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Nobody will stop you from creating. Do it tonight. Do it tomorrow. That is the way to make your soul grow – whether there is a market for it or not! The kick of creation is the act of creating, not anything that happens afterward. I would tell all of you watching this screen: Before you go to bed, write a four line poem. Make it as good as you can. Don’t show it to anybody. Put it where nobody will find it. And you will discover that you have your reward.

Kurt Vonnegut


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    Welcome to my new series, Choose Your Adventure!
    Choose Your Adventure is a series where you will read a story and vote in a poll to determine the next chapter!
    The Clans are TigerClan, LynxClan, LeopardClan, LionClan, PantherClan, JaguarClan, CougarClan, CheetahClan and ShiningClan.
    So without further ado…….
    I stare down at JaguarClan, frosted and covered in snow.
    I left it long ago. I was murdered in the dead of night by the evil Petalstar for bearing her ex-mate, Riftnest´s, kits. Riftnest was killed too. She killed me before I could have my kits, but here in ShiningClan I gave birth to Larkkit, Eaglekit, and Cottonkit.
    Petalstar started a war between JaguarClan, TigerClan, and PantherClan so she could discreetly cause the deaths of the deputies and leader and receive nine lives. JaguarClan pulled out of the war when she became leader, but the others are still fighting. If the war doesn´t stop, the other Clans could become involved, tearing us apart. Even ShiningClan will be divided.
    I jump. Stormrain appeared behind me like he had spent his whole afterlife practicing. I never saw it coming.
    ¨We have recieved a prophecy. The bird and stone will raise the stars and they shall conquer the gale. You and Riftnest must be reincarnated into the living world, him in a PantherClan litter and you in a TigerClan litter, to make it come true.¨
    ¨Have you walked in the TigerClan medicine cat, deputy, and leader´s dreams?¨
    ¨I will at moonhigh tonight.¨
    ¨Who will take care of my kits?¨
    ¨Shimmerswirl has arranged for that.¨
    I look down at the TigerClan nursery. It´s clear who my options are.
    Turtlefox lays sideways, belly heaving. She´s just about ready to have her kits, which is good, because we have no time to waste stopping the war. But her mate is dead, her litter bears only one, and she has Greencough. The birth will kill her and sicken the kit, making it weak. She will have to watch over the kit from ShiningClan.
    The other queen in the nursery is Lilystream. She has a kind mate, three unborn kits, and a desire to be evil. She won´t be a good mother, but perhaps Honeywing, her mate, will be a good father. And the kit will have their siblings to rely on. However, Lilystream will give birth in two and a half moons, time we can´t waste lightly.
    Suddenly, Turtlefox groans and rolls over. Her stomach convulses. Berrythorn, the medicine cat, rushes in with herbs.
    Her kits are coming!
    I have to decide now!
    A. Turtlefox
    B. Lilystream

    This got so many likes so chapter 7 is coming out early!

    Alderwish…Please tell me you left! Mossstrem ended up in the patrol as well. “This-” Spottedbird began. “No…NO!” Dawn yowled in fear. Her scent ended. The rest is mixed with a tom’s scent, Alderwish’s scent was limp. Sweetfrost realized at once what was going on. “A-Alder-w-wish…” Sweetfrost quietly meowed. Suddenly, a limp body of fur washed up from the waves of the river. It was no doubt, Alderwish. “Alderwish!” Spottedbird yowled at the top of her lungs. She was soon sobbing at the body of Alserwish. Tears of pain and shock soaked Mossstream’s pelt. “Alderwish…Why on this journey…” This was only the beginning of what would happen.

  • Hi! Chapter 3 of Broken Flames (Still taking requests for the title) is finally done. I recommend you read the Allegiances, Chapter 1, and Chapter 2 first. Those are all in the same comment and should be either on this same Fan Fiction page or the one before it! ENJOY READING!!!

            Flamekit sat near the nursery, his paws tucked underneath him, watching the day go by. The day that Flamekit apologized to his brother had come and gone, and sunhigh had passed a while ago, and the camp was storming with ThunderClan cats. Sunfur, a yellow tabby warrior, was chatting with her former apprentice Icefoot beside the freshkill pile. He noticed Oaktail and Leafwhisker sharing tongues in the shade of the Highledge. Spottedtree, Oaktail’s brother, was looking at them from across camp with a look of annoyance on his face. What’s his problem? Flamekit wondered. Ravenstorm and Owlclaw were speaking near the warriors den, sharing a plump rabbit. I remember when they were younger, Flamekit recalled, they used to play with me and Firekit everyday. It’s so hard to believe that those two clumsy and mischievous apprentices turned into such fine warriors! 
            Thinking of this reminded Flamekit of when he would become an apprentice. I wonder who my mentor will be. Flamekit looked around at all the possible warriors that could one day be his trainer. He spotted Hailnose washing his pale gray face near the thorn tunnel, the camp entrance. Hailnose has always been a wise cat, maybe he will be my mentor. He let his eyes travel across the camp again, until his amber gaze was fixed on a gray and white tom. Cedarspot, the Clan deputy, was talking with his sister Blizzardtail. Wouldn’t it be awesome if I had Cedarspot, the Clan deputy, as my mentor? Firekit and Littlekit would be so jealous! Flamekit thought with amusement.
            He noticed a flash of black fur in the back of his eyesight and turned around to see Blackkit approaching him from behind. “Hey Flamekit, what’s up?” she asked as she padded to his side. Blackkit deserves my thanks for telling me to apologize to my brother. “Hi Blackkit,” He gave her a shy glance, “thanks for telling me to apologize to Firekit.” Blackkit looked at him proudly, “No problem, Flamekit.”  She looked across the clearing to where Littlekit was talking to Snowpaw, and added cheerfully, “Littlekit’s not that bad if you get to know him!” A flare of jealousy struck through Flamekit. I don’t get it, why am I feeling  jealousy? All Blackkit said was the truth! Flamekit looked down at his paws and nodded slowly in agreement.
            “Hey, Blackkit!” Flamekit looked up to see a black and white she-kit approaching. Skykit. Blackkit’s sister strolled up to her, and gave a glance at Flamekit. Skykit flicked her tail irritably, “Blackkit, you’re talking to him again?” Skykit has never really been that fond of me, Flamekit thought with annoyance. Blackkit rolled her amber eyes, “Skykit, mind your own business! It’s not my fault you don’t have any other friends.” She looked back at Blackkit indignantly and snorted, “Whatever, I don’t even care that you have more friends! Because that just means I have more people that I could tell your little secret to.” Then she turned and padded off. It seems like Blackkit is dealing with the same thing I am! But what did Skykit mean by “little secret”? 
            Blackkit whirled back to Flamekit with a look of pity on her face, “I’m really sorry about that Flamekit, she can be the biggest bee-brain sometimes!” Flamekit shook his head , “No, it’s fine.” He looked back up at her questionably, “But what did she mean by your “little secret”?” Blackkit looked down at her paws and explained quickly,  “Uh, don’t listen to her Flamekit. She doesn’t know what she’s talking about!” Then with a shrug of her shoulders, she quickly scurried off towards the nursery. That was strange.
            Flamekit scanned the clearing, until he found Skykit. She was talking to Firekit near the hazel bush that made up the elders den, her tail raised and her blue eyes tense. Blackkit’s right, I shouldn’t listen to her. I mean, what secret could Blackkit be hiding away? Flamekit wondered. Skykit let her gaze carry from Firekit, until it finally rested on Flamekit. Firekit turned around too, and stared at his brother just as Skykit was doing. They both looked like they were going to burst out in laughter. With one last flick of her tail, Skykit padded away, Firekit at her heels. What was that all about? I hope Skykit isn’t spreading rumors about me. Flamekit turned back to the nursery, which was about two fox-lengths away. Blackkit had disappeared through the entrance.
            Flamekit got to his paws and padded toward the den. He poked his head through the entrance and peered inside, making the brambles rustle slightly. The den was completely empty, except for one thing. Blackkit was sitting upright in her nest, her dark tail wrapped neatly around her paws. Her face was turned toward the den wall, opposite of the entrance where Flamekit was now.
            He casted a shadow across the den floor, making Blackkit turn around in surprise, her black fur bristling, “Flamekit, I didn’t see you there!” she exclaimed. Flamekit looked at her awkwardly, “Sorry, I didn’t mean to surprise you. I just wanted to make sure you were okay…” Ugh, why did I have to make this so awkward? “Oh, I’m fine.” Blackkit replied. Her head tilted, and her voice stuttered a bit as she added, “Why do you ask?” That’s a good question. “Well you kind of just ran off, I wanted to make sure you were feeling alright.” he said, his throat starting to close up in embarrassment. Blackkit seemed to finally understand, uncomfortably she added, “Oh, that!…” She shuffled her paws, “Sorry, I just can’t stand it when Skykit mentions that kind of stuff. I needed some space!”
            “Of course, I understand.” Flamekit responded, nodding his head understandingly. “So… you aren’t keeping some “little secret”?” he asked teasingly. Blackkit flicked her tail uneasily, and replied indignantly, “Of course not!” Well that’s the answer to that. Now, If she wants some space, I’ll give it to her. Besides, it’s getting kinda awkward in here. “Well, see you later then Blackkit.” he said, turning to leave. But just when he was about to exit the den, Blackkit hurried to his side, her tail twitching. “Flamekit, why did you come to check on me?” Flamekit turned back to her, surprised, “Well, I care about you…” Blackkit looked at him with warm amber eyes, and Flamekit added, “You are my friend, aren’t you?” She nodded her head slowly, and replied with just one word, “Always.”
            The tingling feeling Flamekit had felt two nights before returned as Blackkit gestured with her tail that he could leave. With one last brief nod to her, he crept out of the den. That was something! I knew Blackkit wasn’t hiding anything. Once he was fully outside, Flamekit looked back toward the nursery, Then why did Skykit say what she did? Just to embarrass Blackkit in front of me? He shook his head to clear it and padded away, I wouldn’t put it past her.
            Outside, dark gray clouds were drifting through the sky, covering the bright newleaf sun. Flamekit predicted that it would soon start raining once again. But he was too distracted to think clearly about that now, his mind was focused on one particular thing, Was Blackkit lying to me when she said she isn’t keeping a secret? Although, that wasn’t his main question, If she was lying to me and she does have a secret, what could that secret be? 
            When Flamekit jumped back into reality, he noticed that his paws were leading him to Firekit, who was scratching the back of his ear with a hind leg. If there’s anyone else who knows about Blackkit’s “secret”, it’s Firekit. Skykit had to have been telling him something when I’d seen them together! Firekit looked up from his itching as Flamekit approached, “Hey, Flamekit!” he greeted him, as he scrambled to his paws. Flamekit twitched his tail, “Hi.” 
            He stretched his neck to look behind Firekit, then he turned and scanned the camp, then spun back to his brother, “Where’s Littlekit?” Firekit flicked his striped ear, “Oh,” He jerked his head toward the medicine den, which was about 3 fox-lengths away, where the medicine cat Wolftail slept and stored his herbs, “he’s in there.” Suddenly, Firekit’s eyes clouded anxiously, “It’s weird. We were talking, and abruptly he started to get a really bad cough.” Flamekit felt a wave of shock, He looked fine the last time I saw him! “Let’s hope it’s not greencough.” Flamekit muttered concernedly. Firekit looked unconvinced, “Greencough in newleaf? Sounds unlikely to me!” Flamekit’s tail tip started twitching slowly to and fro, wanting to move on from the subject, I need to ask him what Skykit said, already! “Well, we shouldn’t worry too much then.” Flamekit replied.
            He looked around to make sure Skykit was nowhere to be seen, then leaned closer to Firekit and locked his eyes with his. “What were you and Skykit talking about?” Flamekit asked quickly. Firekit’s eyes widened in surprise. He hesitated, then asked with narrowed yellow eyes, “Why does it matter?” A fierce feeling of irritation spread through him, This isn’t going anywhere. and he pressed on, “Did she mention anything about a secret?” Firekit rolled his eyes and looked at him, partly amused, partly annoyed, “Well I wouldn’t say it was a secret!” What does he mean? Flamekit wondered. 
            Firekit seemed to read his mind by his confused expression, “It’s kinda obvious you like Blackkit! Every cat in ThunderClan can see that.” Flamekit’s jaw gaped open, I wasn’t expecting that! “What are you talking about?” Firekit twitched his whiskers in amusement, “You know what I’m talking about, Flamekit. You have been following her everywhere!” Then added more enthusiastically, “And don’t think I didn’t see you run after her into the nursery!” Flamekit’s pelt burned hot with embarrassment, “Just because I care about her a lot doesn’t mean I like her! Besides, I wasn’t talking about a secret of mine. I was talking about Blackkit’s secret!”
            Firekit’s tail lifted and he asked eagerly, “Blackkit has a secret? What is it? I won’t tell her you told me!” Flamekit flicked his flame colored tail in annoyance, “I don’t know her secret, or even if she really has one. All I know is that if she does have one, Skykit knows it.” Firekit’s tail drooped in disappointment at not getting to hear the secret, “So you thought Skykit told me it?” When Flamekit nodded Firekit let out an exasperated huff, “I wish!”
            But just when Flamekit was about to snort a retort, a rumbling sound echoed in the distance. Flamekit turned around in a crouch, his shoulder fur bristling in shock at the loud sound. He turned back to Firekit and they looked up at the large clouds. Rain started to slowly pour on the camp floor and all the remaining cats in the clearing. Well, I knew this was coming. Flamekit flattened his ears as rain started to pound on his pelt, the pelt that had been so bright in the sunshine, but now was starting to flatten to his sides. The rumbling sound returned, and he recognized it as thunder.
            As the rain hardened, the ThunderClan warriors started to run for their shelter. Darkblaze and Yarrowtail entered the warriors den in a hurry, ducking under the beech tree that had fell on the den far more many moons ago than Flamekit could ever count, Brookfall at their heels, her scrawny tortoiseshell figure looking even more thin from the rain drops that stuck to her. The apprentices, Shallowpaw, Snowpaw, and Graypaw ran to their den in the crevice of the camp wall, ducking under the tendrils. One of the elders, Clawedear, shook out his white pelt in an attempt to dry it under the rain. He seemed to be grumbling under his breath in frustration as he entered the hazel bush where the elder’s slept. In the corner of his eye he could see Budfrost coming from the medicine den with Littlekit at her paws. Wolftail looked after them, half way out of his den. Once he saw that Budfrost and Littlekit were safely heading towards the nursery, he turned and re-entered the den. 
            Flamekit turned back to his brother, to find that he was already heading to the nursery. Flamekit ran after him as fast as he could to get out of the now pouring rain. By now, almost every cat in ThunderClan was in their den. On his way there, he noticed a gray shape sitting under the highledge. What’s that? He glanced to his left to find that Rainstar was sitting under the ledge, her yellow eyes narrowed slightly as she watched Flamekit head to his shelter. Why doesn’t she head to her warm den? Then Flamekit stifled a chuckle of amusement, I guess her name is Rainstar for a reason! He dipped his head in deepest respect to the Clan leader, then scurried off into the nursery.
            Budfrost sat in her nest, cleaning Littlekit’s wet tabby pelt as he sat in front of her white paws, his eyes looking a bit paler than usual. Firekit stood beside him and he shook his pelt. Budfrost blinked in surprise as the drops hit her face, “Firekit, have some manners!” Firekit let his tail and ears droop as he plopped down beside his mother. Swiftbreeze was cleaning a forepaw in her nest, while Skykit and Blackkit sat next to her, glaring at each other in annoyance with twitching whiskers. Blackkit looked up as Flamekit fully entered the bramble den. She gave him a side smirk and he returned it, waving a greeting to her with his orange tail. Once he got to his nest, he laid down beside his brother, Flamekit’s head at his paws. A naughing tiredness had suddenly struck Flamekit, and, as if it were contagious, Firekit laid down beside him. Flamekit closed his eyes and almost immediately fell into his dream world.

            Pale dawn sunlight was filtering into the gaps in the nursery roof, hitting Flamekit’s fur so that it looked like his nest was on fire. His nose rested on his front paws and his tail curled beside him. He was still half asleep, and was breathing steadily. He felt more relaxed than he had been for a few days now. But just as he was about to drift back off into deeper sleep, a sudden yowl of horror echoed through the den, “Littlekit, wake up! No, don’t do this!”

    Hope you enjoyed reading! If you want, comment what you want the kit’s warrior names to be! Also, what do you think happened to Littlekit?

    • AHH THE SUSPENSE!!! I literally CAN NOT wait until the next chapter. Maybe he’s… dying? Idk I just HAVE TO FIND OUT! Fans may I just add that Flamekit and Blackkit are the CUTEST OMG I LOVE THEM SO MUCH!

    • Littlekit could be evil? For Flamekit maybe Flameburn or Flamecatch?

    • i love this! i’m already invested in the story and i love flame x black!

      1. flameclaw, firewhisker, blackflower, skypool, and littlefang.
      2. littlekit might be dying? maybe he’s dying of a seizure?

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      Littlekit ate something poisonous! Like a deathberry. And didn’t he eat a weird pink flower or am I thinking of something else? The flower could have killed him.

  • Repost:

    “Hello,love.” The calico in front of Pantherkit purred. “What’s your name?” she asked. 

    “I’m Pantherkit! Who are you? Are you from another clan? You don’t smell different. My dad says that-” She cut the kit off with a sweep of her tail. “I’m Lilyfang. And I used to live in CloudClan.”

    “Used to?” Pantherkit tilted his head,staring at Lilyfang. “I’m part of a different group now,but I still like to come back every so often.” He wanted to believe the she-cat-she was friendly and calming-but something still bugged him. 

    “This isn’t CloudClan,it’s MeadowClan. Are you lost? I can find someone to-” Lilyfang laughed slightly,flicking her ear. “I’m not lost. Who says I couldn’t have friends in other Clan I wanted to visit?”

    “Well…that does make more sense.” He said before pushing away the small amount of uneasiness that still pestered him. “Who are you here to see? We can go find them.”

    Lilyfang shrugged,”No one in particular. MeadowClan cats are pleasant,I like to observe.”

    Pantherkit beamed up at her,green eyes glittering. “Ok! I could show you around camp,or we could get some fresh-kill,or-” 

    “I have a mission for you,little one.” Lilyfang’s gaze flitted across camp,as if checking for others. “Are you brave enough for it?”

    “Of course!” He briefly paused. “Er-what’s the mission?” Pantherkit knew that whatever Lilyfang said,he would try his hardest. “I’m gonna be an apprentice soon,y’know. Only three more moons!” 

    “You need to sneak out of camp tonight.” The tom’s eyes widened at the notion of leaving safety. “Really? Aren’t there scary things out there? Like foxes and badgers and rogues?” 

    “You’ll be alright,I’ll even join you halfway. I’d like you to meet some cats.” Lilyfang once again glanced around camp. They were behind the nursery,and Pantherkit’s siblings and mother were taking a nap together,so it wasn’t likely that someone would see them,but the she-cat kept doing that. Every so often,looking around and then staring back down at the kit. 

    “But won’t I get in trouble?” He asked. “Not if you do it right.” Lilyfang responded. “Listen carefully…”

    Pantherkit trotted along next to the small stream that Lilyfang told him to follow. It had been hard not telling his brother and sister about the mission,but the she-cat had been clear on not wanting him to say anything.

    After a while,he finally came to the clump of tree stumps that marked where his new friend would meet him. She laid across the largest one,her fur shining in the moonlight. 

    “Lilyfang! I did it! I snuck out and didn’t get caught!” He yowled. The she-cat slowly opened her eyes,smiling.

    “Good job,love. I knew were the perfect cat for this. Now come along.” With that,she gracefully jumped down. 

    “So,where are we going?” Pantherkit walked next to Lilyfang,his fur fluffed up against the leaf-fall chill. “We’re going to see some of my friends,I’m sure you’ll like them.” she was more relaxed out of camp,not looking around every few seconds.

    “Cool! Are any of them kits? I’d love to have someone new to hang out with. My sister, Ripplekit,plays too rough. And Shadekit just tells on us if we do something he doesn’t like.” Lilyfang’s whiskers twitched in amusement as the kit rambled about his family. It was cute,she had to admit. 

    “There are no kits,but it’ll still be a fun experience. And a few cats may be up to playing with you.” Just as she spoke the words,they came to a large rise in the ground in front of them. “Here we are. Be careful.” Lilyfang slowly climbed up while Pantherkit followed,digging his tiny claws in.

    Soon,both of them stood at the top. Pantherkit was practically bouncing in anticipation,and when he finally saw other cats,he squealed. “Yay! We made it!” He half ran half slid down the other side before rushing over to the three gathered cats. 

    “Hi! I’m Pantherkit!” As he was introducing himself,Lilyfang came up behind him. “This is Ashwillow,” she said,flicking her tail to a grey she-cat. “Buzardflight,” a huge black tom with many scars. “and Iceblaze.” the last one was a white she-cat who’s orange eyes were bright and reflective. 

    Ashwillow was the first to say something. “So,this is the one?” her words didn’t make much sense to Pantherkit,but Lilyfang seemed to get it. “Yes,he was an easy target.” The tom looked between the two she-cats before shaking his head and turning to Buzzardflight. “I like your name! I also think I’ve heard of you. Aspenstripe-that’s my mama-told a story with a cat named Buzzardflight. Or was it Beetleflight? Something with a B.”

    A grunt was the cat’s only response,so Pantherkit walked over to Iceblaze. “Hello.” she said,a strange look on her face. He noticed that her claws were out,but ignored it. She was probably ready to protect them in case something happened. Yeah,that was it.

    “Do you want to play? Lilyfang said someone here would want to play with me. There’s hide and seek,preystone-”

    Pantherkit abruptly stopped talking as Iceblaze walked away. He watched her join Lilyfang near the rise before noticing that Ashwillow was now sitting behind him,claws unsheathed. “Oh! I didn’t see you.” She nodded,but wouldn’t look directly at him. 

    The small tom walked over to Lilyfang and waited until her and Iceblaze got done talking. “You said there would be cats to play with!”

    Pantherkit jumped at bit as he turned around and saw Ashwillow behind him again. This time Buzzardflight was with her. And Iceblaze sat on his left,keeping him from moving around much. He glanced at each of them,confused and somewhat scared. 

    “Lilyfang? You promised someone here would play with me.” he repeated his earlier words quietly,shifting his paws. 

    “Oh,there will be plenty of cats to play with in StarClan,I promise.” With that,she lunged.

      • Ahh thank you! In the continuing storyline,Lilyfang and Iceblaze take Pantherkit’s body back to MeadowClan camp and leave it outside the nursery. Ripplekit finds it and is traumatized. They don’t know what happened,but quickly hold a burial for him. During the death ceremony,the cats that killed Pantherkit and a few other attack MeadowClan and kill three warriors,one apprentice,and two elders.

  • Chapter Eight
    Things weren’t the same after Smokeflame’s death. Dovefeather was always hoping to wake up from a nightmare. But every morning, she woke up, and her father was dead. Since Smokeflame was the King of WingClan but now in StarClan, the oldest prince had to take over the King job. Since Cliffheart was the only prince, he got to do the King’s duties, which were organize patrols and report to the Queen. But since Rubystar, Dovefeather’s mother, was the Queen and sick, her daughters would take over her duties until she was better. So, Dovefeather and Cloudheart had to make sure everycat was fed and check on the Queens, kits, and Elders. But still. Life went on. Cats lived and died. There was a change in the air, in Dovefeather’s heart, even three days after Smokeflame’s death. Rubystar’s condition wasn’t getting better. In fact, it was getting worse. Which wasn’t good, as Rubystar was on her last life. Dovefeather licked some dirt out of her fluffy red fur when Sunflight, the Medicine Cat, ran out of the Medicine Den and over to Cliffheart, Dovefeather, and Cloudheart.
    “What is it?” Dovefeather asked.
    “Rubystar is dying,” Sunflight meowed. Dovefeather and Cloudheart looked at each other in fear. They didn’t want their mother to die, fear. But also:
    Neither of them wanted to be the next Queen. Not yet, anyway. It was Dovefeather’s dream, but it felt wrong, at so young. They got up and ran to the Medicine Den.
    “My kits,” Rubystar meowed, voice raspy, “Cliffheart, my oldest son. You are the only kit in my first litter, and you are my oldest kit. Lead your sisters through this. Dovefeather, my ambitious daughter. You are kind and gentle, but lead good ambitions and intentions. Cloudheart, my calm daughter. You are like a pool, your kind actions affect other cats like ripples in a pool. I love you all.”
    “No, Mother, don’t leave us!” Cliffheart cried.
    “I have to,” Rubystar meowed, “I can see the stars. Oh, he’s right next to you!”
    “Who?” Dovefeather asked as she cried.
    “Smokeflame, I’m coming,” Rubystar meowed, “I love you all.” Rubystar’s head then fell limp, and she was dead. Dovefeather ran out of the Medicine Den.
    “RUBYSTAR’S DEAD!” she shouted as she cried. Then Dovefeather ran out of camp and into the WingClan hunting territory. She sat down and cried. Did she want to be Queen now, when her parents had died so suddenly? Was Dovefeather really, truly wanting to be Queen now? And suddenly she knew.
    She didn’t.
    Cloudheart would be a great Queen, but she’d never do it while Dovefeather was around. And anyway, Dovefeather couldn’t go back to a life where she felt like there was nothing to live on for. So she ripped off a few tufts of fur in a space with a fox scent, put them on a bramble, and purposefully cut her pad. She licked it to stop the bleeding, but only after she’d bled onto the ground. The foxes must have made a kill there, because the stench of death was everywhere. Dovefeather ran out of Clan territory and saw 4 barns, probably 4 or 5 miles apart. Then she ran into a nearby forest and sat down in a clearing. A black she-cat padded in carrying a crow. She dropped the crow as soon as she saw Dovefeather.
    “What are you doing in my clearing?!” the she-cat asked.
    “Your clearing?” Dovefeather asked, confused.
    “Yes, mine,” the she-cat meowed angrily.
    “Can I live in it with you?” Dovefeather asked, “And what’s your name anyway?”
    “If you were kitted a rouge, you haven’t been in the area for long, have you?” the she-cat asked, “Well, I’m Crow. Here are the rouge rules of this forest:

    1. If there is a fresh cat scent in an area and you see prey, leave that area, because there is probably a cat hunting that prey
    2. Never share prey with other cats
    3. You can not share clearings with other cats unless if they are your mate or kits before it’s time for them to leave.

    If you weren’t kitted a rouge, scram, and go back to your barn, or worse, Clan.” The way Crow spat the word Clan made Dovefeather realize:
    Cats here didn’t like Clan cats. Dovefeather had to pretend to be a rouge.
    “What’s your name anyway?” Crow asked. Dovefeather knew that she couldn’t say Dovefeather, then her jig would be up. Should she say Dove or Feather? She liked Dove better, but Feather was pretty…
    “It’s Dove,” Dovefeather meowed.
    “Nice, now SCRAM!” Crow shouted. Dovefeather ran out and lept up into a tree to think. So, Dovefeather thought, I need to claim a clearing, however one does that. Then I have to live long enough as a rouge to get a hang of it. And… I’m not part of WingClan anymore. I need to use my rouge name. Okay, I’m Dove now. Dove leapt out of the tree and walked through the forest.
    Dove was officially a rouge.

    • Chapter Nine
      Dove leapt into her willow tree. It had been several moons since she became a rouge, and she’d claimed a clearing. It was a clearing in the forest that had a tall willow tree that Dove was often in, and in the roots of the willow tree was her nest of moss. Dove only had one care in the world:
      Keeping herself alive.
      Other than that, she could do anything she wanted. Dove got hungry and realized that it was almost sunhigh, which meant hunting time was starting. Dove leapt out of her willow tree, quickly scent marked her clearing again, and then looked for some prey. She found a wren pecking at something, and she crouched down to stalk it. Suddenly, a silver tom with blue eyes exploded from the bush and messily caught the wren.
      “Excuse me, BUT THAT WAS MY PREY!” Dove shouted angrily.
      “Oh sorry, I didn’t know you were hunting it,” the tom meowed, “You can have it.”
      “Ew, no, it’s more guts now than bird!” Dove took a step away from the tom, “You haven’t been a rouge for long, have you?”
      “No, how’d you know?” the tom asked.
      “Because you smell of barn and you don’t know the rouge rules,” Dove pointed out.
      “Oh,” the tom meowed, “I’m from Sam’s Barn, but we were attacked by Bailey’s Barn, and Sam was killed so the ones that weren’t dead either fleed or kept on fighting. I fleed. My name’s Jay, what’s yours?”
      “I’m Dove, and I was kitted a rouge,” Dove lied, “Anyway, there are three rouge rules. They are:

      1. If there is a freshcat scent in the area, and you see prey, there is probably another cat hunting the prey, so please go to another place to hunt.
      2. Never share prey with other cats.
      3. You can not share clearings with other cats unless if they are your mate or kits still with their mother.

      So, nice meeting you, bye!”
      “But-” Jay started, “Maybe I should live with you.”
      “I’m not going to be your mate, you’re an idiot,” Dove wrinkled her nose.
      “No, just until I get the hang of rouge life,” Jay meowed.
      “I guess that’s fair, but I’m in charge, and to let you live with me, you have to do chores,” Dove meowed.
      “Fine,” Jay agreed. After Dove caught a rabbit, they went back to Dove’s Clearing.
      Dove and Jay were out hunting. It had been a moon since Jay came, and even when he got the hang of rouge life and stopped doing chores, Dove let Jay stay. His stupid questions and funny jokes were actually comforting, so she let him stay. Only as a friend, of course. Right?
      “I see a bird, you bring it towards me and I’ll leap in front of it out of the trees,” Dove hissed.
      “Okay,” Jay nodded. Dove lept into the trees and followed Jay, who was still on the forest floor. He scared the rabbit on purpose and chased it. Dove leapt out of the trees and killed the rabbit.
      “Nice catch,” Jay meowed.
      “Okay, let’s go find that wren you caught earlier,” Dove meowed. Jay’s hunting was amazing now, and he and Dove just liked to hunt as a team. Dove didn’t mind at all. Jay’s a good hunting partner, and a good partner in life-NOT FOR MATING-right? Dove thought. Sometimes Jay could be cute. They slept next to each other, and Dove wasn’t sure what she felt about Jay. Sometimes she felt like he was cute, sometimes she wanted alone time from him, and sometimes she saw him as a friend. It was so weird. Then they got back and ate their fresh-kill. And that night, they fell asleep together.

  • Heh. I wrote a funny story with plot twists.
    It’s called Steak or Mouse?
    Enjoy 🙂

    He was a fat but fast ginger and white tom, spending all of his days catching mice and grooming himself. One day, as he was licking his long coat when he saw a mouse scamper across the clearing. 
    Immediately, he stopped grooming himself and stalked across the clearing, his striped tail swishing back and forth. Swiping his tongue across his jaw, inched his way towards the mouse, and using his body weight, slammed down onto it and pinned it down. He got ready to bite, and he could almost taste the flesh in his mouth. 
    But just as he was about to take his bite, he met the mouse’s eyes and quickly sat up, his fur bristling with embarrassment.
    “Sorry, Cheddar,” he meowed. “I didn’t know it was you.”
    Cheddar nodded, sighing with relief. 
    Krogan tilted his head and fixed his gaze at Cheddar. “Anyways, you showed up at the right time. Let’s get ourselves some steak, there’s a house-sitter called John over.”
    “Steak?” Cheddar asked, desperately trying not to drool. “Sounds good.” He scampered into Krogan’s house, beckoning for him to follow.
    Cheddar pressed himself against the floor, his eyes on the steak that Krogan’s housefolk was about to eat. “Get up there,” he whispered to Krogan. “Distract him.”
    Krogan nodded and jumped up into John’s lap, beginning to sharpen his claws on John’s hairless legs. John yelped in pain, allowing Krogan to jump on the table. Krogan ran closer to the juicy steak, but before he could start eating, John grabbed him and placed him onto the ground.
    All hope seemed to be lost when John sat down and grabbed his fork, but as John was about to take a bite from his steak, he let out an ear-splitting screech. Squinting, Krogan could see a tiny shape hiding under the broccoli – Cheddar! 
    John’s face immediately turned bright green, and dropping the fork, he sprinted out the house.
    “Well, he won’t be back for a long time,” Cheddar said, satisfied.
    Krogan and Cheddar exchanged a high five, and they sat down next to the plate. Relishing the juicy taste of the steak, the two helped themselves to their delicious feast. 
    But just as they were about to finish, Krogan turned his gaze right at Cheddar, his eyes narrowing. And before he could stop himself, he grabbed Cheddar and gulped him down, one last delicious dessert for Krogan. 

  • I started this fanfic about Turtle Tail a day or two ago. It’s an AU where she doesn’t get hit by that monster, and has kits with Gray Wing.
    Here’s what I have so far. 🙂
    Turtle Tail’s Love: An AU
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    Turtle Tail ran. She had to find her kits! Her heart pounded. If Tom had hurt them…

    Pebble Heart. Owl Eyes. Sparrow Fur. They’d be kidnapped by Tom, their father, who had emotionally and physically abused Turtle Tail, and her kitty pet friend, Bumble.

    Turtle Tail had to find them. Her green eyes narrowed as she continued forward. She would NOT let Tom hurt them!

    Now she was in Tom’s Twoleg Place. She recognized his Twoleg’s den immediately, because she too, had lived there once.

    But the life of a kitty pet wasn’t the life for her. She belonged on the moor, with Gray Wing, a cat who actually loved her, unlike Tom.

    Turtle Tail was almost certain that Tom had never truly loved her. He’d only wanted to hurt her.

    Pushing the painfully memories aside, the tortoiseshell she-cat started walking toward the Twoleg den.

    She heard mewing. That had to be her kits. Were they hurt? Scared? She had to find out.

    Turtle Tail peered into the garage. She’d learned that a garage was where Twolegs kept their monsters when she was a kitty pet. Bumble had told her.

    Grief stabbed Turtle Tail’s heart. Bumble was dead, and she still missed her. She’d been a wonderful friend.

    But now was not the time to dwell on the past.

    She took a deep breath, and walked into the garage.

    Tom was talking to Pebble Heart, Owl Eyes, and Sparrow Fur.

    “You’ll love it here. You never need to hunt for your food, and you have endless comfort,” he coaxed.

    “But I miss Turtle Tail!” Sparrow Fur mewed, looking up at Tom.

    “You don’t need her,” argued Tom.

    “But she’s our mother! And Gray Wing is our father,” protested Owl Eyes.

    “No, he’s not. I am your father. Gray Wing doesn’t share your blood.” Tom’s eyes narrowed.

    “Gray Wing is more our father than you’ll ever be,” Pebble Heart mewed. “He loves us and Turtle Tail, unlike you.”

    Tom suddenly raised his paw, about to slash Pebble Heart across the cheek his claws.

    Turtle Tail leapt out of her hiding place, snarling, “Get away from my kit!”

    “Turtle Tail!” mewed Sparrow Fur happily, running up to her mother, her brothers by her side.

    “Oh, my kits.” Turtle Tail licked each kit on their head, then walked away, facing Tom.

    “I didn’t think you’d come, Turtle Tail. I never thought you’d be so stupid.” Tom said, irritation in his voice.

    “If you hurt them-“ Turtle Tail started to mew, her voice breaking. She started over. “If you hurt them, I will make sure you regret it.”

    Tom growled, “Really? You know you’re powerless to stop me. You know I can hurt you.”

    A memory flashed through Turtle Tail’s mind. Memories of Tom. Hurting her, abusing her, emotionally and physically.

    Her heart ached, thinking of these memories. Then she was filled with anger.

    Tom KNEW that thinking of these painful memories would distract Turtle Tail. He was trying to mess with her mind.

    Snarling, she slashed her claws across Tom’s cheek.

    Without warning, Tom leapt onto her, knocking her to the ground. Turtle Tail gasped.

    “Turtle Tail!” mewed Owl Eyes.

    “Run, kits! Get somewhere safe!” Turtle Tail yowled, jumping up and biting Tom’s ear.

    “But-“ Sparrow Fur started to meow, but Turtle Tail begged, “Please. I need to know that you’re safe.”

    Pebble Heart, Owl Eyes, and Sparrow Fur ran out of the garage. Now it was just Tom and Turtle Tail…

    Feedback is welcome 😃
    Lost In The Woods

  • 🦦 ♥ 𝙼𝚒𝚗𝚔𝚝𝚊𝚒𝚕 𝚒𝚜 𝚁𝚞𝚗𝚗𝚒𝚗𝚐 𝚏𝚘𝚛 𝚂𝚆! ♥🦦 🦦 ♥ 𝙼𝚒𝚗𝚔𝚝𝚊𝚒𝚕 𝚒𝚜 𝚁𝚞𝚗𝚗𝚒𝚗𝚐 𝚏𝚘𝚛 𝚂𝚆! ♥🦦 says:

    Here’s a little thing I wrote because I felt like portraying the wholesome friendship between Mousefur and Longtail. Feedback is very much appreciated- I’d love to hear what you think!

    “Yes, Longtail?”
    “You, uh… You need some help, there?”
    “What do you think, you bee-brain?”
    Longtail let out a snort of laughter. Just a few moments ago, he’d heard an outraged cry, followed by what had to be several of the foulest curses to StarClan that he’d ever heard. Nosing carefully around the she-cat’s shoulders, he found her scruff and gave a pull, twitching his whiskers in amusement as Mousefur let out another hiss.
    “Do you think you could tell me exactly what you’ve gotten yourself stuck in?” He mewed, stepping back.
    “This stupid, StarClan-forsaken bramble! This is what I get when I try to get out of the elder’s den for a bit. Utter fox-dung! I can’t get one moment of peace…” her voice trailed off into a disgruntled mutter. Longtail shook his head, stepping towards her again and ducking his head into the loosest of the bramble tendrils, feeling for a weak point. Finding it, he took the branch in his jaws and bit down, snapping it in half and pulling it away. He repeated this several times until he could feel the tendrils moving more loosely, then pulled back, satisfied.
    “There. Try and pull yourself out now.” He listened as Mousefur slowly backed out of the bush, still grumbling.
    “Ow! Stupid thing,” she hissed. Longtail tensed as he scented blood, carefully hurrying over to her and sniffing at her face. A knot of dread formed in his belly as he realized how close the scratch was to her eye.
    “You have to be more careful!” His voice cracked slightly, a sense of urgency and panic flooding through him as he lapped at her cheek. She started to pull away, then let out a sigh, letting him continue.
    “I know you’re worried, but I’m fine. It’s just a scratch. It didn’t get me in the eye, so you don’t have to worry about anything- it’s so small that it’ll probably be half-healed by the time we get back to camp. Okay?” He felt her tail rest gently on his flank, and he took a deep breath, nodding.
    “Yeah, I know. I just… I don’t want you to have to go through the same thing that I had to.” He twined his tail in hers, leaning slightly against her shoulder. She gave him a friendly lick on the ear.
    “I know. But I’ve still got a lotta fire left in these old bones, alright? You don’t have to worry about me in the slightest. The day I let myself poke my own eyes out is the day hedgehogs fly.” Longtail chuckled, giving her a friendly nudge.
    “Yeah, well, you did let yourself run face-first into a bramble bush, so I think I should still be worried,” he purred, ducking as he felt her move to swat at him with one paw. “I’m not wrong!”
    “Yeah, yeah, whatever, you hazelnut,” she purred, butting her head against his shoulder. “Let’s get back to camp. Those pesky apprentices should’ve had enough time to change our bedding out by now, don’t you think?” Longtail rested his tail-tip on her shoulder as they made their way back towards the camp, smiling.
    “We’ll see,” he purred. He figured they wouldn’t, but he knew Mousefur really wouldn’t mind. She had a soft spot for the younger cats, as much as she would never admit it. “Promise you’ll let Leafpool take a look at that scratch when we get back?”
    “I told you that it’s fine.”
    “Oh, fine. Great StarClan, I’m not a kit, you know.” Longtail twitched his whiskers in amusement.
    “Oh, I know you’re no kit,” he purred cheekily. Mousefur snorted.
    “I may not be a spring pigeon anymore, but I can still whoop you into the next moon.” She bumped her shoulder against his as they reached the camp entrance, purring happily.

  • Nice! I like the love triangle (I think Izzy likes Lionpaw, but Lionpaw likes Lilypaw and Lilypaw might like Lionpaw.)

  • 🌧️🐍 𝕊𝕟𝕒𝕜𝕖; 𝕊𝕟𝕒𝕜𝕖 𝕥𝕙𝕒𝕥 𝕓𝕒𝕤𝕜𝕤 𝕦𝕟𝕕𝕖𝕣 𝕤𝕦𝕟 || 𝕊𝕟𝕒𝕜𝕖𝕡𝕒𝕨 🐍🌧️ 🌧️🐍 𝕊𝕟𝕒𝕜𝕖; 𝕊𝕟𝕒𝕜𝕖 𝕥𝕙𝕒𝕥 𝕓𝕒𝕤𝕜𝕤 𝕦𝕟𝕕𝕖𝕣 𝕤𝕦𝕟 || 𝕊𝕟𝕒𝕜𝕖𝕡𝕒𝕨 🐍🌧️ says:

    I have made a short story based on the cliche, ‘Good guys always win!’. Here it is:

    Snapsack’s reality~
    Snapsack bolted right up from his sleep. He heard loud thundering of paws around him. What was going on? He wondered. He got up and sprinted out of the warriors den. 
    All of a sudden someone yowled, “Attack!”
    Snapsack ran to the battlefield. Evilclan was attacking! Niceflower and Cutemouse were already fighting Bloodclaw and Killeye. Everyone else was running out to join them. But we were outnumbered.
    “Retreat! We will never win!” Snapsack yowled.
    Prettystream ran up against him. “Never! The good cats always win!”
    Snapsack stopped. “Hold up. SInce when are we considered the ‘good guys’? I mean, yeah I guess we don’t actively attack other clans, and our name is Goodclan, but that doesn’t mean anything!” 
    Prettystream gave him the death glare. “You really wanna discuss this right now?”
    “Yes of course I do!”
    Prettystream rolled her eyes and darted into battle. All of a sudden, Heroheart ran into the battle. He started attacking their deputy. The deputy was winning!
    Snapsack ran towards Heroheart and the deputy, Skullcrusher, but stopped horrified. It was too late! Skullcrusher had already bit down on Heroheart’s neck! Heroheart was gonna die!.
    Heroheart was struggling to breathe, as Skull crusher stood over him, his mouth dripping with blood. Heroheart looked around his clan and yowled, “Watch me everyone! I am Mr. Perfect, and am about to save your lives!” He reached up and bit down on Skullcrushers neck, who just stood there like a statue, er, twig. 
    Skullcrusher fell over, limp. Just as that happened, Heroheart’s eyes glazed over.
    Sad and shocked murmurs rippled through the crowd.
    “Retreat” Yowled Evilclans leader.
    All the cats retreated back to their own territories.
    2 ½ moons later…

    Snapsack trotted towards his mate, Prettystream. They had just announced that they were mates yesterday, and he couldn’t be happier. As he walked over towards her, he saw a pair of gleaming eyes through the bramble. He cocked his head.
    “What is it?” Pretty streamed mewed lightly. She didn’t realize the real danger of what this could be.
    “A pair of eyes.. In the bramble. Look over there.” he pointed it out.
    “Oh my golly gosh! We should go and check it out!” She halted when her mate stepped in front of her. “What?” She demanded.
    “We should wait first.. I should alert Heroheart’s son, .”
    Prettystream dipped her head in memory of the old friend. She looked up at him, water bubbling in her eyes.
    Snapsack licked her ear. He nodded towards her and padded off to find Winnerheart. Snapsack’s mind flashed back to Winnerheart’s warrior ceremony. He had been Winnerpaw back then. Snapsack was his mentor.. Winnerpaw had been named after his father, Heroheart. He snapped back to reality.
    “Snapsack! How are you?” Winnerheart called over.
    “Great! And you? Also, I think Evilclan is invading again!” 
    Winnerheart jumped up. “I vowed to kill all of Evilclan, to avenge my father!” He leaped up and yowled attack. 
    Evilclan poured in through the clearing. Everyone was attacking everyone!
    Winningheart attacked their leader, who was supposedly on his last life. Winnigheart and their leader were head to head! Winningheart bit down on his neck and that was the last of the leader!
    “Goodclan always wins!” Winningheart declared, his two front paws on his body.
    Snapsack stared at him in awe. He walked over to Prettystream. “Good guys always do win huh?”
    Prettystream just smirked at him.

    THE END!

    I hope you liked it! I have another one coming up soon!

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