his chest. 
    Goldenpool – A golden tabby she-cat with dark blue eyes, and a stubby tail.
    Ripplestalk – A pale brown short furred tom with folded ears, and copper eyes.
    Blueslash – A silver tom with a pale blue eye. He’s missing an eye, and has a stubby tail.
    Stormwillow – A dark grey she-cat with black ears and a black tail, and hazel eyes.
    Patchsight – A light grey tom with dark grey patches, and almost brown eyes.
    Raspberrywhisker – A pale-bluish tom with dark grey paws, ears, and a dark grey tail. Raspberry has a light pink nose, and his ears are deeply torn. 
    Birdsong – A white tabby tom with black stripes, and copper eyes. He’s missing his right back leg.
    Roseheart – A russet tabby she-cat with white stripes, and pale green eyes. Formerly known as Rose.
    Beetlepaw – A black she-cat with stripes on her legs, paws, and tail. She has a long tail, blue eyes, and tufted ears. Beetlepaw is a former catleaper, and  will be Beetlespirit later on.
    None for now.

    Flowerleaf – A smoke grey she-cat with light grey paws and ears, and amber eyes. Retired due to intense fatigue. Her pelt is short and wiry.
    Beepatch – A black and white tom with copper eyes, and wiry fur. One of his legs is  missing, and he retired due to the fact Silkstar would only let him become an elder or a medicine cat. He’s about the age of a senior warrior now. 

    Smokestar – A smoke grey she-cat with yellow eyes, long legs, and a stubby tail. Formerly Smokebrush.

    Bubbles – A white she-cat with blue eyes, and a long tail. Former kittypet.

    Medicine Cat:
    Icefeather – A pale brown tom with ice blue eyes, and dark brown paws.

    Medicine Cat Apprentice:
    Gingerpaw – A dark ginger she-cat with amber eyes, and pale ginger patches.

    Berrystrike – A ginger tabby tom with yellow eyes, and a short tail.
    Seedflower – A grey tabby she-cat with black stripes, amber eyes, long legs, and a short tail.
    Wingscreech – A white tabby she-cat with pale ginger stripes, green eyes, a stubby tail, and long legs. 
    Coppersong – A light brown tom with copper eyes, and a scar across his throat. He has long legs, and a short tail.
    Dropnose – A tan tom with white paws, green eyes, long legs, and a short tail.
    Reedsight – A brown she-cat with a tan tail, paws, legs, and ears. Her eyes are green.
    Tulippelt – A dark grey she-cat with orange eyes, short legs, and a short tail.
    No Elders, Warrior Apprentices, or Queens at this time.

    Other cats 
    Dead cats:
    Silkstar (Pale ginger tabby she-cat with white stripes, and amber eyes. She has long legs, and a stubby tail.)
    Shatteredstar (Black tom with white patches, and yellow eyes.)
    Shinestar (White tom with pale ginger patches, and copper eyes. He has long legs, and a stubby tail.)
    Crystal (Black fluffy she-cat with yellow eyes. Her fur is soft, and she has tufted ears.)
    Red – A ginger she-cat with copper eyes, black paws and ears.
    Spider – A tan tom with copper eyes, black parallel slash marks on his side, and belly.
    Moth – A white she-cat with light grey that goes from the underside tip of her tail, to her chin. She has yellow eyes.
    Glitch – A lilac siamese she-cat with pale blue eyes, and slashed ears, she has short fur, a long, fluffy tail and fluff around her ears.

    Lostpaw was hunting with Sparrowwing, Dawnpaw, and Sootsight. She had separated from the group, and was currently tracking the scent of mice, trying her best to keep quiet. Every few steps, she glanced at the ground ahead, avoiding any leaves that would rustle under her paws. She heard a few squeaks coming from a rotting tree, and approached it, making sure to be as quiet as possible. She brought a paw up to the tree, and gently pushed, causing the wood to cave in, revealing the mouse nest. Lostpaw trapped as many as she could with her claws, making sure to kill the mice quickly. She gathered them with her claws, and brought them down onto the forest floor, a sudden wind chilling her fur, reminding her that it was leaf-fall, and leaf-bare was approaching fast. She gathered the mice up in her mouth, and headed back to camp. As she entered the camp, she noticed Flysnatcher talking with Gemflight, the latter’s voice a bit louder so Flysnatcher could hear. Coyotestar was talking with Sunrise and Skyecho in low voices on what her fellow apprentices, and sometimes the elders, referred to as the Gem Tree, due to it’s pink flowers, which was odd in ShatterClan territory, since the territory was mostly forest. She set down her mice on the fresh kill pile, then walked over to the elder’s den, and poked her head inside, spotting Sunleap. She walked inside, and prodded the elderly she-cat gently. Sunleap blinked, and looked over at her. “Do you need anything?” She asked, voice loud enough for Sunleap to hear. The other she-cat shook her head, set her head down, and closed her eyes. Lostpaw left the den, and looked over at the Gem Tree again, noticing that nobody was on it. She looked over at the nursery, where Lavenderpaw was playing moss-ball with Cinnamonkit, who was just about ready to be an apprentice, but still was counted as a kit. She walked over to the game, and eyed the pair, who stopped at her approach. “Do you guys mind if I join the game?” She asked, glancing at the kit, who was almost as big as herself. Both cats shook their head, and the game resumed.

    Wasppaw was traveling with Hollycry to the Lightsphere, the full moon shining down on them, and providing light for the pair. Getting to the Lightsphere wasn’t an easy trip, however. Silkclan’s hilly territory made it a hard trip, even for Wasppaw, who was used to it. There were also little streams everywhere, making it slippery under-paw, and a slip could really hurt a cat. Wasppaw’s thoughts wandered as he continued on, until he noticed that the ground was more like a field, like Shineclan’s territory, from what he’d heard from Icefeather. He shook his head a little, clearing his mind of thoughts. He must not think as he approached the Lightsphere, as it was tradition. The Lightsphere was a cave full of crystals, and one big one in a pool was what the medicine cats slept in front of, and Sunrise, Fogpaw, Icefeather, and Gingerpaw were already there, laying down, and waiting for Wasppaw and Hollycry. “‘Bout time you made it!” Icefeather commented, but his tone was warm. Hollycry didn’t reply, and took her place, and Wasppaw did the same, lowering his head, and closing his eyes. He awoke in a field, grass wet with dew under his paws. “Hello?” He called out, looking around. “Well, long time no see!” Said someone, and he looked in front of him, and Crystal was there, soft fur and all. “Crystal!” Wasppaw said happily. Crystal seemed happy, but her eyes had a worried glint to them. “You’re not here just to say hi, are you?” He asked, and Crystal shook her head. “I have something to tell you, a prophecy of sorts.” Wasppaw nodded. Crystal took a deep breath, then said, “Look for the broken, the hated, and the hollow, but fear the shining danger.” Wasppaw blinked. “What?” He said, but as he spoke, he felt awareness drag him back into the living world. ‘What does that mean?’ He wondered, as he woke up.

    Aaaand that’s it! Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 of Lostpaw’s Jealousy!
    Hope you enjoy!

  • Hey, I’m starting a new story, and I might post it here in a couple of months because I am a slow writer. I don’t really know why I am sharing this so early but I am really excited for it, so I thought I would at least share the blurb. It is not a fan-fiction or a spinoff, it is just a story of my own making.

    There have always been masters
    Life, Death, Night, Day, Space, Dimension, Destruction
    Their legacy passed down, generation to generation
    One girl tries to speak up against them
    Seeking her lover
    Attempting to save worlds
    One girl learns of their ways
    Falling in love
    Learning to destroy worlds
    And as it all plays out
    They might not be so different after all.

  • Coldest Winter

    Sign ups here


    Name: (winter theme please 🙂
    Appearance : (white grey and cream variations please)

    • Name: Alba (bright and white)
      Appearance: Silver Bengal with blue eyes and extra fluffy fur, brown ear tufts
      Personality: She is organized, stubborn, mildly bossy, knows what she wants, good at observation, good at pretending, bubbly, lovable

    • Name: (winter theme please Crystal
      Appearance : (white grey and cream variations please) white she cat with blue gray splotches and icy blue eyes
      Pearsonality: cold, sarcastic, likes to be alone

    • Name: Icicle
      Appearance: white and silver she-cat with blue eyes and a long scar down her face.
      Personality: smart, clever, brave, sassy

  • Zombie Apocalypse/Last of Us Fanfic- Chapter Three (Valerie): Dead Meatballs and Sausages
            I slammed the door and walked to the cafeteria kitchen. So Chrissy thinks that she could just talk about my eyes. Ha. And now she acts all innocent. I growled and kicked the ground. My stomach growled and I couldn’t help, but wonder if there were bosco sticks, which were cheese filled breadsticks and were probably the only good thing about cafeteria food. I opened a giant freezer and poked my head inside, feeling a rush of cold air. Ah, ha, I thought, spotting my prey. There was a whole box, filled with rows of break sticks. I grabbed the bag inside the box and ripped it open. I grabbed a couple and put it on a tray, ready to toss it into the oven. 
            “What do you think you’re doing?!” someone cried. I turned around and Chris was standing there. 
            “I’m making bosco sticks,” I replied, pointing to the bread. 
            “I can see that!” Chris said. “We should save the food instead of just eating whenever you feel like it.”
            “Well, I’m hungry.” I said, sounding bored and unchanged.
            “If you eat all the food, we’ll all be hungry in two months!” Chris shot back.
            “Sure,” I replied, giving as little response as possible.
            “You know what, we need to talk,” 
            “We’re talking right now?” I said, making sure to sound like that I thought Chris was dumb. 
            “No, Andrew as well,” Chris said, annoyed. 
            “Whattttt,” Andrew groaned.
            “We need to discuss how long we will stay here. When will we venture out? How much food will we eat a day? Where can we get weapons?” Chris said, putting her elbows on the kitchen counter.
            “I think we should eat as much as possible so we can stay without food for a long time while outside,” I said. “We need to venture out as soon as possible so we can loot all the shops and restaurants before other survivors do.”
            “Do you think the other survivors will help us?” Andrew asks. “Or would they just kill us?”
            I snorted, “Ha, they won’t hesitate to kill us if we’re trying to take their food or supplies.” No one will help some kids. They’re too worried about their own lives, I thought, bitterly. No one gave me food in the streets. They pretended like I wasn’t even there. I had to steal and kill for supplies. 
            “We don’t have any weapons to venture out,” Chris pointed out. “Other people probably have guns and stuff. They’re also probably with their family.”
            “There’s probably also small groups or loners out there,” I said. “If they have firearms, I’ll sneak up behind them and stab them in the neck. Chris will grab the gun and shoot the person if they’re still alive and Andrew can be the lookout for zombies.” 
            “How come I’m the lookout?” Andrew complained.
            “That’s a good idea,” Chris approved, ignoring Andrew. “But, if we run into a large group or humans or zombies, we’re dead meatballs.”
            “Why not dead sausages?” Andrew asked. 
            “We can run away,” I said, matter of factly.
            “We can surrender and join the group,” Andrew suggested. 
            “Ha, I rather stab my eye out,”
            “So, let’s wait a couple of days so the zombies can go somewhere else. Then we’ll venture out.” Chris said. 
            “Yeah,” I said, not knowing what else to say. I poked my head out of the kitchen and noticed that the sky was brightening out the window. I didn’t see any zombies, so hopefully most of them moved on to infect another city. 
            “Can we sleep?” Andrew asked. “I didn’t exactly get much after…all of this.”
            “You two sleep. I’ll take watch so nothing tries to kill you,” I volunteered.
            “Are you gonna to kill us?” Chris asked. I peered at her, trying to tell if she was joking or actually being serious. God, I’m not that evil, I thought. Killing someone in their sleep? At least let them wake up before they die. 
            “I’ll try not to,” I said simply. I took out my dagger and began polishing it.
            Andrew slumped down on the kitchen floor and immediately went out. Chris sat down in a chair and put her head in her arms. I turned around and sat on the counter. I wonder where Claire is, I thought, thinking of my adoptive mother. Was she able to escape in time? I sighed and turned back to the others, seeing one of Chris’s gray eyes open. 
            “You okay?” she asked. 
            “Yeah, I’m fine. Go to bed.” 
            Chris closed her eyes and her breathing deepened. I stared at the wooden door, just thinking. I’m not sure how much time passed, but I heard a noise out in the cafeteria. Chris happened to as well, and jolted awake.
            “What was that?!” she whisper yelled.
            “Calm down, I’ll go check,” I said, walking to the door.
            “I’ll go with you,” Chris said, firmly.
            “Let’s hope Andrew wakes up if a zombie tries to bite him,” I said, half serious and half joking. Chris gave me a look and cautiously opened the door.
    Chapter three!! What do think? Earlier chapters can be found I think two pages back. Not much happened in this chapter. Talking and planning. A bit filler but action will be taking place next chapter. Charlie will be introduced.
    thanks for readinggg <3333

  • Hi guys!
    i’m taking requests!
    A drawing of a warrior cat as a human:
    Eye color:
    hair type:
    Position: (sitting, standing, full body reference)

    **Please note that if i get a lot of requests i may not be able to finish them all in time- im not that fast lol**

    And how would you like to receive it?: Blogclan art..e.c.t

  • Okay, so I good this idea about a new WoF (Wing of Fire) Fan fic while I was taking a fifty million hour drive to a town, and it’s called The Seas, The Sands and The Secrets, or S. S. S, and I’ve already wrote the first chapter, so, here it is:
    Note: I wrote this on my phone first, then sent it over to my computer
    2nd Note: The times on this might be terrible and not match up with the official WoF books, so just warning you
    3rd Note: I wrote this in the middle of the night, so sorry if it’s bad

    Chapter One:

    Marine was hunting.
    She bared her teeth at some passing clownfish, snarled at a dolphin that got in her way, and glared at two, faraway sea dragons that were arguing about something. Marine didn’t know what was so important about dragons, orcas were so much better. Orcas dipped and dived underneath the waves elegantly and didn’t snort in the water or tumble in the water or acted like a half-drown eagle that was plunged into the ocean like dragons did. Marine was a proud, full-blooded orca and she would bite anyone who said anything different.
    She almost did look like an orca, with the deepest darkest shade of blue for her top scales and lighter, almost white underbelly. Her eyes were icy sky-blue, large and circular instead of narrowed like other orcas. But, Marine had never saw herself in a reflection, so she assumed that she looked just like an orca and the other orcas let her, for they were afraid to get bitten.
    The large body of a full grown seal broke her angry thoughts about dragons, and she snapped her jaws shut, narrowly missing the white, fur covered tail. She propelled herself forwards, almost bumping into the warm, fleeing seal on accident, and pushed her wings back, stopping. Marine bit the seal on the neck, and grabbed the now dead prey by the tail. She swam a LOT faster than all the other calves, so she was sure that she’ll win the hunting race. She pushed her wings forwards, and found the current that had took her to these hunting grounds and would take her back to the other orcas.
    While she road the current, Marine thought, and thought and thought about the upside world. Calves were outlawed to go above the waters, and even though Marine was almost the size of a full-grown killer whale, she still was a calf. The reason for that silly rule was that dragons would eat the young calf’s if they even poked their heads out.
    She twitched her head slightly, resentful of stupid dragons. Once, all the dragons lived on land, eating whatever lived up there too, until one fox-hearted dragon decided, ”Hey, let’s live in the sea and ruin every orca’s life.” All the green and blue ones nodded and said. ”Yay!” and “Cool” and “Whatever”. All the green and blue ones jumped into the ocean and started to eat orcas, the stupid founding story of that stupid rule. She had heard this story a thousand, million times, and it made her angrier and angrier every time she heard it.
    And Marine knew that if all the red dragons and icy dragons decided to do the same thing and jump into the orca’s sea, she would literally lose her mind.
    The dragon was thinking furious thoughts about dragons so deeply that as she pasted a wiry, sea-green dragon, she didn’t even notice. However, another orca did…
    Marine whipped her head up and smacked it on a large black and white killer whale’s snout. It was Drift, looking at her sourly and making little annoyingly ‘tisk’ sounds.
    “Tisk, tisk, tisk…” Drift said in his obnoxiously slow voice. “Marineeeee… what is that?”
    He pointed his black fin at the place where the sea-green dragonet had been, but there was nothing there anymore. Just open sea water.
    “Uhhh, Water?” Marine guessed.
    “Tisk tisk tisk.” He said again, waving one fin in her face. “Nope, wrong answer. A dragon was there, a DRAGON. What if it got to the younger calf’s and killed them!?”
    “Maybe I want them to try!” Marine yelled, making Drift jump. “So I can punch them in their stupid faces with my tail and bite them with my teeth and teach them to leave orcas alone!”
    Drift winced, looking at the spot where the sea-green dragon has been.” Marnieeeee I’m telling you to be careful who you make enemies. Just because you’re a bit different doesn’t mean that…” He trailed off, thinking his probably annoying thoughts. Marine let out a internal growl. Drift was one of her least favorite teachers.
    “That WHAT?” She asked loudly. “What were you going to say?”
    But, Drift was already shaking his black head and drifting away, lost in his ponderation.
    Marine, now alone again, shrugged and picked up her seal, beginning to bring it to Dew’s class and win the hunting contest. She tried to ignore the nagging worry that was in the back of her mind.
    Something was there, and it was watching me. What or…who was it?

  • This is chapter two of my fan fiction

    A cold wind whispered outside the nursery, but Snakekit felt warmth stirring from the pelts of all the queens and other kits. He felt safe, snuggled next to his mother and littermates. Everything was calm. Maybe even too calm. He wriggled so close to his mother so that he was basically underneath her long ginger fur. Suddenly, a wind burst through the thick brambles that sheltered the nursery. He opened his eyes wide, but everything was blurred through his mother’s fur. He heard the queens shifting and getting up. His mother leaped to her feet and Snakekit was cold, fluffing his fur against the wind. He pushed up next to Acornkit, seeking comfort in his brother. But Acornkit moved away, staring up at something. Snakekit turned his head to see a large dark cat standing in front of them. Snakekit saw his mother blinking in surprise. A yowl sounded outside the nursery. This could only mean one thing. A battle had begun.
    He looked around to see Woodsong unsheathing her claws. Juniperfall, a tortiseshell queen was murmuring softly to Woodsong. After a few moments, Woodsong retreated to the back of the den. Juniperfall hurried up to Snakekit and his siblings, herding them away from the strange smelling cat. He sat next to Woodsong, who wrapped her long, kinked tail around him. His mother growled something at the intruding cat. The intruder stared at her and then whispered, “The kits. Give them to me.”
    Woodsong’s tail wrapped tighter around Snakekit and his siblings. His mother was yowling with anger. She lunged at the trespasser, Juniperfall close behind. Snakekit caught a glimpse of Cloverkit, his sister, wriggling out from between Woodsong’s paws and hurtling forwards. A wave of anger and nerves washed through Snakekit. How could his sister even think about doing that? He watched as she unsheathed her claws and gripped the trespasser’s tail. He couldn’t let her show off. He ran forwards too, ignoring the wails of anger from the queens. He dug his teeth into the trespasser’s hind paw. He whipped around as the intruder slashed his mother’s throat. Then he turned and left the nursery. Snakekit looked down at his mother. She was bleeding, from her side, face, and throat.
    “Mama?” he whispered
    Acornkit wandered up to him with Woodsong and Juniperfall close behind. The queens shot each other a nervous look.
    “Is she dead?” Acornkit asked
    Woodsong leaned down. Her eyes were clouded with worry. Snakekit looked into his mother’s eerily open eyes. They stared up at him without blinking and with a lurch in his heart, Snakekit realised his mother was dead.

  • ~Here’s a little sneak peek of my fanfiction!


    Little allegiances here for imagery purposes


    LEADER ~ Gorsestar – sleek gray tabby tom with bright amber eyes
    MED-CAT ~ Smalltail – small, ginger-and-white tabby tom with a stubby tail.


    Cloudstar – fluffy white she-cat (previous leader of LeafClan)


    The gray tom sat silently on the grass. Fresh dew-wet his fur, but he stayed perfectly still, fixated on the clouds, hoping they would just clear so he could see Silverpelt.
    “Fox-dung,” He grunted, letting out a low sigh. His ears twitched in irritation. What do you want, StarClan? Out of all the times you wait to tell me something, it’s now? 
    “Gorsestar? What are you doing out here by yourself?” A tom’s quiet mew broke into his thoughts.
    He whipped around to see a small ginger-and-white tom, staring at him anxiously.
    “Smalltail, did you follow me?” An annoyed growl rumbled in his throat. 
    Smalltail flinched. “Yes, but I was making sure you were okay. You can’t just sneak away from camp.”
    “I’m a leader, I can look after myself,” He snorted.
    “Well, unfortunately for you, I’m your medicine-cat, which means I’m supposed to look after you.” The small tom shot back.
    Gorsestar instantly felt guilty. He’s been so stressed about the recent attack from SilentClan, that he has been desperately waiting for StarClan to give him a sign. “I’m sorry, Smalltail. These are dark times for our clan. I am anxious for answers. Who knows the next time SilentClan will attack.”
    Smalltail flicked his stubby tail apologetically and mewed, “I understand how you feel. I could never bear more blood to be shed from that wretched clan. I think we all want answers.” Smalltail brushed Gorstestar’s pelt.
    “Why don’t we go back? You smell as if you have been out here for moons.” The tom sniffed Gorsestar’s pelt.

    “Yes, I suppose that would be best. But…” He inched away from the medicine-cat and stared back up at the cloud-filled sky for a moment. He lashed his tail irritably and growled.
    Shutting his tired eyes, Gorsestar let out a shaky breath. “Come, we should start heading back to camp; HollowClan will start to question us.” Smalltail padded behind him as they headed for the tunnel that led to the hollow.
    “I can always go to the field of sacred, maybe StarClan will tell me then.” 
    The gray tom solemnly nodded, standing to follow his medicine cat back home. His pelt spiked with anxiety as they padded through the dense undergrowth. His paws scuffed the ground, most likely scaring any prey away from the area. “Go on, Smalltail. I’ll catch up to you.” The medicine cat opened his mouth to protest but stopped only to nod and trod quickly leaving Gorsestar a couple of fox-lengths behind. 
    As he walked closer, he could make out the sound of the rushing stream that separated LeafClan from TideClan and HollowClan. The forest opened to reveal the roaring water. Which seemed unusually aggressive and fast. Smalltail was on the other side, awaiting him. The water splashing ferociously over the stepping stones that led to the other side, leaving little droplets on Gorsestar’s fur. The stepping stones looked wet and slippery; it would be impossible for him to cross. Smalltail called, “Gorsestar! There should be a narrow crossing somewhere! The water was perfectly fine when I got to the other side, but I guess it picked up!”
    Gorsestar surveyed the stream for any easy passage. Further downstream, he spotted a log wavering slightly against a rock from the water pushing it making it teeter. He bounded quickly over to the log. It was only a quick couple of hops if he was quick enough.
    He leaped onto the log, which wobbled and unbalanced Gorsestar, making it harder to cross. “Fox-dung!” He hissed. He dug his claws into the moist bark, his tail bushing with uncertainty and fear. His heart skipped as the water drenched his legs and belly. 
    “Gorsestar! Are you okay?” Smalltail yowled.
    “I’m fine! I just lost my balance!”
    Another wave of water hit him, this time getting the whole of his pelt. Smalltail’s eyes sparked with fear for his leader. Gorsestar clung to the log as the rushing water grew faster and more violent. Blood roared in his ears as his heart pounded. 
    He felt the log move suddenly. He cautiously peered over the side of the log to see the stone holding the log in place move within each wave that hit him. The log collapsed and Gorsestar felt his paws give in to the water. 

    “Gorsestar!” The small medicine cat screeched.

    He struck the rushing water. The stream tossed him roughly over the stones. He frantically tried to claw at the stones, hoping it would save him from drowning. A sharp pain pierced his flank as a rock ran past. Crimson red filled the area around him, filling his mouth with the taste of freshwater and blood. He grabbed hold of a small boulder and broke the surface only to gulp a small amount of air. His claws slipped and he fell underneath. Hope died down and he let himself flow with the water. His chest increased with pain. His vision began to fade and his body relaxed and soon enough, the water relaxed as well. His dusty body drifted ashore on the sand and the water licked his battered pelt. Water was still filled in his nose, stomach, and lungs. Tired of being beaten, he let out a shaky, hoarse breath and closed his eyes.

    He woke up in the fields of StarClan. A couple of starry cats surrounded him. The pain from his flank and lungs disappeared. A white she-cat appeared over him. “Welcome, Gorsestar.”
    “Cloudstar? What am I doing here?” A slight growl rumbled in his throat. 
    “You lost a life, but there is something else. We need to tell you something.” Her blue star-lit gaze softened. 
    “Typical,” He huffed. “you StarClan mouse-brains always tell me something in the middle of wasting away. Are you trying to kill me while I try to help my clan?” He snarled, fur bristling. 
    Cloudstar’s eyes flashed cold. “We can’t help it!” She snapped. Her gaze quickly grew warm and her fluffy, white fur laid smooth. “We’re having trouble reaching you. That goes for all the clans. Something is trying to stop us.”
    “Can’t you figure it out?” He grunted. 
    “No, and I don’t have much time.” The she-cat pushed her nose to Gorsestar, who felt a sudden jolt of energy flash in his pelt. He drowned in darkness, he frantically looked around himself to look for a break of light, but he couldn’t see anything. The air smelled of a stench of blood and rotting crow-food. Death filled his senses and the sound of wailing cats in pain pierced his ears. He felt claws prick his pelt and yowled in terror. He dropped down into a crouch in an attempt to hide. Gorsestar clenched his eyes shut and unsheathed his claws. A wave of warmth washed over him. He opened his eyes to see the silhouette of a cat from the sudden breach of light throughout the darkness. Hope flickered in Gorsestar’s chest as he leaped up and bounded his way towards the cat. The leader tripped over something unidentifiable and glanced back up at the cat who gazed back at him. The cat’s voice rang in his ears.

    “Looming shadows are approaching, only one has the light to break the darkness.”

    Sudden caterwauling rose and the cat turned to run away quickly, leaving him in the darkness. 
    Darkness blacked his vision. Gorsestar woke, gasping for breath, shaking against the ground, still cold from being in the stream. Bile pooled up in his mouth and he let out several mouthfuls of water. Gorsestar coughed violently then shuddered. Smalltail shook beside him, his eyes wide with terror staring into his leader’s dull, amber gaze.
    “Gorsestar! You lost a life!”
    He slowly raised his head, blinking, as his thoughts began to clear. Each cough shook him as he attempted to stand. His paws staggered and he glared up at the sky, now clear. His eyes gleamed in the moonlight.
    He meowed hoarsely, “StarClan has sent me the message.”

  • I am Lemon Tail and i am a white warrior with exotic shades of pink in my tail to symbolize the lesbian pride flag

  • *goes outside* *finds puddle* *jumps* *tries to splash* *breaks ice* *gets soaked in cold water*| Splashfeather *goes outside* *finds puddle* *jumps* *tries to splash* *breaks ice* *gets soaked in cold water*| Splashfeather says:

    Autumn- Dark auburn hair, dark olive green eyes- Ghostwatcher- Smart, curious, quiet
    Agatha- Black hair, pale skin, few freckles, blue eyes- Mindreader- Bold, protective, feisty
    Jax- Dark brown hair, brown eyes, dark skin- Shapeshifter- Loud, confident, headstrong
    Kara- Brown hair, green eyes- Storyteller- Fierce, snappy, bold
    Noel- Floppy blond hair, gray eyes- Timemover- Shy, kind, playful

    Storyteller- pt. 1
    A leg popped out in front of Kara. She was unable to stop, and tripped over it, stumbling and dropping her lunch all over the floor.
    “Oopsies, sorry Kara!” Sky sneered and whispered something under her breath. DJ walked up beside Kara. 
    What did you say?” She asked sharply.
     “Oh nothing, freak.” Sky said in a honey-like voice. The girls around her snickered. DJ looked like she was going to punch her in the face, right then and there.
     “Spit it out, Skype!” DJ snapped. Annoyance rolled across Sky’s face.
    “Shut up, music brain!” Sky shouted.
    “How bout you do, slug!” She snapped back. The girls around her looked shocked. Maya looked nervous, and as she tried to catch her eye, she looked away.
    “Legend girl, you don’t know who you’re talking to!” Sally retorted from Sky’s side.
    Kara clenched her fists. Legend girl! Jerks!
    “Yeah, Legend girl!” Sky sneered
    She brought up my curled first, hitting Sky’s cheek. DJ was next, hitting Sally. Soon Hailey, Bianca, Alex, and Cia were up next to them, hitting Sky, Sally, Dawn, Zella, Raya, and Michelle. Soon the boys joined, throwing food. Jay, Noel, Barry, and Felix were helping DJ and Kara, and Kyle, Brandon, Jack, and Julian were with the others. She saw Francisco sitting haughtily off to the side, and Maya slipped away to join him.
    “Stop! Stop, all of you!” Ms. DeBiero yelled. 
    Sky slid forward, whispering “You’re a freak, Legend girl,” before racing away to sit on her bench.
    “Yes, Ms. DeBiero?” Sky asked sweetly.
    “What is wrong with you all? You’re ninth-graders, not cats and dogs!” She scolded. “Sky, DJ, Sally, Kara. To Principal Rella’s office, now!”
    “But I didn’t do anything, Ms. DeBiero!” Sky protested. “Tell her, Sally!”
    The blonde nodded vigorously. “She didn’t do anything, we swear. She was sitting there the whole time, and tried to make us stop!”
    “Fine! DJ, Sally, Kara. Go!” Ms. DeBiero snapped. She had always been one of Kara’s favorite teachers, so she knew if she was yelling, she must be furious. She gingerly rubbed her cuts and bruises, but couldn’t help smiling at how much worse Sky’s wounds were.
    “What’s so funny, Kara? Care to tell us?” Ms. DeBiero’s voice hung in the air, like it had been frozen in place by her tone.
    “Oh, nothing.” She waved it off, and DJ at her side, they walked to the principal’s office.

    “I’m afraid I’ll have to call your parents, Kara. What you did was unacceptable. We most certainly do not allow fighting at this school, especially fist fighting. Would you like to tell me the truth about why you hit Sky?” Rella’s voice rang in her head, sitting in the car with her arms crossed. Neither of her parents had said a word about the fight.
    This is all your fault, Sky! She was seething with anger. I hate you I hate you I hate you I wish you would die or get horribly sick and suffer and then die!

    Ghostwatcher- pt. 1
    FAchoom! Crash! Bang-a-ring-tang! FfffffffWHIP! Zzzt!
    Autumn woke up to the usual sound of a witch’s duel, as she lived at a Witches’ Ground, a school and safe haven for witches, with the occasional warlock. But she wasn’t a witch. Her mother, Dusk, is, her father, Time, is a warlock, and her sister, Agatha, used to be a witch.
    She groggily opened her eyes and blinked fast in the bright sunlight. She sat up, quickly grabbing a spider-web scrunchy, and looked out the window, gasping at the sight.
    A dark shadow was battling a blinding white blur, but she couldn’t make out the exact features.
    Cloaking spell?
    That’s right, Autumn.
    Her eyes shot wide. She recognized that voice.
    “Agatha?” She whispered. But no, it couldn’t be. Aggie was dead, and non-witches couldn’t hear telepathetical talk. 
    I must just be imagining things….
    Hello? Aggie?
    And no one answered.
    She returned to glancing out the window, but something wasn’t right. The shadow was backing up, and the blur was nearing on it, sending spell after spell. Then she glimpsed it. The shadow had lost its wand. It would die!
    Autumn suddenly remembered the cloaking spell.
    Those weren’t allowed on duels! No one would use a cloaking spell. They were too dangerous, and they were forbidden. It must just be her early morning vision.
    She threw on a soft black crop-top sweater and ripped blue jeans and white tennis shoes, racing outside to the battle.
    But the people weren’t any clearer, and the battle still raged on.
    The shadow was trying to defend itself with hand-held magic, but it wasn’t easy without something to channel it.
    She saw the blinding white blur raise its hands up over its head, creating a fiery ball of light.
    She tried to move, but her legs felt rooted to the ground.
    She tried to scream, but nothing came out.
    That would kill the shadow-dueler!
    Suddenly, the ball got so bright, she had to close her eyes against the flash, and even still, she could still feel the agony of the light.
    She heard a chilling scream, then the light faded.
    Autumn went flying backward, one leg catching on something and unnaturally twisting and she collided with something hard, feeling sparks of pain fly through her head and arm and ribs.
    She opened her eyes, but the light died out, and she slipped into unconsciousness.
    Autumn, wake up! A? Wake up! Come on, you clumsy cat, wake up! Autumn! WAKE UP! I order you to WAKE UP! NO! WAKE UP AUTUMN!
    “Hmmm…?” Autumn mumbled.
    You stupid girl! Don’t scare me like that again!
    Autumn blinked open her eyes, trying to prop herself up by an arm.
    “Owww…..” She groaned, falling back down. “Everything hurts..”
    She took in her surroundings.
    Bright green trees of all shades, heights, and sizes.
    Obnoxiously bright flowers, with obnoxious smells.
    And a black cat.
    She scrambled up.
    “Go away!”
    Autumn…Agatha’s voice warned.
    Agatha? No, I must just be hallucinating.
    She closed her weary eyes again, wanting to sleep more than anything.
    A finger prodded her side, sending an explosion of pain through her ribs.
    “OW!” She snapped open her eyes, somehow managing to glare.
    She saw a person, not much older than she was, crouching over her, prodding at her arm and leg, and, once again, her ribs.
    She managed the strength to slap her annoyer, seething when she only smiled.
    She had black hair and pale skin, with a small splash of freckles around her nose. She had long, skinny, spider-like fingers with a small black-and-gold ring on her right pointer finger.
    Questions filled Autumn’s mind, like Who are you? and Where did you come from? and even What are you doing? Get away from me!
    But the first one that came out of her mouth was “Stop touching me! Have you ever heard of personal space? Blue moon, stop that! It hurts!”
    “I think you mean ‘Why thank you for rescuing you from the deadly explosion! Who are you? I’m Autumn!’ Why you’re welcome! I’m Aga- Elvira. It’s Elvira.”
    Autumn rolled her eyes.
    “How do you know my name? Also, was that black cat yours? Where’d she go? Where’d you come from?” The questions just rolled one after another off her tongue. “Why did you save me? Are you a witch? Where are we? Am I dreaming? What happened? Why does everything hurt? Why are you so pretty?” She clapped her hands over her mouth. The stranger- Elvira- smiled slyly.
    “I know a lot of things, yes the black cat is mine, she went back home, FROM MY HOUSE DUH, I have a….feeling about you, let’s just say yes, we’re in Angel Woods, no you aren’t dreaming, long story, explain later, once again, long story explain later, NO I’M NOT PRETTY FROM BEAUTY SPELLS YES I KNOW WHAT YOU ARE THINKING RIGHT THIS MOMENT! You’re thinking ‘wow, she’s awesome I wish I had witch powers she reminds me of someone but who I usually have the best memory is there a forget-me-not spell on me if she’s a witch AGH STOP DOING THAT NOWWWWWW jeez she’s so pretty she reminds me of who agh why can’t I remember GET THE HECK OUT OF MY MIND OR I WILL-’ Okay I’m going to repeat that last part, it’s a little gory, thank you very much. Oh, she’s at it again ‘ARE YOU SUPPOSED TO BE THE QUEEN OF ANNOYINGNESS TWO MOONS HELP ME BLUE MOONS ABOVE MAKE HER STOPPPPPPPPPP SHE IS THE ABSOLUTE MOST RUDE WITCH EVER WHY DOES SHE GET WITCH POWERS I WANT SOME-’” She suddenly stopped.
    “Wow,” Elvira whispered quietly. “No one ever has done that.”
    “Done what?” Autumn demanded.
    “Blocked my mind reading. Only a very powerful witch or warlock could do that. Are you sure you aren’t a-” She whirled around to face Autumn.
    “You were born on Halloween, right?!”
    “How do you know?! I thought I somehow blocked your mind reading!”

    Timemover- pt. 1
    Noel stared at the frozen figures all around him, mouth open in awe. People frozen with half-eaten donuts half in their mouths. A guy frozen, tripping, the coffee cup just out of his hand, it’s hot liquid stuck half-way down to the ground. A young lady was handing one man a cup of cocoa, her mouth open mid-sentence. Birds were as still as stone in the air, their wings spread wide. Cars were frozen in the street, one old man looking like he was humming happily to the radio, his knobby old hand rested on the dial; another young male, a phone held to his ear, one hand on the steering wheel, looking like he was yelling at the phone. And, a happy little family of three, the two adults swinging their 7-year-old-looking daughter, who was stuck with her feet just off the ground. A dog- a golden retriever- had been trotting happily next to them, his mouth open, looking like he had been barking happily, his tail wagging back and forth fast. Well, they all had been moving. 
    But Noel, looking down at his hands, realized he was the only one moving. He had wished for time to stop, so he could have time to get to Kara, to tell her about him and her and all the crazy things happening in his life right now- maybe even hers, too. About this. This crazy thing. His….powers? When he saw her today, he felt a strong tug, the way his gut told him to do something. His gut had also told him that she was special- like him. He just had needed to catch her alone, and he knew that her parents were out at a gala with some friends tonight- that was the good thing about being shy. You could overhear and eavesdrop. He finally closed his gaping mouth and started off at a jog toward Kara’s apartment. It was right down the block, above Get Lost in a Book, the largest bookstore in Mistyforest. And of course, he knew where Get Lost was- he went there nearly every afternoon, after school. 
    Soon, he saw the tall, white marble-looking building of the Mistyforest Apartments, above the large, squat red-brick of Get Lost. By habit, he looked around as he was crossing the street, and added a mental note to make a list of things to do and not to do during time-stop. He took a quick breath as he stopped in front of the door, wracking his brain for Kara’s apartment number. Then he noticed a small button off to the side of the button panels that read “Front Desk”, and tapped it. When nothing happened, he realized time was still stopped. He rolled his eyes.
    Of course, I’d forget something like that. 
    He concentrated on making time running again, thinking about the coffee spilling and the birds flying and the front desk answering. Suddenly, the world burst into noise. Noel tapped the button again.
    “Mistyforest Apartments, Maya here. How can I help?” A female voice came out of an intercom system.
    “Uh, hi. Can you put me on the line for the Casmar’s apartment? 5th floor?” He asked quietly.
    “Yeah, sure. I’ll put you on in a sec.”
    “Heellllo?” A different voice crackled out of the intercom this time.
    “Hey, Kara- it’s Noel. Can I come in? I really, really need to talk to you. Alone.”
    “Uh- what for? If it’s to ask me out to the end-of-year dance or ask me on a date-”
    “It’s not, trust me.” Noel felt his face get red. Go on a date with Kara! 
    He heard a buzzing sound, and the front door swung open. He saw Kara jump down the last few stairs and walk over to him, her face showing no expression.
    “Alone. Private.” He reminded her. She nodded, turning around and stepping into the elevator, gesturing for him to follow.

    My new original story! It’s a combo of what was going to be five different stories about teens with power, but I decided to combine it, throw in some different perspectives and different ways of dealing with powers. I still have yet to write Mindreader or Shapeshifter, both of who are currently near Autumn. I need title ideas, though….help?

  • *wheeeeze*
    I’m taking a very long short break from Vivid Dreams, currently. But I felt like doing something, so here’s this!

    There was a cat in Roy’s dream.
    “Go away,” he grumbled, flicking his hand at it.
    The smoky gray cat cat just mewed plaintively at him, flicking a white ear and turning her yellow gaze to the sky.
    Roy did the same.
    The sky was a peaceful midnight blue, dotted with shimmering stars. The cat blinked, and the stars were blotted out, one by one.
    “Did you do that?” Roy asked, feeling awkward talking to the cat. But, is was just a dream, right?
    The cat blinked and shook her head.
    No, a voice echoed in his mind. That is the inevitable. It will become worse if you do not embrace your inner self and bridge the gap between your heart and your mind.
    “You talk.” Roy blurted. “Um…I’m not sure if you’re the good guy, or the bad guy, here.”
    Neither. I am…a guide.
    “And what is my ‘guide’ called?”
    The cat narrowed her eyes at him disdainfully. You’re a Twoleg. Why did I expect you to know my name? Oh well. It’s Ebonycloud.
    “Hi, Ebonycloud.”
    The cat’s name felt sweet on his tongue, like a candy you’ve been waiting for for ages and you just got.
    I’ll warn you-I’ll be there when you wake up.
    “Like…a pet?”
    A kittypet? Great StarClan, no. Not physically. I’ll still be a voice in your head.
    “Oh.” Roy felt stupid-Ebonycloud was probably a wild cat, one who he often glimpsed in the forests behind his house.
    You’ll start hearing two other voices. Listen to who you think is right.
    “That sounds hard.” Roy sighed. “I’m not good at guessing.
    You’ve been chosen, Twoleg. A cat’s heart is rare in a Twoleg. This is your destiny now.
    Roy woke with a start as Ebonycloud’s voice faded. The words whispered through his head again.
    A cat’s heart is rare in a Twoleg.
    This is your destiny now.
    Chapter 1 will be out very soon, I’m already caught in this, haha

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