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  • Hi! I am going to be making another story! I hope you enjoy my new story.

    This one will be about a WindClan apprentice named Sunpaw. She then turns into a warrior, and unexpected things start to happen to the four clans, WindClan, ThunderClan, RiverClan and ShadowClan.

    My last story was based in ThunderClan, and this one is based in WindClan! I hope you enjoy it!

  • Chapter one:

    Creampaw padded over to her mentor, Crowpelt. She had caught a vole, and she noticed she had done it the way her mentor told her. “Crowpelt, I caught a vole!”

    “Creampaw, that is good! You might want to give that to the elders. Also, your warrior ceremony is just around the corner. You will be a WindClan warrior in no time! I think you will make a good warrior, Creampaw.” Crowpelt mewed.

    “Thank you!” Creamfur exclaimed. “I cannot wait to be a warrior!”

    When they got back to camp, Creampaw was carrying the vole she had caught. Crowpelt had also caught two voles and a mouse. Creampaw did as her mentor said and gave it to the elders.

    “Thank you, Creampaw.” Meowed Ivyfur, a WindClan elder. A few more said their thanks, and Creampaw left the elders den. It was almost time for her warrior ceremony. What name would her leader, Jaystar, give her? There were so many, that Creampaw couldn’t think of any that would suit her. Creamfeather? No, that did not sound right. Creamflight? No, that sounded horrible! Would she receive a good name?

    Cloudpaw, the medicine cat apprentice, padded over to her. Cloudpaw has been a good friend of hers almost her whole life. “Creampaw, I can’t wait for you to become a warrior!”

    “Thanks, Cloudpaw! I can’t wait for yours either! Your going to be a great medicine cat.” Exclaimed Creampaw.

    “I can nearly wait to hear my medicine cat name. It won’t be for a while though. Angelfur will not die soon. I don’t want her to die!”

    Angelfur was the WindClan medicine cat, and also Cloudpaws mentor.

    Creampaw could not get it off of her mind that she would become a warrior. Oh StarClan! Will I be a good warrior? She thought.

  • Wow… I haven’t been on here in awhile. It’s so different… I have decided to start writing a story. It’s not a fanfic, but it’s a story. It takes 100,000 years in the future, and all the Clans no longer exist. The chapters will be very short, though. Hope you enjoy!

    Chapter One

    The ash whipped around Opal. Her hazel eyes were clouded with fire, and she couldn’t control the fire that burst from her paws. No cat ever before had been able to wield what she was… Fire, water, nature, and air all in one… Her powers made most cats fear her, but her mate, Rowen, knew how sweet and kind she was when her powers were not clouding the real her.

    She groaned with pain. She may not look like she was in pain, but flames bursting from your paws wasn’t very pleasant.

    “Opal!” a red blurr cried out to her. She guessed this was Rowen. “Don’t let them control you!”

    “I… I’m t-trying!” Opal yowled.

    “Opal, I know it’s hard to stop it when it’s happened, but you have to learn to control it. Cats are trying to hunt down your kind. Please don’t let them take you from me!” Opal could tell the Rowen was breaking down in tears from the breaks in this voice.

    Blood was now oozing from her nose. Pain overwhelmed her, and she tried to stop the flames.

    Many blurs grouped around her, yowled, and jumped up to her with many leaves coated in a substance that was glowing in the moonlight. The substance seemed to be immune to fire, for the leaves were not burning into crisps when they touched Opal’s flaming fur.

    She woke up in an unknown place, but she knew she was in a cat-made cage. Ash was in her gray and ginger tabby fur and blood stained her white belly. She looked down at her paws. To her horror, one paw was burnt off completely and all that was left was a little shoulder stub.

    “Ah, you’re awake,” a tom growled, jumping over a row of dead cats that had been skinned and made into thick rugs that had to be jumped. A black, fluffy cat with one ear missing and jagged teeth landed beside her. “I see you have only three paws now.”

    “I don’t much care,” Opal yowled, leaning her head down to lick the blood off her remaining front paw.

    “I see,” the tom meowed, sitting down. “My name is Galaxy, but if you like you can call me Asesino.”

    “Hmmm… I’d rather call you Twinkle Star,” Opal purred, twitching her tail. She knew that this tom thought he was the modern day Scourge, and that he would be deeply annoyed by this plagiarism of the old nursery song “Twinkle Twinkle StarClan”.

    “I’d rather you call me master now, or I kill you,” Asesino scolded. “Now, I’ll let you out of this cage just so you can get me some prey. I know you at least have fire wielding. You should be back here in just a few minutes. Now go!”

    “Fine,” she agreed.

    Asesino got up and walked over to a large collection of branches, selected one, and brought it back to the cage. He stuck it in a little peep hole which seemed to be a disguised lock, and the door swung open.

    Opal bounded out, hoping that she had a chance of escape, but a yellow she-cat guard seemed to need no orders to follow Opal around everywhere she went.

    She sighed. Now I have no chance of escaping, she thought.

    “Ah your back,” Asesino mewed when the yellow guard and Opal entered the rather large cave.

    Opal walked up to Asesino and placed two voles and a rabbit in front of him. None of them were scorched in any way, place or form. She didn’t need any of her wielding JUST for hunting.

    “Did you like having Birch as your guard? I thought she’d be quite suitable for you,” Asesino purred. “After we eat I have a small secret to share with you…”

    To find out what Asesino’s secret is, comment if I should do chapter two. Thank you! Also, should I continue my old story?

  • Okay, so last chapter, Quickkit proved to Glorystar and Fireflywing that there would be no difference if Quickkit didn’t excist. Let’s see what happens here, now that Quickkit’s best friend Peacekit is an apprentice and some cats could care more about a fly than Quickkit…
    Chapter Three
    Quickkit slept in her nest with Glorystar. Quickkit often suspected that her mother wanted to be back commanding RainClan and NightClan, not stuck with a kit with a random cat who wasn’t Glorystar’s mate as the father. Quickkit opened her pure black eyes and saw sunlight spill into the nursery. Glorystar was waking up too. Since Quickkit was four moons old, she was way too old for suckling, so of course, she didn’t do it anymore! Quickkit didn’t have a single playmate at the moment, though. Peacekit had become an apprentice named Peacepaw, and he went to live with NightClan with his mother, a NightClan she-cat, Hopeflight. Quickkit and Peacepaw did have something in common. Quickkit and Peacepaw both didn’t know their fathers. But Hopeflight often seemed to be hiding something about Peacepaw, but Quickkit and Peacepaw couldn’t put their paws on it. Or whiskers. Or any part of the cat body.
    “Mommy, I’m bored,” Quickkit mewed after eating a mango for breakfast. Glorystar groomed herself. Quickkit waited for a response.
    “If you weren’t the Queen and my mother, I’d tell you to spill it right now,” Quickkit mewed. Glorystar sighed.
    “All right, Quickkit,” Glorystar meowed, “I’ll tell you. Look, I often got bored when I was a kit. But I didn’t complain. The other Cats of Creativity, Clayheart, Tsunamisplash, Starflight, and Sunnyheart always kept me company. Clayheart was always stupid but kind, Tsunamisplash feirce but needed someone-me-to say no sometimes so her head wouldn’t grow too big for her body, Starflight, who always managed to bore everyone with his lectures, and Sunnyheart, who was so sweet.” Quickkit always was facinated by hearing about Clayheart, Tsunamisplash, Starflight, and Sunnyheart. But she snapped out of it.
    “Mother, I don’t have cats like that!” Quickkit complained. Glorystar sighed again. Quickkit wanted to poke her mother’s snout everytime she sighed.
    “Look, I didn’t complain because if I did, the guardian cats, Kestrel, Dune, and Webs heard it, they’d hurt me,” Glorystar meowed. Quickkit knew that Kestrel, Dune, and Webs didn’t have Clan names because they’d all been kicked out of their tribes. Kestrel had been kicked out of WingClan, Dune out of SandClan, and Webs out of SeaClan. There were actually supposed to be other two that the Cats of Creativity didn’t know about and that Quickkit didn’t know about either, Asha, a MudClan exile, and Horizon, an IceClan exile. Asha had been killed in battle but managed to get Clayheart to the nursery in time, and Horizon had been killed by Burnclaw, one of the rivals for the SandClan war, as he held the WingClan kit, and the WingClan kit was killed too, so Webs went and ruined Glorystar’s life by getting Glorystar, but Glorystar was Glorykit then. Quickkit padded outside and watched the day go by. Cats were coming and going, coming with fruit, leaving to go get fruit, going on border patrols. All the same, boring things. Quickkit wished she could have friends like Glorystar’s. Clayheart sounded like he could always get food right, Tsunamisplash’s personality was a lot like Quickkit’s, Starflight would have been just annoying, so Quickkit was glad that he wasn’t in her life, and Sunnyheart would be the same as Quickkit in how much attention they got. 0. Zero, Zip, Nada. Suddenly, there was a voice behind Quickkit.
    “Quickkit!” the voice hissed. Quickkit squeaked and unsheathed her claws. Then she turned around, hissing.
    “It’s just me, silly,” the voice meowed, and Peacepaw padded over to Quickkit. Peacepaw’s black shape wasn’t easy to notice in the thorn bushes, but his red flecks certainly were.
    “Peacepaw, someone’s going to see you, hide yourself, you idiot!” Quickkit hissed. Okay, so maybe Quickkit did have a Clayheart in her life. With less food addiction.
    “Look, I’m so bored without you to make some mean remark,” Peacepaw meowed, “Got anything?” Quickkit thought for a moment. Wow, there are so many, Quickkit thought, Ooh, this one works.
    “Nothing but you are very stupid with your red flecks to be in that thorn bush, but if your were all black, it would be better,” Quickkit mewed. Peacepaw laughed. Quickkit laughed with him.
    Quickkit didn’t know why she was laughing, but she liked it.

  • Hi! Here is a song for the DF and Starclan! Hope you enjoy it!

    Mapleshade: Spottedleaf, why, why didn’t you kill Sandstorm. She had everything you wanted.
    Spottedleaf: She made Firestar happy. So why?! That was their fate.
    The DF: We are going to rise and take Starclan down. Rise toward the sky and destroy the clans.
    Tigerstar: Let’s show them who is weak. Let’s show them who is strong.
    The DF: Let’s show them who’s in charge!
    Brokenstar: I’ll show them warriors don’t need a code, and train them to be like us.
    Hawkfrost: We don’t believe in prophecies or signs just UGH. We are strong ad we can fight so give in and listen to us. (Sneering)
    Starclan: No way! We will fight till were gone to protect our clanmates. There’s no way we will backdown.

    I know it’s kinda short but yeah. That’s my song!

  • Thrushpelt’s Trust—Chapter 17

    “You three be careful, alright?” Tawnyspots instructed, pacing nervously as the clan prepared to move out. The morning air was harsh and windy, almost blocking out his brother’s worried voice.
    “No worries, Tawny, we’ll show those rabbit eaters who’s boss!” White-eye replied with a grin, swiping at the air in front of her like a giddy apprentice. Dappletail nodded, her eyes glimmering with anticipation.
    “Stormtail says they’re better at running than fighting. We couldn’t lose if we tried,” she added.
    Tawnyspots tilted his head at her, frowning. “Don’t be afraid to run yourself, you know. You’re no use to Thunderclan dead.”
    Thrushpelt nodded, but he could tell White-eye and Dappletail didn’t share his sentiments.
    Across the clearing, Speckletail extracted herself from a pile of kits, and padded over to them. “Get a few bites in for me,” she muttered, tail twitching with agitation. “I’d come with you, but Smallear won’t watch the kits.”
    Thrushpelt suspected it was more that Smallear didn’t want his mate near the battle, and Thrushpelt agreed. Fair or not, he was glad that Speckletail and Tawnyspots would be safe in camp.
    “White-eye, Thrushpelt, Dappletail, eat these,” Featherwhisker instructed, dropping a bundle of herbs beside each of them as he made his rounds about camp.
    Thrushpelt wrinkled his nose at the sharp taste, but swallowed anyway.
    “Looks like the ‘paws don’t like them much either,” Tawnyspots commented with a pur of amusement, flicking his tail to where Snopaw was spinning in circles, tongue sticking out as she tried to free herself of the bitterness.
    “Goosefeather has more new!” Pinestar yowled, making Thrushpelt freeze.
    “More news?” he murmured reluctantly, shuffling along with his siblings to where the medicine den was.
    “I examined the vole in the medicine clearing and found a shred of catmint on its other flank,” the medicine cat explained, nodding.
    “Is he sure it didn’t come from the floor of his den?” Stonepelt murmured from beside him. “It’s not exactly spotless in there.”
    Thrushpelt swallowed back a retort, glancing at Tawnyspots uneasily. He didn’t want to doubt Goosefeather, but Stonepelt made a very valid point. He wondered what Featherwhisker thought of it all.
    “Yesterday you wanted more guidance from StarClan. Now you have it,” Goosefeather continued, with an icy look in Stonepelt’s direction. “Our warrior ancestors are telling us how we can fight WindClan’s aggression.”
    “With a shred of catmint?” Moonflower murmured doubtfully.
    “We must take the battle all the way into their camp!” Goosefeather announced, ignoring his sister’s comment.
    “Their camp?” Stonepelt echoed, his ears flattening against his head. “Do you know how dangerous that will be?”
    “StarClan’s advice, not mine,” Goosefeather replied haughtily, “The catmint tells me that the only way to defeat WindClan is to destroy it’s medicine supply.”
    “What?” Thrushpelt gasped, his pelt bristling. Attacking them was one thing, but crippling their herb storage was completely different. How could StarClan want them to do that?
    Sunfall stepped forwards, fixing Goosefeather with a sharp look. “But that would endanger kits and elders. Every Clan depends on its medicine supply, especially with leaf-bare approaching. If we destroy that, we are attacking innocents as well as warriors.” The deputy’s voice was soft, but his mew was laced with outrage.
    Tawnyspots nodded, raising his scratchy voice to echo Sunfall’s words. “What kind of warriors would we be to pull such a fox-hearted trick?”
    Goosefeather lifted his chin, meeting Sunfall’s gaze evenly. “We’d be alive.”
    Eyes were on Pinestar again. The leader took a heavy step forward, looking away from Sunfall as he spoke. “I agree that it seems harsh, but StarClan has warned us that we face destruction unless weact against Windclan aggression before it’s too late. If we attack their medicine supply, they’ll be weakened for moons.”
    “Exactly,” Tawnyspots growled, lashing his tail.
    Sunfall tilted his head slightly, his eyes narrowing. Pinestar ducked his head, looking almost apologetic. “ThunderClan will be safe.”
    “But what if WindClan suffers an outbreak of whitecough?” Featherwhisker ventured, “How will Hawkheart treat the sick? The kits and elders would be defenseless.”
    “Would you sacrifice our own kits and elders to save theirs?” Adderfang demanded, his tail lashing through the air as he glanced challengingly at the cats around him. Tawnyspots bristled as his friend’s eyes landed on him, scowling. “If we don’t attack now, ThunderClan will be destroyed. Is it not worth risking a few WindClan lives to save all of ours?”
    Thrushpelt looked at the ground, feeling sick. He was no medicine cat, but this didn’t seem like the right thing to do. StarClan was tied to all clans, not just ThunderClan. Why would they want them to cripple WindClan’s herb supply? They wouldn’t have a chance to restock before leaf-bare.
    “Adderfang is right,” Pinestar said with a sigh. “We must follow StarClan’s advice if we are to save ourselves.”
    “So we’re attacking the camp?” Stonepelt asked grimly, his lips curling with disgust.
    “Our target is the medicine den. No kit or elder is to be harmed. But their medicine supplies must be destroyed.”
    “How does he know the kits and elders will be safe?” Thrushpelt hissed to Tawnyspots. “We’ll be fighting right in their camp!”
    “Exactly, he has no idea,” Tawnyspots snarled back as the group broke up a bit. Sunfall was whispering to Pinestar in a hushed, harsh voice, and the leader was shaking his head. “I refuse to believe StarClan wants us to cripple another clan like this. If this leaf-bare is harsh, it could be the end of WindClan!”
    “What would you know about StarClan?” Goosefeather challenged, making Thrushpelt jump. He hadn’t been intending to draw the medicine cat’s attention, just confer with Tawny. “Last time I checked, you’re not a medicine cat.”
    “No, but Featherwhisker is, and he’s been awfully quite about this whole thing,” Tawnyspots shot back.
    “Thunderclan warriors! To me!” Pinestar yowled, leaping to his paws. A frustrated looking Sunfall followed behind him, heading towards the exit.
    “Be careful,” Tawnyspots murmured, giving Thrushpelt a quick lick over the head as the crowd churned towards the entrance. “And Adderfang!” he shouted, peering over the heads of his clanmates, “You better come back in one piece, because there’s an argument on ethics that we need to have.”

    Thrushpelt ran beside White-eye, trying his best to ignore the bite of the wind on his fur. WindClan territory offered little protection from it, and it was blowing hard enough that his eyes were stinging.
    Silelently, they crept across the moor, soundless for the sound of Snowpaw’s chattering teeth. He didn’t envy the apprentice, who hadn’t quite been able to jump one of the streams in RiverClan territory.
    Pinestar halted as clusters of boulders started to pop up along the smooth terrain, pricking his ears towards a soft dip in the earth. He gestured towards the ‘paws, Featherwhisker, and Swiftbreeze. “You see that rock over there?” he murmured softly, gesturing towards a large rock, “That’s where you’ll wait. Do you understand?”
    When both nodded, he added, “Featherwhisker and Swiftbreeze will wait with you. I’ll send a runner if we get into trouble. Follow their orders exactly and without question.”
    “See you later, love,” Adderfang murmured to his mate as Pinestar flicked his tail towards the camp. Swiftbreeze blinked back, before heading after Featherwhisker and the ‘paws.
    Thrushpelt sucked in a deap breath as he broke into a run, falling in step with White-eye once again. There would be no battle cry this time, just tense silence as they crested the edge of the slope leading into camp. It dropped steeply away, revealing a wall of thick brambles.
    Pinestar lead them through the small gap near the entrance, Sunfall at his shoulder. Thrushpelt had only a moment to take in the wide clearing and startled faces before the first yowl shattered the air, and the battle began.

    Thrushpelt ducked as a broad shouldered tom lept for him, stumbling backwards into White-eye. “Get out of my camp, you foxhearts!” the cat, Stagleap, he realized.
    White-eye snorted, dancing out of the way of his claws. He was far bulkier than either of them, and certainly stronger than most Windclan cats, but slower too. “No can do, rabbit-breath,” she taunted, landing a glancing blow on his side before darting backwards again.
    Thrushpelt lunged for him, barreling into his legs while White-eye had him distracted. Stagleap lost his balance, but rolled with his momentum. He kicked up at Thrushpelt, his hind legs catching him hard in the jaw.
    Thrushpelt blinked, trying to clear his head as his vision spun. He could feel the soft tickle of blood creaping down his neck, the sting coming a second later.
    “You’ll pay for that!” White-eye snarled, rushing to pin the Windclan cat. Unfortunately, the tom was too large for her to hold down, and he tossed her off with ease, scrambling to his feet. “And that too!” White-eye added, rolling to dodge his heavy paws.
    “Leave her alone!” Thrushpelt yowled as Stagleap clawed at her side, opening up a row of neat scratch wounds. The tom spun to face him, then threw his shoulder hard against Thrushpelt’s chest, sending him tumbling.
    “You both talk too much,” Stagleap growled into his ear, swiping at his face before he could duck away. He squirmed, struggling to remember his training as blood dripped into his eyes, clouding his sight.
    Where was White-eye? Thrushpelt snapped at Stagleap’s legs, trying to get him to step back so that he could recover. But the tom just shifted his weight, pressing down hard on Thrushpelt’s neck.
    “That’s better,” Stagleap hissed as Thrushpelt gasped for breath, digging his claws in a bit as he leaned closer. “Here’s how it’s going to work, squirrel brain. When I let you up, you’re going to run back to your forest while you still can, got it?”
    Thrushpelt tilted his head up, wincing at the fury in Stagleap’s eyes. He didn’t blame Stagleap for his anger, he’d be mad too if it was his camp being invaded.
    “Get off of him!” Adderfang yowled from beside him, and suddenly Stagleap’s weight was gone. Thrushpelt sucked in a sharp breath and staggered shakily to his feet, the world spinning before him.
    Adderfang seemed to be doing much better than Thrushpelt had against Stagleap. Thrushpelt watched with bewilderment as he sent the Windclan tom tumbling, shaking his head. If only he’d inherited Windflight’s stockier build.
    He glanced around, trying to find White-eye in the fray but failing. Hopefully, wherever she was, she was taking care of herself. Somewhere, he heard Dappletail shreik in pain.
    “Don’t just stand there, mousebrain, do something useful!” Stonepelt hissed as he twisted away from a pale Windclan cat’s snapping jaws, shooting Thrushpelt a baleful look.
    Braising himself for the discomfort to come, Thrushpelt darted over to help his clanmate.
    The clamor of screams and yowls was discombobulating, and he felt like his heart was about to burst out of his chest from the fear. Each one could be a clanmate lost, someone he could have helped. As he tore the pale gray she-cat away from Stonepelt, he couldn’t help but think again that this didn’t seem like something Starclan would look favorably upon.

  • Please don’t be mad at me for not clicking the reply button of Chapter Three, it hasn’t been posted yet as I write this. I guess I’m always right in my writing! Hahaha!
    All right, in the last chapter, Quickkit is bored out of her mind, and is very pleased when Peacepaw sneaks in to see her. They played find the strawberry, and now that Quickkit’s older, I think that something every kit dreams of is going to happen…
    Chapter Four
    “QUIT IT, MOTHER!” Quickkit mewled as Glorystar groomed her. Quickkit batted Glorystar’s face away.
    “But Quickkit, it’s your apprentice ceremony, and you’re covored in dirt and grass!” Glorystar meowed. Quickkit looked down at herself. Only a fleck of dirt on one of her paws. Quickkit forced herself to flick it off.
    “Now I’m clean, see?” Quickkit mewed. Glorystar sighed.
    “Quickkit, the grass and dirt is on your back, you were rolling around in the dirt and grass!” Glorystar meowed. That’s wasn’t fair! Quickkit just had an itch!
    “I just had an itch!” Quickkit grumbled. Glorystar sighed again and kept cleaning Quickkit. Finally, Glorystar was done, and Deathbringer padded to the nursery.
    “Ready?” he meowed. Glorystar nodded, and Quickkit jumped everywhere in excitement. Glorystar, Deathbringer, and Quickkit padded out. Quickkit noticed Fireflywing ruining QUICKKIT’S APPRENTICE CEREMONY by talking to some cats. Quickkit didn’t run Fireflywing’s apprentice ceremony! Okay, that was because Quickkit wasn’t alive then, but Quickkit didn’t ruin Fireflywing’s Warrior ceremony. Quickkit gave the biggest scowl she could at her sister. Fireflywing kept talking. Glorystar picked Quickkit up, leapt into a tree, and set Quickkit down. Fireflywing FINALLY stopped talking and leapt into the tree as well.
    “I, Glorystar, Queen of RainClan and NightClan, call upon my Warrior ancestors to look down on this kit,” Glorystar meowed, “She is six moons old and ready to become an apprentice. Quickkit, until you become a Warrior, you will now be known as Quickpaw. Bromeliadfang, you will mentor Quickpaw. StarClan honors your bravery and protection of this Clan, and I hope you pass those skills onto Quickpaw. Quickpaw, I have chosen for you to be a guard when you’re a Warrior.” Yes! Quickpaw thought, Just the one I wanted! I was worried she’d make me be a fruit gatherer or a tree glider. I like fruit, but I also like eating random weird looking things. And I would love to do tree gliding races, but the tree gliders don’t really do… anything, really.
    “Hey, do you want to hear the story of Quickpaw’s kitting?” Fireflywing meowed, “I saved her from dying!” Wait, what?! Quickpaw thought, No she didn’t! Glorystar told me that she and Deathbringer were waiting outside!
    “Fireflywing! Fireflywing!” the Clan cheered. Quickpaw scowled. This was HER special moment, not Fireflywing’s.
    “Uh, Fireflywing, you were pacing outside the nursery,” Quickpaw meowed, “Wasn’t she, Mother?” Quickpaw turned to Glorystar.
    “Yes, Fireflywing and Deathbringer were pacing outside the nursery,” Glorystar agreed. Everycat glared at Fireflywing.
    “BOO! BOO! Fireflywing is a liar! BOO! BOO!” the Clan shouted. Someone even threw a kiwi at Fireflywing. They didn’t miss. Quickpaw felt satisfaction go through her fur. And now, I can start my reputation as a truthful, honest cat, Quickpaw thought, Wait those are the same things. Quickpaw leapt out of the tree and padded to Bromeliadfang.
    “Okay, Bromeliadfang, what should we do?” Quickpaw asked. Bromeliadfang looked at Quickpaw.
    “I didn’t want to mentor a HalfClan cat,” Bromeliadfang meowed, “But your mother made me. Fine, I’ll give you a tour of the territory.” Quickpaw felt hurt.
    “Bromeliadfang, I’m going to talk to my cute, baby sister who I love for a moment,” Fireflywing meowed. Fireflywing pulled Quickpaw over.
    “Ow! You unsheathed your claws!” Quickpaw meowed. Fireflywing smiled a wicked smile.
    “Oopsies,” Fireflywing meowed, “Anyway, why would you do that? Why would you steal my spotlight? I worked hard on that reputation!” Quickpaw didn’t drop her gaze.
    “Well, it’s my special day,” Quickpaw meowed, “I just became an apprentice. And you ruined it. I’m working on a reputation too, and some of the cats didn’t even know my name because you stole my spotlight! You’re the worst big sister ever!” Quickpaw didn’t regret saying that.
    “Fine then,” Fireflywing meowed, “It’s a Sister War. The one who lives the life with the most spotlight is the better sister.”
    “It starts now, and it doesn’t count the past, so I have a longer time-span than you! Haha!” Quickpaw meowed, noticing a flaw in her plan. Fireflywing looked angry.
    “All right, Bromeliadfang, don’t trust my big sister,” Quickpaw meowed, and she whispered the rest in Bromeliadfang’s ear.
    What, you are asking, did she whisper?
    Why, Quickpaw whispered this:
    Bromeliadfang, don’t trust my sister, she just clawed me on the flank with unsheathed claws.
    And it was true.

  • Chapter 7! Critiques and advice are welcome!

    Gorgestar lay on his throne, tired of being the king. But OceanClan needed him, or so he thought. They were just mindless little maggots in the palm of his paws sometimes, but occasionally one cat would rally up a protest. All of the participants would be brought to the dungeons, though.
    Inside this dim cave of his, he sat on his throne all day, and slept on it at night. Sometimes subjects or family would visit, but usually he had the audience of guards.
    A cat burst into the cavern. He was running frantically, as though being chased.
    “Lord Gorgestar!” he panted with fretful excitement.
    Gorgestar shrugged. “What is it this time?” He raised a paw in boredom. “More kittypets?”
    “It’s about Streamheart,” the tom reported.
    Gorgestar perked up his ears. “This should be interesting,” he said evilly.
    “Apparently, your daughter… she had kits with a MountainClan warrior named Dirtslide. All of the kits but one died. The surviving kit, Melonpaw, resides in SavannahClan.”
    Gorgestar slammed his paw down on the rim of the throne. “Outrageous!” he bellowed, filled with rage. “The Clan of our sworn enemies, of all Clans!”
    “We can find her, though…” started the cat.
    “And eliminate her,” Gorgestar finished, flexing his claws.

    Sorry it’s such a short chapter, but 8 will be longer, I promise! 😘 Enjoy!

  • I am writing a story about ForestClan, MudClan, LakeClan, and RockClan. I need names and pelt colors, does anybody have any ideas?

    • Smallpelt – orange.
      Brownboulder – brown.
      Leafspeckle – gray.
      Willowshade – bluish-gray.
      Beetlepath – ginger.
      Larchstep – silver.
      Monarchpelt – mottled/tortoiseshell.
      Spraysplash – mottled/tortoiseshell.
      Littlekit – black.
      Acornkit – brown.
      Swallowkit (as in the bird swallow) – silvery white.
      Longpaw – tuxedo (black and white).
      Branchpaw – tuxedo (black and white).

    • ForestClan:
      Pineshadow – Light brown tom with a white chest and paws with green eyes
      Soilclaw – Brown tabby tom with amber eyes
      Minnowleap – Light gray tabby she-cat with yellow eyes
      Mountainsnap – Dark gray tom with blue eyes

    • Lichenfur- grey blue tom with orange eyes and a black paw
      Garlicstripe- brown tom with light cream tabby markings and green eyes
      Marblepaw/splash- white she-cat with black markings and ice-blue eyes
      Pepperpaw/mint- brown she-cat with white paws, underbelly and tail tip with green eyes

  • Chapter 8! Critiques are advised! Please, I have a future of author, and you guys are so good, so tips are welcomed with open paws! Please and thanks for the advice!🙃

    Melonpaw walked along a path with Spottedpaw. Her sister’s teeth were gritted, and her eyes kept turning around to glare at Melonpaw.
    Melonpaw didn’t understand. Shouldn’t her own sister be happy for her? She found her father!
    Spottedpaw crunched a twig as she stomped through the grasses.
    “What is wrong with you?” Melonpaw blurted. “I get a chance to meet my own father, my BIRTH father, and you’re all, ‘Get off our territory! Never show your face again!'”
    “I was doing what was right for the Clan,” Spottedpaw spat. “As you should’ve.”
    “But why are you so cold?”
    Spottedpaw froze. She whipped her head around and Melonpaw caught the sadness in her eyes as she remembered that Spottedpaw had never gotten the chance to see her birth father.
    “Oh,” Melonpaw sighed. “I-I’m sorry. I know you must feel jealous. I feel so guilty right now. I’m sorry.”
    “Whatever,” Spottedpaw said, but Melonpaw could sense understanding in her voice.
    The two trampled through the grass until they reached the camp. Everycat was staring.
    Clearrose rushed over.
    “My babies!” she cried, embracing the two.
    “Stop it,” Spottedpaw huffed, wriggling free.
    Melonpaw escaped her aunt and rushed to the apprentices den. Rushingpaw sat on a nest, busy telling Pinkkit a story. Orangepaw was curled up in her own nest, and Scarletpaw was eyeing a butterfly that was coming to close.
    Violetpaw wasn’t there; she was sorting herbs with the queen. The queen! Melonpaw wished she were the medicine cat apprentice. Violetpaw was so lucky!
    Spottedpaw flopped onto her own nest. Sighing, she drifted to sleep, exhausted from the day.
    Rushingpaw glanced at Spottedpaw. “What’s up with her?” he asked.
    “We just…” Melonpaw looked over at her sister, and decided to keep her father a secret for now. “We had a little border skirmish. With MountainClan.”
    Even though it was the truth, it felt like a lie. But Rushingpaw took it.
    “What?” Scarletpaw gasped, her paws closing in on the butterfly. She squished it, on accident.
    Orangepaw leapt from her nest. “Attack!” she yelled groggily.
    “It’s fine,” Melonpaw said. She probably should’ve told a lie. Stupid her.
    “But what was a MountainClan warrior doing all the way out here?” Rushingpaw gulped.
    “If I remember correctly, they are far from here,” Scarletpaw said as Orangepaw battled an invisible enemy in her nest.
    “I honestly have no clue,” Melonpaw answered. Why was Dirtslide in her territory? Maybe Spottedpaw was right to be suspicious…
    But she had other things to worry about. Clearrose was calling her name.
    Melonpaw ran from the den and stood besides her mentor. Her aunt was gazing at the grass with a content face.
    “There’s a fox,” Clearrose said.
    “A fox?” Melonpaw gasped.
    “In the grass,” Clearrose continued.
    “In the grass?” Melonpaw panicked.
    “And you’re going to kill it.”
    “I’m going to WHAT?!” Melonpaw shrieked.
    Clearrose pushed Melonpaw into the grasses before she could protest.
    It wasn’t a big fox; it was young, her size. But it’s claws were twice as sharp.
    Melonpaw screamed as the russet creature lunged at her. She nimbly dodged its attacks until it exhausted itself.
    Melonpaw spotted a weak area by the flank and pounced. The fox fell and writhed in the dirt, struggling to get up, as though Melonpaw’s weight was enough to keep it down, when clearly it was bigger.
    Melonpaw slashed it’s throat and threw it above the grass. She stepped out, feeling brave, and forgetting earlier’s events.
    “Good job,” Clearrose said, patting Melonpaw’s head.
    “Thanks!” Melonpaw giggled.
    Violetpaw suddenly wailed, “Help! It’s Moorkit!” Her voice echoed across the clearing.
    “WHAT?!” Pearlbloom yelped. Her and many other cats rushed to the scene.
    Moorkit was dangling off of a branch on the acacia tree by his tail. He was right above a rock, and the tree had gone through his tail. Blood was splattering from his tail-tip. Waspkit looked unconscious.
    “No! My baby!” Pearlbloom screamed. She rushed up the tree, almost slipping several times. Carefully she grabbed her kit by the scruff and tried to crawl down the branches, but she slipped and fell at least two fox-lengths down.
    Melonpaw saw the poor, ash-colored kit and regretted it. One of his ears was bashed, which must have knocked him out, and there was a bloody hole in his tail. Pearlbloom wasn’t any better. In the fall, she scraped a paw on a branch, and she had landed on that same paw. Her gorgeous white, six-toed foot was stained crimson. She was sobbing against Moorkit’s chest.
    Moorkit groaned. He coughed and tried to stand. His siblings rushed to his side.
    Melonpaw felt bad. She looked over at Violetpaw, who looked guilty.
    Pearlbloom and Moorkit were led over to the medicine den. Pinkkit and Waspkit curled up by the door to wait for their mother, Silverkit began to angrily claw at the tree, and Greenkit ran into Melonpaw’s chest, sobbing.
    Melonpaw patted Greenkit on the head and said, “I’ll tell you a secret. Would that make you feel better?”
    Greenkit nodded, so Melonpaw took him to the most secluded part of camp and told him about Dirtslide.

    I hope you enjoyed! See you next chapter! 🤩

  • Hey guys? Remember how I said I would post the first two chapters of my fanfic? Well, here they are! This is kind of still a draft, so feel free to tell me your feedback and I will add those changes! This is my first book I have ever wrote, so I am rly excited.
    Rippling Shadows
    Chapter 1
    Dewkit peeked out of the top of her nest. She had just woken up, and was still a bit sleepy. The she-kits ears perked up when she heard a voice calling at her from outside the nursery.
    “Wake up sleepy-head! Come out and play mossball with us!” It was her half-sister Dawnkit, already awake like the rest of her littermates. Dewkit crawled out of her nest and trotted out to join her siblings. She noticed that Silverkit and Tealkit, the two older kits, were not there. She shrugged, and ran over to her brother, Jaggedkit.
    “Hey Dewkit! Come and join my team!” She stood next to him and got into a pounce position.
    “Ready when you are Dawnkit!” Dewkit called, and Dawnkit threw the moss up high. Juniperkit ran out after it yowling, with Echokit running up behind him. Dewkit had leaped to her position, ready to stop the moss from getting in the goal, when she heard Jewelstars voice behind her, calling out the ceremonial words of a meeting. “Let all cats old enough to swim gather to hear my words.” She ran to her foster mother, Swanflower, along with her step-siblings and siblings. Goldenkit got there first, out of breath.
    “Swanfeather, can we watch the meeting?” She gasped, right as Juniperkit and Moonkit skidded to a halt behind her, with Echokit, Jaggedkit, Dawnkit, and Dewkit trotting in the back.
    “Of course, as long as you are quiet.” She answered, already getting up from her spot in the sun. The kits all stumbled behind her, eager to listen to the meeting and trying to keep quiet. Jewelstar had already begun the meeting, and was speaking.
    “..these two kits are ready to begin their training. Silverkit, Tealkit, please step forward.” The two older kits walked up, their eyes gleaming with happiness. Their mother, Fawncreek, was standing behind them, a proud expression on her face. Jewelstar continued.
    “Tealkit, from this moment on until you receive your warrior name, you will be known as Tealpaw. Mistriver, you have shown courage and skill as a warrior. I hope you pass on these traits to Tealpaw.” Tealpaw trotted up to Mistfeather, tail waving, and touched her nose. Dewkit zoned out after that, as she already knew what would happen. Silverpaw got Bluecloud as a mentor in the end, and the two new apprentices bounded around the camp with their mentors, their eyes gleaming with happiness.

    That evening, as the sun began to set, Dewkit, Dawnkit, and Goldenkit were sitting in a circle, talking about what they would do tomorrow that would get them in trouble. Dewkit was in the middle of explaining her idea. “…and we would quickly drop them in his nest and go hide in the cattails over there! Then, we wou-” Dewkit stopped mid-sentence as she looked at her friends. “What is it?” They were staring at something behind her. Dewkit felt a shadow fall over her.
    “Well, whose nest is it again?” Jewelstar asked her, a friendly twinkle in his eye. “Don’t worry, I won’t tell. Anyways, I have a surprise for you kits.” Goldenkit started questioning her father.
    “What is it that you are going to show us? Is it a new fish? Or maybe some kind of treat? Are you going to teach us to fish?”
    “Goldenkit, slow down,” Dawnkit muttered, shouldering her sister. “Before we learn to fish, we have to learn to swim, dingbat.”
    “Anyways, I am going to teach all of you kits to swim, starting tomorrow, with the help of Lightfur.” Dewkit wasn’t surprised, everyone in the clan knew that Lightfur was one of the best
    swimmers in Riverclan. She could outswim any of the cats and once beat an otter to the mouth of the lake. At that moment, Swanflower came up to them. “All three of you, why are you not in the nursery yet? It is almost sundown!” She exclaimed.
    “Mother! Jewelstar is taking us to learn to swim tomorrow!” Dawnkit said, bouncing happily. Swanflower looked worried. “What? But you are all too young! Jewelstar, you can’t possibly mean this?”
    “No, I mean it alright. I am taking all of them tomorrow to the creek with Lightfur to help. I could always take another helper, there are so many of them after all.” Jewelstar looked at his mate. “They will be fine, Swanflower.”
    “Well, alright. If you promise to take them all back alive.” Swanflower agreed. “Now you three, get in the den now! Don’t wake up your littermates on the way!” The three kits ran off giggling.
    “I am going to tell the others!”
    “No, I am!”
    “That’s not fair, you two always get to say everything before me!”
    Jewelstar looked at Swanflower. “Kits sure are hard, aren’t they.” Swanflower’s eyes shined.
    “They sure are.”

    Chapter 2
    Early the next morning, Dawnkit had all the kits up and jumping around Swanflower, calling out, “Swim day, swim day, swim day!” Swanflower sat up and grabbed the nearest kit to her, Dawnkit, and started licking her roughly. Dawnkit struggled as the rest of the kits quickly lept out of range of their mother and ran outside.
    “You’re squishing me mother!” Dawnkit finally wriggled out and raced for her littermates. They had already found Jewelstar and were crowding around him.
    “Kits! Let me at least get to the warriors den to get Lightfur and Fernwing!” He chuckled, knowing that at this rate all the warriors would be up early. “Swanflower! Come help me!” He called. Swanflower came out and ushered them over.
    “Juniperkit, what have I said about crowding? And especially your own father and the leader!”
    “Sorry mother, we just all got excited.” Juniperkit muttered, glancing at his paws.
    “We just wanted to get going, that’s all!” Echokit meowed, bouncing on her paws. Jewelstar then appeared from the warriors den, leading a bright eyed Lightfur and a drowsy Fernwing. Fernwing looked up and saw all the kits together, a strange look came on her face. Dawnkit noticed her shake her head as if to clear the feeling, and Fernwing walked off to find the dawn patrol.
    “Alright kits, let’s head out!” Lightfur called, and walked out of camp. The kits followed her closely, with Dawnkit trailing behind, thinking of the strange look she had seen on Fernwings face when she saw Dewkit and Jaggedkit next to Goldenkit.
    The creek was beautiful, and Dawnkit splashed into the water, spraying Moonkit along with it. Jewelstar had taken Goldenkit, Jaggedkit, and Echokit upstream with him, leaving Lightfur with Moonkit, Dawnkit, Dewkit, and Juniperkit. Lightfur started. “Alright kits, today we will be wading into the water and staying afloat. Then we will learn to kick. Everyone, come up to just above your thighs.” Juniperkit, being one of the biggest kits, went almost to the dropoff in the middle of the stream. Echokit and Dewkit were farther back, being smaller than Dawnkit and her brother. Lightfur took each of her paws off the bottom and rolled onto her back. “Try this kits! I will make sure you don’t get swept away.” Dawnkit did it first, and felt the cool water streaming underneath her. She paddled with her back legs in a small circle
    around Juniperkit, who was just rolling over. Echokit and Dewkit were lifting their legs off the floor of the stream. Dewkit was rolling over when a branch came down the stream, knocking into her and making Dewkit drift away. Dawnkit almost didn’t see Lightfur swimming until she had grabbed Dewkit, and was swimming back to the bank. Juniperkit quickly got out of the water with Echokit not far behind. Dawnkit touched the floor of the creek with her paws and walked out of the water, right into the sprays of her brother’s shakes. Dawnkit growled at him, then asked Dewkit, “Hey, are you alright? That was a big branch. Do I need to fetch Jewelstar? Or Sweetmist? Or Swanflower? Oh, she is going to be so mad, We won’t be able to go swimming anymore!” Lightfur looked at her, and smiled. “You will continue to learn, especially if Jewelstar wants to continue. No one needs to fetch anyone, it was just a little bruising. Juniperkit, go run up and tell Jewelstar we should be done for the day. Echokit, Dawnkit, let’s head back now.” They followed her bidding, and when they reached camp they were driven to the ground by their mother, who had been waiting for them to come back. “Where have you all been? It has been ages since you left! Where is Jewelstar, and Juniperkit? Or Goldenkit or Jaggedkit or Moonkit? And where is-” She stopped mid-sentence when she saw Dewkit. “And what happened to you? You look like you have drowned in the lake! Sweetmist, get over here!” The medicine cat ran out at Swanflower’s urgent call.
    “What is it?” She asked when she reached them.
    “Look at Dewkit! She looks like a monster has run her over!” Swanflower urged her on.
    “Well, she looks a bit battered, but nothing serious. What happened?” She asked Lightfur. “A branch was coming down the stream and knocked her into the current. I swam out and grabbed her, and I looked her over on the bank. She seemed just a bit bruised.”
    “That seems about right. I will put some dock on that and you will be better in no time.” Sweetmist told Dewkit as she steered her towards the den. Jewelstar came into camp just then with the other kits in tow.
    “What happened?” He asked, and Lightfur went over and explained. Swanflower ran off and cuddled her kits close, licking their fur roughly.
    “You troublemakers! How dare you scare me like that!”
    I also just realized that this is going to take up the whole comment page. Sorry mods. 😉

  • a song. i give this message to u:

    you were power-hungry,
    clearly the top was not good enough,
    slithering further,
    like a VIPER,
    you drove our leader, founder away,
    struck fear into hearts,
    left me alone in the dark,
    you said we were friends,
    that was what I believed,
    when i couldn’t see the FROST eating at your soul.

    Don’t ya know,
    i hate change!
    i was happy the way it was
    can’t we all stand together under one leader,

    but now we’ve drove apart,
    two different clan,
    for two different stands,
    ain’t enough enough?



  • Hey should i just start with the allegiances of my book “Rainfeather’s Path” or start with prologue/chapter one?