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  • Chapter 22 of The First Warrior!

    Chapter 22

    Lionscar refused to leave Lilywish’s body. He knew she was gone, that she was no longer there, but he couldn’t bring himself to walk away. He couldn’t believe that he had once felt such happiness. He couldn’t imagine ever feeling happiness again. His mate… his kits… they were all gone. All at once. He would never even meet his own kits. They died before they ever lived.
    “Lionscar,” Fallowleap murmured behind him. “It’s time to bury her.”
    Lionscar curled tighter against his dead mate. “She was terrified of snakes,” he whispered. “Her worst fear is what killed her.” He looked up at Fallowleap. “Why was there even a snake in the camp?” he demanded. “It almost never happens. Why did it have to kill her?”
    A new cat approached him from his other side, and he recognized her scent as Deerskip. His foster sister sat down beside him. “I’m so sorry, Lionscar.” Her voice was faint. “I know how much you loved her.”
    Lionscar didn’t reply. More footsteps padded up behind him. Why can’t I just be left alone? he wailed in his head.
    The newcomer was Everflame. “I know you’re grieving,” he began, and Lionscar cut him off with a groan.
    “I know you’re about to say something bad,” he growled. “Don’t try to play nice with me and tell me you know how I’m feeling, because you don’t! You fell in love with a she-cat who will never love you back, and you will never understand how I’m feeling. Just go away.”
    Everflame’s voice was flat when he replied. “You aren’t the only one who lost someone today, Lionscar,” he said quietly. “Lilywish was like a daughter to me. I raised her as my own. Her death hurts me just as much as it hurts you.”
    Lionscar looked at him, feeling as if he was drowning in his feelings of anger and grief. “Don’t try to tell me that Lilywish’s death affected you the same way it affects me,” he snarled. “You might have lost your pretend daughter, but I lost my mate. And not only my mate, but my kits, too. My precious, innocent kits are dead.”
    Everflame’s low growl took Lionscar by surprise. “Just because she didn’t share my blood, it doesn’t mean I loved her any less.” He paused before continuing. “You lost more than I did, than anyone here did, but that doesn’t mean you’re the only one allowed to grieve over her.” More gently he added, “Lionscar, we need to bury Lilywish. You have to let go.”
    Lionscar clenched his claws and gritted his teeth. “It’s not fair,” he sobbed. “Why is StarClan punishing me? I was orphaned at four moons old, my sisters are in a different Clan, and my mate and kits are dead. What did I do to make StarClan hate me? It’s not fair!” Numb with sorrow, he let Everflame guide him away from Lilywish’s body. He suddenly felt a flash of panic. That was the last time he would ever feel Lilywish’s fur against his. It was the last time he would see her. When Rainmist and Swiftsnow died, he hadn’t even known the last time he saw them would be the last time. He never got the chance to say goodbye. He couldn’t go through that again. He just couldn’t. “No!” he yelped, struggling against Everflame. “Let me go! I need to see her one more time! Please! I have to see her again!”
    In the midst of his panic, he heard a sharp gasp and whipped his head around. Dawnpaw was in front of him. She stared at him with empty blue eyes. “She’s dead,” she choked out. “Lilywish is dead! You can’t see her again because she’s dead!” Her voice rose to a chilling screech and Lionscar flattened his ears to block it out. To his relief, Ambershine led her away.
    Izzyheart padded up to him. Could this day get any worse? he thought. She gazed at him sympathetically. “I know Lilywish’s death must be really sad for you,” she mewed. “She was, like, my best friend.”
    Lionscar shuddered and sank to the ground. He knew that wasn’t true. Lilywish hated Izzyheart just as much as he did. It was a disgrace to her memory for her to say that. He expected Lilywish to come to his side at any moment, strong and confident, but was harshly reminded that she would never stand beside him ever again.
    At that moment, it started raining. Not drizzling, but pouring, heavy rain. It was as if StarClan was grieving for Lilywish, too.

    A moon passed, but Lionscar hardly noticed until he realized that if things were different, his kits would be born. He wondered if Lilywish had them in StarClan, and if they were watching over him. The thought only made him feel worse. We should all be together right now. It’s not fair.
    He drifted over to the prey pile and picked up a mouse. When he took a bite, he hardly tasted it. He pawed at his meal, staring into space.
    “What do you think you’re doing?”
    Lionscar looked up to see Everflame. “Eating,” he mumbled.
    Everflame blinked. “Why?”
    Anger bubbled in Lionscar’s belly. Why couldn’t he be left alone? “I was hungry.”
    Everflame snatched the mouse away from him.
    “Hey!” Lionscar yowled in protest. “What did you do that for?!”
    Everflame stared evenly at him. “You shouldn’t be taking prey when you haven’t contributed to the Clan today. In fact, you haven’t contributed to the Clan in a moon.”
    “What, so you want me to starve myself?” Lionscar challenged.
    Frustration sparked in Everflame’s eyes. “No. I want you to be a warrior. Lilywish’s death was hard on all of us, you especially. But that doesn’t mean you can just mope around the camp forever. We’ve been patient with you, but you are still a warrior. You must act like one. It’s what Lilywish would have wanted.”
    Lionscar pushed himself to his paws. “Fine,” he spat. “I’ll act like a warrior. But I won’t forget Lilywish. I will never forget her.”
    Everflame suddenly looked sad. “I’m not asking you to,” he murmured. “I’m asking you to stop wasting your life away. Honor her spirit by being the best warrior you can be. Everything you do will be for her.”
    Lionscar remained silent. I will do that, Lilywish, he vowed. Every moment of the rest of my life will be for you.
    Everflame nodded once. “Go lead a patrol,” he meowed. “Take Lynxnose, Branchfur, and Vixenclaw with you and patrol the ShadeClan border.”
    “Okay.” Lionscar found himself happy to have a purpose, and immediately felt guilty. He shouldn’t be happy, not so soon after Lilywish’s death. He stood tall, letting himself seem like a different cat on the outside, and gathered the patrol.
    “We’re going to the ShadeClan border?” Lynxnose asked as they trekked through the forest.
    “Yeah,” Lionscar meowed.
    Branchfur walked in step with Lionscar. “I wish I could lead a patrol,” he whined. “It sounds so fun!”
    Lionscar felt a faint flutter of amusement at his foster brother’s words. “You will one day,” he assured him. “But first, you must work hard as a young warrior.”
    Vixenclaw snorted. “Then I don’t know how you got to lead any patrols, Lionscar,” she teased. “All you did was flirt with Lilywish—” She broke off abruptly. “I-I’m sorry.”
    Lionscar looked away, pangs of grief hitting him like claw strikes. “You can say her name,” he said softly. “We can’t just pretend she never existed.”
    Vixenclaw blinked. “Of course,” she mewed quickly.
    Lynxnose cleared her throat. “I think we should focus on the task ahead of us.” She gave Lionscar a small nod.
    Lionscar dipped his head slightly in return, appreciating her changing the subject. “Yes,” he agreed. “Branchfur and Vixenclaw, can you start marking the border from farther away from the mountains? Lynxnose and I will start towards RockClan territory, and we can meet in the middle. Does that sound good?”
    Vixenclaw nodded. “That’s a really good idea, Lionscar.” She turned to Branchfur. “Are you ready?”
    Branchfur gave a small bounce. “Yeah! Let’s go.”
    After they were gone, Lynxnose gave Lionscar a long look. “We’re going towards RockClan?” Her voice was edged with suspicion.
    Lionscar started walking. “Yes. We are.” He knew what she was implying, but he didn’t care. Though if he was being honest, he was hoping that Brindlefur or Sorrelflower would run into them so he could tell them about Lilywish before they heard the news from someone else.
    Lynxnose padded after him, but quickly halted. “Wait. I got a whiff of squirrel. Can I catch it?”
    Lionscar shrugged. “Sure.”
    Lynxnose darted away, and Lionscar found himself bored as he waited for her to return. He tasted the air, feeling a rush of excitement as he scented a mouse. He followed the scent trail, slowly and quietly, and spotted it next to a bush. Crouching down, he leaned back on his haunches and pounced, feeling a rush of wind in his pelt before biting down on the mouse with a satisfying crunch. That’ll teach Lynxnose not to question my loyalty! He carried his catch back to where he was supposed to be waiting for her.
    Lynxnose was the one waiting for him when he came back. She gave him a look of approval. “You can bury your mouse next to my squirrel. We will come back for them later.”
    Lionscar felt a prick of annoyance that the small warrior was acting like his mentor, but pushed it aside. He covered his mouse with pine needles, and pointedly took the lead of the patrol.
    They soon reached the RockClan border, and Lionscar started marking the scent line. He stopped suddenly when he heard a patrol approach, and turned around.
    Brindlefur was leading the patrol, with Hollypaw standing as tall as she could next to her. In the back were Spikefur and Hootfeather.
    Lionscar opened his mouth to greet his sister, but Lynxnose beat him to it.
    “What are you doing so close to the border?” she growled.
    Lionscar rolled his eyes. “Lynxnose sheath your claws,” he ordered.
    Brindlefur’s eyes gleamed. “What are you doing so close to our border?” she jabbed.
    Lynxnose hissed. “We’re patrolling! We have every right to be here.”
    Brindlefur blinked. “So do we.”
    Lionscar caught Lynxnose sliding her claws out, and he shoved her behind him, rounding on her. “Enough!” he snarled. “There is no reason to start a fight here! Both of us are simply patrolling peacefully.”
    Lynxnose looked at her paws, and Lionscar decided that it wasn’t the time to tell Brindlefur about Lilywish. He turned to go, flicking his tail for Lynxnose to follow.
    Lionscar reluctantly turned around at his sister’s cry. “What?” he asked.
    Brindlefur stared expectantly at him. “Well? Lilywish must have had her kits now! Tell me everything!”
    All of the feelings he had tried to suppress during the parol crashed over him, drowning him. His paws shook with the effort of keeping him up, and grief weighed him down. “Lilywish is dead,” he told her wearily. “Lilywish and our kits are dead.”
    Brindlefur’s eyes filled with sadness. “No…” she whimpered. “Oh, Lionscar. I’m so sorry! How–”
    “Snake.” Lionscar flattened his ears to block out the tortured screams that flooded his memory.
    Brindlefur seemed at a loss for words. “You don’t deserve this, Lionscar,” she whispered. “No one does.”
    Lionscar reached across the invisible border and touched noses with her, comforted by the feeling of having kin. He quickly turned around and walked away, trying to forget the worst day of his life.
    He felt Lyxnose’s eyes boring into his back. “What is it?” he growled without turning around.
    “Nothing.” Lynxnose sounded surprised. “I guess I just wasn’t expecting you to return with me after seeing your sister.”
    Lionscar huffed. “Lynxnose, I love my sisters, but when will you learn that I am loyal to PineClan above all else? I was three moons old the last time I lived in RockClan. I hardly remember it.”
    Lynxnose had gotten ahead of him, but halted suddenly. Lionscar sighed. “What now?”
    Lynxnose turned to face him. “I’m waiting for you to take the lead.”

  • All right, so last chapter, Quickkit became an apprentice, and Fireflywing and Quickpaw started a life-long competition. Whichever cat died with more popularity in her life, she would win. Quickpaw fooled Fireflywing, though, by saying that past popularity didn’t count, which made Quickpaw have a longer time because she had a longer lifespan, if she made it to Elderhood, then Fireflywing at the moment, because while Fireflywing was a young Warrior, she was closer to Elderhood then Quickpaw. Now, let’s see what happens next…
    Feedback appreciated! I really want to be an author, so feedback is AWESOME!
    Chapter Six
    Quickpaw padded out of camp on a border patrol with Bromeliadfang and Kinkajoubounce. Bromeliadfang, Quickpaw’s mentor, and a golden she-cat named Kinkajoubounce were the RainClan guards. RainClan Warriors were split into three groups:
    -Fruit gatherers
    The parents of kits got to choose which one the kits went into, but if an apprentice does terribly in the one chosen for them, they get moved into one they pick, and if a kit doesn’t have any parents(poor kit!) the kit gets to pick. Glorystar had chosen for Quickpaw to be a guard, because Quickpaw didn’t have a burly build, but she had two weapons. The RainClan venom fangs and the SandClan poison scorpion tail. Now, all Fireflywing could do was attack with claws like a normal cat, and she had a sly build, just like Quickpaw, but hers wasn’t as thin, but Fireflywing was quick, so Glorystar and Deathbringer chose for Fireflywing to be a tree-glider. Quickpaw didn’t think that was fair. Tree-gliders never did ANYTHING. They were supposed to be scouts for the guards, but really, Jambuheart was the worst scout you could ever get, and Fireflywing was always surrounded by cats in her popularity, she’d be terrible as well. So all the tree-gliders did nothing while Quickpaw, a guard apprentice, was doing all the hardwork. Bromeliadfang and Kinkajoubounce were ahead, so Quickpaw quickly raced up to Bromeliadfang’s side. They marked the MudClan border, since they knew the NightClan cats would take care of the border with Jade Mountain Academy.
    “All right, Quickpaw, now that that’s done, I’m going to teach you something,” Bromeliadfang meowed. Quickpaw felt excitement pulse through her fur. Guard apprentices learned how to fight and border patrol, tree-gliders learned how to glide through the trees quickly and easily so they had the shortes apprentiships, and fruit gatherers learned about poison fruits and telling which fruit is which by taste and smell only. Medicine Cat apprentices had the longest apprenticships, and they learned about what herbs of the rainforest were poison and which ones weren’t and what herbs to use for what. Quickpaw was a guard apprentice, as mentioned before, so she would learn to fight and border patrol.
    “All right, Quickpaw, time to learn your first fighting move,” Bromeliadfang meowed, “The Blend-In.” Quickpaw felt like The Blend-In was a stupid name, but she didn’t say so. No one wanted to get in trouble with Bromeliadfang. She was the feircest, most respected Warrior in RainClan. Not most respected cat in RainClan. Just Warrior. The most respected cat was obviously Glorystar. I’m so excited! Quickpaw thought.
    “All right, so, all you have to do is if you’re pinned down, you have to find something around you that is your color, kick the cat until the roll you over and pin you down again on that something and you look like you’re not there but you’re on the something, and then kick your attacker off and pin them down!” Bromeliadfang meowed, “Here, I’ll show you.” Quickpaw and Bromeliadfang made sure their claws were sheathed before Quickpaw pinned Bromeliadfang down. Bromeliadfang looked around and saw a red flower. Bromeliadfang kicked Quickpaw, which hurt a lot. Quickpaw rolled over in a sheathed claw tussle with Bromeliadfang, and Bromeliadfang was on the flower. Where is she? Quickpaw thought. Too late, Bromeliadfang kicked Quickpaw off and pinned her down.
    “Turns out Quickpaw isn’t too quick!” Fireflywing cackled up from the trees. Quickpaw glared up at her half sister.
    “Oh, is Fireflywing too scared to come down and fight me?” Quickpaw asked. All the cats surrounding Fireflywing gasped. Fireflywing leapt down.
    “Okay,” Fireflywing meowed. Bromeliadfang’s eyes glowed.
    “Perfect! Someone new for Quickpaw to fight! Claws sheathed, and, action!” Bromeliadfang shouted. With her claws sheathed, Quickpaw waited for Fireflywing to attack her. Quickpaw knew how to beat Fireflywing, Fireflywing couldn’t fight, that’s why she was afraid to come and fight Quickpaw herself. Fireflywing was just another useless tree-glider, so she couldn’t fight. Fireflywing pinned Quickpaw down. Quickpaw looked at her surroundings. Ooh, quicksand, Quickpaw looked like that! Before thinking, Quickpaw rolled over into it in a tussle with Fireflywing. Oh no, quicksand drowns cats! Quickpaw thought. Bromeliadfang gasped.
    “Quickpaw! Fireflywing!” Bromeliadfang shouted. Quickpaw’s legs were under.
    “HELP!” Quickpaw and Fireflywing shouted.
    “Well, don’t just sit there, get over here and help!” Bromeliadfang snapped at the cats in the trees. All the cats scrambled to get down to help Bromeliadfang. They all tugged at the two cats outstreched paws. But, most of the cats were tugging at Fireflywing. Fireflywing emerged, with quicksand only barely on her legs, gasping for air and acting like she’d almost died. Quickpaw felt her belly go under. Only her neck and head were left! Bromeliadfang’s outstreched paw wasn’t enough. Everyone was busy helping Fireflywing to notice. Then, another paw gripped Quickpaw.
    “Pull!” a familiar voice shouted. Quickpaw looked. Her neck was under, head barely over.
    It was Peacepaw!
    Bromeliadfang and Peacepaw pulled Quickpaw out, and Quickpaw accidentally ended up falling onto Peacepaw.
    “You saved me,” Quickpaw meowed. Peacepaw looked straight into Quickpaw’s black eyes. Quickpaw stared back at his blue ones.
    “I heard your screams of help and ran over here,” Peacepaw meowed. Quickpaw smiled.
    “Thank you,” Quickpaw meowed gratefully. Fireflywing was still sprawled out, with no quicksand on her anymore, gasping for air and saying how terrible it was and how her head went under for just a second until she was rescued. Liar, Quickpaw thought. What Fireflywing was saying wasn’t even true!
    “Wow, I feel all goopy,” Quickpaw meowed to Peacepaw. Peacepaw laughed.
    “You don’t look anything different,” Peacepaw meowed. Quickpaw laughed too.
    “That’s because I’m the color of this quicksand!” Quickpaw pointed out. Glorystar and Deathbringer rushed in.
    “My babies!” Glorystar meowed. Quickpaw was busy shaking off the quicksand.
    “Mother! Bromeliadfang and Peacepaw saved me!” Quickpaw meowed, “Fireflywing and all those cats around her were no help!’
    “She’s lying!” Fireflywing meowed, “I was there, and my head went under for juuuuuust a second, and then I was rescued. Quickpaw was barely in!” WHAT?! Quickpaw thought.
    “WHAT?! THAT’S NOT TRUE!” Peacepaw and Quickpaw bellowed at the same time. Glorystar raised an eyebrow(do cats have eyebrows?).
    “Really? Should I believe two apprentices or one of the best Warriors?” Glorystar asked. Quickpaw and Peacepaw looked at each other, faces full of anger. No one was backing them up.
    Quickpaw was truly alone.

    • You are so so so good at writing! I think something that’s very important when it comes to writing is the narration. Like not simply telling the reader what is going on, but making them see it through the eyes of a the protagonist, and you pulled that off perfectly! At the end, I found myself actually annoyed with Fireflywing (love that name btw) and feeling sorry for Quickpaw. Also, I feel like Quickpaw and Peacepaw are going to be mates when they’re warriors, but don’t tell me! (I don’t know if cats have eyebrows, but I’ve made my characters do that once or twice because why not)

      • Thank you! That means a lot to me, because I want to be an author.
        Well, at the moment, Quickpaw thinks love is this:
        Time to go barf in the dirtplace.
        So maybe not.
        But who knows?
        I don’t.
        Maybe I do.
        Okay I can’t say.
        *Will just shut up now*

    • Okay. It’s official. I officially hat Fireflywing (Great name though.) She is too self-absorbed. It’s like she hates her sister for absolutely NOTHING. I like that about your writing. It makes an antagonist, who probably thinks that the protagonist is the antagonist. It’s like in Tigerclaw’s Fury when I thought for a few moments that Firestar was an antagonist. (Of course, I stopped thinking that in Tigerclaw’s evil moments.) I think your writing is a lot like Erin Hunters, so it makes me feel like I’m reading a whole other Warrior Cat book. I love that about it. Anyways I think your writing is spectacular, so far. I especially like the fact that it has WoF in it. Keep writing!

    • All right, I’m not going to give a summary of the last chapter because IT’S RIGHT THERE. JUST GO READ IT. PLZ.
      Also feedback is appretiated!
      Chapter Seven
      Quickpaw groomed herself. She was very excited for this afternoon. Nothing exciting was happening, just that Quickpaw and Peacepaw were going to meet up in secret. Sure, NightClan cats and RainClan cats shared the territory, but… they usually only gave a nice greeting on border patrols. Quickpaw DID NOT love Peacepaw, DEFINETLY NOT EW OH GREAT NOW SHE’S OFF TO THE DIRTPLACE TO BARF(just kidding, but she will do that about love. It’s blech in her eyes), and Quickpaw just needed someone to hangout with. There were NO APPRENTICES other than Quickpaw in RainClan at the moment whatsoever, so Quickpaw was meeting up with one of the many NightClan apprentices, Peacepaw. Quickpaw and Peacepaw had hung out several times. Quickpaw snuck out the dirtplace to see Peacepaw. They met in the middle of the forest.
      “Hi, Peacepaw,” Quickpaw whispered. Peacepaw stepped towards Quickpaw.
      “Hi, Quickpaw,” Peacepaw meowed, “Anything new going on in RainClan?” Quickpaw shook her head.
      “Nothing,” Quickpaw meowed, “So boring.” Peacepaw nodded.
      “Same in NightClan,” Peacepaw meowed. Quickpaw looked at him.
      “Aren’t there other NightClan apprentices?” Quickpaw meowed. Peacepaw nodded.
      “Yeah, but Farpaw and Preypaw are almost Warriors and too old for me to play with, and Eclipsepaw is always too quiet, too old for me to play with, and a Medicine Cat apprentice,” Peacepaw explained, “So I don’t have anyone to play with.” Quickpaw nodded. She knew how that felt(Oh and guys, Farpaw, Preypaw, and Eclipsepaw are the kits of Stargazer, one of my old charecters, the main charecter of Stargazer’s Story! I like weaving charecters from the past into the story).
      “Hey Peacepaw,” Quickpaw suddenly meowed. Peacepaw looked up from his scarlet red paws.
      “Yeah?” he asked. Quickpaw smiled.
      “Why is Fireflywing the worst big sister ever?” Quickpaw asked. Peacepaw pretended to be thinking.
      “Wow, there are so many ways,” Peacepaw meowed. Not a lie, Quickpaw thought.
      “Because I want her to be hit by a monster!” Quickpaw laughed. Peacepaw laughed too. A warm, golden bubbly feeling erupted in Quickpaw. What was this feeling? Quickpaw didn’t know. Then she remembered. Glorystar called this feeling ‘happiness,’ Quickpaw thought, I think I’m feeling it for the first time.
      And she was.
      After her meet with Peacepaw, Quickpaw picked up a starfruit and ate it. It tasted good on her tounge. Fireflywing was being swarmed by cats. Why would anyone ever want to be interested in my sister? Quickpaw thought, Couldn’t they notice that she has a LITTLE sister who can hear them just fine? Some of the cats didn’t even know I exsisted until my apprentice ceremony! Quickpaw was not making this up. It was true. Some cats didn’t know Quickpaw exsisted before her apprentice ceremony. Quickpaw then had a scary thought.
      Nothing would be very different if I didn’t exsist.

    • Chapter Eight
      Quickpaw groomed herself and waited for it to happen. By “it” Quickpaw meant her Warrior ceremony. Quickpaw was having a very hard time remaining calm, so she felt like she could explode any second with her excitement. Bromeliadfang gave Quickpaw a long stroke on the head. Quickpaw knew that Fireflywing would probably ruin this, just like how Fireflywing had ruined Quickpaw’s apprentice ceremony and Quickpaw’s life, but Quickpaw was still excited. Quickpaw thought back to her Warrior assesment. Since Quickpaw was a Guard Apprentice, she had to mark every marking spot on a border patrol as her test. Quickpaw had passed, so she was going to become a Warrior now. Come on, Mother, it’s been A MILLION YEARS, Quickpaw thought, A cat could cough up 20 hairballs before you call my meeting! Thinking about hairballs was icky, so Quickpaw stopped. Finally, finally, FINALLY, Glorystar called the meeting. Quickpaw and Bromeliadfang padded out of the apprentices den. Quickpaw leapt up into the tree where Glorystar and Fireflywing were sitting. Glorystar was sitting it since she was the Queen, Fireflywing was sitting in it since she was a princess, and Quickpaw got to sit in it because she was also a princess. Deathbringer, the king, sat on the roots of the tree. Bromeliadfang, Quickpaw’s mentor, sat on the roots as well.
      “I, Glorystar, Queen of RainClan and NightClan, call upon my Warrior ancestors to look down on this apprentice,” Glorystar meowed, “She has trained hard to learn the ways of your noble code, and I hope you let me make her a Warrior in return. Quickpaw, do you promise to fight for your Clan, even at the cost of your life?”
      “I do.”
      “Then Quickpaw, unless if you become the next Queen of RainClan and NightClan, you will now be known as Quickleap,” Glorystar meowed, “StarClan honors your boldness and your bravery.” Quickleap touched noses with her mother.
      “Quickleap will never be the next Queen, because this cat will!” Fireflywing shouted. Thank you, Fireflywing, Quickleap thought, For ruining the moment. As expected.
      But Quickleap didn’t mind too much. Because finally, FINALLY, what Quickleap wanted had happened.
      Quickleap was a Warrior.

      Feedback is appreciated!

    • Do cats have eyebrows? I don’t know.

  • I wrote two more chapters! 😀
    The other chapters of this story are on the previous page!

    Dancing In The Bathroom
    Zesta danced in circles across the bathroom floor as she brushed her beak.
    Humming along to a tune she didn’t remember where she’d heard, she let her towel stream out behind her and occasionally waved her beakbrush through the air like a wand.

    Dress Up
    Her wings on her hips and her green eyes narrowed, Zesta struck a pose in front of the mirror, imagining herself as a queen for a minute as she tried on her shiny red dress.
    But Zesta’s comb flopped over part of her face untidily and her unkempt orange feathers stuck up, giving her an informal look despite the fancy gown.
    Unable to keep a straight face, and looking nothing like a queen whatsoever, she instead put a skirt over her head as a hat and burst out laughing.
    Getting back to her task of choosing an outfit to wear, Zesta put the skirt on correctly and slipped on a green shirt. She struck a final pose on her way out of the room, glancing over her shoulder at her reflection as she skipped into the hallway.

  • This is the first song I’ve ever written, so I’d really love some feedback. (This is a song for my favourite ship I’ve ever made, Irispaw x Brokenpaw)

    In the darkest of night
    I feel your touch
    Against my side.

    Pull you close,
    I wanna feel your warmth again.

    You’re the brightest light inside
    This dark abyss
    That is my life.

    When you hold me in your arms
    I feel my heart escape my chest.

    Your brown eyes blaze
    Into my soul,
    I feel your gaze
    A mile away.

    That’s why I’m beggin’ you to stay
    Because without you close to me
    I couldn’t live another day.

    Yeah, you and I are bound together
    With something far stronger than chains.

    Your eyes as bright as summer flames
    Your scent as sweet as sugar-cane.

    And so I’ll love you ‘till the end
    And I can’t even comprehend
    A life without you in my head.

    So, with all that being said,
    I’ll love you ‘till my trail ends.

    My love, I promise I’ll see you

    Yeah, sorry it’s kinda short. If you like it I will write another one!

  • Thrushpelt’s Trust—Chapter 18

    Thrushpelt shook his head, flicking blood and rain from his ears as he slammed the ginger tabby’s head against the muddy ground, ignoring the smaller tom’s howl of pain. The tom coughed, staining the rain water a red that made Thrushpelt wince.
    It frightened him a bit, how quickly his training clicked in. He didn’t need to make decisions, just let his instincts carry him and suddenly he was fighting better. But that also meant he was fighting crueler. He almost wanted to stop and ask the little ginger tabby if he was okay, to make sure he wasn’t going to fall over dead or something.
    The second Thrushpelt loosened his grip, the Windclan tom twisted around, raking his claws across Thrushpelt’s brow. He snarled, but instead of reeling back he swiped back, cutting a long, shallow gash under the ginger’s eye.
    “Give up,” Thrushpelt snarled, battering the tom’s ears.
    The other cat ducked, wincing. He tried once again to squirm free, but for once Thrushpelt had the size advantage. With a hiss of frustration, the Windclan cat fell still, gazing up at Thrushpelt belligerent. “And what if I do? Want me to retreat back to my camp? Oh wait, we’re already there.”
    Which was, Thrushpelt realized with a jolt of panic, a very valid point. If he let the other cat up, there was nowhere to chase him to. He’d probably just use it as an opportunity to retake the advantage in the fight. But now that he had won, what else was Thrushpelt supposed to do with him?
    “Hawkheart!” an unfamiliar voice called a bit away, “There are Thunderclan cats in your den!”
    The ginger stiffened, twisting sideways in an attempt to see the medicine den. “You foxhearts,” he spat, swiping up at Thrushpelt with renewed wrath. “A dumb ‘paws steal one squirrel, and you burst in and go after our herbs?”
    Thrushpelt looked up sharply, hardly feeling the blow the warrior beneath him landed on his chin as the scene before him sent a wave of dread through his gut.
    Moonflower lay limp on the camp floor, the gaping wound in her neck spilling blood onto her herb speckled fur. Hawkheart, the Windclan medicine cat, towered over her, his muzzle stained red. Moonflower didn’t get up, her limbs spread haphazardly in front of her.
    He didn’t need to take a second look to know that she was dead.
    Pinestar froze mid strike, stepping slowly away from the warrior he had been fighting. His eyes flickered from Moonflower and around the clearing, before raising his head towards the stormy sky. “Thunderclan! Retreat!”
    Thrushpelt stepped back, letting the tom scramble back to his feat. For a moment, he sat, his pelt sodden with mud and rain and blood. Across from him, the Windclan cat spat out a mouthful of blood, looking more brown than ginger with mud plastered against his sides and back.
    He looked around the clearing, at the warriors he knew and didn’t know. Painted red and brown, it was hard to tell who was who. Kits peared out of the nursery, their eyes wide with fright.
    “Serves you right,” the Windclan tom muttered, flicking red stained rainwater from his whiskers. His eyes darted nervously across the clearing, his muscles tense. Thrushpelt watched, puzzled, as the ginger’s eyes fixated on Barkface, the second WindClan medicine cat.
    “What?” he asked.
    “Just checking to make sure you didn’t kill off the last of my kin,” the other cat spat, his eyes sharp with contempt. “First Brackenwing, then Shrewclaw,” he added under his breath, his tail twitching with agitation.
    Thrushpelt paused, not sure if he’d heard that right. Shrewclaw? The name seemed familiar. His mind drifted back to his first gathering, a dull ache of regret settling in as he thought of the brown apprentice he’d talked to, the one who bore a striking resemblance to Barkface. He couldn’t have been much older than Thrushpelt, and he’d lost his mother too. Now, he’d lost his life. “I’m sorry,” he murmured, rising to his paws.
    “This attack was unjust,” Heatherstar snarled, drawing his attention back to the leaders. Even though Pinestar was far larger than her mass wize, he seemed to shrink under her gaze. “Take you’re wounded and leave,” she added when Pinestar didn’t reply, her voice dripping with contempt.
    Thrushpelt picked his way around the slushy puddles in the ground, making his way slowly over to where Stonepelt was sitting, a little bit away from Moonflower. Blood was pouring from a jagged wound on his shoulder, and his fur was littered with bits of torn leaves.
    “She was right behind me,” Stonepelt growled, looking up at Thrushpelt with wild eyes. “I could have sworn she was going to make it.” The tabby tom slapped a paw down hard on the ground, sending up a little splash. “We never should have come here.”
    Thrushpelt gazed over at Moonflower’s body, his throat tight. “I know.”
    “Great StarClan, someone get her out of here,” Stonepelt hissed, struggling to his paws as he caught sight of his apprentice skidding across the muddy clearing, towards her mother. “She shouldn’t see-”
    Thrushpelt darted forwards, shoulder Stonepelt back upright as his clanmate’s wounded leg buckled. “Pinestar’s got it under control,” he muttered, glancing over his shoulder at Bluepaw. Pinestar and Swiftbreeze were with her, but he could see that Hawkheart was still hanging around. He could tell by the tone of the apprentice’s voice that she didn’t understand yet. “Can you walk?” he asked, carefully shifting away so that Stonepelt was standing on his own.
    Stonepelt hesitated, gingerly pressing his weight against a paw, then nodded. “I can walk.” He twisted, licking gingerly at his shoulder, then limped off towards the camp entrance.
    “Wake up! It was all a mistake. You don’t have to be dead!” Bluepaw begged from behind him, the anguish in her voice making him flinch. He trotted after Stonepelt, passing Snowpaw on the way, but didn’t move fast enough to evade the wail that split the air when the white apprentice reached her sister.
    Thrushpelt joined the cluster of warriors just beyond the harsh slope before Windclan’s camp, and paused. Dappletail was leaning against Stormtail, blood dribbling down the bridge of her nose, White-eye hovering nearby.
    No one was talking, but the tension kept the silence from getting too boring. And while Stormtail was doing a skillful job of ignoring it, most was directed at him. Between Sunfall, Swiftbreeze and Stonepelt, he was surprised the blue-gray tom was still alive.
    He was inclined to agree. Glancing between his sister and Stormtail, he dug his claws into the muddy ground.
    Stormtail’s mate was dead, and his six month old daughters had just lost their mother. And where was he? Outside of the camp, with a different she-cat leaning against his shoulder. Just like Windflight. Actually, worse than Windflight. At least Thrushpelt’s father had the good graces to be pathetic about it, unlike Stormtail’s stone cold demeanor.
    He wasn’t surprised with Stormtail, but Dappletail was a shock. She caught his gaze, blinking blood out of her eyes, looking uncomfortable with her clanmate’s frosty attitude. Maybe they really were just clanmates, but Thrushpelt couldn’t ignore the sharp stap of betrayal he felt. Didn’t she realize how much this situation mirrored their childhood? That she and Stormtail were putting Bluepaw and Snowpaw through the same pain they’d all experience?
    He kept expecting one of the others to say it first. Sunfall looked downright unsettling, standing straight and stiff like he was a rock someone had propped upright. His eyes were as sharp as claws, digging invisible wounds into Stormtail’s pelt.
    They all looked up as Pinestar appeared over the ridge, Moonflower’s scruff gripped in his jaws. Beside him, Snowpaw stumbled as if blind, her expression a landscape of anguish. Bluepaw trailed behind, looking a little numb.
    Sunfall let out a sharp breath, then turned away. “Let’s get back to camp,” he growled, as Swiftbreeze and Adderfang rushed to help Pinestar with the body.
    The trip back was long and uncomfortable, with half the patrol relying on someone else to stand. Thrushpelt had hoped that Stormtail would drop back and talk to his daughters, but he just helped Dappletail cross the stream without looking over his shoulder. He kept his eyes on her the whole time. It took a long time to get Moonflower across, with all three of her escorts wading straight through in an effort to keep her dry, despite the fact that the rain had long since soaked them all.
    The wind and rain dropped away as they passed through the Fourtrees, the forest eerily silent as their bedrageled group trudged on. Thrushpelt got the feeling that Starclan was giving them the cold shoulder, a punishment they probably deserved.
    “They’re back!” Patchpaw called as they neared the camp.
    Thrushpelt smiled weakly as Tawnyspots, Speckletail, and Windflight rushed over to them, nodding as Tawnyspots asked if they were all right. Speckletail greeting Smallear with a worried mew, sniffing his injuries nervously.
    “How’d it go?”
    Thrushpelt looked up to see Goosefeather trotting out of the medicine den, yawning as if he’d just finished a long nap. The medicine cat stiffened as Pinestar gently lowered Moonflower to the ground.
    “I don’t know if she managed to destroy their supplies before she died,” he growled.
    Goosefeather opened his mouth, but no words came out as he stared at his sister’s stiff form. There was a long beat of silence, before Swiftbreeze let out a soft hiss.
    “You killed her!” she shrieked, nudging Sunfall out of the way as she lunged for Goosefeather, shoving her paws hard against his shoulders.
    The medicine cat tumbled to the ground, and she towered over him, hissing in his face. “This time one of your ridiculous omens has killed one of your clanmates!”
    “Stop!” Pinestar called, glancing at Sunfall. Despite being only a tail-length away, the deputy didn’t move.
    Adderfang and Tawnyspots darted around the crowd, and Adderfang dragged his mate off of the shocked medicine cat. “He’s not worth it, Swift,” Tawnyspots mewed, stepping in between the furious warrior and her target as Goosefeather scrambled to his paws.
    The elders peared out of their den, their eyes wide. “You lost?” Larksong asked hesitantly.
    Pinestar nodded. “We had to retreat…and Moonflower is dead.”
    A wail of grief came from outside the nursery. Poppydawn raced to Moonflower’s body and crouched over her, burying her nose in her denmate’s pelt. Behind her trailed her kits, eyes wide.
    “What’s wrong?” Thistlekit asked curiously, peering around his mother at the body.
    “Is she really….dead?” Sweetkit whimpered, gazing up at Bluepaw. The apprentice sucked in a breath, looking like she was choking on her words.
    With an angry hiss, Stonepelt stepped forward, glaring at Goosefeather. Blood was still running down his leg from his shoulder, but his eyes were alight with anger, not pain. “We should never have been sent into battle!”
    “I was only interpreting signs from Starclan,” Goosefeather said simply, seeming to have regained his composure.
    “Perhaps you should learn to interpret weather rather than prey,” Robinwing spat, joining Stonepelt. Tawnyspots tensed, looking ready to stop another fight if he had to. “Would StarClan have blessed a battle with a storm like that.”
    “Perhaps,” Sunfall said slowly, his voice carrying only the slightest hint of the rage in his eyes, “Goosefeather was more eager to satisfy his clanmate’s wishes than those of Starclan.” He glared at Stormtail and Adderfang, the later of which looked away.
    “Enough!” Pinestar ordered, stepping in front of the others. “Goosefeather is not to blame for our defeat. All warriors risk their lives for the sake of the Clan. It’s part of the warrior code. Our wounded need attention. Arguing won’t help them!”
    “I’ll get more supplies,” Featherwhisker murmured, and Goosefeather trailed after him as he disappeared down the fern tunnel.
    “You can hide from your Clanmates. It’ll be Starclan that judges you,” Swiftbreeze muttered, glaring daggers into the retreating tom’s back.

    “Someone needs to claw that foxheart’s whiskers off,” Speckletail growled under her breath, casting Stormtail a hostile look as the tom grabbed a mouse off of the fresh kill pile and settled down outside the warrior’s den.
    “Sunfall looks like he’d be up for it,” Adderfang muttered. Thrushpelt didn’t miss how his mentor was yet to address his part in the failed battle, but he suspected the tom’s subdued demeanor was as close to an apology as anyone was going to get out of him.
    Swiftbreeze nodded her approval. “If only it was Goosefeather or Stormtail lying stiff over there, then we could skip the vigil.”
    “A bit much, Swift,” Tawnyspots murmured.
    “It’s not Stormtail’s fault, it was Hawkheart that killed her!” Dappletail objected, bristling.
    “I think I’m going to go for a hunt,” Swiftbreeze grunted, rising to her feet. Adderfang shrugged apologetically, then followed his mate away.
    Thrushpelt closed his eyes as their groups’ solemn mood turned dangerous. “I’m not surprised you’re on his side, since you’re so frequently at his side,” Speckletail growled softly, her ears flattening against her head. “In case you haven’t noticed, he hasn’t so much as spoken to his kits yet. Sound familiar?”
    “That’s not called for, Speck,” Tawnyspots interjected, his eyes narrowing.
    “We’re just friends,” Dappletail muttered, shrinking under Speckletail’s harsh gaze. “And I’m sure he’ll talk to them soon, he has to grieve too, you know.” She glanced between White-eye and Thrushpelt, looking for help.
    “He needs to be there for his kits,” White-eye murmured, her eyes drifting across the clearing to Windflight.
    Thrushpelt stared back at Dappletail. When he spoke, he forced his voice to remain gentle, pushing his anger back for a minute. “Are you sure you’re just friends?”
    “What’s that supposed to mean?” Dappletail retorted, her pelt bristling.
    “It means Stormtail’s friendlier with you than he was with his mate,” Speckletail growled.
    “She wasn’t very friendly to him either!”
    “Yeah, but she was ten times the cat,” Speckletail shot back, her voice rising along with the fur on the back of her spine. “She was my denmate, Dappletail, and my friend. And that little foxheart barely visited, and never so much as said a kind word to those kits, let alone offer to watch them for her.”
    “What’re you trying to say?” Dappletail asked, shrinking slightly. Her voice was defiant, but Thrushpelt could see that her paws were beginning to shake.
    “Speckletail, it’s not her fault,” White-eye murmured, but Speckletail just shook her head.
    “I’m saying that if you become mates with that mousedung, don’t be surprised if he ditches you for someone younger and prettier. And don’t come to me for sympathy when he does,” Speckletail spat.
    “Speck, enough!” Tawnyspots ordered, rising to his feet. Speckletail tilted her head at him, her tail twitching against the ground. “Enough, please,” Tawnyspots added, quieter. “I get it, what you’re all thinking.” He glanced sideways at Dappletail, almost apologetically. “He hangs around with a different she-cat. Moonflower dies. He’s not there for his kits. Dappletail, surly you can tell why this hits a little too close to home?”
    “We’re just friends,” Dappletail repeated, staring at her paws.
    “Either way, be careful,” Tawnyspots murmured, blinking at Dappletail. “And the rest of you, relax a bit, okay? Don’t talk to your sister like that. We’ve just lost a clanmate, and tensions are running high. The last thing the clan needs is for us to turn on each other.”
    Speckletail was quiet for a moment, then smiled slightly. “You make a better dad than Windflight ever was, Tawny,” she murmured, not looking at Dappletail. “Now, if you’ll excuse me, the other queens and the elders are going to clean up Moonflower, so I think I’ll join them.”
    Thrushepelt watched her go, chewing on her lip. White-eye sighed, resting her chin on her paws, glancing sideways at Dappletail.
    “Why does she always need someone to blame?” Dappletail whimpered, her shoulders slumping as her eyes followed her sister’s retreating form.
    White-eye frowned, and closed her eyes. “Starclan’s taken two sets of parents from us. Sometimes it’s hard not to think that it’s got to be someone’s fault.”

  • These are some death scenes, cause I needed practice. I would really appreciate feedback

    Brokenpaw watched helplessly as Irispaw lay bloodied on the ground. Her chest rose feebly, each breath shuddering in her throat. Her grey-green eyes were glazed with pain and blood spurted out of her neck. “Amberstorm! Amberstorm, do something!” Brokenpaw yowled. But the old SmokeClan medicine cat just shook her head. “You have to help her!” Brokenpaw persisted. “There’s gotta be a herb or something that can fix this.” He started scurrying around looking for anything that could help Irispaw. Then he felt Irispaw’s tail rest on his flank. “She is right, there is nothing you can do for me. I am in the paws of StarClan now” she said, her soft voice penetrating the deepest layers of Brokenpaw’s heart. “Irispaw, no!” He cried. “You can’t leave me!” “Brokenpaw,” she said, looking into his brown eyes, “I love you.” The breath caught in Brokenpaw’s throat. The words he thought he would never hear had just been spoken to him by the most beautiful she-cat. Irispaw’s body twitched feebly, her eyes closing. “I love you, Irispaw. Don’t go, please!” The she-cat’s body trembled again, but this time she was gone. “She’s with StarClan now.” Amberstorm said, “I know what it’s like to have to face death.” Brokenpaw pressed his muzzle into Irispaw’s flank. “She can’t be gone.”

    Cloudeye lay on a bed of soft moss, her body convulsing violently. Fallenpaw stared in horror at his sickly mentor. She must have caught the sickness from carrionplace on her way to Highstones. The disease had nearly wiped out the whole of ShadowClan hundreds of moons ago. Her one good eye was closed and her breathing was shallow. Fallenpaw had to do something, but his mind had gone blank. “Cloudeye, Cloudeye wake up!” Just then, he heard Galeheart’s voice from the entrance of the medicine cat den. “Fallenpaw?” He asked, pushing his head inside. His eyes looked around the den, then settled on Cloudeye. “Oh great StarClan, what happened?” In an instant he was at her side. “Cloudeye, I’m here.” The medicine cat’s body convulsed again and Galeheart leapt back with a hiss. “What are you waiting for, do something!” He hissed at Fallenpaw, his voice a mixture of fear and distress. “You mouse-brain, Galeheart” Cloudeye rasped, a hint of amusement flickering in her eyes, “even a newborn kit could see I’m on my way to StarClan. But before I go, Fallenpaw should get his medicine cat name. I, Cloudeye, medicine cat of StormClan, call upon my warrior ancestors to look down on this apprentice. He has trained hard to understand the ways of a medicine cat, and with your help he will serve his Clan for many moons. Fallenpaw, do you promise to uphold the ways of a medicine cat, to stand apart from rivalry between Clan and Clan and to protect all cats equally, even at the cost of your life?” Fallenpaw stood, awestruck. Shakily, he replied, “I do.” “Then by the powers of StarClan I give you your true name as a medicine cat. Fallenpaw, from this moment you will be known as Fallenleaf. StarClan honours your skill and commitment, and we welcome you as a full medicine cat of StormClan. It has been an honour serving StormClan.” “No” Galeheart whispered, “you can’t go. StormClan needs you! Cloudeye, I need you!” “Galeheart, come closer” she breathed weakly. Galeheart obeyed. “I love you. Even if I am in StarClan, that bond can never be broken. We will meet again, but not for many moons to come. Goodbye, Galeheart.” “Cloudeye, no! Don’t leave me!” Cloudeye’s body twitched feebly and her breathing stopped. Galeheart bent his head and pressed his muzzle into her shoulder. “Goodbye, Cloudeye.”

    Blizzardpaw raced into the StormClan camp. He had heard the unmistakable wail of a cat in pain and sped back to camp. A group of cats were huddled in the clearing, all muttering to one another. Fallenleaf ran towards him. “Blizzardpaw, come quickly. It’s Ivypaw.” Blizzardpaw felt his stomach plummet. He bolted into the medicine cat den. “Ivypaw, where are you?” “She’s this way” Fallenleaf said, indicating with a flick of his tail to a pile of moss in the far corner. A white heap was slumped on top of it, it’s chest rising weakly with every breath. It was his sister, Ivypaw. “StarClan help her” he muttered as he trotted across to her. “Ivypaw, what happened?” She was to weak to answer. “It’s her snake bite” Fallenpaw explained, “I thought I had it under control, but today it flared up again. The venom must be close to her heart now.” “No, this can’t be happening” Blizzardpaw gasped. He sat down next to Ivypaw and rested his tail on her flank. “My dearest brother” Ivypaw rasped, “don’t go doing anything stupid when I’m gone.” “When you’re gone? Ivypaw, don’t say that. You’re going to be fine” Blizzardpaw said determinedly. He turned to Fallenleaf for confirmation, but all he saw in the young medicine cat’s green eyes was uncertainty. Ivypaw began to shudder violently and her eyes rolled back in her head. “Ivypaw, no! Ivypaw, you have to stay with me!” Ivypaw’s breath was becoming more and more shallow. “I will give her something to ease her way to StarClan” Fallenleaf declared. “Ease her way to StarClan? Oh no. No, no, no, no, no.” Blizzardpaw trembled. “You must tell Lagoonpaw” Ivypaw breathed. “I won’t need to, you’re going to be fine.” Blizzardpaw insisted. “Blizzardpaw, stop it. You know it is useless. Have faith, for one day we will meet again, dear brother. We will be a full family in StarClan, but live your life to the fullest. Do not grieve when I am gone.” The next thing he knew Ivypaw had stopped breathing, the poppyseed Fallenleaf had given her was working it’s magic at last. “Ivypaw! Oh StarClan no, don’t take her away!”

  • As I was scrolling through my roleplay, I realized that I never properly set up the universe other than ‘here are the clan, now make cats’. So, I’m gonna write about the universe in which the clans of my roleplay take place! This is the “canon version” of that universe, so it won’t have ANY of the cats from the roleplay. Not even my main warriors OC, Meadowpaw.
    Lightningclan is like Thunderclan, just way less annoying and more peace-obsessed. They’re still strong, overly loyal warriors who tend to be nosy and believe themselves to be the only clan keeping the others together. Lightningclan, however, is way less of the main clan than Thunderclan, they’re quite the opposite. They’re irrelevant and unimportant most of the time.
    Breezeclan is moderately important. They’re like Windclan. Lean and quick wiry warriors who normally don’t seek out war, and will try to reason it out with words. They can have short tempers sometimes. They’re decently important, but not the most important.
    Cloudclan is Skyclan, but more battle-hungry and less important! They’re right next to Lightningclan on a level of importance, they’re second least important,
    Shadeclan is just Shadowclan, but less angry. They mind their own business and don’t start fights with no evidence. But if they see another clan cat three fox lengths inside their border without a good reason, that cat will be crow-food soon.
    Puddleclan is legit just Riverclan. Only the title and level of importance changed. They’re the most important clan now.


    Twigstar (brown tom with darker flecks)
    APPRENTICE- Slatepaw (dark grey she-cat)

    Swiftflame (dark blue-gray tom with white spots)

    Medicine Cat
    Rainwillow (grey tom with dark stripes)
    APPRENTICE- Sparrowwing (light brown she-cat)

    Vipertooth (dark ginger tom with unusually long and sharp teeth)
    Longwhisker (senior tabby she-cat)
    Minnowtail (small, sleek tortoiseshell tom)
    APPRENTICE- Tigerpaw (dark ginger tom)
    Yarrowwing (black tom with evil blue eyes)
    APPRENTICE- Leopardpaw (dark ginger she-cat)
    Borageleaf (young white she-cat)
    Icetail (young white tom)
    Sweetfire (mottled grey tom)
    Waspflight (kind black tom)
    Wolfstrike (fierce grey-black tom)
    APPRENTICE- Lionpaw (tabby tom)
    Hawkfeather (brown and cream tom)
    Blizzardfeather (White she-cat with blue-gray speckles)
    Cloudtuft (fluffy white tom with amber eyes)
    Icestorm (slender white tom with amber eyes)
    May (bright orange she-cat with huge yellow eyes, former kittypet)

    Lilynose (cream-colored she-cat, mother to Tansykit [cream colored she-cat] and Splashkit [light blue-gray she-cat])
    Foxtooth (ginger she-cat with black splotches and two very long, sharp teeth)

    Leapordpaw (dark ginger she-cat)
    Lionpaw (tabby tom)
    Tigerpaw (dark ginger tom)
    Slatepaw (dark grey she-cat)

    Tanglefur (dark brown tom with wiry fur)

    Cherrystar (rusty she-cat)

    Frogleap (dark brown tom)

    Medicine Cat
    Spottedheart (white she-cat with brown flecks)

    Primrosetail (light grey she-cat)
    Goldentail (dark gold tom)
    APPRENTICE- Puddlepaw (silver she-cat)
    Snowclaw (white tom)
    APPRENTICE- Crowpaw (black she-cat with teal eyes)
    Stripeface (grey she-cat with dark stripes)
    APPRENTICE- Ravenpaw (black she-cat with blue eyes)
    Brightfur (orange-yellow she-cat)
    Frondspirit (black tom with unusually large ears)
    Fernbeam (very dark brown tom)
    APPRENTICE- Sunpaw (orange-yellow tom)
    Thornheart (evil grey tabby tom)
    Poolfur (silver she-cat)
    Dewheart (silver she-cat)

    Sunpaw (orange-yellow tom)
    Ravenpaw (black she-cat with blue eyes)
    Crowpaw (black she-cat with teal eyes)

    Drizzlefoot (silver she-cat)
    Rainstone (dark grey she-cat, mother to Leafkit [dark grey she-cat], Yarrowkit [silver she-cat], and Stormkit [silver tom])
    Droptail (grey-black she-cat, mother to Gravelkit [silver striped tom])
    Puddlepaw (silver she-cat)

    Hollyfur (black and white tom)
    Crookedtail (brown she-cat with a twisted tail)

    Copperstar (bronze-colored tom)

    Owlclaw (brown and white tom with very long fur)

    Medicine Cat
    Tinystripe (small tom with black stripes)

    Splashtail (fluffy white tom)
    Otterface (dark brown tom)
    White-ear (white she-cat)

    Mallowkit (white she-cat with grey speckles, mother drowned, missing a hind leg)

    Ivyclaw (tiger-striped tom)

    Darkstar (dark grey tom with amber eyes)
    APPRENTICE- Eggpaw (cream-colored tom)

    Needleclaw (dark brown tom with extremely sharp claws)
    Thornfire (strong tabby tom)

    Medicine Cat
    Ivyfoot (large, broad-shouldered tom with brown-grey tabby fur)

    Snakehiss (fierce black tom that has…a history)
    Rubblefur (dark grey tom)
    Smokepelt (light grey tom)
    Ashtail (grey-black tom)
    Blackfur (black she-cat)
    Echoflame (cream-colored tom)
    Mapleleaf (rusty ginger tom)
    Applenose (rusty brown she-cat with white paws, white belly, and a white tail-tip)

    Mintstorm (light grey she-cat, mother to Shadowkit [dark grey tom], Littlekit [tortoiseshell she-cat], and Rubblekit [light grey tom])
    Mothfur (brown she-cat)

    Eggpaw (cream-colored tom)

    A silent night greeted the forest. The wind howled and caused ripples to float around the lake. The sound of the reeds swishing roused a cat from its gentle sleep. It swiftly bounded out of the hollow tree that it was sleeping in and stopped by a stream. The cat sniffed warily as a second shape emerged from the tall grass surrounding the stream.
    “Anything?” The cat that had emerged from the grass squeaked.
    “No. Let’s keep going.” The other growled. “If we ever want to have power over the Clans, we have to make alliances.”
    “But we’re already allies,” The first began. “How can-”
    “Hush, Sparrowwing! You are swift and clever, but sometimes you can be a bit of a mouse-brained she-cat!” It scolded. Sparrowwing trudged forward as the cat continued. “We have to get Spottedheart and Ivyfoot to agree with us and get their Clanmates to help us. We are powerless without them.”
    Sparrowwing nodded and the two walked in silence until they reached a forest of dense pines. Sparrowwing shivered as they crossed a thick wall of scent and approached a hollow covered with brambles.
    “Are you sure about this? A ShadowClan cat could catch us.” Sparrowwing meowed, her voice cracking with fear.
    “I said shut up, ThunderClan scum! Remind me why Ì even brought you?” The cat snarled. Sparrowwing stifled a started and rage-filled cry.
    Sparrowwing replied, “Because you can’t take over the Clans alone, Tinystripe. One cat can’t make four Clans into one by himself.” Tinystripe growled as they headed for the entrance. Two ShadowClan cats stood guard, a cream-colored tom and a black she-cat.
    “Stop!” The she-cat hissed. “Why are you here?”
    “Blackfur. Greetings. We have come to speak with Ivyfoot.” Tinystripe meowed coolly.
    “At the darkest moment of the night?” The tom challenged.
    “Are you questioning the authority of Clan medicine cats? Are you challenging the cats that have the closest connection to StarClan? We have the power to kill you with a single berry. We have the power to tell StarClan to obliterate any Clan that challenges us.” Tinystripe hissed, drawing close to the tom and whispering something into his ear that made him stand straight up with fear. He silently led the cats into the camp and towards the medicine den.
    “Stay as long as you want,” The tom mumbled fearfully before bounding back to his place by the entrance of camp. Tinystripe and Sparrowwing entered the medicine den and roused Ivyfoot awake. He sat up at once and stared at the cats in surprise.
    “Sparrowwing. Tinystripe. Why are you here? Why now?” Ivyfoot asked with an edge to his mew.
    “Ivyfoot, how would you like to take over the Clans?” Tinystripe growled.

    “Tansykit! Wake up! Today’s the day! We become apprentices!” Splashkit exclaimed as she bounced out of her nest in excitement and prodded her sister awake. “You’ve always been a sleepy mouse! Get up!” Tansykit yawned and stretched, bumbling drowsily into the clearing. She stumbled around and her eyes widened with shock as she saw a grey tabby tom laying in the clearing, the stench of sickness clinging to his fur.
    “Rainwillow? What is wrong with him?” Tansykit mewed. Splaskit couldn’t draw her eyes from the nearly lifeless body. What happened to him? Will he live? Splashkit thought.
    “Sparrowwing! Rainwillow is sick!” Splashkit called. The brown medicine cat came charging across the clearing to Rainwillow’s body. Her eyes filled with sorrow and worry as she grabbed his scruff to drag him to the medicine den. Tansykit and Splashkit exchanged a fearful glance as Twigstar leaped onto the Highledge.
    “Let all cats old enough to catch their own prey gather around the Highledge for a Clan meeting!” Twigstar called. Lilynose and Foxtooth came out of the nursery. Lilynose bounded toward the two kits, frantically licking their fur smooth as they grumbled complaints. Warriors flooded out of their den, gathering beneath the Highledge. Tanglefur, the wiry brown elder, headed towards the two kits.
    “So today’s the day, eh?” Tanglefur rasped. Splashkit nodded vigorously. The elder purred as Twigstar silenced all of ThunderClan with a yowl. All of the cats stopped murmuring and turned to stare up at Twigstar.
    “Where are Rainwillow and Sparrowwing?” Twigstar asked.
    “Rainwillow is sick so Sparrowwing is taking care of him,” Tansykit said.
    “StarClan heal Rainwillow and give Sparrowwing the power to heal. But in the meantime, we have two kits to make into apprentices.” Twigstar bellowed. Tansykit bounced around on her paws, her drowsiness fading. Splashkit stared at Twigstar, silently encouraging him to beckon her forward. After a moment, he nodded and the two kits bounded forward.
    “Tansykit and Splashkit, you have reached the age of six moons, and it is time for you to be apprenticed. From this day on, until you receive your warrior name, you will be known as Tansypaw and Splashpaw. Minnowtail, you will mentor Tansypaw. You are clever and brave and I expect you will pass on these qualities to your apprentice.” Twigstar said. Tansypaw touched noses with her mentor as the Clan waited in suspense to hear who Splashpaw’s mentor would be.
    “Sweetfire, you will mentor Splashpaw. You are fiercely loyal and wise. You learned much from your mentor, Longwhisker, and I expect you will pass on all you know to this young apprentice.” He meowed to Sweetfire. The mottled grey tom stepped forward until he was standing over her. He bent down to touch noses with Splashpaw, his breath warm and sweet on her fur.
    “Splashpaw! Splashpaw! Tansypaw! Tansypaw!” The Clan yowled. Splashpaw turned to look at them, noticing Sparrowwing bounding towards Twigstar. She murmured something in his ear and he nodded.
    As the Clan stopped yowling, Twigstar announced, “Sparrowwing has just reported that Rainwillow is alive but weak and frail. He is suffering from an unknown illness. Only Tanglefur, Wolfstrike, and Sweetfire can visit him because they are his family. Clan dismissed.” Splashpaw and Tansypaw were surrounded by a crowd of warriors and apprentices, congratulating and welcoming them. At the front of the crowd were Minnowtail, Leopardpaw, Swiftflame, and Lilynose. She noticed her siblings from an older liter at the back.
    “I’m so proud of you, my daughters. You will be good apprentices. Don’t give your mentors too much trouble.” Swiftflame commanded playfully.
    “We won’t!” Tansypaw and Splashpaw replied in unison.
    “I’m so excited that we’ll finally be able to share a den again! Do you want to go hunting later?” Leopardpaw asked Tansypaw.
    “She doesn’t even know how to hunt yet.” Minnowtail retorted. “So, no.” Leopardpaw huffed and Tansypaw looked apologetically at her. While they were congratulating Tansypaw, Splashpaw crept around camp and peered into the medicine den. Rainwillow was laying on his side while Sparrowwing was chewing herbs into a pulp. Wolfstrike and Sweetfire sat at the end of the medicine den, watching their older brother with sorrow.
    “Can’t you do anything else?” Wolfstrike asked with panic and impatience in his mew.
    “Herbs aren’t working. So we just have to pray that StarClan will” Sparrowwing replied evenly.
    “StarClan!” Sweetfire sneered. “StarClan is letting the most skillful medicine cat die!”
    Sparrowwing looked as if she was about to explode with anger as she said, “We have to trust them. I have tried everything. I don’t know what is wrong with him.”
    “You’re supposed to know everything! How can you be a real medicine cat if you can’t even heal your mentor?” Wolfstrike challenged.
    “Leave my den. Now!” Sparrowwing snapped. Splashpaw hurried away from the medicine den and hid behind a bramble bush. Wolfstrike and Sweetfire angrily padded out of the medicine den and stomped off towards the fresh-kill pile.
    “Splashpaw, I know you’re there. You may come in.” Sparrowwing sighed from inside of the medicine den. Splashpaw, embarrassed that she had been so easy to sense, walked into the medicine den. She stifled a shriek of pain as a bramble from the bush caught on her hind leg. She walked into the medicine den and saw Sparrowwing hunched over the body of her mentor.
    “They’re just worried about their brother. They didn’t mean anything that they said. Sweetfire and Wolfstrike have always been good at insulting other cats when they grieve.” Splashpaw mewed, trying to sound like she meant everything she said.
    Sparrowwing shook her head as she admitted, “Maybe they’re right. Maybe I’m not a good medicine cat. Maybe StarClan has given up on us. Given up on Rainwillow.”
    “Don’t talk nonsense, Sparrowwing!” Splashpaw exclaimed. “You are a great medicine cat. StarClan hasn’t given up on us. They will take Rainwillow when the time is right. We must trust StarClan.” Sparrowwing looked up at her gratefully and went back to work. Splashpaw met her troubled mentor in the center of the hollow.
    “Hey, Sweetfire. Can we do some battle training with Tansypaw and Minnowtail?” Splashpaw asked. Sweetfire nodded absently and Splashpaw went to fetch Tansypaw. But her thoughts were flooding through her.
    What if Sparrowwing is right? She has only had her full medicine cat name for six moons. When Rainwillow dies, will our Clan be safe with her? Would StarClan abandon us now?

    Tansypaw bounced around the excited huddle of cats. She looked apologetically at Leopardpaw as Minnowtail scolded her. She noticed Splashpaw slipping away towards the medicine den. Tansypaw wasn’t concerned with what she was doing because Splashpaw had always been a sensible cat.
    Leopardpaw left the crowd as her mentor called her towards the camp entrance. They disappeared and she once again listened to the praise of her Clanmates. But her gaze was dragged to the medicine den. She saw Splashpaw exiting the medicine den. What was she doing in there? No one but Sparrowwing and Rainwillow’s family is supposed to go in there.
    “Tansypaw! Do you and Minnowtail want to come to battle training with me and Sweetfire?” Splashpaw squeaked as she bounded up to Tansypaw.
    “But that doesn’t make any sense. We should tour the territory on border patrol. Then we can make sure that Sparrowwing’s collection of ash tree seeds are safe. She’ll need them for Rainwillow’s pain. Also, we need to check on the patch of borage. Rabbits have been around there and Foxtooth’s kits will be coming soon, just by the movement of the kits in her belly.” Tansypaw mewed. She stood, surprised by her knowledge of medicine cat herbs and skills. Maybe it’s all that time I spent watching Sparrowwing and Rainwillow as a kit…
    “Er- ok, Tansypaw.” Splashpaw stammered, clearly shocked at Tansypaw’s knowledge, too. Tansypaw was filled with satisfaction as Minnowtail and Sweetfire nodded in agreement, pride shining in her mentor’s eyes. The two warriors took the lead with Tansypaw and Splashpaw following behind. The patrol padded out of the thorn barrier. A bright, green forest stretched out over Tansypaw’s head, and she couldn’t help but stare.
    “Whoa…” Splashpaw breathed.
    “I know. But we have to keep going. We haven’t seen all of the territory yet.” she meowed. Her sister nodded as they headed towards a stream that separated the moor and the forest.
    “This is the border with WindClan. The stream belongs to them, so don’t wash in there.” Sweetfire said as they walked past a thick wall of pungent scent. Splashpaw warily stuck her nose out to sniff but recoiled and twisted up her face.
    “Yuck! How can they live with this scent?” She asked.
    “At least we don’t smell like you pesky mouse-eaters!” A voice growled from the other side of the border. Four cats emerged from the other side of the stream. There was an old striped tom, a tiny she-cat with grey speckles, a bronze-colored tom, and a small white tom with black stripes.
    “Who are they?” Tansypaw whispered to Minnowtail.
    “The brown tom is Copperstar, the white tom is Tinystripe, the old tom is Ivyclaw, and I don’t recognize the she-cat,” Minnowtail responded.
    “She looks hardly older than three moons old!” Tansypaw said, louder than she meant to.
    “So, Copperstar. You’re using kits and elders for border patrol. How honorable.” Sweetfire scoffed.
    “She is not a kit! She is Mallowpaw. And Ivyclaw is just coming to see if the flea-ridden ThunderClan cats are keeping inside the border like they used to.” Tinystripe growled.
    “Wait, so I’m an apprentice now? I thought that I had to be six moons old!” Mallowpaw said. Copperstar silenced her with an icy glare. The WindClan cats continued their border patrol in the opposite direction of Tansypaw and their patrol. Mallowkit turned around and brightly mewed, “Bye, warriors! Next time you see me I’ll be Mallowclaw, deputy of WindClan!”
    “Shut up, Mallowkit!” Tinystripe snapped. Mallowkit squeaked and scampered after the patrol. Tansypaw watched the kit go and a pang of sorrow for the kit hit her. She’s so young. She shouldn’t have to do warrior duties before she’s even an apprentice.
    “Let’s get going. We should have checked on the herbs by now.” Tansypaw mewed as she started bounding towards an ash tree in the distance. She clawed her way up the trunk, careful not to disturb the leaves. After bounding up to a crevice in the trunk, Tansypaw glanced down and saw the pile of dried seeds. She grabbed a mouthful and scurried down the trunk, clumsily rolling onto the ground. She caught sight of Splashpaw staring at her in awe.
    “How did you climb it so gracefully?” Splashpaw asked.
    “It doesn’t matter how gracefully she climbed. She didn’t ask me if she could go and she fell and almost hit her head. Come back to camp with me and maybe we can sort you out.” Minnowtail said, the disappointment showing in his voice.
    ”But we haven’t checked on the yarrow yet! Foxtooth is so close to kitting that we can’t take any risks. You of all cats should be concerned about your mate.” Tansypaw argued.
    “Silence, Tansypaw! I am the mentor here. You are not a medicine cat. I will hear no more of this nonsense about herbs. Am I clear?” Minnowtail snapped. Tansypaw nodded and headed towards camp with her mentor stomping ahead of her. Tansypaw reluctantly followed him. She caught up to him and walked beside him. She looked up at him, but he didn’t meet her gaze.
    “Sorry, Minnowtail.” Tansypaw mewed in a quiet voice. They stopped and Minnowtail looked down at her.
    “You need to focus on being a warrior. You are not a medicine cat. No matter how much you would like to be.” Minnowtail said sternly. Tansypaw nodded as they kept going. Minnowtail paused and looked thoughtful for a moment, then sighed.
    “Go get that yarrow if you want. I care too much about Foxtooth to take a risk. If you really think that it will help her, then go. Quickly if you want to get back before the fresh-kill pile is picked over.” Minnowtail growled in defeat. Tansypaw bounded over to the patch of yarrow close to the ShadowClan border. She stared in dismay as she saw that all of the leaves had been chewed down to their roots.
    “Sorry, Minnowtail!” She called. “The rabbits ate all of them.” Tansypaw ran over to Minnowtail as they entered camp. Most of her Clanmates were already sharing tongues and paused when they saw them. Some rushed toward them anxiously. Others sighed with relief while eating their share of the fresh-kill pile.
    “We’ve been searching for you for ages!” Splashpaw screeched. “Where have you been?”
    “Sorry. We got a little carried away looking for herbs. But I have some ash seeds for Rainwillow” She said as she put the seeds down.
    “Speaking of Rainwillow, he’s been asking for you ever since we got back to camp. Sparrowwing said that he woke up soon after we left.” Splashpaw said with a sorrowful note to her voice. Tansypaw nodded, picked up two fat mice, and headed towards the medicine den. She poked her head inside of the den and saw Rainwillow’s flanks rising and falling unevenly.
    “Sparrowwing? Rainwillow? I brought mice for you.” Tansypaw mewed.
    “Tansyarch? Are you here now?” Rainwillow rasped. Tansyarch??
    “Come in, Tansypaw. He’s been saying your name since he woke up” Sparrowwing mewed. Tansypaw warily entered the den and looked at Rainwillow. He was laying on his side, his eyes glazed as he looked up at her. She dropped the mice on the floor of the den and sat next to the frail old cat
    “Tansyarch? Is that you? Please. Stay.” Rainwillow whispered.
    “Shh. I’m here. I’ll stay.” Tansypaw said softly.
    “You must listen now, Tansyarch,” Rainwillow gasped as he struggled for breath. “You are the future of our Clan. You must become Sparrowwing’s apprentice.”
    “But I will be around for many moons to come! Why do I need an apprentice?” Sparrowwing asked.
    “Silence. She is your apprentice. Tansyarch, you are now apprentice to Sparrowwing. She will teach you well. Now StarClan is coming to fetch me. I must go.” Rainwillow spluttered, coughing after he finished.
    “No, Rainwillow! You will stay with me!” Sparrowwing shouted tensely. Rainwillow stopped moving and went silent. Sparrowwing let out a shrill wail and Tansypaw just stood there, silent. Thoughts were freezing her paws to the floor of the medicine den.
    I am the medicine cat apprentice now. This is what I wanted, right? But something is wrong… Why did he call me Tansyarch before he died? Could something have been done to save him? Was this always my destiny, to see my medicine cat die and be apprenticed to a young medicine cat that has many more moons left to live?

    “No, Rainwillow! You will stay with me!” Splashpaw heard Sparrowwing shout from the medicine den. Soon after a wail echoed through the hollow. Many cats dipped their heads in sadness and Wolfstrike, Sweetfire, and Tanglefur rushed to the medicine den. Rainwillow has died.
    Splashpaw peeked in the den and saw Tansypaw, Sparrowwing, and the three toms huddled around the old medicine cat. Tansypaw looked shocked and distant while Sparrowwing looked angry and confused.
    “You useless, stupid cat! Why didn’t you save him? Why didn’t you do anything?” Wolfstrike yowled at Sparrowwing.
    “We did everything we could for him!” Sparrowwing retorted back.
    “We??” Sweetfire hissed.
    “Me and my apprentice eased his way to StarClan.” Sparrowwing evenly mewed.
    “You don’t have an apprentice. Tansypaw is training to be a warrior.” Wolfstrike snapped.
    “You don’t need one. Your sister isn’t even a warrior yet.” Sweetfire added harshly.
    “It was Rainwillow’s last act to make me medicine cat apprentice.” Tansypaw said, her gaze still locked on the old cat’s body. What? No! You have to be a warrior, Tansypaw! I can’t train without my sister. It won’t be the same! Tanglefur looked shocked and Wolfstrike and Sweetfire turned their sharp gazes to look at the medicine cat.
    After a moment, Sparrowwing responded, “It’s true. He didn’t say the exact words of the ceremony, but he believed that StarClan-”
    “StarClan has abandoned us!” Sweetfire shouted before he bounded into the clearing. Wolfstrike glared at the cats before following his brother. Tanglefur watched them go, tears filling his eyes.
    “I am sorry about my sons. They have done lots of grieving, especially Sweetfire. With the loss of his mother, kits, mate, and older brother. Forgive them.” Tanglefur rasped. He dipped his head respectfully and backed out of the den. Splashpaw entered and padded over to Tansypaw. She sat down by her sister and ran her tail along her creamy flank.
    “Tell me what happened.” Splashpaw said comfortingly.
    “Nothing, Splashpaw. You wouldn’t understand.” Tansypaw whispered. Splashpaw was taken aback by her sister’s secretive nature, but dipped her head and entered the clearing. As soon as she exited the medicine den, Slatepaw came up to her.
    “Hi, Splashpaw!” Slatepaw said cheerfully. “Is it ok to go to the medicine den? I have to tell Sparrowwing that I passed my warrior assessment!”
    “Congratulations. Go ahead. Rainwillow is dead.” Splashpaw said. Slatepaw nodded solemnly and entered the den. Twigstar followed the apprentice into the den and dipped his head to Splashpaw. She hurried to the fresh-kill pile and grabbed a vole. She padded over to the nursery and saw Foxtooth laying on her side by the entrance, basking in the last of the sunlight.
    “Hello, Foxtooth.” Splashpaw mewed.
    “Hey, Splashpaw. I heard about Rainwillow.” The ginger queen said. Splashpaw nodded and set the vole down by her swollen belly.
    “I’m not hungry, but thank you. Minnowtail brought me a shrew earlier.” Foxtooth chuckled. Her face suddenly turned into a concerned expression as she studied Splashpaw.
    “What’s wrong?” Foxtooth asked. “You can have my vole if you’re hungry.”
    “No thanks, Foxtooth. I’m just tired from my patrol. I better head to my nest.” Splashpaw mewed, trying to sound more cheerful than she felt.
    “But you haven’t had anything to eat yet. Are you hungry?” She asked.
    “No.” Splashpaw responded.
    “Okay. I miss you in the nursery!” Foxtooth called after her as she walked to the apprentices’ den. Lionpaw and Tigerpaw were already curled up in their nests, but Leopardpaw was in the middle of making two nests.
    “Hey, Leopardpaw. What are you doing? I can make my nest.” Splashpaw insisted.
    “I got it. And I’m making Tansypaw’s nest, too.” Leopardpaw mewed.
    “She’s the medicine cat apprentice now.” Splashpaw said. Leopardpaw looked sad and nodded, then curled up in the nest she made.
    “Where’s Slatepaw?” Splashpaw asked.
    “Twigstar is letting her sleep in the warriors’ den. He’s going to make her a warrior at the Gathering tomorrow night.” Leopardpaw said, her voice muffled by a yawn.
    “Can he do that?” Splashpaw asked curiously.
    “I guess.” Leopardpaw whispered. Splashpaw nodded and curled up in her nest.

  • ALRIGHT! I am making my first fan-fiction, the Leafpool wars! This time period is a moon (a month) after Leafpool died. do not read this if you haven’t made it up to Squirrelflights hope yet. ( I am real sorry if somebody has already done this before. I made one a while back, but it was a day before Blogclan had difficulties, and it did not get summitted). I hope ya’ll like it!!! 😉

    CHAPTER 1:

    Mothwing sat in her nest, gazing up at the midnight moon. She was remembering her time with Leafpool when they were young, seeing each other when they were supposed to be gathering herbs.
    “Oh Leafpool, when will I see you again” Mothwing mumbled.
    Willowshine woke up, and walked over to Mothwing.
    ” Are you okay, Mothwing? You’ve been up forever. Do you want any poppy seeds? Willowshine asked sleepily.
    ” I’m fine. We are almost out of poppy seeds anyway, no need to waste it on me.” Mothwing replied.
    Willowshine got back to her nest, and rested her eyes. After that, Mothwing felt tired and went to sleep.
    “Mothwing, should we take the whole stalk of it back to camp?” Asked a soft but familiar voice. Mothwing looked around and saw the warm, greenleaf river ran through the reeds like a Warrior running for a mouse.
    She looked down and saw a pale brown she-cat with deep amber eyes.
    “Of course, Leafpool. We ran out of goldenrod half a moon ago.” Mothwing said to the tabby she-cat.
    Mothwing walked with Leafpool back to camp with her paws stuffed with goldenrod. It was nice to be with Leafpool. Mothwing savored the moment to be with the best friend she ever knew. ‘and the only one i love’ Mothwing thought to herself. As she and Leafpool walked back to camp, they saw Lionblaze, Owlnose, and Curlfeather on a hunting patrol.
    “Hello, Lionblaze.” Leafpool mewed to her son. Mothwing knew that Lionblaze, Jayfeather, and Hollyleaf will never be her’s and Leafpool’s kits, but she wanted them to be their kits for a reason she knows nothing about.
    “Hello Leafpool.” Lionblaze responded. “Hollyleaf is bleeding in your den, hurry!”
    Mothwing and Leafpool continued walking back to camp and Mothwing brushed her tail over Leafpool’s pelt.
    “We’ll go fishing after this, just like the old day’s.” Mothwing told her calmly.
    When Mothwing and Leafpool got back to camp, passing Jayfeather and Willowshine on the way, sharing tongues. Jayfeather and Willowshine have grown quite found of each other, taking every free moment to spend time with each other. They reminded Mothwing of her and Leafpool.
    Once they reached the medicine den, Mothwing found Hollyleaf on her side with Podlight. Her pelt was stained with blood. Mothwing rushed over to the chervil and chewed it to a pulp.
    “Mothwing, we have to save our kit” Leafpool yelled as she gathered cobwebs.
    Mothwing knew that wasn’t true. They were Leafpool’s kits, but never her’s. But there it no time for that, Hollyleaf was dying! Mothwing put the chewed chervil on Hollyleaf’s wound.
    “Leafpool, is the cobwebs ready?” Mothwing asked.
    “Yes, are you done with the chervil?” Leafpool responded.
    “Yes. Hollyleaf, you are going to be okay.” Mothwing told her.
    “Thank you both.” Hollyleaf said with hope in her eyes and pain in her voice.
    As Hollyleaf’s wound healed, a sleek, black tom with blue eyes walked in.
    “What are you doing here, Crowfeather?” Mothwing growled with claws unsheeved.
    Why was Crowfeather in the medicine den? Why didn’t anybody stop him? Mothwing noticed a dark void around hem. Why does he have a dark void?
    “To kill Leafpool of course.” Crowfeather taunted evilly.
    “No!” Leafpool shouted, ready to attack him.
    “You don’t have a choice.” Crowfeather said as his dark void swallowed her like the night swallows the sky.
    “Leafpool! Leafpool!”
    “Leafpool!” Mothwing shouted.
    “Mothwing! Are you okay? Did you have a bad dream? Did Starclan send you a cursed omen?” Willowshine asked, frightened.
    Mothwing looked around. It was dawn, and the moist structure of the den felt less like the one in her dream. Though she did not believe in Starclan, this made her realize one thing.
    “Crowfeather.” Mothwing said with darkness in her eyes.
    “what about Crowfeather?” Willowshine asked with curiosity.
    This all made since. If Crowfeather never told Leafpool that he loved her, Leafpool would have ran away to Riverclan with her, and Leafpool would never had died.
    Mothwing stared at Willowshine.
    “It is Crowfeater’s fault that Leafpool is dead.”

  • Chapter 23 of The First Warrior! As always, let me know what you think!

    Chapter 23

    “Poppymoon, just one kit left!” Ambershine cried. “You can do it!”
    Poppymoon screeched in effort. “I liked it better when there was just one kit!” she gasped.
    Dawnpaw held the wet moss to Poppymoon’s muzzle so she could drink. She had helped the calico queen bring two toms into the world already. One was mottled ginger and light brown, and the other was a dark gray tabby. She hoped to feel the same feeling of wonder that she had felt when she helped Shadowpool give birth, but instead felt nothing. Every time she looked at Poppymoon or the kits, she just thought of Lilywish, and the kits that should have been born. She hated that Poppymoon got to have her kits, but Lilywish never would.
    “Here’s the last one!” Ambershine announced triumphantly. “A she-kit!” The kit was a tiny gray tabby with the littlest paws and ears that Dawnpaw had ever seen.
    Poppymoon pulled her three kits closer to her and started grooming them. Sparrowstripe and Izzyheart padded into the nursery to meet the new kits, and Dawnpaw was hit with such an overwhelming sense of anguish that she had to fight for breath. She knew that she was supposed to check the kits over to make sure they were healthy, but she couldn’t bring herself to look at them.
    “I’m sorry,” she choked out, and she fled from the nursery.
    When the sun just started to set, Ambershine came seeking her out in the medicine den. “Dawnpaw?” she called softly.
    Dawnpaw burrowed deeper into her nest. “Go away!” She heard pawsteps getting closer to her.
    “I know that you’re hurting,” Ambershine mewed. “But you can’t just walk out on a kitting like that.”
    Dawnpaw scraped her claws against the moss. “The kits were already born. The kiting was over,” she muttered. She could practically feel Ambershine’s stern glare at her words.
    “Dawnpaw, you are still a medicine cat. You can’t just abandon everything I’ve taught you,” Ambershine murmured.
    Dawnpaw felt fury burn inside her. “But I failed! Lilywish died and I couldn’t save her!” she wailed. “I love being a medicine cat, but how can I continue when I know that my own sister
    died because of me?”
    Ambershine inhaled sharply. “Dawnpaw,” her voice sounded pained. “What happened was not your fault. Do you understand me? Lilywish was going to die no matter what anyone did. The poison was in her blood. It was not your fault.”
    Dawnpaw was taken aback at the intensity of her mentor’s tone, but it didn’t change how she felt. Her own mother hated her. She was sure that Ryewing hated her too, up in StarClan. Lilywish was his daughter too, and now she was dead. No one would ever forgive her for letting her die. I bet that even Lilywish hates me, Dawnpaw thought in despair. Her dying wish was that I saved her kits, and I let them die with her. The thought was too painful to bear, and her body shook with sobs. She heard Ambershine sit down next to her.
    “Did you know my brother died when we were apprentices?”
    Dawnpaw didn’t even know that Ambershine had a brother.
    “His name was Slatepaw, and he was killed in a battle.” Ambershine’s voice was thick with grief. “I couldn’t save him.”
    Dawnpaw squeezed her eyes shut and said nothing as misery ripped through her.
    “It was the hardest thing I ever went through, Dawnpaw,” Ambershine breathed. “But do you know what my mentor, Softwater, said to me?” She paused for a reply, but kept going when she didn’t get one. “She told me that while the night seems to stretch on forever, the sun always rises. Light always comes. That light is hope, Dawnpaw, and hope is always there. Even if you can’t see it, it’s there. You will see the light one day, and you will finally be free of the night and the darkness. I know, trust me, I know, that it seems impossible now, but I promise you that the light will come. You will find it, Dawnpaw.”
    Dawnpaw’s vision swam with tears, and grief blocked her throat.
    “I will give you a few more days, Dawnpaw, but you can’t lay in the dark for another moon.”
    Dawnpaw curled up tighter. “Just leave me alone,” she whispered. “Please.”

    Dawnpaw trudged out of the medicine den, blinking at the blinding sunlight. Ambershine had stuck to her word and made her check on Poppymoon and her kits. It was a job she once would have loved, but now found it best to go somewhere else in her mind.
    “Dawnpaw?” Poppymoon’s voice was high pitched. “You’re here? Not Ambershine?”
    Dawnpaw ignored her, and went straight to the kits. Mousekit was the smallest kit. The toms were named Leafkit and Dewkit. “Has Mousekit opened her eyes yet?” Dawnpaw asked the routine question, without really caring about the answer. All three kits were healthy and fine. It didn’t matter if one took slightly longer to open her eyes.
    Leafkit, the strongest kit, scrambled over his littermates. He stretched his yellow eyes wide. “I opened my eyes first,” he boasted. “See?”
    Dawnpaw huffed impatiently. “I see. What about Mousekit?”
    “I don’t want to,” the little kit squeaked. “Leafkit said everything is big, and I’m scared.”
    “Scaredy-mouse! Scaredy-mouse!” Leafkit chanted, hopping around the nest.
    Dewkit fixed his blue-green eyes on his brother. “That’s not nice.”
    They’re fine, Dawnpaw decided, and turned to leave. On her way out, she bumped into Creekkit. The brown tabby had once held a special place in her heart, but now she just felt annoyed when she saw him. How come he got to come back to life after his heart stopped, but Lilywish didn’t? It just wasn’t fair. “Get out of my way,” she snarled, and felt satisfied at the kit’s eyes widening in fear. Her satisfaction was quickly cut off when she saw Ambershine standing behind him.
    “It’s okay, Creekkit,” Ambershine assured him. “My apprentice is just in a bad mood today.”
    Dawnpaw hissed at her.
    Ambershine blinked. “Dawnpaw, a word?”
    Dawnpaw followed her mentor back to the medicine den, glaring at her back and thinking every insult she could remember the whole time. “What?” she spat.
    Ambershine stared at her calmly. “Do you still want to be a medicine cat, Dawnpaw?” she asked softly.
    Dawnpaw opened her mouth to say of course she still wanted to be a medicine cat! It was her calling. It was everything she lived for. But she realized as the words got stuck in her throat that they weren’t true. Before she could stop herself, she shook her head. “No,” she replied flatly. “I don’t.”
    Ambershine’s eyes widened for a moment, and then grew round with sorrow and regret. “If that is what you wish,” she murmured. “Then I won’t stop you. Just remember that I will always be here for you.”
    Dawnpaw didn’t respond, in fear that if she did she would start crying like a kit again. She slowly started to walk out of the medicine den, but halted at the entrance. Once she took that final step, it was over. Everything she had worked for, everything she loved. Her home. Her place in the Clan. It would all be gone. Then again, Lilywish was gone too, so one more loss didn’t make much of a difference.
    She stepped into the camp.

    Feathersong sat down across from Dawnpaw and dropped a shrew at her paws. “Here.”
    Dawnpaw muttered a thanks. She pawed at it before taking a bite.
    “So you’re a warrior now?” Feathersong asked awkwardly.
    Dawnpaw didn’t know what she was. She still had an apprentice name, but she didn’t have a mentor. She just knew she was no longer a medicine cat. “I guess I’m a warrior now,” she mumbled. She longed every day to go running back to the medicine den and beg Ambershine to take her back, but then remembered what a failure she was.
    Feathersong nodded encouragingly. “We can hunt together and go on patrols!” She tipped her head. “Do you even know how to hunt?”
    She didn’t. The only time she ever tried was when Lilywish tried to teach her. The thought made Dawnpaw feel sick, and she pushed her shrew away from her. “Here. You can have this. I don’t feel so good.”
    Feathersong looked sad. “Dawnpaw… I know what it’s like to lose someone you love. I didn’t lose my family the same way you did, but I know loss all the same. It does get better, but you have to let it get better. You have to try.”
    Dawnpaw turned away. “I’m going to lay down I think.” Ambershine had said the exact same thing to her, and she was wrong. They were all wrong. She had given it time, but the pain was still there, as fresh as ever. Time only seemed to make it worse.
    She curled up in her nest in the warriors den, willing sleep to come. Sleep was her only escape. Nothing happened, though. When she opened her eyes, she was shocked to find herself in darkness, no longer in her nest. She stood up, anger sparking off her pelt. “I’m not a medicine cat anymore!” she shrieked. “You can’t bring me here!”
    “You stupid, arrogant mouse-brain!”
    Dawnpaw instantly recognized the voice. “Go away Sky!” she yowled. “Just leave me alone!”
    Sky hissed and appeared suddenly in front of her. “What have you done?!” he screeched. “You’ve ruined everything!”
    Dawnpaw took a step away from the ancient seer. “Just go away,” she pleaded. “I don’t know what you’re talking about!”
    Sky spat in her direction. “Your path was set! The future was certain! You changed everything in a heartbeat! How did you do it?”
    Dawnpaw shook her head. “I don’t understand…!”
    Sky got up in her face, his sour breath causing Dawnpaw to gag. “You survived death!” he rasped. “You survived death and now you’re wasting your life away!”
    Dawnpaw opened her jaws to cry out. What did he mean? Oh, how she hated that wretched ghost! But then she was awake, and more lost than ever.
    She looked around the warriors den, out into the camp. The camp where her sister was killed. I can’t be here. She scrambled out of her nest, ignoring the muffled protests from her Clanmates as she stepped on their tails. The fresh air was a relief for her queasy stomach, but being in that camp made her want to be sick. She ran through the trees, branches snapping against her pelt.
    Before she knew it, Dawnpaw found herself standing in the middle of the small clearing where Lilywish had tried to teach her how to hunt. It had been a wonderful day, and they had gone home giggling and filled with happiness. The last time she had been here, Lilywish told her she was expecting kits.
    Things had changed so much since then. Now only one of them would ever step paw in the starlit clearing again.
    The strong scent of yarrow almost cleared Dawnpaw’s mind and almost put her at ease. She wanted so badly to gather some, and feel a sense of satisfaction when she nipped the stems. She wanted more than anything to feel the magical feeling of healing a wound, or setting a broken bone. She longed for Ambershine’s sturdy instruction.
    But she couldn’t have that, because she was no longer a medicine cat.
    She was a warrior.
    A warrior who can’t hunt, she thought bitterly. That would change. Lilywish taught her how to hunt a mouse. She could teach herself the rest. She bent down so her chin brushed against the grass, leaning slightly into her haunches.
    “Make sure your tail isn’t brushing against the ground, because the mouse will hear it, but you also don’t want it too high up, because then the wind will make too much noise.” Dawnpaw could practically hear her sister’s instructions as if she was right next to her. She could almost envision Lilywish’s flowery scent. She held her tail in the uncomfortable position until it quivered from the effort.
    “There! Perfect!”
    Dawnpaw closed her eyes for a moment, and there was Lilywish. Her silver fur was sleek, and her eyes were bright and shining. “Go ahead,” she encouraged. “You can do it, Dawnpaw!” Her voice was clearer than the memories. It was as if she was really there.
    Dawnpaw opened her eyes, and her sister was gone. She focused on the leaf in front of her, pretending it was a mouse. She took a deep breath, and pounced.
    She landed a few tail-lengths away from the leaf. Her legs were sprawled under her, and she tripped when she tried to stand up. “You were wrong, Lilywish!” she wailed. “I can’t do it! I couldn’t save you when you needed me, and now I can’t even catch a stupid leaf!”
    A twig snapped behind Dawnpaw, and hope flared in her heart. Lilywish? But it was just Lionscar.
    Dawnpaw fluffed out her fur. “What are you doing here?” she growled. He was the last cat she wanted to be around. Lilywish spent her last moments saying goodbye to him and not her.
    Lionscar stared at her. “I could ask the same thing for you.”
    Dawnpaw felt like clawing his ears off. She said nothing and turned her back to the golden tom, but to her dismay he padded next to her.
    “Your bottling up your pain,” he mewed quietly.
    “Shut up.”
    He was moving closer to her. “If you don’t let anyone help you, it will eat away at you–”
    “Shut up.”
    “It will take and take until there’s nothing left—”
    “Shut up!”
    His amber eyes were round with worry. “Dawnpaw, it will take away who you are.”
    “SHUT UP!”
    Lionscar didn’t even flinch. “It’s okay to let it out.”
    At his gentle words, Dawnpaw felt something in her break. All of her feelings of anger and agonizing, raw grief and hatred poured out in a dreadful shriek. She couldn’t keep it inside anymore. “It’s all my fault!” she screeched. “I’m the medicine cat! She needed me! My sister needed me and I couldn’t save her!” She broke off sobbing. “I couldn’t save her! Oh! I’m so sorry!”
    Lionscar sat down next to her. “It’s not your fault,” he choked out. “I swear on StarClan that
    it was not your fault.”
    Dawnpaw crumpled to the ground. “I miss her so badly!”
    “I miss her, too,” he murmured. “I think about her every moment.”
    Dawnpaw whipped her head around to glare at him. “Then how come you were able to move on?” she challenged. “If you really miss her, how come you can carry on with life? How come you can move on but I can’t?”
    Lionscar stared at her with such pity that Dawnpaw felt stupid, but the pity melted away and revealed heavy grief. “I don’t know,” he whispered. His pelt brushing against hers. “I haven’t moved on. But I found that the best way to ease the pain is by distracting myself with helping my Clan.”
    Dawnpaw tentatively leaned her head against his shoulder. Their shared sorrow pulsed between them, and for the first time, Dawnpaw felt like she could begin to heal. “I need her.”
    “So do I.” Lionscar’s eyes reflected misery. “I lost everything. I lost my parents, my mate, and all of my kits. But she’s gone now.”
    Dawnpaw looked up at the stars. “Do you think she can see us?” she breathed.
    Lionscar gazed at the sky, starlight glittering in his amber eyes. “I know she can.” He looked back at her. “She wouldn’t want you to torture yourself like this. She would want you to find peace.”
    Dawnpaw blinked rapidly. “Do you think she forgives me?”
    “There was nothing for her to forgive.” Lionscar sounded like he truly believed what he said. “But Dawnpaw, you have to find a way to forgive yourself.”
    Dawnpaw looked back at the stars. I’ll try, she vowed. Lilywish, if you can see me now, I swear to you that I will try.

  • Here’s what I’ve completed of my book so far. I’m planning to write more chapters really soon!

    the tale of a spirited young hen and her zest for life

    Morning rays of sunlight danced around the room.
    Zesta’s eyes flickered open and she smiled, stretching.
    A few minutes later, the alarm rang.
    “I guess I woke up before you,” Zesta laughed, turning it off after she listened to its song, which reminded her of morning and sunlight and a fresh start. “Don’t worry,” she added, “You still help me a lot.” It was true- as much as Zesta loved waking up, she loved sleeping in as well.
    Before getting up, Zesta lay back down on her fluffy pillow. It was early morning and she still had some time before she needed to leave for school.
    She could take a few minutes to just… enjoy it.
    Staring up at the ceiling, she watched the sun-beams dance slowly along it. The soft hum of birdsong drifted in through the open window and the curtains moved gently in the wind.
    Thank you, God, for this wonderful morning… for this wonderful day… Zesta closed her eyes. …For this wonderful life and the fun ahead of me!
    Opening her eyes and jumping out of bed, Zesta rushed straight to the window, pressing her beak to the glass. The rest of the world was waking up outside her apartment. Shops were opening and cars drove up and down the streets.
    Taking one last glance at the streets below, Zesta sprinted out her bedroom door, eager to start the day.

    Mirror Image
    Zesta stepped out of the shower, giving her feathers a shake before she pulled a towel down from the rack and draped it over her shoulders like a cape.
    The steam that had escaped from the shower left the mirror covered in fog.
    Extending a wing-tip, Zesta trailed it across the mirror, drawing a smiley-face.
    Then, seeing that the fog wasn’t drying yet, she proceded to add trees, clouds, the sun, buildings, and a few chickens, along with swirls and stars- all crammed together on the small mirror in a random but elaborate pattern.

    Future Career
    Zesta looked at her masterpiece. It wasn’t perfect, but it had her unique style in it, and making it brought her happiness. Zesta wanted to be an artist when she grew up.
    Or a musician, as she loved music as well. Subjects such as math, which Zesta wasn’t at all skilled at but loved learning about, writing, gardening, and science all intrigued her as well.
    Another one of her dreams was being an explorer- to see the many beauties of the world and to have exciting adventures.
    There were so many great possibilities. Choosing one career would probably be near impossible for Zesta, but she was only fifteen years old- there was stil plenty of time.
    And besides, she thought, she could do multiple things when she grew up. There was no reason not to. Zesta couldn’t imagine getting tired of doing the work she loved.

    The fog, along with all the designs, gradually faded, and Zesta could see her reflection clearly in the now-dry mirror.
    The young hen had a slender build, and her feathers were white except for her orange head and neck. Her eyes -which were constantly wide with excitement- were a vivid green, the color of sunlit treetops, and she had an upright comb, red as a cherry.
    Zesta quickly combed her bright orange head-feathers, which looked neon against the tan wall behind her.

    Dancing In The Bathroom
    Zesta danced in circles across the bathroom floor as she brushed her beak.
    Humming along to a tune she didn’t remember where she’d heard, she let her towel stream out behind her and occasionally waved her beakbrush through the air like a wand.

    Dress Up
    Her wings on her hips and her green eyes narrowed, Zesta struck a pose in front of the mirror, imagining herself as a queen for a minute as she tried on her shiny red dress.
    But Zesta’s comb flopped over part of her face untidily and her unkempt orange feathers stuck up, giving her an informal look despite the fancy gown.
    Unable to keep a straight face, and looking nothing like a queen whatsoever, she instead put a skirt over her head as a hat and burst out laughing.
    Getting back to her task of choosing an outfit to wear, Zesta put the skirt on correctly and slipped on a green shirt. She struck a final pose on her way out of the room, glancing over her shoulder at her reflection as she skipped into the hallway.

  • Ok, this is a story about a young, unlikely, and forbidden love for two cats, one is a rouge and the other is a Fernclan cat, SOOOOOoooooo……____ here we go

    Pine was crouched by the river-side waiting, then she pounced returning with a squiggling fish, she was satisfied with her catch she turned to head back to her make-shift camp for the day, she was padding down the path when she heard paw steps behind her, she stopped and turned to look over her shoulder when she saw that nothing was there she turned back to come face-to-face with a snarling grey tom. ” What are you doing on Fernclan’s territory” he snarled Pine said nothing but spun on her paws and took off running back toward the river. She could hear his paws thundering behind her as he struggled to keep up. She gasped for air as her paws carried her faster away from the hostile stranger. Eventually, she could no longer hear the paws of another cat behind her she slowed to a stop at the base of a towering oak tree. Pine lay down panting as her lungs burned from running so hard. She heard a twig snap and she jumped up bristling. The gray tom that had chased her was walking toward her, another cat she had not seen before came up behind him. ” If you want the fish that bad just take it” she wailed scared that her life would be ended underneath the great tree, the gray tom gave a snarky laugh ” I don’t want the fish you mouse-brain” he spat ” I want you to get off our territory”. he growled standing now shoulder-to-shoulder with the other cat. The other cat, a she-cat, saw the confused look on her face and finally spoke, ” She doesn’t know what the clans even are” she sneered. They both laughed at her before the tom said “You’re coming with us back to camp, but first I say a little punishment is needed.” They both pounced on her snarling and clawing at her pelt. She yowled in pain until they released her, panting she tried to make herself as small as possible against the tree trunk. The grey tom grabbed her by the scruff and started dragging her off following the she-cat. A few minutes later they walked into a clearing with tall cliffsides surrounding it. She saw cats coming out of dens and cracks in the rocks, it was then she realized where she was. Pine’s heart started beating out of control. She was dropped down in front of a large flat rock where a muscular, brown, tabby tom with blazing yellow eyes. ” This must be their leader,” she thought to herself. A smaller cat came from the shadow of the rock ” Who is this Stoneheart”. ” A loner Brackenstar, Hawkstep, and I found her stealing fish from our river”. The leader cast his sharp gaze to Pine, “Nightstep” he called to the gathering crowd, a sleek, black tom came from the crowd, ” You will be taking care of her while she is here,” relief washed over Pine, ” At the next gathering we will decide what to do with her” yowls of agreement came from the crowd, Pine still trembling waited while the crowd departed casting angry glances as they passed her. ” Come on,” Nightstep said, ” You can walk, right”, his sarcastic tone and relaxed body movement put Pine at unwelcome ease. She rose to her paws but stumbled from a bad gash on her leg. Nightstep padded up and helped her stand, “Let’s go to Goldfeather first, she’ll fix that leg,” he said starting forward. They limped together to the medicine den. “ONE MOON LATER” Pine and Nightstep lay together under a small birch and talked, tonight was the night, Pine had to go to the gathering and her fate would be decided then and there. They saw the cats leaving for the great rock so they both rose to their paws and started after them. Once they had arrived many cats sneered and hissed as she passed them. Pine sat under the great rock and waited for it to start. ” As you know a rouge has been invading our territories and must be stopped, a few Fernclan warriors finally caught her, she stole moons worth of pray, so she shall be killed tomorrow at dawn.” Spat Berrystar leader of Streamclan. Yowls rose from the crowd in angry agreement. ” This gathering is over” Berrystar said leaping from the great rock. That night Nightstep crept into Pines temporary den, ” Come on, were running away.” he hissed quietly. Pine sat bolt upright and ran with him. They were now miles away from the camp, Pine could not run anymore, ” I have something you need to know, I am carrying your kits.” she said, eyes sparkling. Nightstep said nothing but purred and pressed noses with Pine. The next morning Nightstep awoke to yowls of pain, he ran out looking around and when his eyes fell on Pine his heart stopped. She lay there covered in blood and one small kit laying beside her. ” PINE, Pine, what can I do.” he whispered close to her face, ” Nothing, her name is Leafkit, I want you to take her back and raise her as a clan cat, I love you Nightstep I always will.” Pine said nearly sighlent. Then her breath stopped, she was gone. Nightstep yowled and buried her in the makeshift den they had shared that night. He went back to camp with Leafkit and a heart full of sorrow. ” Nightstep, where is the prisoner!” demanded Brackenstar, ” Dead, I killed her.” he replied flatly. “I found a kit in the woods I want to raise it as my own.” he said looking up at Brackenstar. He gave a short nod and walked away. Nightstep slunk off to the nursery and gave Leafkit to Cloverwater, who graciously agreed. ‘A FEW MOONS LATER’ Nightstep had raised Leafwater very well being her mentor, father, and only remaining parent and was very proud of her. Later that night he had tucked into a rabbit before he started choking and foaming at the mouth just before everything went black he heard Brackenstar hiss, ” I know what you did.” then all was silent. He saw through blurry vision a starry cat moving toward him, Pine he whispered. the figure only nodded. A few days later after running and goofing with Pine in Starclan they rested beneath a small oak before Pine bolted forward and looked over into the distance. Nightstep followed and was horrified at what he saw. A small cat lay a few fox-lengths ahead, ” Leafwater,” murmmered Pine dashing to her side. They later found out the Brackenstar had made his daughter suffer the same fate as him, death berrys. But now they were happy together, free of threats but Pine soon realized, this was not Starclan, they were wanderers, ghosts, lost spirits.

    Did I do good I know its short but 0>0 I like it… I guess