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  • Lavender(Insert suffix here)’s Mountain~

    Jayflower grimaced. “Morningsun, you are doing amazing! You have one last kit coming out before you’re done!” Jayflower gave her another stick, as she had chewed through the last one. He saw the kits head and prepared for it to shoot out like a rocket. And then it hit him. The kit hit him. HARD. He wheezed as he was flung backwards, trying to protect the kit at the sametime. He hit his back on the wall and groaned. He stared down at the kit and started ruffling up its fur. “You’re one troublemaker aren’t you?” He set her down next to Morningsun to start suckling next to it’s brothers.
    Morningsun was exhausted. “Well, what kits do I have?” She licked each one of them on the head. They were all beautiful!
    Jayflower sniffed each one of them. “Well, you sure did have a lot of kits, that’s for sure. You have 4 handsome toms, and 1 beautiful she-cat.”
    Morningsun’s eyes swarmed with love for her kits. “Russetmoon?” She called over to her mate. “Let’s name them shall we?” She purred and curled around her kits more.
    Russetmoon purred and padded over softly to sit next to his mate. “Darling, we’re parents.” He twined his tail with hers and licked her head. “What should we name them?”
    Morningsun thought for a moment. “Well, for the oldest,” She motioned towards the first kit, a pale brown tabby with a white muzzle, throat, and underbelly. “How about Otterkit?”
    Russetmoon considered this for a second. “Yes. Yes, that is a pleasant name isn’t it?” He purred as he pulled Otterkit closer, but in a way he could still suckle.
    Russetmoon looked at the next kit, a gray and white tom. He stared at him for a minute then decided on a name. “How about Patchkit? He does look like a bunch of white and gray patches.”
    Morningsun slowly nodded, mouthing the words ‘Patchkit’. “Patchkit… I like it!” She mewed quietly. She looked over her other kits. Three left to name. The next kit was a mottled tortoiseshell. She was surprised she happened to get a tortoiseshell, a tom at that fact too. She was slightly worried he wouldn’t be able to have kits, but she knew it would all be ok. She knew the perfect name for him. ”I know his name. His name is Specklekit. After my father, Specklethorn, who looked a lot like him.” Her eyes shadowed. “I want his legacy to go on. I miss him a lot Russetmoon. I do, I really do.”
    Russetmoon licked her ear. “I know you do. I know you do. Specklekit will keep his legacy going, I promise.” He purred in her ear. He looked to the next kit. A handsome calico. He nudged him, and mrowwed in laughter when he squeaked.
    Morningsun hissed at her mate in a teasing way. “Don’t pester the kits!” She licked the kit, and smiled at it. “How about Ruffleskit?” She had said that with complete sincerity.
    Russetmoon however did not know that. He snickered. “That is a good one! No, seriously what should we name him?”
    Morningsun just stared at him appalled. If she could slap him, she would. “Ruffleskit. His name will be Ruffleskit.” She glared at him.
    Russetmoon realized he messed up. “Oh, that’s a great name! Really, it is great!” He tried not to look into her eyes.
    She just glared at him and moved onto the last kit. The She-cat. She was absolutely beautiful. She had a short haired blue-purple pelt. It was stunning.
    “How about Lavenderkit for this one?” Russetmoon mewed quietly. He moved closer to Morningsun.
    She nodded. “I was thinking the same thing. Lavenderkit is perfect.” She rested her head on a patch of moss, exhausted from her day.
    Russetmoon padded behind her and curled up next to her. “Goodnight darling.”
    Jayflower, in the corner of the nursery, slowly backed out of the den. “It is sunhigh, but ok…” He backed away awkwardly, and ran to the medicine den as soon as he reached the outside.
    Russetmoon was already fast asleep, and so was Morningsun. They were both happy with their life at that moment.

    5 days later… 

    Lavenderkit suckled warm milk from her mother, satisfying her hunger. Her ears had already started unfolding so she could just barely hear her parents talking.
    “Oh Russetmoon!” Morningsun mewed quietly. “Our kit’s ears and eyes are opening today! I’m so excited!’
    Lavenderkit could feel waves of excitement roll off of her parents like waves.
    “I am too Morningsun. But, I need to talk to you about my apprentice Snakepaw!” Russetmoon mewed happily.
    Morningsun looked up at Russetmoon. “Well, continue.”
    “He is excelling at all of his training sessions, he can beat any apprentice in a fight, and he is an incredible hunter! I think I am going to recommend him to become a warrior soon! The only problem is, he is a little ambitious. I fear he could use his skills for harm and not good. I just hope I trained him the right way.”
    Morningsun nodded. “I am sure you did.” She looked down at Otterkit. “Oh, look! Otterkit is opening his eyes for the first time!” She purred and nuzzled her young one.
    Otterkit squeaked and huddled closer to his mother. He didn’t realize it was his mother.
    Morningsun chuckled then picked him up gently. She set him to her side and watched as he slowly finished opening his eyes.
    He blinked a couple times then looked around the room. He squeaked with delight and tried to crawl towards his mother. He failed moving farther than an inch.
    Russetmoon picked him up gently and set him besides his mother to suckle. His eyes turned to Patchkit. He had also started to open his eyes and his ears had already started to unfold. Russetmoon picked him up and rested him near Morningsun.
    Patchkit started squealing about, wanting to go back, but quieted down quickly. He rubbed his nose against the ground, and flung dirt into the air as he flipped his head back up. He then started to nose around more, but quickly stopped. He tilted his head towards his parents and squealed with delight. His eyes had opened!
    Morningsun nuzzled her kit with much joy. She didn’t want to overwhelm him so she put him back into his regular spot. She then turned to Specklekit and Ruffleskit. She nuzzled them to wake up. Immediately the two just opened their bright blue eyes and stared at them. Morningsun gaped. “Well, that was quick. I wondered if it happened while they were asleep. I mean they were born at the same exact time, but I didn’t know that was possible.”
    Russetmoon just blinked. “You know I’m tempted to name both of them ‘Widekit’ now, and tell Owlstar to name them Wideeyes for their warriors name.” Russetmoon just stared at his kits in awe.
    Morningsun whacked Russetmoon with her tail. “We are keeping their names. They are fast learners, like their father.” She purred and rested her head on Russetmoon’s paws. She then jolted her head back up. “We still have one more kit!”
    Russetmoon shifted his weight towards Lavenderkit. “True, we do.”
    All of a sudden, Lavenderkit felt herself being picked up. She squealed and squirmed as she felt her whole body flop. She kicked and thrashed but nothing seemed to work. Her eyes had just begun to open up, but she wasn’t ready to see the world yet. She forced her eyes shut, just as the stone cold floor hit her skin. It wasn’t the usual mossy nest she was used to!
    Morningsun chuckled. “A fighter. We have a nice little fighter on our paws.” She nudged Lavenderkit again to open her eyes.
    Lavenderkit squealed again. She wanted to scream ‘Go away’, but nothing escaped her lungs.
    All of a sudden, a new cat walks in.
    “Hello Owlstar, Snakepaw! Come in, come in, see my wonderful kits! One is opening their eyes right now!” Russetmoon was very excited for his apprentice to be able to see his wonderful kits.
    Snakepaw nodded. “Hello Russetmoon.” He replied smoothly.
    Owlstar smiled at Russetmoon, and nodded at Morningsun. “How are you guys? New kits I see. I’m sorry I haven’t been able to visit sooner, I have been quite busy and have had a cold. I didn’t want to get the kits sick.”
    Morningsun nodded. “Thank you for that.”
    Lavenderkit was done trying to shut her eyes. They flew open as soon as she stopped resisting. She looked up at her mother, and stared in awe at her gorgeous pelt. It was the color of a sunset! It started out a dusky yellow, then faded into a dusky orange at her paws. She had bright blue eyes however, which made her look even more beautiful. She was a fluffy sort of cat, and her fur seemed to be as soft as silk. Lavenderkit shifted her attention over to her father, Russetmoon.
    He was obviously a light red tabby, with dark red paws and tail. His muzzle was also quite dark. His eyes were a faded light blue, a close color to her mothers. He was obviously a shorthaired cat, but his ears had fluffy tips. He had a small nick in his right from a battle not too long ago.
    Lavenderkit turned to her leader and the apprentice. Owlstar was a dusky brown tabby she-cat. Snakepaw seemed to be an exact replica of Owlstar, except he had white paws and white flecks along his back. Oh, he was also a tom of course.
    Lavenderkit observed her surroundings. She was in a thicket dome, built out of brambles, leaves, dried mud, and various twigs and sticks. She reached out with her two front paws and tried to grab some moss from her mother’s nest.
    Morningsun chuckled and moved her away from it.
    Russetmoon stared at Owlstar then nodded. “You will be having 5 amazing future warriors on your paws, Owlstar.”
    Owlstar nodded, then turned around and left.
    Snakepaw however didn’t budge. He calmly walked over to Lavenderkit, and nuzzled her. He whispered into her ear, “I would love to be your mentor someday little one.” He abruptly got up without another word, and left the nursery.
    Russetmoon’s whiskers twitched. “Wouldn’t it be amazing if Snakepaw would be Lavenderkit’s mentor?”
    Morningsun nodded, but kept her eyes on her kit.
    Lavenderkit was still playing with the little moss she managed to grab. You could hardly count it as playing, however.
    Morningsun picked her up and placed her back in her original spot.
    As soon as the milk hit the roof of Lavenderkit’s mouth, she relaxed. She didn’t realize how hungry she was until then. And with one last suckle, she fell asleep.

    Around 2 ½ weeks later…

    Lavenderkit sat by her mother. She watched her brothers waddle around like mouse brains, trying to figure out how to do it. Her brothers are starting to be weaned off of her mothers milk, however she wasn’t going to be weaned for about another week. She was the runt after all. She was about to get up and start walking around, when her mother pulled her back. 
    “Sorry, not today. In a week you can try.”
    She pouted, and wanted to ask why, however her lungs didn’t allow anything to escape her lungs. She wasn’t hungry yet, and she wanted to start walking! She felt her mother pick her up by the scruff and plop her down closer to her. Lavenderkit refused and tried to get back up again. She was promptly shoved down.
    Right at that moment, Russetmoon walked in. He came over and sat down next to Lavenderkit. “Hey little kitto.” He rubbed his paw on her head, ruffling her fur. “Why aren’t you playing with your brothers?”
    Morningsun glared at him. “She isn’t allowed to. Not until she gets a little stronger. I told her in a week.
    Russetmoon shrugged. “Hey, why don’t I show you around camp then?”
    Lavenderkit nodded over and over again excitedly, while her mother did not.
    “Nope, I am shutting that down. She is not allowed to leave the nursery yet!”
    “Aw, c’mon Morningsun! The poor scrap is miserable!”
    Morningsun looked down at Lavenderkit then looked back up. “I still say no. Not yet.”
    Russetmoon sighed, but nodded.
    Lavenderkit whines, but stays put. She decides to curl up into a tight ball and not let it get to her.

    1 week later…

    Lavenderkit woke up extra early. She stood up and started walking around. Then, plop, she fell straight to the floor. “Ow…” She muttered. She gasped. I can talk now? She ran towards her mother, tripping and slipping along the way. She plopped down her two front paws on her mothers nose. “Wake up! Wake up!”
    “Five more minutes Russetmoon.” She grumbled, half awake half asleep. She opened her eyes slightly and realized it was Lavenderkit.
    “Lavenderkit? You can talk?” She pondered for a moment. “You’re 4 weeks old now! That means your brothers can talk now too!” She prodded her other kits to wake up.
    Otterkit tried to claw her. “Not yet..!” Then he realized what had happened. He hopped up and jumped around the room.
    As he did that, he managed to wake up Patchkit, Specklekit, and Ruffleskit.
    Patchkit, Specklekit, and Ruffleskit all mewed at the same exact time, “What is it?”
    They all jumped up and did the same exact thing Otterkit was doing.
    Lavenderkit stumbled around to do the same exact thing, but fell over a million times.
    Morningsun chuckled. “Take it slow Lavenderkit. You don’t want to hurt yourself on your first time walking!” Morningsun helped her get back up and watched her stumble around again.
    Lavenderkit however did not find this funny. She watched her brothers walk so well compared to her, and felt sad. She stumbled around the nursery when she found a little bramble pocket. It was big enough for a couple of kits to fit in it, but small enough so her mother wouldn’t be able to find her. She squirmed through the small entrance and into the larger opening. She was about to sit down when she tripped over a small lump. The sun was starting to shine through the cracks, and she saw it was a kit. The kit groaned.
    He shoved her off and looked at her funny. “What was that for?” He groaned, still blinking to adjust to the new light.
    Lavenderkit felt horrible. “I’m so so so sorry! I didn’t mean to! If this is your hole I can get out! I didn’t know you slept in here! I am so sorry!” She rambled.
    The kit just shrugged. “Your fine.” He looked at her longer, then started grooming himself. “So you’re the new She-cat right? Lavenderkit is it?” He continued to groom himself.
    She nodded. “And you are…?”
    He paused and looked up. “I’m Talonkit. Nice to meet you.” He continued grooming himself.
    Lavenderkit smiled at him and sat down. SHe liked the way he made her feel. Like she didn’t have to be perfect to satisfy him. She felt herself sink deeper into the brambles every second he talked to her.


    I hope you enjoy it! I worked really hard on this and would really appreciate some constructive criticism.

    • 🐅🌟Tigerpaw/shine (Tiger Dashing Under Shining Sun/Tiger Shine/Tiger) (mae/mim/mair/mairself, rav/rae/raven/ravenself, she/her/her/herself)🐅🌟 says:

      When they get older I totally ship LavenderxTalon

    • This is great! Your writing is really good and I’m excited to hear more from Lavenderkit!

  • I wrote a bunch of scenes about my OCs:

      Autumn Leaf stared up at the canvas in admiration as she watched Zesta paint.
      The picture of a meadow looked so pretty and realistic, and it was obvious that Zesta put effort and attention into every detail- as well as enjoying the process.
      Leaning in for a closer look, Autumn Leaf bumped into a can of paint and it toppled over with a splash.
      Autumn Leaf let out a horrified gasp as her eyes fell on the painting. There was a messy blue splatter covering the middle of it. What have I done!?
      “I’m- I’m sorry!” she stammered guiltily, shrinking back, her feathers bristling with shame, “I’m so sorry!”
      “No, it’s okay!” Zesta clucked hastily.
      Dipping the tip of her paintbrush into a puddle of paint that had splashed on the desk, she smoothed the splatter on her painting with a few swift strokes, then added purple waves to make it look like a lake.
      “See?” Her green eyes shone as she glanced gently down at Autumn Leaf. “It’s even better now!”


      Sitting down on a bench in the shade, Madison gave her waterbottle a shake, trying to shake out at least a drop of water, but it was completely empty.
      “I need to drink!” she groaned, giving up on the empty bottle as she dropped it down next to her.
      “Understandable,” her friend Taylor clucked, ducking down to stay out of the sun. She snatched the water bottle away and examined it. “Sadly, though, this is completely dry.” She tossed it back to Madison.
      “Yeah,” Madison nodded. “It’s so hot, though,” she squinted against the sunlight to read the nearby thermometer.
      “Hi,” Lina sat down beside her friends. “What are you guys doing?”
      “Dying of thirst,” Madison replied, slumping against the back of the bench.
      “You can have some of my sippy,” Pip offered, holding her sippy-cup out to the two hens.
      “Thank you,” Madison took the gift, and placed it on the bench beside the empty water bottle.
      “That’s so sweet of her,” Lina murmured with a smile as Pip skipped away towards the playground. The others nodded.
      Lina turned back to the other hens. “But yeah, I agree it’s really hot.” She put a wing over her face to keep the sun out of her eyes, then sat down with her friends in the shade.
      “I have an idea,” Taylor reached into her backpack and took out a stack of papers. “We can fan ourselves with my homework. Here,” she divided the stack between the three of them.


      “So fluffy!” Jazzy exclaimed, ruffling Fluffy’s white head-feathers.
      “Well,” the silkie hen chuckled, “I’m not exactly a fluffless species.”
      “Fluffless?” Jazzy clucked, giving the soft white fuzz a last rub, “You’re not fluffless at all! And I’m not, either,” she added importantly, fluffing out her frizzled feathers.
      “Yeah,” Fluffy nodded, “Neither of us are. Hey, wanna be floof-buddies?”
      “Yes!” Jazzy clucked excitedly, “Floof bump!” She whacked her friend’s puffy tail with her own, nearly knocking her off her feet.


      The sun shone brightly, and there was a light breeze as the group of hens stood on top of the playground, chatting.
      Climbing up a rope ladder, Petyarica got up onto the playground. He got on his knees and began to hop towards the hens.
      “Look it’s a frog,” Sorrel pointed at the bouncing rooster.
      “Who wants to kiss it?” Rainswept Bush teased with a smile, “Maybe it’ll turn into a prince.”


      Fluffy smiled as she saw Pip skipping towards her. The young silkie hen loved babies.
      “Hi there, little cute,” Fluffy gave Pip a pat on her tiny comb.
      Pip reached for her tail.
      “Cloud,” she said as she stroked Fluffy’s soft white down.

    • These are nice! My favorite is probably the one about Zesta painting.
      Aaron Burr, Sir

  • Hi everyone so lots of people will probably be mad that I didn’t click the reply button of my Prolouge but it’s because it wasn’t out yet when I wrote this
    That was weird saying wrote when I’m still writing it 😛
    Chapter One
    Quickkit padded out of the RainClan nursery, her sandy yellow tail up high in the air like a bluebell. Quickkit’s mother, Glorystar, padded out after her. Quickkit was looking for two cats in particular. Deathbringer, Quickkit’s “Father.” Deathbringer wasn’t really Quickkit’s father, he was just Glorystar’s mate and acted like a father to Quickkit. The other cat Quickkit was looking for was Fireflypaw. Fireflypaw was Quickkit’s half sister, Deathbringer and Glorystar’s first litter. Quickkit was Glorystar’s second litter, but not Deathbringer’s. Deathbringer was nowhere in sight, but Quickkit noticed when Fireflypaw padded into camp with some fruit in her mouth for all the RainClan cats to eat. RainClan cats ate fruit only while NightClan cats ate prey. Quickkit knew that Fireflypaw ate both, since she was a RainClan-NightClan cat.
    “Fireflypaw!” Quickkit cried, flinging herself onto Fireflypaw. Fireflypaw laughed.
    “Hi, Quickkit!” she laughed. Glorystar padded over, laughing as well.
    “Seems like someone is very into you, Fireflypaw,” Glorystar meowed. Quickkit smiled.
    “I got you! Now I’m Queen of RainClan and NightClan!” Quickkit mewed triumphantly.
    “No, I am!” Fireflypaw laughed, and she then started play-fighting with Quickkit. They played this all the time. Glorystar smiled at her two daughters. Quickkit kept play-fighting with Fireflypaw.
    “Quickkit, I have to put this fruit from my RainClan hunting assesment on the fresh-fruit pile!” Fireflypaw laughed, finally shaking off Fireflypaw. Oh right, Fireflypaw had her RainClan Warrior assesment today, and tonight, she has her NightClan Warrior assesment, Quickkit thought, I hope she passed her RainClan one and passes her NightClan one! Quickkit let Fireflypaw put the fruits down, and then they kept on playing.
    Quickkit was carried into the tree by her mother. Glorystar set Quickkit down next to her, and Quickkit watched Fireflypaw leap up into the tree and sit on Glorystar’s other side. Glorystar’s treetop was not in the RainClan camp nor in the NightClan camp. This was just a random tree in the RainClan camp Glorystar made RainClan cat announcements from. She made NightClan cat announcements in a tree in NightClan that only Deathbringer, Fireflypaw, and Glorystar were allowed to attend. Not Quickkit. Quickkit knew she had no chance of becoming Queen of RainClan and NightClan. She was half RainClan half SandClan, not half RainClan half NightClan. Fireflypaw was the one who had the chance of being Queen, she was half RainClan half NightClan. Glorystar had her treetop next to the abandoned fox nest, and whenever a RainClan or NightClan cat needs something from Glorystar, they’d go there. This, though, was Fireflypaw’s RainClan Warrior ceremony.
    “I, Glorystar, Queen of RainClan, call upon my Warrior ancestors to look down on this apprentice,” Glorystar meowed, “She has trained hard to learn the ways of your noble code, and I hope you let me make her a Warrior. Fireflypaw, do you promise to fight for RainClan, even at the cost of your life?”
    “I do.”
    “Then, unless if you become the next Queen of RainClan and NightClan, you will now be known as Fireflywing,” Glorystar continued. Quickkit gasped. Her half sister had such a pretty name!
    “Fireflywing! Fireflywing!” RainClan chanted. Quickkit chanted with them.
    “Fireflywing, when you are with RainClan, you are Fireflywing, but until you are a NightClan Warrior, in NightClan you will still be known as Fireflypaw,” Glorystar meowed. Fireflywing nodded. Quickkit knew what was coming next.
    No, not Fireflywing’s other Warrior ceremony! After that.
    What’s after that?
    Why, Quickkit’s apprentice ceremony!

    • Chapter Two
      Quickkit puffed out her chest, imaganing sitting on her mother’s RainClan announcement tree, as an apprentice. Of course, that wouldn’t happen for a loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong time. Okay fine, just 3 moons, BUT THAT IS A LONG TIME IN THE EYES OF QUICKKIT! Now, Quickkit loved her half sister dearly, but sometimes, Quickkit felt ignored. Sure, her mother payed attention to Quickkit now, but when Quickkit was an apprentice, Quickkit expected that Glorystar wouldn’t pay attention to Quickkit. Everycat was always “Fireflywing! You’re so amazing!” or “How does it feel like to be a Warrior of TWO tribes?” and we can’t forget “Your definetly going to be the next Queen of RainClan and NightClan.” THANK YOU, RAINCLAN AND NIGHTCLAN, FOR ALWAYS ACKNOWLEDGING THAT FIREFLYWING HAS A LITTLE HALF SISTER NAMED QUICKKIT WHO EXSISTS AND HAS FEELINGS!!! That’s how Quickkit felt about the situation. Cats never payed attention to Quickkit. Quickkit wasn’t the only kit in the nursery, there was Peacekit, who was 5 moons old, and a RainClan-NightClan kit. He was not royalty, and while he did acknowledge Quickkit, he was more interested in strawberries and stories from Fireflywing. Ugh. Everycat’s reason for ignoring Quickkit was probably “Ick, she’s a HalfClan kit.” But that isn’t fair! Quickkit thought, That’s stupid! Fireflywing’s a HalfClan cat too! Peacekit never acted like he was better than Quickkit because he’s older, which made him an okay playmate for Quickkit even though he’s not royalty, but he did often want to play “Let’s Pick Strawberries!” or “Find the Strawberry!” and “Hide the Strawberry so a big Cat steps on it!”(okay that one isn’t too bad in Quickkit’s view) when Quickkit is TRYING to lecture him on how everycat who pays attention to only Fireflywing and not Quickkit is stupid. I wish that Fireflywing grows up with no mate, Quickkit thought, and then she immidetly felt guilty. How could she think that about her half sister?! Quickkit didn’t know. Quickkit kept suckling, pondering about this, until she was RUDLEY SHOVED away by Glorystar.
      “Sleep time, Quickkit,” Glorystar meowed. Fireflywing padded in.
      “Hi Fireflywing, how’s being a Warrior of RainClan AND NightClan?” Glorystar asked. Quickkit rolled her eyes. This was the fortieth-and counting-time Glorystar had asked that to Fireflywing. Quickkit was counting. She had nothing else to do with all the time on her paws from 1. being a kit and 2. no one paying attention to her.
      “It’s been good,” Fireflywing meowed. Quickkit rolled her eyes again.
      “When’s anyone going to pay attention to me?” Quickkit grumbled. Glorystar and Fireflywing gasped.
      “Quickkit!” Glorystar meowed, “You get much more attention that Fireflywing! I mean, I have to feed you and sleep with you and take care of you, that’s much more attention than Fireflywing gets!” Quickkit raised one of her eyebrows. Fireflywing nodded in agreement to Glorystar.
      “Well, let’s just use an example,” Quickkit mewed, “Fireflywing, could you help me?” Fireflywing stepped forward.
      “Of course, want a badger ride?” Fireflywing asked. Quickkit shook her head, though it was tempting.
      “Fireflywing, please go outside the nursery,” Quickkit mewed, “Mother and I will watch from the inside.” Fireflywing shrugged and did just that. Quickkit and Glorystar watched, and as soon as Fireflywing was fully out of the nursery, all the RainClan cats swarmed around her, asking questions, trying to talk to her, trying to be her friend. Quickkit also saw Peacekit playing outside with Hopeflight, his NightClan mother, watching. Quickkit wished she could be playing with him until she noticed he was playing with a strawberry, not a mossball. Anyway, Quickkit was very busy.
      “Now I’ll go outside,” Quickkit mewed to her mother. Glorystar nodded after breif hesitation. Quickkit padded outside.
      “Hi everycat! I’m Quickkit, daughter of Glorystar and Fireflywing’s half sister!” Quickkit mewled at the top of her tiny lungs. It took a very deep breath to say that. Suddenly, Quickkit’s uncle(Glorystar’s brother) Jambuheart, a pinkish tom, kicked Quickkit away.
      “This is no place for kits, SandClan,” he meowed. Quickkit looked at Glorystar, trying not to cry from being kicked in the stomach. Quickkit hoped her mother didn’t see the small tears springing up in Quickkit’s deep black eyes.
      No cat in these stupid Clans cared.
      No cat listened.
      No cat needed her.
      No cat wanted her.
      Quickkit was useless.
      And feeling useless is the second scariest feeling in the world.
      The first is just waiting to die with nothing to do with your life.
      Quickkit was expiriencing the second scariest feeling. Which is very scary, especially for a kit.
      A kit. Feeling the second scariest feeling in the world.
      And absolutely no cat cared.

      • this is so sad but such a great story!

  • My latest book, that I promise to actually finish, I present you with~ The Broken Star

    Gentle paws grabbed onto her muzzle, taking her away into a dream filled by nightmares. Fur brushed against her own and tall trees swayed, making a breeze that rumbled. Piercing gazes met her own, but she was all alone. Eyes of steel burned her pelt, but she stayed silent. There was a massive cliff at the edge of the forest, where the trees cleared away and there was bare stone of dust for a few meters, before the cliff dropped off. The tall pine trees that made the forest hung right under the painted grey sky. Rain poured down, soaking the thin layer of dust that coated the stoney ground. Light, giggling laughs echo around her, bouncing off the edges of the world. Then, the cat’s gaze twisted to step drop on the cliff. 𝓢𝓸 𝓽𝓱𝓲𝓼, 𝓽𝓱𝓲𝓼 𝓲𝓼 𝔀𝓱𝓮𝓻𝓮 𝓘 𝓭𝓲𝓮.

  • WOW! That was SO GOOD! I like how you wrote it in the future. I do hope (Queen) Glory mates with Deathbringer. By the way, what are your favorite ships? Mine are Glorybringer, Darksight, Blicket, Moonbli, Winterwatcher, and more BUT, I DO NOT like Cleril or Sunllow.

  • Hi! This is a song for the Leafpool x Crowfeather ship!

    Crowfeather: Leafpool! Why, why did you do this? Have kits and embarrass me like that. Now my Clan thinks I’m disloyal and it’s your fault, through and through.

    Leafpool: I’m sorry, Crowfeather. So so so so sorry. I never meant it to be like this. I just loved you a lot.

    Crowfeather: But why?!

    Leafpool: But why!?

    Crowfeather and Leafpool: We loved each other! And we still do!

    Crowfeather: I miss you, even though what has happened. I don’t regret any of what we did in the past, but this is unacceptable. Nightcloud hates me know and it’s your fault, again.

    Leafpool: I’m sorry, I really am. I didn’t mean to hurt you. I just did what I had to do! But please don’t blame my sister, she didn’t do anything wrong. Just blame me. I’m really sorry.

    Crowfeather and Leafpool: We loved each other! And we still do! We miss each other all the time if only, we could be together. Just look at us! How we are now.

    Leafpool: Look, Look, Look, Look I didn’t mean to hurt you! I just wanted to have a mate and kits.

    Crowfeather: Look, Look, Look, Look, I understand. And I wish I could be with you.

    Crowfeather and Leafpool: We wish we could together. But the Warrior Code has blocked us forever. We just wish, but nothing happened. We loved each other! And we still do! We miss each other all the time if only, we could be together. Just look at us! How we are now.

    I hope you have enjoyed this really sad song. I almost cried while writing this. It’s just so sad, the ship and the song. Anyway thank you for watching!

  • Hello! Moonstar here! Today I proudly present to you the first 7 chapters of my fanfiction novel. This is about Thuderclan in the future! P.S. I am still working on the Allegiances!


    The air was smoky and hard to breathe in. It was hot and the cats all wanted to drink water, but there was no sign of water nearby.

    “Are we there?” asked an orange tabby, his muscles looked so thin they didn’t look like muscles anymore.

    “Not yet,” Amberstar replied, determined.

    A kit wailed somewhere and a queen gently hushed her.

    Amberstar’s paws ached as if they were about to drop off and she thought should we rest or keep going?

    Amberstar couldn’t decide. But they kept going.

    “Amberstar! Amberstar, listen you must rest soon, your clan will be defeated by badgers and foxes if you keep going.” A voice said in Amberstar’s head. A warm sweet scent enveloped the young leader and her vision blurred. Squirrelstar was there, right in front of her. “Squirrelstar!” Amberstar cried out with joy. “Squirrelstar, Squirrelstar! Are you really there? Amberstar gazed up at the leader who had led Thunderclan so well. The death of Squirrelstar devastated all of Thunderclan, and it even devastated the other clans. But they knew that Squirrelflight hunted with Starclan now and that she was safe and happy.

    “Yes, Amberstar.” the experienced leader said gently, “But you should rest.”

    “Will it make my clan happy?” Amberstar asked puzzled.

    “Yes, it is tiring the elders and the kits need rest to go on. Go on order your clan to stop and rest for the night and continue at dawn. Trust me, it’ll work,” Squirrelstar said in a trustworthy tone.

    I should trust her. Amberstar thought. Everybody trusted Starclan.

    “I will,” Amberstar said her voice strong and steady.

    “Then Starclan hunts with you, oh, and, good luck. You’ll need it.” Squirrelstar added, slipping away.

    “Thank you.” Amberstar called out “Thank you for Starclan’s guidance, thank you for your warnings and what the future holds for us. Thank you,”

    Then Amberstar leaped onto a rock that looked like high rock yowled “Let all cats old and young gather beneath this high rock for a clan meeting.”

    Chapter 1

    Moonclaw stretched and yawned and stretched and yawned again. “No cat can get a wink of sleep in that noise,” growled Snowtail, a young aggressive warrior who had just earned her warrior name only a moon ago. “Oh, sorry Snowtail. I didn’t think warriors with tiny brains like yours would care,” Moonclaw said, smiling.

    “Hey, I don’t-I’m not-come back!” Snowtail stammered, anger flaring in her eyes.

    “Nope! Frankly, I’m not interested. By the way, I’m going to lead a dawn patrol so see ya!” Moonclaw said, bounding over to her leader’s den.

    “Snowstar?” Moonclaw said, peeking her head in Snowstar the Thunderclan leader’s den.

    “Moonclaw? I’ve been expecting you sooner or later. Have you decided who’s going to dawn patrol?” Snowstar asked her fluffy white tail, waving curiously.

    “I’m making the decisions right now,” Moonclaw said truthfully.

    “Are you going to lead it?’ Snowstar asked.

    “Yes, that’s what I was planning,” Moonclaw said.

    “Great, take Snowtail, Gingerspring, Rosepounce, Quickstorm, and Mistflame with you that should make about six of you,” Snowstar said.

    “Okay,” Moonclaw said, dipping her head respectfully.

    “You are the best deputy anyone could wish for,” Snowstar said thankfully.

    “Oh, I am?” Moonclaw said her cheeks getting warm.

    “Yes, I don’t know how I’ll manage without you,” Snowstar said, her warm blue eyes meeting Moonclaw’s amber eyes.

    “Oh,” Moonclaw said, not knowing what else to say, embarrassed but filled with pride.

    “Go on. Make me proud,” Snowstar said.

    “I will,” Moonclaw said, giving Snowstar one last dip of her head and raced out of Snowstar’s den.

    * * *

    “Where are we?” Snowtail asked.

    “I’m not sure,” Gingersping offered looking around at the trees and bushes.

    “Wasn’t this the place where it was overflowing with foxes 5 moons ago?” Rosepounce asked.

    “Yes…” Moonclaw said slowly.

    “So, is it dangerous? Quickstorm wondered shivering from head to tail.

    “Maybe?” Moonclaw guessed. It had been 5 moons since the last deputy died. Mossycloud was a great deputy but there was a fox attack and she was killed. After that Snowstar had picked Moonclaw as deputy and she had felt proud and sad at the same time.

    Rosepounce flinched so hard she lost her balance and toppled over.

    “Careful there! We can’t afford to lose any more warriors after Mossycloud!” Moonclaw shouted.

    “I know,” Rosepounce mewed quietly.

    “Come on, let’s renew the scent markers and catch some prey then go back,” Moonclaw suggested.

    “I like that idea,” Mistflame volunteered.

    Moonclaw was so surprised she nearly tripped over a twig. Moonclaw had forgotten Mistflame was there. Mistflame was usually quiet and she didn’t do much but she was just SO quiet. One might even say TOO quiet.

    “Me too,” Gingerspring jumped in.

    “All right, then that’s what we’ll do,” Moonclaw said, starting to turn back but it was too late. Something or someone jumped onto Moonclaw’s back and bit down ferociously.

    I’m going to die! I’m going to die! Moonclaw fretted in her head.

    “Moonclaw don’t move!” Quickstorm yelled.

    “As if I could,” Moonclaw muttered.

    “I’m going to get help! It’s a fox we can’t take it down!” screamed Rosepounce.

    Chapter Two

    Moonclaw heard pawsteps coming and turned up to look. Spottedblaze, Tallfluff, and Flamescar burst out of the trees. Spottedblaze tackled the fox but the fox didn’t unclench his teeth. Spottedblaze tried again knocking herself at the fox. The fox’s iron grip loosened a little and Moonclaw yelled “All cats! Tackle the fox!” Gingerspring came first, jumping onto the foxes back and chopping down on the foxes back ferociously. Then Tallfluff hurled himself at the fox making the fox tumble onto his back for a moment his belly exposed. Then Flamescar struck slashing his claws at the foxes belly. The fox howled in pain and Moonclaw stood a bit dazzled. She glanced around and saw Mistflame, Rosepounce, Gingerspring, and Snowtail frozen, their eyes filled with awe. Moonclaw was amazed as well. Flamescar had only earned his warrior name a moon ago and he was devoted to being a good one. “Wow Flamescar,” Moonclaw said and Flamescar beamed.

    “Thanks, Moonclaw,” He said, trying to cover his pride.

    “Come on Moonclaw, we gotta get you to Birdsong’s den,” Gingerspring said.

    “You’re right, Moonclaw it looks awful! That scratch in your back looks so deep,” Mistflame exclaimed and Tallfluff nodded.

    Birdsong and Gingerspring were Moonclaw’s littermates. Birdsong was Thunderclan’s medicine cat and she already had her own apprentice. Dawnpaw was Birdsong’s apprentice. She had quite a talent for such a young apprentice. Gingerspring had an apprentice too, Daisypaw. But Daisypaw was still sleeping at the camp. Moonclaw’s apprentice, Hailglow had become a warrior 5 moons ago. Exactly before Mossycloud died so Moonclaw could become deputy. Hailglow was a great warrior though he had greencough and that made him weak. Hailglow became too weak; he had to become an elder after just 3 moons after becoming a warrior. Moonclaw felt bad for him and she still felt that way every time she looked at him. “Moonclaw?” Moonclaw?” It was Gingerspring. Did you hear anything I said? Moonclaw blinked with confusion and shook her head. “Sorry,” she mumbled softly.

    “It alright, I suspected your mind was miles away,” But before Moonclaw could say something back Gingerspring went on “Come on let’s go,” Does it hurt?”

    Moonclaw shook her head

    “Alright let go,”

    Moonclaw started limping towards the camp but then Spottedblaze yelled “Look! Prey!” then she dashed off chasing the squirrel.

    Gingerspring sighed “But we are supposed to get Moonclaw to Birdsong’s den and Dawnpaw’s den! Gingerspring yelled at Spottedblaze but it was no use, Spottedblaze had disappeared. “Let’s get you to Birdsong’s den anyway,” Gingrspring decided and Moonclaw couldn’t argue.

    Back at Thunderclan’s camp, Birdsong examined the fox bite and muttered “You’ll need some Chervil to stop infecting and Comfrey to soothe the bite and some cobwebs to stop the bleeding and-”

    “Alright, Birdsong!” Moonclaw hollered interrupting Birdsong. “You don’t need to tell me every herb! I’m a warrior, not a medicine cat!”

    Birdsong smirked. “Maybe warriors should learn about useful herbs too, just in case there is no medicine cat around,”

    “But I’m a warrior! Besides, we can take Dawnpaw once she gets her warrior name,” Moonclaw complained.

    Birdsong just shook her head. Suddenly Snowstar burst into Birdsong’s den and asked “Moonclaw! Are you okay? I just heard you were attacked by a fox! Please be okay! Does it hurt? Birdsong, how is she?”

    “Woah, Woah, Woah! Snowstar calm down! I’m alright, it doesn’t even hurt!” Moonclaw exclaimed.

    “Birdsong? Is she alright?” Snowstar asked.

    “I thought I just said I was alright!” Moonclaw repeated.

    But Snowstar ignored Moonclaw and Birdsong said “Yes, Moonclaw will be alright,” and Snowstar released a huge sigh of relief.

    Moonlight filtered in where there was a small crack in the warriors’ den but Moonclaw appreciated it very much. “Moonclaw? Moonclaw!” a voice called her. Moonclaw’s vision went blurry and a cat was in front of Moonclaw. “Moonclaw!” the cat exclaimed.

    “Who are you?” Moonclaw asked.

    “Hello dear,” the cat said. “I’m Amberstar, your mother,”

    Moonclaw felt stunned. “Wh-what?” she stammered. “I thought Chestnutberry was my mother,”

    “She isn’t,” Amberstar growled her amber eyes as cold as ice. “I am, Chestnutberry was just your foster mother. She became your foster mother since I died. But I am your true mother,”

    Why did Amberstar seem so mad at Chessnutberry? Oh, well, now wasn’t a good time to worry about that.

    “Oh, uh, cool,” Moonclaw said.

    “I am here to deliver a prophecy,” Amberstar said, her amber eyes lighting up. “The cat of the silver light shall rise, for she brings luck to all, bow down to dawn, and she shall blaze like the sun, but rule like the moon, but she may be drowned in moonlight,” Amberstar said, closing her eyes. After she was done she opened them and looked at Moonclaw “Before I go I just wanted to say you might be a leader just like me Moonclaw! Moonstar, what a lovely name! I named you Moonkit for a reason you know so then when you are the leader you will be named Moonstar not Whitestar or whatever because Moonstar is just too lovely. Also, Snowstar may go to Starclan very soon. Well, Moonclaw I’m afraid my time is up, farewell my dear kit, we shall meet again next time,” Amberstar said fading away.

    Moonclaw felt that Amberstar was talking too fast. For some things, she still didn’t get.

    “Amberstar wait!” Moonclaw yelped but it was too late. Amberstar was gone.

    Chapter 3

    “Moonclaw wake up!” it was Snowstar. “Come to my den, quickly!”

    “What?” Moonclaw asked sleepily.

    “Come to my den!” Snowstar repeated urgently.

    Suddenly Moonclaw was fully awake. “What is it?”

    “Something terrible,” Snowstar said, panic rising in her voice.

    So Moonclaw dashed to Snowstar’s den aware of the danger. Once they were safely in Snowstar’s den Snowstar said “I’m afraid something terrible has happened,”

    “What is it?”

    “Greencough has arrived,” Snowstar said her eyes filled with panic.

    “Is it very bad right now?” Moonclaw asked.

    “No, but it will get worse,” Snowstar said.

    “How many sick cats?”

    “Three,” Snowstar replied.

    “Oh,” Moonclaw’s mouth went dry. “That’s a lot,” Moonclaw commented. “Who?” she asked softly.

    “Dawnpaw, Goldenpaw, and Nightdawn,” Snowstar replied. “And Birdsong is the most dangerous,” she added. “I’m sorry,”

    Moonclaw stared into Snowstar’s sad ice-blue eyes. “Oh,” Moonclaw’s mouth felt dry.

    “Well, I think you need to assign the dawn patrol,” Snowstar said.

    “Alright,” Moonclaw said slowly. “I’ll bring Gingerspring, Spottedblaze, Daisypaw, and Rosepounce with me,” Moonstar announced quietly

    “That would be fine,” Snowstar replied.

    After Dawn Patrol, Moonclaw went to get a piece of fresh-kill. But along the way she spotted Hailglow outside the Elders Den. That’s unusual. Moonclaw thought. So she went over to check on her former apprentice. “Hey Hailglow,” Moonclaw greeted him.

    “Hi, Moonclaw!” He said.

    “Are you feeling alright?” Moonclaw asked.

    “Yeah, I’m just getting a stretch. I’m afraid I miss the forest already,”

    “You can come with me sometime!” Moonclaw offered.

    Hailglow smiled. “Thank you Moonclaw, I was sure from the minute I met you that you are a great warrior!”

    The cat of the silver light shall rise, for she brings luck to all, bow down to dawn, and she shall blaze like the sun, but rule like the moon, but she may be drowned in the moonlight. Moonclaw remembered Amberstar’s words as clearly as she remembered the Warrior Code.

    Moonclaw felt embarrassed but happy. “Aww, thanks Hailglow! Well, I better get going, if you don’t feel fine come and tell me alright?”

    “Alright, but trust me I am fine!” Hailglow called as Moonclaw went to the fresh-kill pile to pick out a juicy rabbit.

    Moonclaw saw trees all around her. The trees looked very tall like they connected with Starclan. Moonclaw glanced around, nothing but dark trees was surrounding her. It felt tranquil, quiet, and Moonclaw felt cold on the inside and on the outside. How do I get out of here? Moonclaw wondered. But then suddenly a pale ginger she-cat with barely visible stripes of darker fur, and amber eyes appeared before Moonclaw and Moonclaw gasped. She knew this she-cat! It was Amberstar. “Greetings dear,” Amberstar said. “Just look at you grow!”

    “Why are you here and where is this place?” Moonclaw wailed. Then she felt embarrassed, she felt like she was a kit.

    “This is the dark forest or The Place of No Stars,” Amberstar said, her amber eyes narrowed to slits. “I came here to talk but first I need to warn you. NEVER come back here, this is where evil cats go since Starclan only allows good cats.”

    Moonclaw nodded. “I understand, let’s go,”

    “Let’s go,”

    Soon Moonclaw was in Thunderclan’s camp but there was no other cat except Amberstar. “Good,” Amberstar nodded her head in approval. “Let’s talk. As I said last time Snowstar will-”

    But Moonclaw couldn’t remember what Amberstar had said last time, but Mistflame awoke her.

    “You need to assign the Dawn Patrol!” Mistflame whispered in Moonclaw’s ear.

    “Oh, okay,” Moonclaw said drowsily.

    But Moonclaw really wanted to hear what Amberstar had to say.

    “Who will be in the Dawn Patrol?” Mistflame asked again.

    “Um,” Moonclaw hesitated. “How about Nettelflight, Brightpaw, Bluepaw, Honeypaw, Ivyblossom, and Leopardsmirk, and Shadesoar?”

    “Great!” Mistflame exclaimed. “I’ll tell them!” She said then dashed off. Then Moonclaw padded to Snowstar’s den but when she looked inside Snowstar was nowhere to be seen! Moonclaw raced towards Birdsong’s den. When she got there Birdsong asked “You look like you’re in a hurry, why have you come? Do you feel like you have Greencough?” Moonclaw shook her head then asked “No but something equally bad has happened, Snowstar disappeared!”

    “Maybe she went on a patrol?” Birdsong guessed.

    “I don’t know,” Moonclaw admitted.

    “Why don’t you ask Gingerspring? Maybe she might know,” Birdsong offered and Moonclaw nodded.


    So Moonclaw went to find Gingerspring. Gingerspring was washing her fur when Moonclaw found her and so she asked “Have you seen Snowstar?”

    “No… why?”

    “She’s disappeared!”

    “She might be on patrol?”

    “I don’t know,”

    “Let’s call a patrol and find her!”

    “Who should we bring?” Moonclaw asked.

    “Maybe Appleheart, Daisypaw, Rosepounce, and Mistflame?”

    “Alright, let me get them,”

    Soon the search party was finding Snowstar. “Look, it’s Splashtail! Her white fur is so obvious!” Daisypaw called. “Maybe she knows where Snowstar is!!”

    Splashtail was Windclan’s deputy. Heatherstar was the leader.

    “I’m not sure she would,” Mistflame said carefully.

    “I think we should check her out,” Appleheart argued.

    “I think it’s worth a stop,” Moonclaw said.

    The patrol crossed onto WindClan territory and Splashtail spotted them right away. “What are you doing on Windclan territory?” Splashtail asked her gaze sweeping on all the Thunderclan cats.

    “Greetings Splashtail,” Moonclaw greeted. “Snowstar has disappeared and we can’t find her,”

    “I haven’t seen her,” Splashtail said firmly.

    “Do you mind if you could look around for her?”

    “Fine, but get off Windclan territory right now if you want me to look for Snowstar.

    “Thank you!” Moonclaw then turned around and sped towards Thunderclan’s camp.

    Chapter 4

    Moonclaw heard a scream as she closed her eyes to sleep. The moon glittered and shone the camp. Moonclaw noticed the moon was almost full. A gathering is coming. Moonclaw thought. The scream came again except this time it was louder. “Can’t you be quiet?” She yelled. No reply except another scream. This time it was louder. Moonclaw couldn’t stand it anymore so she went out to investigate. When she got outside she gasped. Snowstar was in the middle of the camp and blood was dripping from her body. Bitemarks were on her throat and Snowstar screamed again. Moonclaw rushed to her side and screamed “Snowstar!”

    “Moonclaw, Starclan is calling. I have to go. You will be a fine leader Moonstar, but now I shall go. I will always watch you and help you. I always knew you would be a great warrior ever since you were a kit. You were the best apprentice I’d ever had. But now I have to say goodbye. Goodbye, my dear deputy and apprentice,” Then Snowstar went limp and her eyes closed and she didn’t open them.

    “Snowstar! How could you do this to me! Snowstar!” Moonclaw screamed.

    “What’s all that noise you’re making,” Snowtail grew sleepily. “I’m trying to sleep!”

    “We’re all trying to sleep!” shouted Angrybreeze, an Elder.

    “Snowstar!” Moonclaw screamed once again.

    Suddenly Snowail leaped at Moonclaw her foot stepping on Snowstar’s body. Snowtail gasped. “Come look! Snowstar-it’s-she’s,” Then Snowtail and Moonclaw started to cry. Other clan members came and were all shocked by Snowstar’s death. “Snowstar!” The whole clan screamed and cried. Where was Snowstar yesterday and how did she die? Moonclaw wondered but now was not the time. Every cat buried their muzzle into Snowstar’s fur. It smelled horribly like death. Birdsong rushed out of her den. “Moonclaw! That means you and I need to go to the Moon cave since you’re the leader now!” She shouted.

    Moonclaw nodded tears streaming down her face. “How can I ever be as good as you Snowstar?” Moonclaw whispered so only Snowstar could hear. “How?”

    Then Moonclaw leaped onto Highrock and felt awkward. Normally Snowstar would make the announcements. But Moonclaw gripped hard on the rock and announced “Tonight let’s all sit vigil for our lost friend and leader, Snowstar. She was a beloved leader and we all love her. Tomorrow at Dawn I shall leave with Birdsong and go to the Moon cave to get my nine lives. We shall not sleep tonight,” Moonclaw then leaped off of Highrock and bowed her head towards Snowstar. “May you hunt with Starclan and have a good life in Starclan,” Then she curled up next to Snowstar’s body and gazed at the stars guessing which one was Snowstar.

    Moonclaw woke up early the next morning She realized she had fallen asleep when they were supposed to be sitting vigil the whole night. Moonclaw glanced around and saw that most of the clan had fallen asleep too. Sorry, Snowstar. Moonclaw thought. Grief and excitement pulsed through Moonclaw’s body. She was going to become the leader of Thunderclan! Birdsong was awake too and she said quietly “I’m going to leave Dawnpaw in charge of Medicine Cat duties for today. You need someone to take charge of the clan while we are away,”

    “How about… Spottedblaze?” Moocnlaw said

    Gingerspring shrugged. “Your choice,”

    “Then it’s decided. Spottedblaze will,”

    As Gingerspring went to tell Spottedblaze Moonclaw imagined herself as the leader. Everyone would listen to her! Everyone would respect her! She would have nine lives!! Soon Spottedblaze was giving out orders and Birdsong whispered “Are you ready to go?”

    “I was born ready!” Moonclaw whispered. Excitement tingled in her paws and she longed to get going. Who will give me my nine lives? Moonclaw wondered. So the little group got going. They trudged on leaves that crackled under their paws and twigs that snapped. Soon they were on the edge of Shadowclan territory. Suddenly a cat hissed “What are you doing on Shadowclan territory?” Moonclaw turned around. Eaglesting the Shadowclan deputy stood before them. His yellow eyes narrowed and he had an unhappy expression on his face.

    “Sorry Eaglesting,” Moonclaw said. “Birdsong and I are just passing through so we could go to the Mooncave to get my nine lives,” She explained.

    “Ahhh, a deputy and a medicine cat,” He commented “But I don’t believe you!” Eaglesting suddenly snarled.

    “But it’s true!” Moonclaw defended herself.

    “I don’t care if it’s true, I care that you need to visit Shadowstar! NOW!” He said darkness gleaming in his eye. How can he ever be a leader? Moonclaw wondered. “Follow me!” Eaglesting hissed then turned around and started for his camp. Moonclaw just stood still.

    “Aren’t you going to follow him?” Birdsong asked.

    “No!” Moonclaw whispered. “We are going to the Mooncave! Come on!” With that Moonclaw ran towards the Mooncave. Moonclaw turned around and saw that Birdsong was right behind her and Moonclaw smiled.

    When they finally got to the Mooncave, Moonclaw relaxed. “We’re here!” Moonclaw whispered.

    “Let’s go inside,” Birdsong said in a rush. “Something here makes it feel… creepy,”

    Moonclaw agreed. It was like the wind howled curses in their ears and the lakes smiled evilly at them.

    “Let’s go,” Moonclaw said, stepping into the tunnels.

    Chapter 5

    “Is it Dusk yet?” Moonclaw asked Birdsong.

    It was too dark to see each other so Birdsong said “I’m not sure,” The two had been walking in the tunnels for a very long time. It felt like seasons. We should be there soon. Moonclaw thought but somehow it felt like they were far from getting there. The Mooncave was a small cave with a huge opening. During Moonhigh the Moon would light up the entire cave. A leaf was in the middle of the cave and when the Moon shone on it a cat had to lick it three times. Then they would go to sleep in the tunnel and get dreams from Starclan or get their nine lives. “Didn’t we walk here already?” Birdsong asked.

    Moonclaw scrunched up her eyebrow. “Maybe?” She guessed.

    “I think we’re lost!” Birdsong cried.

    Moonclaw did not reply. She did not know what to say. “Wait! Birdsong, don’t you come here every half-moon?”

    “Yes, I thought you knew that, but guess what? I’m lost too!”

    Moonclaw and Birdsong kept on walking in the tunnels but they had no luck. Moonclaw sighed “It’s like we’ll never get to the Mooncave,” Moonclaw knew from the beginning that they might get lost, and they did. Birdsong had the worst sense of direction so she was never any help when it came to finding places. Maybe we’re going to be trapped here forever! Then I’ll never get my nine lives or go back to Thundrclan! A tear rolled down Moonclaw’s face.

    Birdsong looked up at Moonclaw “You’ll get your nine lives,” she murmured as if she could read Moonclaw’s mind. “Let’s rest a bit,” Birdsong said then curled up and closed her eyes. Moonclaw sat down knowing she couldn’t sleep. Amberstar’s words echoed in her head “The cat of the silver light shall rise, for she brings luck to all, bow down to dawn, and she shall blaze like the sun, but rule like the moon, but she may be drowned in moonlight,” What does it mean? Moonclaw wanted to know. Suddenly Moonclaw realized that ever since she became deputy Snowstar was on her last life. So she’s gone forever Moonclaw thought. Then Moonclaw felt awful. Amberstar had warned Moonclaw that Snowstar would go to Starclan. Guilt vibrated around Moonclaw’s body until she couldn’t handle it anymore. Moonclaw scrambled to her paws and stumbled forward. Uncontrollable energy poured out of her as she bit Birdsong’s tail hard to wake her up then raced ahead without looking back. She had this powerful instinct in her telling her where to go. Moonclaw ran like she never ran before. Everything passed by in a blur and Moonclaw only focused on what was in front of her. Once Moonclaw was running too fast she crashed onto a boulder. Control yourself! Moonclaw scolded herself. Mustn’t die before I get nine lives. So Moonclaw struggled to her feet then continued racing forward. Soon Moonclaw saw a tunnel ahead of her and raced in. Moonclaw held her breath as she ran forward. No! Moonclaw thought as she reached the end of the tunnel. The Mooncave wasn’t there since The Mooncave had a tunnel that led to the Mooncave. Disappointed she turned back and ran out of the tunnel. Moonclaw couldn’t see the sky but she knew the night was almost over. NO NO! Moonclaw screamed in her head. She knew she had to get her nine lives tonight. Hope filtered through her body and she yelled encouraging sentences to help her run faster. Moonclaw felt as if she ran for a season. But finally, Moonclaw spotted a tunnel and raced inside. Moonclaw gasped when she saw the Mooncave. It was here. “Birdsong, look! We found it! The Mooncave!” But there was no reply. “Birdsong?” Moonclaw tried again. But Birdsong’s scent was not there. Where is she??!! Moonclaw wailed in her head. She had found the Mooncave but she had lost Birdsong. Should I find her? Or should I get my nine lives first?”

    Chapter 6

    Moonclaw sat down waiting for an answer to come to her but one never came. The night is almost over! She thought. But she needed Birdsong to help her get her nine lives. Finally, after thinking a while, she decided she would find Birdsong. Moonclaw raced around the tunnels, checking each one to see if Birdsong was there, but she didn’t find her sister anywhere. Moonclaw started to panic. What could she do? “Moonclaw?” A voice asked in the shadows. Moonclaw spun around. It was Birdsong!

    “Birdsong!” Moonclaw cried out happily.

    “Where were you?” Birdsong asked. “I looked all over but couldn’t find you or The Mooncave,”

    “Well, I found The Mooncave and I found you!” Moonclaw exclaimed.

    “Really?” Birdsong’s eyes stretched wide.

    “Really,” Moonclaw confirmed.

    “Then what are you waiting for?? LET’S GO!” Birdsong shouted happily.

    Moonclaw took the lead confidently and soon The Mooncave was right in front of them. “Okay,” Moonclaw said, fidgeting nervously. What else could go wrong? “What do I do?” she asked Birdsong.

    “We wait for the Moon to come,” Birdsong replied.

    The two sat together as they waited for the Moon to come. Suddenly the darkroom was filled with light and Moonclaw jumped to her feet. “It’s the time!” she screamed.

    “Okay, lick the leaf three times,” Birdsong instructed.

    Moonclaw licked the leaf. One, two, three. She thought as she licked.

    “Good,” Birdsong said. Now go somewhere comfortable and soon you’ll find yourself asleep.

    Moonclaw curled up and closed her eyes. But nothing came. All she saw was darkness. The shadow of a cat flickered then disappeared. “HELP!” Moonclaw screamed. Moonclaw opened her eyes and shook her head. That was only a nightmare. She thought then closed her eyes again. This time she saw Snowstar standing in front of her. “Snowstar!” She cried.

    Snowstar’s gaze fell on Moonclaw and she strode forward. “Moonclaw my dear!” She cried then ran over and the two licked each other’s fur.

    “I missed you!” Moonclaw exclaimed.

    “I did too,” Snowstar answered. “But I am safe and happy in Starclan, you have nothing to fear!”

    Moonclaw nodded her head.

    Snowstar touched her nose to Moonclaw’s head. “I give you the life of knowing the right decisions to make even without Starclan,” she murmured.

    Moonclaw felt as if lightning was cracking in her bones. A bolt of sadness and pride washed through her. “I must go now,” Snowstar said and the two touched noses. Then Snowstar faded away with Moonclaw having tears on her face.

    “Goodbye Snowstar,” she murmured. Birdsong stepped out of the shadows and whispered “You are going to be a great leader,” then she went back to her place.

    Moonclaw nodded but didn’t say anything. Her throat felt dry. Where’s the second cat? Moonclaw wanted to know. But no cat showed up. Gradually Moonclaw grew worried. Why is no cat coming??? Am I not fit to be a leader?? Moonclaw fretted. Moonclaw started pacing.

    “Sorry!” a voice said behind Moonclaw. Moonclaw spun around. It was Amberstar.

    “Amberstar!” Moonclaw gasped. “Where were you?” she demanded.

    “Sorry, dear!” Amberstar said. “I didn’t know you came so early. I was so late! I’m sorry Moonclaw. I am,” Amberstar said with an apologetic tone.

    Moonstar’s gaze softened at Amberstar’s tone.

    “It’s okay,” she whispered.

    “Thanks for forgiving me,” Amberstar said with a smile.

    “Of course,” Moonclaw said. Who doesn’t forgive Starclan? she wondered. But little did she know that one cat thought exactly the opposite.

    Chapter 7

    “I give you the life of leadership,” Amberstar whispered. “Use this life to lead your clan well and choose the right deputy. Use it to love your clan as family,” Amberstar added teasing.

    “You know about Arcticstorm??” Moonclaw asked.

    “Yes,” Amberstar said with a sly grin and Moonstar grinned back. Suddenly lightning cracked her bones like she felt when Snowstar gave Moonclaw her first life.

    “I love you,” Amberstar whispered as she faded away.

    “I love you too,” Moonclaw breathed. Soon a new cat came. She looked just like Amberstar. “Amberstar??” Moonclaw asked, confused.

    The she-cat blinked then shook her head. “No, I’m Sandstorm,” Sandstorm said.

    “Oh, sorry!” Moonclaw said with an embarrassed expression.

    “Don’t worry,” Sandstorm’s voice was gentle and she gently rested her tail on Moonclaw’s back. Moonclaw nodded. She wondered what kind of life Sandstorm would give her.

    “Now let’s get to the points,” Sandstorm said. Points?? I thought there was only one point.

    “How do you know Amberstar?” Sandstorm asked in a serious tone.

    “I, um, I…” Moonclaw stammered.

    “How do you know Amberstar? Where did you meet her? What did she tell you?” Sandstorm was now demanding.

    “I-I-She came to my dream!” Moonclaw blurted out.

    Sandstorm looked amused. “Really,” she murmured to herself.

    “Y-yes,” Moonclaw said.

    “What did she tell you?”

    “Th-that I’m her k-kit,”

    “That mouse-brained cat. Call herself a leader of Starclan.” Sandstorm muttered angrily.

    “W-was I not supposed to tell you?” Moonclaw said.

    Sandstorm drew in a sharp breath. “No. But thank you for telling me,” she answered. “What’s done was done,”

    “Is Amberstar in trouble?” Moonclaw asked.

    “No,” Sandstorm said. “Except she told you Starclan’s most secret when she first met with you,”

    ‘Sorry,” Moonclaw hung her head.

    “It’s not your fault,” Sandstorm said, her tail-tip twitching. “Now let’s go-to point number one.”

    Sandstorm pressed her nose to Moonclaw’s head. “I give you the life of always trusting your instincts. I trusted mine when I mated with Firestar, and I also trusted mine when we went to find Skyclan,”

    Moonclaw was already getting used to the lighting cracking in her bones so it didn’t hurt so much.

    “You will be a fine leader,” Sandstorm whispered then faded away. The next cat was a small, lithe, pale brown tabby she-cat who had amber eyes. She had a white chest and paws.

    “Hi,” the she-cat looked right into Moonclaw’s eyes. “My name is Leafpool,”

    Moonclaw gasped. “You’re-you’re the medicine cat Leafpool??”

    Leafpool’s eyes suddenly looked sad. “I knew it,” she murmured. “Now let’s get to the main point,” Leafpool whispered.

    Moonclaw nodded.

    “I give you the life of following your heart even when it means breaking the Warrior Code,” Leafpool said touching noses with Moonclaw.

    “Does this have something to do with what happened when you were in Thunderclan?” Moonclaw whispered.

    Leafpool blinked back tears. “Y-yes. I asked Crowfeather to mate with me when we were in Starclan but he refused,”

    “I’m sorry,” Moonclaw said.

    “Thanks,” Leafpool said then faded.

    Standing in Leafpool’s place was a tom with a pelt-like fire. “Flamescar?” she whispered.

    The tom shook his head but grinned. “I’m Firestar!” he exclaimed.

    “F-f-Firestar?” Moonclaw breathed.

    Moonclaw couldn’t believe it. Standing right in front of her was a legendary leader!

    “That’s me alright,” Firestar said. Then he suddenly stepped forward and pressed his nose to Moonclaw’s. “You will be a great leader,” he murmured. “I give you the life of knowing who to trust with your tireless energy,”

    Firestar’s giving me two lives in one like Leafpool did! Moonclaw thought excitedly. Is that because they are related?

    “Trust Starclan and you will be fine,” Firstar said then a moment later he was gone.

    I hope you have enjoyed! More coming soon!

  • And I’m back with the next chapter of The First Warrior. If you didn’t see chapter 20, Lilywish just told Lionscar that she’s expecting kits. The link with chapters 1-20 is on the previous page. This chapter is a huge turning point in the story. Let me know what you think!

    Chapter 21

    Dawnpaw stepped out of the medicine den, and was momentarily surprised by the sunshine. It was hot outside for the third day in a row. Green-leaf is almost here, she thought peacefully.
    Lilywish was a moon away from having her kits, and Dawnpaw couldn’t wait until they were born. She still was a little shocked that her sister was expecting kits, but she was overjoyed for both Lilywish and Lionscar. No one could deny how happy they both looked.
    “Dawnpaw?” Lionscar’s voice sounded right next to her, and Dawnpaw jumped in surprise.
    “What is it now, Lionscar?” Dawnpaw muttered. She tried to stay civil with him, but it was hard because… well… she hated him.
    “Have you seen Lilywish anywhere?” he asked nervously.
    Dawnpaw sighed. “No, I haven’t. She’s probably in the nursery, still sleeping. Why?”
    Lionscar shifted on his paws nervously. “She said she would see me later yesterday, and I just feel bad because she didn’t.”
    Dawnpaw’s tail twitched impatiently. “You don’t have to spend every second with her. You know that right?”
    Lionscar glanced at the nursery. “I know. I just hate not seeing her. It would break me if I ever lost her.”
    Dawnpaw felt a pang of sympathy for him, which she didn’t expect. She rested her tail on his shoulder. “You won’t lose her,” she promised. “Lilywish is strong and young and healthy. She’s also my sister, and I would rather jump in front of a monster then let her get hurt.”
    Lionscar nodded reluctantly. “Okay. I’ll let her sleep.”
    Dawnpaw rolled her eyes. “Thank you. Oh, and Everflame was looking for you. He wants to go over defense tactics with some of the warriors in case ShadeClan starts stealing prey again.”
    “Alright. Thanks, Dawnpaw.”
    Dawnpaw shook her head as he walked away. I don’t know how Lilywish stands him, she thought. Whatever. She didn’t have to be his mate.
    “Good morning, Dawnpaw.”
    Dawnpaw was surprised to hear Lilywish’s cheerful mew. She turned to face her sister, and felt the familiar rush of love and protectiveness for Lilywish and her kits. “I thought you were asleep!” she exclaimed. “And what do you mean, good morning? The sun is already up!” she joked.
    Lilywish purred. “I guess I was just tired. Have you seen Lionscar anywhere?”
    Dawnpaw flicked her tail. “You just missed him. He’s with Everflame.”
    “Oh.” Lilywish looked disappointed. “I wanted to discuss kit names with him.”
    “You aren’t going to wait until you see them?” Stormfrost asked, padding over to them. Her limp was hardly showing anymore, but Dawnpaw wasn’t letting her on patrols out of caution.
    Lilywish brushed her tail over her swollen belly. “I don’t think I can wait that long.”
    Stormfrost came closer to them. “How about Blossomkit for one of them?” she suggested.
    Dawnpaw tipped her head to one side. “Why Blossomkit?”
    Stormfrost’s eyes glazed over in sorrow. “That’s what Ryewing and I talked about naming one of you. Blossomkit and Sweetkit.”
    Dawnpaw opened her mouth to change the subject. She didn’t want to make her mother sad. But Lilywish asked another question before she could speak.
    “Why didn’t you?” she pressed.
    Stormfrost blinked rapidly, and Dawnpaw glared at Lilywish. Why did she have to ruin Stormfrost’s good mood?
    “I wasn’t the one who named you,” Stormfrost confessed softly, as if she was ashamed. “I just couldn’t do it. Everflame was the one who named you when you were a half moon old.” She looked at Lilywish. “Lilies are his favorite flower, and your eyes reminded him of the color of a lily stem.” Her gaze flickered over to Dawnpaw. “Your name signifies new beginnings. To help me move on and find peace.”
    Dawnpaw wondered why she never knew this before. “Did you?”
    Stormfrost looked up. “Did I what?”
    “Move on. Find peace,” Dawnpaw whispered.
    The sad look in Stormfrost’s eyes started to fade. “I think I did,” she murmured. “I have both of you. I have my daughters.”
    “I like the name Blossomkit,” Lilywish said suddenly. “I’ll tell Lionscar when I see him.”
    Stormfrost purred quietly. “I’m so happy for you, Lilywish.” She turned to Dawnpaw. “I actually came over to ask you something. Stoneskip wants me on a hunting patrol, and my paw is healed. Can I go?”
    Dawnpaw nodded. “Just go easy on it if it starts to hurt.”
    “I will,” Stormfrost assured her. “Thanks. I’ll see you both later.”
    After Stormfrost was gone, Lilywish yawned. “I’m still a little tired, and I don’t want to get in your way if you’re busy. I’m going to go back to the nursery, now. Tell Lionscar where I am if you see him.” She started to walk away.
    Dawnpaw suddenly just didn’t want her sister to leave. “Wait!” she called, and Lilywish turned around. “It’s so nice out, and you don’t want to stay cooped up in the nursery all day, do you?”
    Lilywish hesitated. “I guess not,” she admitted.
    “Then stay out here with me,” Dawnpaw mewed. “I’m not busy, and Ambershine can sort a few herbs without me. You can teach me how to hunt! Or, at least try to—”
    Dawnpaw broke off as Lilywish’s eyes widened in horror. “Dawnpaw, move!” she screeched, flinging herself forward. She crashed into Dawnpaw, and the both rolled over in the dirt.
    Dawnpaw stood up, shaking dirt out of her fur. “What did you do that for?” she yowled. Her eyes scanned the ground as Lilywish stood up, and her breath hitched as she saw it: the snake slithering away, luckily out of camp. “Lilywish, you saved my life!” she exclaimed.
    Lilywish brushed herself off. “You’re welcome.” She winced. “Ow. Is there something on my leg? It really hurts…” Her voice trailed off and she sucked in a breath.
    Dawnpaw’s heart lurched as she quickly saw why. She saw the two telltale bite marks with a thin trail of bright red blood dripping out of each one.
    The snake bit Lilywish.
    For a moment, Dawnpaw was frozen in her fear. She slowly looked up and met Lilywish’s terrified stare.
    Lilywish’s voice shook as she spoke. “Am I going to die?”
    Dawnpaw’s breath quickened. “Help!” she screamed. “Ambershine, help!”
    Immediately, everyone came rushing over. “Should I get Lionscar?” Cherryfur asked.
    Dawnpaw was relieved to hear Ambershine calmly answer, “Yes, Cherryfur. Please hurry. Get Everflame as well.” Her mentor would know what to do. She had to.
    Lilywish’s eyes rolled back into her head, and she sank to the ground. “It burns!” she moaned. “Fire! My blood is on fire!” She looked around with a crazed look in her eyes. “Someone stop the fire!” she shrieked.
    Dawnpaw couldn’t stop the sob that choked out of her. “Lilywish!” she cried. “Lilywish, please don’t leave me!”
    Lilywish’s eyes filled with tears. “Save my kits! My kits!” she screeched. “Dawnpaw, you have to save my kits!”
    Lionscar forced through the growing crowd. “No!” he roared. “Lilywish! Why isn’t anyone doing anything?”
    Dawnpaw started to cry. She didn’t care if she looked like a kit. “Ambershine, do you know how to save her?” she sobbed desperately. “You have to know how to save her! You have to!”
    For the first time, Ambershine looked helpless. “It’s in her blood,” she whispered, her voice breaking. “I can’t do anything. You have to save goodbye, Dawnpaw.”
    It was as if her heart was being destroyed into thousands of pieces. “NO!” she hardly heard her own strangled wail. What would a world without Lilywish look like? It didn’t exist. It was a world that Dawnpaw didn’t want to be a part of.
    Lilywish was hyperventilating. “Where’s Stormfrost? I want my mother! Please!” she begged.
    In the suffocating haze of her grief, Dawnpaw snapped back to her senses and her heart dropped. “She’s on a patrol,” she murmured. “She’s on a patrol!” she shrieked. “Oh, StarClan! I told her to go on that patrol! Someone needs to find her!”
    Ambershine gasped. “Vixenclaw! Run as fast as you can!” she ordered fiercely.
    Lionscar was trying to close the bite marks, as if that would possibly help anything. When he spoke, his voice was thick with tears. “Oh, Lilywish, I love you so much,” he weeped. “I can’t lose you. I just can’t!”
    Lilywish struggled to focus on him, and Dawnpaw cried out. Her time was almost up. It was the worst feeling, to know how much time there was left in a life. “I love you, too,” Lilywish breathed weakly. “I don’t want to die, Lionscar. It hurts so bad.”
    Lionscar buried his face in her fur. “No, no, no.” He gazed into her eyes. “You have to fight, my love. Our kits… think of them! I can’t lose all of you! I can’t lose everyone I care about!”
    Lilywish whimpered feebly and her gaze landed on Dawnpaw. “Dawnpaw. I don’t want to leave you.”
    Dawnpaw stumbled to her sister’s side. “I’m sorry,” she choked out. “I’m sorry I don’t know how to save you.”
    Lilywish’s eyes were wild with agony as the poison scorched through her veins, but she had no energy left to speak. Her muscles started convulsing, and her jaws parted in a silent scream. Dawnpaw filled the silence for her.
    “Lilywish!” she screeched. “You can’t leave me! I don’t know what to do without you! I’m not ready yet!” Why didn’t StarClan take her instead? It was all her fault!
    Suddenly, Lilywish stopped twitching, and her eyes slowly started to free of the misery they contained. In one final movement, her tail jerked over her belly, as if to protect her kits that would never be born. Dawnpaw felt a wave of agonizing grief as Lionscar let out a haunting cry as he watched everything he had slip away from him in one final breath.
    “NO!” Stormfrost barreled forward. “My daughter! I need to see her! Lilywish!” She saw her lifeless body on the ground and nudged her. “Wake up, Lilywish,” she breathed. Her voice rose to a sharp wail. “Wake up! You have to wake up!” She whipped her head around. “Why won’t she wake up?” Her voice was crazed with grief. “I can’t lose her! I already lost Ryewing! I couldn’t say goodbye to him either!”
    Dawnpaw collapsed at her mother’s paws. She had never needed her more. “Stormfrost!” she sobbed so hard she couldn’t breathe. There were no words she had to say, just a deep hole inside her soul that could never fill.
    Stormfrost shoved her away. “Lilywish,” she growled in a quivering mew. “What happened to Lilywish?”
    Dawnpaw tried to press against her mother’s soft fur once more. “I tried, Stormfrost! I tried to save her!” she explained. Stormfrost had to understand.
    Stormfrost stepped away again, and as Dawnpaw fell, her mind flickered back to a faded memory of Ryewing’s funeral, when Stormfrost left Dawnkit and Lilykit alone in the cold.
    Stormfrost stared at Dawnpaw with hollow eyes. “You’re a medicine cat,” she stated plainly.
    The air was sucked out of Dawnpaw’s body as she realized what was going on. Tears burned her eyes as she shook her head rapidly. “No,” she begged. “Don’t— Don’t do that to me.” She already lost Lilywish and Lilywish’s kits. She couldn’t lose her mother, too.
    Stormfrost’s face hardened. “You let me go on that patrol. It’s your fault that I couldn’t say goodbye. I will never see my daughter again because of you,” she hissed.
    Dawnpaw gasped in pain at Stormfrost’s words. “Please…”
    Stormfrost spat on the ground. “She’s dead because of you! My daughter is dead because of you. Never talk to me again!”
    Dawnpaw released a fresh wave of heavy tears, and turned around to find herself face to face with Ambershine. Her mentor wrapped her tail around her, strong and comforting, and murmured soothing words in her ear. “It will be okay one day,” she whispered. “I promise it will get better.”
    But Dawnpaw wasn’t sure it would.

    • NOOOOOOOOOO LILYWISH!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHY?!!!!!!!???? (Also this reminds me of Honeyfern)

    • why couldn’t the kits come while she’s like “my blood!”
      this is so flipping sad, i swear i’ never do that to my characters
      at least, not without the kits coming first
      but super inspiring
      i’m going to do something like this, just not the same
      no snake, no kits, but similar
      you are such a good author!

      • Thanks!

        Lilywish didn’t have her kits for many reasons.
        1) Cats are pregnant for about two months I think, and Lilywish had only been expecting for one
        2) she wasn’t in labor so I mean
        3) Before I was even finished my first book, I knew two things that were certain. One I can’t tell you because it hasn’t happened yet, and the other was that Lilywish was going to die while she was expecting kits
        4) it was wayyy more dramatic this way
        5) if the kits survived, it would have thrown off a bunch of storylines

  • I started a book about my old character Zesta! I love writing about this girl- I’m definitely planning to add more chapters! 😀

    the tale of a spirited young hen and her zest for life

    Morning rays of sunlight danced around the room.
    Zesta’s eyes flickered open and she smiled, stretching.
    A few minutes later, the alarm rang.
    “I guess I woke up before you,” Zesta laughed, turning it off after she listened to its song, which reminded her of morning and sunlight and a fresh start. “Don’t worry,” she added, “You still help me a lot.” It was true- as much as Zesta loved waking up, she loved sleeping in as well.
    Before getting up, Zesta lay back down on her fluffy pillow. It was early morning and she still had some time before she needed to leave for school.
    She could take a few minutes to just… enjoy it.
    Staring up at the ceiling, she watched the sun-beams dance slowly along it. The soft hum of birdsong drifted in through the open window and the curtains moved gently in the wind.
    “Thank you, God, for this wonderful morning… for this wonderful day…” Zesta closed her eyes. “…For this wonderful life and the fun ahead of me.”
    Opening her eyes and jumping out of bed, Zesta rushed straight to the window. The rest of the world was waking up outside her apartment. Shops were opening and cars drove up and down the streets.
    Taking one last glance at the streets below, Zesta raced out her bedroom door, eager to start the day.

    Mirror Image
    Zesta stepped out of the shower, giving her feathers a shake before she pulled a towel down from the rack and draped it over her shoulders like a cape.
    The steam that had escaped from the shower left the mirror covered in fog.
    Extending a wing-tip, Zesta trailed it across the mirror, drawing a smiley-face.
    Then, seeing that the fog wasn’t drying yet, she proceded to add trees, clouds, the sun, buildings, and a few chickens, along with swirls and stars- all crammed together on the small mirror in a random but elaborate pattern.

    Future Career
    Zesta looked at her masterpiece. It wasn’t perfect, but it had her unique style in it, and making it brought her happiness. Zesta wanted to be an artist when she grew up.
    Or a musician, as she loved music as well. Subjects such as math, which Zesta wasn’t at all skilled at but loved learning about, writing, gardening, and science all intrigued her as well.
    Another one of her dreams was being an explorer- to see the many beauties of the world and to have exciting adventures.
    There were so many great possibilities. Choosing one career would probably be near impossible for Zesta, but she was only fifteen years old- there was stil plenty of time.
    And besides, she thought, she could do multiple things when she grew up. There was no reason not to. Zesta couldn’t imagine getting tired of doing the work she loved.

    The fog, along with all the designs, gradually faded, and Zesta could see her reflection clearly in the now-dry mirror.
    The young hen had a slender build, and her feathers were white except for her orange head and neck. Her eyes -which were constantly wide with excitement- were a vivid green, the color of sunlit treetops, and she had an upright comb, red as a cherry.
    Zesta quickly combed her bright orange head-feathers, which looked neon against the tan wall behind her.


      Zesta seems like a really great character! 🧡
      Aaron Burr, Sir

  • That last Gathering he saw her at remained one of his last peaceful memories of the old forest. His last moons in the old forest were tainted, first by worry for his kits, then by worry for his Clan, and then, when Stormfur returned–

    But that Gathering was calm. Well, not calm per se, but calm as in only familiar manageable problems, nothing a compromise or an explanation couldn’t clear up.

    He walked over to his kits, greeting them, breathing in their scent. When he first saw them, glancing around the clearing for him, fur lit by the light of the moon, he felt a jolt, startled, staring for a moment. Stormfur looked just like him, except for the eyes; everyone said so. But she–she looked exactly like Silverstream. He almost thought it was her at first, come down from StarClan to speak to him. It was uncanny.

    He spoke to them, and they to him, exchanging news, what had happened in the past moon since they’d seen each other. Mistyfoot did the three of them the favor of always putting his kits on patrols to the ThunderClan border, and, as ThunderClan deputy, he could assign himself onto whatever patrols he wanted, but apparently they’d kept missing each other; he hadn’t seen either of them at the border over the past moon.

    He introduced Leafpaw to her and Stormfur, proud, happy, thinking how wonderful it would be if his and Firestar’s kits would be friends like him and Firestar.

    (It wasn’t this daughter of Firestar that would befriend her and Stormfur, but he didn’t know that yet.)

    Reluctantly, he had parted from his kits and taken his place below the Great Rock as the leaders made the announcements, listening out for RiverClan, as he had since he’d first met Silverstream.

    Just like the Gathering a moon ago, his kits-or one of them, anyway-featured in Leopardstar’s news. Oh, he had been so proud of her and Stormfur-they had very well saved Leopardstar’s life(especially considering what Leopardstar had done to them; he spoke to the RiverClan leader only when absolutely necessary, silently daring her to look him in the eye after what she had done to his kits. But his kits, they weren’t like that, and he admired them for it.). Stormfur had chased off a bunch of rats. With Blackclaw, but he didn’t like him much, and the black warrior returned the favor.

    And there were two new RiverClan warriors, rogue-born, both of them. There were protestations, of course, but there was no reason to think that they wouldn’t be loyal. As Leopardstar noted, if a kittypet could become Clan leader, couldn’t rogues-who had been living with the Clan since kithood, according to Mistyfoot- become ordinary warriors?

    And he had known their mother-she was brave.

    But for a rogue-born to become a medicine cat-that was different, wasn’t it? But, as Leopardstar said, if a kittypet could become Clan leader, couldn’t a rogue become a medicine cat?

    But there was something that bothered him. He couldn’t put his claw on it, but there was something, something in the set of Hawkfrost’s shoulders, in the amber glint of Mothwing’s eyes, that set a chill through him.

    She and Stormfur spoke only good things about Mothwing and Hawkfrost. Well, Stormfur at least seemed enthusiastic-she agreed with him, but avoided looking either of them in the eye; she did not speak overmuch about it and seemed relieved by any change in topic. There seemed to be a shadow in her gaze.

    He asked her if anything was wrong, and she said nothing was; she was fine; she had finally found her place in RiverClan. She seemed like she wanted to say something else, but, glancing up at the stars, did not.

    He knew what she said was true; she wouldn’t lie to him. (About this, anyway.)

    He would mentally berate himself later, hating himself for not pressing, once he knew about her dream and when she had had it and what it led to….

    But, except for the shadow in her gaze when she looked at the stars and Mothwing and Hawkfrost, she seemed fine, if a bit subdued.

    Later, much later, when he found out the truth(he wondered what Leopardstar had felt when she had found out the truth; it would be her just desserts, almost)he wondered if she had known. She was sensitive and smart and perceptive, just like her mother. Both of them picked up the undercurrents running through the Clan that he would be clueless to–had she known? Had she guessed?

    (Was this why she had seemed to be becoming friends with Sasha–he had been so happy his daughter was finally talking to someone besides Stormfur and Mistyfoot, never mind if it was a rogue–and then suddenly just stopped talking about her and avoiding all mention of what had broken their friendship?)

    Then Tallstar asked to use the river for his cats to drink, and she had felt bad for the WindClan cats who needed water, but, he knew, would be careful not to overly sympathize with another Clan. They were loyal to RiverClan, only to RiverClan, nothing else(or were they?); they had learned that lesson well, and sometimes his claws could barely contain the desire to rip and tear and slash at the cats who had taught his kits this harsh lesson.

    But she was kind, and sympathetic, and caring, and friendly, and nothing would ever change that.

    The Gathering broke up, and he said goodbye to his kits, nuzzling their fur, breathing in their scent.

    As each of them walked away with their respective Clans(the pain of this never fully went away)each of them looked back, once, locking eyes, and then left.

    And Graystripe did not know yet then that this would be the last time he would see his daughter Feathertail alive.

  • Poor Stonepelt, his only role in this it to be sleepy.

    Thrushpelt’s Trust—Chapter 17

    Thrushpelt yawned, stretching as he rose reluctantly from his nest. Around him, the other warriors stirred, the morning quite punctuated with grouchy grumbles and tired mumbling.
    “Two more hours, please,” Stonepelt muttered as Thrushpelt pawed him awake.
    “You’ve got an apprentice to train,” Thrushpelt reminded him, but the grey tabby just rolled over and buried his head under his paws.
    “I’ll be a better mentor when I’m well rested. Tell Bluepaw to come check on me in a moon.”
    Sunfall poked his head in, his eyes bright and awake. Thrushpelt didn’t understand how, given the fact that none of them had gotten any sleep last night, but the deputy seemed to be the only chipper cat in the den. “Stonepelt, just be glad you weren’t on dawn patrol.”
    Across the den, Tawnyspots swiped a paw over his face, smoothing his sleep ruffled fur. He glanced around, seeming puzzled. “Why’s everyone so tired today?” Beside him, Windflight shrugged, but the energy in the den turned from dreary to vengeful.
    “Seriously, Bighead?” Dappletail growled, flicking a bit of moss at her brother, “I’m surprised you didn’t wake yourself up, since you woke up everyone else.”
    “I slept fine,” Windflight commented, then ducked as a second piece of moss headed his way.
    “Probably because you snore too,” Robinwing grumbled.
    Thrushpelt sat by the entrance, watching the conversation without joining in. They’d all long ago gotten used to Windflight’s snoring, but when Tawnyspots had joined in it had been far too loud for any sane cat to sleep through.
    “Oh,” Tawnyspots murmured, with a sheepish smile, “Sorry guys. I’ve been a bit stuffed up lately.”
    “Don’t sweat it, Tawny,” Adderfang said goodnaturedly, shrugging his broad shoulders, “One sleepless night isn’t going to kill anyone.”
    Thrushpelt nodded, studying his brother carefully. He kept claiming it was just a cold, and while that seemed true enough, only Starclan knew if it would stay that way.
    “Enough grumbling,” Sunfall called, turning away from the den entrance, “There’s prey to be caught and borders to patrol, so unless some of you want to help the ‘paws with the elder’s ticks, I suggest you get to it.”

    Thrushpelt followed Windflight back through the camp entrance, holding his chin up high to keep the tail of his squirrel from dragging on the ground. His father dropped his two mice onto the fresh kill pile, then stepped out of the way to make room for Thrushpelt.
    “That was a nice catch back there,” Windflight complimented, with an encouraging smile. “You’re still putting too much weight on your front paws, but it’s like you know where the prey’s going to go before it does.”
    Thrushpelt returned the smile, forcing his paws to stay still and not shuffle uncomfortably. “Are you calling me a squirrel brain?” he joked.
    Windflight’s eyes widened, and he shook his head quickly. “No, of course not, I’m just saying you’re a clever hunter.”
    “Thanks,” Thrushpelt replied, nodding awkwardly. “You did good with your mice as well.” After a beat of silence, he turned away, ignoring the soft sigh from behind him.
    He was going to have to talk to Sunfall about it soon, he realized with a wave of resignation. While Thrushpelt was aware of the deputy’s point, it wasn’t working. Being on patrol after patrol with Windflight was just awkward for both of them.
    The deputy was sitting under the high rock, nibbling on a mouse. Thrushpelt waited for Windflight to slip back into the warrior’s den, then grabbed himself a robin and headed over. “Mind if I join you?” he called.
    “Be my guest,” Sunfall replied.
    Thrushpelt settled down beside him, taking a bite of his prey as he tried to figure out how to praise his argument. He kept expecting Sunfall to ask what he wanted, but the deputy seemed distracted. His eyes kept wandering away from his mouse, towards where Dappletail and Stormtail were chatting.
    Thrushpelt followed his gaze, frowning slightly. There was nothing strange about two clanmates having a conversation, but a glance around the camp revealed Moonflower eating outside the warrior’s den, alone. And the way the two cat’s pelts brushed and Dappletail’s laughter carried across the camp made him wonder if perhaps his sister and Stormtail were a little friendlier than they ought to be.
    Thrushpelt took a large bite of his robin, trying to distract himself. Surly, he thought, surly Dappletail of all cats wouldn’t be that mousebrained. After everything Windflight had done, how could she be anything other than friends with a cat who had a mate and kits?
    “What do you think of it?” he murmured to Sunfall, turning his gaze away from his sister and back to the deputy.
    Sunfall’s eyes narrowed, and Thrushpelt could see the debate on his face. As deputy, he supposed it would be a little improper for Sunfall to discuss their clanmates with him, especially since he was a young warrior, but it only made sense to acknowledge the fact that they were both keeping an eye on Stormtail.
    “She deserves better,” Sunfall said lightly after a long moment.
    “Dappletail or Moonflower?”
    “Both,” the deputy replied, tilting his head at the pair. “Moonflower doesn’t deserve a broken heart, and only Starclan knows if he’ll be any kinder to Dappletail.”
    Thrushpelt nodded, looking at his paws. The confirmation of Sunfall’s suspicions made him feel a little sick. Didn’t Dappletail care at all about Moonflower and her kits? Or had she even taken the time to think of them? And Sunfall was right, if Stormtail would leave his mate so quickly, then the chances were that he’d be willing to do it again. “He’s just like Windflight,” he mumbled.
    Sunfall frowned, shifting sideways so that he was facing Thrushpelt. “I won’t pretend to know how complicated your relationship with your father is, Thrushpelt, but I don’t think he’s much like Stormtail.”
    “How so?” Thrushpelt asked skeptically, shaking his head slightly. The parallels were all there, he wasn’t sure what the deputy thought was different.
    “Windflight isn’t a bad cat. I’m not in a position to know if he’s a good one either, but he feels tremendous guilt for what he’s done,” Sunfall explained, “And although the end products appear the same, his actions have different motives from Stormtail’s. As far as I can tell, Windflight didn’t love Rainfur the same way she loved him, but was too much of a coward to tell her. That cowardice is the same thing that keeps him from owning up to his actions as well. Stormtail on the other paw…” Sunfall trailed off, shaking his head. “Well, he’s a good warrior.”
    “You’re pretty perceptive,” Thrushpelt commented lightly, struggling to keep his pelt flat. Everything Sunfall had said was all fine and dandy, but it didn’t matter what the deputy saw in his father. Windflight should be the one explaining his actions, not Sunfall.
    “I’m the deputy. It’s my job to keep an eye on my clanmates,” Sunfall replied.
    Thrushpelt frowned, wondering how much he had noticed about Windflight and done nothing about. His thoughts drifted back to the day of Rainfur’s death, and his conversation with Sunfall then. He had gotten the feeling that Sunfall blamed himself. Did that go deeper than just sending her out of camp?
    “Are you going to talk to Stormtail?” Thrushpelt asked, and was startled by the sudden flash of frustration across Sunfall’s face.
    “It’s not my place,” the deputy murmured. His gaze drifted away from Dappletail and Stormtail, and over to Moonflower.
    It could have been Thrushpelt’s imagination, but Sunfall’s expression seemed to soften ever so slightly when he looked at her. “Are you-” Thrushpelt began without thinking, but was cut off by Sunfall before he could finish.
    “She’s my clanmate and I’m concerned for her welfare,” Sunfall said evenly, his expression guarded. He hadn’t raised his voice, and his words carried no malice, but Thrushpelt could sense that he was straying dangerously close to a line he wasn’t meant to cross.
    “Right,” Thrushpelt replied quickly, nodding. He got the distinct feeling that their conversation was over, and turned his attention to his meal. He’d have to ask about Windflight later.

    “Bluepaw! Bluepaw!”
    Thrushpelt looked up from his work, his whiskers twitching with amusement as Snowpaw rushed into camp, her white fur fluffed up against the wind. The weather had taken a turn for the worse, but apparently that hadn’t stopped the apprentice from catching what Thrushpelt believed to be her first kill.
    “They’re both turning into such skilled hunters,” Thrushpelt mused, before a bramble slapped him across the face.
    “Hold it steady, you mousebrain!” White-eye yelped, twisting to avoid another tendril as he rubbed at his eyes. The cold wind blowing through camp was giving the kits chills, and at this rate they’d turn into ice cubes before they finished fortifying the walls of their den.
    “Sorry,” he muttered, pushing it back into place so that White-eye could twist it around the rest of the structure.
    “Starclan save us!” Goosefeather yowled, and this time they both dropped their end of the bramble. Thrushpelt ignored the prickle of brambles against his back as he spun around, his eyes darting to the medicine cat.
    He and Moonflower’s daughters were clustered around Snowpaw’s catch, the ‘paws looking bewildered while the medicine cat looked spooked half out of his fur.
    “What’s wrong with it?” Bluepaw asked, bewildered.
    “It’s a sign!” Goosefeather wailed, his mew ringing around the camp. “Destruction for us all!”
    Out of the corner of his eye, Thrushpelt saw Sunfall and Pinestar spring to their feet, abandoning their half eaten prey. “What’s happening?” Pinestar asked, joining the gathering crowd of cats. Thrushpelt tried without success to push to the front and ended up next to Speckletail, kits running over his tail in an effort to sneak past their mothers.
    “Look at the vole’s fur,” Goosefeather breathed, his eyes fixed on the little piece of prey as if it were a monster. “Look, see how the fur’s partered along here. See how it appears flattened here?”
    “I can’t see!” Thistleclaw cried in protest as he tried to peer around Speckletail.
    “Hush!” Speckletail ordered, shoving the kit back with her tail. Thrushpelt looked around for Poppydawn, but was unable to find her in the crowd.
    “But what does it mean?” Pinestar demanded, his fur bristling.
    “It’s like a forest flattened by the wind,” Goosefeather growled ominous, his gaze wild. “This is how we will be crushed by Windclan.”
    Speckletail frowned, pulling Lionkit and Goldenkit closer to her with her tail. Lionkit let out a squeak of protest, and wiggled free, boldly wriggling in between cats to reach the front.
    “How can a dumb bit of fresh-kill tell you all that?” Lionkit demanded, gazing up at Goosefeather quizzically.
    Thrushpelt wished he could get a better look at the vole that was receiving all the intention. It did seem a little silly to make so much out of so little, but maybe Goosefeather saw something the rest of them couldn’t. After all, he was a medicine cat.
    “Yes,” Smallear pressed, leaning forwards. “How can you be sure?”
    “He’s a medicine cat!” Adderfang snapped. “He shares tongues with Starclan!”
    Thrushpelt glanced at his former mentor, his eyes narrowing. He’d heard his mentor complain about Goosefeather’s prophecies before. The medicine cat had a tendency to make things up, like telling Adderfang the cloud in the sky meant he’d fall and break his leg if he didn’t fetch Goosefeather some fresh moss.
    But he remembered the desolation in the grey tom’s eyes, back when his food storage plan had failed them in the great hunger. Sometimes Goosefeather was correct, and when he was correct, terrible things tended to happen.
    “The prey-stealing was just the beginning,” Goosefeather continued, the haunted tone in his voice sending a shiver down Thrushpelt’s spine. “This sign was sent from StarClan as a warning. Like a storm, WindClan will rage through the forest. They will destroy us, tear up our camp, and make ThunderClan territory a wasteland. We will be clawed down like grass in a meadow.”
    “That’s impossible!” Moonflower called from beside Bluepaw, her voice laden with disapproval. Goosefeather glanced up sharply, his gaze hardening at his sister’s challenge.
    “We’re not going to take this seriously, are we?” Swiftbreeze murmured from nearby, and many cats nodded with her.
    “Maybe we can’t take Goosefeather seriously, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t put WindClan in their place,” Adderfang whispered back.
    “StarClan has spoken,” Goosefeather replied, dipping his head.
    “When?” Pinestar rasped.
    “I can’t tell. But the sign has been sent now to give us time to prepare.”
    “Then we must prepare!” Stormtail yowled, lashing his tail. Thrushpelt shifted uncomfortably at the triumph in the blue-grey tom’s eyes, glancing around at the more senior warriors.
    “There is no time!” Sparrowpelt barged forward and hooked the vole up with one claw, holding for all the Clan to see. “We must attack first!”
    Thrushpelt looked away from the theatrics, searching Goosefeather’s face. He didn’t like the way the others were using this as a chance to get back at WindClan. They should support it because their medicine cat was telling them to, not because it backed their opinion.
    “WindClan doesn’t know we’ve been warned. We have the advantage. We must use it!” Dappletail shouted, surprising Thrushpelt. Stormtail shot her a glance of approval, making her grin.
    Pinestar surveyed the agitated warriors solemnly, before gently taking the vole from Sparrowpelt. “There are cold moons ahead,” Pinestar meowed slowly, “And kits to be fed. Can we really risk fighting and injury when we should be strengthening the Clan for leaf-bare?”
    “Can we risk not fighting?” Sparrowpelt retorted with a hiss, “StarClan has warned us that there may be no Clan to strengthen if we don’t act!”
    Robinwing snorted, her brown pelt bristling with indignation. “Should we really attack on nothing more than a lingering scent and some flattened fur?” she snapped, leering at Goosefeather.
    Thrushpelt bristled at her tone, in synchronous with the other cats. “You can’t challenge the medicine cat like that!” he murmured, accidentally drawing the attention of the crowd. He shrank under Robinwing’s scathing look, shooting her an apologetic smile. He really wasn’t any good at debating, he thought ruefully.
    Pinestar glanced between Goosefeather and the vole, his tail twitching nervously. “Are you sure?” he asked Goosefeather finally.
    “Have you ever seen such markings on a piece of fresh-kill?” Goosefeather replied evenly.
    “Is it Goosefeather you doubt, or Starclan?” Adderfang challenged, his voice making Thrushpelt’s fur prickle. Why couldn’t they converse with civil tongues?
    “If we can’t trust StarClan, then we are lost,” Dappletail muttered.
    “She’s just backing up Stormtail,” Speckletail hissed under her breath from beside him. Thrushpelt glanced over at her, wondering if she also had her own suspicions about the two.
    Pinestar shifted his weight, his eyes flickering from the vole and the demanding cats around him. Thrushpelt saw him glance sideways at Sunfall, clearly looking to his deputy for support.
    “Why are you hesitating?” Stormtail growled in frustration, “The decision is easy! You are choosing between survival and destruction!”
    Sunfall stepped in front of Pinestar, pacing slowly. The deputy’s fur was flat, his expression calm in the midst of the agitation. “But who knows which action will cause destruction and which survival?” he asked, tilting his head at Stormtail.
    Thrushpelt knew that any cat old enough to be around for the Great Hunger was probably wondering that. Goosefeather had seen their doom coming, but despite his best efforts had played right into the harsh winter’s trap. What if that was the same here?
    “I think StarClan has made that clear,” Sparrowpelt growled.
    Pinestar fell quite, surveying the gathered cats with troubled eyes. Between the cats rallying for battle and the message from StarClan, Thrushpelt didn’t think he had much of a choice. It just made him all the more glad that he wasn’t leader or deputy.
    Would Pinestar risk their clan on a bit of fur, or would he ignore StarClan’s message? It seemed like he was picking from the lesser of two evils.
    “We will attack WindClan at dawn,” Pinestar announced reluctantly, exchanging a long look with Sunfall as Stormtail and Adderfang murmured their approval.
    “Momma, I don’t want to fight,” Goldenkit whimpered, gazing up at Speckletail with wide eyes.
    Speckletail shot Pinestar a dismayed look, anger prickling her gaze as she pulled her daughter close. “It’s okay, you’ll be safe in the nursery.” She looked up, searching for Smallear in the crowd.
    Thrushpelt didn’t miss the flash of fear that flickered across both of their expressions. Speckletail and the kits would be safe, but the rest of them weren’t. Thrushpelt swallowed hard, almost wishing he had a kit to snuggle himself. It would be his first real battle, and he was well aware that it was possible not everyone would come home.
    “Will all the apprentices have to fight?” Moonflower asked tensely, her eyes narrowed at the clan leader.
    “All must fight when we face this much danger!” Adderfang meowed. Thrushpelt glanced at him, eyes wide. All, as in untrained apprentices included? Tawnyspots, who had been watching the debate quietly, muttered something under his breath to Adderfang, who scowled.
    If looks could kill, Adderfang would be on his way to StarClan. Moonflower turned her blazing glare from Adderfang to Stormtail, eyeing her mate expectantly. But Stormtail nodded, his eyes dark with grim excitement.
    “Is Leopardpaw ready for battle?” Pinestar asked Robinwing, who nodded slowly.
    “Then she will be part of the battle party,” Pinestar said, before turning to Fuzzypelt. “You and Patchpaw will remain behind with Windflight and Tawnyspots to defend the camp in case WindClan counterattacks.”
    “But I want to-” Patchpaw objected, before Fuzzypelt cut him off.
    “We’ll defend the camp with our lives if necessary,” he meowed.
    Tawnyspots opened his mouth, evidentially about to echo the apprentice, but Adderfang flicked him with his tail and shot him a pointed look. Thrushpelt was feeling a little upset with his former mentor, but at least they were on the same page when it came to Tawnyspots. His sickly brother did not need a battle added to his list of trouble.
    “What about Snowpaw and Bluepaw?” Moonflower demanded a tremor in her mew. In addition to the fear crackling through her voice, her eyes were sharp with anger.
    “I would never send an apprentice into battle with so little training,” Pinestar reassured her. Thrushpelt let out a sigh of relief, grateful that the leader at least had some brains left.
    “I want to fight!” Snowpaw objected, wiggling in beside her sister.
    “No, Snowpaw,” Pinestar murmured gently, shaking his head. “You won’t fight. But you will have a taste of battle. You and Bluepaw will go with the raiding party, but not to fight. You’ll wait where it’s safe, ready to carry messages or help with the wounded.”
    “That’s all?” Snowpaw complained, looking disappointed.
    “That’s plenty!” Bluepaw said, nodding to the leader. “We’ll do our best, even if we can’t fight.”
    Murmurs of approval rippled through his clannmates. Thrushpelt could tell that Moonflower wasn’t exactly thrilled with the resolution, but her expression softened at her daughters’ determination.
    Thrushpelt let out a long breath as the gathered cats began to disperse, trying to channel a bit of Snowpaw’s enthusiasm. What kit didn’t dream of battle?

    “Swift, be reasonable,” Adderfang said, trying to catch Swiftbreeze’s gaze as the she-cat stalked towards the camp exit, her pelt ruffled with irritation.
    Thrushpelt trailed after them, not sure he wanted to deal with Adderfang at the moment, but was unfortunately stuck on the same patrol as him. Tawnyspots scoffed, shaking his head at his friend. “She’s entirely right, Adderfang, you’re the one who’s being the mousebrain.”
    “Wasn’t talking to you, Bighead,” Adderfang called over his shoulder, still trying to catch up with his mate. “C’mon, love, what’s wrong?”
    Swiftbreeze spun around, gazing balefully at him. “Adderfang, you just pushed Pinestar to send us all into battle over a squirrel and a bit of fur. And ‘all must fight’? Including our daughter? And Moonflower’s kits?”
    Adderfang scowled, squaring his shoulders as if Swiftbreeze’s criticism was a blow he had to take. “We can’t keep them safe forever. Their first battle has to come sometime, and WindClan needs to be put in their place. Besides, it wasn’t a bit of fur, it’s a sign from StarClan.”
    “Ah, so the ‘mouse brained old badger’ is credible now?” Tawnyspots retorted, shaking his head. “You only listen to Goosefeather when you like what he has to say.”
    “And you only doubt StarClan when they disagree with you,” Adderfang shot back. He turned, glancing over his shoulder at Thrushpelt. “What about you, Thrush? Care to weigh in?”
    Thrushpelt stiffened, and shrugged, ducking away from his former mentor’s heavy gaze. “Goosefeather’s wrong before, but he’s also been right. I don’t think we can afford to ignore his instructions. That said,” Thrushpelt said, reluctantly meeting Adderfang’s eyes, “I think that’s not why you’re supporting this battle, and if it’s not Starclan’s will, I think we’re mousebrains to attack.”
    Adderfang shook his head. “First it’s prey, then it’s territory, then it’s war. The only decision we have in this is whether we want to wait to get hit, or if we want to strike first.”
    “Only time will tell if you still feel that certain after the battle,” Swiftbreeze muttered. “Hopefully, you’re right.”