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Nobody will stop you from creating. Do it tonight. Do it tomorrow. That is the way to make your soul grow – whether there is a market for it or not! The kick of creation is the act of creating, not anything that happens afterward. I would tell all of you watching this screen: Before you go to bed, write a four line poem. Make it as good as you can. Don’t show it to anybody. Put it where nobody will find it. And you will discover that you have your reward.

Kurt Vonnegut

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Turtle🐢🐢🐢Has “King & Lionheart” Stuck In Ots Head😜
Turtle🐢🐢🐢Has “King & Lionheart” Stuck In Ots Head😜
January 21, 2021 2:05 pm

Here is chapter three of my BriarlightXDovewing fanfic, Briarlight’s Heart!

Chapter three:

While Briarlight was doing her exercises, Dovewing came in.
“Hi, Briarlight.” she mewed.

“Hey, Dovewing. I’m just doing my exercises.” said Briarlight.
“Anyway I can help?” Dovewing asked.

Briarlight thought. Then she said, “Well, you could toss me a ball of moss, and I could balance in order to catch it. Jayfeather said it’s a good exercise for me.”

Dovewing mewed, “Alright!”

She took a small bit of moss from Briarlight’s nest, and carefully rolled it into a ball.

The gray she-cat tossed it to her, her green eyes gleaming.

Briarlight lifted herself up, catching the ball right between her paws.

“Good job!” purred Dovewing.

Briarlight’s eyes shone. She really liked Dovewing! She was actually really kindhearted and sweet!

Dovewing then lowered her gaze. “I have to go. I told Bumblestripe I’d go for a walk with him.”

“You don’t sound happy about it.” meowed Briarlight.

Dovewing confessed, “I’m not. I know Bumblestripe loves me, though. Shouldn’t I be grateful for that?”

“Not if he pressures you to have his kits!” Briarlight said.
Dovewing sighed. “But there’s nothing I can do. The only reason I ever said yes to being his mate is because I just wanted him to stop asking me.”

“You aren’t happy with him, are you?” mewed Briarlight.

“No. I never was.” Dovewing admitted.

“You aren’t required to be in a toxic relationship, Dovewing. If a cat makes you feel bad, you don’t have to be with them. If a cat pressures you to have kits, and won’t listen when you say no, THEY are the bad cat. THEY are the one in the wrong.” Briarlight said.

Dovewing intertwined her tail with Briarlight’s.

“You’re right. Bumblestripe only makes me feel stressed and terrible. I’m going to tell him I don’t want to be mates anymore. I’ve wanted to do this for a while, but I never had the courage.”

“You have the courage of a lion! You can do this!” Briarlight assured her friend.

“Will you be by my side when I do this?” Dovewing asked.
“Of course I will.” promised Briarlight.
I’ll Be Complete

January 22, 2021 12:13 am

I can scarcely remember my mother.
I think she was a kittypet, you see. With kittypets, their kits are often taken away and given to other Twolegs when they are very young. But you know that, of course.
I think her fur was yellow, like mine. She smelled like lilies. I know I had littermates-I remember them wriggling and squirming next to me-but I don’t remember what they looked like or even how many there were.
In any case, the Twolegs took me away when my eyes were barely open. They brought me to a barn. I remember I was cold and scared on the way there. But in the barn it was warm and it smelled nice, and there were two cats already there: Cow and Mouse.
Cow was called Cow because she was black and white like one, and to be honest, she was also kind of plump. She was the one who raised me. She played with me-although Mouse did too, of course-and stayed with me until I fell asleep and let me sleep in her nest even when I was far too old for that and chewed up prey into little pieces so I could eat it. She loved me like I was her own son, and I loved her like she was my mother.
Mouse was the one who taught me how to hunt. He taught me how to walk quietly so the mice wouldn’t hear me and how to jump lightning-fast to catch them. He also taught me how to race the dogs until he said I was faster than any cat he’d ever seen. He showed me how to climb up to the roof of the barn, which was fun until I got stuck one time and Cow forbade us from doing it again. He also taught me how to jump from the loft and the loft ladder, which was fun, but also slightly dangerous, which was why we made sure never to do it when Cow was around.
That’s how I caught my first mouse. It was an accident. I meant to jump from the loft ladder to a hay bale, but as I jumped, my paw slipped and I landed on a mouse, squashing it and knocking the breath out of me. The mouse was worse off, though. I gave it to Cow. She was so proud of me. I never told her exactly how I’d caught it, though.
Cow was the one who named me Micah. I don’t remember if I hadn’t been named when I came to the barn, or if I’d had a name but forgotten it, but either way, I didn’t have one. Cow said she’d had a brother named Micah who died when she was a kit, and she wanted his name to live on. And so I became Micah.
I still miss Cow and Mouse. When I left, I barely said good-bye…I had no idea that I would never see them again.
But I’m getting ahead of myself.
I’m not sure exactly how old I was, but I was definitely less than seven moons old when I began having the dreams.
I dreamed of a she-cat I had never seen before, with white fur and green eyes. I dreamed of her roaming around, usually on the moor. I dreamed of her living in her camp with a bunch of other cats. I dreamed of her playing with a gray tom the same age as her-her brother, it turned out. I dreamed of her learning how to fight and how to hunt-or, well, trying to. Usually she would get distracted and wander off and come back with some plant she found interesting. It drove her mother crazy. I couldn’t hear anything in the dreams, so I didn’t know any names, but after observing them for so long, I felt as if I knew them. Especially her.
I didn’t think there was anything particularly strange about my dreams. Remember, I hadn’t met many other cats then. For all I knew, plenty of cats had dreams about cats they’d never met. And I thought that’s just what they were-dreams.
And then, one day, she showed up. The she-cat of my dreams, literally.
I didn’t see her clearly at first. She was being chased by a dog that lived near the barn, and I ran in and led it away through the bramble patch. But when I got back and I saw her clearly…well, let me tell you, I was very surprised.
She said her name was Moth Flight.
You know her name. Of course you do. She’s a legend among the Clans now, the first medicine cat ever. WindClan was always very proud of that.
Moth Flight told me she had dreams too, but hers were about dead cats-spirit-cats, they were called then, they weren’t called StarClan yet-and about a green moth leading her somewhere, which was why she’d left home in the first place-she’d seen it while she was awake, and followed it.
While she was at the barn, she saw the moth again, and tried to follow it, but Cow didn’t want to let her go. She said she was too young to be traveling alone. But Moth Flight said that she had to go-now.
So I said I would go with her, to protect her, and also to find out why I kept dreaming about her.
I said good-bye to Cow and Mouse. I promised I would always remember them, and that we would see each other again. Mouse said he’d heard cats say that before, but that once a cat wandered, they rarely come back.
I had every intention of coming back one day, but as it turned out, he was right.
The moth led Moth Flight to Highstones. We stopped as night fell, and the moth stopped too, at a hole in the cliff face. Moth Flight went in, into the tunnel, and found the Moonstone.
The spirit-cats told her they had chosen her to be the first medicine cat. Not only was she to heal cats with herbs, she was also to look for omens from them and advise her leader.
Moth Flight was overwhelmed. WindClan’s leader then was her own mother. But the dead cats had faith in her. And they showed her four other cats who would be medicine cats as well, one for each Clan. Dappled Pelt of RiverClan. Pebble Heart of ShadowClan. Cloud Spots of ThunderClan. I see you recognize those names as well.
And for SkyClan? Me.
I was surprised too. I’d barely heard of the Clans, and I knew nothing about herbs. But the spirit-cats had chosen me, and I could learn.
And I’d had dreams about that too, that a gray tom was ordering me to bring herbs to a sick kit. It turned out that the gray tom was SkyClan’s first leader, Clear Sky-sorry, Skystar. That’s one thing I could never get used to. You modern Clans-the way you change your names, from a kit to an apprentice to a warrior. Don’t you ever get confused? Even you-when you get your full name, didn’t it take some getting used to? Didn’t you still think of yourself as your apprentice name, even just for a sunrise or two?
But I digress.
In any case, as I told Moth Flight, at least this way I knew what lay ahead of me. Now that I knew what path my life would take, I had no reason to fear. What would be scarier would be if I had no idea of the path I would follow. At least this way I had some idea. Besides, it’s pointless to try to outwit your destiny. You just have to face it. But you know that, don’t you? Better than most, perhaps.
The spirit-cats told Moth Flight that when she told the others about the medicine cats, they would send a sign. They said, “We will split the sky. And later, stars will rise.” We didn’t know what that meant, yet.
So I went with Moth Flight to the Gathering, and she told them what the spirit-cats had said. She was brave, speaking to five Clans and their leaders like that, even if one of the leaders was her mother. Especially if one of the leaders was her mother.
They weren’t sure whether to believe her or not, but then the spirit-cats sent their sign. A bolt of lightning-on a cloudless night– split the sky and hit a tree right at the edge of the hollow. I still remember the awe I felt then.
After that, it was unanimous. Moth Flight was right, the spirit-cats were right. Each Clan would have a medicine cat.
Well, mostly unanimous. Cl-Skystar didn’t like the idea of taking a rogue into his Clan, and I can’t say I blame him. He’d had some bad experiences before. But I did my best.
I got to know the SkyClan cats, and I learned my way around herbs. Skystar appointed a cat named Acorn Fur to be my assistant. Well, also to spy on me. It was sort of obvious. But that wasn’t her fault, and she was a big help.
Acorn Fur became the SkyClan medicine cat after me.
And then, when we went to the Moonstone and spoke to the spirit-cats….It was amazing. You remember your first time? It’s the same for every cat, I think. I did feel a little out of place. The other medicine cats were greeting old friends and kin, while I knew no one. But even so…it was wonderful.
They told us they were a Clan as well, and Moth Flight gave them their name: StarClan. 
They told us that we had to share what we knew with each other, to learn more.
I had the idea that Moth Flight and I could travel from Clan to Clan. We would share with them all we knew about healing, and we would learn from them all they knew. Then we would go to the next camp, and repeat the process, until every medicine cat knew as much as the others, and we all knew every possible way to heal cats, even if we didn’t use those particular remedies. So that’s what we did.
It was fun. Almost like an adventure. Not much pressure, meeting new, friendly cat….Especially with Moth Flight.
I liked Moth Flight. She was brave and curious and energetic and kind and….
I asked her if she would do me the honor of being my mate, and she accepted.
You’re surprised, aren’t you. That two medicine cats-medicine cats!-from different Clans became mates? Moth Flight and I broke the warrior code three times over:Once because I was a medicine cat, once because she was a medicine cat, and once because we were from different Clans. It was even more than your worst scandal. I’m sorry, but it had to be brought up. It’s most of the reason why I’m telling you all this.
But this was before the warrior code. We had the basics, of course-don’t kill, don’t trespass on another Clan’s territory-but most of the warrior code you know would not come into existence for seasons.
And the medicine cat code? Medicine cats were still very new. Our situation-mine and Moth Flight’s-played a big part in creating the medicine cat code.
I was so happy. We were so happy. We had all these plans…
And then I died.
Not right away. A little while later. To make a long story, with the ramifications of other cats’ choices and actions and a lot of history we didn’t understand then, short, a WindClan cat was sick, and Moth Flight and I went to SkyClan territory to get sap from a tree to heal him. I went up in the tree while Moth Flight waited on the ground.
Skystar found us. He was very touchy about borders. Also, relations between SkyClan and WindClan had been rocky lately, with each one accusing the other of trespassing and stealing prey.
No, it was different from normal Clan relationships now, because we’d been set up, but we didn’t know that then.
Skystar sent a warrior named Red Claw up into the tree to stop me. A WindClan cat named Willow Tail climbed up to stop him. She had a deep grudge against SkyClan, and Red Claw in particular-she was the one who’d been fabricating the stolen prey and lying about smelling SkyClan scent on the WindClan side of the border-but we didn’t know that then either. I tried to stop them from fighting…I fell out of the tree.
Thank you. It’s all right-I just don’t like talking about my death. Nobody does, really. I mean, do you? But anyway.
Over my grave, Moth Flight spoke the words that would become part of every Clan burial: “May StarClan light your path. May you find good hunting, swift running, and shelter where you sleep.”
Moth Flight was not the first medicine cat for nothing, you know.
About a moon after my death, Moth Flight realized she was expecting our kits.
Yes, two medicine cats from different Clans had kits.
It was hard for Moth Flight. She’d barely begun to recover from losing me, and now she was going to be a mother! On the other paw, who wouldn’t rejoice at the prospect of bringing new life into this world? But remember also, I hadn’t been part of SkyClan for very long, but even so, it was a difficult situation for everyone involved. Even the kits. Especially the kits.
You know something about that, don’t you? You wanted to protect everyone involved, all your kin, which is why you made the decisions you did.
There were four kits, two toms and two she-kits. One was white, just like Moth Flight. One was yellow, like me. The other two were a combination of both our pelt colors, white and yellow.
I’m sorry for rambling, but, well, a parent can never talk too much about his or her children. You know a bit of what that’s like, don’t you?
Moth Flight named them Spider Paw, Honey Pelt, Blue Whisker, and Bubbling Stream.
No, naming kits with the -kit suffix only came later. Back then we gave kits their full name at birth.
Yes, they do sound a bit like Tribe of Rushing Water names, don’t they?
Moth Flight loved the kits. I loved the kits, even if I couldn’t raise them. I watched over them from StarClan, but it wasn’t the same.
It was hard for Moth Flight. She was a busy mother of four rambunctious kits, trying her best to play with them and keep them out of trouble and raise them properly and give each one the attention he or she deserved.
At the same time, she was her Clan’s only medicine cat. Their first medicine cat-she had had no experienced mentor to teach her. You know how busy the life of a medicine cat can be. One time Moth Flight was going to RiverClan for something, and the kits followed her, and Spider Paw fell in the river and nearly drowned. For a few heartbeats, I was certain he was going to join me in StarClan.
You see where this is going, don’t you?
Raising four kits alone while grieving for a lost mate is hard enough.
Well, I shouldn’t say “alone.” She had her Clan. But even an entire Clan can’t replace a lost mate.
And raising four kits alone while grieving for a lost mate and taking care of the entire Clan is impossible.
No, it wasn’t fair. Not to Moth Flight, not to our kits, not to WindClan.
And Moth Flight realized…she realized that she could take care of her kits, or she could take care of her Clan. She couldn’t do both.
And that is why she decided, as the first medicine cat of the Clans, with StarClan’s approval, that medicine cats were forbidden from having mates and kits. It simply wouldn’t work.
Yes, I know that many medicine cats say that it would have. But would it? The medicine cat would be trying her hardest to be medicine cat to the Clan, and mother to her kits, and in the process failing to be fully either.
So Moth Flight gave our kits up. Blue Whisker to ThunderClan, Honey Pelt to SkyClan, Spider Paw to RiverClan, and Bubbling Stream to ShadowClan.
Yes, she split them up. It was hard for all of them. The idea was to help bring peace to the Clans. Cats would be less likely to fight another Clan if a Clanmate of theirs had kin there. And my kits would be less likely to jump to judgment of other Clans, since their littermates were there. They would go to their siblings and talk to them, to clear up any misunderstandings or to find out what really happened. It fostered unity between all the Clans, really it did. It was for the best.
Well, but do I look like I wanted them to be in this situation? Caught between the Clans? Do you think I wanted my family to be like this?
No, I’m sorry. It’s…it’s hard, even for me, and I was in StarClan the whole time; I only met my kits when they died. You know what it’s like to be caught between two Clans…imagine being caught between five.
When Moth Flight joined StarClan, we discussed amending the rule so that it wouldn’t be all or nothing. But one loophole leads to another, and another…in the end, we left it as it was. That rule has remained the same since Moth Flight first made it, and since then it has only been broken twice in the entire history of the warrior Clans, which is quite an accomplishment, honestly, considering how often some of the other rules in the warrior code are broken.
When Yellowfang had her kits, we considered speaking to her, Moth Flight and I. But we would have had to explain who I was, and no cat knew of SkyClan then. It would have only complicated matters, which would have been the last thing she needed. And she had her mentor, and her mate-her mate was the Clan leader, so we thought that would help. And then two of her kits died…we cared for them here in StarClan. But the third one, we could sense a little of his future…StarClan can only do so much.
But sometimes, I feel such regret…
Brokenstar’s life could have been so different if he’d had a caring mother, and perhaps Moth Flight and I could have helped, we could have spoken-we could have done something. But I’ll never know now.
And with you-we didn’t speak to you because, like Yellowfang, you didn’t know of SkyClan. But in addition, you had Yellowfang and Feathertail helping and guiding you. Moth Flight and I, unfamiliar medicine cats from so long ago, would scarcely have helped. StarClan does not like to meddle with the living more than necessary, you know. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be living their lives-they’d be living ours.
And you had your sister, to help you, to cover for you, to lie for you, and to raise your kits and love them as her own. In all honesty, I think one sister like yours is worth the help and advice of all of StarClan.
Do I wish things had been different?
But, like you, I am more or less satisfied with the way things have settled. I can be proud of and love my kits, and their kits, and their kits, just as much as you can be proud of and love your kits, and their kits, and their kits. They deserve it. But more than that, they have earned it.
Don’t you agree, Leafpool?

The Amazing Briarkit!!!
The Amazing Briarkit!!!
January 22, 2021 4:38 am

Chapter Nineteen
Sirenice paced around the nest she, Narwhalclaw, Lynxbounce, and Winterpelt were trapped on. She remembered freeing Clayheart, Tsunamisplash, Glorystar, Starflight, Sunnyheart, Webs, and Riptide a long time ago. She paced around. Then Anemonestar had done most of the work, and Sirenice had just been made an apprentice then. A stupid, foolish apprentice. Suddenly, there was a scraping noise after a few days at the entrance of the den. Aukletkit, now fully grown and probably a Warrior, padded in.
“Look, I’m not supposed to be doing this,” she meowed, “but I’m freeing you.”
“What?” Sirenice meowed, “Aukletkit, why are you-”
“It’s Aukletwing now, and shut up!” Aukletwing meowed. After several tries, Aukletwing wasn’t able to get them out.
“I swore never to use my gift again,” Sirenice whispered to Aukletwing, “but I’ll use it here and now.”
“Yes, IceClan is going to arrive soon, and SeaClan and IceClan might fight!” Aukletwing informed them.
“But Sirenice, you swore to Mother that you wouldn’t use your gift again!” Lynxbounce protested. She, Snowstar, and Chrystalfur were still trying to keep Glaicerstar’s memory alive.
“I know, only this once,” Sirenice meowed. Lynxbounce settled down. Sirenice closed her eyes and prayed to StarClan. Oh, StarClan, hear my plea, please set us free! Sirenice prayed. Then, the lock sprang open! Sirenice felt a shiver go through her fur. Aukletwing steadied her by holding her paw. Sirenice padded out with Lynxbounce, Narwhalclaw, and Winterpelt on her tail. Aukletwing left a few minutes earlier than them so SeaClan didn’t suspect her. Then the four of them ran out. Anemonestar and Snowstar were glaring at each other.
“STOP!” Sirenice shouted, “Stop! I don’t want the two halves of me fighting. If we can solve this, I want to. Peacefully.”
“Sirenice-how did you get out-oh,” Anemonestar realized, “you used our gift. StarClan control.”
“That’s right,” Sirenice meowed, “I did.”
“Who helped?” Snowstar asked.
“No one,” Sirenice covered for Aukletwing, “We did it ourselves.”
“We’re locking you up again,” Anemonestar meowed, “I’m sorry.”
“NO!” Sirenice shouted, “No. I know how to solve this. My kitting caused this, now I end it. Kill me.”
Silence. Then, a shaky but strong voice called out.
“NO!” Aukletwing shouted, “No. We are not killing Sirenice. If anything, Sirenice is the only one who can fix this.”
“I can’t kill one of my best Warriors!” Snowstar meowed. Then, a suprise voice rang out.
“I can’t kill my best friend\sister,” Anemonestar meowed. Suddenly, an idea to resolve the problems struck Sirenice.
“What if, SeaClan apprentices spent a moon in IceClan for IceClan training, and in the same moon, IceClan apprentices had SeaClan training?” Sirenice meowed. Pause.
“I think it’s a great idea!” Anemonestar burst out.
“Much better than fighting,” Snowstar agreed.
A few moons later, Sirenice stood on the SeaClan border with some IceClan apprentices. They waited for the SeaClan apprentices to come. After a few more minutes, they came.
“May StarClan light your path,” Sirenice meowed to them.
“And yours too,” a SeaClan apprentice meowed back. And Sirenice and the IceClan apprentices swam to SeaClan. Where half of Sirenice came from. The other half from IceClan. She was truly, very truly, original.

Okay that is the last chapter of Sirenice’s Truth! Here’s a little sneek peak to the prolouge of my next book, Stargazer’s Secret.
The pretty she-cat raced through the tunnel into the clearing in the rainforest. Stomach cramps were reaching high pain in her stomach. She knew her kits were coming. But she didn’t want them to be born on the NightClan cat island. In the rainforest, where there were no killer sicknesses. They would move back after they were born. The she-cat was forced to lay down in the clearing. Oh, I wish Mastermind were here, Farsight thought of the NightClan Medicine Cat. Her mate. Farsight felt pain, and a small black tom-kit slid out. She licked his fur the wrong way. She wasn’t going to name him, though. He was for the Cats of Peace to name. He was going to end the SandClan Treetop war. She let him suckle until she felt another pain. Well of course, she thought, Mastermind did tell me we were expecting more than one. A black she-kit slid out just as the moonlight hit her. This kit had little silver teardrop patches of fur next to her eyes. Starkit, Farsight thought, this is Starkit.

January 22, 2021 7:03 am

I have a idea! Could I make a Fanfiction and put it in a article? Would that work?

✨ COOKIES ✨ (Silverfeather/Silvy)
✨ COOKIES ✨ (Silverfeather/Silvy)
January 22, 2021 1:16 pm

BlogClan Talent Show:
(Chapter Three)

Note to Mapledrift: Uh, so instead of making your personality as you wanted, I kinda made
him more confident, well very confident to be honest so I’m very sorry for that.

Let’s just pretend Jayfeather can see to make things easier. I made a big mistake in the last two chapters but it’s a bit late to change things now, so for this story, Jayfeather can see.
(Thank you Dawny/Meadowpaw for pointing that out 😃)

(Shoutout to everyone who is mentioned down below. Except me ofc, bc it’ll be weird to give a shoutout to myself)


Silverfeather (Silvy): A slender white (light gray tints) she-cat with darker stripes and blue eyes

Jayfeather: Jayfeather is a lean,mottled, pale gray tabby tom with blind, pale blue eyes like a jay’s wing. He has thin and silky fur and a scar running down one side.

Lillypaw-A white tabby she-cat with large black and ginger brown spots and green eyes


Shimmermist-A light gray she-cat with small white speckles scattered throughout her pelt. She also has green eyes and white chest


Lionblaze-A thick furred broad-shouldered,muscular bright golden tabby tom with amber eyes the color of the sun. He has thick fluff ringing around his neck, a nicked ear and massive pale paws with fur that bunches at his claws

Nightwish- A gray she-cat with black stripes and dark blue eyes

Riverpond- A tortoiseshell she-cat with a white tail-tip

Mapledrift- A dark ginger demi-she-cat with white flecks, tufted ears and blue eyes

Lilyfoot- A sliver/gray she-cat with black spots (like a cheetah’s) and blue eyes

Berrystumpytail- A long furred broad shouldered and sturdy cream colored tom with a thick short stump for a tail. He has a wide head and a shredded ear-tip

Cinderbreeze- A silver she-cat with darker flecks, white paws, and sapphire blue eyes

Firepaw- A orange and round she-cat with a green stem for an ear

Frostcrystal- A black she cat with white paws and icy blue eyes

Moonripple Rebellious- A white she-cat with black spots and light blue eyes

Springtail-An orange/red she-cat with black ear and right white foreleg

Chapter Three:

Shimmermist: Our next contestant is Mapledrift! Please welcome xem to the stage!!!
Mapledrift: Uh, so hi everyone! *looks around nervously* My name is Mapleshade, and today I’m going to show you guys a couple of magic tricks!
Random Kid: Yay!
The Mother of the Random Kid: Shhhhh
Mapleshade: *smiles* First of all I will be sawing a random person in half!
Jayfeather: *snorts* That magic trick? The sawing people in half magic trick is seriously getting way overused.
Lillypaw: What?! No way! It’s one of my favourite magic tricks!
Silvy: *sighs* Here they go again.
Mapledrift: *smiles at Lillypaw* Well thank you Lillypaw. And Jayfeather, since you were so “nice” why don’t you come up and be my guest by being the cat that gets sliced in half?
Jayfeather: Pfffft. No way! Since Lillypaw likes it so much, why not ask her?
Lillypaw: No! Mapledrift asked you, not me!
Shimmermist: *looks sternly at the two* Jayfeather and Lillypaw, please stop arguing. We can figure something out. Does anyone in the audience want to volunteer?
Shimmermist: *smiles awkwardly* Well, then, uh…
[after a few more seconds of awkward silence]
Silvy: Why don’t we let the crowd decide who should get sawed in half?
Shimmermist: That’s a good idea!
Jayfeather: No it isn’t!
Shimmermist: Okay then. On the count of three, shout out the name of the judge you want to see get sawed in half!
Everyone: JAYFEATHER!!!
Jayfeather: You’re all joking, right?
Shimmermist: Nope. It seems like the crowd has chosen you
Shimmermist: Unfortunately, there’s no other options.
Jayfeather: SHUT UP! I SAID NO!
Lillypaw: *smirks* Well, if you leave the competition, you won’t get to eat your jay burger.
Jayfeather: 😳
Lillypaw: So, what do you choose?
Jayfeather: Okay, fine! I’ll volunteer. But only because of the jay burger *gives Lillypaw the stink eye*
Lillypaw: *does a victory dance*
Mapledrift: *beams* That’s great! Jayfeather, please come over here.
Jayfeather: *grumbles as he slowly drags his paws over to the box and lies down inside*
Mapledrift: *smiles evilly as bee closes the lid*
[A gigantic saw appears in Mapledrift’s paws]
Mapledrift: *lifts the saw over fem head and slowly lowers the vibrating saw nearer to the box*
[The saw cuts deeper into the box until the box is cut in half and Jayfeather’s body is also split in half]
The Crowd: *cheers and claps loudly*
Jayfeather: *dumfounded* “How?!”
Shimmermist and the judges: Wow
Mapledrift: *shyly bows to the audience then snaps the box back into one piece*
Mapledrift: Thank you everyone. Now please let me show you my second trick! It’s called the vanishing trick and I’ll be vanishing the Moonpool today.
Everybody: YES!!!
Mapledrift: That’s actually a good idea.
Mapledrift: *snaps her claws/fingers and smoke billows out of her paws*
[The smoke disappears and Jayfeather is nowhere to be seen]
The Crowd: *gasps*
Jayfeather: What was that for?! My eyes sting!
Mapledrift: Ta-da!
Jayfeather: Hold up. Did you just make me vanish?
Mapledrift: Yeah I did
Jayfeather: *mutters* The jay burgers must be worth it or else I’m going to shred Silvy’s ears off.
[after a few seconds]
Jayfeather: So, aren’t you going to make me un-vanish again?
Mapledrift: Uh oh so about that. I only know how to make people vanish, not make them appear again.
Mapledrift: *nervous laughter*
Silvy: Wait! Everyone, calm down. It’s alright. I’ll fix Jayfeather.
Jayfeather: How?
Silvy: Because, not only am I a judge here, but I’m also the author of this story so I can do whatever I want!
[general confusion]
Silvy: Just let me show you…
Silvy: ahEm! *starts waving her front paws around*
Silvy: Abracadabra! APPEAR!!!
[more confusion]
Jayfeather: *lands face down onto the stage as he suddenly falls from out of nowhere*
The Crowd: *starts clapping*
Shimmermist: That’s so cool
Jayfeather: *wails* No it’s not! My whole body aches! Someone bring me poppy seeds! The pain is too much to deal with!
Lillypaw: Well that’s too bad. *proceeds to drag Jayfeather back to his spot*
Mapledrift: Oh, thank you Silvy! Now I can move onto my last and final trick!
Shimmermist: Which is…?
Mapledrift: Which is the walking on water trick! *walks over to a huge empty swimming pool*
Jayfeather: *scoffs* You can’t to that! There’s no water in there!
Silvy: No it’s not! *claps three times*
[Water starts rising up from the pool]
Everybody: *dumbfounded*
Jayfeather: How on earth did you do that?! And also, how are these objects suddenly appearing? First the tree, then the piano and now the swimming pool?!
Silvy: Shhhhh *covers Jayfeather’s mouth with her tail*
Mapledrift: *coughs intentionally and without warning mae suddenly leaps into the swimming pool*
A Random Person *screams*
Mapledrift: *lands on top of the water with both hind legs, wobbling to regain their balance*
The Crowd: *speechless*
Mapledrift: *starts doing the chicken dance on the water*
Everyone: *claps*
Jayfeather: *flabbergasted*
Mapledrift: *casually steps out of the water and takes a bow*
Shimmermist: OH MY GOSH. That was fantastic!
Lillypaw: I agree, Shimmermist. That was a miracle. Amazing. All of your magic tricks were so good that I’m speechless.
Silvy: That was wonderful. It was the most amazing thing I ever watched in my life.
Jayfeather: Hmmm, let’s see. Your first trick was awfully overrated and you nearly killed me during it. Your second trick was absolutely useless and you almost ruined my whole entire life by making me invisible! Next time, come prepared if you want to do that. Your last trick was okay, I guess but your dancing was terrible.
Lillypaw: Jayfeather! Just stop being salty for once. You have to admit Mapledrift’s performance was amazing.
Jayfeather: Well maybe for you, but not me!
[after a whole lot of arguing]
Shimmermist: Okay everyone! It’s finally time for the scores! Judges, please hold up your scores in 3, 2, 1…
[The judges hold up their scores; Silvy: 10/10, Lillypaw: 10/10 and Jayfeather: 3/10]

And that’s the end of Chapter Three!
Also, if you’re wondering why I only did Mapledrift for this chapter, it’s because originally, there were supposed to be three or more contestants this round but somehow Mapledrift’s performance ended up being a little too long and I figured the chapter would get a little too long with if I added the next contestant’s performance in the story.

✨ COOKIES ✨ (Silverfeather/Silvy)
✨ COOKIES ✨ (Silverfeather/Silvy)
January 22, 2021 1:37 pm

Jayfeather x Poppyfrost
(Part One (aka Page 235)

(The original thing is in The Fourth Apprentice (Series: Omen of the Stars), Chapter 20)

“What in the name of StarClan made her come all this way?” Jayfeather thought bitterly as he trudges up the rocky toward the Moonpool, following the scents of Poppyfrost and Breezepelt. His fur prickled as he thought how unlikely it was that the two of them would be together willingly. “Or was it?” his mind asked him. “Oh shut up!” Jayfeather whispered to himself, an unexpected pang of jealousy rising up to his throat. Why was he thinking like this? “I can’t,” he whispered quietly, “I’m a medicine cat! I won’t make the same mistakes Leafpool made.” Pushing away his thoughts, he continued on his way, occasionally scenting the air. The sun had gone down, and the wind was rising, bringing with it the damp of rain. At last the drought seemed as if it could be coming to an end. “That’s one good thing,” he thought. One last hard scramble brought him to the ring of thorn bushes that surrounded the Moonpool. Pushing his way through, he padded down the spiral path, feeling once more the prints of the ancient Clan beneath his paws. Their whispers surrounded him, but Jayfeather was too intent to listen to them tonight. With the endless gush of water in his ears, he reached the edge of the pool and picked up Poppyfrost’s scent. The she-cat was sitting at the waterside a little farther around. She was alone; there was no sign of Breezepelt. Jayfeather felt as if a rock had lifted off his shoulders. So they weren’t meeting in secret! “No Jayfeather,” he told himself, “There”s no way she’ll love me back.” A cold feeling replaced the relief and he started to wonder why Breezepelt’s scent was there. “Was it just a misunderstanding? Or was it intentional?”

January 22, 2021 6:19 pm

This is a rewritten version of a story I posted on here a while ago. I’m trying to figure out a name for it so if you have any suggestions please tell me.

“You murderer!” a blue-grey she-cat yowled. The black cat in front of her blinked. “Rainshadow,I wouldn’t hurt one of my clanmates.” Rainshadow hissed,her fur spiking. “You killed her! I saw you slip something into her food!” Heathersong,an elder,had died that night. Nightweb claimed she died of old age,but Rainshadow though differently. “Heathersong was very old. She went peacefully,I wasn’t involved.” Nightweb stated,wrapping their tail around their paws. Rainshadow slid her claws out,her eyes dark. Just then,a cat came out of the warriors den.

Russetbird,a respected tom,had been awoken by the argument. He yawned and padded over. “What going on?” Nightweb stood up and covered Rainshadow’s mouth with their tail,preventing her from speaking. “Nothing,Rainshadow’s just grieving.” they said smoothly. Russetbird stared at the two for a second,then slowly nodded. “Well alright. I know the death was hard on all of us,so if either or you even need someone to talk to,I’m here.” He yawned again and ambled off. “How about I give you some poppy seeds for the shock?” Nightweb asked,not giving the she-cat time to answer before entering the medicine cat den. Rainshadow briefly looked confused,then shook her head. “N-No! You’ll poison me! You’re a killer!”

They sighed,”At least get some rest. We can discuss this in the morning.” they her out of the shelter and dipped their head. Tears fell down Rainshadow’s face as she walked away. She was convinced that Nightweb had been the cause of Heathersong’s death,but now she wasn’t so sure. That night,she slept in Heathersong’s nest,wishing that her death was a dream.

Nightweb slunk across the clearing soundlessly,their icy blue eyes shining in the moonlight. Pushing their way into the elders den,they sat down next to Rainshadow. They placed their front paws on the she-cats nose and mouth. She woke up and started thrashing around. Nightweb dug their claws in,shifting their position so they were on her chest. Her eyes wide with terror,Rainshadow tried to cry out,but no noise escaped through the medicine cat’s paws. “Say hello to Heathersong for me,Rainshadow.” Nightweb whispered. With one last shake,her body fell still,no longer fighting.

Turtle: obsessing over fictional characters 🐢🐢🐢😜😜😜
Turtle: obsessing over fictional characters 🐢🐢🐢😜😜😜
January 22, 2021 9:08 pm
Bee is drawing (Beepaw)
Bee is likely on her school computer (Beepaw)
January 22, 2021 9:37 pm

This is something I wrote during health class for fun:

A long time ago, five clans were founded. They all got along really well, with friendships, alliances, and even romances were allowed across borders. That doesn’t mean there weren’t any petty grudges though. Take the story of Willow Tail, and how she caused unnecessary conflict between WindClan and SkyClan, all because of a grudge. 

This, to a young kit in the modern ages, sounds insane. Sounds nothing like the clans we have today. There is very much a point there though. Nowadays, the clans can’t trust one another for some reason. Rules are somewhat enforced, some more then others (looking at you, rule 1), and the clans could be considered cults to some outsiders. They have a point. 

The thing is, over time, more rules were enforced. Starting with the most infamous rule, “Defend your Clan, even with your life. You may have friendships with cats from other Clans, but your loyalty must remain to your Clan, as one day you may meet them in battle.” This rule made some sense, to know you wouldn’t to fight to one you love, at least on the outside. But it’s a really flawed rule. If cats just got along- and could actually talk their problems out, this rule wouldn’t be needed whatsoever. 

I’ll admit, some of the rules make sense. We don’t want kits to die younger then needed. We need to know what’ll happen if a leader dies. We want gatherings to not have violence. We don’t need to unnecessarily kill. But other rules, not so great. Such as rule 13, “The word of the Clan Leader is the warrior code.” This causes many problems, and has been easily abused by many leaders.  The code isn’t a tangible thing, it’s a concept. A really flawed concept. 

The code is weird. Many myths say that the code was given to the clans by StarClan one day, and can be temporarily edited if needed. That isn’t true whatsoever, the code was made up of rules, for the most part only temporarily needed, by past leaders. So the code wasn’t a concept that their ancestors wanted at first, but they just grew used to.  

When you look at it, there really isn’t a reason that the clans are so high and mighty about the code. They say it’s perfect, it really isn’t. They say it was given by a holy source, it was in truth created by them. Over time, the cats perspective one rules became warped, and this is where we are now.

Who am I though? I won’t give you an answer just yet. But I will say, I’m not that sacred as some cats would think about me. I’m just part of a group. A group unnecessarily worshiped.

✨ COOKIES ✨ (Silverfeather/Silvy)
✨ COOKIES ✨ (Silverfeather/Silvy)
January 23, 2021 6:56 am

Jayfeather x Poppyfrost
Part 2 (aka Page 236)

“Poppyfrost?” Jayfeather whispered. He heard her gasp of surprise. “Jayfeather! Did you follow me?” “Yes.” Jayfeather’s mind was a blur. Was she scared that he might find out her secret or was she just surprised? “She was just surprised,” Jayfeather told himself. But what is she doing so far away from ThunderClan? “Your clanmates are worried about you,” he mewed awkwardly, “You shouldn’t have come up here alone.” “My kits are fine” Poppyfrost responded curtly, then after a few seconds of hesitation, she asked, “If Berrynose worried about me?” Jayfeather hesitated. Why was he suddenly feeling worse? Was he jealous that Poppyfrost was curious about her own mate? But then, why was the feeling stronger then when he had suspected she was meeting Breezepelt in secret? “You don’t need to answer,” Poppyfrost went on bitterly, taking Jayfeather’s silence as a no, “Of course he isn’t! He doesn’t care about me. He’s still in love with Honeyfern.” Jayfeather searched helplessly for the right words, but his head was jumbled with mixed feelings and the guilt that he was secretly hoping Berrynose did love Honeyfern more than Poppyfrost. Poppyfrost carried on. “I wanted to see Honeyfern so much. I miss her more than I can say, and I don’t blame her that Berrynose doesn’t love me.” Poppyfrost let out a shuddering sigh. “I always loved him, even when he was with Honeyfern. But I would never have tried to take him away from her! Then when she died, I thought he might love me after all… but he doesn’t.” “You don’t know-“ Jayfeather began. “Oh yes I do!” Poppyfrost flashed back at him. “You can tell by the way he behaves that he doesn’t care about me at all. Why else would he want me to go to the nursery so early? He doesn’t even want to see me in the warriors’ den!”

Turtle: Turtle Tail Lover 💜💜💜|Turtlepaw/dapple🐢🐢🐢
Turtle: Turtle Tail Lover 💜💜💜|Turtlepaw/dapple🐢🐢🐢
January 23, 2021 10:06 pm

Here’s chapter three of my Squirrelflight X Jessy AU, Squirrelflight’s Love!

Chapter three :

Squirrelflight and Jessy eventually went back to the camp, both carrying a decent amount of prey.

Squirrelflight selected a thrush from the prey pile.

“Want to share?” she asked.

“Sure! I was getting hungry.” Jessy mewed.

The two she-cats began to eat. After a little bit, Jessy broke the silence.

“Squirrelflight? I have to ask you something.”

“Yes?” asked Squirrelflight. Her heart pounded.

“What would you say if I… asked you to come with me when I leave?” Jessy said. Her amber eyes were full of curiosity.

“I…” Squirrelflight didn’t know what to say. Who would she choose? Jessy or Bramblestar? Which cat did she truly belong with? Was she willing to leave the Clan for Jessy?

“I know it’s a hard question. But I had to ask. Squirrelflight, you’re probably my closest friend in ThunderClan, and I’d really miss you. But don’t feel pressured to come with me.” Jessy mewed.

Squirrelflight whispered, “I want to. But I’m afraid.”

“Afraid of what? You should always follow your heart.” Jessy urged.

“I’m afraid of what Bramblestar would say. I don’t think he’d approve.” Squirrelflight confessed.

Jessy’s normally warm amber gaze was now serious.

“Who cares what Bramblestar says? You don’t need HIS permission to make YOUR own choice. Are you really happy with him, deep down? I know you aren’t mates anymore. But do you care for him?”

Squirrelflight thought about Bramblestar when they’d first became mates… BrambleCLAW.

He’d been kind. She had loved him. He had loved her.

But after the truth came out about Hollyleaf, Lionblaze, and Jayfeather… he changed.

Squirrelflight’s mate was only JUST starting to warm up to her again. But he could still be cold, controlling, generally… not a cat she wanted to be with.

He wasn’t the same cat. Deep down, she knew that she didn’t want to be with him.

“Oh, Squirrelflight. I’m sorry.” Jessy whispered, understanding what Squirrelflight had not said.

“I know that Bramblestar has let you down. But I will ALWAYS be here for you.” the brown kitty pet went on.

Squirrelflight licked Jessy’s ear. “Thank you,” she said.

She meant it with all of her heart.

I’ll Be Complete

Scorchie loves Jayfeather and had too much coffee (Mae/mim))
January 23, 2021 11:34 pm

I, uh, have a story i would like the share. its based off my own imagination, is that ok?

🐅🌟Tigerpaw/shine (mae/mim, she/her) (Tiger Dashing Under Shining Sun/Tiger Shine/Tiger) says HAPPY MOD APPRECIATION DAY!!!!🐅🌟
🐅🌟Tigerpaw/shine (mae/mim, she/her) (Tiger Dashing Under Shining Sun/Tiger Shine/Tiger) says HAPPY MOD APPRECIATION DAY!!!!🐅🌟
January 24, 2021 3:17 am

The Shadowlings: The Great Battle part 2 by Tigershine
The first part of this story is on page 485 and the second part of this story is on page 487.

Leopard’s POV

“Snap? What are you doing here?
“Traitor!” he shouts.
“You would be afraid to meet your family in battle too!”
He tries to say something, but stops. He realizes I’m right. Crisis averted.
Wait a minute…….
“Why are you here anyway? Spying?”
“Uh…… yeah. But to be fair I had to determine you weren’t a threat, I was only keeping us safe.”
I’m infuriated. He should have known I was safe!
But then I sigh and realize I would have done the same thing to protect my adoptive family. Neither of us can blame each other. We promise to not speak about this and I go back to sleep.
I immediately have a dream of my brother Crow again. This time, Hail, the Shadow Heir, tells everyone I’m disloyal and to prove I’m not I have to bring my brother prisoner back to camp. I’m fine with that, until I realize they’ll kill him. I have no idea what to do, so I try to turn to Splash for advice, but he accuses me too. I reluctantly set out to find him. I try to capture him, but we are evenly matched in fighting skills and I can’t get anywhere. He pins me and raises his sword. I leap out of the way and am taken over by instinct, weaving and dodging blows. I strike him, and he falls. I killed him. Again. I’m pretty upset, but it’s a dream, and I know it’s a dream. I haven’t seen my brother in years.
I use my special phrase to wake myself up. As loud as I can I shout “Crow!” and find myself blinking open crusty eyes. It worked and I’ve woken up. I yawn, stretch and get out of bed.
Suddenly I hear the Shadow Weaver calling. It’s a Tribe meeting. I head over to the Mound, where the Shadow Weaver addresses us. She’s standing on top of the Mound. She tells us that she needs to send a spy. Crow, the young one, Instantly jumps up. Jay hushes him. Night leaps up too, but Turtle shuts her down. Dawn tries but Flower brushes her off. I can tell what they’re thinking: Ah well.
The Shadow Weaver picks Tooth. She sends him off. Good choice. He’s fast on his feet and quick with words. He’ll make a fine candidate.
I watch Tooth leave, as he strides confidently towards the Wolves, though his legs are shaking a bit and I can tell he’s hiding his fear. I hope he makes it out alive.
Cloud and Cherry sit next to each other. Cherry’s crying softly. Tooth was their youngest son. Turtle looks worried for her younger brother also. Sky’s terrified. It’s hard to blame them for being upset. But Tooth has the best chance out of us all to survive. No Wolves know him, he’s quick witted, and he’s young and strong.
I think of my brother. He’s the only blood-related family I have left. My mother, Heart, died when we were born. My father, Eagle, was killed when the Wolves took over. My brother, Fall, died shortly after he was born, and my sister, Violet, died on the journey here. I had an uncle, Sharp, but he went out one day and never came back. I don’t know of any other relatives. It’s been far too long since I last saw Crow. All I remember are his green eyes and dark form.
In the Wolves Tribe, there is a coming-of-age ceremony where you are renamed something like Savage. I wonder what Crow’s name is now.

Tooth’s POV

I head over and hide in the brush near the Leaves’ old camp. Some Saplings are being renamed.
“Thistle, Bramble, and Thorn, come forward.” booms the leader.
Three Saplings come forward. They look proud.
“Thistle, from now forth, you will be known as Blood.”
“No mercy!” the newly named Blood howls.
I shiver. Wow, these guys are cruel.
Bramble is renamed to Fury, and Thorn to Bone. They also reply with “No mercy.” It must be a ritual.
Then the leader steps forward out of the shadows. His eyes are red and his gaze threatening. I flinch instinctively. The bush I’m hiding in wiggles. I melt into its shadow, hoping they won’t notice me.
They do.
“What do we have here?” asks the leader.
I straighten up as tall as I can and meet his intimidating gaze. “It’s an honor to finally meet you. I’d like to join the Shadow Wolves Tribe, for I have seen the light.” I lie.
The leader’s eyes scorch my face. He finally looks to two burly shadows. “Killer, Slash, take him to an imprisonment den. I will interrogate him later.”
The two take me away.
I can only hope for the best.
What feels like a year later, I’m freed and taken to a different room. The leader sits there. He asks me hours of intense questioning about my strengths, weaknesses, and background, using threats to keep me going. I eventually pass.
I’m initiated as Fang. I meet everyone there and take note of their names. There’s Snake, Blood, Fury, Bone, Tiger, Titan, Flame, Slash, Killer, Fierce, Venom, Scar, and Claws. The Saplings’ names are Nettle and Hound. I notice there aren’t any elders and wonder why.
Nettle is the first to approach me. “Hi, Fang! How are you? Tell me about your life before you saw the truth!” She chirps.
Her brother Hound follows her. “Nettle, stop! He’s dangerous!”
Nettle frowns. “He passed the inquisition! He’s fine!” she spits back. “Besides, someone has to tell him about the battle plans!”
The battle plans! I’m so close!
“Claws can tell him! Leave that to him!”
Dang it! Oh well…..
“Well, it was nice talking to you. Gotta go!” Nettle squeals as she gets yanked away from me by Hound.
I smile as I watch them go. Those two may be Wolves, but they’re adorable.
I look up to notice Claws and Fierce sitting close together. Too close to be friends. They must be mates. And from the way they glance and Nettle and Hound those must be their children.
I also notice that something seems off about Tiger. His determination to prove himself is too strong to be an ordinary loyal Wolf. And his tall, strong form reminds me of someone I know, but I just can’t place who………


Snap’s POV

I jump on Dawn, training sword slamming down on the dirt next to her. “Haha! Take that, Wolf!”
Dawn squirms under me. “You’ll never get away with this!” She snarls, but a smile curls her lips. She twists away and pins me. “No one can rescue you now!”
“I can!” calls Night from the other side of the nursery. He runs over and pushes Dawn off me. “Hang in there, Snap! You’ll soon be free!”
Dawn rolls over and Night jumps on top of her “I surrender!” She squeals.
“You better!” Night says, smiling. “Race you to the entrance!”
The two take off. I sigh. Those two are a handful. I don’t know how Turtle manages. Crow isn’t so bad. He’ll be a fine Warrior one day.
Speaking of warriors………… it’s training time. I go out with Star and Leaf. We grab training swords for another long day. We spar for hours in a 3-way 3-on-1 duel, where we basically face off against the other two. I pin Star down and tap her throat with my sword, a killing move that we only use for emergencies, and one I would never do to anyone, especially my future mate. If it were a real sword, she would be dying right now. I imagine her laying there, gushing bright red blood under a triumphant Wolf. I shiver, but am interrupted by squirming. Star is escaping from under me. She leaps to her feet. Quick as a snake I dart forward, using my elbows to push me, and grab her legs, pulling them out from under her. She falls backward and I spring at her. She rolls over quickly and my hands slam into the mat one second too late. Right then, Leaf joins in, and in a blur of shadows me and Star are a tangled mess of limbs. I carefully pull my arm out from under her forehead while she lifts her leg off mine. Leaf stands nearby, smirking as he watches us.
“Entertained yet?” I ask him sarcastically.
“Very!” he laughs.
Me, Star and him all giggle about the silly situation. Then we head to the nursery to take the Saplings out for training. Dawn, Night and Crow are eager to get out. We get there and I notice Leopard crouching at the entrance. She is staring at Crow as he sits admiring the cold stone floor. There’s a troubled look in her eyes. I ask her what’s wrong.
“……….He’s so much like my brother…………my brother used to do that when we were young.” she mutters vaguely.
“You have a brother?” I ask.
My surprised tone seems to wake her up. “None of your business, Snap!” she shouts, but even though her tone is snappy, her eyes are clouded with memories. She spouts a tear, and runs away.
How strange.

Tooth’s POV

I get to know my new “Tribemates” a little better. I say that because I’m a spy and my true tribemates are waiting for me back home. I think Fury has feelings for me. It’ll be hard for her when I betray her in the battle. Oh well then, so be it. If I have to, I have to, and it’s worth saving the lives of my friends to break a relationship. But I do kind of like her back……
There’s no time to worry about that now. Claws is going over the battle plans.
“Fang, can you tell us more about your Tribe? List the names and give us strengths and weaknesses.”
I know I can’t give away our secrets. But I have to prove my loyalty. Thinking fast, I decide to only tell them the names.
“Uh, I don’t know much strengths or weaknesses stuff, but I know that there’s Crow, Rose, Dawn, Sky, Knock, Ice, Fox, Bird, Jay, Flower-”
“Wow, you guys have really pathetic names,” Slash mutters.
Tiger’s eyes twinkle.
“Snap, Leaf, Star, Lion, Brave-”
“I take that back. Brave is a good name.” Slash mutters.
“Cherry, Cloud, Berry, Turtle, and Leopard-”
“Did you just say Leopard? Is there a Violet, too?” Tiger asks suddenly.
“Uh, no.”
Tiger relaxes a little, but his eyes are blazing with malice. Unexpectedly, a tear falls down his face. He quickly manages to stop crying. Fortunately for him no one else noticed. If they had he would probably have some questions to answer. Something about loyalty.
Anyway, Claws is still talking. He explains that they could trap Flames in their dens and kill them there. I tell them that my particular family has 8 members, Brave, Turtle, Crow, Dawn, Night, Cloud, Cherry, and me. I think it would be easy if we killed one and left the body by the entrance so the rest of the family could see it. Boom! 6 warriors out of battle. I also suggest we take out Turtle, as she’s supposedly the weakest. I’m lying, she’s our second strongest, but they wouldn’t believe me if I said Brave was the weakest. Claws thinks it’s a great idea. Just goes to show how evil these guys are.
Snake cuts in with another idea: sending me on that patrol would work to our advantage. They would be so surprised to find their family member betraying them that they would be easy to defeat.
I gulp at the thought of peeling away my disguise early. I accept the offer, knowing I can’t decline it. I know I have to tell Fury who I really am now. It hurts too much to betray her.
As soon as the meeting is over I pull her aside. Time to tell the truth.
“Fury,” I begin, taking a deep breath, “I- I’m not who you think I am. I’m… I’m… I’m a spy, sent from the Flames. But…… I can’t betray you. Please, fight with me, against the Wolves.”
Fury’s eyes well with tears as she looks into mine. “I’ll- I’ll fight with you.” she whispers.
Hope sparks in my chest. “Really?”
We look into each other’s eyes for eternity, each trying to hold back tears of pained joy.
Finally, she whispers something.
“Call me Thorn.”
“Call me Tooth.” I reply.

Leopard’s POV

I hide in my den. My stomach growls. I haven’t eaten all day. I refuse to come out. I blew it! Snap knows about my brother! Crow looks so much like him… I just wandered off… and… now he knows!
Snap comes in suddenly. “Tooth is here.”
I sprint out of bed and dash down the hall. Tooth! He has the answers I need. I need to know more about my brother!
Tooth leads a strange shadow in. She trembles and quivers, her nervous purple eyes flitting around everyone there. Tooth murmurs soothing words and she calms down.
“This is Thorn. The Wolves call her Fury. She has agreed to help us.”
Thorn stares around the crowd. She’s pretty nervous. Either she’s the best actor in the world, or she’s definitely not a spy.
The crowd surrounds her and asks her many questions. Her eyes get bigger and bigger as they get closer and closer. She’s obviously terrified.
“STOP!” Star’s voice erupts over everyone else. “BACK AWAY FROM HER!”
They all obey her. Except me. I run forward. “Is there anyone who used to be named Crow?” I demand her. I don’t care if anyone hears me. “One with green eyes?”
She blinks at me, seeming much more confident answering a question while she isn’t being swarmed. “There are three shadows with green eyes in the Wolves, four if you count my brother Bone, but I know him and his name was never Crow. The ones with green eyes are Snake, Titan and Tiger. Snake is vicious and cruel and loves to watch death. Titan is powerful and strong but keeps to himself. Tiger is the youngest. He’s intelligent and determined to prove himself. I heard him talk about a shadow named Leopard recently. Why? Is that you?”
I gasp quietly. “I-I think so.” I stammer. “This Tiger- tell me more about him.”
“He’s pretty mysterious, I don’t know much.” Thorn apologizes. “But here goes. His mom died when he was born. He had two sisters and a brother but the brother died immediately after being born. His dad was killed for being disloyal. His uncle disappeared one day and never came back. His sisters fled when they were young.”
Suddenly, Thorn seems to get it.
“You’re his sister, aren’t you?”

Sorry it took forever! I’m working on other stories too. And yes, I’m lazy so you’re going to have to find those pages yourself 🙂 .

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