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Nobody will stop you from creating. Do it tonight. Do it tomorrow. That is the way to make your soul grow – whether there is a market for it or not! The kick of creation is the act of creating, not anything that happens afterward. I would tell all of you watching this screen: Before you go to bed, write a four line poem. Make it as good as you can. Don’t show it to anybody. Put it where nobody will find it. And you will discover that you have your reward.

Kurt Vonnegut


  • Ashstorm’s heart

    “Stealing prey from ThunderClan? Peskey apprentice.” the tabby cat mewed softly. 
    Ashpaw thought of what to say, but her mind was as blank as a cloudless sky. Her heart thundered in her throat, and her jaw seemed like it had locked on the squirrel. She wasn’t taught any battle moves yet! She took a deep breath, and dropped the squirrel. 
    “I wasn’t stealing prey, I was going to eat it myself, here on the territory. That does not make it stealing,” She whispered. 
    The tabby tom sneered. “I think you need to be taught a lesson, one you will not forget. Now…what’s your name?”
    Ashpaw shivered. She knew this ThunderClan cat wanted her name to tell his Clan about her. “I’m Ash,” she said, trying to keep her voice straight. 
    “Not from the Clans, are you? Then it won’t matter if you die.” 
    Ashpaw hesitated for a moment too long. The tabby cat lunged at her, bringing her to the ground. The air was knocked from her lungs, and the ThunderClan cat unsheathed his claws, bringing them down hard. His claws ripped into her ear. Ashpaw’s vision blurred with pain, blackness eating away at the ends of her vision. She kicked out with her hind paws, but the tabby tom was too strong. But she was smaller. Conjuring all her strength, she twisted under his paws, and slipped out below his grip. And just then, a large branch snapped overhead, and hit the tom right in the head. He went limp. Everything was silent. Ashpaw krept forward. She sniffed at his dark fur. He was knocked out cold. He would probably forget everything that happened today. She walked forward, dragged the branch off his head, and threw it aside. She fetched the prey, then dashed up a tree, where she ate and ate, till her strength started to come back, and energy started to surge through her bones. Ashpaw licked her paw, and ran it over torn ear. Remembering what Lightbreeze did for wounds, she jumped down the tree in search of cobwebs. Extra careful not to run into a mean ThunderClan warrior again, she collected some cobweb, sticking it onto the bark of a tree and rubbing her ear against it so it could spread over her torn ear. She dashed back onto a tree, washed, and settled down. The sun had just set, and it was no use treading to RiverClan in the dark. This silver cat would be asleep anyways. 

    Ashpaw was running in the dark. A pale outline of Lightbreeze appeared in the nothingness. 
    “Find…go” she moaned. 
    “Go where? Help me! Tell me what to do!” Ashpaw gasped. A cold wind ruffled her fur. Now she saw the dark tabby tom that attacked her, running toward her, his amber eyes glowing like balls of sun. They yelled at her. Yelled insults and instructions, till the words they spoke jumbled together, and was just noise, melting away into fear and freezing Ashpaw to the core.
    She woke, and bit her lip before she could gasp out loud. It was twilight. The pale colors of the rising sun lit up the sky, the scattered stars fading into the light. It took Ashpaw a few minutes before her heart stopped thundering in her chest. She let out a quaky breath, and realized that someone was talking below her again. Holding her breath, praying to StarClan it was Greystripe again, she peaked. Her heart gave a happy flutter. It was Greystripe! He was speaking to a tiny ginger tom, newly apprenticed like she was, Ashpaw guessed. 
    “What happened to Tigerclaw?” the tiny tom asked his mentor. Ashpaw heard a chuckle muffled by a strange mixture of a hiccup and a cough from Greystripe. 
    “A tree branch snapped and fell on his head. That’s why we always stalk silently, and not like a fat badger,” Greystripe coughed again. “You shouldn’t tell him I said that. We must be kind to our Senior warriors,” 
    “Yes, Greystripe,” the bracken-colored apprentice said, puffing out his chest. 
    “Now let’s go, we have to meet Fireheart and Cinderpaw for hunting.” they walked off, leaving behind a stale scent of ThunderClan, which still made Ashpaw want to sneeze despite that she had already spent a day in their territory. Ashpaw climbed down from the tree, and padded through the oaks quickly, and silently. The morning was frosty, cold, her breath was milky mist in the crisp air. The forest was silent, though the withered leaves crunch under her paws like fresh snow. It was early Leaf-bare, Ashpaw knew that snow would soon fall and cover the land like an icy blanket, feather soft and daisy-white, as the elders had described it in their stories when Ashpaw was a kit. She shivered. It was really cold. She took a sniff, which was sharp on her nose. The ThunderClan border ended here, and the RiverClan started over there. Ashpaw gasped. The river was frozen solid, or so it seemed, twinkling in the pale sunlight like star shine. Ashpaw swallowed a wail of fright. How was she supposed to get across? Ashpaw shoved her fear down, down, until she felt as empty as a hollow tree. The stones. She spotted a line of stones over the frozen river. They looked slippery and cold, but if she unsheathed her claws, she might get across. Ashpaw gave her pelt a quick wash to cover the strong scent of ThunderClan that hung to her pelt, and skipped to the stones. Unsheathed her claws, she placed her paw onto the first stone. Then her second paw. Finally her back paws. Her muscles screamed with strain, and she felt dizzy. Ashpaw was used to height, but not to endless black and cold like the river looked. Like it wanted to swallow her up. Shivering, she placed her paws onto the second stone. And the third. The fourth. The fifth. The sixth. The last one. Her paw slipped. She hit the stone hard, and then she heard a silent crack. Her bone? Or the ice. Ashpaw did not want to find out. Slipping and sliding like mad, so she must have looked like a bird with its claw caught in a root, she leapt and pulled herself onto the shore. Crawling to a bush, she slipped inside, taking deep gulps of the icy air. She flexed her back paws, and her front paws. One of them was sore, but not broken. It was the ice that had cracked. Shaking dew from her fur, she gingerly placed her weight on her sore foot, and limped out of the bush. She was over in RiverClan territory! Now to find Silverstream. And then, hopefully…go home. 

    Hope you enjoyed it! I’m not a good writer, but I try my best! 😀
    -Do you think Ashpaw will find Silverstream?
    -Do you think Ashpaw will find out that SkyClan is gone?
    -What do you think was the little stone that whisked her into this strange place?

  • Little bit of my TigerClan AU, Blood and Bone!
    Leopardstar’s eyes widened. His dark, imposing gaze bored into hers, his tone cool and calm. “Decide.” 
    Join me and thrive, or refuse and die. 
    Tigerstar pushed his muzzle closer to hers. “Tell me now. Whose side do you take?” Her mind reeled. She’d never considered allying with ThunderClan, RiverClan’s oldest enemy, but it seemed appealing now that she had seen what ShadowClan’s leader could do. 
    Finally, she took a deep breath, heavy with the weight of the consequences her words would bring. 
    I’d rather sacrifice myself than risk my Clan. 

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      (So does she get murdered in this AU?)

  • Chapter Fourteen
    Dovestar woke up and yawned. She looked around the WingClan nursery. There was sunlight spilling in from the entryway, and the brambles kept her and her kits warm and cozy. Dovestar looked down at her four tiny kits, eyes closed and ears still furled. She licked them all. Salmonkit, her feisty little runt and only boy, was so dramatic when she barely put her tounge on him that he nearly fell out of the nest when he rolled over. Dovestar laughed. Then she let her kits suckle. Jayheart padded in with a rabbit.
    “Thanks, Jayheart,” Dovestar meowed. She was still getting used to calling her mate Jayheart instead of Jay.
    “How are the kits?” Jayheart asked, looking proudly at his kits.
    “Just peachy,” Dovestar meowed, “But Salmonkit is very dramatic. When I barely put my tounge on him, he rolled over so fast that he nearly fell out of the nest!” Dovestar and Jayheart laughed. Skykit stopped drinking milk, and Dovestar leaned down to check on her. Skykit’s ears were starting to unfurl.
    “Look, Jayheart, Skykit’s ears are unfurling!” Dovestar purred quietly so she wouldn’t scare Skykit. Skykit’s eyes opened a crack, and then they kept going.
    “Hello, my beautiful one,” Dovestar purred.
    “Mommy?” Skykit mewed. Dovestar smiled.
    “Yes, I’m your mother,” Dovestar meowed. Skykit looked at Jayheart.
    “Daddy?” Skykit mewed. Jayheart’s eyes lit up.
    “Yes, I’m your father,” Jayheart purred.
    “Are they my siblings?” Skykit asked, looking at Rubykit, Cloudkit, and Salmonkit as they suckled.
    “Yes, they are, Skykit,” Dovestar meowed. Skykit blinked a few times, then she looked at her front paws. She took a few steps, and then, she was walking all around the nest, her tiny tail sticking up high. Suddenly, Skykit fell over.
    “Are you okay, Skykit?” Jayheart asked. Skykit nodded, but then yelped when she saw her tail. Skykit mewled in distress and ran towards her mother, climbing over her brother and sisters. Rubykit, Cloudkit, and Salmonkit squeaked in complaint.
    “Mommy, I have something sticking off my butt!” Skykit yelped from her position on Salmonkit’s head.
    “That’s just your tail, don’t worry, we all have them,” Dovestar meowed. Skykit calmed down. Rubykit unfurled her ears and opened her eyes next. She wasn’t as adventorous as Skykit and kept staying near Dovestar. Cloudkit opened her eyes and unfurled her ears next. She followed Skykit, but she kept giving glances back at Salmonkit, who was still drinking and didn’t have his eyes opened or his ears unfurled. Dovestar moved him away from her belly, and he mewled in protest. Salmonkit unfurled his ears, then opened his eyes. He immidietly wanted to show his sisters that despite being the only boy and the runt, he could beat them. That was what Dovestar thought Salmonkit thought, anyway.
    I love my kits, she thought.

    • salmonkit, that dramatic lil adorable kit

      • Thanks! I actually saw a video of a kitten being dramatic, so I decided to make Salmonkit do that.

    • Chapter Fifteen
      Dovestar’s kits were outside the nursery for the first time, juuuuuuuuust when Dovestar needed to call a Clan meeting and NOT pay attention to her kits. SERIOUSLY?! Jayheart had to be there, as he was the King, and Sunflight had to be there, as he was the Medicine Cat. And Cliffheart was a Warrior, so Dovestar couldn’t assign him to babysitting. OH STARCLAN, WHY DIDN’T CLOUDSTAR SURVIVE? IF SHE HAD, I WOULDN’T BE IN THIS MESS! Dovestar thought. She looked down at WingClan. Her Clan.
      “Well, evercat, today I am going to announce that Scorchflame and Infernofeather have decided to retire and become Elders,” Dovestar meowed, “I respect their desitions, as they have served the Clan long and hard. Scorchflame was even my mentor.” Everycat started whispering. Scorchflame and Infernofeather were the oldest cats, and were Dovestar’s council! Who would be the council now? Dovestar knew exactly. Then she noticed that Skykit was kicking Cloudkit a little too close to the entrance. Oh StarClan, Dovestar thought.
      “Rubykit! Cloudkit! Skykit! Salmonkit! Get over here!” Dovestar called. She needed Rubykit, Cloudkit, and Skykit because they were the princesses of WingClan now, and that meant they had to sit in the tree with Dovestar. Salmonkit, being one of the two princes(Cliffheart being the other), would have to sit on the roots with Jayheart. Jayheart brought Rubykit, Cloudkit, and Skykit carefully up in the tree.
      “Why can’t I go up there?” Salmonkit whimpered, but for the first and probably last time, Dovestar ignored him.
      “Rutilefoot and Blareflame, you two are now the oldest Warriors in the Clan,” Dovestar meowed, “Which means that you two are now going to be in my council.” The members of Dovestar’s council were Jayheart, in the King position, Sunflight, in the Medicine Cat position, Rubykit, Cloudkit, and Skykit in the Princess position, Salmonkit and Cliffheart in the Princes position, and Rutilefoot and Blareflame, now in the position of Senior Warriors. Rutilefoot and Blareflame stepped forwards and bowed. Then they went back to the front of the crowd.
      “This meeting is over!” Dovestar called as she took Rubykit, Cloudkit, and Skykit out of the Treetop.
      “Mommy, why didn’t I get to go up there?” Salmonkit looked ready to cry.
      “Because you’re not special!” Rubykit teased. Cloudkit seemed to want to step away, but then she joined Rubykit after a stern look from her. Skykit was the only kit who stood up for Salmonkit, who had burst into tears.
      “Hey, we’re all special, Barfkit and Poopkit!” Skykit mewled, looking and sounding brave. Rubykit growled, and Cloudkit silenced herself.
      “Skykit’s right,” Dovestar meowed, “About everything but Barfkit and Poopkit. Anyway, Salmonkit just can’t go up there because he’s a Prince and you three are Princesses, so you can. Anyway, Salmonkit, if anything happens to Daddy, you get to be in King’s place!” Dovestar didn’t say what specifically could happen to Jayheart to make Salmonkit in King’s Position. Salmonkit smiled.
      “Now, let’s go back to the nursery,” Dovestar meowed. That’s what they did. Dovestar let her kits have a snack, and then she let them play mossball in the nursery. Everything was fine until Rutilefoot burst into camp that evening.
      “DOVESTAR!” he shouted, Blareflame following, “Foxes on the border with MudClan! They’ve knocked Mountainrose out already and are trying to take her away!” Dovestar leaped to her paws. Mountainrose was still young, she had her whole life ahead of her.
      “LET’S GO!” Dovestar shouted, “JAYHEART, COME ON! You too Cliffheart! Sunflight, prepare your wound healing herbs! Scorchflame and Infernofeather, take care of my kits while I’m out!” Commanding came so easily to Dovestar now. Of course, all her cats rushed to do that. They’d always better, Dovestar thought. She gathered herself and her patrol and ran like lightning out of the camp.

  • A scene about my chicken character Mabel:

      Mabel sat on the carpet, fiddling with a key-chain that attached to her backpack.
      Waiting for class to start was boring, but the presence of her friends Taylor and Hazel more than made up for it.
      Tiredness lingering in her after having woken up early, Mabel rested her drowsy head on Hazel’s knee, snuggling into the hen’s brown feathers.
      She was only planning to relax for a minute, but Hazel’s lap was so soft and warm that Mabel’s eyes drifted closed and she let herself fall peacefully asleep, the room fading away around her except for Hazel’s rhythmic breathing.

      “Earth to Maple!”
      A cluck broke into Mabel’s sleep and she opened her eyes to see Taylor staring down at her.
      “Huh,” Mabel blinked sleep from her eyes, giving a grateful sigh as Hazel helped her sit up.
      “Class starts in two minutes,” Taylor tapped a wing-tip against her dark green watch.
      “Taylor, thank you,” Mabel got to her feet. She gave the sleek hen an affectionate nudge, grinning wearily, before heading over to her desk, “You saved me from certain embarrassment!”

  • The Whisper Of Truth


    Leader: Fallowstar – A light brown tabby she with amber eyes.
    Deputy: Cinderwhisper – A dark grey she with black ears and muzzle.
    Medicine Cat(s): Nightflower – A pitch black she.
    Apprentice: Fawnpaw

    Senior Warriors (cats who have trained an apprentice. Eligible for deputy)
    Sagebloom – A white she with brown dapples and green eyes.
    Apprentice: Falconpaw
    Suncrow – A golden tom with a black tail.
    Acornfur – A dark brown tom with blue eyes.
    Lionclaw – A light golden tom with long claws.
    Shallowbrook – A small grey she with large blue eyes.
    Voleflower – A brindle she with brown eyes.
    Mousewhisker – A grey she with blue-grey stripes and green eyes.
    Bearbelly – A dark brown muscular tom with soft yellow eyes.
    Squirrelfeather – A light brown she with violet eyes.
    Tigerflight – A flame colored tom with black stripes.

    Riverfury – A blue grey tom.
    Apprentice: Cherrypaw
    Oakstripe – A white tom with dark brown stripes.
    Brightspot – A white she with a golden spot.
    Greystrike – A dark grey tom with amber eyes.
    Bluestorm – A white she with blue eyes.
    Applefur – A reddish-brown tom.
    Flowermoon – A light brown she with amber eyes.
    Ravenlight – A large black tom with violet eyes.
    Firenose – A black tom with a red nose.
    Berrywhisker – A reddish-brown tom with amber eyes.
    Apprentice: Creekpaw
    Goldenfawn – A golden she with blue eyes.
    Deerleap – a Light brown she with white spots.
    Blacksea – A black tom with green eyes.
    Whitestep – A white she with green eyes.
    Fallowmoon – A light brown she with yellow eyes.
    Apprentice: Briarpaw

    Briarpaw – Light brown she.
    Fawnpaw – Dark brown tom.
    Falconpaw – Brown tom.
    Cherrypaw – Pinkish-brown she.
    Brindlepaw – Brindle she.
    Creekpaw – Blueish-grey tom.
    Copperflower – Light brown she with white dapples. Greystrike’ s kits.
    Blossomkit – Light brown she.
    Willowkit -Grey she.
    Stormykit – Dark grey tom.
    Cloudykit – White she.
    Echostream – A light grey she. Tigerflight’s kits.
    One-Ear – A once white tom with one ear.
    Silvertail – A silver she cat who’s blind in one eye.
    Scarmuzzle – A scarred tom.

  • Hellooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

    New chapter of Serene!!! 😀

    But, I noticed there were only like, 2 comments on the last chapter, so Idk if everyone saw it? So in case you didn’t here’s a link to it:




    Chapter Eight


    Just let us stop already! She silently begged. Her arms were aching with the strain of carrying Potato for so long and so quickly. She was running out of breath and she didn’t know how much longer she could keep it up.

    As they ran from the exit she had gotten more help with this task, but it still wasn’t fun. Potato seemed to gasp in pain every two seconds as someone’s clumsy foot hit hers.

    It was a rather funny sight, actually. Potato had her arms locked to her side and bent forward, her hands in fists. Darkie had her arms on her elbow and hand, Fallen doing the same on the other side, lifting her high into the air. Other BlogClanners helped by lifting slightly from her waist and legs.

    Darkie felt sweat dripping from the top of the back of her neck. She was slowly running out of stamina, and her legs burned the more they ran.

    Her mind was slowly reaching panic at thought of what might be happening to Blue and Swany. Had they gotten across the threshold? Were they now with Moon and Snowy?

    She wished more than anything that she could have gone back for them like Moons and Aquila. When she tried Rainie had almost torn her head off.

    So she was stuck here, hoping they were alright. She was desperately trying to ignore Potato’s moan. Her arms were trembling with the effort of pushing against Darkie’s and Fallen’s.

    We need to stop before we all just pass out. But she doubted it, they wanted to get as far away from their home as possible. She just had to hold on, right?


    Suddenly, the floor was strangely close to her face. Her legs had slipped from under her and she stretched out her arms to catch herself. Her hands had been so high carrying Potato that she landed on the base of her palms, sending pain shooting up from her wrists to her shoulders. She cried out and fell flat on the floor, giving up.

    Well, supposedly, she was lucky. She had been in the front of the group which meant there were a lot of teenagers behind her, ready to trample over and kill her. Instead, they all stopped and fell down beside and on top of her.

    They all laid there, catching their breath. The BlogClanners that had fallen on top of others rolled off and onto the floor, causing multiple grunts of exertion. Darkie let out a weak cry as Blu rolled off of her back.

    “Do you realize how lucky you are?” Rainie snapped.

    Darkie glanced up to meet her gaze. Rainie must have reached forward and taken her place holding Potato when she fell. She, Fallen, and Potato were the only ones still standing.

    “If it’s any consolation,” Darkie muttered, “my wrists are bruising.”

    Everyone slowly began to stand up, but they sat Potato down. Darkie stumbled onto her feet, trying to gasp for breath.

    Icy clapped her hands above the crowd. “Alright, everyone sit! I’m short!”

    “Everyone here is short,” Darkie huffed, but obeyed.

    “Okay, look around… We have dropped literally every single thing we were carrying.”

    Darkie glanced at the BlogClanners around her. Only a couple still had food and water in their hands. The only items precious enough to hold on to seemed to be personal ones, like books and sketchbooks.

    “Everyone, go find what you dropped and meet back here,” Icy commanded.

    They all shakily stood up and Darkie shook out her hands, but it did little to help her stinging wrists.

    “No! Wait, Wistep, come back.”

    “Wha?” The black haired girl turned around, a confused glint in her eyes.

    But Icy was quick on her feet. “I need you to keep an eye on Potato for me.”

    “Wha duh she nee hel?”

    Everyone stopped moving. Heck, everyone stopped breathing.

    Why does she need help. There were so many things wrong with that sentence. First of all, it barely even sounded like that sentence. Second, why was Wistep even asking that?

    Again, Icy knew exactly what to say. “She hurt her foot a couple days ago, remember? Come on.”

    She reached for her hand and slowly lead her towards where Potato sat. She then looked at the shocked BlogClanners like they were being complete idiots. “Get a move on, guys!”

    Everyone suddenly rushed around, reaching for the first things they found on the ground. Darkie doubled back on where they just came from, assuming that others dropped stuff before the great fall.

    It was strange, the walls looked and felt like the ones at home, but the floor was solid and hard, like tile. But the weirdest part was that it was almost a light source. They could clearly see everything.

    After she traveled further back than she figured anyone else would dare, she began to pick up the canned goods and the abandoned water bottles. She kept going until her arms were filled to the brim.

    “Darkie!” Someone screeched.

    Darkie howled in pain as a water bottle and several cans mutilated her feet. She had dropped her handful of items, and her reindeer socks did nothing to protect her feet and she got the full force of the attack.

    She stood there, eyes closed, and her fists clenched by her sides as she took in the pain. She didn’t even have time to be excited by the voice she heard.

    “Aquila how stupid can you be?”

    Someone was sitting her down and ripping off her socks.

    Darkie opened her eyes to see Blue crouched over her feet, analyzing them. They were bruised, that was for sure, but the skin was broken where the cans had hit and she was bleeding.

    “Is it too much to hope for that someone grabbed hydrogen peroxide?” Blue mumbled.

    “I did,” Darkie glanced up to see Swan speaking. “But I dropped it when… Well when we got to the exit… Let’s just say that.”

    “Where is everyone else?” Moons asked.

    “Just up ahead,” Darkie answered, wincing as Blue poked a bruise.

    They didn’t say a word as Moons ran up ahead, presumably to ask if anyone had hydrogen peroxide.

    “Blue…” Darkie mumbled.

    She didn’t glance up. “Yeah?”

    “What’s hydrogen peroxide?”

    Blue just slowly turned to look at her. “I can’t even-”

    “Um…” Swany clearly didn’t know what to call it either.

    “It’s a chemicaly thingy I think that prevents infection.” Blue said flinging her hands around to provide emphasis.

    “Perfect description,” Moon snapped.

    “Chill,” Snowy murmured. “Darkie, it’s the stuff Icy always poured on you whenever you broke yourself.”

    Aquila had tears in her eyes, and finally blurted out, “I’m so sorry, Darkie! I just got excited…”

    “It’s alright-” Darkie winced again as Blue poked her foot again. “Do you have to poke whenever I’m talking?”

    “Yes, it gets you to shut up.”

    “It doesn’t hurt that bad.”

    Blue glared at her. “You were wearing socks. Disgusting socks at that, do you ever get them washed? Anyways, you need shoes. Does anyone have shoes? Who am I kidding? There’s no way anyone has extra shoes, we’re just going to die, get comfortable with the idea.”

    “You sure are an optimist,” Darkie said drily.

    “It’s my charm,” Blue scowled.

    They heard loud footsteps and Moons appeared, a dark bottle in her hand, and some bandages. “Icy had some!”

    “We should go tell her what happened,” Moon said, beginning to guide Swan and Snowy towards that direction, Aquila following close behind.

    “Moons get down here,” Blue snapped, grabbing her hand and forcing her down beside her.

    Blue glanced awkwardly at Darkie. “By the way, this is going to sting.”

    “Awesome,” she grinned.

    Blue popped open the cap and carefully let some of the liquid pour out. Darkie gasped through her teeth as her feet lit on fire. But it was over in a second and Blue was expertly wrapping her feet up in the bandages, having Moons hold them down where she needed.

    “How do you know how to do that?” Moons asked.

    Blue’s brow furrowed. “I don’t know.”

    “Can I have my socks back?” Darkie whined.

    “Fine,” Blue rolled her eyes, “But you’re lucky your feet need to breathe.”

    Blue threw them onto her face and Darkie nearly choked on the stench. Okay, she was right. Maybe I should’ve washed them.

    Blue stood and began to walk towards the rest of the BlogClanners, leaving Darkie alone with Moons.

    “So, they made it out okay?” Darkie asked.

    Moons nodded. “They’re fine. What about you? You just destroyed your feet.”

    Darkie giggled, “I think I’ll live.”

    She grabbed Moons’ hands and let her pull her up. Then they collected the cans and water bottles she had dropped.

    When they had returned to camp with them, they were immediately swarmed by BlogClanners.

    “What happened?”

    “Are you okay?”

    “Does it hurt?”

    “I’m fine,” Darkie reassured them, “Blue fixed it all.”

    “How did it happen anyways?” Spotted asked.

    Darkie shot a glance at Aquila, who was pouting beside Flame. We don’t need anymore drama here. Darkie realized. “I saw them approaching and I got excited and dropped everything.” And she had to be honest, if Aquila hadn’t called out, that actually would have happened.

    They all accepted the answer, and Darkie huffed a sigh of relief. She found a wall and sat against it, hugging her supplies.

    She slowly realized that everyone else was settling down too, and the leaders were the only ones standing.

    “So, what are we going to do?” asked Moona.

    “Well,” Rainie mumbled, “Blue?”

    Blue’s head slowly whipped around, “Someone say my name?”

    For the first time, Darkie took notice of how tired Blue seemed. The hurry to fix her feet must have been an adrenaline rush.

    “Yes,” Rainie rolled her eyes, “What do we do now?”

    “We keep walking,” Blue answered. “Just… Keep walking… Forever…”

    “Walking?” Icy raised an eye brow in suspicion.

    “No. Running.” Blue grinned.

    “Why no running?” Seti muttered.

    Blue looked at her. “Because I can barely walk. And there’s no need to run.”

    “Okay, is anyone going to freak out?” Shadow snapped.

    Darkie considered it. Nope… Too… Tired…

    “I mean, our home is destroyed. How are we supposed to live in a hallway?” Shadow shouted.

    “Shadow-” Sandy began.

    She shrugged her off. “No! What are we going to do?”

    “Walk, that’s what she said,” Ivyne rolled their eyes.

    Darkie closed her eyes. She attempted to steady her breathing. Her lip was being mauled to death by her teeth, but she couldn’t stop it. Every inch of her wanted to panic, but she wouldn’t let herself. She would just stay against this wall until someone shouted at her to stand up.

    She pulled her knees close to her chest, making sure that if a fight or something broke out that she wouldn’t be in danger. She allowed herself to check out. She didn’t want to hear the noise, the arguments, she just wanted it to be over.

    “You doing okay?”

    Darkie opened her eyes to see Blackie next to her. Her eyes narrowed as she replied, “Yeah…”

    Her face flushed. “I was just asking because you’re the only person still sitting down,” she snapped.

    Darkie looked around. Blackie was right, everyone had begun to walk again and they were being left behind. “Oh…”

    She carefully stood up and grabbed her supplies. Her feet ached as she followed behind the bulk of the group. She held on tight to the objects in her arms, not wanting to drop them again.

    For the first time, Darkie noticed how bad her legs hurt. They were shaking underneath her as she walked. Blackie walked behind her, muttering something to herself.

    It was only a matter of time before Blackie placed herself next to her again. “So…”

    Darkie smiled slightly and made eye contact with her. “Hi.”

    “Hey,” Blackie grinned. “So, this is weird, isn’t it?”

    “Very,” Darkie replied. “I mean, usually we’d be having lunch around now or something, right? I’m hungry…”

    “Same, I wish this hadn’t happened…” she frowned. “I just feel like something bad is going to happen, y’know.” Her eyes shifted downcast. “It’s a little scary.”

    “I’m sure everything will be alright,” Darkie shrugged. “I mean, theoretically, Blue knows everything and can tell us how to be safe.”

    Blackie nodded. “True.”

    “What did you bring with you?” she asked. “I mean, besides food and water, of course.”

    “Just a sketchbook,” she said, waving it around awkwardly. “And obviously I have some pencils but…” She shoved the sketchbook back into her armpit and carefully fixed how she was carrying everything. “You bring anything?”

    She shook her head. “I didn’t have time, I had to help bring Potato all the way across camp.”

    “Oh, right…” Blackie frowned. “That couldn’t have been too fun.”

    “It wasn’t. It was stressful, honestly.”

    “Well…” Blackie grinned mischievously, “at least you aren’t carrying her now, right?”

    Darkie looked around. “Oh, you’re right! I’m not. Who is then?

    “Rainie and Foxie.”


    “Huh, what?”




    “Would you stop?” Blackie whined.


    Aw man. She watched in disappointment as Blackie walked away from her. Now I’m all alone…

    She wondered briefly if she should stop being so annoying. It didn’t take her long to deduce that that would be boring. She grinned to herself. Blackie’s loss!

    Instead she looked around as she walked. The hall never changed. It almost seemed to shine, and she didn’t know what to think of that. Imagine having a black kitchen counter, and you shined an overhead light on it. It would be a similar effect.

    Except there was no light here. The light came from the dark.

    Back at home if they walked outside they could barely see the people beside them. Here she could still see Icy walking in the front, even though she herself was in the back.

    Darkie sighed and shifted the items she was carrying. She was careful not to drop them on her feet again. I really don’t want that hydrogen peroxide thingy again.

    She inhaled deeply, trying to clear her mind. Surely they wouldn’t be walking for too much longer? It was getting dull.

    They continued walking for a while, no one really talked. It was strangely quiet for a large group of teenagers. But Darkie enjoyed the slight bit of peace they got after the chaos of the run.

    She wasn’t really paying attention, honestly. That’s how she ended up knocking into Ivyla. She rebounded and fell onto her butt, but she didn’t drop the cans again, and she was proud of it.

    “Why did we stop?” she mumbled, struggling to get to her feet without her hands for help.

    Ivyla glanced at her. “Doors just appeared.”

    “Doors to what?”

    Groaning, Ivyla rolled her eyes. “That’s what we’re trying to figure out.”

    “Has someone figured it out yet?”


    “It’s a bathroom!” Moon exclaimed.

    “It’s a what?” Pine muttered, scratching her head.

    Darkie pushed herself towards the middle of the group. Ivyla was right, on both sides of them was a row of doors, each a dark brown wood. There were a dozen of them altogether.

    “This is a bathroom too!” Shivy shouted, opening a door on the opposite side of Moon.

    “I mean, it’s practical,” Rainie admitted.

    “Looks just like the ones in the dorms and the Tavern,” Icy observed.

    Darkie almost raised her hand to ask a question, but remembered just in time that she had dangerous objects in her arms. “Um… Did we just come up on these?”

    Pine shook her head. “No, they just appeared out of nowhere.”


    Blue poked her head inside of one. “Shower!” She screeched. “Bath! Warm water. Legs hurt.” She darted inside and closed the door.

    As if on cue, everyone dropped their items and tried to claim one of the bathrooms. As the only person cautious about the brutality of cans, Darkie hopped between her feet, clutching her items close to her chest.

    She slowly sat down and dropped them beside her. She wanted to shower, she didn’t even want to know what she smelled like at this point.

    Instead, she leaned forward and inspected her feet. She slowly unwrapped them, revealing the bruising and cuts. I’ve had worse. She observed.

    It was a while before a bathroom was free long enough for her to dart in, leaving Fawny whining in the hallway. She took a shower as quickly as possible, but allowed herself time to let the water run on the knots that had formed in her shoulders. She dried off quickly and grabbed some pajamas from under the sink.

    She just had this instinct that she was going to take a nap.

    Well… It was more like she’d fight anyone who said otherwise.

    She also placed down her clothes, including her disgusting socks. Maybe they would be washed in the morning.

    Fawny ran past her as she exited. The poor girl had ended up as the last person still in the hallway. Darkie looked around, observing everyone’s activities.

    Pine and Foxie sat together, whispering to each other, eyes full of worry. Blue was already curled up in a ball on the floor, obviously asleep, Emma sat close to her, watching with a confused expression on her face.

    Icy and Rainie were still standing. They were in a heated, whispered argument. Potato had obviously managed to get clean somehow, as she was now in a new pair of pajamas as well, Wistep was beside her, already sleeping.

    And then there was a large huddle of BlogClanners close together. Darkie avoided it, simply finding a spot against the wall and curling into a ball like Blue had. She closed her eyes, determined to sleep.

    She slowed her breathing, allowing her body to relax. Her hair covered her head, allowing no distractions as she began to doze off. Her muscles released and she slipped into a somewhat peaceful sleep.

    Darkie found that her dreams were kind for once, with smiles of people she knew well. But for once they were kind of fuzzy, like she wasn’t completely asleep.

    She was napping. Darkie didn’t nap. Heck, who even napped anymore? Small children, overworked people, and the elderly. She was a teenager. Teenagers don’t take naps, it’s like against the law or something. They were just supposed to stay awake until they finally passed out or something.

    It had to be bedtime, right? Sleep. Not nap. Sleep.

    Sleep Darkie sleep. Please. No nap. She was in a strange world between wakefulness and sleep. Or technically, wakefulness and nap. There was a distinct difference. One you did after breakfast and running for your life, the other you did after breakfast and running for your life and waiting for the nighttime. Well, what they considered nighttime, which was just whenever the stick in the clock in the Tavern moved around enough.

    Slavery. She heard the word and was very confused. Why were they talking about slavery of all things? Perhaps they were going to make Blue their slave. Carry all the cans so that Darkie wouldn’t get her feet hurt again.

    Yes, the only proper way to use a slave. Carrying stuff so you yourself don’t drop them. Made perfect sense. She wanted to be part of this conversation.

    “Slavery!” Everyone was screaming it now.

    Darkie cracked opened her eyes and slowly rose. “Is it Blue?

    “Huh?” Then noise quieted down as everyone turned to stare at her.

    “Are we making Blue our slave?”

    “Why would we do that?” She was still half anap(she refused to call it ‘asleep’) and couldn’t attach a name to the voice.

    “You said slavery.”

    “They said Wavey.”

    A girl with green eyes and long, dark blonde hair crouched down in front of her. “Why would they say that?” Darkie asked the girl.

    She blinked a couple times until the girl came into focus and she recognized her. “Wavey!” she shrieked, throwing her arms around her.

    Wavey caught her and wrapped her arms around her torso. “Missed you too.”

    Darkie just hugged her tightly, eyes closed, holding onto the moment for as long as possible. Tears even formed in her eyes, but she fought them back.

    When Wavey started gasping for breath, she finally let go. She rubbed her neck, which Darkie had been squeezing a tad too tight. “Where have you been?” she shouted. “Where did you come from?”

    Wavey had been missing for a couple days, maybe more depending on how long she had been replaced by… Whatever that had been.

    “She just up and walked out of the bathroom,” Foxie exclaimed.

    Wavey shook her head. “I just went into the bathroom in the Tavern and when I walked out I was here.”


    “For real. I just walked out, expecting the Tavern to just be surrounded in black and everyone started screaming and hugging me.” Wavey said. “I don’t even know what happened, everyone’s been too busy screaming.”

    “You’re the person who went missing!” Darkie shouted. “You were replaced by this thing and it was mean and then Foxie exposed it and it just vanished.”

    “Uh-huh.” Wavey turned to Icy. “So what happened?”

    “I just told you!” Darkie groaned. “And then Flame uncoded the code thingy and it said our nonexistent walls would collapse and so we had to run into this magical door thingy and our home died and we’ve been stuck in a never ending tunnel since. Okay it’s been like maybe an hour since then but y’know it feels like longer and-”

    Wavey covered her mouth with her hand. “Take a breath! You’re talking in run on sentences!”

    Darkie was still talking under her hand but everyone ignored it.

    “So, you don’t remember any of that?” Blu asked, eyes wide.

    “No,” Wavey mumbled.

    Icy stepped forward. “Any clue as to why you were…”

    “I don’t know I guess I just fit the ‘missing’ vibe.”

    Peb’s eyebrows furrowed. “You can have a ‘missing’ vibe?”

    “I dunno.”

    “Can… Can I say something?” Frosto mumbled, stepping forward.

    “Sure.” Wavey grinned up at her.

    Darkie grabbed Wavey’s arm and pulled it away from her face. But she still held on to her arm, scared she would disappear again. She couldn’t tear her eyes away from her face. She had gone three years seeing her face everyday, to her suddenly being gone. She wouldn’t ever let her go again.

    “Could everyone like, sit down?” Frosto requested, her face twisted with awkwardness.

    Everyone glanced uneasily at each other and sat cross legged. Frosto sat down as well, but on her knees and sat back on her ankles.

    “It was me!” Frosto blurted out. “Okay? It was me. I-I gave her the ring and it- It blasted her away into missingness!”

    “Oh…” Blue mumbled, and Swany glared at her.

    “Wait, it was you? How do you know it was the ring?” Lion giggled. “It could have been anything.”

    Frosto stared at her, long and hard. “Maybe because he told me that the ring would do that.”

    “He?” Blue’s head, which had been facing the floor, shot up.

    “Yeah, he. This guy… I’m really not supposed to say anything.”

    “Dark hair… Red eyes?” Blue mumbled.


    Darkie felt her skin grow icy. No. Panic gripped her chest. No not him. Not him. Not him. Not him. That man had shown up in her dreams far too often, causing nothing but pain for her and her friends.

    And now Frosto had seen him? And he told her to hurt Wavey? Then Frosto listened, she did it. She did what he wanted. Darkie bit her lip, fear stretching out from her chest to the rest of her body. She wanted to run as quickly as she could back towards her home, back towards the BlogClan camp. But he had managed to be there too. She wasn’t safe anywhere. Her legs felt like iron, weighing her down, making her unable to move.

    Everything in front of her became blurry. What was going on? She was hyperventilating. He had talked to Frosto. That meant he was real. Not just someone in her dreams. It meant he could actually hurt her. Was it possible that her dreams were reality? That everything that man had done, was fact, not fiction? She was shaking, trembling.

    “Ow! Darkie!” It was Wavey. Was she in pain? What was wrong?

    Darkie felt someone jerk her arms and she blinked to find Blue hovered over her. “Pull yourself together,” Blue hissed into her ear.

    Wavey was rubbing her arm, where there were red indents from someone’s fingernails. Darkie pressed her lips together. Whoops.

    She scanned the room and made eye contact with Wistep, trying to have a telepathic conversation.

    Wistep! Dark hair. Red eyes. Bad man. Bad guy. Bad man! She pressed her forefingers against her temples. Hear me! It’s that horrible guy that shows up in our horrible dreams! Please. Oh come on, you’re making me feel stupid.

    But Wistep’s eyes were glazed, and she was staring at a point that only she could see. Darkie couldn’t take her eyes away, it was almost like Wistep wasn’t even there anymore, just a husk.

    “Okay, but you betrayed us!” Ivyla shouted.

    Maybe I should pay attention to the conversation… Darkie thought. Yeah, that’s a good idea.

    “But I didn’t want to!” Frosto insisted. “I swear, I argued and argued, alright?”

    “But you still did it,” Ivyla rolled her eyes.

    Frosto gripped her hair tightly in frustration. “Look,” her voice was quiet and steady. “I didn’t want to do it. I only did it because he said that if I didn’t, worse would happen. That’s the only reason I did it.” She looked desperately up at Wavey, her eyes pleading. “You have to believe me. Please.”

    Blue opened her mouth as if to say something, but snapped it shut quickly. Darkie stared at her. “What were you going to say?”

    “What?” Blue snapped, a warning in her eyes.

    “What were you going to say.”


    “Blue, what is it?” Icy encouraged softly.

    Blue glared at Darkie, “Nothing.”

    “Just say it already,” Rainie sighed. “I’m getting tired of this.”

    “Donuts.” Blue said awkwardly. “I want donuts.”

    I highly doubt that. Darkie almost said this aloud, but thought better of it. Frosto and Blue were staring at each other. Like Frosto was hiding something and Blue knew about it.

    But Blue knew about everything so that wasn’t really a surprise. It was like she had created all of this. Like written it or something. Darkie considered this, then chuckled to herself. What sort of stupid thought is that?

    So instead of confronting her again, she said, “Should we eat then?”

    “We don’t have donuts though,” Peb reminded her.

    “Why not?” Blue mumbled. “They don’t go out of date.”


    “Neither do poptarts. Or twinkies. I honestly think we should be concerned about food products nowadays.”

    “Thanks for the TedTalk,” Wavey sighed.

    Blue popped open a can of tomato soup. “Just keep the beans away from me.” And with that, she stood up and went to lean against a wall.

    Darkie opened up a can of pineapples. She stared down at them, her lip curling up slightly. “This is pineapple?” It was in a circle. Like a pineapple donut.

    “Yeah, we’re spoiled with the fresh stuff, aren’t we?” Icy chuckled.

    “Did anyone bring forks or spoons… Sporks maybe?” Darkie asked hopefully.

    “No,” Pine grinned, “see? Blue is drinking her soup.”

    “Good point.” Darkie muttered.

    She sighed and reached in with her fingers. The pineapple flopped in her grip. “Is it supposed to jiggle?” She took a tentative bite of it. “This is not pineapple.”

    But she continued to eat it anyways, they had no other choice. Spirit and Rainie put as much distance between themselves and the pineapple as possible, while Wavey grabbed her own pineapple ring.

    After she was done with her half of the can, Darkie laid down on her back, looking up at the black ceiling. She placed her hands behind her head, giving herself a hint of comfort.

    And then it hit her.

    Everyone back in camp… Was gone. Lau was gone. Her friend had always been there for her, helping her with the stupidest of things. Like telling her that jumping across all the tables in the Cafeteria would most likely result in her dead. She had always been there to help her through the toughest of times.

    Until she fell asleep. Now there was no one to shake her shoulders in the middle of the night, waking her up from her nightmares. Lau would sleep in the bed right beside hers, and was the only one who got up in the middle of the night to comfort her after a nightmare. But that had been gone for a year now.

    But now Lau was completely gone. She couldn’t even go visit her bed and flick her forehead, seeing if it would wake her up.

    She closed her eyes, trying to shove the strange feeling she was getting down. Love? Grief? Sadness? Anger? There wasn’t a name for it, like a large dog just sat on her chest and refused to move until he got a brownie or something.

    She took in a deep breath, trying to fight back the stinging in her eyes. She was going into a panic. Why? She didn’t know, but there was a large chance it was because she didn’t know how she felt. And if you don’t know your emotions, that was cause for panic.

    Rolling onto her stomach, she pressed her left cheek onto the floor and placed her hand on her right ear, numbing the sound of shouting teenagers. She took in several deep breaths, and instead of focusing on how she felt emotionally, she assessed how she felt physically.

    Her feet were still throbbing from earlier, and she knew she needed to get shoes on them soon. Her legs were sore from all the running from earlier, and her arms burned from carrying Potato for so long. Her back ached from the weight pushing her down, and it carried up to her neck, and suddenly tears from pain came to her eyes.

    Great, no matter what she thought about she was just going to blow up and cry. She usually was good with pain, but she was also tired, making everything much worse.

    So instead of forcing herself to keep her emotions in tune, she closed her eyes and pulled her knees into her arms. Keeping her breathing in a steady rhythm, she let herself drift off.

    Darkie fell into a deep sleep, but she still dreamed. Lau showed up, but she was different, her cheeks covered in tears. A look of betrayal in her eyes. And suddenly all she wanted was to wake up, for it to be morning.

    Because maybe in the morning, everything would be better.

    Maybe in the morning, nothing would hurt.


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  • Here’s a bigger part of it
    Emberkit ran to his sister, Ravenclaw, she was about to head out for patrol once again. “Ravenclaw!” Emberkit said excitedly. Ravenclaw sighed in annoyance “What is it Emberkit?” “Can we play? please please please pleaseee?” This was the 8th time he’s asked, every single time Ravenclaw said “no”. Ravenclaw hissed “NO! I’ve said it over and over and-” but before she could finish, Emberkit bolted past her in fear, right into the forest. Her eyes widened “EMBERKIT!!” she ran after him, but lost him, she searched for hours, but no trace of him, she returned to camp, soon a search patrol was sent out, but no luck, Emberkit was officially.. missing…


    Ravenclaw ran to the leaders den “Sleekstar!”
    The black and white leader looked over at Ravenclaw “What is it now, Ravenclaw?” meowed in a harsh tone
    “Please! Send more patrols to look for Emberkit!” She begged, Sleekstar just sighed “I’ve already sent out 2 patrols, Ravenclaw, they haven’t found a trace of him. I’m sorry but he’s gone.” Ravenclaw suddenly hissed “NO! I know my brother is out there!” She stormed out, she went to the nursery where Hazeleye was, she was Emberkit’s foster mother when his real one died. “Hazeleye, do you have any idea where Emberkit would’ve ran off to?” Hazeleye stemmed to think for a moment “He’s always asking the elders about the stream nearby, but if he crossed it, Riverclan would have brought him back.” She said, Ravenclaw eyes widened, that meant Emberkit was still in the forest! She quickly thanked the queen and ran to find the deputy, Boulderheart. “BOULDERHEART!” she yelled, the blue-grey furred cat jumped, he turned around and faced her “What is Ravenclaw?” “I might know where Emberkit is! I’ll need you to tell Sleekstar where I’ve gone, thank you!” she then ran off into the woods, the deputy sighed and went to the leaders den. “Sleekstar?” the leader looked at the blue-grey furred cat “Ah! Boulderheart, what is it?” “Ravenclaw has gone off to find Emberkit again, she says she knows where he might be” Sleekstar sighed “That foolish fur-ball.. if she isn’t back by dawn then we send out a search patrol.” Sleekstar stated, Boulderheart nodded and left the den.

    (Ravenclaw’s POV)

    I dashed through the woods, and to the stream, I started to follow it, silently praying to StarClan Emberkit was safe and sound, I was getting close to the end of the stream when my eyes widened and I stopped, I let out a loud gasp..

    There was blood.. and some of my brothers fur..

    So! How’d you like chapter one? I think I did good!
    Now for the questions!

    -Do you think Emberkit got killed then moved? If so how?
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    -Is Ravenclaw in the wrong or right here?

    Also! I will be accepting only a few more character for the story, but one of them MUST be a loner or rouge for the idea I have, and they cannot be younger then a warrior!

    You may make any other characters, kits, kitty pets, warriors, elders, app’s, anything, they can also be from other clans if you wish! Just nothing Mary sue, and if they have a mate/kits, please tell me! And one last thing, LGBTQ+ IS allowed! So that’s all for today!

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      sorry overreaction. But still! my character is the deputy!

      • It’s fine you aren’t overreacting! And you may add another oc, but please have it be a rouge if you do, also, I couldn’t see what eye color your character has, what is it?

    • I think that Emberkit should be taken by the main villain in the story whoever that will be
      Emberkit’s mother died kitting Emberkit
      Right about what?
      The character will be Adder, a she-cat. She is brown with a tail with adder patterns. She has icy blue eyes. She is 24 moons old. She is queer(queer means you can fall in love with anyone, regardless of their gender). She is a loner.

  • Thrushpelt’s Trust—Chapter 12

    “Hey Tawnyspots, can I ask you a favor?” 
    Thrushpaw dropped the wad of dirty moss onto the pile outside of the nursery, his fur fluffed out against the chilly air. It was technically supposed to be newleaf, but leaf-bare was reluctant to relinquish its grasp. 
    Tawnyspots looked up from his mouse, a wary look settling across his face. Thrushpaw heard him clear his throat, a reminder of the painful sounding cough he had developed during the apex of leaf-bare, before he called back. “Swiftbreeze, if it’s about your kits, you can count me out!” 
    “Look, I know the whole hostage situation wasn’t ideal, but we cut you free!” Swiftbreeze pleaded, emerging from the nursery. “Could you please just watch them one more time?” 
    “What, a big warrior afraid of two kits?” Adderfang teased,  sitting down beside Tawnyspots. “Just for the day.” 
    Adderfang leaned in closer, his eyes darting to Thrushpaw as he whispered something to Tawnyspots that Thrushpaw couldn’t hear. Tawnyspot’s eyes went wide, and for a moment he looked pleased, before a scowl krept back onto his face. 
    “Fine, I’ll watch the little devils again, but you owe me,” he grumbled, shaking his head. 
    Thrushpaw peered curiously at Tawnyspots, but his brother broke into a bout of coughing, his face tight with discomfort. Adderfang glanced sideways in alarm, but Tawnyspots waved him off with a paw. “I’m fine, it’s almost gone anyway,” he muttered. 
    “His cough will make him easier to capture,” a squeaky voice hissed in a loud whisper, drawing Thrushpaw’s attention to the nursery. Swiftbreeze had given birth to Adderfang’s kits, Leopardkit and Patchkit, about four moons ago, and they had immediately become experts at terrorizing the camp. 
    Surprisingly, Tawnyspots had seemed fine with it all. If Rainfur had still been around, she would have raised a rabble over it, but Tawnyspots claimed he was just happy for Adderfang. The biggest objection that he had was the fact that he was the kit’s favorite plaything, perhaps based on rumors of his squishiness. 
    “You should be nice to Tawnyspots,” Thrushpaw scolded, peering down at the kits. While both their parents were tabbies, the kits were both jet black, with clouds of white breaking up Patchkit’s pelt. 
    “Okay, Thrushpaw,” Patchkit agreed, his amber eyes wide with innocence. “We’ll be very nice to Tawnyspots.” 
    He sounded as sincere as could be, but Thrushpaw knew better. The last time they’d promised that, he’d found his brother wedged into the gorse tunnel that led into camp. 
    “Whitepaw, Dapplepaw, Specklepaw, Thrushpaw, can we speak with you?” Adderfang called, and Thrushpaw glanced away from the little rascals to find that his mentor had already gathered Windflight, Smallear, and Swiftbreeze around him.
    All four of their mentors, he realized with a jolt of excitement. “Yes?” he replied, rushing over. His sisters clustered around, and Adderfang grinned.
    “You four have been in training for almost three seasons,” Swiftbreeze said, “And we’re thinking it’s about time you took your assessments. I’ve also enlisted Tawnyspots to kit sit, so Specklepaw, Thrushpaw, me and Adderfang can both be present.” 
    “About time,” Specklepaw grumbled, shaking her head. “I’ve been ready for moons. Why the wait?”
    At that, the mentors fell silent. Smallear cleared his throat, and shrugged. “We just wanted to make sure you had fully internalized your training.”
    “I get it,” Whitepaw said lightly, glancing apologetically at Specklepaw. “You were waiting for me. Which is dumb, because I can handle them becoming warriors earlier than me,” she added pointidly, shooting Smallear a look, “And they will be, because I’m not taking my assessment today.”
    “You’re not?” Smallear echoed.
    “I’m not ready yet,” Whitepaw admitted, gesturing towards her blind eye with her tail. “We both know I won’t pass, and that’s okay.” She smiled at the rest of them, and added, “Good luck, you three.” 
    “Alright, Whitepaw, if you’re sure,” Smallear said, blinking at his apprentice. 
    Specklepaw looked at her paws, scowling. “I didn’t realize.” 
    Thrushpaw hadn’t realized it either. He’d trained a few times with Whitepaw since her injury, but not enough to get a feel for her progress. She’d always been so enthusiastic, and now she was going to have to wait to become a warrior. 
    “We can assess you as soon as you’re ready,” Windflight murmured to his daughter, before turning to the rest of them. He was smiling at them all, his eyes darting between them. Thrushpaw’s pelt prickled under his gaze, but he forced a smile. “The rest of you, I hope you got a good night’s sleep last night because you’ve got some work to do. To pass, we want you to catch four different types of prey and bring them back to camp before sundown. Catch your own prey, don’t work together. We’ll be watching you, but you won’t see us.” 
    “Best of luck to you all,” Adderfang said, rising to his feet. “Make us proud.” 

    “Where’re you two going?” Thrushpaw asked Specklepaw and Dapplepaw as they trotted out of camp, their mentors slipping away through the trees. “We’ll probably have better luck if we split up, since we’re not allowed to collaborate.” 
    “Which is dumb!” Specklepaw complained, raising her so that it carried after the retreating warriors, “Since warriors hunt together all the time!” 
    “Shush,” Dapplepaw hissed, glaring at Specklepaw. “You’ll scare the prey. I’m going to go over by the grove of oaks near the sunning rocks first.” 
    “I’m heading near the Shadowclan border,” Specklepaw said, returning Dapplepaw’s look. “And no need to get snippy Dapple, there’s plenty of prey for all of us.” 
    Thrushpaw blinked at Dapplepaw, and leaned over to bump his head against her shoulder. “You’ll do fine, just try to relax, okay?” Turning to Specklepaw, he nodded. “I’m going over to the great sycamore.” He sucked in a deep breath, surveying the forest in front of you. “May Starclan light your path.” 

    Catching three pieces of prey wouldn’t be too hard, he mused, as he wandered through Thunderclan territory, but four different types would be tricky. Catching rabbits alone was too hard, and he definitely couldn’t fish. But there were plenty of birds and rodents about, if he could find them. 
    A twig snapped behind him, and he spun around. The thing sounded far too big to be a mouse or a squirrel. For a moment, Thrushpaw wondered if perhaps the badger had come back to finish its work. Then, he caught a glimpse of Adderfang’s dappled pelt through the tree trunks, and let himself relax. 
    Thrushpaw caught sight of the Great Sycamore, and settled back on his haunches, surveying the terrain in front of him. Sunlight creating through the giant tree’s towering boughs, dappling the leaf speckled ground. He pricked his ears, listening.
    There was a squirrel up in the sycamore, but far too high up for his tastes. He’d keep an eye on it, but unless it came lower he wasn’t going to risk injury over it. 
    Then, Thrushpaw caught the soft scuffling of paws, a telltale sign of rodents about. He sniffed the air, recognizing the scent of mice. He dropped into a hunting crouch, and delicately krept forward, keeping his pawsteps as silent as an owl’s wing. With a nimble leap, he sprang, pinning down the small brown form and finishing it off with a bite.
    One down, three to go. 

    “Well done!” Adderfang called, emerging from the undergrowth as Thrushpaw licked the blood of his final kill, a small blackbird, off of his paws. The sun had partially set already, but he’d done it. 
    He sprang to his feet, grinning at his mentor. “I passed?” he asked, practically bouncing with excitement. “I’m going to be a warrior?”
    “Unless my counting’s off,” Adderfang said, beaming. “Mouse, shew, vole, blackbird, that’s four!” A purr was rumbling in his mentor’s chest, loud enough that Thrushpaw could hear it from a few foxlengths away. “C’mon, let’s go dig your catches up, I’ll help you carry them back to camp.” 
    Thrushpaw scooped up his blackbird, hectic joy bubbling up inside him. He was going to be a warrior! By this time tomorrow, he would be finished with his vigil and about to spend his first night in the warrior’s den. 
    “Excited?” Adderfang purred, struggling to pick up both the mouse and the shrew. Thrushpaw nodded enthusiastically, scooping to snag the vole’s tail around his blackbird. 
    What would be his warrior name? He knew that was up to Pinestar, but hopefully it would be something cool. Perhaps he could be Thrushtalon or Thrushstrike. He trotted after Adderfang, his tail waving cheerfully in the air. 
    As they neared camp, Thrushpaw paused, pricking his ears. “Do you hear that?” he asked Adderfang, dropping his prey. Adderfang tilted his head, then nodded. “I’m going to go check on it, can you watch the prey?” Thrushpaw mewed, before dashing after the sound.
    Someone was whimpering, he realized, and picked up his pace. He skidded to a stop as Dapplepaw’s tortishell pelt came into view. 
    Dapplepaw looked up at him, her expression bleak. At her paws were a mouse and a lizard, but there was no sign of the other two pieces she was supposed to catch. “I can’t catch any more,” she said to Thrushpaw, her whiskers drooping. “I can’t.” 
    Thrushpaw glanced around at the forest, trying to find Windflight’s grey pelt among the leaves. He knew the mentors weren’t supposed to interfere, but surely he could bend the rules to comfort his daughter? 
    “It’s okay,” Thrushpaw meowed, trying to catch her eyes. “You still have a little more time, don’t give up yet! You’re halfway there.” 
    Dapplepaw stared at him skeptically, shaking her head.  “I can’t, Thrushpaw,” she whimpered, staring at her prey. “It’s not that I can’t find any, I just can’t catch them. I haven’t had enough practice.” She closed her eyes, lowering her head. “I’ve failed.” 
    Thrushpaw leaned back, studying his sister. They’d been apprentices for nine moons, that seemed like plenty of time to practice to him. 
    Then, he thought back, trying to remember a time where he’d gone on a hunting patrol with her. Adderfang and Swiftbreeze had taken Specklepaw and him out together all the time, but mostly he seemed to remember Dapplepaw collecting a lot of moss for Windflight. 
    His father must have thought he was being so clever, Thrushpaw thought, his eyes narrowing. Sending his apprentice out to gather moss while he snuck off with Poppydawn. 
    Struggling to keep the anger out of his voice, he said, “It’s not your fault you’re not ready, Dapple. You’ll pass next time, okay? Lots of ‘paws fail their first assessment. Plus, you can keep Whitepaw company!” He blinked at her, then stooped to pick up a piece of her prey. “Come on, let’s get back to camp, okay?” 
    Dapplepaw hesitated, then nodded, flashing a weak smile. “Okay.” 
    Thrushpaw turned towards where he had left Adderfang, and saw a flash of grey fur. He shot Windflight an icy look as his father fell into step behind them. At least he had the good graces to look ashamed. 

    “Thrushpaw, Specklepaw, you have served Thunderclan well in your time as apprentices,” Pinestar called from the highrock, his voice sending a shiver of excitement up Thrushpaw’s spine.
    He glanced sideways at Specklepaw, who was looking like she was struggling to keep her small smile from turning into the goofy grin Thrushpaw couldn’t keep off his face.
    “Do you promise to uphold the warrior code and to protect and defend your Clan, even at the cost of your life?” 
    “I do,” Specklepaw said, and Thrushpaw echoed her. 
    “Adderfang, Swiftbreeze, have your apprentices learned the skills of a warrior?” 
    “They have,” their mentors replied as one, nodding. 
    “Then from this day forward,” Pinestar continued, “Specklepaw, you shall be known as Speckletail. Thrushpaw, you shall be known as Thrushpelt. Thank you for your loyalty and bravery. We welcome you as full warriors of Thunderclan.”
    Thrushpelt’s eyes perused the clan as they hollered their names, making brief eye contact with Whitepaw and Dapplepaw in turn. Soon, he’d be shouting their names alongside the rest of the clan. 

    “Congratulations,” Tawnyspots purred, twining his tail around Thrushpelt’s as he stepped up to greet his younger siblings. Windflight hovered slightly behind, looking uncertain. “I can’t believe you’re all grown up already.” 
    “We’ll catch up with you soon,” Whitepaw promised, bouncing over to Speckletail. “So Speck, you better watch your back!” 
    Speckletail nodded, her smile creeping wider. “Well, Thrushpelt, shall we get started on our vigil?” she purred, and he nodded. 
    As they made their way out of camp, Windflight called after them. “Wait, you two!” 
    Thrushpelt turned, eyeing his father warily. Windflight shrank slightly under his frosty gaze, but his smile didn’t waver. “You did well. I’m very proud of you both, and I’m sure Rainfur is as well.” 
    Thrushpelt took a deep breath, and smiled back. “Thanks, Dad.” 
    He was sure Rainfur was proud, and Windflight probably was too. But his father’s praise didn’t mean as much as it used to, and maybe it never would. Why did it matter if Windflight was proud of him, if his father wasn’t someone he was proud of himself? But Windflight was making an effort, so he had to as well. “See you in the morning,” Thrushpaw added, the words feeling a little rough.
    It was a start, he reminded himself, as he took up his position outside of camp. Thrushpaw glanced over his shoulder, then paused.
    Poppydawn was emerging from the medicine cat’s den, her face lit up in a brilliant grin visible even through the dusky light. She rushed to meet Windflight as he padded back into camp, and Thrushpaw saw his father’s posture change. After a moment, Windflight leaned over to her, and touched his nose to hers.
    Poppydawn stepped away first, then turned towards the nursery. Thrushpelt sucked in a sharp breath as her ginger pelt disappeared inside. 
    She was expecting kits. 
    He knew he should be happy. He knew he was supposed to be trying to forgive. But, Starclan help him, the only thing he could think was already?

    [spoiler title=”Thrushpelt’s Trust Bonus Scene: Chapter 11.5 “]
    Tawnyspots batted listlessly at the russet leaves scattered upon the forest floor, remembering the blood that had stained them only a moon ago. They’d driven out the badgers, and the rain had long since washed away any signs of the fight, but he’d never be able to look at the oaks here and not think of his mother’s limp form. 
    He kept replaying it in his head, trying to figure out what he could have done differently. There were plenty of options. He could have convinced her to climb a tree earlier. He could have fought a little harder. He could have told her not to leave camp. 
    It kept going back, all the way to when he’d confronted Windflight about Poppydawn. His father had tried to deny it, but, once he’d realized that Tawnyspots wasn’t buying it, he’d turned to pleading. 
    Please, Tawnyspots, it was just the one time. It won’t happen again.
    Tawnyspots, give your old man another chance?
    You wouldn’t do that to Rainfur, would you? It’ll break her heart.
    I’ll end it with her, I promise. I just need a little time. 
    All lies, but Tawnyspots wasn’t mad at Windflight. He wasn’t a bad cat, and he knew that. Weak, yes. Cruel, no. But Tawnyspots should have known better. 
    “Hey, Tawny!” 
    Tawnyspots looked up at the sound of Adderfang’s voice, his heart picking up a faster rhythm like it always did when the tabby tom was around. He groomed down a tuft of fur on his chest, trying his best to look casual. 
    Addefang surveyed the tall oaks, his eyes skating across the abandoned badger den and the fading claw marks on the trunks. “You’ve got to quit coming here. I don’t need to be a medicine cat to know that isn’t healthy.” 
    Tawnyspots looked shrugged, fiddling with a fallen leaf awkwardly. “I know. Wait,” he paused, frowning at his friend, “Have you been following me?” 
    Adderfang flashed a crooked smile, grinning guiltily. “Just a tiny bit. But seriously, you can’t sneak out of camp five times a day and expect none of us to catch on.” 
    “So instead of asking me, you’ve been creepily stalking me,” Tawnyspots shot back. 
    “‘Stalking’s’ a bit strong,” Adderfang said defensively, “I had to make sure you weren’t sneaking off to meet some pretty Riverclan she-cat without telling me.” 
    Tawnyspots let out a snort of laughter, and rolled his eyes. Adderfang knew that he had no interest in pretty Riverclan she-cats, or she-cats in general. Thanks to Rainfur, essentially the whole clan knew about his feelings for Adderfang, but fortunately no one seemed to mind. Or maybe unfortunately, since they all seemed to adore teasing him. 
    He never thought he’d miss hearing Rainfur talk about him and Adderfang, but he’d give anything to have her around to play matchmaker again. 
    Adderfang grinned, then looked at his paws. “Look, Tawnyspots, we need to talk.” 
    Tawnyspots paused, studying the other warrior quizzically. He was pretty sure nothing good had ever come of a conversation that started with ‘we need to talk.’ “Okay,” he said hesitantly, tilting his head. 
    Adderfang shuffled his paws, poking at the poor leaf Tawnyspots had been batting at with a single sharp claw. “I know you…um…” 
    Adderfang knew, to Tawnyspots eternal embarrassment, about his crush as well, but they’d never talked about it before. Adderfang simply ignored the gossip, and acted like he’d never noticed Rainfur’s infuriatingly obvious hints. 
    On one paw, it was a relief. Adderfang didn’t mind, and still wanted to be his friend. On the other, it stung a little to know that his feelings weren’t reciprocated. 
    “Got a frog stuck in your throat?” Tawnyspots teased, trying to lighten the awkwardness. He smiled gently, trying to catch Adderfang’s eyes. “If this is about that, it’s fine. I know you don’t feel the same way.” 
    “Yeah, it’s not quite that,” Adderfang said, with an awkward smile. “Swiftbreeze is expecting my kits.” He shrugged, and twisted to lick down a bit of fur on his spine. 
    Tawnyspots fell silent, considering that. He hadn’t known Swiftbreeze and Adderfang were mates, maybe because he hadn’t wanted to know. It was pretty obvious now that he looked back. 
    “I wanted to let you know before we announced it,” Adderfang continued, “I’m sorry that I couldn’t be what you wanted me to be. You’re a great cat and a wonderful friend, but…” 
    Tawnyspots felt his pelt grow warm with both embarrassment and fondness. Did Adderfang really feel like he had to apologize for falling in love? If anything, Tawnyspots felt like he should be the one apologizing for making their friendship awkward. And for having a mother with the innate ability to say exactly what he didn’t want her to say. “You’re a great cat too,” he replied, blinking at him. “And congratulations! I’m sure you’ll make a wonderful father.” 
    “Thanks,” Adderfang said, letting out a sigh of relief. Tawnyspots smiled, touched that the other tom had been so worried about his feelings. “Honestly, I’m pretty sure I’m going to utterly fail,” Adderfang continued with a nervous chuckle. “I know nothing about kits.” 
    “Hey, I can help if you need anything,” Tawnyspots offered. “Rainfur always used to make me watch the ‘paws, I’ve gotten pretty good at dealing with the little monsters.” 
    “You’d do that?” Adderfang asked, and Tawnyspots nodded. 
    “They can’t hardly be any worse than those four were,” he said, remembering the endless games of hide and catch. 
    “Thank you,” Adderfang said again, rising to his feet. “I’d better get back to camp, Swiftbreeze is anxious to tell the camp about the kits.” Tawnyspots nodded to him, and the tabby trotted off. 
    He heard a rustle as Adderfang paused, and looked over to see his friend watching him. “Are you coming?” he asked, tilting his head.
    Tawnyspots gazed at the leaves falling around him, and shook his head. “I’ll be along in a bit.” 
    “Okay,” Adderfang replied, but didn’t move for a long moment. “But don’t stay out too long, Tawnyspots. Riverclan she-cats set aside, I’m worried about you. It wasn’t your fault.” 
    Tawnyspots stared after his friend’s retreating shape, frowning, then turned back to his leaves. They were red, and blood was red. But really, they reminded him of the color of his mother’s fur in direct sunlight, russet like the sky around a setting sun. 
    If she were around, he could be talking to her right now. Telling her about how all of his friends were getting mates and having kits, and how lonely he felt without her. She’d laugh, and tease him. Maybe suggest he go and see if the Riverclan toms were as good looking as the she-cats. She’d tell him not to be sad, and tell Windflight to stop moping around and take care of his family.
    A gust of wind ruffled his fur, and cast a cloud of dancing leaves high up into the air. Tawnyspots watched them twirl back down to the ground, and smiled. Despite the chilly leaf-fall air, he suddenly felt warm. He closed his eyes, and took a breath of the crisp air. 
    “Thanks, Mom,” he murmured.


  • Quick lil story I whipped up!
    The Wishing Stone

    The she-cat huddled in the cold darkness of the cave and wrapped her tail around herself. She strained to remember what the date was and what time it was. Every day was like the last, sitting in the cramped darkness with four other cats. The worst part was the silence. It was so quiet that she had forgotten how most voices sounded like. Outside she knew that both of the tribes were fighting. Fighting for us. What was her tribes name again? She didn’t know. She had forgotten most things. Which was her tribe? The ones who had sealed her away in a dark cave or the ones who were too busy fighting too care. She’d forgotten her name and the names of everyone else in the cave, and the tribes. She had once known them so well. At least, she though she did. She felt the rough, smoothness of the stone next to her. It had been their for as long as she could remember being in here. The first time she had been thrown in here, she had scrambled in panic around in the darkness and stumbled on the stone. It had calmed her down. That night, that first night in the dark cave, it had whispered its story to her. She knew its name. The only name she knew. The Wishing Stone. That had been so long ago, she thought shifting on her creaking bones. How old she was she didn’t know. Maybe she was still a kitten. Maybe she was as old as time. Suddenly something rolled into her. Another one, she thought as it quickly scrambled away. Another prisoner. He’d soon get lost in the caves though. Only the first prisoners and the smartest ones knew to stay put. When she had been tossed into the caves there was only one prisoner. An old she-cat who had helped her and told her not to wander. To stay right in front of the entrance and that there had the best chance of escape. Now that old she-cat was sleeping, getting older and weaker and more ready to die by the day. She had told her to always help a cat in danger, to teach it that it should stay put. But she hadn’t cared. She didn’t like other cats. They deserved to die for being so foolish and afraid. But maybe, maybe she could help this cat. She couldn’t! She didn’t know how to help, she didn’t even know if she could speak! She had to. She couldn’t. She had to. But she couldn’t. And that was final. She opened her mouth and said, “Wait.” She was surprised that she could speak. The young cat turned around .”W-What?” He said with panic in his voice. “Don’t go into the cave tunnels. You’ll only get lost.” She settled down. “W-who are you?” “I am” she faltered and looked toward the slow breathing of the old cat. Rise. fall. rise. fall. rise. but no fall.”She turned back to the young cat. “The oldest cat here.”
    “I-I guess I should stay.” he curled up next to her and she promptly scooted away back to her stone. It seemed as if it were glowing. A reddish, fiery kind of glow. but at the same time sea blue and forest green. The green of a thousand summer meadows. And yellow. The yellow of sun and sunshine and warmth and happiness. She knew that you couldn’t wish on things. It didn’t work that way. She didn’t know how she knew. But her time at the caves had warped her sense of sureness and time and everything else that was clear and simple. Nothing was real anymore. Everything was something that could be proved wrong. She looked over her shoulder at the gently breathing figure of the young cat. The still figure of the oldest cat. The other rasping bodies of the prisoners. She bent down close to the rock, until she could almost smell the flowering meadows and feel the sunshine on her fur. “Please Wishing Stone, please free us. All of us”

    Oof. That was slightly depressing. Yikes! I suck at stories but I hoped you enjoyed it!

  • This Is my new book called starfalls heart. Chapter 1. The wind was blowing making the leafs go with it. The ground was hard and cold it felt like a stone in leaf-bare. I felt like I couldn’t move every time I try to move I just freeze in place. There is no hope I thought. I forced me eyes opened, the first thing I saw I was by the river but it didn’t look like moonclans river grounds. “Starpaw?” A soft voice came across the river. “Starpaw? Oh my little warrior. ” The mysterious voice said warmly. Then I remember that voice, it was the same warm tone my mother used. I big pang of sadness washed over me carring me like a big wave of water. ” Mother? D-did I died? Am I an starclan?.” I hesitated. ” No.” She said with amusement. I looked up at springfall. Her soft yellow eyes were glowing, her blue-ish pelt shined in the sunlight. Her muzzle was sleek just like a foxs. She padded towards me as fast as she can. “Starpaw.” She mewed. “Yes mother?” I murmured. Springfall faced me but turned back to glance at the river. ” Starpaw. Danger is coming, nothing but darkness worst then you think. This darkness well kill everyone you love soon you well have to worship the dark instead of the stars, you are our only hope starpaw. You well guide the lost you well guide the stars, Listen to your heart wherever it takes you.” She murmured with concern. “What darkness? What lost? And I’m the only one but I can’t stop it! How well I-” Springfall cut me off, “Rest my little one.” She mewed softly. “Rest my little one.” She whispered. A big sunlight enter the den woke me up. I blinked my eyes opened just to see a big sun in my eyes. I groaned at the sunshine in annoyance. I got up and started getting the moss off my fur, I cleaned myself untill my fur was smoother then a fox. Stawberrypaw looked up at me from her nest she was talking to sibling known as rainpaw. Stawberrypaw was a short red she-cat with a white tip on her tail and her ears, She had dark green eyes . Rainpaw had light gray fur just like myself he was taller then the other apprentices he had one yellow eye and the other blue. Dappledpaw was still sleeping in her nest beside dawnpaw, and yellowpaw. I started remembering the dream I had, but I was going to tell stawberrypaw about it but decided not to. I walked out to the clearing and padded to the medicine cat den. I saw Cloverbreeze organizing her herbs again. Her white coat was bright as the sun it was hard to look at it. ” Cloverbreeze?” I mewed. She turned around her expressions looked as if she was surprised to see me. Her emerald green gaze faced me, I felt as if she was looking at my soul. ” Oh hello starpaw, didn’t saw you there. What can I do for you?” Cloverbreeze murmured. “Nothing. Really.” I replied. “Just feel insecure.” I reported. “Really eh?” She mewed. I glanced at the ground then back to cloverbreeze. She just turned around waiting for a response. “Is it about your mother?” Cloverbreeze murmured. She sounded as if she known my dream but all. I started to picture the scene of my mother death. ” Rainkit where are you going?” I squeaked, While I padded after him. “Catching that mouse!” He yelled. “But now? Our mother’s could be looking for us.” I called after him, “Starkit everything is going to be alright.” He assured her. Only if that was true I thought. As I reached to him he started to tumble down the small hill, I realized he was heading for leafclan territory. I gasped trying to warn him but I slipped on the mud making me tumble with him. I squeaked in pain as I landed on a hard rock I was bleeding. “Starkit! Rainkit!” Two queens said. I heard my mother call my name so did goldenheart calling for her kit as well. I glanced back where rainkit was still following the kit. I was too late he reached leafclan territory, He was about to pounce on the mouse untill he bumped into a leafclan patrol. I ran towards him my mind pounding with fear for my friend rainkit. I bumped into rainkit I felt him shaking in fear not knowing what to do, his breaths became shallow. “Well,Well, look what we have here two moonclan kits!” One of the warriors sneered. ” What are you doing on our territory?” Another warrior growled. I saw Goldenheart and springfall racing towards us but stopped at the side of there boulder. “What are you doing with our kits!” Goldenheart yelled already unsheathed her claws. “Is that you dark tooth? It suits you because it’s dark as your soul!” Springfall growled. The young apprentice in the patrol jumped on Goldenheart and attacked her, Springfall unsheathed her claws hoping on dark tooth biting into his neck. I heard dark tooth crying in pain blood spilled but the other one helped darktooth and leaped on springfall digging into her neck, Goldenheart had the apprentice running back to camp. Goldenheart tried to save springfall but was too late. I saw so much blood in the ground Goldenheart turned to the kits and carried us and brought us away from leafclan territory. ” I’m sorry.” Goldenheart cried. “Starpaw You there?” Cloverbreeze asked bringing me out of the past in to reality. ” I’m fine.” I whispered. “Starpaw! Time for training.” Badgerclaw mewed from the medicine cat den entrance. ” Err… O’ yes forgot about that.” I murmured. “Bye Cloverbreeze.” I murmured. I turned to Badgerclaw he was already waiting for me at the entrance of the camp. ” Were going hunting today.” He mewed proudly. I swear he is an arrogant furball. “Ok.” I murmured. “Let’s hunt by the river bank.” He murmured. We both ran to the river the wind breezes right by. The soft grass was comfortable as moss, The sky was shining blue. I got into hunting position putting my tail down. I listened closely to hear the sound of a vile running right by. I get ready to pounce on it my hindquarters starts to get ready to leap, I closed my eyes and open them. I Pounced on two voles at the same time i bite into them and let go. “Good job starpaw.” Badgerclaw mewed sounding impressed.” I think your close enough to become an warrior.” He said warmly. “Really? You think so.” I squeaked sounding like a kit. “Not If you keep squealing like a fool!” He added sharply. Badgerclaw can never be nice after making a mean comment afterwards or before I thought. I hunted some more and padded back to camp I placed my fresh-kill in the fresh-kill-plile. Badgerclaw was heading towards the leaders den, I glanced to see rainpaw he was talking to yellowpaw. I padded to the clearing trying to reach yellowpaw and rainpaw. “Hello, fellow warriors.” I mewed, “Er, Hello starpaw.” Rainpaw mewed. “Hi?” Yellowpaw murmured. Yellowpaw was small for his age, he had an light ginger coat with blue-eyes. “So, how was training today?” I asked. “Good… I guess.” Yellowpaw murmured. “It was good so far.” Rainpaw sneered. Dappledpaw came racing toward us. “Skystar is starting a clan meeting!” She yelped. We race across the clearing to the high stone, The leader leaped on the high rock. “Let all the cats old enough to catch their own prey gather here beneath the high rock for a clan meeting.” Skystar mewed loudly. “Starpaw? Stawberrypaw?” He called. I gasped, am I going to be a warrior? This is it for now leave a comment if you like it so far

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